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Are there Rules for a Bachelor-Bachelorette Party????


WED 11/30- Can a man celebrate his last day being single by having sex at his bachelor party??? The Breakfast Club discusses the rules of a bachelor/bachelorette party. A Boston radio personality faces the congregation for Donkey of the Day.

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So we shall again like a mega forty. I just took all we ve got. No point has praised round about recently joined a breakfast globe say some visitors, Yo Yo, YO, Yo Yo with is the breakfast club. I'm Angela. You not think that these eight envies up here somewhere
was that these Amy out of you- and he was here- and I shall remain- is on the way now. Amateur attire today actually went to the Brooklyn Nets gain yesterday. They were playing the clippers, beautiful girl, I say the whole game or see drivers. Yes, Sir Jack, when she's gotta check ejected from the game was that of clothes? No doubt will remain gangways. I downloaded when I am listening to you, I wanna go out rivers, the cultural LOS Angeles purpose. He ass. He did is there a wild, a very intense game? I'm not gonna lie the whole beginning the game. It didn't look like the nets, we're gonna win, but then all of a sudden they came back and when its double overtime, blue one unless we did when yesterday was a lie. Without it looks like you, ve got to get refugee gonna hafta rough up, he was gone crazy the players will not act in a car and I guess it in a green. It called a techie try to implement a trap where they get to play.
The travel, a player in the rest called a valued and agree with the FAO and then came a technical and ages spaz thou, while Thou yeah them as they are thus far free throws anyway again could have been over like as sooner right by set out to the Brooklyn. That's we had agreed I'm doctor or ass night shouts a cavern landscape allows an executive in industry, ease with Atlantic record, see also manages time society, manages tree songs and all the others have said, and then we'll use acts they wanted to three hundred, which the label has young thought me goes in a host of others is the want of it with rising where, if you are a wrapper, gives you a chance to get on so he had like. I kicked off yesterday if our London own a beat in it, was a doktor dope, doped up to think tat. He d, today, open it up for a lot of people. If you are,
apple. Your musician, you could possibly get heard he'll. Give you a single deal. You have a chance to have you singles your single heard, a buggy perform last night. Dope of it. Last statement in the city and I've been wanting ran all day when I see I haven't slept yet yeah and you probably have a shower. I gotta pull my personal business available is not present in the whole room can smell. You can ask the bureau Beth. I assume baby wipes out wiped out. In between my criteria and k, I did under moms and between the taint. Is that that's cause? I don't know, but I did. The ban will ease contained in everything down it ok under my arm is implicitly oriented us brazen, good, some Cologne, Perfect Alan. I d lives every yesterday committee be actually came there. I was there. Yesterday, when I ll service regular packages, today's well, yes, I had no can carry a lot of fun. They can. It opened up about a whole lot of things that we really will deepen to relationships and blossom relationships. Didn't we
Do we will very soon, as he saw you and gear, when you guys we're leaving for many of you in Canada, said geared to give him some therapy? I know you need some help. He seems that he so hearts as old. Like some sexy gems terribly it. We had a conversation Araby it. Does not equal sex and we would have long dooms therapy. Thus she never gonna Wanna Vienna relationship in debt he has a baby on the way here. Is this just got out of a marriage and I'm sure he's gone through Ally's been in and out of the hospital There was a lot as it was a long data now I'll kick your pulse Malone yesterday is doing good, No I'm coming out December seven April scheme to attack nine. It was a lot born yesterday will ask you to show cracker front page news what we talked about, how we are going to talk about the power Balzac patent. I saw this yesterday would tell you who was the winner for this four hundred and twenty one: a million dollar power by
Jack, Patsy and employee. I will get into debt when we come back. Keep allotted to breakfast logo, everybody's dj, envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta Breakfast Club Watkins front Page news. Now all this talk about the Power Board, But I forgot the planet even play in organs, sports motionless force? Will you will do for Baldos laughable, Lastly, you guys I do that the Brooklyn has had a devil overtime game in Canada. Once again we are using our eggs. Ok to Brooklyn adds one doc. Rivers almost gone to a huge fight. He was a jacket, go let clever! I never around four hundred and twenty one. Million dollar power by jacket was claimed by twenty CO workers in Tennessee. They work at a metal manufacturing plant they're gonna split that saw the cash value is two hundred and fifty four million dollars there to give matched all six power relations! Congratulations to them! How come we never go enough here together and get some tickets? We should we. Report? I don't? U, guy! That's why I'm a wicked
I'd Billingham. When somebody would be super quiet about it now, you you have to photocopied earth, take it anyone any, whereas the original ticket holds onto. I feel I feel like you legally binding? What you photocopied patriot legislative photocopy? Don't you take a picture of it and use it answer? Is you know I'll take it here illegally banned? It so happens that we have to make sure we, take a picture. We all know we don't have the negative. For maybe me you, maybe you want me to answer, Jeffrey Beaumont you that, as you are aware, we have become to work today. Is he in the back? What would happen and what sort of things given Lila were bare. Wow this when tragically bad is in northern California, was in vain, giving males fancied by a church. Three people died and five others were sick. They were more than eight hundred people. They came to eat.
At the golden hills. Community churches, annual events and it was under do serve number of local restaurants and volunteers and non profit organisations are combined together to serve these eight hundred people were a people got sick. They said the symptoms were characteristic of food poisoning and three of those people who were admitted into the sensor never recovered good. There is awful goodness the cook and I would add, to tat it was a combined effort. The combined residue runs vowing hares and does not work and last area. This really will make you cry and oppression who does this morning. It. I'm gonna ruin your data earlier time, since he was only ten weeks old and she died and a man Marylin has proven guilty and sex abuse case of this ten week old mean sex abuse of apparently he said she tried to have sex with China
oh now he has merit as you to follow. His name is yes, Robert Davidson from Rockville marrow any feeling guilty to the sexual abuse and killing of his ten week. All girl she suffered severe trauma, broken collarbone, thirty, four fractures and injuries that occurred. At least Three he's facing up to fifty years in jail effort, the use and Jolly should earth he's not he's not needed honest earthy, somebody that the does not need to get release. He does not need to be in jail. Is life should be existence absolutely no way in Hell? They should be on his earth. No inner. My goodness, ten weeks, all ten weeks out thirty flat rate, rather sooner have. What's all this a little baby that leg alone a little babies money would turn over. They get to sleep on evacuate, Efron. Goodness we ten weeks enemy, two months and weeks, two months now we get always Turner,
anyway as front page news telling my eight hundred five a five one of five one of your of such need even call us right now with a salamander, they may smote him corona, no carbon is all is runaway. Eight hundred by and five what oh five one of your obsession need. Event called us right now, maybe at a bad night, a bad one and whatever it may be, call us up right now, eight hundred feet made five what'll five one call is called us call. Us is the breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club yeah we're gonna wanna, get rabbit, say why I would say why your buggy belongs model. I bought up alongside my leg for girls, gone off like a mermaid and applaud the analogy to tell me why you why you met on the breadth of global, real, barbaric, worry I'll, tell ya gotta regarding your borders, so that our work is all about
but with their life is allowed now three, thereby where coincides dab, no use garbage I was at one time in the past that year about you all a merry Larry Cabal bra. Would you want me to do on black? gay, unlike Ya'Ll August, at as they make a thorough times. True naga allows is a familiar Vienna. Tell me mad. I married you repay my enemy, because kicking Palmer dropped her. You can ever been at all easy and I have met her hands free. About or you're, so I will marry. Some of them was a pretty to call a pilgrim on almost EU ports where, where I am affair, let me tell you, I didn't even know that he dropped into like you to show like the little preview thing about public spirit, and I was my medical pliable
How do you do know? Can you bomb even dropped out an ok when they move by the events are made on the web, I beg you really creative. I remember the energy they music. I didn't know I gotta make some people go check that out go check for two hello. This is my feet from the Erika anymore. You tell him. Are you mad mad because do everything from my family for the holidays and their very privileged and I'm the one who lives in the hood and I just lost my job and they don't care. I got to war war. What do you mean you have to do that? What are you have to do because I'm afraid We are in a person and I like to bring them together and their friends, and are you are you choose to do that? You don't have to do it? Well, I to do it, so everyone can have in all the family. Have memories? Listen! I don't want to.
You have read the Jackal Darwin put him uncle. I wanted you per year privilege you wanted the page you feel better about now. I want them to have I you know I don't plan enjoyed in keeping your Christmas. Was the turkey issue. Am I a link. Is this as you do if you wanna, if you want to do something as a great and do the nice things for your family, you cannot then turn around a complain about it. You just have to really give because you want to give She does turn down the highway. Lump all will complain because come away now you can offer something the jobs they want to join. You have no idea Donato unemployed and you have you pay a joint any they're gonna get drafted down. Maybe for U hell. I was this law, some others nor a seller. My man, I'll turn Eagle embarrassed tee. I like that, I would add the water for taking the picture, will for her to be there
guarantee you noticed how D Ye complicated isn t I entirely humanity Antarctica. Seventeen. Egypt is obligated to discuss a ladder they're back and forth, and Social media they happen at yesterday's? No, yes, more homer it is not easy to get it wasn't. Seventy Kidman Mug is out I'm still young tell you. May eight hundred the five, what or five one of your upset need event call us now is to breakfast locomotive, the Breakfast Club, That was needed me Ray RE morning. Every body is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club business, looted Carlos that I'm always late. You know Absolutely right number something out they would. My were yesterday my my wife body, and I mean all her in her friend tie me. I like it last night with family and friends, and you know, it's very hard to do come to work when you're out past one o clock. What is also very hard to come, the word or not easy. We just came all day,
Reagan, all I'm thinking about going back on break again for Christmas on fifteen thus by whether we think in Raymond. Yes, is a terrible way to be thinking. We all my business before I go on vacation, have a nice clear heads, Abinger really hard, but all we all think about widow envy you nothing. You couldn't? I am right now: ok, plus we got paid today, any sound. We get pay when it's a payday, I wake up in the morning. The first thing I want to do is checked my big guy. You know, Europe, we really are surviving. Yacht must be rich, don't not live a member must be nobody, no life. Ok, now Charlemagne, but do not allow right. You are by the way that you don't have a catalogue that you said that you had a car like sugar, some nineteen, eighty four years old now. Another nowadays bomb catch you were removed. That alliance is guided by raising money, would probably be more expensive than happens. That is actually not desires, use the promo code. Egg is discos. Could I decided. You know, since I can afford a car. I do my promo code and handed over in an expensive Gaza lie.
Only through ok. Now you ve got it wasn't away. I mean let's get into feminist, again forth it happen with sea. I verses TAT. Yesterday, a lotta, subliminal thrown in a lot instagram back and forth between and as well did Robert at Butterworth right also, we will be discussing hanging what they are saying caused. His nervous breakdown will get that when we come to keep it locked, the breakfast locomotive the breakfast? So bad, the report annually on the breakfast. Well, in the wake of other drama, the picture the video circulating of tiny dancing with play may, whether tee I posted I've, never met a strong person within easy path, be proud of your scars and richer still standing message to the kids. Always
accept responsibility for your actions. Learn from them be better mood for a be happy, don't make excuses when the heat's on you always be accountable and a rise above. Whatever adversity life throws at you, your past doesn't define you your future. Does life has a way of allowing your bad decisions to take? You two got the perfect place for you. All you got to do is be strong and stay solid to fail is never important as the pigs and Dolin entities ratchet as low life miserable morons tell you different a sword. Doesn't add anything about. I think it's probably and ass. I everybody weighing in another drama, not letting these iraqi people ads you any differently, knew how to do it, and you will be also him accepting responsibility for his actions as well. You know now tat one. A tiny best friends then was on Instagram and she posted. If you know your man, eight issue and a fine man worth eight hundred million dollars, grabbed you to dance
you dance answer honestly below, I would tell us shut the hell up. She's a bird in West Group rose, wouldn't made a multimedia after two eight hundred million dollars, liquids but do not be married of your married in poultry, but give our people to respect humane wishes. I'll be around is due date should be enough to make you say: no, you Bert, where this made it to the body. It highly actually like that post modern. Suddenly, would you dear Mamma? Yes, the bird way of thinking. I got you do taking your bowed and yes, don't you respect those rights? Yes, money having to do it again. Nobody compromise the love. You have live in evolving, awakened his money and of the present financial anyways. I had, if you know your man s and a fine man
whatever load, was removed by picture screenshot from Tm Sea of tiny being arrested. She put it's funny. How much you do for a man is even funnier how fast he forgets and then she put, let's be real, effing clear. I know it is the latter subliminal is going on. Is that I would never Nepal subliminal. Why would you just say we learned that tiny posting AIDS her best friend and she's lacking the posts? I guess that's her way of. I don't know, but I'm
I'm just keeping you. You know the bathwater binding. When everything comes public like this than people want to justify the behaviour of data. One look bad, so mouselike area by becoming a tiny. Aren't she like well look. Would he be Doin, and he be doing this to me and he be doing that meat ass? Why did this perception of everyone, whether in fact of the matter as we have no idea what goes on in their relationship so always knows what we see on social media and in the news I right now Evelyn that, apparently, is gonna, be returning to basketball wives allay she had posted yesterday that she had a big announcement according to the shade room, they are saying that she is coming back and the show is gonna start coming next week and she will,
a full time CAS member. I, when the show returns you gotta baseball player baby, bear your manga through her money about contracts. Should I know you know now, my wife there on your man on the floor above board, was made wars rubbed his board Jesus I right now. Can you, according to sources, are saying that what caused his nervous breakdown was. It was the anniversary of his mother's death and he's never really completely with that. It was a lot of different things going on. There was a whole entire combination of a lack of sleep. The pressures of touring running his business has parenting than providing emotional support to Kim Kardashian, who is suffering from her own emotional issues after the robbery in Paris the same day that was his mother's funeral November 20th, with the same day, you cancel his show at the LA forum and then the next day, that's when he canceled the remainder of the toy, the saying that the grieving and the stress over the past few months
November, is always a difficult time for him. Just because I was his man's funeral and everything just came to a head, I'm sure it is why you don't ever read about that. Why does he read about Bianti J D? Be improved? Tromp membership may now harder for him to even discuss if he hasn't out with it and bring put it out there. That might be something that is more difficult to live. If you look for some less is just like. You know, talk to your doctor, you until you do exactly what's wrong. Why don't other he's looking for sympathy let me just add he hasn't things that he hasn't dealt with just acting on coming out in other ways to those of a misguided anger is which sounds like it right. I right. Why are you still in the hospital and he's under heavy medical supervision? His wife Kim Kardashian still thereby is better, but the saying now he's there on his own free will. He knows that if he doesn't stay and- taking care of it could be even worse for him when he comes home, so maybe you'll get their laws will give women damsels. I think at this point he could be
We are very close to that of the. U covetous s on a more serious note. I they ve already diagnosed him with paranoia and with depression, so he could go home and be treated by his own doctor, but he's acting to stay under medical supervision in the hospital so he starts feeling better. So what happened? When can you arrange? Cut, has gone out he's gonna? Go we'll come again you going to con. You know that, don't you randomly What do we talk about to depression? Freshly? Ok, I mean is that we are paying out. I've never had to deal with them. Lotta people have so. I can tell you very timely, ran from now on used. Press. Ok, gonna be going on in one of those who want to make sure whether saying that this was a way more severe episode in anything, These efforts are made. We can never tell gone. You shut the hell up again when you add is concerned. You d goes off with twenty thirty minutes. Member that I dont think You remember that you can never saying bad about Grannie. Again, when you go on these rights in tat, lie you go I so hard. I am very since I was so ill now
telling our daily reality situation next time Kind eagle, no one! It is right that he showed you know you can't go off with him because he is dealing with me until now. I think right now he's dealing with something That's not why more than I ever did you hear what they said that he would dealing with a whole lot of things one girls, girls, girls, ok, he might not be dealing with all these things nectar. He might go to the hospital get treated eyes, psychiatry, Homer comment: everybody, but a lack of mental health is our most harm. Your aunt em Angela YE, and that is your room, a report right machine. Thank you. There we got from pages what we propose newsy, I would even say about power by cause. You know we love taken about and he employed I'm so pissed off. I usually see it when it's over like a hunted to undermine and as it is that you never tell us it going every pleaded than they do now. This outcome on a hell, yeah fortifies. I want you to one million. I said hey. Why not? Because you never know you never know all right, we'll get its front pages. When we come back, keep it lacked. The breakfast local
morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club asking some front page news. Now: let's talk palpable. Yes, this is exciting for this group of people for entered in twenty one, millions, our power by Jack, TAT, it was claimed by twenty coworkers. They bought that take it at a meadow manufacturing plant and they are going to see. Let that now, when you break that down that four hundred and twenty one million dollars, if you take it in cash, you get two hundred and fifty four million. So each person gets well point. Seven million. My taxi. God bless your man added a blessing right before Christmas Absolute now, you believe in Jesus. You know the reason for this either. Now, how long does it take to get your money? I wonder Russia, when you claim you eyes which, like the waiting another one slackened and let us talk about it,
give him male where three people died. Listen. I don't know how this happened, but it was a thanksgiving males, backed by a church in northern California. It was a golden hills, community churches annual event, and apparently they had food that was from a number of local restaurants and volunteers and non profit organisations. Eight hundred people, I got some meals, but then a people got sick and had to go to the hospital Those people are three people ended up, never recovering and dying. What happened here? Ass governor grossing, somebody, poison, Amityville Meredith. The same way when in the lottery right before Christmas, amid you believe in Jesus eaten some food and charging die from it will make you not believe. Indeed they probably Pereda would have food. I mean that prevail would have food, probably was amazing, but a blessing did nothing for you. Could you dead the terrible situation in what are you didn't bless you? what have you the guy?
Why everybody was praying. You were thinking about something about thinking, man, I'm hungry, but I can't wait to eat. I would say, shut the hell up and get this trailer over with, and then you, people that died after eating the food for not taking the breast area, but we don't know exactly what happened, but we do know some food poisoning there are so many children. Somebody was sleeping with depressed and somebody's wife, poison somebody food later another said: a people ended up getting sick you, you gotta, get everybody. When you trying to one person, you gotta, Cathy widened it s all right. Yeah. So what does this widow hooker analysis, but this is a necessary part of you want to do to store mosasaur noticed his, but it certainly go baby territories or a robber Davidson from rag veil. Marylin has now been charged with sex abuse of a minor and bars agreed child abuse. It was his daughter and she suffered severe trauma, broken collar bone and thirty, four Ribbed frank
here is what are we organise injuries facing up to fifty years in jail? She was only ten weeks are what is really need to know where you're going with this was. The question is no questions just discussed in early, like he's just a disgusting person, his own daughter, ten weeks all ends up killing her, and I now he's facing fifty years feels like fifty years, isn't enough for that I usually get Firefox language government crimes like that. I believe, is the brink, ADI being the coroner say, five tell if there's no saving, there's no reason. To be honest, there is no reason to be, as I, your lawyer, be like you, Lloyd, probably fittingly was forever firewood, ok out fairly well boiled period by ever, throwing out of twenty five Oh no, it s not enough time for Leah, thereby you should do is. Are we don't need you? Could you still have it had to do to get coming up? I doubted at seventy somebody He should never go to walk the Armenian ever hope of freedom elegant period and which, by right well as front page news now
So one of the foremost eight hundred five, a five one, o five one that has come some black in cruel. How far is too far for a bachelor party, their limits now tell us about it. You ll have you awaiting a black inclusive? Go you would have seen a dam is getting married and they went Dominican Republic and they had a big house Did they rent it out and apparently they had to say where's come by and got a little out of control, so out of control them at a fact that he was late for his own wedding. The next day. Don't you stay out of control? We meet our control, but we can know exactly what happened. Buddy deafening took a couple Japan is up to the bed room, we don't know what happened in their it's out of control would definitely sitting on top of him outside, and our brother was there by the way, is beyond her brother. Was there as well? So it was a pretty wild time, but we have actually order. Your from explaining odious came, saw a break.
He's gonna have a bachelor party rule is no touch it, you can lead, but don't I mean. Why did you take me said about business? That's why they made about what might be his bachelor party. Stiffer wife has made here It is a bachelor body that you can't put arose and limitations on Basle blot out. She noticed tat ass. The boy did. I know that I didn't have a better boy within the badger body like the last whorra able getting it all out your system before you jump the broom about that cuz. That is out with a bachelorette party for two just a good time with your boy just more for them. You just have a good time. I don't think that you have to get everything, Is it had been outside? Purposely maritime you got engaged should be areas. Are women
in point of battle. By finding out what model I had been a bachelor party open to that point, me too bad about the body. We I mean we always Richard Plebeian drank it. Is that you get married to Molly s what it was, but Newton go too far. I mean it was it like. It was a hotel and you had now is, as we all want to simply we drank- and I was it my plasma one's mother. The boy like girl Non Begone at a little, what they call a bachelor bachelor party. Argentina Penis, never cared. I've been through a bachelor party giving stranded, scribbler males group foolishly that has been. I I've, never seen that happen at a bachelor party right. Well, the question is eight Angelo shyly, five one. How far is too far for Bachelor party that are their limits. Eight hundred fighting for what? Oh five one. If you had a window, a crazy bachelor party- or maybe you add, a crazy bout Ladys, are you tell us about man having a bachelor party? Was the rules? Call us now is to breakfast local, more
the breakfast club that was Exchange Bryce until morning. Everybody is e g. In the angel Ye Charlemagne ago, we oughta breakfast club we're talking about bachelor party that has come. Some black encourage Lee was watching the came out about a story about a had these jeopardy. I'm in the Gaza Strip is for him and he said the color them to his room man. We don't know what went down in my room and they were listening at the door and he just went a little crazy. The night before his wedding, bachelor parties about Presley. I didn't have a bachelor party. When I get married, I didn't see the point of it because I'm having fun my whole life, you know what I mean. So what is the point of a bachelor party is like get everything out. Your before you jumped the broom. You get.
Gray, these Nelega lab moment decreasing about about your last moment a cheap, but always just kind of thing. I today he'd men, don't cheat you crazy was army, we have never mind about IRAN's driving agree mean sheeting enough. Men don't eat. Furthermore, local we wanted, and I will do it they have set the seminar. Would you crazy located incorrect rhetoric? Women can get crazy can get crazy the night before the wedding mentioned measurements. Will you maybe forty where we re going to Rio monumentally adorn embezzler was. It was good of all. Oh, this is like a crisis like nice on November, eight algebra, ok! So what do you think about these bachelor parties? So I think almost you notice was colonel unnecessary innocence, like black Charlemagne Fatima model open a bachelor party up to that point is kind of like. Why would I do that? Almost like other my girl, right you're, my wife, maybe we'd, go together because nobody ever been to end up into one was crazy
it was. Rather, it was still you Norman. I want my wife touching penis because they touching Peters underrated. They taxing without exaggeration. Basically, marketing only allows this morning to repay their kick out of date. There is no rule, who were Bachelor party rule is no road. You either have a party or don't labourer magic is able to do their play for about a bachelor party. No, no deterrent, cupcake baby. Don't wanna come now. What would be a girl? You? Ok, you can only I don't want to go. I wonder, big guy what I've never what it sees as bad as it was bad for me. I don't we. If you have any type of insertion of any Bob. It does work, does not work that way when you say no bad about just eight outdo effort, she suddenly been buried at Google
all blacking anyway way what by camorra want. This will make a very low the badly needed among the guy low dirt road. You really look like them. Their wedding. Let unions gonna last Greece's allows this to bring very Brittany. We're talking Bachelor party is what do you think about em Bible, I M out of other. Now I get it. I came here right out about not only ever feel like that, whatever their heads Bachelor Party guy, he ended up
why did? It is in a way whereby stripper will not remain. As you know were knows, it is the story of how he found out when he found out he bought a whole day. There has been any more right. You know, nothing is like if you have the best of all your password. A party in Kosovo have, by my guess, is really technically thinking about that. I'm afraid only now build another report on me. You know that now by don't cheek by very like a file, you're. A donor relate like a prepared, the gall do, whatever the hell you wanna do. I really would already have about supporting the rapporteur. Actually me and my wife all offer in the preamble to the club and before we go. My will use that term. You, which life teenage, exactly a backs. The boy would have been no may differ I'll, be out of what you meant minimum beyond which would have done. It was really their battle unless you was a super super square who did being their whole life. Viewed with one girl then deny
before you might have a bachelor party system, new fresh breast before get married whatever is heavily for. You is usually a guy's. Take you at your let's go out the last they before you get on beer would in all drinking all embitter guys way. Mary probably already been married, so they want a reward GMO free nightmare. They want dimmer. They wanted a day. Hey down. Ok, I think, is to forward go to a vague years. When I go to Dominican Republic, I bought over that's what a little too far on Africa. Right levelling before the ring never been my big five, a five one, oh father would talk combats the parties. How far is too far for Bachelor party call? Us now is to breakfast locomotive. That was sorry beyond say morning, every body as the G envy age, Lee Shallow, meaning that we ought to breakfast club. Now it's all combats laplante. This is coming from black in cruel. That's just what I mean you watch it yeah? He had a bachelor party in Dominican Republic. It was night before his wedding and it looks like things got very atta control from the shall you couldn't Why that he had sex with a couple of the strippers hegemony.
Them, on top of him all kinds of compromising positions. I came from a Greek he's. Gonna have a bachelor party of another world. Is now touching you can lead, but don't ask me: why did you take a look at it this way, while they may be one of the areas that the parties are wife? Maybe I'm just confusion over the Basle boy? You could. I really thought about boy was: would you Have you laugh Hurrah is your last fling before the vote on the basis that party none of us have sex with anybody. I don't the point of being run a whole bunch enabling industry clear? Why do people voters took up his is the pie, both you and all your boys lambs?
you were one of my friends who used to be a stupor said. She said that when she was a dancer, the parties that happen in this job club I finally as is monitored you. I do certain things anyway, as when they have those parties in a sweet in the hotel. Did things tend to get out of control, so she was angry May we have a party in is a bachelor party in this chip club does way safer and you can be sure enough. He's gonna happen. Then, if he has won at the sweet which it all Amazon you as you a lot of time, your friends gets. You are you and you don't even know what you're doing a what's going on in the pressure you like glad comma go go, get em cause the mainly as they are trying to tell the shippers get on a bachelor. Are the best avoided with this celebration as your last night at the single me? He has its piety units but that sex fail. You know. Wasn t now, Mary allow handbook handbook. For this I mean everybody's different area Lopez. If you remember he was supposed to get married and he cheated on his bachelor party. Any said what s happening was he was supposed to go to court
go to go Marlon fishing with his boys than his cousin, surprised him and said. Going all these are the places they had Chairperson and his fiance alley. Landy sister and getting up hold of a picture of him with a compromise, as in position. They care reforming the woman and she called it off. That's why vessel Basle body May nine, as we do that we must do all we under the guise of Libya. My bachelor party, I Jesus Christ. I got drunk Edison cocaine for last I'll. Do all called our code before I got married and had forgot what a day cabling Monaco Gate, Go to the former allows this Mornin Latour combats the parties. How far too far exactly what that guy did Hagen those papers that their natural for a way to find if you took them up due to pray for. He's too, but now there are. You know you wasn't in their brain. Well, why would you take the disturbing the whole problem
because my last may save face an excess of man allows. It is saying that Morton Mommy's Argyll Neighbours, talking about how far too far for bass the body right now or thought they give way do part, do anything other than having a good time haven't you tellin me did not mean actual relation but another girl or yeah. So what do you mean you? I owe you missed you like having good to have you haven't, said Joe spouse, or maybe a battle for about a bachelor party and not warranted I've thing about it, Father had been a be laid at all right through the evil personage you're Gulf. That you're here I mean one like I'm the guy I catch believed them under what it would have done. The road you to wipe out problems,
that girl. You had a good time with difficult about that night. I'm gonna get on a night like this basic problems are well. You know I came up with some alternatives to the traditional Bachelor party right, to have a good time you can have a spy day. You can go fishing just go to the movies. You can go to a Broadway, flay Visionary, while my boys and mobile phone, I wouldn't have a video games earnest had they well. No, I think it's like your groomsmen and your back and underline that when I believe my boy languages, I care what you say. Only lab level don't blow your soul. Medical is popular woman. I have you, will love it. Nobody data man a day before my word. You guys go fishing algal fish vision is cool. The mountain, bagging, normally low short short video game tournament. We should make our nobody you gotta go to dinner.
As a minimum of what happened at the Bachelor Party staged Bachelor party. What happens at the Bachelor Party saved Bachelor Party? All your talk too much, why are we discussing is why this was not yet wider. Reality cameras, Rhone wider reality, tv cameras, role, phase out, I shall class dag. There was all about bachelor parties that Lecrae done of yes, I would like the same people who did cheaters you looking to get you looking to get in the utmost trouble in piss, your wife off woman off wife to be by putting your bachelor party all over the tv and camera. Stop it rules on away. Well, yes, I said: Rob s a nice things. I was really inspired by a letter that Serena Williams row and that's how you what's in that letter, also daring sharpers sentence in a multi stage, rate case would tell your hundred sentenced to ok. All I m more keep unlocked the breakfast locomotor the breakfast club,
The report is the yesterday former NFL started daring sharper was sentenced to twenty years in prison. Now that is a multi state rape case as many as sixteen women were involved. This happened because women were saying that they parted with him and then something managed to get slipped into their drinks.
And they woke up not knowing what was going on one woman, Jane DOE too said bed. She sent for her surfing career spiral, downward afterward. She lost her self confidence. She lives in fear and at one point she even considered suicide. Another woman says he was with a friend when she was drugs by daring sharper and his hotel room. Three years ago they met at a sports, illustrated fiftieth Anniversary Party. She woke up on a bed with her clothes on. There was blood coming out of her. No, she did not know me. She was, she said, and had been sexually assaulted and both of them fled from the room fearing for their lives, but what they are supposed to go away more time in twenty years as number one how'd, you know my two he's a guy you're such a remit of Ernest some raw would have been at least look man, he had money and he's dead,
rape and all of these women a theory Arabia's Suttons Road, Sanskrit he's gotta, yes, definitely an issue, and it was pleading that you negotiated with prosecutors, enforce days, he'll be eligible for parole and about eight years because California law does require. They deserve half his sentence and has already been in jail for more than two years since his arrest, but they say he could get more into he'll, probably serve more time. That is, if an appeals court uphold an eighteen year, prison sentence. There was handed down by a judge and New Orleans who rejected the deal as too lenient. So he did appeal
that sentence as well, but he was secretly putting drugs and these women's glasses in insisting that they during Kamel drew ignores the right place to receive the cropper com. A devilish gods book there who are right now, let's discuss this, is a lovely story, was hung about serene o William. She did an open letter and Porter magazine in this letter is for women who are striving for excellence. She said when I was growing up. I had a dream, I'm sure you did to my dream. Was it like that of an average kid? My dream was to be the debt, the best tennis player in the world, not the best female tennis player in the world. She says: she's gotta, her fight when she was three and she hasn't taken a break since she said. But, as we know too often, women are not supported. Enough are discouraged from choosing their path. I hope together we can change that. For me, it was a question of
billions. What others marked as flaws disadvantages about myself, my race, my gender, I embrace as fuel for my success. I never let anything or any one to find me or my potential. I controlled my future, but she said as women we have to bring how many barriers on the road to success in one of those barriers is the way we are constantly reminded. We are not men as if it's a flaw people call me one of the world's greatest female athletes. Do they say Leubronn as one of the world's best male athletes is tiger. Why night they are certainly not female, so we should never let this go unchallenged, so your gender should not play a part in how great you are I highly Jenner twenty one savages trying to get his hands on China. Caliber problem involves returnable savage offer rubber Buffer Nancy was talking to him and about highly in here is how he responded. Four Kiley brought it ass a rule. I have no doubt that they didn't you
that are provided for highly the tiger, like the relaxes toying with They look. Man is going colleague, no kind of mega eat a plan b as an amended. Ok, listen now what happens, attack events into twenty one sided only shot you Norman you now now. Can I do a song with him ever known about this girl Adena, but we do know that clearly take great care of her man I don't know: what's going on between the two of them is very repose. You gotTa Bentley really brings Does it take it as a compliment, because his girlfriend is a public any data he sees the bad is too. She and she's, a public figure you know like, is nothing wrong with a guy lesson. After your woman manifesto about your women now. Does that mean that you mad at him I wish you the public figure, but how many men? gotta, be Ivy League, come on momentum, Michelle Obama come on that's true, but when you get this
for lack of disease Bible about we're doing was everybody's. I my time is. This decision was disrespectful, ever Kiley Brown he set out here. I rather say I want to make love to her beautiful woman, she's beautiful I want to know the gravitational about match between you. Want that a car I have the goblet, keep you can't harassment from doing exactly what she says that it has happened and make it take a plan b. Thus, thank you, We can offer a well be enormous array, the child. You know planetary, amazingly right. I wish that always nor my man offer you a plan b that the good thing man is telling you right there from the time that they get about not going to give it any better. Take there you go so which one you want in this go awry Charlemagne, yes donkey! Today we are speaking to taken care to case I met in Katyn, kids. Ok, we need more,
who failure to come to the front carnation on? Oh, my god he's a radio talk, show holes in Boston, ok, he's out, he had determined to body should be taken care of their family situations in homes, situations, and indeed the color, for God, usually like that a world of direct will get down or next keep. It lacked the breakfast locomotive Time for donkey overdue Democrats have been granted a day a little bit of a mess adult club Britain. I've been called a lot of my twenty three years. The donkey at Bay is a new wife, thou right dog. You today for Wednesday November thirty of gold, the W busy Fm Sports Radio talk show host Michael Foger arise due to everybody, listen to us in Boston, right now and and ninety four five drop, one of whose bombs Gemini for five, then I'll beat it
we can add the Wilma Theatre. Nor am I bring immediate park. Ass live, but not about me right now about Michael fell, girl came, Michael Fucker was commenting on Boston, Celtic, big man offered commentary wasn't about our post up or is defense or his will to win, or lack thereof. Commentary was about the birth of our offers newborn child. Now, on Monday night, our food, Mr Celtics, when against Miami heat because of his daughters, birth conversation. She just stop right there. Okay, the bird, The child is top three valid reasons to miss work. Top three valley: reasons to miss anything. Being the effort of mercury, a child isn't even negotiable. You know what They have to be some way. Nor can somebody be upset at you for missing whatever it is. You choose miss because of it. Okay, well, Michael Falco fills otherwise. We have the audio Phronsie S in any way out here how hoffered near there.
Million dollar man. How much a family year set out tonight because he had a birth, is kid in ITALY the game was in Miami more without. I know one thirty million a year, a much to get a private jet to fly down at three o clock from Atlantis. Ninety minute flight to Miami play the game and come right back ensures wife is in the hospital surrounded by nurses, mothers, ants relatives. I just father spit it out? I will go into the game. I wanna play the game if it'll complications, ok you'll, take them off the table. If the mother the trial, or something happened, whether we're complications that I entirely understand that, but if it's just a generic childbirth play the game. For God's sakes, now realise how the bed is by by far to work hard to govern on any subject. All U S funny. Furthermore, spend more money. For me, don't tell me in a much to get a private jet. Don't tell me the corner of my team would pay for, because none of that mad men- let me I'm not missing my child running out of my kids. You know first moments on his life for a game. Michael failure caught out
for the daughter being born a generic childbirth wow? I got two kids whether nothing generic about either one two different kids to different experiences. Envy you got thirteen June I got at any of those. Thirty members feel generic. No, I was at all of whom they were different if no such thing the generic job. Now that was a generic ass game Ok, you play in Miami. He an irregular season was an MBA Jamie ship, no play a game, just a regular as generic game and along ass. Eighty two game season he's play to Miami he'd again, but he will only get to see this door. Of his born once some pretty Hours would made the right decision. Look microfilm go, go. Chastened plays personal business, stick to two points rebound in discussions about different that you use I am a code- audit, individual. Ok, I like sympathy and empathy for
lot of things, but even my evil ass understand the importance of a may be an effort above his chat. I don't care what your job is there, not a real man in America who wouldn't put as I would have had a job, a courageous to be their put a birth is China. Understand is really really complicated. Situations in things happened was sometimes you on road and you can't get there in time, but even in those situations are guaranteed a man's drop in everything and rushing to his wife side to be there for the birth of their child. Ok, can you Michael Fergus edge is one more time on the timely Omar AL horrified. A million dollar matter much family year set out tonight because he had a birth is KITT in Atlanta. The game was in Miami with that. I know when you make thirty million a year a much to get a private jet to fly down at three o clock from Atlanta. Ninety minute flight to Miami play the game and come right back ensures wife is in the hospital started by nurses, mothers, ants relatives, I just vulgar spit it out. I would have gone
I want to play the game. If they want complications, ok you'll take them off the table. If the mother, the trial or something happened, whether we're complications, that I've only understand that, but if it's just a generic I'll. Berlin play the game. For God's sakes, What kind of generic ass sociopath? Ah, you Boston put me on again about this guy. Michael photography kill kittens in his spare time. If you sit lick his elbow. Why is he so cold and crazy? Please give Michael further the biggest oh, no, you know it would give me who founded a now that amateur some hamiltones thing to you now we you get here.
see Michael go further. Today, you work. What am I just see? A mountain about no locally in Boston. Dismay show you things, move, sounds and a hamlet tones. I just by an NGO. Here. We are all day long. I wonder if he was miss his wise tarbert virility further. We're gonna work. He said when she had a baby, only missed one day a word, but I'm a game is today technical. Mad, Gunnar Annesley, nail egg, all right! Well, he said oh, maybe went to work. Then if she had a generic term, thus waterways all the person who never had a baby saying things like the back of the baby, with gender as a generic childbirth, ascends creators things like Mary. I wanted no downloading the different. They all different. You ve had twenty five of us live any them to say a word to say they deftly. Words I'm experiences? There are some good meal anatomy that any Eric Childbirth all right, we'll take
I don't care today now when we come back, ask ye eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need relationship advice, you can call you right now to put you live on air and help you with your stuff. I eight hundred five a firewall fab. Oh you frozen he's a mannequin you're, moving, even bigger sounding stopping I actually like Charlemagne languages envy you blinked one of my because the represent one. Why now less indicating that was? falls down morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Lee Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club is serve. Ask IE eight hundred, a five one, o five one. If you got a question for ye along this year, this is Permian from Miami might
your voice, like their Damien yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. I wish, of course, to fibre is home, grown at work with me. Now she queue up to allow whatever, but not supervisor deserve. Ok, so she had of animal well well down over. You should give me right what is giving you vibes I'd, be more specific, just smile. I don't know what you're going to rings. What now I don't know, there's, given you visor, maybe she's, just nice, come on every woman in a ring Odin. What my small, like their sale, Ok, those confusing that she smiles and gives you some soup Laura Knuckle. Fever was computing. Everybody else not goin to do so
he's giving soup only to you and only smiling at you were to say. Come I now, sir, just because he's doing. I don't read too much into it with my employer into you, your job or flirting with this year's supervises girlfriend the job. What is your name? Gratification, instant gratification. You know where your eyes, the job is this silly to me. First of all, I don't even know that she's really flirting with you, she smiled and you and brings you soup sheep. I smell that everyone and you're the only person is getting so bright. All I know is: if you act out of order- and you don't know what's going on and she goes and has a your supervisor whose her boyfriend there- oh you know he can this aid. Is this an that's me? You know: what's gonna happen to you? Ok, so, let's be smarter. Things, my ears and find you somebody
whose available or ITALY somebody who is now dating a supervisor. Ok, I gotta. Maybe the area water, they re Serbia was somehow you at all these guys and I brought them soup- and they don't think I'm flirting with it- Dado, ok, too yeah right as you will have a problem of firewood. If you got a corner of the column now to breakfast locomotive, I was Rihanna would need me morning. Everybody is e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club. We of ass ye you can call right now, if you have a question about relationships, you can help you out you alive Alice, you call a one allows this Are you? My name is Brianna Vienna, which of, if you already I like to think We re opened Everybody. Ok bow, I
Currently how the jobs, glad kind of like a courier uncommon was therefore stop them better. And gradually I graduated last year, will my bachelor degree a theatre art in a minor communication, though I basically trying I don't know where to start, because only then will walk. You got a great big each year already yeah yeah yeah represent our horror offender, though My name out there I like to do what you guys do I've always been through a communication on public bigger part. They are widely read everything I'm just last year, were disbarred, lay out really wanna get out there and gave out early hatred. I mean: do you came eating
Bag ass, you worry I'll, be back outside awry. Ok, we got me to top it all, but I'm sure this bar, you know, are likely to guide you wanna do up like that are yet to radio tv journalism. Anything there have bay, where you knock you in the Kaiser Reuben Ancient Loud, whoever set up ok. Now, let me give you some and vice versa. There is great for you to get a network and go to whatever networking events that you can go to whatever the radio station has going on is hyper Van local shows whatever happening in Milwaukee may show that you are out and about and networking meeting will you need to meet sending. Emails to people that you meet following up and doing all that offering services. Even if you have to work make any money on the side from your job and do what you gotta. Do you got it's in a man s face had their gets a voice out. There we are allowing here. Local library lobby,
hopefully they will hire me on and I could give move from nearby. I will definitely do that. I would definitely do that's right. I think, is really wherever you just to get a foot in the door like if you go the radio station is V1, two point: seven! If you go down air and you see what openings available, even if his somebody's assist in anything to get a foot in the door, even if you're working in the sales apartment is not necessarily the department that want to get into by just get a foot in the door I get in the building at whatever radios in television Station magazine newspaper you can get into guy and get in there once again and they connect those dots arbitrarily willows. I remember everything easy that there be a bizarre pair took a long time for us to come together and get to the point that were at so you know be patient with your journey, definitely arbiter. Pay can also be pay. You now by one might be an authority are Yama. The interview meal, I remember now am I remember,
be a positive attitude in you spare going back you guys, maybe I got a black marble level. You must play God. Where were you asked about the need to other themselves? Gotta play? I forgot we have a lot of you. Have gold and dream of an aberration rather pursue a korean radio in want of beyond somebody's grip. Upon me on reality, Agnes, Damn ass, Camonica Young, given you fifteen Ralloo absorbed all right. If you lucky the Andes, is drive one hundred and five one ASCII got around to manage its own he's, not Karla right. Now we got rooms and away yes, we're gonna talk about an artist that actually ages perform to size and got up these days. People are set to disappoint there may be mad man. You could I like a lotta his songs, okay, awesome around carry. Who was she caught sung in down all right, we'll get it all.
When we come back, keep Balochistan breakfast real want to sort of breakfast club annually ay without astronomy, really try to look into this model of a king data as we got. You would have thought of me loaded hamburger. I like that. No disrespect do Everson disappear, but dad dad had with its pink, and it has mainly the king wing, on that as officially jumped the shark? Why? Actually? No? No, no cause ass, I think fit subject Jaguar Anal Martin Luther King Jr faded Barbara, but I'm just like that had to regulating fate. I think on women, especially they really are. That add two, but everything don't have to be on a dad had model the king went to crown, especially on a pink dad had in one of those things part ever uber at eight black history of mankind of the runway die. Now we discuss is not black, his dream of doesn't mean you hear way
all of that and drabs good Martin Luther King Jr on it, you know when you walk down the street and somebody had you a pebble about God and Jesus like those of getting. Why Don t you have you wear that somewhere somebody will compliment you any way. Pig dad had women leukemia Rameses them as they don't really look more load king. This might be mortal for the queen, because on paying I'd like to look at it, lives lives, no person is, might be more technically, not go out. He lives like their lives. I dislike somebody. I know I wonder if move again, you know somebody I know. Personally, they went away well rumours unaware you are we talking about. I say we are talking about an artist who I really like an ailing who music we manages play when songs and ensuring that the Kurds pages ended his show abruptly and left to stage and people are upset about it also took about Maria and who she wish tongue
Now I judged tat you get you wanna have now I'm telling you that somewhat like somebody present the Jews family, you didn't pick it up. You can pick up. You does lead much of a king fall to the ground. Man at the king, who was hardly when you didn't agitating amalgam Jamal want my prevail from Detroit Progressive My room is on a way as to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club, with Angela. His Jeremiah has some of my favorite songs and he was performing onstage in Chicago. He did to songs
and then this happened below. So he said I M Haters, F Jaso people were complaining as they pay their monies until a party next door. While you are due to all the while he went on sweater, he says Chicago. You know, I love you, I didn't say FBI, I say ADI, some Haters Effie, yah, ok and he was their unity was talking too. I guess the sound people they cut off his ears while he was performing. I guess you can hear anything. He said truth. Is they didn't want me, perform tonight. It's sad people would take your money and blatantly make it seem like. I only want to do to songs. Maybe review. Was it in ITALY or with you. I guess they cut him off after only two signs, so he say
was he wasn't saying on whom there won't go round g was he did walk up his days, but he said he was a thing appealed to the crowd. He was ain't. A sound people cut is cut him off was more russian Joe could be mutually I'll. Stop it. I right now. Chloe car dashi and people were saying that she had a sweatshop after she posted some videos on Snapchat talking about her good american genes and how they are made. Listen to this, we are at
my good American Denham Factory, look at these roles and rose up. Don't get up all the pressures on you and my good american client and abandoning Arab done. That's really putting everything all hall and the rib Dunham by hand on every single pair of chain of absolute bravely, where IRAN will be pathetic things. He had a sweat shop and they were criticising her and she fire back and said. Watch your mouth all make salaries and all are employed and allay know your info before your time in so she says that It means the world to her that our genes are made in the. U S: Fergus, even the responded at is ridiculous. You up, we will be having joke exactly like Jesus Christ. Come on, you know, you'll be like allow come on ya, ya, know dishonest, If you know you paying your employees was the problem that she got offended and upset about that, for whatever reason
I write Mariah carry now there were these rumours their part of the reason why her engagement, guy, broken off was because of her choreographer and he thought TAT. She was romantically involved with her choreographer, but apparently now seems like the two of them have been together quite a bit and there is actually, according to us, we Lee pictures of them. They will all over each other. They were not wanting to be more than a few feet apart. They swam in the ocean. He picked a rap, he kissed her. She was jumping into his arms and he bent his head back over his knee, like they were dancing they were holding hands. He gave her a piggy back, read all of that a little more volatile. While the only problem is this is her choreographer low, so, apparently, people are trying to say that their dating now and that does seem like data of Google Murali. Actually looking for Love Anna S, jail came at membership was added Mesmer choreographer
after a while you gotta do is lawyers, then it's ok, you dating they can and you had a complicated he's worth fifty men. You dated a billion it. I didn't work out tonight. You got a really date for love and he's thirty. Three years old one morning the young choreographer gang Marie, as I'm SAM around the world to him, he need the job, security and gradually travelling to cool barred from rye carry him back now. Now, let's go to court. Let's talk about Kevin Roper, that's the driver who struck Tracy more again and nearly killed him. He has pleaded guilty yesterday to vehicular homicide and for accounts of aggravated sodden from that crash. That killed, of course, Tracy Morgan's good friend James MC near now as part of that jail he's gonna do a three year intervention programmes that includes three hundred hours of community service. If you stay out of trouble than the charges will be, wrap. The judge was sign off on the ideal and, of course we know Walmart debates that settlement it'll go to jail for killing people. Welcome of an accident again with an exit
like her, I re and designer, by the way his charges are also dropped. His charges for possession will go away. His record will be clear. They have filled the case dismissed the charges yesterday also, so this was good news for design a. He is initially had been hit with intent to sell menacing and possession of a loaded gun, but they never shown again. The drugs were steroids. There were more, likely prescribed to the driver was also security. So all of that is clear to me. So little drugs clearly using somebody Beverly thyself covered include bumper decided them Brother gunshot, drop out rate, a man. Oh yeah, that's your room before it all right. Miss ye now shall to revolt. We'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody else to people's choice mixes up next unity is something eight hundred foggy. I have one or five one your request in right. Now you can follow me or Instagram. What would it in I hit me upon? The aim is breakfast LE monde
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