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Classic Interview: Vic Mensa/ Chris Rock/ 50 Cent


Friday 12/22- Today on the show we flashed back to when Vic Mensa stopped by and spoke about Jay-Z, street violence and more. We also played back the time legendary comedian Chris Rock stopped by and spoke about his stand up and resolved the beef between him and Dj Envy. Moreover, we also flashed back to the time the king of petty, 50 Cent stopped by, and spoke about his show "Power" and more. 

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Order of business for rural areas and other cities. The captain, you re, the only one who can remain a guy was reviewed,
go away, go mad or black. We want to hear from you allow this child from Ohio one it was the jail. Regular features solemnly need you guys. Do me a favor and bid her a copy of a lion and analyzing the lying all your life, I apologise, but on my wooden leading inhabitants is pretty bad. Maybe I don't even think map here and sixteen the linking the great movie. So what am I need? You guys were. Probably progress made and watch.
Compare tankers, you have pursued alive. You have to see it like. You have is actually like the story of black people in America. You really pay attention to what you, because you to play you to play. You could see the play even comply refer yesterday to comment on the topic of May, thereby to our two new the lie to me, but I don't get it for three hundred eighty. Why did you see pie to thrash out to us like belly? Part? Do not disappoint us poor wanted, and I see the play of the kids Europe like allows. Is your lawyer and new job elbow Rob himself a little less than two weeks ago she was a video of body. Night came back out. The yunkers is like four in the morning.
We got the life. I woke up to some other thing. You know my window was due to be held up by your ambiguity. Time only call the cops Gobi were waiting for the competent their costs pulled up, always stole me. All her daughter and get out of the car came out. I need to listen. I need you to pull it out there. Would it do it I'll know? You ve got to tell me by Gary's, where required today we just he's not going to meet our drug rain ass. A definite can immediately on holidays are clear moment when a man looks like a crying to be leaving. I beg you, Brad Ticketing declared to be drunk. You come on, I'm just asking nothing's fellows is
Taylor firms order? Very clearly, you know features Mamma! I don't want anybody, tell anybody who going through some right now, because I'm going through I'll just hang in there, I removed Irving. Ok when you wake up every morning thing guide for another day time gauge of by new, hey America, gonna be right now, not so good at all. It's entrepreneur! Last always Latvia positive at its absolutely! I you know I had I been dubbed friends, but finally, I woke up- and, unlike you know why I do keep doing the right thing to do right. Baby, we're gonna come to me than that of the french and the bursting of the world's most. U turn and whether you agree or depressed and not exactly an you guys. I was really guide every morning on my way to where you guys come here. Every morning I love you guys shaking her them talking. You know too. Well, we love you too. We let those great inspiration, a word you gave us this morning, but have a great moment, futures eight or Jude Froggy, five, one o five one. If you absurdity dvd to sub now, was to preface locomotive breakfast,
go away go mad or black. We want to hear from you allow this yielded remark of Morocco body go again is right. Margie as I get anyone know where I was going through a matter mob.
Because I was when I get out of the blue card is regrettable, but you know what I'm no masqueraded eight Beth. Let me check it out that, where the path we have a strap porters, we get so I dont check it out Emma Credit Shop, much credit balance when it is time about our own party. No, you two points. I gave you for full for our wishes, ironic, as he told ya, get traded up more full of warfare. Exactly like that. What's on your reply, it s so bad guys do allow alone. There are forty brutal somebody in firms are not paying your bill that not even that is therefore so I'm to throttle report. So I don't want your money it out on this very happy. When are you gonna rashly form at the age of twenty five and eight now things are becoming more important carbon out that matter, but that way, so by now that type of Credits- Gandhi adding now I gotta hear I gotta get together for absolute all about less about the work that we have a good God. Why did you or you gotta? Why aren't you gonna get him? A few critical right now has a durable, as did the right is not her visas, not HIV mean it. You know, use notes took forward, you teach you are these people are familiar. I know you didn't you. Did you didn't you didn't you can clean as one up snob deprive bad have been better to talk about what they say and if you need help, I gotTa Percival using words very, very well. Ok, Genie Kelly is an aim. She will help you out. Believe me, you lose your friend, Sir Jean each Ellie. I use budgeting g.
Kelly K, e our slogan, declivity, you call a creative culture bathroom. Somebody like you can grow up every letter. Yes, a rubber homology was new and a wider and consistent manner. You ain't a consistent like you used to be working well all of its vague about bill. Why have you baby I'll know? Don't let that be the solemn manner the blood nodded? I have a great hair lobby that I know what is the first time you have a kind of hearing. You have LULU correct window open for babies, Rio, where this issue is absolutely correctly. This with you- and I witnessed more ado ever knowing occupied already on purpose, because I don't have a body might look like Robocop only takes in Moscow, get off your chest. Eight hundred five, eight five little fire, one of your upset all you need to date
all is right now or maybe you feel Bless bowlines wide open to breakfast locomotive The breakfast more everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club we special guess in a building a sign to rob, Masion J Z, The EPA of this album these from Chicago. Ladies and gentlemen, Big Mensa rigmarole, nosegay of show backing for relations an album. Thank you. I can now. If you have now, let me down yet man Thou lifted autobiography this mornin. Very though. Thank you. I really really really good. Thank you, man. That's a juicy called you a once in a lifetime or that's a lot of pressure. How did you take that? Were you not urban Studier Hove SAM, I been studying nonsense that entire yea far before I ever met these people so to have that their support and validation from of from Hove is like is really is
I ran to me, but it, I feel so much like pressure, because as the cloth of of music, that I was always intending to be a part of Nikita the. How did you get so closely? J C Whitey Peters product always just been somebody. There has Made to grow as men and that's one of those relationships where I feel like a new him before I met him just because I'm so that was again and thus, as will thus were rapid. A few at its at his best is like you may really know a person even no part in Biggie past. I feel as if in a certain way, certain I notice men and ass the same way there a new home before meeting him. He's really that person that he is on record and I know I learned a lot from him. Growin up just
bout, the world. You know I didn't. I didn't know that you were six years old and for his great until he said he got most things as the first great give out. I never occurred to me so they know working with them. The ease in in his wisdom. Ages. Man, man and not just through lyrics, has the same way as learned things from him. Musically he told you to pull a buyer. I said you you just some rapporteur de which after all, they would hang Tang Instrumental lag and told you to portable near told me that what should do more, I work out in your favor if you know that, if you know your heart is now right, the universe only works one way and Otto when to change my larry. You know. I don't think of, changed lyric that any. But he told me to size stop it in that wages, because I think about that
I say in our SAM or less amino, and once he put day gay in my ear, though economy made me start thinking and and gave me perspective too. Anything that I was doing now bring down another young black men, regardless of music, whether light the music or I agree with it culturally, the end of the day. There are so many people that want to keep people. Us out of the room and They don't they don't want us to have a platform. They don't want us to have a road the success that all one to begin money, and I don't want to be one of those people holding back or you know. Strict in another young black men access to, His dreams, because. Why would I you know? I was that you didn't like his music it, but you have no personal issue.
I had no personal issue and an I had to I d, come to a place where I could. Just be put in strictly pie, that of energy into the world. Regardless of what I think about the music as I could be a hater about music, one hundred percent. Always wondered. Why do why have big even thought he shouted Nigel, rounded Illuminati, even though that may be taken about it. I was like. Isn't that right, you know, does mouths at Illuminati. That's the only reason I wrote that the line J J told you to take the line by yadda, yadda, yadda yadda, do say: hey you wrote Tickle Pirogue super does a personal. No, I just didn't. I just didn't do it. You know I tried, and I thought about it and I was like a child, Think of something I could replace We're in I was
into a saw him up and, unlike you know, thank you man by an ominous. Stick with this lie. And then he gave me just a dab dab The information it made me think an end Coach k is my man. You now go back with coach planned postchaise. Somebody does so me love early really occur to me. I think that its ease, two to maybe disillusioned, in your own bubble and like Senor ideas off of people that are in your circling can agree with you with and and forget the way they other people may be acted by your actions, and so when I spoke to coach K and I'm now you know- I wanna be a holiday. Came back or tron. It's gotta take food of his play. Thus my man, also don't wanna be the guy trotted. Take food another young brothers play right now plays Gary. They use
There was very vivid anaconda- reminds me of a story to tell by begging. You had your own story to tell, and I was home again or else interest. I was always actively as Barbara story did. Sir candidate was thereby, even though is a whole different story, but basically you know I was gonna bring is that you were cheating I guess I, your girl, in your girl Is it a door and you opened the door and better n, and then I how broke loose? the air was that there was a situation that went down in a major way and honestly I will come from like often times come from a pretty hard. Place myself, and I was and people around me, people, people, people, hurt people, hurt people, and thus something that created, lotta alot of static, allowed a drama in my life and are not a guy,
also a really depict the situation on our cover, which you see me like in the middle of a trashed apartment with, as he was born, is still there stove came out. The war is right in rats and are going to be able to help you I was I was but if you can't look a little bit closer like the kid, table is flipped in air and is like can glass on the ground, and I wanted to make it clear they all these papers on the side and everything that I was crumpled up in an riding. It was kind of life. I was I was sitting in the middle of his chaos and in writing about it cause, even when a situation happened, we're home record she saw a moment at which I realize that have to get on this flight. It was that I that I had scheduled cuz. I was supposed to go to New York and do like some tv show with ASAP rocky and some, and I didn't really want to do it and
have they get on his flight, and I was so excited kind of like to write a song about what was going on. So it's a moment as I was you just put this, though about the war in Vietnam, like up like a like, like tick catching a breathing alike. We got bolshevik myths. When we come back to breakfast locomotive, breakfast everybody's dj, envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast club. We have VIC Mensa the building now figment. This answer, rock nation he's from Chicago, is no product out. There's dope lush following you really use your music activism man enough as though we have not a popular thing to do, but but why do you To do that, I guess I kind of low now that you said you felt like you. I know which was supposed to do with me. I feel like that, we were down a path of self destruction like as a key
Also, very often because we're not, as people have knowledge is self. I remember win, win. I've read something most Deaf said the hip hop is gone. Like where we are as people and you look it somebody The transit have pop images, be a kind of empty and you know, there's a lot of self medication going on and were not given to the bottom of it is just reflect and where we are the people, because we ve come in certain ways, love like sense of purpose and a knowledge of self, No one who you are is is so important to know where you want to go and where you can go Fatima whole book is about now word you own a drag dj academics around Chicago anymore, I don't want to drag desire. Them is around cargo. I'd think tat. What he's
Can the council prominence for is, is phony, he's a phoney and is now? even a dj by but is about really. You know these is that my mess? You know that My mission, so, like you know his joy, these ay academics- I don't really there. He has a place in the car. Surpass began a parasite, but I'm not waken up thinking about him. I don't give about em and I want I wanted to salute you too man cuz a lot of things you do in the community. You don't promote like when everything was going on with the Dakota Access pipeline. You was out there, I never. Post about it. I never said so you think about, but I have people on the ground. There was like your VIC Mensa's out here and I'm like really awesome, as if I like, a responsibility to in whatever ways I can lend a hand to the struggle of as people in the native american people,
the most oppressed group, animal, end of Finally, one of the most oppressed groups in a whirl and when I got down to stand Iraq, I'm see as so many parallels between the black american experience and a native american experience, and I'm seeing also so many you five mm, movements between our cultures. In a lot of people that are met down, there were makes two black and now and had never really occurred to me kind of before. That's how alike? we were and how a light a fire was, but a sudden go down there or the Flemish again go to bed and rules, because I wanted people now, about it. You know, because I was I mean no, bout me. I wanted people to know about the situations and to to, visibility and, like I said, lend a hand in any way that our care, but it would
be disingenuity. If The one knows things for like little photo up like a press release. You know me at the head of the Kurds. Teach you now in Chicago, I'm sure everybody knows you, and I know you had some situations- yarn probation now right that how how do you feel it because now, how did they teach you now that you're a celebrities cargo? Ah? Well, you know, Cubs, don't treat me that great endeavour the way I got angry because, yes, you know I was Doin Lollapalooza last summer I had a Sancho succeeds shots and it was in a real, very cool about police brutality in kind of like puts him back in five, back against it, and there were cops there were at Lollapalooza. There were tell him bull like dogs a vague MRS set boycott vagueness, a set of head issues, try To fill
videos in a city and get Parma since the city by the end of the day a more so focused on the system, then am focused on. Individual police officer, because I hate a system that allows these crooked cops to kill and nobody gets convict you James me. You It's me not one of these police officers has committed a crime. You can't tell me not. One of these situations has been a homicide, a farce, degree, homicide first degree, murder. When you shoot a kid sixteen times and we watch you unload the clip come over and kick him at once. His finish that that's not me, slaughter homicide. Man is the murdered man and end and their not being held accountable for what they are doing so that
that's what I don't respect. This is like it's a system of validation and the code blue in the wall of Blue, whatever they call it where they got to protect their own. You know before before. If you went outside but that's what I have a problem with dismay. My fine, where's. The man you mention God you cool women, ok man you'll have to one hundred percent and if, if you have a brother if you ve ever had a brother. You know brothers, fight man like that happens, and, ah you know especially growin up and everybody is there to watch it. You know what came up together from forty years, oh em, you no record and some of our first records and wraps ever and pass rap Ah you know navigating the city of cargo and and and come in. Our own as men in in a major way.
Because I do not posted next to each other. Runways knows, labelling is Rihanna any needed. The city need a city need us to be unified in this as the place that are met and black people need your be unified. Well, maybe auto can create changed again. Say I feel like so soon socially cars is like cautious rat, but whatever is like has grown. Once a b something dislike. You know a label does not always positive, but I think that this something something that we both Conor, that we both kind of owned both of us separately. As specifically have you noticed belike this year. We class Zena have lie where awake. We not sleep sleep. It made a call. Sleep, a man, as is Do you see the welcome you asleep right and woke woke? so we gotta be unified.
They are. We appreciate movement and whenever you mad at any rate young rather than you like, rapid, so wag, and if I did so wagon, these kids don't know something turn off from figments Diego agony. Now, that's right is the brown face streets now begging for joining us stay. You asked for have reckless locomotor everybody's J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club we special. You guess Annabel Lovin Legends, thereby cries raw. Go tomorrow, and I do not know MR rack sharply reviewing you gotta yadda, yadda hot. Alright, I'm doin! Ok, now you know a real good. God is good governance, good yeah, good publishing, good words. A good sentences grab a book about LEO Time, Othello. Well,
drug is doubly, I will keep track of stuff like crazy. I've, gotta, Lotta Toto Black, add to our right now without a huge deal before we get to that now everyone here last: yes, you only was value based on actually sharply stuck around the Africa that came to light rich people problem. Would each other envy kids play basketball, they played against each other and envy was the coach of his daughters. Basque motives are a common to put it right, so he I want it. Is these ally's ya, Shack, kids badly out like this kid, like sixty points that they kill us, us and is like many left in a game and normally compare Should it individuals take the good kid out now he keeps a good kid, no reason for not having really and asthma nicely attitude at, and so we played on the day before right and the kids. What have decreased
I can ask no, no, no! No! No! This is the day yeah yeah, that's. Why would I do that? Having acted again using alternative before you now, I'm gonna drive that it gave. No, I did not give anybody, know autograph alternative bag, an uncharted affair we gotta get. The next will know what you know we blew about, but that has nothing to do with their young ladys on a team that points Michel. No, it was like you. I met you around. Maybe I was wrong literally because, while I forty four now raced back on your behalf, you could it gave the little girl autograph. You know what they deserve to feel bad, that life left his father besides the John DOE, no reason, given you be a petty, followed, every learning lessons Legion poured over a neighborhood
not lately. Let us stop taking pictures as you perhaps I ran out of fell, knowing that I felt that it was what I ran out of film are higher and no copyrighted, although you, I don't know man and is now I got change causing native state is like given me, I'm the one not pull me one time egos. Do you live around here? I'm like do you live around here? no no cop cannot go on like this, pulled, a lonely, all I'd like all the time, I've had a weird is raises no is an air first to hang you from your mirror, deploy all their, not being as you say, you call the cops on people the time. Well, They go to sell Coke Charlemagne in that way they will be. Guided neighbourhood then asked him if he so called Sunday. That's how you live in a nice neighborhood. What would he often he would equally, although what is that without will adenoids? Why don't? We should agree that whole came the set up. The China get you
you run a good but has not yet been April traded. What are these? What are these people worry about? Every out, better, contributed blip, build given notice tonight is emerging or another book hypocritically blacken the type of my good. Now nine years since your last to a lad of material leg. Crazy amendments here had sometimes in things happened. You say is known for This would be great from my stand up just Sometimes it happens, I mean you know you don't want the world explode. I went down and try to be present just to help out my butt stuff. With lapses lots of closed up app and I get them all speed up later. Latin nonsense.
The timing go back out leg. I needed some money, man, alimony rehab. People talk to you like you, a funny, that's what is tat my gun. Some I give you that look. Let me get out here, the anything off limit that you will not touch it. And off limits will not touch. Is I mean if it's funny, let us do it. Do you know but also give a lot of encouragement. Chapelle rang and care ha nerve. As I come from a small miracle bombing of folk. What do you mean? You said you would talk you legitimate formula, but as well this book right now, I'm right and good God. Stop it. You see the difference of people, the respect your getting absolutely as they were. If anyone can, we put some spectre like like Charlemagne, smart and unlike yes, what was that
right now you're like weight and that they will lying the whole time. Did you do to weed out a light would have allowed us to put our hope. They laugh and I will take it up I monopoly, and it is something really to that leg. Wholesalers, for real could sometimes people could make it. Sometimes. Sometimes you gave a comedy show in any A comedy shows like pep rally, yeah you don't you think you had a car, but I found it all now. Oh yeah man recently, alas, no no, not reason. I mean on a come up of course, Manomet. Please guys. I had to work with my Lord said, Rob and Harris said at a table. Does it I really like you try to fight. Said the annotated in Oakland. You know he gonna Ard suit. Ordinary byles got on purple suits when you come out, nor your New York blacking get out. No big deal
I don't think it will affect lab nowadays lives about a boot. That's just butler reason. One day will test your table deadly tat. I ve been telling jokes, though, isn't that what happened? He just came out there in the special whose aim is to eight minutes allotted cigarette around our Dave gets into the offended by his other. Now was laughing, but sometimes I jokes, I laugh If I may, I should I have left, and that is that route is already yoga border. You know, I think, to my knowledge browser both community in the world. You say that what is Thy Ya'Ll reconnect, just kind of eggs easy enough, they knew better wrapper- is now right there with Asia and you say so unable for me, I don't I've, never been real cross rock show in the absence of actual alike, for the reasons I suppose like either observe
Where would you like a cultural observer? If not you, you're telling jokes to meet broker want one shut when social capital, We shall not enough we have enough the expectation, maybe now these data colonies show but, like I do not think of my time in one guy goes like one man special like Rachel that also Mono reviewed executive, reduce it. We got all increase rap when we come back, we'll talk about his jaw and his favorite movie role, don't hold to breakfast locomotive breakfast thing: everybody's J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have Chris Rock building Charlemagne who is preserved. Peat and against nowadays campaign against richer, pry, wheeled tryin, to get to vat. That's number one, but you know
Dave. Allow burden Hannah Ball in all this cats out there So how are you busy alley? One asian girl go it's this out there, you know. Because what I don't wanna be like some old boxer. That's sad high from ring sat still be, I'm stone a ring. So are you not in all be out there with the big can caverns killing I love all the, but none of them have a classic standards up. You a classic. Thank you, Sir but I think I twice this year by. You still use it all the time on a show when we talk about different things, unlike let's get their clip from bring the paying, will you re all right all right now, when we talk about alimony, we use our special. I wonder why you came up to touch me Tuesday, Wednesday, to bring the prey in Burma. For me,
at the time touch me, she was out of his heart. You gotta get the girls gonna get a job again, no right that toys ladylike who's. This case came MEL. Mary would case that unity, with whose case very fancy even random case, performed in Brooklyn and want a name total blogger tunnel, Roma. Jolly doing here, you know, the black lives matter, movement just allow just felt right, I mean just felt right again:
you, don't mean that everything is up. It's a black tat, God he's a real there like every mainly the real debt. I got a lot of people say: fathers, they don't take decades. It gave the order because the practice you have heard argument the photo editing right at every day. What is not like a traveling rallies overdrive or want to weaken our early stereotype emergency. That was that not just was Bessie what people in entertainment, industry that people are very baby and not around his actually yeah always say you know what if I die when I die at my feet, You talk about my jokes. I have failed as a father S. Well, look at You don't like your life. What he said about my life. What kind of person I went to burning to Bernie MAC Funeral like Carmody, was like a very small part in it. Was a toilet this guy's husbands, gal of all the disguise a friend
in our hope I wrapped up plan or Danny Tabs, but by the way I've talked like three committees in the past couple within all of them have said the exact same thing: they're talking you like. I'd die. I want you to know my. What are you talking about? Why they? Why so many community deaf, please we all little well, who even talkative authority, Donno, Rockland showdown Coveney, go you don't want to be met if I die, may really. Let us also to Chile, Murphy, just child in my region. Path to many people know he was sick. I dunno you said. I see metabolic ermine. I join Murphy just pass with blue men in all Estonia passed away trousseau new ago, we have used our fathers die and, if need be, early. These it's gotta, be taken about it. A little bit remain the main change. Medicines better! brings, don't kill. You like. I used the worst thing about a black sooner or later
ended a funeral. They serve the food that killed the person. You realize you dead, you stop. Everybody needs Chris. You know what cut out. Grew it you Norman Tyler was in ozone is like he's in high school. Will be employed, so it always time. There is little weird shows too. We will. I got a weird networks, all people I know about the show, while it was on the re run, yeah wanted more guidance and occasions I yeah. Oh, this is amazing. I will ya wooden Michel was on a great it's a lot of pain. I went through just reimburse the school in Euro bullying and all that crap. You know we know you from the comedy special, smaller tv shows by latin accuse? No, you, financial, oh yeah, straight up there
We probably a lot of kids, know me from whereby hates Chris and Marty, the zebra from Madagascar athlete Sly Yonah crack are lacking, What is going to be used to go into the body boogie it all popular? these alleged Matlock lucky. I was to be poky it I mean, like I'm pretty bad. Did you have a lot of rhetoric as I had cats? about the Torah right I Edna Clodagh spoke crack in oh car, you have you haven't like you, do, The momentum we argued and Plato is essential points in that vote. Yes, MA. Look back at all that, like unctuous I'm alive, he's thousands Jack City as a boomerang like like classic the early therefore, like I want to play a graph is aiming for, like I want to do. I locked up man we don't even know who's gonna, be when it was. I not may remember, like wind,
like two weeks or hersel without Wesley we had our first table Red Westley shows up when love. Start arenas lines will I owe this is move. He's gonna be around for ever iranian life. While you knew you in the presence of greatness right. So as he started so you heard Nino Brows voice, you lie, ok saw this. Is it forever? even the term see before it had lived forever is always argue, predicted. Wait. Arap game was going like everybody routine. If nobody would preclude gangs of about fifteen or twenty years, yeah man who knows when I get offers to to receive a tour as a group. Yeah yeah, jolly and moving individualism. First yeah desk Charlie's first movie We had auditions and for gusto, like a dust day right so child
gets out his call, you got two henchmen wouldn't miss slide gusto. He got this the shades he has on in the movies he had on at the audition and he does his audition, as apart will useful to pull out a gun everybody. Else's pulls up your fingers and it makes a thank God, Charlie, He pulls out, like Glock, nine or longer like a real government. Well, I guess you got the boy you gave him, no tell him. No at all party was historic. Did you not already brother when he was a new, but it'll stop that don't always work in your favour, a man is not. You know and what a weird expectation though, but wipe it out. We like ok, cause you don't want, like a junior version, Eddie Murphy in the movie he's like he's euro, He was just Charlie Murphy
it all he had as it was his own distinct thing that no body sounded like Jolly her avenue. More workers rights come up. No move is to breakfast locomotive. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club. We have Chris in the building. Shall I wasn't full exchanged a game as far as movies and stand up a man. Honestly. Netflix probably got me doing this more than body and is not just like that: their PAMELA anything that two Don't I max player now, could you sit in want you can? If you want to really be a student atomic, you gonna sit there. I sit down sometimes a watch liked. What special me like you know like the vote, the first twenty minutes Ten specials in the afternoons I always gets to its own is Jim Jim.
Freeze cared about otherwise I'll. Never wives, like country, guys this woman and a light up. I found out about Amy Humor, and this would like people lagging hip. Lou that I would never get him to. She got his got onto an He S. Actually, tweeted that I don't understand is a mission within a I'm that block we tried blocks? What does it sort of black outcome to kneel? Doesn't till the similar eminent, only art, it's all over the country, and I think it is right now to him ass. It occurred to him ass, a doktor Barkley. Four lied, garden, verve yards. It's gone down and I'm gonna, probably film special in Brooklyn software. You said anything golden Comedy now, with the easiest group defend and twenty seventy
you gotta, be careful? What should transgender, you gotta admit, a word that one right I take that long spell check. My friend a good deal with that on his really good job about up. I made, I thought, what he did was like. Maybe Whenever I try to see I'm worried about love without law. He human eyes, not that any bilateral human, but I've got a thing. You should be able this because he didn't like the purser than the joke, doesn't mean he didn't like the person because of their sexual preference, light that's what I'm trying to settle it I'll go in a lot of times. We Why people do this to it's? Like
You deal with a minority and put him on a pedestal and ass. I made that that's almost races to say it's nice debt to put somebody just in a normal situation and ass. We do dead and especially well sure, like Lucy K, tiptoes around I kind of like he goes right, for it does not care now goes right at it yeah. So I don't like you Why do we care- or no, I don't know Why we get more trouble they I'm still. Black thing, like regret, is that it we get more trouble, that's life. You don't get boycotted in new rapid too? Not only that re trial Alimony. Moves exactly that. Yes, we got a special coming back. My doing great company and more foreign order. The biggest like more work. Tat is. It's fun. I'm not la I know? I know anger, there is a lot we all
we all that built. We all got. Someone like you, didn't bring the pain of you make him. Fifty million issues have no big deal. You still got. If I'm fine, I'm fine, but now what are you gonna? Do? I will pick up another general terms. I go to the bathroom pray for Charlemagne with both his cave. You don't you worry about eliminating the shows to doing even keep Franco was going on on him at the little yard. He is out. Oh yeah, you are worth the morass. Gino can't Kara donkey scale. Still, though I gotta yoga really happen unless open image as Sultanate baby, you know what they are doing. A ward show that I thought I had one recross joke
I didn't realize to watch it later that I had four lie. Rigorous, I think, is a first guy ever like apologize to us. I felt I rose to get to serious, though man, man, blog and put the weird thing. I love Ross I love Ross? It was a couple of times I was like I want to go to this show at that shows like a better, not go. I got beef with Ross all of you have their media, while you're going to grant my gap must be worked. It ain't even the guy. Instead, gas. Around the guy. I'm waiting with this. The eight guys around the guy that want to impress the guy it means I don't need that only we love what my kids both do tat so attacks Ross as I EVA whatever Ben are. You know it actually upon them. I'm gonna say I'm a bee alma be met a man enough to apologize, joke
If you need anything, let me know because everybody needs jokes. Yes, the matter like couple use cool night. Couple months later you hit me, and I want my studio, and I was scared, because member good fellows had it been said, I would I Tol Joe Patchy was made. Man is not a matter of the studio. Do is stop us, I ll go down, but not always with a couple of jobs, as that is cultural, I'll rip losses. Phenomenal by getting the best rabble alive, day, how to put it out of its role posse deep, but you keep up with anything Those album is much better than it has a right to be,
if I may lying like Erasmus Mundus problem, but do you can listen to wrap? You think when you first hear me going. Ok, use good I'm sure, arrested. His blah blah blah out, like a scam back, is ought at three for love, like is for real, the kitten album is on some equipment. I like level. Now, let's go, I'm identical. Are you busy right now you do book to whatever they called down. I want you to really listen to this record allocated can begin to get the line and notes and dislike really like their bala. Would he say- and you guys ok ass. He was God audio TOP five today, yeah tough, I'm all I'm not sure, but then we have advocated the house itself guarded Chile go all you. Gotta say regret this
First, what we all do, tat fives without j- Ok is almost always the time and big and park but tat fire by today. The new ideas, not of our time new orders are love Kendrick. I love a sat rocky ass, a rock use, most underrated taken for granted. Guy out there my love, but to day a two day. A man I take It- wait. Wait, wait a minute presses for another, unlike ok was with the follow up to this way this, but without, like everybody, would allow Bigshot campaigning yes answered. I like big, shown a lot of action more favourable moment really Mitchell. Take hall. That would Jake Whole, probably at the top of the of the current wrapper lives in. Oh, are you Jake Fan the allies?
rapport alike zero. Two hundred drake can everything, runs out of a hundred Drake is I really don't matter of don't don't challenge them at all. You know that other drake that round away girl cutter mellow coup, jade, now gloved break it up. So my daughter go guy, you gotta be back into the new music. Do you like single now the yacht club lay hands on me? I'm single includes rally in a cloud of the single currency as a bunch of red snake is ready to take it. As read that good governance of the kids aware read the real world, you don't mess. Thirdly, the fugitive ginsu tickets and we appreciate you put you in there
very survived Charlemagne Commoter. We re respected at all, we ve got back is a legit depends made babies alleged. What are you gonna give me no time, maybe with all the fight with me. No job right is a practical lab is grossly breakfast. Listen man. Charlemagne got here, I'm on vacation until two thousand and eighteen. I don't give a damn, which I think about that because I deserve it now. Debate clubs in eighty plus markets in a hundred fifty country, so we have a lot of new listings and probably don't even know who Charlemagne the God is so use my time off to catch up on some of my password, okay, okay,
if you know here, I do a segment everyday goddamn gated they donkey as in Jack Ass, and that's what I get someone to credit they deserve being stupid. So if you never heard of it, this is new to you, but if you are regular, listen at innocent only but goody, because it's the best of the donkey of today dog you today goes to Nicky Menage, look up abbot, Abbot Tellin YA morning: will we not go? Do it? Let anything distract us from the fact that making a nod got body? Nobody either instrumental guy what another one and has yet to respond now. Do I like another one Second, is not really it's. Ok, it's really regular in comparison. The sheet though, but if I don't compared the sheet, the it's cool would have the second the Mickey we said the exact same thing. Maria said at the beginning of the another one record after her jacket, Mariah, beginning saying this will not another one. Why wisely and afforded law the powers they do not go past a mark. You aim foreign victory, she
There was a headshot another one is just put a a bullet in a dead body. Another one was unnecessary. Anyone anywhere close the sheet the level, so it wasn't any your point in drop in it, and I understand all the criticism another one is receiving online. That was true. As was trend and but have fallen Ok, I will not let another one described me from the fact that a roomy, my body, Nicky Menage, over the Shiva Instrumental got hit, would another one and has yet to respond. Seated thing is wrappers rap. In making Managua RAP where you can post all the picture you worn on both with future at videos. Were Monica. Well, let's not forget what got you in north positions in the first place, rap music? Ok, you can pose all a picture.
Front row at fashion showed in Paris at parties would join done, fine ass, but please never forget that you are in that position, because you are a wrapper and being that we know you are rapidly. We will not let any of those pictures. You posing distract us from the fact that Remy, my body you over to see instrumental hit. You would another one, and you have yet to respond, is the first time we say Nicky monotonous in academy, Jimmy was embodied. She replied the king with a few bod, but this is the first time we ve seen some one real Charlie's Nicky Action say now. You can't sit on that thrown anymore. No, you can have their crown Remy MA said she's the queen of ramp. Ok, not the queen a wreck, sales, not the queen, Instagram, not the queen, a twitter. She sat on the queen or wraps only give you really the rabbit. You claim to be it's just a writer, passage in his game. You gotta show You can get busy and his ass, a nine reasoning that Mickey doesn't have to reply because another one is in his dopey sheep? The way the logic in net Kay roomy hit Mickey, which she
and has hit her again would another one in Nicky still has yet to reply. If you think she shouldn't reply because another one is in his though be cheaper and you just looking for an outright Mickey period and that's not the way to wrap thing works. Ok, Nicki Minaj is running the risk of being the first wrapper from queens that I can remember envy correct me. If I'm wrong you from queen she's running the risk to beat a first, from queens that back down from a rat battle rattled we want to lose, have been involved in somewhat almost epigram battles and hip hop history, making menage view no reply, you let him see shared out you let not down you. Let brought you from my deep down you, let fifty sit down you, let alone cool J down you let jar who doubt say what you want about Jack, even though fifty mg, you know all over him money never stop. Fighting a above Mickey got here twice and Yet the clap bag period, that's not the queen's wake.
Can you don't want to go down in history as the loan wrapper from queens who got challenged and wrap? Indeed, nothing right. Please don't take that you are above replying. The Remi mom is Nicki Minaj. I know that you like to compare yourself to Jay Z put out an album, called the pink print, for the play on J. These the blueprint. Do you know what almost region on the blueprint to take over a daisy due to Nothin mob hold never thought he was too big to clap in people who was given him. So why do you like the? U beyond the is a model as well, and you think of yourself. Nobody ever comes it beyond, say if rallies in Secondly, for the game, it beyond they and look out at turned out for her willingness to two things: Remy Mine, Jerry holding an you not be answered Maybe this is your way thing. You know what onawandah Rob anymore. I like this pop world. Songs, Marianna grinding for the rest of my life and call it a day or two you gotta go see ever Bob and go to bed. Ross quickly. You wanna be beyond visa. Your next that can be called pink lemonade. Ok,
talking about how much did you wrong that the planning that event taxing dj than radio personalities, complaining, okay, we don't have to pick sides family, no said if we say Remy bided. You want she'd, though, because she d a death in fact making it you feelings and getting studio. You are rabble. A really dope rabble between New York and dont. Rapid from Queens New York, known, ignore rap challenges. Allow coup J gave it the cannabis when Ella was a superstar ready and JANET within even have an Almah general was mouldy platinum. When fifty cent was on a mixed, a circuit and he had no problem engaging with fifty, so you can't stand on the, U Star Darling, normally. Might if not, what coaches about artists eaten a party and forget will get them in depth in the first place. Ok, everything you I'd because a rap music without rap music, you don't get the opportunity the even make pop music without rap music. You know ass for movies. Tv shows and wanted to pure essences. A rap music is the bell. He was acting like
ready for wanted, even though the ruler reckon remedies, I'm ok, you I can let you wanted. We want good memory, glow record remedies, but some praise. If tell Hendricks Jude S party no clear felling did play, they can t you can t wake and then say it to breathe, clean kid murky. All I'm saying is if these bridges, the use of funds programming, this my son until you do I'm not going to let nothing distract me from the fact that Remy MA bodies you over to hits you would
another one and you have yet to respond- please give new human, not the pages he ha. The breakfast Jerry envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne ago. We are breakfast club, Spress about a cane, and we are very good, is good to be here now. Listen to your religiously may, every morning dying away. I get up among waited a gem is was via so damn elicited radio those arrested a day, a mom that's a good flattering was a good deal of ITALY had released the other. There is not a single valise butter. I guess a show release the oven, and this is the first time I ever been to a white club in New York. They turn black. We have never been gotta. Do it now monitor using all of us in ok? We will never let us back in security. Came up to me. Twenty thousand. What can you please help people start smoking we? How did you get that?
you know I was Charlie's. Little Bernard tradition is based the great the body of I'm I'm like they have shown me like some lounge loud you spot right now. This is the better spot for us to go in, and you know it because of of Closing yoga was provided almost always talent. Yeah? its executive. Did it because they look like They gave me the whole gossip is the change to the perception of the network buried the table. I myself, it all started two days allows the saving content was that there was an acceptable bar late night, you know I'll let those things slouch because just ass a fine, They ve been more and more. The kind of community energy juicy online.
When people have the freedom to actually be funny thing, be persisted the senses, isn't there something you wanted to do for a while them, because you been doing your own comedy sketches since privilege not made fun of competition than in our culture that, like I go, they allow more advanced than it because they ve been they hold in honour and been doin it all the time. The cat I got, I've done it at spots, poison. The interests is there because of it in comedies I got a hidden space and then was somebody like activities I Tiffany had. It would have to have was he was he snapped she'll be season because they didn't see her for a long time. She was that good. Then you should be able to do a lot like to put all our lives in that it out you doin it. You work in a short time and everything be way as you do. She would form a secure.
But I see the comic so as to what to do. Especially. I suppose I shall use girls, girls driven number movie, yet a big fish troncist massive man you besides. If a lot of love, Adam and everything is coming next, he said your guys, don't worry about. What are you gonna tell em anything you want for two years. I will go with you. I love you. I love, you know what I'm doing only life you did the compromise my jumping to them.
Tv now at this stage. I think we all agree the visibility and if there is looking gone, there is just open and things are opening up. So what's above party is concerned, are able to do to shows or crackle they just finishing the production, our on of is currently dominant or we go crazy idea. Whether then the start nowhere, but real over there haven't. You thought the White Man Otto. Where do you go about their value? Added? Do that, though, because it was like you know You can see the priority like than their waste. You see those things like or Yosemite Only a few days inside the different publication, on August generation like out they'll put this with as a priority for the network, and you have seen that, but you ve seen huge success. None
nobody is growing at a pace that their absolutely happy. If I start, but stars is so it doesn't is not recognized as somebody who can actually be a leading man for the serious. Then I felt the project in my eyes, because I told him I was going to do that in the beginning, in Austria and in his life. It's that successful now believe also happens like coming. I made them was a foreign press. The surrogate like this, like knit working in total, am I gonna? Do this Tuesday, like I've been able for other projects, but not specifically for power without going back from today, I recognized abiding diminished, as is already the number two high is really thought or cable only by
he's been in three tab: language, the jury, all effects. If you want dragons me like a regular but we're doing, with the budget and they know I understand now everything's thy. They totally allow me to do the recent, like one star, doesn't get behind a show like that three, then we will see you at the Emmy than the golden glows, while owning the pit cut his way and watch. Unlike all show that everybody talks about inequality. A man answered your list of top apologetic as much anyone about it. Where is with that in mind in the actual show another make the appearance as rapporteur, when I'm executive produces showed, is the second all in all a premium cable. I gotta go now come when you ready I'll show up and in all we just keep it hits on board.
You know me because I'm the guy, that's all turn it off, then. Did that firewood, the actual concept that they have it produce more or reason for. People to stay on in the wood. I welcome as its own loving agree the only on it because it act by then go turned off. You right he's a lump in a mayor when he's coming back on the motions of stock and in the ship. Is it I've given of poppies emissaries there tomorrow today is the day to day in a fast track, so everything is light waivers. What did we must start giving it a point where we live in? in the season at Saint answer going. So how do we do we light Cain? And now? What is that
If you like about now, I'm like a lack of trust and do not trust our german guy came. I will tell you not to trust for the way that the series it was interesting is television is a broader odor audience because, like our conscious, you ve gotten. So we know that our is almost the demo between gouged. Got in and Brazil is gradually Wharton, but we know who that is until my mother Anti I got. This really ought to be an actual environment with his party is watching a show and his I'm gettin different responses from them in a really interesting. Those older than illiterate goes on.
I know be bothered about thing with the advice. This is cool, regular related there. Already watching dies the in all his other dynasty. Dad. I did my grandmother you. I do now when powers also Barbara, like others. In other words, Obama was because I Gomorrah is like a such a great act, but then I think like this. That keeps from there s a little brother got card tackle yesterday ass in an accident, the video then break there's an old crazy. I'm lonely, I was no is maybe do again this, the soil going in. Create a new version of himself. Take the pictures and stuff like that and a lot
you know a project as well. We got more with fifty cent when we come back, don't just about this morning. Burning everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, fifty cents to let a building ye. Not can we talk about this? Andrew Deciduous, as is exciting, is more like we do demanding sketch comedy within this there's real prank. Must have gone on ITALY we don't buy it feels like I get. Is that While I get to be someone else, while we would doin, it was, and he was able to do- is really like the woozy bug out of theirs is, is it was fine and if those grip, it was not as great as well it made it four and a half when you press has that strong of a personality too, if you listen to Solomon, got to say stuff to go with people heads a little bit,
Adam and not really lately Bob and knew that Is that so I of all places busy is the right place for this open to any new. Whenever you want to do, inside agencies, the commission, the music videos and every episode like after premiers goes into his own, easy job, so you wanted to permit is calamity. I was watching the go into his hands and in it is just has more influence the ways that we can. Actually, that is the the music business or shouldn't be saying this would be the best place for you to launch in the pudding
as it'll get this amount of Ireland and the first. What I do uncle murder is kind of a bird is tonight is the first time you have been under the same umbrella with some language. They'll be gone, no one bit along those lines, is removing muslim adjustments to maintain a good show. His great good idea now well executed he was wise in Kosovo was evidently someone's life. So much more. We rose you because I know you go November. Ya know me or not, so I'm looking at that does gotta go he's gonna go after. I was petty the petty easier. If you don't like, give it a violent going. If you thought will go, you say even would defend like I know you have those I thought
actually there's been music written that could actually be good or on a matter like nor as a gun will be built, Martha said it, but the wagon Now, though, show you how that could have been good is because the overall idea was good. It wasn't downright gonna, be in the b emissaries to you. If I did, I would put some small in it because I wanted to be. I want you to look at that, will let you watch it This is the point where the fax is major inefficient and, as I said earlier, we will have to add the graves of certain really put it together. Well, like the two black movie, I was disappointed in it because we'll be dies out. Zaza. Do you can't we do it now have like TAT was organically work, which should have been
says followers were the captain and I felt I did. Is there anybody, though the project as that of the people were meta, gave me the things I need to make image that work for the type of any age Sheridan from Dublin. I tell went one on the right, the Sopranos in wherefore Wall Street, like what you just did the score I give is usually aspects. I hate real quality people involved in projects and in it the two parties then, who did a year is a pocket? A budget of forty fifty made em like where a lot of music licensing on today's agenda, tat my new records for that money. There's nobody data there hooker and had a who gave it a nervous about Barbarossa puffy. Did this as possible?
it's too big to do a firmer, why is he had a very They happen that people know about. But it's almost you didn't know that you get it put em, it's it to make edges data that look for you. Now, when the anxiety and listen to the big. Like that light, you can see it because over that talent, Omnia Big, yea, because it the regular Gov looking on what is there as that, my biggest that to me me and adopt very. I headed out, so you looking go when you don't. Then you got No, I mean I don't you don't know that they got like cheeky. We first game they don T give diet is, I guess No you know Chicago. You know we need is survival kit so you looking at it you life and if you make him for a minute, think did you think is low, he gonna do something to you
It didn't digit nobody's, but the other guy was like. I just loved it cuz. He was just rough around the edges. You like it is illegal to digest the test. These early actors Did you early? How am I gonna why'd? You first saw who dare to do whether we were going to the eleven saw tat girl sentences, Will we had it at all for you? I love you like earlier again now establishing now, look at I told hours ago I would you say about discreet mood, which always produce too. You can own accommodate a level intellect that these guys, though this goes in the beginning, but like now I ran into him. I went at this a little gucci. We went to go Jello Gucci. Thank you is gonna. Go your
Is it a bet? not enough Did I say that I was. I was a baby. I was a young man. I don't know what the fuck are. You show up to his own video blue is it does it will? buggies rosa- I got my we hear me, where's Gulliver, no, no thinking and, unlike we noted it at the time. There wasn't gonna, spend the money again very issued the inadequate video alike like according to have doubts on gonna, think and act like this. I was like no, no, it's not to have to get on the plane. Thanks, Is it like you put our waste this is in the club vacate international up. The video is it always airline in those owes Alex? Van about it doesn't look at a new eaten and there was gone out at the time. So many to me, like when his own time on noise in a different place,
as I have been at heart again, no doubt impression is tough. Second, but we will have a single person and his is first one was that was it I slapped look you going to see a lot of people go to come with one joint and then they will deliver the next? The follow up pieces that what was the losers tomorrow on really good register came out of her was the UK can can hear what he said what some of future do online zone that he's right now read an arm young me young man, you drink any legal waiting in politics patient nausea like an ape, is already a star. Imperceptibly yogi different music out of them, because if they wrote the music in the early days, they thought process. Everything would be different motor. You have everything in place already, but they don't be a different person.
In a record, oligarchy be right now, verses which she would write to you. Riots it's all garden. Obviously did it. You keep think of us now in her mind like getting there. The difference in her social is that you we're like every two girls in industry by May now, wanna be guard absolute. You just went from being one of the people in the population. And when they want to be like we got em all. If it is that when we come back, don't move for breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast Everybody is dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club fifty cents building ye. I love a base for fifty cents. A lift gsm advice from you, about other people that I have a few other. I write Asher What advice? I would say that the act
Do not go in the house, but his uncomfortable. These the public is an empty the boy, if our department of them, because my curvy piling outbreak power, no real, I would do that is because it will remind people who he is right, You know me and why? Because what happens? If we just hear stuff you go. If you go away, you took away it. Becomes As always, we don't know go looking all you, the pitcher the big girl and you got what out loud, you doin it now. It makes anything else. Did you do possible book of that you got added. The view will be doing anything else. I was a guy's name. Guy came Herbie he's had sex Koreatown, but you see it? Never, but we don't have any
If we examine the assets, will not a guy he's alive, you address the actual allegations. I do you come out and say that you make a statement of you. I do you write a song. They used to be out uneasiness, the video and publicly out, and you went away from that. Leave it out, you know: doesn't it there's some things about me. They have never been admiral me again again. Pasting like this said what about cabin? What evasively. Kevin heads of government are, you know, comes love, is against it has a in it. I don't know what happen in this particular situation for the real scandal, I'm just gonna do I do now for some reason it feels they involved or that it is time that we should be good enough to not have this happen over this time, but
though in it when I know what I did that and this may end up in the middle of other known, what's going on with the backing of a heart, no tell me what is going on at a lot of things happening in Greece when the visa holder, though there was no was Gus government agrees that there is a strong background come out It already is that you are responsible for people met each other around. It is not really like does like. If, if your girl talks to guided the that you knew but like go, but I noticed the debt Lloyd. These within
your bond between the two years? Not did. I would never like the guy comes around. I expect them to see what s to be attracted to what I was trying to notice. The tractor woman saw his or her to not do those things in other words the sustainability of other than our looking go, I'm even be comfortable dazzled. The tv show you know you, I saw what did you say wait. I oughta. Do you mean you, don't you see? How can I make a doubt ripe? It has been as good as did you put their situation every little remember to be out of ten years ago. This is valid, and I remember ten years ago I noted girls, you live more girls. You will see what my little girl out without being years. He was always around a hostile. Maybe I don't know, maybe there, how much of our personal business we should be discussing exactly if a man for- and it is not enough- as we see like that, you know
You think you know, Angela, you don't know, you have neither but that's what you think, what about you musically what he d musically our good news news where there was a row, felt like was the right content for the record, and I said I want my music to play in the nightclub next to trap music. I want my music to play some cuts on the album to play it like if you feel like traditional fifty cent, but this is hot right. I just knew music that really you feel good about what it is when, when you deliver the Fetty WAP, I just seen them he's. Just last ago, daylight arrogant was far from the other value outbreak. As my heart- and I was I ass, though, as if ur like almost this pop music to appoint did, is I've been a situation as they were in Vegas in his Thousand people and a party and net song is gonna, be play right, but that's why?
it plays in the set right. It belongs. Some new things down number whence you assize passing the fills. Imagine judicial were now like a long presently will surely is about, is not like his eyes like it was real. Quick is like it just what you felt when the music came. I beg of you. I got you like magic now. She said here because you go if you ve done it several times. I recorded several renders Ceramic remit states It sounds like a lot. You know me thought that we had to make before you get even give it to you. What I think are a new attack. The David I'm sure like worked our right now, because they all had a certain cyber record. It now what you got,
Germany, the interest, is now the lyrics, didn't exile interest in what is being said because he's cheese transition from carried the joint is unplugged is those dot and forget, along about peace, is still there in the club of is the only money. This coming is the club his day, a synonym for nappies. Even in the present the appearance she glowed, any good is rigour of leaking canister ethnic humanised. I was out the nicotine wasted? A great hurry similar has doubled. Lowood is this is ok we send those amongst all day.
You know, the Indus is good, but everything that cuz, I told you do not care about what you was doing prior to it working in the present moment. So does it emerges that the long term with the next? What is it What's a night, fifty sensual be aid seeds of their lives, You watch it again, fifty central or be eighty episode of Solomon on you in his way down on whom we want to know is twenty four ma between the northern paragraph. Twenty four episode ass right. We have presented me with project priest you for joining us thanks for is the breakfast club
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