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MON 10/24 - Big shout out to DJ Khaled and his fiance Nicole Tuck on the birth of their baby boy. The Snapchat King even shared the birth on social media and people are wondering, "Is that oversharing? Or is that the new norm?" Then we address the birthday boy Drake going in on Kid Cudi in his new song "Two Birds One Stone". Did he go too far by putting Cudi's addiction problems in his bars? Are we just doin' too much nowadays???

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Order of business for oil pollution from terrorism of the various categories? Only when you made this morning, you and Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo good morning. Angel DE mining is Andy Charlemagne. Guy reasonably my yes, it's Monday back to the work we paid is the holiday season efficiently. Now, right I mean I've been start of means. September's is now already Monday. Halloween is Monday, so it starts. I guess, learning and visually have holiday things in all her teeth.
Allow the weaker party started. This we gain a mere might want a different alloway body without onto their life, to weave pride Halloween Damn days anything in promoting the dean, bring people in fella low, but while today is a glorious day, MRI applause in our rapporteur. Clues bomb exchange rate for if they all our neighbours, you do your guidance. You impose too used to run this breach of Virginia Drink, got a nice impartiality and news, saying happy birthday ambushes. He started at Eu Africa, the Negro liar you can't! Presently life can host wasn t my guy, but a drink. Is the king debate right now, so you guys have we represent with the king, innovation. So shouted break out in order to avoid what you gonna. Do we not do the same thing you do every morning when they drink every twenty minutes about How about that we hear about that. Maybe I thought about it is we can cause I'm John Starks, also merger stalks. Yet we did this brand new Nick. I don't don't Jordan fighting tax
by the way, not that I don't have needed fleet who jumped out these areas. Do you lazy, Alex's play for the next day, go eight thirty, seven years ago, thirty, seven years ago, might it be like fifteen bats? no longer demand. Fifteen fifteen thousand, which I thought your toes Ok, go with it he had a million dollar. Ninety six, ninety seven, ninety eight Jordan, reside or ninety six. Ninety seven of doing the job we see eye to eye, just as is a pretty well known, NBA player they know that New York heavily ok, when did John Adams are today it's a retired in two thousand, and two really yes and muslim Implant, like the rafters somebody by these very same differently, in left a mixed. Ninety eight hurry values. I was there. I was. I know your next fanned. Yes, I'm at Johns dogs. I was doing this ran for town fighting to
that obesity for the I Cia and he was also the two of us whether we had our own team bunker so as a five cake, it was raining and it was called out there. We still had a good time with good good. I was out at in DC for how it home coming came out to how would had a great time how university but how would universities homecoming also hospital burritos out all the suitors afforded came out? We have greater at age, you everybody was everywhere this weekend and how university, drab, slowly. What you did over, we can shuddering never said it all my favorite thing to do drop one called bombs from me and club couch. Ok, ok! Jets upon all my shows, like Lana gotta watch in situ in real time last night,
Jane was legally James. Now, look I've, gotta stop lie, and I did it was a goblin. He always matters here because you, SAM entailed by night gated at it, but I don't know they said where it has improved. The voice was thirteen. When I was doing a radio w h, ecstasy, how do not to Columbus. I can I look. I now do mornings on and I was five from travelling clues barf. That also like Joe Biden came to my show. Back in all three l joins jawbone. Grandparents live in some diseased organ. Mushroom Colombia are asked and might have to live on a well. You know I got down from. I just heard that some when I asked them human gene ever guided in Thirteen years ago was his reply.
Just ass, good ass, I call a mega asthma Kwairyo waiting. I ask that this week- and I was like he never asked Now- was definitely on a rumour site way. Back in turn is literally twelve. Thirteen years ago now, the great last nobody's, still has a great god, bless you what I do want to back up again Frazier me Joe was having over the past couple of months, and I am I remember forthem, even if you do not use words like a giant his reply. This latter God lesson Donegal whenever wherever Jangle leg, you need to do a god bless you brother, they never let a militia Lula uniting the rebels club in that no that's not happen no way home. You know, I'm not come up here and clearly that not enough go back there. They not flashback Friday at way, going to Jackie Breathless sovereignties, gracious outright, scrubber love this struggle.
Where are we got that all the way we're going for a page? Who knows what we get a tool for reasons is about this California, whereby, as very unpleasant an incident also as Heller Equal and takes doubled, his paw led against Donald Trump, but are you what has happened campaign event. I will get into all that when we come back, get your ass up its Monday disapproval, oh, come on his beyond think we're. Sorry morning everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we had a breakfast legend of now be hidden begging. Did I get a friend that every time they hit Eric about, maybe the stereotype our backing to a good end up getting some navigated vacuous indiscreet? Maybe I was front. Page news. This talk, sports clubs beat the Cubs play and gave one of the world's cerise tomorrow night, so baseball's, almost always
shouted Cleveland, Indians and also shouts discount drop. One includes bomb for Cleveland damage is seen by G is finally stopped. Ignoring your sport franchises suffered brows with the Indians in Cavalier, both in the final than the same year. One final words there would have now also to NBA season returns to Morrow Night, so look forward to seeing them nix games, I know. What's up, MA now the giants beat the Rams in London. I wasn't they're, not I m game. Now, then that authority- and I was a matter that get up early wants to gave you relax. You start your football early on a Sunday was mad at that very eager to be devised. The cheese beat the saints the cold feet. The titans bangles beat them. The lines be, the Redskins rate is beat the Jaguar. The dolphins be to build the jet, Finally, one man just be the Ravens box me. Forty, nine is Chagas, beat the Falcons in overturned. Jeez beat the Steelers at sea Carlos ended in attacks have been no, I just go Ray horrible that bad our right
the cowboys didn't win or lose. The cowboys did not lose ok. I declare my dad cowboy deny Louvieres. Still five one are regulated by. We can all right and wrong ghostly Texans for Monday night football that let's talk about this bus crashing Edison terrible incident to our best ways. Back from a casino and it crashed into the back of a semi tragedy Miller this happened yesterday. Thirteen people were killed and thirty When people were injured, they don't know immediately. What was the cause? I don't know whether drugs alcohol of fatigue, where factors in that accident I do know, is the truck. That's whereby was going so fast that, when at hit the back of the big rig, its regular itself entered into the best sellers. Goodness yeah or eleven million dollars. Who is only one or two lost your life and fairly miss my gosh sucks the very body of our message, which now someone got punched at a cousin of it- the army,
much more, I can say a man was wearing a pro Donald Trump T shirt he got arrested yesterday after putting up. In that was going to a Hillary Clinton campaign event. This was in North Carolina, the victim did not need medical attention, and now the person was arrested for civil assault and charged with a misdemeanor. I also see The people I now time to boycott vanka, chums clothing lie. If anything, they sell their products or any a download chums products that calling for people to boycott net chap at of those daughter, resellers close, I'm T J Maximum Amazon Die COM nap, always Bloomingdale's Lord, entail any market nor Sham Dillard Thea W Macy's Marshall. Sacks our faith in law as the Volga, chump collection, never heard of me for women, so You probably don't know that much about it, but yes and people are saying that till it should be held accountable for selling anything that is Trump early
death of crazy thing about would Donald Trump is no it if he doesn't become. President of the United States of America. He's ruined, alas, been his family's till his breath, slow. You lose my goodness year, one woman said she was adds he's a MAC since he was about to buy the sheriff, and then she saw was a banker trump. She said. Suddenly she felt her throat was, the thing is you couldn't breed my first though it was grab them by the vagina weakens unwittingly went, don't even ask, and she just said I can't even purchases asked emerged to travel to put our groundwater rambler pussycat March for TAT out the pussy cat. There are no somebody by those who do it after the election results. Come we live in an era where, a things they like edgy things grab him by the vagina t. Shirt would fly off the Adona, have a chat didn't choked out on. Right down on the logo
size baby, rightly bad for business right now to be a trump poker or less front page news now tell him what you mad. Eight hundred five five one thousand one of your upset. You need a bit right now. Call us up for the wide open maybe had a bad, weaken or a bad morning. Eight hundred five aid one off I want, and congratulations to the brick city lies muslins football team at the embassy as a damosel. Maybe four hundred yards is weakened. One such down at a couple of pigs, shelter, bricks, I shall do hard body. Not one of the coach is over there, but tell him what you may add under five eight five one or five one. If you're upset you need to vent call us now is to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club
you wanna get what they want. They want. Your buggy belongs model. I bought up. Allow third I'd, like four girls go an awful. We might like to applaud the analogy to tell me why you why you may, on the breadth of global reopening the little boy Georgia, Armor Danzig of Single Hamish may tell him. Are you mad? Madame LA babies, mom right now, my babies to a birthday he's not. Let me see your many jobs what one Oh, are you are you? Are you gotta pay to play very meaning you gotta pay to play to Kate that bore you take it? Could I've done that already and would have been nothing? Nothing like years ago. Does he have his phone? Can you reach? I no is so bad, I don't even know they look at it now. I got bad not enough.
Nine. It's a long story even try to hers her who she separated from now a without my consent. I had a fight that in court, have you been a good day to you? Just popped up. Laws have been a good father. We broke up in her second, what the present. So you know she try those who try to keep away from Ebay. She bowed fish. You have an abortion come to find out about baby. Like I said it's a long story, so basically he has a abide stronger with her stepfather did she does me because oh Mother letter to believe better understand, follows a biological fathers house in the whole world. I'm sorry for you, but your brother, you said you took a decoy. Many works out on the road to say yes or no good luck. Nasa legacy allows as follows. With pop our focus away from you a long time. He was locked up brought no one there the polar bear because look dog
most of my video. I was led by the way- and I again old wives- and nobody am- I mean I've been bitten by what happened is dawning from you is everybody? Was my video gas. Nobody knows you dated found a video amuse. You know you possibility, No, I wouldn't say that cuz video about this? If you wanted to get it right, we get his Barlow is low this morning, where are you going to hang my maiming her meaning you warn you. I got a joke. You only guideline luxury. I don't call back more than a year ago. Why would the tomato? watching. Why? Because these sort of solid dressing, ass magma. You have no idea how much I wish to announce that I will not add, shall love you. Gotta have a great day
well right. Maybe I don't want to have a wish it all down as a low chuckle, and there was nothing remotely a good idea for firm stand. A hell have Lula, I won't stand up sit down, lay down. None of that snack may all right tell why you may eight hundred five a firewall or fire. One of your upsets me they call us now is to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club,
Now we re we would soon good morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we oughta breakthroughs, club and again happy birthday. Is it a boy? Draped today is his birthday, the National holiday Drake, though it is not a national holiday. You not available you gonna play drink every twenty minutes for display Drake able to urging Ottawa for College Negro Africa the Negro support each other. I find it disgusting that you wrote around pussy tee all those years in Virginia, though my guy, you know he held you down on a street level, might have you from getting rob. That's my guy drug money in your pocket. I would say you away you happy boy data when Drake do some bondage boy yesterday look pussy is my guy, but Drake is there king of the waffle collar negroes right now in progress to get you to underwrite it brought and then Drake. Ok,. Smokey robbers in around
you know you will get a different era. Brok of Devils is very definitely king. It is there anything I can get a ride away. All may we lies can get us. There is a waffle. Colorway is no more of the world and age breeze, thereby amassing. What are some? Why was this morning in honour of drink? Where you, I guess what we got rooms right away you? Ah, yes, let s talk about goods, Azalea banks and Russell grow will give you an update and was going. It's still happen. Ok has not gone away. So the J Care- and he got a major key over the weekend- will tell you what happened all right, we'll get into all that when we come back people access to breakfast global Monica Breakfast with Angela Gloved Hand, gradually changed. Dj calendar tuna colleagues hack
their baby boy, mining region, child his woman now call it also was playing- is a major key album by the baby, who, at this point, everything's plays and ready to so he was facing. Reggae baby soon come here is what he had to take this. Tat. The whole thing almost law giving up tomorrow is alive. Yeah yeah stretching out now God is great man, I'm here now anyone else money, your friends, you might be like: okay, more wouldn't visa limits, but from Carlisle expert girl to do anything about it with any one else. But colleagues know it wasn't a graphic outta bed, agile, villa
If it was anybody, I wouldn't care could understand the air we live and we live in an era of over a sharing like it always buggy item what ya see too much because Calvin argument, lifeless who have checked everything. How long now sour than everything now and as I won't leave, are, as I say, because his call it is what it is. If it was anybody, when I'm sure it's been other pregnancy, non periscope, snapchat not immediately Andrea. Do some similar people Amanda, something like that you actually in the Bay become out people met it. I mean people show just how much it life if they want to do it. Well, now that era we live in, you just had a baby recently. Did you snap any of it? I didn't know right added, they did. I would have been a garage envied as we must remember the and because I was actually pull in the baby out, like I'm part of the process, Logan a medicine which minimum remember give actually take a picture of me taken a baby out right here, but I am there now we didn't have decades in what is a bit much in is there. I don't think there than lines legged everybody.
I said they go too far, based off what they don't like. What we like about Khaled is that he does all of this that the average person, I think, might say. Okay, I don't want to show this much, but Khalid How does the rounds as back from the average burthen does showed, is much on a constant basis view social media Anna, my friends, it I follow my snap have ever done and that people will create legal to funerals snap. You never seen, and I mean that for many of my friends are definitely that year. Giovanni, may not be your circle, but it happened. They put you to me. They took up Shorty low in his I ask you: what is your real Aladdin Verity Programme now periscope today guarantee there are delays keys. I write Azalea banking. Rather proud what is going on. We were all waiting to see what was going to happen with the security footage from the hotel, whereas EU banks claims that a rustle crowed choked air quality, Edward and spit. On her. She said the video which spitting and more, but there is no
video footage who, from where the confrontation went down these cameras at the hotel capture, what happened in public areas, but nothing that now initially Azalea Father Battery report against Russell, and now she doesn't want to press charges. I guess Giordano overnight it is, Nineveh. They know very well, no evidence does he say she said. If I am right in us, that I eyewitnesses as easy instigated the whole thing as well in Russia trying to restrain herself. I guess it looks It's not gonna. Go anywhere says he is not pressing. Charges now brought low on guard or footed, but we have an amendment in the room was imminent. They can't have the near room, but in the hallway, where either it was a nice establishment of Cambodia Have it in a long way behind in your personal room, now be a violation of black China and Rob Kardashian. They have separate living arrangements still and that's not gonna change any time soon. They'll be call parenting there still together, but
they get along much better when he can go right back home to his house because they find a lad, their relationship is volatile. Three hundred things get a little left. He goes back to his house for you not to go there together, but he has his own house okra. So when things get it rough men is that arguing back to beaten? Yeah, I mean they're engaged. I guess that's confusion, but our whole show is confusing. I magenta know me, and I start and over the goddamn, less alchymy for something I said the driver was through manifesto and I don't know what the hell was going on. They argue. Alas, I guess you know- maybe even the best thing for them to do is for him to go the law is just too much going on at once on national courts, try to get breast implant. Last night, Cotonou On the contrary, they was having something for colleagues birthday. I don't know, it was this all confirm what you said: eleven exhort out of his next door by them.
Right Nereids, Heather, removals, innovation can run you notation, ashen body everywhere with somebody in Finally, I would like to have your own house that you can just say I'm going back to my. How have we lay started a region frames? Ok, you don't get along with some minor de knowing you fight a lot. You have you forced to live, and when you make your work, ok, where that is your room, report. I'm beg you Missy up next week front page news. What we're talking about, of course, would be talking about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Amateur that an unfortunate incident that happen involving eight, whereby ok, we'll get into all that when we come back, wake YO ass up, it's a Monday is Drakes birthday it dry or become more direct coming just around the corner for his Bermuda Napos, you Tito enough, will be made on a drum when he gave you in Virginia after you ve actually came up one of the reasons why Thirdly, that did not happen, but it's a brick locomotive putting everybody is
e g envy. Angela, you saw them into God. We are the breakfast club. Blueskins, who front page news story. Would sports statement of what game won. The world series is tomorrow, the Chicago Cubs, take the levelling India and ironically, or not. Ironically, I guess, but quickly when cavaliers received is final rings. As well, so the curse of sport as in Cleveland may be lifted This could also be coincidence. Brown still suck. Blessed by the NBA season a return tomorrow night. I think the gonna, take it or leave it at that, on foot by beat the Rams beat the rims in London to marginalize with tuna row Eagles beat the Vikings cheese beat the saints called speed to tightens the bangles beat the browser night lies with the Redskins raiders beat jaguars dolphins beat the bills, gives beat the Ravens Box meet the forty nine. Is the charges beat the Falcons in overtime patriots beat, the steel is in
He hopes cardinals tie deliver, acknowledges the Dallas Cowboys not lose yesterday leading win or any didn't. Labelling Lou really do live and one could we are by. We drive it away with bombs from Dallas Cowboys, really why you travel of butter with love anyway, Monday night for the broad goes pointed Texans. I never thought about this bus crazy. Yet is unfortunate incident. Thirteen people were killed when its California, where best hit a track. The two of us is returning from a casino and that's when it crashed into their rear of assent. I trailer on Sunday disputed the best was so significant that, when a hit the back of the big rig, the trailer itself answered about fifteen feet into the buzz thirty one people were injured and thirteen people work a present for the families of those people, absolutely ideas of like death knell us about eighteen see by in Time Warner
Adele Well Agency has agreed to buy time Warner for eighty five point. Four billion dollars was their they'll have eighty eighty cable, it's a cash instead deal. You know, time. Warner owns, HBO, CNN, Tnc, CBS Warner brothers, Parkes Bleacher Report and a ten percent stake in streaming service Hulu, so that is expected to closed before the end of twenty seventeen. That means for Asia and see they're gonna be able to. As these Theo said from time worn, it is going to do be able to innovate even more quickly and create more value for consumers, along with all our distribution and marketing partners. Brokers are going to be a lot more content for agency, clearly all right, we'll s front page news. Now, when we come back, let's talk dj gallop, people were talking about him all over social media Sunday about him. Maybe former shares annulled he was always saying, because I have come to expect
You got it. I would expect nothing less if he didn't snapchat. The bird son I'll be right: there was a girl of people, a say in a laboratory. Pregnancy is something sacred, and maybe he gave too much on the matter when we got married, Miss Eyre, eight hundred five, eight five one or five will indeed Khalid always share by snapping his sons, verve known and the latter hospitals. They don't allow. Take video and not allow no unilateral video. Most of your own baby of your own baby not allowed to take with them is that they are now that has a bay as phone late. They do they try. Waterway challenge. Wife is very understanding of our know that I would not even think of being all my phone Lama. Woman was in contractions. Ok when asked before them over a daughter by was we have said that I was the name of one of my. What are supposed to be doing? What do you think?
It is therefore say if you know how nobody on twitter- ok, doesn't, by my point, exactly how they were jockeying. While you wait point exactly so tat, his wife was very understanding. Let him snap do this whole process using those probably a business to, but we'll talk about eight hundred five, eighty five one o five one did call it always sheer snapping. His sons verve call right now wearing eight hundred five, eight five little five, one happy birthday There was no excuse me Miss morning, everybody's dj envy Angela YE shall Amelia God we are the breakfast club morning. Every Monday enter instilling Barbara appreciate what the hell does. She doin eight hundred five, eight five one and five one. Now. Congratulations! Dj coward. He had his son over the weekend in a cold, sat his beyond some ITALY's baby boy and were asking
talent show that the whole thing on Snapchat on social media people are saying he showed too much it's too much. You should have that sacred. It should be private on short asking. What do you think? Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one- and I feel like Now the baby is covered in his wives in its finances baby, if they want to put it on Snapchat there's their prerogative. I thought it was a beautiful thing. It's love formed by a couple. I have no problem with Asia- gelatin undocumented is documenting- is life and Snapchat for our long now? Why would you I'll expect anything? Less? Ok! It's me. You knew he was most abject Snapchat from nice bit, o n animal see I don't have a problem with it. I'll follow gallon. Anyone who handle each volume is one. What do you think you were? I think again, if carried and and Nicole, our ok with it, then that's what they want listen, we're not forced to watch anything. We don't want to watch. So if you feel like is to manage- and I want to see that
can easily does not look at it. If you don't want to, and your bug me I will watch our sea is going too far, and I we live in is arrow always share, and people of all worlds, DHA and watch somebody run somebody over would a car right repeatedly. Somebody put I Cuba. They buy Now those are now well now we ve got the arc of challenge. Zapped outbreak, the yacht fame. He would have gone on Facebook and take pictures which had grandma and your whole boy did to fury takes the view that a dead body that now has gone too far stop Everybody would do for us curly hello, this law is very great. Why do they call? It was gone too far, formulae up over. He said another burned closeness. All that remains for the like other I've ever met. You should be the whole. Damn you got your wife or your companion, TAT was given. Rights are made available in airports.
We don't know we in seed a baby come out, so we don't know we call it wasn't as its prerogatives and fathers wanna beady police. Maybe out and in some fathers are too nervous to stay in a rather be bottom arms. You know a mermaid was havin a bottle. She way I do have a lot of things that are annoying like that is when a deuce nap, neither YO but the phone daubeny attention. We have not enabled me if I need hardly others chow as wives, very understanding, because whenever I am offers daughter. My wife was not having put your phone down right now. You know anybody seat is you will feel the pain when me, our ethics allows is mark out alone. Have Europe Day, God has given me. Brow we gotta get people real by lawful calibre. All you run of the color, dirtier and link up today, shut up talking, I shall now that he always year by snap innocence birthday, MRS Berger,
about what I mean you can't help mighty. Would you gonna share what you're gonna show that only followed him tell you that a choice that we want to do now? Everybody had their opinion. Demand, our demands of Amelia showers, north navigated. You know that. Guy was there. He did a larger Mozilla is legally nabbed sexy the ones with ILO sexy with Amazon or remember hello, Mr Evans, who present boy I'm from one island a moment they call it always year by snapping his sons, birth. I dont think that he did you much. I actually I have to tell my friends. I would repeat that in my second, I, what to try like a natural birth, and, I would add thousands of videos on Youtube about people giving birth and all that somebody like everyone, only a few days to the world we live in Ireland being anything we heard about it or anything Yuther, namely a lot of information under the only thing that would probably be going too far. If you show your woman vagina view, sharper warned the table of you should
put it on the table, was Ukraine and having a baby epilobium or she ain't absolutely positively. The immediate! Really you didn't see any of the OECD was hot thy and then you, the baby's cry, when the classy angle gay, what was a class you have. A problem will agree with me that Visa Child member document is live on snapshot for at least two years now or eight hundred five, a five one. Five one we're talking dj, calla, congratulations to quality, had his baby boy over the weekend, him in his fiancee and we're do you always year by snapping his sons birth? That is the question call us now is to breakfast local, more. That was really needed me morning. Everybody is dj: envy envy Angela Yea Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club now we're taking you called. Five, eight five, one o five one where asking the cat would always sheer by snapping his sons verve. Now he had a baby boy over. We congratulations to Fiji cal it go to the full learns allows, is you think
but over she had too much. I don't think he's there too much ah, neither I feared might go on. You too, though showed you vagina do ok, it was meant to adding, even though they recorded at earth until my yet they have the video. How can we find it know who the hole in the hope that your nose, you know the leg Baja, whereas it is thought that sober ah natural browsers, all you to avert it, no curled I will be with me. The loaves is Andy was, in his eyes, Why are you had acquired Anglaise Britain? you want to get on and we want of net account only take care little anyway. So to answer the question of a guy, like you, have a baby MAC baby or they can't do that when they was having a baby and saw them, and I had a question for you real fast. Yes, I really hope.
You can talk here, data taken protesting at the outset. I for one will be able to imagine be ass. They had died in the same sentence. Definite will want to know that they can better. I don't know who you are low, but you need to unfollow anybody that is putting that type of negative measures. Will you can easily be asking died in eighteen? Oh you say I listen to their new sang and I died when I was almost ran away. Data be asking the council to do its work and can do to your wishes we always proud by the major demanded that now at all by two people, be thought that without a book we know because it be they carried, you know, get high by your birth, That's me
appointment we saw an alpha is Emily and happy like you gotta you got your poor absent minded way. Can we would have said I tell it for sharing the primacy of his wife. Probably never like Alice Knapsack anyway, he's waiting for reason. Eight, they parted anyway, since you never really goes down in. And it was everywhere. I really didn't showed how much he showed is. Is wives leg and die up into a ghost airports to go It showed, or in any de showed himself cry and any show E. U can only here the baby and I'm a man about, and we want to show you want to show. I don't know adulation Maghreb regularly. Valid but you know I I think I might follow gallon was now tat. He loved me when he got to shower, wasn't under his breath or yellow gay now that loud enough for me on the goblet callin me, you are a boy you doing you're, paying out of the way I'm not mad at him for a share in his wife's pregnant. Because the moral of the story is a joy to shared is a joy made double ok,
You ve got one was runaway worse, since it is Jake's Verity the birthday. Let's talk about some new music. He gave us some samples of four. Songs that he has begun a going too far, some who would then Drake went too far. I write about as there are also a surprise collaboration outcome that is gonna be available on Itunes. Why? Now, who link that? Ok, we'll get into all that when we come back keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive about, the breakfast is indecent loudly. Not only is it drags thirty, a birthday body so put out samples of four different songs for exclusive and He has announced that he has his new abba more life in store as December in December, sometimes that we will get some new Drake material. Now he went on his radio show and announced the special birthday addition with them.
If, as the dj- and here is one song that will have a preview for you, it's called two birds, one stone, we have never been so a reality. A vaguely now at a bag is live on a daily basis. Nobody wants raises real estate agent when you are clearly a shadow kid Cutty on air. No, I said you were too fog is cut even rehab for debate soon, but I just didn't once again I'm confused about which I think is too far because Tupac say my four four show all your kids don't grow our eye,
every day. I don't know I'm proud of you. I have your wife, fat, mother, J, Ivy islands. They were too far now. Is that so far no forever lashes rather sang is every mix of Santana Dave's, one Uno Naser items from the UK, so this is a big deal for his aunt Hannah, Check it out a role we re smiled anybody's lunatic. Now Joe S, brown eyes lies with the railways. Are right, then, is another stung with twenty one, Savage is cuts.
Megan read me and all men come eyebrows baby. Almost every man come already rabbit, decides chasms available on Itunes. Now about to do this work there no more sizeable mandrake, legal and the last one is fake love. I gotta get out of nuclear power we should push. Fatigue Now more down to her at once known
way to go about all this. On a project robin the symbols that means by January to radio stations, have new drugs to play. Every ten minutes on our ranks Biogas Adams come now more life. I rise Abernethy again said Drake ironically mov twenty one February, with Savage out my favorite body, CHE Hater wooden, condom been made? I eat a plan b. Will what's wrong with you, will you guys? This was a surprise, and I know a lot of people are excluded from the surprise out an album J. Contrary J nozzle soldier Bow announced their putting out a joy. Drabant include Bosnia, Debit, bathwater gave Missus club ignorant is and what the gave a cave numerous soldier waste me and at Shad MOSS New Collab, Album release November fifth on This just have I've been waiting to see my listen. I've always wanted not Gc King in New York, right, ok and right They would then gnaws cheese,
king in Rio, gum of always wanted a soldier boy, bow collaboration edge of travelling to clues boss, who saw the boy and bow baby limit as elected and allow is wild animals before I got real before they killed Egypt, somebody's of I'm glad is that it is quality beef coming. How then do they are? You may Isaak ass long ass? You worry, I do have a little snip before he got now you talking, we ve got a timeline. Allah Drake is trampling all address, guys outlay and play snippet rich. So let me make my love going by the Briar lie: Rosa money with these white man I gotta know. I got Lamborghini Mcdonald S, lady body there, because here we are right
you have in your member of every kind of why the rapporteur knows never go wild and, let's not forget, though, that boy biggest creative work and I get girl biopsies album, relax. Bout when it has dropped government that Morgan, Canada yeah right, and that is where you may ended- leggy Semitism them just told you win for their collaboration, I'm sure of it in the knowledge that king who you're gonna want them to do. This is what I want So the boy about wheezy
There is an urgent need, singing and J coin. What is together right and rub the Saint Louis, our railways, up? Ok, they were really here. We really be Amazon denied that would allow outcomes are November. Five, so Jago priority now right would impose Basel soldier Bout Dat it. Actually you just Goin Group name soldier blacked out at any rate that is required and Angela, you won't forget you back focus. May I never lost focusing geopolitically soldier boy about right. He's got a guy Maybe I don't you two guys in is a jerk Zero Cheatham see somebody grandma. You need to come there for an investigation. We like to have a war, would our police direct we'll do that
we come back. He it the breakfast Locomotive don't deal. The day Democrats are being debated a little bit of a mixed adult. I've been called a lot of my twenty two years been donkey. Other bay is a new wife. So the king, bow. Go out and urges member. What is that I Bela Brian Line- and I get here dog you today for Monday October, the twenty four go to share or China now Cheryl Sixty three old grandma was behind bars right now. Fifty three good ground, my age, some of your thirty six, thirty, seven, thirty, eight- and yet
grandma was already some of your just thirty and grandma, because you had yet you have fifteen, and now you dotted and got pregnant at fifteen as well, but about a judge on a Monday analysed judging people until at least Wednesday. Now three old grandma Cheatham is in jail right now, Cheryl Cheatham look! like she was sitting right next, the roles of progress on a bus in nineteen, fifty five Don't worry the Buddha better, we gotta, projectile resentment. Ok, she's got civil rights actively cheek bones but she's not in jail because of a peaceful protests are sitting in anything of that nature. In fact, using GM because clearly she's the Oji I'm queen. Let's go to people that confidence report, a sixty three. Old grandma, is at the centre of a drug bust after authorities allegedly caught her trying to sneak half a million dollars worth of cocaine for most vigorous into Detroit Gerald Cheatham of in Arizona was arrested after police were tipped off about.
Older woman acting suspiciously near the baggage claim inside Metro Airport, a canine discovered seventeen bundles of cocaine. Hidden between two suitcases. Cheatham was charged with possession with intent, distribute cocaine and jailed Monday near her home in Phoenix Arizona. She was denied by on, due to the size of the job bust, as well as her lengthy history of crime, including shoplifting selling, and possess in drugs and served six and a half years in prison for theft. You come to your grandpa, their lives. We see my leg. Senior citizens know man, ok, prehistoric, pusher, Gerald. Cheatham is what happened when someone decides that never ever get their life together. She chose a life of crime. She Korea. Criminal, you, sick three years old and still travel the point in time when too old, to be a drug mule. I look this right. Female mules lifespan is twelve to fifteen years. Aright Cheryl! Yes, sixty three,
literally literally have lived the life of a mule four times already. Okay and sad is brought about disease. What areas from the she thinks she can still smuggle kilos of cocaine and her luggage at the airport? Yellows was made it I had throwback trafficking. Last words, our government world series- and I was nineteen o eight David planes in eighteen- oh, wait for you to be able to smuggle later on a nineteen, oh eight. Another man, nobody can say things, look it comes, going where everybody have to retire from whatever as you are in police officer lawyer Athlete Drug dealer wrapper. Like shout Cheatham his time. Ok, now You will probably because your police ragged end of eaten Alive citizen prison, which is sixty three so really at sixty three anything over ten years is a life in and say you knew about ten years before you clock out by God, I mean die with just beg. You spend your whole life. Committing crimes at what
do you realize noted change your life. You have change your life back, please you, achieving the biggest the obvious in the first place. Fluid makes no three, I would even got honour by nineteen, oh here, guinea pigs, how we by nineteen o eight out of film in taking the train is that some of the other two saving when I believe, is finally let em away fifteen Is that I believe, take my first trip all right. Well, thank you. Now when we come back the drain, go too far. Is anything off limits. Envy, let's hear low Drake snippet.
Man you re a baby. Greater labour will never been on a reality. A baby now had a vague and when I live on a daily basis, as I nobody wants raises legal real estate agent, you warning labels went way past the plight of these gotta Cutty. Now the first through Threefold Boston rights request, is eight hundred five. Eight five one o five one did Draco to fall is anything off limits in because curry is cut into rehab rehab for depression right that he was feeling suicidal or whatever. That has never been a peace said at the time. You need to disconnect perhaps better off and let it go Well, I mean for me personally, I can sit in a city went too far because I come the era to bug, told
What are you would make sure this for forming, showed a kid don't grow? We need any had sex with his wife, Jays. Ok, it's a nice he's got only causes you see, I figured I'd been Mama's. Keep to the kind of non kid baby sea like in less not but all of the town was wrapped edges. While kill you, and I see you, you phasing kill ya, families as like. No any came out publicly and say: listen I've been going through a lad. I have to go to rehab M suicide, or maybe it's different. My four four make sure your kids go growled eight hundred frogmore lad. What are far too by global did Drake. Go too far is anything off limits in beef. That is, of course, and call this amounts to the pressing. Clever only lived there was Missy Elliot would work in mourning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne girl, we oughta breakfast Club, Mary join us. Drake is releasing a new project. You release for snippets yesterday in this place in a bit of water.
A man, you re a baby, never been so a reality. A vaguely Rodriguez take assumption. The key cutting yet a record of God to burden was twenty years ago that pushed tee. But anybody seen any went too far for going to curry, because Cutty has checked them often rehab for depression and cutty was feeling suicidal nobody should I do kicker demand when he's down what's to fall in rat beef is no such thing. Man and listen. All you people have claimed be Tupac. Fair, shut, your hypocritical. Of course, nobody went farther into part now went I genius, ok, ok, in a genius have the seven times wrappers went too far. These- are really good. I've got a lot of money is camera on the hate me now freestyle when he says, take your daughter Kelly have my way would have failed,
J, these too ugly. Of course I mean you Bentley back feeds, Gideon Jeep live condoms in your baby seat. I apologise for that. After two pocketed him up, don't want to. U negroes got sick of thousands, something you everyone new role. You ever ran a Chechen seizure are a heart attack. Can you be a to plug fan a little too far, but then say dry going too fast, albeit a kid cutty groovy and pay attention? What you came over brain continue. Camera on these down the guy's gray, hair monarchies dances, hung out with you all mother's day, because your mother's dead, diamond amsterdam- and I have a history of going to buy jails, Eminem play nice speech lane. Adele re writing face twice like re rice in broad daylight. Ok anymore, you got, Yea Gucci man on the truth, when he's told using or did you partner, Betty can't fate and if you Finally, it I'll be in his own sticks
that forest of once again, no didn't leave off, inviting me they're, not me for what I grew up on. Maybe it's a new era and how sensitive yaller about everything before what I grew up on the avenue and go too far a once again. All you too fan stab Vienna, procreates cousin, body went farther into black aright run off. Full make sure your kids don't grow. Emily will shoot you James, would fall. Ok, underpayment, get it hello, Is he all were gone out? Your boy drip drip go too far. Madrid go to for now it out to you not accept our boys out a carpenter era, snap, it will weaken we to have good. We find them out your mama. There are many whatever the world, because we wanted to make a big impression. I make you shut up early may allow guy you know I am. I would prefer to see this way because once again, I'll go back again. My dance on my way
always their language is not at issue- evolve that I'll go to the street. Where you see a generation became all, they thought figure. Personal level for a bigger toolbar merits will stay right here, like driver, argue arguably say, but lyrics industry is when you go too far, not a down Uk Ramat amaze keys, you shouldn't, but people have done it and I ve nobody does not yet I guess you're right allows is acquiring aided. You go too far augur about carry out all gotta put in the play, for he was admitted in Riyadh were at their will. Apparently nap which M Purkis sets, and So any did just put this nip it out yesterday. So whether or not he recorded a before
I just now hearing it. That's true, that's true, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one drake releasing new music and he's going at kid Cudi. We all know kid. Cudi is at rehab right now, let's play a snippet of that Drake Song right a man on a degree of baby never been so a reality. A baby I'll write energy. Five hundred and eighty five one hundred and five one did Drake go too far as anything off limits and beef call us now at the breakfast club good Morning, Drake too good morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club and happy birthday to the boy Drake. Today he turns thirty, so happy birthday What brother you
walking did Drake go too far. He will need some records over the weekend. One of them he was going at kid. Cudi people are saying, maybe he's going too far kid Cudi's in rehab. What do you think? Eight, If I want. What would you think you well, you know, I'm sorry, duper nice, and I always think that everything I always feel bad about everything, and I feel like he is in rehab. He has gone publicly and said he has some issues and he has suicidal urges they don't have no crazy beef like that for him to feel like he has to take, aim at something like that at him. So I do feel like it was a low unnecessary, evade that deep from the air. I grew up in. No, I don't. Like you went to find if you are to vibrate, and you think that went to fog and still gotta. You are the biggest hypocrite by tobacco growing people who we fell. I try to kill him ensued. I was gonna write what their privacy, due to back the maid brought. That's why they don't? You got fickleness ethical, sell, some everyone, these. Your heart attack Missouri. What what did you do to block the deserved it
come on. Man knew lords for wage exile due to back, no way to manage We want to save do baby. I don't do that now. They had no idea. That was a low room without too for that was low roads. You I'm say I am not saying that certain things aren't too far. Yes, do I feel like it is ass. If, these people and their struggles? Let's go to the former, allows this earlier laboratory Sylvia did Drake go to former I'd like you to go so far. Only seventy got lucky a while when your growled a you before The only way to go to far is when you involve kids, because they know nothing about the situation that you going through. So that's the only way you could take it to far okay.
Mom allows. There's hey artisans, gave me a call from the aim that drink all too. For no- and I will tell you why, because after like the same way, follow me bill without the whole too bad biggie era, lively about Drake, oh they through its ban fool, stand or fall itself like Mugabe, some people I wherever you go. One point going through have all been like when he first came out, you know very suddenly away in life. And in order that still going about you know there now They away Mimi mean what you say and I could go, but I all day, like it's his birthday, one drop of travellers. Thought you go hard and I mean you brought me the media body. Anybody you, though, army lurk. We with our trade policies will be Let me give you a break people, like always out of the thing
I guess I'll make you guys mouth obey his skin Isabel S, doing it always. Are there? No? No! No! He was scarcely thou yards. He deserves it and his fans deserve it for him to stand up, for you know that his self- if not, if not anything or not, anybody he's standing up for what he they had been an alibi will allow. You have been a career in the field that he's in there I don't know what happened up down stand and above all what is Van deserve, but I know I don't like hypocrisy, okay, and I know that I have heard much much worse and wrap records and I see a lot kid: Cutty groupies, who claim We too pot fanatics saying drink going too far. How can you be a tube ran with they Drake Winter Va Westmoreland for no more than a story. You make excuses, would have people you like simpler, a lady of y'all is groovies.
And don't even realise and Intel situations like this arrive, and then you make up all the dumb is reasons in the world at the. Why your guy is right and everybody else is wrong. Ok, you make excuses. Would people you like a The room on the way we're going to talk about breaking up. Marriage is breaking up happy homes. Man is future Homer Garwood, so you would have been all born or I will get into all that when we come back, you believe this breakfast locomotives. The breakfast club the report is the reul report. Libretto club, mathematics, gotta have been found for divorce from his wife Eliza, and now they are thing as they have been paying their future know something to do with it now the rumor is that he was concerned about Lars has relationship with future. They met in August, they ve been travelled and hanging out together ever since also some people are saying,
This is revenge. Licence is saying that Scotty pay them with burning with another woman last summer and they had agreed to a divorce backdoor weeks ago. I too have been changed his mind, but then recently they had a lot of issues in a lot of problems and as sources on boats, I have been enlarged aside are saying that she has been on futures private jet travelling with various cities hooting vague as last month, and they were very cosy recently at a club in Miami, so it would have Future Scotty's, wife and some Jordan full of love. Ebby amazing why you know it your fear bench getting right, so that is the rumour future potentially could be a whole MAC clarified actions.
Thinking of divorces and Lamar. Odom have officially signed off on their divorce. So now all the judge has to do is sign that so you first file for divorce back in December, two thousand and thirteen, but then for two years she went back and forth trying to save her relationship, but now she has officially signed off, and so has he so before the end of the year. They should both be single again busy back in queens already the bag in Queens Supermarket, and I don't know- probably only know no cracks, but you sleep again. These even married, still togae overhear cigars avenue already. Recoil right now and on which there was a rumour that she was engaged, but according to European she's, not engaged interest in times, and yet it is very much enjoying each other's company. All right now. Sources are saying that Jazzy misses the all kind. Yea Karim bigs We all know him as one of the founders of Rockefeller revealed it just as much. He was doing interviews about his pop up shop and he told page six
said. I was shocked to hear what Congo add ONS days. There was never any thing rumbling. So when you hear these things in public, it's a little shocking now. People were also saying that easy, just doesn't even like honey. I can't stand because it is crazy personality and can only take em in small doses by bigs does not say that much. It does say, however, that Congo is not Davy is not fond of the change in Congo personality. He said, I'm not sure about the relationship. At this point I spoke to J after colonies ran Emma both just like we missed the colleagues may was you take issues? Public is ha go back me. I want you to express, and you have a problem with mighty publicly. The relation of rally never be the same again, absolutely right. Kim Kardashian was on sixty minutes. Clearly see. Did this interview before the robbery that happened in Paris and here's what he has to say about social media and the role that it plays in her life. It is I want to have a brands. That's really successful. Often getting people to like
you for you. There are pitfalls lack of privacy For me I can handle it totally. My career to social media, I do believe that the pros and cons situation in my lifestyle, been more beneficial than the negative things I mean the social media, but you gotta, put to sex able radiated to come on. You're gonna get you So she immediately is success. You gotta give raging in the sex aimed at least ten percent is crowded, add up for some at least ten percent want to bring that up either. Am I right, got kids. You know every Jane said tabled. Did the credit is a bright it up in his arm? Shouting is what I can. I also said that he's gonna boycott the Grammy's, a Frank ocean isn't nominated. He said the album. I listened to the most, this year's Frank Oceans, album atargatis rain. It is not his out without nominated no categories and thy shown up to two Grammy's sell us like he's not gonna show up. There wasn't nominated elegantly bedtime when I write it with a time at a time limited with timing
on your notice. Probably here they went Admittedly, the consideration of this dog speaking out of emotion, banging the Grammy's have to change their rules. Something like that. Its chance. The rabbit nominated I don't know other nominees as Ganges guy would of James is nominated. Would you want every chance. I wouldn't soldier. Traces guy would have drinks nominated when you want to be there for Drake and by the way, Congrats too, Ellie, you just did a new deal with facts. He's gonna be joining Skip Bayliss on his sport show, skip and share in communist China. Shepherds get Bayliss enjoy Taylor. Sharia contributing analysed travel, Nicole's, Bosnia likely allocated and thought it was very spangled hands. If then, it being next week, I'm through day November, people always ask me if I ever unconcerned about like somebody swinging army in the studio and I'll be like no one is able to. You think ever really want to swing on you and they all surprised that my answer is Nellie. Really people forget,
this issue so early on in the breadth of club you another with a vein. I would tell him he was cold. Oh yeah nellie. What sort of career when parliament now you know he said We gave it to read it. He said this was his exact words. I keep region, in a subdued like you could. I raised the matter, that would be very narrow, Valley, Gucci having Gucci too
people fleeing, would Googe lowly like we knew there. We were ignored, use the bogeyman. Humans will playing into him being Bulgaria, but when Nellie it was generally. What is usually wasn't with wait, your dad's drum. What have you got it all right before the circular goddamned was waiting for MAC Mammal Ban is crucial at this blue. Am I right not anymore? You good service, joys and examination will hear something eight hundred foggy five five one is to breakfast love wanted
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