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Urban Meyer, the Little League World Series, John McCain, and the Red Sox Swoon with Mark Titus and JackO | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 406)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons talks with Mark Titus about his love for the Little League World Series, then he weighs in on the Urban Meyer–Ohio State issue. He then talks about athletes dealing with depression and other mental illness and how sports may respond to more and more people speaking out (4:00). Then Bill calls up his buddy JackO to talk about the recent Red Sox swoon and Bill's trip to Florida before they remember Senator John McCain (1:00:03).

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Irene from Jack Odin debate. Right now, in the line, the Commission World Series of a fresh air ass, they fan from the Ringer and one shining black. Does the ringer package that word my I. So I am doing fantastic bill. It's it's. Although I should say I mean it's, it's a tough time to living Columbus. But otherwise that small little issue aside, I'm doing fantastic. Well, let's walk go negative in the Second World war throughout our by Myerst Outputs, go pilots, their positive, though big World Series ended last night, our yesterday, a new road about it. For the ringer not come, you love it. You enjoy it
I enjoyed as well. I even have a little bit of a different perspective on it as somebody who, as a is apparent of kids, a place. You sports- and I put myself in that situation, but first of all What were the highlights three, this time around? The highlight was just the entire hawaiian team was just so fun the watch in turn into ventured into territory like lake. They can't believe how serious I am about this, but I should really that I am honoured to seduce. I got very and illegal chairs, a sheer adjust the entire Hawaiians. He was like incredible with just not how good they were, but how they handled everything like off the field and meanwhile there's a hurricane. Barely two their hometown as their plane in the little world series, and just like the coaching stay. All. The players like everything about it was awesome and its corny and so cheesy, and all that other stuff to say believed that it was representative everything like I like the Lily World Series, so much was it like they were
and then they immediately like the coach. Never the coach never got it. I got excited that it seemed is just always praising the other teams and always saying thank you to the volunteers reporting on the event and all that got us and it's super cheesy activity is cynical, especially in the world of sport. We live in, but I don't have it there of totally works on me every time I watch I dislike tugs at my heart in a totally worth, so I don't it makes me software, but listen. When one of the secrets about my Titus sentimental guy there levied nephew cod talks about, at the time he says. Sometimes you just he'll be with you no just our cry and you're just bill, I just glad you're, my life, that you can't. I just want why you know. I appreciate you We also like our fourth ever fourth round of dark room at issue and I get a little emotional What would you change about the Little League world Series? How do we make a better? It's already but whether they tweet so Jeff, who they are,
tweet. They already made a bad change, which is they made the bats less powerful, so used to be like every kid hit puberty already witches every day. Every team, as like two or kids yeah, how they got there in the first place, are these It is too late they, would it almost all of the handle they were dislike, not put a good sewing on the ball at all and it hit off the hand only get JANET. Was like a broken bat and major league yeah. They would like bomb it out of the park because they are too so big and strong, so they, in the rule that change like the bag, the composition of the bad to make like basically take away home, runs, and that was that was it after this you like out. I was wanting to see like the big here to get a hold of it just completely blasted over the entire hill and make all the little kid running for the balls so that thou is. There was one thing. Otherwise is pretty perfect. I really think like it is kind of like a perfect just. It exists in its own little thing. We're like every kid has to play. I love that rule because you get this
patients are like no coach wants to play his crappy players first and get it out of the way yet always like way to the n c Bring it like the kid who socks as a pensioner, unlike the top of the six, then in with one out or something, and it's like the bit the highest leverage situation and that's a sterical to me and then you just gotta, see out at all. So you would see my killed councillors. It would seem like it would make more sense to bring those kids in at the beginning. That's what I would think too. But like they don't do that. That's what's like it's! It's fun, I don't know it's almost like? I think their plan is like we're gonna get up by ten rugs and then I'll, just throw in our b team will be fine, but it never really were so. I What is they had? Cancer awesome sue like all these kids have an eighty five pitch limit right, so you'll, get a guy who's ideal in and is unavoidable, but then he has to come out and their way to, and then the we'll just offer that boy Verde him and that's that's entertaining- is healthy.
He would be my big change. I think I think they need the park itself, needs to have more flexibility like with the wall they it should be. Shouldn't, you be like this generic outfit fence, I think they pick either the left field of the rifle left field, probably better and make it their very Fenway so bring the bags, bring the bats back. Let the kids hid the bombs but left field. The wall is like, like thirty feet, need have you have these little twelve, your kids playing land drives off the wall and homers that could have been homers, but they weren't. You can have seats. Top of the wall, a justice. The park itself, I think, could be a little bit cooler. Would you think of it yeah. I would agree. I think I think I think I think for going. Your stated on purpose. I think it's like perfect dimensional, like just you know, like the whole thing, is unified and they all field, I think that's kind of what they're going for is the and it. I guess
its peace. A larger pointed, like Little League, is arrived at a point where I think we're in The danger zone with a little world series, where guys, like me, really generally getting into this, but that's kind of a problem because we wanted to exists. We on its own and almost like you, don't want the kids know how big of how much I care that you don't want to kids know that some thirty one zero gang Columbus Ohio is She listened cheering for them and you think she's a celebrity thinks all these kids are celebrities and I kind of stuff you wanted to be like of contained in an you, want the free admission to get entity. Sayings at the same time. Yes, ban signing like Malta Year million. You know, sixty million dollar tv deals to put this thing on and their sin in there and will be crew to cover it, and it's like is that a good thing that we want this year more people to watch it, but he also don't want people to care too much, because I cannot do so. Is the whole point of what makes a great well I'll. I have a news flash for you there's any. Gambling, I'm a little world SIRI Lily ruts the year, we could give him behind it
Oh bed, so if you had a good, they get the heavy. So you think it's way that you're watching it, the thirty one, zero guy Columbus either you be everywhere, and if you were gambling on Hawaii anymore, die with the pitches. I just, I tell you what to gamble on. Oh, I do like I'd I'd, not brave or illegal, under the terms of after what you like them, the regional games like the qualifiers in all this stuff, like I knew I was very, very good. That kind of scares me they're I am at present stuff by thing with watch and there's just from the perspective of having gone to others too it's over the last few years and watch my kids and watch parents active two points. One is that I would think being apparent Of one of these players would be the single most terrifying thing that could happen as a sports fan cause. It's already. It's our it like watching my son, my son was employed baseball, asked and I all the sudden was gonna based bunnies pitching, and why
him pitch just in any game, was harrowing based. It's I just it's a nightmare. You nervous when there's guys I'm base you're nervous, he's gonna melt down. It's just his hair experience now if you're gonna five that were his it's two years later and he's on ESPN and people. You are watching in Colombia S and the bases are loaded. Any hits it gives up a grand slam or something- and I'm worried you just about it. As from a protective point is apparent. I just think that the incredibly no rag and says one thing. The second thing is I've seen much bad behaviour with parents on site. My daughter soccer term in eight days ago, and the mom of one of the pillars. Neither team got kicked out and she screaming at this poor. Twenty five year old refers. In the game. I will see you later point in the parking lot we'll see you later and the kid
just on the field is thirteen year old girls are just on the field like what's going on in the girl on the other team was standing next to us were like what's going on with that, lady and she was like, oh that it says mob, she's, crazy. She does this all the time. So my question is why don't we see that more at the little League world Series? Where is the crazy parrot behavior? Do they just taser them? What happens? I think it's? It's how do itself out, I think, like those parents are not good parents and they therefore do not raise good the signs. Are they ruin that they ruin the kids like they ruined the pursuit of the little World series like gets tainted on the way on the road to the World Series rag. As my theory, because that's the other thing is like it like again to go back to the white say they want to think so makes sense to talk about them like their coach was everything you would everyone out of a little baseball coach like every day they would, they might em up and eight they have every programme. Talk he's never once talked about winning or losing your daddy's is tat. The kids like have fun. Your best, that's what's important. I love you
no matter what happens like all of stuff, and by the way like this, this guy had no, he has no kids of his own, let alone on the team. He just has no kids, you just like passionate about helping the kids and and serving the community all that stuff. So I think that sort of thing like if you have those parents, they are by nature, not parents and it's gonna ruin their kids pursuit of it it's your other point. I think like in a week the screw ups in and when the kids get rock like this happen in the when Hawaii was plain New York and maybe a final for game, I think it was at that point that the new, picture, gives up a grants lamb in the games, basically over at that point, a thick alive area by like three and then they had a grand slam and they blow wide open and the New York Pitcher has tears rolling down his face ass. He throwing the next pitch and like the saddest thing in the world, a kid like literally cryin, as he's trying to pitcher baseball But then maybe your mind goes like knowing these parents that are at the little league series, are ninety eight percent, like the kind of parents, you need to be the sort of stuff.
Hopefully, maybe they there like a learning moment here, and you teach this kid about failure and about adversity, knowledge, that's how I spend it because again, I'm a very wholesome person bill and I just always look for the positive and all. When I was growing up the euro, it will cease to be able to see, and there is a kid and we still lose every year, usually to like Taiwan and You never knew how old the kids were on the other teams, because they barely check that, like that then one year, this guy Cody Webster at the EU, is in one with some town unwashed in and he was right there said Kate, who seem like you is seventeen o inventor puberty, already edges, put You, like any red and upon persecuting teller, however, set put the whole country. A country is back. And we want the little league world, we accepted end thirty, four thirty about it and so The one thing I remember from their decade, other than a few years. There's this kid errand Garcia, which the recent
the story who got shout and they the mind the mound- and here I think, is add was the manager and he was crying and the man, and it was. I really like one of those moments like what are we doing to these kids and them we didn't have the internet back then said the moment, just kind of came and went, but watching watching the key get demolished, and the man and try to hold together is kind of that. The secrets, slash? Third, rail of the little Syria has its economy can't look away, but it does it make you feel good enough. I just I just thought it. By the way one change- I would definitely make- is the umpires their volunteers, and so this is a good thing. In its exalted, is, like all everyone works years as a volunteer and is great for the thing. But you watch the stuff in. Oh, my like honestly, if the catch her catches, the ball, it is called a strike. We argued you'll, see your turn their gloves every which way and every single pitches gotta strikes a legislator I believe that
interesting to me bring a blow back to your point of light. Remember these things is how everyone I talk. About a lily will seriously some crazy for carrying this much about it. But I find that people who do watches even casually, even if it's just it son afternoon, there's nothin rude. There's, not a lot of sports going on he's gonna, throw your on. Indeed orally Your pay homage of attention to it. Crazy how much people remember about them? like Pierre Danielle Monti, is like a household name in America. And remember that story, even though, if you ask people, how do you you about the Lily World Series most homer. Our really cares at a thing. When is that I don't really know whatever, but there are like little, there are Jean Davis is the same way that everyone remembers Mona days like these people do kind of stick with you. For some is- and that's that's kind of interesting to me, because I don't really know there's another sporting event like that, were people to sort of indifferent to the whole thing yet vividly member certain characters you're in there. What The things that really helps is just when they have it. It's in the most dead,
sports time of the year right, football hasn't started yet baseball based buzzing, the dog is basketballs gone and I just got on, and I think that's really help. I feel the opposite ass or what that's been really hurt, I think the womb and college soccer. And seem like the whole tournaments should be a much bigger deal but its iron. It's going against college football, NFL Basque. Starting it just gets. It gets lost in the whole thing. It's I late October through early November, but people actually, I think, soccer could be a thing, but it's just that Tommy time it's bad timing, whereas softball. Supper world series kindly eats up innings there, time where there's like theirs, They play out, there's any job laughs, footballs, God that point baseball started, but whatever and then I'll send this up. Our world series is
above these innings, unlike this perfect time of the year for it to be an. I wish. Tat. The schedules is important with this stuff. That's one of the reasons the big three tried to happen and yeah, and they do they caught it. You did this schedule by the way. I don't ask me: but people always asked me why you, having been in the big three, Have you been asked to be talked about this? No, I'm not. I'm been asked what it is all very Greg Odin was ass, Odin. I did thirty, we I talk to him about it here. He was asked to basically be apart and he put his name, the draft whatever that means in debate. Just wanted to use his name to discuss of headlines and say, like former normal unpick enters, the big three draft is heading one hundred
It is like the very like a visual ice. Cube, religiously were worse rise. You basically call gradually I wouldn't really actually wants. You would is gonna wanted to write the bragged away. Have the rights to another. One pic is our say, that's a thrust whose actually stupid they didn't have you cause, you would have either you have following an evil park ass you about these different ways to promote in another state, you would have been and I actually might be able did the Middle insane. They all am, I a may ever say my life, but I actually think I could hang with those guys because their old fat and I'm still indecent shape. I know em up Obviously they are much better you not their peak. They are much better players that I was but yeah. I think I could catch him like the right time where I could actually be see my effective out there. I would totally b I'd be a huge pussy, though, like like those gay, I watch some others games. They determined like this fight in the radio shrugged her shoulders cause they're they're doing about it would be a huge pussy they were. They would have made us like a shoulder unnoticed, Billy. Ok, this is this is too much weight,
let's have, but I, but let's take a break for sure but said where mill relate hate. The ringer we ever disagreements. There should be any debate about. One thing nor light is the great tasting lay bare, though, in ninety six collars and three point: two grams carbs, that's fewer calories, half the carbs above light. So there's really nothing more to talk about. If you have a real argument, let me hear it until then stick with Miller, Light Miller, light hold true and since we're here to Africa, do a threat. Ryan Marcello drop in late Tuesday night card for Bob Pro Forma check it out subscribe now. Do a threat ran. Risa It's happening. I back the tears. I we're back. What's it like in Ohio, I'll stay right now. This is one of the bigger scanners at college football in a they suspended, a very free games he's back is it's not good. It's embarrassing as hell, but because
Everyone in not, I gotta, be careful. How you choose your words: cuz, not everyone, but contingent of a house defence. Not only Like excited Urban Myers back in that it's going to be three games and I'll be back for the committed season. We still have national championship and all the services they are are very passionate about this idea that he is the victim of this, that this was a witch hunt and As as an alarm of the university. It's it's very trying time. It's very, very fresh link I should say the lake: obviously Ohio state fans, like ninety percent of them, probably didn't go to school there and I don't mean to be lay pretentious and sailing on better than you, because I did go to the school there, but there is a different elements my phantom and my appreciation of the university, because I care about the school. I don't care about. The football team, whereas you know like like bubble Buckeye in Lima, Ohio, whose, like Benda Columbus once in his life and his passion,
love the Buckeyes all the ultimately cares about is that there's a winning product, you're on saturdays. So understand that he is a different point of view, but those sorts of people the owl number, the alumni, the they'll number, the people that are are you know stepping back and saying what does this mean for our entire university and so Their disorders. Has this sense of lake? Basically, that, though, wrong. Conclusion is between reached at its very very frustrated, so I don't know I'm pretty fired up about it. They'll say that much is. I seem to be alone in this, and it Sir it's trying my it's trying, my patience with with friends and family and whatever else that that love the Buckeyes and don't necessarily have ties the school. Oh, yes, tell me about that. The family friends aspect of this issue It's almost like a minute. Your version of had Trump has polar. As the thanksgivings at families houses. What does the eye stay version of that, but my point has been like
doesn't have to be either or like. We still have these problems of urban Meyer. Knowing the coach was arrested in two thousand nine and then hiring and do I'll stay, he was arrested, no nine for domestic violence of Florida, wise under my staff. Here comes a house day than brazen with them. We still have Zack Smith, the the research in question his end. They have text messages of him apologizing to his wife for strangling her. And in all these other run with the law like it is pretty clear that urban screwed this and is trying to lake covered up? some way to make himself look better, and so that's now and then very frustrating does, I think, but was able think if this is true yeah. We isn't this part of the problem that it's almost The cover up becomes- bad or worse than the crime, like the fact that he was trying to covers tracks after versus admitting what he knew when he knew it? That's demo, the problem, I think of it big in media day when this whole thing became a story because he was asked a big in media daylight. I basically
Smith was fired good. I know how much these details. You know bill sums trying to fool you in the audience. They probably they definitely followers closes. I do he was ass, like before big, like sex, misfire forbidden me today, because he has he breaker strain in order with his ex wife, and so he gets fired and then I will go there are minor like. Why did you just fire now? Why don't you, fire years ago, when we found out all the stuff? He says I didn't know about all this other stuff years ago, the first knew about it. I fired him and I was a statement so then it lead to people uncovering like Are you sure you didn't actually known? They start digging up stuff like well? What about this? This pretty clearly shows that you know so. I think a bit and media David is comes out. He's like headless I did this coach. I had my staff was the grandson of my mentor. I I stood him too much like I had a personal relationship with him. He screwed up. I thought we could work through it. I I the huge Erin judgment, and so I cut ties and am ready to move on from him, and I apologize for all feed a system like that
this isn't even an issue like people are like war. That's a shitty thing to do, but I guess your human and we move on but he discovered it up. He kept saying like I never knew about any list. The investing like so that our house they launches in an independent investigation, to figure out what he knows and urban. Deletes like text messages from older than a year. This is a thing that happened. It goes to the door, He goes to the director for operations and says: how do you delete text messages right, and then the money turns and his phone up, like a lot of checks, were deleted. So much. That's how we got to this point in its its people live and you know this is just the way the country worse and allow me to make this like a political issue which has not even that it's like I mean the Jordan Rigid Leubronn debates the same way that people want to live on the fringes of everything and not take. I think the p well that are like Urban Myers. A scumbag you know like that side of the fence is just as bad because they painters picture that, like Urban Myers, the one beating his wife, which is not happening, and I think it's important to like understand the concepts of what's going on here.
This site is bad, but then, obviously, though, how's the funds that are like, I don't see what the deal is like this is an issue that also bad in. There's like a middle ground, and I think, like I- was living in the middle ground for a long time and sort of giving urban the benefit of the doubt, but also say like this is this is not a great look. The school and there is more. Just come out and you find out they like the schools making excuses. I urban Mire has has memory loss. If you saw this. Yes, I said lake, he had brain surgery want I've select. Now you ve basically forgets everything. That's not football related, which is like incredible that, though they would even try that ITALY to all this stuff. It just interested in monotonously wasn't there on our stuff with him. There was a lot of stuff, Florida to right. Yeah that's. In this whole other thing is lucky: he became a house. It is, though, like he was reformed, any changed and all the stuff and and
Oh, I don't mean to crucified a guy like that's where I mainly, I think I have said a lot of a house day- fans west, but I made publicly. I would like us on Twitter when announcement came in a way, I think this man should be fired. I don't know, sir. I think he's lay a terror person or have our scumbag or a piece of shit or like maybe as may be. As I really know the guy. I just this body past he was kind of skating on thin ice in that regard, with his disciplinary. And issues I Florida and Just the ways handle this kind of. We were right, the point where I think you you have to basically No way to spend on other than to say or House day cares about winning above all else, and in the really said saying, is that in a weird way, I think that might be like hey? I think that sort of like where we ve arrived. The college sports, which is depression, is Hell Blake I mean it is Ohio the unique and I regard that they want their coach to win first and foremost and in everything else come second, I mean you are
can't crosser lies, but leg of urban really did report this to his people. Maybe that's ok in need deleted, telling I don't know that that's gonna win. The other frustrating part is like I'm, a guy who loves college sports All of these you know the other virtues that that are put forth in and in turning boys and men in all of the sort of stuff, because that's why because you have to like, like this stuff, if you like college sports, because, like ours, We, the talent, isn't good approaches as it is with the pro sports. There has to be something about college, that draws people to love, college sports and I look The human aspect of it and I love all of the coach sort of being a leader in the community in all this sort of stuff. So for me like this is like a very depression reality, even though I know this is where we ve arrived, but I think that just biggest embarrassment is that I wish at my school would rise to a level where they're like, like the world around us in college. Ports has reached a point where this is big business, where this is basis. All fuelled by capitalism but we're gonna
and I take this opportunity to kind of help. The cause a little bit sorted turn back lock slightly and say that we do care about monetary and side of this, and they just chose not to, and now here we are so I don't know I'm fire of up about all its very, very embarrassing. To being alone, others say that much I I gotta say, though, is really defend. How's the advantages as somebody you you know, I don't have a favorite college sports team, the I said, I'm attached to anything like that and I loved I loved watching four: Bon basketball that faded now, as you know, I'm a casual jumping, a college basketball for four weeks to go and the whole thing fan, and that's it. I don't really care about college football the biggest reason for me over the years was how corrupt there was. And how many these coaches that I just saw were like bad people, and it just seems like
over and over again whether its college, basque bar called for by the people that succeed now all the time, but you definitely more than a few times just that seem to be not great eyes they don't stand for the right things and they now stand fer. You know what would end Sports is supposed to be about net it thou, o amateur sports thing is all other can of worms, but but seems like over and over again we have these urban Myers, these types of people that don't seem to measure up to some sort of just a relatively decent code of moral behavior. I think Patino is one of the best examples, not a good guy, and I don't see how anybody can look at Pitino and think, like that's a good guy, I'm glad I'm glad he represents our universe, that you just can't think that it's it sucks, because
I again. I realize it was a very naive position to be in bed I just I am admittedly naive with all this stuff like I know it goes on, but there's still that party view that, just like there's something all about college boards like we need. Yes, society we need we need lay like I mean again I'd a lot of people is roll their I'm gonna time, others I know, but like justice, idea of an extracurricular curricular activity at a university were, like students, can bring glory to their school and it's all. It's all hope you Jesus, I understand it, but there are still egg some people that dude that put its overwhelmingly getting washed out by these cases and its it I guess that's where I arrive at the point of lake I'll stay pretty clearly said that we care about winning and nothing else, and especially when you put in context of they fired that Malta, my basketball coach, roused Who is the greatest coach? That
agreement ever had looked all reason. Anyone ever cared about honesty, basketball, since the MID sixties was because our motto is so good and had like a run their for wilder we're gonna final, forcing many big tend to stuff. Fired him. Basically, he was a plus across the board. Never had never had no mention in any recruiting. Scandal never had like offshore problems, never had anything on screen, The programme is winning went from like a plus delay, BB minus right and they fire him, but Elsa fervid. Meanwhile, you have urban Meyer who lake it is pretty. Pretty clearly like anyone it within the programme, I have seen no alot of people. I know how to state that are like within the football programme. I know people know for football player, the play form and I'll tell you that this man he cares about will be. Football games first and foremost in almost nothing else, and so You have him, whose April last winter- and c c minus whatever else, and they keep him That is hardly like wreck it's hard to record.
Zile. Those two thoughts and think like how are we arrived at a point where anything at the school matters then winning and sad as part of all is that maybe that is what college sports is now in and I know that it has already made a is a way for thirty years. Forty years. But I saw how I was raised on call it. You know to be like that. That's been that's been, it has been with its I it's so dicey because it's there are, though, I good coaches out their yardstick as I guarantee they're gonna be people there like twitter, you'd generally man, I'm so glad we have built Snyder can't stay. You never do this and you know Virginia. School virtually that's. Why I love Tony Bennett. He does it the right way like you're, so many people are going to China be like our coach. Does it the right way the right and make an they're? Probably right, like honestly, there are still good guys in the day, but I
So, in my mind, it's been like the good guys have outweighed the bad guys. All this time- or at least you know, like a seventy thirty split like there- is obviously this corrupt wing of college sports. But there, of good, like I can, and just in the last item, five years deceives like everything is taking it. Tip in the other way, and it is becoming very, very frustrating n n, I don't know that an end and we get to appoint we're like I I'm staying up and saying my university matters more than me, the reputation of my university matters more to me than beating Michigan and a football game and I'll stay fans. Look at me like your list. Sort of pussy yeah yeah, what you know so I don't know so stuff but the its deadly, not all house defence. I will defend their, but I think the other. The other thing, if I could call to action your house if, as you do, have some sense about them, I don't think it's enough it be like what not all of us and a sort of dismiss this ignore, faction of fancy or like are going.
Van Miert. Standing ovation like this is going to happen when obermeyer comes back against two lane in September, going to come out of the tunnel. They're gonna announced, like Urban Meyer, had go to your Buckeyes and the entire he's. Gonna go mistaen innovation and it's gonna be absolutely embarrassing, as hell am already pissed off about it, and I big, it's enough to just gonna, shrugged her shoulders and say well, thereby apples in every fan base like I really you know, and I think like I need to do other about this, but what the hell do you do in the board of trustees, the president, the athletic director and the head football coach, all This is fine in this is a reasonable outcome. I have no idea, I feel powerless, what Europe. I guessed to voice my thoughts. Can you Imagine if this wasn't it. Can a college sports in this but in the real world where we had thy corrupt people in this kind of behaviour is a train at Evian. I only know the relax I'll take one more breaker.
Talk by one more thing, with talk about our friends with fear and do the weight is nearly over footballs almost here, which means its fantasy for buses and found has never been more fun or easy to play for not a fantasy expert vandal is clearly the destination for you It has simply forever and more ways to win than ever before. Them has us at this season, those running a free, two hundred fifty thousand our survivor contest. It is the biggest free ceramic contest ever hear southward. Pick one team to win each week, can't we use that team again for the rest of the season locks before week. One don't miss your chance sign up right now. I am doing this. Actually, I'm in I'm in on the free two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to Robert this year. The best thing that's rather got. This is for me, I lose in about two weeks and I have to worry about them anymore. I'm terrible this
If you want to get into that free to interfere thousand. Our survivor contests gotta find Oda com site bs. That is fair and do that calm, slash, bs new users, twenty our bonus when they make their first deposit once again fan dual comply with me, vandal backup, sash p, hey! I wanted to ask you this y. Here you wrote, you wrote a piece, name in a peace who was opposed on red it a while back a bad about here, issues with that with depression and we ve seen this this year in this summer, especially this. Become now a real topic and sports, and you ve seen bunch of people like pretty big platform people. A cabin love you saw last week on European Jackie MC minded of five part piece about Mental illness and depression in India. Ba. Are you fallen stuff on. What's your reaction to it on deadly fallen,
I think it's awesome, obviously like everyone else, it? I will say that, like I'm, I'm hasn't done. We followed. I support all that it's it's been of really confused the last five years or so I would have whatever of three years. Wherever was when I put that they are free to to sort of b the depression guy, and I enjoy talking about it all those that stuff I do want to help people it's. It's just become lake. I always I caution sort of glorifying it. If that makes sense it, I think, there's like a balance to be struck with ending the stigma. I think it's important everyone talks it, but I also like I'm scared. The lake there did become like almost cool to have some sort of mental illness that, like the coup, I don't know I don't have. This makes any sense. I live in exile, debating I get it and so
I sort of like I've been stuck in this purgatory. We're like I distance myself from it, but at the same time I under and my obligation to help people, because when I was, the position. I was like men if, if just one person would reach out that that I don't feel obligated to I was in my family would reach out and I was struggling stuff, but you sort of commit yourself that they have to their family. That's what their job is serious. Desperate for one person to reach out, and now I realize in my position our sort of gotten over a you know you never really universally curate or whatever, but I've got no good boy, I feel like it's my obligation to reach back down the ladder and help other people, but at the same time I do so wanted it's it's all. We are doing not surprisingly it gotta, With my head, if, if you find that is a shocking thing, that a mental illness messes with your head right we we ve known each other said said: think o o seven
you wrote that when you read their red, oppose and I'd I'd, think of than pretty close over the years and, emphatically that a lot of conversations Bell, I think I am idea, you got for any that stuff tat. I read that post They go out of people in your life for like that in at my reaction when I was worried about you but too, I feel bad. That I didn't know, but then you know, I think that's one of them. This. How do you know How do you know you that year that you can even potentially help somebody or talk about somebody. If you have no idea there going through something, but that seems to be. Theme with all the stuff in the hardest hardest thing in the red. The one, unlike most excited about all these athlete speaking out, is beyond just like the the attention they bring into it in and obviously a guy like Heaven, love, stepping up and and and really throwing his himself behind us made so much more than than me. Do So, like obviously, that's a great thing, but I think it's, the fact that their athletes is is
can't be under sold how important that is, because I think, like being a high school college athlete in going through is- and I say this report- experience is, is the most fusing thing in the world because you ve been your condition every single day and practices, and and and lifting and in all sort of stuff, like you Joe? You are? You are a bad ass, we're going to compete with We do not talk about her feelings, we're going to you know, and this is how you your programme, your entire life and sports- it so that we too have like an Fifthly, like Heaven, love and the martyr rose and speaking up about stuff like this to basically, like AIDS, kids and com. Judge that are better compete. In every single day, like it's. Ok, It doesn't make you week to say, like I need help with this, that that's the one thing to stand out, because I think, like the people that are bleached likely to seek help for this,
my view, are high school college athletes like I've, really think thinking back on experience time. My life there was a zero percent chance. I was ever going to reach out to anybody and say, like hey mentally we know is that I viewed as I pay I'm mentally weak. I can't handle this and then I would just view like makes me a lesser athlete. Amazed me lesser man, and at that in your life you're trying to become a man, you're trying to show the world that I'm a man I've, I'm fine, he groaned, and this is why I am so. I think huge do as I is like having having someone like Heaven, love who is an athlete and mortar Rosen and undermine the or keep talking about those guys, all the other guys, Ikey Brain enough what I think bags thing back, I think back to where's dad Morrison right really was gone through stuff and came out after the fact that he was having a bunch issues, but that light situation when he lost than the tournament and he was crying, The court after an outrageous made fun of a member as a whole,
since, crying what the hell's rod them. I'm sure I made fun of Odin. He goes to the NBA unease bust, oh, my god, what a bus that Morrison is it now Now look back at me like that. Guy was probably on a scale of one to ten, for somebody gone through stuff was in eight or nine n clearly the reason over anything else that he failed cause. I stopped he should have been a good mba. Piazza got hurt Sydenham, but but I wonder now with the people are becoming more and more and more aware this stuff is, I wonder how that translates the next time we have like an atom, Morrison type situation, and now the flip side of that this. Despite this kind of fundamentally authors the landscape of sports. If you really want to go big picture dramatic about because part of sports, his leg, you sit in the crowd. You yell at the other team, You try to get under people skin like what one of the greatest right
when the greatest sporting events have ever been to my life was game sex of the nineteen eighty six finals the day before Samson had punched years each day, who is like fourteen inches shorter than states us each bra caught a sucker punched. Him actually goes back to ass, the garden subjects have a chance to close in every. It is ready to jump on Wrap Samson you go in and it was like a Roman Colosseum and we like really sacked email accuse. We took him out again is horrible, and was I the great fan experiences, and yet we broke that guy. But now in two thousand eighteen context, a vague year, we broke that guy. Feels weird to say, an I just wonder how this is gonna play out with the fan player experience, the competitiveness of crowds were people cannon and say just feels like we're heading towards a new world. Out again, be like super over the top about it, but it does
feel like something about the change. I can't put my finger on what do I do You know that you're wrong by, like, as it is, affected the going through it of as affected. How I do the job I do where you know you you and I at the core of our job as we watch sports, and we basically make jokes and observations about what yes, even and it becomes like. What's ok look about like, like day now, honour bycatch last we were talking about zine, lucid and whether his fat or not, and even that, like a sort of its where's the funny, because it is not fair, but maybe it's like who cares and the ultimate. But then I don't know like maybe sign was. Maybe this is something the bothersome. That ways to earn eighty five pounds, and is that ok to make fun of me that's very, very soft. I don't really know, but I think at the end, Thirdly, having empathy is never the wrong answer. Well, let me ask you this add further It says I waves in the aims you on Twitter.
Any say: hey man, I heard your past. They really my feelings been battling. My am avid submissions. Now, it's like, nay, nay, the biggest ass on the word on the flip side of that absolutely side of that? That's on conversation, who are the best fact I'd ask about it's like I don't know what the allowances anywhere facing everything's gonna, be ad aware, the more we start over thinking this stuff and who is the arbiter of all of this. In deciding what fire me, that's gonna, what I've done, as you know, especially when I started out in this business- and you took me under your wing and all this, and I would, I would sometimes be aggressive and making fun of people. I said at the worst example: this was Tom Green and he called me and confronted me, and I remember the egg added up yet Did I murder your family like? Why are you talking about this to me in
remember like hanging up the phone from that conversation and instead of saying like the smart thanks again at this point, I was what like twentyth fault for five, who knows I'm going up the phone basic screw that guy and I like almost wanted to double down on everything, but I figured so we have to do is used in this way. There is. I just don't you step back and you think, like ok, what I actually say is that crossing a line you know like, think it's fair to make fun of Tom, creates. Mobility is I think it's fair to make fun of like how he pulls up his pants and adjust his bell. Any just gonna like the liquor. Lives at all. Tat like I think these sorts of things are fine, maybe There's stuff is not fine, and then you tat, you by giving a step further and it's like hold on who are you to decide like what's finally, white wine that follow me because it always like? Am I really going to to make have the tough conversation with myself and be like a man you're an asshole? You should probably stop that so
it's crazy make as a guy. I don't really know how to solve this because again. Yes, this is our job as like, entertain people and make these observations and eat What a cattle athletes legal Leubronn is utterly. If the bronze sucks in a game, you should be able to say sucks in a game and not have to worry about lake. We don't we don't know what happened to his daughter at school. That day round me like obviously there would be like la branded in habits, and I and you should be able to comment on that, but yet Where is the line? I don't know it's. That's gonna be interesting to see our shakes out, but I think in the other friends Frontier is gonna, be player, evaluation and prior analysis, and you know if, if of part of being a great players, is mental toughness. These right, it's one, best traits you can have in basketball for bought. All these things, like the ability to persevere through adversity, an hour in this world where these pleasure, saying Ivy
He is I get my own head. I have bad as with anxiety you have. Information. Would it would you do with it? Would you do fear competing at so Chris BAR said this pack ass when he was there a few months ago, and he was we're talking have love and Kevin loves, revelation that you'd been battling issues with depression and stuff, and Chris Bash basically said. I really feel afraid put a really. How can I really feel for him? At the same time? A competitor, all I'm doing all the time and on planning at somebody in there's only one title every year is to try to figure get under their skin, how to get the best them and if I had that information its currency to me- and I think some people- that's harsh but think about it. They think about the shit. We were this riches, Thompson and dream on green, like these guys are fighting the title in anything his fair game in their current each other mother fucker, and all these terrible things. Talkin bout girls that
other they Bangor Girlfriend or the shit they say to each other, but now you have this so that change that'll interaction. I just the whole thing. I can't read my head around it for lack of a better expression, Now I can fully understand, and, unlike you know, player per no decisions you know like if, if if, if Kevin Love, because the free agent or somewhere near he. Probably too good for this to be a problem I mean most people would want to scale, but in some some Middleton. Play. It may be that it might go basely, let's say Michael bees, again say or Michael busy. I was bad on the last nine years, I've I've issues and I'm dealing with them now in an in the league looks at their like that, the general managers around earlier- like I don't really want you know- I mean I hope the guy gets help without really want. You know for tuna, this play? I really want to know my team necessarily. Does that make them assholes if they really I think that it is going to affect how he plays because their job is to build a Bessie Orythia guideline.
Was white. Remember like his bravo like where you don't want to and he had his anxiety going on in and out of service beer thy? We can't do this, I mean we wish you well. Maybe we can do that and is that cold? Is that you know that's gonna what they have to do, but same time, you wish that there is a way right. I don't know it's all very physical, though the sport by nature, like the whole structure of the business, is competitive. Nature and and cut throat and rules. Listen all this so I thought I'd. Think sports is amiss accuracy, and if competing for an mba job against other prayers. Who plays a more reliable than he is, and the talent is there's no different, but no real difference. In what he brings as an eleventh man versus some other person who just shows up for practice everyday and unite down with it whatever their going through it's hard for me to it. It's hard for me to say that they should just take the guy
Whose job I'm afraid that rats, in a weird way. If you ever, battling issue like this. It's are we sure it's that different than like. If somebody has a like Harry Giles who said his knees operated on both knees, how is this different? The head is part of the body So somebody makes our case to me. Really know what my counter is, because it's like out hey you're buying these guys their bodies in their minds that your high to employ to get the most out of, and if one things off weather. So you need your foot had any of these things. How do we deal with that and that support it get, but I'm gonna be educated on it. Do you think the league is prepared for the optics of a headline that says Lake Like Kevin Love is key. In the earlier like would talk to one scowl in
anonymous. Gal says I wouldn't touch Kevin love with the problem with the baggage he as yet and that comes out like a league hand like they exist. Alex Terror like it makes sense as you break it down, like you just said, but that obviously a problem to have a headline, that's lake. We want nothing, do Kevin love because of his mental problems. That's like that that terrorism, what look so our way out of it. I would say somebody had bad as depression, anxiety and now you're thinking about why we have a chance to win the title this year and now at the cat and this guy in a game. Seven can we count on him did. This is why I am so fascinated by this topic, because this Moraine that were now going into the terrain, I never thought we would enter because all that is? I can in hand with me it's like metal tat this physical condition, talent, the ability to come, It matters, unlike Adam Morrison, folds, in a title game.
Its crying. That's, not somebody. I wanted my team, but now start to look at it like war wisely crying. Can we help them to make him better and issues issues are there Bobby Lady and I don't have any yes. I guess in a play, world. You forget away distorted to separate the off corps in the encore in the same way, the maybe a similar conversation to the idea that, like now are the big players are best friends with each other off the port Yan in Can we trust that? Can we trust that, when the Lakers play the Rockets in the this year that the bronze really gonna try to destroy Chris Paul because their friends in doing really you know so maybe they're like that element we're like you kind of have to detach both of them if it's possible in some way back, I don't know I'm kind of Just or we're all out war were leg over think and are thus in leg. Sport should stow food, right. That's why I like. We should talk about this. In two minds cause I ever met.
Fascinated as fascinated by array of sports topic as this one. In a while, I read all the stuff. Any really put thought into leg has gonna change sports and for one of the rare times could not come up with an answer. I have no idea where this is going on with you. It's very confused hearing you talk about lake, you know Jonah Ralph, Samson, Allister, the idea of of kind of weeding that out of sports is absurd. The idea that, like fans, cat yell insulted players is the most absurd thing in the world to me you can't get rid of that, but there is probably a file. At the same time, if affair was I Yelena inward players. Everyone would be. Hard react as yet your green that that that has crossed the line so aligned. Has been established at what fan behaviour, even if it is just whenever there there is a line has been drawn to, whereas the line yeah it is
It's all very confused. I think, like I guess mild stance is that it is never wrong. It might be soft. It makes you some people, think you're, a pussy in and soften and all tat sort of stuff, but I don't know just as I've got an older and I've got to work through myself. It's like, I don't think you can ever go wrong. Just having empathy towards something someone's going through meaning a silly take it easier on them, but if you can to stop for a second and think, like did Kevin, love Sucking game three because He had mental problems and if the answer is yes that doesn't mean you can't say like colossal, game three. It just maybe not really gotta shreds and I don't know- maybe maybe find him ground. But where is the middle ground and, as you said, that's gonna be something that it will be interesting to see where society falls on this over the next five it here's a near a near and pretty had shaped by now. I M
I should I should inform the listeners did bring this up to you again. The funniest part of me going through my coming out with with my struggle the pressure, and kind of talking about have reached a good boy and all the sort of stuff I do. My twitter account for fur. Basically mental health reasons like Twitter was wearing me down at a certain point. Like I'd reached a good boy and in my life every time I get on twitter, I see some guy before call me and ass all the end. The boy was like. Why do I put up with this like I'm tryin, to rise? Above all of this, with my mental health? I deleted my twitter account and within an hour you called me. It was like the South Park episode where you call me any basely thought like I'd done something drastic you're like title Ok now they want It's called audio your Twitter Council it is a word about another beloved nerve and half my life than what I if I spoke Erica. So is your twitter account still gone
I still have deleted because it all I got brought it back. That's what I thought I was a kid. I was thinking I remember in this year following an overreaction, but is it Just don't I This everybody just unlucky, replies, there's no early. The look, ear, pies and buy them. Everybody has terrible shit. There applies here, there's always this wave, unlike this, though twitters and horrible to this section of people they had like to disarm and everybody tour twitters, equal opportunity, horrible and whether you want to wait in and look at those replies and see boss saying right, terrible shit about you and your family in your friends and things you said like that's, that's all. You, if you want to read that shit, God bless you, but I specially think with writers, it's it's really dangerous and that they see the upside get your tweets. A worse than in the other. The other work
about it? Is that complaining about it makes like no one wants to hear you complain about it either. Let these people the people as leader Pike S right now, our role in their eyes, like Europe, public figure. This is what you sign up for, and it is at a certain point there right. Well, so it's just I don't it's or a daily guys, like you, like, certainly you're out of much much higher level than maybe like. We are public figures and people criticise us in it. It comes back around like do I right to be upset for people criticise me when I criticised people the whole thing's em. Thanks amongst scientists, Chinese in order to try to be a pathetic, could be nice and fill out the rest later by they ve just email me The mail bag at the ringer dot com did you read that on that? I know it. Dressed in reading some eighty character, fuckin shit comment semi Nemo America. I've checked way emails. I read them. I may do a package back soon, so that happen
This went way longer than I thought, but this is a topic that I definitely want to revisit. The more we read about and learn about it. If it really is one of those things that may be required, reconceive allow of sports experiences. I've had over the course of my life but martini we can hear one shining pack asked lotta rumours about you, moved to LOS Angeles ladder, rumours Raina scene, the guy's a there are rumours seeing blind items, side the crazy days or not said some blind items about it was, I just don't know, what's real, what's that area, they are not substantiated, but they are still rumours nonetheless Vieira that were why notice it have you cause excited because he does them of people to be our until two in the morning it pussy he needs his own in speaking of intervention sea needs an erection, but that it's not here at the idea of action that is likely to be in this package by TAT is talk decent thanks for coming up.
CS. I wanna call Jacko to talk about the Aggies in the Red Sox. An impending Eighteen, seventy eight forty years later, Flashback Sir, and I also John Mccain and make France S as new app and my trip to temper Bay. But first, let's talk about frame bridge I posted once again added some new beautifully framed by, bridge photos to my office. Why do the pack ass joining the joining the air the main area will Smith there your gas from Santa alive, the greatest Ass ever from nine to know, Metallica area framed state are that they make it easy and affordable frame. Your favorite things from our prince and posters that travel photos on your phone good framework that com blow your photo or safely mail in your physical pieces, with frame bridges provided package.
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We do in this forever we're talking about a bunch of stuff. Taboo measures will start with that within it. A bubble, Yankee resurgence. I was in temper Bay. If my son on Friday, and Saturday, which Mr Coelho, that watching the Red, Sox, GIS, lose their lustre lured by Johnny. I feel confident, I feel I feel good in a week. You you don't want to get too excited about it, a sweeping the Baltimore, Orioles or historically bad team, now disease, and but- given that the Yankees were sixty six against Europe. Up to this point, I am actually pretty happy with a four game sway. Even though they've been bad, I'm in that they played laws against the Orioles. Today, boyfriend Lee turn the corner and we're going to beat up on some shity teams for a while EU schedules kind of favourable coming up for some reason Tampa has, I don't know they just like super frisky against the against us
actually the bats when called at the wrong time. I'm concerned, I didn't Could I saw a bay I'll put it down at in? I don't enjoy it. On the other hand, I didn't like the fact that the Red or peeking in August, and I feel like if you gonna go in assuming this is the perfect time to do you. Don't you never want to have this will happen at the end, September are even later than that right. This is what I tell myself hoping and praying really for an implosion by the shock, maybe maybe my wishes and hopes of come true now that it may be worth. May the implosion, my god. I would be so happy if we had a nineteen seventy like collapse. Now, in the age of twitter and now all the others, Maybe we have ever be so fantastic. Nothing would make me happier because in fact, fans were on top of the world, and why wouldn't that be? You know before sweep in and out of fifty eight sixty game's over five hundred over many. They were running away with that, so to come back to earth would be fantastic. I still think it's out of the realm of possibility
the big setting I blame myself, I was. I was really enjoying the whole fifty plus game's over five hundred when streak in being one of like the seven or eight best teams of our time I started by the hijacker. I should have seen a common to me. It occurred to me this morning. I was thinking about it, like the other, the actor in. Oh so my back in the pit, hello bed Bit here for the earliest, about thinking about like modern day fans and modern day reds- and you know the pre two thousand and four does not- has no idea what the pre two thousand for a red black fan experience because you grew up in inherited from your father. Growing up like just always expecting be inevitable collapse, fuck yeah. Now that has happened. It happened it. They know it happen, Seventy eight with Bucky Ban. It happened in the World Series and maybe six against the map. Two thousand and three:
were there and burn so the current generation. A red Sox fan is really has no nothing, but success. Yeah tell would really be a fantastic throw a crucial to get to experience some of the misery. That older generation replied Franz experience or for most of their life, except for the past fifteen years or so. The great idea go through and I wouldn't enjoyed at I. Actually I don't It would be a good thing in the lounge enjoyed immensely. They ripped ass. They were fifty one and twenty seven. And, and then there are eighty, eighty, eight and thirty six, so they ripped off basically a thirty seven and nine Streak Street there arise found really get, and I was enjoying the top ten teams about time, graphics that Europe and yet you right now, the biggest thing that is changed, entire life, including everything, including the internet
hum heavy having porn readily available the family Sharp, as our president have eagerness shocking thing. That's happened to me in my entire life is feeling some level of confidence as based buffet It is the one thing, and one thing I just I was gonna, be in my dna for my whole life, just assuming the worst thing was gonna happen all types and between o four, oh seven and thirteen. It will like having this cancer is open. It's just severed from my body. I dont think people can quite grass boy what a big deal that was because your crusty New England threads. I can the merchants teletype ghetto mania, think but disappointment when it came to the rats and losing it an embarrassing fashion and catastrophic years, and what have you therefore? I mean the two thousand and four and come back from three. Nothing bow and everybody With already geared up further here, we go again to do it again: steer most hated rival the EU.
Empire and then too that winning again and oh seven and thirteen and being always in the mix for the earlier than having competence, not races, leaders Is that really, like all all do things for the rest? I can express health is a great day, give elevated and tat the ray rota comrades. When I had my own website- and I think it's in the collection that it did with my red x book about this game- the zero, zero, is one zero Cleveland game against the Red Sox in two thousand is a must win to keep the Red Sox basically alive. That sees and no more had this bar that hit the very, very, very top of the wall. The leg within one for being homer, but it wasn't a homer and it was a double any ended up at again with no out in the eighth, and he would just anyone ran in every way the part gave up, because really guy
simply that wasn't a homer metadata quit. He could do it in the park like well. We need like therapy, so so you know? Maybe we're due Fer a come up and said? Oh, I don't remember me in front of you it s because I happy Nike may be nine New York. Yankees commemorative sees it I'll, do it, they give it a dvd. It might have been the VHF tape and they do the it out. They do the retrospective on the season and the highlights in the world there is there anything else in battle, In our view, it Bernie Williamson there and burning lambs was talking about how they were nervous before the Elsie S against the red. Sox then niner, but I think they played an alias
There were planetary. There was an old, I can't remember nineteen years ago, but yeah whatever series it was and they were like. These attacks are good, big Pedro, and now he struck out seventeen of us earlier, the season or whatever and in our little nervous many like Yogi, barricaded hacker room and was bakery like why you guys their rest. We been kicking there ass four hundred people like oh that's right, like items to be nervous. He sure enough then hold true to form and at all that the other world flipped on its axis in two thousand and four or so Now let me restate how maybe about right back in the taxation and order will be restored, but hope yet bedsteads and against it anymore. And look at it. The August stats for the annex C Brad, this guy loot voice couple Dario.
They finally decided to stop sending the carcass of Gregg Bird out for a bats, essential, truly crows. Mosquitoes were certain M, as he was in there in the banners backs, have devastated situation like that before further buzzards research- I am, he was on my fantasy team until a month ago, we shrewdly traded em, we're watching him going this. Kind of sucks. Like I don't see it, he had. Baggy would have like one three homer game a month and would just strike out, are the other times Finally, I was turning were always turning a corner with great bird like every area. Given answers find the hell he's an urgent matter grandfather a couple weeks ago, and since that time I don't give a shit about one forty, their everyday life. Grants lab is coming out of. It is shaken off the injury, Roston, we go look out here comes Gregg Burden, and now it was not. Here comes great bird he's horrible here he's not tolerable, it's it's not coming in. It would have. Any, though, is look voice
Miguel into her who's been read her a month. But other than that the legs and has eight homers in August. I learn that the aid will stem had then was pretty daddy's preamble, but now it is trying to get us three hundred homer you get. It really wants to do that in Florida, like you could see, em, like grip and the battle to time he was trying to do at last night. You could please swing it for the fences, but he had been hot but other than do harm like their labour tourists. The kind of came back to earth, although he is he's, been better over the past few games, but he definitely came back to earth. They get no protection from great bird big. It really not picks has been ok and but there without delay. Gloria Sanchez and judge me. That's a lot of orphans of perpetual do say now make a little run. You judge answer here: my team, Radiance team. Now it's they said The three weeks and then at sight there still soreness I keep getting these updates raised here,
We have heard that everything will be like three weeks but has been at a great that he still has paid their as though fracture cancelling abandoned, we're like it may be the end of August. The pool concerning you'd sensing enormously. Actually the egg is early hit. My two forty, but somehow you feel like you have others momentum, the pitchings been a little better, but now chat, animated mantra winter. They been, they definitely had a favourable schedule that the real test is be next week. This week they play the white fact when they play the type. But then they go on the road and they play in Seattle and three Uno glimmered, that's really gonna be opens banking howling, Gonna want red, hot Seattle, good that has wildcard application. So it's on the road, they are allegedly gonna have Debian Sanchez back supposedly, which helped things goes. I've been, Romania has been pretty girl, but it's just not met in everyday catcher and he's got you can see he's kind of we're down at the plate. Now cuz he's not used to playing every day so
every once in a while ago, and has one of these weird Billy being teams were his guests the make fears, Edwin Jackson, they just kind of cobble together this pitching staff. They get this lights out closer out of nowhere and Ah, the sudden just thinks start happening, and you can't figure out how it's happening in you. You watch plain you came together. The dangerous bats are, but some other winning three to two and two to one It's very small salivating over the prospect of Turkey's Red Sox, no civil war, play off and then end up with an Oakland Cleveland. I of the as yet couldn't Iraqis in the finest the Rockies, the is Bradford off the ledge right tat, the judge thing every time somebody gets it disappoint. Bodyguards last year to the guy gets hit the risk and I gathered small fractures, hairline fracture, there's some tend in buddy, it's gonna, be three weeks will be fine. The person
never find either take forever to come back or when they come back, they have no power to allay. Bogart was never say my share and he came back It is now never seems like it works after that so went to. I went to tamper. I was in floor my son went to go see a very full sail. Shadow to them went through the Debbie Debbie. Next he event which is awesome took my son went to the performance, The next day my son did arresting entrance, which was impromptu, saw saw a ramp asked if he could do it and did this two minute wrestling entrance and everyone had seventy Sir chairing this is awesome Frahm, so I I add the no retired, why? I think he's gonna be oppression. Arrests are nuts, it's like the myths and the real world. Twenty has carried out an x men. He really, as I can't stand it anymore. They get thing is. I won't have to pay for college. Will just get him go in Asia, but then we, two we decided we could have
or we could have given a Tampa further tamper red Sox areas, which is like a two hour jobs? We did that and went to the trap I had been to ten years ago, which was terrible ten years ago and as that changed in ten years its gradual care about the ten years, all their from being terrible but you have these weird thunderstorms in in Florida. Unilever need the dome so you there and all of a sudden. There is like thunder for five minutes, and it sounds like that state of being attacked It is good. It just goes away its These strangers environment for sports not only in baseball, but arguably in out of all for the professional sports. It's kind of indescribable its I've never been there
simply, but it looks, it looks terribly depressing on television and in how we live in a golden age. Were these whether situations can be rectified by having a retractable roof now yeah. I understand them you're really expensive, but I may down there. You can also have like Unifil Day Unifil funny days in the spring of the fall yeah. You can have the roof open and then, if there's a threat of thunder storms, which there is pretty much every day in Florida and the summer, I guess you could call up the roof. I think they're trying to get a new state him, but I think that their running into difficulties with pride at thing or or location or something and others a big battle down there. I don't know you ve been resolving the baby, mercifully bacon should be put under their misery and lived somewhere where it makes more sense Yes, so it's in Saint Petersburg CIAO forget its really like our from temper. I mean they're, stay. Inside that way. Abc gigantic is in New Jersey and things like that right, is that even in Tampa its and Saint Petersburg, which is in a kind of a lesser
of that area and for just in general, as you just forget how strange for it, Hasn T got their fears. These then are charged state income tax in Florida. Where people live there in there. I grandam hurricanes echo for like five minutes and they go away. Where are the second year in the biggest craziest thunderstorm, your life, that it ends era in this bade him itself. You know put this Anna tickets were available. Always the so for say, which is able to go and see. Gig, and you know their seats everywhere and you can kind of pick where you sit, we're in this area with based power, depend on how much money is spent in basically even inside. I'm gonna sit there what are we wanted here, so I wanna sit behind the Red Sox dug out. So we add seats right behind the Red Sox dugout, Dick fight cow.
Where to get banned too rosy ideas, the forces tickets, so an obsession with him for a few innings he's doing great. It's it's weird. Acted toned down. Dg Vi: taboos that he's just like a normal gravities such a nice guy. Yes, he's tape is big fan is becoming twenty years. They have banners up over left field while and its basically leg. You don't have the three they put, the tip three banners for away, which I thought was funny like division chance, TAT s early ships division chaps, then oh eight pennant and then there's to address for their five banners total they ve been there for twenty five years. They have ray retired numbers. Can you guess, can you guess what the three retired numbers the Tampa Bay Razor and one of them is weighed barred, Fred, Mc Griff, now
I would say everyone glory of unease. The playing. I don't bug has to be one of em, but I couldn't give you the other to take me there. They do now I shall to look up with a third runway. Cosette number one of them, Jackie Robinson ok, Asher, I should go back to that happened, guarding them You may were actual raise players. The second one is weighed bugs. Who played there for two years right there retired, as anyone in the Hall of Fame with a race to the bottom, a cadillac or something of mapping, the third one done Zimmer railway they retired member sixty six and dance dimmers honour because he will have a special adviser for them for a couple years near the end so they re retired numbers waited larger litter
they- played his entire career and then went to tamper to try to get three thousand hits and ended up in the last two years of his career. Retires. Number so that, as a fan of the fate of growing up of the mighty Hartford whalers I'd. Nowhere of that, you speak because the whalers and still hanging believe to this day in the civic centre, Is we all retired, Gordy House Number and out a give Gordy how he was alleged best how to place of all time? Of course I like on a killer retiring Gordy out, but they also had John John Pie Mackay the legendary Boston Bruin he added for the Bruins for like twenty five years and had a cup of coffee with the whalers added their left, the legs of his career. Do you want to play with Corey how they were both like fifty and they retired his number thou Gordy! How I'll give you who is a legit whaler and the new independent whalers played with his sons, Harvard whalers the whole nine yards?
I love Gordy how I yield to no one of my love for Gordy out, but better franchise, had a retired John Pie, Mackenzie number because they were grasping at straws. They have anything. So I think the razor and a similar boat dined Zimmer, tired or sixty six, so So on Saturday was weighed Bob ahead. They live. So we get an early and not realizing they're gonna honour waited the game. In the same way, pretty close to you, because you can kind of similar everyone temper- and wade was they're nice of you, Wade lately recently now driving the last. I saw a way it is when we left out of the report, as we talked about the head Williams, Biography and Anna PBS He was involved in that yeah. I don't know one that was filmed here phenomenal, I mean he's like he's. Sixty I
describe them as planned Kind of looks like a retired porn actor. Becky Noah Kenny, Rogers thinking of go he's got. He definitely died is heading. Bit like the doktor pepper, looks very Florida, and I My son is one of those kids at anything he gets for free is excited about You know, like any sort of this could be worth something like he has no context of one or two things were so we get these Bob lives as we had bring these home and then by the by midway through the game. He left the deciding to lead them under now we left away back dead. He did, I think, he grasped that there was a lot of magic and though in the world's major reappears it did not. Why didn't ass unbelievable did not some some lucky, some like a kid no wait bags Bible has
nothing. I read beloved Yankee Wade, bogs, unbelievable dealing with them and on that first person make this point era, this peace. Maybe ten twelve years ago, fur page to just make a lot of jokes about the veranda gonna got is that a young crowd Janni. Now, I think so now we're getting up there in age two. So it's harder for us to make those jokes cause. I went from I'm fifteen years ago, thinking how hilarious it was that all these people were so old and less. I got people park their walkers, fear? Did you make others jobs a year and a half now you're these games. They can I get twenty years from now jotting I can get season. Tickets have retired Rewarding Florida. Together we have. We have our blueprint special power cast, but I
it's really surreal. My big take ways on that short tamper should have a team. It was like sixty percent Red Sox vans there and data footing. Every opposing came too big and the ideas about spring training there for a number of years. Now there is an enormous money. I give hands anytime. You watch a kick the Yankee Home Game, basically near it's it's definitely a unique vibe it's to say it's hard to imagine where the major legs at that time, but I, but we are we the other. Is bad in practice. Has barely what's going seek? It has gone that fear than My son brought his glove the second day. Just watch and people had bombs open. He had two boss. Rage gives guitar. Let's talk about John Mccain,
who, who why did you laugh nervously? I don't do that. I did. I buy your racist I'd better go further with that. I didn't know that was just like John Mccain go like this, that I was a girl. I M just a funny, but it is true that so far Jamak died, but I'm in here you ve, gotten real delay. That of additives is opting out. No, you interfere sentimental tweet about em over we end and usually does it life he'd literally drove me. Crazy became very innovative things about despised and he was some are detrimental to the prospects of conservatism meant that I love. But you know when you think about like what he and another me now appeared. Abusing the vietnamese war went through a career. I read this book about a kid called one thousand session by German then knows,
I would have shut down and he was over and that no help in it and he let it became a senator from the republican senator from Louisiana for a minute and the other stuff that they went through like Britain, brutal torture- and you know I solution and now able to speak to any other American for literally years liquors, guys that went years in solitary confinement and couldn't talk to another American. And young people. They too were mistreating them, and they would do this thing where they tied ropes, your arm. So your shoulder, they play you up by her elbows nor dislocate. Both shoulders images, excruciating pain and Mccain, endured all them because father with Madame all they wanted to have the pr value of letting him go early. They lead. Well, you know we just want our fathers and a big wagon If I let you go early to show how good
Is we her and he said now: I'm not leaving early hour gonna go out in the order that we came ends or guys that have been here years longer than be three years longer than may they get to go first and then they beat the hell out of some more inactive peep out, broke his ribs, etc. Just just brutal torture so think about like living through that and experiencing any incredible will encourage. It takes two to withstand that is, is nothing short of inspiring because can help a put yourself in in his shoes, and he was thirty four, but you know I think back to I like guys. Who in college and arise. I knew my school or any guys to hang out with young people, and I love like who have the strength to do that it now and if, given the chance like nobody's gonna blame him if they say when they let you know they chose to, let you out, you get to go
he said no. To that I mean that's just incredible courage and an unjust determination, amazing. Why did he first EU while because he went to- and when he was fairly reliable, conservative for a while and then he I think he let he got a little too inside Washington and he liked this maverick label and he was like depresses, favorite Republican because it was half a Democrat. He got enamoured of things like campaign. Finance reform because Bob listing the Keating five were with out. So my shady with campaign donations and my feeling Some of the good out rate shady the average shady Otto. I don't think he was the shady his person and I live in the three of them are really supersede in. He was, I cannons less shady, but still city, and he liked being the press is favour. Republican, replete, footsie with like
is John Kerry's running mate and on days like when this goes way back when Jim, when who was about right Democrat with a republican label, is the senator from four months which parties and Mccain like this is where this is, where our problem and were too far to the right and everything, and so he overtime, he got more liberal any he liked being. The press has favour Republican didn't help him when he ran for office, because then they spoke castigated em in the Obama administration made fun of the fact that he couldn't type emails mails, which is because was was tortured. Vietnam. I don't remember that data, the accurate Odin type and they made it. A big issue is the work we have a president of the twentieth century, the camp twenty first century. They can't type emails. I was gonna, carry couldn't raises arms above his head or couldn't you shoulders properly. The Tiber toward attacks were now. He had now in the presidency's illiterate. So that's where's here they go save up what happened. The drag way so and really like
when you, when you compare and any know it's it's if any of us make a comparison with John Mccain and liked what he what he endured and what he went through willingly for the country. We all come up lacking. But when you look at the current occupant of the White House- and I understand Mccain, didn't love him and he didn't love me can. But but we can't dead and now today, like the flags are at full staff like he didn't even sees. Another tweet answers to the family, but nothing about Mccain notion in front of my run, their vote. Who is known, I missed my flask as usual, and then the notion of Trump spending more than like three minutes and evade amuse prison camp. Like the first moment, he couldn't write it anybody he would return and he is like the biggest pay and his crew or like the fake, if tough guys all this New York swagger and like talking like they're mobbed up, and he doesn't have any real, like courage of any kind analysis it to be a fake, tough guy. I'm sure he looks like a real, tough guy like Mccain and think about like hot what he could have endured in the north vietnamese prison camp, which wouldn't have lasted very long.
The Mccain Sarah Palin combo remains the weirdest partnership. I think in the history of mankind. I Maybe there is one where the partnership- I just can't, remember it! it was a moment now. It's now ten years later, super duper we're looking for. In it and he never said about word about her liking out. He could have gone behind or afterwards men like why. That was a disaster, and I stress that up and he never did if ever soldier down the river and she never city now really turned on him. Although she is fully embrace trumpets, women become what we thought she was, but the accusation is back. That was an odd thing here. He's busy is imminent. She's been pretty solidarity. Now he gave me this wonderful opportunity and it was a wonderful man personally and whatever so yeah
we he never said it was a mistake. I mean, and actually at the time he picked her because she because she was a novelty at the time. It gave a little though about in the polls right off the bat, then last long, but a minute that help them initially at an hour before the fire with conservatives who he was, were doubtful about him so who were places him as the core, unquote maverick and the Republican Party there There are not any more. I mean I guess now. A maverick did a guy like themselves from Nebraska who actually love because he did not toe the the market. Party line in any way shape or form. So he, but I mean the scary thing interview. If you look at what makes me that fully despondent everytime, I take a look at. It is in a trumps ratings among the Republican Party, like ninety percent higher rating than like rail Reagan or Eisenhower, around regulate beloved figures. The republican Party, unlike
It is really what has become a just like. I mean I've heard this ad infinitum on your progress, but like it's down, Buckin trump morons like how anybody could look at him and and think like. Oh, this causes wonderful leader to be revered any so fuckin stupid. I mean just aside politics aside, like he's just a moron at base level, even these and uncouth crass Moura and you have decided to like hits your wagon. And your fortunes to him and adoring lay like they love him? I just don't get it. It's like out of the gods. Feel like it out like a twilight Zone episode. I just don't understand it and I guess maybe I was but maybe I was a delusional one, because I thought the people, the party, had more brains in that, but they all lockstep for him. The other day he comes out last week and said something about be allowed flip anymore or, like you know it, you, my boss, like niches, get stitches and they go ask Republican.
For come in and they like run down the hall and avoid reporters out of the way like a basic being, would be like we're like an Revlon order than like stitching on criminal activity is encouraged and they couldn't give a straight answer that because they're they're scared to death of him, because he has the minions that bit, you know, support his agenda, such as it is and and vote for him it's downright frightening and it does seem like people are genuinely afraid of his family as though they are I guess you know I'm in east it out if he, if he endorses somebody and primary they win these people. I mean for left me, I don't get it these Burma Heartland or in the south in know he they claim that he speaks for them and he's the first one to really. You know right as our plate and its leg, Donald Trump. He cares about Donald Trump. He couldn't give a good God now about anything else, but the but his own self aggrandizement its outrageous, but they believe, like he's our champion, and whenever he does, I mean you know, there's people that work.
Enraged and inflamed about Bill Clinton, behaviour in the White House rightly so, and and this guy doing things with porn stars and and playboy models and paying them off, and there like well, you know nobody's perfect what He has really invented this new strategy of the banking. Any the thing that you come out about him by just saying The news is wrong like even if that tape came out, he would just say that tape guy doctor the railways, and we eliminated the fake news media they deducted that tape. That's me right. And if there is any way, if there is a video of him coming out of Nicole Brian Simpson's has covered in blood the knight of the murders right aid very It's not me, they doctor that its I mean in the truest thing ever said, was that when he said I could shoot somebody on Fifth avenue unnamed still support bear any, is absolutely right, he's somebody's family and improve avenue in the personal. It will support them. Well,
It's gonna be in trouble and when the midterms come because it does seem like there's some, mobilization from the other side. There is yet another thing. I think people are literally jined up to vote against them and he could see it in a democratic house. I'm unless I don't think, there's gonna be a Democrat. I think the Republic International Control, the Senate. I am not so sure about the house, building postal control, the Senate and he'll just what that up into some pick them hunting in and you know, get everybody I mean it is basically a sort of inaccurate. At this point I would like the patient's own, like you could say anything about him and people are gonna, believe it. But like is his loyal minions. They just don't care yeah. I may when everybody liked-
this paper can come out of. This will be the thing with the citizen like trying to think like what would come out about him like what more can we learn about his character or lack thereof? What more could come out that, like his minions with, would abandon him? I think he's completely indestructible and think one thing can come up. I had a tweet either daggers he sent out a tweet about. It became back in June to there's no more threatened with Korea, and now he's not meeting with the area is guess what there's no testing nukes anybody says in this treaty sends out an is like me, ill, my highest respect and honour to determine Kim Jong on as the head of a communist police state with not on his hands, It's like a gulag state and he's sending it. He can't lower the flag for John Mccain politics. Aside was an american hero but he's sending all his honour and respect the Kim Jong on I mean
the Republicans, who were the Anti Communist Party for fifty years to our well, it's just a go. She hastened he's wonderful negotiator covers the bracing that now to vent aspects. Are there any principles we stand for in anything or because he says it? It's all good exists. Thank God. I have this new Luke Rowan Two of my arm to look at the strike me unto Troublous times, just dismayed to the increase in the placid terms at the Gibbs. Exactly I got the day I was the most shack furrows when he launched his app next week last week in charge and then for it. It for its s, wound the fuckin apart what it wanted. Dick drop from the Pope just a second drop, a dick about that line. Look at the size of my dick an early the New York Stock Exchange to do it. The funny thing is like a how did this morning. I guess I follow my twitter. Of course
These like I'll, have my over under on manifest live a map at nine o clock, and then I was going through but her that ten o clock he bent put the same over under on twitter like out of mature ten bucks a month is really worth it. They get at forty five minutes sooner. It out to the extent I was waiting with bated breath for his over undertakes, which, frankly I wasn't, but maybe there people that are like hoof, that got us, but that pondered twenty bucks, So I can get that forty five minutes early. I did Sonny Bucks years, basely Netflix, unlike high level porn. This evening. I swear. I did ten bucks a month, but I think he has a deal you sent a four year. It's only like ninety six or something I think he said somebody yet a box when I hear browsers that calm as the scenario you can watch him, you could watch the video feed of his radio show and I guess you get then, if health and a game pollyanna fell, show on Sundays, but you really gotta be into it to make that financial commitment.
We probably had wasn't do it for free, it's funny wide. This subscription motto is starting to become a thing and it because it's worked in certain situations, but people keep leaving out the part that it's worked when it something when it something like I never x or when it's like the new Yorker dot com and you get off. There are some writing plus their entire archives, where you get the deer Times and you get their entire newspaper was near Time magazine. Or you get washed imposed. It's a little harder to make this subscription work when that, when you don't have the scale of the content you know when you're asking submitted its shell out money for every month for something it It's you really got a lie on official, so I got many many princess who, like the giant to him,
Seven games are: do you know that I got the F b? I rooms and I just think he charged the Avonlea got enough. He big enough name, Europe has an and let me they have convention that he sailed out so he's going to get enough people that this will be a viable thing for a while. I just no matter how much I wish I could. I wish I could charge money for an amateur. Let people here my wisdom to fill. My hope is he he gives updates on how many people have signed up for the EP at least once a week. How really read to fool anyone? forty two hundred people in the EP hope of four five k by November I wish people would pay for my app where I could go on a ten minute rant about how Luke Voit sucks and then they could tune in next week and I can say scratch that look for it is the second coming of Lou Gehrig We should be contact worth paying for right. Therefore,
given away those rates for free and twitter, absolutely, I was actually words words. Sometimes I worry for you on Twitter. They earn a sap thief had that in a two glasses of penal unaware and Gregory are out for the fifth time to stand We're getting college word would be scared. Oh I'd. I am a little worried about that leg. Sometimes I wake up in a bag and with it I say my great bird left really bad stop short of an actual call for violence leg. I treated something about my to the two people. I go after the most a great burden, funny gray, yet some somebody may respond winter, and it was like there was the Yankees pitcher Corey light. All any kind of pilot crashed his plan into the opportunity of compelling in your city and died, and fortunately somebody's like if you try to get sunny Craig Corey Little Flying
and now the friggin internet, like don't say things like wishing damp Anthony TAT, I think he's thinks that, like a bit pitch for another team, but like that, unlike my God, how far by gone where these are the responses, I'm eliciting get Alec better with anybody die or be injured. We just want them to go play for another baseball team, not the egg or improve or improve their craft or get better right. It looks like he's back and make good gracious. Nothing makes me happier than when you have the starting pitcher that you can't stand, for. Or a reliever that you can't stand, who is a guy? Who is there? last year, there really can dead, Tyler Clipper YE. I love Tyler Cupboard He was there, he was. He was the only one in real time. Artagnan starts, he would say: but from less strong feelings about the facility for the last decade that drove you absolutely buggers. You commander, oh there's a lot of guys and there too, for two thousand for Yankee Team prepare cast.
You heard from you Kevin Brown Gabby. I Brown absolutely ready Johnson. I didn't love tenure. The idea area a lot of guys, Gregg Parties, disappointment because for us he of the aforementioned Abbe, he was been. I've been great bird for years and has been saying like Maggie's were like the of all these guys that are now blossoming the Yankees. Hi is done. Great bird, like great yeah, Aaron Judge was like an afterthought. They like Sanchez, but they were like girl, grinned Gregg Bird, like he's the top like he's gonna, be the second like the next big cheater than exchequer guy. Suffice it to say, has not lived up to them billing, Edward Gray, sunny gray has one good start against the order of the day and that he gives a Postchaise press conference sang bomb cave bullish. If I'm one of the best pictures in the leak life I'll have within a great haven't, if he thinks he's one of the best pictures and legally based on what metric gray the best pitcher it in the yard, little in the way
Skype, good staff Janni good. Well, this is the last week before baseball really heats up in the casualty asked are pouring in and I really enjoyed this baseball. But I also have one of one of the best baseball teams that the Red Sox have had, but I They do enjoy just I didn't night out seem Betsy Martinez, embedded tender. And you're a wide ranging enjoy our three those guys and I'm glad there. In my life tat, I hoped there setting you up for an epoch collapse because it's been a while, since we got one of those, so it took for another one, before we go, you got a deal increased, sail it on, and I'd like to. Thank you I don't believe is really her. I think the Red Sox are being smart and that he, this is like resting ambiguity in our last jerry fell apart the towards the end of the year in the play off from the sheer there
The air quotes a barn injuries that he an injury is that they have to rest his arm. It's very smart manoeuvre by them. I wouldn't be too worried about him I'll, be right always a pleasure, sad everybody in Connecticut for establishing for the other day so much from our Titus. Thanks to my buddy ago, thanks to zip recruited I'll get to check them. Zipper, Kyoto, Dotcom, Slash, bs, thanks to Fan door, fit out a fantasy expert and clearly the place to play faint or something forever and more ways to win than ever before this season. Free, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars survivor contest. The biggest free survival contest ever take one thing to which each week can't reuse that team again for the rest of the season he had to keep going to the next one locks before week. One don't miss. Can't sat up right now, fender dot, slash, be ass. You get a new twenty dollar bonus, severe new user when making first deposit unfair to accompany me with me. Slash bs the next time you,
for me the cause- and I are doing I have seen over Anders she's gonna be on this pad. Annex II is gonna, be against all odds with presents our special to part episode. You won't want to miss it see them ways.
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