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As we continue to celebrate Black History Month, the Breakfast Club believes in empowering our listeners to invest in their community. Today CNN Political Commentator Angela Rye stopped by to talk about the benefits of investing in Black Owned Banks. Rapper and Activist Killer Mike called in and joined the conversation and gave words of wisdom. The Donkey of the Day went to Kelly Anne Conway who did her best to empower and endorse Ivanka Trump's clothing line. DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne opened the phone lines to talk about the world of S&M for today's edition of Freaky Friday.

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MRS you'll, wake up all day child these agents, Angela YE shall remain on the planet is respect issue, because this is a voice, is decisive in a J W morning, so gagged and culture. We don T want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest good morning you leave. This is easily use it to mean that ok, Ashley's MIKE, is not on what a way to start to show as well, so that they too, can we go. We got to know you got you know, you know more.
Go minorities. Ambient air France, Friday, Ba have Hallelujah Yesterday was a crazy day here in New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut Snow hit. I got up to fourteen inches some areas for you, We got about twelve inches of snow. Kids didn't have school, so was it was a snow day was very windy. I didn't want to go outside. I mean I used to love to play in the snow with the kids, but it was just so windy, but the kids didn't care about that. So my day was in the. All day with the kids just havin fun era. It's actually work. Yesterday. Did you two were people a year was packed Ramsay said a John Freida and national events, blue. How will only Belgium repaired, or so it was really gratifiers. There was a meeting greed for John Frida added. Launching this whole initiative about making your statement and basis
just tell you hear stories, ok, so a lot of people a lot of people in different parts of it, like you, can look alike if in here is tat when we know that used have brave envy, does our poor rose had corner? I am. I had died, one better. What were you gonna had a flat top once had a gun down at once at all times, divinest of some are more here alone will grow Maharajah here, you're still grows. Let us cut issue they joke about. Did people not being unable have here? However, we see to help them, though, that I love it. I got good way that I get up and I am not saying that often given like little eyes the most suitable job, now. The only thing is busy Louis, you, like a junior grows by a grows ever my ear. Girl anyway. So we'll get me about you International performs an she did a fantastic. I love the way to not denying as ridiculous show a lot of energy, great dancing. We forget it.
Young, inasmuch as I remember our twenty first birthday party goodness grows water. Firstly, as agreements, yes, yes, she so young Okochee does a great job. She doesn't really nice hit songs and great moves so nice to be out, but I was surprised at solving it was crowded, was packed here. Bulgaria allow antsy too sometimes when it snows absolutely Ellie. I made to get at the house had been in a has died and have to go to work today. Let's do something will drive and home. Yes, it was crazy unity, motorway music. It only took me yesterday about at least to our forty five released. Our forty five to get home yesterday, so I will ask it to show crack instead We have Angelo right, join in Earth S, our political stated that helps us out what stuff we need to know that in the end, we don't necessarily know yes, this travel ban big and the news this morning that votes have from him and also Emory Jones, which is Jaycees best friend he has his own the line or portal. It's about droplet Puma. He wants that
occupation crawling apparel, so I'll talk to him in all our good stuff. So let's get to show crack and we got ladies and gentlemen, that it up here. I just said that the travel ban news- and I bet I guess he will act as a weapon of war- morning everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the God we are the breakfast club, was gained some front page news now, Donald Trump. I guess that's what we're talking about absolutely now. The ninth circuit Court of appeal is upheld. That temporary restraining order. Halting president trams travel ban, certain travellers in what does that mean? there wasn't legal precedent Trump did so we will be able to travel now. So that's good news. TAT is not happy about that. He went on Twitter. It says see you in court this purity of our nation is at stake now, according to Washington State, a turn general by various any said this is a victory. He said it says
as is that no one is above the law and not even the President of the United States, so the Mirage of course also have to battle. Every time somebody goes against. Donald Trump goes at them extra hard on wherein try the Rohingya Korea's anatomists decision by the way in a quite the opposite, living in a white house. That was my course. Yes, he is eleven As you said, he wasn't lived, there wasn't any state aid than a stay at his house in your life has its place in Europe, and I think his wife is Jane Eyre, usually because the sun Ass for school right and edges travelling back and forth, and basically causing all kinds of issues near where they live in New York is well, but also going on the front page news. Well, what sounded somebody did you yesterday was signed executive orders on crime, so radically These were the new attorney General Jeff sessions. That's when he signed first order. He is trying to establish a new task force on crime, rejection and public safety and here's what he had to say.
Today, ceremony should be seen as a clear message to the gang members and drug dealers terrorizing innocent people. Your day is over. New era of justice begins, and it begins now I am directing the Department of Justice to implement a plan to stop crime and crimes of violence against law enforcement. Officers. Now what these executive order does he ever say what he's got his plan? Is he doesn't know what his plan is? I guess that's up to Jeff sessions to develop some of these plans. He also wants to fight Trans national drug cartels. An increase intelligence sharing among law enforcement partners and also to use listing federal law to pursue prosecute those who commit crimes against officers. He said it's a shame. What's been happening to our great truly great law enforcement, four, as an executive order, Limited Herman executive or does he couldn't possibly writin pushed through,
Does he just keep going on and on and on all? But I will say this: it's interesting that he says it's a shame was happenings: are truly great law enforcement officers. What was happening to a truly great residence in the United States, our citizens, who have anything else besides We can talk about evocative. Ok, transit anew garden Painted government welcomes Conway, who is an AIDS who we all know Kelly Conway's in aid to the president, She may have broken some ethics rules. Here's what you said when she was doing an interview on Fox NEWS has vanished I'm here for women and passionate women in the workplace. To him on people can see through that thirty five August stuff is what I would time. Then it just get someone I subsidized areas that has to buy a vodka made now she's not allowed to do that. As is the subject of an ethics investigation. Supposedly she's been council issued being councils. Going according to shun spacer mud. Good
That's why we have a rather than political export, Nay Manual awry seemed like political stuff, his pop culture. You can't escape from watching me every and yesterday is all about under armour guy supporting Trump tromp. Instead, curries failings abounded in yadda, yadda, yadda momentum, to turn on Paul, takes root. Everything around you right now. Well, yes, and without yeah Conway situation with her a child to endorse a vodka trumps products. You know that le. You cannot, as a government, employ use your public office to endorse products so thats. The issue with that goodness Would you want to buy them from politician anyway? I'm all right. Front page news. Tell me why you mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five, one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent, call us right now. Maybe you had a bad night bad morning. Maybe you live on the east. The snow affected. You crazy. What every major able and a lot of people are trying to get to the Grammy's, because the grammar
this began over. Three thousand flights are cancelled yesterday, so you know how difficult it is to try to rebook way of really was a great noted in it Kate. I hope you made some money yesterday. Ok cause. I was being saved me. Oh man in the neighborhood now would like you know what man leave kid at all make no money in this neighbourhood. We shouldn't have to get on that and I'm not goin. I thought it over knows no more backward yesterday. Man, I've been submitted later group. A kid rang, the Bell and Kay shovel death. No trouble include buffaloes gave them to gain an emphatic becomes have amassed now. Is there having been made? come yesterday. That's why we're When you were a kid, you gotta give us more with money. The moors note of Bennett s money for every inch. There lived in Dallas enough enough in the case in my neighborhood they actually have quads, so they don't have shove Lenny more to have the quad to differ with the plow, wanted more couple bugs like thing, and it is only generation
tell him you may of next. You have such need. Even call us now is to breakfast locomotive The breakfast always hangover, soothes deposits or, worse still be plant, would pass impacts. Common global, rather Yoda, applicable wanna get rabbits. Eighty one day, while yoga girl you ve got a little, I brought up allow third night, like four girls go an awful we might like me. I made about that, and I need you to tell me why you why you man, the breadth of global real pillows, is celebrating mad America audio books. There, Gertrude Garden, welcome another tat day, the audio laboratory, I, I'm, I'm doin audio. Bulgaria will be the same week. Does my book black privilege opportunity comes to those who created it'd, be a store? They really maybe proprietor inaudible audio books be other weak. Allow. This
So I am only at the club it is now my diamonds. I like what is this? Guy no like IRAN, so my mom or my bare for money or not, because we know you're the best relations, how old you how you don T What global you it was about air and would use boot. About nine hundred. It was you I am battles and yellow red. You know they wanted to live a little bit more What about my mama there are no borders I'll get a job, No you're right, you gotta calls. The Carolina must be bad.
Blow me money ammo beyond his withdrawal of yours, I ve norms. Name when I beg you praise you made a mistake. You married in one of them times in life that you just took it out alone? Ok, but I want a map remind me to tell him the truth called him crying just like you called us, and they going to yell at you and scream at you and tell you that you stupid you better not going to bail you out No, don't tell me to do that. Like we're. Not official uneasy give you know reminded them, you may see the life of many. Are you prepared because at the end of the day, you prayers and all of you, but I love you unconditionally. Ok, with everybody else is go last July we did through a big and you think I'm a Carteret evasion Eagle feels I've made a long ago out casually bail and good is our Caroline
almost up now, not this time ahead of the mare Edmund damp hello? This is here I told you key raw until about macro wise naw man, I'm a big man or limited man. I listened to your everyday and I try to get out of it. I think we re here every day. And I knew that I had to do was give them there every day, every other day Look at all, and now you now you hear a bodyguard very baby. What does it mean? We remain Antonio on you at all. We will have already of this where we need to break the law. Through what they wanted to existence. We don't, already of Israel I'm out of town. It's appreciate, abrupt out your daughter, I'll? Keep me here. You'd me away. Gonna grow a mammal, drunk ground, Yellow and Asia may persist in to get through and everything were tell him. Are you mad? Eight? Aren't you five? A five one or far one if you're upset
you need to vent call us now. Is the breakfast locomotive the breakfast? Are you bless and highly favouring the congregation at eight hundred five, five? Five, why praise the breakfast club is also from flowers, doesn't want to call up I'll fill in blood today, but you gotta go abroad to deliver that Roma ourselves. There has been a long process, but I finally got both registered by together. Place gradually. Never thank you. Thank you. Thank you, but I am also very glad literally every one another way to count on our Greek. Now. You just need you to find a nice wives who live in that house with you, and you can ever got away arrangement day right now, throw sex and a new home. That's what it's all about dead right, you north nor eyebrows. I thank you
all right now or later on. Today we have Angela Rajan and us absolutely that's our political commentator. That's helps us out with all this truck is a lot to go a lot of stuff going on in politics, but you know I like to talk solutions to. I don't like sitting around just talkin problem, so it's impossible. What a people is worth. Our right and also Emory, Joan cause trouble. Cool bomb, Vegas Jones, every join us this morning. If you don't know, the vaguest Jones is in, you know, really noticed store you Rockefeller, that's right Jaycees best friend. He runs everything. They were playing everything everything all abroad, Masion Apparel radio, payment plain on it. Every did and he's got a lot of homework no snigger, bright and stores now ran right. Right. So will kick him a related to keep alive rules on away you. Of course, we do will be taken about the Grammy's. By the way I told you, the Grammy's are this weekend and we'll tell you who is God
I'm feeling and who's gonna be and no show. Ok, all I m more keep a laugh. Is the breakfast locomotive breakfast warning everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club. Have you Friday, ladies and gentlemen, less gets aromas, assault under alma Did the toy annually on the breakfast club, where an army has come under fire after some comments that their CEO Kevin Plank made supporting Donald Trump, he said in ASEAN Cnbc interview to have it pro business president is something that is a real asset for the country We all know under armor, of course, from having partner up with staff. Curry was deaf. Curry responded. He said he spent they on the phone, with countless people at under armor, countless people and Kevin Planks camp. My team, China,
understand what was going on and where everybody stood on the issue based off their release. That can be sent out this way nobody told me last night: that's the under armor that I know so. According to Kevin Plank, he was saying that his comments were, from a business point of view, not reflective of the companies Social state, no staff carry went on to say, there's no amount of money, there's no platform, I wouldn't jump off if it wasn't in line with who I am so that a decision I will make every single day when I wake up large for better animal syndrome and will involve a big piece of her. Now the people have spoken to you, as the rack spoke out as well. He took to Instagram. He said I appreciate and welcome the feedback from people who disagree and agree with complaints, Whereas on cnbc- but these are not my words nor my beliefs, where divisive and lacking in perspective. He said a good company is not defined by the athlete celebrity who partners with them a good company is not a single person
a good company, is a team. A group of brothers and sisters committed to working together, and he said we don't partner with a brain casually, so he's he will remain loyal to the company itself and the diverse group of people that work there. Mr Cope Lynn also spoke out on Instagram. She said she has always appreciated the great support and platform that under has given her to represent her community gender and career on the world stage, but you does disagree with Kevin playing to be some comments in support of trump, as recently reported, so she said it's important that we all effectively continue to work toward our shared goal: a child to motivate people to be their best sell. All those guys could leave, they wanted to dominated contracts, corruption or they could just dropped his bonds would I'll get sued for not fulfilling their country. Joel obligation- and I am sure of curry- owns a pc, a percentage that accompany I'm showing it always has. Many, but many pretty much made their company, and I am sure that there is some way. If you have a great lawyer, they could find some type of something in the car,
They could be good, there's something that most people don't do in his eye to accompany now. Companies will have a clause in case you do something brighter Instability that accompany multi would also add that accompany fails to companies that game our values. Our job here never seen now. I've never heard of it in any way mean that they are absolutely right. Seventeen out the nothing. Now it turns out. We sat down with Stephen S. Let's talk about what and at the garden the other night when he was kicked out, dragged out and he was ass did and sides with a sought, three counts of assault and here's what he had to say about the whole situation in that four minute spraying: Did you say anything, the James Dolen? Did you say anything any body with the Knicks? No, His embarrassment, I did not do none of that have lasted for security Guard Walker. Out of the game. I let go. I told him a totally different law. You they can't you doin is to minimise, come and go.
So you're saying that this has been going on for more than a year. Now we at long last, we ought in. We have you wanna go out and they follow you around. Even if you go to the bathroom, they follow you. The bathroom, yes, Well now I don't know what's going on, but it does make the whole next organization the bad and they would treat one of their absolutely veteran players in such a manner as possible. Even afterward still send out some tweets about the city. In that sounded even worse? I don't like when they say that, although we need to get the help, he needs later interpreted substance. Abuse problem is that, as I said, there are dozens of security staff employees and am I pity that witnessed Oakley abusive behaviour is started when he entered the building and continued and he was arrested and left the building every single day may we have received is consistent in describing his actions, everything he said since the incident pure fiction play in the NBA who should want to play for the Knicks. No free agents, no trades, nothing. Why would you want to play for an organization with treatment of their most esteemed veteran, in that
natural, ass, ugly ass? He says he has no idea what the beef is. A month ago. The though I have really know be valid in time, it has to do with it April four, five years to find out. What did I do to make him dislike me all? I do say high flown evaluation and near the fire at New York, ass. Well, we're just tell a good line. We lag. Look man ass man wanted all ten years ago, man and even hole in a grudge against me. Ever since man s foot, we gonna holding grudges right than we know. Donald Trump is very upset with Nord stream. He had tweeted out my dirty vodka has been treated, so unfairly by Nord Stream, sees a great person, always pushing me to do the right thing, terrible, that's all, because dropped her Vanka Trump collection, saying at the line allegedly was in performing well, while, instead of this having their reaction, thought it would. Celebrities went on Twitter and Instagram,
and actually sales for Nord Stream shot up after they dump really Caroline. Yes, Chelsea Handler posted a picture and instagram with her holding Nord stream, She put a gay, a Muslim and a Jew, hit Nord stream and then hit o white has to give the fingered Sudan I turn on the job. Don't got the Jews to kill us the thing he just made it even better by saying that, because now everybody's going on shopping it nor cheaper Golden Nostra Ali no tooth door than the modest nor Sherman Niemann Marcus. Allocating the name nor the foot log I gave you gotta go live a little. You we ve got class, no shortage rules to drop would include barbershops rule, no damn all no, not really a mortgage whenever you pass them on the two sides. You see most of the debt- and, I may say, may see me as you go in May in a certain multi daisy shut down, no facts, namely my is the moving daily knowledge, Ruth Charlotte Ruth
the Moluccas, chick fillet there. What we are doing so because I go to the more heavily, but when I go to the more the people, their work, they be. They always just the ambient gear gonna check. For me, no there's no technically small and over the rainbow ramble that they also mouth, where wages in the mall
right you rainbow shop, you I was up there umbrella Manzella, Ye Entangled ILO autobiography made from rumour reports. We know you that might cause they might cause microcosm dominican hole on the only kind of arab lie. Angelo arrival, our political come right. Now largely is the breakfast lunch you I was gonna do to grant the same sandwich. There was bright and filler would exchange morning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club. We got a special guess into built around with a huge dispersal guest in a building. Our regular political experts back home is Angela RAG borne in mind. That of data on everything unborn. All always think that we feel the news that we really May I may not, can decipher Jeff? Yes, Sir Jack Fashion, and was confirmed in a fifty two to forty seven vote in the Senate.
A your your neck. Turning general negatives earnings in her own. The acting the most interesting thing is heating up over himself Jefferson Border guards. Belgians voted present family because he knows he doesn't deserve that job. I thought one of the most interesting things was in I said in a move, an elbow senator testifying against him in nomination during that with Corey Booker Download is, of course, also join and has to mine against him and the congressional black hawkish None of that matter like as Democrats, are in control of the Senate, but why just as there is problematic for so many reasons, so Jeff sessions. I think we can start with this. If Corredor Sky King speaks out against, you may have We are not a good look exactly what happened. She wrote a letter in nineteen. Eighty six, saying why he did not deserve a federal judicial appointment, so that letter was poor a couple of months back and Elizabeth warmest
To read. On the second floor, a majority leader Mcconnell set her down that oh yeah there be they men were urged evidently ruled that would allow it. I think the challenges optically doesn't look good and the answer is a resounding no more people heard about that letter because he said so actually worked out and her pay because they go on Facebook live after that to read them but let me ask you this, though he never was able to be even a judge, their burden, he's them how they would be the attorney general, the attorney general after we just had knocked the first black attorney general, but also the second the attorney general someone who's demonstrated that they have a purpose toward under mining civil rights. That is what he when he was in the USA in Alabama. This is the same man who was calling ground black men boy in his office and the same man who prosecuted to civil rights legends. Actually worked on some a marked with doktor king or voter voting for
which ended up being trumped up charges. Well, I very proud We want peace, this game, When will you give them something about this? Their did indeed have we ever even if you increase from you still got my kids, you do now. We bear member vision like the element of greater than what was the matter might be in trouble, those as he's getting it right, executive order that the president can read a book about that. What was that about download from the relevant promoted the abandoned and it wasn't really promote any just- should not have put him on the National Security Council. I wrote them. The biggest challenge that you have there is the president should be reading what he signing rang like any like, Any business man rabies amid this measure was a he's. Not an arm bothers me a bit. I remember you fighting. Maybe you Jerry,
legally you now he decision all you got to where we are going to have a full inquiry monitoring the radar radio Roma. Now. Can anybody be tied to anything from making up stories play science based, making an event that never has in the last year or the year like they wanted You know your mother, you want me to go on said three times that there were the terrorist attack in Atlanta. Now he claims he was. It was like. I was talking about Orlando's. Looking somebody's in impact is going to say they are only maybe use old model boy, you for Malta procedures be deferred for thousands be area Atlantic. That's true,
in Finland the media doesn't addressed terror attacks. Are you really don't try to just now on the way? I look at you. I thought. That's that's another thing. There are two other things. I think it is so cool, and this is why I wrote my city so hard, that is the city of Seattle. Vulgar the city council unanimously. It to bid Adieu to Wells Fargo because of their role. As one of the seventeen lenders in funding the Dakota ACT, this pipeline fat is going to cost well Spargo three billion that what about me better do like nowhere forming battle that mean by Felicia Uranium AIR. We out that Poland on our money. It would be great if they put it in a black make out of their do that and the mayor doubling our final legislation, so that is really really hard at the local level thing, but I think it's important sea, especially for the funds, have been going out to North Dakota. What happens when you protest? What happens when you raise awareness on these issues this
Something now the other cities my balloon? Hopefully there be the girl right. I think that that really important and again it entails protesters bookstore Guinea ready to go back out there. Now they d which members they know we're moving forward. It makes people feel like if we can They need a re. Their voices in anal stand in unison. On this issue. We can they went on. I wonder what happens once the world vulgar goes away like that he will take their money and put it on well, yes, healthier baby! inconvenience, and I have been there at all so that we do already hit them once because remember well, Spargo had fashion we're working on opening accounts the customers, the authorized, both the had already had them what they were like. Ok, you can take. You can have this part of our money now they just like ok, we're thickens, arrest or operating Absolutely now would be to pervert. Have a people is the out of the big black. I agree. I agree, though, Trade is interbank black, and that means that I don't have my third point: the Bethel right, ok, little boy, my there. Why is this?
North room is also headquarters in the to us and they disability bunker. Five fire and dollar trouble Swedenborg Sweden about it mainly lay dead it out last week when it wasn't just North Jimmy it wasn't a north. You that's the one on the most proud today started telling her merchandising toto everybody else. There they weren't gonna, promoted as mine. The president retweeting about that Bert Doorn Country called nostrums, more important things in the world one wired or used. I remain ethics. No he's competitively. Related ethics rules. There are several former White House Council that is this in this flies in the face of wit ethics rules than for you cannot use your bullied pulpit, as the president said, pushed back against business for Europe. Families arsenal business. You go your darted line on this man is not a probability. The celebrity in chief, he deserves a predator by title, were expecting act like you have. No.
Idea of how to act like that, so the problem is he's now in that office and fellow there are rules that govern that office and he has to either follow suit or he can leave you wanting to get him if he can go. We got more angel arrival. We combat keep alive. The breakfast club come on The breakfast club the Tories Biagi morning? Everybody is e g envy Angela easily Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club we of our resident political commentator, Miss Angela Ryan Building. Now how you travel now, you know yet infidelity as they. How are you going to lie Leggum, Angela or not out there? You know you're, not my god. We should mobilise. You know you is Would you know what it's like this without allow that I'm flag, and am I dig randomly selected one more time, but it was in our home many who
fine and I will also say there have been several- has he has those who have been super supportive like we saw what happened? We know, that's not how it's supposed to be. We got your back, so that's and they you visa free point at night, You know why you're here I got barbarians. Your mama at all would have been able to those idea you make economic members did not live talking. Solutions yeah what one thing that we can do right now, president, Who told you tat? We want have their power. Ok. Unfortunately, Ireland happens when our folks don't go vote in the numbers. We need them to. We lose Andorra. Dont get back in the house in the Senate, though we do not have in peace
it is an immediate avail. Morale look like you before. No broad look like when I heard about it, my we do. We are like in the snow and you lie out here. We have an additional time already like Eu Language, raw run them followed american Buddy boy, you either. You did us so on the solutions point, and it is like issue must do what a great time for us to hunger down and look in word, and I think one of the things tat we ve been talking about Charlemagne ass, big black, among other things, giving black buying black the right now. Banking, black and so one of the things that I recently did is open of lag bank account because I've been saying this a long time. What book living like a hypocrite vat and have my account you able bore, but it is one united when you know it in there. There are actually twenty three black banks in this country:
so there are several options and no excuses and that you have one- and we have some in Brooklyn cover I rose. Why offers one of our citizens trust our research and a middle before nine five years? So I am you all right. We're going to open up black bank account, on a more open one of you we're gonna be out of the normal baby. Why do you have that? Look there and I want to know why we make American I've never opened a bank account without going. I like to know everybody is a hundred dollars. You go in your whole life. Even you hang out with a view to an online person like, and I got a high you do. I'm unnamed Angelo connected down in tat. He really got protest but the. Why do my send you a scream?
why'd, you may Jeffreys initially did you know. I could not be honest with you. I like to put my money in the things that I have no been around and has invested in having around ninety five years, will have only mom we're going to sacrifice of eggs and a big brands, and I see more more often and a lack of money for that I know, is weird and acted: pull I've got a bank of America dimly on any Blackpool money. If I needed we just let me let me give you, let me give you two examples in vain of Amerika without being charged. I use Bank of America too, and one of the biggest issues I have it is when I needed a line of credit. My my my financed advisor told me in a line of credit? Just in case you never know from our business. Looking at my numbers, those that everything looks good and then I how to the line of credit? What Doktor King talk
put money in our own institution wrote those are the institutions they give us that gives us the lack of credibility of the institutions that give us mortgages without all the hope, laugh. If we don't put our money and there, they don't, have the ability to loan money to our fellow brothers and sisters, and so what is the risk insane? don't put our money and there they don't, have the ability to alone money to our fellow brothers and sisters, and so what is the Skin thing, I'm not pull in all my money out of the larger bank financing I put up, vision of what I'm getting for my business into this bank. So that way, I do need a line of credit. I can get it and silken oaks in the community I have resources in the mirror. Now and if not, will be an immediate, lose any ain't. You got my mind without you know. The problem with I did get turned out and I was mad because I was beg you with them for so long business account with them. Yet all gonna even add what am I more he's with them? Emma credit was waiting.
For me that luck. It wouldn't want elsewhere. I don't know it with AIDS Daily Aims, minimum level producible by eight years ago, but they wouldn't give me a lot of ground was trying to do something to one thousand, but the problem was. I was really upset about yeah. What are you doing absolutely right leg? So then? What do you do in response to their re, like I have my mortgages that wealth Fargo now with this Dakota pipeline issuing even like the city where I was born, doing something I'm like I need terrify. I need to do something different. I have a credible there are other things that we can do to make sure that worth supporting our institutions and making sure when we do need those lie. We can get them. I'm gonna make under one hundred to migrate, nodded citizens, our I'm gonna make it was convened because, no matter where I traveling the world, even one is Canada. I can get you a big mouth, could get money drumming endeavours, and, as you know, that, if you ask me, I think we have taken all our money important incidents, I can do it with the problem that is, is
what is your regular and we need to put more farming and you need to put more, but we cannot ignore you. Wanna come in a white man, ok, ass, it had been black sobered blame of with you as you like each other people in here either. You ve got to get it done. Valise we gotta get die now, but you put of nice That is not a matter like crazy amount, but I want, and what about them? another downloaded omby amby other little without an apple Adeimantus girl, but it doesn't mean or does not blame ITALY is not going to start with a dog animal, put some like every week to build up everything.
While we have rightly pointed out, there really is a thought darling you on this term between wages to under dollar this week, I'm doing away with the among the lady right now you're gonna go I like to go looking every single bank that at cuz I have a couple different bank accounts and they all know me in the bank cuz. I do like to go and do like us when it comes to my money, I like to know who's there. So sometimes I could even just call and ask for that. And a very light gray, and we sat there with me any feminism yeah, like I went to the bank. I see two days ago, in my view, has expired without any realised and they're not supposed to do certain things, but they did it cause, that's very relation, and they know me thought ass, really, smart and back in the day. That's how widely, where community that's exactly what they do. Is they ve been shared that there were the person relationship that also of smart way of ensuring that really like to go in salmon and actually go to the bank so that they know me in and if at the clock, for whatever reason is no matter, what the old Louvre Yard, with Monetary Union, monument reboot solemn duty, free trade, we need
solutions to these problems like they've been able to answer. We haven't done it's not just banking black. Just a solution is one of the three things that we should be doing. There is gives black there's by black and there's bank, but is our first step in and I don't know when you want to do the other other pieces, but what is good is giving black. I think that it looks like giving back to your community given back to care given back at me, for you their conversations all the time about how ABC alumni dont, give at the same rate that Tita view Irish, usually white institution alone, I give there are things: are we doing in terms of propping up community organisations or civil rights organizations like Endeavour, Lacy Pino, the efforts to fight off some of them we're right battle we nor immediately ahead of us, and that we think about buying back. I think that simple, it's about supporting our business is knowing what were those bitter
Thar with a big dark. I really don't worry, I'm really greater that so that these are three very easy thing that we can all accomplished before the month is obvious and hopefully developing a way of life right. If we were black Vienna six days a year than his majesty, February. There were accountable for an hour blackness. We got more. What Angela, when we come back, keep allotted to breakfast lagoon that was counted for free morning, every body as the jury envy Angela Ye Charlemagne? God we are the breakfast club. We have Angela right in a building our political commentator. We have killer MIKE on a fall of pay. I also gave a good brother kill my gun all in. We try to get the big black initiative. One kilo, my examined a Jew, chaotic, ago. Yes, absolutely
Why have I blanks? Well, if you, if you don't let it get it, it makes no sense to you call yourself: a community has could be envy. You need to be self contained. What matters in the system that is in the system You can call me on Monday to call you on land and resources controlling the ability for you guys to control stuff like to slap stuff like that. So thank you. Black fur stand for
helps you get your mind while proper financial literacy, natural dignity dollars you to get your substrate to have an account. You deal draw a line of credit at the youth Right black master. To find me since a trumpet your house, all those who can afford to start investing a break break. I have been for the last year black, like all my life at that last year, the issue I am going to buy about fifty thousand out of stock in one of the big bang it shall man did helps. Europe did help sure community in terms of it, is more difficult for you to get lost, how blow them visible from bigger banks. Smaller breaks, blood banks have to take. You are obliged to be able to give you the private law that you want. It's like a visit, your computer, so should the first ever bigger play for making short activities
yeah, but you must be waiting for people like like like because they are the people cannot understand why your credit can be built, and how can we build the other people to understand why you need to be a player replaced by Baltimore Dilatory in Cleveland, Ohio, fear the people are about to understand why the bar is gonna work in Harlem Nirvana blank? Well, if we're not doing that their, what we're doing is continuing to be tackled. Finally, we bear in mind we bark was the biggest black men can of citizens rights, as we citizens trust in the moment then go over the last nine years in my particular reaches such were farmers a mechanic. You have industry, industrial back. We have one you manage about twenty three bagpipes left midsummer strand summer weak the weaker ones, will disappear to follow the state as a gesture start to research with targeted. You write find what you like,
we are. Naturally they start back. His thought. Small national, too scared to move all your money, just start to say, with a cabinet meeting where we will use it disappeared ass. It makes me nervous by the way I see it. This is now on how these issues it as a way of getting it right now not Alan's went about. You have heavy. If you don't have a fifty thousand dollars worth of your points to be able to have your money assured method anyway, that's right. What we saw the largest without based debate view about is a bigger than gobbled up a lotta, allow debates. We want smaller banks at a regional, should we work family by throughout life back because they say anything about it. Instead of a problem, if we only got with big banks, are only got to revise its gonna be worth their while Fargo situation, there happened, it's gonna happen again, big banks are waiting you and taking your money and not giving you the repairs or what you giving up, especially in asking about
If you start to public money ain't you got to go before it gets. You will have a bargaining power with drugs community at a much faster rate than the gap. Until I long to take you to put all your money in a black may use the onions done up whenever thing in his own prizes like well. You answer we found this out, so my grandmother have heavy banking with infrastructure out the child. When I got out and thought I knew everything which is a bigger banks in the name of conveyance air when it came down to get a howl at where my blacklist, but like back I'll, do what I tell you. How many do that everyone in Brooklyn suicide note the beings their centre? you can't get along because the House ass he cause we more than when it could get a praiseworthy. Because of their value of these homes. So sometimes you really do have to do that. They understand the neighbourhood. More where we all go out of range details, this boy, we gotta, we open about blood, bring because right now more somewhere. Where are the right? Man are actually buy some six from shares right now, Mandolin twenty percent.
Even though we are not able to see the B, as is now give down to vat melon teletype you brother. Thank you got lucky about me. All right, Angela right, you got. You got a lot of you when I see that screens you put it. I've has tagging along with Norway ETA. Doesn't we should give me what to do? If you open up your blog, where you go take us, regime of it being confirmed that is open and has tag make black? Let us know yoke of your blood bank account only with you, I'm gonna do I'm up do have not acted in the bank and we'll Lu Lu. Briefly, we gotta put up on me as required by their video opening up an account, and I got that they want a proper woman baker.
Citizens rights may well, it was big and began Mary, I'm gonna go get it draws beguiled. It is extraordinarily important citizens trust, because you can trust there with your money right now. Area, thereby causing likely one hour we go blank even ask me. Our guy, without pausing operated well make a meme import. The meme laid its Ojala blood banks in America, yet and everybody go, get your blog Mega Diario can do I'm your aiming arrive. Anything there, Annapolis among Roma vacuum- and I appreciate you Laura thank you- is to briefly from the community.
Morning. Everybody is easy: envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne God we are. The breakfast clubs gets rooms to still be MAX gas at the report of the wise and ease and fairly, and he decided. He wanted to do something to celebrate the fact that he is still alive. Last year he was bound unconscious. He was inbreeding in a hotel room and Yonkers and they were able to resuscitate him. He did die for four and a half minutes where the immense decided to do this year, he reached out to the ready wit enable Philadelphia, nonprofit programme, that's for men that are homeless and he went to go speak with them hears what he said as I see myself very
while we saw today is the one you anniversary is now realized. Tat gave me another chance, so when I woke up this morning tat day, I know who his wonted to speak, and he said this is one of the best part. I'll, be some form of more visual. Yes, council thinking at a Janson received that phone call from DM next Wednesday morning, and he just wanted to speak he said this is one of the best programmes here and fairly. I know you be appreciative and having GM. Then he went through and spoke to the people he actually. They play pool with them as that by the kitchen, and he said this is the real. Word. He said being among real people. So if you have not made any mistakes than you rather have any experience, the Americans made a lot of mistaken. If we have a lot of experience. Our rights, Irascibly Hansen, went on sweater and said something that has everybody buzzing. She said when you have good news you,
when a sheer so bad had it beyond say, do it as in how to Bianca keep a secret that she was having twins were she said, stay tuned, so excited God. Is no babies here, though, so we don't know what her announcement is yet, but I am sure it can be really big if she's, comparing it beyond, say, keeping that secretive having twin, a re, big Sean wrote a letter to his younger south is eighteen year old self and that letter here, some of the things that he addressed I bet you can do to change anything is to yourself better the same prayers, any act of violence. You not I mean you look back our draft across your mind, especially come about from missing estate three points. A gas station and shouts get out here. You it'll make you angry boy. You are realised even though you on the same planet, you live in a completely different worlds, grovelling to cool,
four bigshot attitude is get out of here, yearning whatsoever, It was all about, Eddie operators like now, not thereby to this letter. He said you ve been telling us after by twenty one, you have to be on a twenty two. You have to have a strong on the radio. Wrappings been your job since, before it was your dad before you were out of high school before you face a decision that would change everything that Hussar will create a path for you and be a testament to like you have to share, but I will leave you with a lot more to work on. He has more of that letter there, Big John wrote to his younger cell I also remember that one day, your city with each other, we need you you're going to need all the help. They can give before you got two black one at that one at the house we can be proud, don't put energy and if things you can't change the time
put in the areas of apart over things? You know you lose energy and what you can do is put energy into yourself. Encourage everyone to do the same. If you don't you're full of outbreak money why do we use by your robbery study now, but that mothers here sign? I write into you're talkin about big shot, ended trade J dealer, and it's gonna, be this Sunday has had its everybody. A j o B in Detroit says Amargosa great day I'll, be it's a J Dilla Youth days on Sunday at the Charles H, Wright Museum, so everybody in the d make sure you come out to that to try to get a laptop. Right now I write em Angela YE and that's your rumour report. Ripening museum shot. I listen. You Norman eight. These funds Somebody, financial administration doggie today, eight whole day bacteria Oh, I got one today Kelly and can always need to come to the front of the congregation. Would you like to have a word with her? Don't forget that although we come back, keep a lot this, the breakfast club good morning.
Last time for Don Quixote Day, don't you jump to being out every day a little bit of a mess like adults, club, pretty I've been called. A lot of my point here is the donkey at bay? Is a new wife, yeah dog you today for Friday February to and would you believe I haven't given someone from the trumpet Ministration Don Quixote Day since the second? It's been eight whole days in someone from the trumpet ministrations gun. Don't you today, the last one was my page on February. Second, but today we have a repeat donkey. Today, offended Kelly And Conway now let me tell you something:
see how House of Cards Homeland scandal v by any showed it has to do with government can tab, going on in real life Movement is better than any scripted show about government as far as reality tv. They got that sewn up to o k in it. New in network far as I'm concerned, of keeping open to car dashings keeping open, Trumpery Ministration is where more and attain now one word you can't use for anyone in his administration, is ethical, ok, their leader to celebrity achieved. Donald Trump doesn't have any ethics and knew that anyone in his administration or gave us all for display when Kelly and Conway used in a view from the White House to officially endorse a vodka trunks, Otto glided Nostrums was it was. He said there has been a champion women and passionate women in the workplace. To get to him, just I don't people can see through that thirty five August stuff is what I would say that it shows you get something on ice ousted varies that hashtag, biomarker, radio, federal,
strictly regulated conflict of interests of everyone. I except the president who is assumed Other soon before tromp came along refrain from using his office for personal gain. What Chilean Conway did was completely illegal if you read under the Office of government ethics and clearly says under the use of public office for private gain An employee shall not use his public office for his own private gain. Pudding doesn't have any product servers are in a private offered, a private gain of friends. Relatives a person with whom you employ is affiliated. Now you keeping score Kelly I go away is a photo employed. It clearly states. Employee may not use his public office where his own private gain for the endorsement of any product service at any price, and this was absolutely. An endorsement unless my ears a failing me, let's missiles in Kelly and going one more time to it sure this was he's been a champion. Women and passionate women in the workplace to get to
people can see through tax authorities are violent as tough as one at a time when it gets out an isosceles there is that has to buy a vulgar right now. That's like an endorsement to me. I told you already are really need my friend the ride from mutilations, bicentennial Conaway riper, now tromp there will in the brig federal laws for Donald Trump. What are your friends willing to do for you me tat. You have friends, really cover friends, it seems Kelly and how we should be in some trouble right seems: this violation is indisputable right. Well, not so fast, because enforcement the victory handled body, employees, federal agencies or enforcement measures, punishment. Largely left to the head of the federal agency. In the case of Kelly Conway, her federal agency is the White House, from his jellia going. We find in fact charge bicycle Saturday night spicy, I like to call him said this Kelly and has been cancelled and that's our than a God. She's been council on and on that subject,
and that's it. We're doesn't even mean Council, listen more than a story is she's clean. There will be no, consequently, their actions, because the inmates a truly running this out, they about to turn five MSNBC Sea and in the full blown commercials, and that's what happens when you have a celebrity achieve in the White House. Please give him and got away two biggest. He hardly I was there. I didn't who had a brain of Europe, can be a President Anna Brain are you came here. Live rug Obama in a brain. He was an actual president right, our job as a brain. He is irrelevant You know what a brand as president, but we have one right, more value for a donkey of the day. Now, holder yacht offers. Ok, what do you want to talk about our right of all this Friday? So you know I forgive you.
Vanity to our drowning. How do you wanna go to China? Turkey? Let us be clear, we have new produces, but we have a new born. I don't I was gone. I envy trying to chill time so he can find a pity Pablo frequently come from telling loudly that I love and will have had a problem if he took off their dear masquerade math that you ve been waiting for the past thirty minutes. You'd, probably the song about possibilities should get out of the way and masking the studio it wasn't. I ask you gotta fifty shade Dog can Letty, says dagger, pretty safe dogma handle a masquerade, mask the shyness at the moon. My camera design and jerry nihilism. Skin is Friday. You know that made a regular regular. Yes, he took two minutes now would have was its both somebody took it out, but it is frankly forgive Ricky Friday in today's freaky freaky, freaky Friday course to which often s enough asked why at this whip in here,
the meadow handcuffs ok for longer, and then I math is Zog Insipidities darker. This is actually candy viruses line all corrupted they sent out. But anyway, I'm wondering cause. I know, is very popular now to talk about half an hour and some light was rocking when it music, is as when you take this flag or that this right here What really heard- and we would like a little a town- and you whipped somebody with it anyway, bill experiment. I? U flogging our border women Nokia. How does it work at work? anyway, bilaterally with its bills, really good. They enjoy the whole as an aggregate commerce's aspect of this report, which could your white needed nobler than we do. I gotta go all the way back. That's doubly risk because racism, I do. I got a new flogging, unnecessary, says though there alone ass a little a fair amount of tat order and someday
like a little with some people like a little pain when they have acted ass, a b c visas all. Why can you not a microphone tv set, my ass, a collar credit? Would you say I didn't say that assets that me cracker Margaret is all right, a farthing, firewall or file boy. Do you played it s, an M game best? Of course it ate or violent robbing a family Gallagher Blue we're going to have you? Have you ever whips? Imbalance rose ass night app. I've been out of experience as an M have her aunt s gave me ones might really like you say that you are not. In my view. This was this: Couple days my mama wavered loafer, the fairy handcuffs so with Ankara her Amsterdam gave me one time: I don't really like visa, you weren't, you have not. In my view, this was. This was a long long time ago, ladies, you like,
Could you I like control, I like to be in control Let's get him in another. We all regret all about my colleague negro than we are ensuring that we have no guarantee that maybe there's some things that you want to try and was. I think that you are this is the am swayed at flagship initiative, locker flatter there you go and it doesn't hurt. Ok supposed to fill just like fun. It's like the idea of a whip. Somebody would you like to be heard. I have friends related and choked smacked But this major somebody really like this, because when you just you do whatever you went in his career I think it. How can I sell conversion shock there, but they know what is going to get inside every point. Yet testicles don't bring about you gotta, be life, giving you wanna shocked, delight eight hundred ravaged five one or far. What do you like s? An empty you indulge in as an aim. Is that the thing that you do you have some fun stories called us up right now is to represent.
Morning, the breakfast club- let's talk about which you think we have while a wine, or we will have I ever yes, ok, I've deputies have you were before an handcuffs, ear, use handcuffs, we're about one line of tighter yeah. I beg you to a bird. Would rope no. Actually this is the best way to do it, because you should I dont believe that you should ever get tied up and I think that you can't get out you just get tied up we could be like a sky for something I bet. If you know have that, are safe, were you data type, a guy Jesus, you wife Peter you're. Only to say what have you would. Somebody does not hold you now might have. If somebody you feel safer than they used to most people do need a safe way, because some people like to push it to limit right by then sometimes that limit may feel a little too hurtful here plays and would give me an article in the industry is all kind of weird valid. Now you can't say what about you
Ah, my dear Mamma mighty vehicles once a member a long time ago now having a situation with is forty Samuel, woman she's, one way of young, my twenties, choosing actually pay me my well, she's my way he aroused walk, oh Mamma escalate. Yes, you do. Where heels and walk on my back she's like for some reason I like to let you know that she like it. What did you call you when you? She did it nothing. Changes would put heels on a walk on my back now turn down a black sea black has anyone. You actually do something really strange this woman. I know that I as a dominating she said the first times you got into it, the guy that she that high at her had hymns her spit on him for half an hour straight that's all you when she gets bit for have analyses that you keep having to get water and I'm seconds, and I don't even sound sexy, not at all you want if you have a different kinds of vanishes Gomorrah who this nor are we talking?
everybody s. No stories was led by bill. Ok, we happen where my girlfriend, we will get the right me. While I want to pay correctly, it is their earlier. Will you be bailed out, my dear I drive and get out We thought you contact with a will now child out of date for here on a stir, will a body Your pop pop ok, so somebody who again come to the steering wheel, you her me, ok and then growth, which we have made some very good. You Bob wondered at night one of them about. What's was the morning. Why? How many it is? There will be a the bad, because I mean you get his pack up like a wearing up I guess the point is that you can move. Even if you went it was gonna bigger of co. Hello. Is this the other J J
talking Essen m. Tell us it s an historic air with me, my girl, you ve only got rear anniversary, whatever we went to the polls. Yet, unless we take good note of the hard say tat, you had your ready now: Sampan glass to coolly, low, pulled a low point. The ardour talked about, though year, though you know she had too little kid. You like in obeying tried it out. I'm a guy blind body me or not, I'm late now, like old private, go down all set up like a mad at me, there. We had a fight that way: you're. Ok, with their ban, although they are safe, were the other three Gabriel. She poured up. I've gone more good morning shampoo, who talking about your favorite,
so here s an M stories this morning, so I made those once when I was on some guy with the sea, and I put the divinity she's mine, you know, was really awkward efforts up and we met up like a whole year later, not to rekindle the fire. You weren't even in a relationship or anything, but I mean I want greater gravel a whole different Blake scenario was anything like the fact that bit that yet no large, yellow, good sex, doing like that rule that blue Mama on the girl and she had a sexually and take our rigidity she'd have made you believe you took evident. How does she have a sex wing already? There was gonna go said if you like, I just bought it. Ebay, lesser, let us alive when she told you already issues are freed from the start, I mean I would assume in order for a long time ago, but I mean our northern nectar. I mean it wasn't about very them of all. I would like to bring everything up a little bit too much.
So you re, like the swing part now by word. Boy was done thus part, but for what you got some I would like to bring. You knows too much away like they're, like you, don't like a green comfortable and then like little work all gone on on the thing I know I know, The condom Buddha, that's gonna, where our eyebrow eight hundred fine random. What five one would talk in Essen him tell us your favorite, Essen them stories to breakfast locomotive it also, we really know what you know about me: give rigging and would sulking s and am now have you ever been tied up, do enjoy being tied up. We use hardest, about a young man who, let all lady walk on his back. When I ills
me though it I was, you gonna, keep it right out. There was no great he's not never that that that understand the pleasure of the old enough when we now you might be about fifty some at the touch blocker hello is ever tell Us- is a year as an historic for a while. Like almost every day Allow me in my work, like I've, been so bad, like it. Have you analyze enmity of as you to do something that you wouldn't do? No, ok, what's your favorite part of it, not being air like an control again lie. You're, the weather is tied up and beat it not many were yeah, so you
You got a child to have you got unlike wept and staff, and now you do it's him to the point where you get marks on you yeah somehow got yourself. Furthermore, while I go almost ass, thou do do you have a safe way? I do have a very much is a word. That's what I wanted and long to say. You are too many Kevin hard stand of measures You mean you're up near my Youtube don't be too small a word now. You have something like one, member like specimen. Anyway, downright dig. You Mamma pineapple along with this. Diana, very Danone Inessa them. Yes, I'll tell us about it. Ok, I'm a professional I'm a nature by here am I am in no boy. And I love towards running people. So what was the great these things. Somebody asked you to do the graveyard thing for my ever
needed, though, was actually taken bump on her job. Did you do it now they want, and what do they call it that something the cleaving do I gotta do is actually call that dirty randy water. So what did you do it? Why I actually do my part of what am I a person who is actually rather pay me big, actually go eyebrows. I know that new import of my version, so what's it was the most popular session people get the most part. If that is the publication or basically flogging was frog. You fly getting login. Does it fagging flogging? Now you put the floor where you put the flag, is testicles nipples We do everything every. Why are you flag
a nip. Oh, why are you so crazy about? You can keep icily blogging bear Nabob Amboise again, like, though bar then everything well yeah, right. I really you again murmured the heavy I'm going out of all of this. I would like a task you say you will look at you but be do what that's what this parliament. We are able to say that it is now clear that was a baby they ve had. No, you devils, passing out like I like dollar sounded. Basler, like you could be a word for word. Thank you gotta aid I was that was a, but anyway, you say to me: you they'll, be yes, forgot Little Africa categories that it would be worth it. I knew it was Yo Yelp, always came, the man was not more. Europe came J, go up to go crazy.
I thought only I thought I'd come up for you. I do not want from behind a point that I get so it's not like. I always measures better logistics. W, like body set up. My ward is mass about limited good. Like my much good. Whenever you get your job who says me or I may as well about street, I would do you buy a product, imagine how kind is held up? Would you like to move on from the yoke of ok? So I'd like that what I find like, I was gonna lovely, be shut up in the morning, these you scream at him, if you need to feed Casanova Song say I'm all right. Did you get a job a little bit
begging gale. What have you really hurt him in his only Marie Beak? What would you like yeah go daddy What about you baby girl? Do you ever made him believe, though your brother, when I tell you he believed people like leads Your brother was very like a guy get lost, ginger go you can't. Do you think we are playing a game like then appear, but has no penetration evolve? Yet let your demonstrated celebrates its good you'll love it that can say only in media immediately say when it when it bleeds leads, meaning that if, if his blood involve is to lead store
but in the gay, were on when you bleed your bottom so tat when we held a correct way of going about it, you're a good girl. What danger I go back is changing Golly player, which are in a two dollar. Seventy, no game nobody's ever tasted the gay Go Westmoreland story, then a little Gateshead at all events and control that simple Andy. And give some control uses them away. I would also urge you go you myself enemies by flogging himself. All morning feels good enough. I just got here. Where have you didn't write onlooker bunderby aromas motorway? Yes,
think about who believes that the Download term presidency is gonna. Result in unity will tell you what one artists had to say. His explanation awry all our immoral cuban lockers to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club deeds. Envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast clobber it's Friday. Every Friday, and within the next hour we got my man Emory Jones, attract javelin, clues some regions, will be it. If you don't know Emory Jones, you don't really know the history Rockefeller, but you'll get enormous. One lasserate aright, its rules, the sort o Dell Becum Junior. With Angela his club. According to sources, they tell page six that Odo Becum Junior guy wrapped also used in Houston over Superbowl weekend
now rob like somebody came up to him with a gun and robbed him by robbed, as in he had some His belongings and somebody took his stuff for working at a hotel, but he left a bag of his belongings. Friends house is some stuff in their shoes. Some things like that they set their home was broken into well go back in June staying and that all of his death was gone so does not only with Tom Brady Rabbies Jersey, which is partly worth about a million dollars with this advantage However, I do these in a hotel, somebody's home. I guess he was staying in a hotel. But he also had a step or two friends house. So, like us, probably Airbus BS, unlike that, as I sounds like- or maybe he has a perennial- is used in It has an Iphone somebody give order becum back his cropped up short Sunday as issues we stab Ritzner right. That's deaf went missing, Babbitt, while lay he does think there could be some good and Donald Trump being President, as in that ya. Gonna come closer together. Here's what you said
if there is any silver mine and in it is the people of all walks of life, are coming together and makes me feel proud of humanity. But what I see happening is less like hate amongst different freezing walks of life. Like you know, sent word to the gate. The trains and like all people are just like you know, there's a big, an enemy in US by taking Wally's words on a contact yesterday, like the headline was: why lay save Donald Trump is uniting. The country has not what he said at all. What are you saying? It is what it is, and this is where the good there we can say is that the silver linings absolutely right, because what I see happening, an icy good people couldn't over good people simply to fight the forces of evil I and Larsa Pippin in Scotty Pippin, our back together. We told you guys this. He recently by hurry. Fourteen carried a ring foresees that that was an early valentine's day gift they look pretty, the end as they were, leaving arrest restaurant one of the paper Ratsey yelled this out,
the study by the future, starting with ass, because she was rumored to have been dating future, Was that completely out of line disrespectful question I mean it. I would ask you, therefore, to receive life as long as you would earn. As long as this is fresh in people's minds, you got absolutely good that all you have reacted in a new. Do you got a pretty girl in french other arm? Phalion unembarrassed us? He didn't she better. Love rather live on, which you even I'm getting cloud for Bee, in which I am a membership card. The cap send him a few times a day, with verbally aggressive toward her She deserves. Congratulations, pension, our mad low pinch of their number. I right I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report all right now ye. Now ATA people's choice mixes up an actual to hear something at DJ. Envy happy birthday to a couple of people on the planet make citizens.
Morning is well Kelly. Role in today's Kelly will drop want to close bombs, Godiva Chocolate, God of Tele rolling on not let me sometimes roman grandees birthday today is brands, birthday, rages, sickness and death is used by gas excited, as you just did, NAFTA Kelly, rolling, but they did not like brandy, Bernardo much Kelly, brain scudo. Nothing has led the brain. These government right they bring to show solidarity. The ass she still zone fled dummy t. Ok, brandy got hit still yes to Belgium and pursue their catalogues Ellen fled Don T, but they may live converge bet and, lastly, the edge loads raised. The Angelo drop will include both the Anglo Irish Bank. We need their load, we need something like a b and will situation either when the endless came out at how does it feel video? May brother mortgage write it absolutely did I want people's choice because up next revolt will see you on Monday piece. Everybody else gets requested at the breakfast club, come on
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