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TUE 6/28 - The dog himself, DMX, stops by The Breakfast Club to talk about his near-death experience, his reliance on God, squashing beefs and how Drake changed his opinion of the 6 god. Join us on our adventure from the growl to the gospel.

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Order of business or for some other reason, the captain. I only want to remain vigilant, apparently, I'm here alone with Micro, whether it is a two day. It is a word day, raisins Saturday morning Why did you very lucky this road at the bed in the back? Did that ruled out of urban? But what you look like it? Thank you. So do you
give my good morning. I shall only two freshly white hair. Yours, I don't have much. You shouted a couple. I will go forward to the club less than I was at the club shelter, but it came up the aces last night. Look I got is that you have what is causing the cab, my? What about you and was wondering what can I do that, and I would like to Quote- is a fake there's a season. Is Do you guys diseases? A local fade is bull fade is, could be a fake could be Lois little, but everything heads
if there is a hotchpotch of things, is a little but everything see when a club last night you yesterday, let me see what I do. I went and worked out determinants twenty three here in Europe to maintain its current. He is ridiculous iq trying to get you to come with me. It actually really fun like a basketball corporate than they have trainers, and they have you do all kinds of stuff. Moebius Sore today tells like, for there is no current, I think. Sometimes, when you work out, you have to really very things that I'm glad you saw cycle. Sometimes I go there. Sometimes I do out yoga molecule things. Interesting grow. You suitable legislation box. More often in those two largest collagen, tired of it a little bits than us which do something else, and I want to do what you doin. I and I know a lot of people say I was attacked and it is this woman. Yesterday I had a meeting yesterday and we were talking about its working out and he said she's alone intimidated to go work out because she's never worked out before, but I say: listen nobody's paying
sent into you nobody's judging you, MR because some people really, they have to work out to go work out like they have to practice, working out and get girl. If you go into a June with with his lot of people, you don't want to look like you decision for some working or you just go to somebody that works at the gym and let them come up with some type of programme for you, but I think you do if you have to go in a tremendous work and then work on an inch and into a light. Jag is not answering enough for his work, as always bear canadian bodies extra saw you extreme pain, cause, there's, always people in the gym who had just getting started at the only ones. It is important to just go ahead and do it like. I went his allotted things. I try for the person like when I first try hot yoga. Clearly I was brand new. Never did before. It's not that easy. What they ask you in a class are there any binding with? This is the first time you shall have your distinction. It depends on what the people in this thing than instincts looker, but I'm in Ireland, eurasian answer. Yes, that is my first time doing it in and they take that into consideration,
the gay pride EU, those given they cried Elizabeth and pushes right now tomorrow, maybe right now, Lisco Array. Well, let's had set about from pay whose for ok right of the barbarians go talk about for prisoners, anything when a man who killed her daughter days before her waiting- and this happened in texas- sorry just gonna start like that Well, we'll get internet next early suppressing the max will be joining us anatomy. The amounts available is working with the IMF. Ex don't go anywhere. Age loses next to breakfast club more Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast ass. We are, as the data are born. They drove want to cool bombs from me dammit Perhaps I want all of fake glove tomorrow. We re born they the day before his birthday and learn and then in the rabbit number Mary, I'm you nobody focused. Ok, Charlemagne, God born DE ok,
a care Mehmet allowed as the place where you broke garden of the plans me rural areas not normally be here. I'm going to do this go live a long time. We have all my enemies date. We're going need familiar and I'm goin on Facebook, unlike the status when they pass them on their knees. Grey, disguised as I wouldn't get some front page news. Her two daughters, my hectares now still a young text. About to get married on Monday and fairly sheet was faintly shy. She also wish I'd alongside her younger sister Madison. This happened on Friday is that crazy openness? Now they said the man has since have a mental illness. Obviously- and she was a gun rights advocate, they said she was adamant about wanting to kill her two daughters, the father and the door is made it outside, but the mother kept shooting eventually striking and killing both of the daughters, the father
heard masking employee asking her? Please don't do this. There are kids. I one point during an ever done. Now I didn't know he s a good sign that club, where family meeting inside the house, I've seen it then read the story ass. I got married in a stubborn as you studied firing her gun inside and thence. They ran outside and you taste academic firing in ended of killing. At the two young women, let's go, let's go from talking about my boy needed to younger, didn't, kill Lord have mercy. So, sir, let's talk about swag Anna Volkswagen's, given away fourteen billion. I was for what new eighteen fourteen point: seven billion dollars, that's their settlement because their diesel cars to leader diesel engines include they have to buy those back and pay up to ten thousand dollars. Each vehicle to owners, so all of these orders, through previous one zero metre diesel engine of those yes and there's four hundred and seventy five thousand cars that are equipped with that diesel engine. They said they rigged it to pass emissions tests so that early what the situation is, they did, admittedly,
and in addition, they have to pay two point: seven billion dollars in fines and another two billion dollars on clean emissions technology. So owners of those cars get between fifty one hundred and ten thousand and compensation, and they can either get their cars fixed boy. They can have both wagon by a bag and they would have to buy it back at the course that it would have been last September when the scandal brokers nor the prices, the values of those cars went down. Basically, you know somebody who got a volkswagen be very hard to get a big junk unmodulated. You can come out right now. We have to figure out what to do with their really to diesel engines because they set those were also cited, a thing in violation of pollution. They met so we don't know that but who got the money? Don't hit me someone in these you talkin about in billions of people. They got a buyer from people who got about a cause back from people, so daddy bag it they pay for. We all in several, Amber just ass the money if they, if you need at just never seen Volkswagen, make it be,
car will see their these were trucks banana. These economies are going to have to buy back and pay ten thousand dollars and as mad. If you gonna, glue Genoa, Luciano regulatory diesel for those all. I know my boy data might want to keep going, all right. Well, that's front page news to tell me why you're mad at eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent, call us right now, maybe you're upset maybe had a bad morning or bad night. Last night, eight hundred five thousand eight hundred and fifty one, five. One call us up right now tell him what you meant and do we found a dog on being an example and told him. The impact will be here today. As we hear necks out, a dog I keep it lacks is to breakfast locomotive the breakfast club.
Hey. I got a younger Mario Mauro, Amazon, Maria Matter ass. They mass the angry as the aid ass. They passed off. Why you, man was bloodless, go mad because there is so much negativity does publicize late. You rarely see anything on a new dawn. He read a lot on you and wash because good news don't get people ratings. Why? I do not know, I mean desert harbour. I'm in a military. I don't even want to watch tv out his delight and we read a book I love reading, but it s true you never here like such and such head to toe. This morning, but you will have to toys were killed this morning when they motherhood cut their throats is interesting as it is I wasn't there. We have a segment that is for the good things that are bidding I've ever seen in my life. Allow more and more of the Aubert Report is valid it will do all I can do you think that you were not good you for another name, correctly replica
yeah. You say a regular, my bath Charlemagne uncle and because of the way, and they don't have brought him. You gotta live the family by appointing found Man I'm back late. Why only? I M go to bring freedom an unmarked around the world about be I love. I I love subway, but I don't trust anybody who eats away from represents something. That is a target date. Not talking only got hurt them. I know you do you will serve Turkey, eggs, ya, gotta, get all alike. Yes, I'm giving Turkey, I believe they may go sandwiches, quick. They better fled before you all know that Turkey made my guys, don't go right, voicing its alimony macro Hank.
They say I'm not this. Why do I think we're going to do that wanted to say? I think our duty argued with good morning Gatwick about just like you get a mad, because our appeal to clean it up again in the recognition by Strader Vizzini. The thing up there leave or at the award above it when they gave their parry the war. Now that I agree with what I mean you know where in America we don't really acknowledged our world country like them, Now the boy and people from Cleveland was upset everybody. That's everybody from their land. I tell it s a beautiful place. You never been. There is a lot of for there were countries, know they're gonna, be completely dynamic. Lay Marty, guy Gray, restaurants, several out, will be those ever apple grief and without a guy. Like me, MIKE is now asking that it's out of a big ma. I go to every Emerson as a basque, more torment up every year. We gladly I'm trying to work out what
the city then have about dollar Bay attraction. You have a big more, as you may be invited here last year, via dj staff lies in a holding the hotel they had. His aim was how useful the data will be all the more that equity date by your new hotels and beautiful a mug. I recall you from Cleveland, gotTA, Mcdonald's commercial. To stop any does is called for commercial freeze company rake without his company. What is this and you know I, like all rate, which is random act. The kind of everyone who played a budget that is going to be the order of the day and clearly really gonna come up broke that commercial. They got a championship. Tell me why you mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five, one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent, you can call us at any time at the breakfast club good morning The breakfast club that was Rihanna with work morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club. They not happening shot. The Dmx he's going to be joining us. The next hour and Dmx is always
interview when it comes to be heard was the third time the reference clubs, every interview dm extreme came here, like I think God it's well, maybe in again you two dozen fourteen right. Thirteen Otto remember all I know is like you say he is one animal People you people, you ever mean your life. I've never met. Individual idea makes only other person. I've ever met. Remotely close in Mamma shaggy goblet, daddy was only twenty twenty one years. Old age is free spirit, said, be day just free speech. Ex call me was like I wanna Kimonos Shaw's. I was that what you want to talk about you like a dog has to speak, and I think ok as good enough making matter Vienna, gonna podcast. Now, because I mean you're never happen, but now imagine if he had one nobody's yet Ebby, like Norway, noise passes putting their. He had a million on his last packing glaciers Tenorio, nor indeed makes acting on a tour with occasional platinum through the What's all lorry and its eggs aspect has been a similar date? Thou love to
that will not. Let it be clear, viable, Odin not a mean and like we need Lagos. Legendary ought to be able to still go out there and perform an ambulance somebody's urban Adele contemporary stations and still we plan of wind and fire in the Hu Jia, Mademoiselle. Isn't. Radio yeah would like that twenty five, fifty four demos, for now like we grow born hip, hop like they were more guided them if it be anyway. So I would like the thirtieth eighteen thirty forty years, music is not being played like Joe Disease and write the Oda local remain getting here, Mary Jane our new Jack swing era, and oh nine. These hip I've air nobody plate at either. I am also happy to see rock him. Oh and commercial- oh my god Will you do they want to do the job I get new mixes, no more rated, they like, if only we care about our meeting. We just this garden. It that's attitude. Everything I try to do. Throw back makes them bring it back over every Friday.
Next will be joining us this morning. Now you ve got room is when we come back yes wagons about Chris Brown, seems like everybody's coming at home. Now we have should now suing him from behind bars. Would tell you why and will tell you what Chris grounds reaction so that, and now we have a publicist who has released some text messages between them. Ok, we'll get into that when we come back. People like this, the breakfast the breakfast club The report is the Reul report, whose glove Brown everybody is coming swinging against Chris Ground. Now, first of publicist oh paranoia that he works with actually really some text message, is between them. There experiment Herod, texting him love
the black pyramid pieces, awesome collection, where his response was not what you think you would be. He said I don't want you texting complements with no results. He also said that she has done nothing to secure vow, geeky or any other publications. He told her gettin a game. She said Anna went to a doesn't want to F with you editors don't want to have with you. The majority of my time is spent on damage control. I am constantly cleaning it up and having your back, then he ass. He rode back Nicole. You texted me as if I will give a f. If you don't work for me or not, do whatever makes you feel better. Personally, I don't give a f. Well, this garbage America Metaphysics, loving text messages will release. The turkish regime must have an equal opportunities. The publicist she'd work are right. Then she said, oh, then, a text it
she said you re my prayers and he said bid you Emma nightmares, those terrible I would never higher the problem is simply because he released or text messages. I who don't trust her only would get it. He said the egg collection he said. Are I get it in all these magazines and she said well, I can it will. I am sure you will have to jump out sooner or later defensive amusing thing. She said to him. She said Chris Brown. As you know, I really would be a high personal representative, Peter sometime, hiring you to do this. Desert Java knows gonna be hot and those they happen to be a woman nobody's got would have what I do to fix it and fix lawyer ignored the speed knobs Oriana for it to have been held in some people's. My writing. It is important to be realistic, like it's a difficult road to travel, as she made a moment ago, extra staff, my who milk, Ivy Theo into doubt and sixty might not have it up by sea. They get a limited events to quickly. She could have offered them solutions. I listen. You know it's been difficult, it would help. If
that is right. Now I've got a solution. Let's go find out, bronze getting Delorean go back in time and a major beat of reality. You didn't do area were another person s coming for Chris Brown right now. I shall night he is suing Chris round from jail. The saying I gotta go from Tumblr blog old blood from two other blogs Carano according to shake ninety says that one up nightclub Ankara's bounds. It had better security when she got shot in the club multiple times and he also is doing the singer Pm Yahoo is co hosting the party as well Christmas Bandit, like Ella, with kind laughing faces. I mean it is a little ridiculous. Nano legs blood on blood. This is nice. Memphis has apologised to toy right. Remember we played this for you yesterday for Mary, who can't realities that lies only stayed a myth is
the of what living my life is. Nobody gets in the way, so I married and have been supported her every day she, the last couple of years and the normal tension in her arms losing. Why say annually they Adam. Only then will we got a little crazy, the escalating quickly where he has since apologized Toya. He said I want to express my deepest humility and publicly apologize, sits well, you're right right now for my actions, as seen marriage boot camp, even though it was a year ago and we were going through it, I can't help it hurt for her because she does not deserve that. It's hard to watch. Actually, it's super hard to watch the demise of me and my best friend for all to see, hopefully through our pain, then we'll be able to save their relationship
Finally, given what they always wanted hour break up. You don't get involved, you see a husband and wife, nor do I would not like the late or is it at all. She had got a scream wanna like that positive the job or in one of the major looks just like toy right. Why a little person when, at a regular personal note, I write an amazing to me, but just imagine like a little person. And politically correct here, a little person when little of Ahoy arrival face that agenda has appointed a picture of the two of them together and said. I will never love like this again. All right. Well, lighted up, screamin atta! You can continue to love, he tied a clean. This is, after you knocked over the bare she's, crazy, arrogant attitude rumour report uneasily ye darker? Thank you miss until it is nice that thing in a woman, Papua back slapped him or what are you? Deaf looted to peace? They doin backslapping to ever more liberal, is not given to the material put in motion again, but that our right well, when we come back the dog dm acts will be in a building my guy. What am I
regards one of my favorite. Even one is planted. His word is no body on this earth, like the makes you ain't that so many people I check or what I check idea makes when he had at scale away. He die was like obesity died for a second any border back to life. I actually call the macsharry within ok, no ammo, and I am one of those guys. I don't appreciate people who don't appreciate dynamics. That does mean that I understand what you mean: the live free only not to people in his, It is on this planet ones, actually dead. Who lived is free and is only one person. I explained at one year the amount of the food chain: Gabby Rethink, reaching gaiety directly, Twenty years old he was just a free gimmicks. Die right. Well, dear makes. When we come back, keep it lacked the breakfast Logan with design appeared a morning. Everybody is e g in the angel Ye Charlemagne, the girl we oughta breakfast club. We got
this gives it a brown dog retired, do right here, anymore. Anybody you not a morning programme, all thought of my day, Llewelyn would the words of thanks Praise Amanda God, so, however, there's gonna be better than it would have been if I dare storm Adele while talking to God for herself We have already come alive is more than I wouldn't want to sleep woke up this morning. Ass, an exile surprise. You have not turned full fledged pass the economies we arrived. I give adjust daylight. Maybe I am already I dunno, but that's definitely the final destination or a destiny. You never know what we all got. No allow me to get a. How much do I mean people got rid of one of our stage can be operated.
Just one person that body that people who see that sad, ecstatic spiritual side is my feel told about everything else. Were We are now really now. I will focus on what people think about I would even say about. We realised that a long time and in the reason lies if you accept the praises, giving didn't you got except the boy. So I appreciate the compliment. Where am I stand on? What I believe about myself goes ended in a day, passed musical, determine the next move. I make friends area. We asked this isolation recently. Those in Belgium albums almost dine there, and it is we in Andre in Congo, Nor do I know I'm playing music. God knows and I'm going away not everybody goes way beyond what I still get aspired. By about USA about music so ill.
Sars comes my younger and older man alluded to beat in San is Adobe, I'm a writer. Then a dragon yogi within beat these vessels are forbidden to talk, This presupposes that the person who said to me- and we are not, as in anybody- can get in touch with anybody. I haven't heard Oh, I got some for you whenever. So that's a great idea I would love to have a baby and they live Nevada, GB, I've loved average, maybe of manner. Add a couple jive cartoon. If this album, then I've loved you zoom in August, more merciful number, we ve got a new process whereby, for me, as just one thing and later by Israelis have music. Still aspire. What inspires you now rates? you just get out now, just when you hear No odd is out. Now is why artisan alike songs from me now, I'm gonna, like you know, like mine,
without being towers it gives you know once was. I came out of a, but I'm not no no offence at always radio, that much Where did you as the media words? No more towards the laws are likely to sit there sit there and they're like and would it turns into? Is disable, but it wouldn't want to terminate it was like. I got somethin cards at all your money. If you really want to get in touch with me, you gotta get hijacked. Everybody can get in touch with anybody else. Then, and there situation might spoke on the watch a web. So maybe you know about this: a musical I'm act by only use data because you just happened to pass me at all. Google he's a startling Jimmy like an umbrella.
The lights almost went out, so we can stay away from those it is for me. We are all here. We can give each other wars all day the moment. What does it really employees are really mean to me the real award? Is we able to walk wherever what justice has come in contact with women with real fans? an event which has been in a new Duenna everyday living thing, and they tell YO saw you did say my life is so you did for me to work out or nearest by me to get out of bed then I'll go motivational saw a man, Lord and Lady, whereby we issued because you ve Clara knows why before he was, in fact is the different have acquired its like snow. Commissioner? Let us all it wasn't like ought to table
all ass. He ran off with me. She was born and when she was, it was all she led to share fashion, so she lost three vessels. Was the only thing that Malta better together then I found one I've an even ask somebody put somewhere you that every line then about one question God, but I have watching for God and that moment for the courts. Are you expecting a huge responsibility, it is possible to mean do you would think that remain children would be motivation enough, my name has worsened. Shove it will leave a flock of ninety nine to find the one if you got one hundred one dollar bills and you one. You got. Ninety nine should read what you are terrible obstacle for their one and when you find that one
it will mean more? You then, and I beg you to night. I was never lost. It is also about the possible somebody who is dead is now alive. He was lost, was lost now fell like when you find what you last night. Yeah that you'll have a party for that one dollar bill right. That was last, but now it's because it completes now. Would you motorway so many people in his fire as some people. Why so long to make music? People like you said, live for that, but it will take me lotta may music people notable for it. As I did. This shows that the debt that that's neutral in things looked starting a leaked story misguided, but people loaded there there- I didn't hear about it so myself, a lot of it is not merely because it was supposed to be put out. One live alone nor democratic.
It is even if its hope that these sums that, when pop up I'm I'm I'm I'm stuck in my way since big well, I like this are moving very broke down. So tat they really want you to sweeten instagram problem would saying a word we fortunately do later are clearly set out. What I wanna know what our biodiversity guy I'll go: we rely on it. That was a mighty trotted due to face. Why would you use like? Oh, There is a lot of other donor dollars, gobbles what it has been used. The moment level with the justices. Different forms of communication is that his life YO when I was on a name, come love, and I feel I You bother deny hazard you know I am so glad you know that
Oh mother, you know, there's a cold or that other members have already like I've. Just got such regional mob libraries, Yoke opposite like I've got arrested, and I was able to test the dilemma following Why? Because I could feel about as night. Why isn't that? What is this, this flag, somebody's also isolated, you're doin a jail, though you too more than two hundred and eighty six unread emails, I'm at a rapid increase in tension is already taken. Get email on taxation be tax because earlier said, people get in touch with you what they want to, but you don't have a text message I've gotten, better We have already mentioned. We come back. Keep unlock this to breakfast locomotive The breakfast club
with Tory lay same morning? Everybody's e is G. Every Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl- we are the breakfast club- the mix- is in the building of Charlemagne, also the you. What do you want to make sure you were good before you're like really got deep into the music? After all, it is usually the unconscious nogood nasty out on that day. In our asthma, any enclaves weak, as you did- requires all placing our comrades the teeth around, but our will elaborate. I walked out of cities. Satellite system allows yourself, no job, you can die of amazement at Some will have had a long, that's not what you want just broken. Almost without a I'm glad, We look over my grandmother dive. Imagine anything else Bob may lack. I call when I heard told me or you exit Asthma attack.
And in the media was like. Oh, he only draws at bothered the issues they understand seventy per of our world, the bottom. Bless and then is that a lot of things did change right at that it made me realize now in movies, no depth, as is sexy, and would you know you get that this measure take out the garbage one last. What you do Show me that potentially them, but time you realize that you will have. The situation is truly to combat fraud and his team led to combat form it now. But I didn't appreciate life or about a busted. I gave me, but I do know, is due
what am I supposed to do with it? Have you spoke the cardinal moment? Yes, that's worth of animals, as you understand, We need more people are gonna, be the hypocritical of accommodation What's that, when you need God more than ever? So why not supplement those were hot, so that you are surrounded by them and he was there has always been. There has always been there. I don't know he's going when we all know what that is capable of doing. We never got is able to do what we don't know. What we're, what he's willing to do in tourism, which were we need him. Do it open, YO, YO, YO, querilities indefinitely without delay, and I heard that you for
How did you know he after edges was thinking about the ok? Is it over upload? The lasted, are able to last a bad boy. You live, so you were you if you like, the love, love, that's what the respectable do use they lead to fill the weapons out of their relations with the men in our respective me. Another spent I'm a lot more another Psmith Lonely, so called all employers. Rapporteur for an able working hours spent about. He told me right in the face of a voice. Robbing digging marketable day. But at the end of the day and night, lovely magazine, you don't like me, will you call me
If you're going to sell a few million and then come back like he was wrong or the fossil record YO a double they gave you inhalation respectfully. Thank you. I feel bloody just note at me. In his opinion, the change tat was June of me now, but you didn't see then will change was begun and opinions teasing I wanted to you three examples you on his albert. Did you have a conversation, so it is that all right, so I have while the other white guy in Aromas anger, is that, while the only Y got room is still the mandatory get Ferris know how, like anything about Rick? like his voice talks about a lot of data be drawn about alleys base. We walked like nothing.
They might have membership about your family. Day was the other. We say that he was a child of those powers, not offend you. When I was on an arm men, another homeliest, various positive light. Now I didn't like to do all the wrong reasons can learn about money. Sailors were with him, no take their efforts. Wanna uses all the man and then and then be man enough to reach out to meet up ha live only solve man, was a real valedolmo rules will run right. Well, I don't. Was a real move us alone. This is no mean Feat: forty two per day? It is the young men raises, may well, you all feel in this way, and no one at that.
That's the love you so I like to read and write like aerial average arab Israeli was before I went to prison. Ma am a measure the time she hit me with their last hope. He was his beak. So then you'll ever become Well, sir, was the real use. One judge was that you put on a low sambo trousseau yours and I am glad to be able to return the favor and whereby we get it right and it must be reviewed I get through with you. The website is the essential which our rule hanging out of a job was no personal researchers. What other people form One is that we all know that whatever I do on stage, I came up with a distinct my family We took our asthma so much and how it affects. What Watson you before you before,
Our problem with God there is, there is no tears. Almost like magic is like when I touched a stage, a stimulus to the port of asthma. Some of stage like notice alone? Your sat up about till I took it for out. There's gotta nobody but his ill, because even before you before my ex will make. If you state everybody holes. Here we will pray for you. I want you to secure relentless growls. Keep a man is mares, whoever you bastard, anybody who in turn it over recent weeks prices as as asked about the just, have one person as you know, are taking on a journey over the old woman appeal will be a good one, but the notion in the what they look away with a party in Cancun did: did you know that they will result? I start would appear backstage give it up
they operate and no fighting stabbings Roseanne, I remind you that was important, like in prayer. You're always have to ask for something like that. Sometimes presently, Your bags guide gaily remaining on the whole. Nobody deliberately! Doug, you like a really you yourself have given that all who will take these really sick anything for when we got the immense. When we come back manufacturers get into a dm eggs. Many makes. Let me know your favorite Deah joints. Right now is the breakfast locomotor letter was idea, makes many makes morning everybody the dog. Is he a d ex stagey envy and de Charlemagne gardener solemnly you'd their teacher. I forget what they gay value you want to bring. You will remember money, but we want to breed would like
often the best away my failure of global circle at european level that you do get licence Yo R, wait to get it in the anti european death like these are all things like, but but Tell me left, there is shorter original those you're not gonna, handle this girl take care. A moral miles was young, maybe your promise. Ethics sixties was efficiencies busting fell. Rejoice that Eleanor? What do I owe you said when you get a life
Sure you don't. You never go anyway, that I recognise other Muslim about Moldova. Yo mumbled, as we all know, somebody like go. Where do we must use all our route is weakened without fourthly, autocracy had issued a thousand, I have of ours, and I realize you sit right behind me. No relieved relate went into enabling people around a movie a signal does more to get up already seen a wife- and you know maybe They have another problem with you: it's not gonna spill over into you mean another activity. Meagre journalists who keep allies spect allows me up, keep the latter's indirect allows and Bosnian rarely get it didn't. Go. Last. Keep learning specula them, so the irish people were last will follow that path.
An initial came out and leave us around in silence lightly. I've never well what our debate, but as the story of my life, when our always tell us where it was mutual ring, then it is easy to be ignorant were stupid, mob rule being getting really do sometimes, but that is the pursuit of carriage suggestive, even those easy to do this and you should have an alibi, must have a watchful eye. Go eat only behind a year ago was about to be suitably shook his manners and an all round Almost three would ban the giant story about our hitchhiking one time ago, yeah
They will lose their usual clause on a thing was on arrival in my country. Having read the planning of low value, only job myth familiar your blogger and on the left to do that. We would like the point for us all. No, but your name homage unamiable Nepal, that the likely I got eyes all oil, though we walk up the river should go on and on while the regional level, in itself. As you might be able to make the urban centres. Now we had had a couple of translation.
Similar sounds. They were not also like you, eggs rise. I well, I mean you, know I'll, walk amongst the fair son, I'm his Obama Then there was like, but see them among. These are the only of their work industry No one ever gotten away to cause good job it away developed a thing is thousand. He would have them alive. Maybe that might have been the moment when they re, like you, never know how God gonna do what he's gonna do you Jake do shots at each other before have you seen each other in that it out? you buried alive, ass, though a gram of course, of course, cover up a storm, as I am to walk around holding anger ways you down all that time, nobody ever learn a lesson. Is a situation right here right now and then you this evening.
I know what you're talking about what have we got to get to it to get past it with which a whole on our man, it where's all fourteen kids when that same energy into China Fire time. You deserve all the things you do and avoid the model. At the same time, the accusing out what he said. I know each other. I am someone met because their location, like I told you you. The same county looked up a lot of you and your colleagues will not interfere county, how many man's night no, no living all you ever were gone.
It is thus a break am I right out of the type that would allow like his arrival? Grizzlies levelling. I love you. No I'm not to stop the search dope. That'll make up the goal, but it is clear that when they re so what we do not protect the greatest we would have been right now, living on all of them is focused on music. So let me tell you about a new law ran right. Just you, nobody has not to date, has been
Damn who knows we have devised by Basel? Getting guess we'll see was no. Really want, then you can't we appreciate you do we will be able to do so here. We only want to praise the only one of many of them do not touch it agreement such an agreed by the guy. We thank you for this gathering souls. She there were two more gather, your name, that your presence we take for your presence rest grace. Lessons were upon us this day after the devil, pleasant place, lab have removed in the name of Jesus. Who fear that you have your will have your way in our last father. We didn't make us and we couldn't possibly know what to do with us. We thank you for the things that most people take for granted. Father the air. We have the breed, the food we have
either because we had the where the cause we had the bad the money we spend. The love tat allows us to postpone. Where's labels will blessings on others. Well as ourselves. We have to be reminded of the poor. When spoken word followed, because we can defeat the enemy with the spoken word, or we have the duty to remember say to use it. Worse has no have informed, gives me surpassed. The word has stated: the weapon won't be formed. The word say that the intention of the weapon maker won't be on you, the word to say that they want to talk to you that the worst says no women form, because we so plasma cinematic what they pay matter what they make, no matter what they tried by the power, are. We are covered. We humble also before you repay. Your name and give me the glory. We praise your name and give me the glory reproach you name. It gives me the gory Jews minded Amy, afraid amen. The breakfast club more Jill
breakfast? The report is the Reul report, whose glove with fine day how you feel about. I need famous video with speed Is him lying in bed like him ideation everybody's naked in the bed? Here's what he had to say. I'm just gonna stay positive! Only engaged mama it is our master, because a craziness cause, I'm mad mad applauded none crazy, I'm trying to walk down a good path. My fiance treatment, is all bad in my world and that I hope, will be a part of that name as weird. They don't make. No, and I cannot grow up. Yeah yeah. Today a Jane Eyre that in watching your told me nothing. She says it. Everybody there was.
In our view, a negative message saying yes, yes, I tell you every idea all saw the people they were in the Bay invasion was one of them. Well, I am no reason whatsoever to which I saw Donald Trump badly in the bed leg of money. For you to watch this video, where some people were a little bit more direct and our rages manager said that kind yea needs to at his mouth check. It out. I get ashore in his white Bob what one British, where they would have to be careful about till cargo to go back, and we should like the along garden. Watches model amount for the wardrobe include bombs were going on because I laugh so hard and their video was their video. Like eight nine made, a real daughter was so funny because his factual issues, we not like he's making this up, and he said, and in such an of caring way like he was really concern today, shown that they should have
So can we re doing an above biddy, so Lastly, one thousand allowed to Georgia, where women were Lena Dynamic, that creative girls in the star of the show girls unease be oh put up opposed on Facebook. She said it was one of the most disturbing I'd cystic effort in recent memory, and she said that it basically is emblematic of rape culture. So you should read this post people have said about now know about animal,
It is weird our nobody knows how no railway coaches, the right turn, but his way to undress a bunch of people without them, knowing in the handbill cod be laid in the bed. Nets have made it a better way of real dad, and I mean alive is down there, but that bill copy this randomly lane. I made it where's he gave out they'll catch. These crimes are still being uncovered and understood, as promised by the women he assaulted, but as a massive boost to our national consciousness. Now I have to see the prone unconscious waxy baddies, a famous women twisted, like they ve, been dragged and shut decide at a razor again. Miss such a sickening sense of disease, where you can have an alleged rabies land in the bay would want you Nicky women. Could the forthcoming I only our fleet and then you see book, I mean a girl K. I get enough, you quit everybody honestly and led away.
And he's in there is a better report has been filed against him this without the BT awards. They said the bounds. It was working. The door at hide nightclub on Sunset says that Lithuanians Hussein's with TAT were hosting and after party and some of little ways entourage couldn't get and they got turned away at the door. That's when Lithuania and the bounds, aesthetic arguing and the bouncers it That's when little Wayne punched him now. Other people are saying it was a brief altercation. It was only because the bouncer mistakenly grab little way by the arm, not realising we wasn't. He later apologize, but we don't know thickly that doorman has already found a battery report with the LAPD, so could beat him. China yellow from it away and that, as you are we're report, I'm Angela YE all right! Thank you! Miss ye shall remain. Yes, leave. No doubt do men self snitch in all social media will never stop. Two young individuals, name markets and reduce areas, Benghazi, his name in made number seven seven six
for three to seven: eight nine need the coming from the obligation would like to have a war. Wouldn't please start will get internet next. Keep it lacked the breakfast club more gang. You don't you time for donkey dog. You today does not discriminate my now dissolving today via the donkey. They need to be done at the breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today, dog you today for to day June, twenty one day before mobile that is one of the main idea by these two matters, wanted to add another one more time. I got a superb our mission that this one now have is a fact. My seventh? Ok we'll go the tree young men toward him are in jail right now the names of markets to rail, Parker, twenty seven and reduce areas. When Carling eighteen, they were arrested in connection to several home bird the reason Miami always
got big score. This wasn't no petty crime. They were involved in okay. We call these ice hey where there was over half a million dollars worth of jury invaluable element from two different houses within two weeks and pine go to CBS Miami for their report.
Regular amaze, guys Arthur sharpest holes in the shed and officials tell me they were especially upset after finding out they ain't got thirteen hundred dollars after selling off the five hundred thousand dollars worth of jewelry to a shop downtown three men brag about having a safe as they flash hands full of cash by increased police have arrested two of the men scene in the video eighty year old ROD, Dario Collins, the driver and twenty seven year old, Marcus Parker, the backseat passenger. But there are looking for the third man, the phronsie passenger scene, in the video. According to police, the trio broke into a pine crest home on May twenty, seventh, stealing a safe with jewelry valued at five hundred thousand dollars. They struck again on June ninety breaking it into another pine crust home where they stole ten thousand dollars worth of jewelry police. They one of the men, told them they took the jewelry to a shop where most of the valuable were melted down urban go.
I fully understand less matters they mark is enriched. Areas are now face in stolen property. Ran their charges after stealing over half a million dollars in jury and selling for thirty nine hundred thou, my guys, not that nothing reason, they're getting dark here today, donkey for how they got caught. I think you'll miss that part. Okay, they got caught because they were snitched on you know who snitched on them. They did. Oh, yes, they took the felonies. Facebook be bay flashing at flashing that thirty nine hundred dollars, that thirteen hundred thousand a things like we got safes check. Please showing off right non himself? Let's hear some, I say we I ran low. We ran out better than a bad bears in duffel bag.
Got the boss, they were a great man, some ice age, goodness gracious, so that the definition of a boy you not just in symbolic, said in reference to the Jesse. We speech that we are all the same he is correct in theory, but when I hear these kind of stories, I am proud to be nothing like these type of idiots. Ok, I don't know if it's a chemical imbalance, palates I'm off his drugs. Fifty a law, social media, one possesses people the mixed the commit crimes and then brought camping crime, vs social media farther. Why shouldn't be cry. To begin with, what part of the game is the self snitching? It's almost like, I have an account. This would each other to see who can end up in prison for as you taken penitentiary chances for thirty nine hundred dollar cannot more favourable homeward. Is it
Thirty nine hundred dollars they got after stealing over half a million dollars and jury was selling that jury to a store in the mall, with thirty that thirty nine dollar thirteen or to depreciate immediately, some I say check weed I ran low, we ran out, bears in a bad bad enough of that. I got. They were quite man, some ice age in this group, given his party, were there is calling the biggest he hopped please, those during the more have to return those eyes. The police had a search warrant, research distorting the jury. Of course. Third, guys we no doubt which are might as well turn himself. A deafening telling or even a video clearly even wanted to your car models will keep. The trend is snitching Goin Intel on yourselves to Napoleon Kojata told on yourself. There might be a facebook alive at right. What
given a dog today, sir? Now, let's talk rate of the rate, not ordinary, no other, integrate now? What's all this up in the act? happened in a room report earlier you talked about men hits and he got into a situation with his wife right, which require an apparently he screamed and her pretty bad. He had a clean this issue. We have the audio or your refers. I have my dear what living my life is. Nobody gets in the way, so I married him up in supporting her every day. She, the last couple of years, in all my tension in her arms, losing why say annually, lay out among the top down you may come now to the question is, of course little ways. Baby mom should little wing step to Memphis. What action is. What is, in my opinion as well, because they have enjoyed together, maybe he's concerned.
That's not his anxiety, acting like that in front of his chat or do you mind visited they still consider themselves, friends and almost best friends. Do you step to mobilise brought you a little too far. Do just mind your business essay. This is not my place. This is not my wife. I suggest Mama business they. I need you to respect. My thought is matter because I don't see any base screaming like I am fond of my child, my daughter, seeing her mad spoken who, in a manner that is of course an eight hundred five, a five. What oh five one, if you were the baby, daddy fellers, would you step to him Ladies, would you want your baby daddy, two steps him if he talked to like that and got disrespectful to you. That is a question. Eight hundred five thousand eight hundred and fifty one I want you to little wages. Epsilon call us up right now. Right now is no role breakfast, but more with Superman. Be ahead of mourning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club now in the room. Is Lee. You talked about a story about Miss hits yet, as Eddie was second crazy to his wife,
Toya, that's why you are so little wanes acts and they still hang out there still friends. They have endured it together and do you feel like Lithuania Wayne step two methods for speaking to Toya, so crazy illustrate Oreo, for I have no idea what living my life is. Nobody gets in the way, so I may end up in supporting her every day. She, the last couple years, something all my attention in her arms. Losing. Why say annually they automobile, not top down you may be requested, is similar to wane step to live there.
I mean for em spaz. Nobody cares about is still not able to realise as his ex wife and you have adopted it again. I don't get involved. Unmarried couples, business toys, a married woman having an issue at her husband, he didn't hit her and it's all reality tv waited to entertain a you understand the game, not saying situation wasn't real, but they are on reality. Tv. Let's, keep it in car takes on a show called marriage. Boot camp is cumbersome. Yemen is criminal, most couples on edge. Disagree. I mean you talk to my baby mobile, crazies my wife is votes tomorrow. Mamma S. My first love why she was sixteen years old. At the special bond you or Tv Balkan Atalanta, volatile was Ben. I was abandoned my baby, my much isles mobile, like Daisy, because any by his daughter being in the house to absolute need to know. What's going on July, sixteen daughter I gotta have as yet as we succeed last night in their lives in a house with them. I would want to say: listen
I know you're married ass, a business but my daughter lives. There wouldn't know how the butcher they were at the bouquet by he lives with the daughter right about this. I guess to my mind. I want you to hear you talk. We will have a call to say I think you should care about who they interact, in which its? How did they live in another home? You should know that, although there has been a need to be able to speak to him, but now we ve been anymore. We ve been secured toy nine. Any harm. No common me tell me how to deal with my wife she's you baby model, but she's. My wife is a different matter on television, hello. This local awaiting little way should do It would be better to do as it wishes. I feel good away and should intervene simply because they have a thing I got the better of all and if they don't want their daughter got off to a wrong man, the date or whatever Maybe you shouldn't be. He said they thought that you done my little window got all the remaining Mama's who,
Dudley, you time, unimpressionable, impressionable aunt Miranda De La my father's kids, now MR put the knife and aching embodied that guy is low, develop overlapping being a real. Finally, yes, stop it and ass. Do you really think that away and I ve been a gaze. Don't you I don't know what evening girls would do her love about appear. Now talking about little Weena men fits now everyone that away when you intervene out of the regal occurs boy. He said in a way that baby of water stairway, how can you would want nobody and others? I thought ass, he ran, and here you are in order It involves daily habits. You gotta stay until you intervene when Ali. The girls that way be method of toilet. I was living in little ways house absolutely positive ass. Ever
We live in a little way: thou their daughters themselves. You live. There are in point now. If he had seen her dead, the woman was talking crazy, too little Wayne and adored. It was even if she should definitely. I think people should be able to communicate with each other and if I have an issue with anything as apparent you should be, but to closure minor, icon, less able beat the personal, but we haven't had to say about it. In our view, it is my wish that we fight you still sleeping what now? What are you talking about? My daughter lives there. I don't remember what you don't know my. Why little talk to my baby moment. I await us my way, but also, as president, would tell it all normal nouveau embarrass my daughters, with previous tv that doesn't way Wayne Smart enough to understand context like TV, a married man. I would think kids comforts aid, with Ivy five one and five once a little ways to Memphis it's for the ways book to toy you. If you miss, it must play a re fast.
My dear what living my life is. Nobody gets in the way, so I married and having supported her every day. She does that unless we use the normal tension in her arms losing, why say annually lay out among us not top down. You may call us right The breakfast locomotive that was Bryson silhouette Dove morning. Everyone is dj envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club if you just join us for taking your phone, calls, eight hundred and five eight hundred and fifty one five hundred and twelve Lil Wayne Step to Memphis Memphis for the way you spoke to Toi. If you miss what he said, this is what the conversation with
between Memphis into it. I have my dear what living my life is. Nobody gets in the way, so I married and have been supporting her every day. She said, and I ask that we use the normal tension in her arms losing. Why say annually the automobile top down you made me: let's go. The phone lines. Hello. This Him, you think, is that some of its lobbying wayfaring I've been awaited them on a man. I agree, ok, take em up. Thank you happy birthday, my birthday. Leaving aside the morrow just be cool we're happy boy day. Boom boom, happy birthday, Mama, hello, there's Reggie Reggie Good morning come on come on air
You think we will need to have two methods. Well, my finger. I believe that you need to have a conversation with your daughter being that use of aid at band out aid and concerns that she has been addressed, her mom, so funny It is necessary to address him. Ok, don't make your daughter check him a damning, hey. Listen! Do you need me to say something even at that is everything. Ok was going on in a house, especially around him. Exactly that the most important cause. I would think it. We re some concern exactly right day. Rope allows is discouraged, eating would always all of its about like you could come at him respectfully. You know it's not his marriage, but I have a phone and are you not all read my founded thought for women, like that? I couldn't have the mixed reviewed gone on a matter of life or death, gotta. You know how to respect fully, because I want my funded that no wonder like that in a day, and that is tempting him like a confrontation away, but you say: listen, I'm just concerning minorities in the house.
Whenever I did nothing, crazies gone on in front of it ass, a leader gotta, keep reminding our on tv on marriage, boot champ on reality, television, I guess contacts cuz, I'm on weight on call in like like this with a real right then, in that context, to let us know what to say what I say stepped out on these networks of beef, which is Abacha invitation. They all all cool but, as you know, is, is a situation so small that story. As the model, the story of my new business when it comes to the affair. The married people toy- and I didn't beat I she nine no harm and, most importantly, women in situation, you have to stand up for yourself, the fear of God and your husband, because methods Tribune screaming on his wife, like that, I don't have that kind of Israel Mama. Why millennium? I wish, I would not say one flow into you clean up. My wife go not me on flow into. Cream or damp. That's how I permit Hitler. Let me go and I grant you don't you deserved my that's your mama, but I think that if anything they you uncomfortable, you should be able to address it as an adult, and if you feel
You need to say something you have the right to do that if you have it Involve now there's no further loved. Then Who cares? That has nothing to do with you, but if you feel like, I just want to make sure. We also understand that, because this is a husband talking to his wife to kid had nothing to do with it. They weren't at the house, there, Abu Camp, the charter no one in this case following the road of checking it makes everything is good right? Well, we got room was covered up. Yes, let's talk about a new project Their visit promoting is doing in this is within iconic video. Game brand. I'd tell you all about it also discuss Chris Brown. Fine, whose doing him now are all I m all keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive the guy the Reul report, Libretto club, trying to figure out who is to daddy mad positive Instagram and I decide on bother alert also here it is slow
now No, you will go up. My mother does a colony Omar blows from the banks, inside the kiss my business he asked look out for those not gloss over, thereby triggering a scenario is mass, what s suck my d from back. So when you job get tired, you can kiss Robin Hood, Barfleur Classic classical to know who is. He went off our right, so yesterday always make a ban Dantes MA am for saying at the word, so that Bianca could ever be there to set the worse because he had to leave those where you wanna be awfully mamma. You normal priggish move were renewed lad. He say: ok, while you not issue, was it the two day, so she they really have to leave the
save Mama lied while she went on Instagram and she responded about these false rumours about our entertain as we celebrate when they stumble. We hope that they fall. We put them against each other. She said she got wind of the method. Has festered since last night the fact that I supposedly lied about my daughter's kind. First of all, I did make a mistake on the city and the day I asked: why does he have to leave early and was told by a member of her staff? She has to get back in time for her concert and that she actually should have been there two days before, as a tour has been down for a month. I assume that they Monday and the city of London. Will it turned out to be in the UK but wrong city and on Tuesday she said there's a nine, our time difference and it's an eleven, a twelve hour flight that equates to ninety did twenty out yemeni characters. Oji come on their lot long. It is about this that you know she trying to say She is national law lying ass. You do so. You got scared,
But you don't know nobody. North of Europe is our entire pose, no real for what she was that you will be exhausted because you get to the states and there is a rehearsal Bt Platter, Mexico to be which assists the fire burned, on Friday, I mean thirty its allowing ran away. Go about the level of errors that, whereas the BT at seven a m who ass we get three hours sleep like that book, a huge private lab mob, but that's just so you know a vague and where I know grandma take take Roma phone away. Please stop it's either. Well, there's not theories holidays is noted, Schedule Tina Play which are that would at least eight hundred eighty character. I write Reza has announced a new album and he's doing it in collaboration with its hurry now the storm. Tyres. Now I don't things that the abolition of Fiji checks it inspired by the sounds of its hurry game, music sub groups though it does nothing to tender they want to do. Then on the download a tireless did. That was what is needed in this area
a law. That was what exactly the rip it to say that I'm gonna invite some of my friends to join me and it will be game on with the first be. He said it either. It's gonna be iconic and one of his best albums I'm interested to see how he does it. Believe me, my pack, my dog does arcades, though remember how's it going. And the Taliban patent with what about centipede budgetary des normal working? my further handed on its nor diary. Ok, for my time, a nintendo, entertainment person, rabbits timetable points out to Mario Brothers Durkheim. That's what I was owner, I'm not gonna die my where we had an appearance and they had the Atari set up double drooping inside and I'm old wabble. That was pretty exciting, but enemies.
We all that will do what I can say that game and who, as shag night, is now suing Chris Brown from behind bars. Coma should nights as they Chris Brown and one of night club should have better security at night when he got shot multiple times in the club and he's us doing the thing. A hosting a party that night a blood allowed to suit the blood. Oh, no, it wouldn't. I went and bled involved, and that is you are, the report I may easily and rest in peace to Pat Summit, legendary Tennessee basketball Cold. She died at the age of sixty four. I think she was a winning is coach I think also mainly heavily rewrite. Also a leverage wins dramatically, Basel Press. I'm at rest in body in Tennessee. Needs a statue mission are to go when she heard a brother to go on, for she has one flower right. Next to the people's choice makes you wanna hear something at DJ. Envy Instagram would twitter and shouts our revolt. Family will see you guys, moral everybody else. It me up
No, what you wanted ironclad question my screen on my phone doesn't work. I is shattered broken. I can't use my phone where it. What do I do said I think to the atmosphere put it in a bag arise. No, no, you don't The rightly has wider and make its heads it apples to local authorities, applesauce fixing somebody. I wouldn't does it for you. You gonna. Take it to the apples, the walk, ass, an apple store. I hope you have an appointment. If you don't you get away to lead and keep cut him mapping attached to test the screen. Air tickets. Apple anywhere else. They will give you have you you sex, which would buy you a new Iphone, whether you have insects, which should have heard, is right now and radio. First of all that in practice so long ass? It is neither did you know that guy who's ever happens exponentially, Eagle, buyer New Iphone right. I don't need any laugh when I need to get this green, vague, we'll get errors, grief and I've assurance I could traded out. If I wanted to pay anything. There you go you telling girl? I had no business Alan
albert over there. I had a little bird has bird because guy me, if somebody Bobby a phone, I'm not supposed to accept you gotta use what you got to get. What you want Allow me a new falling somebody, Bio and I can't take it. You should get assurance at you get up here, I'm off what free Loma good. This is the breakfast locomotive to mix index.
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