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Will Ferrell on his Favorite Movie, 'SNL,' and LeBron on the Lakers (Ep. 226)

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Will Ferrell to discuss the NBA Finals (4:00), the cable TV domination of 'Step Brothers' (13:00), the amount of denials before 'Anchorman' was made (19:00), working on 'Old School' while on 'SNL' (26:00), flubbing his first line on 'SNL' (34:00), his favorite 'SNL' sketch (40:00), the modern 'SNL' format with big-name actors (48:00), filming a Lifetime movie with Kristen Wiig (53:00), the way his kids act with Will Ferrell as their dad (1:01:00), Lonzo Ball on the Lakers (1:11:00), and the chance LeBron comes to L.A. (1:15:00).

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