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1/25/19- The Breakfast Club special guest today was  Amanda Seales this mornining, who is a friend to the room, and the second black woman to have a HBO special! During the interview she spoke on how her special came about, certain jokes told in the special, and even exposed some men you may have known that tried to sabotage her career. Also, Deray Davis stopped by and spoke about his relationships, his stand- up and more. Moreover, when it comes to Charlamagne's "Donkey of the Day", he was very saddened that he had to give it to a pastor from his own state South Carolina, because he strangled a pregnant woman at the church.  

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Social distancing slows the spread of corona virus, so stay a minimum of six feet away from others and stay home. If you can more info, I corona virus stock of. Let's all do our part because all hashtag alone together brought to you by the odd council. My name is Sir Pearl. Well, for the past four years, I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year, old son Courtney, wound up with the bullet in his back. Outside the Chicago police station. There's what you hear on the news that Courtney got shot then drove himself to the station were office's: did everything they could to help him and then There's the true listen to somebody on the heart, radio, apple pie, gas or wherever you get your party.
In the morning you go away got been talking to experience a morning. Chauvelin like came up with a break with the devising of ultra bank. The plan my morning, you really not happen, is waiting come to show men and early I'd be a big time. Let me be very big. Actually Charlemagne got a breakfast club.
Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Morning, age de mining desiring Charlemagne guy, whose data plan- yes it's Friday, one hat and a good morning bearing in mind it is a great more wonderful morning, though, it's cold and a lot of places analysing the maker waste Foundation in Brooklyn. Yesterday, The annual event that they have to do is make always day in Brooklyn. It was incredible either with two of them make always case. It actually performs one of them his, which had been to perform new year's eve and the boy jobs than it was came through this year, though, usually with a movie where he did
the EU has had any perform yesterday. I found that with this way, gradual year was great. I mean it. I think I love like seeing these cases that are so resilient, the things that they have had to go through some of them. One of the young lady. She actually had several blood transfusions from when she was young, as is to see her singing and performing an excited and happy to be there and intelligence of good and beautiful, with a great thing to think so anybody they can balance. He ever make a wish. It is really something that fills fulfilling their noses, then about those kids. Look kid materialised. That is the little things in another, like the bustling one, would think that everyone NED that make them feel so fulfilled right. I'm going to perform anywhere somewhere. Bob drop in on New year's Eve family, go not the balls, the one ball who say you do
adding a riding eyeballs laws on the brain is wanted to know your balls and years. He knows a lot on the families. Do they have to go through some major? My stay children go to allow a ladder. Ways keep em he's with air ladder, the volunteers with their people that work at the organizations are set out. Some amount of these has put or Brazil Hospital, with envy born? I was born in the in Brooklyn also, and you know what shut out to everybody that came out too my love podcast last night it was outmoded episodes, so we did something special. We read it out tat now expensive, that is, it is crazy. The only Where's, Download I've been out. Tat was a Swiss beats ITALY. She key. So we read it out tat. Five hundred oh, and we only invited a hundred people at listen, jogger mine from Chicago used in Detroit Boston, shut out tonight Emma
shouts Remy Martin shuddered to deal with such an amazing a bit last night. Thank you. Everybody to came out. We had so much fun shouts, DJ, first choice: DJ first choice works at our station appear people. Don't really know how nice he is and how busy he gets when he's damn, probably one of the hottest djs I've have ever seen, it ever heard, killed it. Okay for a child to first choice, Rashad everybody that came out last night worries we, we did a pie, cares for about an hour and a half, and then we shut it down and turn it into a party. So it's just a hundred people party. We play music, dearest all night, along with a real celebration, so again shouts Remo shut out the name I mean it was so many people I came out. We had so much fun. Thank you guys. A hundred episode is is not easy to do and we were able to do in if you dont
but my pie, gas is about. It is me, and my wife, just talking about everything, relationships, the good bad things tat. We ve been through things that couples go through and we just talk it out. We talk it out. We honest, you know we talk about our efforts to talk about the great stuff, the good stuff, so shouting but he came out. It was such an amazing last night they gas ran, whereas in this morning we are celebrating a friend, that's right. Her name is amiss, to see a man the seal. He has HBO comedies pressure, so admirable Mars. Hbo comedies praiseworthy abuse tomorrow night ten p m or eight veal, and she will be here this morning to talk about that's right. They place he's only these second black women to ever. Have a comedy special on HBO the sexes, the first ten years ago. Virgil only the second- and I would say, One thing about Amanda seals: she does things highway. Always thought always has from the start. When I even went out with when we work s serious together, she does things her way and if, if you don't like it, she always she'll get over this
so these inequalities, as it is a lover s law, Unita website, a cancer. So you know we tend to have that effect on people are re. Also DE way, Davis will be joining us, it's going to be performed in New York, city or weakest, will kick it with him as well as a comedies better. I that's been Netflix, that's pretty funny. Two thousand and two was on our enemies, Mary or to win the inference growth. Might well we'll talk about all I m. We got front page news. We talk about. Well, let's talk about these unpaid fellow workers. Now kindly Secretary wheelbarrows had some advice for them all right we'll get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive, allow below combining the morning everybody's Luigi envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club. Let's get some front page news, not all star gave twenty nineteen arrests have been released and I'm confused Wyandotte that they were gonna. Take a captain on these.
Add and enable gonna pick the place. That's what I thought that has made and what do they do get defectively detective fans vote the starting line up and in the captain gives to pick the wrath of the team resemble gets voting. But how do we have that the conference separated a picnic? ready when you tongue went up, the starting line up out of stock learn appears now ask it: will carry urban Campbell walk in the greek freak? two. I Leonard Angel in B will be plain on eastern Conference and West two conferences, curry hot and James, the rich and poor. You're in a yellow vote away, Wade Infidel starting line over the Ethan Conference finals, witnesses luxuriantly, Jesus Christ. I thought he had two votes. I want more carefully should have been voted in a broader beyond Serbian. Right! Well, what have you done? It may benefit by their governments sat down when are they gonna bet What are they gonna end? We know it's already been over a month. Thirty five days well, they're saying down on travel
Has no idea how he plans to end the shut down. He has no strategy now for weeks has been saying: the government cannot reopen until he gets the money for his border wall he's also that is a reasonable deal that he would be open to it with the condition of a pro rated down payment for the wall. There also saying that he is preparing a draft proclamations. To declare a national emergency along the southern border and then again, if I more than seven billion dollars and potential funds, so in case yes and the government shut down, he can declare that it's a national, I can see that the massive amount of em of aliens who unlawfully enter the United States each day is a direct threat to the safety and security of our nation and constitutes a national emergency. Now commerce, Secretary Wilbur Roth, was on CNBC Squawk Box Squawk and he had this to say about why better workers should need to go to food banks. There are reports that there are some for workers who are going to homeless shelters to get
Well, I know they are, and I dont really quite understand why, because, as I mentioned before the obligations that they would undertake, say, borrowing from the bank or a credit union are in effect, federally guarantee. So thirty days and pay that some people will be out. There is no real reason. Why they should be able to get a loan being hungry. Its car living checked a check is cod not having money, so I had to pay interest when you get along with an eye to pay interest on alone that I have to get down there. Getting pay
Oh no damage you gonna rubbed is up for black his dream over. I we don't need. Yellow government should go, oh go out overshadowing, although twenty twenty eight day that we give to our dear Lord, as Secretary of State Mega itself, has resigned yesterday all because some photos of him in black face at a party nearly fifteen years ago, where just revealed publicly, he was in a private Halloween piety and two thousand five Annie's in black face wearing red lipstick as a new Orleans Saints Bandanna, vague, breast and large airing, apparently his costume, whether Hurricane Katrina evacuees, who was a woman, and now you reside Wednesday, Louis how did he do it? He basically said: there's nothing I can say is normally has been running a wharf in a while you and our jobs, It is both a great now knows it will see you next lifetime, Piranha, Mozilla yea and that's your front page.
All right, get it off your chest. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent, hit us up right now, maybe had a bad night or maybe had a great night. You want to spend some spread, some positivity, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one get it off as is the breakfast club morning. The breakfast the pounding down you're gonna, get it on the agenda you want a breakfast laughing, but they will allow this. They get it off your chest, Mama, because, because government shut down
you're gonna, get you the USDA longed for our house, but because they sat down happen and we can get it and we don't have the fifty nine hundred needed to get a better deal for honour have done that we have been able to where people are shooting constantly. Were you for Mamma? Take no high up. Do you know why you? How much much of the property, the poverty that we're trying to get is one eighty one. Eighty thousand hello, yes, ogre used on alone, I guess somebody backing do alone. Let me see almost there will be three percent now old, almost under Mama right now, one hundred eighteen thousand times three percent. You're out of my god. I could do it for about four thousand two or three percent alone. Not a lot of animals guaranteeing it. But if you you, you said you in a military now, How would you do not loaded with China? Do you Why are you as the alone? You credit moment: creditors
over ceremony over six hundred, our seven hundred. Ok You all dawn is guy is able Laura where you put three percent down as long as your credit is good and you have the proper financing you can pay that load. He might be able to help you, and I can promise you nothing but are usually comes through from people for me. Ok all right, you hold on right. You know it's crazy about the government should know the people who shut down the government don't even realise how their affecting regular everyday people, because they saw off the Haug me so rich nasal preluding only realised that everyday people like that to be an effect in every I mean she had everything made about. I was then eight they shut down on me. I got a couple of people in real estate. I've been doing it for the last year heavy and he might be able to help her. Men and allow cross my thing about deftly, send like nothing for somebody like twelve December coming down, he got use rich. You know that a worry about the right thing and other people, just they just go, get allowing you have to go to. Michel. The belgian authorities know as definite allows there's Savior hey. What's up get off my chest
yeah, I'm not really mad, but I'm a little disappointed. A little while ago I was I put a post on to Facebook on cambourne stage, page with my family or Christmas, with our weapons and good trigger safety, muzzle safety and things that America got a was viral almost all over the internet or wild own social media, and it's a lot of people out there who had a problem with my black american families for Christmas, Well, why you was Rollin was rather brighter than you two way right. You have the right to bear arms exactly I got the right to bear on what it was sponsor a white American who, without the cotton field with put his family, irresponsible responsibilities, there's a whole where no one had a problem with that will put up with it dropped out of my family airborne. About I gotta go. I wasn't Gillette commercial everybody can about Amazon about every wasn't that bad guy was talking about,
people raising over Masc children and just blame it on boys will be boys and it's not a bad commercial, but the White guy responded. I raise my kids the way that I want to taste like So what are you trying to say? I mean I really Montana we do not want to do but pay to put it right back when they did a responsible, commercial, Dublin, America, Asia. Radio did report is right. Guy doesn't go a little boy, Verona always like yours, but I want you also. You agree and a Europe of the future which are family who regard than a car. I got up anywhere about the markets. It everybody will that be like more really a man to Amateur Wade's, IVO Guy, so I am to allow yea. Turning Deborah damn right
They have a much better way. Oh, I don't know man into the Czech even her right now. You, U July, unites I've got a beer with down our now South Auburn downtown, without delay. None of them. You just say I've been twitters, nay. I tweet a swedish I've been doing to hold all day yeah. Maybe you gotta give me aims at most. As always to grow magazine you to come with subtitles ground, then you done, he said. I am sorry that you did all future as eight hundred five, a five one, o five one if you need to vent it is a right now is to breakfast locomotive breakfast. I wonder
I got wake up ass man, a black we wanted you can you tell I was there is no doubt that we shouldn't was. It will never be level with J J love. How can we ever envy? Yes, but it again briefly, James abruptly, let me say man in our work like so many people were gonna stand, but I got a job not so tat. The rifle camera tv talk him by they gotta go to shelter together. Can food every record? thousand year. Understand if it shut down brother but limited some you'd prefer to use creature. An embargo. Tell you when you are getting. Did you gotta? Have much money saved, put abatement families?
Do they just doin? Ok, man is easy to say that you should have six months money saved. Don't you live infected, Shack, start saying they broke out as long arraigned holding out his boy. It ain't, even as they might have. You would think you haven't. You oughta, be bringin at all a lot of money to save money. Now its immediate, finally say some money, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. I one more thing. I do. I use data, then all kinds, attitude alone that they had to pay out and Linda you got six more save up. You don't want the overt ok What I would have you, but the majority of people don't have that desert there. My respect corresponding change. Chris barley changes, people very surrounded self and he got continue down. They will you gonna feel gonna be a real bad? Chris round in do anything in the girl. They know the good girl allegedly didn't even needed. No, no, I know he did not, but budget would eventually can you can't
ITALY, while a k again IKEA hypotheticals, oh hello, this is basically enough. Very the promoter mama. Oh my god! by the way by both of you guys. I love you actually. At the EU summit, I read a book of your bus before I went back to work by Mr Goebbels Ass, the master who told you what they think you you gave me about last voted I needed to continue with what I'm doing, though, not all right and foreign firing very few. I beg you for call him alive. I'm sorry, I didn't have a go on guys know, have a global dive, doublet ya! Gotta! Might there be? Ok? Good, bad love. Your happy Brad before I begin allows is aided in view get it off each asthma,
They don't really meant. We didn't work out of rubber air. We need, though he came to visit here on earth. It worked on Youtube and barbarity. Farm in a book, in my way only bluntly number two: vaguely oil in my amber my boy, no you're right now in the grass yea, all right now, I did get very border when I doubt our words are divided up into three dam day owners, keeping mighty, never have any leeway for bail. I woke up and it would be my ya. Use a James. Your oil changes who are the matter. I've been waiting. I e But what are you anyway? I can see why we need to tell you that if you go
Jane you, oil, all your law and leaves you can do with geography of Yo Cod Ii to oil. Change too I would appreciate it if you though I might go for three days, welcome you don't know vestibule all grass. He met the view granted a black oil. Yeah, I got money all right. I've got a bad that would involve a barrel. Tell him. I need you to tell me how come you're dead truck. Do you have it all up the array of Landmark Mcdonald, a bad omen. Why am I gonna be a real blacker than my goodness right get it all. Five has five a five one, o five? What have you need us? You gave any a even anytime, even governments, runaway yeah thing guess who is get in jail you're gonna be exciting, nor I will get it
that when we come back, he belonged to breakfast locomotive breakfast. Morning, everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club, less kids, resources for about who's been released from jail, with Angela, his club? Listen, there may have been Anzio for the past year and that's for tax evasion. Well he's supposed to be getting out today. Ok, according to his lawyer, originally his release date was January, twenty seven, but apparently neither saying that he's gonna get out today. They said that he is the picture of health that he looks great he's very happy and overall doing we
Arguably well, listen man saluted the Amex. Absolutely I got something for good brother dear makes me, Mr Andersson. Damage get at me doc, no pun intended above us with Swift was getting on my brother. I right is a female driven fast and furious end. The wax it ass to be pretty interesting Ivan diesel actually reveal this on his instagram. As you know, there are three no spin offs that we have promised universal. By this week. We had a pity for the fast FEMA protagonist driven spin off I created in twenty seventeen, and you can tell by the smile on Samantha space. It was very exciting set out in a coal permanency, beards neighbour, Robertson's, where it welcome to the family of NGO. Still do so many female, so many women narrow in net space that right that drive that adopted I gotta be amazing. Ass can be
very down desire region has been of dementia open. I write buried man, surprise Tony Braxton onstage, even though they are broken up. He showed up to her show at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta and he was seen off supporting her. Then she guy very excited at a very long embrace. If you guys are those pictures and then disappeared backstreets. So I don't know what happened, but they have broken off their engagement. So maybe now things back on, I rise, Charlemagne was seen on Bernie Sanders, Facebook page talking about mental health and the black community African Americans, at twenty percent, more likely to experience mental health problems than the general population hears. What he said very unusual wives go far. Twelve time from radio. I was back home live with my mom in South Carolina that I just had like the worst panic attack of my life. I've always had panic. That is why my whole life I did didn't. I would be worth Emily's pulled me all good leg. You find and sees success.
People like you, think everything long rate is not establish Vatican's. Actually. Guy you know what I'm going to go, get a handle on it, Bernie Sanders investing your mental well people did you ask him if he's running for president, not the out, we did a couple months ago. Actually, Irena Selena, Gomez, Beacon of anxiety has a song out now it's called anxieties recorded with thing I Julia Michael's and I'm sure you can guess what it's all about here. They let us now before. You always want to be one of those people who says something in everyone. S third kinda, like yourself, put your hands up. If you shoot someone could choose you, could you scared? The chance look I'm always apologizing until Ngos, lemme access, will say that and hard and deal with my admitted true girl,
I don't know, I think Julia Microsoft, but this is Selena. Gomez is first music get she's put out since she's gonna treatment for her anxiety last year, followed remembered me happy you gotta list sounds really power. My list, the whole danger below baby short web wrangler manually just a little bit is a baby shark Bobby be shark trouser that aren't that art, and I mean all right. So we re rise, our shock at the thought or make you happy so makes me then why are you here at me a month, Obi jams I to him it s all right, Zog is always anodyne about you. You ok right even got approbation of exploitative. Yes, let's find out why this whole entire family got kicked off of a polite. I don't know who. Sadly, beyond, but I tell you what happened derive will get into all our necks. Keep it like this. The breakfast logo mornin smarter.
Smart as daily work would have it all. You know every morning I oughta mob protegee, ground, fresh and squeezed orange juice, and what about awarded for from the jelly up the street, and he goes semi bacteria nearest, what are new in Sim talk about give this to him because he should know how much it is. He gets it every day you don't get it everyday should be the same everyday world today, us in fourteen thousand gateways, both at a minute. Eighteen, fifty nine every day, which you are right, I Felicia gum still game must have done Friday. I beg you for anything wagon appreciates again some four pays news drinks with mucus. Thank you, for example, without buying American airlines. The family from a plane and that plane was headed from Miami to Detroit. They were concern because one of the family members, actually smelled, really bad yeah. Very Adler is his name now he said his wife and daughter got off the plane, but they recorded the encounter and they said that
Can airlines that remove them because their jewish? Now, according to people on the plane, though, and the pilot and everybody, they said that it was a really bad, body odor that they had that he had, and he said I you have to calm down now, according to Yazzi Adler. He said he has a kid at how a man he said. We don't have Odin. Nobody here has odor and the official asked him. You told me for religious reasons you don't shower. Is that what you said and Adler, if reply that he does shower jelly, you think that but it should be removed and the brain because of their odor? Yes, yes, and also here the thing allotted time, we know smell ourselves, you know what I'm saying Meanwhile, all it's how you ve been a low funky, but you didn't know but you know you know you evoke here now I don't think so. Man, sometimes you wouldn't be nor be having a a long overdue. Like yesterday I picked you know.
I'm always at that age? Europe without sweaty operate image. You got all citizens cod with a view to data you at all, I'm saying is my lad. You stare threatened Nobody can be odorants into all. We ask. Is this what you wanted to know? What the problem is? You probably just had a you, didn't have anti perspiring Eleanor. That is the difference between the order and they make Nap aspire, deodorant, Mason S, mental some of them have both towards major nerves. Why would I be approved for now? Is We also endorse the buyer. I used the crystal there's something. Nor do I do. I look like I used the God be uprooted people. I know a lot about doing deals: gods, music in Florida Eurocrat you never used before, never live thing. I never
as you say that you want me to address a guy. I write. An employment pact is dulled for the highest price ever in the country. Do you know how much that is, how much two hundred and thirty eight million dollars that's the most expensive home in the United States who border, A Griffin is the person who bought that home live not even almonds an apartment by the way to twenty four thousand square for department he's a founder of Chicago Base, its fun citadel any as a network of night. Wait: nine billion dollars accomplish love New York, good man? We know how much money you wanna get graduated thirty. Eight million dollar has some grass there somewhere business back yard and I'm sure he has some type of rooftop with grass on it. Ok apartment. I gotta see this place and distorting the sour. I know some about that no salary, twenty to thirty million dollars when apartment any reliable forest stories is twenty four thousand only a field office central Park, full bass workload is that he is ass. The buildings it here, I'm sure he has his own private, don't think. That's united,
thirty eight million dollars you have your private bathroom window- is that here there is that the buildings we certainly have his own treadmill it and you have to share with the rest of Europe. Story. Wrong only does these he bought you each is a bought for stores an apartment inside of a building. If you see the building, it's a whole billion by the whole building is one I meant building only would have allowed. Lackman is poor. Fellow, I bet that is its half of the building of difference. When I think I think about all the apartments that I've lived in my life. Ok, we're doing you by four flaws death, a different type of game right it I'll catch one on thirty may we know. We know you better, whereby we clearly ginger via the money begin working group was the man became men tangle of German, about that and these brave, although it came Griffin, got the money. Clearly I write an breaking nose down chumps along time friend in the person that they say is the one they got him into politics
their stone has been indicted on seven counts. One is an account of a stuck obstruction of an official proceeding, five counts of false statements and one count of witness tampering in special council rabbit mullahs, probe, unsurpassable collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, so he is doing court and fort lotta. Later today, a loved water, Roger Mauler, is building around the Trump administration. Is amazing. He s a. Has it at two thousand. Sixteen Netflix documentary caught get me rather stone, which focused on his. They got a political career, Archer Roger he was only twenty years old. He was a young person back than to testify in the Senate, Watergate hearings, and he s attitude who have Nixon's face on his back. Was there the hundred frozen movement, or rather from the drug ministrations over? How many people is it now not affected? more is more than ever a voting. You think. So absolutely I right. I'm Angela, and that is your front page News-
all right now. When we come back a man the seals will be joining us will kick it when I'm yours, the Earl of rating, a man to feel this morning, because our HBO special permits tomorrow, at ten p m on HBO we know, as our partner write him all right, we'll get it at next people. Access to breakfast locomotive You know the world both dangerous mornings morning. Everybody, you'll be very envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club. We got a special guess in a brown right. She has her first, then, those present premarital HBO Saturday night at ten p m, and we welcome
Morning good morning. How do you feel? Are you fill the ivy leg? I did this whole pressed her, and I was like a few days ago you now to registered hang with Am Lindy. Well, I just want to say I went sue your screening and when I tell you the audience was going crazy, like we were in the actual comedy, show people with thing in a long people were jumping up at their sea, so congratulations amended as Hugh you're. Only the second black women to have a comedy special, is beyond the first one. Is that one is eight years ago what I wanna get invited to the screen in order taping, so I did see, by opening regarded by many of you here who dares communist, as is intended for, I would not buy yes, you were, I was not necessarily sends them Unita and by everybody in the breakfast room, villages where parliament, that's it I'm a dynamic patent. Do I gotta screening ahead of time appendix I haven't, got a screening and then he found it
oh yeah, we then, why did? What are you doing here like? That means? I would indeed have been suddenly. I guess I did and I just landed micro, national anthem attack. I didn't what the novel learning Where did you learn and national blackmail him? In writing my special natural strategy? You have three like children get away and you still geometries come out. I learn I thought I beers Google now so there are no excuse, my little fellows about the special. How did you prepare for this special? Was it already written with the things you ve been right in four years or added you go about this? Well, there's a my first better. I really didn't, have like a process. I don't really know you know how wanted to go about things family than directed it.
We then you know directed these trees. Stanley thing created a comedy jam and resume their poetry jam, which I did with him when I was in college in two thousand and one and what's was funny that we shot their ports regime in the same place where we shot my special that was very, like you know, personal, but San really help me to figure. I brought that because I just kind of explain blind it just kind of guessing like how I'm supposed to go about this, and I thought okay, I'm going to like it very, very sharp and very specific, I'm going to get free surgical with it and he was like nah. Like so basically what I was doing, Caroline I did five shows an I did a different. Our every ship really you did it different two hours on some night
What have you got to ignite developing countries that are detained just set up every time you like, I basically like less a safer for arguments, vague like there's six bits in an hour. I would have twelve bits and like rotate, they know, and so different formulas, but I just also knew that I wanted this vessel to be specifically like loves and appreciate. Honored, by black women, specifically, yes, oh then that became the kind of like overhead of what Maiden Anthony Dexter, Mikhail Angela Davis, Beverly bonded. This greener, when I tell you they was stand at us. Ray image? Green. That's the kind of better is where you and absorbed into the screen. Theirs. Is it in with me as she is? I guess, Alma Geiger? Oh, yes, the habits of me me dressmaker, there's a lot of things that have happened. Yes said we wasn't even men. Certainly
How will we be able to relate to like how our period clap everything? That's all you gotta do when I was ten for a man, you learn a browser, you is there. I gather that learning expect. I got good organisms that my did not know about leaky bloggers. Seats at the house never use everything that you had a west, especially to see what would happen. Be known. You speak out, like you, sometimes have to explain your blackness, the people, the issue that we have to explain as those to where we were so one of my friends from high school was. Why was was at its aping any soccer, my mom and My mom would like all you know, Charlemagne youth Charlemagne is here. You know Charlemagne knows my my delight. That knows man and he was going to. I don't know Charlemagne and thy at that moment. Silo walked by my mama thy Charlemagne element.
The french lorry you know tell it that way. You do and China was like. Ireland tell no white man. What I do carefully whether the way I've been acted, Especial yeah that, frankly, my prayers pays became here. A guy, like, I think, he's been recovered. Lay goodness agree, Madam Mina didn't. But where does you do your company? We believe that you asian Malaria, king our Larry King, he was like I haven't used like webs you worse, especially you like a wash best. I wanna watch things before I interview about them, and that is being. He always says that he doesn't like prepare for any views. He just this matter. Stick is unprepared, and I was like that you know you can't let up here. I was there really is no sound like I'd respectful, thank you and he was like. No. Could you gotta tell it to me. You gonna, sell it now thysel another into a white man. Maybe they're here doesn't get the credit. We are doing business with his eyes on the way here. I believe
at that moment you realise that the different interview that are so, why is it that you, like you, are very good at it intriguing as the hers? Ordinarily explanations to them is more This is us didn't. I learn. This measure is not like a demonstration. I really feel like there's been times where I see people be lacking as black people is our responsibility that we have to educate why people are as how can we expect things to change and I'm just like? No, if your choice, I do not feel it is our responsibility. You have to remember. We live in a nation where it was literally deemed criminal for us to be educated fell for us the now, then the expected to educate the offspring of those whose ancestors were imprisoning ice, killing
maiming as raping us for becoming educated is absolutely ridiculous. At this point, I end up having to explain my blackness to other black people. Like that's been going on in my comments, crazy. You know, like you, life, giving you a really black eye view your mothers from Grenada. You re really black out they'll crazier, not the descendants of slaves from America, chattel slavery. You know really black, which is false, but even if I wasn't like theirs, this. While they have like red lacking green heart, you know already g in their programme is? Unlike do you know when I came back from August God, the creator of that you and I are in the end, the black star lie with Jamaica was full but full Jamaica where it was decided to make a live. Amateurs behaviour within your rank with a jockey argue that I'm that black them have signed, ease and half black
Why am I here not black, and I guess I am Aho alive. I've always identify myself as a black woman groat, like We are more with Amanda Seales Seals when we come back, don't move to breakfast locomotives morning. Everybody, the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast club. Amanda seals is in a building Charlemagne. Are you happy this week when you ask me, I believe that if it makes you happy home, be always- or maybe you want to know is how are you enjoying the moment? This is a celebration body as their because he knows me- I mean happy- is a strong word. Oh boy you know me too. I know me over the average does not narrow biogas like a weird or you can as I made me cry on here at her house. You should be feeling my ass like you'd nigh. Oh, I am going to crime You underbred, with club with your family.
Does it share the joy? Yes, it's true, it's nine eight is it does You feel the desirability of ice note the like this second now, because I just remember being here and being so lost Andrews, like really like really laws like not knowing how I was gonna, like figure this all out and make it makes sense, and so says it's like be at a place where it does make sense and we're like I don't Yes, unhappy, yeah, you're home for you, as you think about the hall entire, like I'm in love me, and we know U S serious, and that was a year nowhere rocky road all the way through
really lie. My last, why Ryan? I, when I see we bore fruit for me about stuff, like you only get and put all cause, you lie skin Larry you. They got, as I said before, then, in I'm, like your leg, I'd rather you say you got put off from second leg, which is better than what we got a guy language, at least that that mechanism that I think that these more practical lagging behind we're, like I mean you know, for what it's worth. Identity was a good day really got I believe that the right you know, Piggy Charlemagne, you say no, not even better and that being and legs does not gonna happen. What I really hope is that you, as the special and at the very he's your like Yahoo. All like a machine does what she does and had asked is based being that year, comedy is based on real life. Experience is how many people have been like without about me
with Emma matches unapplauded right now, Then the little Edward, like I have a part in the first row, where I say like the way that you can get struck from of agenda and each of those scenarios are true scenario They all know who they are. The first one is somebody Aliona somebody Finally I call you now may now they know better. Oh, I know owed, oh god call him bag man lack of you. You know it now, as new now is like the ends with emerges. You know a googly I flames and maybe the guy that e Agatha busy is sometimes by the one burthen that I actually got excited about. Leg who had dragged mesdames. I basically like manifested two years ago, is like the person is going to eventually fall into my dams and-
like he did. We had a conversation- and I thought about this on my part as mothers is like within the first conversation he's like when you coming to Boston, we'll be there. If we do neither we, nor was he was why glue? No, I need to see you before that. Easy b we re now begun, but you have no real rat. All Amanda would have felt honored by that all the man who had been? He want to see me so quick, like oh, my gosh Lang. You know New Amanda with the wisdom and the security of sound is like. Why is a man I never met before so pressed off of one conversation for me to come, see him, like all approved, only
it is nice I've brought by the USA, Brazil. We didn't understand why it with toxic for offset the short months. They know you, you know, I didn't ask you what Would you it now we on somebody? I want you all the time. So you probably see all the time you feel like. He know you even notice on work organization and his mind. You like not feel, like, I know her alive. I really wonder why they only a damn conversation. I did John even talk So we started on GM earlier that day and then we got on the phone and now like, hopefully, a role to play a leg area is us:
but that's press of birth, ya. Gotta do background. Checks are manifestly fan like filing. You know that contracts like were you looking for a got, arrested, no ass. Our rounds right ask around like there has to be a network and honestly like mandate as aid by everybody liked United, because people are wild out here. People are wild, do background checks. I was telling my right hand hunger about it and who works was marked by the black ass. She was like, I think, I'll it at my how girl she checks on girls, you member, to do with it. Story are literally replies as we were. We we charge a couple times on the phone. I'm please time she lives in New Orleans. He had to come out here for work. He said, let's get let me in person. They ve never met before, and she said that when she got there is also room for they can meet the then go eat dinner. He opened the door, but as naked whoa every woman in their own way, but not other little breath
then at last We hope that all of you that he opened the door and she was like she said that he tried to make her feel like she was dripping and was a yoke is taken. A now Y Y you while and right now she was we'll get out again and wise men laughed, and I like gave a little bit more information, and on this person am, I am, I buy gas, I have had or women hit me and be like this. We are you're talking about. They say him by name, and I tasted him as it is a small world here, back for two days and when you let me back the second day I like. Let me just tell you something you could be all the road scholars and you can have all the scrub.
But when you are opening the door but ass naked to women who have not encouraged that behaviour, it makes you know better and in the jacket and the to train the Harlem she's there is that the predatory behaviour stay up, and anybody who knows me knows that when I say stay up your debt there, all right well, America feels is. Eight hundred five, a five one or father we combat. We got more without don't hold in no jerking off on a train overnight. Wanna tray, limited event of you all right. If the breadth of local border that's right morning, every body is the J envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne, the guy we oughta breakfast clever man. Seals is in the building, Especial comes on Saturday at ten ye. One thing I want to say that I love it, and that is that you really know how women can be actual but still be intelligent. Sometimes people feel like those two things can o Jaime varies. Lady, yet heard there is a whole tap, no tab out here who has a whole? They will. I call them home,
no tat organ of who has a video on Youtube about how? I am not sexually attractive, you everything, rise, because I am not actually attractive because I have opinions as well Actually, no, let me Corazza do undertake. What they were there has been, is the dude and end the videos birthday starts with these fears about that, I'm just not physically attractive lag. Let us address the back like a man who feels like a man she's not physically attractive drew black hang on? Is it really all that it is through these he's another individual that Yonah? I think you may even had him up here before and an AIDS as the work then, as I was lucky, especially like a man like so beautiful and especially when you make up yet. Right now. I'm ok, I'm gonna give him over, and I appreciate you saying that because I think also like comedic women are expected,
being a hoodie. You know and like all year, distracting from the jokes. If you are attractive, that's stupid, but that was something that with a while, because at the end of a video really came out like she's always be Talkin, like all that they should job. That's what it is you you mad, because I am saying something that is counter to what you are saying, and that makes your soft that put the Korean off at the regular Benghazi teachable moment good. When I saw the amateurishness social media I didn't come in on it does, with the thought of reaction will allow. This is wrong. Do you know he's invaded,
bathing like really feel like you're all what about all girls, because to me out of the birth of trying to get us girl, but that is what you were thinking, but in the worst way. First of all, let me just say this: I don't owe the inner workings of their relationship. I don't know either of them personally and for that situation it becomes toxic when the person who has brought the toxicity to the scenario wants to control this scenario, that's the reality that the most simplest wagon planet. You knew what you need to do to keep cool. Then you didn't do it you
gets a control, my reaction to it, at actual which of you, have to sit down to limit, but there's a but no you gotta go without as those people weighing it are the way to fight. Do I there's a way to find that the thing there's a way to fight for your relationship. The first way to fight for your relationship is to be a relationship that is true for the libel determined fighting for their relationship as fighting for forgiveness. Correct, don't fight to get me that try to keep me were great. So there's that because then you we start that cat and mouse craft and a lot of women get tricked into thinking, we'll look how bad he wants me if he wanted to. He would have even put you in the situation to have to try her angle. You back into the scenario I'm sure in that situation also it was probably trying to call Carty and she wasn't answering weather why doesn't get to determine what she's right you absolutely right, but at that point it was desperately with like this is me trotted, homer, sovereign patients? It here decoration got to do with it.
The others that you in an area that is about your ego. One idea, guy, like blood for one of these guys, are miserable. You came to one here so that interrupted the seven days that has happened, though, is that in the front row it throws you on as a performer. That is mad disrespectful, you, I was mad Israel and as someone who is also a promoter reared from about who shot out, we were not broke it. I don't know, I don't know the inner workings of this. An area like they might be back for
does that we don't know, I'm just looking in relation to myself a relation suggest what a healthier guiding arise in the future. Don't try to yourself and people Adami, like all Amanda, you know like Y Y, you listener she single, I'm single, because, honestly, we live in a society that is so riddled with toxic behaviour that you most of us who are single are single, because we decided that we don't want to be a party to that and you gotta wait till someone comes around. That also is not interested in being argued that and if you want to break patriarchy at this point, you gotta be intellectual and you gotta be brave and thus does not taught on a daily basis. Are we willing to learn all about you? Weren't, ass, brave you gotta, be brave September to risk like Canada looks before for a no one wants to do that. People be Emma comments whenever my comments, whenever they're in a negative way, it's about two things one, you know you ain't really black to why privilege argument
to their everyday every day. You I do in special, but you thought you'd think Solomon, especially like them at home, with their idea of like what they think of the FAO. Acts and forever like. I know what I understand to be the facts, but I also feel like, and we are failing, which are by this before cancel. Culture is a real thing, but redemption culture I feel like, should also be a real thing, and you have to allow people to demonstrate to you that they are willing to change, and I think that the part where we take people back to quick, you know I told you the other day. You made me cry like at least twice without knowing he was like a my bad man biology you deserve
Finally, the growth, because he was in an EU that really just say why are you laughing at? I remember you were only for nine years. You because you were- and this is a thing like an alliance also like this- like they have their own insecurities, so that gets deflected onto you and they'll say to you that it is not necessary to be said, but Bill C, the insecurity in you and then pull it. And then I wish all images occurs. Charlatans. You tell me I don't know what you're insecurity besides, why you were, but you saw me about you- would know you well, you know this as every like. I don't know if you literally saw that I was so like, for instance, when we were doing about he'll be- and I was talking about like wanting a man and how, like you just wasn't turning it wasn't. Working out, people would have been like a worker or on the right line. The right guy
I think that with it, my rather air across the table over a bread, six, not radios as the other guy him. Who is now doing I'm gonna me now doing, I'm gonna make a view that do any opinions. But that's why you was cool about that and I am glad to say that that evidence east of the person I know, but you have been side yes, but it still has a movie everybody, but you gotta do to work, but you gotta do the work and it takes time is not overnight is not overnight process, but I feel like when you see people committing to the process, you don't gotta, be in the game with them, but is at least work being an encouraging force. Ok, and they can only regret the girls with the black mass. As you need to know is by Saturday night around for young girls. You, like the leaders who try to keep up with China. Can we now realise lead they re saying
then let me ease the devil, glad man, I read, they're, like my what is best for you, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, dad,
yeah, lad my worry about that, I will have to look at new offensive to me, a man without a great want. You lead we need measures, anyway, I satellites and live there would be no in our age meal. Rather me, bothering me, follow me on. Is the grand Manasseh listen to my black ass small doses, check out my plenty of black that calm and look out for merge, drappin this link and get black black them blast breakthroughs club good morning,
your horrible friend. Others have rightly I'm a great lawyer, horrible chancellor gaze agree a best for your worst enemy, but I am grateful. That's. Why am I so unfairly? Ideology is never the environment or the one like ten years ago. The mean is still at harbourfront is saying, remember, saying that was in ten years ago. Those devolution ten years ago now, nineteen years a newer before it. But I'll deadly nine. Well anyway, I allow you up here that you reply to you in your view, Probably twenty eleven set out what seven eighty seven into another night about Is it not rather body of land and re? Never girl is no. It out. Will you know, does to providence ago boy. Wasn't too positive terms ago, long age you that Asia is high. School college is ok to sorry, sorry, tell manner
already a probably do. I take out a patent and if I'm know what movement was digging through sucrose Brown is about the Toy Angela eat breakfast workers, Brown has officially Father defamation latitude against women who father rape complaint against him. He's accuser are false accusation committed on January eighteen, twelve, nineteen in Paris and not prescribe provided for and punished by the french Penal Code, so he was released from custody. No charges, two days after being accused still investigate being the incident, but it doesn't look like there's much right now. They were no lawsuits filed against him. He is challenging the charges against him and that's why he has found that defamation. Lawsuit now Eve is under fire. For some time is that she made on her show the talk. Here's what she said it's like, when are you gonna, stop and grow up and allow that's? How much
to shine through and fix your brain like this is ridiculous and I'd like to hope that these aren't these allegations aren't true. Obviously we don't know, but at the end of the day times have changed. If you guys don't know that yet weather in America overseas get your. Like you, can't be treating women, how you want to treat them in any kind of way, just because you think you're a superstar, it's it's not it's just not the way to be, and it's just that I just really hope he gets some help. The ball in the region of delegations, the truth and why you talkin, like their true UK, double talk on a situation like that. You know no delegation to leave it at that. She was wrong, but I heard you talking about you just know you guilty torrent grow up. You said men can't treat women yoke, any kind of way, which I agree with what you gonna hark has a treat nationally or have you three nerd up world seem breezy. Of course it had in and she has since kind of back stepped on heritage. In oak amans, here's what she said:
and think what I said was harsh, but then I looked back at it and it was kind of harsh, but it was only hearts because I'm passionate about the state of the climate that we're in right now with women. My passion wasn't geared towards Prospero in these big allegations. It just that we were talking about him and I think I got upset about all the other feelings that I've been feeling about this whole climate. You know I'm like us up before. I didn't know what those allegations were true or false, and they are not true and he has been really he's an address, my every by the no obviously unruly for him. Whoever was offended. I apologize. I write so the except her apology, cause unkind unless you, but you know you ve. If you think a little bit before you talk, you will be saying that you have to apologize for. Can you can't double talk on a situation like that? If you don't,
somebody Villona, whether someone you know handling ground. Not, then you can come knowledge conclusions like she did. I right now. Netflix is developing a resident evil series idea here for that, based on the higher video game, franchise resident evil. Obviously it's in its early stages, but this aim. This will expand the resident evil universe and deepen the existent mythology. It will explore the inner workings of the umbrella Corporation and how the outbreak of the tea by was came to be so that's just early stages, but that is something that in development. Right now at Netflix I write em Angela YE, and that is your room, a report, Flora, Charlemagne user, who give it a doll, could do you know four of the hour. I really want to talk about the hand of God and lay hands on people. Ok, there's a path in child's in South Carolina who had a legal use of dance. Oh boy, we'll talk about it all right, we'll get into that. Next, keep it locked at the breakfast club good Morning,
Don't you today is up, don't go nowhere. The breakfast club he had a date come as you get donkey of the day is used for I'm a fat northern waters, man two thousand blows. My right we're Charlemagne. The topic got to make a judgment, was gonna, be on the dot the other day page. The breakfast Club Bitsy, whose donkey the data they dog for Friday January. Twenty five goes to a brother by the name of research. El Wilson. Now Russia is thirty, five years old and he's a past ass outside Baptist Church in my birthplace, Charles Isaak, him on it when a close Bosley aid for three dammit. All we see now Lopez's, I really do people who have committed they allow
to the Lord who have devoted themselves. The spreading the gospel passes can get you closer to the hailing hands of God. Ok to Healing AIDS Jesus. She has a very important okay, God's hands are always on as we take for granted. You know hands. You know, think about on a wedding day when five it takes hold his daughters hand and passes it to the ministers and ministers, hand represents gods handed, and Minister Text woman's hand enjoys with her husband is symbolizes, giving out a guy, in God, giving her to her husband. Ok, you take some bodies and in marriage, and U S, God keeps his or her hands on your union. Ok, the head to head is just used in the physical, since no use and is a metaphor for action care in possession of a God uses, hey unthinkable,
the towns in the Bible. We read of Jesus healing through laying his hand on people case. Sick people are even just touching them with his hands or a more chapter, six plus five, a mug chapter, a birth, twenty three. If you want to look up some some good healing hand, scriptures aright, Jesus put his hand, people to bless them. Jesus told his disciples that their hands be used. Hilda, sick people with hail to the Lange the laying on their hands? Ok, others got them hands put on mega fill with the Holy Spirit I receive gives to the laying of the hands tor. Made halon was restored because Jesus hailing hands. Listen to me, listen to me, ok happen, I think I'm sure pass the regime. We'll see no the power of God hands all too well, but God hand I got nothing to do with what passed over China. Wilson's hands did a case, yours, I was in his hands with absolute around thing. I we always have a choice: either emitted a god.
You are the devil in you. Pass through Shaw, decided to hand his freewill over Satan. Let's go to w c s c tv fully report, please Charleston past arrested after police, say he strangled a woman pregnant with his own child at downtown church, pastor regime. Lamar Wilson was charged with domestic. I once of a high and aggravated nature. He was given a twenty thousand or surety bond issued or no contact order with the victim and has been told he cannot leave the state court document say the victim went to drop off their children to Wilson on Monday night at South Side, Baptist Church on be phased reed. When the two got into an argument, the documents say Wilson squeezed the woman's neck control. She was unconscious, fell to the ground and hid her hair resign. Past research scrambled a woman on church grounds, is pregnant, baby, mother, crazy in the church and on the football field we can
This illegal use of the hands? Ok, calashes, three nineteen said: husbands love you wise and do not be horsted him. I don't know why. I'm telling you the scriptures, sharp as I'm sure you know it, but I don't know I'm telling you this because is news reports energy showed that the pregnant mothers to biological children it passed got baby mama, but who mighty judge. Ok, all I know that this week it sounds. I Bab decent, the collection plate. Is going around at least for tat, you will have dies. You have offered the building charge point even though, to build any fixed on and used in the past. Pascal loyalties can I get aim it amen? No, not for that. You shouldn't get past no goddamn law of the Euro, which are all members of south Side, Bab Discharge and Charles and please pray for you pass through China Wilson, because he can't pray for you right now, not at the moment, because Jesus using his hands the same path,
those in prayer request to his band fold. Please give path: Rosanna, Wilson, the BBC ha. That was a wholly motorway. Yes right! Well, thank you for a donkey of the day. Now We come back. Comedian De Re Davis will be joining us, he's, gonna be entail perform in over a week or so ago. Kick it would do Is it a movie? I Caroline Comedy Club here in New York value out of town there. My beard does get right, so we can get it we have when we come back to break. Furthermore, the breakfast club, you know the world both dangerous boarding show morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we oughta breakfast club. We got a special guess inability, yes, indeed, keep it out
skin brothers alive. I have only one week he's one of these waterways leading the charge, probably right, daddy split up, would observe. How are you mad life alive as utopian its values in a tough time for comedians good tab committee? That can't really tell they don't say that tat. There are no jokes nearly sensitive time, but if ever a dab day they were having the and have you say what you can't can't say is always been allowed. You can't can't say you know me of you has widened isn't it appears on when you say it like. If a person just got out the hospital and because of a they, they might die, you'll be like your Mama just died, and I mean it has a different. But if I say what you say, I would think about the just that I want to do as I. This is discussed sound crazy, but I ve been at these words. You can't say like the F word are were like words, you, you can't say somebody setting our somebody. For like a slower people together, but somebody said force it was our Kelly.
Our athletes. It appears that would be Do I know where you were right about women? Otto VON Der Null Fungal not be pointing to somebody else. I'm not not aldwin, because someone whose victims bazookas someone may have messed up jokes. All time. Think it's funny you sometime neither energy for myself. Some super negative, so you for you to do better light. Live you sit around and I'm trying to make you make. You laugh because you just lost, job use. Also job like you know, can be better bra makes you focus on live more you. You know you can get a better job is to those rights, but did you catch them? If you? Let me call you play let's take a navy blue. Then you would abolish. Resent you like me now, and you know it depends on what you want to do in life too, because I think there are some stand comic that appear aspiration. Is it like? You know like having to ask us. He said I was aspiration of his or
if you're not on em, like major network die to own, almost review lagging a lot more like Corey workers, calling on never blood of high talk than I not gonna. Be president, as a right now, let's say you know it could be a better way of going now, but I don't care about the countess w, but dont high Corey Endanger rid of him. I'm already say only easy- is that our disciple but woman, to an all time into our time you people so my tomorrow, you knew her passengers, a history, and you see to do likewise. This measure. Does this huge used the term a bright term? Your point is cute when you for a date for the forest, people must run I always use do like because you so you, like any other. What I was saying this pause, the words goes, who have invented the words they they brought powers in a word, do we say it is a harsh words. Just think we need to change the words make up your all words now and then nobody can say you be. And me because nobody knows there were made against the way, I have a point:
I myself I got no remains. I thought I had a word, but it end up no. No, I want to remind myself now serves a word that, if they like always like yellow ETA some like that and when the person we argues that comparison to what you can do. As I say in Asia pupil, I literally Jackie China Drama Girls, research out away. We say it means you can think of I dunno by fear, like air of the lack of a girls, are What have you always revise your bottle hotter I would like to highlight how about you say a word of God: not a lot of body, does it matter you got about a leaden as they did you saved me would not have been the work of the Dalai Lama Bottom Hydra about God.
No, no. I look at the issue over like wild wig of the biggest over there. You know because we gotta because as closed down or if that is not all it's about the like, if you, if you will no doubt for a moment, does everything like that happens? You always is always some happen in line with the black movies come now. Let's get into it like the social movies come out with short black leads strong, women come, and I know you got a little coming out the innocence of the younger from black issued executive right and big without so the. Why? Because our my way I'll take our movie, we believe, because if they make jewels, we don't be pissed off. That's a fact whereas the unfair, but just like when they meet high owners. Noble written when I did animals was said and end up my gaps, CASA, but why people like us our move, because it's why people do good times who away, but we need these strong movies to show that transition. If we try and motorways are willing to make my com to go deeper.
If we could get more levels and more what women, what men want that was really isn't it and now to Roger which it is folly to me that a woman would do a rather than american haven't. I never thought the mill Thermo Guesses will good conceptually. I think this is better willing to take that that air were comedy to bill. I almost have back in that state is thus these right now, because, as open and another door as we could have had a conversation back, then if we were to say what they want to see all the time, but I who do you, women they can they could take. You know I can't wait to see them will be wet man way- and I was thinking about this just yesterday when I want to know why memory thinking right leg? Would that be something that I would even when no evil will you know anyone Robin was born with a thousand miles whenever they won't java manipulators situation targets elect my boyfriend. He be thinking about something completely different analyses choose glisten. Can you imagine with me to drive the movement would be like if women could you
men are thanking. You could not have no men alone and workplaces blow, my goodness because I may have They made me a lot of my day on nobody. No you. Every man has ever Lattimer Mamma Mamma you running into a mantra was taken as about the I'm take on. But they don't mind of I'm looking at some of em, all my twitter or as the graph lagging a pitcher, but I can't get mad if they like a pity that I've been more open to that re. Yes, where I used to be like now take it. I want all last night about a photographer. Would work? and lady miles I went off- is that the degree of the angles of which you should do is accountable. I know, but did did those focusing on a third parts and- and she was like now is I want this. This is my want. This is my look you in the way we ve taught. You explain to me how you feel about things of you see some I've made a decision based on what I want so I had to be like, and I couldn't UK
Are you with that? You know so, but I am but she also don't mind me looking at I mean I'm looking at porn. You know I'm saying I'm looking for a lot. Playing my scrolling like China Majesty's around. I would mean that everybody. What are they going to follow the guess? What about a seasoned x to me that much more people was must seize this summer, the above all, it must set million you desire, women in employment. Are you the guy like what category the little guy goes on to what you just did? You spoke to you about an hour later point. Ok, look for this is poorly everyone's. Like preacher. Follow somebody pause. I follow Bishop DB, Jake's FEMA bottle girl. I m all right after that is cool Nordic out there. All right. We got balls comedian De Way, Davis. When we come back, don't move is the breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is deeds.
I envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have comedian De Re Davis in the building Charlemagne Chicago tribute, your hometown newspaper back in December, that your comedies thou is stuck in a sexist time here in parliament in us we're not gonna. Let us say that about me particular. Did my shoes, vat away? Twelve thousand people showed up torn blow out three shows I myself promoted a finance the eighty about my brothers out every year and pay it's been doing this as I was nineteen years, might easily be talking about collectively- saw
We thought about that. We talk about less able, just Tom of Illicit Norma don't be the car. Will all adults and Gaza helmet take full blamed for everything by said a debt to the amount of telling on you and let me get a little in the way I got up, so you can go back to where you go if New York, so you add our say, I say that we are in a sex this time away to end sexes. The heightened thing to talk about Lasher, they do say I'll call you not shrunk. Cosette was on a form a menu. This year has said the r dot Kelly everything about sex is on the menu men. The me too movement of every time I talk about that, and I just found the director to talk about in the somebody. Who's has a weak mind, won't understand what I'm trying to say. I'm trying to say I did a light. Certain ages cannot abandon wanna get some care like you kid at its height in time. The algae BT community is some supersensitive. When he can't talk about it. Everything back today was handicap it almost my hair.
Yet there was no. Are you gonna nail in living at all any man, but not nome, of aid, but not in others, I'm glad it's crazy, like this has created told about, but now here to get don't matter do be equally have a walk, a jolly across to enable I get out the way ahead to cooperate I'm just here to care about. Is UK, oh no, not hurry up today is about to get there. I mustn't worry about who have greatly there's no he's right back in the day the gonna live at government level. Color me for all new Middle Phil Daddy, so what's on reality, we talk about it with some of them to be talking about the times of insects and what you can t say. So I gave them sanum sex because ass they had the women on a loaf. Went much air want to keep your beeped bleak, do whatever. What I say no to women and one cannot set it up to know who one of me and then I said to avoid rape is real simple, who want a civil there's? No one way you can put on tee shirts, but is easy.
One of you then is there's no issue. Never did unrove. There would be no bill caught me. No! Nothing in army and Bill Cosmic AIR talk about that. It was reported, is another important issue because the in jail and now, if you like you, if you're sorry, I know you like oh everything's. Tumblr is really can happen and put the costs on all everybody that is in jail. Everybody then do if you have, a debt is better than your daddy is real, can be guaranteed earlier that the bread he had, the bread biggest he had the breadth and not have to do the signals in its power to put right, Amano, Montague, breach of sleep. You carefully, bitch theory. What kind of women who take the money for that situation, a cafe it I'm not agree which, as you get outta you trying to tell me, I can't say Maybe you can tell me look I'll emitted over it, there's even about oh, yes, you can.
Polygamy, Unlady, everyone's literally no later than by the bar protein plan. Later, though, those eyes we might very little, if maybe They got another where no goods is YO, where no no, no look at those who put this word, I would not move one look at the matter. Does queens with those far seeds they bought at the best All this is about is how to get them out of business. The road I got that Romania has its own of block. You know better, Let me another hundred who lag base, but you You and I know who you are or will do well past, though our business growth our knowledge and makes it is light. Not you it needs a woman. All you know you can say it does, because they had not been caught me bids, our natural off, not true. He would never due to natural. You won't glove yeah wage, never even trying them italian government chose them. I will boost annually. You won the battle with I've ever seen in my life Abbe like women,.
Thank you. No, I just said already less well calculated to begin in anything else, could you always in a tv show hello, yogurt on empire looting where I was a boy, I'm sure recently angle Lahti, when the maiden, a guy. When I win the maiden outcome, I the guy had not thought it was like they re was over and I would just basis for other people is never for me. It is not for me I would manage eggs. They want them. Have me, as I would go to my best at daylight man, because if a couple knows them amiss in answers, because I M really, you know my angle of Must Tommy that were poured out without you. I gotta know now he was a little throughout all right. I M always going to have to do is have no money to an island. In a new, more concerned about that, but more about the other people. That should- and I had no more- I gotta do us
of all my fellows, I say, is going to come out not above took about Modem They then, apparently, no one plus you can really put on a bicycle more. You deal less yogurt low. When I saw you that death, you really couldn't even do it back like the lot diluting them paved lignite, Donati thorns little company camera. Today, all in and out of my way go back, so somebody with when I was on a worth on it, because when I call apple which, by the way, if you don't have to to factor, I d thing going on for you not the nest at present, Icloud but what they did do, as you stated thought the relies on what was he say hey until night. This, for some reason, fall for the last five fold. Youve updated has not been uploading to Icloud, so whatever's orders I for one is like to one of those expenses is, I guess, like maybe thirty videos I was. I am thing about my what thirty videos burst out. It wasn't my mind. It can be to back as it had been up like I hope that it had been out some. I would think somebody, Babylon is absolutely gig and I should have focused stand on the gay Asher Cause, but he s wise hosting girls. What I m back home
wow, you don't care about his estate ethics. Do you have a murderer? Up again, I had a sex faces, a possible euro got so vulnerable. I love this. What might have been the right that is? Are you can't em you up and say that when you to India best work either you know. I am a great admirer of my face exactly innocent. It could be anything. Thank God. It is good that it is due to the car you notice, with maybe Ozma. Herbage too, is the direct was closed. I want and pull out. The breakfast morning, every He is the jury. Envy Angelou, Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club was gets aromas. Let's talk mass.
Feeling that this is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club, where yet another great investment for nice. Now, let me give you some back very before I tell you about this now invested company. They just got sold. Ok back in last summer pill, packets, a door to Door Pharmacy service that he backed with his venture capital. And was acquired by Amazon for one billion dollars. Now Amazon also acquire the smart doorbell, Company ring that he also invested in any Forty million dollars out that deal Annie also place investments in companies. I genius lift and seek so not has been in it with his investment. Illicit more numbness not destroy. Like you want. You want to see. My work well via com has now acquired PLUTO Tv, which is a nice invested company as well, and paid at three hundred and forty million dollars for that. So there's one hundred channels and thousands of ours of on demand content sports
Movies NEWS, lifestyle, Kommeni cartoons, gaming training- did it a service that failure to check for now. You know what I foresaw a headline. Yesterday, Hollywood unlocks lose momentum. Selina headlines ignores the via convert during forty made, those as somebody I wish I could. As somebody who has been signed by coming to get the authority has no way and now and then I went and saw tat, it was actually the deal that deal right there. I re one, as I said, then posting I'm so sorry, media need a wife, wife after that news broke. Why no wife, wife, as you can imagine, ok, I winch was no one involving Correia when they see that pose. No always feel good margin, not got all these new money. Who can you trust the different can either strap if he wants to all you right now, we can actually work. Guidelines are about my new attack by New Czech come in. You read about all these. Other companies have invested in and I want to send it there's child was, I re were the only issues having right now is we can t she wants to become a colombian farmer and
wants to take their son will allow me I want to be a colombian farmer. What, was be informed that farmer in Colombia to reproduce cocaine. That is absolutely for you to say that Bulgaria, ok, you don't. We cannot coffee convene road. I write well you saying that use violation of their custody agreement and all of that and everyone doesn't then or the way in Columbia. He says that she's already withdrawn, there is some night from his private school and allay and is currently I'm schooling, their kid in Colombia. You can't do that now you can't just do that. You got two parents. I write magnitude decisions for a and ludicrous has just posted there in theory is nine is coming now. He did opposed on his instagram page has tag F, nine April tenth, twenty twenties. If all you fans of that France Eyes is coming out Anna April tenth Array and Travis got according to tee, I he believes that Travis guys decision to perform at soup,
Both half time show itself is here's what he had to say about you. Have a mechanism for himself. He could be selfish and nobody gets here. Someone went to be surface. Is I some day he wanted to be serious about hopefully in future moments where he will. So it is right. Sometimes you can be selfish. You can look at it. The other way to itself is for people to tell Travis got not to perform into school soon and lay there. Nobody could tell him what to do away with this out. He said you get it too selfish decision. All yes to that decision, yes and be inland once would once again its different paths to liberation, Travis, God made them don't eat, have made out the banjo dream, call a dream cause really out their help in people's oh, why you mad at Travis Guy, let everybody do what they gotta do man in different ways. Elaboration I write and Angela
and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you, miss ye. Now, revolt will see tomorrow and all That was your money. Also. Somebody birthday today live, we gotta, be air. You got a beer Latin, oh, like sit next to me, rebels Missus, Bardell, babies, Baghdad would the marginal reared require the bag it'd be up how You draw on a well. They have you boy daily candour. You blow out tonight, SAM and, as usual, my friend, if only a calendar, I'm trying to make your birthday relate. I'm gonna take a blood. Is careless? Ottoman no always bear to catch our family, in that sense, I proclaimed Amabel boy draw era the guy that when you look at the Youtube videos,
You ve said Emily Vain works at the Reverend gentleman Hasdrubal dancing dramas. What today is also logical, his birthday away, a key happy birthday. Eighty zaleski, loathsome a keys me, as you know, in the Graham is this year as right, Rabby birthday, keys without Swiss is the breakfast locomotive, everybody is morning J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne occur. We are the breakfast club and again shut out to everybody. There came out to our hundredth episode of podcast. We did at last night he took over the whole town, which was amazing for podcast. Since it was a hundred episode, we only invited a hundred people. It was a great turn out. People flew in from Houston from Chicago Detroit Toronto, Florida, California, to be part of it. We appreciate you guys as such.
Amazing time, shouts, Niimi, shouted a whole remy, more and staff. Thank you guys. So much take it to the town. Tat day was up. We had such an incredible term. So shouts of all you guys for joining us in its a pike ass. We do about it relationship, and we talk about everything about our relationship, the good bad ugly, and we just get a chance to talk to people about their relationship, young and old, and we just go back for if it gives us a dialogue we help each other out. So thank you for everybody to come out that you will first choice dj for choice for De Jane. It was such an amazing event. Thank you guys. So much very safe is Maggot Alison. He lives has encouraged. The face he does you gotta jails, ass, ever Daisy phase, doubling gonna guy right enough. We delay rebuke on pages busied. Only devilish is busy. Also shouts of man to seals are established, earlier today I will be watching Amanda sales, Abbe known at ten p m on Feel tomorrow night, even though I was at the actual taping, and I want to see how it plays out on
a vision, but we all need to gather around and was tat is a family absolutely fitted. They would a man to man at intrigues me. So much is just a fact. That is all Surreal, a real delight! Watch your people come up. You know. I'm like like. I guess you don't really see all come up, but you notice it another people unanimously remembered to really celebrate more people so yeah. I know for a man who has been a lot of things that have gone, not the way she intended, to go airline in her career by sea. Captain moving afforded a process no mean. Are you you go to all other five, four thousand radio like that happens. I got all part of the story. It makes your book barrier to ended a day. It does. I thought, maybe I just make your book and you movie better later on in life, so Polluter medicine man she deserves every decent in right now, We will be watching Abbe, knowing tomorrow night,
ten p dot m on HBO for everybody out in Detroit I'm coming to Detroit. Actually right now I have a mixer that's happening today at Shrestha Detroit Dream investment solutions, opportunity mixer, so it all of you, people that are involved in real estate in Detroit. I will be there to day ass ever walked through my property, which is coming along really very nicely, so I may set out three priorities into trade. One of them is on the market that I think is about to sell and then to other ones. It I've been workin on, but I love the city of the and I think there's a lot of opportunity there and we did this makes it a couple of months ago unaware so well that would do in another one nice if you're in Detroit, come on out to trust
all right, we'll Charlemagne. When we come back, we got the positive note or movies the breakfast club morning having bodies D, J, Envy Angela YE shall I mean the guy we oughta Breakfast Club Charlemagne. You got a positive note, yes made, I'm giving you a quote from the four agreements. All we may damage your with me. I don't really know he's my mouth. President demagoguery. We remain in my head because our researches of what this is from the four greame, its express your own divinity is from always do your best agreement. You don't need the acceptance of others, you don't need knowledge, our great philosophical concepts. You have the right to be you and you express your own divinity by being alive and by being loving of yourself in others Vivian, finical Yonder,
I am also Romania's and I hope the Daily Corona virus update Daily Podcast, bring you the latest on what you know about the global pandemic. We are facing there's a lot of information going around about other viruses spreading hot spots around the world and the United States possible treatments and best practices to keep you and your family healthy is more important than ever to follow this fast moving story and avoid misinformation, so you can keep up to date and make informed decisions, listen to the daily Corona virus, update on the eye hard radioactive apple, podcast or wherever you get your part cast. Any guess is how a delicious peach dessert is related to a deadly epidemic or what role pigeon poop played. One of astronomy is biggest discovered. No way yes way. Did you know that x rays were used as entered apples? Birthday party thought that you ve got botanical espionage to thank the European.
And tonic, and the treatment for malaria casual I'm great, I'm Marian frowned Newport costs appointing brilliant weeping collecting some of the most shocking, inspiring and downright bizarre stories from science. History from medical misadventures histories missing genius, you'll find it surprising we brilliant from secret so come listen to surprisingly Only I hot radioactive, we'll talk costs or whether you get your forecasts.
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