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Tuesday 3/22- Today on the show after false news came out about The Breakfast Club being racist, the personalities had no problem calling B.S on the B.S. In fact Charalamagne gave Donkey of the Day to the writer of the “Daily News”, Stephen Rex Brown, after he falsely accused The Breakfast Club for such things in the headline. Moreover, Rasheena Phinisee a mother of a child that needed a transplant joined us on the show and Angela also gave some advice to some listeners for Ask Yee.

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Order of business for oil pollution from terrorism of the various categories. Only one main reviews about maybe go Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Morning Angel YE eminences Andy mean the guy who's. Do the planet. Just? Why don't you just what day it is ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Welcome to the breakfast club, the home of black privilege, reverse racism drop. One includes bombs that damn latin drunk raises. Drab Wanna glows bombs were that it needs
I have been accused of reverse no yeah, revolting, vs Ie S, okay, believe the story has now been corrected in looking at the New York Daily NEWS, new ability was absolutely trash yesterday about where they said it was they had behind the scenes of breakfast club of how one but not EVA. Build all gonna right when they say, but the deadline headlines, save white. Try bias produces suit power, one thousand five one favours blacks,
running down. A chump has something to do with. It is trying to sabotage release my book black privilege, David Extremism, which is in bookstore. They relate tv periodic now that is applicable, privilege goin on here. What my so far away, and now we left one white person he's on camera day. Each year is gonna, get you don't already was deemed up now, but legal value. Only until you can't even shot at weekends. Aren't you ever tell anybody? What I call you bind seems not said to you in person the shooter Lambert, our care, my gaze amidst fans. I bought him a gift today neighbouring I'm nothing about him. I am not in any way it is. The only have their assets and what do you know any Barbara than his attack on it, but I bought him. A present disease is vital. Their bad about rivers, racism that you put a present of the one white person I have one way for appear in its day, man, Steed The brown of the New York Daily Move, you absolutely trash broke the further progress.
That is why people in my work behind the scenes of a television broadcast power, and if I wanted to bring to close, stop doing that way, what are you being so we have nothing to do with this. Why are you doing this later? Anybody there were extent river, no higher than you do anything to do with. I understand it is click bait and you know you won't. You put a courtier story, did work, Madam Rapporteur, it three or four days before we, because I want you to know. I got nothing to do with their comments like like I've, never seen him before. While I was like real, like I like. I did all Gordo at any time that their five white men reduce broadcasts of the problem wanting Schoeffer Revolt tv, which is owned by Shandy combs filed papers in Manhattan, Supreme Court that they were victims of reverse racism, said they were after size.
By exacts, after being hardy January, to do in two thousand and fourteen because they didn't get the culture. Now. What about one of the employees at one african American, which one would do it? What does it say, though? It arrived to work? Intoxicated are hung over and then fall asleep on the editing room now away, always a lonely little work hours. We know who that way by the way when they say that yesterday you know They try to make it seem. Like you was a member of the breakfast club, I got the when they passed out unemployment to be hospitalized. I wish our limit. I would befall revolt tat without yellow mean that is true, but you cannot. You know there was no everywhere. I have my flock. Let me clarify that would otherwise be waiting to see me. Brad phobia will never allow me to fall asleep on the floor, no matter how, during our union's enough, we have what you know. That was the old breakfast club that used to come and low tax but we haven't been that in four years we wouldn't lose all these. Only in New York then had the time we went on
we depending on whether or not a clue bombs for black privilege irreversible. Why myself against this nonsense? Irish Rachel, I'm not on black and proud to be blamed? Ok, Lou dollar web. You would elicited a show here presenting time with the coach of absolute local care. Has my question that you never get intimating from pay? It must take about a lot of talk about discrimination is more or less refers. Racism and people being culturally cools goes a lotta culturally clues people wouldn't have nothing to do with race and shouts. I gotta shouts and net organization of Roma Cousin, my cousin, my nephew of my son last night to a game if he black either way I believe that when agreeing that both black eye, you bring a spanish nephew impulse. Revenues man is mass plan- is on black
the game the nets worn above beater. It was a dog as gale in most of the game and mean anything, but it was a good, not normally anything it doesn't it make the play all no. There was no must indeed next net making allowance for next round, but it was a game shout to everybody, needs nets organisation we had such a wonderful tiles. Thirsting dray mark is everybody. Thank you. We appreciate about front page stop next to move is to breakfast Club Gomorrah, everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club, so much pregnant in the paper, this more or less get right into the game front. Page news. Laws. The where whale where people are fed up.
That is not unique, Riviera five white men who used to work for a revolt, tv who have been fired, and there is now claiming rivers racism. Now these men say they were asked to size and math by executive after they were hired, because they didn't quote as a stimulus, haulage and vulgar logic is right. Now it s two forty there were holding out of what you told me not to go to the arrest of adulterated them worse in Israel window you, don't we not able to promote an even errand over which we are all important requirements are not even era new. Can I tell ya Revolt treated them worse than the other employees who are younger and african Americans. So these men were thirty nine years in older. They say they were not treated the same as other black employees, even though they were very experiencing produced for years on the how its turn, so, in particular, they are saying they were person who wears I'm gonna name these people's names?
it. My lay nautical ok, Mr Borderland Adsum animosity towards Caucasians, which is very clear. The heard him saying certain things about white people and said the honor personalities. That would be us me and you and show me: where are we tolerate lateness, which is absolutely modules. Company label that bring the oddest here new guest here and we cancel interview we carefully in other had always walk in the studio, because our producers they could just bring a man think that I'm just gonna do I go with new data view family minutes later we are not blind people at all James to withdraw J that to come back. There were many Geneva evaluation is left and give our your honor. I write says here that we would tallard lateness, but the protection team was used produced shows where, if you are late, it was tolerated are permitted whatsoever, so, according to this law suits, they were told they just did.
I understand the culture, the culture Bingley and there was even a one production assistant who would frequently come to work late, drunk and sleep on the editing room floor really during work hours and never received punishment of one of the ways by the way forward to drink my work, I am a drink to work out. Ok, you, you have a pretty good, yes come with their. What now what the privilege out one of the most vulnerable, I probably them I want, I want to say, saluted in New York both because the absolute absently demands recently reported this story. They didn't use where they d his club in power, What is clear Baker this we're not even in the loss of love, without even named now, mainly led with salary. Lateness alone let allegedly but whatever man where a man brought up this is. Are you nervous nervous who worked away? Why do we need to have some conversations about? Portugal is a lotta culturally clues people, Do I m very good an exit right black?
we will do that young, whatever allow, when I got there that posted in a signal that asked our lack of Charlemagne. I've never for Latin America really is as changed. I was crying laugh out my what's waiting lists for discrimination. Really our rights Well tell him. Are you mad eight hundred five, eight five one and five one? If you sit right now, maybe you trying to watch revolt which just goes out. We back on my back. There's lots and lots of money to get work is how is allowed it. Ok to keeping the figures are derived tell him what you man, eight hundred five, eight five, what five one of your upsets need event! You could call this now, or maybe you get your blessed If you feel less ever, it may be worth a revolt, you gonna give us a qualified or, if you feel less than you just want to spread some positivity around the world this morning, eight hundred foggy five one and five one call us up now it morning
the breakfast club while we got is wrong because it wasn't that I'm late and slay me do you, you may one eight hundred five five, when all five, why is close hello? There is the blob about Georgia, my brother, why you mad mad I'm a pistol pissed that six years ago I made a beautiful, absolutely beautiful. After american woman. To do but tell you her bows may do I thought with vertical yesterday, go get a little pissed off with, because you about a light taken. Our chance today care when they thank. You know he's a way to give the maritime and they did not go to jail, but could I bet your bid desert of eight o clock? Is our boys. Why a lot of the sun?
Why am I know why you're Goin is going on a meeting on go to jail for love like that's? Why don't like grounds little fight between the fabulous, that's all Then you're about your white paper one more by around my private. Sure, but I could do anything now that I got black privilege and white people. Also for reverse raises love like I can do anything in America. Dismal allows is their yoga, Tell him what you meant back about like each other Davy everything to do tat. We the deadline for five? How do we gotta get their applies a data? Maybe there comes a middle ground into a five times more about how you did you ever think twice a day or two
after all, set out to you that we welcome amicable year, though didn't you, I got their kind of thy yoga sound a little like you guys. I again it s like you, I'm one and nine about twice in luxury leaping out week. No I'm in a day we almost done twice a day. I want a week population but again allow this April everyone. A man had my boy, maybe he'll be thought of a body here. Oh well referred to each other. With the be worth trying irritate me, get up. There What's going on now address them that way, no matter what power, what attitude they have will address? The thorn is deal to say you're at all, about the army that I don't allow nobody army there about living. My mother, the EP report
that Bobby Gamma body of the? U, and I urge you to your eyes, did he who you call it? her eyes were, being you bring a new fund like I do, for you have to teach people how to treat. You feel the same way about the inward like. I know it's not right leg I try to use it in its proper context, but I never ever think there's no propaganda, as is the proper names the truth to develop. Our right will tell him. Are you mad at anybody? Matinee, I'm actually very happy. I'm I'm kind of low, I'm alone to stop its even red Brown at New York, Billy New Leavin, the why he keeps reporting why He will not welcome behind the scenes echoes of the breakfast club. Ok, as I've been to blue with us. We are not in this lawsuit at all. You only used enough afflicts I'm a little man at the weather
this warm and against freezing spring, I did whole article could maybe get a picture Howard Stern, and if the producer cried power, nor fought path produces power. No five one Faye was blacks. How You went out of the headline when you know when I even aimed in his Lawton Indoctrinated ILO met. Ok now well to remove the spread. Some positivity as do tell them what you blessed. Eight hundred five o clock one by one of your bless. You feel good causes nails Britain positively. Maybe your birthday, maybe just wanna, tell a person next to a white eleven, whatever made, maybe a hat, because his hump day less right, only Toto the next to you to your. What, if there the present next year wailings on we love, you mean direct. They could be a raises. Bigot, Craig, ass crack of all.
We know now right wing, Tadema, breakfast overmore, the breakfast are: you bless them early phases till the congregation at eight hundred five, five: five. Why it's? The breakfast club is here we go You feel about this morning, brought here with men. Give money from not monsieur de money, was gauge e money was You say how more about you, man, I just want to say, a body out there? Why not just must help, alas, black people and unit would let him like the old prince right now. We might be thought to a right now, but if you read the Bible, children of Israel and the problems that we would have. We gotta go to the struggle right now, but also invite Myanmar's ready. I just you know that he disregards approved. We blocked will abandon your work,
now we black, we are blessed. We are highly favoured. We are privileged. We are godchildren erratic period, absolutely allows is allowed Bless me remember me, as I am glad that the last, because I wanted Jack them their early, we're having a job there. Today they help people. It asked immunity gain employment, as the bureau meeting, that is great, yet it's beautiful felt all people they calling complain about it late in the day indiscriminate again, I do not believe that there are even here. Maybe they feel that reverse discrimination wherever they want to do about, but when you ve hardly tried to help people get a job. Cuba job like this, True true, oh god, thank you. Mamma allow, there's no from poisonous the jail I was a boy you feel about this morning. When I might be blessed thou know I got a question. Is wasted
what was your birth rate of Montana Marine. Let me read it to you in his lawsuit, five white men produce broadcast of debris. For the club revolt tv found in Manhattan Supreme, coordinated victims of reverse racism. They said they were treated worse than the employees who are younger in african Americans. They said that they were caused them. He told them They do not understand the cold, sure that's what they were tired of waiting where's racism. That term is too. According to the definition, describes, acts of discretion is and prejudice perpetrated by Rachel Minorities or historically oppress ethical ethnical globally individual. Normally you my problem, which we re learning was bred, Morgan Labourer, which we normally the people who are oppressed and now being races against the people who I normally the lamb in its ethnic group, the lash I'll be first.
Our wish that everybody will gradually formulated who's got a brutal, thereby do got the Obama racism. I guess if you, if, if you one of the marginalized groups in his country. Last year the Madrid. I want no more no budget to now. Tell me why you bless. If you feel bless, you can call, is eight hundred five, eight five one or five one away too. We do have to have a conversation about culture. The text now? Just because you don't, The culture- and I tell you that you not that you know not to cut you, don't mean in a mere races toward him. I don't know, loyalty and earnest. Ladies, there's somebody for that, would shouldn't you nautical Georgie at work. I do think that is grounds to be like. Ok, you don't understand, it's called there's you shouldn't fail. Egg work is a man. I don't need to understand it where you know it like. I don't know the country culture, I can't name you for country are now exactly contribute again. I can name for knock it again, Did you really Llanos allow Google, when he did? That's all you know, guide books.
A local, there was not a country, although nobody knew that has allowed a gorgeous all know each and every day there are definitely an automobile Whenever I need to know what kind of music I call Bobby Vomit, what was the White Lady name that from America IDA? Was they favour radio now report value names, carry on the work carried out anyway, what the girl at college, they took a wireless where these countries are not cause. You know habit is now, but she did that offers a country's an alternative country back leaned forward Bobby Radio Amy in large box and produce any right. Have you ever done thus far right? Well, we have. Why? Yes, we have some good news and bad news, some good news tat. The wrapper has settled his sad support case Amoco. IE, but the bad news is firm. Mag apps his strange I've was, I had a lot of money in my four two stars weeks. I will gladly
When we come back, he believes the breakfast locomotive. Breakfast everybody has the J Envy Angel ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club in outlining. Can we soon give rise until it seems not playing Jesus Christ, the grounds I oh no browser, like I don't know insulting me itself- emotional distress, Navy disclosure would describe them tidy erected. At the same time, mind you every morning you someplace morning. Same exact incorrect, come on we're square. So anybody, oh my arrival. Kids, aromas! That's what my gaps! the report annually on the breakfast club. Where things didn't work, I will make apps and his wife. So now she wants to get a hundred and nine thousand dollars a month from him. Why
the family. Now she said that MIKE Epps, three point: five million a year, but recently he cut her. Often everything no bank account no credit cards. She has no income. He says the whole time they were together. He never won. It hurts work. So now she can't get a job. Now she said she's been set thousand dollars a month on shoes and clothes for their girls. They have ten and twelve Euro girls pussy. Yet the hare brained aid and a very expensive salaam, flew vacations and his seven. Two thousand dollars a year for private schooling for thee, hunger. How big is this family detainees, Union Onawandah, Mohammed Girls, thus elaborate, way. Anything then at the blue dot is so absolutely be. Yes, yes, be totally honest. I do feel sometimes baby mothers do go to? Courtney? Do stick up debate fathers, but you have to take care of her mother me dead, you gonna, take rabies and are not getting any younger ones, L, possession of the house, and she feels that he should cover. And says, like the nanny. He gonna
I mean it has created a sound laundry and in fact I don't know about that. That's an extra that is a very a huge amount of money. Ochre had another. She needs that much money, but I think, if he's responsible for paint fitting high school, the house now, I am less be clear there that a guys you wanna get married do not want their wife to work with them to stay home and raise the children and take him holding. Down at home, and sometimes it's difficult. If things don't work out and you have to get back in the workforce of your child is half of your children will be happy to see me one thousand nine hundred whatever grand a month but take care of the house. Take care of the school take care of bills. Wrapper and his daughters Ma Chris Christie cursing Coralie. They ever reached an agreement. If you recall they were having some child support issues, while now The parties have come to an amicable solution an eighteen month, s daughter, and they are both goin to live separately and get substantial time with their daughter, but he is going to take care of the child support that will help cover a furnished ha
a vehicle and all of those things that no doubt not, but they did works, Heather and they reached a deal that was fair to both parties will get married or book will not go through much go. Women were, like all alone, changed Rob when he saw a low, we booby mom, all of their religious, all things it ended up now. Working, I guess, he's. Never really home he's travelling all the time in its didn't work out so now, In order to rectify this situation, could they do a together. They ve come together and come to this conclusion together number. Instead of having the court's handle it, they settled themselves. A re why clef was arrested while he was handcuffed yesterday, because he quote fitted describe of an arm D. Robber never serves to pay We have to explain why they took the action that they did and they pulled over. Apparently he was too explain who he was but the cap to enact China here, and he is what we have had to say only right
coming from the studio with some of your seat of police have had caused me. I just took off my haitian bandanna does was gone. All right, I will watch where right now is the elite have absolutely nothing. I'm trying to picture is like I love does have a robber dip disposition about him tat. He had a haitian bandanna can kind of deregulating either they did Kobe haitian bed. Data has been in a right opposite me, like a shooter on about in the lab hiding in the survey thing, it was unlawful detention as they actually did end up getting a guy. A few minutes later in the area. Afterward will usually originally a very little Ai Weiwei. Is he didn't look like like live, but according to the sheriff, they said, wife at the description in the carpet groups in my version, bloodline, would hasten Brandon or laugh. I need to see to preclude any was an armed robbery, so they said it was a similar vehicles, the vehicle, their Wickliffe within what, if you cross, and they said that, while movements,
his demeanor, because of all of those things, that's why he was handcuff now why Cliff has issued a statement? Is it ass by the police, put my hands up, then told do not move out with instantly handcuffed before being asked to identify myself and before being world. Why, in the process, I said my name and tell them they had the wrong person they pussy. To ignore me and I was treated like an animal, I'm sure, no farther once his sons, nor does it seem in handcuffs, especially if he isn't, it as someone who has lived forces in my family, I was appalled by the gave you at the LAPD in L, a p d want you to know within them. It was a sheriff support. Now read article yesterday, I would like to say I hate when police officer say things like his movements made him look like he was guilty or not put about police as a black man. You nervous,
sorry, I'm does need wages, I might even be shaken a little. We don't know what will happen and you re right and we ride in all the different story. You hear about people get killed by police officers in your head over and over again, we are low nervous. I added what they were saying was that there is a description of a man with a red and blue bandanna. Any person was jiving assent the car and that's? What happened? that's what I told him over our. I will Angela YE, and that is your room. A report promoting everybody is e g envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We all the breakfast club we have spent. Who gets in a building. You might not know her name. We have Sheena Fantasy, everything of lovely daughter may a fire fire. The morning guys know my knee dom and other people are mere dear to my heart, because now nor radio and really will you that all oh nine, oh nine receive
ass the Messina COD and was explaining to meet at a sigh. I couldn't get a limited, and yet I had just finished my internship working with you guys at the station and down I stopped. Working because, as I was saying I log in address, like you know, my daughter say she was dying. In a letter that the Sharon about what does he well is the matter. While I was prescribed in antibiotic wonders in her a week after she was born. She had our logic reaction to. It was also a meal response. They put her little liver failure. As a result of that she was listed for liver transplant, but ie diagnosis that they gave her before the transplant was an intentional misdiagnosis and then they stole tissues, samples from her body. Piss me off cuz? I had just finished watching John Q, full after the John Q Movie and then hearing her story. I gave the hospital donkey of the day it became this thing and fairly and in regime came in to the weight of you. Yet How long did it take you to translate into their right to a three week? Twenty one
How do you put on blast yeah in order Do the right thing for you that it was intentional. It was intentional arm at the time, the institution that was treating her had a pediatric study going on with the National Institute of Health or children who are suffering from NEO Nato, Hepatitis or something called Billiards treasure. I'm from the research at I've done. The medical industry says that Bulgaria treasure does not have a known origin. However, it is clinic created nets with information for lab rat, lightning, Ashraf, things with a yes, while the woman that actually stole the tissue samples from her before the actual surgery. She now runs a international sight for the study This is an illegal. I know well It is illegal when you unethically obtain petition samples. So what they did was the intention we miss diagnosed her, so she can undergo the process of treatment that they had for that, specifically because the issues that we have to do so I did, but I believe that my attorney
well there's like death like really yes, in his usual no turning now we may soon legal action against the attorneys and the courts basically arm set things in a way where they could create testimony and transcripts to manufacture evidence to support the decisions that they meet and then they seal those decisions from the public as it has been in a hood, or is it oh, it's in the hood, it's in a very prestigious area of the city with one of the Ivy League. Schools may think it was. It was done. The widow was done because you are african American Absolute and you weren't any wanted an absolute. I there either oh, that around that same time went through the same situation. There were other families who were waiting for liver transplant, but their experience was entirely different from ours size. The firs documented case in medical history, where a drug has actually been linked with this court on quotas they diagnosed her with gonna like the Henrietta like story unaware, yes, absolutely minus two absolutely and their legs.
If the same situation like these dollars themselves in other family, no in Annapolis, from cervical cancer and needs of those themselves. He continued to replicate them in labs for years and years and years until they came up with a cure for and noticed what they ve been doing with our Furthermore, we need to trail is run and other commercial run, allowing these bills alarm. You think that it is because you were black, they felt like you, wouldn't know what was going on. No money with care, and I didn't know what was going on, and this is happening I begin to educate myself and I began to learn more about the human body and medicine and disease. The treating vision that actually treats her nail when he introduced me to other doctors. He says this is mom she's a doktor. She just doesn't have her degree and that's just kinda like the warning shot, because they have names that they call regular civilian people. We're called Layman's because we don't understand medicine and it's not fair to people who are not as intelligent as a doctor to be taken advantage of
That is your allotted time. People hear something from the doktor and his autumn. Medically guiding is playing and Erika I and II and more researching it themselves. They just take if her face value. Yes, because you expect for your doktor to do what's, does jolly right, so when you first call me back in the day, what did what would a reason you thought that she could get the trampling of it is. As you know, they kept saying that it was a size and we issue because she was smaller for her age. It kept saying that because she, so small that offers that they were getting delivers were too big society. Feel, like you're America, where do because a lot of people can survive this situation away again to lever transparency. Also save another life, her older. How do you use no wonder the siamese second, we translate well, children's hospital drop the ball after the first one. I didn't get the amino suppresses: epee, regimen, right
so for five months her liver numbers were raging. Nobody ever addressed them, no one ever said anything, and then she went and liver failure again when an easier to give them the first one of the biggest problems would solve these. Second one at by that point, I took her to another facility, adding wire treated their anymore, and why went to the other facilities that eventually she will need another transplant. They did not want to do it right away. So I started a campaign with writing letters to the White House and after they found out about my campaign, she was miraculously I feel that a whole lot of negligence, boy Any undesirable situation She may not have made it. She wouldn't. If you didn't go through everything that you alluded through be Sergio. The latter is what attention to it. If you didn't have access to people, It could also publicly out a hospital absolutely arm. Even currently, we ve been having some issues with the transplant that she has now. I just recently found out that she has a chronic hepatitis,
and that was the result of a drug overdose about four years ago and on the tax that she experienced are we knew that she had gastro intestinal reactions? I never said but she had a liver reaction to it presented itself differently in this particular dry. In the medical industry by the FDA is not supposed to be used in transplant patients, liver transplant patients, a civic, So when the liver injury actually happened, they never said the clinic, was DR. You resulted in giving this. Some sort of liver fade. That should be like openness. A case rare, but because they threw the diagnosis, a billiard treasure in there. That was the monkey rich, so they knew strategically what they were doing. We are more, were Racine affinity when we come back, don't move is the breakfast level more. Everybody is dj? Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. We have received a fantasy in the building, no Charlemagne. You helped her out if you just joining us, you helped out years ago in fairly. Yes,
I gave the hospital donkey of the data was refusing to give her beautiful, daughter, a liver transplant, and I had Machina kimono air and explain her case. So a week later they ended up giving her daughter the liver transplant it goes out and about the dumb question, what kind of refuse? So you know most his plans happy when you know somebody passes away what a day donate their organs, but you hardly see that would shoot into how difficult was it to get another child liver. What children? Actually our primary before adults, adults, but wait far longer than a child actually has do so. Children are at the top of the list. So when she got her first transplant, she got a couple offers, but they were turned down in those offers a quite frequently. You can be on the list, a child to be on the list for about six months and get an offer. That's how fast it happens for children, so it for adults. They can we anywhere from one to four, maybe five years
eventually for kidneys. What did you do? That was I recover. We try to stick to a more holistic diet so arm because of the drugs that she's on and they do cause a lotta gastro intestinal issues. We do a lot of awful dealing, such as fruits, vegetables. We stay away from it a refined sugars and when you drink long one. I should very food desire for logistics Maybe I was allotted alot of me. Most them allows asparagus a lot of dragging the moment you peacenik yeah asparagus is also not Sparagus in Brussels about how Is it to go up against the hospital, though I'm sure they have the best lawyers and their very well very well going against the hospital We are not able to do that at this point, because what my attorney strategically did when they wrote the caption of the case basis.
The United States of America. You can't sue Americans, not a cooperation. So when they wrote the release? In the case, the release was written in a way where they release every United States Corporation so because the United States, because the hospital is buying insurance from the state their protected under our release, even though they were never mentioned in the case, because the case wasn't against the hospital. The case was actually against a clinic right got us all. The hospitals been release the National Institute of Health. Relief, health and human with lawyers will release. Oh he's a scumbag, his arm New York. I saw him, but the court's made it in a way with the transcripts where they prove them credible in the initial Kay. Yeah so as a matter of getting in front of a re, people has to hold them, even if it needs to happen on any significant of the attorney general. Fashions did out would do so
I mean at this point. My mission in my goal is just the kind of educate the public, and bring awareness of the situation, and let people know that you have to be a little more responsible with your own health portal. As far as we would everything MRS been through how she was a child. Can she still do rely too, but you still run ass. Anything jack limit often do after the second transplant. She has always say: she's fully recover, considering the bankers it of chronic hepatitis arm, but she does things like regular normal came across issues. Think of it as I, whether those books you have there, if I may that she is now published other so her what we ve been doing with her children transplant, but we ve been edgy. In children about Solid Oregon and tissue donation, so bad on. We can get more. Children's, who feel morally responsible when they become young adults to register, to be organ donors, and we're branding this whole donor lifestyle to encourage people to live healthy,
healthy, because you never know when your time maybe up, but you want to be healthy enough to save another life Suicide is like you became like a public servant. I advocate for just trampling the general absolutely yes, something I never expected him away, you dedicated your whole life is like me, think that you know maybe this is faith. Yet was it's it's crazy because before us I was born. I had this dream and I always referred to this day. Ah, but in the dream I was on his bow and it was mad scientist conducting spirits and bold, crashed everyone who is a part of the project and unlike running down this street and screaming, and, unlike somebody please help me, he tells me you everything I, wrote in history will be alive if the world found out about you. So I recorded that dream, and I always kept it near and dear to me, because I was pregnant with his eye at the time and then on When I woke from the dream, there was like this one star burning in the sky type thing, and when I went to work the next day,
had a baby shower. For me in there was a teddy bear with a ball a star off the star registry soul. I pick the star in the constellation of Hercules. This is all too so greek mythology, but there's a story within the Hercules constellation that talks about the factories. He stole the secret of fire from the guides and gave it to me. So as his punishment, he was chained to the side of a mountain where Eaglewood come every day and eat his liver and every night is liver would regenerate. An aside. I was born with Liverpool saw its like everything: GIS. So when I started her organization. I named her organization a star named asylum because I named the star in the Hercules constellation after a while, for how can people help?
If they want to help you donate money or whatever they possibly can we actually have a go. Find me we're raising money to turn her book into alive puppy series this far from which we want to take on the road and her go find me is actually go. Find me backslash, assize, liver, the site me, that's a s S eye a h s, liver south. You guys wanna contribute help us. You know right wherein is makes them donations go their visitors. We have sponsorship. Packages were. Let me would love to be able to work with corporations and businesses to really get this project off the ground going and we're not. Profits must act as tax deductible some of our asylum, liver foreign people here do not realise that has proved that it is the non profit does not allowing for a sizeable absolutely. I do that money. We when we give that money. What we're doing is weird donating the books to schools so that we can implement the curriculums in the classroom. So that's where we are right now and then, where also kicking off a livery lemonade,
yet is summer livery every eliminate livery, because people don't know that any vegetable, that's green or yellow whatever vegetable, the color of the vegetable is. It corresponds to Oregon system in the body, so lemons and lines and ginger, indifferent things right. There are good for detoxified flushing, the liver, so we're promoting, liver aid promote. You know liver how I do think we find another meaningful Biagi them. Like the lemonade, with a detox yeah for women? have probably gone to infidelity their gas or thank you for joining us. We're me anything. We can know you no more easy for you, but you know like anybody, that we need to put pressure on how we continue to bring a digital situation. Let us know has absolutely I say any last words from you. They help very guys. A re wanted simple folk communications. You oughta be like radio television right public relations and your whole life to get these lessons
yeah, but always did murder is so yeah, but you know what so crazy, when, as I was born, I had like two classes left and I didn't get to finish my degree, and I just went back this December and I finish my two courses in simple paper, to combat. Why aren't my story of what we were doing and what I was going through? They gave me the mines are coming some grand chemical formula, Motor Yea- that's go. Find me black satin backslash, assizes, liver, find a s S eye, a h s, liver support, Anyway, what are we getting comical diversities? And if anyone wants to get in contact with me, you can reach Madasimas, liver edgy. Now it would go,
I will list. A breakfast got big for joining us. Go my breakfast aghast at the reul report. Libretto glove well well! Well, after just putting out. Rather you they're me rig, whereas has announced that he does have another album coming out. He says he has its, The album here is regrows implosion of the tough, with my tenth album before our closer motive. You will be part of my me too I want to kill okay drop, one of clues bombs and rosacea. Rather, you than me is the best rap album out right now. Okay, it's way better than Drake's more life. I don't know if you can call Drake more life
Adam is projected to do anyway between eighty five to ninety five thousand in units by the end of the week, Adobe really good. I'm a morally really satisfied that our listen to it every data sources dopey spit in order he still agree stories- letter motorway apple of my future raphaelites, a deep, have had me on a tiny, tiny bench. Even I was turning honey tony Tony S, yes, I rights to kill O Neill on his pack. The big package, which sack is talking about how he also believes that the earth is flat? That's right, Shack is a flat Eartha shock of Letterman. Yes, here is what his explanation is. Ro! The birth is flat three ways to manipulate the Mai, which really what you see in what you hear in school. First thing they teach us is oh come on. Discovered America, but when he got there it was some. Fair skinned people with a long hair smoke another piece by piece? So what does that tell you'd Columbus, didn't discovered America. He found were similarly blurry length
drive from calls for girls and to me. Ok, The thing right! It is a different thing about all flatter was flat. For his, don't want you to believe years and years of research by experts that work at NASA Ali's other space programmes all around the world, but they the believed them based on what they seen on. You too, are They believe that he has given from coastal, considering neither those volcanoes paid his days and nights research in outer space, the ladys experts do an authority that is by programmes or onwards. So we believe the flat Arthur's cover what they feed on you, too they can drive from coastal areas where there's some tension between sea I and Safari now on the show him pebbles were scattered. Easy, you know, Safari is vulgar, got now. You know him squares, his envy aids wine, and it turns out behind the scenes now what was on television, but there was some tension was candlelight. Clo Duval against Safari They bullet I'm a little.
How do you know about the normal? Do help nursery rotten and those who might be bigger than usual but be Is there really really bang today tee? I lived. The wall was ass, fine ass, the whole Tavi her head. Why is the beef? I have no idea
I write were Mandela YE and that's your room, a report for Don Quixote Democrats of being a little bit of an adult club. I've been called a lot of my twenty per year at the donkey at Bay is a new way by the way. Did I dont you today is not all revolting deadly, not they have separated themselves were most where we have an ok. I know I got the care many years, even though their care of Adobe was to media, which sub area the railways to media would separate us from revolt. Waiting separated themselves from us this morning dont you today for when they march. Twenty second goes to Stephen Rex Brown. Now I googled is guidance as he is a reporter covering education for the New York Daily NEWS. Well, he must be met. The transition to reporting on other things, because there's nothing, educational about this click, mate trash
as article he wrote in New York Daily knows ok about us I understand air, we live in the aerospace of sensationalism. Air of nobody can about the true from the lies. More entertaining people want hits on it or as they want hits on your side and they don't care who rely on to get detraction us Rex Brown on reading in the New York Daily know this morning and the headline is whites cry Bias UK produces so power, one five, one favor, black kids, the almost all of these Never judge a book by covering cover in seventeen. You should never judging article by his headliner right isn't one of those articles, because headlines is a complete lie: on five one favours blacks. What does that have to do anything? Ok, what does that mean does not name power, one hundred and five one all the breakfast club as defendants. If we are names as defendants, why have us in the headline of you, don't know, what's happening, what I'm talkin about the farmer produces of revolt. Some
produces a revolt, are sowing revolt power, one five, one, five point: revolt accusing revolt, tv of favouring blacks, oval whites, not power, one o five, one. This and we're on in new york- okay, now I'm not the highest great, a weed and the dispensary, but contrary to popular belief. Ok, black man, I can read write and if clearly says, revolt tv is being sued for crimination. Why would Stephen Red Brown put the headline power? One o five one favours black. That's how you why for collect bait? Ok, not a fourth paragraph, his trash as alternative fact driven article that Steve, Brown wrote, is white people and not welcome the scenes of a televised broadcast power when five once the breakfast club, a new lawsuit charge here. You go again putting us in something We have no business being and now here in this building. The behind sees a revolt. Tv is on the fourth floor or flow. We August there back, ok, I don't know what goes on at they're, not my consent,
not if I white men who work there, revolt five papers in Manhattan Supreme Court, claiming they will victims of reverse racism that his term always confuses me because the latter white people are cool towards racism any other time. You can turn a blind eye to a random acts of racism that have happened in America all the time. When is something that affects you, the sudden you understand racism, now correct me. If I'm what isn't reverse racism, equality, but yet the reverse of racism would be no racism at all. So I going to stay with you mean when they say revert racism. Racism is racism now Rex Brown is quoting the lawsuit and he says revolt tree. Did them worse than other employees who were younger and african American. They claim one black production assistant frequently came to work late, the trunk and slept the editing room floor during work. I was what was not punish, says that the culture I don't know nothing about that. Four revolt, tv, ok, we all know what flop. Third, they on involved
I wonder what happened now. I can speak on this point. It says whereas the shows on air personalities that would be us right S, shining a guide annually dj and be shown on air personality personalities tolerated lateness, the product. And he was used- was used to print was used to producing, shows such a lack of punctuality, was either less tolerated, are permitted whatsoever and when they had a discussion about the lack of punctuality from the guess, they were told they did not understand the culture. What co chair? Are you alluding to c p? black people and c p time. Therefore, that is called for. Ok, you can call hundreds of people people in label Remsen. He would tell you we don't play willingness. We are busy in his room. I'm gonna raises a money, reverse races, you see if you're late. Yet, if you just cancel affordable for working here, seven years I can say. Ninety percent of the odd is black white latino, gay, whoever they are for the most part thereon time. Don't
to play us because we, too black, show and make it seem like we tolerate lateness. Now the white people saw a revolt. Tv argue that there is bound to Billy did not require to have a firm grasp black culture, kids, listen uncle shall I give you up, company whatever that company is selling, you should have a firm grasp of the culture of their company. I remember I worked at a radio station back in the day. I was too big Colombia, Alexandrovna, clues bonds flip. The big idea is hereby Urban Arby's station, they flipped format to an adult contemporary station It was plain, are formed in fire in the OJ. I was twenty somebody tat, I didn't fit to culture. I knew nothing about this John DOE contemporary music so had to go and invaded You do know about Adele Contemporary, I mean now. We all saw or dog temporary Josiana, Okay Meyer right, but mad at him, because I really don't care because the breadth of Club ARPA one if I want it in the ones being sued, because an insane trash as article even Brown, wrote. It says the suit
not named power, one hundred and five one of the breakfast club. Now what gets me if you can put this in the article in that means? You read the lawsuits and saw we weren't named. So why is Stephen Rex Brown? Would you make the headlines a power? One hundred and five one famous black, when you know with the lawsuit is about to make people read it. Is there. We already have to deal with threats and death threats from white supremacist in white nationalist. These radical from supporters who already think we a liberal, left, leaning show because we had Hilary on a couple times in Bernie Sanders. We keep liberals on here. Do you realize all you do is put in gas or near fire, but try by trying to pain us as racists? Ok, I once thought that the coat the cure eliminate fake news with simply tell people to stop giving their from finding a forty character, tweets and start reading reputable new sources. I thought the New York Daily NEWS, whether reputable news was clearly not and they let into Stephen wrecked round character. You click Vader headlines. Ok, report of light you, which alternative fact in fake news, are
in our country and wounded depressing such weeks, weak, a responsibility for the judgments. Ok, mediocre journalists making of headlines just to get clicks had generally accepted. I just thank God that I that I am in a black privileged position. The call bs onto bs please give Stephen Red Brown the biggest, he hardly I'm just saying Ochre solvency, Oh thank you for that dog. It is right if you live in a time of honour and now watch on his report, and I believe also told you I was that we could. I wish the media would separate us from the story. The way revolts written himself from others more having had no idea was so mean up there. On the fourth floor up yonder was led only once more on behalf of nothing about this law, and we are therefore all enough with the whole dont give they would you don't know anything about? The final nine I did is came at a left field, but I will not go for you. You keep talking
these next eight hundred for a viable, no five one. If you need some advice from me, some relationship advice or any time please call you right now: eight hundred and five, eight hundred and fifty one five hundred and twelve put your live on it, and what's your email, you help me, gmail that what was I knows, a lot it. Talk about that know anything about it: dog ascii, eight hundred! five one five. What is the breakfast locomotive? The breakfast thing everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club, it's for ask IE, eight you five, five one or five one alone, I wasn't a breakthrough. They Brittany, what course of ie what I want the actor in the situation and light. Ok, I'm five moment air
that is my own code of conduct is not really ok. Even by a boy I used the Belgrade about three or four years ago. And now the breaking out in China. He bethought him is now hope he is been for about but a month now now not know why you have a big hit me because is therefore, in fact, my phone, it was light. You didn't Brittany I would like you to Brittany. He would lie where Missus Selwyn, though, but that now you baby lie. Ok, we'll split that would do ass. You like! Well, you wouldn't have a baby bodies. Who knows how to do anything? they were ok, Baroness, so you're gonna take a dna tests. I don't know why he was bindings, you and she is back exactly army are. We would want to plan on second dna tests anyway, but, my being here, she live on street with me about her face them, because I know you don't you think, then, that the woman found
Oh, you don't have a baby father. If you don't, they could be in a way that will enable really just spent all if anything she could have talked to me, I'm afraid, I'm out, we literally, like five, how this very night, the issue. The issue is this: your beef him with the woman but merely rigour with me. I don't have a problem with her. I don't care you wanna badger bathing. You do so because it takes my power. Like I don't even know, you got my number that he has not. Let's keep a real that's going on between you do is his fought he's cowardly for now, speaking to you directly himself he's Karen? for letting his girl have your number he's cowardly for now hating his paneling his business. Now I can understand him saying: ok before I committed anything I want to take a dna tests. He thus fair enough is accurate, but that was it. Hey by he's. Never ever let her speech you like that him. That's evaluation reminder to Africa for Human, a mark on five march, but boy them. He would rather Mcdermott thing. Don't do anything for her.
Maybe I'm gave her she's out that out, but now it's like. Oh that's, not my baby. My is is right. Ok, I'm out would still be spread out, but on that There are more because I figured if we little boy do not matter. Are you gonna, let alone by mark wasting your word? How do I go about doing it glided light that we cannot be omitted, wait put a baby. Clearly, that's all you really can do. He doesn't want to be involved. Are you gonna? Do is dress yourself out by having to deal with this other woman now on top of everything else, so now is less. And no business. Do you still want to be with him now? Will you please tell me what type of current a humane there that is our pledge and let me know if this town centre now we just have to handle business and handed them business means take care of yourself. Take here. Your baby, China distress yourself out as much as you possibly can and may show you ever I'll be baby. Get the dna as a major. They he's responsible here,
That's all you can do and let that women be his problem. Don't get yourself wrapped up in involved in some back and forth of hair just because too much of a cow or to handle his own business the first priority is way no baby exactly. Does the older version you have sex with correct me? If I'm not I'm not like there at all? We will then you know you're, not really Jennifer's. Among the population of a fell out good ol methodologies, she's gonna get the paternity tat everything you say: you're gonna leave that got away. That is what you are. I think we'll Thin Wilson, where and not calendar in Oslo either. You go online and look up what who is the most counties in North Carolina? Who has the most age? I think it said Pitt County, but Wilson is not too far, though is not in any way now. We should always give up having we'd all give ve been so in other member
however, good luck with the baby, then ok, thank you right away. I e Bay first thing is the baby relational baby, safe? Ok, thank you and good luck as he hurried on good Friday, firewall or fire. What have you got a course for YE call allows the breakfast globally next morning everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club with animal of ask ye allows this. My leg, At least Gomorrah was, of course, of E Albania We all agree on every wondering: why does not enjoy years adds mobility join you in the EU, he'll? Be vows every like thirty eleven Peter? Ok, right, ok! So my question is about a diplomatic, about. A month ago, mobility gotta come on. Let's get back, there Ok, why Logan away?
the is big, mug waiter way here he don't want to go oh, like real dad. He worked like paper by two by red eye volume thousand pounds. I don't wanna be together because right now onwards to dive who governs himself gave a smoke. What do you like him? I get rid of me, is as children and live a life whose name is on a lease with only web. That means you gotta go. What am I do you want to do when I break up with him or you just want him to move out? I want to break up with him like he does not said she does not satisfy me sexually I hear that I'm ok, that alone is another reason for you to be. Let you got to go so what it was
rob and you don't want to tell him he's gotta move out. Are you bet he's not gonna go? Why are we followed by a lobby? Their theories about you, but I'm not going anywhere unfair right here, like right, whereas, that he's very come to boys leaching off a view, but the justice act alone there. He speaks crazy tee. A cage should be enough for you to be like this ain't working and analysis as he's Bobby, not they're happy with his life either tee. Not under my view need, and we want. The money will go now. Lady, regarding the guy, you, our little that I've, you know how bout my money I'll buy. You mean that You are all view of light leave my rent. I will, I think, they're legally, you need to let him know you have until the end of next month to get it. Together, find a place to go on that China be rude and at them, but we can't do this anymore, so
giving you that time limit and if you don't move out, then legally, I'm going to have to make sure that you get kicked out because my name's enemies, yours, is it I'm here where my kids yearn. I happy I'm not happy Celeste make it happen. I know you listen. I know how hard it is cause. I just recently one of my best friends it make somebody move out and he enshrine ago either so, no matter what you where you were the measure for me am, I beg you back in there, give you don't like it. Why not? I love you more ardor lying around like a loser. Well, what it is. I think they're pretty. Well, you can't be playing games. I bet you gotta be direct and let him know by would you to do is just set it up for him to leave. I what my friend had to do with her boyfriend or ex boyfriend now what she had to settle
so that he has in place the girl. We like. Ok, I'm helping you find a place whenever I gotta do, but we gotta end this and if it can be on good terms and you're. Gonna have to legally see about getting him just get kicked out because it would lie he can come. My dear your bail, I, why were you may have the banks is deaf. I've been changed, relax Tell me more about your family, be mean me lobby, their name, your money. I would nevertheless like to live in their kind and that pay no bells and children and playing video games smoking. We so I mean go, let's go give him deadline. Pakistan up get them move until I get their status. This has in chains, relax, noted the we go further, nobody reads, raw data. We You know about that.
It's so normal. My brother's killer got a preacher, This is crazy how you baby NOM Sidney on his farm very judgment of allowing enough you deserve a better man, but whatever she waked new jobs. She got up and down morning. What do the jobs it doesn't matter? low grew home grown up for mood gating cradle. She does about from the area you ve got a mammogram up can't been eight hundred private, I want to buy what have you got a course vehicle at any time you ve got away? Yes, Mariah. Carry I tell you about a movie. This is actually pretty excited about us. I will tell you which
He cast members from the show the real shared, a lad about experiences that she went through suffering from a miscarriage array. All our immoral keeper locked the breakfast locomotive with his clothes were earlier. In the week we played you would Steve Harvey had to say about people need to respect Donald Trump more and he was talking about new dog bow and CIA northern drama. That happened at this new dog. Put out that lavender video, where he shoots Commandest dress as Donald Trump at the toy gun there. He really has a completely different point of view. Here's what he had to say.
I think the president will respect worthy. Nothing can all facing down our baby. This is we using a man of a fellow prisoner former them felony ally lie than deserve respect like where would you like me, He actually went no more detail on his radio show, because that kind of that global kind economic contacts with the true demanded. We know what the hell are you talking about you, nothing respect, Donald Trump user, respect the position of president. You can't Breton a president. You can't burns. Brother, you go to jail for stuff like that period, present people that went Java threatening Barack Obama, jail for threatened presidents and their family very valid and go to jail for lying, doing other disturbing things that he let alone. I don't know he doesn't respect its own. As this will get worse, nothin about their mechanism all be listened to Let us all be would do something that you know specifically is gonna get them like that. Don't speak out against the present
Collins. Levity, intrusive, denounces these are left but don't threaten and brothers you. I had no business to end up in jail for tat video there. I would hope that you and I would hope, bow. I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't hope somebody would asked take. Would they dating? Was that farther and threatened to present fourth leading into messed up like this the problem with. Don't you want to do it? I write nets. I should be. Hansen is talking about empire, cause empire. Of course, the new season is here now I spoke to variety, and she said she could not do this cookie character for ever. She said cookie where's me out. She drains me she's emotion, we all over the place, those writers they just keep pushing my emotions with every episode by the eighteen episode of season, I'm dead, I gotta go. Far away anyway, animal print. I cut my hair into a bob. I don't wear weave because I got to get as far away from cookie as possible, and she said once indicated, and I thank you good night. I learned from the women a sex in the city. You gotta know when to go out. You don't want to Was there you're welcome you want to go out on a high, you wanna be
but as a number one show on the network, I'm goin to lose my passion, I know me a cookie is enough. I can't do that, but for so long Keyword key word, one citizen, make sure that money is permanent forever before you step away. I write Lanni lab love on the real. She opened up about something that a lot of fans had no idea happen, but you discuss is going through a really to have two. When she had a miscarriage, finally would set a doctor, and I was pregnant at that time. I start a process and cousin the same for the baby donors, and I was on my goodness. What am I gonna do right? and then eventually you know that nature takes over. You like an hour is nothing the had his baby and sure enough soon as I was like? Ok with it about a week's amiss, Carrie This is a sad story about a lot of women have gone through this it as well. Brave of her to share that on the real our
and Jennifer Lopez, it is promoting her new embassy, dance competition, show world of dance is discussing what it life for her when she was trying to get her first big job before she actually where's Selina. She said. I remember only getting to have one piece of pizza every When I was a dancer, that's how I lived. I did it for a couple of years before I go my first big job. I wouldn't trade it for the world, so imagine living off of one slice of pizza every single day. That's what jail is it before becoming Selena and Maria carries song is being turned into a movie. You know us That is all I want for christmases. You that's by the way, I'm excited- and am very, I love a good Christmas moving, so ass. She treated my son is becoming a movie. Are the first to hear about this. Exciting news. Follow it all I went movie for more updates on. I went movie our random Angela YE and that's your room. A report forward,
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