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Wednesday 9/27- Today on the show our good friend and the King of shade 50 cent came by where he spoke about his new show 50 Central on BET, Power and more. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Ray Lewis after he said he was praying and not kneeling during the National Anthem this past weekend. Moreover, Angela gave advice to some listeners during "Ask Yee".

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So, I shall again like a mega Valencia. Just took all we ve got this press round. I will personally join a breakfast club, say some other visitors. Do Giorgio Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, molded, HIV Mining. These Angelo mean again priested applauded guess what day it is just one day and I'm trying to figure out of my house is on it and why we have a good, though the came downstairs wanted. You got the cameras
I ought to other household camera revolving She was going on a different rooms, right facilities, master bedroom and ass the Yom somebody. What Cameron like old wife was gonna, be a path. The camera did identical fast, aping them over I'm driving to work and having a colleague? Oh, do you want to know my wife you get the ones you like now. Like. You should show the right now he's got mad against economic sleep. So wasn't you don't? I you know Doesn't I'm waiting to figure out? but I'll find out whom I donno examined about another hour. So, but if not, we portuguese baby and my planet skate reminded of what his garage I tell you go away better western conjuring, nor that is what is the state senator. During his horror movie was maybe morbid through
Maybe you could be a Kapital Friendly goes mobilise goes out. Any of you very leads you to do something in China. Give you a methods could be, as happened to me before him alone, another. Furthermore, these birds over Montcalm Psychoanalysts in Macedonia I've written or are you ok, time is one of those girls want me to leave. I'm leaving I M playing with us here in New York is equally well radicals dollar downloading game, no attention, because freakin, angry and hast Thou Alla time and sows stuck the ourselves another? Those criteria that we all want rather goes right. Now, environmental cup, where's is mine and our business I'm pretty much less than I was out and Felicia everybody out unfairly elicited a breakfast club on Radio Abbe appreciate you guys fairly Party was Pappy last night, it was all crazy that they can. Commissioner, can you rock another hour said you about the may be late for the breakfast club asset for them
price catching and I just got it so you know I did it absolutely. No, you did you. Maybe groups of milk. We plead for what we do is wrong a couple more times what we do in Iraq that I set out to Davies. We were anxious for like yesterday and local The station came by to talk about his eye when you're anniversary, by the way we ve been opened for one year, so it's nice to have success. But made it through a year through some growing pains. You know own businesses, something that always guaranteed to lasso made it through that. First, and things are improving every single day, so yup? That's everybody think you today is for common due to represent styled within the life. Of course. Thank you for always setting everything up for us and Junior Murphy who stopped. He was well being. I will look at the issue If it is, it will be joining us this morning will kill. If it did, you know he is always a good time is always find he's always honest that about New shall come in on tonight. Fifty cents,
It concerns an eighteen, thirty soul told you recommend on the Maiden empire. Come back. The maids thought I'm very rigid syndrome, easy I'm here for that. Let us talk about Erika, front page news or without my which president, don't I'm sure so yeah, How did you know we were talking about your president? Was it took about std cases hitting a record high in the United States, all right we'll get into all that when we come back? You belong to the breakfast club, Kimono Johnny Binkie Miss Miss Clare. I don't think I'm really does not. Only growth is a little predictable creatures on a planet affair told ya on Monday. That rules was gonna say he was a male and he was praying. What did he say whose priority they got so goddamn predictable law have these anyone going you cinema, boy, It will look into front page news know what are we talking about? You was somewhat your presidency one hour necessarily say the president, but the champion ministration- did deny a request from several members.
Congress. They went to waive shipping restrictions to help it gasoline and other supplies to portray go because they are recovering from Hurricane Maria right now, the island's three point: four million people are struggling to survive. They have no power, they have no clean water now in the past, the Department of Homeland Security has waved their rules will allow cheaper and more readily available for investors to supply goods to devastated areas, but for some reason, They are not going to help this time did not declined the request to waive that act. So now they have limit. Shipping between the- U S, flag, vessels and Is there a way to understand a state of emergency magneto? You can pick and choose when you want to help someone pretty much like your way of the dire situation of going on. Come on guys, you got waved the shipping restriction right now is the state of marriage and see we're not. I did there for some of the goals that we actually have to sit down south, because you know you can only have eighty pounds and attract the trailer. What book
it's gonna help people they. They allowed certain advantages that come under its ten pounds. It was just stuff for people like this is just Who is common sense. You gotta know and break the rules, assistance Angela said she was sitting on the stoop and her friends get into a fight in their yard, and she didn't help because her Mama told her that she couldn't get off the stoop. You could have broke the rules in that moment, in travel by cities right now They are saying that std cases have had a record high in the United States. Americans were infected with more than two million new cases of gonorrhea syphilis anklet media data, which of these is the most common, say, Committee of Committee is the most common std already, and I say that in my experience to our life, I've known several people had committee will have several foreign to women and men Gun committee nihilism. Of these cases are from young people aged fifteen to twenty four
by the way only those three Stds required by law to be reported, So what does Europe still physician? Were they report him so that you can check the members for the division of LCD Prevention, procurable, warlords, old, wanted or imported durable? One wait a minute, only those three which, MR now then? Ok. Ok, let me at length. He was unanimously in committee and those are the only three that have to be reported so citizen, just for disease control and prevention. That's why those are the only ones we can track now there, Also diseases that are not tracts. Ok, so when include HIV Herpes and more the dozens of diseases which can be sexually transmitted diseases that but are not threats. They are more twenty million new cases of cities in the? U S each year are basically all big ones. You don't know who got all the builders who could be demagogy of Herpes, an age surrender road here they don't act. Allow has my back and let us know understand that a lot of people have Stds and don't even know walking around with editor. These that are left untreated and syphilis, they said is the most.
Areas out of all these bacterial stds. If you leave that untreated, it can affect your brain, your heart and other organs in your body, ultimately leading to your death, more your mouth, the orbit of important shoulders on your regional social media. Above what you'd stop we're? Gonna blueprints now gave Do you, man we do to do. You may wow, I write well sweeter on a barrel. Gazprom who told you to do produces suck Lord have mercy nets with they're gonna get twice as long just so you know twitter is now testing out at two hundred and eighty character limit for tweet us to more than double the one hundred and forty characters tat. We had a thousand march now. Only a small test group will be able to do that, but they sing soon. That feature be available site, largely diminishes shortened and I think this is short, and I think we will have thought given a lot of them as opinion today, selfish Mescal, where's abbot, that's too much can go any further too many carriages made. People shows monitor what the Jani really will be trying to blame, but I got an other languages like japanese, korean and chinese. You can convey
but double the amount of information and one character as you can in other languages we. President dead, tweet too much. The last thing we need to do would be added more characters on twitter. The hell is wrong. John Twitter, remember: when people twit longer no had too much, hey. You can go you too long you. How much of a loser you, obviously ones with long length, is nothing nobody saying on Twitter, that is, that intriguing to meet it. I've got a cook onto twitter, longline, nothing, compelling nope, not at all All right will, that is, for payment, imagine Horoscope NEWS, arrived ghetto features Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one somebody reset these phones, please eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to stop right now or if you feel less four lines: a wide open, eight hundred five five one off I wanted, or forgive it. These enemy join in this next hours at all, is to breakfast locomotive the breakfast club.
Go away, go mad or black. We wanted you view of this. I would argue out at very low referred member. Then try getting over just broke your report, but most of all about we're taking the new budget they complete right. We can't go badly you back in again, I'll, be back here at least elementary. They come up with a proper structures nearby, upright they don't let you leave us alone now. Men for every day now reaches out the high school, and I congratulate you on Jehovah's witnesses. Wag revenue in his I've never lose that flag damn alive, even if we have banned, thereby you're, not begging, daylight, afraid or color or color by humanity. I gotta overwork big MAC and very likely. I believe it. I wonder what it's like in the mind of the boy, what kind of perception of licences why so many of us these are worthwhile.
If those bite of love, but the world is a lot we grant or disable who drafted the site. You can see the transit of data on the night once told me of by sea of life with light, but look like a device which argue Why do you demanded a plan or, as we all need to look at the world how it ought to be seen? God in the mind of a bland origin they lifted for like the project, would it mean reminded obliging it just goes. Above all things got shouted the hand. Is being undermined, why I can't be the other way, but they only for night. They enjoy anything. But the boy you got it Can we want a pumpkins by lady and I'm a beatitude? I viewed with cod People would be spoken word trash without trace I'll go right. May Charlemagne page
hey. Mister Gerard Collins, Mona broke out on one of my big congratulate the garden, be begin another wife by where love your guard, who love carried me god damn it sees that if I platinum now added one a day, I got blocked at the grand master, emptier supersaver symbol. Let it be: no wrapper black guy, a bigger who lose their poison added, whether they said how you Nicki about the car there. I thought everything We bear Bartholemy. I thought I did. He put a garter, my followers. I don't get my bed brain. I thought in come in on it that it went behind him and add a word of the Athens Volor Gay openly
he's got a name, and I regard this as a guest at their love anybody row, but haven't you choose commenting on something somebody said about her in North Africa and the present world, but he was in a lot of good things. Butter add these should legume on energy. Had done our thing and she was like Good things about me are the co chair. Won't like you, as you put it in ink in quotation marks out like lead, as has so petty manlike staff, it Ok, I gotta. Why did you bring nobody like her love don't like it. Oh, but get off. Each has eight hundred five, eight five one and five one of you of essentially divinities right now is to breakfast locomotive breakfast. Is it your time to get it off your jets? Are the young man from Luanda breakfast on your mind, is often was abroad? Ravages
listen they're, pull them every one and I lived with it. Aren't you just talking to someone called leave Daniel, I'm gonna use? Then you get rid of empire and start right right, hamburger popular. What am I gonna believe daddy gave seemed watch him to give. I learn that follow you feel like a kid. You see too many cattle on tv and everybody stay luck for tee. I would think It's ok, let me say that they are stereotype of words is not a fair to visitors. Soon larger accident, so desired humiliated ass. I know you had knew you had a problem, I'm waiting for you to say buddy boy. You can't say that it is out of me.
Now that I'm waiting for another year. Another shouldn't be on tv up a lot of you not against genetic institution matter to you, or this is very sensitive everything's happening in the world. I believe of competing for the other children about dollar bill. I'm gonna buy period bumpy, but I really do hope that it will not work, because I believe that every why why shouldn't those people be represented on television, nor from being a certain childcare, you'll, get a little older people to political pressure to pull out a meal. I do believe that we should look at the scene, a man and a woman kissing on television. I look up over that. No canary sir, implies talk about on the monetary dialogue. A few give the people of Serbia can not be represented in this country, using a seller raising hello. This is how they remain an element in the name of currently having you. I get right now. Ok, we put some far seven awful visionary right, regular features. I'm gonna tat, though pray he'd been backed by an hour and a half the wording, but I'm glad to wake up and another day that you will get on humanitarian relief for forgery going now we shall I was always we can have some elsewhere. We switch on a figure that out I'm still drawn generators. I'm talking to my people in a global, given them smell like gone already. Yes, I have at my by a crazy laser max that he is. I m pretty weaker right now party on Monday, with ask anybody to donate a thing upon its own regulations, are even more formation and will be available to all right, gineral futures, eight hundred five, a five one or far one of your obsession divinity to some right now. You ve got rooms on away. Yes, what's up
that young doth he's been having a lot of issues, and now he is, as recently been shot and will give you. Some of those details are relegated to all that when we come back and also get fifty cent be joining us next hour is to breakfast locomotive breakfast and regarded me boat at yellow. A young woman was experiencing eight at levels that I have never seen before. I hate has turned so quickly on so facile fury, gonna, let alone to. Of course you know that a lot of love, but let my London as an absolutely and allow more love unable to disinterest in the watch. People like a value being suggest we saw in Cody so much love a couple. Go soon. She goes number one beloved, Tournay immediately
Let's get to the root of this talk, young Gulf, the Reul report, the breakfast club yesterday, young was shot, and that was in Hollywood outside of the lower hotel on Hollywood in highland. Now, according to. The aims of the argument was between members of young doffs entourage and your God he's entourage. They had an argument that escalated to a physical fight what LAPD Pd officer, Megan Aguilar, one point: young Doff was not to the ground. That's when one of the session pulls out a hand. GonNA begins shooting at him now that three people who allegedly assaulted young doth ran in separate directions and he managed to get up and run into a business that was nearby. Please are looking for. Three people, one person was detained. They said they are not sure of that person who shot was. Who was the present? tat, young dove, and this aim,
Yo Gaddi, is also a person of interest, but we have you have been only Hollywood in Ireland is not to hurt at all barriers at all alone, valued other. My hair, you must have started with another highly with dies, the walk, a famous alibis right. There too, we don't know what happened, but both from this like each other, they will stay in the same old Eleazer a means of Europe even wanted a Lotta Rogers like some as you heard dead, like one. On the other, with data Asian Muqtada, I'm not gonna. Do you being a program like yours? the way to a negative energy- and it always bug me out when two people who of men who have had conversations with your guardian, young though it two very cool individual, but above all they place, and I love the way your daddy did when assign young doctors. So clearly respect is
sure you do well. They both seem very level headed like they, both in lady could sit down. I have a conversation is qualities like neither wanted him, or rather I have is the answer as the people they tear ran through the escalate situation. So we don't know and, as we all know, what happened yet if it I'm just make, is making to be for I know we don't know that is true right away by the way, you're right, you're, absolutely right, and we thank you for a moment. I only how do we know why you're gaudy assessment concluded that he was at the scene according to these reports, and he was a party with agony, but nothing is at present a shot but same with their answer, Agora. So we don't exactly what happened there still investigating and they still it will arrive, those are not just talking about road legacy, and now you're gonna be also was the target of a shooting in February and Charlotte North Carolina, with more than one hundred shall casings around the crime scene now afterward, he did an interview the put at a mixed, tamed club bulletproof, but here is that interview well worn. All I could do
In my view, the people drinking about Greece, you people are focused no that's all. It is also a light. Thou nobility silver penicillin, this context, I'll. Let us go down off right, we don't want to, what come on now, man to say the guys I leave missing. Maybe they say doubly kinds will now go into words. Don't get mad at me when I'm doin nothin Let me would you give your greets dollar fuel tricky audio life? Ok, I'm telling you! May I love my level of Vienna. Fatherless Vienna has been a socialist Cuba. What is so, you think, as we re doing any view yesterday, staff pay at the juice baron. He was talking about how, as you get older, you become an adult east, have a temper problem and FED sometimes is this we, like you, know, I'm a rather new got this. Without a cinema yeah I flew the young girl to other Muslim. You saw him, go for the MTV Rear may visa matter how you getting young. So you always be good. In my book out when I was young, I guess the dragon s cell,
Congratulations to her when members, how Chloe cried ass yet have all God values were highly com. You can just in time soon waiting to reports clearly is three months pregnant and there are saying that you, Dick Vive, naturally. So that's what we know: raised our colleague, foremost pregnant Chloe through months pregnant, in only one national in Kenya. Can you the only one showing on freedom? Kindly I write, it's enough? I'm annually and ass? Your rumour report daughter, all right. Well, when we come back, fifty set will be joining us will kick with fifty cents. A don't move is to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is the jury envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne ago. We are a breakfast club present those are the bottom Cavan. We're very good is good to be here now. Listen to your religiously every morning thing away. I get up among waited adjourn. This is with fire, so I downloaded videos less than a day, a mobile phone,
don't ever lettering with good deal of ITALY had released the other. There is a single valise Buddha. I guess a show release the oven. And this is the first time ever been to a white club in New York. They turn black. We have never been overdue, now monitor using all of us in ok. We will never let us back in security came up to me. Twenty thousand. What can you please help? He will stop smoking, we? How did you get that? You know I was tired of another decision is based the greater the body of I'm like they have shown me like some lounge loud use, but right now this is the better specialised Ngos in you know, because of of closing yoga was provided all the talent yeah. If the executor there, because they look like,
no, the gummy, the the things do, the perception of the network- Diego Army, so it all started. Today's allows the saving content was that there was an acceptable. Bar late night. Let those things just ass. A fine more and more the kind of committing energy, you see all when he will have the freedom to actually be funny thing, be persisted censored They want something you wanted to do for a while them, because you ve been doing your own comedies get. Is this privilege not made fun of competition than I got you with that. I go They they allow more vat in it because they ve been they hold in honour and been doin at all times cat. I got have done it at spots points in the interests of their because of its comedies. I got a hidden space and then was somebody like adding Kevin. You always had it would happen,
yeah, yet wishy washy snaps she'll be season because they didn't see her for a long time. Who's that good initial idea. Would it do Alai light made to put all our other how you doin it you work in a short time and everything we re actually do. Tumor foam secure through the calm, actual yeah. You want to do a special. I shot him.
Was also under use of girls, girls, nominal movie, yet a big fish trotted massive many majority of a lot of love him and everything I did this come in eggs. He says you dont worry about. What are you gonna tell em anything you want for two years I will go with. You. Will love you? I love, you know what I'm doing. Only life you drive. Got have to
tv now at this stage I think a grain of visibility and if they are looking on that is open and things are opening up so what's above are able to do to Salzburg crackled they just finishing the production outlined on off is currently dominant regard, as the crazy idea was tat. Then, on the star. Nowhere put real over there in after you told the white man other. Where do you go about your attitude at over this? It was like you can see the priority like their wasted. You see those things like for your presidency. Only a few days, the different publication? On your consideration, lying out, they'll put this with as a priority for the network, and you have seen that, but you see huge success, Numb
So you is growing at a pace that their absolutely happy if I start, but my mom it's not recognizing somebody who can actually be a leading man for the series, and I felt the project in my eyes, because I told him I was going to do that. In the beginning it answer and in his like it's that successful now believe also have a dynamic and made them present for foreign press there. So we didn't like this, like need. Weighty total. Am I gonna do this? Do you like I've been able for other projects, but not specifically for power without going back from today, I reckon I decided to diminish is already than the number two high is really thorn or cable. Only by closing
They spent in three times the language, the dirty all effects, if you want dragons like regular, but we're doing with the budget- and I know I understand now everything's thy- they totally allow me to do the reason I like most dawdling, get behind a shoal. I gather that the reason we ll see you at the Emmy than the golden glows while owning the pit. Good is weird watching, like all show that everybody talks about inequality, a man answered your list of without apologetic as much anymore about it. Where is with that in mind in the actual show on that will make the appearance as rapporteur, when I'm executive producing showed, is the second as in all of whom cable I gotta go now come when you ready ass, you are and always keeping hits on board.
Find me cuz, I'm looking for it, but I told turn it turn it off in the identified with the accountant if they haven't produced more of it or reason for people to stay on in the wood. I welcome, as it turn arming and people agree the early morning, because it at my dinner go, turned off you right, he's it one pillar Amelia. When he's coming back the promoters of stock and in this shift is it I've, given us public emissaries there tomorrow today is the day to day in a fast track. Everything is light, is moving wave tat really do we like Cain and now what is that
like a ball now, unlike drafting, do not trust our german guy came. I would urge you not to trust the way the series of interesting television is were of a broader odor audience because, like I'll catch you ve got so we know that good out there is almost a demo between gouged. Got in and values casually Barton, but we know who that is until my dear mother Anti I got. This really ought to be an actual environment with a party of watching a show and I'm getting different responses from them in a really interesting. Those older than illiterate goes on
I know it's going to be badly battling with buys assumed. This is cool, regular related there, already waiting dies, the in all his other dynasty there like this, my grandmother who I do now when powers also Barbara. Like other another, I wonder what am I was a good because I got my lack of such a great acted, but then I think like do you come from. Anything you say there was ass. Well, the guards or yesterday asking- and I didn't- The video then break. There's an old crazy on eliminating all I wanna know. A characteristic though you're going in we a new version of himself, Dick that I bet imposed if a lot
you know a project as we go along with it is that when we come back, don't move to breakfast smoke morning morning everywhere These dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club, fifty cents to win a building. Now, can we talk about at the centre of things that are about to start That is the Jews? As is exciting, is more the gas? We remain so Yet everyone comes out, and I am not one of the most fun experiences I have done on television as issues like, but we do dim do sketch comedy within this ruling frank- I have gone on in we do it feels like I get. Is that While I get a someone else, while we were doing was- and he was able to do really failing like see it. Bug out this is it was fine, and if those grip,
it was not as great as well it made it for now have when you that strong personality do, if you listen late, so I'm a guy says does go deep ways alone: and I was always latin in aid and noted rose lately, Bob New. I get it I regret that the liability of all places BT does the right place for this. We are open to any were whenever you want to do. I typed. In any case, the commission does the music videos and every episode satellite after permits goes into, It's all be there. So you wanted to permit is calamity. I was watching road to go into his hands and in it is just
what is more employees ways we can isolate. That is the the music business. Or should it be saying this would be the best place for large and put it there. As it'll get this american airline and first, what can I do? Uncle murder you care about is tonight is the first time you have been under the same umbrella was not my language. They'll be gone. One bit along like this This is a removing some adjustments to the good young man with his great good idea now well executed, He was wise in Gaza, while, as everything will be someone's, whatever the light from the more we rose. You, because I know you got no hombre ya, know me or not, so I'm looking at that does gonna go
he's gonna go. I will spare you the teddy easier. If you don't like giving development going, if you dont go, you say even would deprive you don't like. I know you have those. I thought Conceptually there's been music written, they could actually be good or a martyr like nor as a gun lobby, adult Martha, said it, but the wagon when the parallel show you how that could have been good is because the overall idea was good. It is wasn't downright gonna be in the b emissaries to you. If I did, I would presuppose more from this moment because I wanted to do. I want you to look at that. Will let you watch and expand it as it is, is the point where the fax is raging, efficient and ass. The rest. All you have to add the graves of something very positive.
The well like the two black movie. I was disappointed in it because a visa is to work out because I like you, you can't we do it like that was organically what we should have been a success. Flowers were the captain and isolated. Let anybody, though, the project as that of the people that we meet again needed in the event that work for the type of any age. Sheridan. Dublin, I tell you it is on the right, the Sopranos in before Wall Street, like what you just did score a goose. Do you suspect, real quality people involved in the project and in the two persons, including everything pocket, a budget of forty fifty million. I am aware that even on music licensing, today then ask about my new records for money, as it were the data,
their hooker in had a who gave it to surmount Barroso Puffy. Did this as possible it's a big do: Filmore death. Why is he had a It happened that people know about, but it's so much stuff didn't know that you could have put them between it to make it interesting stuff, do you ve now lacking in the anxiety and big events that you can see it because of their talent yeah, because it the regular got a funny looking off. What is there, as does my biggest that's me, me in addition to that. So you looking go when you don't then he got No I mean I don't know it was chiefly first game. They don T give darted things like this.
No, you know should follow. You know we need, is a viable kit. So you were gonna to life and if you make him four minute, think did you think these low? He won't do something to do. That, indeed, is nobody's. Look out. Look like I just love is rough run. You like, it is just the first in early October, Did you early? How am I? Why do it for us all? That would eventually were going eleven sought, the we were ready it of you. I love you like earlier again now the study door now, look I the Eiffel Tower, I hear what you said about this renewed pajamas greed lose to daddy. You can old, accommodate a level. I like that. Do you guys know this goes.
In the beginning, but like now, to whom I went at this illusion? We went to. Jello voodoo Jpg, I'm gonna go. Your is a young. I bet not enough. These then I was, I was a baby also, now. You know why didn't what to his own video. We was it does it will. Buggies knows that we hear me where's, Gulliver, no, no thinking and unlike way, in all noted it at the time. There wasn't gonna, spend money again every issue, the video and I like, I called my hands. I don't think, there's like this, no, no, it's not going to have to get all of my family. Is is like you put our ways, the in the club vacate the the video
the airline and those owes Alex. Van about it doesn't look at our new eaten and there was gonna as so many Let me like Tom, I know he's in a different place, I have been at heart again down. Person is tough. Second, we live is unjust and his is personal was tat. Was it a slightly Yugoslavia were to come one joint, and then not be able to deliver the night. The follow up pieces that what was that the Roma are really good. Requisite came out in your book. I can hear what he said. We'll sell a futile outline that do you recognize work in? the younger me young man, eater and like waiting bottlenecks, these nausea, like enabled the already a star and presented.
The news, a gardener, because wrote the music in the early days of friendly thought process. Everything would be different model for everything in place already, but it'll be a different person in a record a party right now verses which she would write to you by it Let all gardener do slaved creators you can think of is not in our mind, like the difference in Kosovo is like you, when they want to be left. I now got more. We come back next morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne. When they want to be left eye. We got more. If it is that we combat looks morning, everybody's dj, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast club, fifty cents in the building ye. I love a basin fifty cents, a let's get some advice, you about other people that have occurred. I write asset
what about what I would say as do not going to have his uncomfortable. The public is at an end, I would be published a bamboo, because my gravy and piling outbreak power illegally knew I would do tat is because they will remind people who he is right. You know why, because what happens is that when we just here, You go. If you go away, you took away, it becomes it was only a little by little. We don't know go looking all I see the pitcher and girl and you go out in like loud she's gonna now makes everything else. Did you do possible? Because of that you got, I don't think you will be doing anything at all
the guy's name. Guy came over here. He said Koreatown, but whose work now, but we don't have any. Assets will not guy he's alive, you are just the actual allegations. I do you come out and say that you make a payment of you. I do you write a song, they will feel uneasy newsworthy out and publicly out. Did you run away from that have leave it out. You know, doesn't it some things about me. They have never been a bundle of every rule with me again again faced things like this. What about having high? What evasively cabin has given or are you not cabins, love is against I don't know what
have him in this particular situation. But if scandal a line who's gonna leave, I dunno, but some reason is because I am, after all, it is time that we should be good enough to not have this happen over this time, but so when it. When I got what I did that and it's all may end up in the middle of other known what's going on with a heavy heart we ve learned is that a lot of things happening there is crucial, though there was, was Gus. A windows, that's a strong background to come out of movement. We did it
How'd, you know responsible for that people met each other around. It is not really. I don't like it if your girl, talks to guide it. Did you knew They go, but I know it: the debt. Lloyd. These within your bond between the two years not did. I would never like The guy comes. I expect them to see what s to be attracted to what I was trying to notice. The woman. So as I not to those, they are universal, this is the university of other. Now look go. I may even be comfortable dazzled, the key, so you know you guys. So what did you say? wait, I ordered you, maybe you don't you say? How can I make the downs ripe, it'd be nice, but I did you put their situation.
Every little remember to be out of the eight years ago. This is valid and I remember ten years ago I noted girls, you got more gradual, push you what my little girl out without being years. He was always around, so maybe I don't know, maybe there how much of our personal business we should be discussing. For friend it is not enough. As we see like that, you know you figure, You don't know you have neither Well, that's what you think What about you musically? What he d musically our Good NEWS Where do I wrote Well, I was re content for the region, and ass it- our mommy's, lay in a nightclub next to trap meeting our my music to play some cuts, one alone the play like if you feel like traditions, but this is right, I just knew music did really. You feel good about what it is when we deliver the funny were ready to me they had seen. It was just a lesson
oh daylight target was far from the other value outbreak is my heart and I was like tat: go like almost this popular music to point it is I've been in situations like were in Vegas in the eighteen thousand people in a party a net song is gonna, be playing right, but that's why? plays in the said right. It belongs to the new things. Their number one feel passionately fills emerged through judicial were now like a long presently I'll show you Is not rugged real quick is like it is what you felt when the music, and eventually I got you because you go if you turn it several times, I recorded several register. Zammit remit states. It sounds like a lot. You know me.
Thought you had made of where you get even get a deal, but I beg you knew, I think, maybe I'm sure, like warfare right now, because they on certain table record now, would you Www edged outweigh the lyrics to the next thing. What is busy, because she's cheese transition from carried deployed in pubs those doors and forget alarm about peace, is still there in the club is the only money. This common is the cloudless day for nappies tat, even the quota, any kind of ethnic, even eyes. I was out The next wave of great hurry, similar double lowood is this. This is ok
where did you go the bunker? is good, but everything that, because I thought it do not care about what you do on prior to it. Working in the present moment dies. It emerged that the vote should be the next. What is it we'll connive fifty sensual be easy to make sure you watch it again. Fifty cent you or be eighty episode of Solomon on you in his way. Oh, you know I was down on whom we want to know twenty four more between in all of our money, for everything, that's right where we have recently. We predict priest. You could join us, don't bother me fifty, because it's night, if the breakfast furthermore,
the breakfast everybody is dj. Envy Angelo YE shall amend the girl we oughta breakfast club. Let's get him almost assault. Wendy Williams, with his cloak rather daily mail had reported that Wendy Williams has been cabin. Hunter has been cheating on her for the past ten years and having an affair with the women who lives just nine miles away from the couple, Now Wendy Williams had to address these rumors on her show or that topic now and here's what she had to say about these rumours, it's some sort, weird story going around the internet. Regarding my husband now look I'm a straight shooter pepper! All you gotta do is google him, and you see the story you can. What you want, but.
I stand by my guy. That was why I am less demand that those who, like us great shot to me, you could have been more time talking about what cod, as is pregnant than you do about it. Darya by yourself. You can't his brush bidest one. That was a big stick. Her would all old picture than everything else. He s real information yet again. Lily in TAT year, you can act like is not a lot of detail that historians. Will you tell us what you don't ever you reside, may was involved in the mail, not evolve and restore the runaways headlines I wasn't about. Your read article in the daily mellow, the latter detail and s door so wanted- You can't spend a time talking about the garden is pregnant and you do about a detailed story by junior situation now DE is going to be the keynote speaker at Forbes under thirty summit before they gathering is- the advice and City Hall Plaza, and it's gonna be several addresses by young artists to re Mc Cutchen Bobby as well as Schuyler Gray and their oars
be a conversation with Forbes senior editor median entertainment, Zack, oh Molly, green birth, that's happening on Tuesday with their it at one says that I too, Drake and not article involve a chemical model. I right now cabin why more cabins instant scandal boys a bad, we d be a cabin each time. It is seven ages of you. Agenda needs could get rid of everything that you might be doing wrong right now, black is still out of an already watching. You have now Data Lana, Gregory's largest nourish, very nervous writer, now Maxie S, a bag has done in any view, would daily mail also ass. Another? Yes, the same woman, but he s a bag. She did in any view about Evan Hearts. Now this is about the tape that was used in an Stores in plot against cabin heart is introduce measures here. Now immejitly now let heard tell it she said that she didn't. Even know that Kevin heart was married. Here's what you had to say he usually don't regret anything in my life, but I deftly shoes when to learn from things I learnt.
A mass of environment, and if I had known that Catherine was married, I would never have happened so far, let's go, We will therefore, where she didn't know, as you didn't notice enough off then spent three days with him. They flew in under private jets gathers have we got along? We click, he's funny. I'm funny answer in people a boiler room. You yeah she's in a fluent oh boy, at all, I'm saying if that is indeed as an ally, if that is indeed travelling to take, which had been proving it means guys call girls wifey in all kinds of all the time. In his error, you can't go grab his grand before she checked his grams. You check the social media s alive within many that three age, how highly socialism they show she. She looks good initiatives, assimilation messed with a married man. You know I am quite ass. He had to say to you all
during the day. You know it wasn't a night thing, you know so I mean he was sober. This obviously connection. I am not just someone you that he was with the old. There was more than that. Everybody believes that that video was the night of the night club is was a completely different day. The second time I re so It's your turn may now is that she also wants to know. Who is the person that films things. He doesn't know. An apology, but she does plans. He said to take legal action against whoever film the sixty our Lord garments. He was good I'm starting to do. I don't know that he was married and maybe just maybe she wasn't wicker us right as rubber dozens possible sprang out of you having Heaven has already apologized? Is why very publicly till it for her? that he put his time every ways lame themselves very sittin have been in that victims lane themselves in their lesson learned: ok,
a mile away and has his own Netflix come these special coming. So congratulations to him. He asked the stars our comedy on Embassy Marlon. Any has shown naked as well, so now he's gonna We stand up special, I'm Netflix cell. Congratulations he's. Currently I toil nation wide as well. Ok, I write a Mandela. Ye and TAT. Is your room, a report rationalize? Yes, we give it a doll, could do man, I mean really become the different, the carnation right. Now we need to have a world him. Ok, we will pray for road is downright raise our by the loaf, pray. I told everybody, you know when or nephew it. I thought his whole please come and we won't talk about giraffe. When so, when we come back, he believed to breakfast locomotive
I was born and I don T dare Devil breakfast dog you today, for when they September twenty seventh go. The former Baltimore Ravens re Louis you gonna, take up. A coherent madame up now this past weekend, People were shocked when re Louis was seen kneeling during the national anthem. Before the Baltimore Ravens Game promotion, because Re Louis has been adamantly against the protesters. When cabinet, you started in fact set off on sports one undisputed that he does not agree with the way cabinet protest. It less refresh your memory, real, quick one of the situation and justice, one hundred percent. Just me right. I lived in myself so you'll have to convince me that part how he did
totally different thing down until the agree with that. I D empty cup, their quicker Arkwright. Ok, ray lose their debt when you that they are now feel kneeling during the national anthem on Sunday, any immediately got caught a hypocrite, because social media never forgets anatomy The social media jump on his ass, but his friend in host to fuck sports, one, Shannon Sharp or you can stop the teacup nominee for Tea CUP machine chain and also put pressure on his ass and caught him out for being a hypocrite with here was Shannon Headset Bear this out. And one of my bear best friends, re Louis out alone, re Louis? I dementia right there in that, good, never Neil? He could never not stay. For the national anthem, because so many people died, he had family member, the five and this country be opportune and the flag mean so much to heal in he needs not a one me or both knees. Now I dont think re Louis is: if a great reason, I didn't think you'd a hypocrite, because I pay attention details,
As China shop. You said soon it s already Louis come on come on their field. I saw him dropped it too. These I immediately said: oh, he play ok trying to pm me and tell me that his reign- and I immediately about him. The way I feel about people to stay in a locker room door and approached the national anthem. He will choose Just log arms brush not meal in all, won me, you wasted, everybody thought I don't know you wasted everyone tat, you skate each. Play both sides. Would you can't do in a protest? Protests allocate all point of a protest to make people uncomfortable to be disruptive if people is. It's the kneeling, does pissing them been meal. Anything The compromise, ok, anything out just trying to make your oppressive comfortable and that too and if he was grabbed, make their press comfortable, Lagree Louis, and when I saw Re Louis jobs, both knees. I said he's trying to play both that he's drunk, appease. The black community has been calling my uncle Tom in a calm and he's trying to appease the white people cut his checks. Are people play. He thought it would be too outcome.
He thought one. The black community would say. Fine. We re that it has sunk in place. I to raise a hypocrite. He's fulla bs. If I was in raise camp out of, If there really will be more of number to the number one we re actually kept himself covered from all slander, because I knew when I saw him dropped to need that he was going to say he was praying a peep to play. You wondering will the flashback the Monday September, twenty five, six thirty eight, on this Nationalists indicated Minnesota Breakfast Club during a segment we do every morning, cod tell him why you may I told you how re Louis gold plate is a flash? the Monday police are probably when we re low of man. Are you? Are you talk about covered it with you they were now removed. Goes there when they ask you why you down, he was, he was a new and you would praying that's why he was above need already body people's game, a guarantee you when they ask him why he meal he goes out in Neil. I prayed a guarantee and get it off my chest. What'd I say:
don't worry, I owe you or anyone else, Monday's ultimate, twenty fifth, six. Thirty, not re losers on inside an affair with Jane Brown and boom. Saying yesterday, I believe- and here go on his kneeling or lack thereof, and he said exactly what I said he will go say. Let's hear it do the same assault goin out the falcon by dropped on a million. This is about alarm, sounded the chair next to him. And I said I would never do this and ask you didn't do it I don't know what they are talking about. What am I doing We still have a lot of what am I gonna do. The way to being an improbable one. We wanted a pulses dropped on food needs both these, so I can simply on a God in Mister King right that's another parliament as it he was no re use on both need because you provided me for both sides that offend she was trying to play its souci through.
Abby shocking Yogi Ass was going on everybody call in a hypocrite. He wasn't a hamburger It was his China, peas, everybody and you can never ever truly trust. Someone who tried to appease everyone. Ok, I tell everyone all the time and I don't know the key to success, but the quickest failure and to try to please everybody and that's why you re Louis fail in failed, Thirdly, whenever pray use that are now feel it. I guarantee God Cynthia's ban food, because even he knows you fool promoting. If I had we re losing a tweet. It would be to brand in freefall promoters. When somebody shows you who they believed him. Start doing that you won't be disappointed in their actions, because you already know what they are about people become more predictable when you just accept them for what they are, and we all need did said. Re Louis is for report Margie period. Please give It was the biggest here
Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for a pity party. Everybody here we go here. We go everybody go to at Ray Lewis on Twitter or R, a Y l e w. I s and post prayer hands and three Poupa bulges right now say it again. Any party come instigated at at RE, Louis, go twitter right now at RE laws are a why I'll eat w I, as an post to prayer, hands and three prove emerges, Ok, I'm join our. I party bad body. You know what let me join into a joint emoluments arm off all right now and now I can't do it. I can do not what it is I got no go to toward its would have better twas. It had better go to both what happens to grant s the grandmother gate, I'm assuming just re loose but must start. Off went the petty party. Let me log in real quick. To pray, hands, three pulls motives are at a level we can.
Likely to come together in a family. New two very important, ok all right, I'll, take very dark here today it is rare Louis. Only if the gamma Ray Louis, do yeah, ok to pray, hands and approve modular right up next is ask IE eight hundred five, a five one, o five one. If you got a question for you could hear what you said to pray the present report motorcade through promoting report mode. Could you he's more fully broadcast all right, asking eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one? If you got a question for you, call them right now for months or wide open hit her up its breakfast pokemon. The breakfast club morning. Everybody is dj. Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club. Asking a lot with is hey this
as I was, of course, a free. I write down a little for at last, the abbot, Baden. The girl then delight you know. We ve been taking a foul front that Africa backup. Happily your show how I'm from Everything Bell. I guess things like on a fight we now get the region and on all of a sudden one day she broke it out the me and that her mom, basically not feeling it not the whole grow longer outdated. Again, however, lead again how bad it is, basically a distraction and a burden. So my question is: do I continued to her now am. I feel that way. Point me by ok, so, as really there her mom feels that way towards you is that her mom feels that way about her own daughter and a whole lifestyle. So it's not personal against you. Let us be clear about that, but your girlfriend doesn't have a problem with the right. Well, my friends, demographic, yet without a one about how to brainwash myself. The thinking that hit my girl
One day we will be together Does she does she have a problem with it? Is she saying because my mom doesn't let lingo yeah her mom, like you not up my mom, that more oil that way, but who buy back a famine? That one day will bid you don't will be together. Ok, boss, you saying just now right now. Is there s arms like she has some issues with her mom. That sea needs to work out. Obviously, her mom has not accepted who her daughter is yet well So now I guess so. I thought that allows it all back until then, but I think that is important for you in the meantime, if you really care about her, you guys can still communicate be friends whatever it is, but that's something that she's going to have to deal with, because it's not going to stop. Cuz you, you know, is not later than of forces. Have to be somebody that she's, nice she's still gonna be who she is an assent, Wait here MA. It's gonna have to accept that. Her daughter doing is gonna be difficult, and obviously I am sharing where you are quote friend right now,
This is not a girlfriend, yet you now and it's a date of opposition to be entirely. She was open and honest and she did her part here that I may. I would like that. I guess I'll look like it, but I regret MR I'll take your time. Nothing has happened right away because you guys just started dating in July. Exactly now that you appreciate your honesty by remember, you gotta be her friend first, if you care about her battling felt all my mother had ever that were great lower for eight years. I am to you for homologies why I got you. I got thirty thirty. Remember thinking to call me that,
as IE eight hundred froggy firewater. Far. What have you got a question for you call them. There was the breakfast club, the more than putting everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are the breakfast club, we're in the middle of Ask II was gonna. Learn learn allows this guy morning, reminding me back then, but there came a bar at I wanna. Get that ran back he bought outbreak and, looking up about me, but that's your eggs. That way we broke up Lapierre and
and the light in that all, particularly because any time he sees me happy, he tried the come back into my life and go with this situation. I feel like I'm betting, someone out. He had put up a few picture of all state, but whatever meaning and thought he thought that, and now all of us better when we hear you never mentioned the river, and now you want to propose the mean that and yet I do not, but are you still messing with them and talking to him? we all live in the same state anywhere Ok, so you don't. Do you talk to him there, the lad? I met him at the earth. There was really back and I had met him that now that we pay out everything going However, whatever that were there Ok, so no eggs messages. Nothing now not for me,
and now its short with ok? Well, I never go back to where I have a good day. Is there any could still when you back pussy, I pray you broke up before I got back together before LISA hesitating, he's gonna, propose you and you're just gonna tell him know that any by first of all, Even then it see you to propose. Are you you're not even going to see him? Don't even see him here involves somebody else's. I'm just gonna use on even possibly thing, and you may say yes, I live. Are you sure you're telling the whole story? I'm glad? I was back in the drop
You know it having been like. What's going on with this, what do you do tat his friend to tell him don't even by the change proposed? She does not she's not interested. You need to run its outcome that because he told you some information now you need to have him played a middle man and be like listen, I'm not interested. I'm telling you right now tell your friends or by the new proposed to me, because it's not gonna happen. He's gonna bears himself and he's gonna wasting money array of communicating with your guy apparent ruler moment. Thank you right as key eight hundred five, a five little far. What have you got a question for you? You could call any term that we got one was away yet we are gonna, be there about young doff. Now he was shot. He is unstable condition
give you the details. I must tell you who is assessed back. They have arrived. We get into all that when we come back. Kieva lockers breakfast program, like everybody, is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club, eight you yet you you wanna come in New York, you wanna go to powerhouse. It was easy to see Fridge Montana weekend. Cardy be little always avert me. I got some friends come in and more well, that's gonna happen in less than six minutes a keeper lacking because flying U to New York, put up in a hotel with him affordable, now we have a new food aid and that information is throwing. I'm gonna make sure I want to say about a stick to this group. Business right is making it up as you go along, I wouldn't know trip is disastrous. Show you make the most of this food, but you gotta trip and you got oatmeal. I wouldn't food in New York on Bananas, which, if you can get the trip but can afford, will when you get here, no need to go, they may not.
All right. Let's get aromas. Let's talk young doubts about the toy annually on the breakfast young death is in critical but stable condition. He was shot yesterday and highly wait outside of the lower hotel. Yes, navvy recall, Back in February, one hundred shots over one hundred shots were fired at his bulletproof suv than put out an entire album called bulletproof about the incident that happens in Charlotte now, he was actually shot. Ok! Here is what young dog had to say after the first shooting that happen. In February, well. What's we going on, I couldn't do it well in my view, the banker people drink about Greece, people our focus No that's all! It is also highlight the nobility silver venezuelan cumbersome, perspire I'll. Let us go down off right,
you don't want to lose come on now. Man to see the kinds I may mention, maybe they say that we kind will now you Don T work. Don't get mad at me when I'm doing my right now they are saying that Yo Gaudy is a person of interests and will soon inducing MR, while this is according to law enforcement sources, that, notwithstanding the same old sailor, both angry, although they have their crews, got into some sort of disagreement and justice your time later. Shots outside the hotel. Now witnesses at the scene told officers that God he was involved and so far they do detain one person. We don't have that person was involved in the shooting or involved in just the argument that happened outside the home, but the other two people fled and have not been found. Yet this. May your guardian young dove above, cool, individual handled and only about may get music, it had always been a good game play sort, always bugs me. I want us to be what they go cool in August Cancun, along with oh god, no
begging over yonder is ok each I want I want. I don't how many times you sat we have now that he's in critical but stable condition. And young Dolph got good sense. Man, good, sensible guy last Amazon and to be viewed. As you said to me, damn Charlemagne, are you getting young that all about you will probably younger? Always good above will do just that is the actual several gunshots it is who are so well. You gotta believe, though, with good, immobile Goody, Dodo man, he told me, I let you know vine and talk about you know you could. Almost everything feel Kelly is now is that we believe the rumours about our Kelly running this alleged call and women are coming forward now. Another woman has come forward and sees a dj from Dallas. Her name is Kitty Jones and she said but she was thirty, three years old when she first met. Our Kelly at a party in Dallas is no two over Gilead doesn't usually alight. Yellow me, I M glad you say, because we use a third greenhouse gases as easy life
does this you thirty three eyes Kelly other police, now, younger NASH? said that he did so her his number and, of course, immediately. She hit em up. Here's what she said. I've text texting- and I said this is Katy This gave me your number and they said always referred to me his daddy. When there was the first text. Civilian, freedom is daddy. Yes, I needed a stand up every time he walks in the road we have to ask the bathroom asked you can order food the way that he would do me well, maybe just slapping around a lot tossed her ground kicked starved. A part of me is still scared to call it a call, but this definitely what it is:
why she actually quit her job in Radio Lee started three but, alas, I myself Kitty Joe, she said to me on non line and not like everybody else. I want to know how come on I'll feel about myself. The way guys like all Kelly and Lee Daniels feel abundance or you once wonderfully that. Yes, I want to have the nerve to adapt unmitigated gonna, be like from now on. You for me, is dad you, a big, daddy, daddy I like, will big daddy how about little daddy no baby today about cat gonna, walk and Romano. Why is it then? You can daddy fifty million and will be shut down. Much noted them never did. Bessie was never held against her will that, after nine months he said she got up the nerve to leave so create she's dirty Teresa Africans. She would be, she would know better. My background
sixteen and seventeen and move to his compound in Chicago, where other women also lived The women will forbidden to speak to each other. He has ass it in that way. It tight clothing, interest, yeah toads Dan when he entered the room, and I believe it would have nothing to do with her at all I've ever. Do it I'll, kill your issue, the believe I'll kill. You try to talk to a third. Do you know she was seventy sixteen, I believe you know urged by the true the family that area MR com. They are saying that MRS has fallen on hard times. He actually is being held on a three million dollar banned, but he did go to court yesterday and He did not have a lawyer, so that seems a bit crate because he's facing some very serious charges that consented for the rest of his life no no wants to the rubber. Then they just don't notice is his second time to the actually went to prison for rate. Maybe no longer wants to run on any lawyer taken case was bred to MR that he does have a lawyer by we don't know why he would appear in court without representation and sets a city,
with him, but he was going to court to face those Courage in listen seems like a terrible idea, and I have a lawyer representing, but we don't know what went on to make then I well I'm Angela YE, and that is your rumour reports law. Thank you monsieur.
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