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Classic: "Shoot Your Shot" and Sevyn Streeter/ Corey Holcomb Interview


1/1 Monday- Today on the show we flashed back to the time Sevyn Streeter stopped by and spoke about her first album, dealing with depression and more. Also, we flashed back to our favorite "Shoot Your Shot" moments with one listener even doing the "For the d*** Challenge" to get her man back, but it is not what you think! Moreover, we flashed back to when Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Jason Whitlock, following an interview with Corey Holcomb discussing why he gave Jason Whitlock the hee haw in the first place and more. 

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In the past few months. The notion of home is no longer just a place we drop into at the end of the day, especially when our homes have become our workplace, school and full service restaurant. Well, here something good. For today we spoke to Morgan Brochure, scientific communications manager at Pee, Angie about how cleaning can foster a sense of calm and control. You can start with an easier way to clean thanks to DAWN power wash display, so you can spend less time scrubbing and soaking dishes and you can get back
So the things you love visit, Don Dish, dot, com, a family to think Smith. Here, bringing your favorite where tabletop episodes supplied cast. I want to introduce you to the most important women in my life, my mom gamete, she's, really old school. I never wanted you to be in that situation like that they will at all, and then we have my daughter. Will I'm gonna be my ancestors interests? Do what I need to do? Listen to the red table, talk podcast, presented by Facebook Watch and Westbrook Audio on the eye, hard radio at Apple pie, gas or where you get your bike ass
MRS you'll wake up all his day S, child region, the Angela Charlemagne Guy on the planet is respect issue, because this is a voices aside zones in a day the coveted morning, so gagged and culture. We don T want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest, please go away, go mad or black. We want to hear from. You allows this poem. It was a broken it off the chief. We would have what there would have been too. I don't know. Maybe I use a good show me. Listen, I'm bless and I'm not black, listen. My thing,
I'm going to work in another and about me, arrived in somewhat like a lamentable tidies? Look an uncharted talk to them about gamble is often a balance. You know about shop, I'm in a wheelchair, IP be active book. As my will hear his broke, you hear me. Oh I'm alone, he came over. Our words are right. Now my leg or my wheelchair is master. You heard me, so I can't really moved away only why you have legs on you. Will we, as holders later I've China before you come out on the lake? If his leg, man, there are only hope I need a leg. I need your help me please I don't know what you're talking about what is a leg on a wheel, jam desert running your. How much is ever how much there like these, but no, I need a new chair. All you need to know
share these late Gabriel, is what I could do to swear to God. I'm gonna be everywhere, like every way. I'm not gonna come to my name house. All I need is garbage, arguably brooded you're in a wheelchair, sir. What do you want me to send you a man away? The allotted those I had known a lot is grave dangers and change of attitude. You nobody go for me that got regular people like Cinema. For me, I'm like envy, I'm the guy that scene to outside of the station I and a cheer Amity Eureka. I gave you the flash drive in a wheelchair you remember that envy remember. What was that was originally like last year and it's summertime? I gave you a
Trot was a mile was in a wheelchair, I'm not allowed into a lot of people wheelchairs, the rat by anything, only something about you that I will remember bomb. I was bomber, though, and I have my homeboy- he was well, he was dry and he was what you put your and we got Do you mean you're rapid name? You have instagram page or something my name. The groom on this score. Homey eight want be a one ass b we won't role at this moment, bloom of which all? Why does he know? You know it's not that you haven't got more. You know how it is.
We were gonna role for good. Now I want you to hang up young at all on. This is the only as to oppose callback. Roby was there. We go and eleven in a wheelchair on, he would not tell you. Viewed with those was great things. Change nowadays is created or features eight hundred forty five one five one to breakfast locomotive breakfast toning down to get it on the agenda on the breakfast lesson, but allows this here as a key you guys Mama, I'm glad you ve heard about love yourself grow up. But a lot. I beg you will love with further thank you, but I thought the kid I will be
waiting a funny thing about certified Cosette values. It wouldn't be here. We all have jobs and our field would you before we wait. I'm also sad because I've got you waited with three point. Four percent and I needed the three point: five honoured, as are nine yeah. Well, what we added a summary surgeon! I order you Lord, do what I wanted them. You're gonna dogma that I myself technology, though I work in the operating as internet to the thirty eight and I set up a thorough deal maintained a thorough, feel, a really cow everything I got you got to keep us alive. I think the point I made sure that you don't get it do you think left in your body, and I could junior made for exactly
More importantly, it had been right with you for good reasons. Ain't you guys. I love Breton. By the way we managed to congratulations, allows is Gloria. I'm calling from hand then Gloria from the seven five. Seven eight o four was up. Mamma you mad this morning. I mean to call myself, farther out. Kid is his eleven years old. He hasn't seen. This may have been two years old and having been in It is always worth there's a sign on your face. Fire? It is not even no! No! No! No! You know that they have been, and in nine ends, you show you the last he's posting things on Ebay. I know you're alive, Are you a day a great name? There was his name. Is Philip Bob you away? He is my thinking level.
I'll come on meal, I mean I have had the same cell phone number. We live in it How I may all you gotta, do you live? well in my he'll know we sorry now air alone there's your what happened with my? U buy plasma. You may now Malaga Bed, mum by now, may I was, I beg you. Baby Mamsie com now call with gay won't matter, although I think I'm, in the former author. I beg the bite of very well my baby mom with the media? What am I acted out? Gotta kwairyo me. If you want, the Bible beg my thought about the fight. My home grown. Look like her now for money, hopped out and video paper by, and they all young world thorn, don't try to clean it. Up now was to gross fighting you're you're going to have been dancing over to girl fight,
the daylight day upon a figure all right, I will turn out to be mobile, Mama oddity and came all the way from a very small scale. Fires in your expropriated remedies are still find out. I'm so often about it. I'm a big man was looking back. If you want to fight the baby MA now, good value added value for the deaf leaders. You did it s a don't you five, a five one: oh five, one, if you absurdity divinity two sub now, is to breakfast club kimono, everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a special guess: inability, scored Gomorrah, welcome back this ya. How are you boy, I'm so Admittedly, I gave me this: is you have first out because if it does, I get I had your Forza chauffeur. Those first album like rule I've, members, the sick man, e peas, I've had to repeal of tuna
maybe he's gonna I've gotta like three Torres off my Ebay, well can gradually be Emmy. Listen is a warning letter just decided now you know what seven put out. You know it was an Atlantic. It was me. Ok, you know I just I don't feel like my album was completed it. Very, very, very warm for meat alike in autumn much route on his our very important. Will you started off really just talking about things that you will go into? You said you didn't energy when it's called the album girl disrupted? Yes, but then you said your life really guide to cement the warehouse. Gag got disrupted years, thereby making personal, ok desires. You may have seen I live in the thing. Is it wasn't necessarily I'm a man you know like? as I say all the time, and I write a lot about you know and when I go to a lover, relations and all of that, but it is one well a lot over the last year and a half of my my life. You know I'd silently supper with depression
like a solemn year and a half and until an environment of other, what what? What what whistle dolls and is a lot of different things in my life that change you know I'm for one. I lost my grandfather. That was extremely aren't. We lost him in a week's, but I was he will not. Thank you. We lost my grandfather and a weak. Ah you know I haven't really love you, but I found out that in my sister that has been muster all my life for thirty years and Alaska is that we have different fathers and that the entire time her mother knew the truth, but none of us knew so that was really tough said with know than dealing with. You no system is still my sister and I asked the lover, but it was really really tat. Darwin s there will have to deal with you know. Obviously I was in a very public relationship, and so you know just going to get over there cuz I feel like. At the same time I still lost a friend that was still a friend to me.
But that was so. My friend come on. I believe in a flutter of usually rang like this, so it is a lot of different things and you have of animal cancer sensitive. I am, and then, on top of that you know our poor. My everything into my music my career in any time? You know in work in a hundred and twenty percent, and you just like is not in a place where you want it to being it just takes a tolling. There were so many different things that are, you know that really does gatling got to me. In a couple of people in my life that you know, I need it to you. No kind of gold supper It is from that was really tough do so I love you. That's me saying that they represent you now as management Nana leg. I have never known. Seventy have any other manages other Siena Davis and Brittany, so that had to be tough for you
here, though, that was really really tough. I mean a doubly. I love them always know people who don T Davies's used workaday James. You found Chris brows one of his brow. Lured sleeper, our real airport as well. I don't know anything Boise folk response and was managing seventh street. Is it you got up what we wanted to kill yourself, you It was a year ago the lad, though, at all who live on and it was. It was just a combination of so many things and not through. I have a really great family. My mother is amazing. My mother is a menace
I saw your moment our those marries absolute like now, will you ever assist local cyber? Shall I am amazed by now I command even at thirty years ago, very lucky man, no member state, is that a number of different things gonna mean, like I said, career things. You know love in type of things. You know that I must allow my grandfather, There are so many different things that is it Follow me all. I want everything. First, you like them like we'll be believe in a flutter of I was given this man upon whom the debt of a renewed antelope any re me down a word. I mean you know belt, so his believes they Emma Juniper. She felt
she go. I tried it idea. I try. I tried it and wasn't crazy about it. Now you know, but that's a on is not everybody is not for me. Well, I wouldn't you never know what somebody's gonna do cause. You know me. I haven't friends and I had no idea near like every time you see said my aunt she's very b. We pass him really funds. I'm an I'm. Never would have guessed that you were going through the present, something you never know it might. Look. All entirely, so we came away we drink water and got drunk at us. Yet I have done that or I have, but I'll have a good time I'll keep an eye on average over it. How do you get over it? Honestly, all your it? You know what today I feel great give me that on the album yeah you enemy like today up oh great aunt, em, I'm in a really good space, because so many things mount up there. You know what my triggers were a meaningful and is very important for our much figures were an arm
I handled all of them accordingly and dealt with them face them, and you know I have a really family, like I said, and they were proud of me and when I didn't want to pray for myself, so you know that always helps ass, a nurse. Ok and then you know a right in is super duper therapeutic of you, like extremely they're beautiful. That is Adam is when I listen to it. I know what I could feel like. I know what you're talkin about you know. Seven. Could she raised her music embrace of other people? I'm listening these economic, ok she's talking about him news going about this issue, will lose out to talk about it all us out. I mean I've put an almighty, unlike look, I'm finally go right. I thought about you a sample. I M gonna, go! That's all my own business there were coming and is, as is, is very they're. Beautiful me, a works, more than seventy? Two when we come back, is the breakfast locomotor breakfast everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club, seven street, it is in the building, shelving beauty. You deal with color
the music industry we sought to Nigeria it I got, then we always talk about the yap of. It has been very vocal about in I- I can't speak of ours- bears this out on you not on, I like that, but my experiences I've been dealing with that, since I was fifteen years old and every and every group that I have you know Ben and you know I say all the time is not coming of arrogance, but honesty when you know that you can write a dancer saying just as well as a next parson, but you don't get that opportunity because of you know them like someone who looks a different type away, can sell in oak and sell a record Estella group. You know better older honestly. I think that I think that in the younger you on a separate is the dough, those nice things and
my own vibrant now you just gotta seraglio software like good positive people. I don't have time for anything else as though you to me now in a situation with Chris Brown now, because I use feel like saying I know at what was your situation for you assigns him. Ok, you still Santa Cruz Brown I believe I have almost needs a chicken say, but I think that I am still Zeinab realise what I do like me and I'll be all the way out of the transfer of a love him to death. We have worked together very well time. You know- and I hate that that's the case, but you know the other factors that are out of our control. I don't really think that it necessarily has anything to do with our personal. You know our first place, I think they're. Just so many different, there is, but you know I love him. I wish him the best. You know he looks. He seems happy as a beautiful daughters maybe about brown as executive, and I might have not a dizzy. Just don't seem like he's all. Together to be run another other career hour. I will say this in terms of
My career in his input, a migraine he's been very instrumental. You know like us even what they won't stop. You know him getting on a record him getting on don't go too far and, like I soon I'll always appreciate The number was on male number. One saw like you have artists who do this for years and never gets avenant more records are always the appreciate resolute. What's? In the David? Those women has been an insider nose. Out of anything was a lot. I was crazy. Where he was very. He was very hands. I like very, whereas, as you know, you got a me, I'm I'm sure you reported on the ground. I don't think you and I saw him in and ass they now at Lisbon and other methods in museums, I'm just really and a good place will my answer. I love my elbow. My fans are very Abu, Omar, album unnaturally automatic to me, nor why These are my? Why is it important to put out a out because you put out to appease already? It was important because I mean for Mamma. Bans deserve it, and
to have waited my entire life to put out an album brain Ebay is a cool we be the fine. I love that led up to now rise above the lead up to now. I'm so- and you did you know you to put more so be more creative. Like on this outcome. I literally got to tell so many different sides of my story like I said I got songs about sex. I got songs about. You know motivating yourself. I have about you know. I was in love and break up said all that make us all that good stuff. So it is good to do them away. Elmore freedom, but Mamma you of course it over boy. Thirty one years old. When did you start Elinor? That's all had sex at sixty. Why? yeah. You dig a meal. Any other mother, she was surprised is she wasn't angry because of the way that she found out was through a lot of a hating friend a girlfriend. And she just so did not appreciate the way that she found out and she was always at a really great religion, and so we
but then we talked about it and you know, unfortunately, the way that it happened for my person was not it wasn't that great it was actually really. Whereby for me, oh dear yes, so big now the bad. It was really uncomfortable situation. I won't is not you know, rape or anything else wasn't that, but it was his very uncomfortable when I was in another. So great you know situation, but my mother is has always been very vocal, very transparent. Like a! Never like you know, hid anything for me, so we always have the kind of guy your father. I don't think she time initially down is respected when I was leg, probably early early twenties. Oh, she won't kill me earlier ways, but we doubly Anna conversation
as a banana teach. We are now its unity we are, but let us as she's very likely at all on its aim will lag when once I became grown is like these things are. What goes down over the conversation walk of ours now like to put one when I was a mean, listen, get better we are being. We have been able to have caused among the poor boy, I'm not going to re Billy, Some of you might not gonna give you all the tricks till you get married. Really you things out years. You always remained open about. Ward of that is that you came for thirty years. I mean I'm a need that many dominated by some other computer files on your mama allow Mamma you getting any better dealt with. So many are you not What's your mama number one hour
like him. I earlier when, as you are telling me that sex is a bear it's important while a relationship is used by you to areas thereby, you haven't told her to give up my machine, and I know it was a border that it will support your fellatio in that they know nothing is the founding the bedroom. When you marry me, Also, I told her, I think, you're, probably waiting till you get married to give her all the tricks and yet human. We all of you may come at my daddy, but thirty. One years now, Toby Toby third, Bore and I'm gonna. Do you like? The guy? Has there been until they heard her, you don't think she can choose. Well, you know, it's just stages when he found out you'll be believed in a flutter value. Armitage, though I just got lacking
go back to the boy, that's not way. As my idea, I just think you were missing when you see Chris, broadly with antics and stuff the other. What worry about Zambians? I'm him absolutely not because Chris and his personal life and things that he has experienced now back to her he's always shown her the utmost respect for those same united. Since I always, I seen him do anything. That is nothing happened around Europe. Literally can honestly say I've never seen him do Abner. Never, no relation love! You a good boy, Let us These data is out right now model we are preserved, becoming. Thank you. You are desirable good. You know they married may now got what he is.
Besides data is the breakfast logo more, It's time to shoot, you shall the breakfast lunch aids don't mess it method, method, up method. We got mania alarm animals that matter God. I would. Rather, you feel how hopefully feeling better after this now you want to shoot you shall we want to shoot. You shall liberal Ganem Robber telling us that it was about a Rosa. I matter a family party a month ago. I think she was like a friend of one of my than to wherever that I'll get to see that happen, though, data gone good guy couple drinks and I were out there. What therefore she's grind in everything going get her. I get her hurry Instagram. I
rob later on urban, abandon our number. We started tat thing I just progress from Mary, and I am not a dog you pause after every other word. Asean. The best thing for you to do is probably tanks you, probably I will conversational is. Why would you want to progress which you did you ask her out? May I try to go without a couple times does have a work, I mean that you sound like a lot of words theme. You don't believe in you. Why does he believe in your penis? yeah a leading european money? We need you to help it out. Man, you're gonna, be kicking game. Satellite is look in the mirror and say you're. The from you to reason. You can't, you know seems like you work better with the current system. No, I could be a good idea, the gray with that I mean I let loose a little more. You got they get out now. Yet to take a few shots. Somethin Rayam anybody Yang call back many what're, you gonna Data Rosa basically get together. We ve been shortened back and forth
Finally, it is paying a drink. Your Annie, this is now I'm glad you got anything to do today You'll have to drive them now. I'm opted out that go pawed. Three sets of liquor show right now, would you alignment of all go brain now hold on? If we don't get us all morning without easily influenced, I want an answer design I gotta suggests we got an answer decided. Then we got us. There might be am? I begins protocol drinking to go on I know, but we're not when we do when we get back. Let's all take a couple of society create Domingo. You point a meagre When I am hearing during one cannot believe him
how'd you suddenly result remedies. We went back to his who can raise it or more with the breakfast locomotive shoot you shall we have many order. Learned man he's gonna call rose again. Many hello. How are you are you married? I merely how you will come from a party government, bigger yeah. I remember your where this is a different number. I do fear from our friends our urban. Ok, I forgive you I'll call. We can enable commercial open. Then we can go together, Many, I don't know about them. The little lamb, weird without talking. Ok,
I don't want to die Romilly baby boy. Do you realize that we are on having man and going anywhere where ninety outside the car, then lessons? But who is this? This is many people hello, come out flowed out. If not just multiple people, it's the breakfast lay in view of the angels we on multiple visual, mainly God, now with oil related almost ass. Does everybody calm down? Calm down, I am from South Carolina, have experience In closing, let me talk about the what number I argue for a second third. What is well. That's now you gotTA noted what don't IRAN has a good question. What is the wrong man? He not know this by Rosa knows it makes my mommy lane. For me I had asked. Do you know who has managed to work like invaded the frame family brain now easier by then? What kind?
no girl must have occurred. Then Manny here you're not like If I so cut that sound amazing. You guys are cousins by marriage yet by Mary. You're a good man, unity way. You didn't you did you notice before all of that and another of the pact in managing to find out. I was added value from Adam. Always man he's drunk right now is Adam. Please I'll figure matters echo my cousin before, and I really wonder whether name shut up what has happened in Moscow in a vacuum on and you find out after the fact, the mighty good I go. You want some odor, relatively yo. You noticed your cousin macro governs? Why not like furs gotten singled out God is not really mean I've been alive. They, like your Mama's brothers sisters, cage meant Karel, ten they only first cousins matter.
We do not obey America is ok gathers you did you dead all my work on just in case you want a job as you guys I related by Ballade. Does how do you do not like many? No, I I do I like many. I do if I get those five women. Now in my mom familiar year. Why do my cousins govern Yeah arose because the larger, if we're perfect our Kyoto turn out and continual about how about we drag you recall later in the gut where about about how we in Europe need we, no no powers, including via the odd, is needed text each other, each other letters. They may be a great couple beer. You know your views are gonna, be the slow is again on the plan dollar or opportunity. They don't of dead, for review and essentially repeat, apparently ads in his offer.
I don't know you selling com every word of violating them. My guy, by as by many in with the growing aim, Rosa Nokia have a black ass. The guy, we are condemning cooler. Why are you here This man is granted those matters, though, why? Why are you busy getting his bones? Authorities manage arouses bodies. But you can't really trust that I love you. I got the poor have their attainable regal. I've who fagin actions of wooden go find me links up. Will we think roses ban? Ok anyway? We come back here. Let me speak, you know she does speak. Spanish is what you mean, but rather you said she is spanish, whereas others managed to negotiate an granting. Try to deliver you go. I almost the way to the a Vegas one of these days, but only where others wasn't it
determined. I gotta know what value quoting ring with Norway locomotives he's down. The future. Sound is due to the breakfast lunch aids. Don't mess it up, method, method, method. We have actually has a list that was actually how you book. What's Goin on Chevy leg? Is one step it now? What do you want to shoot? You shall we he now ok, what lodge a break up. You know, I think it was not by anybody anybody that their labelling German he'd know that she played a role in it. I was giving women a pensioner who work on time. But where are you now? Dignan blame in both as a heated anew by its your fancy cheated on you here. You gotta make sure that you figure out. She got a point
I'm just like before woman. Sometimes women play city cheap. Could they wouldn't get what they want? One from a man, so you were born in a more about our conversation that you guys have of him, maybe perhaps breaking up instead of cheating or saying I'm not getting. What I need, I mean from those comments I mean you together for five years and now we will be like hey. You know where maybe this isn't working from hundreds of e weirded. Emma gum me with my also but true true. True, of course, that's easy. A relationship is and always mean taking the easy way out. Amelia. I recognise his heart and all I know is I want my money back and you know I know I was married- you knows saying you like a cod and he was tat drive and you want to go to drive another one to see if you wanna bite outlined in this case. A thing cs, fine. If your boyfriend cheats on you and you wanna get back together with him happens, time. Every day people stay together. Vanity. Believe me in your search for struggle
cried asian blame yourself, sell your mama, but you don't know what you did, but would always you other we're not getting everyone s attention. What would we women which are made don't do another may will write favouring, would want I mean it, you did. I mean you will be judged divisive because you weren't spending enough time. Therefore he was spent enough time at you you know now as it was not hamper nerve? I was just tunnel I get as much money. The boy was working at the time we marathon you ain't, never get a man, a warm scrub. Now you may never walk away at the end of needs, intend until the cheese Obi WAN but you haven't. Even where did he go ass himself? No, what makes him so good that you want to back normal? You know there's blood in Rio. I believe it come on due to avoid challenge right now. I know you are now let's, just as we must call him. I went to see where you old or ok, ok, now, You want to hear how another story from this guy older about ass old, on
call them will become back people act as the breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is these. Envy angel ye shall meet a guy. We are the breakfast club now we're in the middle of shoot you shot. We have actually, on alone ass, there was issued a shot with her ex his name. Nino is up to you, ass. It is called hello. What about me now? How are you what was good I'll call. You marry you already noted due to doing agreed. I'm for real. I mean okay, but I'm off that I'm off at I miss you and I wanted to talk about working out. See we to go down this road again right now
we're gonna go down that road. Listen we're still get together, and now you have been by myself. I don't think I'm the guy anyway. It is better to any religious. Mr De Rossa, I would now like to back up- maybe maybe a little there, but that no holiday discarded what it is. You are limited. You really want me to stay here. I have to tell me that we can be back together. This is next. Experts should gradually be mature, misbegotten with alacrity, say about a kid I met you,
Where are you from your much mystified, get as they dont want? What you, MR I told you to do any challenges is discussed because it is actually have matters disgusting, disgusting to breakfast club. Actually use Charlemagne got on with the garden. I mean I mean oh without brother. How will you up you I'd like your programme, because I'm going to, let you prevent at all are before you, God you does, she should do afforded be generally won't even say it anyway. Now really, yes, you do. You know he was a wonderful. We wouldn't want you to be. Like I love you, you know why you break up we're glad. You do not actually need our lack of crazy about really. Yes, we need, good, bye listeners. Why did you cheat on Ashley Yo Ass, who should be wiped out man? You know my she'll get crazy should be to me,
do you didn't say I go if you were accused me, I made one plainly see? Yes? Another I mean I did I guess I'm not allowed to make her crazy. More monsieur motives may actually tried again. She was to distort the relationship over it s. A week ago, a crazy man like we are laid out. Some ground rules I gotta go to my when I'm an hour. My boys, accusing me of being what are the picturesque using other major, would have been what other girl hasn't grammars Vila at sea. In order to limit may ceded I'll meet. You cheated me. You know that's right, ninety, when you get back together. We as these the question for me as a free. It also you know
miss you know, but also you want to get us out of here now learn how came out here I'll give it another day I guess you're right as long as the argument. Your? U does which also, due to the make this official ass, I should do afforded the jail, is Ninos, do affordable food challenge right now as having Doesn't he doesn't bo mean anathema rebel. Doesn T guy cigar go first one. Lady writing. Hungary will bow at all. I want to go. Go boom did beat envy, Don't go back You say that
I'm married, I've, read LCD. Come on. You have read I got nowhere freestyle what I've got whether a word wedded illegal. As you know- and I know I deal with that- that is trash when you gotta be out of Why do you think I want you back? You know I'd call without one providing a clear that you and your trousers one of these
I wanna, go twenty, you give it up ass, nice ass. We need these trash barracks is party cart. Nor have you owe their bluebells bakers. You did you we're really draw Bwana coup, Bob put a everyone in the world, as we goddammit anyway bags athlete crazy, Ashley
I love you grow, even know you and I love. You showed us that as things you are my level of petty bull. My right, Michelle Obama, said when, Although we go, I, but sometimes you can take a flaw, why don't you took it? Did a goddamn out. Just now is my God arrive. May God forever bless? You ass, well, ass, tat. My guide me right. Is donkey a date. Did you dumb, as you get donkey of the day today, is used for
I'm a fat knowledge. What this man to start and blow was made available. Charlemagne tapping. That's gonna make a judgement, is gonna, be on a donkey other day, page how you a breakfast club, it's used argue the day to day lives, image Charlemagne got you a mobile occasion until two thousand and thirteen. I don't give a damn, which I think about that, because I deserve it now, the breakfast one hundred and eighty markets in one hundred and fifty country? So we have a lot of new listings and probably don't even know who Charlemagne the God is, so you time off to catch up on some of my past work. Ok, ok if you know here, I do a segment everyday called delegated today donkey as in Jack Ass, an that's when I give someone credit they deserve being stupid. So if you never heard of it, this is new to you, but if you are regular, listen at innocent only but goody, because it's the best of the donkey today dog you today,
Do more journalists, joyfully whitlocke? If you don't know Jason we're lucky, he is the cause of a daily for tv. Show that I never heard of cards. People yourself, one fact sports one now fast One has been in the news because Carlin Coward at level ball on is showed him. Laval got into an exchange with Kristen lay. He also fund supports one play a real quickly, fresh everyone's memory. Have you sold misuse the soda amount to me how many state in your name, will you tell him? I'm the only one bottle is not available for white man. I'm my problem is, you are a hate, her I'm never disrespect women, but I tell you what did I'm glad you act like that sums? Come in two minutes? Ok, do you? Do you think? Are you? What are you threatening me? ok. Now I gave Christian Lady donkey it and they would is because that is textbook. Let me
for now. My whiteness demonize black man. Anybody who cares see that doesn't want to see- and I said, Nora Donkey Data should play to raise cod by accident- aren't even those you have been either whiteness on purpose. What that's? What she did- and I stand by my statement that same kind of energy that got em until killed. You got these idiots, I want to say: how can you compare Valvano amateur compel of our body amateur on simply thing to say weaponizing of whiteness demonized. The black man is what got em it'll kill. That's the same. Did you Christine lay he gave out in the middle of that exchange? Yes, that man says you're gonna, get come into you Christine lay he at him simply fan com is gonna. Come your way based off the comments you made about him and how he raises kid, but Christine logic. If you think that's a threat, then Jason, Log definitely threaten me yesterday on calling coward showed. How can we played it? Charlemagne God has come a Christine in a totally unprofessional, dangerous, irresponsible way,
Some of this is done in a rational way that I think, is difficult for white people to hand This is my area of expertise. I'm gonna go at Charlemagne, God and all these idiots Frank was club. Is the most powerful popular urban radio show in America in New York, Ella based Lujan, national, so serious. He needs to be done What he's gonna get deal with when there is. I hardly me I'm gonna be dealt with. To be dealt with that of the threat. Jason whitlocke. If you think what Laval, both in your precious Christine Ladys and using you, or do me. That's a lonely. A threat. Jason Whitlock said that I'm spinning this interracial weight at heart. Why people in a handle? You know I've why we would handle, because waste of good blacks in, like you, Jason would love it around you. Ok, you can convert setting and knows how to true how legal migration with a new country. We all communicate. Tell him the truth same way. Christian lay he can say what makes our uncomfortable I can pay.
Not as a blackmail will make me uncomfortable and Christian lay he demonizing Laval, ball and weapon either her whiteness by thing this man was threatening her when he clearly wasn't make me uncomfortable, and yet Are you the example of them until because ass the same kind of energy, they got him kill, nose like that? Wouldn't be our boy. You gonna handle Jason Whitlocke. If negroes imposition like you to tell them the truth, told the truth, but you too busy attack and black people. Demonizing us that you know theme in that Malcolm X. Once they have you not careful the newspaper, Have you hate and people who are being oppressed and loving people, you are doing, is oppressing what twenty seventeen Markham was alive. You wouldn't say newspaper, he would say media and you would be talking directly the negroes like you, because, when Jason well, I got on his shells. Big resolve, along with Eric Davis Principle side and then this growth personally he said this solemn. The God, did a commentary. Labeling you the jockey of the day, and this constant me over the top because he went as far as to knowledge eyes this. So what happened with immaterial?
Four Charlemagne began to use his platform, the most powerful urban. Here pop station in Amerika what a huge following to throw that he on you when your intentions warp militia, that all your interaction whim of our ball wasn't disrespectful at all for him a kind of heat on you and your family. This is ridiculous and play. Into a racial politics than has gotten out of here and I'll, be a social media shot may: stop it grow worse. We may be told me had to build Europe following social media people over Twitter. Please don't then think we're being racially divided for no reason for the attainment of people over Twitter and an instagram. This needs to stop pathway. Never supposed to be a war and its turned into it. It was never suddenly. We want me in the bar between me and for women
a guide and now is turned into that. It's it's not a word on raised that arise over rational discussion. It's not a feminist discussion. It was about respect and, to start would mean the guide. I would love to call on your show, have actually been a fan of the breakfast club and if we can have a healthy conversation about this makes them good come out of it. Let's do it, but some respect my name Jason whitlocke have the nerve. The unmitigated got to say what I say with irresponsible, inappropriate, dangerous out about even had the nerve to stated at all after demonize someone will not. Once did you check Christine Lady for demonizing vaubois? Not once did you tell proceed late hour, demonization of Laval, ball dangers in air, Davison, criticism, I am disappointed in you Bob, because not once did he the one you negroes biggest and dry, explain to the damsel and distress why she was in the wrong. Even if you feel like Laval, ball was in the wrong, you think are planned victim and positioning herself when she was in some sort of danger from the big guy. Black man was ok, yeah, he's dreaming about libraries,
four Christine way you, but on that shoulders she position than the beggar, but you won't you. Look or not and talk to how what yes, in the back of the head of you respect. There is so much position The real part of the show and guests don't have to break their neck. To talk to her hey Christine last thing I have to say to you is the way they have you positioned in that room. That's how they feel you should be positions in life. Okay, bye, the guy's way off to decide what s TAT but right now, by Jason Whitlocke facing would like You have the nerve to talk about someone being inappropriate, irresponsible. Drew out about Jason Whitlock. Have you met yourself? I remember nautical Euro during a Williams calling her and under she was Serene Williams, a great attentively about time, TAT five athletes about I'm regardless agenda. You said she was an under a tree. Will want to your lives from that article was seriously. How else can arena, fill out her size. Sixteen short would grazing at her stall between matches Jason Whitlocke,
its arena, William, has chosen to smother her athletic, give into an unsightly layer of thick muscular blubber by product of her unwillingness to commit to a training regiment in diet. All it is coming from a man who wattles when he walks a man will look like you concentrate with every breath. He takes had the nerve to buy shame, Serena Williams, but that's what you do. Jason Whitlock, you look there now black excellent. You always grabbed demonized black people in the media, for absolutely no reason, let's run through a few at him, shall we are just told you about serene well Jason Whitlock also had something negative to say about the broad James equality, commercial I use bigger. A man who did a commercial encouraging equality. Cerebellum wrong. My point good Well, they re very growing up.
You mind you about my analogy. Why do you? No doubt m until now laterally, but IRAN is like Donald try and address. Gatehouse whale abroad is about building bridges, bringing people together, Donald Trump, build walls and want to keep. You were divided, howdy remotely to thing Jason, Whitlocke, author everything Carling Cabinet is authentic. Let's hear it Have sincerity still be questions on absurd and I think it's fair game. This kid was about instagram models. Tat is and building up the column, Coppermine Brian. Until the very moment he loses starting quarterback job. And now here, it is Martin Luther Cornwall. I don't buy I don't care all he's raising awareness for this or that video
is dangerous because it makes it seem like the issued. Our colleague happen it would. Protest is an important if you make the wife he we work would feel like Ireland cabinets protests unimportant, and by default you make it will. Calling cabinet is actually protesting, which is the unarmed killing people, especially people of color, but a police seem not important, but Jason Whitlock isn't. What you do is just stick is that you get attention attack We will not forget a black and prominent in our community. I refuse to believe you would come came before women of color the way you cable for Christine lay he. So you can tell me not to make this array thing, but the same way Christine lay. He used a textbook example of weapon Ivan whiteness and even having blackness. You are a textbook example of a twisted houseless. You us Even in the jungle, you are doing what you have to do to keep your white gown apart Abbe, because you think it get you some sort of job security. I mean look is documented that no black people Eddie at the unwanted the work which you so you went over to foster, was one to beat a white man washed up. That's all you do is broken by black people on board with it
The joint agenda? You would have at least attempted to school. Christine lay he on wire rhetoric with dangerous, not just the Laval Ball, but historically wider. Of energy had been dangerous to black men in this country for ever now, Jason we're like. I know you threaten me and I was gonna be dealt with, but I need you to have the same enthusiasm when it comes to do which obesity, ok, you need to lose weight. My brother, I urge your first laughing best love, always be self love. Why you don't love anyone? Look Jason Whitlocke as our slave will need all of the white man Alida take on black people. So we know he doesn't love us, but true vision will act of love himself. If you love me now you would lose weight are before our people and when you are built like Cleveland Brown, who family guy in real life, now that it's in your heart and you better not yet all five point, one today and say our body James, you because damage you body shames arena and I'm not going back a full for you, because I know you eat this kind of attention up. I mean you. He everything up,
really love dining on occasion and I'm not giving you anymore, I tell you lose two hundred pounds. I refute the ball back forward a man would love and stuff. Ok, I would not take any critique from you serious until you take your life serious and lose weight. Taken. Would of your confused know what I'm telling you it's simple you too fat for four door and I don't take fat house later Dorothy seriously using this is a moment. The white people you work with that are confused about a lot. Christian ladys situation will evolve, also serious and is simply because some white women country have a history of weapon, adding their whiteness the demon either black man and guidelines, Jason Whitlocke can convey that message than guy. I shall can please give fedora wearing how slave Jason Whitlock, the the biggest he obsolete
the breakfast? That's right! This is the breakfast club the morning every body dj envy angel Ye Charlemagne to God. Now, Charlemagne just gave doggie of the day that indoor wearing house leave named Jason. Woodlot is even what s a lot. I don't have anything other than a mere cordial welcome here. Cordial welcome. The morning nobody's will accord is a professional Berber further ahead twenty two thirty day day, our house, the bourbons. Now do you CALL Uncle Tom. We definitely uncle tie everything. He says he's looking for approval for caucasian people out I wanted to those guys noted call cage people see they learn. Well, you really is, but rather fact- and you know what I call cage if you dont like uncle down some day- you I could have you know about your viewpoint- is only about it. I've! U turn on all until it
people know? If you don't love, you sell their arms aid, our love. So, no matter how Jason Willa tries to get coup with them or whatever I'm I'm, I'm just saying you make it a full legislative by. You may feel that your people, you made a fool out of everything I had to do with a wise to people. You attack attack, Lebron James, using the Williams, the attack and thou shalt. God got, it is makes it seem like he has a problem. These down is out with himself. He cannot their people, you. Walk up a flight is there we can, even if you ever let it go something behind you. Just look back real bad. You don't see him right, when he was with an early any needed a red at a hotel. Does he knew a friend a man, and you don't put em over me but I was nice out? Was the artist? Do ok, drop him over the hotel
and I saw the loneliness in his eye was like when we was driving. I don't even have a radio all, but that incredible how music was blind. I really wanted to data, be Basel, rob you dead, where they were getting good out of your mother out like what you want. A big decided flow. Let's go to the people want to talk. Eight hundred five, five, one o five one allows this ain't gonna dating hey. What do you think adjacent last countless there were acting up when I was in love with bank. I had no idea what's going on. I had no idea what the black clearly go through it. At the end of the day, with a black community, a toy larboard darling eating he built. It is apparent that threat, because people have an issue, though the only way to white men
the black man making money. If you don't know how you make him, what data meant that? What are you doing all of our blood think he's a catchy guy, but I love what it offers kiss you you put it in. You put you put it right. My utter like about his re, evaluate level, lobby, but we re Laval, ball. Cameras are like his swear. You know you went on to show all girl was trying to get Adam without led negativity. You try to hang I'm in a room legacy like ideas of the. It was like is what I like. I would be if she was tall crazy about me by our learning. We see what goes on with an ethos crazy. I shall we need to give immediate with actual went on whose elbow day, engineers to revive a five one, o five on Corey whole com is in a building, was still taking your phone calls to breakfast local morning. Body, is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are, the breakfast club nephew just join us, show the man cave donkey of the day to Jason Whitlock
Sir Column of FAT Fedora Warehouse leave and I'm not going bag of aubergines in italics him. Have you wanna? Go for me. You allude to argue about now where they want to come on the show that doesn't together now, if tat before about engaging with people who might have a different point of view in kind of having conversations with We are increasingly on the show I gotta bring. I Angela Rye appear to form for women the woman to tell her why her weapon either her whiteness to deepen the black man is easily should do it. You threatened exactly that's why I want to have any? Where then add Tammy learn appear before she, cancer loudly got Morgan was theirs way. She cares and we have made that mistake. We have Corey whole come into building now, eight hundred five, a five little far. What a lot of people on allow wanna give if you want Jizo locks com, it's allows this this bar loudly for longer. What do you think it John? Would last com is decent locks on its really. I think it was just region and the fact that each other
everything about Charlemagne. I really think he was used by because you know Russia. China appeared a hurried, not this noble, shouting tat he would return, indicates the hole in the tail thing it is, I think, is wrong with it. Ok, you got it didn't you wanted, I'm sure hello, this early, nay, my neighbours shells would, you think, was a common soldiers will not. I don't wanna sat outside our main, her really addressing the real issue. Could the thing that using our cries out for attention like in order to define Christina and I feel like Charlemagne, local thou with research and back to bed, is tat, even the let him know there were you do and is now. Ok are you d say when it was low pettiness, the normal very got come on, I'm very wise guy, but God you have sometimes you have to because they will get away with the things that they feel anything people like Charlemagne to call you.
On the b as that going on, then it'll just fly by it. I just want to say thank you because for people of color all over the world like we need somebody dependence and advise all greatly when you said it hard for why people to understand things that I'm saying be awaited me if you would just drove to him when you up at last real he may because he get a dip in his be getting a tentative in his right, the middle income. I come for beer, what a woman in a way real, tired and fallen at bay than him away. Yes, hot or would it have been flouted urinary, we're gonna live their lives that people may not know coherence in the shower organ gotta show got a video. Video really good show deprives Arnold teams, yet the young man himself took off his glasses and swung.
Your point is areas by land to everything that he was drunk. Dinah interview areas came in, he was drunk. You know he was using embarrassed. So that's why I do want to say this cuz I haven't had a chance to talk to him, but I'm not mad at you Aries that threaten the message you left on my phone. I know you was just embarrassed if I take if I took took him seriously, be look of all air, but I know what I see you, it's all you that we will be called for burglary note. We would help them about the floor is never built a man I also welcome the result of by using the video got cut off a Billy veiled in loading language at the edges. Black dependencies fail to the floor and I hope they mark that. I wanted to get better He was just really gooey when I of the mob. I know you got a man s all. Why are you doing? Nobody is going to die
it costs money to file, allows the fairies. I got money to be fighting no law suit about some do duenna internet, so out of stories that people will be like. Maybe you don't know about you, gotta, let you know the people Joanna View they were, they want. You just can't beat of everybody. Again, but this is where what wasn't see it just like the lady who they are. Say what they do. My age like they were just talking about which automated the whole show he can, judging them during the brakes. He was very busy. Bagful you know any was uses ago why he was up. Desolate, will live up to our labour as allies omen lessons I scheme and we get emotional. Sometimes you know you're a pushes, but too far- and I told Oh man, I bought this equipment. What, if you had told this appointment cuz? That was the main thing I was working. I was worried about. Don't break the death, you know areas are low. You man just be for real
for real. You are not to be embarrassed about no matter. What I haven't you ever get beat up will be of real it s. Nothing to be embarrassed about rare back, not about these man around pays all that is in very into the wrong hands. They gotta be beg. Ok, so you intuitive his bag, if his bag, my poor one hour but weirdo, not here when we know Robin you know where it just what a response in very good, I hear what a tight one would it show of all mechanic. I simply my bag laddies, if you wanna get him would give for Christmas, Maggie. You are right. We appreciate you could join as broad as right now said Otto Ladys at their real love is taken there.
Your phone number and earn in your way to reaffirm my greatest alright there's the breakfast Club Gomorrah, the breakfast Hey Pham Data Pink Smith here, bringing your favorite where table taught at the sides to podcast. I want to introduce you to the most important women in my life, my mom gamete, she's, really old school. I never wanted you to be in that situation like that they will at all, and then we have my daughter. Will I'm gonna be like my ancestors interests? Do what I need to do? Listen to the red table, talk podcast, presented by Facebook Watch and Westbrook Audio on the eye, hard radio at Apple pie CAS or where you get your pockets
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