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Cedric the Entertainer to Remy Ma and Papoose Interview


Monday 10/1 - Today on the show we had comedian Cedric the Entertainer stop by where he spoke about his new show "The Neighborhood", black renaissance in Hollywood and more. Also, some family stopped by, Remy Ma and Papoose who came to speak about their new show, preparing for her pregnancy and more. Charalamagne also gave the hee haw to Lindsay Lohan for accusing refugee parents of trafficking, and trying to take their kids. 

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Illegal Charlemagne, the garb of a rapid, forbids the voice of a culture wash like means more? My baby shows just because I always keep your real, but there are no guarantee there. You know their listen in through the back door.
You and your usual Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, more and Angela Minorities am Charlemagne. Guy, please do the planet is minded. Yes, it's a mundane out of another work week and if you want an honourable tv, you that had been revolted resolve this. When I was in here, you know they gotta take over twenty weeks. Oddity is to keep the lights on. No stay the culture, those still in all the money over Joe Biden Remy, Mind Scotty Beam in Genk, ok, international. Their revolt was off this week.
No real added an infernal haven't. You came back, I don't have it I like him exactly know you have to go back to work. We welcome back to work. We guys I was everybody's, weaken our minds. Get em alone I went running twice is beginning my run. Clubroom with ye sometimes run again. By saw today. But you said, as everybody was running, how far do you wanna? Where do you were as three in a quite amazing passbook part, of course, as a five k? Basically welcome No way man ever used to go back since, together we're on a chair, no running a celestial, three days. A week I was, I was all over the place. I wasn't there lay last week I was in Detroit. I was in a shawl it and in a closed out in a later I was bad, He wanted around shallow menacingly in a letter? The latter would arrive conference, Lou dairy body on their pulled up for them to have a conversation. Near Derive conference. I was a trap museum. I may go by travellers. Even Travis was from sixty nine, so you in and outside flew in winter
conference. Can I went over to Edgewood, went to my main killer? Might swag shall barbershop? Would they haven't you making food? And then I was on the first thing: smoking back back to new jobs can be asked Today I love a man, a man, a man is so beautiful in black line and I like dad he's, got a family all family at all would have been more. We go baby bouquet of a ten year old, daughter added. Three dad. I'm gonna be all right. Now I got things to do how to up my load. My team's, if I can see my son's team, is football team. They did their thing over the weekend, so shout to the bricks. They ploughed. Nor did they may get a big game coming up this week. I must have a pretty good ally to three interceptions at a year, a pic sick. So you do good. We better to my giant, but we'll talk about that and I gotta colliding on Friday. I was that thousand amid these buried there was a little bit uncomfortable.
An avenue respectful, bottoms Robin Cook, above all the bottle that legitimate on account of always got the tools menu. But in my view that is done on your side and then she's, like you, know, lay on you So you got away on your back, but you can't you gotta. Let me back with water. To fill in, You know my right is a little uncomfortable. You moving around the water and you all know, removed the tube around, or did he the woman, it was a woman and she didn't have to you know me news. I am, and I was releasing our very frequently because I already eat wealth ass. She says you can tell I too my food while, as you said, you can tell. I have a very good diet and I are released easily. You normally sees an yourself. I'm going, I'm get two more. You gotta get three just to make sure that you got everything out at Yale, Some people say that danger. The cologne is deleted, got someone a good bag to reduce demand. Is a committee about till I think one thing Did you bleed indefinitely
that day began a practice which is good for you, and I are like myself if I say you colonies, I give you right say their grave when all independent only negative. They say that they take out the good back to address them program. You not think that decides, We think that would rather give more to the wrong stuff out. Could the right stuff can always go back so Wide open, Rayner doesn't know. I'd override guide must gain knowledge, but better, but my adds will continue to look great by our Ryan well. This morning, Remy Mount Remy, Morton and Papoose will be joining us. Remy more Papua, be joining us. Just wanna do not aim Ceylon tonight me. I wasn't able to show the magnates Mackinaw disable because you take a week after week to halt. This is all a revolt. What we were voting, so we though I think that this shows already been recorded where Remy Map have whose cause, if you remember this, when she found out she was pregnant, silence. You goddamn do press sums they supposed gather around when they got a phone right, so obvious shows only once a week working with them and it we have four pages. Are we talking about all this?
California, they are making major strides for women, will tell you what it is a first date to do this, or I will to all that when we come back, keep it locked at the breakfast club good morning. Everybody is dj. Envy and Charlamagne tha god we are the breakfast club. Looking some front page news start with sports, the Texans beat the colts thirty seven thirty, four, the packers beat the bills. Twenty thousand two hundred and twenty cowboys, beat the lions two thousand six hundred and twenty four patriots beat the dolphins. Thirty eight seven, the Bengals beat the Falcons three thousand seven hundred and thirty six. The jaguars beat the jets thirty Twelve, the raiders beat the Browns Bailey forty five, forty two, the titans beat the Eagles two thousand six hundred and twenty three. The giants lost to the saints three thousand three hundred and eighteen and the Ravens beat the Steelers twenty six fourteen tonight. The chiefs
wanna Broncos at eight fifteen using two giants go. How does it again when I had a very they got the asked? Yes, it is not easy in Macedonia, game joyfully, Autonoe phase re northern states that I was very disappointed. Thirteen is until I got myself forty two six at him. Must I gave me now you want to protest that improves as you and I don't have time as we must send out a game, is that it would go to work out. A fine you're has signed a law which means that the publicly to companies have to include women on their board of directors. California is the first eighty require this to happen. So that means that there has to be at least one female director on its board of any California based cooperation. By the end of next year, then by two thousand and twenty one, depending on how many people are on the board, it could be up to three female devices that are mandatory depending on how many boards he said they are. They already do this in some countries in Europe like Norway and France, so great new law in California also Facebook, there was a data
Nearly fifty million accounts are affected. Now you might notice that if you're trying to use your device to go on Facebook is making you log back in again, that's because what they had to do was reset. The profiles for people who are breached, and then they also deserve for forty million other users that I've been subject to a view, as look up in the last years. That means ninety million people. Normally you going Fine, you automatically lads into Facebook. Now you have to reset your pass. You'll have to reset your password, but you do need to log back in and you should have gone a notification about this breach as we will give you an addictive. Is Twitter Instagram ill at ease the waiter, set up on your mobile device, Why is it don't look like Instagram in some people are on a click, create some people use Facebook might anything. I think Facebook may have more user knowledge, and now my driver choice. I wish I was so the way about all those those whom it is they who have you about Facebook? I would be in a much better mental space
and we're wondering what's going to happen now we're keeping an eye on what's going on with Brett Kavanaugh. Now they are saying if the FBI investigation finds that he lied, then, according to Senator Jeff Flake and Chris Coons, they are in that, if he did lie about any type of sexual assault misconduct allegations, then they will now far forward with his nomination by the FBI, is and to be doing an investigation of Cavenaugh. Only problem with this investigation is damage. Humph said the f B. I would have free rein to investigate whatever it wanted in the programme. What they are saying is that it is limited in scope. When you do have further investigation, the White House will actually be the only ones able to give direction FBI. I really want how do you investigated groping for thirty five years? I don't know I was even thirty five years as an entrepreneur is, I think, a lot of it is us about lying in his alot of people coming forward. That went school with that, even those people I didn't even have to be about that about anything he could have lied about allotted.
What does that mean? If you lot about something else, you really did their back thirty years ago to let me save your life under oath, that you should be a Supreme Court justice. I would assume everybody Laszlo under oath when you are trying to become so Cream QUIET and why they limit our guide them day. Long in the government s, I'm nothing. Right, I'm just saying: oh yes, they lie right and this particular like a job, and if you like, we ve said before this is in a criminal investigation or anything. So if you're trying to get this particular job, they require to be honest and they find out that you, like you, will get a nominee. I've never lie to get a job. I always wanted to go live and you get to their part on application way, says honor. You have been convicted of a felony. Anything like that. I want to say no, but I've never lied about in any felonies master would get the jobs from animal the more and more new telemarketing, with nothing like Supreme Court. Just ass, well, ass front, page news get it off my chest, eight hundred feet,
the five one and five one of you need event is up right now. Maybe you had a horrible weaken it. You just need to get some things off your chest or if you feel bless, eight hundred five, a fire one a want of one or five one? He does that right now is to breakfast locomotor the breakfast. Is your time to get it off. Your jets are the main from you wonder breakfast on your mind, a culture of each moment. I once said good morning in and out I'm I want you off my chest that last night I made some gumbo Ok, how do you do anything having twenty per week? and you didn't learn how to make about the matter. How to make them. I was as basic Do you have a lost isolated? Will you wrong I'm drunk out? a valid revient amount.
You just moodily as well. You just making gamble tat our commit bury my neighbour through she helped him. He watched me make room following burning about neighbour very slow down to them that they will go go when you learn how to make a new decent. You do a great job, it must assume. Is your initiative is a great global. Allow theirs. May. I gather was submitted ravages year. Well, at this point on black, can I get my Finally, the third day now recognize her in a month with you, I thought you guys than he was taken away from me. By a legally lying on the poor applications. Chemicals to be changed today in why people lie just now. I know you did that
a lot and I get made didn't care, I'm in of women world when it comes to declare I'm glad the man. What what did you do over? We get what we want to be brought ok, yeah, just China. You know I play. It is hard for God now world know what I'm saying a lot more guys. You know like going into the system in getting putting themselves on Charles. For it and given their visits in getting custody decades. If need be, ran- and it's really not here, but that the world we live in knowing the basic Gambro, I'm glad you got it he's you guys, you guys you guys ever greater who now allow is all falls them you got married, stayed out a job the main while when, when about me and my pleasure, but is one
things will venom I'm having a movies Greta moving away. They out. Oh no man, you call of the winter. When I'm on me. I don't know how to work out of you can get you take it from the station on of you, and I think you want to lose. You should be analysed, saltwater solved, just don't show real cards, you don't think your emails. Are you what his body in on it- it s. What we don't need you in there. I do wonder why angling all meat, I brought you already know: do you know a few jazz eight hundred feet five one o five one? If you need event, you gave us a bear. Any time call us up right now is to breakfast. Morning the breakfast Club, a pounding down. You're gonna get it on the agenda.
You want breakfast laughing, but remember this morning with the farmers out of their land and water. The sombre right, I thought you'd as we game in America there is dollar may amount to beg. You are a man of great conversation that their rights will allow corporate you'd be dead man. I want to appreciate the conversation that I had a Yeah don't go out on the lobby was only the love they do, but I really appreciate it. I know very well that the bill which you ever thing man You may like a rat, wonder Paul and pick you up way, conversations and can't wait and look forward to the boy come now
the next one October, twenty third ship point anxiety play tricks on me, I'll, be back in a land next month it will be at the wall, Manon Gresham role, which everybody tell me than the hood. Everybody liked you guy had a lot on. Gretchen wrote me. I look man. What is Walmart allows. There is doubt about the fact that we felt it was broken. Ravages, thou, art, thou I get what they want, but that area The way they hated West must not. Did you send it added european value, a guy guys out of many that you already knew whenever new seminar, maybe I got amid as it did at night. Knave actually dormant arm is being, and I do not love nobody aid I want to them in a juice buyer over the weekend aside, second induce but others Zaragoza. Yes, I would was it? The brows given its August, I don't know which life
No stealing take. I don't know which one is missing was one. Is western media the jailing aim at one point where they get the Congo. Rather beyond everything about it right I got What government idea minds? Yeah yeah, I know your ride right now. Would you hoodie these ethnic work and you didn't Jean shorts and you forty one oh, are you not of me, but I don't they weave laying out one is more problematic it at all. Naomi Download I can listen to it. Have an area might be. Creative is crazy. I'm already know about this I did I envy driver, may and deleted. Whereas I didn't love, I'm on my way to work in that you know, I'm a fucking be paid off a book all I need a word, and no, if you come to me and a lot of people are worth corner would basically around in a mouth faith, and I've only got everything we are. You do. You know
watch vain and educate, always bring me back. To my mind is like my idle right. Tell me: you ve got an answer. My fault alleges paid back, he's gonna make a lot of time. For me to They ve got a parental paranoia. Kiev in that thing, you're paranoid like what you are, what you? Don't you think it's like it. If I have no faith, I have noted that you got a lot of you. Rightly you gonna live a better life for me, full of guys wanna meet me every day, paid back on the right path to take a walk Wait. He always there. He is always prepare for the best buy. You believe me. No, no! No! No! No! It's gonna be preamble, not a fool. I walk, you freeze, nine fear and I'm not concerned about.
Oh my darlin, I am concerned about the world, you none of them, Never we, whether we worry about within decades onto the world every day was gonna happen. I'm sure Yoda Fayaway right, and we now have a mother design alarm whereby Madonna's anywhere. I want your daughter, you daddy, you're in filling the right things and in the big due to write them. Yet I'm absolutely gonna Mercosur what they do uncle what somebody tries to do today s world may shut out God. There is never having a correct the world? I guess it is the world my guy, but I will say that, no matter what you do me a case, even if you please teased him everything right and still the right things, you never know what happened here. You can control the world outside about with them. They might make decisions suited you can control, it is true, but I'm only a barrier aware as to whether more as a right of each as eight hundred five eight five one and five one of you need event. You gave us a bit any time we got rooms on away where the kind of five very sweet projections are in, and yes, I guess should in no love is gonna happen, let tee with those numbers.
Like all right, we'll get into all that when we come back, keep unlocked the breakfast global more breakfast. The report annually on the breakfast club, where the kind of ads you rat anything it's going to sell between four hundred seventy five in five and twenty five thousand, while in the first week huge numbers that'll be the third biggest first week sales of the year, Drake and Travis Scots! Oh boy was our own figured little air be number one, but I was not going to be surprised at the low by rigid boy logic. I've sold more dynamic, gun logic is gonna, do about between ninety and two hundred and ten thousand and his first week. Also now the mystic here, let me add, on an asset for if he were Wilfred away now know and have been for ever and ever amazement might in his legal struggles and
Giving when is the kind of five ever going to be able to come out, sell your wife and away now know, is not as whack as somebody else initiative and is not as a classic like. Yes, it is a good up a little way for me to say so quickly? Let go I listen to it over the weekend, but I feel like sometimes you gotta keep its twenty. Three songs is listening to us all, but one of the reasons is too long. Is a solid project. As a solid Lithuania, I lie down well young dagger, put out a preview of barter Sazen he's. Releasing that album any US a shed. A photo of milk has be surrounded by women and here is the snippet from barter seven nothin. I think my arrows Haider and its Sancho idols become rivals the waste the time. At this point- and I mean you know you- you try to include those, sought. Alloway about coming out with bought them blowing did have mean records on what is twentieth. What's with the
really understand Burma in double cool in Burma is, is wings saw no far, those I wiring or even of human lives as some law no mind. If you don't know, I don't think a little weena figure by young people were very man is, and a criminal investigation, young dog or sell for their little way by shooting O Valley are investigating both of them. That shooting happened back in twenty fifteen, and so now I guess new information and they are under investigate what the wreckage of you shoot. No mean an image. You Dave, ok, I'm one body does over him. A business man. I lie awake. Apparently he with bothered and remember get it off your chest. In the morning, somebody Claude, the breakfast club and said this about their experience at the Mari Hardwicke power, what they would find it almost everyone away in a war. You know I told him he was a great actor and I told him I was a fan in that. Could I get a phone with him and he
Why are no? No, no, no powder, because my family, or will we all care, and I went to work- are very young. Scream and I mean all all you care about it. If you don't mind Ozma bearing we know your family. You know our railway, Omari Hardwick was on social media. He posted a picture and somebody said heard you yell at a girl who asked for a picture because you were with your family and her defense. She didn't know who was with you. You act as be acting like you, knock it off. Playboy and Omar really spent a lot of time respond. I don't know if at another guy this dumb Butler, he spent a long time. Responding to this post is really like a couple of pages long, but he says, let me kill you every playboy playboy. She got out of the car to follow me and my family made
Two hundred yards, as his oldest Sweden Annie, tells us she gets to me and asked for a pic. I say, as I always do, God bless you don't do picks went on with my family and it goes on to explain that he is a man, a king of a tribe, respectful friend, to all who worked with me in a public setting. He said I am not an active first, she was someone infatuated with a character obviously, and could give to accelerate the cat. I am the prison who could never be defence defined as you just try to Madame up before you use it out. It's her wrong, one playboy. What's how many comments by my rebuttal to this bs and it goes on and on and on from. There was no problem at all. My reacted with his family, and sometimes people you not human need, only Machu, let you a person they treat you like a product than you are entitled to must base of my time, because you watch my tv show rightly gave allotted time or social media The government has a majority and that's your rumor.
All right now, when we come back subject to entertain a will be joining us will kick. It was said about. Anything now has no shows that tonight. Also, yes, must be a model was neighbourhood is on the neighbourhood and airline eyes, working with dignity. When we come back and forget, Remo Impulse will be joining us next hour is to breakfast locomotive J, every Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a special gift in Britain, Thirdly, the imitation more and more Mortimer hydrogen. Why people in a given year, someone else Damone, regular use, come also, you know, you know cordial. Big word did not what he seems like a nice young man, they're gonna see the way that has been a large eyes black, you ve been over this man now may I join the other one. Eleven
My message may rely mainly on its dares beery donors, new Lego nearby. So will I got abroad? Oh you know abroad in Vienna. I gotta did young guys wars sales, visa regime. Can we came in a thick day, unknown in Indiana executive producing when my party arose a week we walked out of office. Been there with him else? Are we in shows for a man is about you know, gentrification and away. You know where white family moves into a black neighbourhood, and so you yesterday you see- you are right, said everywhere from autumn the Brooklyn to you know where they stand to be to change and in you know, a lot about how you feel about that. When somebody comes into your in how you have to grow more care, does o schooled in tat stuck in a way that her legs, like a game of the word out of denial or even over the address they ve got quite after whenever I am again promotional, I look their word of one time. Could they use it describes somebody I really like
Might it other than their person they learn in the economic element. I love how they tell him about them and how you became executive, producing the show was presented to you, but you said you know where I can get these care Mine can also yeah yeah kazoo loosely base or from the creator, Jim Reynolds. It was mostly base of his real live. You moved into a predominant black neighbourhood. Is why, though, the Waigel created you know, but he all the characters at that time were out of the minority characters would like just Area I've got it all that really here, like flag is like you know, it is the way that why be would think like. Oh, my god, you know, I know how you feeling like no, you don't at night, and only man, you known, and so, but you know he d have you know the right Spirit the light was met with him. You know daddy's attitude was he thought that he was telling a really true story, not a word nuclear. You only towards the only true from your side of a you'll know inside
so we got to work together? We were able to create. What would the show is we have now is, though it be gaze of the net that that would be a great presentation in some Guph was CBS. You know the old goose, sitcom, don't like it remind you of like the clip version of all in the family or something like a Jefferson like what you see. That kind of these two worlds crashing together and- and we can tell if we can tell a modern story about it, though, anti vacation from this year? You know because you love for me, I saw you know again. He he just you know up you. Would you say if my way through each is like the house that he wanted to live in the fourth element in it with affordable and that's what he was trying to do. He just didn't think about it. Much and and I guess you know he also Qana- had an idea. They go to city, plantings and city commerce. Maiden so,
He knew what was coming back like a black was coming in on, leaving that we may, when old, he knew it was covered like like now what the hell he's like this, but it was like days till, but then ideas only like knew that. The navy was gonna, be emerge and soon, and so it as well. So but it was those gonna things that you realise. Like again, you know a gay young. Do you know young young married so again, images only look of Islamic can afford even really think about how much gonna be ended and why I created there why people move in and then all of a sudden Now, the relative going up in his mark it. I know it all to take two way: people your rules. They go up. You know why you should write up, but you know, but you know why, because this video calls video stuff and give policy right. You know when just let it be a pile and be married every day in and day out, fifteen may God.
The phone all day, you're gonna, get over here and makes this a unitary rigid. You can directly labour. What's up no longer is created body. It is geared to you let Yale specially they borrow your car so it has failed to make as I live in best I and is so, must interpretation embeds die right, but at the same time as leg, there's a lot of white people moving in their eyes from the area and they don't understand like yes, they, their local bars easy thing to do, but you still should it be walking around by yourself late at night, because I think sometimes they think k we're here and everything's gray and is more? Please him. Everything safe in general, like nobody should be working around at three o clock in the morning, do wrong to come. From the train face major? I was looking at every one was called Madame living. A a triple gated community in its day will be like people. Walk in leading languidly, no light, not save money, the criminal, and I wanted to do so.
This could not yet within a short, saw, Lu Lu. Why girl? What is your problem? Why did you know wave What are everyone thinks that could I think, they're sometimes to emulate rather Percy? Now Give me a lively, is always a moment when you get away with, not that he would do it, but the other parliamentary unkind likely becoming enable they intend to act like you should adapt to them. You know, that's really. The big gave their people come in. They want to tell you how low you need the cudgel grass. You know- and you know when you turn your music now raised, or to have these rules rather like going to the clock. It's gonna be wise attorney, amuse done it
You know why we are due to be adopted at the body just thought it lay the arrogant all these little rules only becoming we got a big. Almost those ancient groups- obey you know, is the way to parties and where you could park man, if they weren't you Yeah I got a black wives, so she really. I am. If you just look at everybody, liked the same way. What round having a black white men at all like the way way way way way. But I got my body I go away far and near the goblin You got the money move. I got her the right way. I would do so. What are we got? More was tat you could imitate, or will we come back, no oldest abruptly,
The morning the breakfast visa J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. We have a special gift inability static, entertainer solemnly Laura Unitedness? come on man wearing a dead guy. There's a guy like you know, Glinda the good natured. You noted the coup attitude. A real man is vague. What about the other guy As you know, the fools way you try and get its way. You know gay Well, no, eight on Uganda DNA. Why you roll most wary b, I now what about unity with a comedians right, because the competitive battle we see so much lately, especially of comics, you know
been supported by drawing out each other you're. You know. Do you know what I mean is this is like a rat royal, no do later Roy around here very loud, laugh when a mean get yet got out. He was like you, we can raise. We canals laid down at the love of racial. Do makes our lives. No like money. You know I ve been, you know the competitive business I mean you know, illnesses that, but not like a day. The thing about comedies of its objective anyway by people have their audiences. Will have books. Did they love and gone loved them anyway, so you know you're not really compatible. The next man and the end it and been proven to That is a lot of money. I e to be noticed. Steel gave an annual people love So our really, I don't really like that energy when it comes to comedy, because it is a business about making people laugh. Anna
you got imagine that everybody can gates they shine. The way is supposed to come is one I'm grown state with always tell people what you k, won't another man's blessings cause you don't nor a burden. Solo dont want was somebody else. Have you came desire that so and if they hot right now, that's what daddy is in. You know you can't you can't you. Do you feel somebody like? We earn yours, and none of that because you know any any one moment in a room where the right person is there. That's when he clicks in this does posed by before you. You know I was light burning MAC Ed most famous eight minutes ago, There are good bigger. When he did. I hear you, I wouldn't even really what he was they. Wouldn't you doing it for a whole world even just saying that for one time in the end up making it a bit and he blew up- we was all even of of
Minister Comedy he was already here. Would you pulled me mad a dead letter? You want there too, but you can be mad about it like so when he blew thou, say buddy changed game like, though anybody was like unto around the same time. Barney changed. The money can change. The money, can change the money. So you do you actually like that. You like, when people Come a Rina stars may lie in wait. I raise the money then raised expectations. So now to turn in real is bad. How did you get it? You get your brain and I would never allow third got it. Maybe I guess I became a host a common view. Like you was, you know it's Bessie dad Twilight BT come view was like on it with all every day it was like. There was like be comedy back then in India was the first house and he was stepping down in a bid to competition.
And God did Def jam, and I was like kind of conceited like a guy that shouldn't have been on bet like you supposed to be better than that, and I and I had all these new jokes and I was like I just need to be on television, so I went to the beach and I became a new house and it was all every night. So I became old name like new blog posts, black folks to payments, but that was enough in still you hobby showed in deed, but like commercials cut off from Saint Louis LAD in contact with them. I did by like. Where shall we want to solve? Superbowl damned barbershop need just got roman now, just gonna get me bobbing. Kings calmly was knows big so that it can be a lot of problems for like given him a brig while big, you of all men are no doubt knows why I think that you know that you know very early on ice lowered. One might wonder why you allow given comics breaks in o, mainly because of you good, like anybody. That's really good funny, like look like
the law in J J Magog Molly s these guys, if they really funny. I used to put him on a flood of me because that make you have to work is somebody was I did kill in it. I used to try to go on stage murder, you know, and so was somebody did it to me. The first time you know a guy, like one else days in the crowd, was gone, crazy, subject, state our own, you gotta get up, didn't go to work out like that. Just do, as is the way out. I do comedy from your own out like gives. Allow would always see the new next and put a moan and try to put a moan shows a lot of these guys go cat ample cattle showed for low real in already peer Gary done together. You know what I'm definitely love guys like dead and put more, let allotted you know do show was more money back in the day like those that it has led to a committee. The level of the archimedes head on the comedian when he realized how hard it is even get to that level. You know:
because you know again, may you gonna walk out. There is very, whereas it pugilist export. May you walk out this? Was you an audience in his life from anywhere three hundred that thousands of people would the previous everything that they are gone on a day, you in a microphone will calm you'll get too no, like a view of things out, he's gotTa Bobby browser. You gonna be like saying you don't like it. You can do tat, we call will you going? I guess you know it so you got be able to keep them in and hold them rings, and so anybody there you would on a large level. You just got appreciate that, even if you did they find not you just got appreciate. Did they got the scales it go out there and deliver draw audience draw fan base in end. You know, Roma were given forty five minutes whatever that is, as was dope above being. But a go and do that as a skills comics first get on and aid to their families.
I stay, there seem like a long time to have five minutes or a in area? When I tell you you gotta do thirty minutes, then you in initial first couple entirely like ok, you do thirty minutes easier emulate. Voice quivering all of the inside you just making up stuff? You want your go bad! That's where you get that when you pull it out. What's that all about, It is a year, but this dismal knows where you got it. You have to worry about people like any ago. Enviro like we saw a rag, whether richer prior sign, read his stand up anything go over to L a ladder pressure when that happens in everyone sees it, but at least you had the room so grow. I think it's hard enough for people to grow into being a great comic, because it isn't
be a period of time when you're, not that great rode home you write. A new material gives us all facile, maybe ability now for people. I just you know how you falls in you just right now, you're gonna be right. Some don't you be like Milk is your own life for a while, but is like out there now. You know people as an around so ass. I bet you like are still with us. We stood all leg. We asked people not to take, but I chose belied like like last night. I am seeing care. But he real layer is anger. You young, if you said earlier, why they walk you about it, a big I walked out and in annoys you pale God of the package, the owl of they do the anywhere you out of the bag and it's like they have to open. If, where you IRAN, but it gave to the boy because one you know so. Do you know that the kind of political correctness of everything is you can also say something while you right in the joke that ain't quite right, yeah and you take them out a card
the next thing. You know you animal over controversy over just saying you know which is based. Where do you get? a brutal. I feel I am no greater media right now is not getting back last like when they do. They stand by people who go. Secrecy can be like. I can't believe you said either goes these days to power. The goes he can. Everybody now gets back. No matter what they say. You own a global tool with George Deal in a car. Believing they get over me. They just trouble make up the Anna. Radio, no allow. I will read, it will really be seriously be backed up with facts and statistics. Everyone I won, t ask you: do you yeah you?
You get yet. You will go here. That would be a landing. There would be ass. We got more was subject to an attainable. We come back, don't move as tobacco morning. Everybody is the jury envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we are the breakfast club, so did the entertainment in a building Charlemagne, not Cedric their hard being a comedian in his crime. I don't know how you know. I don't think so. I too had dreaded advantages. Keeping you know I try to keep the Bible. You know what I'm goals data really about having a good time. I don't worry about sandstone to guard reversal. I mean I will then get out at the same time of night does not become do not worry about, because I think that have earned yeah. I note in the kind of reputation and noted is not militia it might be some. There may be a little bit over the land, but I mean like where you know how I would imagine, but you never, that very sensitive nor I'm never get cancer, though
they think. I do believe, though, that air, believing you know you would CBS Super conservative network. You know and, as you know very well, Yo Re State Orient yells. I don't know you know you gotta, be. I think this volume you know bitches be tripping joke lab going to I'm gonna walk that back, I mean that only the dog eat dog tripped over the thing I gotta go cut like the testimony from within the EU for didn't you all about it. I told you to stay away. The lethargy
A man was great doing another really pointed out a doormat Anatoly devastate because, as you know, the Laszlo G is more like it. Fail. Styles ocean treasure, gray, Tis Grey, You know where to get at the halfway house, because I don't want you deny beyond this notice, whereby you know what you know. We just shot the seas and to do so, but you know of mullahs going, you know, I d be like uncle character tools, though you know, thou in those deal being around, even though you ll be read or maybe I'll do it Let's keep children right. You know we were betrayed. You know, another death was voting. Did you feel like crazy was eight not when they asked my question did in order to bring about a governed about it. The point did you know crazy made his all come
bag man, you know so you know too, was hot and you get to that. Debt cannot eat girl, factor or eat parts. In fact, in every time you do a question. Somebody asked me about them. You like, I, am called, but this about me and in and out be begun, a did it in a click they can away, though, because we use now the refugees who, as best basically what do you say that you are not happy about that, no I really like that. I mean, but you know, is moments? and you know with somebody just hot all around you and by just one as you about them. Arson. You know me like every time you show up like how do hall not only are no one's long in a way that people asking about laws like you guys you re like do you know, did you ever go to that like when I had the kings comedy and other? yeah. Definitely a me, of course. You know. Barney blew up like right
Eunos knows mainly out of the out of the outer the kings. At that time, Bernie became the dude and hot everything was about burning MAC. You know you want, you know, burning magna's, burning, Magda what do spine, you know, cuz, you know we already was already on the Steve Harvey show so show was getting ready to be new in the movies he had coming out. So he just felt like again people act like they discovered him. You know, and so, if that attitude of feeling like you discover something that we already know, it's hot, that you know gonna keep explaining to you, but but you no doubt it was one of it was one of those times for sure away. He was the eight do. I'm shocked has never been a sequel to the original gave a calm how's that about the great assets, a glamour. You know you don't want to do things Who were you know a black you just can't work together, like you know, doubly work
light burning, burning, Steve, had a low before many in ended in an ado that produce the widows aegis, canopies everybody off, leaving right now, Walter not delay them yeah yeah, so he got his tis their body of. Would you know because he just got bigger in a group, you thought he was very gaudy death. You know me so, and it was like we did comedians, and so it was just one of those things that nobody ever wanted to go back into to the thing, and it was a one time right before burning. Five hundred he's really close to doing it again and then then, once you pass, nobody even wanted to even consider it was like a hole, I think so. You know the gate a doubly feel like we missed a great opportunity as we put a franchise able as movie. You know when you think about light blue collar guys got it. You know dear idea, but then they went on. I have got a serious, showed Ed movies, their products and, like you could it did at the names rings reigns.
Is really no, so no matter what the number two brothers that, above all, that it was at that time, you Eddie Murphy dinner was as that now calves just went over there, but as you don't think you have pointed out today. I think the number to think I think he has won over. I think a day that give me a thinking just went over so began so is still get you in. It was great to be applauded, like that. You know that time it was like a French, no one, no body must have together. You know me at the queen's comedy while Israel, if they didn't know when new committees did through their member, they had done kings accommodate you could do they like, like gum now, like everybody who would actually be like, I would think leg qualified as King Comedy are ready individually b,
and in his people to definitely you like a like, like a hot dead, yet you say I that could be a dull shall be it. You know like black soon in Gary always like these, that, like the eight people too, for they use that you put them all one show any maybe get a product like that, but I don't know if they would work any more like everybody's, so kind of individually different. All of you feel, like our wanna, go see that as a movie. How did you guys if I were ordered a going and whose hosting and I have known since the first year, it was in a political, is a hierarchy to gambling, like you know, is this thing would be we're gonna go like. I will you re a guy, you know so harsh you Steve went for last because he had a show- and I was all he shows or even though the main do and then after after their Steve, wanted to host after the first year and then actually used to go last, but only movie. They just edited different, because burnings material
more edgier to mine, so it just a bit better to go last, but on the actual tour it was ill, Steve, DIA burning me, that's how did show Yale and you go to the major ah make or break their Katy relax. Boys were a lot like there does rub. Obviously be the oil industry, be alright downers guy we'd in their working a failure. We're going to get rid of it without the tac. Together, I stared at official official. Does Iraq? Would it the men takes out, the eggs and trains are removed, how can I any accidents and a liberal know exactly where, as I was like the neighbourhood premiers Monday at last, I see
that'd be entertained. A thank you. So much for joy, girl, harm, replica breakfast club running. Everybody is D. J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club was, could threes rooms was so kind yea feeling that this is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club hanging performed on Saturday night lived. This is according to reports after Marianna grinding dragged out, and I guess kind was able to fill in at the last minute now he performed the reasons which they said is a very rare thing. That happens, firstly, that I love it willow pump. Then he but our Tiana Taylor and they did the song. We got love a sign that wasn't on her keep S. Energy album didn't make the cut, and then they also performed ghost town. He bought out kid Cutty and
yes, but outside Dagestan and nineteen on guitar and shake so the resolves usually is about to songs their people perform uncanny then said that he was being bullied backstage, here's, what kind of had to say less Sancho. Ok! Now, Superman, cable and his knees, Tell me what to do when you throw our programmes We really talking about this again com,
is really a guy dashing now, because I can't believe he continued to make people fall for the same old tricks. High time you have offered his name had on his mega hat as well as he was. This is so. Why do you have the same right? I'm a value of all this is so why? But I really think he believes it. Don't I cried out. I don't think it's a trick. I've really pending y know deep, not Jolly Braun run the pitiful I'm losing move it out. The way out, can be met. Illusory authority be mandatory Brown, which all of you to be mad economy. If you choose now, he also went on stage as a show was ending and hears what he had to say about Donald Trump, the job. Exactly that health, the universe of news. Ninety percent of news level lay away York, writers, ramblers musician,
It was easy to see why the sole source of one side or the other I think I am damn food had on a need. To stand and no true freethinker can be part of a political party play assembly. Outlying areas like an I'm gonna jump at Saturday Night live here. the whole. That's all How much the deadline for Listen.
Free thinker, no true free. They could not be a part of a political party and no freethinker fears, retaliation for they thought Did you know that you're going out on a big knows he's Roy you'd be a right for like he just wants to win candidates weeded out had so much as an airline agreed that I would hope before the year is out, need to set a date. Gonna be so if you believe what you believe, he neither believe in and I care what anybody thinks about it, because you not being bullied you made a choice wearing a mega, had the choice or deal with the consequences of analysis down a chance at media. Like many I said, and I live even though I passed hosted it no longer funny, no talent chime. It is just a political effort, the dance where it is a kind of where to put on a mega had after the show this being told. No was great he's a leading the tides yummy, a Yo Yo does ride, drop nuts and trumped does not show you the same love that you showed him, but he's a magazine of some lead is magic question. Stop wearing
I know what about that. I have learned that last time as you warm right when Joe Biden game what we had before I miss you, I won't be windows anyway. It's not like. I want to say that I don't want to support kinabu. It is hard to I don't wanna go somewhere and I know we know you gonna, like most of you. I, like you like, say, would you also said loud? I support him, no more, but you dare so what is needed are NATO when I didn't die, though, what everything I'm waiting users could come to mind. I like em. What about you, A more detailed figures about not just by the parliament is not. The problem is that you say: ok, what a market aware easy. What a macro list was out as record a marketplace record, which is probably one of the biggest downloader record, are completed in club. I can't played it is like a doubly so I dont like he died. I think he's dying. This is, then there he's very internet Althea. Is he left
attention may want to support Rome, and I dont know body should be paying attention to him when it comes to politics at all, does ran Martha thence new life in general. When I write it, in windows on Bosnia, creature, himself, Miranda, Bank Amerika Great again hat, and he said this represents good and America becoming whole again. We will no longer out source to other countries. We build factories here in Amerika and create jobs. We will provide jobs for all were free from prisons as we abolish the thirteenth. A member MRS sent with love now he's talkin about abolishing the thirteenth amendment, and I guess it he's gonna clarify more. On what he means by that, since he so political anybody had to say the door to really slavery in disguise, and is something that we need to look into the principles that wrote the constitution were Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Thomas Pain and John Adams.
White man, no women, no Jews or black men, and we need to look at and we are examining what it thinks about meat reading about them. The first amendment is right, of course, is the right of free speech, but in this like social media, that it off, we will try to take her your rights away. Why living do not get any amendments, do not get any information about the thirty four limit from kind you. If it is allowed, he built Ituri, documented fleets that aid would dominate, did called thirteen. It was critically acclaimed you can go, the economic show. Can you meant he wants to amend a positive amendment as it is you committed crimes become a slave again, which is basically all modesty, prison system, but don't you to information conduits go asked documentary, thirty, four Netflix fleece array. Well, I'm answer the year, and that is Europe. Lemme see your way to ease who you know where my you
where you do you have all right now. Do I didn't say I got him all right now today, you woke up this morning. After all, God gave man if this weekend and put the these, not everybody knock it off. It was grey Jesus. Christ was grey and add a grace westward the match. Guy, we does the result because in all was hypocrites and if new ones. Are you guys women reports of a girl? I know you want to talk about. It is like an idea is political stance, the way you dislike Nike donates during two thousand and he'll be. Would you still Maggie's allied it happens? I wish you, given your dog you're gonna, get high expectations in the learning. Oh god we need link below and come to the front of the congregation again demanded. Is heavy on this sandwich, waiting to get them all right, we'll get into that next, keep it locked at the breakfast the date come as you get donkey of the day today is used, for
I'm a fat northern? What this man to imply was made available Charlemagne happening, we ve got to make a judgment, was gonna, be on the dot the other day page. How you the breakfast Club Bitsy, whose doggie data. They dont you today for Monday October first goes to the human job, helmsman aid that is Lindsey lawyer. I let me take up in leaving, minister? I am I to tell you wanted they dont. You today is exactly why man is when distributed too heavily. Is the most disgusting condiment known me arrested thing would marry. You just need a little to make something good using that liberalism, potato salad. You just need a lonely from tuna just enough because you too much a mere if your ruin, all dish in Lindsey low hand, is indeed too much. Man is an icy. Lindsey was in Moscow as in Russia, and she was in a car when she saw sarian risk gee family. Now, for whatever reason, Linsey thought this family needed help, so she got out of a car and approached to family,
out of nowhere accuses the parents of trafficking. They all kids, nazi their Heinz real Manny, the whenever hundred was engaged free egg? This is why I have such a intolerance, for man is located in the type of many that that causes me stomach digestive, all right, I'm a pretty regular, baboons. Ok, I was just telling the young lady who gave me a colonic on Friday that I go every running at eight thirty. I am. I am very regular, ok empty my, but on schedule every day, but the man is in his story is so heavy just the smell of it is making me feel like. I have to go now already missile Muslim, because demand is started off, spread really thin on the sandwich was just now for I she got up car because she thought they needed help cool, but then she decided to get all spoonful of many than just dump it on a flight of brain by accusing pants
of traffic. In their own case, then Linsey starts to speak to him, involve English and arabic and I'm gonna. Let you here would happen because she was on. I ve lived a whole time view understand what happened out translated for you afterwards located, what movie lawyer, God you off your trafficking in children and I won't leave, and I think you here did taking these children there. To go, I'm most eve, I'm with you I'm with you goin away as your son. New York both. Would you just heard was walking talking why demand Privilege and entitlement sandwich on soft white bread with tomato and heavy heavy, a heavy craftsmen. Even if you don't understand you
Lindsay Lohan only accused in the traffic in their kids, but she followed them and try to take the kids from the parents in the one of the parents, the mother punch, the human jar of Hellman's Lindsay Lohan in the face round of applause that parent okay transfer falls to her then we'll leave Loin ACT like that again. Is our moment loyal. Guy no case, because if you add kid you would understand, our protect repairs are the children and you are in Moscow. What what you gonna go with these people's children and then add, because you try to take somebody's child in a mother that job pushed you in the face. The audacity of capacity is mind. Boggling me. Sometimes please, let go the Griffin give Lindsey longhand biggest here. Please give us change our male, the big ass. He ha
all right they give it a donkey of the day. Is that when we come back written that what we decided to block a memo, you talk about ten minutes ago. What opportunities randomly check me? I'm still, where am I to its opportunities? Yes, determined to labour market, all right, all right. When we come back legal, kick you were really more impulse. They have, they showed it comes on tonight. Meet the marquise or village was revoking with them. Slow moving If we talk about breakfast mornin, everybody is the J envy annually Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club against his breast who gets in a building pleased God, the MAC Remy. My was happening not been said. I am blood black and how we think and feel it a market closer you are or what
black last loose bade the baby the most hated. That was that man no pat cap have used to it had all the time, but only if that's what you're hurt job as it now is actually a mere broke. If you go back tomorrow, the videos on my head off, but they started, be becoming obsessed with my haste or capital. This, is your healthy people came observers medium? Let us get less is gathered about bed these society. His last birthday, I cannot get older, now saw dressing differently. Ok, I'm the thin out by your nobody
What do I vow wedding of thy is our wedding night. You gonna, where had at our wedding, is only a bird. They call you buy it. I know it was like a combination. The birthdays mix with the kids graduated from high school is like this whole crisis. They adding studded, though an hour's hoodies in wearing believes, is in. Now? You everybody would have let you go there. You know I'm a middle way, but it was. It was the mythical made the whole time he was met by. Let's talk about this town, ok that we get the and the first episode being excited about in practice. We about me that again about vermin, Goddesses Mona the lottery will think I bemoan is of the ones as asked her. My Mona been convinced me as a convinced no network and people like that that the Magyar need, if they own situation, so you did the Christmas special last year, which was corn was finding me. I greatly in and in this time is just me a Pat masonry, Islamic Christmas, but ok, I was
no man, my Algarve, let there be no he's been around me. I like guys, like those that we have at the moment that meet the MAC is now in its is pretty much me impact and we obviously we have a baby in other ways. But people, I'm gonna, need you guys like tat. She may be ass, they alone of albanian government in number mother. You look labelling does a good job behind a guy like you don't either baby. You want me to live with me index moves in that every picture from aside profile every day I add ons, and it's not that I'm not I'm hiding there The code that our where I wanted to accentuate would allow Tijuana want to look stupid. I'm still mean as though you gotta have must lag. No, I make my wife do that our baby third daughters, Sunday and really hard time now is bigger than yours.
I have a thing is if a combination of things, obviously the arm the fact there was a lot of weight riots that you can get a break the so that at the present time, see me there I've. Yes, I had to get my way down and and keep it stable for a little while about a year contrary Bible Lubeck. All she was with about no took over here is. The stress was that eating meat that meat and cod caught out, sugars and then act. I did that, while I was pregnant, still won't load is wasn't about a month or two ago with items like you need to put me because I'm a solo, some even me, and I'm thinking I am filled and my iron still low, then that mixed with the fact that on five, ten or more zone- and I have a little bit more speedily- rather Bolsa short people and then just think, guy was just like. You know why. Ah you may have the dozen somebody out a bit incapacitated, ivy vomit! I ll. Have you anything more about you to see every no ya ya see what is needed now
You didn't want to know the sex of the tower now that path you wanted to know if she thought it sell me. I can't I don't have the right to know so I had to find out that things will happen. Go to war. Well, our laws to prolong yes, he would say he was gonna go to the doktor and in fact I was gonna. Tell him as a good luck with Mademoiselle you anything as per the hip along these confidentiality between the patient, which is me, that's why she tell anything we have above all about our rights? right through the woman skill me how these God and how the boy, maybe it again I would argue that I now you don't have lost. Imagine it is enough to tell the doktor she can tell. How can so. I think we're going to see you threaten me. I can't tell nobody: why would they wherever you tenacity carries you listen we had planned to having a job before she was a prison. Are fortunately, she blew trial so when she was incarcerated, Otto lay listen, we can have. The baby here begins relevant
I think it may be baby while you incarcerated that way. When you come home, you know gonna take a break from your job, nothing. She didn't want to do that now. Of course, let me leaving out the probable. Yet in Brad yeah man did not there yet shackled to the back. You can see here the angel I gotta once you get anything not alone, and whenever you fellows understood the pandemic, we have never been so. She we fell for appeal are, fortunately the building work. So we came to the conclusion that she was allowed to do seven years, so I had to wait seven years for her to come home Maybe they would. She came home with the following our pregnant. This you had a miscarriage so just like I'm so anxious an exam I don't want to miss another Maloney than there was going to be in the house, like I just wanna. Take it out right now like birds, my bank, by we impose on Thursday. Like you, I just wanna, take it how light so so
I told us earlier when we had a baby. My theme The only thing I never made it in my life, but that was about moving unlikely. That was at the emitted a microchip It is a for me because a miracle baby, so we ve been through so much tat, is finally is happening. It is complete. My marriage, Ahmad analogy with no, you understand exactly how joy joy, but now it is, I believe, an important vote when the Koran
The aim of the brain is the abbot amiss. Girls do! Oh, you know why this is so crazy because he like, as soon as we went to the doktor and IBM, I would die they procedure is a lot would take in Brasilia medication. You, it is about a month. It needles, three injection, everyday mummy, then another two months giant. Neither Inga bye bye exists as a lot of animals every now, and then You are not obliged to note, however, that regular darkness we're here doing that job is amazing. There may be they given and either get money. Was the wife
Why couldn't you ready the time? My bra, my lack of egg com that you have happy, but you had we had to get up. Let's grab about wow was peep into Jersey too, with a specific that was every other day. Getting oblige wanna make sure everything levels of your blood is writing. Hormones is right. It's Christmas Eve is the new year's Riviera used by a lotta holidays and because you have the go everyday consistently. So when we finally got the first positive pregnancies ass, he just like. Let's tell everyone on my weight because, especially ass, though you know losing a chow, my honour ones, having body and Van something bad still no games heaping. We think a wide gap is again receive acknowledge. Still you no chance that doesn't work saw a hobby waiting, and so I ones we in me him waits for the second time as them and asked what we had about me and you that we were married me saw me, like my hope and become the cover me them think poses one is on. I may everyone thinks that
We see the one about one, then I told the whole family, but then Einstein and those that certain people are not surprise, though, at the Lisbon we like at the reception he was like, he had told me about a month ago. Well, oh yeah, he told me not to say moi gall lower. There will certainly be. I didn't know that, God listen. I've got an idea which is a leaky. Was the people of my mother? Look, we got more, remember papoose when we come back, don't move is to breakfast locomotive. Let's call d, J E Remy, my passport, anonymous go alone, many myths about everybody- is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club because the special guess into building Remy, more impact poos ye. Whether babies been unable Vivian as Mass of Vivian, is my husband's grandmothers. Mama them belong. She she taught a genie a little bit. She was like. No. I think it would be great if it's a girl
after my mom and her name is Vivian answers. They may not only a revision of its own citizens want all powerful mayor. However, unlike isn't other people in a family, maybe, like, I know, has a cousin name Billina. Is it your name baby issues like yet my middle name, so you trying to guess it. Don't like you're telling me that name it after your mother. But technically that's your name. Is who and then I just feel like this- is, if I'm having a girl, this will be his third daughter. Why are you trying to eat with them I just beleaguered. Visibility is gonna, be a reminisced junior investors, a fuller. We actually have to meet the baby before we name. You know how it is to attribute. You have to actually meet how long legs renamed the baby before Osborne is don't mix it. You don't know what the kid looks like, though, even when the babies born, they all come out. Looking
I very rarely do you gotta know MA. Am I mean? No one look like me and I'm like please. I want to Fiji if only you gotta, look like me right now, my we're babies, but you don't really know they changed so much within those birds, not mind you know. Nor am I what we know now the name of a baby names, a golden shattering UK? Oh so about there? in closing our eyes to it- has gone by that criticized because not we both had his movie really young, so my son is eighteen. His sign in one is what is eating, otherwise should be twenty Susan, so they're all grown so operating much call em new care in all kids, like the new kid there, the all his eye, they they gotta go there they pretty much ago, cannot even kids anymore their technically all their adultery does not ensure legal be accused for them. He he's fudge wonder without those I cage. You should say that it makes the fearsome type away. How do you think, because, when you enter our coasts
this baby, the gold it out, I would add a bronze. Now is a priority. We would like out of sight at you for saying a real man, but is not dead. He had a moment when they was case beloved and we gave them everything the ever want it now they have to be willing to share it with the goal that unites everything's hours we gotta. Let me pick out the first episode and meet the Nazis, and I was interviewing while the other day and he has a daughter- and he was second about how he has to work all the time to make the money to be able to make sure that the mom is taken care of and his daughter. Taking care of, but sometimes like. You were on their right and it was kind of like well. You are really around and your reason was. I was gonna bags. I was Many I was on the road I was hit in the road. Do you have regrets about that? I could have been around more is absent when you think about well, and you come from the streets of Brooklyn in your group.
And poverty. You come from nothing when a main important goals is to make sure the occasional struggle like you do so in the end, ass tat, I was in a street at first in me. Before I got it is music. I had to make sure that there was well off economy any had everything that they needed, but ass. He a question yes, because with the golden China missing, one second Remy disagrees, of course, as is the air like that, like the kids nowadays aid, they don't have the same goals and values that I had. They feel entitled to certain things. If I bet that thing that we give them they're just suppose tat, I was opposed to it. They don't realize that when we go obedient had their life, believing that the Afghan most that areas where we came from the broken homes or p war on public assistance or type was to have a club as a luxury.
Eggs over everybody in the house have vehicle, I did think, is normally ok. They think is normal, so you know lose their phone and get another twelve hundred out of all the new one came argument to fall. I we have four children I now and none of them have jobs. They is crazy, www actual pseudo to beyond, which does not really the case that the real reason in the real truth bodies, the, although jealous in this boy you there also addresses juggled appearance, headliner after work, and you have to make money now you might then it hides a balance that will meet their spoiled brat, even when these little Weena, when I saw that same because I wasn't there, when I saw em, must observe his leg. You know you weren't there s a does something that they just made up. My name one incident where your father was a birthday graduation weakens everyday Maggie. They lived with them, grow up, sell, em, they're mine they just here like. Oh I'm, gonna, be there every second, they think about Zaza. When I want
none of us all about what you gave me, the one that you ask here: life they like hey, wait a minute. I miss. The second action plan is the second was go no Riad over jog, your bags, the Galileo and the same line of work. You can take the child which are so are now now, We have in a big discussion about that. He says: he's gonna stay home, he's not gonna, be with me anymore, he's gonna, be there Maybe he's I'm gonna get him adding my honour. Radio guy came a motorcycle guy, but now I'm getting demanding that mean a hooker told stranger. Yes, it is widely deceit is sure to see this tiny deceit is your look sober. I heard you put together behind normally happens. Is that you just agrees with me advance more like a mean a queen and NASA.
And then I was right to begin with. I saw everything does go smooth, but it is really difficult because he has he wants the spoiled the cave, and I want the kids to be a little bit more shouted at once and then not to raise my captain, but to just how does the commission Everything is right. Anytime, I mainly the present I've got a moment ago that we all know that it is. We got grandmother, you almost got out, never heard it, live caribbean woman to beat a nanny man. I gotta make Trinidad and wondered I won t. Trinidad guys. You're gonna sit down an interview at all. I really talk to these people and make sure they make revealing your camera debating what are the other kids, a gambling, we never nannies. First, I'm the man on the to the many right where you are I'll be there, my town centre with apples, I really want to know why the way she normal sense with a shout already issue in a way that we're like we know you guys, I gotta, go
but I just want to say one other thing before you leave while we were watching it, somebody in the room heard you tell a yes and whose eighteen days gotta get at the House of Heath grown ass. She was like all my guys. Only eighteen lies in time for him to leave a sample. All of them slowly actually buy at is. I believe you have to start numbed. Adami does get out and go wherever I'm gonna, get it together and help home. Where he's the ban in college and things like that, but I don't want its economy live with them. With my daughter, whose above twenty two which use them the homes on my gipsies. Twenty two he's gonna think his my Bayonne. These golf ball, more used to close or, like I got us target amount available, have a job as she does go to college. Always, regional jobs. Don't count, and you don't wanna pushed him out there prematurely and then he followed me hurt you gotta do is come back. I do now.
You can't come is dangerous out that no one to go, and I believe we all agree on anything that I've always wanted this room. I have the password the pap account. Media has no passwords Jesse when you get ideas from girl back with no, they did everybody. China, Rona, happy home hands like we re, because the mobile phones Why do I don't really cursed them? Yes, you do as reliable plays such as nuclear power brokers, somebody out too, because we ve seen a alma visit them also media also keeping other Agnes Guy is the ads sums. Are that befell like he's here way worse than me. We finally have more how frightened, when out of the way he say, Remy was written, oh yeah arouse grew, have your smokes is there, but you will produce a joke this year, but I'm a job
the natural I'm not. You know me a lot of a lot of people who could be saved up to these get to say some back: let's go as all jobs to I'll take it as many terrorist movement over ass but it was only like to drum That is what I like the way. I think I didn't take you seriously like that, like the blog sycamore seriously at all, ojo had pretty much know both of them, so they both are extremists and drag everything for the end of their so whatever they may be. So long when everyone Monday heavy Monday prefers Monday nappy of each one. No, MRS Almeida metals beats who indeed, yes, please come back next week's summit outcome that I'll bring himself I love you gotta DR remained globally.
The report is the Reul report, whose glove labyrinth of authority be had her first major performance at the global citizens Festival over the weekend. Anybody was excited to see her gray dad security be, but today, she's gotta go in turn herself into the police. That's all in connection with that strip, club fight fight that happen through Barton the angel still club in queens? Yes, uncle allotted emerging, as you did anybody so, while she turns over, were basically she's being charged with two misdemeanours. Both women were a baby hurt. They require medical care. Bed, see allegedly told her Patsy. According to these women to attack them has a year the people she was meant to enhancing posse Tnc use, our wives, who attacked them with battle hairs, so she's, not
getting arrested when she turned herself in, but you will have to appear in court on the charge, is now well used. Regimen argues audio from Kwairyo goons caller that that is actually what this is all happening become all did you will need to come on to reward is good, and I know this information from another source, but this is all happening because, as you know, she was gonna have to turn yourself in you know from last week, but apparently this is happening because these women to go and speak out and give this information it is basically telling on someone as and ass. He s a herself, oh who information girls. Yes, the girls Wendy, have you not at the end of your radio interview, because these women said that now cried is being arrested in connection with that still club fight. So just I'm talking about now like they went to the police involved, the report, just the fact that they did another. Please are you gotta call it what it is amended because in a form of cool new civilian, she motor industries zones? I guess
she to something out she's she saw grouchy. She saw something she says I say: let us you heard of this is that girls gotta, show in the interview, amen and tax about his eyes. In setting up and down and now she's gonna go away and he's gonna get him come in so we'll see what happened some their cat Williams. Now, let's talk about him, had a lot to say over the weekend with Uninstall alive, any still not going to squash any issues that he might have with Kevin Heart a second. We will see him on his knees on a red carpet like he was for Tiffany had is
what he has to say no more than one hundred and fifty towards. I was doing that to prove a point. What I was doing is, I was doing fifty shows Aeg. Then switching over to live nation and doing fifty shows then do another one for the last few years, like Kevin, been pretending like he been world tour in that David World touring after being everywhere, but here anywhere but coming to these mother hood, so why he wasn't there and I'll make it eighty five million. I was over here, not making eighty five million. I don't mind a million dollars a month and keeping my soul. You gotta put care with in the same bugs kind you in his direction, not love and not fall of resemble tricks over. No, I right now. You goes on to say that he is dead.
How to fight Kevin Hart. You wouldn't know the plastic cup boyz if all of them walked in wearing plastic cups. So I didn't put nobody on. I at least tried to put them on, but one thing for certain I didn't take, not one percent from know who ever work with me, never tab, and I don't give a fuk how many crip you say you going to see me in real life before I was just in the gym and I'm headed to Mayweather, and I'm enough. Your mother on everybody just started fact that you will do anything to sell the movie Dr Grant nights ago lawyer. I thought about this. Why would you do about? Would I note a plastic up boy? they walked in a room lamp. Lastly, cups. Yes, I will away. I don't think I know naive name. I know Wayne wangle Harry was yet it does
for the commission, a cup and ass. The man now YO proven care whether I bet that doesn't have it well. I know I know I know the one that should now, I guess wow Normally we made romantically mobs may collapse. Magic is well for me is that we needed to give some bodies and tickets to go to calves. Jersey show is big. Army took his name. You spank appreciate I right now. Jaska goes on to talk about kind yea West end here is my cab. Williams has to say about Congo, wealth and again in Karachi and another that I spoke about. The summit all expensive as dirty You gotta say nothing.
Can you was verses, TAT, William? The battle of zero aware is: who has more of a lack of awareness, gone you with the cowards county. Earlier you mean Canyon, the absolutely I think on it. Legs. They people are created. It does not awaiting making zero since a visa waiver, talking. They make it can either maybe no makes of incorrect statements about himself. But that's you know you're supposed now you're alive, I'm yea talks about balancing the bear. The men in the library was enjoys. Those are bigger statements that are now no awareness Both of them have equal noses their awareness, and can you got dope sneakers drop included? enemies. I have. I have any idea and when they buy a veto, would you Ok, ok! I see it and I want to see more wars in a big way as we do for you know, I got a bad day right guys, roundly educating and that's U I room a reporter. I would go get this guy named.
All right now with a tablet using levels. Joys mixes up. Let's, let me know what you eight hundred five five and eighty five one thousand and fifty one right now and revolt is now here. It is we are unaware. Revolt is at a revolt. Just above we do, though, everything remote had another show cards, they did a culture out by Joe Biden. Remember our minds on their Scotty being ADI tanks. Mom affordable, an arm about you can afford to have themselves, nor so you know they gotta shut down for a few weeks it at that there will be of you want all the content and the club, as stated Golgi very minor. Whole gonna take a break. Raising the owner weak neighbour, elaborate a week off my good right. Well, the people's choice mixes up next, you requested, is to breakfast locomotive
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