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The Breakfast Club brings you their behind-the-scenes interviews from the huge show out in Boston featuring Fat Joe/Remy Ma, 50 Cent, Fetty Wap, Fabolous & more! Plus Donkey of the Day goes to Ayesha Curry for accusing the NBA of being rigged! Her husband does play for the NBA, no? 73-9?

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Mrs you'll wake a whole day. Child region, the annually Charlemagne girl on the planet is respected, show because this is a voices aside zones in a J W morning. So I didn t want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest boarding, USA, there is no Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Commodity, Angela Yea Mining, as ok. Now, right now, it is a heavy iron blasting Charlemagne is in New York. I assume presume yes, so he should be there. It was broadcasting from both a shout. Everybody that was in Boston yesterday was the
huge cancer with every year. Its call some GM out in Boston, and it was an amazing show. So many different artists before got to kick it with a lot of art is going to play some of those videos, one of with was summoned and audio in our enemy With the Messina very white, last night Marty shattered by Jerzy, we also ran in fifty cents, be seen, engage. We seem fabulous, Virgil, Remy, more little dickie. It was just that. Show. It was well put together an well organised. It was so good at. Get me even sneaking liquor, which obviously, liquor and backstage outbreak. I didn't work without the other. Couple for that. Then after we data after party at a club copied you in Boston, shouts everybody who came to the castle, By the way we had an opportunity to mean a lot of people. We had a barbecue, that's why we're barbecue civilized AMOS hers, and I was really fine and it was a great time and then after we did the after party fabulous? Was there fifty cent stopped all performed
it was just a dope show an amazing time to hang out with a bunch of people that ride with us. Listen to us each and every morning was just dope dope dope dope dope and appreciate everybody that came on out last night and yesterday the concert so I fear. May German, eighty four five shout the pub door shut it. Ashley shout to our g spin shouted maverick. Is everybody and support? in short, a lot of love and everything. We really really appreciate. You guys had a good time. I can't complain, except for the fact that we haven't really stepped. You know we have a lot more to do with our day day. Is its good well I'll, see to weaken this? We could it be get out of here. Now we got front page news popping up. What are we talking about where we are going to talk about the two year old boy and I and it s all about our land or this morning now the family is speaking out. They made their first statement, since their two year old was dry, by an alligator into the lake and will tell you what's been going on there. You're gonna get Disney a little differently after this also we were talking,
add the shooter Omar, my and in Orlando, and now they are saying that he was exchanging text messages with his wife would tell you what happened while also start to music. For here we go predict I just want to say that I said it's going to seven games. You did say it's that seven games now you're right let me say, five games. Eighty six gave they say it's going for seven and I think Cleveland gonna. Take it It is my opinion every predictions as they may not been wrong. That's just my opinion. You know, that's just feel like Lamborn is most to bring back one for the city. That's my in seventeen. Eighty nine, alas, game is gonna, be Cleveland. I think, he's, got away. Ok, I mean I'm not invested in serious because I'm a mixed banister predicts british. Just what I think and I don't think mix will ever get to the files anytime soon. Asia Carry was not too happy yesterday in issue raised hopes. We all talk about that when we come back as well. People locked reckless club, the longest there, let's get in front page news
NBA finals, the Cavs beat, can be the warriors last night, one fifteen to one or one or force seven. Just like us, editing gonna seven games and it went to the full seven games. You did say we're going against YAP new Data I'm pregnant. In five. You said it was going so there it is Emma Games now stay curries wife feel feels like it was rigged. You gotta actual tweets wish, but are you? Yes? I am too is one of those tweet anti leads budgets waded out. I've lost our respect. Sorry, this is absolutely rigged for money or ratings. I'm not sure which I won't be silent, decide lives so that when you to tell the woman said our as now allocation on what the house you talk about. You cannot rig basketballs going through a hope, I have been times were, MBA officials have admitted at varying games have been rigged allowed. No one wanted to regain the calves came out and both the golden States ass. They were ready Why wasn't? I see no reason to believe that we, as he said, put event its waited. Please racially profound my father and tell them to remove credentials
and tried to arrest him. It's been a long night for me, I apologize augurs now you pointed to resume, I would all old mill lay racism within the guns. They were the seventy three and nine they threw out. As someone gave them. She, you have to understand what she tweets things like that. When the warriors win game, seven people can say the same the NBA Eric do that she's in border guards salad the game, seven and assume that we talk. That was no role models. I can hear dissolves out. We were both, and I say this: we are. We all time found my words and we are right now. Let's talk about our Philly Soda tax was on a filling up and ninety percent sure envy. Alas, Philadelphia becomes the first major american city with it, so it tax, the snow white decided tat I have no idea, you disappointed you do. I did you the due to Helen. We. I would now like their material thought, all issues. What's going on The final approval of a one point, five cent per hour tax on soda
beverages about service. Eight hours is exactly figured out any Doyle tax on Tuesday, kids. She's takes as they need to do more story. The do may know the left that people are being almost stories have you well she's gonna talk about Disney World and the alligator problem. Now, according to a report, saying that Disneyworld was warned about the alligator problem and its seven seas lagoon bites some of them he gets in these guys are paying two thousand thousand a night for waterfront Bora bungalows like to having because they liked feeding them. Therefore, therefore they were they ignore their request to build protective fences they knew about these alligators didn't want anybody didn't do anything to prevent things from happening. All they do is put a sign up, put assignable Mickey mouse. They save gaiters cross into something like that his gang and his water when they still shouldn't be
Aid is like that around a butcher case, especially how fast gate Zadig grab a kid at any given moment. They set out this video. If you sent us Amazon Youtube, but they so gaiters Disney where one person said get a chance to go after his five year old son at the park and they discovered it, now the family of the two euro boy who was killed. They have spoken out, Madam Melissa Graves of L Nebraska. They said they were devastated after the death of their son. Words cannot describe the shack and grief our family is experiencing over. The loss of our assembly are devastated and ask for privacy during this extremely difficult, I feel sorry for him wholeheartedly, but if the there was signs of that said no swimming and they happen to be dangling a feet in the water like they said they was, that is their fault. We're gonna with their Lando shooting at any any dates were now they're investigating all my enmities, wife. At the time allegedly, she had been in contact with him. She was actually with him when he was
to go by the ammunition and everything that he was texting him during. What was during his unit was begun? Yeah sure you, I love you and everything, so they are trying to figure out what The message is saying and what, if anything she knew about the attack before is perpetrated? She did say that you try to prevent them. From happen should call the police judicial authorities, as he did not know, suggests we should occur, Nor should we say there, my husband is cruelly and he got a lotta guns. So right now they're trying to determine whether or not Norman team as aware what her husband was about to do when she got messages from him. What and all of that, where you are you he's cooperating, but I doubt it. Ever really aware, though by you may notice, Yo Yo Spasm issues in Athens gun. If you don't see like a plan, written out are you, away. I gotta tell you, said a club and install got the club you know was about to do or maybe she was trying to find a subpoena such innkeeper marriage. Again, please I mean in the garden they recently went to Disneyworld.
Together, they were trying to figure out now if it was a family chip or if he was there to possibly case Disney. Wherefore targets were all right, it is ruining the nice family fine place that land always met right labourers in IRAN or land. A likeness of the White House Dwight Howard, a little man and that's front page news. That's why you're mad eight hundred five hundred five, eight five one or five one if you're up such need event vent need to get things off. You just call us up right now in red aid, Andrew five, eight I want to follow, and maybe I had a bad morning or a bad night last night, whatever it may be, all us up, maybe your wife, with what you think this year, no business tweeting about you, a place of employment, eight hundred five, eight five Five one call us right now for loans wide open to breakfast local morning, breakfast
You know I make you mad with fulfilled, but can't handle. That's why you may want to breakfast which, as well as always when I myself have been constantly losers, darlin I gotta go. I want. I want a bad job, a boy and I still there, but it's very clear report was all alone yet it must say sounds like you're having a lot of unprotected sex we're a condom. You like that. You made a bad one, abortion that he made May or may not bigoted benefit. If its chance you Paypal, abortion Dennis allows, is gonna break There was a broad cellarway met Albert,
Obama, given our money, must listen, crazy, love. How about a little louder. Speculative movements filled their remit. On the very day which I would like to see a lot more like going out. I think I heard in the story. Was you hate Muslims and you want to beat you kids now he said Y got his job. This is Barack Obama hates Muslim, because Morocco Mountain was gone to gradual and I was gonna refuse to allow this early. Was abroad. So am I met a man? The rigged ring marries is Asia can be doing that Have we need to change something behind his age Sammy they the games be to
the guy like anything about Norway. Games at the early release referred one the draft before either I'm going to have my name does not gave. I was not, as is the rigged ball going into, who broke in listen stab, do out of everybody PAN again, seven is Sunday. Would you won't say when going to stay wins anyone by fourteen Now they gonna move. We are gonna, be thought messed up here. MR, you forget, I lose, I will say the same for everybody financially for this to go seven gang slowly as mean is grateful to sport, and I think the Klingon Cavaliers has nothing Le Brahms acting on bringing home a ring organically with over, and this can be done when go to say wind, then you can do. People have defended this rig now, what you will say when they went is rigged. Many three nine off either worthy rig. Tell at eight hundred five hundred five eight five one thousand five one. If you're upset you need to, you could call us at any. Given time we come back of course, annually
it an eye out in Boston. Still Charlemagne made it back home would say about the concert. Last aid who performed the special guess, what the announced I keep a lot to breakfast locomotive the breakfast club that was brazen silhouette dolt morning. Audio, dj, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club annually and I are still out in Boston concert It was amazing, with this summer GM cursor out enforcing dope, show everything, went nice and shadowy you grey, a show. Everything was actually organised, organised he's Anna, usually radio show on organised. Yes, that I'm saying grudge being honest with tenacity. Without look what number that's good? We must think of. It was a way shall live. Another majority white people. Yes, I'm going to say that I'm sorry I was late and I'm like people which are let me down so much after it was ninety why people in everything went find it was no fights I'll go shootings I mean
The odds were lonely here near by other merriment videos allotted traffic das by those who have an absolute crazy, so some of them I did and ensuring that labour everybody had Great energy knows a lot a beer a lot of beer not much hard liquor, but a lot of beer, no sound rhubarb, very It was a dope show a very well before me. Killed it tease bout him in young for doing together fairly, to be a very mumble fill out filled with fear. Great mumble field, music, but melodic. Yes, very, melodic melodic mumble. How would be a nice melodic, mumble, album fab city as avenue come in at the summit, Did he has an amicable areas? Lotta music is open, put out a project this summer, also fair by two. Who Angela use smashing, really have Yes, I'm one, but woe player in the interview learn audio, absolutely while they had. I know you don't take that serious you wanted. It was a little hurt. You he's joking! as the whole hints
yeah Are you not joking envy, You just got air wow just got here Madame, is that when I wanted to be data so that when you didn't have to crabs. Did it all those old? Why? How also little dickie toxic being a rating people, being surprised that he actually made the freshmen cover actually ever give saying. I was surprised, people are really surprised and then you can get a rap is surprising people who sell surprise latterly was a prize. We got a lot of people. Witness also submitted a little dickie made to go, I'm in our Big Donald biggest too much of a shock. Come you little dickie I've been having a good year, two he'd been growing. Nice social media following people like his videos, he's got a fan base there. We also told them currency, which is very webs guy. He didn't make the covering ITALY's is on cup.
The platinum records he put out a record himself and how he felt about that? So, like multi ethnic multi, on open on the regional version of my way, I thought it was read it in the remit. Birds would drake you're busy out of better body deftly, does get busy we'll get into that when we come back and we got room was covered up as well. Yes, we talk about little Wayne. What really happened with his seizures, also icy carry, will give you some more information in what she said was going down during game six, not just the game, rigged, but there was another things. It happened all right. All immoral keep alive is fraud in the breakfast locomotive the breakfast club
The guy at the Reul report, Libretto club, where First Asia carried weeded out ten minutes to gain time and the whole team families are sitting here on a bus. They won't let us in yet interesting tactic, though again, so I guess they had everybody on the best will in the dim it maybe plays. No. The family are so she said, are the teams families are sitting here? on a bus when she's a team that she just mean going if they work and I'm sure the family was image Helen it is meant, go this tale glories. It is a very interesting tactic. Then, after that, he was complaining about what She says it's rigged. She said I've lost all respect. Sorry, this is absolutely rigged for money or ratings and not sure which I won't be silent. Just saw it live sry. Then she tweeted out after you deleted that tweet, please erase Lee Profile,
my father and told him to remove credentials milk and try to arrest him? It's been a long night for me. I apologize Julie, profile bill, curry how Doggery, as a waffle, Colored Bade Negro, who looks black like you now unlawful killing me growth who lives, wives or whether they raise the profile. Maybe they will carry profiling? Glad I right now. Here's a rumour for you, o J Samson. He wants to take a paternity test for Chloe Kai dashi. Now now, according to a prison guide, ok they're, saying that club that Oj Simpson has agreed to this paternity test. F Chloe goes to see him in person. This is according to one of the security guys there. They said that OJ has agreed to have a swab to his mouth and
and the same security got also wrote a book about OJ symphonies as sale at thirty have even given their permission for that tests to happen, Maloney Remede, due to a mean you can just look at them like bade us, a snapshot face what without to fill today. Looking at me, like you just say, no, because at a high look at all J called me, call unify same person, The two bodies she wants to know are now little Wayne is saying that the last round of seizures that he had was not because of desert. He said it was because he is epileptic and he wasn't taking his medication he supposed to take medication in order to control that he hadn't been doing that. He said he went to a pharmacy in Milwaukee, that's where he was performing when he got under private debt to go to the West Coast. They didn't have that medicine in stack. He thought he would be ok for a few days without ever he was wrong. So there yeah, that's it that's! The story is to go, but if that's, what he's a man like that? You can't learn massive amounts.
I can't slack on your help. Bro. Are you just hanging out if you got to get that medicine flown in from somewhere? Do what you got to do to stay healthy Matt? If I could keep it on deck, keep a few love and I beg fountain. I might well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, quite right now. Are we combat bs front page news? Are we talking about? We are going to set that Orlando and Orlando we'll talk about the family of the two year old that was killed when he was drawn by an alligator. Also talk about the shooter that shot up pulse nightclub in killed fifty people an injured, more fifty three people, what they are saying now about his wife, all right Also, we gotta talk about my prediction. I predicted the calves.
The state, seven games and we're at seven gains will tell you all about it. I will call you ever diction, no browser to say prediction: I'm even those right, isolated, seven gave the low turn out is not a safe drop. Baseball. Got dangers now rather live even when you said five enable up three. What I still said: seven s war is in five is a ball of barley prediction boys, who five Haider when we come back as a breakfast local morning is the breadth good morning, Dj Envy Angel Ye Charlemagne, the God it's a Friday. Let's get so front page age news now like, I said as we do warriors last NATO force game. Seventy one one fifteen one or one- you were right now think pick that you are right, that a safe pig does a topic, everybody
they will. Then I guess where we will. I be dull phases hating. Now nobody is worrying rise in a five. Then he said six gain as the nose and also know about it. Six wipe it five. Now that was a safe predicts. I said by fell short of viewing watch what sharp eyes caught sight of you so angry that you were wrong. It was wrong, shut up, you're right, it did the is going to say. Thank you. I say that, because that is a bit nobody else in seven games. That was the only way, the lines that you I hate you gonna win way or eighty eight eight over these people. We are talking about. They never spoke about. A man now carry was havin some issues at the game. First, he said that the votes, families were sitting on a bus and wouldn't couldn't get in then she said that she lost our respect. This is absolute. Rigged for money or waiting. I'm not sure which I won't be silent, saw it live sorry, but she did believe that we and I guess he was upset because he said they racially profiles, your dad and took his credit.
Shall I mean there's one little tweets, let you know people who to say that women shouldn't talk about boys does one little Tuesday reinforces sometimes always play you. Sometimes it works against but when you did when you, when you won your dignity, a team of defending champions of the NBA you and seventy three and nine issue, your husband back to back every piece with the NBA rigged during all that good fortune, you can't aids likes it out. You know you can't know when it can be God when you win You know rig when you load now and then you got games every Sunday. I gather tweet, you say five, the game, seven of yellow. Let us talk about What's going on in a Lando you log on welfare step with Disneyworld. Now, according to reports is the world was warned about the alligator problem. They let the other because a lot of their high paying guess enjoyed feeding the alligators that these guess pay. Like two thousand dollars a knife waterfront bungalows and those guess what alligators him. They you're not supposed to do that and for the guess. I guess they felt like over, but closer to wildlife and blah blah blah them
the reports and video that has surface of alligator in the water you see, one person said that one of the alligators tried to attack him five year old and everything got breast on the rug when he's had to complain about it. So clearly, this is an issue that was on going out the family up a two year old who was killed. They have finally released a statement and spoken out. Matt and Melissa Graves from Elkhorn Nebraska said about their son. Laying words cannot describe the shock and grief our family is experiencing over the loss of our We are devastated and ass for privacy during this extremely difficult yo. You know, and others thought about what have they worse than in the animal kingdom then in the animal kingdom plotted Disney like gaiters, I'm gonna like alarm, you couldn't write that enables that's, if you're staying in their pocket, the part that they were saying that the animals were madly, lay their eggs and stay there before, and I say this to me kid you in and have gained is loosely running around outdated. It's a cared about what a loose already and one in the
about the war. You could get people put a gate around, it puts glass, enclosing, inclosure, read something that's gonna keep away and even a scientist says: hey, there's alligators and have always known. And don't dangle your feet in a lot of his no swimming. If he says don't go in awarded all going to water. I understand you should have a gay to sign up to. If we said no going what followed arose. People let us also vote on a level with the shore. They are Lando Shooter amendments he and they are now finding out- was sending text messages to his wife normative during the massacre why my poor even said that he was texting her and that he loves her. She was saying that she loves him and now there sing whether or not she could have prevented this from happening. Did she know about what was about to go down? She actually went with him when he went to go by everything that he was using, and so now, authorities a thing: maybe she could have prevented this happened. If she should, of course, somebody she knew he was
Amy nuisance. She drove him to the club before she, nor was happening. There is now a second. My father had told investigators that he told there he had interesting carrying out an attack, but she said she did not know any specific plans, listen man! I love love, Orlando Mama outlived their boat. Orlando needs tech support right now, I've as somebody dropped in water by land or needs a good fixer rubber. They had a bad weak right. Front page news now, when we come back Yesterday, of course, we all endorse necessitate a cessation german. Eighty four five there were some GM cards Each and every year is Lee and wait. Yes, an amazing sure everything is everything was so that a big barbecue for us it was a dope show so many
great green room. Everything was so bad, a big barbecue for us. It was a dope show so many different performances from Fetty WAP, two hundred and fifty said to kid ink to fabulous fat, Joe Remy, MA, Ty Dolla sign lil dicky young thug. We got a chance to chop it up with a bunch of those artists. When I get home when we come back fab and Fetty WAP somebody easily modest mash till I came away behind it. I didn't get a chance to go to the concert of our tv show to share. That's all you care about, went back to say yes, basil here, would have had to say about you and who use mass died. In that case, it would be a bad luck and we might make me to bring it up for you figure Friday and to ask the question: do you think at least Massa person? I don't know what it I haven't our daughter. Let's talk about it when we come back and also we we killed with Betty Weapon mighty in him that making a freshman covered a double excel. First of all go anywhere whose first up
very well, we do very much for your Marty arise to keep alive. It's about this dogmatic. That was make mill morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne to go. We are the breakfast club we're broke. Similar from Boston, again shouts asses to station Jim and ninety four five. They had this summit in concert yesterday we kicked it with a lot of art is one of the first hours we kicked it. Would he's from Jersey, very. Why bonds is we re My mangled was gonna feathers Rotumah. Nor do I did it would be wrong. That? They gonna make it once you draw up here, you re doing You now, if you didn't, have a driver, another Angela Merkel, you're crazy, just like the draft that much has happened when you the new? And you can't afford it- you gotta know I'm DR and everyone can afford it, and now he was younger. Now you get delicate you'll, get tired of driving
you see, I always see you and your colleagues magic taken. Very dry balloons and multi drug money. That was all gone back to life are causing as crazy, had success by no means so you try, LINEAR overseas. I see you do in bar mitzvah words, as you know, in all its hopes really like Let me have crazy, I'm sorry be taken. I could get up and is goes away. Burma's over I'll call, nobody and below I owe my we wetlands, thereby Fauteuil heavy. What happened in the war? They did this video view each article two more shopping around Christmas time out they said you were going to hunt, dollar bill was doing this life. I was going to Lhasa, Mobutu, mother, mother marginal. Let me see I was a little happy for me, so I just had a party tonight before I was trying to tell everybody. I already had that money from a night before I just saved it,
that is due it out like of north. Call me you don't. How does this ain't about report that as a state Ok I'll have in early on people was thinking that you isn't gonna keep on common with his, but you had been waiting people, when I don't know, if you can do it, they are now very well gonna guy, like back to back to back to back. Do you know me, I'm also being a studio alongside you, just keep driving me like those who live no sandy. We got this chemistry together, which he made me feel like on the person on the universal us. Are we become? Wouldn't you I said, but why whatever he was due Manzi, whatever you want to do, which is situated in now. I think you got a science him, nothing whatever you do. So what have you decided to do? Well, you know I'm always lay among Bernie Boisil Gaze. I am always here. I am poem by working for saying so, while fellow, what are you? and on a freshman cover asked Vanessa from public Sally of data was caught us apart.
Because you had a bunch records, would have me put on record. How did you feel about that? Making efforts to honestly, like I have been it happened, it don't don't buy. Let Us not me, I'm going to still keep gone. I feel like Philly, I'm good while I'm out already like. Let me wear this violate. You still apply to her artists for me, like Not me! Maybe may we just doin it lays down a vague, and what about this rumor rumour has it that you and your God ever outlets. About to release a signal, walking around back here. I heard that you gotta believe his eyes. Betty I one or two people are actually work were love. I already be worldwide allowed artist occupy unable to tell me: can be wrought, saga, modest rowboat say what they say. No sale, Marty dogged That's why I really be working while being Atlanta. A lot answer me.
More or less alarming that some other Baghdad time I we get at them As a rule, nine, I gospel the base of our ass. Anyway, I live amnesia results, go decay away. We go work alone will when we got married. I will well Gov Return, Nosair Islam. We were component or sand and, as that advocate over Gucci settlement, Ninety percent, which was influence here s, my nor sent the more people, are more food, as does my employers, or rather, I feel like a polite right now, like yourself cave who grew to you. No sir, I saw them all people before me outside of our people my errand. I came up were made no sound, like a lot of. You was a floors, Barghouti who knows for life, now may gucci manner that eight I do doesn't is occurring at his ease up on the ballade sonnets. Every similar they re evaluated? Very wasn't. There might study was no baby law sailor. Others look
Formulate a couple years ago does not mean albino me from side to be Doma. Daylight knows, and I support my eyesight. You lied to me my views on the back this car, but he saw again because I was asked him about different remaining you thy. Now. That's my fray office itself, which was everything ok. As to measuring alike, come on now hot over his anger reality. So is the ground of ivy later. How does he do? Is everybody loved you anyway, no matter what so I'm here for the music, no saying I ain't trying to be funny all of that tv stuff right now. I should be telling just doing my Fetty WAP thing, Now we have with our reason for that a lot of people I dunno Obama, no sale. I was the real story. My while never talk about is the last. I like the music music part of Eu Laws, airline, nobody, nobody! Why you never talk about any music. You never talk about. The struggling dismal turnips also does game with the ice before we know say.
Really and our main arabas. I give you guys, I did they develop, but who are dying of AIDS. What they actually Burma and others. I was born in it so much that, but like abusing very well recent months, have resides with research. You gotta say once are there we go says value it. All right I'll keep alive. When we come back, we go kick it with fabulous in France. As he might drop the jam on us about it? Usually, so forget the mix tape forget all s death, we talk about Jim yeah? I wanted you to Jim to I don't get the hated Jim. I want to hear about the Jim. I want to know who the naturally Jill we're. Ok, We come back. He belongs to breakfast locomotive that was needed me Rihanna morning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club we're broadcasting from Boston. How does a boss like, but the Boston acts and voices in Boston? We live in Boston, given eighty four five chapters is station yesterday
with a huge sum. A GEO concert. Fab was performer. We got it as to kick you what I'm so, let's get into it? Effie! Be! Oh hello! U S! The answer was a guy who gave every time radio is easy, wise man. Rather we allow blood you, sir, I'll be out in a book and how anti lino envy you these interests, the other day, video on a wall as I always do, you don't get avenant credit everything. Are you crazy? Already, lady? He worked all you gotta do. Is you are what percentage now. That was was very helpful. Mockery of ours. Congo, in how you wasn't credit started in the game, is first tv tv. Now, let's talk about fabulous now when we get a new project, I think
Tucson Mountain July man. I think I want to throw out, but I'm going to go back. I might go July and August. I got so much music. It just really me trying to figure out when I'm going to just let it out on how to let it out some guy? I got some summits music. So that's why I'm ready to come? I'm ready to ignore me- and I want the mixing daddy, whether saga, like old exiles regulations, the actually, whether it makes me are you surprised you do. Freeze thousand people forget how nice you are when you did too. Friday massacres last year it was I people's while family split away this garden spitten since he started yet, but I think is is generation over there. At the same time, like I think musics, who was also a chain lie, so he knows about making a song is judged by light, but you know is not as clear away his down through the bars and picking and picking apart what you do so even
you ve heard me on a radio you mighty will forget aka, wrapped in that fashion. You know that I was one of the reasons I did Friday. Night freestyle was just too show, may take it back in the shoulder you Norman do that, but you is. Is this it's my. What do you know me around Hang on a while people like don't don't recognize that this nice is here. He was talking about how he feels like you haven't Mr P, get because you ve been very consistent, but he's like bad still hasn't. May I that I know how incredible he is yours is a Meda is this is surely you know very well you care, I can't I can't grovel was It had been done or like. If I had the big enough for these and had Jimmy, I mean in the school behind and one that was a
in Eminem and let you know I had a lanes who I clue. I had a better lay in the sovereign people and in army was, was came about and I'm still here still dormer thing so in on Bless the why we think that is one of the nicest most consistent, no definite think he's persisted. Thank you enough. I'm pregnant represent. She grew up with easy or hello fringes. The like, like a year, he kind of our group s days where he was awkward, That is why we have quiet. You go out all them stages, you ugly! Nah I mean I was, might have been off to them, but at the last I love my order. Sadie now may not happen now, oil couple weeks ago, Troy F. And are you instead a long time ago? So does that make you moving differently when you go out now, I think it. I think it definitely. That did you gotta just be aware. Surroundings, you gotta be way
where you goin and how you move. You know me. I got a lot more experience and is not even want to see some people see certain energy source that arms lady like because now you'll be large, without as you do, but the day they gotta experience into. Like my thing came from my spares me saying: people we see a differ. Rajasthani energies and makes me log in and you don't say you tell when something is not. You know me like in the end, even if I need to be there I'll come there to do what I got to do and get out of there cuz, you don't want to be a part of something that ain't even for you anyway. You don't answer we go alone and it was a picture of you and your family and you guys all dressed up matching city the agreed down. I envy takes it to end these one. I like how many suitcases that they know you had a pack, so many that true nag, but it was it was there was great, like those bridges. May I, like you, know your family
Intuit they love to dress up, and you know meanest is don't. I think it even said to a good president for people that you know take family pictures as well. You know Our legs is way towards Rolex, his goodness gracious. He will distinct. Does illegal stuff us not gonna. But I mean besides amino investment, you noted Canada is for me like for you choose to see. Something we came up where we will, we will strive, For that matter, I would like possible We would do whatever whatever you have to do in people in the hood think they had that mentality. So I don't want my kids that look at that. That's something they have to strike or like I'm giving its will now, so they could see. That's why I take them, places that I'm bored so they could see, and I get experiences stop and just right for success, not strive for relax things to make a big and when you get older, I that's not. If I just got me together, unplug the bombing was maybe another baby, a common EU capacity. We were we'd Emily Frank, my congratulations, It is now allow. We appreciate you produce,
as always, usually it as we enter the nabob etc. But I beg you not fixed it. Maybe they'll lose grace brags days like that I'll blow of unitary souls relationship, amazing, wow, Norma, there you have it. Ok, it excludes tray souls annually. Ye keep allowed as old man. You gotta give us somebody new ever all body. You know they won a merry. Nobody, other old rumoured body You said that training and their lead J songs and demanded that I mean it's a bad look of here? Why view you actually ye pulls the gay wife? You can't give mediating right hand, you can't have it the to Trace mass of his rifle After his wife with local people, locked the breath is low,
what the the Reul report was glad when they can't and has put out a new freestyle its Claude divorce papers now the moment that he wouldn't sign off on his divorce papers with Mariah Carey and he's been upset at the media coverage of this, and he said my purpose for creating his divorce papers. Freestyle was not to see the tablets at her or even to diffuse it. This was strictly a creative way for me to express my frustration with the media, the naysayers, myself and, ultimately, with the voices in my head. Get out work whenever you I'm telling you God only one. The cannon around my are producing went to go play. It any did not play because God did not want to Canada around. We got a cue, he said is a great place. It is ex right now I gotta
My daughter said daddy. Why you wasn't is because the last time I dropped you on your brother off, I didn't get a card next day and it felt like years and I'm going to be honest. Sometimes I hate to hear you're on the other line having fun without me or wonder. If my son was ever doubt me what the press right about me, I don't lost faith and everybody was love, don't care about it. I just want my kids to be safe. Today you got it
I thought I m. Looking monies, please give my guy Bodell terrible Nick she'd, never expressed himself through rapturous. Tweet talk write a book do at all, while in that we don't want to hear you bud, I just can't you presently crap and even an authority talk. I sound like a ghost face, be isolate gigolo Emma Jane I long ago that why you're so disrespect future has jets, lasted against Sierra, and that's because he's getting my time with his address him Q pictures of them together, She had seen him for fifteen million dollars, and that was because he caught her bad mom future. They encounter sue, but since then he's as suggested, dismissed his case against her now she has not jobs. Hers, though
Just so you know, oh yeah, see on patio, withdraw my dear. You drop yours or maybe just maybe that's the stipulation you drop yours for us and our drama. Yet, hopefully the two of them can work out without the quite involved. I write came Kai Dash D gas seeing her on the cover of Jake. You magazine now. Well, you know she's very soon. Annually. Clad, I guess, is the way you would put its you know what I understand, but I didn t know TAT: you can go dashing economic scene, a negative ones, I'm seeing a negative budgetary she's naked while paying vat. She does do in this interview. S talk about what happened with tell us with versus Congo West and tell us people responded, you wanna hear what happens, show our right well, according to camp right ashen. She says that tell us with totally approved of that song famous and she said she totally new that that was coming out. She wanted to all of a sudden act like she didn't. I swear my husband gets so much is four things when he really was doing.
Proper protocol and even called to get it approved. Thank him started going into. She said what wrapper will call girl girl that he was wrapping align about to get approval now she goes on and say to sail out a different things that things that you, the ok the okay said so many respects of people in the music business heard that conversation and no I mean he's called me a bitch in his songs. That's just like what they say. She's, never think. I never once think what a derogatory word, how dear he, not in a million years. I dont know why she
has lived all of a sudden and then she said it was funny, because when I get on the Grammy Red Carpet, all the media is gonna. Think I'm so against us. Not just laugh and save the jokes on you guys. I was in on it the whole time. So basically, she also said that canyon had recorded the conversation that he would tell us who have cause he's, always filming everything, documentary style, but she said till this was people then went ahead and sent an attorney letter like don't you dare do anything with that footage? Now here is how tearless, whose people responded they said till it does not hold any thing against Kim Kardashian, as she recognizes the pressure Kim must be under and then she's only repeating what she has been told by kind yea. However, that does not change the fact that much Give me saying is incorrect. Kanye and Taylor only spoke once on the phone. While she was on vacation with her family still has never denied that conversation took place, but she said Kanye never play the music for her, never said that he was going to call her a bitch and referencing her. So how could you approve something
never heard so I tend to believe, came in Congo. You can't trust anybody like Taylor. Swift, who acts surprised at award shows chosen. They noting Unwin, ok plus tale about them snake. Sharp elbows, something about her elbows on trustworthy. They ended that statement with came carnations, claim Taylor. Her team are aware, being recorded, is not true and I can understand why kindly and now came when not just leave her alone. Understand Eddie their vows guy. I would never mention tell us what name without ok, you realize that in that, whenever he gets cold to tell us as her name bad things happen. Yeah they just let it go. I write what that is your room. A report on me delete all right. Thank you. Miss ye, shall I? Yes, we give it a donkey. How you know for after the hour, I think Ayesha curry needs to come to the front of the congregation donation she's already in the church, she's actually sitting sitting to rolls. Beyond the frontiers of common front? Tiggle awoke I come in
Let's have a conversation, MR we'll get you that when we come back, keep it lacked is Friday. Mr Brok was love each other s. Oh, come on dont the other day job Democrats have been granted a day. A little bit of a mixed adult for bridging I've been called a lot of my twenty three years been donkey. Other bay is a new way. Just don't you today for Friday June, Seventeen goes diy. She curry life. What a catchy colored killers, deaf curry, let the record show like I used Gary Boyd, the donkeys they do not discriminate. Now the goat, if they warriors, have a regular season record of seventy three, a night in the play off. They have one eighty games this season. They are the defending NBA champions
thank. You will forget that they are defending MBA champions and may have a skein seven with another pause. Nba championship on the line is Sunday back to back, is safe to say that the last couple Nba seasons have been great to stay worries and I carry no this because he's had a front rosy to all of it. She is married said a current back to bed M. Bp, okay staff curries should give to see all that is play out up close and personal. In real time. That's why last night I was befuddled, I saw you should carry tweet out after the these laws. I've lost all respect. Sorry. This is absolutely rid for money. Our ratings in shore which she made the put I'm, but she put in that's how you know firms will fuelled by pure motion, but she tweeted our ratings in not sure which I won't be saw silent. I just saw live sorry We wanted a time that this is one of those times. You can tell a woman the show
bingo in the in the kitchen and cook- something and not be considered number one she carries really a chef. She ever show coming wonderful network into. She really have to shut up what our world thy hip hop conspiracies about the NBA. This is what happens when you get your talking point from social media is quite simple, the when the championship, Malaysia, there was seventy three and nine and irregularities initial step. Curry is back to bed. VP at a league. Has all that good fortune for gold. You state because the NBA is rigged, tell me tell me how now TIM Donnay a former mba. Everyone submitted an mba referees rigged. A two thousand who play off theories to force it to seven games. He also the NBA, routinely encouraged referees. The ring a bogus found the manipulate result but ignored calls against all players. Look rest, only affect the outcome of a game by so much. At the end of the day, you can't rigged ball, going through
I've been rigged by the Gordons they wore is only scorn eleven point in the first quarter last night the skull was thirty one eleven after the first quarter, he can regulate ye shoot and you make it are you shoot and you miss is not hard, but I issued by your logic when you go to stay worries and making shot the game is rigged. Is a remote control ball NBA. Commissioner, was a name Adam, so bad thing Adam Sylvia controlling and he guides the ball in and out of the hole ass he pleases. I should carry stop it. It just making away too easy Farley sexes these sex, this men to say this is why women should discuss what haven't even look, but I bet you it's so many saying the kitchen tweets on twitter and by the way, the greek yogurt snacks, the zero dollars and one cents an apple oatmeal into saffron sound on Ayesha. You carry drop one of bond for those okay, they look amazing, but that's not the point.
The point, is you can't say two NBA rig when things don't go to war is way and then say it's all gods plain when they went. I seem to remember game for this year's play off. Gives the Portland Trailblazers when stuff return from me, injury on a Monday night Doyle, regulation you'd like tool of thirteen Three point: nine billion in all the time you scored like seventeen point most point score by player in one overtime period ever and Asia I tweeted out so proud speechless. God is always in control, always Asia. You go from that! God, always in control to the NBA, is rigged. Now I know gotta have nothing to do with ports more game. We changed everything, Branford same thing same thing. So since the series is died, three three positive God love right now, who god with what makes this tweet, even worth is we have a game seven on Sunday we still don't know what the outcome of these theories is gonna be games.
In Oakland is a high probability. The warriors will still when these theories, and if they do, we still think the NBA resignation. You have to watch what you say because what you say, will be used against you in the corridor social media. Anything that happens to the warriors pacifically step there from here on our people say, is rigged. The EU did now deleted tweet. Ok, now let us should get some middle smooth, vocal from the Hamilton. Please you girl, you, yeah I shall write. I issues emotional chief, curry, you put too much so net yeah. I did a little too much so network. Ok, ok, ok right will take you for a donkey of the day now,
come back annually and I are in Boston broadcasts. Allow from Boston. Yesterday was our sisters stations big concert this summer, Jim Amazing, Freddy Web, these said kid: ain't tied Al Assad, fabulous, Remy, more fair, Joe, just just to name a few or perform all killed. It was organised everything was It was don't shut out the kid s further, Hennessy too. By the way we will be having a bad day. There was Oh look, backstage was it was a good show, but kidding did not pass the room, laugh and haven't a glass we would like and any came back ass. He fell by lady. I was immensely deaf. We gave us some. Some liquors shouts a kid, but when we come back we can, three hundred and fifty and we also kicked it with Remy MA and FAT Joe. We going to get that was back on so don't go anywhere. It's breakfast time, the breakfast club,
be very agitated girl. Holding everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne, the God now yesterday was our sister stations huge. Thus it out in Boston, fifty one, fifty fetch, already more fabulous Kevin Gates in a host of others before we got a chance to actually kick it with some of them. The first for us we talk too, was fat Joe unremarked with that. Now, let's go right so willing to get enough, like I love all away, but I heard out down because they re makes similitude right. You know right. The thing is Einstein in these excited absolutely been hearing the rumours that the whole albums Raising? Yes, he said the next one, absolutely humble voice. What I'm asking couple of weeks allowing another, no, no, no, no! No. The next back in July, a couple of weeks right, lie like all the way home is going down.
Oh you last forty. Zero is only about this wreck right. No, whose party was a baby after what we were, where we were babies out on the way we were using Vassar, so somebody asked so Joseph every we have a wreck limit. Tell you any more you guys he got his voice. Did you guys? Are we now and he tells me about this wreck? It makes me so excited about the record in the album he was like Remy bodied me on this album. Absolute positive, bodied me or disabled anyway. I was almost everybody on the other way. I remain in particular, Remy bodies, you I'm that's, who you know curve blog is just show you how you make money. I make money less big money. May I we gave our lovey where it seem we sailors and if he wins, I went away. He way, though you now, let's talk about their remit, virtually bitches, you killed. You kill three bitches our beds as all that,
no not at all, get via sixty six that I'm not of them get la Bob. Bob entails saw three, therefore gonna cry right these two as the died soon after this today is a day to day. Thou REM Ram. My wife was that a picture of it, Instagram and I guess somebody got out of hand and before I could make a comment. Remo to come and check the whole page, and I gotta watch room because rim. You know you got what you call it would you drive is when the drivers got the travelers ray Motorway I've already got where raise like wicked. Stop you see this. Your ram, just levies, While I may exert Olympics Plato behaviour. Let me is that people feel like social media is a platform where they can just say and do whatever they want, and I feel I if it's my page, I should able to regulate with give it an anomaly. Why would you com? Would you come from my house
The knock on my door. If you knew where lived, no get crazy, so lacking up aids, and then I thought of seeing other people being socially bully. Echo is social media bullying. Ok, like things how to do his good wife, ere she bought over the Inmost Edison pitcher ever was like am or the kid she's pregnant, beautiful my neck, it all day about that. What they would like, all nobody in the just smiling, but you smell a lot when you, which is now back rather than shell, is home, we're all jealous of phenomena and I've ever military might on vertical by first of all monies of all evil and people want is so bad they so jealous of people. I see your wife she got but Burke and bags. You don't want She won't! God bless you work very hard for that. God bless you tell em off the ass, go, get a job and go work also with all the way. Every mix. We heard rumours that there was a another remix we Eminem and fifty
No, no, no. No. We do have a West Coast release we about the job. Raising phenomenal, but now I mean this was in our galaxy. We wait me over his song mad. You know everybody! No mother, wanted in on the remix right, and you know we just wanted to do it. For us. We want to do it. The way we want to do it manages and just do what we we never did before. We never did it. It came out great about wealth now by tat, and you're, like an unofficial remakes AOL is my very everybody iraqi came out. I am because they doesn't. The wreckage came out marked seventh, I remember. Clearly we dropped the remakes on the maids when we forth the day after we drop them. Everybody has their whole. We with. Unlike know. Why is NACA Knox? but do you know your pop out of them? Had a daisy recommend because there was always always that you in jail, where weren't great coin, we all
very grass a great net. I like that. I want peace like everybody these now realise that this is all about peace, unity. You see our young brothers kid. Trouble out there. We trying to stop that we trying to show him. You can have the biggest rap wars on earth and you could just make peace and it's all about peace. At the end of the day we trying to make beautiful music feed our families- that's all it's really about, but I feel like a lot people target as as artists, and we feel like we have to be so way. We go up from us less so in environment. We felt we have to act so away and they taught us wrong likelihood taught us all the way wrong right. You you you go with this mentality is messing up. The money is not as good access, course do money. The lawyers in you no medical fees, dependent on which ended a stick, your eyes and hum I just belike at this point
and both of our lives like we. We we passed all that like we don't want. No reason why we don't we don't want no prob ly boat the really ever. Let let the rector reflects and is theirs platinum, single, so glad of automated I'm glad, while a zone where you will lose every day, gizmo no that's all we well know is always made. No one was there, the whole I'm gonna throw me, I gotta talk to you. That's all Let me start with a bright smile, crazy or they be there as he thinks that balancing Redman. Nowhere was like. I was just something big you that's why it's out bad Joe, no privacy, Virgil!
our z, does talkative. You know no sooner laugh last summer law, whom we rather we were at the formation conferees above the come. I thought you guys and languages like regular. My brow was: was laboratories, like I don't know, I'm just like well, there's eighty, thousand b, while their, whereby the council, you not the hell out of regular five seconds later, you live For me, like no gold I was just a little. I was. I was nervous about it. A lot in others was map in God's name, so then you know a lot of people we we take it for granted. All the years we've been putting out hot music. You know I'm saying so the way the people received this right now, two thousand- and sixteen I mean just to be frank, you know How to add a joint is a phenomenon on real humbled by so you norms and I'm looking to eighty thousand people. We have to be as a joint I'll try really like it's like a sun tan
I'm looking at the fair use means that this is a second time at the beyond think also moves every New York was we love and lay too. We will stop China. Doom doesn't want to know. I guess he gives me high by Anybody who doesn't know better performance is the ultimate battery in the back, and we know what is it that we everyone's about album six months ago during the meal away up this? Does the ultimate battery bat trailing germ of other platinum orders. Here we want less educated. We look forward to the Abbot index single and I'll, be calling I always sex. What I would feel that takes it for me to like you got were down those about the golden lion. Maybe now I found him on that report goes wrong you, so the woman can't get a text of. Why? Well we're not fasten Gee. I don't think that places me six o clock in the morning every other day, so that the text, but not of the question in my vote-
do you know your sister has a show, call lip service here. I don't go anywhere, I dont go on and I think I just see badges ways you look like you know. To learn a lot about you, just go noses: wolves walked off, don't always gotta go, there's dairy that are alluding. While I will keep it work will become back. We will kick you would if the little bit don't go anywhere in the world this programme on a surprising that was Bryce until a with dozen morning, everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Nowhere embarrassing for the huge concert has caused some jam. Very Organised very great, show no problems. No fighting everything was amazing. Everybody on a bill, including this guy right here as well, I mean in the bag, was wasted this I'm your hosts. For now, you recently in every individual's right, I gotta find no. That was a bit more silent ass. I left the goals on Israel,
rose convertible with Billy Goal masonic strategy. Now I know why does she hasn't two area, my desire, what now hand you know what I was doing about their don't make me to close by and adaptable smoker. There now some programs like that? You know, like Chrome, golf cart, Jack, just pull up on my skirt. I do not observe nausea was with was in no. What you do is someone with the ever vodka headphones. The Fredo underwear, the power. That idea of Regos now rose out of the jury out more Sri Lanka's because they separate his own good measure party. So your way when you sweat, it doesn't get you long before you start to create the natural order. Did you create we gotta musk much mosque suppresses nobody. You still love music, as we are doing, is more than just give me a chance to take a step back
enjoy from a fan perspective. You know you got the new little artists to come in and they all pretty much show me respect. So I enjoyed watching it and I'll take place. I believe, as do had out his moment right against these dope is just when there's nothing gone all, but that that cause it'll happen eventually will not make us goes, is to consistency. I just have a harder for him is good luck. Right process of being assistance, so slow model, but when it does happen to pay off in Omaha navvies back into your boy, try, as you said, a man his in pointing situation, we spoke to him directly, both to notice actual attorney rattling. Ok, Google Musica Spirit. You know up everything comes along with that when I see that incident, and they said you went to visit Haymow or web at the hospital was like. You know, you know, because combating back. You have to wonder the clubs and it was there with it could be the incident at any given moment. That's not bad! You know well! This is unfortunate.
His name because it lands an actual already space. Instead of it just happens. Over over in an ideal, but as someone else is not bag artists involves, oh when I have, if it is so low grade pudding, We see no reason to guide hereby with known as scenarios those who, as is that even the club on time now lobby out you better go out. I had already in a cloud on that Maggie does now lay motionless. You don't want to leave you always do we never to hell I'll show up with Is it a boy? Why call it illegal to figure out for months now. What I will do what I tell me what's going on the stairs? I was indeed very busy with a silver rain. Yes said they Lemming go check them out some outside the clubs, did it happen been I right, but I was already there there. It was all kinds of things going on outside. It didn't feel like the safest situation
as I gotta go, Ngos and I said I was club seducer consumer has no, I know about other overhears nice to say what they want, but the work, say about this incident in a club evil go, we need. Doesn't care likes David word? If I'm going to miss you Only when are you gonna be that you gotta be light. We adding not, as is only one Thomas, is certainly will make me feel like. I should leave this one. Is that thing in the window? I was gonna granted in setting that Unita like you got me that when a man about power I was going backwards either way out is limited July. Seventeen is actually moved back of mother. It was the six and in job my birthday, It is only to be iceberg. They now now to show becoming on Sundays. Is that a satellite really so is expected to be a big has made its you know At a point where I anticipated be big, I'm gonna, wanna, prided up now get passionate about an agreement will be the mute Nairobi out there, but knows that we're going to some other things, but we take you there.
Can you make a right so when you feel like is gonna be successful, but at accuracy limitations to other files, he's gonna be a success. Ok, we're going to hard enough for it to be a success and there was a project. Notice is grown on us all night at the indications. Did you ever hear his shows when it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger, as it goes nerves is better because actual the lightest, everybody knows that they can feel the pulse it actually show and stuff. When things do they know to correct, isn't everything is feels really organic from their work. Why me cuz you get loads who into character. Now who will carry the thy? I think gonna go someplace Zaga drop one zero people, that active in the past and we you know like fictional me, it did it air but go make em rule you are very involved in.
The direction of right, I did not want from the beginning from scratch. Normally so now you know I feel like was, I feel, like ideas right. I've got another, so picked up did announce. Yes, I will tell her by whenever I thought I was gonna die. Those scripted illegal, This applies in a road to entice grip. There was the first group did what I did. The team of writers to develop the world following the script and Ashley got it. So it's like it's really cool. So I'll do some writing in El Pais erect episode power in Annexes. Ok, what we look forward to seeing power you can't miss it. How is this year with the motor show? Maybe we were right now you will we go Babby aromas cover up, yes within its by some new things happening in their Grammy's to make certain people eligible that weren't eligible before us. I will be this: I see o J Simpson as clearly Kardashians, dad passably was how you was about to happen.
All right, all right, more cupid, locked, the breakfast global motive, the breakfast room, a report whose web and necessary news the editor in chief of double exiles, who did a freshman cover. She came on the breakfast club and you that you guys asked her about Post Maloney. While he was in part of the fresh men. Twenty sixteen, I don't know. If I could. I doubly didn't chair, I re well. Here is what happened? post Malone. We were told by his camp that he was in paying attention to hip hop so much. He was gonna. Moreover, rock pop treat arousing avoid. Yes, we never even discuss play music. We never even met on at once. We heard that he was going and a whole different music direction. It was a really acknowledging their eyes and really was in town us. You know we're going in that country direction. We were like. Well, that's the message,
you don't really want to be in the hip. Hop were also we're just gonna. Let it go awry well postman, though it was not so pleased with that and he put up a poster: Vanessa Devil, Excel internet, etc. My love of music should never be question. I shouldn't be chastised for expressing myself in whichever way I see it. He goes on to say: I made a hip hop mix tape promoting my hip hop album. I have a hip hop album coming out in August, even if I was to assume a silly artie you go. I make a effing acid poker project in save my head, it's our reflective of what I'm going through as an artist and even more a living person. So he just said from the horses mouth. No. He said she said if you don't, like me, politely f I'm gonna go we're gonna, be the golden law, makes his argon be trash following told him the whole existence, they love
we will all know you care for the bulls moving around as long as you don't airy loathsome alone. I hear you respect your message, but we can only go of information. We are giving your publicity team till this. You are moving away from her path and then I'm gonna be backs into being a hip hop artists because you are working on other John was of music, so she goes on to say all she did was repeat what she was told and ass. You did try to reach out to his management. Did trade he's out to him and had no response. So that's what she was offer. What is the Charlemagne God take on all situation for Non, pulls launch all existing right. Well, thank you suppose below do love another thought that the you work and now here some news streaming only albums are not eligible to be nominated for a Grammy. So, as do me muse a b c, that's so important right now to everybody, that's how a lot of people are listening to music will they just announced yesterday that that will be eligible now. So that's a huge change and that's going to be implemented immediately chance, the rapper,
problem that was streaming. Album is now eligible for one of the beautiful burn. You need new rules for new technology. Leg of their whole old way of doing things need to be out. The window allowed itself needs to be updated in doubt the thing that needed to be updated? Enchanter Rambo colouring book absent we deserve the. Not only be nominated for Grammy. What the winwin amazing project! That is, I rights there. You have it and that is your room. A report, amazingly
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