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TUES 11/29- The Breakfast Club discuss the on going drama with TI, Tiny and Money Mayweather as video surfaces of Tiny dancing with Floyd at Mariah Carey's Halloween Party. Plus Charlamagne hands the Hee-Haw to someone who couldn't contain his Trump enthusiasm on flight which resulted in him being banned from an airliner. Was it just freedom of speech or did he go too far???

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Ok, I love you more than rats ratchet sit out from the most prominent. Why do some? Early morning, birthday Tommy was able showing people whose videos you use a Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, ordinarily, mainly to the Abbey Charlemagne reads it up when it is to see the most wonderful diameter yedo. Let nobody to different
this aid. Every give death delivered up created a breakfast club man. Let us endeavour The US is a collective, but I just want whoever said these Martin Luther King Jr Dad had to know. I never have a reason. The dad light on that. No, I just about money. Why? No longer dismissal Martin Luther King Jr, but I'm not wearing unwanted dad. I don't just wrong that adds of officially jumped to shock. I got a nice go pro hair of five You gotta go for a while and exciting. Thus now, I mean I'd rather go protein model. The king is then no one is what approved set at hand, ways that neither you nor let we gotta what else we got here. We gotta act. We got a wake up with light feeling. What is this? A Philips Philips weaken
let nobody level it shall. But an aside at how, in your house, clock in the morning with a baby is supposed to make. You feel like a gradual sunlight. If that light comes on analysis, four o clock in the morning, my wife will go crazy. I've colored sunrise stimulation, which you naturally five natural, sounds and fm radio fall asleep function, bedside, lightwood, twenty light settings, taps news, whatever that last summer dodo allow some crazy like then, what about? What about all these gives we can we give them? Is that Tommy? It's Christmas, let alone you're right gives you We give not all I'm not getting a lot of this that I got the Iverson opposite. The other day, ninety assigning collaboration, cool stuff up here, it's nice is like the holiday yourself Loi go. There's a lot. Nor is too much going on all I was going in know. What put up a check a million dollars why he said gotta love these back c drive.
So worried about another man's legacy. Instead of trying to write their own. Ultimately, I will always have the last lap. This is one of my many checks. A cool one hundred million that I still have. Every dime of y'all still have to work, however, I'm happily retired. At the end of the day, it's in Benjamin Franklin's and Madison me so the joke's on you and make small investments. Sorry for those that I couldn't read right or count you'll call them watches. I called them times your car them boats, I call and yeah that's your problem houses. I'd call a marriages yard shouted jets we only Montague TNT by the way, that's very commendable job when include food's for all the financial gain that Floyd made whether has acquired what that is, What your legacy is about at the end of the day, the fact that he's undefeated as Abad, certainly the greatest defence, a fighter time is really what the legacy of the
the money is in no way you can stand on Monday we stood, then you can't Lenny team now, which is two things you can't stand on a life money you both those things are fleeing. They don't laugh Bob was unable money, don't like you said, you can't stand on your money. What you know what is going on with with tiny in Floyd I get on internet is messy, is messy acting. Take my toys that I'm taking him out to say about got a little play in that game. I don't really pick sides. You know I try not to commit to no one, but I'm seeing t I on this one drop on the clues bombs. Uti all the way what were the tiny tee?
with tidy tablets umpteen TIA on all that, as this is wrong and taken on relax, I'm with you atoms and played wrong, I'm gone back in a way that they can and tag a nice guy. I don't let anybody outlined above law, it is about time, should not be slow. Dancing with Lloyd may well know ways about this Presley by have problems with my forty. I swung on Floyd me whether junior, ok over you, where you hold you stay away, you should talk to me, should be looked at as a wretched Jews. Exotic re nets, tiny fatah- that's not really, If both the work of these will not flow of Lloyd's stay away, but tiny is the one that's really support. The line is a, but my wife said yesterday that tell me what the situation was level What if tat was was run aroused mash met all what goes mass low bellboy some. You can't matched his manner both in a hundred million dollars a fat man, but I have invited bear it in mind. You can't smash him, go smashed low, bellboy law.
Said nobody, nobody, no boys sounded well. Now I gotta lotta jokes has she did try to say he was forced to take a picture, As regards the matter about a modest Malta, we got front page news as well that we talk about men that plane crash. Seventy six confirmed that there is a plane crashes, Will we get into all of that when we come back, you belong to breakfast love the morning is beyond say, sorry morning- everybody Is the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, a girl we are breakfast club, was gained some a front page news. Now, I'm on the pact is beat the evil. Twenty seven automatic provided the one another gave early warning eagles, they five and what six now they sixty five or by experts. It is also my car the one ones one of those who can there at the play. No one downy, it was a try to play in carrying seventy two passengers, including placement brazilian socket
am I right now they are saying a total of eighty one people were on board at least to soccer players and one crew. Member did survive, but unfortunately I was a pretty bad crash. They haven't said what happened to the play, but they did say the wounded. People are being transported to assistance sent, so that was in Colombia, goblet the source of all those who would have believed them more about the survival of the Tobin tax. Like, thereby when those situations happened, because I want to think that I have to make it out of my way what a Satan Woody sitting by what he D funded a plain back in a play nowadays of are right. You know thousand. I don't know how they survive when one of the survivors died on the way to the hospitals, TAT, Jesus Christ, well, I said earlier, is of I wasn't unease about the crass began on the way to the hospital they passed away. Rise. Woe
That's a low bow, Ohio state. Now in Ohio State, they was a student who had recently transfer their observers. That alley I time and he had just written a facebook posts saying that he had grown sick and tired of seeing fellow Muslims killed and tortured, and he did start a night. Attack on campus and a wee wounded, eleven people. He said that he wanted the? U S to stop interfering with other countries. Any other said by allow. We will not let you sleep. Unless you give peace to the Muslims, you will not celebrate or enjoy any holiday. He ran his car into a group of people on campus. They got out of the car and he studied charging a people with a knife. Ohio state, police officer Ellen heard Haroun CO shot him after he would not obey orders to staff and killed him and ends tragic attack, downside even told them to step out a distorted fire Have you done? Ran cod people understand people devilish, tabulated too much. You know before
they all night to forty nine, very well. When I think about these situations like I'm right am. I would never want to be in a situation where those here you stabs stab multiple people. But how does one person stab multiple more people are running? It ought to be established at night, laddies stab mode it going. I have the car. You know no one dares to give you any, but a con. You already know engine and suddenly and guy gets out and stabbing just walking upon people's Debenham. Now it s not glad front page news. Children tell him. Are you mad? Eight hundred five, eight five one and five one of your upsurge need event. Call us up right now. Eight hundred five, eight five one or fire one. I was actually thinking about that. The everyday heard you know to God. I was on a on a flight, any magellan, Trump stuff yeah, how things like tat, nobody just shut up in a video to out it is, and I would have been no set up outfits. It's your crack. I doubt that the amounts for life now good nap birthday- I didn't do anything about it. Complaining a video went viral. The now
I was there and the plane screaming is now banned for life, and it wasn't even affect that. You say that you would programme when he looked around the place. They got a butcher Hilary bitches honestly, a man should have stood up and told him sit. His hockey have now was thinking. I was like if nabbed, if I've been trapped, and then we may my people Zonia. We probably would wore his as right out private independent could out of his seldom so bad and they need and want to be reunited with their hands on me. Do not put the hand back on him with a definite would go. Yeah Can you weld that plane tell him why you mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five, one thousand and fifty one? If you're upset, you need to vent phone lines and wide open get some things off. Your chest call us up right now, it's the breakfast club good morning. The breakfast club. You know what makes you mad with fulfilled, but can't handle. That's why you may want to breakfast certainly merits our then.
Not only do they local out, why it my and he saw, but if you want the biggest ever in our The only thing that wont, let me pick up, I'm just an hour would eventually he did have. I'm take that you will get you now that you know how you like. I am going out from black acres now- that the convention is that it had a really bad day yesterday, out of you so away, I been now, I know you do. Do you think he wants son wanna take a picture with Dutch is from black crew. He need better role models. We need better tv. Programme, although is a sovereign tat. Both our rapporteur was abroad. Seldom met a man, Monday himself to be on board, and I was drunk promptly Parliament can give dont you today to whoever you want, but I'm givin month of dark today, item broke. My arm broke
I understand your pe. Would I get drunk and unwanted do physical activity when I get drunk, I wanna do little physical activity of possible until get it on film, but not even though, but hey I've decided Roquat. I appreciate Charlemagne every morning posted on. Thank you, gonna, colonel day of mourning, wake up right. Could you see how queer things can change? You got a broken arm. You decided to new front flip and I can't wait to lose my fans of a month, the hospital, but God bless you you diagnosed yourself promise you with more clout, goes on from New York. He won't take you dumb, ass in a hospital fairly good. I think I'll go over money, law the amber to preserve the embryo, I don't even know if it is given scrap kind of guy, don't wanna get std for men. Volume at eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent call us now with the breakfast club good morning,
the breakfast Club It was for free dj. Khalid morning, every body is dj: Envy Angela YE charlemagne- God we oughta breakfast club and today is giving Tuesday startle charitable season. I hope, partner with UNICEF to make a difference in a child's life that is giving to this is for you to join a movement give now you can make a donation in two different ways. You could doubt pale. Two fifty say key word: UNICEF, Oh, go to UNICEF, USA, DOT, Org, Slash Iheart, to donate a help, some kids some of the items you I give back year round. Think that you know giving is dead, the meaning of life, meaning that I just feel like that of like giving
It is always in stock. I led to having Susie comes right after black Friday and cyber mandate. I spend our money on yourself in your friends. Is time to give that absolute others are yards, others relate giving back at all with, and it is good that it doing this radio with a nice initiatives started off holiday season. But, as always as always in seas, so again down pounds or fifty essay Keyword, UNICEF or go to UNICEF. Usa dialogues, I heart to do you notice that I was successive very forward, as a quote were reported to do more for the world in the world. The view that a success- and I truly believe that look up We got rooms and why I? Yes, we will talk about Congo. West update, will tell you how he's doing a room and was happy, He was supposed to be released yesterday, the site- that's not happening anytime soon. Also dm access- things to say about how he does not performer or sex are men. Well, why the makes them look? Let me come back he's. A lot. Excuse me is to breathlessly one,
the breakfast club. With Angela his club array. What's going on with kind yea West, where we thought he was gonna get out of the hospital yesterday he was hospitalized for exertion and sleep deprivation and he was acting a radically, but they said dead. They're gonna have to keep it. For a longer than that. A sore says that, after going through a few rough day, they died. Things will go back to normal, but this time as much different, he needs to have him by his side during the tour and she wasn't able get over her whole situation. What happened in Paris being robbed at gunpoint, so right now came, is focused on Congress must make to her family is getting all the care and attention that needed. That is her priority right now
I am now keeping up with the car dashings in the meantime has not been filming. The ashes dive filming on October. Very welcome was held up a gunpoint in Paris this evening. We are not going to rule for the rest of the year crystal mandatory waste, another good content. Originally they were supposed to film. Obviously, the holiday and have all of that. They have enough footage for the series commitment, but they wanted to. I'm a little bit more by right. Now it's shut derision, Israel, Malta with Basic Koumongoe. They showed your life good and bad issued already put lamas vulgar Gregg. Would they can't get conjugal gravy and bottles glad that you have to stay in the hospital, because you know I don't want to believe that we live in a world where people are Facon crazy Mental illness is a real thing right from his then. Maybe I want him to actually be mentally and get help. You know and one interview kind. They had said that he blamed himself came getting robbed us which wasn't that long ago, when can you blame yourself? I mean I guess he fell back, that he was on the roads.
And there was no do would get robbed of you. The lira been better than his hands. You know we feel a man if I would have been there and rob to fire whatever happened and guidelines to sell yeah. I mean I'm sure, he's going through a lot right now and with the anniversary of his man's passing, listen there's some time just success, the shot at you. You know, that's why you have extra secure to try to prevent things from like, like that from happening as much as possible are now. There was yet another staring about. Tiger getting his Ferrari report. I know you saw right envy wonder what one can I got his us inside his pulse. What unseated story one ultimately fatigue. All the time you be in Rob, whether saying I think, he's like a roman labour. They sing it and make his lease payments and that they agree to a deal back in May, but he didn't pay the money. So we have the car reports. Wise Jesus curse is wrongly, we are to get the car back in. He still hasn't. He was supposed to return it. I told her name. He still hasn't done that, so they went back to get there,
no Bemba aid. Now they want a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in damages so either two thousand. This have to call so Tiger went on twitter. Yeah. They figure out the whimsies agenda, yet they been one and the same stories on me for years Well, I'm out here win in everyday check the real scores, Mama, good son, good bad, is checked. My home is good. New deal movies. Good situation got heads make him. I had not the less than sixty issue. Left that is, DMZ really run in the same room. Did she repossession tags vehicles, which one is now I've? I guess he things dead, DMZ as an agenda and their outcome. Yet no does the union to pray you bill tag now, the MAX recently I was performing and he had some things to say about what he hasn't done in his life, for in his career check it out.
The words were dropped
article above the MAX. I love that may is so necessary what every couple years he liked to remind us that he's never sought the DNS Live, who keeps? Why doesn't it about stuck in my lap than many a scream? I will never. I was given to your majesty. He had to tell us every couple year that you ve never saw debated, live I've, never seen a headline of you now. Have you ever seen a liar. I've never seen a deadline. I guess he's been allotted headlines about additives as late as you know, I have to remind the universe that today, in your life, ok nobody's ever thought. It right in case is a lotta artist. That should be reminded us that haven't, I know, but you not one of them, and I gave you guys is quoted flow they were the put up earlier we're gonna get into this leader of the bee. Oh, my lord learn ass. He put about one hundred million valid check and the check is by the way from May seconds, twenty fifteen. So with not even recent he's gotta love, these backseat drive is so worried about another man's legacy instead of trying to write their own and he said
the last laugh. It's cool. One hundred million dollar check that he still has. Every dime of ya still have to work, however, am happily retired at the end of the day. Is that Benjamin Franklin that matter to me said the jokes on you. I've made smart investment. Sorry for those that I couldn't read, write or count your call them watches I got him time pieces, you call them both a column yet see our carbon. Houses. We call a mentions now we Emmy he does not always we I called I could go. Who is we must over there you go at the outside jets. We all oh jets. He did say we Casey yeah right and when a man isn't my monitor money. Money in youth is nothing to stand on. The real legacy is how he made money. Even undefeated fight a best offensive fight about ass was gonna stay in it the time. Nobody really cares your money and you should fleeting one of us. If you will stand in all money and you from like that really is,
Foundation of Rank hears about his money ill at ease the monies him, and he said, that's all that matters to him. So that's what he can is about is already cares about here, but the fact that even undefeated boxer In spite of our time as all his faculties, you know to me, as I doubt, absolutely real legacy, but I also think he's proud effect that I think a lot of boxes don't have the money they came within. He still has it denies great eyes of my name. Is vision it as he is not science you, another promotions carried us greater. He has his own promotions. Company gets all his money. He doesn't have promoted that he's given his money today is a barrier lot about my raised, his desire to not just as they set out this thing money, a new forest ground for us and I really having any endorsements. That's another thing. Really made o money without having all those endorse laws. It isn't it answers for Germany did beat up a bunch of women allegedly as well. So when you handle domestic violence, geography wouldn't want to stand by you smell like like he made that decision Having doors majority decision there was able to flourish financially without having any errors occur.
I dunno you bladder lad, though no not like other taxes have had I write em Angela YE and that you're gonna bring me he's, got a great deal. Would take our company come, don't don't don't ask too Yet if you highlighted the wife beaters, if one of the guys that you chaired arrive pay this. When we come to talk about it plane that crashed in Colombia. Yes, a very unfortunate situation, I will get it that when we come back, keep lacked the breakfast clog, more care. Only air What is wrong with the tv light is he's messing my eyes up and it makes me feel like I foggy eyes more everybody's e g in what you say and their role in our regular holidays.
Body in the Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are breakfast on the skin, so front page news. I reminded the pack is finally one: they beat the Eagles twenty seven to thirteen congratulates, threw back as now let's talk about some sad news plain when dowdy? Yes, it was a charter plain there was carrying. Have any to passengers. Eighty one on board in Toto with the crew members. Now, right now there are seeing seventy six people are confirmed dead following that Ankara's outside many, even in Colombia. They did find a six survivor this morning of their plane crash. She was found under the RO learning through a local disaster officials that I did find six survivors so far, God bless everybody who survived. God bless the souls in people who died. I need to hear more about these survivors cuz. Whenever I want a plane and that hawk crosses your mind. What if and then you had to push that out your brain push, that nigga mean you have to bring always.
Martha Mama, live on the black box. Where it wasn't charitably. There was carrying of resilience good team. I would add up from the black Box. That's all we think that black mark can make it? I can make it do so. They don't know exactly what happened and why this crash on this? best gating, but I thought movie a long time ago called because indescribable lose em. They sell em. You thought Bruce what Samuel Jackson amuse unbreakable vs Andrei I am resources, indestructible and always felt that way is plane crashes on go live oak. I need to know more about you. Survivors desolating, ever talk about oh hi, state university right now at Ohio State University. A student actually attacked some of the other students on campus. He wanted a lead,
people he attacked them with a knife. Abdul reside golly our ten. He had just recently transferred their. He wrote in a Facebook post, he was sick and tired of seeing fellow Muslims killed and tortured. He also went on to say that he wants America to stop interfering with other countries hit by a laugh, Why not? Let you sleep unless you give peace to the Muslims who will not celebrate or enjoy any holiday? That's when he ran his car into a group of people on the campus, and then he got out of the car and started charging at people. With a phenomenal assuming he charged the same people that he hit with the car. He s got out the egg. They were already like injured in some ways they perform and couldn't run a fight back now, police officer, I'll hire stay police officer then shot and killed him after he failed to obey orders to stab ass. He should have any did stature Dick Attack, that there was no two minutes that all this happened have got is adjusted fine cop chilling rang there. Ok and do you know what These up, like that, I'm like that is yet another thing that I would survive unless he hit me with the car. But if you know near by, to put down you hang out of my statement.
People I once now. Would you step in? Would you ran right now running? less than other than the printer. What I had on me, you don't keep looks up so long Reilly, broadly run Montfort, fight a flight is your first instinct in Athens. The first law of nature is self. Preservation, arises I d like right for guy looming on job. Maybe demagogy right will ask for it page news: now, when we come back, we gotta talk about all the dramatis governor employ, may whether Thea in time. He has who should stabbed in this situation. Who's your doggie know. No. Don't know, what's going on, explains to people quickly was going on you. When I started with a video dead sea, I had posted in it with him. Kevin high with all by a mummy clay drop want to clear gall nuclear cleaner, never get the appreciation he deserves. Our streets Laszlo declared a lot of appreciation in these videos. My guy then I will play. Therefore you bet, I guess, when Flay may weather
This was his name was mentioned right. He wasn't too happy. So he went ahead imposed some video, where you can see him MC lean, didn't they video say his name. Actually legally, didn't they didn't say his name actually say his final lay may let s play with a father, never play me whether his name, but I can't believe that, if take offence to ever reason and then his video came out with Floyd Dance with tee as wife, tiny right. You know our Lord to the vote I know you will have his daddy phase in the future? They look a lot of tat even without going about his dad is in itself. What was it? I can't explain it. I don't know how these fairly so Floyd posted a picture of. While we don't know if I posted, but a video was posted, although I may Romania surface of surfaced, Floyd end I need an answer now. If you remember about, I was Halloween, we, as you have already aware.
Funny said, in response cuz, it was a picture of her Maria and Floyd and people were like. Why would you be in a picture before May? Well, you know that your husband tee I got into a fistfight altercation was with you and here the wet she said. May I was one of the Party and Maria never taken pages, and she asked me to come. Take this future with me, and I M just not gonna take away you know like and make a big scene about stood the pitcher and kept moving, their quick hangers visa. I'm you bought away tiny. You could have told me, I know not build beyond, say: stick you could have told moroccan arise, Lee was still a queen and away eyes or eight hundred five April. What oh five one this is. The question who she guessed at first God knows how, doubly by eight hundred five, If I want to find out what the question should tiny have come, this is
the request is tiny of come clean out those who do not come well. Let me say that in a few words in secure, you would see each array- when her man ass their about who is this guy. She went hadn't confess this is Lebanon, Jordan, Burma would you have told you, may you was the big everybody's? There was a wide, as you doubt, a Jew who does too. Would you have told me your husband was, the answer will fly May with a guy. He was before with cuban five one o five one. Should The lack of anti might warlike up you're gonna, be all right now. Eight hundred forty five one problem is the breakfast locomotive step now was Mary. Oh, let me love you morning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne guy we oughta breakfast club not today, is good. Tuesday is the start of a charitable season, and I heard his partner with UNICEF to make a difference in a child's life. I e that we need you to make it own nation and help the movement joined a movement you can do so.
In two ways: one thou parents who fifty is he word UNICEF or go to UNICEF. U S a dot, org, slash Iheart to donate I for every dollar. U S fun for UNICEF spends ninety since goes directly to kids in need so make a donation now right now, if you just and as we talk in tee, I voice may whether inside and explain to the people we need is a so messy were isn. I fled have had an ongoing situation. They have got into a physical education in Vegas a lot of. It is over tiny. Clearly you know things he I legs, when tiny hangs out with Floyd. She probably should away from him, but I guess theatres hosted a video listening vanity, both ways. Name is mentioned. Raise five one way they may, whether Father Vapor repair job put the money team in a day,
faith there and then, after that, by the way, the guy who have the floor me where the Father phases mainly ecclesiastical likely Oji Clayton S. My guy I raised then, after that is video surface of tiny dancing with Floyd at a Halloween party. They Mariah carry had rope, doesn't look good, no good at all, so I don't know what's going to happen next would, of course it is You don't you five, five one or fire. One should tiny, have told tee out from the start. What had happened and got the way. That is the question because she told TMZ, basically ass. She didn't mean to be the picture of Floyd Mariah after to take the picture right admittedly I was dancing flow to night or I'm gonna tell you how long vision is over. It is enough, and I mean a damn care before out. There is no way you dance with the guy. My husband gotta talk physical altercation, Thou Laana. Like the way you think what tee I swung
on Floyd May. Well then, I guess municipal Party, who have all the ass one item. Firstly gotta give the autocratic, ok put at swung autumn in Vegas surrounded by all reminded the insecurity, and that creates the Negro tee. I had no problem, though, in a blow job will include Bosnia there. Now you just said he's a crazy as negro right. Yes, as both the Goma say, hey baby drug- and I was the answer- we got you just what I mean when you gotta keep you gotta go away, you you have to take that into consideration. Their tiny rally know the type of man she's in love with the five men she married. Let me note you might wanna keep that the yourself, but I look at a deeper. Ok. Well, put yourself in a situation to begin what you notice Guy Foy. May
that is just using you as upon the piss. You happen now that it happens. They should not happen again and nobody really happy with what would it should it did happen if one now now, do you tell the truth now that it's happened, whether or not it should have words clearly time it in those you'd be a video to dozens of all of our two of them came reforms you did not notice footed without their now, based on the information that she had, meaning there mm picture was out there sure ally about there,
have you noted his actual video. You still decided in your devil you can set. I was in secret video footage. We have he's gonna people in a way we were trying to block them off with my thing is why keep putting yourself in a situation when you notice manages use news upon pursue man of languages, bring a negative image of isa where we ask, and if that was the case and it did Abbe, would you tell you, may now here's my belief away? That is not lie all the way you gotta turn of two. So that is something does come out. I don't like as bad. What would you say? It is not the neck of possible item and I must say I mean I spoke to Floyd. You know it is what it is we who, at the piety cell years, we say we saw that I wouldn't have acted like I was forced to take a picture. Do you draw debris day which I waited there? I want to say that, but I would say: well, yeah spoke to him at the party like you know, it is that when it is breaking, they was dead, and now, when I came out of an idea, we talked about what we do not say that the anti I would say we were there as well as to what is said in the facility of this facility, was doing a low days. Array bears allows this move towards pointing now. Would you be completely honest?
completely honest you have to utilise will come at all social media man. You know that come out in weeks, though, by the way we're gonna Rikiu Euro. As a man we deny denied, deny unless we get that negative approval. So I feel, like I say, glad on what what I would say very much with only written in an upper limit of me and desert me against. My will show you tat ran the footlights. Oh yes, yes, a guy, has a reputation for while it does provide he grabbed me, he forced me to dance what how fair for my life hit me tat. There was no mom, I do. What would you do? I wouldn't have wow what a life tat they were like it was. There about any gave out by what he lighted with the Piper Holdeth are because they re Z, private, as ever since
all right. By the way you can smartphones have totally ruin the game. Smartphones have made the game, filthy and Cameron, ain't even worth it to cheat anymore, because you will get caught on tape with your side piece and somewhere before eight hundred five, eight five one or fire one we're talking tiny. Should she have just told through from the door. Hey may employ dance. What would you on call us now is to breakfast locomotive tory sorry lanes with love morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club now, if you just join us, we're talking Floyd whether tiny t, I've, Israel, messy ravages joy, I believe I am basically I'm video footage has surfaced of tiny dancing with Loi may, whether we are ready Nazi. I does not like Floyd. They got into a physical education previously, always tiny, and now they ve been quite and things again and as the previous legal, Ed dad's, he was forced to take a pig Maria Group. May I was wondering
of the party and Mariah, then we're taking pictures, and she asked me to come. Take this picture with me and I'm just not going to tell the queen no lie can make a big scene of it. I just took the picture and kept it moving. It was very quick. What sort? Of course it is eight hundred five, eight five one or fire one. If you would tiny you knew you as with him at the party. Would you just admitted and say I did this allows this? Would you Tell you what would you do? I mean maybe I wouldn't tell her to let the man being honestly. I would tell the true I would hope she would tell me, but if I was in her shoes, she should have kept that covered up. They love you taken by our new. Can you not was the lab guys say If we now, I can't you could tell the two by the way it is worth fifty million dollars a bottle of worry we're awoke in the global world. You know I media,
all of you as well as you did in the poor boy oughta us. I don't know how to actually it doesn't matter what you really want to take it down a road at an unfair to keep your mouth shut, something they met. She didn't notice marvels roles. You daddy within the dog on security, would block and ensure that a small amount of either what it has been honest and been I gladly danced pay was- is listed on Europe, a donor, the others demi they want to get the right now, it's Ghana, tiny. What would you do in a situation? Oh my good. Let's talk about you just don't do that the man's drives it's done now, but I know it is now. What you do. Is you how here man before these streets cookie, might hit you get over there? world, so you think she said you were told that that was you. You would tell your man first.
Design arise from a very tiny. How would you say it? What would you say you know? You know baby over How are you grab me everything? I would say that the party that I told you that you told me not to go through them all and, having listened to you, you know you got a little he's completely right. Good guy, like that knows that you like. I don't like that how long they were right. Yes, I was, I was told we want one. I will deal with Andorra shouldn't Lydia I gotta to act promptly. His name or of law. I remember how come I look ahead and I must say that I am you know. You just told me to fight and we just had a harmful the committee has not myself and had realized. Well, that's what you mean, but by the way
the eyes of resolve as right now tee I can go out. That bank teller at Chase Bank like law, they'd on insecure. Ok, how to pass right now, but the other the horrible violation, There is now a tiny continue to put ourselves in these situations, like you note employ, may weather is using. U is appalling every time he gives us de I would have you. Do he put something out somebody release is something about Floyd may, whether in tiny, so you know he's using you as a pause. Why you continue to put itself in a situation? I don't get it. More or less story guy, I'm all the story is telling the truth and making someone cry is better. Tell a lie and making some one small unless cause that person you're telling the truth who is crucial tee? I Harris we'll go in
The entire these cases should apply. She noted the noted. The video without their of our data, would floored may well now. What does he do? A measure to pray now? Those maybe I did lie down on you now today. Clearly aren't you know tee? I arrive at each other in a different differ Mandalay, both each other's right adoptions. But this is not a mediaeval derive die pleases, but this is a different type of violation, but what she needs to stop, nor do is kicking overfly may, whether for me It is not ideal but ensure that our dining floor- I guess I just happened to be the same. Piety now may know managed stop talking today. May nothing good happens when you deal with individual, my guts only, alas, my wife, no effort you aren't. We want to be the same room. No you got back in his seat ass. He ought not to mess with words as be aroused and shakes. He should do it either right exactly in that case
we met him. Tat might have been a great legal. I know about isn't what I may add that restores have nothing to do with demand easier, they both high isa. I messed up tiny messed up. I'm too de. I am team, Lord ok, in this evaluation- and here are two eyes lily. Righty t, I told her stay away from floor. She still contains seems to Floyd and bad things, keep happening so clearly tee. I write about this situation right, messy messy messy. He messy very reliable rooms? Runaway? Yes, we'll talk about a four day festival. That's gonna be happening for parents also, Gucci may. Whenever long time. France has some things to say about him. Loca will get into all that will become bad. Keep unlocked the breakfast locomotive, the breakfast club.
The report is the reul report. The breakfast club divide is good news for good. She made him getting, engage acoustic, hey! I am having a new album coming out. It's gonna be exclusively on apple at first one of his. Time, I guess former friends now we could call him has some things to say about goosey that he want you to know here is one of his life time, friends, Mojo I've! You been really Should I be This major you know, Don't ever got the medicine. I am raising this issue It has nothing to make a video about somebody and say something like that: who's. This guy lies when it has, by I'm afraid,
Baby- I don't know you gotta. We know he's really wanna goosey former friends than any pages at him. Together. There really has been a long time. Friends there like some areas to always be with him now nothing was beaten. Wasn't I have no idea, I guess we would have to if he don't have. No Instagram pigs were gucci. When Gucci was fat, they may warrant really France, ok posts up more go back there. Design knows real yeah? I don't know what happened in its who have them. There was all got everything yeah. Sometimes your best bans can become your worst enemies. You know what it is. It happened between the two of them, I'm sure. As some plain, if there is anything that could come out, it well right, but they ve been friends for fourteen years, by the way, would make sense for him to say Gucci call me. I know you got to lose, but please those cinema me now that would have made sense. Inessa, jewelry, now drink is in trouble. We told you before about I envy being in care
over the weekend and Lil Wayne didn't show up, but guess who didn't perform when he was supposed to perform now drake. He was in Abu Dhabi over the weekend. He posted a picture while he was out there, but he didn't show up for his appearance, VIP room on Saturday. Ninety were aid to engineer fifty thousand dollars for that appearance, us all video performer somewhere in Abu Dhabi, now say. I lead as though his management guy into an argument with the management mad vip room and that's why he did not show up. So they said fans waited until five a m, but he was nowhere to be found. They released statement do today overwhelming popularity. The sheer number people they turned about side of VIP room made a completely unsafe frederick to even entered the venue in the end, so he was unable who perform. Probably don't remember right yeah, but if you go in safety forever in Algeria, the bags ivy safety, no Rima audacity and none of Security New Vienna, they got bags and Abu Dhabi, nine of bandwidth, asylum, completing the gagging, as in Dallas, he was gonna, get
we're going to get some Bruno video I caught a black. He was released from jail and Peter and Florida. No actually, this happened yesterday, but now he's being extradited to Florence South Carolina. That's her he's facing charges of criminal sexual conduct, so that is what's up next, we don't know, what's going to happen with these charges. Privacy he's gonna face, though charges in the coming months. We will maintain its delays. Nineteen years old, you be nice, lawyers are saying they very confident that he be cleared of these allegations, you looking for it to get Therefore, we can go on with his life and with his career. Nobody, I we shall see what happens. Nepi sat in the meantime has a lawsuit going. This I mean suing, though he soon because he sang a few auto d. Killing companies used him and he's upset about easing phenomenal vinyl rim, source motor sports and for its yedo. That is, for posting pictures of him and social media to sell vehicle wraps and rams. He says he did hire them to do.
Work on his cars, but he told them not suppose any photos are images of him to make. It seem like he's endorsing them and they still went ahead. Ended there The word had out my lawyers in a season. This is the somebody s it. He had me upon some type of site. Just one picture like know nothing about it was it you naked bent over assembly not a deadly, not me! I will not accept your punctually took from Like MTV website. Is them away and promoting may like an award, show some that's funny near they took it a gentleman. I know a lot of people use like pictures are very Oh Vixen's on flyers is done. My dad, I went on to I'm gonna grab me How what makes you know with the ugly Christmas wedding party, no Mamma, I gotta some amazing rigidness went on did as they are now dead. Ass, we got the breakfast club ugly Christmas, one of them a matter that we are ugly venture people arriving
Angela YE and then is your room, a report. And we're not only with envy azalea faces for radio. Ok, that's idly by. All right. Who Charlemagne? Yes? Will you give it a donkey to listen? Man? Is this young individual I'll know he's young enough, but he was on adult the airlines flying. He was showing his ass his name, Jamie Fenner, frock, Fenner frock. What does Frank: that's what I've discovered Mr Jamie Fenner Frog and of rock we need him. From the Ganges we like to have a word with you. I found rather than a fragile, and we want to ask you: have you ever sucked it d ya alive? What sexy right friend, affrati gonna fly when we come back, people
Jenny days up next to breakfast locomotive, donkey, devil dont you today for to do no good, but twenty nine goes. The Jamie Fritter Fraga think pronounced in their right. I had to do some research to find this man's name. He's not his name well, according to joy of MSNBC, that is the name of the passages of is not his name is harmful, ok, cause. He should be reliable source now Jamie, in a frog, was on a doubt. The airline flight showing his ass Jamie one on a bizarre programme, oh tromp, right now. Jamie was seen making a whole lot of noise. About the election results in a video last week. Now the videos
hosted by another passenger name Emma Bomb and Emma says she sat next to allow trumps supporting and she first noticed a man make America it again outside it. Why terminal before boarding. I Jamie continue to talk about trump when it was seated on the plains of Emma found his rent and posted on Facebook. I must have really been going off prior to what we saw on his video, because before take off a flight attendant, actually escorted Jamie from his seat questioned him then aloud. Return is e m. A bomb the other passages said Jane. You ve been a frog within quoted as saying this is what I for being a patriot. Now, would you like to hear what Emma Bond action on video and posted to Facebook. Where you go, as regards what is it as you know, is that govern Hilary Benn Giovanni and I look Armada. Cowboy frenetic. Ok, if you anything about meeting. You know that
this year. We are ten in one geopolitical involvement that cowboys we have a real great chance of going to the super bowl and winning it, and I'm telling you right now. If that happens, I'm going to be just like Jamie Finefrock, there's absolute, not the raw, was celebrating the wind, but the difference between my Dallas Cowboys and Donald trump them cowboy didn't you know, footpath aid. Much run on a platform of hate and bigotry. My Dallas cowboys just such for the past couple of nobody's gonna, be upset by jump on a plane and I'm screaming Dallas cowboys out of the votes. Have you there's nothing? You can do that. Ok, Margaret all. Well in frog, I can't wait to get my Jamie front or frock on and do that. I want to come things like politics, religion, a who's, the better rabble, Tupac Biggie is best to keep things like that to yourself, because our think people know How many saw loses it is out there and I'm wanted him. I didn't Volvo job, don't like we stand for I can easily see ya. Jamie's rhetoric would offend anyone, especially when you fertile referred. A women on a flight is Hilary bitches. Ok, you come
His massaging the consensus is operated in the leg, so birds of a feather flock together I know you seen: people had kicked off planes for less and less than yourself if he was planned. Moves. Lonely would have never allowed him to be on the plane barometer, something The airlines did burden and just kicking off flight. Let's go to CBS New York, Maurice Toolbar Fourtou Report Russian on the dot from supporter. On video yelling and cursing at other passengers during a delta flights, maybe the man who does says he will never be allowed to fly with them ever again. Low video has since gone viral happen on a flight from Atlanta Allentown Pennsylvania Delta says, is given every passenger on the flight of full three five. You heard right down: band him for life. He'll never have of life.
The airline flight ever again. If he was a frequent fly of doubt the eyes guy miles me. Nothing now done down the drain nonexistent, because you want to run your mouth now believe in freedom and peace, but the thing about freedom of speech is their consequences. Did every speech you may, In the wrong person- and you can reach the right to speak freely, but I read of the right to punish you for it. If I came and doubt that absolutely can any date. Okay, hey Jamie, ask yourself: was it worth it? give Jimmy Finnish brought the biggest. He hardly too bad joke airlines doesn't exist anymore. He could fly on official the elderly, they would have done the exact opposite. Adult then gave him free flights for life, but sadly, tromp airlines only lasted for as long as we hoped trumps presidency last and ass for years for all right death. But thank you for a dark at a
the phone lines, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one some people say well, it's freedom of speech. You should be able to say what he wants to say. So the question is: should he have and for life. Eight hundred five, eight five one. One that is maybe maybe maybe what these mentally ill, maybe no, no, my y know y know. Why would you go into tromp rain? He can't be mentally. Oh, maybe he's mentally is in place. It you don't have freedom of speech and one of those is on a flight because you can't say certain words. Your definite get kicked up. Lane. Well, I'll just hang but his language, and I am sure it will kids on a fly any self about Hilary bitches enemy. Ever what you say that you can often women in their many can scream at a much of women on a flight. I could think about it. If you fly that flights me, let him get away, wouldn't want that. He might you can do that when he's on other flight attendant even my pal, I think you do that
salute either way you got a set of president. You understand the relative ass, some people who say any should be able to say what he wants to say, and sometimes they hear beaches and music. He might be made to you or eight hundred five aid. Final benefited governmental guy, a kindred to benefit laser beam interminably get hospitalized. They decide that he is indeed suffering from depression and paranoia is mentally ill than that's another considerable Jamie front, a frog in order to start looking global trading, Did he kill again about the whole toilet? Let me see two left partner. You can't, see. The brain is the fact that NATO is on primary back what I'm crazy. I've become very these different this morning was beyond say, Bonnie and Clyde morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club now we're talking about. This wasn't aim in Iraq. The name is Jamie Frock friend of frock. Ok, they was kicked off this debt
the flight for doing this man because he was actually ban for life by Delta, asking eight hundred five Fifty one thousand and fifty one schuette be bad, or was it freedom of speech that I don't? I don't know if he was necessarily bad for being pro trump? I don't think it's anything wrong with celebrating your win. Celebrating your victory, but I think he was more so bad because he referred for women. Is Hilary bitches and you have to set a precedent, because if you allow people to come on you're flights and talk to other people like that, more people will probably do. You have set a precedent with this guy that this will not be tolerated in any way shape or form. I should have been banned, Armenia's some showed it with kids on a flight and, like you say you refer to women is bitches, is disrespectful is horrible right. He should only for light. I want other people to feel that they can do the same things that they have copycat incidents. Absolutely you can use. Fouling was the answer in places like in the airport and the plane. They have the right to kick. You are, for whatever reason they feel they want to
company it'll, be a free for all people, a note. I doubt the airlines, except certain things, so you have to teach people how to treat you Nobody antagonized, nobody did anything to him. He was just on his own design to do what he wanted to desert is teaching passengers how to treat their airlines threat in their passengers let's go to the four lines, allows this either. Everything very Anna from New Jersey. Now. Do you think this gas we bear for life? You know there is adequate and are everywhere you are. You can figure out what you have to rethink our dream like now that, rather than an equally tragic that that's what I beg, real big moment. Car was abroad, I will go down needing disguising baffling, may yet be back a lot of ways you can, that might arise with the web.
Get him out of there and yeah, and even think about that he could have been sighted a ride because it could have been a back and forth like mothers support as a rule, the Green Party Democrats could Awad. I ran into a wasted you ride. I would think about that allows is crackle level was abroad, eating should have been made for life. Not I been banned breeding Age America, but with anybody else he would have them. Let him up. He refers. Woman is bitches doc, weapon How did they get their members stood upon the plain and called everyone bitches? It would have been ok, it would have been a party,
we do that when others, when others may lie, he would advance why, when exactly that, isn't going to know the boy? Are you got on the market for it, but I wonder whether the girl, who does grew back there, like ok, called Hilary bids, is meant to be candid aim and even in the Gatt, even if that it there's a rap any with kids on a plane to people that, whereas in my language they definitely what a kick them absolutely alone the point he made up his point: five, a viable five one. That's all The man had said this on a delta flight name is Jamie front of Rock what does that mean?
where he be banned for life delta band disaster life, eight hundred and five, eighty five thousand one hundred and five. What what do you think is the breakfast club come on that was Khaled for free morning? Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club. Eight hundred the five one on fire, warm we're talking about Frederick Frock James. Further frock. He was banned from Adele to airlines, flying, for saying this. Applause, this man. Who does should he be banned from life. Eight hundred five hundred five one o five one allows this young lock up for good. Get out of here whose tree was have another host regard as weak man, my language, but what a multitude of of cars more fraud of other modes going about Gooseberry get Luciano Barbershop food, my people's over this matter
member yo. I walked up the situation may in my lab Charlemagne and my good colleague anything you say as I go on mental health issues, Norman dodgy crazy. You know it. We do want is like them. I was a Hilary supporters say or yet Hilary wine don't like a time of ignorance now hold on. I aim, it is crazy, like you said, So you say you don't have mediocrity, just crazy, a mental illness. Now you can easily, I sell crazy. You could be literally clinical, diagnosed as mentally and saying? Well, we don't make of this guy on the way we do not be was it. We don't know what is going to fly with mentally ill, and I'm just saying if you and your colleagues have benefited from the men are united in their eyes. Agnes is being social media diagnosed in before even out of diagnosis. Do that all these measures? Will you go into a lot of the press? Is mom died on this month we come on start. We have enough information and Agnes this guy greatly to me now who's this
talking about is gonna flight. Should it be life. Yes, he said why a theory that first of all in a partner, said there is a time and a place to talk about in anger react as our way an airplane event, one among the view, doing it out in the street. People have the option to walk away from you you doing in a dream. People have the option to get off of glittering. When you're an airplane dine here, there is no option for anyone to go anywhere shrill and somebody starts to act so unruly. How do you know the elderly are going to sit there and have like a panic attack or gives somebody a heart attack on me? little nervous, open the airlines would be uncomfortable? Am I like it? I was paid out, is more like Bagley exactly and if people thoughts fighting up in the air What are you gonna go when you know it's just a really bad situation.
Somebody still remain like that is to make people feel uncomfortable at some point, would make the man or some woman come up in faith, stop it and then again that would just ethically that lie. I think, there's like a time to put in the thing is without a lake interference. I ok just get off her off by What would stop him from buying another ticket and doing it again to second greater on another airline? I love you and come down by a love. You in the larger Judas land is more innovative, hello, there's another one. I want a band of women would go or God and earlier, when are you gonna language? Oligarchy robbers can celebrate guns, drugs and guy women bit it again. You ve been of rock celebrate drop all women. Hilary benn only been. I disagree with it
what they meant appointed, applying their what he wouldn't play landed in DAWN Robin so you could have got my and walked off and he got into the third pillar, Rebecca Obama, port workers on the one you know where you can say whatever he was a say it just won't be on a delta flight period. Thank you very much. I guess, but as we have the right to do so, I won't get modem embarrassment boy. Would a middle home Would a little random acted like a bit with behind a little wagons, you negro call it would have been ok. Aware. Has you happy daddy all right again? Is it get that guy man from Delta and I would be very uncomfortable- you sound just like him right now. Man is caring. Crackle Dracula evolving Craig, allow one made on other they re about it. They remain of king ragged, now Reimer with a model as former them all the storage
Have freedom of people just got understand? It has consequences that everything was beats like you may have been around for us in this situation, Jamie Front frock felt free to be pro tromp into call women Hilary bridges in doubt the felt free. The ban is ass, many flights and guess what what Jamie got duty in doubt the copyright do they are right, we got rooms on the way easy. Yes, we are going to talk about Lil Wayne he's a say that he has a new project underway, but tell you what else he said. Also, I didn't even get a chance to tell you about printing on. Let me some friends, there's going to be a Isabel happening. I give you other detailed and already to know Now I will get into that. When we come back, keep it lacked the breakfast club the morning. The breakfast club
We urgently need this clause will be celebrated. His estate will celebrate the anniversary of his passing with a four day festival in April. It's called celebration, twenty seventeen right now they have the revolution Morris Day and the time and members of the new power generation and third eye girl they're going to be coming to perform, bringing together so the musicians at work personally with prince and all of that, so his home paisley, has been converted into a permanent museum, so you can see everything exactly as it was, including the studio purple rain room and the mpg musics collect music club. That's gonna be April twentieth. Twenty there, the celebration at his estate, and many apple, our nose and girls. God smashed inseparable ray. You know they did and by the way more data we get pretty deserves Robin clues bond for more data.
More. There might be, will Bruno more modern Myanmar's. How much does it cost to get it, but Mozilla nine after the museum, they're gonna have missed a museum is, but I know if you wanna go to this festival generally and tickets, our four hundred, ninety nine dollars, jewish, but its boy days salon abroad and VIP passes- are nine hundred. Ninety Nanda also include photo an autograph sessions with special all right now a little way and has a new project on the way he was at the nine club, doing an interview and hears what he said said I noted that a funeral comes the money that is my music, always o o roses ready Beverly Stayokay. I have a whole bunch of good news coming soon. So if you are wearing fancy, I know we've been going through a lot of tough times right now, but if you are waiting family about to hold our heads high, soon
Can you put out a and future you? I don't know how he's working it out, but I got has seven now some coming soon he's been doing a lot of he's with title arm of rum away when under musical Millicent Wayne is said, a lot of questionable thing, though, to pass. You must be added the mad at ease and one of the goats, and when it s absolutely is I'm hoping he addresses those things and has more to think on me when I am told one then socially conscious. This talk about eating pool- and you know now I would lend my people. I would love to have gotten educated. I'm black lives matter. What it means who s going? I would love to his little too little white, but how many other people around him have educate him? Mamma said it always will be or endanger prose joke. When you say why Do we care which our rude things? That's how I feel about Alai, these rapid stick to which a noble I right now, let's discuss can yea West. He has been here but Ally's right as we all know, they thought that he would be able to come home,
so they originally he was hospitalized for exertion and sleep deprivation last Monday, but now this things are lot worse. He was supposed to get out yesterday. They are keeping him because his behaviour has been erratic. He has a history of personal struggles in you know low different behaviour by right now, they're saying this is much different and things have not gone back to normal. They said nobody would take it seriously before they are people with they always kind being cognate by right, now he's having a really rough time, they saying right now came as the only person that he actually trust at all, but awaited Cartesians put their press release auto shop. That would enable the only person he trusts Riyadh as she has to be based on a short time. The car dashing pr machine that is his wife to write, and they are saying that he has been by his side. Nine stats inside this has happened so You should be as his wife as I would hope. Anybody would be of any diagnose the paranoia depression and let me say he stated that this is at best.
You know how to make a half bills or to fear can seize manner. I think at first they said he wouldn't let the Dax doctors touch him or come near him and took him had to be there in order. For that to happen, I right now, as fires came car dash, and there is no keeping up with the Kardashians right now. They have films enough to fulfil all of their episodes. They were China found throughout the holidays. Clearly that second happened, they ve shut down filming for the show right now they said I right now, Kim Kardashian is rethinking everything whatever that means I write em Angela YE, and that is your rumour report far right. Thank you. Miss ye shall to revolt. We'll see you guys to Morrow everybody else to people's choice mixes up next shouted avoid games raised the games birthday, so the thought the mix offers some game. Let me know what you will you Bobby five one o five one is to breakfast locomotive
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