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Monday 12/18 - Today on the show we did a flash back to one of our listeners favorite "Shoot Your Shot" where 50 year old Les was trying to shoot his shot at his daughters 18 year old friend. Also we had Angela Rye stop by where she was proud to speak on Omarosa leaving the White House and more. Moreover, we flashed back to when Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Mary J. Blige ex husband Kendu Isaacs for cheating on her.

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In the past few months. The notion of home is no longer just a place we drop into at the end of the day, especially when our homes have become our workplace, school and full service restaurant. Well, here something good. For today we spoke to Morgan Brochure, scientific communications manager at Pee, Angie about how cleaning can foster a sense of calm and control. You can start with an easier way to clean thanks to DAWN power wash display, so you can spend less time scrubbing and soaking dishes and you can get back to the things you love visit, Don Dish, dot, com, twenty seven clubs, podcast were famous musicians who died prematurely and sometimes mysteriously, each seven. This part ass is hosted by me Jake Planet creator and hosted the award winning music, untrue crime, podcast disgrace two features, twelve episodes of life and death to Mars the doors and the twenty seven
could contains adult content and explicit language. You can listen to the twenty seven club on the Iheart Radio, Apple podcast or every upon us Angela Charlemagne, the garb of a rapid club rates and the voice of a culture wash like means is one of my baby shows just because I always keep young, but there were aware on paper there you know their listen in through the back door, go away, go mad or black. We want to hear from you. We mourn allow, although glowed and advocate more than I wanna know. What type of name is all about.
Actually ends in that was unable to do when I purchased in other the dog. Is it you're old and that's the dogs me? Let you like your name where it I'm actually I'm actually mad at you everything. You said you got some about somebody, one in every four or where autograph I mean here knows the Euro was how do you know my brother keyboard, combo dammit, you know elaborate. I know I'm trying to get there, although this was the Manzella volumes the reason mad, I'm not a myself dislodge realize the realise dura play Pornstash orange black? Is it called who of Africa in America? You are your damn. I how you just realized in it met our law, allowing we allow Madame sapphire.
Good. I dunno good I'll be yet has never gotten you gray, Bonaparte employable. I will get a little late. There was even greater when you see them out in public and only they realized. Tat later I was ass. Good ass good morning, no more, nor how your door, call Eugene the latest man hey. You got a ride, appreciate on you, man, my one, I wanted to tell you and Charlemagne ETA comply dear, but Maggie before he died. He only performed at our house, the blues, but our lands. Ok right enough the only place in oh he performed that believe. May therefore, before like one is far stronger than anyways, I too am a now beyond, is now seen a lotta to vodka story and say that had never happened, but Don T you workforce, but it was here, was play at the house of blues I'm mad because the NBA is trash man. They only letting two teams like they got two super teams,
in all other cases tries was the point and watching the NBA until the NBA finals. May I finally does evil wax found this matter? The commissioner's? Let naughty super camps combine seem like they gotta start Lydia comedies move. Can aid declaratory, India Kinda collaborated on? We need to have seen a milk afforded to accrue, follow Miladi Billy. Would they do? I beg your pardon, We were they, I spoke to them and what they said to them over the top with their finances was clearing, whether to pack music, The forty five mile above barbarity yesterday didn't get the forty one on when I say that it would take a moment tat. The that's why we spend over the boy had declared in the thirties and said it was in that parity and then with the music being clear that another fifteen a regular features, eight hundred five, a firewall or fire one of your upset. You need event, call us now or you feel, bless four lines about openness to breakfast club the breakfast club
a pounding down. You're gonna get it on the agenda. You may you wanna Breakfast Leslie, but they may well Jackson. Good morning I made it. Oh, my god. It's uncle Abarbanel from Chicago right! Well, yeah, yeah, yeah, stag, amusing, obey work, the other. I'm wrapper your nobody! I want to do anything, so you kill me you may, because you can get into the music industry. Nobody wants to do any thing else besides rap like, for example, that there is no one to me no producers know Gaza was the better man. You notice the person their height man. Nobody wants to. London particular wrap. Your lame brother, you gotta remember what is rather than thing is and has always been a need to engineer than all other good stuff, so figure it out nationally or we'll. Let you speak ass, but a quick. Sixteen all you want to rapidly when mansion. If things Rabble Europe right yet more operative up a past me
I listen. I have a book I'll call block that idiot and wanted to Chad and principles in my book is f. Your dreams Moebius gave rabbi me back on earth I can't say I feel tat. They change tack. They waited bill had they dare to arrive, arrived too early for a man of your dreams, Robo figures on methodology, life man- maybe one agenda. Now, maybe you wanna be binds the engineer bad learn to make some beaches something Jesus. Christ I've always are great love. Was male dawn Is that why you so blest loaded because I gotta get me a month. We affirm our father girlfriends two months pregnant and we gotta you tools. Are we gonna show the world that we know? Are you too, but seeing the dreams?
the dream, but why why do you need a? U too, he was a shared by one man. You gotta have also the income in order to make Europe over time. So you try, it Video had to make some money. Yes, do you know why you ve a giant up every twentieth me right, even giant in your lives, barf, yes, about it. I've got a job, I'm a laborer. If you are, you know, got a girlfriend. I love me. I got a baby that allow them to most brighter right now we gotta you too, where we do cranking challenges like that that we help them. Our brand. We want more than just this. You know everybody wanna, be a freak in star boy. Jago learn the hard way gonna make it hey what money he said he's doing. Private use awaiting the brain pranks, yes, print, Well, your wife brings you into the room and guess what is not Joe and I'll blow white boy comes out of her. Vagina are right, and this is a god you said you wanted to break our regular features,
eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent or if you feel blessed, you can hit us up at the breakfast club good morning, everybody is the G envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club, we got a special guess: inability of earth, I was gonna find out. We wanted to know. What do you mean what you say rude nor lubricant club interviews? no real guys. Don't don't you no matter You see, a lot of art is copy of man like don't want ass, where's, and will you ass? You know me like maybe like turn I dont have a viable. I may your art is so you may now be gained. I will do no interview month, you bring your turning with you therefore, we really do lobby wanted not be fair that art its army lie Bay as our
Do you not being interrogated at the end of life? If you really history, do we really want a coffee and talk about what you'll live? what made you are. The one is today I beg of you, know this aid the play for that. Absolutely no less! you're right as well as an artist is a neither now by bother hooks more They have brainstorm by anymore. So, unlike my bow, a lonely, ok, am I right, the rat. There lay bare not more so tat when the term You have been talking about the wreck. The wretched man Pablo was dying prior light beneath the whole labour law, only rat all that jungle studio, you wrap twelve versus before Pablo thing in the mouth. Really just ran out over then go to sleep. Who did he kill me and changes and we,
Seven may arrive rap everything. We have been talk about it with two years. The right wing even had a look Lay though it's working, in one week emulate My ninety one we mobilise three days is data. My street we strike the managers were gone. He said TAT s my hands and your favorite We are ready to accept a game in areas like man like the holy, many thousands of daylight love- God never seen a work together before now. The first me: how did you earlier? what we need is going beyond any now. Did a song gunning, peel and Yellow Wolf So I was, I was love yellower rubber, yellow gonna, give them our actual data. I do. I just had to find some guy that was like in my lack of Lana was tough for me to lie. Do what type of
the gallant design is gonna available. My situation would like you. Normally a rat would do the rat, leaving today there, Pablo whatever what we did his record. Little of you know, Video yea seen it on all in an end, is kind of star putting on honest tumblr and in a week later flew mutual lionesses thing. We ve been part of it. What with arrows do for you? Arrow Lula, mumbled finance with events ogre is but I've wildflowers. Madame during our mandate away. You fresh eighty like to China, put out that fellow out. Let me that Dave you album, or was it you being patient and thing? Ok is not It is now time for what they were me MA am like. I experienced the street in a sober level. Thought I wasn't. Have you do not have to go back to the trap, what a game tat would deliver waters. It means there carry quickly our need to resolve maybe my fault outrages. Are you happy? Let you know that have to do what I used to though the fans understand affairs.
Adam in about his deadly, want to do this finance who as well and not just for myself, but I would never first article I worked on this last five. I don't really did you give aid absolutely local elegantly like inside the pace is not, he really pay as they issue that complain. But he had come. Let you in We pay me, ok are adieu walked in a studio with leather black dreams all areas in on, and then my genes are upon the thought, put together brow. He if you do Water is viewed as a new if you'd have camera mad at you want about this. All your name is honouring. Does why be so many people? What are you gonna do with being the brainstorming view within the EU, is bothering you report.
I can. I, like air body, wrote on the record, is air by within their give piece of European a Blip dasso answer, because you wonder like, like sometimes Conway seems so not cystic, and I think that he has such a big ego, anything so self centered that you and think you'd be such a giving, and like the man tat, he already ready already taken up. You got three was sending. Is fifteen twenty people gonna supper? but that's what I use regional economies are appreciated I think a lot of you know people on. We have even owning reckon. I know by we overly reckon that on five you answer the door. It was your clothes. Why my rely for his deal? Was we acre year that now? How did you look? We're gonna would happen with their situation.
Well, I've heard that will actually well known and Jerry Faye. I was in a group, but I am I telling me back without the aim of my life. I think. Ok, though you know me, I would like one of the best rather than my pain, but yeah a new boost to my partner, global outta. My guy bothers you dog, you know, there's a new body. You know me so I was as I do I was just trying to get a message aroused Anderson guises in there, and I was a little game you want to get out of here. We need to do so, Kay thumb trying to figure out some body. Me, you know me, you know Gimme a check or those of booze like which let us do so. Always got a place of even odd situation, all the way workout. Could you know the Def jam regime and you know la reading all that I just always appreciate the help again taking a chance like give me the wage raymie maneuverable it ain't gonna go right because once I got to delve jam,
boo live boil irrelevant like form I that it so was. I damn, but then people know yea, just starved. Although we all want to let him go online. I do think that beside me, so yea was Bioman come over here right for me. You know, I'm saying do this. Do this and then we'll get you some cash aid in the UK, come back, I'm you don't get you out of this situation it as well The day no double Sandy's alien would dare GM before good mood I would already gauges. You know. I was making rat record no mean you know carvings Columbine hears about that you from Atlanta Remagen about, but if I can listen, a rat Verona, nine dollars in a rather about fifteen there are Japan's, was crib literally the thing I will magic group in charge and I would like probably bear more bad it in us. Yet again it s for ages, China, get away from me, but I always heard it I want. I want to stay wrangle. I went to lay out clause
would not buy. My first video perches was reasonable. Doubt in it was really could this do. Fulfilling would teach me out, a rat added thought is met the most prolific where your third, the reviewed, the rat like na wrap? This review will be like You know me I'm trying to rapidly. I thought. What are you hear me? We hire you me now at all, Mr Crowley to give everyone a middle Pfeiffer. He's killings always eat like telling me. I made you and give you our light around so bad, fire you later I mean the com I want out of New York. Do Roma has gone out and the others here come on. You, like me, a man of my partner record, my boy
when we got more which had a prince, we come back, don't move to breakfast cloak morning. Breakfast everybody is D. J envy Angela YE. Charlemagne guy we oughta breakfast Club saw had a princess in the building. Now you can occur anywhere. Jim without this, Elephants thought about it right now. Now may were if you don't know, you're going to be and we can hold a topic together. Ok, so the thing where we ve got to do likewise, Doktor jury album. He has a controversy as they go to people who, like keep asking me like. You know Do they ask me now, like the biggest daylight may, why do but why would anyone that we go for? It was like give general a power struggle. So It is designed to write a rabbi garbage tattoo go abroad, so tat only at present life
as we saw something in every, so I made a sign that actually works are we like a parody almost to me cuz. I know meek and Drake we're going through a phase. I just threw it out there. Just life of an angel disruptive recited out these regular o k via really explain it, but now I was getting averse to it and we never finished the actual before us and also many gotta be or something I words is less on. Go there It was while the girl, the algal all project, go elephant, and now I was gonna, be like the eminent I don't know what the name was don't be by not be like. They got me because again think advised somebody's lab. We were like model, I therefore limit the rails they'd with older. Gimme get amazed that I thought we was is kind of really stand rule, but it has never came to fruition may one thing about Burma either free artist, so I can't you
Russia's greatness is I'm so many says like magazine come, it was the last minute and we try to give a coal. We will see more than it be my own life of fame is the famous record has brought the mandate really Are you just what we ve been talking to the labor we gotta everywhere they buy. Reverend alone year, hedges by people just on their view they will see here later think they got a budget go right. None at of that happens. What him by all of us could beat her. He ain't there in an hour come later of the young are right and stuff beforehand, vs land everywhere. You never say I say as ever been like they say. You know you don't jump on a j these to take it out, and I will take you to the kind of life. Is this like stuff like that of light, like us. They bow and allay right. Will you go alone? He doesn't care about. People know when you got goes right.
Brady Open about in our biggest real Mckenna. This goes right now, like, as you have think about something. That is what you are, cock, a rat or body rat. You can have goes right. That's me but can I go to the Graham you downloaded. Graham there you a deal, walk I'll stay is fitting people. Will you They say ass though the pot are they got to people's Dave, but erratic. Gotta, be you and engineer. If I, how do you compete? We twenty musical matter. It is a human rights agenda is that people are dead. I you know I'd is that work with you on your labour is eager to make some money there in a room up a new rights, and now he contributed to this Jackie contributed. We were having a conversation and everybody here what are back in the day, unless, let me don't know those guys. Creating immaculate records? I guess body self yea
now what s the matter God, J early, are really would doubt. Biggie rate diluting out then being had goes right. If you're bad thing, I mean I'm pretty He hasn't partisan. Every new plan no b, to J a few votes at you know when I say do say that like to leave you upon in this vote or like Darwin, if you already react to a man and might be loud, gown right, there lie upon area, have wanted to react, though you know a lot of time. Is just more barbaric, really more about actual lears decided to expose. The easiest was ready and we may listed. By what happened with the word that I thought there was something that are the votes of art. Doesn't my head? My computer? Furthermore, we cannot lose was it you got a story, you stick a we say, that's why I was nervous, I think, is of playlists that out the put up for my colleagues on the size, you know get my
kind of gives. You did happen. The title stuff from users too, I am even their computers. There I don't get you always fair words. Grass. The arms deal personally piece I gotta downwards region. A figure that out now and make it so must have been glad to have those cyber wreckers alma would have computer store is correct. I remember that for the first egotism when you bought regrouping in they said it was like six records. Cut off the that he was going use for the sequel and you just have to put up six racket. I made my about sunium are we on his way to build a writer? I mean I am the one who knows about does their light zigzag is, is telling me sure I'm not an Amy rather than the elephant in the room project make about one in the Congo was written about that mean that May was Congo. My lot like you know, meet our really be no one focusing with Humber love in Phoebe. Finally,
from the latter, were no black people really are low. You know me he'd, Linda's than is notices, Baby maybe goin in all me about my modest. But if you will allow me, I pray tat. He lay. Who is that? Unlike what to do more or less made alma got what we got. These have forceful you re, You will all yet you are wrapper everybody'd on who don't know ass. I can really wrangling anytime. I wrote for yea this guy, we add someone you ready arrived to mean a blow them poligized there we go How sad approves note on Sundays Yes, can you hear me o J about his well liquor that could never force dreams and weeping unknown affords lists and a fortress with so much in that bitch you gotta move a winner. Folk live,
play my grateful for my forklift this fourth fifth for my waist. I go to war with or if I try to take away the Lord's get the man talking world peace, don't hit the fan rappers that have fake beef and where is Vince Mcmahon I never threw a rock and then hit my hand. Y'all should come cast the man. Everything was done. Could dope a rapid? Is the re? Let's go. Ok, yeah! I say monoplane outlaw
Madame without flaw that doubt job ever heard and with the south drop that can now ball. Anybody in this town dog data comfortable as our shop in the town hall, I've run underground. Nobody growl hold new strong waiting, Norma downfall. They should be shots, pooty thinking about self all met. But when do you can guess you to South Park people your fancy catch it? That's the foul ball! You don't want to see them. Gospel, Whitcomb, golf clubs, Nanda before this house up scared do drab ass. They woke up. I get off to a two dollar state. I had a month's, I gotta know what was two hours late you suck is, but a move away from a birthday. I wish it well enough blew up the cake celebration chose
the good life, because that can doubt a night knuckle would twice at the curse like walk around like a bush, why? I try to stay down the earth, but I've had to fly like a horse who should be like ours is a strike. You can tell a lot about a bitch. Perhaps you could rise, which might be for this good pipe. What I look like debates, multiple took my kind is a weakness salaries for meekness, sleep nice, try not to the street baby girl. I don't mean to be policy issues that got a bit: salt, pepper GM. If I see fit, but also jeez, that's still get too. We fix you wanna, be upon them all, but I'm trying to peace take another, but you gave them like I'm three. Six, when the we lay be rapidly This'Ll be, can keep a secret.
Obviously this is how the jolly branches thinking not sweetly greatly from a to G to have been more than the finish line. Preakness I used to break them down, make show was remiss being the least. I went up the street for peace. We are going to launch a rat way before toward the math. I got so much to lose. I can't afford to travel to have be. I got me, but even that water turf now don't break out he's out right now. There's another guinea! No double Sundays may procedure bridge diplomas, but let me bring his majesty our platform gone. You have you don't post mortem, Instagram united to groom toward a thing I did. Moreover, I am, I have re vigorously something absolute right, Charlemagne, there you have, it is to breakfast locomotive. Hey,
it's down. The future sounded suited the breakfast lunch AIDS, don't mess it up method I know this morning. We have somebody on a full lives. His name is big. Less you there's a Yo Yo man. I love you. My leisure, like about forty five. Fifty years old man made a number of members right. Ok, let's Leah, now less explained to now you have a crash. When you do what best friend the? U big as a priority, What is it not have written about? Twenty? look I'm sorry. I don't got a relaxed item. I gotta relax. I re so You have a question you. How long have you known your daughter's friend since high off
all have a long while you, my military, will map out of love. So you may imagine your door. It is banned grab, since he was a little kid and you had a crush on her. You know, I see, you know she usually I can order now wait a minute later, you dont know now don't go there. I would bet you about you. I love you we're going all I've ever met evolving in recruitment is growth as you that I'm elementary school? How did you get in the way of ways is warbling also does illegal begins, as you know, a little or no Charlemagne? Oh no fire for this you're, not now. Oh, ok, honey from twenty to twenty two point: three year, though, if you feel that girl mass of those people Coca COLA out of business. By the way you watched american beauty one too many times in the region, we want a passport. Is this conversation cuz you trying to fast forward two girls life,
he's of aid you, water and that's discuss. I wanted tat TAT s. What, Why can't I do not want a fair return is set this out. I will check it out. I got older uncle that I want who coverage daddy's. Fifty said, though you I'll go years old man. I had left them for your daughter. The same way you left me with ITALY. Ireland You know what you know, what ground woman. I thought aware he can handle you don't stop. Got a world. How would you feel if your daughter's friend of her dad try to talk to you died ass little awkward Where are you not only lie in all use? Go I gave her everything and all the ammunition, please give me a glass of water? Jazz when old, we gonna call. If you tried to that, he thought it got out about their problems, but we don't call. Is young lady hold
I wonder why did you not know we're gonna tell anybody, he can't do this, but I would whoop he's ass, absolutely weapon. It might do I all of the gamma wonderfully even talk about wind? Let me, though it near there but older than me. Whooping you ain't even talking about wife, and he just this matter is, God knows it was discussed in iraqi knows. As he was a kid now, she was nervous. Got well when we come back, we gonna call Young lady, jasmine and keep alive pointed everybody is DJ: envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Refugees joiners would do and shoot your shot now. That's when you can call you can email abruptly. What a gmail dot com! If there's somebody that you know that you are entering, it in, and you want to try and see if it could work out with You call them live on air. Now we have big less on on right now is actually calling his door is best friend.
Being less is probably the fifties is dotted referendum. Yes, it I'm guessing is around twenty. Our early twenties, but we we told big less. We go surely shot so the cyclist, Alan, hey, hey, they're, big, laugh, hey, you know what I'm doing all right. Baby girl Hannah Ah, you know like girl, you know, you know what you are you busy and that we can get away a little cartridge case. I will take you out. What we're ok, girl! It is the brightest talk about it,
What do you mean? Ok, you given is all massively. No act, your eye on your friends, daddy all these years, maybe now all these the earth. I need a few. At the moment here. Ok, What about your friend how she got feel about you go in our her dad, I'm hoping to see you. Gonna mind. You, Michael Goodness, doesn't like a nice over back Ok, yeah! That issue is as word what you? What would you daddy They give no other laws here for a minute and because we are getting up and you never know what refugees may hone. I'm not gonna sit here and knocked his man if he came back twenty young twenty, some YO tender. I found it work in it, it may sound and worse.
But but jasmine, technically desire, may jasmine deeper than anything we where'd ever happen like when you were growing. I bet your friends how's with the day, really old, no no way another like that. I mean it no matter what this is. The ghastly made now raise Kazi. Did it and it wasn't it Can you do now when she was under age? Doesn't matter? Was you with? Well, she was twelve as some point or legal. You, a dirty old man and his girl was twelve as an objective and you with twelve at some point you life, Cathy, with twelve at some point or life. Did. He was with jailer wench ass. He was too it don't matter. Ok now, basically, is none of our business. Now they want to go out with each other, they both of age yeah. I mean that there is a difference of think. What, if I didn't know him when I was young.
Right when it will be a right. Have you probably have didn't worms from somebody y know, somebody unto my body. My body would be like an intriguing right room I'm in love animals. There is an old over decades. You not understand. If you have any check. I know you have already written. You write all gas, the! U on next Tuesday, you know you only then, if I let you guys are going to go on a date with the plan. Well, you know, I'm gonna go home flow, but if she doesn't have anything a man, I'm gonna wind down that little lady will have on Fridays. Was sixty five, you give free pancakes, and always you guys you got no, you need a chill out man. Let people live. Oh brother ragged, you, May you take it as read that over twenty zero
We all enjoy ok, Are you guys, but are you how you gonna break the nausea daughter? Oh will you know I'm just gonna tell them taken again there. What I as grant or Facebook, my goods and I'm a grown man. Man. I do ass, you like it He died already died about their young young vagina thinking about about you, but I have a high ranking away to hear how these girls get like. I do it, but why That's all you got to say. Right now. Right. Where did you guys, like you,
I can't really hate on esagil asian milieu given up an Asian over nor the Future Mayo Ursula's eyes, listless, which alone, but your daughter is way too should bring over man. Is forty six now imagine t, that's all I'm present impartially not haven't me name being about my daughter, I feel about me. I'm all selfish when I'm thirty, seven years old and just me and my wife door got I'm gonna get me some young intend, I'm telling you there right now not to get me a friend. Twenty to twenty three he'll know we're ok, fresh attic outage. What would you agree journalism, what comes after? Raising anybody, you're gonna be a basically going to be a sponsor people. Love is the breathless level down the future. Sound is due to the breakfast lunch aids. Don't mess it up. Method method of diverting was up. Will you refugee shout with democracy.
The work that the arbitrary I built. You are right that you gotta go data because you ve tricks every none at all. Maybe you don't fix it s, city prom, couldn't let you know european values regarding this is a good idea to shoot you shot. If she knows she, given you Idiot old morality that have a prescription ages ago. There was a week ago like a packet Burma saw, but in any event I Missy major stages to go, see her. She gave me this I see the enthusiastic to prescription Ro Ro dear pursue myself. I was hoping get out, may flies heavy. Having had a driving, you have, you ever had a conversation larger days. Door was born on. She thought it is a rare occurrence her then we are not closed. Indeed put it down in your mouth before you doctor You know you really get a piece of her words because of you. Organ there before you put, the gun in your mouth is probably why she's not inter ethnic breath is clearly funky Have we done? Well? Ok,
about Asia may name only as a big conversations, I does his senior when he buys him gum savvy interested to see if she noticed you when you work in earlier years referred earlier Ok, ok, I gotta be a reason that you haven't judges, shots eight other than just nerve, maybe he's gay and maybe get a small we that alone Madame is persisting. Ok, I, as maybe maybe unison sums, Annie flags. I'd prescription, for you know the girl once you should use at what we can Have we gonna to call the tv it s an right? Let's have tat the noble Ripe programme content, when we come back to don't move. Is the breakfast club morning telling everybody is dj? Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago we are the breakfast club we're in the middle of shoot. You we have diversity all alone advantages shoot you shot, men make their phone call,
I will tell my father are diverted from the pharmacy Avanti from the pharmacy how'd. You get. This number you gave it to me. Remember no, I dont remember. I never gave you man, we please don't say what do you want to tell you that you give me another? You gave your name search. Facebook in your government. Jesus man is down you didn't. I tell us this by outside these, where let's have it, if he has raised these, would be easily Charlemagne from birth Islam yeah we're doing Goin over. We thought that you gave him your number. I say he was calling issue his shack the question you he said he comes in there all the time to buy gum. Oh, my god, oh my god, the to despise gum. I don't even put his changing his hand like I'll put it
Oh, my god he's the beers legally. Still. He still on the phone you can hear. You can hear you regard to carry out only been care because you told them to look at my number or Facebook as away this kind of language, no, really because Facebook does provide this kind of information, but I do think we would have asked them be. No did he gets a number before and but your weight? Why is he calling me a man? Standing launched assets with no, no it wasn't take are out of date was to take you out on a date. I got two billion people on the planet. You think I will go out would do no? No, no, no No nobody snake you have done a member, I would argue for Mary My keeping away
No will let me keep it. One hundred devonta has adult acne. I can't even get past that cuz we're not even doing are you trying to figure out figure me out now they want leave We value medicine for diabetes, for HIV, for cancer and become an everyday buying gum. Do you learned how creepy? Why won't you? then something for his adult acne shitty, Garcia. Germans are all have a great many more Diana ass. You say I got believing anywhere always given over to bear that always offer a piece of gun. When I come creepy be heard. Digital daylight. The last words give me their creepy there. You two were divided. It really operate through it. I might as well forget what do you know? You love the girl, you waiting
gone from LA you, leaner, more about taking the gun from him. If have never taken gone from, have never catch fire tat. We all regard lapsed, latinity area here. Next time becomes any. I will call the policemen he's. Creepy is out David. In my mind, indicators. We didn't I'm sorry to know we do now. Your mother or father, was clearly a joy to see fair, ok, good their name, you divide, Are you familiar with Avanti Swing from Josie Year for commercial gain the day round, my son outlets happy, I'm sorry, I we gotta go. We got things to do. I'm sorry. I've only on Monday have a black day. Stop stalking women. Ok I'll, see you for our purposes. Girl? Oh, Sorry milligrams g shower, I shoot you
the breakfast I was born and Don T mean TAT, I was the man Charlemagne got you a mobility. In itself to dad in eighteen. I don't give a damn, which I think about that, because I deserve it now. The breadth of clubs in eighty plus markets and argued if it country. So we have a lot of new listings and probably don't even know who Charlemagne the God is so use my time off to catch up on some of my pass work. Okay, okay,
If you know here, I do a segment everyday called doggie today donkey as in Jack Ass, and that's what I get someone credit they deserve being stupid. So if you never heard of it, this is new to you, but if you are regular, listen at innocent only but goody, because it's the best of the donkey today dog you today goes to can do. I do No can do is right on marriageable. I just former husbands last manage denies. The story goes, can do attics. Marriage oblige are getting a divorce; apparently they are forced to getting the was. How do you know? my dad and process, apparently because we can do the lead to fair or for young artist named star shell. With thine unmarried label matriarch in attaining a page, six actually reported back in April, in fact coordinate basic Mary claim in court document that candles painful in twenty grand or he little girlfriend and add insult The Andrey Mary would bring her to read converts another evinced, increase higher profile now and a legend marriage obliges onto breadth club. She spoke on it,
didn't say the young ladys name, let's hear it, but I must I require an album like a year ago by writing it. From the perspective of a woman fighting for her marriage. I wanted it, no matter what I wanted to keep it. I loved him. I want to stay, but then, of course it in turn out that way. So everything in it. He don't want it as much as you do either someone love someone else. It's not you can do it. That's that's what I'm suffering through rightly. What was it where you know it was going down the wrong road. When everything I said it mean anything, and I wasn't nothing I ever did was good enough and I was never smart enough. He knew he love someone else here. He wanted a hair. All men upon you, Don T know he wondered what he would you want to move on,
Do you think you to be able to be one of the women? Who can let a man of another woman? Now I don't think so. I mean not this particular person. Anybody behind you do treat the one that you love and, with the same respect that you treat unwanted, you operate daddy about nothing Mary also spoke on the situation. In our view, one documentary scream from a woman who wish to go into a little more detail actually talking to NEO left here and you so unclear we have a studio Vienna place right, do not lead at Don t. You know do not let her nowhere near what you dont for me I'll go because cheese. The reason following that's my breaking with the good here Hindu, who was originally asking for a hundred and twenty nine thousand three hundred and eighteen dollars or more nerve and spousal support was granted by Judge Thirty Grandam, of which, I think is way too much for grown. Ass may begin from his Ex wife he's now asking for sixty five brain.
They can do as it wants. Sixty five ground is bound to support because, according to the black who dug up decoy documents, Kin do need his vassals. Appoint double because marries divorce, songs, targeted reputation and he can no longer fine white cheating tiniest your reputation. Kendall can do on brother was yes you're right age. Lady songs in tarnish candles reputation. He tarnished reputation because he broke marriage obliges heart. By cheating on her and now we see Robin Mary would no gun in spouses report and the general public is done. The respect that Mary, never made a record about what happened. We still would be looking at you funny, because on What you do is lame razor blades I kind of legend she's beloved indiscreet, okay to culture, protects our at all costs. Of course you can't firework that people have to choose between you and marriage oblige of causing. And she was married at just waiting. Game goes not like you shown that you can have success on your own. All your successes.
I wouldn't areas of you not working where Mary. Why would anyone work which you a simple matter now? What did he's the voice sounds can do is big enough We will all featured on Mary strength of woman. Am one is titled, love yourself Mordechai Vanunu was love directed by the way, and I set me free now. However, we have a clear set me free less here. How you invention, maybe Andrea game you were before mentioned, and I'll have it when you ve gone high official, not to say oh, you win, you had another Benson taken trips, alright wearing. What are you gonna get back? There is clearly a bug can do would so what?
This is married life as much as is candles, and if she was the thing about it, she kissing about Mary always puts our life in our music. That's, while we love marriage, a blight hell when Irish within divorce, I would have you got out like oh Mary exam, but be fine. I just want to know, can do I you Johnny, shake marriage, a lie down because she saying about you and you gave her. The content is thing about if you of allegedly cheated where artist I shall not. It is what happened. Can do you cause all it is on yourself. If you will didn't money. You was old from management on managerial things. Cool would ask of all is bound to because you can't my work without Mary does all the more reason you shouldn't have cheated fell as air. The guy gold, productive from your uncle of your wife, is your primary source of income fidget dumbing down His lies, a pc and be quiet. Ok, man job is to protect and provide, if you not the primary provider financially and you have to provide in other ways emotionally mentally, spiritually physically, and you have to protect her emotional.
Mental and spiritual well being kin. Do you didn't do that it actually harder and broker hot? Now you twisting the knife, and after four sixty five grand and shall support sorry can do nobody feel sorry, for you know, empathy, no sympathy, you did you see yourself and if you want to fix you reputation and keep you would upon me work again. There was right and stop trying to shake marriage. Obliged down because you was rather please give- can do if the sweet sounded Hamilton Fleece you d e g, All right? Thank you for a dog you today, the breakfast,
everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club. We got a special guess: inability, yes MA, am Miss Angela welcome back island. Thank you. I'm happy beginning better, learn how to do well and when our also come for your free will cover me unroasted nor martial law, tired. You love me that its added value and if ever were now she could see Daddy Robin fancied. She knows not to mention my name normal Nicaragua, I'll give you that it was you operate. I forgot you up. There was a big always go near the goal, you forgot, I'm really beginning with his legs. Sixty seven evidently is about, and I wouldn't want to be led me. That's why she was still a Democrat S Cute I wish you would do a barrel.
I join with beef in it was we wish, you know karate, that's all you need is worried about you, you're right about me and she was issued on cancer case. We know we know you, but I don't know I scope so that you believe that you really resigned. I do believe this. He was let go so just to clarify for the culture. When I do not have isn't it, if I ask outline a wide eyes open at all, we have a narrow, but what I do know a few things to that point. What I believe, based on what I saw in her interview with Michael stray here, is that she did not resign. You old, if you're gonna love you outside, but there are a number of conflicting points in her interview. One of the funny, as things to me was when she talked about having certain access risk restrictions after you reside, which is not true, you tear your badge and
David you quit are fired or whatever at the White House? Just like you would in any other IDA radio flight? They don't give when I got tangled later January, twenty Eightth, and that will let you in the building, but we're not gonna, let you upstairs. Rather there have been any wherein they definitely doesn't happen on the campus of the White House, no secret service tweeting that they removed her credentials me she can. I get on the camp is of the White House, including the egg. Even our executive office building, which is the class, is from the White House, which is where she said she was cheating. I have as in the way, if you go into attitude toward a White house, you can check your request into a former member of Congress like every other american citizen. Can I mean maybe he's the unpaid so January, twenty absolute Kate, I don T, let it that's exactly what it will do, no exact where it is my email she's, Poland will arise eyes at every turn. What was your viable? I'm not sure, but I think that she is dramatic, I think they're she's caused a lot of issues there. I also think that she is. You know these are
birds of a feather flock together. She, actually, I don't want his hyperbole, dramatic mass they're, all there's, always some distraction being thrown out there. I have heard from some black report the who I trust a little more than all morose and she's, made it very difficult for other people of color work, not only in the White House, but also in the indian ministration, because she's threatened by their real political credits. So what's their job party, my ignorance? No, I don't. I don't live where it when we chose this is no, and so did so in just for clarification on that too. So, when you work in the administration in the White House, there are, titles that you have. So there is a special assistant to the present it in most people in senior roles, depending on which pay range is geared. Cod specialists is into the president. Most assistance to the president work in the actual Whitehouse Correct. So I think
not any he'll, be. Once again, as in our executive office building. I think that they gave her that's hidell because they knew from an optics standpoint. Very there were no other black people. They are there's no asian people in our older women, especially she said black people too. But other black person or other black people in their ministration senior level, discerned surgeon, general Mars than Secretary of Light, and I see said she was like the only black woman Abbe it. This is in the senior roles I'm saying there are literally three senior black folks she's, the only one in the wine ass black people shouting our little. It was something urban. My head of urban music is something I would write us using the opposite them publicly on under the on administration, Ministration was called the habits of public engagement. They made her a senior communications adviser. There was no communication. Sat in oh
ye under Brok Obama, because there's a communications department is this Meda role of hodgepodge? Is how would you do she obeyed him if he was paid? A hundred is public knowledge. One hundred eighty eight hundred eighty thousand dollars a year on road here s high, for instance, Now that you know we now, you can interact, checked like many bad Magritte of Gray Motorboat, of no led by its very nature of the we don't have what we don't know. There was the last one I'm telling you she was pay, because there's no other black people, that sea or so she was paid their rate, but she was given a job description there. Match their rate? Know nobody everybody's light. Would it do it or be lightly fresh out. Aren't cable news on I will I we don't really know. What we do know is that she actively words who oppose black folks in their ministries. Slightly were more well meaning and honestly people that I had a conversation would like. Why are you going into that role? Why are you gonna go work for somebody who is whose not only are suggestively hated as rising done, things that are
now. I hope another made of animals are but other none of our media freedom. Are you so you solve energy? That's right! That's nice! Exactly right! we know that that happens since we got here on slaves, you that I would like to say that we shall get a big pay check for their first interview have to January twenty it. I think they see absolutely his work and his fellow book are absolutely work enabling ground when her nose, contributor deal would be maybe she's working on her next reality shows you defiling on need a check on she, Israel, Ed and active ers, lady of a charge. X and bill were her. Husband is a pastor. I have I don't know this back, but I have heard that members have left the congregation Gazeta Chicken for why our way she represents a move at all. She said
she now essentially claiming to be only african American and the White House when she's whole Armhole remarked earlier many all she said now. She said my people and I was, I will be able later we will act as you have a mature result as you not. You all know that she went on air on Tucker Crossing, showed defending Donald Trump actions during Charlottesville and now she's. Now they are, she has Armstrong Williams, Cape and for her saying it is use web? Whether with you, I was eating it you'd? Not only did you defend it, you went on air talking about well Barack Obama handled the black lives matter, but the person who said he was affiliated with lag, lies matter or was influenced by black lives matter in Dallas. Compare that now it's too how Donald Trump handled Charlottesville any she should have had it with him from when he ran, and that's why she should never supported his campaign right. So I'd is I'm not check over the main thing is: I have in this frustrated with her actions. Since the the campaign
during the election. She was asking people who know me if we can have a sister girl top, because she was upset that I was the rapporteur and I have for you All this is to grow opportunity when you started campaigning for this man. Now you just cholera helpful. She, where there were men- and I hope you like it, but not any me personally- frustrating because ya I'm serious. There are black folks who have folders out from the beginning of time who operate in that mode. You cannot put your culture, your people, your community, under your opportunity. Our group will never make a good decision, and that is just is frustrating its hurtful to me so people doing like. Why are you so amped about it? Why you so mad? I'm like because you're trying to tell me one thing and you're doing something else. I see your actions, I hear the words that you're speaking and they don't align with someone who represents what I believe our best interest. So yeah, I'm a drag you every time say cancel. Tell me when you say
worse than has a famous quote that says all Almah scheme for eight, my him and what that means is that everyone who has black skin regardless of the hue, don't start with the waffle. Colored nine. There are five. You're, not a dark either by the point. Is you know just because you're of asserting who doesn't mean that you're gonna represent within the best interested- and I doesn't mean there were always going to align, but my one rule is like cause: no harm just cause no harm and we can debate whether or not this policy is best for us, but don't deliberately cause harm and she I feel like she's. We got more, what angel arrival we come back keep alive is the breakfast locomotor morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. We have Angela right in the building of course, and will have to pay for internet now,
I you know do now unless you hacking into something- and you got free wifi, joy at your house at which we all need to elevate. How might we beg for the the internet was frustrating about net neutrality? Is the conversation has been had in such a walkie way that people disengaged like I've had it has done state, I'm afraid to touch it. The bottom line is what, Eliminating those net neutrality rules does is it makes it more difficult or makes it easier for companies to slow down certain service is to put some of their products at an advanced it's right, arms have you have Netflix and they slow down a netflix them. I put another Benny at an advantage, because you trying to watch a net flags, but its buffering is buffering, is now working. We gonna pay for diverse, yes, and so you'll have to pay for certain services to go faster. If you ve already pay for your subscriptions, endless points of their all of these things that make the internet more on financially lucrative for them, because they may try to fill our ways to bolster some of their revenue since the internets come by
What do we do? We're losing money? You know seen that with record labels and all that, so I think I'm the one thing that people need to know is it's going to be more costly space and it's frustrating because they're still folks who look like me and you don't even have access this to baseline in it. It don't even have access. So it's this is really frustrating to watch, but you see it every turn whether it's the tax reform bill, if you're pushing or the health care measure that they were pushing. Now this that every turner looking out for people who The haves and the have nots are continually mused brute. Under this administration dig up and you look a sort of all social media or how they offered social media
I don't know, I don't know of a direct impact that I can think of me. I am. I know that it can impacts search at certain search engines like Google, Chrome, verses like a yalu, ignored horizons, search page that kind of thing, but I dont know what the direct impact would be. Armed social media need, as somebody there really knows the ins and outs and is a true net neutrality. La Rochelle, somewhat, messaging gets out melodies commercially. Far from our side. We over index on social media youth on every single platform like black and brown. Folks are the women like have made all of it, but that's why there's a all black twitter, so we definitely use it. It is a free platform. Is the one space I think we're communication is, has been democratize. I'm into the point where you know we ve seen all types of organizing happening online, so yeah there's nobody. I note I would love to get away and on I see their restless It is now doing this whole campaign. Not me, has tag Mammy taking polygraph has to prove that he and do anything with anything wrong in his
in with these women that our accusing him of sexual misconduct, sexual assault, even rape, and so we were having gushing appear behind the scenes about what happens with these? and that are being falsely, accused and wood with these women that are coming void in saying things? But maybe you know you might say, because a guy's was aim behind the scenes like what, if it was a situation where afterward, you didn't want to do it or everybody was high, drunk or whatever, and everything went down the way they did and then now there's is pushed back. Not me and there's people like I have a smiley coming forward in saying that he feels like that investigate and was wrong. They did in dirty. What do you think about Whiting? Everything that's happening. Just your point of view though I actually are- and I think you know Christie hinders then ready well by Christine. I, like we're goin round on the phone, not fighting but just like being tormented by the fact that you are fully black fully woman and the com.
That exist within that, and then we ended have taken it onto my pie, get together that we can resolve this alone like, let's be honest, and I think there are a lot of folks who disagreed live with. My interpretation in hers was really difficult for me The lead as a lawyer, even and the reason why I wanted to become a lawyer. So often we ve seen black folks period wrongfully. Here's the thing and the reason why there's is supposed to be a justice system is so that you can litigate the facts and determine whether or not someone is innocent or guilty correct, simple everywhere it. Whereas been due process go. It feels like that in some ways in Florence torn because I know four years like I know women who have been sexually assaulted, Irvine sexually harass. I know for me even on capital he'll. We tell Young enter stay away from such as this, which makes us all complicit to in some ways, but at some point you do want to give people the strength. They need to be courageous enough to step up and say this happened to me.
I can imagine what that feels like as I've never been assaulted. But I do think that I am concerned about the precedent it sets for people to no longer have to go through a process. Determine whether someone is guilty or in its simple, are discovered. I pray you. There was just one. I don't give a damn if it was eleven and there was just one, but I was saying you to use feel are accountable for their one. I don't care if you can mitigate the facts on if it would bill cause be less day. He said when sixty three of whom it was ten best tend to damn many you not only are we just have to figure out what the balance is, but it does. The leg is swaying all the way back over here. In its entire violent, think about emits heel, I think about black men. Recently in exonerating, because they did not rate that white woman, whose did you not? I mean
inherently conflict and another in a difficult situation. Does not difficult of european objective about it could have a man is simple, was like her a little behind what I was wanting, another man. How do I prove I didn't you can't prove by rustles anti didn't do it. I tat was my then he didn't do it. Why? Why do we have to discredit them? We ve been disclosure regime discredit. If you can't do that to me, because I think that they can see the challenge with with who I'm not going to speak to TAT is because I have other issue. Tat is like where the hell is. He been, do thou Tramp administration that they anything, but he was dragged right or but digress. I dont know what his personal life looks like, but with rustles them- and I can say Why bother me about some of his statements? Is I don't recall our night together like that, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen that way to that in her head, it might have been consensual.
Listen ass, who said that he used a lotta draw gotta cry again designated as one member private needs really right for sex money. Doesn't excuse you not taken. No for now, I dont know if they happen or not, but I'm saying the narrative around it like is helping him with his bjarni messaging. It's been off and I also filet women. Coming forward and is not like there pressing charges are getting anything out of it like what. Some are high and get out of telling a story about Harvey wine. Seen in what happened, if anything, some people might feel more anxious eyes. The high story to tell you so for them to come forward. It just makes you feel like well what these women get out of it. It's not like it they're getting the fame that they want to get. It seems entirely rebellions. Part of it could be we'd. All of these have been able to sleep at night and whatever happens, we also have to acknowledge our like whether Europe a man, woman or, as you know, neither there are people who are attention seeking one of them just left the White House.
There are no seriously. There are people who are our attention seeking there are people who will do anything for a check, and that has happened. I know of a member of Congress would mean accuse right now and this same person accused someone in a prior job like that. Sometimes sometimes s that does it just happened unanimity, so we have to take all of that account and that's why I feel so torn. I know. As a woman, I can't imagine what is like. I know what it's like to be cut off. You know on air? I know it is like for you to say some been inappropriate remit to feel. Your dirty cause your address and we would drive. I know all those feelings. I can imagine the strength that it takes after report, something that's real, but I also know that there are some trifling pay. Blood run? All gender in this life will accuse and jump on a ban,
again, as I don't know what the balance is by now. We have to find one click. Others want due process. I want, if I, when I heard he stories, I love to hear that an investigation attic. It cannot happen sooner as soon as you accuse goes to the paper and automatic quota policy. Priority automatically sexual sorted out your memory by absolute sense. Having got away ran for women when she goes and then people s he's a liar see you know, you know get a job again. So, if high for youth Let me now, but I do think that there is something to be said urge both things can be true. In the one, the one thing that I dont this really frustrating about this moment. Right now is that is so black or white, but truly there is a great truly. There is a great because there are many of us who have been complicit in allowing rate culture to be pervasive, arguing, and we need to look at the foundation of the thing to really figure out what our next steps will be. Our constructive, as this is a test
it's a really uncomfortable space, a lot of us will be personally hurt because we know some of the people who have been accused and will be frustrated and want to fight for the people who we know who are the accusers. Those that have space, we got more angel arise when we come back. He belongs to breakfast club good morning breakfast. The morning everybody is D, J, envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have Angela right in the building Charlemagne. Well born in Alabama. Ok ever I am glad that you give the joint one right but everybody saying that one another reason that he one net election new router. I think I want I sat up. People down I'm saying on his black people and ass, not to take away black women are blocked women voted at higher margin that even black men but
a much higher, but it was higher thou. Don't only trying to think to survey United Weight very well. I wouldn't ninety two verbal against that. But at that give me my six arrive rather ok sand, but now, if rail, but we are constantly setting the standard, we saw that with its twenty sixteen relation with Hillary Clinton, we ve seen it start with Barack Obama in twenty twelve and two thousand and eight wheat always show up and show out into Austin we're treated as invisible. So this is my expectation for Doug Jones. The jungle be sworn in because he wanted special special election. Doug Jones was doing his press conference talking about how black people definitely showed up, and it's because they know him also shout out to Congresswoman Terri Sewell from Alabama who worked her behind off for Doug Jones,
Dr Jones, Armani. Thirty percent Ios there to be black, like the electorate. Does John I'm gonna need you to ensure that there are super packs impacts created instead of by black people, ensure their funding, packs and political action committees to ensure that we can run other candidate support issues that we care about. I'm in a need for the Democratic Party through the democratic governors associate the association, the Dnc, the Democratic National committee. Dietrich will see this democratic congressional camping me the s easy. Thus the democratic senatorial camping me All of those entities need to be hiring black vendors. They need to be hiring black staff in senior roles, not just in blackout read last week. They need to make sure they're coming to our communities way before a week before two weeks before action day. There's an incident now call collective tag is doing great work in these bases bolstering candidate, supporting some of their work, ensuring that their names are getting out there. Then he sat in his wealth. So
Jones. We get. The work is just beginning right, it's time for accountability and we're not gonna just celebrate the fact that black woman showed up everyone we're not just lie women black man. I need to be focused on the fact that we showed up as a community and we came out and we about ends. We would you let me I'm healthy going into the lecture. Rest is silly like weak, William, all cobblers, without we're invoking the credit for now. I think that because you know that you have all black maintains, is when an election and all global Mccain's when an election will become the collecting win. It allow my, but we made up thirty by Canada about a means. Let me make them today finds out a might. We I say thank you black people, you're though, but I am also thinking black women. We set the standard which we await us. I finally get further delays glory of the review we more complex. We start worrying about who get the credit for. I can help one moment in we lack chunk of people came, I fell down.
I bear the leaves are rightly lagging all right I'll about it. I am only said what a black allowance is on ethics, We were never have the Republicans date. I know, but let's look at what happens when we and our collective power at EU level without alike, does not raise the calm down, because just me us celebrating black women, does it take away. Led me on her blue eyes. Maroni has the. Why are you always? This inaccurate nowhere does remain as it is not an accurate to say this group was first plays black. Numerous thanks. They do not normally the married to him. Thank you black women. As what is it now? you gotta make me managers is. Is it sends out the wrong message, any only black people we do holding that didn't take away from the black when a black woman black people? Very, I want to know what is it won't come up later.
Vice of amongst people believe it should be done, Ms Horrid, is not an argument that are not members of the that it should be issued by about black man, black woman and we came together in Gaza. In that area. They sustain number My job is the black community came out supported over right? Well, I didn't think you'd like you, but he's right on this thing, like is black man, I'm trying to figure out. Why have I ever get me about our black women? Wasn't is very often a state like Alabama get married. Two percent of black men become audible. It wasn't ninety two percent of blackmail, Madame vote. It was the result of the vote on the lot of people like men. Yes, it was a lot of black women is born. Did I well and at that point we will accomplish these thou worried about who get the credit for. So many not think of anything. Say I can you give Latin and read it? I did. I did you not hear me say that all of us and I listened to the right he came out of the question I was. We will listen instead, a rumour report in it.
Lee report that you have a bull legs ass. We do the name we sides about his last. You don't even know why don't you know? I will talk about this last time when you love, I was like. I wonder. Maybe they're, letting when you do, you wonder why they who have always as Roma report the report before us even here, Why does my congratulations while gradually goods forgot? Are you in a collar complex them? Now? Do you hear the wonderful human being? I have learned a lot arm. I learned a lot from an outsider advocate him, starter boyfriend, any user stories at all and he's been supported on his back. No man that not everything is not a start of wave. Now we love common up here. So you should apologise to him for that. This harmful
but yeah. I think that is important to know from just being around him, like I'm. Definitely a better human being. I appreciate this all he does for the community for the people, the example day he sat for challenged me. Just a good book is a great do, yeah vague advanced. We, the brig. I will use more. You get about, ran into a bat Romagna eighties. Why people, where he got that you do not become the phrase break their billina remind the land with I'm not avoid rang. The ledger governs bring me now. Companies Magua
Now we are talking about is breakdown anyway. I'm sure he's Togo. They are very now my phone is proposed for joining us again and happy new year and happy. Today offers the happy Kwanzaa. Have you got your mind? What did you think you have begun to know about all I want to go on to consult. It doesn't sound like I'm going Moreover, this is now a dozen. What are you why you begin dragged phronsie normalization really for hours and was always why you, you know what my doll glow
however, as the world of golf and more fascinating or more in flux, thanks to a suddenly newfound appreciation for sport, that millions, love and even more millions of Miss watching my new pod cast, the shack show hosted by me. Jeff Shackelford will be that say, space to discuss matters both vitally important and totally escape us. So as progress towards ease back into business and recreational golfers, rekindle their passion, forgetting outdoors and getting easily aggravated em, maybe minus view bunker aches and cart sharing or those awkward chest. Bob's. The shack show will be in your too ready to offer the sports last independent voices sticking up for what really matters each week. In our view, a wide array of Gaul smartest funny. It's the most compelling mines as we attempt to gauge the state of the game and sometimes I'll just chime in with a quick take on those inevitable first world golf dramas, so listen and follow the shack show on the eye higher radio apple podcast or wherever you listen, depart. Guess fancy to think it's not here
bringing your favorite rare table taught episodes to part cast now want to introduce you to the most important women in my life, my mom gamete she's really old school. I never wanted you to be in that situation like that they will at all, and then we have. My daughter will then be like my ancestors interests. Do what I need to do. Listen to the red tape will talk hard cares presented by Facebook Watch and Westbrook Audio on a hard radio at Apple pie CAS or where you get your parkers
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