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Today on the show we had the favorite bromance Charlamagne and DJ Envy in the studio as Angela is out for vacation. They had Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff Break call in today where they spoke about the current election happening in Atlanta right now, and we also had the host of the 85 South Show DC Young Fly, Chico Bean, and Karlous Miller where they spoke about their growth and being partnered with the Black Effect Network. Moreover, based off the conversation with The 85 South Show, Charlamagne and DJ Envy became the Bunk Bed Boys where they opened up the phone lines and took request from listeners on what slow jam they would like to hear during the people choice mix.

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A lot has changed, but doing what's needed is what the Ford Motor Company has done for over a century. Fordable phase Any problems would integrity, empathy and the strength to outlast him. We can't what's coming next, but Ford will always pivot, to do the right thing and to build for who and what matters most community forward to think. All essential work is in first responders when it continue commitment and dedication built for America built Ford, prow mountain do believe. Entrepreneurs are the doers the keys to building a black own business. That's why they partnering with age BC, use in an effort to discover challenge in uplifted next generation of bad ass, black innovators and entrepreneurs. Mountain do is announcing with the real choice and opportunity for pitch competition with a prize pool of million dollars. The goal is to inspire and empower H Bc. You suited to go out in due time ideas into real businesses to enter and get it This visit mountain do that calm, slash real change,
Sam rats rather sit out the most prominent. Why do some more worthy eternally was able to join the principal breakfast? This is good morning: USA, Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO age. We use- I was probably Charlemagne. Please do the planet is done, has its terrors day good morning, good morning to you was happening
I never do you do with your Christmas shopping at Christmas you know. Christmases like Itunes way am alive, ran along the bottom dollar illicit back, invest a lot was what you mean: the phone book didn't talk, gettin, kids, toys that you know the one above me. The form part is waking up on Christmas morning, you, don't know me watching the kids open. It gives me a just surprised by what they guided them. There all I know it. I know it's something. What somebody more they're, very vocal about it, but you're not going to be careful cuz. I got a five year old, the two year old. So when they're watching things like an employee, you know what I like to watch tv usually was alive, the fundamental and their wives and actual Disney genuine they watch in blue and every camera. that comes on data. What that that? Can you give me that damned is being like yeah sure, yeah sure so, both Christmas day. Out of me, just as a they got it initiatives
so stupid, but I mean money to help me put this thing this stuff together. Now, let me like the Bobby Houses, the american girl houses. I got my kids MA certainties into Nobody is when you gotta do all that in one night and you gotta a timeline doing now made certain bag watching the wife put to good use in backing of drinking in the washing enjoying dislike, though I know that in voting for I'm talking about put it together somewhat two kids wake up, it's already put together, make a stop playing a network of committing a box. Like all right in, and you gotta put it together, that aid Fund and Bobby dreamers boys such a waste, a goddamn where they are because after years, only in only one more year you give now. I say about a couple months now, mine of last year, I think of it you two or three alone. There are three darted, those out on she twelve necessary, definite, cable that our Bobby dream. I think we pass them down. I don't remember
let us remember recently Avenant given Bobby dreamers away at this out a summer. What are you we do as I used to go shopping late night, like ten eleven at night when everybody's nobody's in the store they restock the shelves. That's when I used to go to those I like to see and touch I want to make sure gsm terms, like my door, God. I was only obviously my daughter ordered a light. four dorm room and I think the dogs will. I find money now and if you tell me, gotta go to such a good deal and when it came, and it was a picture of lights. It wasn't it. What is it you don't wanna things around three young scandal and young came out is seldom producer liability in detail. The said these are picture, like I thought at other days. Why was seventy five before ninety? Now in the details? It is a picture of a p, a fiber image on a piece of paper and he had won t. I got one person battery details Dorothy for ninety nine. It was a pity it was actually a picture. I would like she was like a didn't. I see no and I think this is a good deal. This is for my daughter to make look nice in. He said it was a picture that I said.
The story is the most wonderful Tammany capacities enjoyed a moment. We hear- I assure you we hear you healthy you're alive. Enjoy naps. Lotta people did not make it into down an absolutely right You get a lot worse, a couple of people that I know at reasoning I call and in hospital so covert his back stronger than ever. I agree that is true, but I still think it's a lot of fear mongering honor. They got to make people get these vaccines. Ok is still a business at the Today, though, a lot of marketing of emotion and have to happen in order for these vaccines. That's all I'm saying I ain't got a mark and promote this. Would then? Yes, these cells Celsius, You could have ever imagined of data if it has been like in the middle of the year when things seem like they will calm it down, and things are opening back up and everybody was getting out and about and it's like, it would be like if I needed now like no, you got to go habit in order things back to whatever normal was in this society while the world? Actually, there was saint, like fifty percent of the population
dont doesn't believe and vaccines, and I am one of those fifty percent of the population in NATO get the vaccine able things better Racine, we'll talk more about it front page knew that they might mandate people to take the matter no low point from the beginning. It might be loud. I was also written some yesterday. Would you like me, are you not move? Things have a little bit of the virus in it. Yes nobody's vaccine none of the virus and from what I read, I don't know if that's true in that I could be totally not about the scientists hound. Only me as a child get him a case of animals during two thousand. Tedious would only right. Well, let's get the show crack and I now I'll be guesses. guess joining us this morning. The eighty five cell show will be here as right. Eighty five zero eighty five thousand can now be heard on the black effect I heard radio pie gas network that will be talking to him about that name. So big Sinnott run off in georgia- that's right, early bones, darted December fourteen body election is on January fyffes we got John also,
and Reverend Rob will not be able to be here with us this morning about from George now the Senate run off is January fifth, so you got to get out there and vote so we'll talk to both of those individuals and talk to you why you should get out there why you sure, for the? Why it's important right so we'll get into that when we come back and of course, front page, news would be talking around of ours to breakfast locomotive Everybody is the easy envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are. The breakfast club lookin some front page news that assessment of the aid will approve the vaccine for the? U S to day, and I back the proud she says black woman was one of the scientists who develop the cold of accessing the very that see. That's one of the two that is shown to be clearly say that that scene was actually developed by a team of scientists led by doktor body. Graham and his clothes colleague
his neck, a Corbett or kissing Corbett Kisses and african american scientists, who is right at the forefront of the development of the Barents Sea. So there, Where did you might want to say to my Africa? african brothers and sisters is that the vaccine that you're gonna be take with debate. By an african american woman and until you so ok, I don't wanna go violent claims, you work for you and I will try to America. You know I love you. I don't trust the vaccine about things like the dusky experiment that dimension never in the history of my existence in my forty two years on this planet seen in Vienna rushed to remedy anything in the black community poverty trash s schools, healthcare, police, reform, mental health care. All these things are community need. When have you ever seen him in a rush to remedy any of them
Now it was, then, we want to believe a job that our best interests at heart and you wanna remedy us what this vaccine to evaluate matches, remedy african american and black people as a remedy the whole? U S, Lang I'll die like this is one of the highest three thousand one hundred twenty four people die: I'd wins data high single day, total of the pen and absolutely but listen, listen with undervalue said he said. to you, ve made a black woman. Did that's it. I will tell my have. Can American, but this is the same thing I heard you know, Governor Como, inviting him say that, like all, we got to make sure that the black community gives this data most impact it. I get that comments since wait. There's Wendy! here by Romania was going on in the black community that might well they're saying that fifty percent of but, like I said earlier, I don't wanna take it and they say they might have to mandate with a force people to take it, and possibly this is possibly but this, This can happen that, yes, your boss can fire you. If you were fleet He refused to get a hold of ad infinitum. Duenna Gazeta Doin Army, no kids go to school. It was like when you go to school,
parts of certain positive content in after you, gotta get vaccinated area, some schools they that you know you kid have to get back, in my view, a forum at school, and sometimes people want to get the vaccinations radiological, not after the thing to do as interested in me. Like you also stated his bag thing. You know like what you nobody wanted to put tracking devices than if they wanted to get as they could have been got us a long time ago. That is learned by TAT might well versed, that's the first being that they put nobody's view needle people. Ramona absolutely will add his front. Page news get it off your chest. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need to vent phone onto wide open, hit us up right now again the number is eight hundred five, eight five. What oh five one call us up now is to breakfast locomotive I made my saluted a breakfast clover. Eighteen and a person as automatic need to give him a black hand away. The breakfast
go away, go mad or black. We want to hear from you. Allow does give me Nick without mad. At me, just like all of you reindeer, an air of oneself, man, girl of the king, Abdullah, O J, were bought eighty it was an egg in most member states. Colombia. I'm sorry I'll stay up here. Let's take the fact. You re not ok, the out I'll try to give them a bite me because I am a big fan. without getting hot written a lot done drawn by a one Are you my life? Rambler beta? I came up to the person I came up here with family, but me in a person about normal life.
Go back home, but Aiken South Carolina is the place to be by specially trying to get a job anyway, but it's also hard for me because I ain't got no financial support. To help me out and it sounds to me like you know, you already know you needed a change of environment. So if you know, if you know you don't need to be in a can, you can scratch that off the list? That's not that's not that! That's! That's not a thing right. got to stay where you at in figure it out, make it work what it is, what it is that you want to do like I've, been I've been working since I've been up to I'm working for this happy I ve heard by hard but Colonel Blake. I wrote job back, all right because I went out and got broke it things that I've been having to deal doing this for doing that. Where is like that?
hard not have nobody there in your corner for you and listen you to be fine. My brother just takes patients right. Yes, there no regulation or rather keep pushing back out I'm good day to allow this was up y'all. This is James from What I've jays ravages rub worthwhile I congratulate all the thing you man, good currency, may write in red. You can do about it see. My baby briskly moment was other than the Burma situation. The beneficial situation was funny to me. Why? Z, people try to traumatize me. That was pretty Larry's myself cool man. It was cool Charlemagne Buckler Buckle, eating, buckle, never buckle issue you did well what is buckling Yale thing,
gave me a procedure em about David Wigan. Two men enjoy it man I mean you can't we from you can't go anywhere. I oh no man, not in India, yeah. I wouldn't want to day you your birthday to close the Christmas, and you have it is. When you know that data we encourage a marrow now to get it there too married. You got my tape without and so early more amazing, No, there is great wonder why do people gotta stressed that a bracket She's allows those areas. Geisha them takes time, are doing very little. Taxes were parted, sexist talks about half a little I met at all would in cowboys from gonna love, Dallas Lama Cowboys, no cowboys envy fell whirlpool of congratulation
Thank you now. Did you get into a thereby hot I've gotta, you decided long, mostly dumping. The way you better tell me, then Yes, I love it and are less able to grow boy, they have mercy. I can't believe you like to hear me say long learning that men are made merry mama. No one that may have, and I love you pay I'll call him a job. on the nature of David? Did you guys will be back until twenty twenty one up, while I'm here, I'm calling A jar are Lord, have mercy. The beauty of it is that we run a lot of we run best of shows until January. Fifth, so you know it gives people an opportunity to catch up on breakfasts Carter they may have missed, and I learned Many were my car bomb
Lord, have mercy. Why are you stress and me out early this morning? Let me repeat that over and you have a good morning- Are we to get it off your jazz, eight hundred five, eight What oh five one of you need event as of now to breakfast club, Goin breakfast as a main, I'm always faced with problems that challenge my integrity, if everything truce and nobody can use your true against guest you'd Emmi, that you have to be extremely honest at all times not only about other people but, more importantly, about yourself. That's tough to do because and if it is sometimes you can become a carriage yourself. So just right, we staying true too, who I am is always fight in speaking of integrity. For it, is much like this, is they face problems with integrity? Empathy, indiscreet, thou last him forward like to think essential. Work is in first responders would continue commitment and dedication, such as health care,
as the livery drivers, grocer retail employees, childcare to postal service and even the engineers, and produces working the radio station ass. Tomorrow. Deeply appreciate this group during this time. It is slowly and inspiration, and if because continue to show up, therefore, shows up built for America Bill for proud. How do you, Like to hit the reset button to get ready for what's next, do you watch tv read a book, take a nap or hey even hugging tree. Look this work, friends, family, a million, pressing social issues and an expectation to be on all the time. Well, I don't know about you, but before I go to the next agenda on my schedule, I always try to find a way to sit. Parallax do out today. That's why so important when you choose to finally turn off from the chaos in your life, you sit back and support cause like mountain call. Refreshment.
Basic things. When you down take a moment, pause refresh yourself, relax have a beer, you can have caused light delivered by going to git cause lighter, calm and finding local delivery options near you and when you HU turn off made, show you We put out one beer dismayed to chew cod. Company and Golden Colorado encourage you to celebrate responsibly you're gonna get. It obviously asked whether you man wore black, but at the same time we want to hear from you wanna bread, which allows theirs alone. My new knowledge, well as long island. Animal is more regular features. Melissa right now on island in saying that I would much rather like the memorandum as booty, then take this vaccine.
First of all, you got your out of context. Right now got to explain to people what happened because they're going to be like what is wrong with Melissa. Yesterday we had a topic. Will we? If you would you rather take the vaccine algorithms granted boom boom now makes it gave to the fact that people are really doing much more research into the vaccine, don't realize that is actually a genetic a maying manipulation opposed to the traditional back. Where you know they just put a little bit of the virus in your body. Fights at all. Like you had said the same here I mean I took the flu, whatever growin up now that I make my own decision and what not people aren't realizing. Also this actually produces and her body against a protein that is essential to reproducing q placenta.
Oh no, it would you would. You said earlier is what our red yesterday, that there is no actual cold night, in the vaccine, like I urge you know, including put a little bit of flu in you, so you I have read about it. They don't have that investing in from when I read yesterday nervous that play like its hygiene hijacking cell lines, then causing you keeping pearl or I guess I'm a move from it supposedly now but understand. I think people need to be doing their own research on this, and that includes been looking in the ingredient in the no vaccine and then researching, the ingredients and stop and on a body reading greedy zone. Then somebody eaten some cereal right. Now I don't know, wasn't one another rightfully by unanimity, know how many peoples, but just thirty, you just want eat all type of issue, but her then take the vaccine. Yeah share would you do some research on them, but maybe before you ate or purple met ice anal snacking, ok, allow I tell you what you write. A technical meeting
well. No doubts have you thought about you, you know why? now, you're right, I do need to reserve but haven't go away. You miser, Listerine. Thank you. Haven't your dad you to allow this alone is a shared What's up Jared you doing a man what's goin on the king, now Mozart Tell me I don't even have a gentleman, so we went to generate new jobs now I don't know, but I gave a Mamma different programmes, unlike their the jeweler, we'll go that ok good refugee here. So I bought my work. I don't wanna fuck Lama darkened. The merchant alluded, but I do have to take off my chest- arm my wife, a nurse and no data for the return to give women a fuller, and it seems like people,
the more the worse it gets, the more they do say no mass, I'm not gonna fix a difference. I work with people who, for nothing the put their master meadow. One could imagine it shapes, and I want a social did not get to the point where you want to come and work in them, but not now we're card We support your car, but it is really is really getting to play where I don't even know how I feel about important work Why is there no way man gazed stuff? then I went back and I mean you're dealing with each other. They want to be about. You won't eat away through the way you don't talk in your face. You gotta be time economist, all the time. That's right. What's wrong with boundaries. That was wrong with letting them know that, like look, I don't want you need me. You ain't wearing nomads brother. I do that all the time you ain't got no mass going back up man it is mainly to honour, but you know that the workplace, they gotta, have regulations and everybody got upon a regulation for certain people. It's not expected it up. You know an arm
there has been a big deal. We did. We can't even get the workplace in all. Do things correctly, having gonna average people out there in the street, you know put mask on it. You know how it up a package, what more we can enhance the problem, as we were in the situation in hoping that America is a spoiled brat American, don't listen, we don't follow rules. Well, I just wanted to tell you wanna shadow, my mom, That way, and I love you to death, to my brother, I want to say one thing about my boy did provide, but you admire me the really. web automobile, I've never heard of him, but so barbecue their guys. I'm telling you you give the two. Look you thank you, but I get it off. He had said eight hundred five, a five one, o five one now real turnover or young rumoured boy young people's day.
they're all over social media. In no do my people. I don't know people Here's woman. That's my asking Jake Paul if his fight Whitney robbers, and was raises fight. Oh come on we'll talk about our key will act, as the british government is one of the best friends of the shells. A man feel Ben ten years, a y'all sitting around talking all this. Oh my gosh. That is such an incredible feat and I am so honored to witness and been a part of it, and this really big up to you off of finding a home and making it your own cuz. I know we all love to watch y'all still up in there, and sometimes increased scenarios but work it out, because I love you breakfast in this special Episode of wind down now
level on Iheart, radio or wherever you get your podcast Jana Kramer gets together virtually with her celebrity friends. They talk about their upcoming holiday plans, their kids and ways they ve been surviving quarantine. Christmas. I feel, like things are already starting to get so messy around the house. I have already paper and presence in the hiding stuff in an the cooking everywhere already starting right. So I said he is in the tenderness we ve gotta clorox after help clean up because that's been, ginger, this episode of wind down, as presented by clorox disinfecting mopping clause which kill ninety nine point. Nine percent of germs, including covert nineteen virus, their easy and safety use on multiple floor types, which means you and your family. You don't have to worry about those pesky germs when used as direct on hard non poorer services, kill Sars Cove to covet nineteen virus. You, We decided to learn how to isolate so you,
did the essentials. Every ice skater needs a pair. Blades a new helmet and It set of me pads and you use your Bank of America. Cash rewards credit card choosing to earn three percent cash back on online shopping. Rewards that put towards the cost of an essential piece of post skating recovery, unheeding pad visit think of America com slash more rewarding to apply now copyright, twenty twenty bank them a corporation, the gas at the Reul report, whose club now shouted Gmail Healing carry champion even only show before new homes. Did it in a view with Jake poorly talked about the fight when neat robys inundate ass was it racists, wasn't races to knock a black man out? That is the question of us,
Gimme that I know not raise it because in its or why these key question, because How does this have anything to do with raised today? Does in its ally in question? We gotta wake you up, you gotta be imparted and everything upset about that question. He said it was a stupid question. They I guess they tried to cancel her. First of all, they said it wasn't a joke. It wasn't funny anybody who watch that show the full two minute exchange know they were being sarcastic and joking. They were trolling a troll, Now, if you don't think it was funny, I get it will not act like you ask and a serious question comment along the virginal played in carrying out. Now that was the short version people playing come on that people are mad about here: is the Lane Alonzo version Jake considerably? we are right now. Our racial conversation in America was what you did to Nay Robinson Racist that is below us. We read now stop
Let me listen. Jake is assisted attire right now. We just had a witness away. May I just knocked a black man smooth out in front of all of America. So that's why I asked that, but just just tell us about that. That moment, real quick because it looked like Nate, was asleep before ever even hit the camp in Modern Europe means a store. We train for you not the end of the day. Boxing's sport and you know it trying to win. Nay. Call me out original. They saw, I think he is frozen. He can you hear me now gagging here. Yes, that was last start from the beginning. Wasn't racist to knock a black out in the commission. clearly being sarcastic. Clearly joking sauce media that the everybody of immediate personality. Eventually you say something that people will manipulate and take out of context area I need you to turn. Welcome them
how'd. You know he would never figure and by the data using part, was you ve been calling. Last week, he asked oh for business, random people's is at his house and he facetime me and then I picked up a facetime. He was on the facetime. He said he wants to do the breakfast club, so I said: let's do it tomorrow morning at nine, a dot m? I guess What it was like Nicholson, P M, so he was, Like nine p M, it was weird thing, but we never got him or I would have as Jean Paul do you believe in the black loud Madame when he said yes, I said: why did you kill any Robson? That's what I witnessed it! Ok, but they re. Madame gambling is a better job as a bail out. Are you not have announced funny? I'm gonna go to the bay. I wasn't. Gonna jump got guns, so I shouted. I feel Luigi wife elude? She was gifted the first twenty twenty one may back as you ve was gifted by his gracious, lay blown up shop, a flight again,
The two thou, not a cotton, is the first one to be in the states is the same one that ludicrous was in viral. So he got one. My reply is given away cos. even though it is about a label on a label on us are regrettable, is Adam came out of his label. Owner game does vehicles that give wife and Lucy. I just want you to know that you see on the envoys next year when textile, defiling copyright or absolute naturae young congratulated the tray young. He gets his first Adidas signatures. Sneaker, it's good, released, one of their release in a fall in a full twenty twenty one season? So congratulations to have dramatically above tree and allied tree on the bodily I like watching the gentry of his career, especially when you pose old pictures and how I guess to be around a ladder, and be her and when he was young. So these, like a young man who knew what he wanted to do only on and actually did it. I did happen our respect and our respect. Things like that gap also do we
can eavesdropping sneak in collaboration with baby. So who had at ways, because I know that we can say to deal with poorer. So maybe his deal will pull was up or let me see the meeting this evening. There listen red x, x or politically, or nobody was nowhere base. guys? I love it. Yet. Aid is one of those things like our board outweighs ladder time. He'll figures so is kind of like a bad easily, even count. You know known by his ignorance, as was visa from T J Max stature, and you have- pressure on annual figure from what you said that hundreds, my guy, but I, however, that somehow we notice your God optical love, garlic the drama that nothing is that yes, so if you want the Callaway blanket target nowadays, wouldn't dare you and so tardy come out star, yet a marble jacket from the kid sexually mine yesterday Itobad most involved, I wasn't a marble jack. Your indicates that you know the homepage. I could somebody may be little monkey citizens alkaline on. Ok, you show some respect rights. Demagogic. Well, if you are dead,
weaken Calabro. It comes out December, twelve, black and white colorway. I'm sure you, kids of distress you for it so makes you get they all go to websites beat back. I am I right in that. Your rumour report. Now we come back here What page news talking corroded, I rise vaccine. They might make you take this vote. things that will talk about land from the beginning is to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We ought to breakfast club so front page. Those then come back for a second, please tonight is the first night of Hanukkah. Now, just That might be what what does that mean? asking Danny Danny. Contact the jewish? Ok, give the biggest context supposed to mean the first matter away. What are you doing to further because a sudden resident or with the family and then there's eight knights of it's? On the first night, you have dinner with your family, you, like one candle for the first night, Sundown you're supposed to open up one gift. If your parents do the eighth, the eight knights of gifts
but you do December twenty fifth, when the world is celebrate Christmas, watch movies, net, chinese food May I tell a mine is businessman effect asking what happens on further Kwanzaa, since he just wants to the enemy s nose right? First, they can cause they pointed out of our. There was no get up to educate myself. I don't know what happened on a further an article, but it's all my people. How I do know is that a right which you I'm asking questions, can I jumped out ok our little ground of arise. Now, yes, I was one of the highest they told a pandemic three thousand one hundred and twenty four people. Now it is a latin others. fifty percent of the population say they will not take the vaccine and ass they might have to mandate the vaccine Malaga when they so saying: yes, your boss can fire you possibly
if you refuse to get a covert vaccine Zimbabwe, all your troubles, I feel like a mandatory vaccine mandate, is infringing on your civil liberties. Keep my job is still president: ok, aberration warp speed! I was all his idea. I write to listen to your guy and is the Euro for they have to do a mandatory mandate because Jago listen. If you are you mass and social distance, we wouldn't be in his position to begin with or doktor found she has message for his brothers and sisters. Very that see. That's one of the two that are shown to be clearly say that vaccine was actually developed by a team of scientists led by doktor body, Graham and his clothes Kali doctor. his neck, a Corbett or kissing Corbett Kisses and african american scientists, who is right at the forefront of the development of the Barents Sea. So the first thing you might want to say to my african American, Brothers. Insist is, is that the vaccine that you're gonna be take with them
by an african american woman in the world is Stephen Psmith. We don't you. Ok, we simply dont care, I write so would appear. drop. One includes both it. S is to give me a ride. Black is not her that we don't it's u america- the government, you know I'm some live. You cannot trust the vaccine. Things like the dusky experiment and I will keep saying, is over and over. Never, the history of my existence. In my forty two years, a life have I seen this country in a rush to remedy any thing that was hurting the black community by poverty. ass, ghouls, healthcare, mental health care services, they never in a rush to put any at all kind of resources and in our community banana Rustam report. Does the vaccine and come on development in Agis ages, wages given at the black people they give us every battle he told you about easy- you why I just hope, You about avian and incentives, brothers and sisters alot of life. He was thinking that not just give us that legacy, and you know why would you go get a vaccine, the black people, that people is only for you, take it
so everyone O the DNS very true, but they are saying things like we have to make sure the black community guest is for us because they are being impacted by though the most is so many things impact the black community and heard the black me. I've never seen them in a rush to remedy a right. So I guess it had taken a maximum I'd. I don't take me seems been taken a vaccine, my adult age shown The kid I took him for smart Chicken pox in smallpox, would have other back. Then you have to be in school, but now I don't you get the flu vaccine area. I gotta do share gaddi. I don't get it area, but I did get at issue and reason. I got is she has got my doctor said if you catch cold, we need to know if it's a flu or if it's called it. So if you have the vaccine, we know what it is. So that's why and like go Melissa called earlier that reduce yesterday the fact dead. You know when you get a solution, They are putting a little bit of the flu in you rat, correct, that's not enemies! Call the shots and not put in a little bit of coldly knew what the hell it is tat. He was a menu now shut up.
in the hat. Is that whatever you want? a vaccine. An animal can be taken. repaid news now where we come back to zero. No January. Fifth, is it's a race in Georgia, for Senate Senate run off race? Yes, and we have two gentlemen s run and for those seats electrode they, like the run, the jewels of politics, mass rape, Reverend wrath the war knocking John also, so we gotta talk to them. When we come back said: oh, oh George, it is very important, very important Georgia, so make sure you keep it locked at the breakfast club good morning. That is the world's most dangerous mornings morning. Everybody is J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne? The girl? We are the breakfast club. That is a very. Port and raise go now January. Fifth, in Georgia, ripe as right. is the US any run off race between Reverend Ralph, not between would arrive, Warnock and John also for up for these two sinnott seats in here right,
Come on guys, they do so much good morning great to be with Goddammit voice now explain to the people would go in Georgia. Yes, and we are deeply out to be running for the? U S Senate I'm a rough. Your war now go past revenues or Baptist Church, spiritual homo, Marcus King Jr, in John Louis we're gonna be running alongside my brother from another month. Other colleagues have done ourselves at this. Fighting moment in american history. Who would have thought that when the does settled on November, third of all the centre raises an account there would be two rounds in both would be in Georgia and that these two Senate races would literally define and determine the direction of the country and the work, and we must do in the days ahead. I'm out of the kid who grew up in public housing first cause bread with my family to be running for the Senate. It suggests that the american dream is very much alive.
It is just slipping away from too many people, you gotta, you got. I young jewish journalists, son of an immigrant meant- by Jean Louis running, alongside a black preacher who holds Doktor kings Paul, but it ebeneezer church together. their building this movement for health, jobs and justice for the people and we're taking on like the body and clyde of corruption in politics David producing Kelly Leffler, both too busy enriching themselves in office to take care of the people they represent I wasn't you'd other than in the other day. Rev Goin up begins on Kelly Lawful, and I really wanted you to keep hammering home the fact that she she voted to define Napoleon. But she kept trying to put down on you. as I. Why doesn't he keep repeating that over and over and over and all the while, I want you take the foot off the gas. Inevitably, we view them as of a debate there. Their lot of danger traveller respond through in, and certainly my primary focus, was to keep the people of Georgia
at the centre is clear to me that they were gonna, keep saying you wanna be found the police, no matter what I said, then that claim really then have a thing to do with me. It's a play, its a talking point, a candle, cookie, color response, a dangerous running all across the country, but you're right. She voted to deepen the police. When I worked to reform our criminal justice system of that work, law enforcement officers and activist trying to push restore the more justice system. You guys know what are you going to do for Georgia? Georgia's? It has a lot going on. Of course we got to talk about, you know, students and their students, he's in it in a graduation rates? We gotta talk about the covert nineteen we gotta talk about the housing market is a lot going on in a land are right in Georgia. Right now expressly call it. go down to a land, and I feel like I'm, the only one with a mask all would scares me. So what? What? What? How are you
is gonna help Georgia so and we we find out the demystify polluted. Discussions like it's, not a mystery where we need to go and what we need to do in this. Short term. We got to beat the virus by letting doctors and scientists do their job and we got to get direct financial relief to the people, and that means cash for Americans and help for small businesses, and then we have a much larger task ahead of us because we got to pass civil rights and voting rights legislation week a student debt relief. We have to make sure every American has great healthcare. I mean the past. Four is really clear. The next two years can be the most productive for civil rights and voting rights since one thousand nine hundred and sixty for one thousand, nine hundred and sixty five, but only if we win these two Senate races, they will block everything if they can. That's why these races matter so much like we can look back on what happened.
Summer after Brianna Taylor and a mud army were killed, that peaceful mobilization nationally in the streets. We can look back at that as having the same impact that the March occur. Ass, the Admin Pettus Bridge and some Alabama and nineteen sixty five day when John Louisen, Jose Williams and Emily point lead that March paving the way for the Voting Rights ACT of sixty five. We can pass a new civil rights ACT and a new voting rights ACT, but to everybody who just turning into these races across the country, these who said at one offs are for control of the United States sent and they will try to do to Joe uncommonly just like they tried to do the Brok Obama if they said control the? U S, Senate, which is why we have to win both these races. One can you expanding new civil rights Agatha actually got put onto the new civil rights ACT. let me on you, I thought killer. My post about you kill him I would like your John off our followed me. I'm support names I would do you paid and, unlike all you followed me, do not want to gas stocks are looking to us,
The thing that you know you believe in and a new the new civil Rights ACT was interesting to me. What what did that exactly? The department of Justice has a civil rights division ass one. Agencies within the OJ and it needs to be empowered to uphold equal protection under the law. We need national standards for the use of force. law enforcement. We need to be able to bring real accountability against individual officers against police departments against prosecutors, against judges against jails. Prisons where there is race and class bias in our criminal justice system. The fourteenth amendment of our constitution is already met together, T equal protection, but when a mud armoury a shot to death in broad daylight in the street on camera and the local police and prosecutors looked the other way and makes a mockery of equal protection and it's the job of Congress to pass legislation that will hold those local authorities accountable for that kind of misconduct we need to reform federal drugs
we need to end prison for non violent drug offenders. We need to legalise cannabis. We need to reform our prison system to bring conditions in prisons in jails up to humane standards and an reverend has been working so hard and diligently and criminal justice reform for so long. I want to throw them, the Roman Warnock. If you'll, let me Charlemagne, you haven't figured. I got up and work on this issue for years focused on ending mass incarceration, which I see as if not these, certainly one of the defining moral domestic issues of our time, the United States of America than that land of the free is the mass incarceration capital of the world. We wear four percent of the world's population. We warehouse twenty five percent of the world's prisoners. We got a greater percentage of our black population in prison than did South Africa at the height of apartheid. No other nations
comes close to the numbers of people in prison, the percentage of our population in prison, and a lot of this came really over the last four decades following the death of Martin, Can't you on your part, three levels of focused on this: you don't you think all the issues that the king and others with imported gets body discrimination, job discrimination. holding discrimination where and how in America that get Reinscribed within the context of the criminal justice system, where people get the stigma of being convicted in some time in some cases, are not even convicted arrested and they discrimination as legal job. Discrimination is legal and so last summer, at my church we can be. a multi racial multi faith conference focused on.
All of these issues? We ve been expanding. The records of we had the first one: stop shop to expand criminal arrest records at major urge that we had in this in this region. One of the most powerful moments in my ministry. With that day I walked in my church. The stage where was filled with people and literally everybody in church does Saturday morning had a record as a preacher data. True every Sunday everybody's got some got a record None of us want out of this was to be judged by our worse moment. Nazarite as though we ve been expanding criminal arrest, wreckers, giving people a chance, as we had one just for better ones, while they try to act like at all support better in the militant families we had a better is day expunge met, you bet and so this is the work that we have to do and I will remain focused on it. I we are more
Reverend Raphia Warnock in John. Also, when we come back, don't move to breakfast locomotive. Everybody is D. J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast club that we would telling you about a Senate run or of January fifth. In Georgia Reverend Raphia, Warnock and John also, so you gotta get out involved in there with us still this morning, Charlemagne problem as it wasn't there. For God in politics and in the reason I say that, because I'm I'm I'm a man of faith, but those concerned Republican, vague claimed, be people who fail to show how do you our moral compass when it comes to politics like that I go. A spiritual, Compas sort of Frederick Douglass said that he never had a slave master is brutal, as is crucial.
Play, master p, still religion to off and is used as a cudgel and a weapon, which is why I'm leading in my face and I'm not going to hide it, because I think we make a mistake when we see the values conversation, to the folks were pushing forward an agenda of racism, bigotry and xenophobia. and using the cover of religion to justify it does nothing new. We ve seen at the centuries, and so the answer to that is not to see the space. How we gonna give the values conversation over the people who devalue other people method is not a weapon, is not a cultural beat down. People's humanity is abridged to draw together, bring us closer. As I said the other night, I'm a man, you, twenty five christian I was hungry and you fed me. I was sick and you Let me out and present you came to see about me. I was asleep and you welcomed me think about that. With respect to our need to have a comprehensive immigration policy
and he s board. When will you hungry? When were you a stranger when were you sick? When were you in prison in as much as you ve done it onto the least of you done. Also under me, and so my fate Charlemagne Dutton, that means of bringing the doctrine and the sectarian sort of views of my religion and to public policy, but values the values that I think are resident in all the great faith traditions and allow people of moral courage you who claimed Open galloping tradition at all, love, compassion and justice mercy prove telling does will be bringing it to the public kind of any decent brothers have the Gaza. We got one last question and I want them to talk to the people of Georgia one more time and tell him how important it is to get out there. Involved in whitish over you guys, you gotta most other tumult acts one for John John you and you are an investigative journalist right. That's right! How would impact the way you you operate as a politician, because
investigative journalism policies. You know really deal with facts anymore. Well, we certainly deal with that's where I work and I want a company called incite Tito, be why we can check it out online. We produce investigations of war crimes, we produce frontline conflict reports, we produce long term undercover investigations of judicial corruption, human trafficking, death squads, murder for higher schemes, clack doctors. We followed the facts where they lead and I do this work because I'm passionate about confronting and exposing injustice and the abuse of power and corruption, and we need an investigative spirit in Washington right now, because at the root of so much abyss, Charlemagne is corruption. Leadership like Donald, trumps. That only grows out of soiled. It's already been poisoned, the level of distrust and anger and inequality. The mass incarceration that we're seeing the growth of the private prison industry by the way my opponent David, produce
be funded by the private prison industry, which wields huge political power. The way insurance and drug companies prevent any action to make health care affordable. The way the oil and gas industries prevent any action on the environment. The way the financial services industry prevents us from taking action on student loans at all of that is because of corruption. The work that I do as a journalist is about exposing and rooting out corruption and in the U s- and I will relentlessly and fearlessly go after corruption wherever it is in our work to reform our campaign. Finance system get corporate money out of politics, yet secret money out of politics, because that's why it so difficult to get things done. We got here in office. My opponents are you I saw you saw me with his name. Nor could he if he cares, show up the debate you eat at national level headed naming now, because I because I am- I watched a show Charlemagne and I saw that you gave him donkey the day or not debating like imagine being a sitting. U S, senator too much of a coward.
To battle your opponent in public. You haven't held a public town hall meeting in six years, You dont grant interviews to local press. If you want some of his time, you have to pay for it. He puts it in writing while like he puts it in writing that for a seventy five hundred dollar corporate check. You get form meetings a year, a retreat private island access to his home, and an end of year. Phone call, and we tend to dissociate corruption would like overt criminality, but what we have in the mirror, There is a system of legalised and normalized corruption. We don't even see it because it's how this system is designed and we have to reform at system in order to be able to get things done, like criminal justice reform, affordable health care action on student debt, action on the environment real, quick, I'm not I gotta go rather Kelly is pushing back alley loveless. She said she didn't actually voted to fund the police. It was a catch all spending bill. That's you
loaded! On September, twenty five they kept the government from shutting down. That's what she say she voted to on the police, ass thou, yet I'll. Just take that he's talking once she's the one sitting in the United States Senate and you should be held Annabelle voting record then the holder, accountable, one last time to tell the people out there why they need to get our wide so important to get out there in Georgia it out there in vote. Why so important in this The time this is what they need is just because convalescent. Doesn't mean it it's over. I tell a wide so important and valuable. Absolutely we we don't elect a king. We elect President's mobile demands. It may seem to be confused right now about the country of it. Now about Trans, for power is difficult overstayed. How important this moment is. Healthcare is on the balance of the dignity of work is on about. We ve been calling workers at central workers. We ought to pay them an essential wage want to provide them with central bank
This and the future of our democracy is on the ballot. Too often, we can't get things done in this country, because somebody else older democracy, large corporations and people were well connected or through both suppression, the voice of the people, let the manage and those you wondering about that? Let me tell you the answer: the motor suppression is to go home, and so we well position here in Georgia to make a difference. lay at all on the line, would pudding at all on the field and out early bodies guards one December fourteen, so everybody calls de all other re re, Joe all. Let them know that they got about early voting starts de some report. The election day of January Fit, but don't wait until January. We no longer talk about election day as election C span January. Fear of getting the hopes we have about your servile out.
If somebody as you for your phone number tell him all day, people Longboat asked They will be ready for biogas YO. We gonna win this election, perhaps in an empty Charlemagne. Thank you for having us thank you for what you do and just to build on what the reverend said. I want people to feel open their hearts right now about what's possible Donald Trump. His leave it looks like maybe slowly but surely go come to terms with that, maybe not, but he's going. We have the chance to write the next chapter in our history. We should feel hopeful about that, but we can't think that, just because by an Harris got in now that's going to happen. We need to remember what happened to President Obama. They blocked everything right because they held the Senate. So if you care about passing a new voting Rights ACT, a new civil rights act. If you care about student debt relief, if you care about
environment? If you want to take on the insurance and drug companies that are ripping off our families at the hospital in the pharmacy every single day, the criminal everywhere, if you care about legalizing cannabis, if you care about taking these steps, that most people support, if you want to see a big investment in jobs and infrastructure and clean energy, if you want to see direct relief flow to the people right now, during the crisis we can do all these things we can. We can really actually achieve a lot and we should feel good about that. But if we don't win these Senate races, they will block everything. They will stop it in its. Rex, Reb as it were not for Georgia that come yes, my webs, It is more now we're Georgia dot com go there also go to elect job jail in we operate as a team Ayala run like the political virginal run. The jewels is like killer. My
now people of one. In my view this is more like lethal weapon. Three, and what are you so much guys? A good luck, you, you know it will continue to push for you, that's all All right. If you gotta love, gives drama detect. Nick Nick Nick real quick cameramen dramas, don't look alive and paid beyond our phone dammit avenant, comfortable, That's right! You're! Almost you keep it up. One day, you'll be a senior bar. I will It's a room is let's talk about oblivion, away. With Angela, his club. Listen. I want to tell you I hate when you marry exactly these stories. Lay. Are you love a girl? Come on you Mustn t right why wouldn t seems like G. Her bow in his fianceighty awareness is expecting
Now we all know he's in court for one point: five million of a dollar fraud scheme, but today when it was when he was in court? His lawyer said this is lawyer, says Herbert, has a fiance who was four months pregnant and lives in New Jersey? He sees. Are frequently in, to continue to see her and ass because he was asked to be allowed to travel from Chicago in California to New Jersey. Now, Israel, a report in this story, I got to gradually met happy complement, haven't a beer, but let them put it out when they want to put it out. Bulgaria and Romania. I guess the lawyer did in court to speak to the judge, but it came out because people are incurred their reading a document so Congratulations to their mothers tat. You felt the waiters you're a man right, even though you gotta less Samad on is pink. Ok when include bombs, will you be apron forever now? So I don't have to just where Blue data up they just written a book
Also, I g Horrible's baby mother are done. They said in a court papers that she would have to testify against him and she responded. He said our subpoenaed to court, but the timing of the relationship she said, I cannot tell issue because I don't know is so soft stop trying is so she said he knows not only be noted on Marine aka God goods now for you, oh man, action nonsense. He reveals how he lost over one hundred and twenty five pounds. He was nearly four hundred pounds at one time. Shipping point was literally a scale, and I got on the scale that morning and I saw it- Seventy five and I was just like what did I do to myself I had no idea. You know I've got a scaling year, men, I've learned some serious damage. This man is dedicating. This man has a hundred we're getting a hundred thirty pounds, since
there's a whole other human, some humans away? I didn't thirty brass loot, action rods and met when you get to the point where you look now and you can no longer see European. It is time to do something you get there before. Never, ok, Now people are mad at twist Rikers twist a posted this on yesterday, I posted a picture of cabaret. Citibank Amber knees burger. on one side, he says gadabout Gabarus, debate forward, makes thirty hours now an hour. She has account she s, house, a car. I e, no kids and ass. She said be, which is a picture of these Burgos is as no job stays on a couch all day, no couch, no car twelve K followers. Three AIDS and three bedrooms which one you choosing a all day. I gotta go on, you say:
Would you say? No, you did what name everything I got a get a full one k born thirty hours, now borne a couch, yes house, car, no kids. A in any poster pitching Gabarus did it, and I don't know the kid part, is the fact that you know I got a little bird and I want that money how one of excess, therefore one key. Ok, if people were upset with him is say how would you glad you compared to cause he was compare into different black women had Gabarus ITALY I went on one side and Bernice Burgos, but don't they do? Would you rather all the time? And they and then let them. What would you Southern african up or so Bernice Burgo said at the end of the day we are women and we are winning in every aspect of game. What do you gain from trying to divide Ah, oh I get it now, so is to pick the to pick the images they will compare, correct
see now you know you see. All of these means all at a time and even a use everybody's picture wasn't hold you, that's what I want and they had thought you was brigand now what what what had risen? What other nor he's got more than twelve thousand following that, like they say you will. What would you rather have is it to be our need. Bergmann have different, you just put it at the two. I was thinking about what you actually were naming till I used to Norway. Yes, twenty percent right. All one came in America, Abigail B. I remember with a gay. I thought my play online movie. I wanna play that game. You open it also. it looks like mole threes. Murder us reportedly was arrested. Number three is the wrapper from Dallas we see in the past. She's in data have video but two pictures of him getting shot and killed honour Dallas highway. They believe that the murderer s back has been
rested, endow a good good good. Look a person like that, you gotta it off discreet, because all you gotta do is do do that again, some mighty that you love me, you don't wait until he hit close to home and get people like that off. The street. Lastly, gossip in the city is rose, report net Zoe Dallas, was shot multiple in Miami last night. Why Strip club the saying our story? galloping, so I hope not Zoey Dollaz been on a break with love numerous times several times at least twice or three times in a cool. Do I see all its aspects, all the times. I hope that is not true. I hope he is the one we reach our tool for I've just now. You just put that out loud and I found out life two minutes ago. You shouldn't touch them an afghan bad did. The other is mind, is no While the story is not true now just what you learn a lesson by reporting stuff you Jesse online,
You know. I really do. I really. I really hope is not true, and our four involved is not true and I want to see their brother net condition was. Secondly, I hope was natural justly you learn a lesson. Seed is innocent, our approach to this problem at the breakfast club. Right. If our rapporteur story this out, he says: that's, not gossip gimme, some gas and get me something I don't know give me something might be there now report, something that our Reno reported from gossip of the city. Then he goes why'd. You go report, a story, you don't know about. What are you gonna do symbolism in them I told you. I don't know what that is. Your room report bears alibi. Yes, given adult Khartoum and is a poor gas malls and in a land, and that we need to highlight our right. We need targeted, punk asthma then, and I'm glad I don't know his real name, but I need to know his real name with the need to be no damn most any need to be a great when we talk about a full acted out: punk, asthma, Santa taken his job to Damn Syria tat flight malls, and we won't talk about Croatia's. What to say.
I don't know if not worse than it did to me, is what Santa Data Young low for your child. This crisis, I will get internet next, given access to breakfast club component breakfast Club your morning. So now would be to say now will do. Is pottering with H Bc use in an effort to uplift the next generation of bad ass, black innovators and entrepreneurs, but the real change opportunity for pitch competition empowering food is to go out and do this amount do that comes lash real change to enter but don't you the day job Democrats are being given a little bit of a mess adult for bridging I've been called a lot of my twenty three years been donkey at bay. Is a new white dog you to David thirty December. Two goes to a poor gas Illinois Mall Santa who broke the harder before
yeah? Ok, name Michael, I think two kids, was made. I made of unaware that the name from now listen keep in mind that your uncle shall grew up on a Christmas store. In fact, Christmas my favorite alley movie about tat, but even those early and want to be a president a moment. Jingle Jangle, currently plainer Netflix is challenging matched by, but Vienna, Christmas stories, Ma Time, favorite Christmas movie and never have. I was dead movie and felt cipher Alfie. I always everyone was giving rocky sound advice when he was asking for that Red River. Be re, read, write or be begun. Ok, no! You can have this for Christmas. You'll shoot your eye out. If you, no idea what I'm talking about. Let me school, you played a clip A little boy minded gaunt black frantically. I try to remember what it was I wanted. I was blowing a boy about get him out of here. A football What is also right now,
did you. Your eye out kid merry Christmas, sound advice, ok, not only Santa tell him, know: you'll shoot your eye out and kick them down the slide beat it. I never felt sorry for Ralphie. Okay, I think that's a perfectly logical reason. The night by read, write or be begun. Who wants to shoot you Yeah I respected everywhere. could tell him Ralph heeded true, especially Santa mean of Santa was really real. Do you think he would just give you everything you asked for now? Oh, yes, he would have to use and design. Because your would be asking for a bunch of stuff. You know me and something that you would ask for just dangers. Santa couldn't just give you everything you want right. Well, what happened in Illinois in Illinois a mosque, and I decided to tell the truth. I've got a Fox news report. Please I'm all sad. Yes, politically correct. Turning down one little boys request for Christmas, why
No one wants to bring it about. Not Bob right Bear stop right. There the kid Outwood nerve going fan. Said no, no gun my mom said it's a nerve going in say no. If his dad was to get the uniform, Dag and get a form, I can't bring it the little boy. His dignity is you gotta watch the video he runs off. It said now. Why is this I say is getting Don Quixote. Data is more than a number one. Santa Claus isn't real He is shared out. You stop debt in being that he's not real. There is absolutely no reason to take your job. Is a mall Santa soul, serious every single toy Vince.
Your game console animal apple pride of these kids. As for when you're a more Santa just say. Yes, all about imagination. What those kids get for Christmas. Isn't your responsibility! is one thing we tell kids, the story is Santa Claus and we make them believe this chunky caucasian in a slave flying reindeer sliding. chimneys on Christmas Eve, given you what you want, what is another when, when they win win you as an adult but leave it? Ok, all you kids out, they listen and you don't have chimneys ass, apparently they how, within a given in the house window, if you have a chimney window and watched him study ass off, knock it off now, could do you tell people the breaking into within? Tell him his fat white, make it jumped to your window magic of shut? Presently, I think, don't you Santa Claus, cruel and unusual punishment for poor disenfranchise. Kids crossed his country, ok, and telling those kids phantom bring. Any in everything you want. All you have to do with be nice, don't be naughty.
Write a letter and you get what you want got little kids in the ghetto asking for their parents to get jobs basket. clean water after the things that we take for granted like practice, I presume one of them begging and sand. bring none of it. I don't know kid deserve that the little for year didn't deserve to be told that he couldn't get his brand new nerve. Gonna, listen more than if you have one job, one cell, the dream you got the Daphne the unmitigated jingle gall to tell his low four year old boy. If your dad wants to get a viewed as fine, but I can't bring it to you played, played a couple more I met a moment at the mall. and I said no to a nerve gun, which was all the little kid wanted. Then next day, sadly I want. Then I wanted the crime drug crime, not from the top of the crime or a ball. Santa is politically correct. Turning down one little boys request for Christmas, why
I know that once again, a ring cried comes from deep down inside a job. There's a man you gotta bigotry to youth and the truth is dad Mama gettin a gift for you. Ok, they didn't give you sandy, in real, so why the hell tell no man why the hell would eat out is located when he can't bring when he knows he's not bring it anything began when you saw it alone your boy birth initiative? Does our poor poverty stricken case of all colors feel every year we need to stop languages, kids, emotions and tell him the truth. I do you know what happens when you lie to kids boss. this is what happened Rally Freeman toxin.
You are a big way way way her. Then you are ass. His right around I've heard the more time and is a clear need to protecting death a bit more Santa uncommon for their. As, indeed do you pay? What you all Are your fan us talk, is right, and this is why I'm always saying it in Illinois needs his ass with your job is to simply make kids feel good. Let the parents handle the rest. You don't tell my kids what they can and receive. You don't know how my bank account is set up and if you're not gonna, actually pull up with display the reindeer and gives shut your ho ho ho went ass up for ever. I write please give more Santa from Harlem Irving, PLAID in Illinois biggest he hopped.
not really wish? I knew undisguised names like and encourage him to never play Santa again, some, like bashing, only be regulated to being a great. Now, on a more positive note, Harlem the Plaza Maud they'd do something nice less listen, All scientists said no to a nerve gun, which was all the little kid wanted. The next day the all apologized, and then they send out a very special delivery to that kid's house. Well, we're so sorry about. I heard about this more fully. Sweet to bear a poor. Kid would never have Santa bring him anything ever again for the rest of his life said in a low boy. Up of value would have a merry Christmas kids if he had a list
since it is real people who don't believe Encina Santa, don't believe in magic and that's why they have a lot of shortcomings in life. Look at my cohorts he's very short in the reason he so short because he doesn't believe us and if he believed in Santa newbie, like six foot, he been mine. Is it the same guy who comes in a wood pain on his face every day and leave his beard? Israel will mean that he tries to tell us that, of course, he would try to sell us on Santa Claus right, but let's keep it I would be joining us next. You know those brothers right, eighty five thousand, you can now is that eighty five social on the black effect I already or podcast network will discuss our those Miller, Chico Bein in DC young flying guy net civil war with the breakfast locomotive with them, there is a separation celebrating the tenth anniversary, but a breakfast club,
shut up shut us no boys, other man, I've got a job. One of my favorite chosen breakfast at the world, both dangerous Polynesia morning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club because his best guess in building young merchants. Eighty five south- It was gone. Oh, no, sort of english words area May j. You, a new contract, isn't that you have now. You gotta talk to MR away again more money than they. Let you know what I'm gonna do. Then we got it. You got you back the money so we'd like we see here, was deeply because all maybe or better
lemme where they build. The birth rate in his eyes, ass he gave you could talk about me. Call me a big problem that message agreeing on avoiding could talk. You gave a great big what we did out why would I lie hurry up? Media like there was a problem with a replica of a robber girl. You ve got a replica is ass. He sat there. Imprinting is ass, he put it in a box and gave it
Valentine's day. You know I love o o o o o way way way way way. Tat you had a sculpture of yellow. I want my was it as I do that with the thought of you gotta. Do you look out where you do my work in these areas? an easy, Adam S. Hair, a woman like that, when we talk about is a good thing, we know, is not bodies that have a baby amputated led by noise Fraud Bay, the teapot. about bunk bed then did Yeah, What is now known that go with it? Mary,
We did, we make toward a toy lay the while boy toy lay that you do it all gonna grab can't ignored the idea does toy lady to India and other, while boy now way. Why else and I already back on alone. Out already all gone. I got a sort of way in August, so do we gain obey, Obey Columbus took, omit, May Nicholas and shortcomings. If you didn't get, but also globally and Bobby and at a school weapon, eighty five thousand will be as good as we can all agree Oh that's the dog
The text is a good example of Europe that you got redoubled reason for your bank grown, oh yeah, yeah, you and Leonardo. You is capable of being thrown about. Oh I'm, gonna people, you decide you gotta, show others pay back the lifeboat, gonna walk or other aid. We want you to go out at once. I owe you out here you edit, dad I stated this will be a well ok Obama's go back to school Let us go worthy man. Did you have problems? You have symbols and Allah may our path of get there. You do, but I will state you below their habit is welcome in our idea of what they have evolved from start to feel my heart beat rear facing sound doggie check unable to get you back.
with allies, but I've been. There was and remains the yoga evil. I bought the data What about you guy broken? I bet you tweet Imperlite vote or not. Do you know about them? Never right good was the invisible right take off your bad. You gave so there is gave out I do hope think it is any any other diseases. Anybody from eighty five thousand one at I guess you and yelled aid and needs, Is that why you don't talk about all made light of death? the compassion, Deasey
I will give it have you thought about it. I got it. Give you good regulations. Do me the honour would three hundred through me. Your view, though you do that your million view we deserve a five year browser, and I say you just tell me: Allah, maize, black effect network. So so, how did that come about good could away anywhere in the world which have decided to nourish for eighty five zero? Knowing that you gotta come off some of that bad money in death, The pointed out there are now I mean you wasn't. Models by this parliament has always been a personal. Where's donors- love like what I read. You know
hallway tree, stand and utilized talent for anything that he had going on. So you know I just because you know it's genuine. It's not like he's trying to come in and just capitalized off the you know that does the energy that we built amongst each other, because help us build an unequal partners out in front of an average and Arabs. Have you always has a good life, for example, even covered about you know, but I dare say it, but he shall may user determined to do that in Turkey into you found my route. It will you let me
Albert carrying out you were the most Hague yeah he's a little over a year ago you have turned to a person, they understand the culture and then what I was doing at the moment, you're gonna, be a part of the cultural life was ever advised. I'll show is now being a part of your pop culture and the way you transition when you first came into, who used our producers by rich men down really waiting a person was identical. Applebee. I'd like that, you feel when I am in any turning around my whole mega gave us a blue, be somebody gave you have taken Ebay is now no more than that of blue mountain learn about our man from audits. ro regularity. But what did I do? You know what your problem is double the stand out.
Is there. No Charlemagne is its role we like. is all allowed even on and felt like, usually been. No is important stood a continent how can you say that we agree to a truly its raw? What do you know like a stable as these always love man- and you know I know from from our common system- the Europa cares brutally areas mutual jobs, it just anything. You ever had gone on environment up to read this club. It you know me is, the beautiful may all the way down to you just bears the mile you reach out opened his eyes were vitally necessary. Then I might add that we re so remains as a partner.
Neither is actually gives it. He sees the value and what we do is adding value to try to take away from my bike. You're, all these other people come to you and they trotted. You know, make deals with partnership, but his life. What are we giving from what is like this war? Ass would make sense. I guess is in part as nicely understands the type media that we create a what we're trying to soil. It only makes sense, The eighty five south show when we come back. Don't move is the breakfast club good morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, the guy. We are the breakfast club. We still kicking it with the eighty five South show Charlamagne we did. Eighty five thousand movie note outcome that we work on man. Denoted ran out there. We will have a positive view and empty com.
It brought me I'm really not even in jail. I gotta be written about big. I gotta get bogged down as good. God knows that I feel good, I feel like I'm in line carload. We feel good, I'm Adela knowed like low that gas man. I got my guide them now. You tell me: I then I bet you didn't go at what I don't know about that. Maybe you dream The debate about the very real browbeaten load, you gotta diet and share the jack a big we gotta go, telling those that I don't know what to do about it. Now we, the greens,
who is aware of how would you only by like I've, been coming comedians, the use by Catherine today about history up anyway, the waiter we consume information that was completely different and it was ten years ago. So now you have the building to be able to get out so much information that is their possible many bodies, assessor whatever it is. You want your message to be, for anybody has caused and create create an apparently somebody who glad to have the minds everyone's have at your worship of mail, but small enough people just some other people worse. When you saw a very different matter, what you thought, if you can get past the failures of Bobby rare and looking at your views and has only pass examined a bad joke, their digital point, with somebody's going to what are your build, a fireplace in the next thing? You know you might be said: no, he went about their problems. May you know it's a gal April, actually Farley Causal people out there. Nobody wasn't overnight or will we did just studio shows.
Two years later here, just to be on the platform and build an audience? Are villages by laying the people want to hear you know from us, so we literally, which is lacking in the studio polite to enable streets, is Goin. Aims is figuring out, I've, never even a communist alike. do allows we will dig it out loud what they won't. Last light varieties old. I what we were regular alarming they wanted to do there already outlined. We do that they, like they break up, whenever I open a everyday lives here, you're gonna be Georgia little baby money. May we dollar may wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait! You made we go on beaches. No baby might what I was talking about it.
Why are we saying anniversary visited ten years? We belong to breakfast club. Solomon. our basic able to represent a new remembered of roads out dunwoodie, thirteen twenty forty and to produce wanna play busy today would like nobody got. Nobody will adapt before people even appreciated will folds with no one of those who meet my best. We play it easy easy guy like breed We have followed the noble with easy with eggs, our mandate, while rotten, Zau Beth. I do you the real abroad. What we talked about it there is, no one will ever ran up. Oh you knew the video I hope that you will be ours. They re speed, all bro you damosel in about a know about it, nobody thought ban about a boy you gotta Bogart at his way on the breakfast. I remember he was these innocent idea- and he would like I'm coming to mark
There must be a european logo and only a lot I have thought about it like that, will become another debate I want to put this out. They don't know doc, nobody else out their trotted. No, don't try to Bulgaria. We have security. Now they want, they get a job. The average I thought I was gonna look like a year by year but my main London about in the way of you, I was maybe get tat. I knew tat the average why can it not looking for you Bob more may find it. I was dead. When his eyes boy do the job they will make. It say he is well known that their job get. This note those data? I did. Do you mean you don't know good? You know, you're, probably so, fickle
if you look at the live better pop platform, they only laughed about three four years. So you not think that notice was go. Let's go router! I look now. You know what his own never see your last. That work would each of you to work. What are you going to tell them that they didn't arrogantly my first love they dealt with Bob did not build a better relations working YO, envision expansion. five in the next five, you could just celebrated five, the next five years it's gonna? Be life changing already know that, but what are for the next? What I'm trying to get their companies like tell appear you can this money be get and hold? It would bears drugs growth on a unity. It might still belongs Raffoni the other matter anymore. Allow you know probably like removed,
nay, I will get. It is another, before your deasey, is inevitably waiting all bright. Were there we end and everybody. Ninety days by, you may see as being more effectively. We just got. We already exists now for even without producing a right in only about a war. Show your repeating a couple show. So you see those states like the golden lion. Carlos remember my first show I flew with help while now my first tat, everything in some sort of age and now to see us together, all was Carlos in any legal, always together. Making zig moves to get on all other level. Is that what we need is a rope globalized world look, look what happened? You ve just trust, each other,
Many just like you know what we were about. The I'm trying to figure out how out we are less come up with was space. Tat showed were ourselves if we want people to give an example from us that it is possible to do with your father's man. Ignore that the game that we come from this is very individualistic. Like everybody, wanna be remain, everybody gonna, be the big dog at tat. Reason is cool, but you can get a whole lot more comfortably do people it did she trusted and learn but you know your energy behind and they do the same. With you, but you got to have you got to be consistent with them? Whatever it is, you are you got to learn what you are and learn to accept and love that and be the best version of yourself and then you'll be able to surround yourself with people that can help you get to the next level, though just use us as an example that it can be done manually,
I must be able to make history together. I beg you guys were joining us where we really appreciate you, guys man dead, right, let out and let out have lost their drivers, a Magyar all come out with about their problems in Geneva. What I do not know He was a baby. What turned out to acquire dorms your due to our just slow songs alone, then, with a mixture yardstick, the eighty five thousand all you do in Nepal gathered on the black affect our radio broadcasts network men and available everywhere. You listen apply again. I shall we say illegality, I among neighbours out please.
Carlos Milon. I won't say congratulations to the burmese Glove and make him it's. In year, anniversary breakfast club thankfully, in here, like you know, like you ride you morning, everybody is e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne to go. We oughta break from a good play in a man. Come again. Roma is less gets. It are always talk. Tiffany, hashish, Bob did the rumour report annually on the breakfast. Well, it looks like the Grammy's asked Tiffany had is to host a gig. I guess it was. pre party that they wanted to do and she said no and she had every right to she said no. They she says she turned down because she wanted some money. They want to do with no money as
did know now mind you, the this gig that they used to get our artists and celebrities the hoes. They never usually pay. They don't pay anybody anyway, I didn't know you were not enemies, Mr De Grandes though, but you can't say is now even about the pay. Is that if they didn't want to provide her hair and make up- and I want to give her any of the essentials that people need to do to type of thing, so she pulled the paved everything herself. The air they said has would have to be prepared to pay for hair. Make up in wardrobes said all that I would have to come up my pocket. I don't know of this. might mean I might not get nominated ever again. Are they get the suspect for? I was like the exposures amazing, but I think I have enough. I appreciate you guys, ask him, now she been nominated for the twenty twenty one Grammy in the best comedy out category what movies that are a black Mitchell, that Black misled, likeness Netflix pressure. The thing is, I think activity has passed. The point was she needs.
bullshit. You get over our exposure that point nor career in like even if they don't pay defended. They know what They were a central things like hair and make up and wardrobe Cambria like it off absolutely Grammy's all right. Now we just in view of the eighty five self eighty five thousand you can hit him now on a black effect our radio pie, gas network and my guide. She go mean a love. She go being these brilliant. He caught the bunk bed, boys Media vetoed the bomb Bay Boys in house like Manna such great aim and in it bought me, to my mama early days, a radio and eyes the radio. Only ninety jams and urge authors, Archeo Line- is in an old station and along as this will count how many nights I used to do otherwise you know in the chaise instrumental requires storm and I used to call it the glove fight. Do Charlemagne got the gloves So we are in a localised localised on shows. Now you know some of the key sweat sway
hotel. What the hell was that Likewise, the lightning, let us the lightning and applies to light a move now, Instead, the Buddha scared, the hell out of it, doesn't really wanted. You close to somebody however, a suitor delay, Great barn harbour the greatest quite the voice of all tangible include above one hundred m. Some, like you know what that would be a good shell. What do in mean invaded hours of all songs? and we in the so called a bumpy boy about, and we had Accordingly, we say: do you like tat bunk? Could you stop with the guy did not back after you and then after we asked a question. You pleaded favours, slows relentless startled the quite storms, aloft, art, radio. We don't do it, don't look wise commonly used with right at the outset, and we should do it. Why are you whispered ass? The quiet now is not the question does, while being com Even a nice conversational voice,
have the with a right for for mixed is more or less to the ball boys so we want to try if so, instead of doing a whole, our we're just gonna do a low, quick, ten minute demo, you see, we got the wrong guy. Dimly lit delights lung of the candles on. I have my role more modestly right there Nick you see that you're so much to say to you. She said with diminishing as Be m d c as black men, don't you I want you to get an idea than he had just because the mood is that now there I remember married men all right when the day, let's try at eight hundred five, a five one or five one and we're really gonna. Take your request on that plane that stupid game and replace tell ya from one hundred body without one or whatever. The number of working alone is less. No. We really putting people I ll. Have you got a slow, sorry where's callers right now, listless LE started off. Can we play no? No, labour. Do we gotta play one song is unavoidably allows Bartholemy as your question fishing on play, a software tat bunco bottom.
stop the difficult times tat bunk, not an agreement about Magdalena, Biomolecular, Matthew among them having a damned bottom somebody's going to buy an item I'm not about my clearly about up or pay it will play one of you slow. So I ask we started off you decide did to upgrade your outdoor deck, so you ordered the essentials, a power washer, a set of patio chairs and a shiny new girl, and you he's your Bank of America? Cash rewards credit card choosing to earn three per cent cash back on online shopping or up to five point two: five percent, as a preferred rewards member, which you what towards the cost of your most essential deck addition? A bird feeder up for Europe as a Bank of America COM, slash more rewarding copyright. Twenty two, Bank of America Corporation.
This is your first question about the bird boy, radio and we got a user names. I'm sorry, I'm a larger sum talking. I kill you don't want me, somebody Hosty right now, if you have a solution, requires call us right now for the next two minutes. Women play just remember talk a lot about the breakfast club morning. Everyone
his dj envy Angelou Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club, I think of it. Rog ass, so many calls email, sex, dams, bunk. Bed boys are in effect now listen. She go meaning the executive reduces jingle being caused among my boy this morning and you know, I think that's a great name for a quiet, storm type show- and I feel like the quiet storm is, is programme in radio that doesn't get the respect that it deserves. Like you used to eyes due to, though, when I own, I started off as many jobs and shouts, Saki, Lana and, and I did So how many united to others I can I do. I will call the glove Charlemagne. God loves debts so it's a bunk bed, boy, radio and they should be denied in regime, and I think that it should be our long and how things should be naturally syndicated all across the country on which your heart, I are gentle hand, then planet, ass, night brought the country you imagine that window
Everybody lives, kimono, dare we here? We know we can do this. You hide afforded us who s where's my job, title II, right senior, something something good. I'm here to create grandma, good programme, some good good, Bade boys, radio. There suit all agree, quiet storm out their Lenny Green keys. What would you say, hotel suited legendary want harbour rest in peace to him. I think we ready our your favorite slow, sounds agree, twelve midnight and you just gotta ask apple, Barack Obama's. I let it s arrival go be the executive, reduce it. She going to check Cinema forgot all detailed late. Ok, I would almost We combat positive note. Is the breakfast locomotive morning everybody's dj envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club. Now both my brother, you, you got a positive I do have a positive, no man. I is want to tell everybody. I d anybody you know does just
Alive and breathing right now waking up to see another day getting on they hustle. They grind on this fine Thursday, hey man, hey woman, be proud of yourself for how hard you're trying private property, their geopolitical yonder, a lot, change, but doing what's needed is what the Ford Motor Company has done for over a century. Fordable face any problems would integrity, empathy and the strength to outlast him. We can't what's coming next, but Ford will always pivot to do the right thing and to build for who in what matters most community forward. To think all essential work is in first responders when it continue commitment and dedication built for America built Ford prow we're all shopping for essentials online these days, and now you can get rewarded for it. With the Bank of America, cash rewards credit card, you can choose to earn three per cent cash back on online shopping essentials. The essentials have never felt more rewarding visit Bank of America com slash more rewarding to apply now copyright. Twenty twenty Bank of America Corporation,
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