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AB- Soul stopped by the Breakfast Club to promote his new album "DWTW," talks about his beef with Jay Electronica and gives confirmation on a Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole collaboration. A disrespectful airport rant earns Young Thug Donkey of the Day honors.

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I love you. More than rats ratchet sit out, become the most prominent you some early morning when I was young people's choice. Bread was busy at its army a petty good morning. You yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo. Good morning, HIV, lousy, Danny Charlemagne again raised a planet. If I'm excited about that, you guys are too high. They were taken off today. I was going to what I've decided to come to we're. Gonna have to instil in Bosnia, had to show. Last night inability to do while Gov work being that we owe Christmas and new year vacation covered up when it when I was in a dry bad, but I decided not to drive back. It is come to work at it and fly back after loved their drugged balls. They want to blame playwright. Forty metres from New York City were because you have been able to make it back in time to depriving you did last night cause there's no flight, devaluing I know private jet and we we roundly in America every comedian, little Duvall Exogamy, you all negro got private jets, Nudo, I'm a little too cheap.
A private. Yet I find his breath logo That is a great instances when a private jet would be a pretty handy. Maybe is too expensive. For me, Braga five gay that private jet thing. I would like all whereby the latter S door, I'm actually about NATO membership of that, but the problem of lately only a certain time that you can get a job at three in the morning. This sound so like ritual, but you can't certain terms than if it doesn't make sense at all, and I use a restart. What is it like? Google? I thought it was now. I know I had a letter like that. Now I still very expensive. It is cheaper than a private diabetics I got you have to apply for membership. Membership is like ten thousand policies in and you still have to pay after that. Every time you get one right and then is not really good for plate, frightened cities
dont have allotted traffic leg, you know four major cities, religious supervision at all, as regular, full dongle chosen private justice. Dictated, though, doesn't your blue? Shall you remember? I've never been on a private jet meaningful. I haven't lived out and about an admin invited me to fly, wouldn't want islands, revolt, music conference, but I couldn't goes. We had something to do they intended to act. Did you gotta check it out a little bit you a letter, I don't know she had promised economic knocked up with that I will throw pay those who get comfortable. We talk about you and are now ok Then I wish you haven't done in preparation. Normally, when I come in here for firm pays knows, there are several
later on. I piglets to having the most important mood and do their job even join me. Any story. No one knows how to tell you what I think I want to do what you did you want to do what you did you know we can talk about Donald Trump and a good good economic aid, and here s what is there anyway to setting the damage? Juggler become back. Ok, he's keeping his job as executive producer, celebrity print, even though, is gonna, be president of the United States in every was talking about that. Ok, ok, we'll get into all that a more hopefully when we come back and shuddered about it again, the cure allows last night in Bosnia. We had a great time both really asked what are so. We appreciate your Boston front. You know that we come back as the breakfast logo on well, let's get some food page knew that where there is a need for the Kansas City, cheese beat, the rate is twenty one to thirteen. That is, we give my giants will be demolishing those cowboys. I'm actually go into the game. So good luck to you
girlfriend game as well. We don't believe in luck. I believe- and I haven't salad team- were eleven new one, though only negative this year with the giants in oh, you know if we were a totally different team that first gave it a season. We ve learned a lot, so it should be. A game on study with Dallas cowboys. Well, when I tell him we're tidal first love cowboys don't get this year after Discreet is against the Detroit Life anatomy. As can be Sunday, but anyway, let's talk about from London, news stories. They gave me a battle, invasions apparently be wondering now, I'm goddamn. I know what is going on because I was the news is more in here. You gotta stop Madonna trumpet our identity is gonna, remain as executive producer on celebrity apprentice, even though he's gonna be the president of the United States from one can involve Donald Trump argument. This is ass. He had said that he's gonna it kind of cattle, as with all other companies to focus on being the president now decided that he will stay on as the executive
producer? We don't know how much he's making from that. Some people are concerned that on NBC, so Embassy reports news about Donald Trump. How is that gonna to all of them are behind greater weight in the dispensary, but there has to be against some type of constitution, rather actually legal. Yet a resident of the United States of America. Aren't you don't have time to be EPA and no tv shows boiling. Your name is just going beyond his name. Is you combine his family's gonna run it. I don't know how this is going The word make it had its are clearly something like this is unprecedented and you know the facts. You want to be the problem because of your president rank higher, usually say. I want to focus all my energy on run in this country on the leader free world, who got time the EPA reality, I should want to know who is gonna, be the next celebrity apprentice cap of law that and lets. Clear, you know, he's gonna be naming the Secretary of State, they believe as early as Monday as well so be interesting to see his pig is for that This is you ve got to sit back and enjoyed it next
Are you if you had a look at it like a reality Sheena you watch. The reality shows me tweet about how much you hate them right. Now, Dude America right now, but I must be the people that is paid for his cabinet, so firearm millionaires. So People are saying well, do you want to put a bunch people having been successful to run this country? when people who have successful business and not only that a bunch of millionaires who have been out of touch with the common man right along at a really so long. Now, let's talk about We know what wait she say. She got me by fate, known as it may. My every weeks Hillary Clinton was giving our first speech ever since everything has happened and she was actually I'm talking about Y, see things theirs. You lost the election and have fake media. Fake news is really hurt even the average person his what he had to say the flies
so. How is it wise, yes today, Isn't there always stand? He is just absolutely right to their home pizza gate story that were circulating. That was fake about her minutes allotted to me. When you do your research could do your research and it is still befit lagoons. I watched him said if you If you read the paper, but he said he said, if you don't we do Patria uninformed. If you read the baby and misinformed, I feel like that. Any time I want our watched, any news go online and look at any type of news whatsoever. Cause you don't know right. Are they recently to untie me? Her figure write a book and they was hoping where he lay within hearing when black people wearing his clothes, and he was a. Whereas if
for a moment, never said that that everything about it, I was sure to those which were found out. I was there, was now a false, and I was able to show me where I said that I was I was about. Two million recently in one of the guy. There was telling me living in any event. That story lay I believe you gonna notification but because we did our communities that, where health wicked whole urban community, we just like shut it down. So how do you know something real and not tat? We can actually see a video or the present saying in encoded in a credible. During an interview that would mean ok, I see the words coming out of his mouth. That was more imperative. Then that we have like I said earlier. It is an online news network that is controlling ah narratives, in putting the things I did actually true and accurate. Could you have so much lies? Coming from the conservative right, sir? I say well asked for
Page news tell him: are you mad eight hundred five, eight one thousand and one if you're upset need to vent cordless right now, maybe had a bad night of bad morning. Eight hundred five, eighty five five, wonderful learned, a wide open call us up right now is to breakfast locomotive The breakfast club. I am delighted at the lab day why and how to play while back Mack problems by better with so many girls into your Bulgaria. We don't need any other browser, but really knows Dermody drug comedies lobby girl gone away. We need other guys go, go away, talk about exactly why you were the boreal below this bar Ryan's Holloway, mad mad you're, not. I taught me brother failure there at the top of it, don't know anything about the other than you think any the office. It though at the top and parsley
but the want them up at all, but are here now so I use out why you say we wrong. If you view of death, If you imagine you try to make it out like a part of the job with during the common band and all these web browser to look out for your work. There is a new thing. Iraq Obama has more and more in touch with the common man in the current administration pillar common part, the building When can I see the private ear about cabinet members not to further the latter dogma wrong? Number: three: a millionaire. Explaining what people had an issue where there was a said he's appointed lotta millionaires to his cabinet? Most of them are millionaires and they are people who have been successful in bed has any feels like if you haven't been six and then business, then the man who doesn't usually do you think that a cavity figure in answer to a well. What about that failure,
they all of them. I say most evident to me as your question: do you think that most of his cabinet is in touch with the comment regarding the matter? He said your five. A further. You say that you back up with I'm ok so you call him the boy you agree with us show bearable I've been doing away with police them? Thank you for calling me appropriately. Why you let him get that off his chance? If you don't like the show Brown decent, I appeal to people who hate us in this, and yet what have they tell you? When people call imitated a hate, you shall come on really loved issue enjoyed love. Pillows is now tell em. I met a man really think that a giant the owl talking since in terms of did at first we do. What did you say that first week as well,
and what happened there was nobody will ever Juilliard away from Gonna get him one of durable by men were not as a matter of maiden when does not liable to have done. You'll, probably respect the general opinion, though, due to their eyes very new cowgirls illusion everybody relax, everybody remain game is in a couple days, no need to talk about. What's gonna happen, just to say last Monday, that exactly I was acknowledged. It wasn't exactly Delaware. You may eight hundred five a file. No fire! One is the breakfast Logan the breakfast club, yeah I, like that pulled out. I was listening to the album. Only got the track for track for brexit at nature, like everyone that record cuz, he's really he's really some some intricate things in that zone. Without my guy has set, as ever, May I see the hour when it will be in a mood? Listen! A j quite logical to what I gotta be in a certain mood listener. Genco American today
today I gotta lotta running around to do is Friday. Is the perfect time to catch up on the music Theobald Robin Rawdon does? Does a law play right? Boy got a long drive to Boston, a lovely and orderly mute. Absolutely and ass. We would be doing today on my way back. I'm elicited OJ go our right and we have also made probably heard the wardrobe without also We know it wasn't away, yes talk about the lines and why she ended up doing a seat at the table. She talked about the races conversation that actually helped her make that album. Also Kobe Bryant. Congratulations to him answer Vanessa. The brain was how you, where they add, welcoming this weekend role.
We need to begin this week or I will get into all that will become back. You Balochistan, breakfast locomotive breakfast envy. Angela ye shall meet God. We oughta breakfast club, it's a fraud, as they have been exerted Friday in Friday, go work to do, but at least I'm gonna get a before in the morning to Morrow legal. Let's get to the room, was we found TAT day about the report annually eat breakfast webcam Yea is out and about he was actually and allay. Yesterday he was at an art installation at the Pacific design sent areas blonde here now, so he looks a little bit different any day before he was hospitalized lookers on his ear
I made him do that eventually you allow tens of people want to make a change. They tend to hear that is true. Girls and got outta here MA am leave that of the fact. I he's us in working on some music at his home studio now finds where the Bentley actually gay some explanation of what in the Congo is that he never mourned his mother. That's at the root of this euro to be a clinical psychologist to figure that out. That's the core of this I think a lot of these things are coming up and coming out now he said you have to look at it from his perspective you put at the most bathing album you're breaking records on, so what happens is used get in your fashion, show just demolishes and fails. We all know more than anything that he wants to be successful in fashion so and editors and everything or beating him up that happens. You're on age awakens robbed. He said that happened. It's not! Ok! That's nuts!
into question. That really happened when people say things like you know he never mind his mother you'd never stop morning now lay morning not a one time thing authorities are doing there, ok out my system where they may be. He never really sat down and deal with the emotions. Ever sometimes people ass, true ass gettin. They just continue doing what they're doing. I'm gonna go back to work and I don't want it think about it and they don't primarily take the time you gonna go to await already led the world. All movement. We really don't know because we both have all three of us have our parents around. So we don't know what that feeling at any level just hide their feelings about. You know not even just morning your parents, but things in general and in it comes back later on our shores of where we feel in Paris. He never went to stop morning. I ask them Do it for the rest of your life? I right now listen about Will Smith. He talks about filming collateral beauty. He was on degenerous, and he talks about babble, would because it's a movie- a father who is devastated by his young daughters, death, but actually, behind the scenes Wilson,
was going through his own issues. Here's what he said was really interesting. As I got the screen play, when my father was diagnosed. I'm doing all of this research about a guy who experiences death. You know at the time that you know my father was given six week, but it turned out to be such an amount using thing to have to work through and go? through all this performance. For me in the movie, for me, any ideas are so deeply personal. This film, for me, is the most personal when and beautiful journey when art and life comes together. That way? When you, you know you create something that potentially can help people get through difficult times as though we already that you something you just gotta work through because keep Goin, regardless of where he said it was when our life came together. Also He had to do a movie dealing with the loss of
during the last of his daughter. At the same time, he's trying to cope with the loss of his father who serve you too, can also was very. There appeared rather emotional, loudly really real when you see America, Romano screwing scientists that that was an interesting conversation now congratulations to co, be he just had a daughter, Cobia, Vanessa, Brian, that boy call me was a whole drawn biological. We Vienna hope as one let's get out of their job, and I know it's gonna be another girl. When you in a path life, you are going to get nothing but women. Jesus Christ, Kogi, I envy was nice bag as two boys as the true as the true something something to various imbalance. Never his penis NED desk Clerk, our rights era, insulin talks about a seat at the table. You know I love that album. I listen to it all the time when I'm at home and she talks about a conversation. She says Two white men have a racist chat,
army in her career is what pushed her to write this album. She was at the having timber posed and she said that she heard two white journey. This discuss her music or audience and how much more considerate and grateful that she should be the white people for filling up venues for her. She said and two thousand thirteen she got some flour that's. Where does he said why journalists who write about aren't be music should know who brandy is ripe, for governments will arrive, times invited here to talk about culture, tourism in music on one of their packaging. She said, no, I don't feel the need have a debate about something I was culturally apart of, and I didn't feel the need to defend that. So she said the hosted the times past. I dont care Monica those white talks about what she said on Twitter and also said that I'm it is the largest concert- and I noted her audience was. I don't Our audience wasn't. If I were her, I be careful of making these statements because I be careful not to bite the hand that feeds so basically he's in essence a large as white fangs. She shouldn't make black music and discuss black issues in our music. Basically everything he was saying: basically Dante.
In bad about you know a white organisers, Louise, you know who brandy is in. She doesn't have to have a debate. Just don't you notice down, because you want to appeal to these white people at our in your audience and she felt like don't have to tell me you know I should do about my music or my eyes, the lesson to learn and s story do a deal you feel like doing when you feel like doing in renewing a great album legacy to express yourself as long as your intentions are good, don't be afraid to say, I don't be afraid to do it. You have to do anything that peace, anybody which is so I really am Lee, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you miss you. Front page news at length. She what we're talking about your voice turn so dainty. Just maybe talk so sounded so dainty like it looks so delicate. Do you, like it mission already we have repays- is what we say about Donald Trump. Him having not just the job of president, but some other side gigs. You know cause you're gonna got inside jobs.
Inside all, come out new. Like I'm not letting go, I mean that's completely magnesite get into all an absolute will be joining us, so don't go anywhere is to breakfast locomotive. You morning everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club asking some front page news. Now it does it. Put the cheese beat. The rate is twenty wanted? Thirteen and don't worry this Sunday I giants will be taken on a cow girls and will be beaten on an agenda like speeches into existence, as I am doesn't have revision, but you guess, and is over and over and over all you do is making a very bad for you on Monday. No reason at all, I'm saying is mainly worry about you. On Monday, we absolutely positively winnie out relaxing rattling era.
Some day, I'm going to the gate. Members have liked him. I do not think that you're going only. Let me get my boy now got yes, I am I'm having a math got dusk of William. The women will say. Yes, a psychopath lobby give Odessa after motivation. Hey it is about their causes? I have an idea of yours away. He was vain on instead on Twitter yesterday, no it or build Ajalon. You feel you I don't know if there was any. Maybe they must get better, though, must get was here talk about battled Shropshire. He still the boss of saliva furnace. What's goin on here, yes, damage have has got to still be executive producer for a celebrity apprentice, even after taking office, so this is unprecedented, because never before have we had a precedent that has produced a reality. Tv shows his name will be listed in the credits. We don't how much is getting paid or whatever he has a big stick in the show. So he clearly whence to stay on problem.
Love now drop them. Let me, but I'm wondering what it became for NBC, that they do report on down a trap. You know, and they have news stations in I mean to have new them shows in everything's. I've never seen anything like this. My life, the whole elections go and then once you gotta like that, I was in the former reduce of executive and form a dairy producers. Levity apprentices are president. Now I can simply say the executive producer of celebrity apprentices. Our president yeah the leaving only gonna be a conflict of interests. Wealthy commentators have fallen for the network. I wish. My whole life The commission is to be the president of the United States of America Gay again with the damage drums side come out and you gonna get rid of them. Either gale around being happy family in the White House.
About Hilary. No, no. She said that a fake news is what made a loose or should I say, is made her. Lucy was talking about it as an epidemic, not even just in politics but in life. In general. Now she said that this was our first piece by the way, since he lost the presidential election, and she addressed this during his speech. He was giving a speech. At the capital for retiring Nevada, Senator Harry Reed and shit. This is what she had to say, the epidemic of malicious media year so Is this? Is it Why is this notion imperative that leaders in both the private sector and the public sector step up he is
she's, absolutely right, fake news can have real world consequences in this. Why is very important, like I said earlier this week, I've been saying all week for us to create an online news network. I personally think it's primarily by young women of color and not the platform. We need to put our real news and real narrative about our people. And the reason I need to be young and women of color, because I think people suffered most from Missis. Nation like there's a wise. Instead of not redeploy uninformed, have you read Paypal, you misinform, so somebody has to get it right. I mean if air, I will s front page. News now, when we come back, some Ladys had a problem: Victoria's secret yesterday, you, ah yes, this woman said she. She was actually devastated by what happened victory is secret. Barely one often do struggle shudder. Hope this disgusting. No, that's not what happen as she talked about how she was in their shopping, minor business, and she was told to leave this door by somebody that work there
now she says that what happened was there was a african american woman that was allegedly accused of shoplifting at the store, follow you, the managers, with her and another woman, they needed to leave this door and she another do it. Shooting, with other women they weren't together, she's like why do I have to leave, because somebody else did something. I right, here's what she had to say and will get more into if I may Victoria's secret in an ox football is another black female them here, your consumer rights, so she exit me and another black female to leave, because she can you tell us why, but we kicked up store to, but because another by female youth house meet me another by female. Here we have to be affiliated, so brow put out plea. We always gotta pay vortices Wabi. Will I think that off of everybody else's shop in minding business, and I have to leave cuz somebody else got quite
Happily, whenever the way women who got quite a lot of white women gotta, let us do it, I don't know. I know that we all european citizens above you, would only one of authority growed, because the white men I would never moved a left leaning on anywhere they radical sitting not out not one more now, you're, not gonna. Let you had met you waiting to be her secret. I'm not goin nowhere to Obama, painting the mob russet agitator where she did do when we should act as a right. Eight hundred five, eight, one or following EU lunacy. Everybody will sit that would move would I would not leave a mug argued going to get the police the arm. I ain't going nowhere. I likely she did. I ever tell you as you did, but let's hear from you what you do eight hundred forty five one or five. One of this was you call us up right now. Would you freeze set up envy? I was so corn Aramis eyes for me. You thought that went through two. Would you freeze wanted manic,
Charles around any kid needs that rarely burned. Library leads where the digital data frozen. Does the World Moldavia Minnesota Breakfast Club that was James? You embody implied morning everybody's dj envy Angel ye shall meet a guy. We oughta breakfast club refugees join us. Talking about african american woman who was in Victoria Secret any tried to play, and whatever we want a new play actually ass, she was told that he had to leave. As you said, another woman with any ceiling here is her account. I maybe source secretly and Oxford Mall. It was another black female them here, not Castilla right, so x me and another black female to leave, because she can tell us my, but we take that story.
About two, but because another by female youth House still meet me another by female. Here we have to be evaluated so proud. Put out now Kimberly Cons this video for about eleven minutes and she actually broke down and started crying, listen ass soon, ass, he had to say when she was in her car I'll wait a bit need to be spent in a moment. Did didn't need we ve been in it. You know what I'm a treat myself whatever I gotta come down here deal with is the star wow. What I gotta be put out her ass. It happened to me, can be to seek it in another way. To give me another big even come in the store to give away, as has also been so. If I turn my last pair drowse, I'm happy for you. Both never got to come down here,
I would have left the store, I'm not going nowhere. You have to call the cops. You will have to call security. You have to call my mama, I'm not leaving. You have to arrest me. I'm in there shopping I'm paying money, I'm not going. Nowhere fly actually like what she did. What she did film ever. What's going on cuz. I love and stories like this go viral because that employ actually ended up getting fired and Victoria Secret did release estate, apologizing. They said what happened at our story. Shouldn't have not happen. Not represent, who we are. What we stand for this door associate involved in this matter is no longer employed with the company. As it is my thing ass. He returned with fifty other people to protest, does know ago, or I'm celebrated not tolerate it. So you told me I'd leave, outages Kurth everybody up, got it camera reported it later in me? No did exactly what she days younger. I got fired rights and complain of course, come back with fifty people complain and various via that he knows it was the Victoria secret at coincide and we know what happened. Then we're is convening
Do you know if I live close to this neighborhood? This is where our I want to have to travel to three for towns over to go to another victim. Was you gonna have eyes, you guys don't happen again. If you got just now, should a gamer for incredible shows. You got a nice. I was still a few thousand dollar credit, not analyse the icy Conseil. I seem regulated Dramatic, fair! I can't imagine some time we have to leave got another black person. God stealing my all down. She wore at least until next, some stupid Who is this? Is it like this without the airline Lex is what would you do if they try to kick your ass out the stores in another black persistent? making all the blacks out. I was sitting my right there. I will go, there would have to physically move because work at a repair boy. We can even like say anything about them, even weekends, and let them know that we think excellent. I know right now we have the we have to say something like I, oh I found this insert bad gold with those sword
as they deal with those who had been out there. We have even cameras feeling a random, but you out, so We need clarity, we call security as soon as we know, by like we gotta keep them in the store, because once they're gone where guy, but you have to lie in a kind of political debate hasn't they must get better, come rack up, stop it. I work out by reporting way Haven't we caused know? Why do you know do so much care by weight. When the company taxes, because no it, but we have to make money of disorders and make money we don't get out. Y'all going to still get paid. All the big operation could always think about it, like that, when I feel certain people promenades dilemma. I no panties old. What would ask a shallow and use it?
that is shot lifting has those I figured that out of figures failure. I live now from time to time that everybody can receive Eu Cuba, but I wish all of you that his right leg, you look at people in their fight to a sharp lifting. You blame me why you if I didn't even know, actually voted for by their security. That is their job to do that, and you know, I think, we're security. They also get bonuses when they cast. He was dealing rule here right away. You it s, a story that used to happen hello. Everyone was sombre listener. Bread, red, and what would you do if you in s situation, you turned about and payments for yourself? Maybe a and he's gonna get about what a lady I'll get make a short, but a
I wonder why we are our only I would leave, but I would like China caused much attention and their. Let you know let it be now what happened at the announcement of a money there, nor must they never get another family farming and enough spread the word hopefully other people APOLLO, though I did the right thing in their defence. They deified a woman right away and I apologise that would that wouldn't that what does it mean? I mean I pretty much what it is about sorry to have to live in a secret before so you know it is one bad employee who no longer works there. One employed all represent those situation and wants to store, make their way of life. Our may said, though, well we mess up
tat, the lad, let although that is true, why won't want one one? Bad apple would spoil the boys at the recent either racial profiling is exactly why. What can we do to back what they call it, but I would definitely so I'll be destroyed. I let alone were emigrant. I'm a low distort right now is getting better. Is equally bill really have a lot of Madame Broad, the goat, the bottoms allotted time fill it you, don't you be make netting No, I mean it. Finally, you gotTa Hut you guys he does in fighting five one of firewood. What would you do if you went in Victoria secret in another, black person was stealing and they asked all. People believe. Would you leave? I wouldn't call us up now's the breakfast locomotive The EU ought to fill a people in yes Young woman was in the store shopping. Her name is Kimberly, Hozier who's, whose is that a sea and another black woman would till they had to lead this door, because
Third person was in their there'd african american woman was accused of shoplifting, but she wasn't. With the persons. He was there on her own, as he was very certain her, an embarrassed and ashamed that they may her led? The stores souci laughed ass? She fell everything and she actually came back later on with fifty protesters and victory. A secret has since issued an apology or one of the big just a girl out actually shoplifting we had our year onwards. How would I go back to what I say? One bad apple for us spoils the whole point Colombia near my he thought. Is one black girl shoplifting this on three other blacker than like coming groups, maybe if I dare say here together, is about at each other. They haven't supernumerary human individually, but it has to be a conspiracy theories, black women. So what would you do? I wouldn't leave is nowhere Willie their story have to call the security. They have the call of news gaining other security
could I would move is no way you would give me more. She pleaded the railway is actually found. This famous came in everything and the care, and he said that those more security team is following instructions from the Victoria Secret employ so it wasn t. Then they didn't know what was going on and I'm sure she got a nice big credit from Victoria's secret proudly about three four thousand dollars should, above all the little boy she was no after credit Chicago, a solution is a money. Don't know she murmured where he goes some way to shop in a kick around. You go with us hello is this, who the latter running from eleven. Now I'm sure you been soon a land of exemplary secret buys abandoned visa right. You might have been a year ban by our know how they got, as I did in the land. Now my older sister to produce only I saw some cover
now we Berlin Paris than we ever gangway Berlin and is, as liberal I tell you. This does not tell you, know piggy this limit Atlantica, the Latin amid a gay with yoga data, brother, come on under me. Like that, what would you do like we may be an emigrant, I'm actually from Pakistan were like a veto. Walk I sent from oppression is relatively new, combat you guys, so it shifts that's a just leave man, you know like a more american immigrant. I'm already under downsides out on any trouble. You will not run the embroidery Not really I mean I usually shave hand major, not have a turban and what is not about? Why? Don't you have to oppress yourself? You know, I'm saying just open,
I rather get from point a to b, then knew what the match it ass. You can also understand, but damn you said you believe in you wouldn't do any. I rather get from point a to b then deal with the matter, I went, but damn you said you would anyone do anything else? You just leave. Leave out. Tell people like that you're, like other them all out. Tell people again. That's definitely out take action, but I'll take action. Proudly the so I wouldn't make a scene in the store Every disguise the same gotta shaven! It's been had taken his term enough to go to the airports. Are you know you don't have no problem appease and people who deal with a big can't be right or something like that extra black went off since anything like then, ok, hello, there hey now. What would you do in this situation? You? U n victorious eager buyers and browsing panties, and I tell you to get your ass out. One eleven withdrawn at whatever
the failure by that when even having to make of that ain't nothing in there but will you guys around you by your lawyer favourable lime wire lay a bright idea. I knew them any lifting it ain't, nobody shoplifting allay Bryant Ray and she gave rise GO and they make inability to manage to bigger, lay bride. You kids, you can just take them in your back and put them in your bag and all, but I am that are set out a lot out there. What do you know what I'm gonna buy my thing there you go aware that without airport that God bless you and your big jaws girl I gotta go it's gonna a girl? Would you going to do thirdly, mile by a good story, the model stories go,
celebrated now we tolerate it and if you do go someplace we age is tolerated and they flex on you, for Sunday as Back Mack this hour. I e we got room is all away. Yes, let's talk about a new so that when we go back, is going to be doing ourselves a bath. He hasn't to say about soldier. Blaine is nice, and so we re actually said that things dead so the boy is a sweet kid locker get into all that when we come back keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive hours warning everybody is dj. Envy gauge Lee Charlemagne Guy, we oughta breakfast club is fraud every Friday. Yes Now, let's get the rumors. Let's talk Jacob,
the report, the Reul report was glad because an employer eyes only is out ten tracks, that abba. Mathematics answer lessons who it yet I gotta be a viable, isn't a j for a dingy goes very dopey is definitely one of the top three of this new generation, but I gotta be anabolism, generates forty four minutes long and there's no guess contribute. Genes on this albums, mostly around music? Damn another window, guess undecided about this and then songs that we heard recently everybody dies and false package is not on this album. Now He also rhymes over Bryce until his exchange on the song Deja VU check it out with more than three list?
job itself to a principle of the free trade agreement and everybody taken about recently had a daughter, magazines, Mary said Melissa Annie as a song
couple is on them. They are talking about being a dad she's mine pirates huge. I got what he said: reminisced for nuclear amount to a Europe that you would know the reason why I never do nothin this right in my life, I think my worthy. Yet a deadly player, I'm using a girl is humbly Clyde laid back. I gotta talk. Nobody no distractions in it would get in my head for these poured out his bill is bears, and can we talk about how much money Jacob? What you're making me having no reaches own round he had made? No battle is all production, yogi, no hair cut. She walked around the boy, Sha N T shirts arrived city drugs. I ride when I use bombs will probably be most fruitful wrapper. We ve ever seen in the history a rap music J call the true Canada will allow kindred dog, Kendrick pseudo candy Gazeta pills.
No money they entered onlooker poor gone beyond which he talked, which hook but call given that what are they? of their value, they both donor, removing, like a ridge, all white men like one too now? I, let's talk about Lloyd, eighty beings, congratulations to him since we're talking about having babies He had his daughter yesterday. Now we no, this cuz loping says he said is custodial boys. The drugs in your bags. The talks. Tonia went on Instagram, a positive picture him and Lloyd Being Congrats. My brother Loi brings on having his baby girl today. The best give ever for Christmas, so can gradually here's to them from Uncle Bob Loi banks? his new seed nothing about it yet, but thanks Tonia YO now we know aerosol above he has no hard feelings towards soldier boys, manufacture he basis
The boy is really sweet check it out shark uncertainty about soldier, both armies Riverboro, no, no Don't give me that you're gonna get him in the phones. That is all well and that a character arise the Oh no hard feelings between this whole beef with suitable, I guess I'll enigmatic illegally, Eric enigmatic, semi enigmatic was there Let me go yeah. It's done with arms grab offered one end right now, let go. Bag is going to be doing a new project. Her contact with the view is over at the end of the season, but she is working on a new dramatic series for Bravo. Now, theories is gonna. Be set in modern times is about a Harlem crime boss, who reunites with her eldest son original, He thought he was dead, but he returned to New York to run for mayor. His son was able to pay as a white many figures. Death is a teenager and left New York City to start a new life some very enigmatic, it's a series.
Unbridled can you there were men enigmatic, it means difficulties. Turbulent understand MRS Wallis, spelling and AIDS I am a tea. I see anything having been mingling, mingling, Bang, Bang, Bang, unama, spelling Bee Champ step a boy right, I'm Angela, and that is your room are, don't you do what you can remain? Nobody dog eat dog, they come out because I am shut up ye. We are proud of press me. Ok, dog today, for whose Friday of going to young thug how can you become the front gargantuan scumbag who like of teenage Ujiji? we lay about word, wouldn't think they arise. The lesson is the opportunity to teach. You are right argument. They locked I back the sea no suitable.
It would not do it better days of next redwald. Welcome on it Is there a guy? Don't you? U or don't talk to you today does not discriminate. My now dissolving today, via the donkey breakfast club, please don't keep the day today. Just argue today, for Friday December they have called the young dog bugger bugger bee line. You all and myself. I told you all. Eyed young bogeyman is a free spirit and his music. JANET, are respected in our region. The fag. You don't give a damn what people say about the way he dresses aegis. Does him and I salute debt, but what I saw from thug this week.
Airport in Atlanta was completely out of line. If you haven't heard young thug was having some issues with TSA workers in an individual. I saw he offered the two young ladies fifteen thousand dollars each and one of the Ladys told him. You need to get me off a camera, and you need to step away from this counter that I get that right. You were here, they are offer him, then Fifty million dollars to I mean fifteen ten thousand hours quit their job. Will ya proceeded to tell these women. They will ruin in it when our down from their little is left us here, Let no one at that stage is needed at the round at the airport. Eddie, what God producer eddies what's up any is learning is learning the place this? What the ran at the airport for a steady there we go.
You gonna watch out with rain pavements, they say they manage on away you manage a peasant down. I've got a job I gave all normal chain. Do they think they have had their lead turnaround? Let me don't you, ok, let me say one more time to keep their own without Morton Maturity heard it.
Payments may manage on away, did not want to talk about your manager peasant down. I began to feel tat. He found a job, I'm going. You vulnerable chain, do they think they have they met. They had met his mother. I'm glad you turn around. Don't you Jesus Christ is come. I know what you're talking about ten arising where women in the airport. I understand you. They grew my brother, but you can move of emotion. You have to move our strategy flexibility as they workers monies, not power brother, because money was power. In that situation, you would have shown more restraint. Does you got all the prow which will probably is sitting back in? having everything would logic to plough issues great. You always suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything, you know what you said and empty as they work. As you know,
that wasn't that wasn't Powell get out of the pure motion and that ain't got you looking crazy. I saw you on Akademiks Instagram yesterday attempting to clarify the situation. Let's hear some of the thing young Burg had to say about everybody attacking him for what he said about the young Ladys. Alas, to man no, not dominated manhattans. I want to see as a good idea to get internet, because I know me on the type of person listening We ain't, got the unstable file culture in key and got now gibberish together. No use me even speaking only we spend a lot of men are not met, and yet let laugh don't take a situation about me. Organ would be too. Facebook make me miss my winning mixed, everybody black into with less painful Muslim, has not kept for the opposite. Which was people really need of real? Let's do. When they live a key about about. Having caused this tablet. Spinning
haven't. We enable also uses the Uno UKIP and no uniting paper mill day about nobody at the Gaza, a sick man wanted to hate it. Also someone may they were. I agree, Obviously we are going to them. I told me understand he will be set at the map Comrades. I understand you will be enough said he'd that they look like Africans that was in ITALY would have their public and condemn peasant colony plants ants, you know, we can take all all out of this situation and it's still dead wrong. You simply just don't treat people like that. Okay, I respect him for taking cash, family or friends. Do always say when you want to see the true character of a person watch how to treat people who can't do anything for them. You called these people ants peasants, but you wasn't broken poor living in those of a man a few years ago to majority a life in majority of your life. Probably what are you be home is a oji. These are simply tell you young brother, not forget where you came from, because you could easily go back I'd say you were you meet when you up you,
when you down and then I go remember anything, but are you made them feel you don't talk to people like that once again, if you want to see the real gagged of a person watch out each tree, people can't do anything for him. Yeah, you ve got more money than them when they become only then and now with. So what ok? When you don't make you bet it in the way you maybe more naturally well off than others, but do not better. You have our saying some people is so poorly have his money. That's how you look at the situation right now I'll get how much money you got. I don't care how expensive your dresses young thug. If you got poor character, your poor person always remember your money, don't make you bet it in people. Feel behaviour. Does please give young thug somebody small sounds inhabitants. You got those Eddie, good, You gave me
I'm going to offer more than half of them the quicker jazz there's a lot of money. What what he should do if he should apologise to those women and go down to the airport and personally, give those women a nice Christmas present with fifteen and in the Christmas Box, ok That's when you just deadline on a thing you can do is its added a pilot I'd out of ETA methods. Iran, like Emmi, said by way of reply you're way out their bad com or you creative, created for yourself by talking to an old women and men. And an it and putting it online. All right, but I want to lose bond for any. Please daddy got what we want, don't make innocent Eddie gotta somebody say: Produces an angle. Dont jinx me. Would you do
that getting thanks to that audio was all over the place at our right when we come back at soul, be joining us. Of course. Nothing I am his arm is out two days. We locate him when we come back to it over right away. I sang yesterday also that we talk about it. And if you rock or we'll get into when we come back to life, the breakfast locomotive his be outside that various Biagi with juicy what Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club. We got a special guess: inability fresh after playing solo with album outweighs we had to get. You have no way to know this was happening. What forth on Mobile Tv Easeth out beforehand, before if we do not have the door but it, but if it does waste with a big deal because it is aimed at nobody knew with coming out there we got our hands as early as you did, to pushing down. Album is really really a common approach:
yeah? That was that I would ask you have my word, like some kind of wanted to do it in a way. I wanted to kick it to the women like how we kicking. I wanted to talk to my armies versus layer ceremony, which It differently or dog, beats right. You know right now. All of a man with a nice like ours is the grey area in this outcome is the and light is the is the silver mine I get the feeling you think, God could possibly be a woman s, this ok, the chicken king. What basis? What made you comrade conclusion, I feel like we regional level spirituality. Even I can. I went to the throat club and gorgeous Strickland, one of my joints. What women are gonna monogamy beyond? What are you talking about I never tedious
Aphrodite and stuff, and so I got these half naked women coming up to me. Think of me like thank you for. Thank you, no speak it and I've. Never been able to dance to Aphrodite and Nefertiti, like none saying like I've been so have negative, analysing what those women approved a script was, though, you follow maybe feel like they want to get into their gods in euros. And they got to do with they. Gotta do you ve heard him say actually respect there, but they want to get into. Those conversations is, but I feel like I'm just gonna monitor with his album. You know: you're, not conceptual absolutely concept and stick to a book. Ass will really kind of timing on about cars. I took a bible in this group
Once in Colombia, I go on until the Bible Industry Club and was holding a Bible up at all the scrupulous make an I'm touched. Some was run any. Why did you? Let me say that I was here as me, Thou was like. I don't want you to forget. The reason would see it as a concept that anyone in a money back up off the flies, Madam Mina, achieved by an old church. I you still with your women, you ok, sound. So that affects you too, and you do you. We got him anyway, for many illegal was J D, by which I mean She evolved lot I'll, let you tell
we're not gonna, like Z, Ozanna filet. She helped me out about as opposed to devise an adolescent exchange. Personal relationship was exchanged, analyse strange power seems more like regional, maybe from which the spanish and obtain now I gotta think about the first on raw, because you dress and beat that you say, cancer can get his hands dirty sooner than to do it, and you talked about J Electronic her these go. Was it a conscious decision for candidacies
can I just as and then you I was a conscious decision for me to tell Kendrick not fill out a spiritual relationship which airline it. I never really got to meet him in the flesh. We had about a great conversations like the attacks. He gave me a lot of good game around and I'll keep between us or whatever I looked at. You know as a she added black. That is all for him. You know when I see that low periscope thing you know that was gone for the grandmother. I just really didn't like that. We were really brothers, really brothers, kindred, album. It wasn't even about that is often was about by past. Dave, Alvin speaking on the issues that I feel Jay would want us to speak on. So for him to do that. You know in the fashion that he did. I just had to you know that's going to have to step in it something on him. Standing now he's apologized since things right,
You say you know, I did it for the same reason he didn't we Discussions about the payment butterfly, like I loved the idea of the microphone off. I like to sound a certain I like more none, but although we won't be idle of black at bury by me as very uplifting lady in times when I listen to it like if I'm in the car and makes me feel a certain kind of way, their other music. Out of the lake legacy is, is, I was told them upon your body? Is a horde? Listen for you know maybe like the urban generation, and if you don't really come from, might that error of those samples and behaviour. The previous was, I think you were expecting something else. You can only really ill. People expect something for me like to do the rise in unemployment, because we like to challenge
right now you got to know whether you know when you hit me. You know I was back the great challenge autopsy. I was very inspired by doing that and make the science of him ready to analogue waylaid work that they put in the science behind it, a respect that, unless what I really wanted to do this time round- and so like my thing about you, I grew up in a refugee. So I'm familiar with a lot of samples, Eddie use soul, a came up on a lot of them. So. I know he was trying to make an album that his mom in his day would appreciate labour when a register you want them young as parents. My right, I was working and no single section. Ok, I was something I was soon the whole Maxie Single, ok before for four hours,
I do not really know in their history with music, and here I might exertion, is my biggest issues put up his intelligent movement. For that to be happy to be intelligent happens, the movie, I feel, like a clear response. Large part of my internet, mobile, capillary general, comes from a path listen and mass, listen in New Jersey, Eminem, but you know a lot of Otto said it, but they always stop at historic terrorist nonsense. Here there was, if you don't get a young installed. You like that, like I liked him right, that's what you had an event is going up in overcoming that too was a really got into here, but I had to go back into the recent we're doing
Ruby, honestly the whole gang doing a movie I rocks ass. I say I think, then, that help for people to listen, said the music and go back and researching. I think the kids need to know. This is true, not think is important. Oh you rode. So whenever you know the roads in music. For me, you know, even in my even in my album now now you know a lot of concepts. Concepts are rock and roll out. I tried to dig deep into the origin of music and the influences of, but maybe in a hip, hop artist. I gotta make sure I keep that intelligent, moved me gonna think. As regards poured. A high powers about. We got more were absent when we come back, keep alive the breakfast locomotive that was really needed me morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall meet a guy. We oughta breakfast club. We have a special guests in the bill in a homey absolutism is out right. Now, someone in Basel you, so we don't speak on sexism as much as we should be released
thus, while it and when the election, even out of Gaza, though I heard you talking about it, that's what I'm saying is. Eighty, let me go back to electronic poker good game by speaking about these issues in Athens? Elena? He told you don't speak about Seattle like dad noticed the until I was always rebellious booties milk is model, we got is too much surveillance and that's all I'm able look alike is only allow you should turn but some dignity. Honestly, fully known, I was holding the presidency to encourage. How is a bigger plight is really great rigged. Basically, munitions have
I see some people are taken back. Their votes fill in alike. To into beyond is too, like honestly thought I was gonna be ploughed. Atomic Hilary was gonna, give light popular vote by the people's vote by a grip in an electoral college will wipe road. Everybody was ok, adequate. There was a fair fight. He would he was shown by like too Two point: five need regular, too much of a threat to white male authority to have eight years by president, therefore, of a woman s ass, a conversation we Look I'm translation, regular, but I gotta be politically correct. Was speaking about these, like you know before me, I would just make sure it. Don't take my word, you don't have to be politically correct. Nobody, not a politician kind, is kind of apologies, kindly comes in politics, really was hat, was in his mind thing right. You say you want to be politically correct, but you get along this is the american flag with thy eyes
and I am quoting disrespect. I think why not? I had on our view that is politically then I think I think that in this way you will they take out where we saw in this respect. I think it was purposely metal. Thought you come conclusion. I was gay about the rag of let us railway, crazy guy virus. We went from taking kind, men in wigs and stockings live raising a renaissance gadget. So I'm saying like the founding fathers it is country dress like women, You don't like they like new to power of the beauty and the woman. Like the warlike caprice stacking with nice.
In the same way, mender made how discussion about this then was nobody's gonna go combat discussing that make acts like now taking a picture with somebody who is openly gay- and you know they said I being harassed by this present throughout the show and they were posing all crazy, but does it matter to you like if concepts you there No, I'm not home, I'm not homophobic at all. Do your own thing, and but I was just that reference when I say it like when I use the terms instead Almost every hour may sound a bit around with flag. Now nobody knew sighed again dress like women. It means a tighter dies where women's clothes and soon I you know how you know what goes round comes back around thinking ass, a large part of this concept, we're coming around. You know a lot of guys, a kind of filling the power of the woman time it had to buy them.
MAC Album. I don't want to be one of I love women, but I don't want to be right, so I'm saying like we got to find the median. That's why I didn't want to. I don't want to seven slash eight, the woman with this album wanted to talk to him like how I would talk to the homies you follow them versus, like you know singing to him in, like you know, he cares about us. Did talk to me like. I would talk to you. No one at home is about it. By the way it has very, very rare for order from the West culture that, as stated, were always had a conversation. The West Coast is what war all of our minds when it comes to how we treat our when he but always on the news. I gave me like a rat very odd from the worst calls to say. I want to empower women his life, but you at Rome who actually say that anatomy, so people dont get it misconstrue. Presuming to let them know I am not trying to put our women. I went to powers is empowering, would you know they gotta take a view on the chain to nothing
You know what goes videos. I get ripped. The girls tap off take root, peevish revise these were the highlights of the video is that you remember beautiful, went to see what a tap off with you. You wanted like we can undermine at all. You know I just want to. There was another main also pointed What you decide to reveal your eyes on the cover of yeah, I got to say I'm gonna kill. You know I can't hundreds of flesh, so you know that as the biggest thing so we took like ours. Turning from get a moment, he was crazy if you type in my name on Google Utopian, so one of the search is going to be eyes, but that part of the marketing plan, like you, listen when you should be more politically correct and show your eyes.
Bearing unworthy without avail me, you know, maybe you think is sexy, amended work, though they are the fifth Abernathy on TV this year, and this must be six. So I assume that after you scissors album is coming absolutely. Can you go ahead, of which I call you care about stuff like I was now give it attempts to impose my man, I'm glad we can a minute. You know it's gonna be a David music guessing they also has a Adams. I like, when the latter Gray Amis come out on the same day, causing as you allowed to do over the weekend. I like ours, Commando Fridays, now don't regulated began to lag Oliver Holidays, using them all about and listen to music right. You got a few Johnny Kindred go alone. I can speak on it. What you do you think I ve come to see me.
I mean you know they move. Like my man, you know you never know these Amazon. They got in our I'll know too much by the fact that these valleys ETA get use. Members eventually use members, but there's a kindred call up music injuries. Is they it what to see that our opinion on a member- I just you, know, aged abbot, I'm saying, but the these eyes, broader, have something today, I'm back next week and they got unanimous in board card. Oh God, wings in here just lie. What happened there away? So you knowledge is in obvious, not just sit back and do Subserve towards our wealth without wilt and we appreciate join us found little. Thank you for coming, as happened due to see. If we can,
the german solo. The breakfast tat weighs Tory Labels morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall lead me to go. We are the breakfast club now I just say this go giants then. Why do you keep doing at you does make it badly? Is our home one day, I'm telling you you making a really bad yourself on Monday, when my cowboys, such eyes ass. We go. YO ass for you, thou shalt Thou o dell. We bless. Yo ass out the bit the cool we bussing YO as all cowboys asses. So you know dug it all over the cowboy that would naturally dying having this right now to say that I don't save him an hour but show ochre arrival
gets aromas, we found we found guy with his cloak. Well, candy is back. That's right. He surface yesterday and allay he was at an artist elation at the Pacific Design Centre, and he has blown here now, some of you that is used to see these picture. Delaying crews about the blind he ever did. They know when you first picture God are you looking at it examined to try to see signs of crazy? Can you see too blown wisely behind? You have sent out the Chris Brown now something I do. Chris Legate well Do we lead eminent automobile demolition? Man? Hey kid! That's before your time, Google it right away, with Bentley was close range with Kanye said he never mind his mother and that's at the root of this breakdown is meltdown that he had. He said you dont have to be a clinical psychiatry psychologist to figure that out
he has said you have to look at it. From his perspective, you put out the most amazing album. You're breaking records are merged. So then you take that you, since our democracies and fails, we want no more than anything that he wants to be successful in fashion, so when editors and everything a beating him up there happens and then your end stage, a wife gets robbed, and you know it Ok, so I agree with all that, but you noted thing is you never stop morning Parian, odd child anybody, you love and ensure close to. Let you never, that more and more maybe did didn't deal at the emotions found that and his party that some hidden deep down things when you just kind of peace to decide and don't deal with any more? It is the young lady treating me earlier. You talk about it. She said that who have never stopped one of my mother's. A little thing set me off like having to fill out murmur He cards are gonna, let em my and worth met actually did an interview and Ellen degeneracy talks about being casting collateral beauty there.
Ruby is about a farthing, was devastated by his young daughters death. Now he said he was dealing with the loss of his own farther behind the scenes who had passed away from cancer. Here's what he said poor was. Interesting is. I got the screenplay right when my father was diagnosed and I'm doing all of this research about a guy who experiences death. You know at the time that you know my father was given fixed week, but it turned out to be such an amazing thing to have to work through and go through all of this with a performance from the in the movie for me and the ideas are so deeply personal. This film, for me, is the most You know when and beautiful journey when art and life together in that way. When you you know, you create something that potentially can help people get through difficult times, so he really got a chance to deal with them, motions. He said while filming this movie because, as you know, is dealing with a death somebody close to him, and he said it was beautiful to have the opportunity steer this not hide from it when art and life comes in
either in that way, and you create something that could potentially help people get through difficult times? He said is fantastic. Who is funny, though, because I feel like the world, He movements that you might have will keep moving. Why didn't you have got to deal with those emotions when they comrade yeah? They sometimes hi for people and they just don't like to cope array. Regulations to Gale king. She is renewing her contract with CBS. This morning, Noddies Agora signed a sixteen point. Five million dollar bill to remain co host of CBS morning for the next three year, averred gratulation to gas does very dogged. A very decent bulus. Now forget the greatest Contra Gale over side was the non com. In reality. Agreement between her and her best friend are born free, ok, ok with them yet cadet maiden friends for life, that's the best Yoda bath A lifetime. Friendship with everyone has never going anyway. I'm Angela DNS your room, a report all right, miss now Jesse,
Last Sunday was birthday. I was kind of I couldn't do a mix of air a homo week later, you by the DE ride back into their daisy may, who was role with the weight of its walking down on Monday rubber. I think I want to do it on Friday. I mean this is the perfect weaken that set up the set the tone for the city, the jail, it's gonna walk the cowboys ass. You know speck jazzy, even though he is a cowboys there that are aware that I could do a ye makes a team of Mohammed to have me. Can I do when next week Now I'm a b, an ex we like and eyes, is doing now. I wonder your rooms, the goblet hazy goblets holds allude demands that efforts to hold innovation. Here's what you did you dear, I know weak labour in DE. Rather, what is birthday somebody rather day you right! You're right is: why proudly was on it on his birthday, so you is cool. I get it.
Casting animal. You are shut up and shout to my guide, all my genes fatal, my y y y. You know why Jesus let's get into the mix I shall vote was a? U guys or Monday. Is the breakfast club Damone,
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