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Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker Discuss Their New FOX Talk Show With The Breakfast Club.

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We'll be boiled celebrity real, some joint existed there morning, everybody is dj. Envy games will ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club you get to scratch. You guess at the building now are in turn, has really done its homework. We have a Machado pronounce is falling. Poor is Frederick Cecil Tain T O footway I'll go get. It pains me you're, my boys, Frederick, sessile, tin, nutty off what t count Nicole post in order to study that we go over and over thanks for having, as though you know, you guys have a tv show commoner Fox. A talk show yes, daytime touch, no one kind of relationship, whether you like it from a beautiful rich couple, half an hour later as regular for sea limits, Asia. My wife actually answered at best this morning when, when asked to think what
You want to repeat now. I don't remember what it is. You don't remember was like six in the morning when it comes to, oh meal in the morning, put its neighbours and the kids chicken homework everybody the same. We all got the same stuff go on home in those men away lived a lamentable color. You are it's all the same. When that's what we want to talk about, we want to talk about stuff that everybody's passionate about everybody's worried about concerned, with whether its current topics issues or whether as parenting, love relationship sex, that's the kind of stuff tat we go haven't. I shall it be that, but what about it? is a problem in the household in one goes one way, Mongols, the other. We who wins? You really have to ask a question: why did you not, as we accept it, absolutely accepted? Doesnt we sign up
and we learning how to communicate everyday. We get a better at an everyday like guys have to learn how to be more present illicit. How to listen. Women have to understand that we became parents, the exact same second right right down as they seldom street, as we don't know uses while you gotta do is You got a feed them. Don't you understand? I do it my way it s. Really. I do those regular father, you become apparent, exact more. We do it becomes. Do by you- and maybe we have a directive that got were you there about.
It always does worms. You also have the same exact time she became was technically, but I feel tat you re probably mounted dilated archangels, maybe that's your individual feel. I mean I afterward when my daughter was born. She came up screaming they sort of washed off, they put it down. She was screaming, and then I started talking to the German and she recognized the voice. She opened her eyes and stop scream and let them that was my first connection. Imagine and that just literally turn me into a man right there now. So I guess everyone has their own experience, but I feel that as it as obtains the parenting. We I mean like so give every week or now, because whatever they say wins like she just said nobody. I remember with parents and, as does that's your relations with you, why I'm just talking about as apparent is yes it will. I think, as a wife, I needed to stop care so much about the way he did. Things like he makes pancakes different, they make their. He comes the hair.
The meat and a good is hereby match your bank exerting ass. They were kind of tackling I'd. Ask you just sit here. All perfect. For a man we ve been payments. It means that we have done it without a news talking about last names and a husband took her last name. Would you ever have considered being you know, Boris Pucker, cocoa? now I guess it doesn't sound good there's, nobody would enable a pancake does not necessarily go. My here is my african heritage that you go through lab too, because we we earn. Aim right. So when we named our children, we had to go back to Ghana way to talk to the elderly. My father had to prove it with everybody so that we can name Sophie anarchy. And technology means first born daughters, the whole process and naming your child and and that's how was name as well as you can see my name so
and even acknowledge only like Monday and take the park and aim, but I don't care about the cost of adult in its. I think it makes sense for the kids they have both names to individuals made. These people like the holy pits and Angelina. Their names are the last. The kids last names a jolly pit and it makes a little bit assent of you. Gonna try to combine it. I am, however, considering changing my name after ten years of maritime area and I'm trying to figure out. I want to take a little pony trojan highway NATO those naval Sonar cordial like that Do you think how you why you take your name ass, you do well. Do you think I should take his name armies then woman do you think I should take as I think you should keep yours too, that I beg you should do a liking, Nicole, Harry Pucker, Cogia as a whole. Oh won the asker, a high political or rococo would just as a compromise only you know the only reason I like her keeping is because she's
aim is, and he had her name and people know her by their name and that we believe in a most use a wife. But you would still have his name, but why can't she keep hers and then add his after? I think that's a great thing to do. You know sleep either? I didn't really think too much about it, but I did think like what, if I did all that change my name and then it didn't work, what are we going to go down she had I mean I mean what are you gonna quit questioner, we had a meeting that thirty years of forty years ago, he was gonna. Do that look the guy up. Ten years puts us in a category where it would pretty safe. For now for now. If I were to go somewhere, you would have done it like after two years yeah we
and now we want to be here. Yeah, that's it. I think. That's yeah bases of of a good relationship does actually want to be. I don't need to be here? I only a media by Kenya was large and two years you weren't manoeuvres to see. Now starting lousy. Ok that everybody has come up today, like somebody else asses, although that is not at all. We want to go on a date with run out. Maybe I was the one thing when they would mean dinner, it Cheesecake delegates
we're just going? We don't you know, I'm a swinging, limited limited, brigaded learning yet does not make a lot of marrying people opened the open up the third stage for other things to happen, and I don't I don't. Have that and look look look over the problems. There are many different causes in the world. They live their lives in many different ways: there's polygamy on both sides and there's a rage marriages which, which actually last longer than Wesson western marriages on average Saddam judge. I just feel that whatever you do your partners of the same page, so when we talk about swinging somebody We loses out. Somebody always lose out name any couple willing jail. Ok, well somebody who lose out some does it mean when somebody always loses out blaze? I'd like your ghostly, but the girl and your wife.
My point is that dead, then one of them is always less attractive to the other person then, so there one of them always feels like you know you got it. You ve got you and me over here, like not enjoying myself. It is always gonna be trouble. You always know. Do you want with what you want what wills mismatch anyway? I just you know, why about it as well as I do not want to smash either what I got this came and Jacob K. I know you got about, I wouldn't they enjoy. By day and J. Please listen talk about
back then we made it to ten years in Hollywood. Ok, for a more for you guys, like an under the radar kind of couple audio lights. They added a news here things about jostling on, like that wars with doing that, and the call was do and, as you know, what is its purpose the way the care really is born and everything else come. Second, and I think, when you make that decision rather than China balance everything in people so concerned with the image you know occasion married. I guess I got a girl. This stuff is way too much like you can live, your life were and I'll life is our kids and when we prioritize that way- and we still good values and principles- and I guess we don't have time for the other stuff, how personable you guys, Ghana, shouting and attack that, like every that goes on at home. I do you feel like it might be difficult and affect your marriage or got a reality. Shell is a talk, show that and we can have guess I mean there's gonna, be a lot of time. Hearing from other people. I think our challenge is not going to be talking about. You know what, under
I went to bed, but more so much the better. You will get nowhere, I don't want my. Why do we always gonna be like a given tat you now we want to hear from other people and the challenge is gonna be able to do. You know how that show and give great interviews now. Let me ask you this. This is something that we ve been debating a lot lately, and this is also in the news Chris RACK and his wife were getting divorced. They be married. I was twenty years right he's worth. Seventy million dollars and people are going back and forth well, she can have as many no, she should at his money, even though they were married, for I have a long way Think about that. Does it. Women deserve half. If they ve been married, twenty years, preen up is no longer valid. I think they pass that mark Bourgeois variously woman would have the woman a servant. Was he hasn't
as you know, then general nobody like meticulous thinking that case C us hasn't. Where a factor can we, as he said, to raise their supply right there. Would she sacrifice a lot. I think, like my love, my backbone, I'm hopefully her backbone. So we we ve been on this journey together, so I've I feel that increases the friend of mine. This was an event of my son you're running about the bracket. Glad nobody look! Look he eat deserves all the successes is incredible and I think they ve been journey together, so they have to figure out. What's fair, I'm sure that Chris is a fair person. I'm sure that he wants his wife. Who gave birth with children tat. You know one of your mother, your children, lifestyle for money doesn't even that easily? I think he's gonna go both way, so I'm sure he's gonna look out.
The men were always taken here, the mother of Utopia, not only that also like, I will negotiate with my money adult. I ask what you need and that's what I want to give her, because she takes care of the multiple rise possession I have, which is my kids and I feel is: are we able to be here? You? Are you divorce, your wife? What was it you want them to be, as comforter was possibly can because it affects you lies with the facts are clear, then, so I don't think there's gonna be an issue with Chris allies in recent years. It gives a great and trust and believe he's still gonna make another thirty five million he'll make it back if he s a split that seventy and half pluses and investment Islamic his giving It does not involve any money way is going back. Can children live in his life and everything? It also showed the way towards low fat people all the time and he deserves back them and at all levels of all have nobody said anything of the sort that when you're fat, it shows that you don't really care about yourself. The way you sure, ok,
ok how you feel about weight, a marriage in somebody gaining we preserve actually said that I would like to finish up because it gonna get a lot of trouble for that. Back, but you can generalised like that? I'm sorry because everybody has their all medicine. Something Oh is Hennessy! Something Will this happen everybody medicate they're paying for young people, which is something they want something workin out anyway? why, whatever you know the two did, you may go unhealthy. I'm just now when you, when you do something when you medikit yourself with we'd or or alcohol or food, did you know you can, what I do and ninety somebody issue whose whose extremely overweight at all assume, I'm seeing them I'm seeing progress because they might adjust
ass forty pounds. You know everyone yeah, you got always looking yeahs, given the been everything no with their struggles are getting on, planes are getting through. Take it easy! I sat up. I got on a playing yesterday and we got here to three days ago and I sat down and I had to extra double belt in mice connect. Target area because somebody had within for me they had to expand the sea bout. I'd try out here with it, and I was right well, I can imagine, with a person must have gone through just trying to get in that seat and having to ask for those to extensions, so you care at you can't you can never tell if you would not look. I think I think, there's towards the doktor, like those about us
this is too can hear me, there's two words, compassion and understanding, and I think I think, whenever you talk about something that you can comprehend, you have to try to meet the person where yeah and figure out what their struggles are before you want to know about a lot and merit is now in the marriage use. I dont want acceptable for a woman you for this The way you have made US dollar. They were drainage and national and regional, not in fact it was what I was saying. What I was saying was that I think when you get married, you make a commitment and he made a commitment he week. You make a commitment to be the best version, spiritually, mentally or physically level for your wife or harassment, the light and added my commitment for two days. I made a commitment for life, that's what we say before God, so I expect my wife to uphold the same commitment.
But what happens over forty pounds? Well again, my wife may, but also very alkaloid whether she will not unless you she's, very eloquent about ass. She said she said: look, sometimes you u struggle and whether that's physically or spiritual mentally. We all struggle. We all struggle on all those three levels. So as a husband, it's my duty, just as I made my camp the commitment to be the best marginal myself to help her and support her in her struggles with its physically, spiritually or mentally. So if she gains forty pounds, I will address that with her and I will say, look obviously you gain forty pounds. What's going on I have to take responsibility to because she's married to me so get her gaining forty lb. I'm sure it has something to do with me as well or could at least I have to consider that I have to give her the help that she needs in order to be her.
Yes merging again to be healthy and be happy because oftentimes when again fifty pounds is very very specific reasons, and often on just because I'm exist. Another boy regards out, ok, Give university symptoms, but I wouldn't care to gain forty paled. I would try to help us lose. It does my pointed out together. It helped me together. You because you would it make you feel bad when all your gold deathly that's dementia, give ready, though, of course, fattened get sloppy and for example, you left the bench away a lot. Thirty did your way when you I gain weight which, as you may have to, can look in the mirror. It's like I'm now I want to be fast. The key as key divergent myself of under development and myself are carried out both version together. First novaya there, let's talk sectional Adele recently LAO released a see she's on power and released to see what her having sex with another guy. In her tat, I would just we will allow Miller.
How many parliaments were Peter? What happens? I show you see that it's happening. It also basically is tackling the power and thereby saying they would not want their wives to ever. Do a thing where they, I tablets, showing aren't you she is we ve already crawler topless. We must make it our meat tat was neck. Also, reason right now, so you wouldn't mind if you, if you had to do a neutral well here we We did that movie additional about very sexy. He had a very sexual, many very sexual scenes with a little Sharon material, and you throw me for a loop,
even though I am used to it, were both in the movie. Business less happens, not a big deal and nobody really like onset, there's cameras and I hold the MAC Taxi at sexy really, but it was so hot. I felt very uncomfortable and is looking anybody got a very little is this website. It was frozen alone, my darling, my wife, joint, whereby it is of course one bourses face. Is that rather than to say I wonder, Retirement, really Lala. Did it go about this guy man? That's a magic is less you. I can state that you reconsider swing in, what I mean what you the initiative
You know, the first three seconds there there boobs okay, we all got em, we all seen em like so I dont really not crazy about nudity. I think when he is squeeze seeing them and putting them in his mouth that yeah level, a there's a lot of fake it. You know pace these millionaire, lumberman yeah. I will rule we have to make sure we have a rule, we don't do nipples and mouse amounts and the bulls. Ok and we don't do tongue, but you know what she would all the aid to the edge of that line in this last movie that there was like the mouth. I don't know, it's got all the way to the area. Lenore return you on a little bit terms
not at all. I gotta get my man home. I'd like put my head down and might have asked me for I was sweaty had. I do not know that. I would feel this way. No, I wanted to. I would naturally I didn't I didn't know We do at the moment is overdue and his somebody again would actually exit there's thirty. We were and would have been worse if I would call them and he was insurance trailer. You know where there's no cameras, that's that's a problem, but it happens on seven April that they go off camera. It's the off cameras, stuff that you weren't, you know. Yeah is hardly a fearful of the six and will work Girls have been doing that for years. I as a sexy, they do throw them What, though, you again and again I want to be here- I don't be anywhere else I want to be here
you got a good many matters, nobody's gonna, get them in. So what so? What I gotta Hannah my business, I gotta make sure that I represent are gonna. Make should it, and sometimes it's it's annoying when people don't take no for an answer and they get really ugly in other stop yelling and you and start Colleen because you know what I did was not used at. All of that is that national guys very much a couple you may have on the back. There was a good Jessica.
One, I will do good. Only those that are you that's an order. Swinging question german limitless Charlotte magnetism. You know. Sometimes women walk up to you and say look. We have come to my room, Barber Bonnie, say known as they were no madame and tell her what I did any and in this as hard to stay calm, because it's not cool it. There's no affairs nor cool, but where This is why, in this business, somebody willing- I said I to anyway Archive rated paternally lawsuits- the regular anybody can accuse you of making them pregnant. You have to get. It can only do that when you have sex with no. No, no, you listen. Listen when you and I had a lot of these Cassie drinking only do drugs and seven they don't know you don't remember. So that's what they counting on. So they just take a chance.
When you go, did you ever in your head, say think any of those allegations were true or for a second say what, if he did No I've never met bourse with eight thousand women screaming. You know like this. Is how it's always been, and I don't think we could have made it if I was crazy, jealous type but the one not because I'm so perfect or anything or so confident that I you know trip it was more on him. Now tell me this all the time you are the ones that make us crazy, you're, acting weird on your phone and my riding in Gaza, to the bathroom, whatever he never acts, weird or shady so visor reforms, ethics offers when a woman, it is a little different value that initiative to take if only the bathroom cutting social media. I'm afraid I have to go onto
The improvements will mean that we are making a lot with lines about their own door that do not use it bore theories. We throw the hirlaji. I was a little snobby because he was the model. You know and I was the series actors and he was hired to play my boyfriend. So I was a little like but then, within the union with a happy, he was a pretty big terms or made you gotta, You know what I think I will talk about. That may lead to which you gonna do everything about each other like each other. Even a body count is very important in relation to your gotta reveal who lived with us,
He had revealed left. I revealed TAT, he was a little secretive about and I found out after awhile drab reared in New York hanging out walking down the street, and I hear now he may be amended. Can do even better First of all, it was like Mickey. What, anyway, there's you right now, I'm gonna know is announced like everybody was the claim. I don't know what about disciplining children? How do you gotta discipline you to redo, therefore its important? Well, because these short,
tat they needed than you do scheduled and restructuring discipline, because it gives them a sense of safety in that their confidence, and I grew up in Germany, german mother, so painful bomb. Everything was on time and dinner this time, and and so I was, I was Raised- Leah he's kind of their drivers, but I was really I was angry supplant and I dont I haven't spent my children yet, but I do to yet another ten and eight there has been no nobody suggestion oh yeah, yeah, Yo but sometimes it Jesse you just have to it's not. Bout abuse is about you all you're, almost saving them. But the real world like listen, watch yourself, pull yourself together, because you know someone's gotta watch a mouth now, did you guys they shall? I did they come to you
hey, you know of a great idea. Now it came from us we conceptualize five years ago as a radio show, and then we can do is scarcely wasn't that last year we looked at. It shows that the time is right to do it right now, we're gonna do we want a fox and they were excited about yeah weeks more, as you also said, I went on a infidelities suffice. Certain cases bow was an old man who was a common sense that out of context for me to say one word My colleague and I wonder you say that there is just one in certain cases was yet a loud laugh you one of those cases where the context for us I now where'd you get that run their doors next question out, because I don't think it is now remember, By that I mean it's not as if I'm gonna talk show and I raised my hand, the payments to Kosovo's infidelity
well, you're in Avonlea Bogus Donald Mystical, infidelity justified in certain cases, Well, I don't think so, but you would have to give me a case that I would understand to be, but, generally speaking, I would not agree with that statement. Gradual lemme get me if I'm wrong above your products of interracial religious now lies from Baltimore set. I wish I could say I was.
F something, but I'm not so you can t reach those enough, but you know that you see it's all over Twitter. They re nationalization movies. Larry is now widely marine. We had a very heated argument behind the scenes about this yesterday. Now this young lady was on Instagram. She positive picture somebody that was her coworker. I guess kind of above her at work and she had quit that day and she put out there that she quit, because she was tired of the bee ass. You can only take so much ass. She was tied up attending like this fool is a good person. I couldn't do it anymore and then she put out there that are Buzz had cheated on it.
I've got another got the interim pregnant, had a baby so on and so forth. She put all the business in the same way as all other instagram, a name would yes in a picture of him with with the baby olive, it was true like I guess you know. If it is true, he did have a baby by the internet and she said I refused to put up with this bs for another round, not in my place of business. That's unacceptable for a person to make my work environment uncomfortable because they can't keep their d in their pants well and so on is or self. What do you think that was a bad, or do you think she's? Ok to do that, because a taxpayer fringes of bad move, my God risen- all goes because so far, Thank you. So now media is very dangerous and we can be very detrimental to your life really, and I think that she cannot possibly know the whole story now, whether whether even when it is not it's not over, as none of our business exits and she's its chicken
There are ways to deal with the with the with the boss, whose abusing you there's H Northern department deals will allow that, he could have handled it professionally to solve her. Funding? I think that that social media has given credibility to millions and millions and millions of people that they do not deserve it, probably the downward. What no criminal voice round this credible. Nobody, but but I soon as somebody tweet something it becomes news, I don't care people there who they are where they are, what they doing or if they have anything. If debt they dont back up their stories through that's, why do they not include ourselves that discussion as well, because I have no business talk about certain things that we not I'm, not an expert, I'm not I and they haven't. I got my opinion, but our parliament saying this is just my opinion and I was going to be on the shell. Would we not China? We have really when you make states and statements like this. You have to be accountable and allowed oftentimes people, the tweet have like a picture of it
a balloon or Samson to whatever they are not accountable, did not take responsibility for that, for their statements and drive. It is very dangerous because, because our minds stating your opinion, but then be man or woman enough to to be accountable and irresponsible to say, look, it's me how long you been Mary is thirteen moistened, six Ah, fork is easier to boys, holder, thirteen eleven two in one area and it took a broken in The movie right back had abuse love gives located. There was an easy, he was alone or the elderly tell us leaving as beneficial what is already like you one.
Can dad big family thirteen years. What would make you tune in to a new toxin? What do you want to see what Mary people being noticed is real life conversation? I think the best thing about the breakfast club, as is where real, if something happens in my relationship with my wife, good bad, we talk about somebody go to the same problems. Will models have name help is sometimes era net. Let's somebody else feel I acca workload. Lacking is where we have to draw your own experience. I'd like to hear from you like to see all be transparent policy just sell. Nobody else would have no absolutely. We relate everything to what we have gone through asked We want to know what ever we we. Whenever somebody acid asked the question, we always bring it back to where we were in through and where we have done what we haven't. I will we have learned what we still learning, what we don't know, because it not experts, so all we can these real, I you know, sometimes you think you're, the only one go onto something resolute,
and then somebody says it on the radio and tv you let oh my god. I cannot believe that lake is with kids, especially or you think your kid, the only that googled, kissing or sex on the computer, and then you talk about that and you realize it helps ensure that kind of information you can help each other. How did you deal with that? What is the age appropriate way to deal with something like
let us go back to where law so setting a relationship of for social media was present, probably as a benefit sharing, because his way heighten ass. It seemed with that's where they with Instagram Facebook in Ireland that absolutely obvious social meat is a great thing, because its liberated people's help people voice their concerns in the whole Middle EAST has changed because social media, but I also think that it can be like. I said that your mental to relationships, especially because we we get so isolated insulated by social media. We don't we don't taken people anymore, we can communicate the same way. We can look at people waiting when we got
the working on street like this and bumping into addressed, sometimes when people do that and hold it was a hey, you would just missed me. It's me about Jack Gallic, which emits into you want a smash me and I would not want to shoulder MID July. Signalizes lies right out of my July answer. We gotta give a shadow to predict a moment and J B have been holding down with reward congratulation, graduations and everything into you guys. I realise what it would have you would have. It would have your own state. You know somebody stands up and goes your Nicky love. You may be carried out very right back. Six would join your labours. His own name was frantic Cecil Dignity Awful Day codes.
Ok, well, cleaner Tain uptake of what they do not take flat, take very was cloak on
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