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Today on the show we had Common stop by where he spoke about his new book "Let Love Have the Last Word",  Forgiveness, Relationship Advice From Michelle Obama and more. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Paul Pierce because of his prediction about Milwaukee being done after game one, and Angela helped some listeners our during "Ask Yee". 

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Social distancing slows the spread of corona virus, so we should also home to lower the risk for everyone more info it on a virus stock of. Let's all, do our part, because we're all hashtag alone, together brought to you by the odd council, either from Zagreb and I'm done these are we're real life. Best friends. We met playing fake life, best friends, Turk and GDP. Said come Scrubbs. Twenty years later, we ve decided to. We watch the series one episode at a time, put our memories into a pod cast. You can listen to it home, we're gonna, get all our special guess. Friends, like sour chalk, John C Mckinley meal Flynn, Judy raise show create a bill. Lords editors, writers and even prompt masters would tell us about what inspired the serious and how we became a family. You can listen to the pond cast fake doctors, real friends when Second Donald on the high heart, radio, up apple podcast and wherever you get your blog CAS
MRS you'll make a whole day child these agents, Angela Charlemagne girl cell on a planet, is respect issue, because this is a voice, is decisive in a day the coveted morning, so gagged and culture. We don T want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest USA lining loaded easily is today is both bathed killer birthday. Happy birthday goes very happy birthday to goes face now. Shut I know my kids go to school right now. I shall do my kids, my family
every couple of months. We have made a big family me and asked whenever jumped up in my bed and we get it. Is there really have a conversation about how we feel about everybody else and sometimes as good and sometimes bad? Sometimes somebody gets attacked. Sometimes it's the argued attacked Nowhere absolutely so we can. We talk about a Logan in hotels assistance. He feels what he likes, what he doesn't like. They tell me what they or what they like, what they don't like, or in no invites in vice. So it's a really good. Conversation. I mean it's it's nastier terms. My son. Was you know, he's a boy, so it is like the turn of the lights and is funny as a kid, never tunnel delays and I really didn't understand it until I started to pay the bills will make everybody lights off, you know so I am picking up behind himself as it is just a lot way. They treated the youngest siblings. It was this image They got me of course, I'll catch. You sleep too much. All you do is take a nap and they, when you sleep, you pass gas. Any
well. I guess you away to whether they are known for us. Let us do it all the time what the new problems leave it. It was logical than unama. My son, like an old, is, is it you know a lot of fairly but we'll have We have brought a man, you just don't hang out, but as things that you don't really think that was a major five other time shut up. There was great, it was pretty cool and then I went to the gym in front of my opened up a new Jim and you say if I knew no, I did not man in a jam. That's so rude runnin spread and heavy, and this is not a fight. Listen up. I would like you hire me for you just pray. You shine a light to I don't short anymore, and I will I want you to hire me for your juice press business. When I was at the Jim, I said: look the that, you don't have a juice any juices in here I said: I'm not a bright per that indeed the gems as it here the juices could survive three to five days. You are, you
just put in Venezuela like three, we I mean I'm two months tied in to bad salesperson, but ass, a three to five days. You can order it. Every five days is fresh. It tastes good. You know all about we're going to any Jim would really love or made a sailor. I was that this amazing event yesterday called blogger, is women and their bloggers and they flew it. As is how much is it I said I don't know I'm so sorry I didn't mean to say you know it's crazy out. That is amazing event. Yesterday called blogger is women and their black eyes and they flew. Blogger is therefore portion into a beauty one also as I spoke at it and we were actually sampling. They drink first use there and it was a very successful situate. It was really nice. There was over three hundred women there that ah flew bloggers and in that industry, and they absolutely love the juice. I add that it was an amazing. Event for me to go to and speak out is a new world to me like go entities, food events in things like that, but I just when I say
that I appreciate everybody that was out there. They chose them support and I got some. It is other women there. She makes my favorite hats us his cloak. We managed He had said to her, so she came up to me say hello, casinos, my brother, and I think we are already used from whole foods all the time so now got at queen. That's because go back to how much trouble personality facility juice? Now, that's what I'm gonna do. Ok, this is saying that we say that I got you got me. Tell me that you pay Dammit man and out as I was driving and I was sitting with news, and they would tell me that if you curbing the nose, you personally I was listening and it was saying that if you compliment you female co, it is like a sign of of sexual assault. It is and I was like we ain't got ya, never compliment me. I was a compliment you today about was like not only no sexual is. How far are you like my signal for their sexual assaults?
It's our large, if not come on now ya. Taken is to fire. That's what I said. I was there. I care for your words. Look you can say I like you was it. You can't say things like Allegro Ass nets with Muslim, we'll have to note of your friends, I'm letting value, but what I'm saying is inject. Yes, you can give someone a compliment. I like you. You got to hear about. It. Looks nice, that's fine, but you can't say I say that it is going to show you like about someone's bad. You can talk about love, said novels other people, it lies. Ochre. So dont think that you can't compliment someone sneakers out, niggers adult that's, not sexual assault, come on. You know the difference Emmy, as you know, when you may not know, let's get the show cracked and calm and will be joining us this morning. Yes, I'm sure he knows a different there. Would can it would come and we'll talk about his new book and a cause for patients. We don't want from pages you I'm overtaken, but are these guns that we're sees whom it has grown up? You saw this, but the amount of and more than one thousand inside
Many of us in a video, it's crazy by right, we'll get internet makes keep unlocked the breakfast locomotor morning, everybody's d, J, Envy Angela YE shall remain the guide we oughta breakfast club was gains a front page news last day in sports, the box eliminate the Celtic one. Sixteen ninety one adds up to step up our Adele carry over we'll be back in Boston. I don't know what I'm gonna do. What I do know pop you. Ve got a few like a damn fool s game. One poppies said in our quoth. He I think his awful. When I was born in a seven, gave very thy flat. Saying that he might be going to the Natzi might be going to the next, so we'll definitely see also the warriors beat the Rockets one hundred and four ninety nine, but Kevin Durant got injured. They don't know what the injury is. They don't know how bad it is. They don't know how long he's going to be out, but we'll see what happens Therefore I have a guy in February. We greatly in the full quota yesterday and I again freedom also, while the New York Knicks, then I wouldn't want courier. I want. I want Kimball welcome
workers from New York is an option, is a very, very, very solid garrison, Josie, very solid twentieth and guy came and I'll get hurt. Like our session, you know saying if you didn't, if Katie's company next year and you're gettin nine women, like you say, we want Kimball, walk at a compliment like handle a definite Campbell. Now, what you don't know you were more than one thousand guns with these firms. This in a it was. Omby, hills, ass, the neighbourhood and skill upscale neighborhood, in LOS Angeles, they said there was a text that somebody was concerned. Illegal firearms transactions and over one thousand guns that we see them driving greener do, but there are those guns outside on blankets is a ridiculous Americans. They said that there was one man was arrested inside the house for that crime of selling. Possessing a transporting illegal assault weapons. They also said the owner hasn't lived there in years and right now the owner is in Europe. They don't know if that person they arrested with a squatter or if he was allowed to be
now two made an amazing mix tape cover like fifteen years ago, Naomi Guns colony now, but back fifteen years ago, amazing instead come out a binding does anybody know was legally border. I doubted in Vienna think TAT. It was legal guided by that is not a good day for illegal o. A bow was in illegal desolate does array, and there were two men shadow side of ESA bees. That's a club in New York cities have pretty famous club that a lot of ideas have so was ordered to address the real the night one forty in the morning, yet super wish I so why may wish on the chest and another was shot and that that is how these victims are being somewhat cooperative. It turns out that there they are saying that it was a dispute and that they did know the person who shot them they're, both manner and stable condition and expected,
to be: ok, you, a brave man, be issued in the middle of Dr Becker- saw where ever you know, your brave men be shooting the Middle one, village leg, vagabondage thing or burn. You hear this they're looking for him and at least one person was killed and see what is injured in a shooting at a bar and fight latitude. Florida thousands had them. I was the blooming I loved, the blue martini. Am I going to Florida, love, gonna, blue martini, but that's where that actually happened. Harrison was killed and let's talk about it, school shooting. We were telling you about in Denver at this Damn school highlands ranch eighteen year, old, Kendrick Castillo is a hero. According to students who were witnesses, they said the shooter came into the classroom. Other class was watching the princess bride. It was nonetheless in they were doing on analyzing comedy he went over to the teacher, walked over to a second class room door, opened it and then, turned to the door and closed it and they said then he pulled out a gun. Told us not. Move and that's when the shooting started cancer Castillo, whose eighteen years old charged at him.
Try to subdue him and that's when everybody had a chance to actually run take? over and hide in three other students to Russia, but unfortunately, Kenda Castillo lost his life saving the lives of others bless YO resting P S. College eyes grew Highschool, wow, regional analyzing comedy class in high school. They just lay now. I will answer for news. You re the Lahti technology. May not an outcome having comedy glass, milk man now I will get it off your chest. Eight hundred o five, eight five, one off I want, if you're upset, you need to vent hit us up right now, maybe had a bad night horrible morning or maybe just want to spread some positivity. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one get it off your chest system well come on a social distancing Tipp, while the CDC urges you to avoid close contact like hugging or shaking hands. There are other nonphysical ways to say hello, wave wink you sign language, salute smile, peace, I throw open air high five do jazz hands. Remember
stay, a minimum of six feet or two arms length away from others and stay home if you can for more info visit, Corona virus doc off. Let's all do our part because we're hashtag alone together brought to you by the odd council, the breakfast club wake up matter black we want to hear from you allow this early alligator of each has Mamma dont want we, the envy of borders, Darla Manga morning, annually almost broken activity this morning I want to pick parliament also talking about anxiety and oppressed in ancillary part of a minority community. I don't want to those know who are really work better. They left that are put on. This are for a purpose and the need to keep pushing
their love and there are people who bore them. No matter what does right, you gotta tell you that you love him. You value valued a minute. You appreciate them could, even though they may be going to remediate. Epic me up tomorrow, I love you right. Thank you so much to do allows is drawing near of each Ezra. A bad is what to say. My our delivery company. Why don't we well, maybe a service. What type of delivering like I deliver! Look like you would not believe me. If I may, I would eventually we told you ran off with you. Why don't deserve later? That we leave Fatima did not believe the global call back and they come back off, but they don't seem to what she people, Tick delivery. People really deliver nest of scares me. Anything is okay path. Another hundred disorder gave me, although we walk in
the door they given at nineteen thousand. Thank you ve been you saw them you're, so great was rather die by means of combating terrorism. Delivery fees, including maybe people, think that delivery fee is what they paid for like any water and advise you gotta have become free. Ok, These days should be to now alone. We been Oberman call. Everyone complain about Joe. Has one time don't want you, didn T have to lie and you're gonna fight class. You cause you ever reach out. If you ve got a change, I find that was actually nine years ago is what you have to change. Our only way editing deliver Nigel arouse of them. It was a different. A difference in area may help you offer the God did not live up to the car. They was taken. Taken, shopping, cart, and I was there any. But one thing one thing into the car and you no, but when I do now do the little my call to beg running that you'd have to have an abortion.
We are not jobs are out. My wife. Can I love her so much. Yeah, air and obey your animals are used to ride with me every day, masonic our libraries, although I may add, Seppy, outlines delivery. Guys, please. Ninety two thousand, they doing us and jobs. You took the garbage man, sanitation. She took them now, don't ever see mice annotations at men now, Nosey Mcgovern and everything, and I condemn the post office people used to live in and how stuff that you pay. As you, she took almost equally delivery about the absolute we leave the other guy negative, none at all. If you read it, I never did Macgyver business No, I'm not ratified annual I'll. Always to add to the memory of a Christmas, I really seminar really see them on the final thing. I've never seen one of net consistent enough. What? Oh, yes, Mamma, not only Zita handwriting, We believe we put our guy can a carbon and sometimes they pick it up, while I'm at work,
This measure will get it off each other. Avenues for have a viable five wanted, namely that it is now is to breakfast club the breakfast club You're gonna, get it obvious. Yes, whether you're mad or black, but at the same time we want to hear from you. Wanna breakfast allows theirs. No one in the morning of each asthma, I'm just gonna, get twenty nineteen the new man in my life, new job new career, cure your guy over more form filling dead. Congratulations on all at all, shot out to my Rachel had banned I find that then. Ah, my revolver Michelle
Why is that? Why you why you bit why you saloon your ex supervisor? Why this language that I even got a substance why you bigger away because of your excellent one, because I met you may leave the other sleep together. Some people get together there at that job, but there was not at all Ok, ok, what he was a great personal, Have a go. A mile Bless day allows theirs the morning envy you he asked me and you re yes at me, Yes, I'm here now. Goodbye Ngos are crazy. There was so great. Ms Morgan on his morning. Bro. What grated the more mobile phone.
Yeah yeah, you eyes out right now. My waking big. I feel you goodness. Gracious array allows as a Jake lumpy picture. Those are very big chocolate, the tiller Sancho to NATO. I got something to do with bombs, check it out different boy. This is the black panther from revenges. God bless my mother and all the bodies. On modesty, please bring some macaroni and cheese. What kinda for me and my eye and how do you? that China me you'd, rather you really think of other tragedies utilization of it. It was the next movie you can audition for your only to exploit Catherine Lily Had there been no big chocolate, Panther go baby, you know what you think grumpy user. I guess I'm a little grumpy this morning, junior commanding gods
its Angela, you jerk, Bulgaria. We began to do you have all right. I've, gotta, lotta, readily funding, try and get a big shot after all about TAT one thing: now he rejected your blogger. I just updated list of the virtual with a whole series of other David he's ably talk about. You don't get flowers and everything was mom. If we love so much time wait till. Why do they have a year to say? Ok, I want experts a loved one of you didn't do it. I knew you'd only no new figures, your mama We not only present that you really do show love to want to consist in base is mostly will definitely showed him mother did they loved them, often assets. I'm. Yes, it echoes I'm thinking on a vacation, but it's not gonna happen on mother's day and my desk
what about me, I'm just by us all. Why one day with society says Hey days your love for your mother gaming as Valentine's day when you shall love to the person that you're dating or that your where there are married to. As you know, the same thing is the thing I saw you on the shell, which remained to three other dared. My girl right. There came out my daughter here. Yes, thank you. You now is, if you do that, all year, like my wife, rubber, I get what you say and we shut the hell up, don't get girl alone. I might why you wanna be a grocery store mother's day. They felt that day. You know why, they are about to do now is insane as people celebrate that and you should know the person you with love all year round. You mean when Mr Grant, but there's no That is your loved. My y know it
the commercial holiday will give your wife is now. Would you rather than these youth is, somebody else will have a good name is to enrich the wet, be just that we celebrated a and flowers, I'm thinkin her on vacation and I'm letting her know about it is to have a decent people just like being extra this on. I wonder Hamley mom so much get it off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need to vent, you can hit us up at any time that we got rooms on the way. Babies hear everyone's been talking about this. I know you haven't you don't care summary then everybody's very excited about this royal baby broker will that makes people like this. The breakfast locomotor breakfast array morning, everybody's dj, my revealed Angela YE shall amend a guy. We heard a breakfast globalism gunnery wanted to catch it everyone button money, your I can t who played against where you live here in an excellent, slowly
Let's go with his cloak. Yesterday we play this triggered free stuff. I go for you if you need a recap: here's where we played an earnest allow you're crazy around after Amy no wait. I came in, I may get your face to face and his best MA does not always respect your craft. Ojo durnmelling yields bad the United today I gauvain. Yeah she can manage their own affairs bicycle Yonah, like I know you are doing this. He got there. Sixty five in a modern attaches little of it. I am. I right
A lot of people were talking about it. She was actually trending all day yesterday because of this triggered freestyle in she explained, because clearly you Talkin about Big Sean She said. Trigger was a moment a moment there for me has passed. It is new to you, because you are Yes now hearing it, but for me it something. I moved on from the moment I expressed. It is not a disarm. A moment of talking is out of frustration. Impasse in it was a mom. Of exaggerated expression, ass willing loss in a week. No one is to be built our best for high was filling in tat moment. I am in control of my feelings. This is how I paint me yelling and throwing paint at a camera. I did not as whose you used to do As for consumers, you know they went through a break up and she was very frustrated and see even had tweeted about it. During ads, she's tweeted. I love. I love you beyond measure, even though I get big mad and trigger the F out. You make me feel, and I appreciate that and that she wrote to our big sign generation to exerting literal war, I mean she wrote trigger and then the song is called triggered. Read after that. So if you write that inevitably to big sign in that,
that way, for neither that I get idea, but I did genetically every song is about somebody pretty much. So if you read it about a break up, and then you had just broken up with somebody. Chances are criminal donor Senor, an artist right now, lorry Lackland, when she does not think that she's gonna end up going to jail she's been more more confident because of that college admissions, cheating scandal they, leave. They will be acquitted if they go to drown. That's for allegedly pain, five hundred thousand dollars to bribe their daughters, into the university a southern California, not the others. Things is a tv series are ready in the works based on the recent college. Emission scandal is going, a one hour limit fair here stress about that in their also absenting, the rights to the upcoming book accepted would you pay, for it is a lorry Laughlin, Odin Blue, but they are not involved in it. Somebody also doing so, except it is a book that's being written by was to join a report is militia coin and Jan Levitt, their writing the book whereby message, though a tv show, and they are not involved in the tv. So at all
You say that until we see the creative executive producer ought Becky, would you be mad if she with executive, it isn't Milo? I write tire banks she's back as he's on the cover of sports, illustrated swimsuit issue. She returns modeling for that and looks amazing and when they do the side by side of terror banks when she did her cover previously back in ninety ninety six s, efforts cover she had looked at how she looks now pretty much the same. Look bad enough. Trouble include bonds, our banks them may not like when you, when you age, like wine than a milk boys different buggy. And a lot of women in a generation AIDS and like why regeneration days like milk, but I mean it's a lot of different factors in our people have more mine from this not health and well and is now the museums. You forty five in all of forty five without forty five look, what I write Our Kelly is very fortunate for him that he is now going to get to go to court he's getting a do over. For that whole sexual abuse
remember. He was served papers while he was in prison in the argument. Was a heated knoweth paper? What the paper can't read? What are they giving him another chance what not be able to read again. Well now you know you don't have visitors for actual. You are going to court, so they vacated the default judgments, and now we can actually fight the lawsuit So that means is, it hasn't been vacated. He can now fight the last ami. They did vacate the fought judgment. No more default judgment he's not gonna have to pay automatically can still go fight. It now go to hell. And he also pay sixty two thousand dollars in bad child support. So now to get money from I don't know. I can't tell you what yes, go online and his personal life, where this money just shows up, and you have now Diana rash. He was upset about say saying that she was violated when she was getting Patty down. She tweeted it's not what was done, but how I'm feeling violated. I her hands between my legs, frightened back, saying to me. It's her job, wow, really mixed emotions. I would like to see them.
Things were not feeling good right now she complained. Social media now? Originally they were going to be doing a whole probe into what happened, but now they have closed that and they said it was really nothing, they reviewed surveillance footing. They interview the officers that were involved with her screening and they said they followed a proper protocols. That is, the collar of if it's a random certainly have to search they. They have to do it. It happened to me before I'm should happen to you guys before as much any travel, it happens is something that they do. They try to stop terrorism and people from blown up playing the things like that's what I do it. They absent Rather, we definitely set off. The alliance is now when I was gonna Dominican Republic, bad thing, a matter. And pins. In my herrings, I got very aggressive, though immunity all conventional invasive. Could they also ask you: do you want to go to a back room to get starts because Do they not about the while each nosey, but they have they have to check in those areas that are you know where your personal pot
I'm back all out. We did go to tee ass, they went on and it was these do than they was laughing and wanted to do said said to me the boy, but to get wax and when wax got to that thing. The gaiety of aid. He would be very, very, very aggressive and in very fondly well again, so they gotta check genome information. Now they do Would he say to media by to get him. It is this. Some does feel crazy. Ass but anyway that what you look like you do drunk, isn't she filled them wherever, like you, I am actually now right and if it were, we combat regret for people who talk about. Yes, we are gonna, be talkin about guns confiscated over one thousand guns. One man arrested self are another man in Europe. What went down or I will get into that when we come back, he belonged to breakfast locomotive my name is sure Pearl wells. This is the story of my son Courtney. Nobody was critical to dollar. Fifty is the biggest
my life, you with them a ladies man. Even with him in his grandmother, I'm just the wrapper. Cornick open was different, twenty, sixteen, he wound up with a bullet in his back outside of Chicago police station boy, diagram of better order. Legendary Russia in its the story of my search for the truth. This is somebody a code production of the invisible institute. The intercept and topic studio in association with Tenderfoot CVS coming thirty four, wherever you get your pocket. This is somebody's. Try some! He deserves the, nor what I d like to know what happens among listen to somebody on the heart radioactive apple pie, cast wherever you get your podcast, yo would drop articles bond for go for
kill him my favorite and see about them. They need them and who said that already live in everybody goes phase Kilo, gay happy birthday today goes is killer more right, well, Haskins in front page news, bugs eliminate the Celtics last night, one sixteen nine deep mourning for impoverishment of becoming too from the Ganges that bug out the stupidest prediction in the world after game one. When a Celtic beat him twelve, the Navy beat the Box and he said it may be over they may be that I think it's over. I was wrong not to go to say, worries the Rockets last night, one hundred and four ninety nine, but Kevin Durant was injured. When I sure how serious injury is, how many games is going to be out, but will definitely see they'll be fine. Superstar name safeguards in place, Naval fluted Atlanta into got another brother named Raymond Greene of your real. I, the nominal God one championship before Kevin Harangue came at once at a final twice before calendar. I came. I think they ll be able to this is my father, my congratulations.
A prince Harry, a mega Margo. They reveal the name of their new little babies. Artsy Harrison, Batten Windsor, Worldwide Archie Harrison Mount Button when will have my bed apparently mouse button. Windsor is given to the male descendants in line to the throne. That's there I guess the name that their given, how good they said, the name Archie they just like the name. There was no special meaning. So that's why and now it's Archibald they went away. So you guys know the baby's Archibald. His name is really just. Why would you be a prince Prince Archie Print Archie, rushing ahead can duchess. So what is there? I don't know, I don't know oh Mamma, motherly. God bless him. Ok you haven't got. Everybody was talking about it and everybody was gone crazy over the baby when our than Dominican Republic, there are my god he had the baby. So I write
Let's talk about measures, all the yes, the guns, so they did. These over a thousand guidelines- and this happened to add a very luxurious neighbourhood and allay- is called home, be hills and what they are saying is that someone was suspected of manufacturing and selling illegal fire arms. It was an anonymous tip and that's why they showed up. How Swimming man arrested in the house, they don't know he was a squatter of he was allowed to be staying there and they also said the person who is the owner hasn't live there in years and is a Europe that we don't know if he's involved in this whole scheme right now, that is my near the Playboy mansion and is also close. The estate where Michael Jackson passed away back into data picture of all of gunpowder, made a mean mix. Tape come about fifteen years ago may somebody might do. They live at every soul corner now. There was a lot of controversy over this and if you guys think this is big deal, but identical Patrick and Aaron Rodgers visiting court side at the game. Five. So down between the
Dixon, the Milwaukee bucks that we were just talking about an cameras, quiet, Danica Pact, China give money for it. One of the fans, I guess, sitting behind them boy, her death, Aaron Rodgers a drink and I guess people were upset. That Aaron Rodgers, allow that to happen, allows there has to be by his wife for drink here. You know, I don't know what was going down, but he was random person. There was sitting behind them and when the drinks came, she tried to turn around hand him the money for the drinks? I got no, it's ok and not for the family and take the cash. So People are saying: oh my god. I can't believe that he would let someone by his woman, a jury Alma Hereupon pay in solvents, which awakened somebody send her a drink with that biogas.
What happened, is cards exit of those that Georgia, when I would probably that without that would have been planned, maybe we're getting quite side company. With a ban people Barton Drinks, she tried to prove what he's a nice cool, dude I literally do that all the debt burden people in general that each other, by both of them drink sources, is one thing and I was buying your way binding, as you heard. Turning around my does it now goody in, like I want a bottom to drink it, I'm good and about a drink in a row that, when you say Noah drink to his wife. Now s about an era Then do anything you do look like he was upset, but she was turning around trying to give the money in that it added. I hear and obey my crazy over the milliner redrawn huge abortion is a modest wriggle room. Some recent all battle as an observer come on you in your boyfriend, no correct out, but they know YE ailing, actually you never send them a bottom that this energy eternally magazine in your bottom benefit everything and anything like Alan them. Their wages is like this. You know them
over there when its egg ass in December, to you guys with their forcing over nothing. That's a big to do about nothing. He asked They correctly objected to it to bring out a semi than everyone was talking about it. So What about you? Let me you and be merry. So what is it my wife or drink? And you were there to both of you? It depends allocating pause if it was Ok, see Nelson Mandela around no large numbers which now about the odd and loaded in no way then front page news, particularly now when we come back com and will be joining us will kick of occurrences, don't move common, other new book out cod? Let love have the last word. Yes, the last laugh now last word work. Yes, yes, love had left. Where the books- and I may tell you said, the lad, love and I am delighted to have the last word in the name of it. Yes,
It is not in a lower level. Gonna love have the last word, that's your shot! You let me have the last word. There did you set laugh. I did my USA. Happy birthday goes face. Right we are at an early hour, will come in all right now, you're gonna be on. You talked about a lot of my in mental wellness in as you know, during a lotta healing- and I appreciate it- ok, the union's entire. I will do that. Netscape lacked the progress global warning the breakfast club, is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain the guy we oughta breakfast club. We get a special guess, inability observe, doesn't ask a gold, a glove Emmi, an Grammy eyebrow peace. Without the obvious you he's carry on great marigolds, great, absolutely good. Ass. The above Graham got good to see you broke luxury. You gonna. Let love have the last word. Yes, sir,
came in here. Would love for all of us this morning? Will do us to bookmark swarm excited about love had, alas, were with a deeper meaning that title it really also like ours, What is going on in the world? The latter, please listen Have you a lot of people? You know a lot of conversations about attacks is. A world politics and on just felt fellow man best thing can do to overcome. A lot is, anxiety and depression is his name love out there. Not love like in this machine. Love, lovey dovey way, but his life love inaction nightmare. So, I want to pull positive energy out then in a world where time seems so dark, but forgiveness is parted at yes, I thought I saw you forgiven person. I believe I am I work towards if Russia astride practices and ass, we do this whole book. For me, as light, is me tell them my stories in a journey for what- had a due to practise. What I'd do deprives is not always not always succeed in that it, but strive in toys. I want to see you.
The riverside charge on monday- and you told this story about why you say, love all the time and I like them comedy like those on all common any in Abuja than to allow lie. He did love and all with India would never done. Why is needed, one among whom you are grow with no dark? I e from ass, I will me was aroused, do leaves a hustler led astray life, a goodbye. How can we was a high school? We always like man We need to start their love me and is the do you know, Dar honestly believe is shot fired, task, He was still so like you. We don't Stasi, love me and it is kind of stuck with me It was like another way of of just you know, extending its it up Well my homes to strangers on me. I love it off. The phone, wherever just as it does Mama its black men, nodded at each other. We don't tell each other, we love each other, we value each other. We appreciate each other s why everybody so tough
You know I did. We end up heartened each other because everybody so angry. I feel I man we need that because we ve been taught like my young is weak to go to therapies. We did believe me. I love you. I love, you know what you know. I messed up here, just acknowledged certain things it just you know carrots. Another to another black man is like those days is that we miss in parts of our life by not acknowledge in those aspects, and I feel like we can be. Around a mean Bob. I acknowledge in those days there vulnerability is, is important, America's If you stay like hell, I'm almost I'm just light heart, The whole time is like. Oh, I don't feel the demon of some point, is gonna, come out the wrong way. Why so easy? For thirty two thousand, I mean so I've been going on that point, but I've been going My visit alot of prisons in California, alot of people of solitude, has just been incarcerated. Brothers do a life without parole.
There are so many jobs and when you get to the root of a story day was like man. I'll just was hurt. When I was in fact is one Our members is names Bobby guns. It broke down his whole stories, terrible waves. I may I got sexually abused. A? I not express that so much upon somebody. That was my way of of Lenin. No leaden, my voice be heard in a way because nobody else was going no hear me and I was afraid to talk about those days and when he did day say after that I was his way of discretion. And eventually you know he ended up murders. Somebody dies. The way to handle it? Violence that four hundred and then a rooted at issue is life or made us where, I look in my life or look at our last say: may we can we can get this extracted at the root like if we really deal with the real, the real issue and know how to work? Do it doesn't I will not, when I met on a lot of brothers and sisters incarcerated, they were like transfer,
I want to know, and I was like someone a buzz I mandates. They were introduced and sell the idea I killed them, Joe Wilson ever say the name, and I asked a man why you why you say the name is like man we got to. We got to acknowledge them as human beings at the time when I did that act. I didn't even look at that person as a human being is like this for me to humanize myself and that person we need a family to know that we, you know we look at. Human being nothing. You know, I told you about the way we grew up out. I'm not blaming it on us, but we got. We inherited a lot of pain and suffering and and things we put up like Waldrop This will be. A black man is if ancestors had had his head at suffered today has been passed there. So some of the things we gotta shake off. We got appeal. Naw man is they take a lot of work so that what allowed you to it to open up, as we seen you opened up in his book, you talked about the molested as a job here. What gave you decorative to talk about their honesty?
I didn't even realize that happened in my life till like I was doing a movie and an the movie was about sexual abuse, and I was discussing it with with the actress and weave that is what should I moment it was I manage that happened to me. When it came to our views, and while I was talking about it when everybody, but as I was right in his book, you know my heart was light. I want to tell my story so did other people be? I would certainly stories Phyllite man, even if it's not the exact same story, but the ok would be alight manner. They do some stuff and I felt like manner
atta. I gotta go out there doing, because men only way for people to here is to talk about it, and I also wanted to offer tools. You know one like us in a book I'm not like this is how you get to it on. My men are still working on this right is recognised and you forgive the Percinet molested you and you had a conversation with more than two percent per I've had a conversation with a definite forgave from afar, like I'm, like you noticed This happened in my life. I don't you know, I don't know what happened to that person and make that person wants to do that. But I was like man, I can't carry that like if I was just saying about caring it, and then you notice, because I had a my mother about it before but came out. She never know about her. They never do that in a light. It is a zombie I wanted. You know you didn't want to tell him as you you and your shoddy rouse offered to us. He was telling me stories about her. I was I manage cycle it and I want to be. One was a static and you have a duty to you and you have effigy Dotterine Latin Abed
So just imagine your daughter go. Do something and doesn't want to mention it to you have a conversation with two before about a year. We allow the conversation about it because we played- I saw em I have on our bonuses by write a book not later song. The car is Memories, a home. They deal with the deals with the subject. Cuz. I haven't told anyone. She just I cannot set, I said talk to about it. You know I didn't even know that happened to you. Why didn't you tell me about about it? And I was like you know, I'm just starting to come to grips with with saying that I really had allowed at the surface myself. You know she was a man as courageous. She just said to me last night, Lego, I'm really proud. I I we got More would, will we come back? Don't move is to breakfast club bemoaning pointing out? is the jury envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club was talking with common knowledge good, though enemies- and I say that is it- opens things up for me in conversations to my daughter,
every time. I know Chauvelin S, three daughters. I have three daughters, I'm over protective like getting buddy touch you or your may, as it did somebody they dont tell daddy like I'm old, Could I hear all these stories and I want to make sure my kids are good. You know- and I feel like these discussions- that we didn't have kids. We want a curious to know. I'm glad it is. We could be like some such youth. You can always come to me. No evidence, not your fault. And we can learn lie we could discuss with each other the best ways to handle compensation, rail and get the information from whatever is a lot of you know a lot of times. I feel like you're, not communities we haven't, had the resources, don't have an accent, use access to the resources to get like like professional help right, but I do I love that you know provide that space for my kids and that's what I this conversation is like man.
It is a bit I may I gotta go tell somebody here which are opening up new, do out molest them. When I was a little by woman. You know me: our big growing about a mature enough. It Tode s story of you, done at the hands of another man who gave you to security. I will point you. Let yourself secure enough to say. You know what this is. What happened to me at this point? I think it's just faith in him who I am faith in God, and my spirituality is something that I feel like the attacks today or whatever comes from the out it's some point? If I'm strong enough in the inside too and know who I am that I did I'm good even when I play the song for some of my homies, they was looking like mad rush. I know they're. Happy too, you know like I was going to look like okay, and the first thing they did was was joked a little bit. Then they kind of saw was a real subject was like I got to chill. So I think you know it's been my face and I myself in God and be alike, man, something
leaders, gas step their simple that, as some guys think there Yeah like Charlemagne at birth might have been like. I liked it, and so this, but you didn't like you, where I live, Kids. Are you don't really know later on in life you? What it is that that long lasting impact, as you might think this grown woman- do a seventy percent of people like to act like that some thinness fly that happens like a teacher. Student. It's really not evident world position, because what is is different. What is the guy there like? How did that affect you ruined like us here for many many years I tucked it away. I I tried to forget it and it wasn't even like I tried to forget it. It was just forgotten. Anyway, so I love women so that in effect me in any way, as far as that goes, but now I'm not homophobic either like
I respect anybody's was on that level, but it didn't it like detour. What I love you I care about, they more anything I just felt violated there. You know as a kid. I wasn't making a choice to be in any type of activity where any by you to talk about going to Turkey and finding at eighty were addicted to love. This loan sex is thus being rejected. The sex it was even more loved, excellent. In then sixty Amin sexting is obviously a wonderful day book. The big as the pattern. I found myself in a what where was called love addiction Matvey has broken down. Was that feeling of bail? I am in love in and is their honeymoon period and people call it. I was addicted to that feeling when I feel it would go away.
And the real potter relationships Kane. I was thy. Ok do I want this or not like I, when ready to do the workout, I care for the person, but when they got for the sound work do stuff, I wasn't willing to work. Do it and I will make up make excuses. I are met as in a family, my work relationships and go for me I'll make my best sounds when I'm in a relation Ok, you wanted. All you want, is not you let me, but I did so I was you know I wasn't going to know cycles in a mad, thank God on which there because I was able to identify that what that pattern was, and why was fill in our way so now you know in relationships I can be. This is how I really feel in the in the present I ain't going to bring up the old pass things that happened. Cuz, some of that old, past stuff was just showing up without me,
No, it was. I ok. If I better relations before I was really media heavy and active feel good, and I also expect that the next relations will be like that banana silly ass, to be where you some love advice and Michel. She held Joe Megawatt outside to that as well as obsolete. Come on says about like relationship, because you know what happens. Is she like? Common was up? You know you, you How do you, forty forty two- and I know that at the time I thought you were dead in his eye out at that was gonna, let you in and I have given my reason she like. I do not agree with her life compromise or what the cool is. She has given me a lot of within one great thing that she told me is I more than his journey with that you have to understand you're not going get in body, that's perfect, because you're not perfect, will understand. This was certain things that you will compromise in choosing
a partner, but as long as the core value that are most important to you, that for us- and you know, mocks off one at less than your good. I agree with that advice, but it's it's agonies time work to get a little. That advice you know like, but it did help me because them for me to always go back to be like yeah, because I think I was looking for your son going wrong. Like a man, she didn't go last this long to Wingo last as long because it is so. I can start making excuse the reasons why the NGO work and I think enable to say you know what it may not have this right now, but that's ok, as we know we can work. Do it at some point. That's what I feel I am becoming an understanding, an amazing because you said, but I'm beginning to understand that compromising myself they become an authentic to live in exist as something other than who I am is in love and sent. A compromise is filled with James and pitfalls, at least two resentment at least unhappiness it leads eventually to that feeling of losing oneself there. While we are you don't believe in losing those who must have that
I failed him relationships in a light where wildlife guards who fighting in on my account right pot not being a right man in his relationship, but I'm given away so many days, a mass of myself? So I don't believe you all compromise yourself, but you can compromise. So light be able to agree to do certain days. You know, as I do have some compromises you ve made, Specific specific example would be like. Okay with the with your family, you want to go, spend this this holiday, and I'm like where I got to spend this time with my family too, so I'll be like to spend this time with my family and then make sure I got time with your family too. So that's that's! Some of the
My love had visibility ETA, Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, nobody's, got their relation tat while they were rockery. If I look at every colleague, you don't get some ways. Dockers need each other with a lady or yellow light. Is that those like three three years ago. I thought he was still in a wider. There is a definite was in Wales. We when she first started talking about it. He was While I would hate to low light on it, you know say, has examined my sentimentalism make sure you know. There's Mr Stevens tell me other stuff, you know so be patient and, like you might take your time and those things so member, but were robbed. You know he real. Do you know she had to be having conversations with you? Could she had some some wemyss? You want a hook you of what I know
this light is that that was like three to three years ago style. He was still in the wider. There is a definite was in Wales, and we wish you first started talking about it. He was in a way out. I would hit with low light on it. You know she has. Come on, I was gonna, do occur in many mix. Currency of us goes to breakfast club, Pneumonia Let me know your payment terms doing right now Let's go. I don't know. Well like there's gotta be I think you with many roles is: let us leave aside the Senate I still delivered for us to draw together. I have been a slope
oh yeah, what about was just gets? You probably did so because the newspapers that had no one cares and denied shaking hands with a clear, You know why I blocked rambled MAC inserts fallacious, up we'll bats work. I want to be the one to make you happy is the hurts the most. I say they support. Now close to the most, God is our philosophy. Just yes, your details. Yes, John many new jobs. Jobs, jobs, jobs, be the saucer come on. I would like to see this.
With. I would like to see my regular nodded serves girls, not about money, though stuff was exactly tat. They may have been struggle a whole life. Maybe three beginners sniper the night I gotta lotta him. That was a pyramid. Many mix morning everybody is D. J Envy, Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club was still kicking, will come and ye had difficult as their realisation about your daughter and her feeling, like you weren't there enough for her. When drawing up those tougher numerical, I thought I was doing a good job, not providing provided
and yet you take an old law. Mr to really do show love you light up. Ok, we gonna do these days that you like to do you think, that's been a time is really doing it, but there is still some of those other moments. Does she needed? It is in fact, when she said it was a man who was heard. I was I was MAC some of the day she was answer me was, I can't believe they got out do them, so I got defensive, but there are some point I was like you know what I need to listen to. This is actually fear. What would you say what we want to see a visual until you basically like ours? She was young, got it right enough, when her mother, to like make sure she was been in time with me. One point she was talking about how I didn't I want to pay for it to take their seats.
And I was like a lawyer. You know better light like you know how much they were so. Ultimately, I was, as I talked to its Elinor. You should you, you know me, you know how much I love you so is no waited. I will not do those things right, thought it was males in some of those things you think. As a daughter growin up, she probably look. There was thinking. I man is my daddy. Don't when I walk in May one of the things that really struck me was. She was like Manna heard me when I saw you out with your girl risky, walk you out here that outward, as I man knows, is China. Move like ours like that Have you any last month, if somebody I love, has kids, we might be out in a manner
some real, no real conversation, but the thing is what I feel good about his mere men. Amore. We have any real conversation right. So is better in our relationship. Like the fact we talked about art. Is she actually like more confident and stronger game- and I noted my love is- was gone. How far be the best one is, she could be? Re relationship is part, Yes, they can sell feeling, because you want to be the type a man you want to see your daughter with ashore, I'm gonna, be I'm gonna, be on ass. I ask that example, for my daughter out its hand, I try to do a good ally, Tellin YA, this type of man. You want, I'm just like open a doleful. She be frustrated by Magna way for you to open the door and let you do- and I just do a regular days- nothing. I want the way I want to see a match. Do it and action could have such a tough question? May when people say are you the kind of man it's you would want your daughter's be with an ass man. Like all my daughter, now you Dana's guy,
you might you know, that's what that's where he is right now he's going to make all the best choices you might want to be with some other girls that you just is what it is. I was that young man of coursing into it into an adult age and, like I said beyond, just want to be with other women even just being able to the loving in a mature in employee way. It's me years to get there yes, Vienna man is is is a process, but I think one of the greatest things. I've guys been able to communicate those days now, instead of being alike, have some Harbin up in me and not being able to say it's a woman, I'm in a relationship which is thy, I gotta be ever say like you need this time, but it is better to express your fill his period like they tell us even in school.
Growth is greatly like all think positive and be pile up, may not be feeling parted at moments. Ass Bilbil, expressed its argument to summon ashore is seen what hand what they go into manually. Some initial might talk to me like is no way you would get to your day. If you see your cousin shot obsolete around this guy, Do I oughta stuff you ve gotta, be regular, be normal, be good for a day ass, a man ass. He gazed on cells. Self medication is too small. Indeed our drinking. They start hanging around gangs that they feel like that's their brothers in as you go down the wrong way or do not pain. That's the greatest sorcerer wild passes out here, hurting each other killing each others, because they in pain. So I believe we go shoot that pain as much as much as we reshape it and read reconfiguring the community. We got to create jobs. We got to give mental health support. We got to give like different ways of expressing like they need to know about. Cinema,
feed. I need to know about like what it is to be a script righto. What are you not just mentioned? It is in the end it saying that slowly, social and plainly to put social emotional learning into schools. Yes, you know I'm actually opening up a school car, an essential cargoes, car ice, emotion and when one of the things that we are adopting is opening a September one of the things that we do in his light. We don't have that social and emotional intelligence, like those type of course, is where they could just talk days. I had that Cyprus thereupon, space yoga space. You know ass basis where they do not learn about cinematography learning about script. Vine, learn! costume desire, and so many other kids don't get the exposure life. For me, I was like man if I have my mother salmon and put you in his computer class on point you, you play a very basketball, now know where my life would be indicted.
Today, such artists can get under way, and I one last question could louder than you say whether new me as such. With safety. What do. I know what you done. Much of Bob and you say to censor the father- represent a psycho de jure destined to break a repeat one or the other, and your work remains incomplete, which cycles you currently fighting the break in your parenting path. Abandonment cycle is one because my love, my damn Adele's cool? We now we got alone really good, but I did notice I was had avoid. Some was missing because when I was one of my mother split up and I didn't have their relationship with them like a presence in our home bayonets and in order fact it my daughter's, like China, say some of the same things in your presence. Was it you want physically, there is light. Ok, how can I stop? The cycle now got
be able to talk to about this and tell her, and hopefully she understands reasons why? So there is no reason why really a mad? She might understand from a different perspective and know that I'm hearing her and in her be a hurried out, they dug it stopped. The hurt like we starmer, distributed, pay is light that pain I have my father didn't even know. I add that pain, but it was there well my egg and acknowledged as she has her pain and hailed. I pay so when she got her relationship. She'll be a whole woman. That's Billy my way of of a stop in it and to recognise no stay at an end. When I do find myself, I feel in the same way about some while Father Data, whatever which I have worked for to forgive my father, my father passed in twenty four team, but we was deafening, grace based, but even in post that I had still
a call for giving it and no one knows things, but with that, I just feel I carry a better happiness or myself now, maybe to give that to the people we are loaded. Governors may actually look our vision, for we have met their self love airline appreciate you can have a new composition, but let live. Have the last word is that right now meda you pick it up and beg for joining us broke my job. I love you, blackmail, love! You run arrive as Canada is the breakfast club glory This is the route towards annually on the breakfast club, where we ve been talking about this, did a cover story. Cosmetic day is coming up this Sunday and he's on they may issue Did an interview with Dream Hampton and it's very raw, and edit conversation, and we have a piece of their conversation exclusively for you right now and is very difficult to hear because clearly
Did he still gone through a lie? Having lost Kim Porter the kids going through a lot with King Porter? Having passed an here, what happened when he discusses black mothers was bathed while her it does. We got to celebrate in all the mother, we're not going to get in the way of that, but you know honestly anybody that's lost. A mother lost her soulmate. It takes time it takes time. You know, I don't know They say time, heals all womb. When it comes to your mother, mothers, I don't think that's chase a mere. They were the strongest bay. You called the like a category of on the stolen me on the face of the earth. It will have to be like mother. Anybody ever the be notably a black mother
who goblets daddy man tears, how our hearts, beaks and our lives can describe how much we ve been hurt and he had no need to frighten pretend to be tough at a time like this little t go and how they did it The kids are getting some type of grief, counseling, some type of therapy off all the kids are protecting their energy and really invested in that meant to walk because he's right in time. He was our wounds with situations like this in may are less widow, always heart and honestly, that's fine. We humans, we allowed to feel that when we get to see the face, We together a lot now too and he's been like he said in the article just basically the mob mother's day and all of that with with girls you know with his senses. Well, lotta family tat showed the Duma are right. Now you shall carry. We discussed her com, and during red table talk. If you guys remember, she had this to say about her insecurities thumb not really bothers me and, like honestly, has given me a sense of a little bit of insecurity is the fact that yeah, like there all these women like throwing themselves, but me like that,
ten years like I don't have any of that sounds weird, but like male attention, and so then, when I begin to Internalize- and I might get something wrong with your not alive- not locking what does I don't want it, but I'd be nice to know that, like someone's looking and I they have her being honest about. It. Has a lot of people feel like man? I just went somebody to sail. Nice and changes your whole day. Sometimes when somebody's I got you a great today were boys. Well, that's a great complement, husband, Zuma. Loma gives you a good company. You guys are married, so she knows that, and I guess she felt like he gets a lot of attention, but I don't need is anything wrong with her expressing how she really feels because a lot of people work, The goal of her like she was saying she doesn't care about her husband's feelings, Gus Huldah requirements, but, of course she dies, but she was as being honest, she fails in secure and sometimes as high for people to emit. Now she posts I've never been months a case. My feelings and emotions to any capacity. I am human brings me pure joy to see
my my be vulnerable at times and to know myself inside and out, seeing as how is meant to help the awareness among. I really want to take the time. To encourage everyone to speak the truth, regardless of perception fading into a mould or sending someone, because it's your truth and that's ok, besides, you carry stood on a grew. What she said when you depend on people to build you up, do you have to say about breaking down, stop invested in the opinions of other people, so much when you got a man, I love you values and appreciates your children. Are the main thing I mean you don't have a drink with when she loves voting has been honoured to have somebody love. It's not like. I agree with you with my lack of idea what she says: she's with a husband all the time I was but a supposed to say she looks beautiful, but you ve never been taken. Your significant other for grain is the authentic another, very also say what she said she ass. It goes on to say if what I'm not afraid to say out loud about being a thirty year, oh Mamma three helps another one me for like they're, not the alone and not the only one, with an insecurity, because we all have them don't play than that makes, although this who blow where
Just it wasn't me fly and sexy she had three children she's a mom. She still wants to be fly, look fly, she still wonder she's not, and why does need the outside of vineyards among the few away. If what I Is your husband doesn't matter anymore of what happens? You didn't even handed manner and never so what was the matter there? I believe that it should be the indoor be all period. She just wants to fair, like our people find me at all the absent in general. What's wrong that kid? Would people think Sheba is clearly not soon. He's being honest about insecurity. She's, not saying I need you to validate how I feel username, and this is how I really feel that we are helping us exactly what it is and secured. Sometimes people can help how they feel we would love to or not be insecure. But the reality is people do have insecurities I'm Angela YE and that's your room, a report. I shall merely giving a delicate do. We may possibly to confront the congregation Otis when assume a walkie in Milwaukee. Strictly right
obviously like everywhere wooden police are right, we'll get internet next, keep it lacked the breakfast cloak morning. Donkey gavel breakfast dog you today for Thursday may knife goes to my may. The legendary Future NBA Hall of Fame Poppy is now listen. I love predict. Since we are made them that is found, mission of a lot of different debates and lively discussions in our coaches somewhat those awhile prediction out there and then everyone goes back. Depending on how people agree or disagree, some people would tell you never make predictions, especially about the future, of what fun, with that B. F, dad that's it! Testicles hang right, though, something against the walls the vis digs. If you are correct in your prediction, then you are proud
of sorts. Ok, you get a look at people, as they are told. So in army, and especially if the situation goes down exactly how you said he would end you're wrong. That's fine to depending on call the actual outcome came to USA Prediction While we are here today giving paw appears to credit. He deserves being stupid because poppies made would have turned out to be an extremely stupid prediction, see pop! Isn't he Vienna and have the game one of the Eastern Conference Semifinalist boss themselves, one one, twelve, the ninety at twenty two point blow out: Paw, please, God Vienna made this poor prediction as a team I don't know warmer walking girls from here, because we all know what the size of this or other gazelle series is over they wild game, you just better. Instead, it like a winner, MBA champion, obviously that but one day I think styles make fights and basque box, and we do not allow a wholesale before us. There is no doubt, but it does seem like Milwaukee was a way better team to other menaces it, but when I watch this
the honest doesn't have a monster gay and somebody, Ozma besides him doesn't step up Boston Gonna owl talent, poppies after game. One of the embryo is thinking. Semi finals, ladies and gentlemen, after the studies beat the bus by twenty two points you heard him just say he declared series was over. Will last night to Syria did come to an end this here? What the outcome was your job improvements in the wealthy books game five. They wonder series for games the one meaning after that game when lasted Celtics the book didn't lose no more now either they learn regular season, the box one sixty games, sixty games number one seat in the east, the greek freak. Geography? Last name I can't pronounced, is every candidate when it most.
Some of late and the league of another author increase Middleton, they got aired. Bledsoe Brook Lopez. The books have things plays such play is Eric double figures in points for the regulars. Even I'm saying all add to say they gotta squash, why pirate attacks de there is no reason to say in a seven game series after game, one that this team in particular was time. I love Milwaukee, salute everyone who listens to us on one hundred point: seven jammed Milwaukee. I think everyone in Milwaukee who can him a voice needs to go to at Paul pay. Is thirty. On Twitter and leave nothing but dear emerges in his comments because he was loud in wrong, not once but twice OPA doubled in trouble down now. Nepal good have been drunk when you initially said after game when it was over, but he d who down on the jump when he has been, and he seemed to be so we hear less listen, We may win a game, maybe two, but I just look at the talent disparity or these two balls. Are you so easy kind of its visa to scout the books than it is to sell? You know the driving
of course you don't sell these have to drive Horsham Kyrie, but they have so many other guys. I can step up now he's slow down greek freak and you took him away for the most part and they lose by twenty. Argue today decide themselves. Please give populist sweet sounded amateurs. U r e g everybody in Milwaukee, please go have a pity. Party in policies has mentioned is twitter is poppies there. For leave nothing but dear emerges. All His comments all day. Long, ok have a black day poppies. All right. That's a donkey of the Dana Up Nexus. Ask eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need advice, relationship, advice or any type of advice
Call you now to follow a wide open. A number again is eight hundred five. Eight five one off One hit us up right now is the breakfast club. Breakfast morning everybody is D, J, envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast Club ISAF time for allows this earlier all our order, almost Thursday, Libya and on our biggest bandeau question over Angela YE study. Envy that's terrible go I remember guy. I got my baby Mamma to keep the enemy She doesn't have your phone number as they do with messenger We only have that blue eye there by what are you doing in there to come ashore? I don't know what you want to be honest, I give her money and I'll take care of her, but I don't know she jealous you trying to get back.
Well. What are you and Jorge? Maybe I'm here were dying, but beyond it it has not already reply about light. It ok, so many it them. It is a matter which she ones where matters is what you want me to do If you dont want to be where I dont be, where they don't matter, she wants to be with you. I you know, I can't figure out. What's her motives it than none at all matters it doesnt who you want to be with regard to the Roma. Graham, is the. Latin and the Ex Ante room earlier today. Allow me to highlight three years ago: you at me with all that about the main body as early as February embody you'll kill me. May I learn Beth. I now appeal process Are you running? I know you you might onto her mission
Thank you. We in Germany has you designated. I said I am. I right take either levies dazzle away, go ask eight hundred five, a five one. Five one of unique relationship, advice it and now, with the breakfast locomotive morning, everybody is the I envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the we oughta breakfast club know ye when it will of as you you wanna, go to unless Duma keyed online nine mechanical morning. Hi. I'm good! about me now. Oh I would then only sincere Then I got pregnant and when I got pregnant and love aviary being pretty merged with much out it here like a little bit, what's a little abused fell. Daylight came a boy. My baby,
beginning like a real strong like a he, don't know how to control. You remember I can't I don't downplay what happens when you were a little abuse. You were abused now case, like I have a daughter, we have it. I don't want to take my daughter out of his life and when I went over there thing? Why don't you go on air? You made me feel like I wanted him back, so I kind of chow. Bill mega new negative energy in our one, be President Van Ryan. Everything I have filled by one about
what do I do now why you openly or Mckenna Baby less efforts of? Ah, it's ok for you to have these feeling Ok, that you were jealous that he had another woman at the house is located to feel away. You're, a human being? And that's fine, but I would say you should be thankful. I bet you are not with this man anymore and I would say, run and keep it moving, and just because you are not together doesn't mean he can't be a father, and that is not going to be in your daughter's life. Can still do those things, but you don't want to your daughter around somebody, that's abusive to you that you are making excuses, bore the I think they re now. You should be so happy there, with him any more, and that, though, I know that it takes, long time, because only too can hear those moves at your feeling. But it's ok. The Euro more in the death of our relationship, is over whether light at all we only got away. Here. I don't want my chow around thirty people there.
Well. They do for me or anything, but a livelier whatever and he's they'll say lying agreements. I hear what I d, like you, ve, noticed bay. So here's the thing you feel like you're daughters in harm in harm's way. Oh ok, so is gonna, be sounds like this is an emotional experience where you don't want your child around people who you don't lie and you won Elsie respect that, but that's a hard thing for you to enforce and if you feel like your daughter is safe or and she's. Ok- and that he is doing a good job as a father. You yourself are going to have to deal with those. Could you here really tell him who to be around. You know it those things. I think it's a different question if it's a safety issue, but if you like your daughter, is safe and being treated well, that's the top priority They you again and, as we know he clear where my men know, which way to go making hacking away.
The! U find somebody who loves you and values you the way that you deserve to be valued and your relationship, and I think that sometimes certain things blessing like any time, you think I want him back. I want to go back with them. Just remember how abusive, as an remember that he has other girl there he is dealing with and dont go back and backside cause. It's gonna. Take you even longer to get out. At our whole, you half way out of now keep going? Ok, baby? I am a Cuba, we love you Lily baby. I be I every morning, our road banking army and thank you by political. Benevolent allows. This a about energy was abolished course of e about a good deal. My girlfriend pulled my work will do whatever we can to protect the people, leave wherever possible
Do you know you ve got all the bell and banned as he's already I infidelity issues. While you were home and not locked up and you ve caught her texting and do another things. I would say. I wouldn't want you to be stressed that in jail, two girl. Gonna hold you down by those well one thing about love greater, she dies, but you have to be realistic with yourself. You know you are go away, you're going to be gone for three years is going to have a lot of freedom and imagine every day, you're trying to call her wondering what she's doing you know you might have. Is in reality. I dare say: ok, I'm just give, it is in my mind and no them whatever my happening might happen, and I had to be prepared for the fact that he's not gonna do this bay with me or you have to just let her know leg. I don't even expect you to do that through a nobleman bluebirds. All I re no problem, good luck to you in jail,
and it give IRAN because your luggage, but you knew or more luck, is right. As eight hundred five Five, one o five one know your rooms away. Yes, I said about Steve: Harvey people are upset over these com. Is that he made about rich people? Don't sleep will tell you what he said. All right, we'll get internet next, keep electors to breakfast club. This is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club, where people were upset about some commented Steve Harvey made. Now he was talking about rich people and what their habits are hears. What he said success is not a comfortable procedure. Shall you gotta get comfortable being on comfortable? If you ever want to be successful, all of you have extraordinary capabilities. You have to decide if you are willing to do the things to put you in that category, rich people, don't sleep eight hours a day. That's a third of your
over twenty four hours a day you can't live in airline and wake up running the Hockins Morn is eleven o clock on the east coast to stock market been open to ours they already make decisions about your life and you'll. Ass was sleep isolated. Jobs. It. I think when you get to a certain position in life, you sleep more because you know you have to in order to maintain what you built, and I think sleep with such an important part of self care like recklessly this very important, like I'm not doing We are really getting eight asleep when night, but I'd attempt to be What he said lad, although our people loves eddies, absolutely possible. Now he's saying that MR around sleep, eight hours a day like that major irresponsible, and I try and get it I mean, have you sleep eight hours a day, but the China supervisor? it is the growing like. You know what we all have our journey here. I'm no added eight hours a day, a modern he had now I'm starting to get to sleep. There are very big resolution out every day about your life and yet ass with sleep another, whereas he China say the less. We began the more successful you are because you should not be
because your miss something that's going on. My word were I that we're all align ourselves. If we do not want that, I think is the opposite, because on the Rhine on a journey eeg no sleep, I may there. Maybe they get with irresponsible because you to encourage people to get more sleep and don't make me feel like learn that successful, because athlete eight hours a night, they were speaking the truth to, I think, a very important role in this work. Did you know he lived in the cars he drove car, the car caught them that wasn't a car show comedy club, the comedy club. He didn't get much sleep. I know I didn't get much sleep, no disrespect, let it be do they got a lotta sleep? They still work homeward Even I drew near by people diagrams Anti Semitism and also about diaphragm sleep deprivation. They suffer more from obesity, there's a lot of diseases that are linked to sleep deprivation and they proven asleep, is more important than probable.
Anything I can car how I absolutely agree. I think you should give as much sleep is possible, but we're line does that. We say that our culture did not fuel alighted at last a long time ago. I never sleep sleep, the covenant deaf ears for twenty five years. I think about tee, no sleep, you know those ailing already like it. If you sleep sleep when you die, hustle have no sleep there has been a lot of negative. The more or less be, let's be responsible about what we say and that, just as you know that you're not thracian, if you don't leave eight hours a day, is too true it's you should encourage people to try. I get it. I was asleep. I wish I could amazing. Now I got to despise by Sleep Romagna City and grunted, my ass off, so I could sleep now, but our growing did it with arms. I slept appear to naps too when naps and I work my ass off- that's cause you weren't rates right. I wasn't, but I know that's why he says we put our leading out today and say people trying to be right. You ve got a little green and usually no
does one time there was. I had a better pay, no some blood on it and configure. How would I blog name anyway? That's crazy just take a bow to think about people who have work. Multiple exiles, who have tried to take care of and can't sleep, eight hours a day. You should have. In addition, a generalised you shouldn't, say rich p, We should say to me is a general lack of lucidity cat. So now listen, that little way and according to reports he and Cortez his long time manager have parted ways. Rarely, yes, they said he reportedly party ways with him. I to the release of the Cardiff I back in September, even though they tell her in everything. They said the reason aviation was allegedly supposedly greed. They said that courts, as is the one that convinced to fire. His long time lawyer, IRAN Sweeney Adieu to believe that his company was attempting to collect more Jake's royalties than he was owed and after that they said Cortez by with MAC, to drive a wedge between Little Wayne and Sweeney by making false or misleading statements. So I don't know
What's going on over there in that camp out, even though that happened show that voters, I right now, Let's talk about that guy, we told you about that's on jeopardy. He's a second longest. Champion they still women. Yes, he has over twenty two consecutive wins, goodness grew hands. He reveal that he had dreams of working in an Emma, be front office when he was young, he may I've known last week, and now teams are showing interest in him: Oakland AIDS, executive, present a baseball operations there. My first that when I saw him once we have to get this guy, a baseball, the red Sox president and see YO said absolutely. Yes, we put it. Its premium on analytical abilities both on the baseball side and business. I without question: when we interview young professionals coming out of college, that skill set is hugely important, so, let's, like you, might have job twenty two in either Jean now. Well, congratulations to him. Some reason: I write national remains at a conversation with schoolboy. Q with car crash talk a conversation with Leonard and it's I've got you
there's a little Leonard, seated God Mikhail. I might just Lindner. Thank God, Canara Clinard to too, but here happened. In that any view they did discuss Mcmillan Scott's. It is day others don't understand. I can comment innocent so like losing a friends. Again. Bang is way differ from those of a friend ass, my innocent little kid remember that comes as your own face soon a video you talk. He was acting, we're slightly I want- you bear ladylike belie who do I gotta God of Ancient, get you in this video then? Let me you're gonna call nobody I rise. Are you see that holding on you to buy, because, like thirty sent, the minutes, I'm in a hurry and played a part would cry else. I like them like a brother You know, I'm saying I think we need to do more of that. You can watch them, everybody day break down,
about MAC Miller. I right now. Let's talk about ditty. He did everything since may issue cover story. You know mother's day is coming up in now. Did he both mom and dad to his three of his children and he had a very raw and Annette it a conversation with Writer Dream Hampton where he discusses black mothers and how important they are in our lives. One day, while heard enough, we got to celebrate in all the mother. You know when I wanna get in the way that was you know, honestly anybody that most the mother nor the soul mate. It takes time it takes time No at all, you know they say town ill law. When it comes to your mother, mother, I don't think that's chase a mere. They were. The strong is based
count the likely category upon the stone me on the face of the earth. It will have to be black mother, a unified ever be notably a blackened This amount is our hearts, speaks in our lives, Qantas Crown on which we ve been hurt and admire. Their view says it's ok to feel it has. No blueprint for pain or manual book for trauma you have to allow yourself to feel and as the first step healing and I do agree about it. They say time, heals all wounds. What with situations like that may hard less, but I beg you always hurt, and that is that perfectly fine, I re well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report and I thank you. Miss YE revolt. We'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody else to people's choice, mixes up next or move to breakfast locomotive. Morning everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast copycat, Especial guess in about and yet also David back well. Thank you.
Having regard to the law, that is one of the most trusted financial experts and work for actual Ghana, best selling finance author of a new book, the Lahti factor- I am sure we will have the answer or talk, does about the Lahti fact awarded a comparison We find answers in Lahti. Air will cause here's the deal than forty purported. Ten America's run. It cannot get hands on a hundred dollars in case of emergency? Jesus did take audio out its board and of better hermes. Hermes. Only wanted to take these she's, a that resent away six and ten Americans get their hands on a thousand dollars in case emerged. So so seven ten America's loading page after page and what I
in future now for almost total twenty six years is that we get a break the way you break it. The way you stop living paycheck paycheck is you realize small amounts of money can change your life, so I cringe cause him called Lahti factor, which is the idea that, if save wasting five bucks a day on a latte, you took the five dollars a day you put, it is your retirement account, you paid yourself. First, you can become a milliner, allow them they alone. That's when I said that, if it both there's, aid is of value, but we hope that we get a little story. That's metaphor here: got sharp right and little simple charge shows you the. By way it takes a lifetime. You're takes you start mutual these five dollars a day by the time. Forty years later, at ten percent interest is worth nine home. Forty eight thousand dollars Somebody there, forty years so that starting in your twenties right now chart on page one. Thirty four shows somebody saving more than five dollars. Ok, three hundred bucks a month: ok you're, twenty five you saved
real hundred bucks a month by the time he reached retirement, you got one million nine hundred and thirteen thousand dollars a here's. The problem guys most people do not start saving at twenty five. They start saving, they start working. They start thinking about a thirty five right. Do not wait to start saving money. My grandmother help me by my first stock at age, seven, while regional. Indeed, what you know about it, you press the candy. Finally, because on the one hand, this up you're absolutely right and I'm here to see any parent listing right, this is my 13th book. This is the easiest book. I've ever and I'm on your watch, the videos of all the amazing, incredible artist who have come through here. Out of more wearing six figures and jewelry around their neck, when you start seeing somebody six figures and you're on their neck and there on a six figure, not worth so wrong. My group, the first
you focus on your listing right now and you don't have any savings is focusing on getting a thousand dollars and take the take. I caught the hundred age, our saved ten dollars a day for a hundred days, you're now well through the six out of ten people. But what about people? I will say you know it s, hands variable. What else can I do to ask more aggressive. I got I gonna, I'm a drop of truth on Euro. Now you want to go in trying to reach overnight. You will stay poor forever. You do not get rich Indy allow nuclear region deck, but law has a really just attacks on on people that are like praying open right leg right? That's, not a real way to go and get rich attacks on YO. Your optimism uses these attacks and stupid people, but I want everybody coming out with a gun on me. So so here's the thing lot. We have people putting more mine a lottery tickets. Then retirement account right so You gonna job today. Here's what I want you to do. You have to pay yourself. First, you have to get financially selfish. The formula of financial
Him for life is saving one hour day of your income, whether you make minimum wage or you make more. The average Americans making about only seven dollars an hour right one. Our idea of your income paid automatically into retirement account. You can be financially for Can you elaborate on this theme in your richer than you think you have to learn to think. Like an investor, there's two things that make people in America wealthy? They are real estate and stocks. If you don't own reels dating you, don't own stocks you'll get into one of these two games or both you're, not on the US clear to building. Well, these are the things that make people wealthy. When you own real estate, the tax laws favor the rich, you can buy a little people, don't realize you can buy a home, live in it for two years, sell it, and if you single! You can keep a quarter of a million dollars in tax regains accordingly, now its extreme right. It's the!
only game in town where the government doesn't tax in the one reason for the government wants you to have homework once you own a home and here's the truth when you look at, why is it that way those from one generation to the next or doesn't it's real state? So homeowners are forty six times wealthier than renters so some of the smart investment for people with no money to make our real estate and stop here and the simplest thing is to start with your phone cable or your eye account so save an anxious. Darcy start investing and kid yourself, but you know you saw me symbols and index fun. You have captain your book, I dont budget, make it automatic. Can you expand on every year, so we're all taught to budget? Nobody really does in the real world. People hate it. So when I teach Is this the way you build wealth for anything retirement, buying, are going in the dream: vacation, saving money for kids, you gonna go to college. Is you save automatically,
well, he's gotta get mood automatically from your paycheck from your income into these different savings accounts, you want, if you want to know the true formula to being able to retire in your fifties. It is to save and give you an exact number right. It's fourteen percent of your grossing ogre buzz. By its Ford. You bring a gross income. How do I know these numbers fidelity and thousands runs, the largest foreign cape linen in the world of sixteen million people in the. U S and inform Cape represents twenty thousand cup. They track pursue the amount of people, become millionaires, usinor porn, cable and they ve saved fourteen percent, their income a thirty years by the time they reached an average. Fifty nine. There are four one came, so the only way you're going to have money in this country is, if you take care of yourself, no one's coming to save us. Not you addressed. One in the life is about money in the Lahti.
Then it takes money to make money why there is such a misconception because if you first, if you believe you ve gotta, have a lot of money to start investing he'll, never starting defeated already. You're defeated already. It is a poor. Told mindset, and so I go back to grandmother. My grandmother was broken thirty and didn't college education LIVE Walkie Wisconsin and had a job in retail if a place called gimbals store. She's said always getting my financial vice for my friends and they were all poor. She said: don't get your financial vice from port. Data, so she went out and started taking classes at adults. Schools on investing she found. Somebody who was a millionaire didn't know the person well but knew the person
enough to say I know you're well off financially and I'm trying to learn how to become wealthier. Would you teach she actually asked for mental and she learned over lifetime? What to do? And you know an impasse, lessons on to our family ties. It happens when you have money, actually care they look. Rich can it'll kill enables, or the weird thing is that when we're not rich, we care Once we are rich there's a big had no cat big. Nobody Eric had no cat big had no it's it's and taxes raised his eyes right, get the big hat, but you got no. Can you say that no poor, big port, no scope of your big game? all right. They're back. No, you girls did you put joint, as is book. The last say fact that now and taking my name come around me on your ass, I appreciate how we got the penises, I'm sorry, it's the breakfast global morning, either I'm Zack wrath and I'm Donovan we're real life best friends, but we met playing fake life. Best friends, Turk and GDP.
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