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Monday 9/4 - Today on the show we flashed back to some classic interviews such as we when Issa Rae came on, where she spoke about “Insecure”, her first experience in the strip club and more. We also flashed back to some classic “Shoot Your Shot” such as the time when Devante tried to shoot his shot at Latavia, but some how it turned out that he was stalking her more than having a innocent crush on her. Also we flashed back to the time comedian DC Young Fly came by and spoke about hosting TRL, being a new dad, robbing people back in the day and more. Moreover, we replayed the time Charlamagne gave “Donkey of the Day” to Tariq from Power.

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Ok, I love you more than rats rather sit out from the most prominent. Why do some early morning birthday Tommy was able showing people whose busier everybody is the angel Ye Charlemagne girl? We are the breakfast club. Now we have somebody special loan alone will give us a hurricane hobby update on bees or alone
I was born with my brother. We pray for you and your dynamic. Absolutely thank you. You ve been in the course of cities. They use the last couple of days now I'm gonna wait till. I will now turn getaway disaster about working people.
Doing to help right now is another. The latter discrepancies fires donating money, donating clause. What do you think has been most affected population about whatever they gonna need money to help rebuild a start? Rebuilding much in years, David immediately, very first primarily food and more more here- is that you remember tat person but very careful that it ought to keep the books grafting. Cuter, my preoccupied by an elderly people. The lot of leading a wheelchair were to get refuge by both workers and people said so those people be wheelchairs.
Article bad things. It mattered meeting every data they ve lost in the house, but there's a website called tragic that old and natural you everywhere world goes where Streetcher impassable. What's in the streets of damaged candidate sweated areas that were the best way to Canada. streets might have you had to recommend you know? A charity organization is actually in the field for people to donate
we note, a money go, get the requisite of people. Do you have any recommendations Rana whether used import out that anybody here mean disallowed a great carries out there to help you with a stick with faint thinks all deprivation favours innovation gadget founded this lab churches that I am a church about those family is active in the city. Well, stop hope exacted emissary, forever labs different places, you gotta my wife s age at what you should get wise EU early one and will be put in a boy everyday goes on with making enow bayesian steps taken, made huge efforts to try to help these people down here so, and you know this may leave ever begone, I'm from white intense, the immediate future is gonna be going on for years, so people can always inside lend a hand advise on his hearing. As far as donating. I'm sure it's not something that, even if you can't do anything at this moment, you can continue. Absolutely army was one of the major charity organisations was, it will be using they work with Facebook for allocating Sandy, and they would have almost five years may make a movie right from it. A lot of people just left villages commanding Rubio homes and give money for the girl social services as well as well, be some people severely traumatize for what they ve got way over the last couple of days, perhaps effectively the children and the older people, and we worry about people's homes and their clothes whereby people die from it. A lot of people would have to deal with what they see. What they did to, that is that it, over they d, have to retreat circle of your baby. I'll, kill you ideal woman. You know like ghostly bright little, the accident for problems we ve got to protect ourselves physically and mentally right. That people need to talk to the children, and you know
make sure they everywhere where they are bitterly based on what they see what they do, and I know you, people right away, you love one need only that you specifically whipping up mentally and make sure that we can help to interesting, because this is what people see me. What they do. This is far from normal, has keep us updated to everything and in whatever we can do, whether we can send money supplies food where we could tell people how to help. Please do not keep us abreast, let us know, what's going on at all times, mass deportations suited sectors would have we could do to Adele by. Let us know, please, I'm the I'm doubling or put summer some change in your hand.
By on your wise instagram, absolutely appreciate your just give me a little platform in trying to spread the word, because I don't peoples who allowed images on tv, but this is a serious serious humanitarian situation is ever take the humanity of up alone there to help rebuild our city and the reality is that new normal to realise a man at the watch? Six people from his family drown in front of it because the battle was worth it. He would be able to count of grab something, but in it as he grabbed the poems about the bay was overtaken it. Now, what you have to watch the family guy, if its tragic Landis, thousands and thousands of stories like it
slowly slowly thought to hear more about, but I think the guy they will get all the good things and you are right, but thank you check again by here. We appreciate the breakfast go away, wake up or black. We want to hear from you. What's your name, Euro mail, you got kicked out of Romania, girl, kids, the grave what happened? I can only go wherever it can always be friends, but we were never like item. You never knew just punctually Fred during the year and all with those you got my number to somebody else and taxes Am I found my phone one of my girl for whatever I pray you the too, and she texted it. By going to start a trip,
there are actually play with. My father left some had a happy now. My turner voyages friends and I never happen but she's like chicken african talker myself, my four and I join home from work, and I would do- is go to work and take care of my family. You, knowing all the time I'm going down out of browser. You know my brother is just me and you talking to dismiss me is mean you, ok, on the president on frozen listening envy, in ITALY a at these master, the chicken naw man bearing a mad swear. I swear. mastermind I've been hearing about the nipple another. Will we Are you while you know you want? I got that you're mad mad man or woman for no reason when a woman's viruses chickens are going. You flirt with their little bed
we might have learned Lily rely whenever you like, you know, you know I never actually been changed me break our towns and cities have always you play. I love is the pointed at me. Now, that's a while back a long time ago I mean you, know I've always gotta, let alone you need the moon walk out of their religion, the young, lady, ok, woman's viruses don't go for no reason Christian, without one guy, you feel investors. Wanna Christian PM super my God, I'm about to beat about the Bush two or three of my birth ram. Adulation that three ongoing ray you Bob, you know gone no my we all my we ve fallen on our, but not the old man by the name
like. That's my baby. You know like our concern of ours and funny thing Calgary how she simply abundantly No doubt no doubt when you have Katy one name. When you know you like a junior No, no doubt I want to thank all my back. You know. Thank you wanna thing for you. I think I You gotta get you Joe Joe, no doubt of it as read that we want on fire worthy of such needed. We call us up now. Is the breakfast problem a pounding down. You're gonna get it on the agenda on the breakfast bluffing, but they will allow this how long it was abrogated. Opec It would have ended up heavy arms.
there would have been easy to read. As there are user. I'm good show me, listen, I'm unblest and I'm not bless. Listen. My thing is I'm gettin to not let a nice taught me right in somewhat up like a Tobin cities, little case an uncharted took them about gun. Violence happens, balance, you know about shut, I'm in a wheelchair, like I can be active because my will cheer his broke. You hear me I mean how we all along he came over. Our words are right now, my leg, wheelchair is master? Do you hear me, so I can't really moved away only why you have gone. You will not. I will not hold it. They go China before you lose out on the lake to his leg. Man. You gotta help me I need a leg. You help me please
I don't know what you're talking about whether the laying on a wheel jam desert running your. How much is that rural? How much does that make these? But no, I need a new job All you need a new chair, these late, like everyone here and I cant do not. Unlike what agriculture I swear to God, I'm gonna be everywhere, like We were not going to my name in house all designed to meet a guy, but how can we brooded you're in a wheelchair, sir? What do you want me to send you? lotta, do not yet know a lot of strange things was saying about the avenue you nobody go find me that got for youth and yesterday, regular people like Cinema, for me them like I'm, not even used like outlay of envy. I'm the guy that scene outside of this decision, and I am here and Emily. You gave your replies drop in a wheel You remember that any proper, remember them
that was a recently I was like last year and somehow my get your flash drive I am always in a wheelchair. I'm not allowed into a lot of people will give the rat by anything, only something about you that I will remember on our farmers, and I have my homeboy youth. While he was joined by you wasn't would you would you all and we got you may rapid name, you have Instagram page or something I my name or else. The groom is big. O me on this score. Homey want a one? As me tat, I would say: As you know, that's the whole me. That's. My guy believes a man we all role at this moment blew up which all? Why does he know you know it's not about you haven't got more, you know how they still be Y gotta role,
good, I want you to hang up on top of all. This is the only as twelve pose callback Roby was there we go and eleven in a wheelchair on he now and I'll. Tell you viewed with those whose great things changed now Dave Breath, my goodness get it off. Each has eight hundred five, a five one and five one people access to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club
wait a moment together, reckless club we want, we want, everybody is dj. Envy angel ye shall meet a guy. We are the breakfast club we got especially guessing the building. I miss Alaska Barbuda wasn't ass. Well, I had to leave for she's back, I'm glad to see- and this is where I had and get that last. I'm sorry. I have really of Asia as very important information. Somebody with friends of israeli actually flew here from a way to get it to your leg, gave us a lunatic enables regime that is due to the large scale as requested easy. No, I did not my waited for Mamma had the tabs, I would have been a very poor ran out of every shouted row. Styrene on HBO is kind of a time we do not. We just started, though, must be. Are you nervous?
I'm nervous, but I'm more inside him in Airbus is arriving, see the one I was mad, notably those little movement. I get so crazy man. Would you guys and now you gotta just like us.
of more Jake's, like everyone thought more Jake's ready. We everywhere the here and now that it's all my their inferiority were Minos. Do you always have pressure coming into the seconds you think he's people argue that atop sees a wine, is a gaunt got out, and that was one of the things like we focused on MIKE. I don't want to come out the gay, even just in the writers, which is very clear that we want to keep a grounded and fannys real people's eyes. They make sure that, where we're just telling and I've been to extort, where were you not was not about twists and turns and how we can tapirs, though I'm nervous, I feel really strongly about all this stuff works for it. Is these legwork, like one thinks I'm excited about like this, just make sure that they will come and talk about what you don't get to sing like words that we we dabbled into the whole face every moment I have to go through the whole. I think I think that three category men and now they there's like the first category one and I ever body par, take some woman. I just like you now I want you now want to be my king or I want to
keep. It lacked or I want I, you know I just want to give it up to whose right medicine with different category there, those women, then I think, there's some we will engage. Am I gotta have fine, you know, I'm just glad they are about to do me, a massive gal. I can get my numbers. some of those women are unfortunately relegated to a specific category and guys eyes as our lives and they can get out of it. I don't just that me housing and can't be valid, and maybe right you guys love women, that they call home too. At the same time, because guideline Yo Ho and still try to talk to you, don't wanna know you. Oh that's not true. I want to know I'm related matters when you find out yeah. We're still talk to a girl now draw to smash would end up Mary two February, as that will act as the third category of women who are able to just like like seamlessly like they can double Dutch into worry and they get their fakes. They're out there going about their jumper
where the dervish, that is a paradise I'll go get you now to be interesting to see you on the season, because you are single not by choice. I can't believe you're gonna be dabbling in. However, I mean I think, you're gonna see these catches for ground with I want. I don't wanna, be nothing. There's like she's gone. At this point so that our higher rogaine she broke. I and I think she's just like you know she once they should once more bad. A whole phase is gonna, be hall with a social media, because everything those the report we now. However, I now make it around. I do my let's go out and I put let her out and at the Vienna eighty are right. Next to it, then it solely as a hurried inflate does that do not allow for like there is a lot more one. I think as a social media. I think people are more open ground. Talking
out there who and then there is eligible people blast people like there's so much there's so much like cruelty in terms of exposing people Batman. If I give you slept together, the EU has made a decision to sleep with each other. We are more with easy way when we come back EAST array still in a building YE island
the natural and how to act like a perfect. Have everything together there. You have brought that really to the forefront, as I feel like a ladder transport that women we have to try to give off is a major ok. I got together with holding down where we fall in perfect. You do bring with it already operate, as I have all kinds of opposite you agent, in almost all alive. It is nice that, building on an early to somebody else, there is successful and awkward what you were doing. Regional receded, Aguiar. She is ass, loud John TAT when you know lavishness, wherever a couple of years now and chooses one of them that is very ass. She walked on a plane and saw you
it should also be my have they had ass. He had never been and I was like the things you know I was there with a baseball. Bat did not do so, but I beg you first aid. I beg you Brad, like always supported this. Are you guys been so so amazing I want to tell you last summer was here, and I was two sided tell you boss. I gotta stop club and I was so impressive because you were like you were drawn up in one word alone. Now was she wasn't? She was not working with islands are clearly. I was my first nine. Faceless your programme and not, firstly, Moscow Club. It was in the way that the Miami would have. I was there that, may I recall, love Regan
now where we add the office or where we add Tutsi. I don't know what it was because I was at every level imbues young female, as you know, I would first of all I went there was someone else about me. There was a guest with Agrippa Grubs because of somebody's birthdays, one of the Gaza Strip, but you Darwins I was coming. Twenty is because I was an area already and I would very likely get it back in and then turn and against those that she didn't even see the image that measures has pointed out that judgment I seen it did they not only, and then I will go back to him. I was very impressed. I swear, I mean what we say like five hundred dollars and I was it worth it. I don't know why. I think it was also very drunk- and I was like that was too much of a mind to get things right.
change in weight online to get it. I did it wrong. Gavi says dagger wines to do you know you were busy my fellows plies. We had a lot of course include than cheating is ever justifiable it. No, I don't think so. I think you should give the community to communicate partner at all cuz, I being leg if it's unfair to tonight tell your partner like I am about. To be honest, I want and its relationship with. No, it's never justifiable that if you'd see and the present find out, you sit and tell them, I mean if they have their nega, some people do it like I think that new and they ate I've only days here they say selfishly say if you cheated and you're not gonna get quite don't how, because all the designated the purse the terrible and easier own guilt, and I always ask if people want to know like you know,
do men fighting men, don't want don't want to know live. Are they just want, it exists and now that this relationship is pervades our knocked out. Will you do I want an hour always want to know. I want to know everything I thought I'd like I'm turned on by honesty. I love knowing everything that you know is happening upfront, your thoughts, you fellows once you dont like about the relations it like that. I like that, am I drive up of communication. Madam President, Mr Rebate or you do, if you get caught Jean detail right now, and I beta achieving better l, gay fell where our I m not derive a re. Ladies and gentlemen, I thank the guy's club. The world's both dangerous morning shall establish future shouted due to the breakfast lunch. Aids. Don't mess it up, method method, diversity was up, will you
Refugee shot with democracy works at the armored, see I told you, I know it. I know that you gotta go data because we ve drinks every none at all. Maybe you don't fix it s, city problem, and you know european values regarding this is a good idea to shoot you shot. If she knows she given city of dogma, and I would even have a prescription. I did not hear what we'd get like a packet, Burma Supper and a new anytime. You see major stages to go, see her. She doubtfully vision. As you In too scared to, I don't know, scared the to myself. I was hoping why have you ever had a driving? You have? You ever had a conversation, larger, but girl after our days door was born on. She thought it is a rare occurrence, hurt no question. Do you put a gun in your mouth before you doctor? You know I usually get a piece of her words, because if you talk before you put, the gun in your mouth is probably why you ve got. Interestingly breath is clearly funky. Now
have we done well. Ok, give out anyway. I may name only adds and becomes. Asians ideas is seen her when he buys him gum savvy interested to see if she's notice to day I, when you walk in earlier years, revert fervor Ok, I gotta be a reason that you have been shot you shot yet other than just nerve. Maybe he's gay and maybe get a small we that alone. Madame is producing Ok Willis, maybe maybe unison, Byzantium flags. I'd prescription, for you know, the girl, once you should decide where we come, Have we gonna call a tv? It has any right. Let's Javier Natalia Normal Right programme, well I'll, tell you when we come back to don't move is telling everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club we're in the middle of shooters we have the right to own. Not avant garde, shoot you shot, man make their phone call.
I refer to other advantages from the pharmacy Avanti from the pharmacy how'd you get another, you gave it to me. Remember no, I dont remember. I never gave you one way, please don't say, or do you want to argue that it should give me another? You gave your name search, Facebook and you're, never change Jesus? I understand you didn't. I tell us this by our societies where let's have a different ways. These would be easily Charlemagne from birth Islam. Yet what the hell is going on. We thought that you gave him your number and said he was calling to shoot his shot cuz. He has a crush on you. He said he comes in there all the time to buy gum, my god? Oh my god, the to despise gum. I don't even put his changing his hand like I'll put it,
Oh, my god he's decree beers gloomy. I wonder what you do is still on the phone you can hear. You can hear you don't cry out only been care because you told them out and looked at my number baseball as we can, I move no really because Facebook does provide this kind of information, but I do think we would have asked them be. No. Did he get you but before an but your weight. Why is he colony? understanding as sex with no. No, he wasn't take are out of date and want to take you out on a date Why would I billion people on the planet? You think I will go out what they do not know. no, no, no, no margin snake! You have done. Of a member. I would argue for tat. You have Oh my god, it's been a while Now, let me keep it one hundred and seventy years ago, acne again
really Are you sure, you're out figure me out now the mandate we know them, are you a metaphor for diabetes for HIV for cancer and become an everyday buying gum? Do you learned how quickly they went? Why would you prefer I've him something for his adult Acme Shitty, Garcia. Germans have all have a great many more Diana ass. You say and I got leaving any level whereas the voluntary work. We're like they're, always offer a piece of dawn. When I remembered creepy Did you tell the girl s last words everyday croupier, you two were divided, it really I'll carry forward. I might as well forget what do you know? You love the girl
why you didn't come from him lie leaner more about taking the gun from him. If have never taken gone from, have never taken prior tat. We all have a duty to lapse at the time you next time becomes a day. I will call the policemen he's. Creed indicated. In my mind, indicators. We didn't I'm sorry to know. We do now, yeah yeah your mother or father was clearly a joke to see fair. Ok, then Amy body. Are you familiar with taste when from Josie Year He diligently for commercial back. They re my day, the turn out. That's how they I'm sorry, I we gotta go. We got things to do not only have a black day. Stop stalking women. Ok I'll see you later sweet girl, Mama Sorry, my g charade.
you shot. it's time to shoot. You shall issue to the breakfast lunch AIDS, don't method, method now alone, now go a mining I was gonna. What do you want to shoot you shot with around? I met this guy sign a month after graduation It was like. We were talking the whole. Now I really chop that are, he seemed like. While my dream guy, I gotta gazing, the army. He seemed like I will know, convict Jason was just unusual like we're talking about like lies in the wild. He just he just like really intellect
warm and how long hours of Krajina blown away by what are you used to talk about a guy's, loving her bob inlaid you know was delayed. Is carbon me mornings, less media connections and, as you know it s different. Sometimes you know how those conversations till later, on an honest, we haven't thinking about him since then, lying It was about it after you had an alibi number anything because in my blood, my brother's a ban at it. The same like you, I'm not lying room is by you did your families. How we gonna to call him well. I just went like you know what I've got. Let me just get the size number in June. Try. This were, may no phone, you didn't tell you whether inside it You shall have your brother at least I go. Can you had your friend and let him knows Eve is cool. What have you got a girlfriend a meme? whether you like that
Not me like I'm talking about that. You brought about the path of poorly his sisters. Informed is fine, this guy wired or why I think we had been used to call him and see what happens. Is this I'll go left this rights? When we come back on course, we'll give us that was them again shown Sean Gaza when we come back and you get to shoot you shot an hour. Just be. If we support what have you find outside John really have a crush on your brother. I dont think big. gay are out. You pity I or any other, was the Esteve of her a new and better. Do you know it no media- that it was agitated q, maybe less than a dollar a real causes. We come back as the breakfast locomotive e g envy Angel Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club now we're in the middle of
She shall. We have now alone alone. Annihilate is calling Sean Lucy out his works now give humoring. hello. I shall go it herself this is now we met our member Jamal's. Graduation lively, Augur was good, really unusual, but I just found I got. I got your number from him and I I am just wondering if you like, you wanted thirty I'll, hang out and then some time I Conversations, I thought you were really a nice guy,
year after year after year, member you yeah, that's funny. Dockers like I was there for ledge I'll give you realized if you like, free food, retracts. What have you know that I didn't know that I'll go, have wake feelings and meet some would like someone like you know, so our lovely with Vietnam termed a third time wedge founder yeah yeah I'm off the motivated by free food and drink thought. Wkrishwit does dove. It was clearly sets out a real courteously die during freed reality round. Black Africa found them free checking in Kenya, nihilism, free food and feed drinks. I too would have been able to free food and mindedness allowed yourself telescope.
Also, the breakfast club, the envy angel ye shall remain a God. I'll use land naming constitutes a shot, and now they wanted to suit and shall now or ya Wanna Radio in Ireland is one of the little extra support. You don't think, I'm I'm on your way around a radio. Will you me why you wanna radios, Edith, we gotta stay because you just ass, you wanted, I let you have allowed connection. You not, I I try to be on the radio ere you got a girl. Will you marry me now. Another war was about this. I just I just like the has its dogmatic it all the time I always work. So I figured you, don't let me just let me just hit them up. I'll get it like. I saw you marry China you relations hammered out we're relationship. I always did. I no longer know no one's been right now about there being aware so right now, our
no, why I'm incorporated right out it would use drunk you now now drugs, you, I got you, Then we'll go tell your wife shot. They think us allow it almost the eye it all at mile out o what is this a Jonah? What's going on over the factual hollows animals? Do not enquire as soon as you one question for you. Tell me if you married, and am I gonna do anything. You want if you please, I got a thing. I gotta rush on Jesus Christ Lizzie either we don't know where you don't have. An evaluation is all right. Maybe your wife, I live. That will use the right now, it's my last name, you didn't tell us you ass much ass names. Ok, John issued on forty seconds ago. She saw a man. I don't worry that the way you want it, man,
happened when you move of emotion and ass gradually to sort it out. I heard rumors global. You hung out another way. What about you and rigour only beg them. Not me. I was deterring Hanno. Is that work at a glass you listen re gonna Y got title, then his eye? Well, that didn't work out. Well, don't move is the breakfast locomotive. Is there a gang? Don't you? U- or I don't give a damn dog you today does not discriminate. My now dissolving today, via the donkey of breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today. I gotta get this off my chest today cause it to reach Saint Patrick. Let me tell you something: this is how I know power is a great show, because I'm emotionally invested in a lot of these characters is three people wanna see die on power right now in nobody
You oughta, except number, one. It's TAJ, Drake, a number one to regain powdered. Ah, how dying one white ass he does. Another story when she got it It is a rather than those of matters is fake, not close its eyes, never turned her bag limit has. What would your government Now, though, we hate their low boy to wreak negro doesn't have to do any of things. He is doing a gun cutting school drinking lean. Certain people up to get rob me wise parents are rich and he was a great a student. I hate to reach face. Lastly, you got a woman shot and killed because he set her up to gear, ah by a guy named brained and some other guy and a tall odious, dumb ass, soon we come in the house? You should leave a right just bows. What mama doesn't leave and comes up the stairs when it comes to stay as one of the guys sexually assaulted the woman into green as yells, our brains, tell him stab less here.
Please, you got her killed to wreak. I'm not dehydrated weed in dispensary. What? If two people are wearing masks during an armed robbery, you should not yell out one of the persons names. So, of course, the Kyoto woman now and they killed a woman to rig Dudley does best, which is Fleet Saint. Our third nicknames should actually be fully. Everybody does best fleet as any when events just cause me to give to rig donkey added day seated dirty cop re ray. You know, he's next the already so he meets brains and other guy and he wants to kill to read to just make sure they have no by an economic blockade him. So yes m. Brains and other guy and Therese way he's a g e promises not to tell but listen to him on the phone talking to Ray Ray's cousin. I keep in mind Ray Ray's cousin went to reach first piece of ass.
So you know you open, listen did Isaak brings, can arrange it very much trouble are you I mean it was only cocoa butter we need common, not supposed to be a girl face, was autonomy things, but if not I go now and ass, the body, nor was the scale and brings did there unless you might, but I got a job I cashmere. He pitched therefore It is therefore a bid, you confess, to a whole murder for some ass in some lean on the fog into a model, because his first piece of poor gotten gas, the hungry, is to wreak dam. Is hey green lantern, green ring, Lingering green light means go green if he so figures Jolly Green Giant Green, the green arousal boys, boy's net fig jury, green, like bro
make a long story longer railway to crooked gob holds a born to regard this coup danced a chilling. This is, after Poland appoint to wreak at his school, but he wasn't there, but they let him take the jury. Sister, rainy, Reda rain. It during their railway came looking for him and retailers, am I to say anything and rain of being a little sister. She didn't say anything but ultimately cost her, because we re report upon too rigid the school and to wreak doubly that best Please Anthony later decided to come outside following her brother being are protected in this has serious way. Fine, you principle. Now we are raising you easily, my brother alone. Is dead. Lady then get. If you know following me to recall this is to kill yes, his sister rain is dead, ladies and gentlemen goes and Tajikistan
does not need to rig is getting a donkey added day, because what pissed me off The scene after I watched it again was to read to read. What's it look like maybe from their all showed dinosaurs, he looks just like him in the face and when brains and that other guy within the house into became of stairs he sought is red. The woman he didn't know about to be sexually assaulted and he lost it. I have said in screamed, but when it comes to your sister, your flesh and blood You sit there and watch a man who just tried to kill. You confront your sister in you. Just hide you don't Yale. No, you don't jump up and shadow, but I beg you whistle. Why didn't happen? They re re. Stop We don't even know you and I hate you. You are stand a fake, a phoney, a fan banned completely. and because you want to run the when you don't have to rain it is day. Please give to wreak Saint Patrick the biggest here. Please, morning. Everybody is
J, Envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy? We are the breakfast club. We got a special guess in a building. You might for a while and out he has a new show. Mtv will they actually bring into show back he's Aren, T, R, L yeah, gradual Didn, T, R, L, gig man appreciated made it feed have met, lags don't go on as they are you better, be careful ass, gay loan guarantee our daily man. Our gaming in two thousand obviously wanted to exit empty Vienna would tell me they want to bring to our own back in the union. Easy to hold another as it has done. You know I've been, but I think I'm busy redoubled, rounded up array,
I think that is the way to be able to read, but here we too teleprompter budget budget now is like it says. You know like in a movie you all we try to read the name. You know I forget it, you know because it is a move to fair, but now that make the word big mouth but you did. I look a beggar arena. What would be easy for going on tv like when I had you wanna come, isn't gonna disdain you can learn from this out year would allow the executive, like learn how to be had to learn, articulate You know, you know a space and early days when I read more, you know you can't Eliza words. I did you don't know. So we may you be articulate Euro zone. It is to learn how this aren't talking, because I'm so sorry I can t come up here by also I sell their you allow me,
there you go no Lamb club caused great there. You go not put a k growth that is TAT, doing pathway together. That's it I'm not because I believe that the voters group would require the avalanche below the one that desk on say. Oh well, you need those ass building, amble evilly yeah. You know exactly what he does not always of other arable land. Someone out so now? Oh, oh, no screening The ambulance that met hurts it hurts they go daddy dynamic. You turn it down. I really try to make me tone it down. We got a lot of a lot of cool co host. Oh you know how large the alarm laws of food every bad on Asia to everybody who won't hear your man, so you know I bring certain energy. You know everybody else bring, nay they they policies to the table. So we don't make
We can turn it off with a lot of beauty, is a full and is be like you need it May we may bring about Ebay or raising the one about the growth of a vote. You familiar with all gonna, proper recognition or left of the learning. Ok, We give our motto: Margo Let me show you to learn rather Devil gay opening your eyes. New you gotta different zone with a lot of that we can do no wrong anchored rather than a baby. I appreciate what you know. My beautiful baby he's crazy. I was Father James it made me like first of all. I do know, moreover, reliability of clue lightly. All rely hanging out, pay eight.
Laying lying. So will you give us a bit thereby out often go to Stow go go home where you go man, but you know she should keep me grab a crazy. I gotta be information so miss. Do you like me, either likely their whence he was given barrier. Then they out his door ripe souci. Hey MA, am I a girl nausea? global aid not available, but in common that no lies. Most in the baby. Some, like you put in a row whole, but you know I'm saying, but women became app here would be for. No legal, nausea, no dv, but you know
They will come, and I saw you in here with a heart platform to come out of the collective adjourn the head. It is like a little always he came out. I got a slow at all. If you re going to ease the agenda as it does a plea, member baby. Gonna call me please do you know why am I needed? Maybe he can we take another baby here, please is: now as norm, like maybe more savings wow of is the shape. The hair like that, I'm not gonna lie. There was no longer to impose our Eli movement. That is I came out. Universality carry Marguerite zone. You gotta, go easy just about aid, Omair crowded!
he'd gone all now. I've got a nice here, and here is one of the guys in a room here. They all we all your age with airlines be back here to you. Re blue use these via one oak. In my view, but so far are you. My whole body could show how me please bought you Beijing met the the ILO Prince Andrew. Then he got the Beijing right. You accuse Z days had just cut Molly. Please just go ball, you keeping only together. You and mom, and gather around doubts remain outside a measure in us as much valued. Some go home now play more than you'll get the arose in the am you believe you me I'm up, who I'm a new Yorker? Ah I hate it like my out through some policemen you'll get used to like anyway. I must have been about being here any like that. You notice is so different from being in your room.
The family rely. Always in a rationale is eyes thousand model Baker. He mocked me so I will have fallen Crosbie, so I need a responsibility that we need a dual made by July. To tie your personal me today me my excuse me very few reality. What's your name, you know, that's not gonna but I live in New York, women, Oda, aggressive light weight. Envied tight Salvador up overnight? Oh, I t it begins in new he's. Any relationship has had a baby. One of these guys. Like you, don't know what I've bought me. That's, ok, home knows: I'm really focused on our family. Confer like a baby UK respect, you gotta, be quiet or more fades. Our mobility. You can get a body able day by day.
They know you young, you have we do that at sea. Guys dream What are they do not respect, especially the respect we got. All these young fly when we come back. We gotta talk while not a little bit. Also him getting sick, and him going on till she don't move. Is the breakfast club good morning morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club we have DC young. In the building e? I know nothing about chemicals cause you're gonna be on his plasma. Do yes, oh, what is it that you have going on? I know you guys applied in it at all. We got a couple of things we would kill. You know you got a platform, but my boy came back. I wrote the loose some skates owner. They data made him like a series of light. Will a website is walking be like they may actually be human in arms as I'm doin a couple absolves on its own
I even know ways will be out Ok, then I can allow oil is common language comment aiming service that he has moved away. Why? What is easily may please out? It's o me will come duties. Congratulate Would I be aware, will go ba email me to wear with yours? I'm sorry. above all, but where is it go? Go get it or I lay while my wife Is it that that's that's does like that? Like home, you, don't you know what our love, this? before you and Jesse omitted. Man made is made as a letter that light deadline, markers glare, beaten knowledge than I do you make of our, but now let us that that the debt rode out may I am just under a proud that she was on the show major sea like out like the socially media's people, the government is turning up. Could I had to tell us a lot? We social media people. How long know is called me back so where we get only platform,
we shall lap belongs. Today. They way like a game duties, honesty. They came in realize it is on the phone, I beg who bear cool, but why would you get the opportunity shut him up and we should? they don't like me. Now we knew you could do it to make believe with a sort of thought in brigantine all your caused as we used to call me I'll, be they may Lou no mean new laws, they Mccall with evident animal yet broken out three, but all three, all three- and I know- and I know my car but all thank you- they stole some towns and radio ha ha. I just billing call the breaking call. You think, I'm a lease on in my car. You fool
ha ha. You don't even have been ha why they did agitate data. They know candidly that Ireland will be summoned and you know it. You never know we right. Would you never know you break so God how Bank account you need a behold? front full take out. It was the best you have a guy. When you broken a callback inundate back in the pills a light moralising raw Blake easily. Paid as devising magma I gimme, given we that's what I do my right. Rob between alone, What did I say boy I thought you wanted. It contains. Willie idea really start to get back to you
do you know why? What would you do? Audio money made a lot of villagers, thereby allow our born ass, a young antonomasia. May please go back into giving us one day. I came back to him now I have been lighted up, my go. Go to anybody ever ran, Nessie you and be leg out. Then these young to be master. Maybe groundwater is now. If you rules about about aid to do some extra master, you gotta be master you gonna, kill him and we knew how I loved. You live crime. Less hoof till I stared at Eurostat Atlanta Street bridal, two thousand and thirteen got gas dead, full right. You got there. You're gonna, try, radio gosh dead in a bit guy him. He would fall by one person.
like a brow, a loose greet browser on their mouths. You fight for you know who Resources, gonna lose a lot of meat, is really a man s neck I'd, say I'm alive no to the authorities and wage. So you know so lonely were comedy here. That would do you go about what we say some form, of coup biogas data into that thirteen Methodist. Don't via my own, a username, you killed, Obama, retailers, you got there, but I remember that you gotta near there. Where were you forget the glass as the gum ok go up do more than the way boy down in a manner as to say some, some, class may know you got to be one day: thou! room for improvement here. always tell people the more more that I keep going on, say I'm just a blow
some hobble is taking a keyboard, not learn from our experiences, but he s on purely black. What you don't you why you, only now may Tribune on my our bread, Madame Lebrun Fleming, they let you in You went on to ours that go onto a because everybody expected junior first one lives that you will all agree round to John and other local council meeting that we want on Europe's or outside. I would accommodate people expected you to fail to they. Will I don't know how lonely with that's all it was. It was good man. It was fun cuz like now. We don't recall that I've been doing stand up since two thousand and fourteen, so I've been doing it for three years, but you're nervous at first then up to her yeah, not really nervous and just every everybody, even in the game. It's it's. Just before you go stay because everybody perform well because we I know what a peak easily in those days when we feel in it we can fairly easily. Everything we say be because it is also
We feel in a moment the crowd Levin as we leave. The aid has come, not our you'd be all poor, so you don't say that in an area where the best case scenario, where none of them yet We would not listen straight out, as there were some people I How can a metaphysics- maybe I had a city- was IDA mounds. It does I had a show in. I really Bob. I didn't show we would classical bizarre case. So I get all stay a doormat. They also my guys brought Eliza well. How do you know about? Will Rojo want to have an end Maybe I was engaged You say you want to see Chiesa. All people idea antimony out upon a keynesian occasion.
As it was when she Gama you better thing ever were Abbe. When he came out either. I will allow went alone artist. A lot I gotta be straight. Curbing we still with these young flaws. It all is the purpose local, more quoting everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain the girl. We are the breakfast club there. We have DC young, in the building. Now, how we go about all Christiana, seeing on a couple of days, amen that go and boy you got talent. Why have go dance and sing in and his background. They lie diversity, a minute I diversity when he had only yellow shirt, weeds and one ideas. I am afraid when I wanna athlete I've seen it before. I will. I may indeed ever show like New, presenting Putnams being Vienna
We not only on the forehead. He beyond me I'll catch. You say they know and as does what it won't know, I have been in the car we sort of pigs and without a document of heat it's about in Europe, not only our eyes, Yale! loud applause, Abigail, adult UK judge, may see actually seen him like an action like waves put he'll have to do, have asthma and teach you how to do it and do they Mama bear muzzle value is my eye angle day. I got a surprise for you, guys,
so am I in a time of Georgia? No more. May I gotta surprise what a world again on the same day as BT and not an none of you. Secondly, in attaining the people may so I got some common idea. I've been wondering is crazy, brown and then you as well as background desert outside latin issue, when a man day as all day may the blood there's all day own announced eight, even after the show you days, I want you to go. What do you think about all Kelly? ex cop. I know what's going on in the house, but you know I'll go aiming not is there I'll pay. You do come staying. Women start what you don't, but will you
money that you know the compensation be different being at a big normal lie. I may know I'd like to add the e fiscal kitchen movie MA. Am, I think, these twenty Costa format, which rule you are such a history of a sexual predator? That's that's why I really does not paper forget it. He was all show TAT the APOLLO. What a sad as eight! eighteen in the line of fire people El Dorado eli? What we're gonna do remember that Lady Paolo APOLLO that ITALY unable to pay me, though you have seen as they arise I ain't never seen me the young girls on the asian care. Look at our minority were demons unfortunately, as icy law is it? She was eighteen, we're going in and we don't even know by now. What I want is they laugh. Have you ever see light now give all you can think about net? You can, you believe,
baby. There will born two thousand goby growl legally, so you came ease Eichmann model little girl gives you bought two thousand. As raises Oda gate for Madame you wanted three in Jellia fifty We know it may grow any. Oh does that twenty three no advance them oh yeah, maybe I'd seen as is over. We is, although we issue go by EU us was that this, though I know you're not a word about it now can you know, haven't butter and everything law man. You can't stop that UK vast areas of the old man around your land will be like a baby. When you go to sleep, go check every guy wallets. You call you dad content job while our it, I'm wit. No, you that, may I say shoot out. I know he'll put an annual amount of fighting over his eyes than that
These brother stalled. Three hundred grand from his bank account presently lazy legit. I imagine that we had a debate this week. Would you caught? Would you preside alone oh all play Polly going see. In Colombia Rainbow in Poland is examined. Visited me, listen to me, listen to me! Sometimes you is not about police gained. You got a job over Pollys English, greater love. Now we'd go to court, you give em went to bed angle. Call police need lot low level and not allow only, but I saw you all right. Then I read an press. Charges is, is a fool You can't do that. You have the press charges against the person you get your money meant. Well, I will pay John Brown up there you you coming, life I believe this is the Disney outlets we got. We got out of it. We got out in its suggestion. Ok,.
Where's, my money, or do you know, you pay around me all my life. You does the thing I hate when people who really know somebody you steal, try z and, like you, steal tram, all like a low bala. Despite light instead of ye know me, like you know me autonomy on nominal, capable of like you. Oh me, your problem, why would you told him, but I hate it when you be life family situation, even library is an enemy people that you really look out for, like you will put swinging. As long as well be so hard up, all like I'll, be like no Not better when yourself, my giving you nothing as it's great Maggie me. No, you, the dont know none! I know This may have you been, may arrive on Russia, which we still on others Anybody wholly writer ideas, green newsreel, local budgets, exaggerated array allowing you to grow.
I must have to grow. If our fear and I remove myself on a situation, twenty groaning or man load arm comfortable, given our broke same free, and I had no bigger now there's a lot of people coming around, no no, no longer I know exactly what I need to do, but I just like I said I don't go to the club, because I know that what if it pop out- but I didn't the book may our part of me to night.
Bolivia Monologue before you go. There was a low bore, it was fourteen seen a lot of stuff in his life. He always want to be prospers. You always want to be successful, but we just one thing that will stop. What was it he didn't you you always want to know. He looked around, you watch, others be happy. He never was hated. He never once got discouraged. He stay to himself or that got the see you I am very glad to meet you.
He could hear pins, proud, a human reason why you come up from the ground, leaving you use your hosting tiara keep Goin. I told you, I don't think you're gonna be like the success story. Allow a kind of on call me. I watch me, you see, I hear how will you carbon advertising? I do at Bay, proud of their real Brad people. We need We saw, the man has amounted, no one, some congratulate, or maybe we can someone had gone all people good. Just keep omen Carter begot. He read before you, a man called bigger. He got here. It is as the breakfast club as these young. I met him, I'm a form of european may. I feel very special. There you go there, especially,
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