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Common discusses his 10th studio album and former relationships.

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Oil celebrity Rios I'll join the system to monitor everybody's dj, envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club. We got espresso guess joining us this morning. S right the legendary common comrades inability monitor pastries was well you're, not coming before you are doing, and we said, may I come in, when will people I'm scared of his eyes, those crazy carbon? In all, I want to talk about the commonwealth, those individuals. You don't play what he has said that that, like our project, does it. I interviewed a lot of people coming
that is a music soldier got that the world of today shows a thank glad to be able to decide in a view of like this before people shines, Chicago despair, as we did for four July, was like seventy shot. What the hell's going on you city man, it's just tough out there, man, it's been like guns everywhere. That's the way cast, think that that's the way they think they should handle. It is like man, I'm at the spot, this guy as is the way the youngest may raise matters what they know. So you know we all amiss in its had stopped it s. What I'm all I'm on us my whole miss if we were now to the two forever ammonia, but he ain't you got that army need. You seem so violent out. Their manners guys is going
good Day is gonna. Take a lie. Man! I got out ass. His brow, I know for sure, like give authorities jobs gulliby around like some of the youngest daylight. May we gotta get money and you know when they get jobs, they lay all came, and maybe I gotta go. I do know hustling, I got mastery. So that's one thing to help me a car. You did something with what foundations where we hope you, twenty thousand jobs with the key is the Chicago within this programme now think about. We would be arrays. We asked us to do where we could play ball. Go without will play baseball. Do some man he's got ass on foot on the duties, productive, alighted to acknowledge the problem of the latter people in Chicago? You talkative maybe like any debate it stop believing everything you see on the nose na matches left here yesterday,
and it was like me. I love your girl. This guy killed people die so promptly like when you got this innocent people give people take. Allow me everybody will allow a girl, like no surprise man came and candle baby proud. At a time when you gonna, navel gazing, you see a lot of houses, it. I abandoned bank anything when any gonna fix up the neighborhoods. Yeah man. This is a lot when I go home sometime be like it is. Sadly, I ride around my old neighborhood, it's like man, and this is how it is, but you know like we make a move, always try to look at the positive, but I may be about to say this in all. So that's what it is it you know I'm team and our peoples, as does in a field that is people out there doing our work every day. You know some team and I went down to the area of international Jakarta,
One is the come talk to school. I'm scared make now. May we need a head, and I get that foot into can't think about my little crazy when you say that you are able really when you get around some people, you can see, they know people stop, they be happy to see their be happy to see ya man and when I see people like yourself or you know like they feel that they can do some, that's all it is. Sometimes let them see somebody made it, make us think about it. They named around no buyers. They got more rapidly guide, all pro yadda matter. I can even I made it out, that's very true: would they don't see that all tat sometimes is like me? They think you so distant. Somebody did. The song is girl, dressy firms from Korea, she'll now, Mr Bowe, and when Did it like some, so some people call me lie. May I feel I mean I can't really so my God knows I may I feel that we can make a boy common measure withdraw easy. It is life, sometimes it that you think they thing over this,
the Miller later Grass Ass, he is, Not only begun about audio over may overcome party went abroad with data, nay, nay, no I'll know about rights. You buy. Has provided a money, so you know me I'm as nobody smiling did he is that anything. Do you got all the aid as well as what does for asylum is really talking about the situation. Is a cargo in like a state, is a call to action. Mortgages be alike. I will stay like this. Of course that came from their rocky, You know from the ghetto- and he said nobody smiling, but you know it was just. It was just me and no id discussing what we could do to get back cuz I feel like I've always represent in Chicago, but I could do more. You know I got my foundation. I got two different things, but it's like when you see what's going on, you feel like man, I got to do more, you know
coming artists from Chicago you. There is a great thing deal. I lose her dream easy and you know I got lobby we in our life, who else G cow and do Katy I got all Mamma cover on my arm, covers light at the different versions. You say, may version just you know. One thing was that they were looking at me like looking you me like I manually. You doin this my man, I'm here, which I am I I every day as a cargo brown I'm here I'm doing I could do to help. Yes, that's what s when I was asked. If you know what would you do so much act in any movie is a successful why'd. You continue to do music like it's, is no one in the music industry, no more prominently known makin. It is harder to make money in the music industry now before we know it. When you go at all and make a couple on a grand all this money, when you're man becomes the executive vice president
is the commission discharge for you and no idea has as yet you know what was good, though it would know I d mail. I obviously agree with this fourth grade and now we know we cannot, but when our separate ways were second after three arms and there we got back other of these weren't. We yea but may want one thing about him. Be an executive at the label cannot work smarter because before you know you being a studio recalling using your budget, but now you know why you got some bite as it did knows how Russia companies work is a lot of good site that you gave him have somebody plus man. I care about hippo him a hip up them.
Whose like care about the council, now am Amy label. May I definitely want to be deaf. Jams is like a great place for me. When I have you, if you want it, the executive than it is depends on. Who is a person I was there. I was saddened me really more anything, but you know soon is gonna. Farsi was like we were talking about it even like mammal. Might, you know, beat exactly as I will. Let me know. How could I was is really for me. You ever use ass a why make music gotta have a purpose for me. I gotta have I like the one that motivated me to do his arm was ass. I may, tell me to go back for real, really talk about was what was going on from a different perspective. You know you you're here you know you got. We got the chief keys, we galleries, we got dark, we go baby chairs is a lot of people just talking about a cargo, but you know I'm a give a different perspective. This rather what I see as their time- and you got you a new idea when ever worked together again, I really had like a major think. He felt
I did like he wanted you to call on him to work, and you just wherein in me, and I was definitely for while we weren't you know we weren't cool boy boy. I know when we go back up, but it was lucky and I was just like man. He was working with you in the studio and we just started getting back cool. It's like somebody, you know, since four You could always one thing when I'm working with him, you can always go back till I come on man, you that Southside, you know you got a guy from the crib man. He remarked reminds me of a while. We were. We did this for what we do a rat. You know you still work closely. Gunnar that we work together in a lotta, but he knows my guy, his life. For me, I like working, we yea we in that zone and want to work like a like. If you notice the you gotta
motivator, that's a person has got it. I ve been working on his music, but you know if he liked MAC more rational duties was due to the nightly nodded and with it, but not in others. I may we go. We friends, we gotta work. Only data bodies, random stuff. You have a problem today, to give them some oji. Was there no insults whom not about rain. Could I like the fact that you know you should be in his manner alight young man's big? Your man, I think, is a thing for me- is like showing a certain covers to go out there to say what you feel it That's what it is. He always been like that too. So I ain't, never I'll, never be like man. Don't do you cuz. He been I've been like that. Since I known you, come to my basement, saying it's not saying some of the exact same things, but he had to say is what I was on his mind. In my home, would be weighted box or maybe were notices, but but anyways I am out. So
this draft has gone on in life, and here you know he may gather some information, but a saint Aubert I'll be learned from it too. You know, did you go to win the amateur when you look at it as light males, real toe nails simple: it fell, reaffirm, isn't civil and always involve a million dollar simple way. Will you give me some real nice, which you ain't gonna like a ball now you know I don't cry you gotta put bread lives on in that it was that site so yoga your flaws, ITALY, you looking at this beautiful place where you gonna do a whole lot. They, like the simple stuff, nice, nice, wiser plan and in the end you noticed good music man and if our family mare by would have far castles rapid, you know if the wind, as well said. It is very simple why, when like ours they get. You knows, I know what I know what's expected beyond arise because globally
but my mother, when we meet with this kid you did you ever get my mouth. I was thinking about their last night talking to one of my friends, lady friend, on the sofa there's material, maybe maybe one day before you, you say that there is an area others like may I be focused on a mummy the alliance and work allow acting indifferent things so sometimes is harder to balance. Would a relationship. You know that you can make a relationship cunning guy I do like relations is broken. The allotted south are better relations. May I make my best apples air, like that so tat the light. You know where your relationship that would put it is where you got. Out how to find the right relations smoking a producer, some basic of it
the Isle of Man and sail a woman. I understand the time you gotta give to your work. You know Dominus, really more anything that media, like others, only doing music is land working to do other things and a person got a really understand. I think I saw some well. You said you had done what industry chicks and you wanted, like the data teacher journalism Danny I fancy I you know I was can over for a second was so like China will be even more so for me. You know. If the re Wanna come it. Is she a teacher or actor? action. Some unwitting. You know I am just go, look at them, Furthermore, anything you have a nice Laura. The industry chickens, though you already answered Arena Williams This combined. Does Eliza Innovation Harry Washington
carried scandal visually married? You, you admitted the combat jack, I think awarded by the really don't got a good good. Let me always know what it is amazing Erika got some with a cigar sounds present me I gotta twist of all over your head, you about daylight Mama Box on on enemies, lousy. This raises retweeted, so good stuff, like Erica Ral girl may lead to the chief. Boy black Sea disloyal who perform a herd, is artsy artistic spiritual or what is it. You know you got a lot to positive things about your bags.
Why growth Tipsy Cedric raw cranberry, but never does she say a lot. I will remember us a lot of budget agreed just now. I asked a question whether you re thinking about investing in Broadway plays in and things. I owe you haven't thing you're considering. I heard it's pretty rough. I want to do Broadway, I'm going to do Broadway as an actor, but also I'm looking. You know if producing some some Broadway plays, because I'm getting into that as far as my life performance, making it more theater, like you know, cuz I just met. I've been rocking shows for a long time. So I want to bring something so the table for audience to, but I think I'm here to promptly lead you right now I'll be aiming to this end. It Sunday I by saying to play is pretty go, but it is in all our bigots. It's my nails The intention financing, which is really rather didn't, know other things they had to pay. For you know as far as getting the audience to half a million dollars a week, even in their path on Broadway is tough.
Already the gloomy. I think you gotta be no brain Sunday school have it is gonna, be real, true, but I'd say it's over. Universal I'll know, uniting at sea to place a case they had an play was by do check out the DNS while wanted. You know decent theatre myself now. Would you recommend? Did I see a plaything without a guy that they are going to take some bearing on a date I would abroad? Yoda of work was was with some your food laughing a solid rocky on Broadway. I believe I was there. And I like it, either musical notation musical, I'm taking my mom is seen as a similar mother women, my mother, my grandmother, sedate. That was a good play, a mere good musical by like stuff Jarman lightly or is this? Is this play cards that other salesman's like a classic play an hour fill of similar Hartman within it? Voip ass. I went to see they. Now we going to see our and to see this one call cabaret his lady.
Share with you not be answered this differently. This act, I gotta, keep blown into you grow. So that's why we check it out everything I do as you get older. Do you look for? the ways to perform. As article always say you wanted to artists as broad a uniform look, stupid performance songs. You yeah yeah, yeah yeah. I feel you on that. I actually have been like I've been growing with my performance because I used I used to just like jump, the energy like lately. I've been understanding that the presentation can go like you give it that drama and stuff. You know, and that's part of that is coming from me, just understanding what a story is and I'm so not my live performance. Sometimes I'm just like man, you know I might do a song. Sitting on the stool for a second and then just come out and then just get live on another turn up on another song that you know so yeah my performance is definitely going and it's like you said I I want to make music that
like when I'm sixty years old, I could rely Man South Cone, Yoke, Iraq, our presidency before me. I'm surprised, allowed people talk about your performance. Was you go from legacy, sit on a stool to bring? the internet, a milliner set legally goin out when you see what I'm coming, but you notice I feel like Oh, I see three people do a great. Shows like nice to see big, daddy, Kane Carers, wine, stressing the Jackson five when I was assured my first caused. So it's like me, I I think about shows an egg. I really do not want to perform, and one thing I know I gotta do is like in performances. Some sound,
sometime door shows like the crowd. No, I myself am sometimes they do, but when they dont, you got it. You gotta winner, move though it's gotta be an inner performers. Thin and just like you know, if I had artists, are hits it'd be a different. They re, but I still want to give a performance discuss aware, come for you now you react in overcoming financing at every black captain America. He said you know it was a great thing and I remember one points you explicitly green lantern melodiously. Here I was, I was grey Latin for medical. We was doing a movie justice. Lee. Are you having to get your head again? We went down to Australia,
I had a suit on and everything is aware of it. I was ready wherever you, I was geek loudly man at that time. This is two thousand and eight. I was like Manly, really black superheroes out there in his do. Those is letting oh Brother Tudor was on plan. He was placed super me at the time we were like man. Blackened latin ok is no see us belied down, be superhero. Could I think about a louder superheroes? only white is only widen so anyway, it was one of those days. Didn't move eating go after a minute but come back around. Hopefully I do you know or not it's coming. I didn't want. At least I know what the that members who manages allotted to Justice League in that they are able to do movie like today's sixteen and is openly the black green disparities. May now be thou be dealt with that I already got their supermassive they. Finally user super me has a spanish casts some women data Joe you. Do you not know me
related Beaumont, you'd know. Now what happened was the movie is deemed it fell? A pilot wage is doing gulf because it was right to strike at the time, and it was like but but really the truth. I heard that you know the people that were doing behind Batman was like we don't want to have no league come out before we finish the Batman trilogy. Me I understand these road and they offer it out uneasy sucks at a meeting on the marble guy, your Mama's riverine tat alone, is on, because I didn't looks just like him. Damned like seven. Payment. As your very absolutely him about you, I don't make age you haven't you had better, do gooder mean a means of the river. A warmer worried that it might not have had asked me about why do you have on your own like that? Have no relating to these invalid man has only
that's the reason why I really get no task. It might be changed my mind, I believe now I would like it. Maybe three months later you not only ever got about getting one now masons out. I thought about a quick, but I will again No, I had to be sunlight right. It would allow area of men of the angel way the sunlight, though you know, but I really, namely the task, namely with the rate of really break your heart met grass on any of you have lady, be u emitted at all. As you would drink was always arena. Will it? Let me let me let me break it down. Secondly, specific. Ok, you know me ass, the reader was together. We broke up our nose. Safely, dragging if you know I was here fell, I sound was gone. I dwelling too much. They don't drink was hidden about we all get now after today.
I got no problem with that you do what you do, even even if, even if somebody dealing with your lady, why you, with a paint that thing they fought? That's that's that's on your lady, you and your lady. So I went so I wouldn't even one ship and on that, unless they, your free, unless they're your free right left over, low, so so like She was out drakos as to why I felt like an some installs. He was like saying stuff that I felt like. I was subliminal Let me give a little more about the roundabout. Don't know a now days, you know cause we doin a sneak this, the a at his command, I got to stay after while it was like. I don't know enough, and it was like one. It was a show where I was at and I left and then Drake was like man. He said something to the you know the Crye leike man that you know you're saying something
That's the way I can remember like me, but it was done my man don't they. They know they are not. I don't want to mess with me now and again some even look at our ideals soda and I would like to go out there You know I nice time that's? How could I knew he was directed? It's me here so that in a book we kept it all racket and then everything, ass, glass, reviewed, omitted you ever like cause arenas there you must allow me, the amene, a definite answer, doublets out so bad habits. You know at an ad in the day was: was there no change? Your lady? I too much you know What can I say it? I ain't doing at that point. We can't do anything different now that would you reject emphasising like a you, saw me, and you have not yet our nor like that and a butt.
You know how to sound out to save face to face glum, I'm I'm a person is go confront a situation like this is what it is and what is the safest aphasia? You deceive me without you know that we was up like you, gotta give me you know and we go from there, but you know where it is, when you dates and any unnecessary anything that yes monsieur as in your business, there's your China note how China do you do women after you got that got the gene members knows. Airline is shit. If I, women's out in a loud around me about some stuff, We must talk to you about people's. You talk to other people about exactly souci. Talking to me funny you now and keep them in my secretary easily London Alec about do stay right changed a lot. Those crazy thing that that relationship made you do you auctioned off analogue, altruism
the greatest thing. Adele was drinking. We grass out it's him Those were the uttering we grab before I mean it. I think that I was a great their private and when I was a positive one that wasn't where one bad actually that their relations one bad it was light, is Some say it is going on, but it was like goods aids like when we talk about we grass and when light anyway she was idea of drink. This endeavour that you around somebody does held the right in a month. Was. I me I wanna be healthier. Canaan, New York, and I was starting to get. You know, get it to myself more. I move the Brooklyn and was like man I'm going to do this, so I was around people that was Creative lie in my life. She was I, u you crossing.
It was a stand down. Let's see what you ve done, it anywhere and you also out of my mouth style. You know them my individuality. Whenever you know doesn't ass, the straw woman. I give it out to ease goggles, say to you and you with addressing you wrote that was they. What were you a man was. I was like most probably brow. What we need the council to you. May we need what? What will we need to do? My friends in oh Mamma, You lie IRAN, electric Circus, like he's, been believe me. I went out there since, as you know, on these sums, how's that for me, but that's part of being a like an artist. You got to go through those things cuz if I kind of keep creating a keep doing the same thing: He put, though, that away those like you, gotta, follow whatever you really are, and if his Sunday,
Now you got loose and people you lose awfully. You come back with me He acted out of certain you notice, alveoli. I call you back with enough. Never went out of the kind you feel at ease with intellectual circuit. Albin examines it'd be yeah, I'm at I visas was at ease. But I also think that uses was. I main reason why I thought it is alleged circus, because some people, some his natural fans, was thy. What is it he he knows how to make saws and market them so well. Electra circus. Thank you know. Like publicity. Relatives like is like this like you know. Anyone get out there like Canada was out there. With these. You know there is already a day so regular any anyone ever feel. Like you, Mr Abad movies, you didn't get a baby, don't move you gotta be kidding out. It may be doubted that maybe he'll try them out. You know,
Do you know? I gotta go one daughter, a definite one. Normal baby moments were either citizens light, but then you like your marriage material. So basically I'm here Let me say to my walk out: the Berlin might be a woman there and we start talking and they start off I have to say right now. I guess I'm just in the motor light, like man, I'm a joint basis, Allow me now like go out, I'm going out with Ladys, and indeed many of you know as days evolve as happy as it happens, but but as far as you know, I definitely made a decision after watch out only I'm only having a baby. If I'm married that at that point, as you know, the baby Maoist situation, I believe you slip down
NL slip. Ups, man, you got a grown man, I think you know. Even if there are no one, I have rhinos liver digit. Had your mom ever met, one of young women that you a dating and wanted you to get married and am definitely my mother has been nose like there's your mercy, she want the best. For me, a sweeping marriage is the best which you know, and I was good for me. Do you know I do was right grander, I'm a person's. They are rather beyond assembly line at that point. Yet then, a believes body on and its saint talking. I got this do get married because that's what use pose a dual become my mother say I want to give maize thy now manner you gotta be son, is real sacred for real out. Its iraqi Erika is renewed. Mom. Really land carried my guest of inquiry. I guess
you carry for my mother, love, a mother, loved garage and sheep and funny enough cigar coups arena like even more after we broke up with another made it out, and I now we ve got everything I was so it would not. You know at the end of the day, at the while I was kind of like menace alike, a guy losses to her? You know in the light of day I got love for Serena, so I want to see how successful so she talking to somebody older and getting some advice, or they just kicking it's all good, but it was funny that they Who, after they won my enemies, number forwarding echo laughter enemies, arena really loves. You may want to keep it at some ways: amounts needed a connection.
Your words back labour and go back you'll go about nothing about already. Why? Why would you go back? I mean it's light once experience their person not feel I may as well. I sometimes live moves on I can't I never work go back, but most of the tacit like Serena and Erika was though the most serious relationships ahead as adults and after it is one of those days. While I may, I scattered I got to move forward and to worry with it. I was real love involving women out about it. I will marry, you know they're. So, at the end of the day it is like. Well, you know how I got the explosive beat it s. What I feel is supposed to be there we dispose.
Be friends, so I just keep him move by. How did you on developed a degree relational, my annual, when we was on Arusha peace? To do that as alarm? You know what I did is does benefit were her actually before I did a benefit amateur, which our houses, meet with a cut at the scene or maybe Shane? Knowing me that well and then she just wanted to get to know me before I did the benefit. We just talk a man just talking about Tupac talking about time by Paul Robeson talk about all type of things in life and then we just got cool. We did and then I will go down for my birthday parties and, like I'm glad I went to go through all this party like last year. That was like seeing if I could go, I couldn't go. I just went man, I was feeling sick, I went and I'm glad I made it cuz. It was like
and I M glad I witnessed what else do we had a greater too, but it is one of those data. If such a man was she on the date the day before she the day before, pass. I was doing his movie, Iceland. Well, don't move you appropriate and we were talking about her and he said I start and the truth, our doings Movie Roper. We will talk about her and she was. I was my mama go see that Angelo and then the next day she passes. It was kind of crazy use. I was crazy, but she demanded for life, though she criticise, you was weak for using the inward.
Did the council ever stop you from using it to additives, and I really stymie workarounds, though she was coming from a new light. I gotta give respect to her face for saying that, because he or she got a whole another understanding and our, but you know I I am why I'm in a purpose and we use in an aid, the brain or body Dasso light my intentions when ass well ass loud enough,
Hey Ants Day, which you say I respect you for the suit the beautiful day she was only able to issue. You know, regardless of whether use that word, a nasty still like look. This is my son Grandsires or she gave me love, that's what it is, will alms and stores more, particularly the socially minded brother went out, and what do you think I number one enemy idea: the police, when you see situated like I regard that as soon as we get ourselves, when you see the forty shut in Chicago, a thing is, I think, is ourselves more than anything because, like you can really control what other by the forces you know just like a human being, I control yourself are, you could get around a person, acting wild and they acted a fool. You ain't got to act, a fool with them and, like I think, the community, we don't have to act, the fool, the police could be acting a fool and it will honestly if it will be some That is where we may lose some people to police violence, but
I believe we losing you, know more people, but are all has, and I, like ignorance in a way we do know acted towards each other but is this latter love brought. We feel that we hate. This is the more we love us at the end and in order to have a formula we gonna, they would like. The cops were involved and like sixty two student people born out of the cuts in the other seventy people gotcha about Mars man I mean I mean, you know, I hear you know. We talked about a lot of stuff going on in the world, I'm like Lancelot going on and I and I and they just in Chicago it's all over, but the cago is been tough and it's like man, he's got that the eyes what we could do to help. May we just gotta get him hope man, it was surely something on no hope, you don't say that all the time I just heard some some kids in my program like man, we don't want to go outside with. We only wanted. You know they feeling like they ain't nothing. They can do that. We just got to give them hope and different ways. It ain't! No just one way. We skim hope,
Yes, I don't see how you come come, the outcome would go, go go go anywhere. I went to sleep. Had I, with anger way at all would have Nothing would have wanted to. My guy spends all from Chicago how grave young rap yeah what happened? What you mean? I was all over the place I was in. Going shots. Knowing guys, I don't know what happened. I heard something distant Yale, and what are we going to make any more? What do I know India? Will you get out in Brooklyn something then I'm black this weekend danger by need. Now we ve got there's big data. Schools what a lot of food Islam Security white guys in suits to cover, believe incline Chicago. You be fine. Ok, we'll know smile and is in stores. Right now make sure you go pick it up is ten studio. Am we appreciate you join, has brought at nice,
tomorrow, you will, you call me more frequently made hands while I'm here many times you come to come true. Man met a girl named your best, Adam man say be like water for chocolate or this new. Nobody smile, ok, forget tat, is the breakfast club is carbon, the breakfast club.
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