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Today on the show we had formerNew York Yankees Alex Rodriguez stop by along with CEO of Ozy Media Carlos Watson stop by,, where they spoke about Ozy Fest, Jennifer Lopez and more. Moreover, we gave our listeners a chance to give somebody the hee- haw for "Donkey of the Day" and opened up the phone lines to see if any of our listeners wash head to toe or only certain areas after it was trending on Twitter.

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Social distancing, slows the spread of corona virus, so we should also home to lower the risk for everyone more info. It on a virus stock of? Let's all, do our part because we're all hashtag alone together, brought to you by the council is a ghost. Hunting deep role in the food fighters. Why does IRAN claimed covert? Nineteen is a U S by a weapon. Then bullet and in our new show strange news daily. We are shedding light on the most bizarre, disturbing and unusual news of the day. Every from the latest exploits of Florida man to the mind. Boggling developments in space exploration, Topsecret governed experiments newly revealed stories of the paranormal and more listen,
strange news daily on the hearth, radio, up apple pie, gas or wherever you find your favorite- shows Charlemagne. The garb of a voice of the gold watch, like means more, my baby, shows just because you're always keep young, but there was one of their own faith there. You know their listening through the back door The USA is not there isn't that he was still gonna. Be law is not here today that Morocco, Egypt tax, I bet they say Mr. We had be mile or so I guess I was yesterday. I was yesterday. You just got six this morning. Yes, I do
Ed tomorrow- knows today, show domains that here today a Yo Yo Yo yo. Yes, it's too late now goodbye Angela Mighty Deeds Amby back to work week, I was a weaken, it was fine. I had to get it will canal on Fridays and I will find us, but that was part of one of the root canal. Gotta go back this week by Senator identity back together again, you're probably play when it comes at a regional level. That's my uncle s into their near or yunkers employer Debian, actually about two years, so annoying allow you to shout the property, so I had to die death that wasn't by then. I want to go, see done now, rollings outside a name that enable fraud- and here they tell me you- were there the day before a shaggy. Was there also o shaggy? When I was when I went to school kids army that he's trying to get his kind, every car shall yeah. I'm trying to get at eighty started getting here from should make us rather be dopey. As a jeep Abby a lady only made very few: it's a convertible g wagon middle.
Every day, the only made in Europe, so hopefully in detail as it is ever going to pay the ship. I hear he's and I have many years a lot of nine hours. He hasn't then. Yesterday I think day besides except their employees. Finally feeling a little better by I was in the house at yet on a high guy state, ochre or Friday, a big. See. Diana Wallis happened. I brought my daughter with me, which was a good idea, because it is so many rude and nasty joke that you don't really expected hello. You earlier which ignored or you don't know that I know what to do. I don't know but you what you do. It just feels a little different and on hold anything back. He kept going to number that go right now. I've got to the point where they advocate now look at me. Member, may you jokes crazy, but that was Friday. Saturday. What's a great adventure took the whole family too great a venture. We had a great time shout to everybody, adding that I was opened its opening of reason here and there wasn't a bad said. It was very. Very nice to weather was great. We had
very, very, very good time went on all arise, have a bunch of new rights. If you haven't around six flags were adventure, and in Sunday I was mother's day, so I just early kids in pampers thorns what suits the queen Mama, misunderstanding, Mcdonald's, surprised they and surprise her, and I, Mcdonald Year. It was his breakfast we just for what would you know she was really excited about? I saw your idea. What did you say you? Don't you tomorrow? At ten No, you said you didn't take him on the umbrella to see the temptations. Oh yeah, I got there from a Mamma. My mom was so excited she would like, as they would She opened obsolescent. What else is in an envelope us? She was so
What it is. I was gonna wanna ride back Baby S letter that, although there is more widely, what did you put him on the local? She was all excited about their knives socially, thereby really exciting, and when that seen its hernia play comes the brow way you gotta take I'm taking my mounted. That's gonna, be really amazing Broadway to experts, but I know that my presence on our man, I was so sick yesterday, which she had to work anyway, so we are going to Bermuda for a few days. Nice, nice, nice into gay, stopped music is a very special day. Is it No it's a Babylon immediacy limit. May I again today is my wedding anniversary of unmarried eighteen years today. Needs near them. It would be, as I was fifteen years old man a few years. You know she loves you cause. You lived crazy back then.
Attention is Anders Lousy, who clearly nobody s crazy back then I was DJ shrimp hours, five foot to eye glasses, a buck teeth eyebrow, you had a little tight, Pink Stuart found within these out I'll, never show your picture ever. If I show you to stick my mom, I think, show you this picture. I it was back in the day right I have. The Jamaican should only go to Jamaica sure when I was in a measured, but it all the way down to mobility by the belly like Mama, put round that one, Might there would allow dad? I don't know that I have a short shorts my mom and dad had an affair with neither hijacks? It was a niece there with me sacks additions and some converse outlook Craigs luxuries you'd like Mama. Can I have the picture that our rugged throwback Thursday?
now that's deputies never coming out all right, we'll ask it to show crack in Iraq will be joining us this morning. Alex ride, re guess we'll take it with a ready as the as first come up. We'll talk them was gone out with him, his relations the jailer all lesson Could you a rod and more? We got from prisoners when we talk about yes, a trout dies today for officer Pants LEO he's the one who choked Eric garner back in twenty fourteen Boca will, Internet and list goes to breakfast locomotive in the beginning or the scriptures. The Bible, written down for all the red now reading your Bible has never been easier. Let us read it to you in the new pod, the daily Bible. We start each day with a passage from the word of God within the EU. We have a single year. We will work our way through the entire book from front to Jenin. The revelation, so you can experience at all, for and listen to the daily Bible. Now one Spotify.
A social distancing Tipp, while the CDC urges you to avoid close contact like hugging her shaking hands. There are other nonphysical ways to say hello, wave wink. You sign language salute smile. Give the peace. I throw open air high five do jazz hands. Remember stay, a minimum of six feet or two arms length away from others and stay home if you can for more info visit, Corona virus doc off. Let's all do our part, because we're all hashtag alone together brought to you. By the council. Everybody's d J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Let's get in some front page news last, I e the trail. Blake as we did not get sentiment, gets home one hundred ninety six and wrap this Feat Phil. No fear now drew nigh, indeed arise out of terror series for three Michael, I normally back, I mean what
say that shot. It was something out of it. Look like a play. Languages perfect, shot about woods, pounds twice battles its ports are falls in and seven desirable after they beat our nets. I was hoping for. Micro Reuben think this. Seventy six is with make it up. Where the world, because he was pose. No signs that he was holding millennium is my like all. She was her mother's day is for the seventy six years, When I didn't happen. My group is free of you free bright, but you can come up with a breakfast Mittal demanded that knows to do now, and you want to come up here. You know we can still talk, namely that it is more than ever is about what else you talking. I am Eric. Diana. Now, let's talk about what's happening today. The officer officer by Daniel Panza LEO goes on shrouds day to see he is wrong for using a chokehold, because the police commissioner have bans how
in nineteen, thirty, three using it in you, their actual chokehold, while arresting Aragon. Therefore he didn't even use a joke or we would nobody's individuals. I guess we re was a different type of I don't know Other kind of Togo yeah different chokehold, they re, so he could be terminated or it could be, nothing happens to him, so we will see because that starts today. Now, let's about Malea Davis is such a sad story. Stay saying Now- and you know the story right about the young, for you all girls, she went missing the Houston and nature figure out what happened to her body and if she's, even still Alai were Dario advance. Twenty six was arrested over the weekend on Saturday. He was booked on suspicion of tampering with evidence which that evidence is a human corpse according to please, they have not provided information. I, whether Nazis, believed to be alive yet our nods, but they have all of information. Now according to investigate, as now where's area, You saying his story is this: he said that he
had Milly and his tattler son with him, and he was driven to the airports pick up million MA. Am I may for that? Some plain. He said he pulled over because he thought that there was some type of flat tire when he stopped. According to his report, he said several men and a pickup truck pulls up next to him. Knocked him out of that did him Malea and their son. These said he woke up a day later the boy was there, but the young girl was gone according to the Houston in please. This is what historians That's what he said. He was to a nearby hospital where he got medical attention now they do have surveillance. Footage document shows that car but that he was driving that he says was stolen. When he got abducted he was getting dropped off at the hospital. In that same vehicle Sophie Tin, It is then the other high deafening within stolen. I they also disk, a blue, largely basket along with the gas can in this thing, is palpable cause in his arrest as well, and the US have video footage of surveillance footage from his at the apartment next that they got from the apartment next door to his.
Where they said he was seen, leaving the apartment with a large Jumanji basket, with a black trash bag inside much less when he came back with cleaning supplies which included bleach and then they did take, You know they had their light. Where you can see if there was any blood right, even though somebody to clean it up a bleak and they did see blood and dna taken from her to version led evidence as well, so looking very fishy for him, Sir he's in jail Oh, my goodness, all right, all right, we'll see. People like that, I always feel to get the death penalty is no way. She kill a kid and just be able to get life for fifteen dollars, These are still, you know, has been he still Jeff arrested, yes guilty, you don't want to say that he is getting what you re. Looking good at all and really sad for the family. If he is guilty, alright, we'll ask page news, get it off your chest. Eight hundred foggy five one thousand five one of you Such need event is up right now. Maybe you had a bad week in maybe at a bad money. They or maybe you feel bless humanist bread, some positivity, eight hundred five, five one off
I will get it or features it is up. Right now is to breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast club is your job to get it off your just whether your man one, but we want to hear from you on the breadth of allows, there's been frozen. Baby for radical ME brains. I really enable. May I will withdraw your door, you sound amazing. I am your live in a dream, I had a dream. I gave a hundred a day right, you're living the dream. It s almost really is gonna live in a dream to me here. Me too, as death in every other way, but it was a brave but a woman alive. We knock at the door as always It was my two beautiful babies right on my doorstep, with no lawyers with no fight with none of that. I just gave it to God and I remain patient and I was the class act for the water
the boy thought you'd be declared that you'd be too here in that one will follow suit and I'm living proof. When I didn't see and brown happy that went taffy and say that its extended days by a happy that you, a patient you'll, want to pay for daylight outlook wage. Know how but yeah I appreciate you broke, but may I just met I didn't know your lizzy. I would think hard about the what you doin and no wonder back to your. We have queens Lonely hello. This is me money to get it like. The Everybody people in if it's something you want to do in life, he's trying to wake up every morning with a positive attitude and be grateful for everything.
The money I'm in love with any evaluation will. Thank you. As Mamma you ve been grey areas. That is not good at all hurry back to see TAT If you add, I write fifty years, I just got married ass, a made matters, regulations to you, guys shrubbery I'm so happy about Muslims nothin I had a king. An idea that employ ye problem here. Moselle person, drugs, meagre and the third thing I will answer the way. A paper by that you did everything you too big to be valid you'd like a lot for me, though, I would think there were you guys working forget that you think alike eat local. Grocery stores are anything, but I may be the case.
Yes, we are, and we also have a lot of deal so a lot of times. I know for the first two months: it was already fifteen percent off and then we did a special for mother's day, where they were like six hundred and fifty each. So we we do the ideas about how you know it is comparable to other produces ETA had their because there again and again is our natural saw, unfortunately, is not cheap for us even make it. So every cell differ much we will make any money the company just started, but if you want it in your local store, you should get your local stolen. Tell him exactly what you want till a manager till a co workers till the clerks to all and tell him to order the juice here we do have it in some local story. Them are working again at a more in other problem where work in one is trying to figure out there. You know deliveries easier way, and I knew your prices probably high because of the process of making it and shipping it and everything had another idea: Kangaroo both for a military base and what'd ya. Gotta get a contract with the military gave the juices in autumn.
Very insulated. I think that would be a good idea, a new browser. I look at some of the ideas that you sad. I appreciate their arrival. Yeah, but an hour I murmured ass cute. I love this is concerned and went in to help out with the business reminiscent we need to do. We need to support and help each other get it off my chest. Eight hundred feet they want or five one. If you need to various up now, was to breakfast locomotive breakfast, go away, go mad or black. We want to hear from you Teresa them on a Monday. Henry Kimono angel you go in. There has not been heard from positive, Riga, meaning you at the end. We wait. Same anniversary I hadn't six years I congratulate my wife eighteen years,
I was very lazy. Lad is a god bless you and let me just a Roma crazier Lego, but buffoon classes have you ever six years been Teresa good. Pretty I had a bad relationship before so I found a king now too. Ass, you go easy. We gotta continued we're gonna write, Latham Academic. I've been a blessing to maybe six years ago we have now why What is the way mean that guy people now, but we also nobody blown out, he's gay and ever comes out barrier, depositing rooms on results Some of you just gotta
There you know do morning. Do new DJ weekends relieved Emma Charlemagne. The way I love Apulia, Algeria argue be rated in different ways, and I just like that, If they were ever happen to shoot you shot, Why would want to do this? We broke. If you allow me to add a beloved here, I loved augmented, easy Saturday's. Andy but now I'm ok I'll, admit alligator. That's how you that he likes you act not interested in your Marty, goodness, have a good budget that mobility, She's got over the nth allows this hey play shake it off your chest day. Buddy baby, I just want to say thank you so much and my baby's dad. I really really enjoyed my mother's day. He took over everything I usually do. He did it. He even quotes.
Agriculture everything's! I love you baby. Where are you from Maryland, nope and dumping by ok, that's Amsterdam make another baby, you think all passively right. Now I will go with you. I was thinking. Maybe daddy zone alone, who's this I love you, I love you we're gonna get out of it. Yes, Mamma Kelly. I won't tell you your guide that about the little girl. I dont think that guy, even if you, if you give me, I don't think you should Does the death penalty? You should just go to jail and get beat up, because I don't understand how come our stepfather will do. Something like that to a little girl like that she's just crazy.
But one who are living in thirty years. There's this guy is so sad nobody's, even very when you see them. Mother, homer guy, imagine I can't even think, but there must be a light. You should get life and pleasure in addition, beat him up every single day. I would surely die. Ok, Burundi let em saffron waking moment my muscles mighty lucky array of Egypt: poor man. I know it's early. I need your support. I gotta hear public history cd. That's how put accused for elements school. I know I gave it to your colleague. Listen to it and just Kim's of support will you know just as shares whatever just to let the kids know. What's out there. I start teaching it in schools and at least one school next school semester for Elementary School elementary kids
ok, that's dope. Let's hear it is ok! Well I'll, give you just a piece of it from the main Sancho Black on black. I don't see why you fear me black man born field, be educated, appear three. I understand your envy black boots black hair black black, going too. May I would a black man about seeing you weren't, you dont know which are going to bed and costly those you we shall overcome. Well, that's all too ready to take action. The cuban us would Apash go to court was free to act like that. They have been added. I hate to police and able to meet the police, but system. We are obese, killing a dead industries to, and I choose what was the Jimmy. They headed achieve down hill in the Hague, make in Amerika great with America, Grey,
so what is a month in the date? We would want to look it up under beside woken up under the gun they burned alive than he was river. Otherwise, if we consider the crowd had beaten, accused regrouping, Lopresto Navy has meant that right. Any answer. Questions are advocating a third what age did you ever get right? You're, not value for five kids back on their knives on that? Are about to join or true birth, we call me and stuff, like tat. All was made simply to push for radio and stuff like that that nice all gone there are complete by owes for the key it. There's that doesn't make up This directive, not even prevent activity, and I will we gotta detail. I hear designedly when you think of their word, robe with in your bag. I gave you the kitten
clearly baggage bag jack, and I we gonna run ass a downside going about. I, like the positivity pan his message. You go get her off your chest: eight five, a firewall or fire. One of you need event. You get a super, any terminal forget Alex, rig as will be joining us next hour and also his partner, Carlos Watson. So we'll talk to them about the new assay. Firstly, have Nor is relationship with J low end where they pioneers are they just come innovative sectors as fairly operand is a disastrous care that uses hosting it none of their partners that they use for equal rights for all K. I and other partners in it, and we are rumours, covered up Yazzi. Only a good news, and is very bad news. Ok will Second, about envy, a young boy will be talking about as hilarious and yeah Oakum Marilla
We can do things that happen over the weekend. I will get into all that when we come back people access to breakfast locomotive, I almost mirrors and a host the daily Corona buyers update Daily podcast renew the latest on what you know about the global pandemic. We are facing there's a lot of information going around about how the virus is spreading. Hotspots around the world in the United States, possible treatments and best practices to keep you and your family. Healthy podcast has multiple updates per day and brings you all the info you need into one place on the daily corona virus update are connected with doctors for advice on how to keep her body healthy and what to do, if you think you might have been infected, I will also keep you up to date and how other countries and local governments are responding to the outbreak and I'll cover. Other stories about how the corona virus and social distancing is impacting our everyday lives is more important than ever to follow this fast moving story and avoid misinformation, so you can keep up to date and make informed decisions canoes without the noise new episodes of the pot cancer posted every Monday to Friday, from LOS Angeles, and will be ready for you when you wake up
listen to the daily corona virus update on the eye radioactive. Podcast or wherever you get your podcast the breakfast Glyn Ford and everybody is D. J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club was considered rumours watchdog, MBA young boy. This is the Weber report on a breakfast club, where there are reports of assuming that went down in Miami and apparently I started outside the champion. So at which is near Miami. They said at least one person was killed according to reports, there is shots on Sunday near that hotel. Where am I a young boy and his entourage were later identified? They they were on the scene. Now we don't know exactly how it went down by their is a news require from W p algae, ABC ten local news station. It says that NBA young boy, Anti grizzlies entourage were involved in the out through learn that
was shot and killed in of a vehicle. That is where we are at right now. This is inside of a strip. Mall witnesses tell us this all began outside of the Trump International Beat resort, that there was some sort of altercation that took place between two wrappers were actually set to perform at the rolling loud festival. This evening we ve learned the owl, Jason was between the arms arises of NBA young boy anti grisly. Now they are saying that one young lady came Marie was injured, but the gunshot moon. I guess she was with envy a young boy and they are also there can be a young boy. Security did end up killing the person who shot at them. Taiwan does not are women. Mozilla is land. One person die. Ok, what they're saying so. None of these things have been confirmed. Yet I'm just looking at everybody Talkin about it. They from reports that are we are right now we will keep you updated. I dont want to give any false information, sometimes is giving you what we're
during self hold, not man on them too. Young mothers have a long future headed em in Tibet. And to be shooting in a middle, at two o clock in the afternoon in Miami what everybody around like when it does not make any sense in the poor, innocent bystanders decide work monitors This isn't he gets killed in those is so frequency. Now you don't know who the person is they I killed them reports a say in the present shouting Hammond unconquered he shot them. Some people are saying it with an end. Bystander I dont know exactly causes. So many different story that This is confirmed. Ok, ok! So little Wayne speaking a rolling loud, actually ended up cancelling his set. Well, he sets on my fancy. You see me a rolling lad. I'm sorry, but I won't be performing the festival. Please not rolling loud made. It sorry that I had to be policed and checked to get on the stadium grounds, I do not want that ever set over being police to do my job and give you guys a great show. I will be at story tonight for the after party and you can the answer what my eyebrows blink when eighty two this summer,
and I and I get in a lot of venues when celebrities and artist walk to the perform they they require. You get Pat down and searched, and Lil Wayne is that type of purse. If he goes into a venue to do his job, he doesn't want to get padded down in certain. I understand clearly setting everyone. Can I make exceptions, Alameda issue course right, you think of me. Say: was enrolled, allow their research too yes and away. They would inevitably Beyonce, you think of Jay Z was walking to rolling loud. It was hurting him. He feels the same way. It feels like I'm a legend come in and do my job I shouldn't get patted down and searched. I just think it has to be as the board, if, yes it if you're searching everyone. That means you have to search everyone and give people a heads up before they get there. So they know what's gonna happen, these policies has been a lot of things happening at these major festivals. As a result, we do have to search everywhere
The police are doing it and is nothing we can do about. Among the same thing, I think that is not rolling LAO. That's making him do as a festival, rice Right- and I remember that happened a couple of years ago in Boston little. We must also form the Boers anyone him to go to security, would like Norma going to secure incriminated before and then I'll even and I get what he say like there's no way beyond say was before many were pat ambience. You make the obstacle to scare you, so you feel like I'm here my headline, I'm coming to do my job. Will you put me do well? I maybe that's what happened, whereas because he decided not to be on this millennium brandy under house arrest, Bs Agus arts area raspberry geared to God S, ashamed of this nature well he's leaving- and we don't know if it's gonna be permanent, he's taken and break, but here's what he said will show
I finish this treatment. How that goes? You like my therapy, it's pretty good recommendation to get brass, be well to get back onstage. I don't know about you want to get back on stage, and it's all about love and appreciation. I really don't like how I've been treated some they ran on my pocket and I put together. Some thing then see that this is a tough one. Right, then reasoning, one I really want to be like who cares like it you'll be to Kay yeah? but had a wreck it out in a long time. I can't be here we battling eyes. It is so we'll get onshore NGO, making money exactly get on that road. Making money feed your family, you people get to sensibly Do you know I don't have a people treat these having mental health issues because they posted to our fans. Raspberry has made the brave decision to take some time off, to focus on his health and well being and will not be forming at the Florida data, the millennium till we send our eleven full support to our brother as he embarks on the self carriage
many will only go back on the word everyday, well, wait: it's how you do We ain't nobody gonna theme of ITALY, but I like it does it mean, not a matter of leggings than we don't know? What's going on in his own personal life, clearly this misuse that he's having and if his mental well being is more important than him. Making some money then so be it right right, right, no amount of money can, when you had to take some I am all for your mental health. While being did you take I dunno dams, verbal of adults who did appear in a corner crying out a definite recommended. You stay horse fully manually and that's your room, a report all right. Thank you miss you know. When we come back, we go from patients. Are we talking? Yes, a SEC about poising as there was it not the case with him to your letters,
all right what it's all about that will become back at breakfast locomotive voting, everybody's dj, envy age, Lee Charlemagne Guy, we oughta breakfast club, the skins in front page news, start off with sports. I Friday night, the warriors eliminating the Rockets, one eighteen, one, thirteen yesterday to travellers That is one hundred ninety six and also to wrap this beat Philadelphia name. To name the I quite limited beat last night. It was an amazing game hard. I mean Joel envy. When I say he was cry and he was right and tear him. You would think you lost a family member with their bad, like but I guess you gotta get it like low. Now it gets going vacation knob in MID April next year. To get back, I mean a beta, they had it and eighty should had ever so close things as they really Harrods is the last one is super close. It could have another way near what altogether posing as it you're talkin about basketball. What
Love of bloody ought to cases where ever you know why this went down. It is said that he got into a fight because he was back in his home country into a mad that he wasn't play for the New York Knicks anymore, the guy. Word nix fans and didn't like Dallas, and they beat him up. Was our bloody guide jumped and assaulted, ATO and is DNA? They said he gave it up several Russians all because you play for the next anymore. It as they say is that it will experience some crazy, don't play for an exciting there. Like you sent, the goose devilishly was all bleeding face, all bloody. It was crazy. I right now to set about Eric Garner. You know he died back in twenty four eighteen and now the officer they killed him. Deanna panty LEO is going on trial that child does start to day. His conduct was reviewed by the civil complaint review board. They involve. They actually look at allegations of police misconduct. One him. A move from the police force now he's facing charges of reckless use of a chokehold unintentional, intentional restriction of breathing, but
The attorney is ain't. You didn't use chokehold. He used a different technique, that's known as a seat belt. Nor was it showgirl. We all see new. We all seen a video. We all see. The pictures. Tat was definitely Joe go. So that is his defence and he did not use the actual chokehold but come on man breathe. So whatever you were doing- and he said it's seventeen times- I can't breathe and you can tell you a joke and this guy has been on the force and five. This habit it. I feel bad for the family, knowing that this guy is still work can still get in a chair past five year, career women working so that How has been long awaited? You know the family did get a settlement, but they want him to lose his job. Of course at least cuz. There's. No, I think, there's nothing criminal that they can do. Now bringing criminal charges against him, but the least I can do is make sure that he does lose his job. I mean he's a kill, someone absolutely that could have easily been prevented our right and it is another new report that shows that penis extensions don't work with me.
Do you not upset norms in question? They think it can be very risky as well. They did a whole entire study that was published in the sexual medicine views journal and they actually let that about. Most twelve hundred men and seventeen different studies and they had different surgical. Announcer took up procedures to enhance their pain, a size, and they said those procedures were not effective and often resulted in complications. So just make sure you're thinking about trying to get the surgery just know that it can go left and I don't mean you pay You stupid now not that I would need it. I mean about thought. I had ass, yet ever you would ask, but but I mean if women could git breast enhancements in and ass enhancement. I can't penis enhancements worried that another stay a while giving ironic stance on this action. They can put an extra issued to the three why, that one is the last. Whereas do it all the time when you, when you see them porn videos in them, do is get them big big slogans that those in our real everything
there they were a lot of things- could go wrong, though, would you want to do it? Imagine life? I would have you, people get breast implants and they lose sensation. Would you want to lose sensation in your penis say it is much if I was it is. A lot of guys is extremely small out there, like our care, Macgyver sellers. He has a problem with that, but if I was extremely small, I would do it now They want to care about, losing feeling If I had a warnings, Venus me yes, I would I don't care my guys. You talked about road safety is a Wantage and just a man like you is that we want to extend the two six, but a man you can feel anything after they happen. Would you be ok with here feel, never wanted she will. We can put. How do you know? I don't want you know But I believe that that is your front page news now right. Well, when we come back in New York, Gee. I was private, Alex Rodriguez will be joining us. Of course he has as its first coming up, which is a huge cancer that he has gone on. A festival bs his partner, Carlos Watson, will be joining him as well. We talked a lot about all that J low and more secure lot is the breakfast locomotive
warning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Yea Charlemagne, the guy we oughta breakfast Club because a special guess inability this morning we have Alex rigorous N Carlos Watson, Gordon Guys morning, what's happening right. Well, you here to promote as the first now what is ass. He felt when I first heard ass. If I was thinking of Asia as borne out in Gaza as one of the first of all as the first, you know, I think it's the coolest festival out there. It's a little bit of a music vessels that you got John Legend Miguel got Arizona. You got jazzy from its also kind of an idea festival. You got big thinkers. You get Trevor Noah, yet more cuban, it's a beautiful thing in central park July, twenty three, twenty four and a right is hosting alongside you, yourself kind, yeah. You know I did last year and I'm we're going mouth my office and I had a talk in view.
And a Google map and singing eurocentric part, and you think it. Oh, I must be around central priority is in the heart, the Santos under part, and it was twenty five thousand people having a great time listening to music, listening to talks, getting inspired- and I said Mendous brothers Gus nothing really special and it found we had a lot in common cuz. We come from Miami and all of a sudden I said. How can I be involved in this? Is a coolest thing. I've ever seen in central park to have this type of vibe block party energy, The only Parker no New York City is really really cool is Yankee Stadium. And, like the second thing sound like, I can't be again because I can't play anymore, even though more pinch rapes. I said ass if, as has also been collars- and I are just doing- doesn't really just bringing a lot of heat- a lot of energy will have a hundred thousand people in today's that's too Yankee Stadium people to how did you meet. I was that incident.
I was one of the guest speakers last year at Ozzy Fast and Carlos interviewed. May we have this great via from the get go and no. For me. I grew up in my neighborhood. You either have to hate yourself out of the neighbourhood. Are you going to drugs That's what I came up watching and I just said Smart guy in the walls are better hit home run over and when I see call the guy that is Harvard Educated, Stanford educate an hasn't Mackenzie background immediately. Adding grew up with role models I Carlos. So I said boy. We are great combination because I'm a guy his home runs. He home run in the business and together we can. Really go out and generate a lot of interest, but really inspire
next generation. What one of the first things that I told Carlos as I look out as I love the idea, but this can be about the one percent. We have to take it a ninety nine per se. If what's the social can we have students come in and the bottom, Carlos didn't hesitated, a quarter of the tickets will be nonprofit for young kids, the next generation. I said a moment ass. A great idea has amateur estimates, SL expensive they invariably year, one of the nice things that will. I am said to me. He said you did it for sheer, and somebody asked me so why are you coming to this new thing? You nobody's gonna, yet nobody sort of its first time he's a cause. It's like TED for the people, and he said it's important to me that when you have people like Malcolm Glad, what will you have people like Stacy Abrams when you have people like, is right there all kinds of you
and get a chance a year from them. Laugh with them, enjoy them here, the music. So that's it we're trying to do and its in central park and as during the summer, and so young people will think about it. A little bit income enjoy Emily. While I gotta get an ivy degrees online, as a lot of people have in getting the same type, a highway degree disease the real deal. You really know about it. That's the various jacket on the right path to take the greatest good. Anyway, I will read what Mamma throw a graduation parliament don't want to do it she said is not for you
He says he's at anyone saw your first. Ten years would not have bet on your last ten years, except for a mother she's. Only a mother, stick by you through it all now for artists, like less say, Jennifer Lopez, you won't have to perform. What made you pick that new clause that artists is. It really do say, Alexandria anymore. They made up of what you re yeah. They were better than you know. It's funny about that, as you know, Jennifer is, is not only a big big fan and friends. We ve Carlos, but she loved? the idea of Ozzy fastened. She loves that twenty to twenty five, The students are gonna, be for free number one. She grew up with holes in issues in the Bronx right and He claimed she's a great athlete and a great choice that by higher Rouletabille Leonardo, but she but she loves. The idea like Otto said New York City is the greatest city in the world and my job to come.
And bring a little addition to Carlos in his his mission This vision is reach out to the folks. By the way I'm gonna hear from you puffy I'm coming to get you back week. Seraph? We need all the people who doesn't that right now we love the cup and noble my boy path. We need you, we need. Everybody, has a port us to support the next generation and give back and is the best event by the way. This will be South West South West in five years, you know look back and go. We all want to be part of about you guys would be hosting from central park with us. That's my prediction. Should be ok wherein right about that was, as the Little meares requested. We ETA jail only a couple of weeks ago, and
You guys me, how did you meet Jello great question, so we met years years ago and now we came back and I was just literally at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Actually, I was running now, go those getting a call from a boy, Michael Strahan and which has had a conference car, so I want by. She saw me adding see her on the way back. I want pie I Jamie Foxx Jamie and I know jamie- threw me through the party for me on the doll retired. So, as I see Jamie, I said Jamie, I had too much to drink that night, but I wanted to know. Thank you for being a great host to my last party. We kicked. It Selina lay late hours of the night. Had my team made there, and then I walk out setting see her sheeting see me Addy see her. So as I walk out, she walks out another amid the valet. They can't find my car. And I'm just sitting there are gonna. Throw fifteen minutes were lucky me there. Fifty minutes gave Jennifer and her partner lane an opportunity to come out? She just tat men shoulder,
and immediately ago, ok someone's happened, the shoulder the one, an autograph or a picture, and I turned around now. She had her whole shade of blue look. So she had her curly hair. She had genes holes, big timberland boots for about three or four seconds. I just saw beautiful girl, but I didn't realize Jennifer was I'm used to having her all gland ass lot, yeah issues journey from the blog, so she said, hey is Jennifer and I said oh, for high. You look beautiful, but, and I just look- we should spend some time. I'm I'm here a fox. I'm doing my thing and she said yeah, you got a number. I said: though I had her number already. I had her number for something that someone when gave me her number second user as a reference, so we had sex like a year ago before that nothing, nothing under serious note that a date when you like we should Yeah in your head. Is that leg I'm asking her on a date or is you have here. I say it wasn't a date. She says
be ass. You know is a day when I set out in it goes a data that measures taken at issues Friday night at nine o clock, the Beller Hotel, that's a business meeting You guys we're going to do what you would do you had you, so it was going to say that this case you say adding wanted to each other in one or two business. Just in case you gotta protect Eagle eye. We got more work Alex Rodriguez from the Yankees. When we come back, don't move is the breakfast club good morning DJ envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are, the breakfast club was still kicking it with Carlos Watson and Alex ROD. Guess from New York. Yankees matters feel now. You know because before you a ride, Yankee Superstar in people love you But now it's almost like no disrespect in accessory now does ass. I watched the met Gala year a new year, an accessory early friends watch now and then her at all have no idea, you actually being very generous the anger of the photographer when I get in the way the legs
one of the night and wish it was that they get there had out away? And I honestly I loved so my shit. You know I've been in the front line where my pinstripes would show long there. I just love. So That is so great that has such an opportunity to have an impact. Honesty. The smartest woman I've ever met, she's, incredible communicator, incredible mom, and I I it I am. I get tired watching her, but I get inspire you know, as if you let me say I wanted to give new business, but it actually is beautiful, see them together, and I am sure that you ve been having a lot of fun with this and has left after this anymore,
going on blown tat, something we want to strip clubs to me. I was at an hour later into your. She goes back, I'm going to strip as our be there on Thursday right I mean as part of the debate. I think this is the main reason we say: what did you? Let him get a dance like you didn't ask me: how is that without experiencing particular Emmi decision it s so incredible. It is great that, even though we do not even know about myself obey my wife and how was that it was a great amid the fact that, no matter what jobs you do and she actually just converted to that person and she needed to be sure, red and read and red ass, a baby
reading just asked me: I got them, she started asking me real questions like what would it look forward? You do Bob and I almost too much which it was gonna scary, but anyways. We went down and honestly, we sat down with girls and and we were just lily, interrogating, asking him questions, and then we were hit him up with you know for five g's and say you know, I'm sorry. If I have four five six hundred dollars, thanks for your time and will move on to the next, which is what we want their finance literally therefore work and it was very high flown wegg. Now she also said at debt with when it came to. Ring you did it all by yourself. You no matter what you didn't need help on that when that was those beautiful. He practice that, like you practice and everything else,
How do you get the idea tat? He had a packed his proposal that you are undoubtedly workers. I wanted. I wanted it to be in the perfect sunset, so we went down to the Bahamas and early on that one of the first part and went to the Bahamas, and we heard we had to walk on the beach and she said to things are worth incredible to me. I will she stopped, and is it let us say that again she said one. I had taken a walk on the beach in over twenty years, because, obviously for privacy issues and then and is like a midnight and then number two she said this is the first vacation have taken in about seven years. I said: ok now those two things were going to change so deep. It is sad. I knew that if this moment ever came I will come back to this beach and do something special address that feeling so back to you later when that same beach- and I wanted the sunset to be perfect- and I came out the first three days and I just wanted to rehearse- and I rehearse going down to my name to actually now Ashley's mice
Matthew matters. I took this picture. I bet it was a good looking for the good of the drug development lag, look ahead and then time came up in We had a nice little dinner out. There wasn't make something crazy. It was just old school classic like I like to do things, and I just mean down to an end, and I asked a question we nervous. She was the signal, I was a nervous about that. I was I wanted the moment to be a nice momentum. Remember one moment and as Many times I can fumbling screw things behind was opened that I screwed up this time. There was the protocol. Let's say you, industry club and she says Alex, buys you get it is. Are you supposed to say yes or do you how to say I'm good, you know, I don't need a dance. Let me tell you something she did and I didn't take the bait
come on I'm already Anybody banned from the as well as the well. I would you let Donald Trump into their every. If he wants to come, we will you let him and you know what we would let we would lead. We will let a man we let the president in the years. What I say part of our seafarers is celebrating enjoy terrified refers is wandering into some new things: you normally would mess with, and so you might think that you're coming to us, he fell because you love music. You might think you come as it gives you a food but of a sudden you might find departure. Oprah name I'd say you know, I don't think that was me, but that's interesting or you might come does. If has not knowing how much you love sports and realized. That's a little bit of what you want, so you're tryin. Surprise people little bit an outcome that will, let you have you have now come on. You have NEA, were excited about him. Now have strong demand. We have met with them.
Requesting that we had to back out on a little black letter. We d better go arises again. Doggedly owes it gets so Seiko was to come. The ban can do that. Where you can get the only one has been of ages. There was a couple of my partner right is not what they thought of you guys think as Alexander, but you know where your government, but we wish you guys the best as he fastened it, be dealt with the breakfast low capacity broadcast, the allied that will be made money offensive, that twenty faith is happening and and and folks are interested tickets for online. As you first outcome Orca once he oh yeah, oh, see why lousy wasted. I have on jailer Workin out YAP. Is that for you to work out more as you like. I gotta work out because she looks like she twenty one annual ally and ass. He did so when I was young. I know tat. You had an Algerian carves yeah, we gotta messy other yeah, I mean but it's a little bit more and that is not just working out, but it's just. I think
yesterday's or I, when it comes to money, is today's health and happen again and I think the world is changing. Anything Jennifer is at the forefront of that. Spires mean every way, not just push me physically and Jim mentally emotionally, I think she's all our kind of our true North, so you you don't know shit no com net, although it it doesn't happen all the time. But let me tell you ten days: it works, is good cleansing and will pay you back to it again. I will we presented as the joint. Thank you guys. We love your show at breakfast club is the real deal baby. Now you tell me what you can get sick as one water, Ozzy Festa people can headed up right now, Kenzie once a cosy. Why our right is Alex Rodriguez. Carlos Watson is the breakfast club good morning is DJ. Envy Angela YE shall amend a guy. We oughta breakfast club again the anniversary to my wife, you know my married eighteen years may give us, as we were fifteen in high school ass, he was with struggle. Embassy
we struggle. Only five were two glass I realize people face it was bad ad gay. No, not only went away by she stood do as he said, maybe you feel bad. Well, you still kind of the same shut up. What they say, makes mass graves and that a good thing, no, J D look, but our peoples and their revolt pose an old pictures. I don't glasses anymore got that the delegation was pipe. Is what what did you see? I don't God We do not at the battle how to get like a lot of guys out the painful to light duly trying to kid. But that's my girl uneasy regrets it lay. Ready, my baby, Senora glasses, braces, been Wimpole. Five foot to my name was DVD Shrimp that she seemed to or let it not all attention. We see protect you so you just stay.
Somebody if you just see participating when you never know who is gonna girlbride our We'll Charlemagne is out. So if you want to give somebody donkey today, we open up the phone. You can give somebody donkey today, whoever you want your mama, you baby Mommy your boss, Spousal give your baby Mama donkey the day after mother's day and co worker. It doesn't matter your child, it doesn't matter gif anybody. You want donkey of the day. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty eight One final point: you d him delegated day. Now you we are rooms runaway. Yes, I do some good news I set about creating in her fashion Nova line and how well it did. The first day that you put these new, these nuclear aka we'll get internet next people access to breakfast club the morning. Drink, make the Reul report whose glove congratulations, security be and Fashion Nova. This is our second collapsed.
To a fashion over and Align sold out almost completely one in twenty four hours. He said that made the company one million dollars on the first day of seals alone, while go call my goodness. Now this is seasons who so they did actually launch with nearly five times the amount of amatory as a deeper, the first collection, because I guess that first collection did so well and is still almost sold out. So congratulations to them. Ass, good money, you're, shelter, carding, we're married before her and then she celebrating her first mother's day as well yesterday and offset, of course spoiled her. Hang it out, and I say it I got the best has been ever, but I really got the best as ever forgive my baby high may occur, gave Let's talk as you wasn't she does. She wasn't gonna, see her baby or modesty. I guess he surprised aborted, bright boy, baby, some flowers into Burke Gaps years in South Carolina, so he packed up with a baby culture.
They managed to celebrate the holiday together. I knew he was gonna. Do that nowadays, you feel like I, when she was complaining Lego with your eyes, met his day after work. As I call you he's got a pop up, she probably thought there too. Oh I'm ready, I'm glad. I guess I'm glad that it all worked out. Our I now mother's day, yesterday, Womb Mega Miss Dian. On Friday. She was, in Birmingham doing an interview, and you know her mother did ass away. Earlier this year she die from brain cancer back in March and has been dip. Call from agonists Diana her mother was her manager, her mothers to travel with her every where she was up here with her. I had an opportunity to me her mother as well, but unfortunately, one of the key. These days I realize you have. One of the house did not realise that her mother, passed away when he was doing an interview now, it's funny main any talk to her and asked about her mom check it out
play your mom with today. I know she travels with you a lot, but she needs manager and all that good stuff for Emma was in the day before you re, not we'll go awaiting. I saw people were nine to attack him, but he did do a very classy posed afterward. He said I know folks, When I see a train wreck, but it was an honest mistake and I already apologize multiple times to the one person who deserved it, sometimes you can research for hours and still important details in that's what happened. I wanted to highlight our relationship at her mom from others day and just didn't know what didn't know, set out to her for financing the end being a class act, in spite of everything. Apologies again to make her family and her to vans. I'll. Take the blame for this one, but my heart was in the right place. Yeah, I mean I asking people were mad, but it happens. I mean like, like you, said that you could do as much research as possible and sometimes this thing You miss, he wasn't trying to be an ass, he wasn't transit. I trying to heard of
Lucy, honestly, didn't know, he made a slip up and ask what was people go get now and I actually done and before to any other area, no. No, I did the same Ip David's, India ass it out, like you, how's your daddy's area December Baghdad and nine eleven and others, and that was a he had said it Instead, I will lose a low, whereas kazoo, where paying attention to something really key here. You any also focused a lad of his stand. Up was about that in a lot of what happened day about nine eleven, so that went out on over can forgive that Poligized, a pizza wearing things up in the middle. I wasn't gonna be nervously. Would it I just didn't? Do my homework or the way for me to happens, and I get it. It was definitely an honest mistake and you know he did opposed also here, center idea. Many has he lost his mother aid, seven as well. He said he would never intentionally do their shut him up and make
is Diane also revealed her trackless for her first ever album, which is coming out on May 17th. It's is called fever, so that's out as well make an italian oh, like I was wise into her love more mobility- oh yes, she's great, so shut out to MEG in his dying. I think she's coming up here soon, as well as she does had their album coming up. The array Jesse Larry's has been having a hard time. Apparently she was on social media and she was venting sound, went to see what you think about this I did feel bad now she was posing about. But who are supposedly encouraging her but discouraging her the whole time as you posted with the person, told her back, she's messing up her Hollywood chances. He are bigger than this year team is great on the real, but believe me they. The powers that are slowly aces out. I know you want to do you. I just want you to be clear of your direction, so she said yes swear, I mean I'm heartless man. This issue will swallow you. If you let it so, I have to be tat, but I'm so tired of your real moment. I am as light that made me when I say effort. I'm done. I swear since my last big contribution
blow up our titanium. I content. So when you guys differences, I made the mom remaining more positive and and nothing please as anyone. Maybe I'm not four Hollywood, but so what I still tied- and I got my shot row- I joint it while it lasted. Maybe I meant to do something else at this point I don't know, and I don't give a anymore. This is aimed for ever howdy anyway, so she goes on to talk about other things. People say about hair everywhere I turned she not even funny she ain't going to make it. She ghetto she's ugly. She stupid she hates gay people, she hates Muslim, she's, a man. She's a whole magazine. He's too humble ourselves, you do too much. You don't see that she's going nowhere fast. I can't energy ties to hide his annoyance is a bad person. I'm sure that ways on you. When you see people saying I have negative things about us, but just as funny, just as she did great in rail but a guest at a point where you just kill it. The kit lit Instagram social meat. Effectual and hurt you because I villages allow my support she should, but it but I get is sometimes you hitch a breaking point when someone, you know personally says something negative to you and then everything
His pals up and people do attack. You could be someplace small. That happens, or you can make em. You know it is, he feels himself by Sociable- got it out. It is light. We allow social media to affect our love so much where people have an exotic Edith, thinking about suicide and thinking about only data getting out handling your whole career like green or people. Gotta do see F this social. You know as you know and Jetsam areas, social media is where made her the start, ass. She used to day and now like she feels like it's. Turning on her, I think you need needed as disconnect from that and concentrate on taken the acting and stand up to the next level. That's all I write em Angela YE and that is your room, a report all right donkey. Today's up next Charlemagne is out. So if you want to give somebody donkey to day eight hundred five, eight five what oh five one, whoever you oughta give dog you to your mommy Pappy, you son, you coworker, doesn't eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one give somebody dogs need a phone line to wide open. It's the breakfast club good morning,
don't I'm a fat knowledge where you want this man to doubt in blood was made available. Charlemagne tapping and I've got to make a judgment was gonna, be on the donkey everyday. They charge you practice club doggie the day today allows this morning Clodagh day Mamma. We will give dogging today to do so. Would you do I? We all know what we are just cook every little. If anything, they get a cracked up out of the bottle and I think I'm running late
I don't want to I waited till every day on the format of myself a possibility. So what you drank a whole battle? Why had he known on or not well down here, not like that, like that before book, I love of it? Are you feel just now you she's rounds of relieving the United Ravin? Are you guys are wiser, advocated the work now Merkel? I was asleep like eight hours or room now, remember drunken allows. There's Jimmy very should agree will get no getting to know my case there, while we're happen, What would you do know made up in there? We were you, gotta, nay, was his name. No way way, you'd do anything for the kids. Are he never does anything? I just didn't. Do anything yesterday, ah well, thought of cases. I prefer my daughter, but the last reports like I got
and I will then be members near deserves it in here is a donkey. Yet. Thank you. Mamma air was s rescue cure. We will give talking today to every. I know you gotta me out. I guess I get. There came a proud Can you say that its boiling? I mean it. Is this point, but I was where gotta kill do right, They should cut a of poker, eyeballs pulled a nipples or like It was a nasty person, I'm glad a wagon so good, I'm out of here, I'm no right are yet again that voters gotta work as you back to my government is the major Alright beg your mama's as somebody who has to issues of evil person allow this
there are now we will give donkey today to I want to give Turkey a state to varying and Jane with lambs. Why web, including people? This is the small game, closed up? Why there was lagging rang like carriers worth through every case? What let don't let your
go get him a thing. I have to take a wedding. I need you to get your does towards the government. You just mad. You does matter game withdrawal and unaware happen. Brittany was that some money, really we all get all candidates who are you don't get my boyfriend? Why pray lie he loved her and she has gone as far as the hack, the camera Emma? How what's the deal together? So she watching you have sex yeah together. Why do I nay Matt? You should put on a show for her to night? Let you she said you just stop unavailable like this. Why you lost your meg? Would you care do? Is we should go in for a man who find out you up with her last my yahoo together? Like that's my boyfriend guide them, we need its out. A police assented our father restraining order. This and look
is, he does illegal to an idiot we actually arm. We call the police, we call the police, he was watching the cameras and talking about the police really criminal. Without all, you should really go hot metal, your husband in Dover middle fingers in the care. Why you don't like? You should go hard work. We have been my fibrin later we were better hold another user, Ex husband had separated gathering, or so it's a strange has been Bernard Ex husband, current correct, low kinky. But I beg you moment They were actually her husband, but that our hopes that we're so she could watch if she wanted to husband I'll write donkey today. Eight, five, a firewall or five one. Now, when we come back, we talked about washing legs right well, yeah. We saw this in the shade room, and this was all on twitter before that people were having this whole discussion about whether or not you wash your legs in the shower
and I could understand why this is even a conversation, just like the washing chicken conversation right. So some people are washed. It lies in the shower, apparently toward it. Listen, do you actually legs and feet and shouted the nasty question. Eighty people at the south jumped down anything tat, makes him clean five. If I want to follow call. Us now is to breakfast club morning playing everybody's D J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club our even know how or why we talked about this. Are we talking about washing your legs and feet in the shower? Yes assented to a big topic on twitter, and then they burn it over to the shade room, and apparently people don't wash their legs because they feel like this self jobs down enough those as they would chicken bright, putting so well ask an eight hundred far you do Emmy amateur, five five one off. I won't always initial with my wife and when we take shape Isn, my when we take shouting. Why already know right, so we wash each other watch me why some and sexy is, if you do it, do it, we did what we do, but she was like
What about me, you feed thousand idea, but I really thought about but, like I really did you really think you just then in an assault. The drift down. My yo did the meanest soak summit off me anyway. She was like you have described. The bottom Eu Freak out dude on its own, but I've thought about an adult. Now I do, but I That was my feet for at least that's disgusting You not wise the bottom of your feet. I do it now. So this is what I have a problem with these people who use the same Lucia the same washcloth on their whole body in their feed that they do like on your face in there. I don't think you should do that suffer. If the of might be. I have scrub the shower legs. Volleys grab and I was about of my with the scrub and then I ll tourism, nobody would Ilusha then, I wash my face with a different scrub right at a more for you would, my face in my hands. I do have a but washcloth gather, wiseguy desperate by just one
yet, and I changed it every year, every other day, because my but is is employ Apple out. I mean it is what it is, and it is too much Is it too much? Is it too much hello? There's molested! Do you as your feet? You go out and medium lashes doesn't washes B. I bitten at first. I did the added think about it. You know you juice, you ve had he lashes why was it he is? Are you has been you wash? It would have been awash with an ambassador. I got you a wine glass. I do have my feet. I first I'd be exerted. Think about it now D. I say why I called on the recipe a body, Pierre NED, that's a little weird, but you walked behind the flowers. Were you while you wait a minute so the same poor? Let you get back to you, but you put in your for any of the job you wash your face. Lit enemy poop in your bag rings investigative dares to case for education
gotta! Go to write me. Why me why your journey towards globally there invaded by Shiva survive? this as you a big girl. He I am, it says, That is what this is. Really the king, it says, avoids a bigger now biggest beige over eight hundred ninety one. I think there could not be what they think about area does not discuss it. You any that you in the private I'd better get back the finger. You know you have met the biggest thou. Why wasn't my pride apart? O enamel, oh my leg and much of the Mai back. They might be drawn. So when you use the same, one idea be used on a messy a body. What about? If you had a lapse all day you feed is dirty on about. No, no, no, no! Ok! I think the laughing I watched my body left at the laughing I was sitting at break. That was my paper were both of a watchword thought Matthew. They too have had already been caused by an eye
oh I'll, die like they have three wise class. I built this year already. I just can't they are the ideal of did you I shall washcloth out would be. I was not called every other day. Why wasn't? I got worse off every other day and I love you bill. Is that border hours or more than enough? I am, I wasn't it Meanwhile, I fear you ok, MA death was beyond is a matter on a MAC that big, it is sometimes I d been navigate. The Burma Muffy doesn't mean you like TAT, but I got all that's wrong that the path I been down tomorrow will not be up. If you weigh two to fifty days no way you comfortably wash not bottom of your nineteen, eighteen, I let you go. I use to use it
Jeanne before which one is hereby donating, or do you know about jobs? Make sure that we have another door to sit down in the shower all come on, get it wrong. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one, do you wash your feet? Do you wash your legs? I don't know what of his enemies, ass. It was these bees. Eddies excited. I didn't go from being a right, but call us right now is the breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is T J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are. The breakfast club averages join us, we're talking about washing your feet, washing Legs then have to have this discussion, but apparently onto it. There was a whole conversation about people who don't wash their legs and then Therefore, don't wash their feet cause they filled. The soap dripping down is enough to clean their legs right now, you know How do I save my legs every time in the shower mutual? So I have to stop them up and then
sale and so The item will even have a choice by the. U S, sitting is the vast amount of your feet. I did not. Hello, there has no ban on this a good morning come in the? U S, legs a free life, and this is a local white people- s. I've ever heard coming from the white girl who got cybercrime? way to work. Your washing disgusting so was behind the ears and people last behind their ear. Had your problem everywhere, and I don't want to hear from the heads of the total wash it all figured. You know that guy likewise is awaiting you know I had a problem to wash my my Israel last, but I get disgusting mom went behind my ears would accuse, have been got slow, dost, thou, girls whereas magma by sizes. Why do I care my guy said he does a west is testicles score. That is as it was his testicles note. You ass you re thinking
We try to do what I want. I want everybody will get a grip, and every day we are going to put you back my big game, the unitary cooking Tribal you put up the current corps would with worry in a manner. Eighty two rival mean everything. My baby by better maybe never pay my baby boy. Yet, like you normally baby I'll I'll get some rest. We give it up. Ok at you and me. I am as regards their felt glad woman before you wash it all, but if they thought should be given you that's right, and I think that the compromise worry there. Allow when at length, but I beg you, though I do not know to whom. Are you talk about my Bible good day and I hope, and I would encourage you- would also uses grab besides as using irregular, so use their Ex Foley Ascribe. I feel so good Mickey skin nice
south allows this earlier, you don't ever was about was your feet. No, I mean I know it. I upload a generous about. I saw my up a body that over there and I got two thirds majority objects. You ve got the pressure to tell you that are going on there now. Lives and criminal. You a little bit that you have dirt come and interpret covered up of your free monotony. Those gleeful you all we got out by Tommy, It is this lie down there this must be filled Deborah LA dummy, not by you all what that America I sent you a breed, a grand words in your bed, which a dirty as we now want to catch up with you.
And there's another where's, the minuet flip labs around all day. Then you look at the bottom. Yes, we will always love. I got thought all I got no way. Sizes lies, I do not know about that's what I would call you a bit about in our voting hot something about why that's a guess, acts of his head nah Calculi, while Muffy get ass, already been applied. The butterflies, let me and I got my various acts- naw naw, you look a little sorted out before me. It was cool they select again, while not got watch out a check out. My hope you call the bread is called the Ngos in order to find nobody that thirty feet. We must now we go nine zero to five days ago. Yet it is my hope. You thought I d you about one or two other quickly. Otherwise, but you like, if you look at it, oh yeah, it's my green dot com and what Martin
my dingo I am I my being, though it is not, of course, on about how can block the Energy Oda, Algeria and other right right. Well, The story wash them feet Let me just learned, thereby they learn about me and my wife, and I shall we wash each other and attitude so legs. You will. Let you know why should feel as a big issue is. I came a guide as it was his testicles as discussed among the most disgusting, Lastly, we have almost coming to be: yes, we are going to be talking about style that show has been cancelled, also find out. Couple, re United and might be possibly doing an album together. Arrival internet makes keep alive. Is the breakfast locomotive breakfast morning everybody is D, J, enviable unable Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club good morning. Let's get cities, rooms are sold Drake
with his cloak Abbe Drake is killing you Andy streets. I heard he's having a plane, so by you're, having a car show is gauges turned a seven. Sixty seven cargo plain ensue his own personal. Are congratulations to him. His the obvious out symbol on the side of Saint Louis, most smaller, that's his logo. To say less dedicated, vainest, so big, the logo. Look small companies joke at a jet looks. Don't make congratulated us as inspiration s What is me sometimes when you see other people like you doin it Gale, you did you just compare yourself to joint, not looks like you You know me Jane you, the gulags. Our community is black. The same people who look like you is inspiration you like to see other brothers door. Well, you could be like them, you may look alike now we don't look like you just said, many who looks like you know. Damning array welcome.
So I said to him: milks amazed shouted drink. I'm looking to other people. Look raise. Delusion, dried and fruit is crippled. Crazy to drink is full, and you know, as I do in Riyadh. She's got our own high and fastened nine and is coming through Elba Maize, Lily the time a wet Hennessy at him because they haven't lost a new line since one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven. That was the first fashion brand that they're launching since since then. So you know that's going to be incredible. So that's news for reactors which is an absolute remarried, all your cash at Venice, Is this move here. Some music is Rihanna Member, just relax. Let her go out here and get these claims for real. I write nasty has been cancelled for everybody, that's a fan of the factory star. Unfortunately, it has cancelled. I did think everybody who laughed cry, sing and dance it s. Thank you for the best three years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have no idea who stores is never seen it before I close stars than to leave on your show. They always comes on at the empire. Oh and we are right,
destiny up here. You remember! No, I write. Lamar Odom has about coming out. His cod darkness to lights could be about Charlemagne. That back, say. I couldn't resist. Looking at these open throwback external array, sallies giving an inn, look into life like never before its is exclusive and revealing memoir, which accounts the highs and lows of fame and struggle with it. Demons along the way to self discovery and a redemption he's been always from Queens New York Manny afforded Ladys. While people were in drug Amy he sought play basketball noise is, I believe, is one of his family members were strung out on drugs. In a beat the odds, it's the NBA in any, he just had a habit. My hobby kick the habit Irena Black China got into it. Apparently she got ensues. That's ever altercation with her stylists. Whether here Yes, and things ended, allegedly with her pulling a knife on her stylus who then started through so two hands at black China's car hears. What her stylus had to say.
I have to use these for anything else, other than and I'll punch in my throat cuz. I bought this yesterday, and this is the only thing I had to defend myself cuz. It's the only thing, we'll wait, so bad that you go start Doin care, ginger ale. At me, I don't know where he said all over, not wanting to pay for your hair services like really so, allegedly that's the reason what it calls the police anymore makes a police report. It is not the one so decay and Britain people nerves and nobody has had to call the police when she, allegedly into a fight with one of her make up artists and the police, who called at that point to arrange it. I go and big sign have reunited now we all know she put out that song triggered freestyle, which was inspired by big on and now they may be working on our part, two of their joint, problems. When he eighty eight so we'll see what happened. Did you get the turtle?
Agnes because Energy got a big show out of his quick, I ever wait another that means that their together, but suppose it efficiently to them together and you put today- was a good day mocha. So be the two damages frankly, we get out together, be nights but am Angela YE and that's your rumour report, blah right well, thank you. Miss Yede, now, revolt we'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody else to people's choice mixes up next, each requesting eight hundred Father five, one o five one and almost all of which already tony tone. If it's our anniversary, I knew it. I mean it's. Eighteen years, I've been together, we ve been married. Eighteen years been together. Like twenty four, my baby, I is to bring the slope mornin everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we oughta breakfast club because as much gas in the building of New York Yankees theses a badly, we got a guy that you know don't follow more integrated and sometimes it'll be true. Fills horse agent. Extraordinarily back ass. Now see you got you.
Second annual Lebanese off Bulgaria may succeed. We got eyes anything else. You gotTa Georgia, Yemen, as you know, I don't even know about it to every kind of secondary unpolite. What I'm a tradable. Remind me to have a day. So I don't know if I'm bloated, all of a sudden, you hurt your name when is it may 16th at the stadium We have already heard loud and clear as day as negative behaviour. Where do we go You'll be fine girl. Good time last year we had about people come out, raise a lot of money. This year, FAT Jos, coming agent, Jamie five, be planned. Michael Stringham is one of the cultures also be good. Now? What is the money to let our monitoring evaluation and we do backpacker giveaways, renovate fields all over the country and just try to healthcare, the city through sport and education, let us last year is what are you saying
How do you notice is activated oh Mamma body, though their pension greatly. I feel girl here we repellent Gwynplaine go, but this I believe that all our borders has failed to come and governance in stadiums I get last Let me state aids into do. No one haven't thought about it, just because, if I was on the team that wasn't trying to win a championship been occupied, was unlike most amounts to have you known sampling. We, China, wind, solar, but my main focus is going to try to win a game every day, so I don't get caught up in like manner. Time going? No allay there is, as you know, gentlemen base What we do, and since you will, I were five years older ass- our power base was forty. You ready to let it go I'll bet at least have become entailing, and everything also I don't want to wear like a suit, though you don't like it will I get even worse to talk about war zone. If they have you doing that, and I won't have you started to think about life have to base. Will summit as that got a park. As you know, my kids,
no DR again as a Frenchman. High school so has been able to watch him play and in our work, and yet you know, like do special assistant. Try to have somebody young kids, you you know, talk pitching obvious what I want. Comes. It is bad. I wanna play as I feel like. I would disappointment. Whatever team online can participate like cannot lay hold the batten handed to somebody and things like that budgetary. You disappoint legacies. Before you moves aimed, we offer you will work as it was before when I was in high school. I played some Bob and I pay and Wendy we had to play to boys and outfitting pitching and in the bar him you might cause playing a guy's is different, playing a girl? So I'll? Never forget this guy, name's Nelson re most by right back in his neck me in there? the emperor imprint from this sitting of the base There are many who have never again. Will you get advice about your friends like beggars, dogs, beggars, retired,
and from the mythical Green one something I used to work in this? There were many other fields vary in it. I think spreads. The music are so related work him puzzled. Vessel, Thank you so good at both as they are so related in every athlete was to be around like every river was galleys, is also almost he's dead. I'm using beggars. I mean I do a lot to brand development rock nations, so not they would all Brandon thing like that match artisan and entertain is an ethical. It gives me a wide variety to do and you not born. So fat Joe. Never let me really golden ball, by the way you know Babbage bad chose, one of the ill is purchased the brown you heard the true story, I assume you gotta know. I guess we have to find out. Maybe these to determine who the hell is pigeon
We have just heard the story of how do you see tat? You know, because you got like you know, sees you just achieved a very big thing this year by God like like a thought, clarity in other media, no fragile. As about six thousand strike out I'll tell you when you play a game, I guess, could then alike in other sports. You can't really play any celebrity gains. What, if you get injured behind about norm, Obi WAN encroaches hours of we ve known better employment, but it s not so intimidating. Now, as I had that Africa's like everybody comes out, Boisil Willoughby Good, when you return one that seems obvious or use gonna jump right back into work, I mean I feel I got a need to be doing something like as is the land around out there, like you, know that
and I think I like I- can help someone a guy- you don't say I may not take some time off- go travel little bit. Go back to Africa, take a triple demand. We but I mean I want. I want to be around and try to help is many guys again, so I will just artisans bottom. Even though you are retiring as you when you forethought saying you know what I'm under one male, may I come. We are the three years of his life, but I came. At this time, but like like a mean every all season up and have a surgery, the pass five or six also use of in all decided of getting caught opening, and you know just ready. The relaxing argue Travelin enjoyed a family where some places you plan ago. I've ever want to go back to Africa. I want to go to Bali. Medea, are seen in Vienna, family family, doubtless a great Europe. I once pyramids, Egypt, take. The kids like the girls appears address. Amazing though I wanna do some travel if
if you, if you don't go out winning a whirl theory, the disappointed near I mean just a plan for the Yankees, as does our that's what that's what we do ultimate goal. We have one in years so dislike Fears have been disappointed, though he s got me hard to sleep. If I can't go out what would a parade for sure the other girls here we go. Armenia we got everybody here right now is no pretty girl. So when we get our guys back in and the mentality of this, the agreements that we have become used to be, and we look forward to playing- yeah yeah, I'm in a common way, had omitted uncomfortable, maybe ass. A ban for somebody is someone you, the image of the year. We got joint measures, replace operate unhappy, J, AI photos, budget, thereby still too fast
I don't know I don't aim is leg in my area, then he ran around a basis before you check to see about. The state of emergency is right now, Yankees at times, less easy saw bore, appears that you are right. I got I wrote. It covers domestic, whereby I'm saving surgical got distracted, good, attire, Briggs, nor the newcomers. Brazil's grew Lorna mercy, business, on the day, forty five years old I got up and I am with the backing of the sailors
for, after all, it is a bad. Is boards. What my big ass, a joint measure taken, may succeed. Yankee Stadium cc's about these celebrity softball game, be the our right and our guys are unable your guys cosmic concho ballroom We must not allow them to live like it. I think I'll call you authority is going to be no said our right to breakfast club as he sees fit.
They are both at. They gave way to a big. You mean those boys ass night. You boys, ivory coast page will we be evaded, was after Remy by Post,
the nose down. We may know now is that I'm back up here with the largest headed by MRS laid down by Joseph Intelligent, wasting my jewels and imposing a joke in regard to which we were pleased to always do far more ya, know Father, so Stacy Dash Mercedes, guessing gotta dominate our separate. Those are my take on his employer. Grow. Grow says I need of both turn is pushing you come and so in three of bad trimming
My job is just where we go, we even make it around and she thought it was just a guy Van Adjusted goes food, but they should get size. Sure you face come here to both sides. Someone said, she's in love away again, school. I used it set a day. I had to be of a double them.
They have our out like a life like a light, slept like seven fifty managed got double bedroom. Man does ask: was a man of great done made out of place here? They saw nothing. Nice beggars. Jesus Christ, the Czechs over Stripes yeah. That's what I guess, but we like smugglers, get a date when a shoe
shot that that whether you like on shakes Cedar, says that a wet with black Lizzie Spinning Valley Circle back to lump busy with no one can see their level of wire beggar high school. I use the bucket set a death, now be: oh, it doubles there. My idea heavily have as thirteen hours later having out like a like life. Go live like a like. Like a life, I got past, it doesn't jellies and interference in a case like you, dare I say you noticed this guy is comparable to the chamber to scale back on a champion of Nokia, shoe Shorty and Patchy said he. What about is how bout a tractor just check to foist pessimism gotta?
my daddy Mama cover for has got these other sure. Morning, everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall I mean we oughta breakfast club and let me shut out too, everybody gets gotcha tickets at a car, showed us go now September. Seventh, I can't wait for you guys to see somebody dope cause celebrity cause added causes people hooking up their cause. Men, if you haven't got to take, is made up a bright shout to Lincoln TIP for sponsor an it is going to be September. Semi there's gonna, be a lot of fun a family they would have jumped for kids, we gotta have faced pain, is we're gonna, have all types of stuff so make make she get your tickets, and I can't wait to see you guys. There lay a gas, we gotta passive loafer people. Yes, in today's positive no comes from Samantha sex in the city. She says I will not be judged by your society. I will wear whatever whomever I want. As long as I can breathe and Neil However, I would just be positive: Emmi preference there is no political yoga.
Keep in rural New Hampshire on the side of it, our highway? The hill? the witness a light in the sky, a cry oft hovering above a field day that was the end of their story, Two years later, under Hypnosis David Lee that there is more that night. So what had they forgot. Range case. A Betty and Barney Hell this season on strange arrivals, a coat action of Iheart, radio and grim and mild from Aaron Monkey. Listen to strange arrivals on the Iheart Radio, app on Apple podcast sore or wherever you get your podcast. Everyone, its Katy, correct, I'd, use my podcast, Question is a platform to explore the big issues we face in these crazy times and right there's no crazier time and no bigger issue than the corona virus, which is why we're switching gears and pushing our regular reported episodes to this summer. In the meantime, we're going to stay for based on the corona virus. Talking to the ECB
Bert, so you can really understand. What's going on, I know so overwhelming, but we can get through this together. You can list next question on the eye: radio, app apple, podcast or wherever you get your favorite shows. We want you to know that we are here, for you.
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