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Today on the show we had the lovely Ashanti stop by, where she spoke about her new single, letting it be known she does not like money to be thrown at her, finally unblocked Charlamagne and more! Moreover, its "Shoot Your Shot" Monday's, so we had one of our listeners, a nervous one at that, try to shoot their shot at a guy he has been crushing on for awhile, and lets just say there is a first time for everything. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to another victim that fell in the sunken place, Kevin Jackson for being upset that "Sports Illustrated" presented Colin Kaepernick the 2017 "Muhammed Ali Legacy" award. 

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In the past few months, the notion of home is no longer just a place we drop into at the end of the day, especially when our homes have become our workplace, school and full service restaurant. Well, here something good. For today we spoke to Morgan Brochure, scientific communications manager at Pee, Angie about how cleaning can foster a sense of calm and control. You can start with an easier way to clean thanks to DAWN power wash display, so you can spend less time scrubbing and soaking dishes and you can get back to the things you love visit, Don Dish, dot com forgotten is in Newport cost about hundreds of young women who have disappeared and turned up dead in horrors, Mexico right across the border from El Paso, Texas the story about borders, migration and corruption. We talked of it families, FBI agents and my? U S ambassador to understand. Why crimes have remained unsolved. Listen
You forgotten women, farmers on the radio at all. What have you got your put costs I gotta get back like a mega voyages took all we ve got no point. This prize round have recently joined a breakfast club, say some muddle
Good morning you yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, go, go, go, go, go, go on and easily. He manages Andy Charlemagne reasonably one day of another work. We envious back and yes, I M back. Wasn't the Amber ever hear back just in time for daisies birthday, I knew you'd gone, we burn you lose, I'm dear. I gave you my bags ready and everything you show. How could you do a juicy mixed, four or five times a year? Are you gonna do play one more day was wrong with the trouble nuclear bomb for whole before light life ages a blessing it is you don't realize that when you young closure,
realising you don't realize that would you young would trust me. You will appreciate every year as you get old nest presently, together the level every s back from its illegal katyn, yes, said Blob, why I wanted to hear so much about Bora Ology for change, my not all of it almost into jail was even when it is saying that it achieves a change. All I know is all I know that we presented check together for justice next week on twenty may be a child of anybody added such in it, and when I went out there for two we said we go towards aspects at em. You had an amazing time go for two weeks. It was actually my daughter's us. We sixteen, she didn't want a birthday party. First, we sixteen She wanted to go away and have different types of memory, so we went to a place called the Brando which Merlin Brando bought this private. I would like in the seventies, and they put village, when an amazing Escobar Obama wrote his memoirs of allowing free. She goes there. All the time, which is amazing time is real, quiet, real com. That's
go in order. Then after we went to Bora Bora in a Bora four seasons in Bora Bora, and that's when it was activity time. You talking submarine scooters Utah being swimming with the sharks and sting rage. Talking jet skis anything we could possibly do one at them, water we did, and if I could extend Iraqis here my week out is there. Another way was amazing, is the most beautiful place up ever been ever ever ever ever everything modality believe our sixteen never seen any jobs in the laboratory and a long way to go and have a night. I shouted a mom own franchise than I would open honest Monday for Honour sixty born they have you pull out. That's amazing about openness and data. They add them right arm from thinking about this. You ve inspired me. Now. I see these common today. Dont want include Bagua, shouted out why you are blocked on social media. Yes, I need them.
On blog from assigning society, admitted unravelled club before you Nottingham. Why people that this week, actually, I think, the six to breakfast global beyond for seven years, Why are you could say when we have acquired new listeners, because when we post at a shot gone beyond is surely be like finally ready and waiting like twice already washability twice Admittedly, the wines she'd been its ways, at least as I've been at least twice and you're only Blagden sweater right, Molly blog onto another, trying to figure out. Why? Because you ve been here twice already value insult a sham, that again and make good report has been go to share these issues? Be letting health is not always arms out on a wide, pretty short criticised, revoked I'm sure, there's probably my life near that happily at Humphreys. Well, let's get to show crack of repays. Does what we talk? how another, where much talk about somebody who is renowned, any famous, who is now being accused of several sex abuse claims dating back to the sixties, goodness all right, let's get a crack in
Putting everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are. The breakfast club was gained some front page news. Are you guys do out of a vote on this case? Beyond the prince of Macao was a window and went away. While we base, I will. Let me give you a recap: Seahawks meet the Eagle twenty four ten by could be defined forty. Nine ravens beat the lions four thousand four hundred and twenty the Patriots beat the bills. Twenty three three 49ers beat the bears. One thousand five hundred and fourteen packers beat the bucks two thousand six hundred and twenty two jags beat the colts three thousand and ten dolphins beat the Broncos. Thirty five nine jets beat the chiefs. Thirty eight thirty one titans beat the Texans two thousand four hundred and thirty the charges beat. The brown is the same speed the Panthers. The re beat the cardinals and with GINO, reinstall and as giants quarterback, they lost twenty four. I know everything about you know you're, the guy. You do all closed. The proportionality was right to say what they have to deal with our analysis,
Will we that without a job? Ok here we have taken no damage have now. This is already honoured. Rose the park seats. We did a video of himself honouring civil rights icon arose. A pact here is how it went a grave sheep truce. Montgomery Alabama uttered one word that change is now a bus driver, told Rosa Parks to hand over receipt, she looked him in the eye and she told him now. She was not going to give up her seat because of her color with the color of her skin. Rosa parks remain strong and stayed in her seat to defend a truth. Etched into our declaration of independence that all of us, regardless of the color of our skin are created equal by God. No put the gun. You do that. You stand on eight April of arable right. What that is wait? I want to say now now waiting to agree over the weekend and that, because of the former national security adviser, Michael flamed, pleading guilty two lines:
FBI about his contacts with the Russians there in a twenty sixteen campaign? Now it asked it any morning with a tweet that now down attempts to turn a giant out saying that he wrote he said I had a fire in general. When? Because he lied to the vice president and the FBI has pledged guilty to those lives. It is a shame because his actions during the transition were lawful. There was nothing to hide now if he really did sweet that out. The problem is that the day after he did fire full and he asked the FBI directly. James call me to see if you could find a way to let this go. So that would mean that he knew dad. I knew that friend had lied to the FBI was asking for him to let it go which would be obstruction and I'd be a charge of oppression of justice arises where we see what happens today, but he went on a whole entire tweeting three over the weekend now also over the weekend, really sad story lower worthwhile. Fifty seven years, all these the founder of Golden Clarissa, said
as a whole empire. He opened the first golden cracks in the Bronx in nineteen, eighty, nine and since then he has more than one hundred and twenty stores and he also has a whole go then Cross Empire, its other different beef, Patty, chimpanzees and other things that are sold and more than thirty states and distributed in schools in jails in New York City. He took his own life. Now they have surveillance, video that shows him shooting himself in the head at his office inside the Golden Christ Bakery and warehouse wrong. So a really sad situation. He employed a lot of his own relative that the business that he started and they said he left a note in which he apologized, His family he's married father of three sons and daughters, so we started which has one golden cries and then managed to meet that into an entire franchise. More than twenty thousand supermarkets more than a hundred and twenty outlets and nine different states we madam to eat, appear once Armand delivered some beef patties and we actually met him, Nay said as family, please, possibly because he might have had some tat. Yet it mean that he was being investigated,
by the feds for evading millions of dollars in taxes. I did meet him a couple of times. Gray. Guy did a laugh at the community and the laying down of values a great entrepreneur. You never know what somebody's going through. That is true, which can make permanent decisions based on temporary feelings are temporarily situations. I promise you would have trouble you're going doing your life, it does not. Last trouble does not last always our care. What it is. It is dead. Besides, that Europe really sad and arrest in peace in I gotta tell you about the met address, suspending James Levine for claims dating back to the nineteen. Sixteen. He was a really famous conductor, one of the most famous conduct, as ever. And, according to different statements, there's three men who have come forward saying that he was grooming them to molest them from back then and doing Laval. He was very lay. Misconduct ever met opera super super famous, he was supposed to be the performance. What does a pitiful look room where men who came for its Eddie sexually assaulted him hundreds of times in EU decision making?
ass debate together with, like the guy, but time look over there? I always embodied headboard rape online. That new middle, like Sherman humbly within grow, our guarantee, you didn't touch them in the touch his grace. You take me back to Barbara that's front page get it off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent his up right now or if you feel bless you when it spread some positivity, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one and also happy birthday, would have been Chinx Drugz birthday today, rapper Chinx Drugz from queens. So I have to change I get it off. He choice is to preface locomotive the breakfast club. I got away God s manner black. We want to hear from you allow this Tony AIDS owing to get it off
Mama. I want everything that growth, employment growth might bring about your head. In three week, long about better baby mom got there. I don't want to see what had happened. Moved on and even the baby we re. There are a lot of good looking Paypal. Does they mammal dream Christmas time holidays, even if you now let them see to Father man a little boy, I'm lucky I glided law weidenfeld like this issue, because the couple we Christmas right round the corner trust me. Mama hello. There, let alone it is every year would have negative features too early August dollar, I e what happened was abroad. Now I'm calling to get this off my chest, so you I'm blessed by my name by the way I'm blessed cuz. I woke up this morning. Every twenty four is a blessing. I'm calling to get this off. My but when a boy anywhere near bread,
and the manager told me straight up out of his mouth. He said I can't give you employment because of your dreadlocks. Not as a year, Asia determined. Look, you didn't tell you didn't know you didn't even look at my readily may online. I worked at the root cause rules create much. Yeah. I know that you know. I got a nightmare resume, I'm only twenty third alone, you all we ve got to hear both sides. Are you drive now there were audio judgment all play our is it a clean now round is making sure that when one body with big dread working for me, I pay. Well, I'm sorry buddy You see, I am sad to say something more bitter, right now with the sea in everyday life, Bertha Hole, How do I see how the hell you also of trying to get a job if an arab ready money? That's why you go from Roof Chris Grist to pay for their bread? The poor diet is secondary,
We commend you for work, is so high, still vague, Ebro, eight hundred five a firewater far what I'd, rather, where your roof Greece, but we have had to pay a time and will be handed over before manager. It tells you tat. The name must be some type of policy in place. They can't be a policy, journey. I think you know I'm, U Africa, even sanitary and affirm, no doubt at all. You did me. I just that you for what you have to wear something over anyone, regardless of what they might be super long, William. I can put it in the barn UK or get it off. Eight hundred five a firewall firewood. I analyse them right and echo is to breakfast locomotion The breakfast club you're gonna get. It argued, yes, whether you're mad or black, but at the same time we want to hear from you. Wanna breakfast allow this year was shaken We are only going to say my name it. They call me Don Diego me, shout out to my son, christian man, he doing he doing good in school. He got good grades and know a lot
My brother, you gotta, find you can't be calling yourself to behold me. Are you some which for me to somebody's father, ok, you're, someone? I heard you put down guy, not lead to the negative. You saw me to take home he's just a big home. You don't need us acknowledgement one night now, why not to be big daddy? already a bit that also wanted to get something off my chest. Debra I saw I would know you got him a video of bulk. He jumped another, the God he boy in New York City. I do. I just thought that was so disrespectful, but I want to say this is not I'm not even matter bunk. Have you got it all you gotta? Do you don't gotta know continuity. Gotta, do you know I will do that and listen. Listen, I'm not mad at both because you gotta do Gotta do to get noticed. People don't want a notice. You put on their eyes met at these artists in New York like the king of Brooklyn. Meno, not call him personally, but
like me know why you not saying nothing why you not going to stand up and say something like you're? That's not right that only artist that ever stood up to bunk and said something was New York I mean was tribe free quiz. So all I want to say for your New York artist. I gotta start building of New York new start knocking do you ain't even just the Botany Bay Openings Book Boat, located asking some bag. Morgan, I'm not wishing ban on him. He's telling you that when you put they're gonna energy idea, it comes back to you ten times, all right get it off your chest. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent or if you feel blessed you hit us up at any time. If you get a chance, he will be joining us next hour and we got rumors on the way. Hey. Let's talk about a new single that she has coming out. We have a snippet of there for you coming up. But our long years you explain it. Oh I throw you need internet when we come back breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club
everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast La Math, Poles Malone, as is the song rockstar twenty. Once I would only like to us on because it beaten twenty one savages worth by were right and also happy birthday, the home. Of course we do to hold mix rights. Last Charlemagne was his famous all he says. Never change one over money has a high court. I now think of what would I do my favorite recognition? Jaycees song are adjacent ball for every situation absent, but when you said that the media for thing I've thought about was never change, as he says anything beyond say I found there would be a disgrace that sign on them at all songs, you, like anything, we're gonna, do Yeah, like Amazon to be honest, I am, I believe Ray riddles, lugs ravenous, get through with this. Accordingly,
with his cloak western everybody's waiting fight. His next coyote, be single she's, been petered out a lot of songs. Right now you got three songs in the top ten years, a new sound that she's Ahmed Juicy J by horizon is actually scheduled to be released on December fifteen. Her next single is called card. Coffee, and here is a letter snippet replaited globalism. She without a performance and they'll, see without a stable airplanes debate. Nobody had heard it.
To think that, unlike the here records like that, because you can get a good gave out a record sound added number two other leg: release dates for things like I'd afflicted, put too much expectation. I just put it out well she's excited. I was trying to put our hands I'm not going to lad. Do it when I was young, I would urge you. People are designed as welcome you happy marriage. It does is to wait a world work, physical or set as cow, cardiac, hiding South Korea, guy all right now, NAS and Kelis have been having some issues in that is because now it is reportedly saying that she is keeping his eight year old son from him. According to the blast, he said, he's tried to work with her over the years, but she only allows him to see his son when she feels that is convenient for her. He said for months at a time, Kelis will refuse to set up time for a centimeter, in time together, so we want to have their own schedule with certain weekends that he gets to see his son and also make sure that it gets and fathers day and spend their individual birthdays with the child as well. What else
it is thought that now Loki Discreet. What is child like? I am. We might well say you sail out with his daughter. I just thought that at that time was a lot older, it was. She was only eight aid at all. I did was like fifteen. Sixteen was alive. I could have sworn Gleeson ass just yesterday, when I get back in two thousand ten hours and I'll just two years ago, at the Raven April, Babby is so any. It was a hard for him so because he had a hollow tattoo point thing and you know yet told MTV previous, believe that life is crazy. I wound up paying more money is a baby. Mom is in with some of my brothers and sisters. Make I've always been away from too much aligned light and that right there put me- and you know, everybody's probing into his life. He said once to the game that he said people weren't thinking I was making that kind of money, and now they knew I was always Loki with it and a lot of ways. It was high with people being calling a business and it was just ugly. Divorce can be crazy. Kidney, both parents, man and less, wanted to parents and non crack mentally?
they were more than a decade enable parent, our idea Carl Edge, celebrating his forty second birthday, and he had a party that did he actually hosted in through for him by giving an invite to do so. Yes, a lotta people showed up to that. It was fergie. Chris Brown was therefore rail with leap. I marry the blinds new dogs Amy facts Jimmy I ve, Mr Kelly. Rollin performed happy birthday, allowed people They are sad. Was there of individual got anxiety just looking at this data, I got out of this sort will hardon Israel. Then there was a dance offered germane to pre. I share colleague Antioch detail. Today you could adopt internet. You could have been at the dance of pants off and off they do and were able to do anything at it. I re and as our seven was out there saying that she came to the Party Jesse sad really Cooper made. I hope he will eat me up telling me that they would at their parties, Luton organ and only then I could think was well how assault bees food
If they don't tell me about it with their, how without bade who you know an origami, but he didn't touch you got your party would suffer we are voting? You ain't never knew that. Could the ills beetles all beef now yet Fanny that even now the deadly I consider happen undermine those already know. Absolutely not party about already outdated early doin somethin, other women, no IRA and congratulations and now you mine and sterling shepherd they got engaged with growth began was originally my supermodel studies have replaced by designs. NL reminds you was in the movie, am dope if all the groom. Yes, you look great supermodel, now she's at twenty seven years of these twenty four years old, she posted on snap and night full of tears or happiness and beyond excited Phillips years of happiness and beyond excited to spend the rest.
My life with sterling somebody. You are my soulmate, my best friend my everything can't wait to be learned. Raspberries over you got another knows the looney team is trash. When you team is dragging on men of aluminum poles, rubble include Bob's, Durham, Shepherd for being so borders, some more bodies, it love or actually that has led to a journalist who suck Michel. I write well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a reply. All right. Thank you. Miss ye. When we come back assurance, he will be in a build up of moves to breakfast club component in everybody's. These J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a special gift in a building Sancy Morningstar. Now Diana gets Celimene is devastated, What I have been a purely you have whom black on twitter above and beyond our murmured about this. For a while, my. Why did I went away? I let me go make accuse right now,
young black, you re just as you know, this was laid out and we know how many years ago, whenever their mode of my brave heart album came out around that time. You no use talking reckless I know, but I got a company- is global. A lot of great people. Wendy wombs welcome, may, like your nurse, humor, a lot of good ideas that I love you is to grant. There, then. I know thou blood northward, I'm talking about the arrogant something I wanted to blackmail, Greatness, do here on black yourself on black yourself must overcome and what about that? But how are you a great?
always like the brand of society should be way bigger and you have a star power appreciate that would that you think haven't. Can I think a lot of things happened beyond my control, obviously being a part of a record label. I was federally indicted and having associated with tat in everything that came along with the extremists, and I was a part of you know it it it affected it. You know I'm saying beyond my control and having an amazing team. I think things would have win way under God. I'm SAM! I never says you know somebody struggle is, is worse than others, but as far as myself, in comparison to a lot of my peers had some one else gone through
I've gone through, I'm not sure where their situation, on a mean so is Annie. You know we work really really hard and a lot of people forget about out of tat had never beyond our control. You know to me, so I think we're in a great place, especially with the climate. You know again in comparison to where some of the other artists are that I came out. You don't owe me now has been fifteen years and you put out her first album reasons are still be putting our music and have no and people care Europe has a lot of people, don't make it their long absolute, especially in this climate. You know you have a new artist commoner. Every two weeks will remain so it's crazy. I'm super grape, He was like this you and your mom, so it is difficult to navigate the game with again just women credit different, indifferent. In a battle you know, and along with my mom, I have my attorneys and my team,
I have other people, you know with us slow in on a mean, so my sister so is like it's a well rounded force, but you know we're like the not the moment but like the hands on crew, grandly unanimous saying so that passion and at hunger is different. You know when, when when it's your mother looking out for you, it's different, then someone that you're just painted which are of a different kind of passion. You know- and I feel like That'S- why we are able to progress into what we do in enemy. I feel like you're, not very vocal about the many other deepened that you're doing you know like you been producing for television, yet the movie you ve been acting. I have a lot of things going on, but it's not like you, I feel. Are you do any views and you talk about it, but I know sometimes people really go hide you I kind of like. Maybe a too humble. You know what my might seem so that they do they do I mean some of it is. I am humble, a mobile earthen and some of it is honesty.
Like I don't have time I like to be hands on what everything, though, I'm really putting my pictures. You know, I'm saying on room. How can realise what I'm really sweet, dunams Ansell? Sometimes I don't get a chance to do as much as I would like to you not I mean, but no it'll come not at the record is out. There is a lot of talk, Let interviews do in a busy all week when you do when you reckon like three letters are hard to make new music, because you do make some money off your stuff. This performance was the motivation to make new Rick I mean as an artist you always when evolve. You always want to try to find things. You know I have a fan base in and poor people that really genuinely appreciate what I've done. So in the fact that a kid you not a kid, the M yesterday and just got my name's had it on his shoulder unanimously as all the fact that people embrace me like that has always been a motorway.
You know I never lose the hunger I'll, never lose the past, and you know what I mean. I love what I do so when I go on stage and ahold of MIKE out and hear ten thousand people singing foolish the same as I did. Fifteen years as never gonna go away, you and your tour live together. I gathered there ever part was founded. It wants to stop being associated with learning, so to speak, not so much being associated with murder ink, but everything that happened at led up to the indictment in that that it was a black cloud or alongside you know, I'm saying So all in a negative Anita came with it. You know you become guilty, bicycles, vision, you not mean so it's not. I will never be able to not love and appreciate everything that I've done with murder is always my firm. You know we made history together, we will always be connect.
You know I mean felt but the negative energy they came with it with the indictment and and the beef, and all that you know you don't want I don't want to talk about an old time might, like, I have to remind people, were happy to present a dark person. Now I mean hours I would definitely, though they were wise, always sponsors Pomona. Do you know what I'm saying my gear was? It will the lack there were so many deals in like things which is doing this. You know there was a low many huge partnerships that were like on the come up right around their time and everyone is like we love you.
Because it means you the guy, you know I mean, did you feel like? Maybe you and after all that happened? Did you question if you ever really like go on tour with him again or why did you feel like I just wanna be disassociated period for their period of time. You fellows
the Imo Libra and lawyers, who are sometimes too much. You know, and it was never about disassociate myself, which I feel like we could never talk is again. We had we ve made history together, that's never gonna go away. That's that's our child. In unemployment, like is never going to go away, so it was never a feeling of I don't wanna be around, but it definitely was hello. I'm over here to Iraq, which you I've got nothing to do with them. You know I'm SAM and it was. It was a very hard position to be in an even with me feeling like that. I showed up court. I supported unanimously in law, regardless it shows into
They hello, Rio and Thorn unanimous vans, though, and its twenty, because major awake also now than we ever were ever program files into the game. People there was the opening feeble minded about old. Fellow. What do I do not see the politics of law That is not what you might be you're gonna table more. We do know you have no idea. It was a good wrenching dealing and experience to wake up to a life of Emil's and just the reality of the situation in anything when your court on call guilty by associations or something you had nothing to do with by again with me being loyal prisoners who I am. I am nevertheless manages be off on their own and we ve been connected. You know I'm gonna go to jobs, the downs pigs valleys all of it, None of them are. We got more efficiency when we come back, don't move to breakfast club good morning,
The breakfast glow of everybody is the J envy. Angela show me the girl. We are the breakfast club. We have a shortage in the building. Charley was that move the movie stock stock has been stuck in production, happily ease, but instead become in twenty. Eighty sober excited about it. I executive produced the tone and is basically about seven different people from seven different cultures and walks of life is that on the subway in New York City in the summer time, a cell phone you can imagine all it is very simple call in the frustrations the names calling and all other stuff that happen on that training and it's crazy, because when we should in a movie, I felt like the message needed to be heard there like super relevant now super room. That's what I'm saying now. Issues like YO people really needs a here and see this because
as I feel like we ve come a long way, but we got a big. A lot of men are just real. I know a lot of things we were doing were rate culture in sexual assault. Cogent sexual harassment go too, especially in airport. Minos, aim which is raised a certain way like rectifying women treating women a third way, not big now, would you know? Do we next year, we will he's gonna labour day? You looked up to getting at all times the trouble that doesn't help at all and I think for women to sometimes things happen to us and we don't realize how inappropriate was at the time. Sometimes we are like. Ok, fragments s ignore it and keep a move in origin is part of what comes with the business and it shouldn't be. I was in a situation where is producer who superdome super towns it has of gazillion ones. It was China like take me out unanimously,
and if you do this, you you know if we go on, I may give you all of this for free on a wide ranging like what we. Therefore I will send you. The unit has never happens, though, than any say in forty five thousand. One anywhere? Why were you know He didn't understand that ahead of you know, bunch of big brothers in at the time had been handled in that small borne out by it happened. Why we protect his guide, but they need to be adopted. I don't do that. A noteworthy grow bombs going on I'm sure, he's burning urban Doyle, big brother, like assign thing when you go forward it and it's very unfortunate, and I hope they don't need bigger the music industry that really matter as far as let's
He started your lawyer. Let them in your down on companies that he founded and separate himself on the Deaf comedy on HBO, his name off of it and everything, but he voluntarily has sat down because women, and these are you know women coming forward that they have a lot to lose her there's a woman you have allowed. So when you accuse somebody or say they did something, people believe you near they say were I don't recall what happened in that way? That's not what happened next thing. You know that affect your business, absolutely, no more! That occurred uv amazed. The amount of the surface love. You know I'm saying I I've been raised in and I'm smart enough to knock off or in recognise that immediate, like all gasoline, don't play this game. You don't know it happen. Often, if I sum is always gonna try and throw it out there just to see where you stand by. You know where I don't know. If there's a problem with China, though it out there, but it's a problem when you,
Abuja Authority empower, that's right! That's what it is near, lag, yo, less fiscal studio, universe, less, listen, some rackets and an aside year, commonwealths Hell, that's good! I don't know why you none of them That's what I mean by this kind of, though it out to see what you gotta be you'd, know more nanogram angle lies on you, as the groom got your pocket as you are really getting better and everybody in this room illegal, the all the guys we commonly families once or twice. I appreciate you may day, like you know, image control. You are beautiful, woman with joy, When we take us, there is absolutely no absolutely
They maintain control without him at all. You know. Let me give you this much within pull back a little bit again. I think it has a lot to do with just a mindset you know and as being of OZ and in being an empowered women which kind of police and set a whole siroc campaign, and that some of you know when we were talking about it, you know puff came. We had a set of a party and he's a girl? I, Mr Brok, commercial value, plant rat throughout the beggar, love regiment, who told you nobody, nobody does little problem as you do. You know, but and what it turned into he's. I do not want you to be a part of it. We ended up, shooting and he's like ya. Want this to be life. Your boat Derek moment. You no names Van fell, the fact that coming out at a pool with the bikini on, in all add, as a female is like it's my choice. You know I've been in the tube unanimous Diana been work,
and on the green Jews. You know, I wonder at the end of bikini keen now As you know, and I just I wonder- I wanna make my decision to do that mean an example. I feel it is important to encourage women to embrace your power in a respectful way and make that decision, whenever it is yet as we did with every other went viral, which I know you ve talked about with Joe by and then I condemn eggs and a desk on an everyday struggle through argued about it will really causes the on going. Aren't you went to bed they're, my sad he had he is out there. You would anybody would plan, which I don't understand, and like a view of georgian wine, be that there is about. I think I had a valid point. You know he had his his view in academic had his view in. I was wise in there and I said to myself I've seen instances where men had been performing in somebody do money, onstage, unfathomable away, and they got so mad and turn into line.
A whole malay facility. Why? But I do feel that sometimes we would do day when you're an artist in a performer. It is disrespectful, dont know anything less days at best. One comment about forming: that's what I'm come from cause. You don't know what could have in what liabilities? What happens if one of the fell move EVA the frail, trying to be a friend of no use trying to be party to show there are a lot of different stories that I heard backstage because we had two shows that night, and that was the first show. So I've been a bar, we had a break, it became backstage was like YO were so glad you did, that he's a big drug dealer and he has a Strip club and he's trying to get you guys come down there. You know
and now like video right now, we re more. You now saw it came from again. This is, I don't know him I don't know anything about aware. Came there, somebody with dormant right, I n n. I would look at it as he's front row. He paid is money to come and see the shoe, though your assuming that that's a fan, you're Dunham fanciful. Initially, that's what you think of and then, when you hear other stories than is like ok, let me think about this woman. You know, does. When I know I we got moorish currency when we come back manufacturers get into a short sea. Many makes. Let me know your favorite. A surety. Joy is the breakfast globes, everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall I mean the guy. We are the breakfast club. We have assurances in the building. Let me now start to go back to the performance with a guide to the money on the stage now scripture, shaming people,
absolutely not, and that's what I wanted to make very, very clear. You know what I mean like. I have respect for any females hustle at the end of the day. If you doing what you need to do to provide for your family your baby, whenever it is, I'm never knocking females eyebrow when a man so ass? The one thing that I wanted to make very clear is not about me stripper, shaming or anything where it were. Endeavours of that. I didn't get that. I just wanted to make it very, very clear. You know, because any pot, anybody that nobody knows, I'm not a judge mental person. You know granted into beginning, like the very first time I went to a strictly. I wish to thank all my colleagues who have like ours in it was that there was a shock. It was a surprise budgets growing in and understanding and just growing up as a person if I'll, ok and now You know I have no problem, thou and ours that woman's starlit widow. Let me you know what I mean.
I just wanted to make sure that people understood it wasn't about that and I don't think that it went there, but I'm as a female. I just want to make it but the US on every describe to you. You like an analogy router but adapter for you is that the scope it on a good doctor for I was just saying seeing you know if I had on that this, would you like me to operate on that mean you don't say it? You know. I just your eyes. I want to make it clear what again mumbo jumbo with over the good of you were the governor garden, I'm not going on you, you make more money are posing as those models like Doyle. From year to year. I'm sure it is that's hard unblest enough to have a sort of way
I found out about everybody without words no put now music already, for whatever reason you John you know, fundamentally wrong. Right leg sold out what you clearly, somebody told ya what the new German recommended absolutely and people a lot of your writing credit yeah I was a billboard the other day and I was being interviewed in on this guy. He was like running down the steps and stuff and use. I call you, earth. Woman music, the bubble by the first minister, is, and then he talked about the three records in the top ten and I say, will actually was for a rope ain't, a funny for jailer, adding more credit, but I wrote it. You know I mean so ill demanded, trajectories, Iowa faded, yes working another thing things that make things complete. Yes, while we may be rewritten credible new,
Why money I was there was even find a month ago sign yet when a rule, eight of unanimity. That was young, Nano Bell rang and people without it today, A hundred resign gives somebody thong Jesse, you know get absolutely you had an unfounded Jesse was supposed to be on. J was supposed to be a foolish, is crazy. I've been whole difference on yeah. This is what happened. Obviously I wrote the verses earth made the call to J. Like you, I need you to come grants racket. They played a J J loved the record. He was on his way to studio. Then herb said you know what now we gonna do some different, because that's the simple
Army move. You will carry the whole ready when you and I like out any more to say. Like I'm dying, I wrote the verses wrote the hook, I'm done and he forced me to go in there and write the bridge and use. I get you gotta. Just do it like you, don't sound like some crowd participation and in our wrote the bridge. He call J and said now never mind took the biggest on foolish, then you had to do and I think it is. Lloyd, like I guess, keeping your relations decided to the universe, Anti lights room. Due to whole, you didn't. He was I thy one year, man and one a couple years later. Now. You know like Jane hard
May we heard this year, but how do you keep all about? Somebody figures will be giving you be on a beach anyone always mama. My guys, I mean I'm just real love, my lad. He gets a glass sounds like. How do you mean people? Is it somebody hooks you work? If you think about the last couple of days you been on, how did it happen could ever happen from ASEAN weird I'll know, I'm not really interested like that immerse. You know still something happen through legged VM, twitter kind of situations that pursue was long me now pursue is is long before actually changed. Real numbers goes on here. They heard a cadet timing. Yeah the date regular work there who got worker daily, I mean
while we mobilise where do mom doesn't regular guy evidence. I mean I don't know about regular guy would be able to understand the industry because listed the industry Who has a problem? Understanding you, not man like it. I'm at the studio is too three or in the morning I am still here- is guys here by the way you know The only free should wasted No, but it's hard for industry actually conceptually sometimes do have a issue when a female Conor runs her own.
God you not say, and so the fact that I am the boys and I do make the rules in an yeah, I'm gonna be at this event and I'm gonna be, and yet this guy might wanna take picture. You can't be mad at you you're having. Issue, president, but you said your loyal to afford. Did you reach out to Nellie when you got his situation early this year, they have come out at an appropriate ever heard it like you, I got arrested now. The fact that these attitudes- you what you think, I'm going. You thought the sailor I got into a dead. I'm gonna get unquotable lie, I fear reach rotting or Irena, born you man. If Thou Mama stated that she was a man,
I was raised as the crazy far not that I was in the car. You actually has the interview Nellie at one point after you guys broke up now. I didn't you didn't that was before, yet I guess they played it after I was Finally, a while before his mom, like the security blanket like this, she met. You fill the utmost comfortable in every situation. Yeah I'd! It's not like a necessity, you know them sand like I could definitely handle my own. I think my mom intimidates other people. Finally, there are the party idle each other for like business, though you have like real canvasses. Logging is a model like this. Are you absolutely? You know we have arguments? We have disagreements. You know I was just saying this morning. I said because she's my mom, sometimes at
Hold my tongue united, saying and let you know if she was just a writ like a manager and we weren't related. Maybe I'd use a different tone in over because she's my mom sometimes, but she doesn't take advantage of that. If something happens, you know we talk and we don't have paperwork. You know me. I like your way a word about it. That's a different kind of mine is a different level with Britain, the fire, Maybe maybe you want to see him up with now, and even if I did, when it came up with a minor bring another person on moms, though, is meant to be a part of the situation you known amidst all she, she didn't have anything shaggy. Thank you for coming. Thank you loud next year, replica faint gal. The breakfast club,
morning everybody is dj. J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast clothing to send my birthday, shouted change. Drugs, of course, for roughly these also Jake's Pepsi three was Pepsi would have been His birthday in all their debate died knows Brcko look. I think you wrong brother, they pay die now. I know because I had an anxiety attack you're right, you're, right, you're, right, you're, right, you're, right, it's acted right. He died a two hour. It balls This item was robbed me another out who died too. I went to an emergency room, they say I'm! No, the next we go into emerged not that drink rebels gone crazy, my mind I dug out by that, like a hot dog zombie,
nobody vividly drop. One include bombs of crimson after about, of course, he's old birthday today generally, and our banks, airbags, they gave adds Asia really beautiful, came from the Brooklyn. That's out of you guys side, s equally other differ. Memories on it are: let's get through so Eminem about this report annually on the breakfast club were recently Elton John, who, as being in a view any talked about a president, that he got a wedding gift and that gift was from Eminem check it out. Oh yes, for my marriage, I got this package from Eminem shows you how far behind we had to diamond encrusted rings? Cushman is that they have remained a new
about those rings it go around your near, but do not diamond and crossing. I would know diamond across a gathering on rats rich saving, some important, safer labour right Tom you hard on actually welcome back at that makes Jain is gonna, be doing a collaboration album a joint album Metro Bouman, its cod dabbler, nothing, I'm here for the local. Yes, so there should be pretty exciting a big chances and times ego get you in trouble. You gotta be aware, enough to have your teammates around and he said to try to do it all by yourself. That's the ego. Talking's offered a big shot and Madrid moment ever Mr Anwar, yet idea. Bounce back together now met a woman said that he was. Born in ninety three. He said a lot of projects from the era had whimpered. So maybe two they sounded more cohesive, better as a whole. So sure
exciting, I met a woman has been doing a lot of partnerships. Alot of joint actions were people. He did twenty one savages savage mode. He did joint album with offsets. Also not only one yes. Now here we dear I write a woman says that she was assaulted at French Montanans Birthday party last month. Now they have reached put out this name, one one call a woman said she was drug. Did then assaulted? Here's would happen Frankenstein about. They gave up dry, It's not gonna make it. How about you guys come here. I want to come here. I don't know where you weren't, able, I don't know I don't mind. Had his birthday party is what Algeria, while about the guy literally kid around may gather. Let us have a work. Why were you know like literally literally I do? Basically, our rate are re. Nancy embassy did obtain this call, but what happened is the police work?
to the house and they arrive on the scene. They didn't see any evidence to back up the accusers claim, so they did leave without making any arrests, and there was no mention of french Montana, being vodka and these allegations directly so he's not the person who was accused of anything allegedly say two girls are fighting the party and the girls who asked leave when they were asked to leave us Nikola police odyssey. Allegedly I right now. Mass appeal is like a poison actors, because he is gonna, be doing a sequel to his ninety. Ninety eight movie, I got the hook up. Sally does went to get some people who are not yet in this business to star in the movie as well so he's doing an open casting call on social media to find actors to fill those big roles. Everything What happened to my Master movie Charlemagne? Youth was a mere having because you have started Isaac and allow her to come together and not supposed to be an unwieldy and an employer.
He's on Kosovo times. Moon come then I'll be out, be ready. They move Erika, be really ready oak amongst us all, and that would be really ready. I re when I'm Angela and that is your room reports all right. Thank you. Miss ye shall my yes, I'm giving you dollar. Two percent is a political point. A maimed Kevin Jackson from foxy needs to come from the carnation. We would like to have a word with him. Could not understand you get on television and complain about false narratives, but then proceed to paint false narratives yourself, all right, we'll get internet when we come back keep alive. This subject was locomotive, donkey, gavel breakfast, yet dog. You today for Monday December, for goes to a political point. In all Fox NEWS name: Cabin Jackson now get my tea cup ready, Kevin Jackson is black and he's a contributor on
in France, not Kevin Jackson, is highly upset that sports illustrated presented Carlin Cabin equal to two thousand seventeen Mohammed Ali lead. See a wardrobe when a clues bombs. The cap we must listen to our common Jackson is so mad. Was here, look Copernicus, Ali and the idea that the left continue to want to sell. This lie to America that this man stands for something that supposedly is happening in this country. That's not just show you that I will never give up on this narrative. First of all, its members but I ve a person who actually did stand for and oppressive democratic control government. Now we ve got these these kids, who believe that they are being oppressed and I would defy you take any of these mirrors that by the way should all get the same award because its worthless its and participation trophy, but take all over me. Air their lives to what Mohammed idly in in the blacks of the past went through in fighting real approach.
Can you get an idea of? What's going on? I was an actual say: let's impact this right: Kevin Jackson, because you win an award named after a person doesn't mean that they are saying you are exactly like the parson, their computer. In between mom italian colleague Cabinet guide us debatable, but is different times different areas, different levels of oppression, but the same old fight against the same old wicked system and Kevin Jackson. You get no fox in saying that there is no oppression going on saying there is injustice going on is exactly why call in and others are kneeling to bring attention to the oppression and enjoy is that African Americans are facing that. So many people, like you, don't what did mileage now. The one thing you can say about Mohammed Ali and filing cabinet, in that they both stood for some bigger than India Period are right. They both may sacrifice for their livelihoods and careers because they told you stand for something. One quote that comes to mind when it comes to calling in a moment, alleys fanned for something, even if it means standing alone, because
Sometimes the one who fly solo had the strongest wings volcanoes brothers, both stood on the square for some, vigour, the name period now having Jackson can have is then you know mom and only in calling cabinet are alike, are different, but the reason Kevin Jack getting donkey today because he got on Fox in France and told us great up lie we are all familiar with common cabin: explain to give a million dollars the very organizations? Well, according to cabin Jackson, every organism, in CAP, is given money to is a radical group. Let's hear one that things about this award, Brian as it is it's a philanthropic award cal incorporated, gives money to terrorist. So looking put it up Oh he's! Donated money to these are radicals in many cases, Anti American Ethnocentric, we races black organizations and again built on a lot. Ok. Now Let's forget somebody. Radical among gas must look. If somebody radical groups cabins donated to okay.
Silicon Valley, the buggy. I gave them twenty five grand. You know it there. Their body healing and strategic planning for California fan, who have lost loved ones, the police, violence, mothers against he's brutality that another organisation again twenty five internet money, went to train and provide resources for responded. Seems to immediately provide comforted support for families with law enforcement kills a community member through. It has also given money to tackle listen for the homeless. Ok, he has given for Catherine for fifty grand know that terrorism is our meals on wheels. Ok, he's given money to Somalia, famine relief, none! None of these organisations outside the radical views movements by the way, so here's a think having Jackson you offset, because you said liberals and Democrats spinning a false narrative about cabinet being, like Muhammad Ali. Will you s bidding boss, narrative about the organisations that cavern ignore needing to I would those organizations, I would sue you you.
Meals on wheels radicalism? You call dream dream. I write a radical is organization cap gave twin. Our brand dream- you know if you know the money went too painful baseball and software supplies college trip for students food. Overnight lodging for the kids money for bus expenses, money for laptop, which you said Carling Cabinet, gives money. Error is put plead equable methodically and one don't want here here are liable to Souffle wandered things about this award bride is it they say it's a philanthropic The word callin gives money to terrorist. So look look at the people here. Donated money to these? Are radicals in many cases very. Anti American, centrally races, black organizations and again built on a lot cabin. I should happen it. How can you gonna on about people creating false narratives and then proceed to create a false narrative yourself? Right, in fact, does not afford.
It is a lie- is greater falsehood in his slanderous in its liable and Kevin Jackson. You should be sued for defamation of character. I'm serious every organisation, a garland cabinet get donated to shew collectively, come together and sue german Jackson and Sue Fox and soon Fox inference. Ok, honestly please you Kevin Jackson, the biggest he hopped in the view of you can always go to no no you're right camp dot com and look at every organisation at Carlin had donated to the dream, Ville Foundation WAR on children, united. We dream a hundred suit A hundred men Ali US. His daughters in Chicago a group that focuses on female empowerment. All these people, you said a radical right, don't died down people we dislikes unnoticed
messages make straight up, lies with the term eight the great work that I have been doing in the community. You may not like him for whatever reason, but you can't do not affect it. He's been doing a lot of charitable work created all falls narrative of the going on a ran about people creating false narratives, usually suit Agri Hour. I will take you for a dollar a day. When we come back shoe yours, Jack. I now, if you want to highlight a co work of a friend, a neighbor, we can help. You ve got the humble beyond which the energy to Dubai, so we can apply light of everything. I've been going on in Hollywood, nor should serve as a good idea. Y know. Ok, dad we got a guy ass, they just ask him loose became into nuclear on, and how do I need to do?
where they were higher limit of a newly doing, namely masturbating all right of people, that's different. There shoot no shot was not to shoot. You know like yeah. Well, if you like, with two respectfully ask somebody ought to date, how about that? Should you shot Mix ADA five hundred and eighty five one hundred and five, what is the breakfast club come on? the breakfast club. It's down to shoot. You shall issue to the breakfast close one: jades, don't mess it up method method. We had two lines out of a supper up. How are you nay? We want to shoot you shot with military right into me with. People come oh his name and why they call him oh oversee, could it using the big or against ITALY in a big o you bow. Is he tall you look like a big ol. He fat.
Oh no Gives you a big economic in Australia, we ve been lowered about who looks like a more I was in our gas in ok, you can be big library in shape, big God, you now what? Why do you think that debt, the Big o even like you, won't we do need to their we ve all will be well. I just as friends are definitely like sense. Like I don't like a flurry. Like flirty like how like grab but flirty or a wink flirty or rub ass on authority. Lay how wink attracts the word what does he say to you, Mr Marinos, eyes roomy seminal defects. Did he take me up all the time? Why would he do what you do? but is it like? It is your leg he wants to get with you
or is it just as we friends vibe? I don't know, I want to do more than friends, but I don't know I definitely them forget. A mystery between us is a gay. Go I would think so. You want to make sure what, if he did not give you can Andrews. Minor incidents is down behind his behalf. You said I am a picture of yourself naked make no stop don't do that not yet at MIT. Already, I'm asking you to give us a little. No. Why should I have not? I have not done that already exist, then it ok, so how you gonna approach this cause. We're gonna call her corner from behind. Why are we so image, or is the lads highly when it wants to her, for we take one step back? Ok, I D. I envy shot dead shut. It was right there wide open. Why? Wouldn't you take it up right now? I love let's call all right now, ok
Tyler, I need you to be more competent sounding will encourage nervous. Now we have a plan anyway, I have a plan. Will living, but I've been nervous about it there. I didn't mention that black and I've never wrote a black. I met about my may I add my right. Let telepathic Charlemagne broke over, What are the union homage amateur you want they measure. Boucher confidence was ready. Your name is Tyler another Tyler they may appear. He has no problem protein main and you should now are ahead of time, Is our Charlemagne valueless a big, always Charlemagne column Bigshot as any again? How? What would you say the strategies we ve been hanging out alive? I gotta say I'm super retracted view oh, I wouldn't mind, didn't know you a little bit more. Perfectly archidona. You already know me, does give you gotta go
We hang out a lot. I've been watching you, you look very sexy when you wear black. Let me know just about my physical appearance. Tell me about my mental okay. Tell me how about how it makes you feel. Do you like my energy an awkward endlessly while you're funny value Don't I'm back and I have no better. You could be a first black man. Can I called the great our rail, real quick just to see one of you right now, writing a right to know what is a very, very back. We're gonna get the big one align areas which are to help you out thanks guys it covers the older dollar. I will we come back with a call big. Oh, don't move to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angelo YE shall amend a guy. We all the breakfast club we have tat online. Oh tat was about to call or more to it
our filer, what's on here without Tyler, how you doin would go on to say now. Children watch what good what's going on. So I of one who you got something: what's up no behaviour now a trend Am I right cried the girl in the bird flew across the EU oh really different. They do not you Latin gonna, wonder what leg oil? I guess you don't wanna, be scared, that's our I! You know I think you're pretty cute. So,
Everything we need to do something about the lay of Israel. Be here on Monday morning, arms. I good, well Charlamagne THA annually in Yee and DJ envy are talking through the heart. New couple on a black sea. Tyler has been wanting to seriously. I would you beg oh guys you guys you get bored, fine but fine as not as you will be Doin later. That is fine as you from what we hear yeah, I was gonna, be done real good. They don't call me big tamper, not you see my way known as you so much between ram the lead. You know make a move yeah, you know you win. We led through mutual friend, though we ve been hanging for little bed and isolating is ok. I just I just had a why the plague horribly, if he might bear up We doubt the man here. We are well in the words of the great our out and I want to quote again: I wonder
Oh my right now lie down on his birthday: Goody Goody, Goody, something it I take it easy on a legal right. I will I will. I will violating do much. Well. I didn't say to violate any credit, as the oddest took some waited. I am. I am trying to be a good man, you know any good here made some are violating. People now does thou wilt thou penetration. I write. Well, let's see you guys, yeah fine, together we're gonna check back in with you, You will see how goes he? Oh dear, no cop, a laudable time out no more internal market, this will arise. Right now. I have a go. We do not disagree. May we may some happen. This is positive. He's good, ok to all giggles. We made a love
We should be right. That was shoot. You shall keep allow room was on ways to breakfast locomotive warning: everybody is in jail and we know what he's a liar. I was a little baby ballot. I was born in everybody's to breakfast. That uniting really happy to be here. I thought you wanna, she had another week vacation lad. Naturally, everyone has been more detained for Jane what they always say when we present that sector to gathering for justice next week, all money better be accounted for K. Mr Borg, change for change should tie radio the core that in touch it has nothing to do with what let's get to rooms.
The aim of the report is the Reul report Libretto glove named ass back in the news. Again- and that is because of these allegations that he slept Harvey wine scene now care mine mentioned this in his once upon a time zone ticket
How about I right now? If you remember, when cameras up here, he was saying part of the reason my paining pudding promoted awaited. He said it was because of that and that its map well here, is where Damon gas that happened. I've never really liked away arbitrated my culture, I don't like the way job to people. I like the way we treat my fill. You know everybody knew was going on and I just always chose not to work with them and I always wanted to punish and publicly so people know he was weak and about the alleged somebody's hurting other people that I'm a big shot that other people know to watch out for the answer. The question is: yes, somebody digits smacked on that set out a suit over it, but I won
he was someone that we're trying to put up my movie, and I had a really get aggressive, wouldn't make sure you do right by and had I not fought for, the movie you would have never seen paid in full with the closet grumbled includes biologically, was classic cinema? Ok right now, entities in weekly sat down with the rock Dwayne talents in talking about the fast imperious spin off. Yes, that's still happening. Annie said he's been in challenging process because I felt like my intention from day one when I first when the cat was to hopefully come and have fun and create a character that people will hopefully like how to elevate the franchise, but in the process of elevating the franchise. I've always thought in order for this to have real longevity and legs. We should spend out and create characters. They can live on their own. So that's what he said to entertainment, weekly, about the spin off now that will be in theaters July, twenty six twenty nineteen and then in various nine is scheduled for April tenth. Twenty twenty embassy the fear is moving in my life. You gave it not
inspired to watch! No I've never seen you since Lisbon. Now Let's see what he wants, franchises, get the leg, number nine and was seated tv shows, get the nine if I'd, never washed out showed a need to jump, ending it and I'm a cargo to I just never surprise they too. In others. It is never a Mr Duff. What initiative Teresa than the next new audio aids Are you nuts, however? Terry's it isn't it? while young black men, exactly on, I beg of you trying to act like a nothing happened. He just jump in backing. The group chap like none of this has happened over the past couple months, and indeed this is tired. No, nobody knew no more than the line on diners that as a new resolution on whether we can gradually array revenue shark did. You know he visited Macmillan prison last weekend and he had some things to say to him the about that trip and how impressed he was about meat meal. Saying that he wanted to be more about
Why then judge him here? It is our present that the issue wandered maybe Express was that it was written in new people, get probation violation of bulls, mine in french and evasion, Buddhist to heal, a man in all the thousands and thousands of drowning in a night, essential People are doing it because they know it's bigoted. Magna this, it is about the just areas about that near right, Sally said, Peppino really gets a two to four years. President even press charges he never was charged with the crime. And please said no we're not gonna go for it. Are you telling me goofing? Love will give you two to four years. We make an example at a someone by being harsh and breaking assistant, then you are in fact making it worse, not better you supposed to be protecting the public, not making whereas on people in the public was going over to know who the debate. Hearing them. Yes, I don't know, what's gonna happen by now
They still working on all of that, and you know, dealing with the judge in the higher says that he got from that judge. They ve been saying the judge had her own personal vendetta against him, so we're waiting to find that it may seem, almost everybody, got the same energy a couple months from now taking she Doll free meat meal thing goin in that direction from needless thieves. Too much from the yankee does admittedly carried out. Today is the first rapporteur to receive the Kennedy Centre honour. So congratulations to him. It's America's highest, achieving for any performer from articles Boswell Uncle Jack, alongside our line already glorious day Van also got the honors and its topsecret. So you don't even know that you're gonna get honor, and so it happens now you posted. I believe that we are built to do anything. We put our minds and proper actions to you. Have all the tools inside you that are required for you to fulfil your God given purpose. This one is for those who came before me and those who follow me. We were sent
this planet to love and inspire one another manifest our dreams and make them a reality. I hope you're inspire by me because I'm absolutely inspired by here is another of the legend manning about disputants beggar. At the White House. I was there, sir. I don't know where he was asking some sipping strove for local authorities to soon lose a well yeah. They usually the president goes to it, but I think that the centre for the performing arts with John F Kennedy Centre broker. I could be wrong, but I think that's where it is now that ceremony is going to areas Bs December twenty six. If you want to check him out there are, I will I'm Angela YE and that is your room, a report Oh god, listen! It's! The holiday season! Light! They all God like that, is normal, get as good as the largest Iraq coming in here again aright care, who is it from this very again from MR calls
you're gonna make regular. Maybe you can tell Ladys employed as Mr Collins One and they show that we give to you guys were something society came to those issues and great jobs as well. As of one may shortly. Doesn't just Travis Rockford knowledge will be crazy for the rest of the year, take it off with a lot of stuff that, when your basket is one you really very well the company what one give gradually ip she do. It prevents wasn't here. Guy would soggily that's very nice packaging trunk, all labour this around now the first the funds were knowledge. Rarely lay deserts Our group is entirely so that we may result in France, but also a lot of my friends with Canada. They would talk, I'm taking effort a holiday holidays and take it I'm cool, because you know you have people over the house we give now, you gotta, be, I think, about about their doesn't go give. Thank you, sir. I give today
thank you, lazy and the only one that has one hears got to go out there daddy boy, he is promoting his ass off fatalities. Eating rightly barely Lionel get. You allows availing I'd, look, yellow revolt, I don't need an underground for change for change. That I mean I'm going to have this show and about want. I imagine the brace Iraq hey, I may have Mirth IDA shouts revolt, we'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody else, people's choice mixes up next and guess. What today is way is holes Bernie
MAX does, with their family, J C joys right now would get it all is to prevent again less on commodity, embarrassingly Thurston, and I feel like we're. Having a moment when officer Derek Shovin killed, George Floyd, something in America broke, I'm going to try to explain from the Colbert connection to what deepened the police actually meet when Donald Trump encourages cops, not to choke people. You know something different, listen to we're. Having
a moment on the I have radio last apple pie, gas and wherever you get your pocket, it seems like it should be easy, but is not just getting out of bed and getting your day started. Trying to accomplish everything you need to do in your day that to do list as a lot easier when you're getting news stories and music to lift your mood and preparing for the day ahead connected to the things that make you laugh and make you think or make you want to reach out and share with a friend every morning with us. It's Elvis Doran in the morning show listen to us on cue, one or two or anywhere in the world on the Iheart Radio, APP.
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