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Friday 8/18 Today on the show we had Ace Hood come by where he spoke about what happened with him and DJ Khaled, losing a daughter and more. Also, Charlamagne gave “Donkey of the Day” to an old man named Daniel Lafayette because he kicked a little girl at Chuck-e- Cheese. Moreover, after Envy shared an interested story of a DJ that sent him a freaky text by mistake, we opened up the phone lines to see if any of our listeners sent a freaky text to the wrong person

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Even so. I also spoke this morning is big day in everybody's, isn't happening to go with me to the Roma rubbing the wrong way. Rabbi his bride. Usually minorities, early Charlemagne guy was right. Let me down stairs so he should be walking up right now to give it up, You got an elevated, close the door. I was great and be late or
They ve let him be laid on at all crazy. So I disclosed elevator. Well, that's interesting! me. Why did you want me to be late walk about it is actually present. I was up till eight three in the morning I dont know. Why were it was no reason my vitamins to lay some signs of I take my vitamins later in the day, gives me like too much energy most sex sex, more sex to you to sleep right away. You have sex Knox right up, got failure. Yes, you have your phone is Shelly daylight. Now, isn't I'm about? Sometimes makes me ask me more awake. If I have sex, it doesn't yet doesn't make me fall asleep right away, it's just a pain. I will answer will be joining us this morning will kick. It would ace who had grown it's all days since last year. Twitter Rite aid came, and we asked him about his relationship with ACE Hood and his ligases going to do his own thing and then eight hundred and thirty tweeted out.
If only you told all the juvenile breakfast club right. Maybe I don't know what else he sat beside TAT is little bit later now also eagerly so glad page news is LUG Illinois. Yesterday that fact alone a terrorist attack gotta get into that I will talk about their all when we come back in the Power board. Jackpot is how much faster ten million that I've earned in ten million dollars a year has been five hundred dollars on tickets, when all you really need is one come about five miles. What if, instead of his meals- and I would like to say that to you that a by my to increase your ass for you, I take it for some of you all you need is one will talk about it when we come back, beloved as future mask go off the breakfast locomotive, Joe S, DJ envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are, the breakfast club is getting some front page news now had only a much.
I was knocked out the whole day yesterday, but when I woke up there was an attack. A bar slowness explain everything I have heard much anything at all, for there was a van that actually went into the crowd of people and loud Ramblas, which is a highly tourist area and Barcelona and as happened yesterday, thirteen people were killed and more than one, then one hundred injured when that happened, so they the driver, got away on foot after he ploughed the crowd of one driver yeah, one guy captured him yet, but they have captured other people to suspects. From Morocco, one from as vanish enclave of Malea were arrested in connection with that attack, and A driver that had been in the van and escape from the area is still on the run. They said they were also other attacks. That happened, two other ways that they feel like where connected, and there was another incident when Acquire actually Germany to please opposites, but they don't know that's connected. Ices is claiming responsibility and ran into the crowd of people, was immediately label to acts of terrorism. For your presidency,
one car would have been a shall go with a genuine that guy ran his car into a crowd, and I know it is our duty, ethically here legless far as police and all the tourist attractions here, more security, o ADI barricading things. Now our shared we are all on high alert right now that, given the state of everything that's happening, but in a tragic situation, a lot of people they were people from the United States there is on shore could imagine I could imagine. I ain't be no toys the dragons right now God bless Disneyworld, numerous studios, knowledge of like their banana far better than the other way. The vanity say the very least driving in a zigzag an amendment and hit peons have really had. People said that people that were injured in TAT an dead from this are from at least twenty four My country, my daughter, had to go for a trip. Last year. They will go into DC to see all of you know the White House to capital, I was, I shall go.
They're my website now not lately, and nobody will be able to note no, no tourist attraction, Roy known and the support of reason and look about this powerful jackpot. The power by Jack Pat, has soared up to five hundred and ten million dollars Yes, if you wanna go ahead and play now would be, the time was drawn up. That is in Wednesday in I've never play power. Where seven dollars several times on by seven last, you pay Nadal, always probably by one night. I do adding two thousand. What I do five, nor do not I think it's worth. Ten is five Sanjay five hours when seven year, because I pay ten dollars in like I'll hit the power, but when you hit justifiable, you get seven dollars, yes
play with me when the first summer play another. Nobody thinks near by everybody thinks that the same die right arrives. I don T think it s aim to. If I win out ass, what everybody thinks there, I'm cash apt in history. It's when you one million that is by the way. The best thing to do is go find you a hundred elderly person and let them purchasing power body all people did the power. Oh lady, in Idaho, women that you'll be watching the news instead of one ticket was purchased. An idle somewhere in the code on our biggest gimme, a black day for majority. It broke their black families and juridical when his arrival. Front page news, get it off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent, hit us up right now or if you feel One is present positivity for learns a wide open, eight hundred five, eight five one. Five we need us up. Right now is to breakfast locomotive the breakfast
the pounding down, you're gonna, get it all began its view on the breakfast blessing, but as they will allow this without ever made of March way possible giving of each asthma and I'm a bit about embark, the match our May. What about re involved here on a broad popular browser, Long Crossman, babbling about across the view Dana Grove near you never see it? Is we in the Woods Ramona, whoever ever getting men in all seriousness, dope from Boston? I was on board about now raised ourselves, but on fat you know the waiter parameters, brothers in the tac admin. There was a proposal we come to Boston, Mass and I'll. Let you know said already allow farmers do became a baby. They did for two hours button.
We will be out there like the papers, one Swoboda diesels right, We going be out there like for my disregard disrespect to Tom Brady in and we don't put it down and we practice non practice, but this is the mass of all on plant rain, but it would be if they put their heads on ya, defend yourself at all. Costs will get dollar railways from China and Vietnam lie the protesters out there. I would think than the actual people rallying right so too. Silly game to out from the revenue of the negative Romania am, I do like now, city there is Busby. Haven't really allows this guy. Mine was a brave man
When our guide, everything goes that, though we had no, we agree. You name was important body guy now I need to know about. It would be a body guy. What are you guys before me? The garbage shop method? You know that's what I thought I not driving a garbage dump stepping up in his call you by your name, shown gimme, the one I envy. You need a hit just holler at me. Cuz. I heard you coming out with a cd and I'm ready every I'm glad you yet, though, Don't ask me about an hour ago rhythmic only because in a democracy data be played on a radio. Always I'm glad you my ready. All right, you know Maybe I heard everything about them: chicks got country equipment rob. I would that guy with a job
these. I will put a body guy, maybe, instead of being a rabbit, you should be a video written down. I don't wanna be wrapper. I just have a lot of different. Letty there won't be, but I went online whereby these Andy's knew our language can be held with their vision set out the great but Johnny. Do me a favor Matt. I bet you try Maggie you give it the mad. The people me man that is precisely what has it down with a thousand new? Ok, I get them out with Paypal. Money may be less. Data poured a bloody gag either of you just a dodgy foggy five little far. What? If your obsession debate, it is sub now to breakfast club the breakfast club
go away, go mad or black. We want to hear from you know, there's a communist, DE the user- to accept it is what it was about. A man you gotta go out with you got out of bed of, which is that we are on AIR Colombia's argument, or we come on how deeply ninety Colombia's alkaline go about coming to Colombia has now got mixed up, For the moment I want or three point nine sir we're on a common line. You won't come up your Colombia now by an american manner.
Now I don T know the embodiment of messed up somebody but I'll Ankara's Canada is you? Are we not on aid Colombia's Oculina on how to do not? But you can always you what I radio ass. They would not have been better gonzalvo of you guys. I work of lack of collaborative you, Miss Garth Metropolis, I promise you I'm in here now. Let me help you good ideas. You goin on allows is daily. Jerry was sub road map. Maybe they prefer the name of J rate. Was that model Remember that recurs blue. Enable yesterday by mass scale there waiting. Make it clear that you are mad Kojata, though the third day envy
music mad man, but you will hear what will were artist. Tell us a modest. Why don't we get your e mail, Thou art, a girl, the crew? We gave them, and now we can regard them. As you know, listen up I'll play golden galling, alter the political reality of crew members, You can never please y'all boy. That's why they're! Never please! Nobody! That's why I be doing my own thing. The man, the man demanded name, three artists and you don't want to hear them either. You know why cuz you want to hear you and your home no crew get it off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent his up at any time that he we got away. I will tell you what happened. Meat meal got arrested is New York City yesterday by rebel
Internet when we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive the breakfast morning, everybody's dj envy Angel Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club. Let's get to the rumours is taught me Milly did the toy annually on the breakfast. Make male got picked up a little after ten last night there was a name. When one call me witnesses said there was a group of people, we're having will ease in writing dangerously, so he has been officially arrested and ties with reckless endangerment. Now here he was actually on it: RAM, live and allowed people saw his initial confrontation with the police check it out
when you were rather than only monitors, does the raising of the divine she'd, like you might remember, there's a menu united cable I had one. Am I right not long ago, my yesterday it was and then around it did the day after they were looking for me with random bike. I guess the day before I see, I must say you doin some illegal on Instagram in Irish. They have their arrival use. Do My sentiments. Roared shows that uses care. There was not a legally allowed to ride all day like without a license plate, no gaiety in especially without a home. Our rights of us. Are you doing that on Instagram and deny a rescue later on? As we know, we tell already people to stop doing crimes until nine year, but as targeted somebody did it the next day you look of somebody for debate
thought you thereby I've been around now and thereby, though, but no matter what he got hurt. Nobody may use by abbot. I've only got me revenues that local law Albright's not even because meets the day after he wrote a dirt Michael K, ideologies gate they would acquire on that day. Yes, if they are to give a warning guess, data game of fur is the groundwater asked of us wanted to make it a move. Them alone is the ground when it would have done to date, and I didn't enough endless richard- is illegal s gun this one. I would draw the day and I get arrested tomorrow. That gun is a felony, does a misdemeanor charge. If that is real, silently who? Why do legal things also online ass? Well, I shall case to try to arrest him the day after that is a big crime. Are a little crime, keep things off social media stay off the rover. They sell use, dividing his dare bank all the time and policymakers ass. He had been his thing for years. He didn't Pappy, think he would get him out of it. That has ever been arrested. As before,
then I would have loved him just to get a misdemeanor are one, and the point of view of the matter is stab doing things that you know our legal. My social media and advertising should be a really big daily. There. The latter had not a big deal on motor vehicle. Knows you. Therefore, fifty dollar fine oblige regulation thine, but you will never get arrested like good signal as great do they get a ticket is young. Probation, I don't know. The big ocean I the fight fly, may weather They Macgregor that is going down next week and they have released a list of some of the celebrities who they know is gonna, be attending. I'm sure there's gonna be other people that are popping up. These are people who already have it tickets, ditty, of course Drake Angelina Jolie, a Albert gotTA, Washington, shyly thereon. Allow J, Jimmy facts. Leubronn will rise, Adam Levine, Michael Bay, those of some people who already have what tickets cop call these. I envy cop arrival
may, whether after that fight is launching, may whether boxing and fitness there's gonna, be fitness programmes, indifferent neighborhoods around the world, and that in traditionally undeserved areas. He said in his statement are fitness experience. We have programmes for kids parents, an aspiring athletes, anyone! the principal energy, into something positive, so these train, programmes will be based on his own work out and the first him is opening in November in Southern California, they gonna have different franchises opening in the United States, starting next. And thou may whether Jim said he's gonna be about five hundred franchise Jim's an affiliate licences within the next five years. I know he's also going to provide virtual training through an app, so all of that that app is actually launching after the fight on August, twenty six zero vessels, training exercises you get workers from play may whether that is free. But if you want to access those workers, then you have to pay as subscribe.
And for that, no more than the apple available now Macgregor would now loaded with these damn Chicago need: let's, ok, here's the first Sammy's ever shared his techniques in the first enemies, put his name on licensing deal. So let's not a big deal, Let me whether some share this baby girls oxides of that's all right. So now then is going to be dying in a new Netflix movie inches also producing that movie as well, so that is called Napoli ever after it's an adaptation, of a best selling novel that has that same name that follows a woman with a seemingly flawlessly a great job, a handsome boyfriend and a dad there and she has accident at the years alone and all of these things in her lifetime to unravel she realizes that she was living. The life she was not living the life that she was supposed to live. She didn't really want that life. I always have no problems is an early than on any screen. Travelling clues bosses nightly beautiful, beautiful woman. She is great, I guess you're gonna be doing this movie in Atlanta Data protection. For this month I get the other
I showed you launch lying here. I think that was a woman called to come back with a limited theories is supposed to be. Legged is only fourth beaten episode. Very well, I mean Zulueta rule, and that is your room, a report write. Thank you miss seeing that when we come back, ACE Hood will be joining us. We got to talk to a satellite uno used to be signed to Khaled that little problem. I don't know if they have a fixed it. So we'll talk to me about all that, so don't move its. The breakfast Club everybody is the J Envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a special guess: inability of earth s favour some, a brother of a question. I want to ask you since July twenty may have to double heavy got six writhings appear when you tweeted out of only everything you said our group is global truth, my brother, what happened between you and be Jacob? You know a conversation. Most importantly,
you know me academy. We ve been through a lot. You know in our career, we ve been able to do great things and I think I appreciate Kaliko. Allow me like allow my process to happen and I think that or at some point you know, relationships do n. I just kind of want to do my own thing. I kind of want to part ways you know create and be this whole free artist understand. So I was really my main focus. Pointed you know. I think you know any time you in like a dispute would like you, you label award narrowed by contract situation. There's a lot of like Nate said a lot of things happened on the outside, but for me man. I think that it was just important that I go through my process and he allowed me to to do that dance so appreciative, now we done Dinah. We were unable to accomplish appreciate. You know all the label hill, all or localities done, but people
to understand that this was a decision that I made or I chose to. Ultimately leave a kind of this kind of part way into my bag. I had a large vision for myself that on what to do so, for me, I'm just like I need to be live out. My purpose fully, and I just couldn't do that necessarily under the umbrella of what are you, why did you want to leave for me Just I am our vision, man. You know. I think that in our galaxy such a large voice. It from me. I need him. Always I needed to say more things. You don't and at the moment that When did the kind of veer often do mounting you know tat, it is also guy who help and bring me into this whole thing. So you know. Obviously we will brothers, you have said, and we still our brothers and I just wanted to be free man. I just want a cottage IST crew
something for myself, because my legacy meant that much because, unlike YO a much more than just a guy who has these heads and as these wreckers, you know best us as radio nobody body of work, and I got a lot more to offer to the game and to the people, and I wanted to be able to displayed it. No- and I felt like a necessarily couldn't do that, be an entity. Umbrella, which is fine. You know people, you got the relationships and broker relationships all the time. You know, and I think that It was all about moving forward with me. I was my mainland, an open letter to whom concern given an You data, just that you say, Sir, your man still my brother, because you know it's all lessons. Man is our lessons in our life. I think that you know my homeland, journey up and said it is until this point has already been said, As you know, I'm not mad at any body or or or anything the waste that I've been a light it which is truly a lesson from me? Man, for me. It was all about how do I moved through this and how do we move forward from these? No other financing, thus they malino Brownie things you crying to challenge,
five thousand dollars you don't No, you can't believe which we only eat. You know, these guys. I Otto get. It's all is internet stuff. You noticed guide this I don't even know me, we don't have conversations, we don't talk. You know We had have a situation to where he was I to the label, but encountered Let him go because of for personal reason What night you know things that he was doin ass, their business and what we do, but for him to speak o my situation is speak on me. Don't know me, you don't know where I come from. You noticed We don't have no relationship at all menu, then very earnest about, even when you came in through the back this club- and you really were very honest about things that you had gone to industry. This is, I think, sometimes, as an irish people try to be very Lastly, tattoo echoed everything's cool, they got it like that, and you were very honest about which you went through to get away. You got it all. Israel broke out one point in a new game of what went ahead, because I think that is important, like you know, like that, build meat
HU. I am today like you know some point. We are voting struggles even when you Rachel got problems, problems and stop how big is looming awful for DJ calibrated artisan, always tell everybody sign into autism is very difficult for the reason I say that it is is cal, it is. Is China break himself? Ronnie creates a racket he wants to make the biggest reckon he possibly can make. Exactly exactly as an artist sides is labelled as safe as dissociated while thoughts reckon you know callous, and I want to make this big. Reconciling is Rihanna Bryce until because he was too he's into bacon cal it Brian bigger rundown cow is odd, unlike the party. Your job is to make me be there. When I am told me all one for me and I don't want anybody, so it's a difficult you know me out. It was decided at the data such as well like absolutely at at at at at some point. Yet it did. You know me, as you know, I want to be applauded and breakfast honestly you know me like? I want to be able to catapult my careers. Will but one thing I learned is that I can't take any of this person because, while
when you look out for yourself, you know if a brand new building a granite in a we built this whole. We debate they encountered together and allow with a flourish on, but you know I just didn't take any of her. No, because at the end of the day I gotta make sure I'm good and I gotta Sure I'm right in now was the whole being of me moving forward, like you know what I need to be free from all. That is, I need to be able to create my own life say what I want to say be, who I wanna be a represent that on a fully level possibly, inadequacies, Marwood Thankful I would always hit at and I will be upset. You know just honestly speaking. I would lie down and I would love to be on our record, because I know that What do you know They would do for master turbulence and where you broke out please tell me just like I understood Even if you never said anything honest the light, I get it it's a business You know I'm satellite, you go go for like the big, a town at some time. Which I understand will like he didn't school
sorry wreckers, like you did put me on a project which I am very grateful for you know, but I think that I'm not and ass. The two most minimal Conakry Mon opportunities in create mounting for myself will pursue of more when he wouldn't put you on records are when you and tell people to follow more snapshot. Neither one man. I was impressed about anything. You know snaps. In all our getting I'll, let you know I'm a human being at the end of the day, so you know I just have a real life outside of just like music in all snaps had a lot of stuff, so I will necessarily ever pay. Stop. Adam will be like me, you know I might have been frustrated a little bit more people get up in the naysayers, but for me I'm just like I gotta keep pushing. I would Lord Asia. When we come back, we gotta talk more cow and his new projects, not move as to breakfast locomotive breakfast morning, everybody's
e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne ago? We are the breakfast club. A hood is in the building, charming little baby. Difficult calla became a bigger than the damn with that. I started the transition to my own thing is when his name catapulted like the horses. I would like to Snapchat and in everything, but I never did taught me or what I needed to doing what I wanted to do, because obviously people looking at me even calls for us. It was like Yo Cat, it has grown for large and he's doin amazing. Things like why Give him why move on, but for me I'm just like you know, I want to irish man. I got some Mercedes people, you don't sound like this one to be represented in a whole different way, because I'm so much more than just like the hits death Esben normally put I get, would you say You know necessarily agree, but it is no cause for Thelma. I heard you went away like an hour. They were out ass, a hoodie way, even though that was that we also jointly algae, and we had two hundred and ninety eight. I was like ie put you in the spotlight
The reason why I myself I would never have autism is a difficult because you got about your life in a career. I would call it these the biggest DJ urban dj in the world. Right now. I am not even indeed anymore he's an artist, Indonesia, s kind of like a layer like Both these nobody, they actively to Baltimore Guidance Company hit now you're gonna, make re, write and think about it too, like thinking the relationship, please allow me to be a part of absolute. Most importantly, like some people think from a perspective of light. Ah, he didn't put em all record. He didn't do this, he didn't do but think about me, being oh she ate it would indeed a colleague Although the relationships and people that I was able to meet my journey, I would have met. Parliament have met Wayne and met ache and you know made all these great out is that I've been able to work with, and if he wasn't having the relationship in in a brother who had immediately cattle are used as Ellie. Oh, you independent opinion at this point to mean obtains. Oh God yeah. I'm doin everyday myself is answer as a no good. I you know
ass. I looked into it seems like you got. Every avenue the other day that will went about. I'm Mancala, don't put a lot of them right you don't want to be granted now, I know now make that we do not want- or maybe even if everyone does I've been around for I've been applying oh yeah yeah. I know what they were so like they ve been due to lose you. Might you got a lot of opportunities? I there are a lot of members on a boy, put a lot of them was on board, but I think that for me it was They just pushing this whole like free, staying right, it was about you know, cause I felt restrain. So many ways you know in Vienna, Dj Catechise, Canada has such large voice. You know it. In time, we would do just anything. You know how they will just be powerful at some point. I want him out. And I was willing to do whatever it took for me to have my own thing. That did you always feel like they would do and favours fatality, not necessarily because the respected you o o
something that I now mean disagree point out also yeah in also felt that I knew a lot of these relate civil people with more certain things out of his strength and faith of Catholic and unnecessarily for you don't say which is called an honest man. You know. I ain't got no talk to you in a bad relationship with nobody. Should everybody with respect? That's just the type of man that I am yeah allotted AM relationships in Ino stem. Threw him saying now that independent Some of them have some of them. Have you know some people You know earlier wrong. It was like a thing of kind of like a pig inside. Nothing earlier on you not to say- and I have to accept that and I went mad at it, but is support for people to know that enormous about love. Women fan and I chose it. You know even with that's we situation. Like I was on edge law was frustrated. Unit of Santa was in a situation in which China figure way through in every thing, was no for me to live with ask me to be a man. It was asked me to be a boss who asked me to be honoured.
Things I wanted. You know I had to be in order to be successful, especially when you goin out independent, and you have somebody with such a step Fourth- and I created ladder relationships for you, I don't you remember, fan and too crazy and at any rate, that is any you dislike area by decision that ended a day. Nano is really on his mind, but I wish him the best right enough what s the truth, because the moment I came to him, of course, he's easygoing fell away. If we brothers or we got a relationship, and I tell you want a par ways. You don't be a low frustrated by what you got. The down understand, because if that's what you want to do, and you really support somebody Jose, I who am allow you to go, walk you path, and it will be supportive of a so that it was a conversation in us sitting down which was one of the most nerve racking these me ever in life. You know cause I got not yet it may No, that was new for me not ready. Yet what it? Where did you meet a bet? We met Yes studio. You now we met a better studio. You know mean it so it I seen him. We greeted we hard. In this was like. We had spoke honestly for partly about eight months you,
Like I told you, I can't the contact we haven't you have today we eating it out you immediately. I mean there was some conversation that was conversation. What you know count it always play like the love causal. For me, I was like much like all they say has wanted me to go crazy. They wanted me to wild out. You don't mean us what they wanted me to do, what it was. When I meet him, have an understanding between at all and I was my made things so soon as we linked up. It was all based on a conversation. We hugged thou and we talked about what we ve been. But we ve done and where I'm headed and what I want to do it. For me, went to work for him to say you know ace what you wanna. Do you my brother. I can't wait to support you. I can't wait to be behind, and in all YE endeavours? I wish you nothing, but the best and the fact of meat lay in it what the love card is. The reason why I am out of my situation today is the reason why I am free from all restrains freedom in all stigmas, free of all labels
No I'll live my life freely. Man, you don't say my life was rigged. The funny thing is, though, everybody always gave you props would be an adult rap again will seem like you know you and artists they Callin was carrying yeah. We agree with that just being around a great to so much have always been spying. Do not think that for medium that the large there is I didn't. I didn't have a bad idea. Is broad inhabiting share to minimise pains what I feel you know. You'll see common around. I was quiet. I was always the humble God he really never SAM was you know. Candidate is thing but from It was just like find him a voice in unfair fund, a voice to say what I want to say were out thing: people bought into a still now they should have been bought into your singles exit records, but I don't think they they bought into your body of work. You know exactly it think it about. I can tell you all a single to knock a play. All the singles, but I don't remember, bodies are worried about their dad, probably one of the biggest problems that nothing is best at you. You do separated into your day because I didn't
I was a soul in the east is an artist example. Inter Bulgaria, was sold into hustle high in a language which I think that, as the main thing you know, I don't know it's in. There were following your instagram in knowing you lived in. Do you exactly opium all get to know you you're Doin interviews with colleagues coward, well, we're talking exactly which is which, as you know, which is true but for me and that's what I'm saying is because I was so much more of an of artist in that you don't sanum like me, I will people, truly no. I am not just connect at all these features in all these large record with that. I got a story to tell I we get more. Asia where we come back was kids were a good many makes. Let me know your favorite ease her joy. Is the breakfast club come on a personal club mornings combining covered through Friday? We like story here and in Brussels about Visa got us ground story drop out. Asia pick up his body was project is in stores right now, great. Yes, it is now caliber, now
I will ask you to the room: is assault Tiffany hedge, the Reul report, whose glove many positive things happening right now. First of all, girls chip. Has as one hundred million dollars at the Box office cooled above Girls Tribunal hunted merely to seek, will come in then that protection of that movie with a budget of nineteen million dollars, so they ve made over a hundred million now. Listen, yes, also she's gonna be joining Kevin hard in night school she's gonna be joining that many old rubble include bombs would at them, apparatchik is produced by heart, be projections and we'll packer productions. It's a group of misfits who are forced to attend a dull classes and the long chance. The opacity Jd Exam Waterway No. We conclude intervening attitude at Rome, but ass. A good look for cabin heart is well known, the great
for care battleground Tiffany to be in a movie right. Man. That's if any had is also by the way, has her special coming on on Showtime tonight. She ready from the hood to Hollywood, so Mesa yachts, check that out. Nine pm eastern on Show time Europe our special. She is ready right now and she was on even colbert- and she was talking about the fact that she is a white woman on paper are based. Our cameo and daisies friends. Parity right here is what you had to say. Like seven years ago, the furthest I came away, all try indecisive, came and they showed up to my house and they asked me what my half an hour, Why? Because I was countenance thing how many black people in a neighborhood whose like now will show you raised- and I was like we do in that they would bring a racism, rights and opera dawn. When are you color behind they get, and I was I all
my children. I have like a vessel rate the moment when it's in my brain and I would like a whole conversation. I grow. This is your chance Obama. Third inside the change you could, we would have you wanna, be today array and she goes on nay, why she is a white women check it out and I looked up and I'm caucasian Cavallo I got. I got a car and allow a lotta asian. They say. Ok, he checked the White Box and it is mere fantastic like Two days later, my credit score went up by three hundred points. I got a black card, I got a mexican housekeeper. Now life has been really awesome. I've been booking all these tv show wrong because of affirmative action. They need white women to play black women so that place The mother of inhabitants love Tiffany added. She is a drug. She brings me joy, you will not feed Tiffany be around. Seventy, have a conversation with seventy and now walk away. Feeling happy met our congratulations
Her may size and anger outs, and I now uncle murder was on social media because his son sent him a text message by accident. We Watson this right. This is embarrassing. First, his son texts. It can I each year vagina then allow a measure. The sentence, I guess old enough for that their needs aid accident. Ella Mayo, wait there that wasn't for you or them that was my girl, and I don't do that. Ours is playing with her in Texas do by accident my bare. Perhaps this is act that ain't as happened, please, my bad. You jump out the window ass. The deplorable walked up enlargement on one may I don't think a good murdered locomotive linking why? Why? Why why young man to shoot me shot, would the pump room taste inverse functional, just go vaginas snack after last result related is last resort as when you knew what does that mean leg? It we'd have to doing. We put the tibetan language if you'll just cinder tax. As what you got me in here
moment that eventually you self evident am opposed. This honest and begged the black power is the mode you does it. I would work array end. Is that a new music out today? As we know, a sap fire has his mix tape? today information. You guys like that. I still striving we already toto correct Black, did a surprise project prize, a baby to mix tape. That's out his bone, nineteen neutral and Dave EAST paranoia. A true story by Dave EAST is out now Dave EAST was also on lip service. This week we just posted that on day, and I asked him what makes him so paranoid check it out. Do they get more now, then? You were before you know, as we were far below paranoid, but it was like I was stuck. I was like I can only like move in a certain an answer now. Legal low move also have my access, so whatever could I buried them? Why successful you either my paranoid
times. People get my daughter, but I have been from, but carry I refer later was designed. Oh, how to hold the streets. Does the world. I argued banks at his little girl to this, what rights and that's it
there is actually makes imperative, no matter what all come, I'm a guy again how us, over from the same parental paranoia at the same time of anxiety, about actually talking about, therefore allowing donkey today by the way I re well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room- a report not expand on your donkey yeah man. All we need a guy named Daniel love. He had come to the front of the congregation may because we all know as fathers also job is to protect and provide, and when you got little girls, you were laid down for them. Donkey gavel dog you today, for Friday August eighteen goes to a fifty three old sucker from Rhode Island aimed Daniel Lafayette, national Dollar brothers out they would daughters. I have two beautiful little girls myself and I want all my brothers would darted to think about the love you have for your sake.
Right now. I think about how it feels like your heart is literally on the outside of your body. Every time you see your little girl think about how a man job is to protect and provide for his family by any means necessary. I suffer from parental paranoia. I have anxiety over my girl simply because I don't want any harm to come their way. Please in all of them is away from my baby girl. Think of love. You have you little princess in my brother. You can understand the table pig faeces day. Lafayette is now Daniel. Latvia was in an establishment that is not known for being dangerous, but he can get real, Lafayette was in a place where you have to keep your head on a swivel. If you get caught sleeping lacking in this establishment, it could really no doubt and Missis I'm talking about is none other than Chokichi. Ladies and gentlemen, if you ve never been to a child poverty and Chuckie cheese, when it's like two or three birthday party is going on Bonci kid Runnin around, then you may think chunky, cheeses, essay, space waste, ok,
I've had a birthday party, my o d and Chucky cheese. Before and you know I keep it stop mommy any way at all times, but when I walked in there and surveyed the landscape, I went back to the car and got a little something extra. Sweet about chubby jeez, except for the delicious cinnamon dessert, pizza on the all you can eat buffet and got to have something on you to protect you and your family and Chuck e cheese. Okay parents know what I'm talkin about. I have a set the scene for your father's. And your hostile environment like Chuckie Cheese, daughter, you already and protect mode, and then he comes Daniel Lafayette messing up the ecosystem. This is heartbreaking. Let's go to both. When you five knows what the report says. It all happened here at their strategies,
an arab world that six year old girl tells us. There is a grown man who drop some point, and all she wanted to do was to help him down the coins pick em up, but she tells us demand and kicked her well now sheep. As terminally. I never want to go back to what Chuckie cheeses restaurant again, I'm trying to help him, but he kept out of the borough police. Lay this man. Fifty three, your old Daniel Lafayette, knocked the little girl out of his way ass. She was just trying to help him. We want. Have gone down. Mom says love! I yet then cursed her daughter out beneath him. What does what it was? He doing my thought I was trying to help and he said that she wasn't trying to help that she was just trying to steal he's going dad. Who was also a Chuckie cheeses, went to get the manager who they say was aware of what happened. Dad says in turn. The manager tip top Lafayette about police being called on to wait
No, we can't Bob dreamed that something is going to give him my house that gene rub my eye was released in a five minute, overcast bail and he has been charged with assault and battery. Let the guardian top of life. Oh my guy said you crazy and, of course, the right now. Was this kick up put or was it what a dinosaur metabolism matter right all. I know Then you lately, nobody taken. Ok, listen man! You kick my daughter in any way, shape or form a promised Jehovah La Jesus, oh Brad, beyond, say Daniel. Latvia would kick my daughter stabbing at Chuck e cheese out of whack a mole all right. He was going to leak all over the flamin finger. Bro ain't, no devil, damn way and by golly what really grinds my gears is affecting the girl's father was in the restaurant and he ran to get the manager
father you I'm not gonna, knock you, because I know why you for his instinct was to get the manager, but you look a real funny in the late, because once again, a father job and protect and provide if somebody takes my daughter laughing, I'm doin is running the get somebody out for Help Daniel Lafayette. I hate you I don't even know you when I hate you Eve, I got it and you deserve to get your wig pushed back right near the coin. Push in chuck e cheese! You deserve to get blasted right next to the ticket blaster we about to play, Skee Ball with choppers. Okay, you kick, my daughter is going to be, all over the jackpot screen you kick. My daughter on product will be on your efforts of when you die. If you come back as a ghost, I hope you hot Chuckie cheese, so I can come near employee goes onto which spirit when I'm sure Mozilla is. If you were to kick my daughter, I would have kicked you in the kidney met effect. I would pull your kid me out view your aim is in place, who was shot in Chuckie? Chief, ok, Please give Daniel Lafayette two biggest. He hobbies
when he met a jump. My wife would have been all over the weighty and lay my white. Then they would have called weeded out a bit all over my wife. What listen man I know his guy is dead. You love your guidance to manage its him off. Why it indicate the cage. Gough is a check up. Come on additives, discuss how the donkey day. I shall limit that you could. I don't get a day morning. Everybody is the G envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club. Now, if you join us is fraud. Is you don't give raging aware asking it? Have you ever Texas somebody something completely wrong now aware, though, that now have you asking, have you ever completely texted somebody completely and utterly fergie? Ok, freaky taxidermy breath as yet tell him you story envy. Last
hours hitting a texting. Although these eight take you for play my new record reaching fatty wipe and he says no problem, I got you, can that was it in five minutes late. I put my phone down and I was watching game thrones and am I looked at my phone and I had a couple of messages that amiss and one or two messages said under your ass cheek back of the neck. With a shoulder, meets in writing. It is known that emission neck tape- you were my french frost source them. I one now? What type of sauce to front for I have eaten alive catch outlets. Friends, for I thought I could be should fully saw could be Polynesia saw, may not least, mayonnaise is, I think, is growth in ITALY made a great observation and you do look like
For how do I look like a complexion of a state for dams data for a private life skinny fat in the sand complexion is one of our land. Tabula dagger, Lego, you'd like to stay for dinner. I abstained for. I begin like someone is lady, but oh now, for you pay of hot air because you didn't span laugh out loud. Who is disease, I'm not telling you! I want you to wait, I'm not sending the notice guys. I've never told them. There was only a matter of gay may, even though it is is Jorge her Love O day, who is on God on the back now you have set out a free taxable person that back Will you tell you that getting out? No doubt indeed, and I call on them daddy but added by name onward, daddy, above all for you. Biological, daddy and YO said daddy.
From now on and on and on and on that show that there is as yet no just the way, you're being out a year ago, Daniels. So what did you say? You'll be daddy. What I was trying to say talk about big daddy that went through my biological. Daddy was something in Alaska. You know come over and it gives some thing is, and I need you to do it right. Break it off and guiding anything that takes me back of life. I thank you for this. It around the wrong person about, and I was like polo I looked at the number like our way, the nosegay before now. Allow me now wait. A minute wasn't a big deal, but the fact that it is vital that they plan to undertake dinner brown in a mess is doing a very real and would like to say- and I learned it all now- by a heating into faded to somebody else. Could I do want to get these statements?
novel hey I'll, write, your daddy, I knew you gave their behaviour was, will come out. The closet amber you leave him is that he now days carbon there now is data daddy to that what it is where you gotta be very deeply daddy. Don't thank you that it is by the way that is something to go because like at all, unlike the God, damn you have kids in autumn daily on our girl, colony, daddy, couldn't logo. Because you know you know what I mean is that blockades gurgle you down when you got cages, which is where it is hello, this method Melissa? How you doing this morning, I'm doing well now. Have you ever set of freaky text, wrong person. So I am a supervisor at my job and I am the strand type and I sent a naked picture to my boss by mistake. I had to take
We pay our time. There is no more girl now actually violence. Now you might arab or make it does what it we never good. Legged you'd still be working to have to say that what did he say? What did you say what actually wanted to date me? the facts: you like do good, and now I do not like what my boy as you sentiment. Ague picture you still got a project of certain still had the picture. Mosey word it. Actually, I was asked to provide for a phone Company Company K, you got a man on the air homer, you can learn from past, but
that people are examining my pigs, it end of anti Semitism in rags, and I don't like to kill me. You have a great big I've asked me back. The mission will be my father firewater. Five. One is fraud, as you know what that means for Euphrates. Have you ever sent a freaky checks to somebody by didn't call us up- is the breakfast club it's Friday today see no means a break. Bridges, ok, go Morgan was me with this guy we're Fridays. Are you know who to bring you ever freaky freaky Friday question is: have you ever set of freaky tax? The somebody by accident tell them
your story like air, and it has only limited this morning and I just like you know I really need to get new association merit. Our views fell right, orderly for yesterday data was player, my ring with dijon. That's. Why won't you with the details? Nay, why? Hey now Cosette they may Stoka happened shut up. So I don T J, I beg you play my record. I appreciate him on a reckless very well. You said, a problem or love that was it about. Maybe I would say farm, it is made up of foreign nationals wanting game with roads and in all of a sudden I see I have messages. I've got click the message it, and this is what I see what you see under your ass. She, under a year s cheeks back neck with a shoulder meet back at the neck showed meets dip. You in my french fries source them by
the most interesting one knew of Angela made another observation annually. You said you look like a stake fry and no more. I look at you unless you really do look like a stake fry you, the same complexion at stake, fry you're, getting fat like a state for our boy. You really look like a big fry right away. You must think he looks delicious Then he said not for you, my bad yeah, Reply, vast doll, you don't get him a smiley face, a mode you back emoji with the tongue out Are you listen? A beggar? A point about you have attracted the robbers and of regular press rovers represent a free. I sat wrong text messages. Banana than freaky got anything mammoth incident. I liked you put your here. What about you May I say one, but it then too crazy ideas with like DNA. Young lady who names thought, would our nickname the nickname. I have thought it would appear and in my my mentor flash
and say his name of coffee and this as this. I want my penis inside you. Since the events. Yes, it was easy. Nobody doing right now and I personally never your reply, which was even worse, Gary and another boarded up. Is he still your sense of momentum that is they never bought? never said anything to about it Well, I was theirs. Yo J was gone. I leave with amendments NOS eight and I have you ever said to Freaky texted to the wrong person. Man do this category You know what I've got it just late night textiles by what is in your picture, you ve gone, who exactly your final call me. The next day was is that why you oughta? Why did you lose a man? Why don't we back the Turks in helping to maintain close penetrate man
The waste is informed. You that your mama just simply ask you: are you trying to smash your aunt like S? Continong won't even manage actually asked doing. Why haven't you if you would give our good reason? It eventually be it. Every day now they're like yellow raw check that raised today. Are you there was the design of a reply that reply overflow. The school my mom, you just don't know why you gotta be asking the people whom we attacks, hello, there's a phone hurry, Yoda model for were those who cannot the the wrong person, man that you may have heard law alone and that is by heavy mass Conaway. Did you behave Are you all male a picture murmured mad elevator then grabbed his ass
yeah, but anyway. I think this won't be murmur about that I ain't gonna pick them all a young man I want to. I want to get bow which you now want to do, something which you, but I actually packed with his girl. Friends. Don't I asked you know it's a big girl. You don't tell my into pickers about not, but I kept there. I could see a cool compensation for victims in popular format. That, like Europe, everyone stop. I'm outta here why do you have to use master would have already, and I worry that you have often thought that you and your radio nominal actually told you to a real person, go out Let me get real quick, though you are the most beautiful woman and I would say your number animal fodder telling us what I got a word Magdalen now. Would you just reduce at her private point? I will save money super aerial rattle
I've, gotta gotta work magnet. How would you just reduce our private point? I will save money so now I will end on a number of them. Are all let you solar power, but I've gotta go now. Are you married? Oh not single out, very, very well, It's been all. I want to come out. Applaud answer me. I owe you of LAW, do not create. If you will come from fly. I feel sorry for women, men, the guy's, a beautiful, beautiful woman in the world, and we would save your name under the whole palace and then what when asked why you would reduce your private pause? He says he only saved women and men under their ruin. Him of this a little I wouldn't even me. I don't know we have a long way go. Guys was more lost or immoral. Story. Deja envy does look on. A lotta was like a state, for this is the greatest observation. I'll see you in a minute he's a skinny fat. Is this Complexion is a well cooked state. Fry he's looks like us, they fly.
It is most needed state viable you right now. I don't know, but you by other baby. I cry it thereby to be right now at dj envy and send imprinted they D, J, big right, we are always gonna, be a data bank Highgate find out who he is very, uniting with doing a secret projects. Looking all that when we come back, he belonged to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast is well Moldavia, Monaco to Breakfast club gunning, easily ease Roma report coming up right now and she bought the thought. Can you with with Angela close candidates being kind of missing in action working in complete privacy and according to sources he's been working in the studio, wicked cutty. Let's not forget the kick. Heidi did Shaq himself into rehab last, while for depression and suicide,
urges and kindly West himself was also hospitalized for having reported nervous breakdown. So right now nobody knows exactly what it is it that they're doing but they're supposed to be getting. It's a trap, a surprise project on everybody that they are recording. Now, I'm not goin now wanted here. Kearny was merely blood woman oil. Can you was a tall goma. Can was all with their socially conscious guy and he would reflect in his music, but he's veered away from that. Lately, I don't want to hear about. You know his struggles, Hezekiah dashing when everything that's going on in the world ass. It was not accept or care. My brother, you can keep data best you, but to give us a stop texting. We picked his estate fries legged. Like note that social media thing is cool and I got friends this picked, it infected meat coming down, combat funding oil when people just timid and I get a little idea what you're talking about right way,
it's on a market worth- and here you go just been- ought to read syndrome, light yellow, not about state rice, envious of set because actually said he looks like a stake for I agree. He skinny in fat like a stage fright and he had the same complexion, but they getting is that everyone loves stakes ass. You are The pleasure of a welcome state rider continue. I well, I say ambient say they have reportedly closed idea by that mansion and one of the most expensive areas, The poignant bell apparent they put down ninety million dollars with eyes and now, according to their they times that mansion, which has that Manton has bulletproof glass, windows and doors, but talks about that before they things at their most expensive mansion and allay and is the highest realistic transaction this year and elements on which we will be proved. Our group has a helicopter paired with helicopter on top of it, the helicopter words, but he can't you can't use it. Could you can't fly in that space was just the official look up the problem
that is a real helicopters, a profit and also the cause it has like. I did a design twenty million dollars worth of cars that comes with the home. What twenty million dollars worth of cars that come with the whole? Are you notice I see in it? I was look. I look at this type of thing I'm in a real, is now he let her out of the house who just want a regular Margaret leg over the no secret place like that. That mosaic allows you to open up a classified and is the sitting connection that look at things like, as amended at. If I went a lot, I need to know where I live. I let you bet play This is worth a lot of money. Now exact, Laura Lara Gauvain is going to be on an upcoming episode of million dollar matchmaker with Patty and tell me if this is attractive to you on a first aid,
be this comfortable. I save a lot less you for more to see how she behaved on a day and you should find pretty soon, as I do in a distraction to start immediately for paying. But I'm talking about farting, it was discussed, I'm good, I just like the stuff it. What the hell's Goin on here you got. A nap gives up your nose like you're talking about, cannot last see the sun came out and you that's offensive, so you use them, that's a nervous. So that is not true. No, I like to dig out like a fire issues. We learn you do. I have no problem with all our, but all know you like them on my why you actually stated that they will. You know like me to say you know like me I'll leave. You act like this. She must now want to go out with this guy. Exactly that's what it is like you did wishes be, don't tell me, you don't want that beyond a date when you don't need to be a nasty for no reason after three years, obstinate digging up Minos or foreign
fortunately, glows, maybe one of our model, what, if its lips, how by accident you know people always have actually I would lose control or mobile laugh and for its monopoly control over my way, God Nightingale Viagra in your sleep, no have ever seen estate wifi, Good goodness, I hand it over. It hurts pasture is coming ice, the time tonight, as vary from the heads, a heavyweight here, the little preview for you now mister. A comedian you know I started out as a model of the model we are at this last swamp, make up more than fifty years. I've been madly merely move elsewhere. Deny where I got the best ratchet policies is a lot of every here. That's a picture that she was curious, be jumping up the Disney Mubarak to be dropped
goodbye activity added. She makes my energy go up, one of the best periods on the planet. Can we to watch especially magnify the answer that I hope that they have cable they have Showtime in them are recorded the moment when it happened. The American, beyond the navy. Some report outlines a man if not by China. Why sitting here in the house tonight but others with ads. You got a new role in Cameroon, hearts movie night school. Yes, There is a great look for care. Gotta, lotta people, hidden camera, one social media they need to give any added in a movie needed on WWW Tiffany had is an they. Let that happen absolute at the great look for care, Ngos have just made over half a million dollars. As they arise. Somebody else's way, but every now and then aim and around ravenous are both very each have thought I gaudy serves up Well, I'm annually, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you. Miss Yede now shall to revolt, will see you guys next week. On Monday to say everybody ought to be will show it mixes up. Next, let me know what you in here. At DJ. Envy get your request in right now, with the breakfast local morning.
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