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The Breakfast Club were dropping gifts this morning with classic interviews from Kevin Hart, "The Voice of New York" Angie Martinez, DMX, Young Dro and Maxwell. Plus check out some of Charlamagne's favorite Donkeys of 2016!

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Order of business for oil pollution from terrorism other during the various categories. Only one may be reviewed, Ladys Hollandia vanish man. Maxwell is here on time and was going to negotiate the thought of you. That's what I like about this girl can't very kind of you think about it. All. I just meant that my pet must now place. That was a really good snap. Radio. We audio Maxwell man trying on the run of the club. You do have a problem. Actually, yes, they do
yes there they they definitely club. You know now tell me that you know it is an interesting world, though Khazar, maybe some forty two. So it's like. I can't and what would be like to be a fourteen year old with all the social media. The way is going down. Why haven't you connect with the people are so long, ass, seven years, seven years, re Jean Marie LE that, as you know, I don't I got it so you are getting anxiety about astronomy, the challenge of what I did when I did before. At the same time, I don't wanna play myself and try to look like I'm gonna, be in the moment all the kids, it's gonna regular future. Well, now I don't get it while I know and love all of those records are I missed. You know I listen to all everything I mean Ellison system really dark near tea, tray, like all of that, but real Irena definitely you know your gaudy. Definitely Travis, God listen
me I love. So I know what these songs are and I can say with them, but I always have to be really concerned about the bran. Unlike what I've done, you know stern and ninety six and in the fact that, like my music is, would you go home to after you, ve been where broadband and are pleased with family. Hopefully it's what you do on Sunday mornings when you cook in, if you get married to it, you having kids to it those types of things I got to think about those issues. As I see the never changing situation out, These data they the about that is that is it a lot of pressure? Ve always been. I see left like you, never wit, and with train I mean from you you first
so you videos, as they are precious staying different and staying in the latest aid in vain as big as those other signs and other out. Yeah. Sure, no doubt is a market mechanism amalgam Lahti about that, but that part of the fun you know the point of the challenge of putting something together is saying you yourself: will: how can I maintain relevancy but still be? This is always the greatest thing that I want is timeless, because so many people come and go. There are certain rules of the game about. How do you do that, and I think that if you stay true to the basics, you know of what we're trying to exemplify, which is our own gets, I'm not to detail oriented about shoes in cars, and I mean I'm discussion about in a win. You just talk. I try to talk about the bigger things in terms of just like you know how brave pain, betrayal, ft wanna get some money back for her new.
I feel like a good enough, those basic things or what we always feel, no matter what the watches that weaken. No matter what the sneaker is no matter, what the new car is where, whenever it is, those are the things that we are always connected, but added We have a frame when it came to these women men as you fresh out making great army, music, sure, girls who started at you a hundred miles out and out of it at the time because he didn't head you everything, but he died quarter. Earthy women are the ones beyond a majority. Is that mean big know? Nobody? They were to be the one to say when they want to wear ox right
the wheels is many them only type jigs badly? I feel you will look. I just think everything is beautiful and the weird thing for me is like when I look out into the audience there be bad ones out, but there the one that is the shy, is the one that may be feels like you know. I need you here a few there.
You're the one August right on, because I feel like I'm afraid you pick on Maxwell. I just want to make the right. You know at the end of the day, that's my job. I want to make you feel good and everyone was gorgeous everyone sexy, but you know for me: I'm com, a brain persons, was like. I think that this situation is sort of like will come to me on a personal level. There will be more mental, I'm forty two source. I beauty. I understand you, dvds, amazing, but when you wake up with someone after ten years, you don't even remember that beauty. Part of you didn't know that you have a friend. You just know that you know you got some way this whole new down. Hopefully Lightwood love like my friend and manage John maximum raising. It
it's that that's you know that day in and day out of that by all that stuff page, you know so give no natural all israeli gathered, you haven't care so average, maybe maybe I do I don't know. What's going on the let somebody legendary sperm go well, you know what I have just as she knows interesting that you should bring this sir. The maritime heavy marketing plan instead of the albums it'll, be sperm You did you bring about macro by Manuel who, as you know, no one understands the need to put a single waited. Ok, I might have a sign to come because usually the music candid does that so I figured let's just cut to the chase You know you have met, I hope so man, I keep a map. We got more. What Maxwell when we come back is to breakfast Logan,
holiday wishing you in your family the very best this holiday season from all of us here at the breakfast club, a breakfast. Let me buy you Jerry, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club. We got Maxwell still in the bill. I know I've been wanting so than I wrote to you, my way, but I mean yes, I will not mug my wife now, but I will when you choose. My girl is, though- and I realize angle in a moment, they remain at all is disappointed. Scream. Now I've been thinking about why the goals we have friends right and Bob, and I feel that way, you're gonna get ignited in bringing about what are you the way? My words are filled. Loaf weddings, thereby scream announcing the unicorn like sacrosanct. Like you know what you bring a girl for next, we will need the unfortunate out this week is like that might be. If I might grow ass, you watch you stand Jesus, you know. No. Nine is basically like when you guys Watson, basketball game right,
This is like their revenge on you. Basically, out of the four I am the revenge of all those times, but no mad pelvic thrust my computer was one more men I take. It is expensive. Let me I gotta put working, but I'm just look at the end of the day you get to take him home near when you get to get situations that you probably never imagined would happen. I'm sorry, I can't believe is twenty years later, guys is honest and I'm so happy, I'm picking it would do because I hear you guys morning. That's funny regime, some real people, you know you're in situations of ties. We gotta think about things in whatever, but do not appreciate all the support throughout the years, and I got you on those answering his honest. You ok
the term, the also because he will always give you credit for being started. I can't say that, because the Angelo was released and ninety five have to admit with great respect to him, that he, when he was set off, it really made everybody at the label really understand. I was already done with my home. I was just sit on the sidelines. I was on a bench, so I get credit today for being the person. Assorted really get my record off the shelf right and then I give a lot of credit to the radio stations edges. They played it without an understanding. Won't with this well aware in knowledge, crazy, now being aware and everything- and you don't have an, although the Weird West, indian type of thing, which that's not a typical, really foreign,
bees person, usually there from the south, easy there, like with the Oslo, historic, so perfect, like he's from Richmond Virginia, he played in the church in all, like my dad, what we go. My last from Haiti, like Humph, unlike first generation from Brooklyn, Yachting Phil Black enough really so for me, was like Manna hope Oh my people like his music as much as I love them, and you know twentieth It's nice to know that that I will that was wondered. Why didn't do many features? But there was this pre much no Maxwell features. You know well I'm not saying I'm better than anybody, because there's a lot of people out there that I like, but a lot of my choices, are kind of like family type choices like NAS was signed, released ninety five
There are ninety six four you're gonna grow together, we're you know. I was shocked to hear even like my music, because you know he's not he's listless hip hop must have his all smooth and we developed a friendship- and you know with are basically work on somethin once on one of his record streak hangs over and then in a wages. Did the boxing thing together. You know we have more plans to do more business stuff together because which, as we just get on and then Alicia case, who I knew at fifteen a colombian when you sign there, he was kind like my special guest on a first album? So I know her. I know swear that I thought you were going to do a joint wait with Jay, Z and Jaden once I was there when the money, anything video but he's sitting there their play, in a bag of unemployment, is a visit. Here goes, oh my god, ass much ass! My next move- I mean you know if, if Jays listening friends- and I seem all the time wife and I heard of his wife, his wife, his wife is cool. I'm from broken ease, Brooklyn?
be amazing. I think he makes. I think he is the Frank Sinatra Hip Hop because all of his beads in other places, no I mean literally in the craziest thing is when reasonable doubt came out. He always just chooses like the classic things and you can listen to all those records forever and- and that's rare man, life people understand is so much harder to make hip hop class because this so many ways that you really play yourself with with life all the new trends things. People do with quota and whatever blah blah blah even dress like our Kelly Kelly Hadrava, I'm gonna take a while. Like I get, I consider them bad about him. I mean fortunate. We unite eyes. I never see anybody's records unfortunate when I, when I heard it was ass. If for a song, but when I read, I was light because you just gotta pay respect him because that guy,
I mean he could just piano song, you know well, nobody will have to set you up for our male right out of all the bodily fluids, aggressive God save P, o God, Mr Kelly, Jerry. So though, well yes, I mean I was going to say something else, but I didn't want to say that, because the reverse made, you say what you're saying men were there you have. It is Maxwell, because the breakfast club promoting a breakfast club morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club, one of our favorite people up here today, What's good was making a for lost longer
in writing. Love is their mother. Sat down, is mix, tape and everything discussion May I love, I have gotten trouble and a college, but it was my about this. Totaline what everybody in jail laughed at me when I said that I didn't do it they bust out laughing, but I didn't do it like we pulled up on the set. The cops was that they Did you really want me to the stated a room wherever that chain and one stage and profound men and performance they introduce more blue collar. When are you all right now come out these days we walk out. They got cause around it. Mama's boy, you walk of similar Yarborough is a trip in a car like a tune and combat
we know that is not. We did ask me that was like, so they go on. Nobody going out he's using perform altogether cells is not what I do so he is gone in car alike is somebody in the car and that corner? You really mean it wishes. Wanna tell onwards. We don't do that. Don't make me point at you with people like that new crucial. No mandate has no guide, and unless this is what is emitted from now so cobbles coo EE, oh yeah, just due to go because you no money taken numbers of yellow moment. There was a moment to like ten fifty minutes. Let s put cuts or draw Updike Rail report merely beggared comment. That bad color minimum guarantees about how we deal with these brave mild homo garlic reviews. Were you get even more, but we go to jail where we think about. We remain stub, like you know about it.
Who told you There was also means is thereby that's like programmes. I know it wasn't even that much stuff. You know that the we was less than out. I took an initiative to say you know, since we all in here, let's just going split. The child is a cause of one party, no hay mellow, the icy way you take me out a lawyer before you start morning: oh no, because no one wants to know like all we can to make by it will do their later, but for now all of us has the same job, So we d like to say what you don t. Even me these well, but you gotta do is work that we produce Delmar. Man, a man down it is even went into a baby like. Oh, I gotTa Korea, life who have been forgotten
about boys body lay online gambling in Hamburg evaluate its body. Do I m a buyer? You know where that was my party and I guess it was for me because he turned the story around. It was like. Did you send guns mind? Because of who draw is gay he has a real man on a man, and I brought no, we curved like fun ways down outright. That's it, but you know anyone. You know me. I wrote enormities zebra in any way in about thirty five days. Like so there's been a year, we just sin and we're bull accounting is slow to court, ruled by is being decided so people in they got thirty forty you're getting thirty and forty light because it was like a pound that had like surrounding states of everybody was flight risk. They don't give buns and set bills and stuff like that too often to three times here is a really we really got. You know we had,
like a lot of money for lawyers. The negroes went down there before and I guess guess date they, whatever they d by You, like you, know me. Well, we are granting aid, but asked me gone. We did him out of there. I honestly don't know what you're talking about ITALY. Would, MR? So we said on at thirty five days, the last. We set out to do with similar. We was going to court he's a look of labour in that context George, you, my boy, a logo, remember why? I couldn't believe me. I've heard a lot. We we rode back any with my young men up it's all day, more water. All over my lived from droll. I brought out How did you come on a road open up? I you feel so we did it I'm gonna out you set me back. Is like seven shows trying to curly make those. I got three daughters. I mean that Nigeria, asylum oil? I enjoy
Sid, I e the world, the anvil impregnable. My but congratulate. Work is, though, you think there's my baby about it. You know, God no come blind, that way you mommy, Then I guess you re a woman and got no doubt my men for the Gaza real woman, Browlow being coups. We like the moon, Then. Why are we not associated with a man that looks like a woman? Is a plot right there, but he's got Likud, thereby setting any chance. I don't know yet on baby. Are you. You're, like we are more young Joe, will become back, keep alive the breakfast logo on
The breakfast club morning? Everybody is these envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club now. Young draw is in the building. You thank tee. I without alive become- and I we lack, laugh matter to them a mom what college did embarrassment I know I don't like that. I want you to know that was not cool. I mean I get it. What he was saying like you know, if he's successful, you know, and you know, a lot of people do stuff to. You know, get the police in bother. You know you shouldn't, nobody in their room, but you, apart of this stuff, that's happening like your skin tone. Is it shows it and feel me and we're not getting a good end of the stick. You know, I think all lives matter for
cause globalist ideology of publicly called an amount because they phrase he could call him on the phone levies. And now you know you can't say that, because he there was a public. Indeed the agri. He and begged global. Damn right, you're, amazing, by workers as I would they because I in our single eye, nor moved with your world be worthwhile. Let me give you some still be some middle usable houses. Would you get you by parliament check on a lot of damage check you boy You should reach adequately. That's your like that made us three. I see I was satisfied. Reality shows dammit, I ever I haven't you say some crazy, don't show it's your call you when I brought for driving
and publicly. That affects everybody, Maisie them that affect him here, but not at all, and I myself am- I have a copy of my life. Then let's go man. I saw that I get it I dont give. Who is? A lot is still going on right now. I got children and I wouldn't want my certainty, be a tree by my career. In wanting to do that, it was a result of using it it is gotta understand. It is a lot of people, the guardian poured over in solid aware that was seen. You just walk away to throw it. They know you grab that matters May you, if you and above all you can see that I want to be your bubble only one way street God is the last of Abu Omar Street.
The one embarrassing moment some lead you looked at, you saw yourself like then. I had like thirty days to sit out thirty five days and then like for me not to be ended. The next that time it was something else going on. So I decided I wanna go to Heaven at the end of look at that, our you. Why did I don't like you know why? I don T really want Tiburon using the new driving is a real facility in a man? Would only live withdrawing huge everybody, neither did Ataguju we're gonna turn every Sunday drop everything go back. Do I use to rob Kardashian go. I cried whom I can do
Would you and you, and it's not like you re here, it's glasses. I've come to tickle images, ages, delay It required a firm, the quite the same values. What do you mean? You want me to abstain? I wonder if the centre of my jaw sorrow module centre of my ventre. My job is to force on aerosol, inter from my Roma. It can take me to get a people- some drought, a judge. Maybe what he's us I shall make China made me saying they have it. The new improve children's early was would have read the dear God. Thank you put his breakfast tat. We have the club, not the night club is actually radio station. Thank you. Ve Charlemagne from that cracking jokes. Insurers way are truly idea good today,
trio you thank you got a name, a young boy. You sound like that morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are, the breakfast club will arouse Ladys phase because its own visa revolt. Really after reading the book doesn't want him know. I don't know, I think they clean after reading the book. I think they clean they clean out. Why do we not nervous? Furthermore, this book, my voice to the maiden energy, does not like complement what this book is: a test, the mill book, a documentation of class, the career in classic, lorries and I love it and anti met about any other read a book in fifteen years. That alone is very, they rode on one day, while you write a mean age, we gave me a daily by YO, frail and small.
That not only does you smoke crack, but maybe we're the resident for everybody. Isabel Gregg, with your credit, You know what a pipe and plan to do to get a new ways it is when it takes me. You'd want to read a book. I don't believe you would like. There's gonna be the world's biggest more cracked. It was a mistake. I mean it was a mistake in time I was a kid I didn't know there wasn't a big epidemic. It wasn't like. It were united to everybody's. I was just another way too,
well we'd or whatever? That was a mayor. The only way to me as it is because we know what to make it seem like you, I got. A gradual accidents are big of a grid cumbered. You started off Craig. You did not mention about once and I just want to make it clear was once I'm and it was kind of an accident, and I mean those stupid Hammett locomotor will crack casual. Rather than as a care where you alike, as, moreover, we before we came away, what's the same thing down all crack of Franco you're not now. I know that in the mobile to literally after it happened and watching the news- and I was like- oh god- that maybe I should some crack in because I want to have a nice trip
Let s say that what is now she's alive, how god I'd say you did the book best? The thing is, I was greatly there was a meanwhile play of the dual agenda. These pages, like half the homework is gonna, be about. Does one bad review a crack in the new? Now look at the wasn't. It was like a special event. Then maybe it was already, and we were talking about- was paying attention grudging until I had that, then you do it and you like. Oh, I think that's what just happened to be nigh very idea. Ecstasy beforehand, and I thought I special Only I ecstasy and then you will they are. They are worried. Maybe I shouldn't have again allow rooms or grant still leg was gradually
of course, not over furnished with my friend and presently it wasn't like my friends. It was like some kids at all now about my my grandmother says in her neighbor par goes, its ban of ones is, and who knows, I don't know what happened and I haven't seen than those that they weren't like my friends. They were like the guy. They will make the kid so my grandmother's, Blacker read you a better France. Thank you. So my friends said, but you I've been a pretty private praiseworthy hard you like kind of game. Well anyway, I did. I know my age. You don't like to live in a strange. How comfortable I feel about it. I feel like I gave me over out. So when I started writing, I was like a magician right. Everything as it is in any way. Everybody with my family with might like whatever limited right it as it is, and then all assess then I'll be that could be the cut bout. Do all that, but was is out, and you realize, like everything happens, for a reason, even that even a crackling are used as an example to say, like I have compassion for
but who have addictions and get gold down bad roads, Gaza things like that Everything in my story of my life is for a reason. But there's nothing. I am ashamed of inside you wrote it and then I was like what about other people that you telling stories about some of these people in a book, and maybe some of them are not gonna, be in the most flattering light in their opinion. But is Europe What really happened yells, maybe I neither did you have to say. Ok, let me let them iq then I'm going to. I haven't made the calls yet, but maybe before maybe and there may be today when I leave here make reforms are made those go. I will buy alarming embark, I'm talking about it because I feel, like whatever happens no happen, I'm not saying anything, that's not true number one and in it you would allow. You know some people may mailings in, but those are my daily has really. I don't talk about through its not from a judgment alarm. China hurt nobody, I'm just telling you like what my room is and how I learn lessons because of things that happen so long as on the
umbrella felled okay with it and I'm a fool. I got her. Anybody lay anybody's life. If you really do as they did, you put me in the book I get the ozone leg principle unanimity in the book. I don't like China now did I make the work of our EU finances? Would you You have terrible yours there about what you said. That surprise varies a brain and have those problems. When you started know, you had a really twice the average wage and watch where to go to court for you, ready known and on the radio and good thing. What about the problems? My wife things like fire from windy? She had been of going to court. Nobody was this tat feeling my jostle pop and you would want everyone, radio. You do in every I would like that I was down there. Eviction notice like this video That wasn't me any bills. I just was irresponsible. I just was
never really learned how to do that, and so I was like you know you get on global casual who just send it right, and I was ripping them told him out from morning to night work in the clouds and come home. So you know my mailbox. I would like you know, once every two weeks. It just wasn't something that in those bills were an important and paying a water lightly. Bavaria debt. Even now. I want you to ask of you explained: how did you Americans folk, who that you could pick up the phone and inadequate, might have already money? This would marry with parliament We have a merry in onawandah ever tell her business a, but you know Mary has got do things in her life too, and we both immigrants to each other during those targeting Mary. Me and I've always trust her? Even in even writing story about something as she helped me, I'm let her know like you know, I'm telling the story. So she knows, and I think she just you know we came up at the same time. So it is important for our first out now. I'm just gonna start a ban on radio. It was her. She would listen to the radio and then should come to my show when she was like
much of a we just adamant. We just click and then we will go out. We hang out and then you know she hasn't things going on her life. Just were always we both Capra points? We have a very animal. A unique kind of understanding of each other laws is evil. Even the now like even now, Mary and if you go into a czech casting where you hit it, they are in the minority, have a check or not. I love that story, the battle it saw our words she so regular she's such a regular In writing. We have like those two stories to crack store. We can't fire wanted y know why the story goes there. You are negative as resonated cinema. Double sided me about the book. Those inside your era, you'll, never see them again. Are you, Mary Comin up together, Daisy coming I'd, allow me or you will hold listens and album and we're not getting that some of those things I just take one Everybody knows these lorries, you know,
Nobody knows that Jay Z Kelly got inside and met the gardener. Pull the show in the middle of it a show and then came up to the radio station and interviewed would mean two in the morning when he knows that story. But then you write these story. There is now talking to people colleges last weekend, I'm telling stories, and they like, why is ever seem real, but you know that I'm like what is really habit makes me less how important it is. The document in the latest, though, is partially radios, don't think that happen on the radio did just for some reason like not well back and look at. Why or Oh, you know everything by art. As you know, everything about videos could therefore visually seen on tv, but the story that happen on radio documents, you're running everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have age more seen as in the buildings. Yes a book or my voice. Now I was really surprised you got so parcel in his book. It gives so much your personal life when you re about your life like a person nor man. Why did you lie? We know like it was it there is a terrible marinated video one point
so you might labour areas in our language. We brought us didn't we we have come a very long way but really worried about the building. It was light. You know who did it is those within nobody else. Would guess what it was A damn lie, let the people messed with him. I just chose tonight's because we didn't have the best relationship and I didn't want to ever have to fake it, and we never talk. But I guess we supply talk about it after this, MRS, as this is on a vote, but in all we ve come a long way. Man. I thought, though, by him being filled with support of during the marathon and donating all that money, and you know he's who he is. But what was it later? didn't like it was just moments. You read the book, one thing: if people who I listen, there were moments I have, but will they could read the book to apply everywhere by God at their moments that happen where you know his agenda was different mine and Oh, he was aggressive about his agenda as I was minor, and so sometimes I just kind of bump heads
ran a born. You wanta ran up its strong, I mean it was like a book energy rain upon you love me this. While I was probably and then you did, the two pack you in here as well. Yeah judgment does a lot about your garden because of me if thou with me- and I would I be able to be totally heard- a media have let you won't believe. Oh here's, the thing I love that about you. And I respect different people's perspectives on how they choose to use that might somehow that you was cuz, it's important to have different voices. You know it's important to have people who just want to tell it as it is point blank. What I've learned is that I can Ben myself to do what other people do like violence? If I spent my boy,
gonna be Charlemagne, I would fail miserably Any lawyer, and only security and then that's one of the things like this place will all all these different type of voices- and it took me I really appreciate my own and want to make sure that I'm always true to it. What made you two last story During the past two areas, relationship with renewed talked about their story. That was honest I could tell a vagabond is that was one of the milder stories really yeah was yeah? That's what I was her own story. He told him. I was a milder story, an enormously one. The reasons I dreaded ever puddings about was because of our effective outside people that weren't above you know, but at this point I must and relies on its part kind of part of history, not for me to protect, think everybody's kind, will download their lives at this point. That interview go oh two hours, I at some point. You know what I'm not sure where, where it can happen, but it just has to be like respectful and done well at this point has been sold
but you said you didn't want to put it out, because you know want to cause problems within then big both got killed, yeah, but imagine it would have both got killed and I would have put it out. I would have forever feel that I would have ever held that like did, I have something to do with that. Is it cuz of the funeral? I would have always worried that some so grateful that I didn't, because, honestly I would have live with that forever. I agree with the latter the move that you made in the book leg, because I feel like a lot of the Anti Martinez it. If I was in the same situation. I make. I probably would have did the same thing. Yeah cuz. I do feel like a sense of responsibility to other people and not causing more issues than necessary, especially when something can be violent, the way that it was hi says it. Wasn't it's crazy when you think about that time? How hostile it wasn't? How I mean you, member, like everybody, was It was real like everyone, it gossip blog. I do scare evenings eyelids real you felt like people will gonna get touched and and people dead and they did and we, but you didn't know to what extent how many like it just felt like in this way will fell very dark like a bad time. It was. It was about. One of the German
say I got from you and watching you is for people understand, as you know how to do everything. Could you even I came in here when you own boy, you and your real aid without legal somebody works with you. I don't know she wanted perfect people on all that about you, but you do everything that nobody do anything to this day used. And he's got a few fight over here for not being on here. But that's not my fault, that's whoever that person's fault. It's like you know. I can't, and I think that's older and more like I just announced, cannot tolerate being like somebody does not look in salary lay you, people are lazy or people are not committed. I am committed to what I do so if you are part of my team, I need you also to be committed to whatever your piece of that is like editing. I still too, cried in my myself. So I feel like in till like to have another Angie Martinez next to me who can edit it and know exactly what I want to do, then
there will be another month. You don't see kid, when internships the way tat we come up and thing it. I need to work in the promo department, yeah because they lazy out not its algiers to be rid of us now it anymore, you know probably the from path. It's a different. I give to go on like this on lines, people to become a celebrities, lazy and then wind up with just two issues: a different path, but the work ethic and the joy. As this will be there. You know you can't do exactly You did ride there. Any of us did, you should take from the work ethic and the drive and in all the time you put into what you do we are more, we age wants will become bad. Keep laughed is to breakfast locomotive breakfast
morning, everybody's dj envy, easily Ye Charlemagne beguiled the breakfast club that we have as you more teen, isn't a building. She has a new book called avoid. The forward is by J call a lotta people first divide in North Amerika. We know what a forward with I know they're like what does that mean? Why that they might have banned the olive look only I didn't megawatt went nowhere lay in a light. Would you wrote what I've been through? What made you too, yeah. I mean Jesus somebody like failure, Lizzy. I felt opposite because I think my space in the culture is that leg. You know I had this history, but I'm also still very much in a menu check my ratings, and nor will there very few people are aware. We have an amazing numbers about the northern solids egg. I feel I have led one for in this. Dial one foot in this item, which is a unique position to be in think about cold, as I feel like cold is really a student of the culture like a somebody who cares and
So in telling my story too, not just the p. That was there, but telling my story to people that I knew it may not know these toys. It was, is the perfect person subpoena deliver it Roger so that any also speaks of the fact that things to be learned from the way we came up in the way that you know. Radio was at that time and hip hop was at that time. So it was perfect and I think he's amazing, and I was I was it was the perfect. I think J would have been like so predictable and so like what did he say that has already been said in terms the light we don't know nothin maybe later maybe you good over five zero then, but maybe by two, maybe maybe the second, maybe the second local hill grace me with it with a forward, as we can all useful much you. He always alms, for you put him up there s any songs, you told him with whack. That's still ended up being it yeah parties biggest long ever was high, not life. I hated it
rarely I did. I did everything I used to love the Abbe Zau dragged about just like you should come on this line. We goin Zara bomb. That is those terrible. But why are you in a single agreement? They, of course, as you must begin, his moods biggest songs ever? What did you say? I think he just would always take opinion and just kind of take it for what it was. I don't think it was like he's like How to change my single now? Cuz, you don't like it. I think it was that, but I think he likes to the same ways like I gave the book to a few people and it's especially when you guys gave me people were, your career, who had seen on here what you resonates. Who would you like that? You didn't think so I think for him it was the same thing and I think he trusted me and ensure that became like a thing. Are you at the point where you alive that you and your peers are indeed legends ere. I don't know how, when the college investment they were. When did you feel like you made it? I was. I still feel it
community. I still feel like I wanna do films, our right of movies group, though the tv I wanna dance, but could be a movie outside whether the day as they. Thank you see. Everything has leg on happening and I go mix between like a modern leg, coming of age, a brow sugar in India to crack vibrant trial will be allowed stories. There's five is worth their struggle, their success because much love life which was there you go away to get to that. There is one guy in the way I am, and I know I am to fire you back in the day and when I worked with any work, allow oh yeah. Maybe another language was always a cucumber. You would you to pursue further by about one of the four: about recovers about paragraph eleven we was so like people didn't really known. We were very damaging like below them,
so we know that you felt when you William, who knew how to do two things over half now, because you know that it's a lot of women nowadays. What's that allowed awarded a radio nowadays, don't mix the business. With the pleasure I mean in its food for some people. I guess it worked for somebody with other in I'd faded. Somebody than I did some I, who was it it doesn't matter just depends, will personally like as we lag in this house. Well, they deal with what you do not have that we had them with the. Why I would mention any guy in there is because to tell you, some of those challenges are being a woman. It's like you know when you man's like. Will you want an invite to platform like I've been girls needs to know that little girl housing apple muzzle, but I was situated on like my good. That's why we No one knows the elbow
She really all your my going back. You know here because I would have wanted data guy, that we have an issue when we gonna do something that could be one of the big things in my career ever. This is what I'm saying is where Europe is one thing of your marriage. You married, and you have four five kids ass, a different type of relationship when you and your young twenties and you're dating somebody who is not on board. We what your vision is for your life, you gotta, keep pushing bar by you know that not that your bag. I would you not all my track right now in a couple of a couple of leisure that I do talk about is the same debated work for the same reason as like you not go I'm going, and so is another one in dumb argument, like you blow your midnight marauders classy by you to stay in acceding to the classic super duper glassy. Now I don't know you don't really know at the time. I think most people do like after we welcome. Then we worked together for many years and more good friends and people thought we would dating. Unlike is so late on that somebody
Did you know you lot of music? In that regard, I want them thought about a tribe who the gallery done, and nobody maybe we're her yeah, I'm sure all types of stuff. Oh, my god, I was terrible internal under fire from shore music beat songs that were completed samples, oh, that the yellow, arguing, found anything that use a thousand via version arranged. It was my gazelle arguing you have you have not like. I actually think directives. We call to all five agenda, two thousand, because that's gonna be there. Lie bawler, but we do up in love. You baby dead. What did he say? You are really why why haven't Leslie that in the book Leslie really work that, but I will but I was. I was the little be careful that just because family and makes everything by also. It was a lesson, listen anything that I share and if somebody else gets into it, I'm sorry but the honesty, I've learned something from all those situations. A shout
not so long ago. I can only agree about the good thing about the book to mix in respect of the people in your life right. You re really meant doubts as they want yeah Another thing we need you to do: we need you to break dance will you mean- and I make no bones about it? I didn't reveals in in the book an amber today and I thank you as happens, there is a lot more in his book there. We didn't even get remarkably discussing the problem with talking about books in movies, nobody's seen. No, you know I mean but go get this book above a story have your radio historian. You have to get married. You know nothing about it. Yeah or anything like that. You're still ensure that women are always very well written and greatest there ain't, no matter where are your pop outliers, I have learned that as an adult me, it's amazing to feel how different parts gonna resonate with people and I'm really bout of it? I did everything I say, by and there will have realised the classic man is the great doc.
Mutation of classic stories from a classic purse, donkey gavel dont you did. They ve got the Ex Ohio state, superstar full ballplayer choice. If now choice we ve got arrested, drunk driving and costs round a low marijuana, low we'd in his car. Ok, not drunk driving, driving while on drugs is stupid and selfish, and that by itself is don't. You today were reboot fancies ports obtained, dad can videos shot by the police officers when they poured over to having a trophy winner, and this takes its own. I always find it amusing when people had drunk because when I'm drunk, I don't think I'm in pair meaning.
You know what's going on. I know what I'm saying when I see people like Twitter, if I question above ever really been drunk, can we hit? Is traffic? Stop please. I don't got yourself, I'm off sister, but above all no no no great now how much I'll buy you consume tonight, fair to say what your eyes. No education are great wait for more miles. They carried my name Choice made a college degree of graduate from Ohio. With a degree in Bachelor S, fair to say no doubt lesser. Definitely but ok, death does on China. What is more measured on parents are not at all. Ok. Can you recite the for me, started the letter c and stop the letter. W argot organ deafening, we must identify the ABC from a to Z, from seated W. Can you do that? Sea g g g AIDS
but he had wandered back. Ok, but can we start writing furnished the wall? He said he I no alcohol elaborated to determined bs. Second, he said, I'm officer. What does that? Even me? What are you trying to say hi off yeah hi, I'm in all our? Maybe you senator I'm in offices relative, you had a fraternal, auto police God of Israel. As soon as you said, I'm officer the police knew you were drunk. They were just going, allows you to see our good. This was gonna get and it got better because what exactly is a degree in bachelor's you have a degree in single meant. What kind of refreshing to use download that degree to you get eligible back. Wasn't held them up with women who are looking for them. You have a degree in pet biology. Now it is the fence, the police. I don't want your question. Would that alphabet thing ok, thought met. She is a little. Difficult would you sounded off in your head? A bee Vince thought at sea
you wouldn't have any problem. What brought you got stuck after. I Are you a media? One yeoman company? Can you recital applicants for me the letter c and stop the letter w I get out, the ABC from a to Z, from seated double Can you do that e g g g AIDS, or put out by that date. Now, let's be cleared accomplished, trying to be funny when he said recite the alphabet from seated W because the sea he was a black network that was the home of the way as brothers girlfriends in the game, ya need to stay Walcott. He. I doubt that cop knew what he was doing. Ok- and you have to give the man try a little bit of traps
because he used the last letter. He could remember in the alphabet to form a complete sentence play it one more time, just listen to what he did. His ingenious c d e, f g h, I I just want to go home. I wanna get advance for joy dammit these. You get some points for that please give choice with leniency. Hardly yeah You got little bit approach. He fell the field sobriety tests That was a little bit of genius. The lab, you remember his. I adore you finish what a complete than is just want to go home, but rather the plaza choice. My good out Joe
and you Does that make me again make again It is up to twenty. So, look something like this. Jesus? It is true, before the vote, mine-
It is a pity that game and thanks to him ass, to make the European Union to make a few months ago we voted. Did you,
so since it. Are you jump club? just at this time. Money. Homie from could go they make up said. Will you make me again the man
doubtless dj ending Mozilla you and I don't want to hear my Charlemagne gotta. We just want to say, have reality from all three of us drew the breakfast Everybody is DJ. The Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club. We got espresso guess in a building, any came with gifts, you better come with Does the ridges comedian in the world, but we don't know that we pass I've gotta come within gives us. Regulation I had the honour of Norway and Iceland has never bring them, normally go home, get it, but he sent his nose and twelve more pairs. Here. Borgia botulism gives man so nice that does maybe doesn't go partners involved myself, Drake Cp Chris Paul. We are, you know back. This is Guide Jason's vision.
Isle of Man I'm not going to get it all like that. I don't know. What's going on, I got no. I got no information until about that, but I can't tell you is that I'm back in how bad things I don't believe in so headphones. Adult was a smart headphone, the forts actual smart, for what is I mean you'll be able to share you, be able to share information through the blue tooth activity of ever so its investments Does that allow you to surpass Jerry sign from other decibels adulation out on, though we may be it in the world? Look man! God is good how ya Doin was going on about either my congratulations on your men's fitness cover and not as a big deal. I wasn't big deal. Yes, I'm going to be on the cover of men. Was a big deal, man, ethics pack and everything. How won't pay off? Maybe you know as well, blood, sweat and tears and Jim blood, tears, but I cannot say, is don't you see the
the results of your. How were you when you see things like this? Come up size, predictable, and what is money making weren't on its already made twenty million dollars of your movies care? Now ass, I turned away, earth and told me that, don't day I would point, would teach you ve known ass, natural ass height, number one on to number one. I must say I am. I wasn't doing well, and they make twenty may now. The game is is for right now, no, it's not like I got in the EP game at the beginning of it would add game. First part of me I was a lay comer and yet game, which is why try to demands differently and have my face represent me in mile. My motions. That was my way of saying. I don't want to do there by else has done, and you know I definitely had allowed success, but I have had the success that people have had early and pass Kim. Kardashian killed the game which she did it because she is one of the first people
jump in their celebrities? They here's my version of it. So everybody else labour, camp, Kim Deadly Mesa, money of that no wet, but never waiting the snigger. They sold out snigger days, Yoda yeah, hustle hearts working on a hustle heart to now. You know, I don't believe in them things just one time so Marilla relationship Nike is ongoing. And right now. You know this whole, move. Would harm movement has taken us to a different place, a different direction where the people that I've got to invest in a vision of simply working out and being healthier are now embarking on the same journey. Is me, I was at one point prepared to prepare a five k. Now don't TIM cave and I want to half marathons, then I'm going to do my own marathon, so the goal is to just grow, but not for competition. Just simply say that you did just to check on goes on your list and I think the best part about it is the same people that don't work out that don't run really start to get up and
they say yeah, I'm doing this, because I want to be part of a move at all. How did I get over forty million dollar that I cannot fathom suddenly there, though, because I totally reject on your end of you in here, and I can tell you very passionate about helping other people just to mine everybody. Get a good deal of five K. I'm doing a fag hands who weeks as though for me it is about. The very inspiring factor, goes along with you I mean when you realize. If you have a platform, you got to find different things to use it for, and I think in this particular case, I'm all finished behind the words that you hear, I'm not the guy. Standing on top of a brain talking about something that I don't do, I'm representation of what I say I am so I think would be where actually get to see. The fact that, out, I say we run and I'm running. Would you I'm waiting until every body comes through and one day I m glad you have now low pissed off cause. In a way that, like an hour and a half for his one guy,
You ve got one guy rightly commented he was walking that it was a beggar God. I was mad for a second, but then I was like a signal. What man I ran out tomb, he was like a he was like a half a mile away. I ran out to him dude, I said if you're gonna come out. I said you got a lease. You got at least try. He said care visa, you understand, I'm trying, this is me: walk in his is the best I got a damn it man and a woman, recipe which isn't me how and I have two hours of finished with the gap, but it made me realize I gotta know a bit no. I couldn't be alive. You know, I told him by the beginning of our own leave until causes replenishment right but what I learned that day was he simply got up. Oh he's, probably like a good three thirty and forty. He may look, madam, I don't do this. You said you may we feel like this is what I should be doing I'm out here and I did it. I want to say that I did it
is the first day, man of hopefully more to come. He said, but you got me to start and I took that what kind of blown away about it and then and then, as we kept going, you keep getting different testimonials. You know man, I'm fresh off a cardiac arrest or YO man, I'm a cancer survivor on Paraplegia, I'm in my chair, Brad's one come be upon something so inspiring read me hope, so we to hear all is the re it hit. You you go before listening, but the list because I see the actions combine, don't gotta your party Go law alarm you see some mighty come then got things. Do we get out have around me, as very emotive men saw, is all his all mental. So when you, when you do see somebody in a wheelchair, you know and enhance the EU yet blown away, you're blown away by because what they wanted. Around they wanna be remedied spirit. Thus beard is contagious while positive people, when you get around a bunch of people, have five and I will give your hands
how can you one half of everybody's out there go hey, may go goal of didn't get it. You will want one, that's what he was out there for an hour later. If anybody can do, I went to my friend, asthma, her whole life and Ukraine really read where she never ever ran and national budgets. As I see it all started up her just walk in and run in a little better than men and a little bit more really slow, jogging and working in the next thing. You know, as you do know, seven if she dies, you dont sums in love and realise that it has already had arguments you started running because the measures should be winter like cancer, you know you trying to do some stupid in Madeira and take one is long vows. He call us have walked on treadmill, whereas inhaler Ass, a man. You're young them by their work out. I'm sure you good, We are now go, you're Matvey allow it, but then they got the middle of heat. He's who used to be
like you, I get a page on, allows big. Mr heart, come down. Yeah dad is among the hold, where's long used to be. You mean it. Was you organize woggle for bother, you are you sure walk in right now, but as he would jump out the window, I can't get it all in one day is a gradual process. Then your house, what he paid you alone are not enough. There was there was an ally. Do actually I'll go out of ok, I gotta Jim, like be around people. Only you know I like going to the gym five. Five hundred and thirty cuz. You see those people in there those people at the most Then I like people's work process. So you get about what I get up for thirty four forty, five everyday. Why I'm come because too I'm I'm, I'm a computer and Jim Everyday, I'm Jim! everyday. My light day in the gym is just like cardio or am I looking today we just going to do a quick three miles we get out of here and do some cardio I need to know that got up, and then I did something
no warning everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, cabin hot, in the building, I have the old networking logic and left. Allow you we don't know line and who told you to a lot of phone calls was gonna may then be able to make our economy directories pesetas them. Global way. Well, I'll tell this I mean I'm not gonna. Do everything myself this network. You know you hire people, but people in a position to to do a job to help you manage the bulk of stuff is coming in a thing right now, with the comedy network. You don't realize locally, Is there a normal even with the new ones that are coming up? I personally met. A large amount of these people, you can grab everybody's the beginning, you know so we now, two who we felt we should go out to and in all right now think we shot if the forest special, but a hundred and something comedians
we're about to shoot some more specials in Atlanta were doing half hour specials and then I'mma go to Miami and shoot something, but we've been going to go to Australia and I'm going to do an assortment of Bixby international comics from there. So this is a special round, and then, after that I went to the adjust last fest. When I gave out deals, you know I had a pitchfest where people came up and pitched ideas and yeah. I did that I felt were amazing. I bought on the spot, so I'm really just trying to give opportunities to this younger generation. So, within my words are all the comedians out. Did I feel like they being overlooked? Miss this be patient. You know this is a start up. It's a start of network. You can't do it all in one day with it with the Oda comedian. That bet you blown path in your career. Or would you like that? So I will leave you owed him anything like the one that may have like what you are sold early on.
Oh anybody, nothing! Ochre, oh no mean anything. I think one thing that I owe is is is, or the one I'll say, his name in a person at all the crap Stanhope Communism Stain of companies were got me too. I am today, you know those doors open because our jobs, so all those before me that toll jobs that made it to a certain level open up those doors. They allow me to walk those same doors and create new doors that other people can walk into herself, is my job in my service to try to create more door. It's not me owing people I have relationships, are no people, but you gotta, understand, as a brain as a business, I have to be smart about my movement because I want to be here today. I M going to mark. So I play chess unemployed. Checkers is a chess game for me, so a lot of networks have have tried to become network a lot of
social media platforms at a mink created have all failed and you gotta look at the blueprint of what's been done and why it fail. I've done my home, I'm strategic, that's while part of our landscape is a fifty fifty on board an owner of laughed aloud network, I'm a decision maker by partner it up with some people, have made great decisions on a higher level. Ultimately, how many those relationships are gonna, be my Domini Jaws, but let's be fifty fifty as make it makes sense, so I'm coming with creative side and they come over to create so the people ever insane coming see that they will see when they were behind the scenes and our budget if a tv subscription bays Comedy, never what about retired with them establish better, like Martin Lorenzetti has a special coming on. Somebody like a Dave Chapelle is something Did you try to do us for this cause? I could be pretty. It will be huge, but I think I think people need to see you need to see what it is,
I don't want to go out in in and poor those for those cars, and so people see I've representation. What my network is as real thrill deal was quality, but I'm not gonna go out to find my days Chapelle to a guy Marlon, Chris Rock. Until they can see what I stand on. Do I have the money to pay those guys, one hundred percent, those guys one hundred percent. When I come, I need to know that I'm coming correct, because I need to treat you the way you should be, I want to come and treat you and I'm half ass on my side. I want to make sure it's laid out in front of you that you see the different other people to take take take on home. So how do I separate myself from the game? in writing. I have bought two stages to sound state here already millionaire Libya gave out a notion of whether this is always a declaration was shot. It's all speculation. We are talking about a minute you just guy half an hour later. If I did, I realized
I wonder whether there is a huge major major major. Thank you, though, by the show that man they'll blown away by you know I got to look around and just see everybody. A part of that you now and by a part of it is not just my star. I looked round and looked at him bite. Really really been involved in the growth of Kevin heart from our friends. A hartbeat productions from my manager day, Becky like broke down now, will probably see it. So not you know I was trying to cry, but my manager me my manager, been together for fourteen years, and she has no contract involved to do right by you do right by me. We ve never never sway and whenever we ve never, veered on a wrong road and that man is back me. My visions for the longest time so dull to see him near remain they Becky Ochre was dubbed the sea a mere well packer terms.
Ice cube. They came down and spoke, and that was special because that's a triangle that I hold responsible for the high level success. Now, don't pack her will the first producer to go. That guy should start my movies and think, like a man like a man to this is bad. When you know nobody was really lookin. Will was always check and we'll find the Guinean S by TIM Story directed me and how to maintain. The major relationship mean Cube Cuba's door because every by the successful instead of comedy and urban world, she was touch you somehow. How how glared at some care, who you are Cuba's, had his hand and somehow I call q urban version of jet appetite. How jackpot tells us for so much comedic talent. She was the same way and I said cute: when ride along came up. My name came up. Q jumped at it. We got to get him. It was conversations where it was like it wasn't: a fight, but
Are you sure we're gonna go with him? A heart acumen will tombs I'd. That's I got one so you you stay true today you don't and I looked around man. It was just so much loyalty and sir what I was around he was diving and it has made me realize how important these relationships are. Why I've got a big deal out. We would restore the walk through the me. It was an accomplishment because it came out of nowhere. You know it was something tat was was brought up and I was I what they want to give you a star. You are voting, that's videos, voters you in and they say, did you should get one you're Harward dedicated craven outbreak and even me yours, I go there. I'd like to go and look at the stars and while pass them you they look who, as is dire, Donegal peel. My mom known apiece models is on a heavy heavy traffic peed partner of ollinger, so you
just argument is respected local, but the fact that there is no, you know how I was hoping to give me leave to weeks. Gimme a clean two weeks before I walk in season. Paeon got areas with the stars are, as a rule, nice area an area like like your majesty in, like I'm in a good light, walk right now you gotta go round the he stumbled Iwo moment where we had the Hollywood and what they thought about their offer. How how and why No I'm all a good street. No, you laugh, you know, I never get you don't care about awards! Buddy! Don't you when they ask you ask as you like. We do the photos.
Firstly, that we do have love- and I might add, is wanting a desire to remain silent about speculation. They salaries doesn't want to create a sub areas, outage allies as anything about money. Speculation is legally I've, not tired myself, any amount that he said now. How say this? I'm not the guidance in it for the I'm not gonna do illnesses a man. I can't wait to give me my look for that. I think this was more especially when it looks for you. Humble and you broke down, I dare not broke down, you know: mammal Mama's, boy, Mama pathway, Lavish went to my indulgence, you got a little brain damage, your wedding? Also, I cried at the reception. I don't cry on
The reception was more emotional. First, the wedding was dope is hell. We didn't go traditional, you know we put hours spent on it and it was nice was very nice. You know she's she buckled a low bit become just under a major with words. You know where I put the romantic than ever. When at the reception will people start giving a toast and just goin down? You know their memory lane and what they remember in water happy that their book me a little bit about with the Roma. I write nothing. I went off the heart, I got there in and free. Loud brother got. You will feel this Dagon Nominal stumbled a couple times in there. We go about whatever we come back. The breakfast.
morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the Breakfast Club Kevin Hart in the building and congratulation cat rumor has it that you were expecting the baby. Now that I know where to get this run. Down below them. Some say nobody like pregnant the other guy. Like maybe you blow, you looked like we know that they will be around like a baby the Navy casual some day, even of type and catch you on a different different sad thing? Is a pouch buried. Thank you pregnant now job. Now I wanna keep saying she's pregnant pregnant, we're not expecting
you know when we do we'll know we'll know when you're you're, probably here for me several months after you'll, probably be able to tell cuz it's cuz she'll be showing, but when it does happen, I'm not going to be public about it off the back, I'm superstitious. They say you never had a baby month like three months some, so you can hear you in here for many by nobody would know now. Also, last time you hear you talk about every time. You finish your project by. Why did I think, like a week later, the House, a moi half a million dollars in your original speculation. We do not allow this Everyone would be like that is a bird. I think my gmail watch out kept busy. Probably graduate No man now listen. I don't know this public record daddy's pigs All I know is I love gag
where there is never gonna enjoying chaplains wrapper, dropper man, amazing Fahrenheit needs. Do amazing things. He got a video camera. Not are you you just shot a video with trade zones. People think we're gonna go. Rumours, caviar, your drama do Drab LSD That man is all may rest now. Is that in any way, shape or form is really. Does he gone crazy for no reason? Man again, his bonds legal, they went away nor lie again. I am so great right now. I know you not on a breakfast club, Moyo Film and promote my midday. Come on man come all my brother. Don't play me like that. May come into ok, you're, the only one drop. Some fourteen understand. Gotta come correct, dont come down and look for czech bottom line you in a basement where everybody get wet
think about it. I have to think about it. Cuz, I don't. I don't know what that I don't know what that meant. I got to think about that. I'm not No doubt you has not been a thing like this. That man is not my responsibility, he got voices that guy got a voice. If you got a problem, been. I had told them all project. On alone I mean was mix is coming. I do that is all that had been an autograph you'd, look for a war without level success and allowed a novice models. None may work for news, I'm habitat he's getting is now listen. I'm almost stay. True to me. But he's gettin is John. I'm habitat is he's gotta come on our own, always a October fourteen has made things coming out with a multi million dollar deal going, but actually I too would like to tell you you know less use with you, because I would think he will have a map
It is not behind the scenes. Issues is dead. He feels like as you carrying him around. Now I should a shit. Now in the Rio Kevin, Obviously the image of Kevin Harmless worried about it became a part of the brain is big positive part of the brain. You would do a job, for example, who reckless yeah he cousin and do what you want to negotiate about admitting now, migrants we bought it disorder by about was the first thing I want, and I was the first thing: are you in the video at least what now Recent wishes I went out and make the delicacy I mean I've got brought out the move outside the watch. The movie that issue, rather than go through tat, lets. Let's get back to you. Don't listen. Ok, rolls man, don't pull your phone out God and it was a bed for re like your borders. Marvel the seven as double was the delight of growing that nobody see everybody. Where was I
like I'm, a given was present at the day said ten times Dolokhov. Yet as the problem, which has to be a leader and begin in order to allow me, as there are no not at all under dollar me, I told you before envy poured out his phone out there to Toronto amount, which was do they learn I'd love to fry. Let me remind you that there is scope to do it, but don't make a scene. You just get him I'll, fair rules, aroun gazebo wasn't coup at him and you didn't follow directions. It makes sense bay, basher boy yeah it they asked you to do something for him, Why would you have been able make their lands gets a yet on bright colors? Does not you not distract enough, though I was wicked rights. Give you abide skin bright, colors, walking out, look like a safety belts. So almost had the heart cruel
I came down like a bright light blue to members like look like. A new thinking group just came in the mill, then they wanted to do a single and a middle showed advocates you out of here, but we need a movie now, since you miss it was ass. He would be a fine thing you could do what now, which is why we ask you to move one black hills were tabled here. It's all a thousand as apparently rather right. Take that back I was already a seven point. Five million years latterly gives you was reason will start the other main always asked for money. Has you can hear how he's obsessed with amateur the people making zone, but you should stop more values? I am again thousand peace governor of time when I'm do give him a piece of knowledge is priceless money,
doesn't grow on trees, but we got a gun honey about bad. I'm telling you, I hope today, states which, for a long time yet you're not gonna, hear about me son, I'm givin, obey I think I have a hard time give my guys low, petty cash. We therefore does not justify a caveat twenty. We can. I get it for what where's, your twenty four hour, gonna chasm right now. It won't you when you get it to get what you need a mega now, because if I give you twenty while another one and then you gonna throw out because I gave us would I have to give up, I want to put our friendship and opposition. You get money every four years gobbles used about those they way, not enough mines. Gotta eat. Ok, Wednesday S down. My very Debbie is he's happy he's all right got their bill and I like to get over I had done, would move out.
You'll get high Roque. Let me get up on a for what gives you ok, I wanna get at the bellman them some requests as walk away at the head of the ETA acquire. Well, that we give like several had allow those who know how to get a real, quick. The real, quick writer Nellie got me like that. That's why I never do it again Matt Nelega now Nellie got me a vague, is ones on your casually younger kids. Gimme labelling requirement to do a quick. How much one I will say it again. Was somebody got my? U can only remind and one town we didn't. You feel weird Abu ALA Yoke. Woody. Ok, I guess see now he every day and that their money back yet
As my friend he didn't do it. I don't like you got a lot. We bore guy. He thought I beg you, feel it because people when I hear that there should be ok right, ass, the one about the text we are. Rather, there was not without a hundred thousand, alone you now arising as there is very little ontology now you'll be a bears. I ve told you story they very small, petty some small, but just a principle and want to back up what we have seen before we dispersal. If aid is supposed to break archives Where does thirty million dollars will need more weight? Is, alas, speculation, but that would be good if there s a speculation that I'm open comes true, I'm shot me. Gathering mouth the automobile reggie down. This is me, put up thirteen point, eight thirteen point, eight, given day. Thirteen point- eight,
The whole movie or done by heart be productions. Amazing team, the brain of Kim ART, is still growing. The businessman is getting stronger and road being a mobile distiller is still is eroded. Being fabric becoming a multi maybe coming, but that in order to get a good way of like a hundred million, will no doubt but my always appreciate you, come and go really allow Geier. Are your on your own schedule. I love come here I'll, never not gonna come here. You gotta goods me in the dynamo reasonably good. Here we go get new jail because, given that, as you know, what that's would say makeover, I'm not gonna give you a thousand alypius. I promise you that I'm gonna get you. Shares this week, nice shake let's say: go now, I'm gonna get less urgent, but on a back amongst baggage years ago, point K heart when these days, have you ever turn around because you can live out? Why should I put the laugh? All our network chairs lesson
what I learned about getting you owe me here in time for the movie dammit, I thought about the cabin gets a new jail before hot and has brought, but a level successes you guys head you shouldn't be here. So I'll corrective yeah I'll put pressure on our hearts. Are they got a supplementary job? Better things can't we let you know that I was going on.
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