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Monday 11/6 - Today on the show we had comedian/ actor Deray Davis come by where he spoke about his new Netflix special "How to Act Black", Laz Alonso blocking him to get a girl and more. Also, with everything going on with Tyrese, we had to open up the phone lines to see if any of our listeners had sympathy for him and his financial state. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to boxer Bermane Stiverne for lasting only one round.

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In the past few months, the notion of home is no longer just a place we drop into at the end of the day. Especially when our homes have become our workplace, school and full service restaurant. Well, here something good for today. We, to Morgan Brochure, scientific communications manager appeal g about how cleaning can foster a sense of calm and control. You can start with an easier way to clean thanks to Don Power Wash display, so you can spend less time scrubbing and soaking dishes and you can get back to the things you love visit, Don Dish, dot com, I'm baritone, they Thurston and I feel like we're. Having a moment when officer Derek Shovin killed, George Floyd, something in America broke, I'm going to try to explain from the covert connection to what defined the police actually meet when Donald Trump encourages cops not to choke people-
something different, listen to we're. Having a moment on the ice radial asked apple pie, gas and wherever you get your pocket, undulating Charlemagne, the growth of a private club voice of a gold watch, like means more, my baby shows just because I always keep young real, but there were a bear on Facebook. There you know their listening at the back there s good body, do Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo good morning. Angel YE have mainly due to parliament again whose data plan it is my job. What are called above Monday, damaging timeline back. Ok, because everybody within range early this morning is knows
for any baby be late today, because we have an extra hours sleep last night on everybody for extra refer now I'm gonna win. My alarm Gladwin are on the same way and I was out of the house in a reasonable enough time to give here when I'm not when I was out of your notice in that, but the time that I'm late I didn't leave not supposed to, go you just have sample size. It was low traveller. We had the incident in the city last week which they closed with. That was once out of Amelia. I personally believe that, even if you're running late now, he still give us epilobium. But TAT S, not good my widow in Detroit Coats, conspicuous kids. I was at kids over the weekend very successful events. Once again, I had a great time, whether they are like two thousand coat donations, plus some financial donations as well good NICE sat area. You came out to support at a good time. This was the. I think that the first weakening twelve weeks that I was home on a weekend you mind to do ensure
I got a chance. He just relax, ensure hung with the babies are Logan. My son was his last home football game as a middle school also, which is less game, and then I did nothing I want to move? We took him to see what was it moms, hey Christmas, isn't like that. I don't know yet in IRAN presents some delay, which was pretty good. I went to the sea lagging reclining movie, theater reclining dynamo with data, so I hadda amazing time. It was that it was very cursing older. That's all my daughter like you know. Maybe it wasn't, it will be for you she's gotta, listen to the breakfast love every morning is the same thing as a direct got appoint suggests the Lloyd's removing. Did we get to a thought or agnor oxygen a mob? Now that is a great movie and are supposed to go to the final Saturday to go, see my got abroad, Mamma the Monti while to put the beats on homey Buddha. My wife was like we are staying in tonight and I,
protests have you I've happy light out of it a wasted time. You drove all the way due to Brooklyn. It would have been all that traffic guy. Could he had a good on the college on important with an under God? Do not to me because it would have been a good bit of eight and nine made of it was wet. Sixty seconds will the Grove one of my typewriter. We want to see all of you. We made a little K. We wanted sixty seconds a less that man. I said she K Kirkland perform and I was in Detroit to search out to sea K correct when he was at me the car industry, some good times, earmarking in the current houses now until haunted house last night. I don't know what they are. We know it is but they do some call the was it the bay asylum in Jersey We judge Grognon nice word, do neighborhoods care about alternatives. When you grow up into projects at a hood, every houses haunted house. They were really excellent. I mean you go to the laws that maize isn't everything you got me a shake. Was it you crawl in your sliding you're running, but I
they enjoy visa. We went on and elzevir weakens. It will ask you to show cracker front page news. What we talked about me in a ladder. Tadeusz begins by at least twenty six people killed in issuing attitudes in tax. It will give you. Maybe I was trying to avoid there, but I guess we can. As far as well, we know tat his point. All right we'll get insanely name is to be. It is more than two and de Re Davis will be joining us just want to settle moves to breakfast club camonica Lemme Happy birthday morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club asking some front page news: now: ETA fell Has this been the Falcons called these taxes? The jaguars beat the bangles. The scenes beat the box. The rams I mean destroy, the giant was so bad, so horrible is growing your giant another job boy, man about as even the fifty year giant claim on goddamn claim at nursery maritime as evidence against him how to be a woman when, for the first time in the United States for the first time for a year
All right. Middle aunt Ellen was fundamentally change the try that you are right the eagles, be the Broncos tax, be the ravens, the cardinals be the forty. Nine is wise. Seattle all glimpse the dolphins and in Monday night football. The Detroit lines play the Green Bay package at eight thirty, yeah. We pause you boycott in any way. We can reasonably classical Amr, give you this New York Marathon of hate and exciting how women weapon a merry ass for the first time of forty years ago, given our now oh god, I'm not Governor Edward. I never thought about this text. Is she? shoot and so sad yearly. Twenty six people were killed in yesterday's church, shooting that happened in settling springs taxes about twenty other p. Were wounded and those victims range and AIDS from five to seventy two years, Oh, that one of the victims where's the fourteen year old daughter of the first Baptist church is passed, her Frank, PAM, Frank, primary and
He was travelling. The couple him and his wife were travelling at a stage when the shooting did occur, so they can you? Otherwise they are still going to church service. Now they have identified the suspected shooter as twenty six year old Devon, Patrick Kelly. They said he purchased the five or six rifle back in April twenty sixteen and he didn't have a disquiet, fine criminal history. When he felt that the background check people working, he was a member of the EU as airports. He served at Halonen Airport, space in New Mexico until he was discharged and said that he was also court martial than two thousand twelve for our thoughts on his spouse, an assault on their child. He served. Year in prison and we see the bad conduct discharge and twenty fourteen and his rank was also reduce. Terrorism is a member of analyzes, and I make my my anxiety worse. Ok now is dead. Now this expected you to let the cherries they said. A local residents use their own rifle to engage him. They should have fled the terraces and pursued him. They did find him in his car. They don't know if his gun shot, wound was self inflicted. Are the result of the resident who fight
on him. Other any say: spaces anymore. You like charge is supposed to be a safe to say this face round, like those things happen at church. Now that attempt weeded out, may God be with the people? Acetylene springs, Texas, the FBI and law enforcement are on the scene. I am answering the situation from Japan, here's what has he had to say We have a lot of mental health problems in our country as do other countries, but this in a situation that we could go into it, but it's a little bit soon to go into it, but fortunately somebody else had a gun that were shooting in the opposite direction. Otherwise it would have been as bad as it was. It would have been much worse about This is a mental health problem, at the highest level, are have right, I'm dismiss it and say is not a gun situation, because it is what is deftly some. To health issues involved in this issue. I am unable to get that done, purchased a gun, some guy
is a combination of both lagging that's. Why I say nor and vague, issued in my guy, like pray for Vegas. I pray for what Texas, after the fact that we should be prepared for some type of gun, gun reform. I you know I gotta tell you guys you. There was a predominantly black church in irresolute Louisiana that was burned down to the ground, also by a fifteen year old white male from nearby pairs as well. That happens on too Anybody know that nobody dies. Well to gaza- is over guided, walked into a church and shoots twenty seven people any day, my goodness about. None of them are right, and it's free page news, get it off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent hit us up right now, maybe had a bad weekend bad night or maybe one espresso. Fifty eight hundred five eight five one o five one call us up right now is to breakfast club The breakfast club,
a pounding down your dominated origin. May you wanna breakfast laughing, but they will you. Let me say I met this morning. Are man made boy found would say over the weekend I was I was driving home and doing to speed up, and I was doing a fifty five and fifty five right. Don't be. Let me Madame I been is being young black being young, whereby a young man, I really will be able to agree a young being black driving a car do and fifty five and fifty five Nike pulled out when it can, while making pulled over dollar. Fifty far, there should be no reason at all. Got all smokes pulled me over licences, distribution Y y. You pull me over officer demise, you well, you are in the left lane and that's a passing. Lina said, sir. It's fifty five and fifty five and is potholes and middle may, and I just wonder whether data was avoiding the panel while you can't be driving in that way. Why? What do you mean
can't drive and left lane. If, if I don't get a paddle, you can't drive and outline and gave me a take it now. I will join you pull me. There was no reason to pull me overlook our you'd, rounded baby boy. Doesn't matter will call United does matter, would call? Will you driving? Why doesn't matter? Yes, he died mad as we draw our drive him. I may back in my travels domino me back, but you can get hold of it and I would add that we should get pulled out. We were absolutely positively doing nothing. We within the speed limit and they would. He gave it its eighty gold slowdown of what we would all fifty five and fifty five offers demise. You like it makes no sense. I've got
Moldova for no reason Emma Drive. It is actually young black is twenty five euro african american driver and I try to give somebody's money, so we could rob and coupled over, for no reason I want to have them with a view which I am going to make our entire redundant pain or a car and get the area people the very areas. I don't feel your paling ok wishing to gas into got pulled over for no reason I got pulled over, because I would urge you to learn that the driving uphold its efta. We shouldn't get portal for no reason gave us a fraudulent ticket. Imagine that did Toto was state police upper sakes. They police on rule. Eighty, like you should report on people, are given point taken off your license.
We're getting points? Ignobly licence has to go to court. We had about a court in fighting, I'm gonna. Let me have to go to cloud. Would fight. I declare it hasn't been adopted. Are right, as we made and groaning saying that I really am I leave Morocco. Is the Miser blue care for people with my day? I'm sure you pulled over a bunch of people and night for no raw waterways. Me you want you to let out up why boy you want Correia, think everything as a joke. It is full of people over no really had any part of it was your giant driving in May back. So why does a matter? We still don't worry about. You guys got the wrong message await the Roma or I get it off my chest: ADA Jude, five, a firewall or five. One of your obsession debate is up. Right now is to breakfast Club morning: breakfast
go away, go mad or black. We want to hear from you allow this. We want you to know which has brought the american model here all right up against their will. My baby, marble by our water column, Obama, Goober everybody
hold over people like. I got tired of a fundamental to call. I build helpful were word not automatic. Before I knew tat, I was able to say that the current round, you do know you dont use, got real busy. Pussy, don't be ass. Good ass, a man is allows this page. You love you remember the day. I am mad because every morning reminded Dubai take my hand but about the guy back the clock and I won't be able to ban the guy got whatever you want. I do remember when I take the best is Goin. Sometimes the best would be waiting for decades. There, when they in that's kind of way how them do you recall, Bangalore, gravel, Only last week- and I, like you, listen you from aid for through you from their Charles did, so you need to tell a bus driver. Stop stop now,
oh jangled digital Lobo Bury Biscuit angering YO. I have not time to pick these kids. That night time will be turned on me when I'm late. That might have not my bow the background. I want reform re mad at me back then. I got a job well and make sure that little girl to pick it up and turn on time allows is Yo Yo what about the several this joint protocol, one on do a visa to drink argiraspides re drink beer was borne out by the father about money on the table. Wonder what about you know to keep at it up. You feel me, I know it's a lot of things going on in the world, but you know everybody just keep pushing and you know it keeps them motivated. Don't let what's going on the world go to storage? You know everybody just keep moving and get all your goals and everything in life accomplished. You know, cuz. You know everybody's going to have our trials and tribulations, but you know it's a part of life. You hear me, so everybody just keep
Keep you go motivated. Anybody ever go more than we like their positive em. You reminded lingering from the side is more, and God bless him all right. Either of you chose eight hundred five, a five one, five one of your of such need event: you can you to set any terms. We got rooms on away, may guess who change their names. Somebody had a name change elements. How you said they take their name and why are so will give you an update on high rise? He got some cash was hey. You gave a lame, is her arrival? talk about it when we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive. Breakfast the report, is the Reul report was glad we're happy. Belated, very data during his birthday was on Saturday. Laws would be retained. Forty eight years old and in celebration of his birthday he had to say
to change his name yet again check out this video. He posted had its change, my name, you do just unjust Maggie before So my name is love a K. A rather love I will not be, is in a coffee. Did he daddy or any other monitors, but love a brother look. Ok, gonna him by love. I'm a matter that I'm not go out and buy that may have, but light is a brotherly. Nobody says that I love Linda late again, you to say but love but love it's a girl of logic on, and I call on you but love what we call him bite. Marijuana, goose, Basel, brotherly love, brotherly love. Now its breadth, brother lay when my name butler right, but love of roman law,
ok. I love you. I refused to call you I can't going God bless, you called I'm happy for you existence, but I'm not going to be imposed in my new name is lab ache aid by the love hashtag take get UK, I say, but love hashtag ticket. Jesus Crabby birthday today? Saluted the love of Robin come home, not believe he was ass. The girl, don't wanna, kill bombs about low lady bless. My brother, I like it is acknowledged that price I ride. Revolt blackened as if one is never now. You know well in data may they apparently gave Terry's. Million dollar four parties is only for his legal fees. Who is this? Man is a lawyer that is five million dollars, solar Nan terrorism. Systemic said he posted a picture he held in his phone has access data packets with on a phone. He said. Sometimes you just need one fund. Just another. God is the greatest just
They don't want any lead. They tell me to go easy to know that it is good to know this still, some really new, sincere nice and sincere people out here, data picking Without my hero, wills met, not only does your heart beat for sailor, it beats for the world. We love and appreciate you more than you could ever now, of course them who should be asking themselves wise areas have many problems. Why's, he cried million dilated ass delay. You do all these movie, you always on. I ve shown off your houses and you been on it in the back yard. You club in the back yard you Starbucks into backyard. You always shown it off, but now you big for bread. He said when we shall at very tat it there's nothing. There can't be. And repeat nothing? My wife kept the news away from me because I've been on with lawyers Maudie, but our family, our unassisted data, Picket Psmith, Emma Brother, will Psmith just centre. Five million dollars to help keep us a philosophy which are like you know sorry, salaries. Help me out when I was down and out what is bigger problem. Is How is he broke? What Lee fees for job, ok, cause farming, Dolly's, haven't money, problems or financial problems. Somebody, steel and Monica Tiree should not be in a situation where he asked to ass any
if anyone intention matters right, so you will match the rock for doing this movie correct, but the real reason you a matter the ragged, because the rug doing his movie pushes your money back and says you're having money problems. You need your bread, so intention manager intention not even pure, but why you don't want the rugged Buddhas moon. Well, yes, I said it is not be bothering the rack anymore. He said want you guys, and I had a real heart to heart with one of domains Associates It will be my last post about him. I repeat my last: I respect the associate, who called Mister will never change. I was never Dj Costa, I'm shameless father. First, just a man is back in the driver's seat. That's exciting is going to feel like a chew. Fast family all over again only see jest and we see PA loads on what is known as Irish ago. So one of those cause Stella House I'll, go to sell the transformers. You got in the front yard, open up the Starbucks in the backyard for the holidays and start selling. Some eggnog latte do something and make some bread,
other than beg your rich for less than we gotta talk about his finances in arid out in opposition to the big issue ladder got out. God bless him for ever these gladly lotta r d, child abuse allegations got drop out rate allude to him for that, but why are you broke, and while you big and people from one not him, he shit, that's whack, especially be all starting. You do honest. Grandma, no sympathy for Irene us it s video at his has it the pool at a camera guy within a common. Am I bet you know it s? because of the iranian lamp. Why are we talking about it, but he D put it all out there on social media, often of prime poolside I write a manually yea and that, as you know, and I believe you will float, you should be ashamed. You so black tie guns, right. Well, we can De Re Davis will be joining US comedian De Re Davis ACT or Delay Davis. When we come back later,
can coalition to not only with a leader now aim. I belong to have curried drink all these other bade people, the air, while because he'll turn dolls can only in a minute. So I just a breakfast locomotive: putting everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we oughta breakfast club, we gotta, pursue guess in building a thorough. My guy moodily Ray reverently I can delegation, probably for you, a man. I've been voted on that go unaware. When, but when I get too dark back, you know I get out the third pillar said to the landscape. People know is accepted or we're. Thank you, brother S, a logo job and you have your netflix special coming after use deal long overdue, we'll talk about it to her with the time of his presence cabin possibly reduce them. They were always got. Somebody like my new master, how my master about math, Let me put this out me because Maybe wait too long. You, you exists, no more, somebody out there doing material. So nevertheless, they re, Davis,
A black. Ten million dollars twenty. How much you get the idea you that about robs Opel. Catch him, leaving a thousand never figured they re TAT did ok, man, other maybe for me to go with them when they were beaten and everything. So I was. I was happy to have, but the material realistically or something you already had done. Could I know sometimes I days per head, Especial dine and gave it to them to put out always accompany you. Do specifically for Annapolis. Specific enough benevolence. I did it as regards the common management of your ipod. Nano teeming alongside you start knows that movie will alienate put there. Now you like my guest about Norma. We do we always you guys You think, you're, the carton out. I had up to now, there was that you could catalogue Oh, my god, you because all over the place, I gotta do seminal talking crazy on I've, never written a special where do most bizarre, that is really freestyle, be dropped.
Dr Duval days that decides pursue, and I just want to put us on the people are out of this mess. We talk thirty minutes at this time, as I did We are due to pressure. Will you do a lot to do here? I am, I must put together so now you see all these crazy things happen. Now it everyone is talking about their there. One thing since within about Netflix, is you thought I would Kevin spacey drama? They cancelled how's the Kaiser. Let next he's gonna be the last season. Lugano showed his re. They have no tribute also no boys year, but I'll be back into it because it was going on in the White House now in Libya, which, in my view, redress or visually. We couldn't nodded excitement Whitehall Kevin Spacey allegations, but I mean Doesn't Hollywood now everybody's coming forward in getting things that have happened, and now you have? There has been some we're being do not we are doing all we are doing, because on this, my fair, we because I'm a brig, do I'm a big man
there is, I know I know would say Terry crews, also in an environment where people really so comparable. Would you, and if you I don't see you I want our gradual. Do you like your tv, you look like you're, not a guy used to be you. Look like you like you brought. The kill. Somebody to all is all around is generally of their population. Cartilage, like that, you look d, re Grandmama, cod woman and we got a guy like you, don't know what you might get up I'll, be they feel that way around me, though nothing's ever happens you there was a little bit off. Will you allow, where None! Hollywood above added things. You know: if it will you can't Morales you re real. I know you about it that you draw, you might get a grandma just now when you do here. Would you last time you said he I try and as we do, volcanic of animosity mail females ran. Do we get out of that
visiting visit you Bobby like tossed around something as they like I did nothing, move on with now no man you know do all. I can say that urgent were a bit everyday with, so you never tell for real, but now as an as yet maybe because we're there nobody wanted first Magellan. They said you disability him one day That said, you can add value. Uncomfortable with the rain and to bring it up an interview and we will have another set of growth house.
It's all right in the same vein, I could ask you: do you think of my behind with I thought about it, a blackberry about here? It is also a real jazz. We don't waste your time limits again like a dominated black wide title, loving how'd, I black the more. I do every I do everything life's a promotional as what I've always done. I've all comic clause booked, everybody you nothin, so I was I was too, there can be no attention- and I would say credible exiles, different name de Ray. Better than you do you I you
the chemist sharpness apparel, all these guys, nay lousy? Now I went to the Netflix minorities there, where you got your audience. The joy isolation, as I said I want to do Now- must satellite superior numbers like that, but I do good do real good and has been a great two years. Say non master Muslim, a blessing and I suppose the next it the same way Bulgaria the urgent cannibal got any occurs you out. I love thereby to obtrude. I don't remember what you got, but I found it. They said you got to crowd, you are doing, as was gonna, be the thing that take de re literally into arenas in your mind, like what makes people it was the now, but I at in, let me go I'll call you in armour and- and I said at home in our Google too few names and the one I didn't come up.
As this is. It sounded good, the newest out, a real government. People were quite when I first said it like ass, not already outlined. Oh it was that you know There is a real good when that people are. They are less developed into a real show. You ain't gonna be in it. We want develop a show about it. Only wait a minute. I got a gas, I'm so have I man and if you talk about everyday because I feel like, I told you before, when I did with a disaster was a project or audition. Then I got the role and I was on a project and then they re shot, and I would not a project. No more. What else myself and why must have a more London replayed arm, husband and wife, and then a recast at it, They'll Koona happened. How do what I tell you they tell you. Did I we scrap enterpriser. We retorted no single decided as we want to give in its. They got big mecca idea right or via the writing. Ok, they deal with eight all week. You know come what am I get it you make, just as if I got would we'll take solace,
You don't say: does anybody see? That's why you are? We gather you again. The main has allowed a growth of call back, But- and I went to him I had a liberalized nobleness, all don't know by a whole roll on only do been around a period. My uncle I had they'd lingo. When I talk about it, I had to act Margo from that time, when I did it and in Jimmy Jimmy that's again his whole demeanor. They our lives that lived than they were in the script that I was auditioning so When I hear that we basically my words and was like go here and others I wait a minute. This is when I is that you do first. Why did a good job of pilots and allow my words Ryan and enough? some miles, does I should say I think what you think, I'm a writer also look, go. He thereby does Verona be theirs. I hear they tell me of operating, recognises Chicago and- and I could tell the role was different there by when they won't constable, then I was more comfortable.
I was I now. I feel good now feel like they felt you they that they talk. But his goat in today's so jottings in practice, disorder level annoyed our group gone about three minutes as our call. What did you do in a room? Nothing I claim my words. Man knows my words and I the guild by one or other gamma issues, though he was I I d. I know I know you are a man on a new one and one is a concrete that you're gonna get thought you know. About an hour when I left and then so called because in a day job right whenever they want me what they know, what I'd do they didn't? We know we answer it I would like those like that, like we know exactly what it is now and if they don't get me made it, this I, like you, know tat. He would have really they see me because I'm Bob Some offers movement has consistently say our peoples. Go away, you know him jump and cameo dual movie
cameos busy. Whenever SAM Jacketed, I like that Pappy took me getting anywhere without away again what I like young, oh young, and old, and Odin and young again- and I said plausible, Famagusta zone alive when I'm on a job and mix tapes. If that make sense, then when I barely do Break people flag is deserved. I we got more, would de way when we come back. Don't move is to breakfast club, bemoaning the breakfast warning. Everybody a visa envy, Angela YE shall lead me to go. We are the breakfast club. I regard they re day in a building Charlemagne of interviewing guy, like you say finally, do brig look about you said you have been so consider you a great living, be re any like you hurt inventive, and you say when I break what is it? like my daughter's sixteen all our hearts are dead his Kommeni Andy Re Lang. When I break break them,
we'll get a break together for me and my family that more time and I'll be explained. Why disappeared on everybody like I'm, therefore, actually a mere. I wonder what did want on honest or why is what you do right? I know you're a direction ass. He was available even via generation like I've seen to break Kevin, have given Seventy idea whims, Barbara CAT brought yeah Look? Can we go? I've got no can do you know that I know to be not I mean I don't know cattle. Was at the a powerful breaker laurel. Rarely beware around the. I call for writing to present it to act, and I believe that producer, but I still light is still that they would find what you talk about, like just a big gap can tell whose economy Carnegie we see now, I'm asking you call that won't be able to tell you call that we, you there's a hundred thousand hosting Might I didn't know but I feel like it is
I want to give in, I could have gave him a long time ago. I could have. Did all the other stuff is as long as you are free stuff and I'm like nah this ain't it. I know what direction I can do. I know what cab global economy like so hard and magazine comedies thy. What do I do to beat a deference differences? I think I could be will Chris Tucker? be loud feeling, Obama, oh, no, with about when you break, but I guess I make a grey living but met I make a hundred thousand the weaker without may not be shows I've done like, though You may not be grand on outside all done nothing now. I just mean yes, because I was mentally lily models DR another May Miller. Nevertheless, it would like it The guy wanna, you don't come geology, admin clown and is going to happen. Cloud is not up to me, but we don't. We get that we agree on his that also so I don't want to get out of our you know you want you wanna, be Cantwell, remember how low army tat for many years- and I won't be doing tat
Twelve shows right in a week in May once blossom jar. What is most due to a but I'm gonna be near you so either do movies like good. Do you want a movie? Botswana better? So I talk so much like I have so much. Material like I'm trying to be as humbles I can have more likely better than most comics material. I haven't been known for so long a shot, so me specials epidemic. I was going to ways and it needs to be put apply. The film and apply to tv. For other payment. Rigel, bigger, that's that's what that's what they had. I black when I got put in so much work, and I was like little. We're gonna her gloves. I will not work out in a stay on track. My. I know people wait on talk about this. To tell you and I say: Thou was dark committees who do that? I'm a little but on the same material, same Joe same pace in same same rich, they made it like, as it's gonna, get ready for this special, so is kind of like
pride, two things here. Well, where is the timing you're? And while I was always like Those are just some of the carbon vivandiere, whoever no whatever it was. They worked out make up somewhere form, learn about our and I want to. You put in the work, that's the best comic than us our weakness, and can you speak to languages less gamut? Are you skinny? That's comic, Value Bill Bellamy Shape by your general rules, are you like was the best Miguel mine is tightly and I started putting together pieces like this last happen as although yeoman lose the way, my alma. No doubt who pass through Muslim. I am only like to the best amount was rightly re craze milk at the fog of thinking the boat. Could I was angry with me, as was it Eddie, Murphy rather the night and ass? They have been that you can go back and It's no matter when, in a measured me catalogue via your member people like us. Vessels army eleven?
not my home, is for making these browsers, but is on your couples. Vessels that Yukin Friday quote Chris Racism, who has pressures? Have you ever analyse test which disrupt live have you had better some grand crews regulating a pain? Yours moment, a big piece of chicken workers rights you, member sonic, it is like people bid like cabin. Your member. Remember bar ran all right. I regard as EU member has certain things about it. My only so crazy Marty Do you have something like that, and even though we will organise hands out by the mere rhetoric bang went, I wanna be gonna history about that that delay no foundation for nothing and abuses, though so you did. Specialist, was gonna. Take you over it up You know it is I've been in another man. You talk to somebody who been through so much. Why thought I kept thinking this? Is it? Why did jumpin abroad? The attitude rule twenty one January that social justice hunger, poverty, a job on the ledge Jonah total week later,
the regularly another we don't have together, but you never know, was gonna, be the what's gonna happen, don't be that movement? Would I think it is a huge challenge? This outcome is something you haven't then, and there I really like your style and how you been doing Anna Kommeni, so you notorious Norma pays down when it won't be. A baby comes about people. Will it be as loaded there is always about sixty five. What man was about the last lower than that Laszlo has noted down, and I feel like. There we have almost then there is the wave of What I'm fella right now is what people watching it. You wanna get a big like the buzz is crazy, a star visualize us I got publicist. You never see me what about not of out of thought out and away from Bianti Battle. Free us reposed in ILO Augener Yo Uk pose them. Don't stay near home. I myself think about day, but
and about those, though the team, rabbis dinner, they by Moscow, jobs is by myself. I know by ignoring I we got We d way when we come back later this morning. Everybody is the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club they re day within a building Lee. They re. Are you still committed to your women of the community to be committed, lie in what sense like those among you gonna get no hose I am always always always hose go be around his memory. Do about that. You cheating and okay, now is better, because now we will we live further through the bees and amber roses and again because they sent you know she others let walk, and you can do what you want to do now and of women to be an important step that you should not be. Don't tell me that the boy grew up on. I was in love, Eliza Town on five, and I love again. They meet you. There you go
judge me. I've got this network was more about started more about sexual thought, victims in how you know you exactly evolving. When I love you too, to thirty are women that is not enough. Furthermore, mare certain be also have been like eye, maybe that's thy atomic as one on when the whole alpine automaton. I think I'm a very loving purse. Nothing into biogas distribute love in the matter. Isn't it. I do that's a tough, I must be but eleven years that you're a woman. That's effect you do. I want to go now goes without saying that all Miller, they they haven't means outwitted. Thirty, some you'll know about eight issues. Let me is good thing I made a thug analogues Miller, geography please that Hungary has. How did you know we're its Melville, no boys
I smiled newly members smell, but you die because I wasn't there was a fire demanding as at all then in something like that and see assigned that's a lie out. I would definitely be an hour. I would also be a week's crusader where things are going anyway. I'm saying I would try my best to be as aware as I could. Let them know that if something like that was going on, that is not there, it's not cool it. If you think you're comfortable you're, not because language as an adult you able to manipulate, and you know that you're not a mature girls, you mean you know, there's a mature twenty one, you're gonna mature twins. The child, is ass? Thirty, six year old woman, you crazy Bay, to be mothers and you gotta, as mothers knows as well. I think that I will be I would just have a better grasp on it Now get me, we blame, you know, do burial, ELM scotches. Tell them about how yokels made here by no criminal laws, because people are apple, your black there be. Why have you won't get there?
be unravelled? We unravel out every botulism, iguana baby, so will begin all day. Every new mass use, Is that right now? Why me that's? Why aren't you know my going back on angle to none about me? No more, and I go about no more because we take those things and we all round your rabble under the hood there was now is when you think about what we are all asian woman. Could I do it by now? I don't like you all happens, you'll be objective no pre judgments, no, nothing whereby these, I wonder whether we are talking in Rome nor nearby do you know, was going over to does more therapeutic to meet them in talking to one person. But can you be completely honest and sitting in a room like that, because if we were, none of us can always I say, places we locked in the because the minute you you don't do that you, you Jimmy under your mind about you won't tell me The mouth spell, the exact amount from each other, because they are always fearful that this? This exact, Have they share a common Europe,
within a few bucks. You just don't man. About stormy argument, girl outside I a place and out of nowhere chagos, o thing, booty ass, Where are the mere my girl man? I got my look I'll, not a soul numa. I also see to it that I do not believe I did a little. I get home. Nobody in placed, I gotta call dog was up de Ray things. Do I don't know, could I thought maybe you'd, like my ass, the time may reasonably. This ain't got no now, no, not a big, whose I know I won't make his body, but the fact is. Say something like that and where I live Did you go? now a days knapsack.
Tell me about keeping booty loaded down with you. We went out with this up, not a story of man alone. Alonzo do them. What another girl saw on with this girl do tell her. He said as you know, you live thing you know like in Lhasa Visa. What What are they want? Nothing you! So I fainted I am addressing them. How do I go? I met who told you that nor did I say like that, with what we would like it was happening, although no man- I don't ever, if you want to get what they want to talk about me to get with its. If you will give us a good signal, your mouthpiece remnant, hey, no matter how white
it would have been right now. Are we both them? It's all very much so me Laszlo though not yet there is a legal vacuum. Libraries tribes endeavours to lasses credit. He met her first met. The girl They had hung out, but it was. He didn't know that I will do we started to put my man came up, though, does, as a battle, now at last really did hear that, though you wouldn't have to lie so be allows. It are doing now years pass a good job in a brilliant job. Bromine will not hurt, you will be aware, is obliged to do when I became my love for me right. I'm gonna buy them for the rest of my life. Don't be lucky, you did the right. It's all about me. First, that I had a girls. They opened her exact words was opening in food aid likes. You said before complement a digression. Said the lad. How you know that, don't you
What kind of man I grew up in a balloon? before he had black flick check it out? We pleaded for journalists Giles usual faithful affair, but you know that it's all about. It is about levels that young women who could bring is now making Monodist brother draw to those already take that way. Once again different talk about low girl. Not every year everything we do you build and we use these bits and you think that's what happened. You may you feel discuss it if you like. This is wrong. What they got on the initial proposal. Teach. Those labour law boys, you, like She didn't look like tat. You mean that presented. This is a double guided in pairs, knows you're right, but in a double game, all right. They re Davis is the breakfast bugaboo breakfast,
everybody is the G envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club back to Monday back to the work week. Peter was displaced or Gabriel Universe. Fifty cent with Angela. His clothes were Gabrielle Union into decent had been having some sort of backing for it. I don't know where are the stems from, but I guess whence fifty got his on BT. He was What are the other shows and be Mary Jane is one of the other shows in we told you before. That show has been cancelled now air was Gabrielle Union when she did hat ones. Talking about being Mary Jane,
enough, for everyone knows just really upset that the M J is coming to a close. Please send all your correspondence to fifty Curtis Jackson, who has taken sole responsibility for the loss of jobs and your show so don't hate me packaging clearly a real union means our Canada was low, a joke right. Well, they disbanded. Listen, I tell you, things are going. Chains, Gabby, oh no, disrespect with all due respect. I have no respect I'll, see you around in my Michael blacks, invoice, Ella? Well, Gobio. You know the nice room for Beumer generally, the four seasons and ending with a movie like she's out a great run for answers right. So there you have it our right daisy? Let's talk about his forefinger affords, who are now there were rumours going around at the door was doing well according to live nation. They said actually the Torah doing really well, they have tickets. Selling for as low as six dollars unsteady have now. People are thinking of Record Court Lucia.
Behind his head. It's a discount. Well, according to a recent report, they said the ticket pricing is now a reflection of how well the toy is actually doing. They said many factors have played into the load ticket prices, including pricing scalpers out of the equation. They by pricing tickets closer to actual market value. Jazzy alive nation are capturing more revenue anchor little room for brokers to mark up the best seats, so they said this might be the future of ticketing. We are seeing many creative pricing strategies, We are seeing I'd find what works for them. You generate a ton of revenue of front, but you still have a twenty five dollar price point that makes it more affordable for, the visuals, who want to see an arena shall said is twenty seven shows left in that for four for it or will continue on until December? in December twenty first soil complaining about it did come up against. When you go see door Friday, you think I the non fandango there they order my tickets for the matinee, not was greatly think about it. People say: ticket prices are so expensive that the community can't go. I mean a seven Alice seat you
Go see Josie. You know it s great right here, right now, let's discuss boozy boozy had said Anne Gardena, California, and that's when some that's right out. They said two people were left with gunshot wounds that wanted to be six dollars, Clun shoot navigable. Is it was always ago those injuries not life threatening, but they said other categories disdain various injuries. There are no arrests made, they have no suspects for that, shooting at it still in, been investigation. Now both it was posting video from. This particular show is absolutely crazy. Here's what he had to say oh mother, can employ UK. Is the golden mean a night yet every day, so my mother, when his mother leading, can bad I'll? Have you guys I've been using video, they crazy array. The twilight zone is coming back. Cbs announced that the network is going I do the twilight Zone over and they said Jordan Peel is involved.
We all know him a question, candied peel and, of course, him get out. A lot of people are saying it was kind of like a twilight zone. Type of moving, so I'd be pretty exciting. To watch him handle that Twilight Zone was great. About the black mirror, with new Twilight zone black mare. The showed has really like the twilight zone. My guess Sl Reboot, I think that's pretty exciting luxury of good will watch blogger. If you like the Twilight Zone of Le Goblin resolution, I read in the Morrow Damn collapse at a nightclub over the weekend at its warlords who, by the way, today's his birthday, happy birthday, item by item he's thirty, eight years old today, now, according to his rapid without boots, bellows on the censorship and that's when he collapse the ground. It was around two a m in one is. I was annoyed me out of this. If you have revolted me, you can watch the video right now of him collapsing and security then came over to help him up. They said he was drink. For several hours before the incident as the person who sat the video told DMZ sports, and
night club is no place for recovering added by the way. Apparently, it's bad feathery collapse because of dehydration. He had a Nintendo Wii out the early hated his costume start and have the necessary fluids into system. They said it with hat and the club, and they said he's doing great now, you'll be heeded in his costume. That's why you passed up get a party last night till he was pretty accurate, grace or nothing less than a sort of life was email. Is the Maghreb open a grand global game, you told grass time to sit down if you pass bent down once you did doesn't want you may get out a craggy poses adapted it. Ok, men away, you upham dehydration. What happened after that use loaded down Then, why are well known drug them, which might be is anybody. I buy you no good well about whether no dear dehydrated, they say you drink for several hours. Come on now be for real Well, I'm easily resolved or Roma reports. Dehydration get an intense work out
I guess, sodomizing yes, even down to Burma on Burma. Remains the world's food. All my haitian massive debt remains the burning the coming from the calculation we'd like to have a world him. Please you got a strange to people who use if they don't know or maize domain is a heavy weight. He was the former W busy heavyweight champion of the world right, but that ended about two years ago in his career, is for me at this Saturday,
and political level creole all right, we'll talk about where we combat keep a likeness to breakfast locomotive. Donkey devil got here today for Monday November, six goes to remain stubbornly sackclothit, all my haitian massive Marilla, you don't know who Burma means to learn if he's a heavyweight fight of review for out of Haiti and on Saturday, at a re match with the w see heavyweight champion of the world. The anti white drabant clues barford abroad, Mamma the Anti war. I ever think back and twenty fifteen remains the runway, W B C heavyweight champion it a world. He was fifteen pounds lighter, and he would
twelve round with the anti white or even though the Anti One to fight it was much better contest back then, ok, fast forward, a couple years to the remark I had on Saturday at the bark listener, and let's put it in context. I write Burmese, wasn't even supposed to be fighting the he was a subset herself Jose Ortiz who fail to drug tests. Ok, in fact, remain only fought like once into path. Couple years he was sitting around unilaterally lot agreeable. Ok, the boot As I know the Louise we love we ban. We, as I hasten Representative Emily what else matula my moonlight mommy it was what Darwin S, knowledge, easy by non pay. The button visit by nuns Hazy Nigeria's Eve Hazy right, Miss Mabel Mining is business living his asian lifelike his golden, and he gets the car to come feeling for Jose Ortiz defaced, W B C heavyweights aiming at a world the Ottawa. If I was burmese to burn, I would have
emphatically that signal her may have been fought in three years and by That is coming and his man breath. He had been trained in Cumbria these and I don't know mermaids financial situation may be needed the bread, but it looks like you literally got a phone call to fight the anti. They told him the fight they wouldn't even before and from time he got a phone call, the fight and looked at his bag fat like you, didn't get a chance to get ready for the fight until November. There. Ok, now I didn't expect murmur, the veranda windows fight, but I understood why he had confidence, because the last night he went the distant would be ideal. What is a prime example of how you can't live in a path, and you can't look too far in the future. You decide to take a deep breath and at the present moment, because what happened two years ago to help her mane on November forth his past additives, but for whatever reason, remain out a lot of confidence at the press conference He said at the press conference fleece when around in China? The me find excuses
worry about. My career I been on active or to use should be happy, that's new advantage, but are there and you're no there's somebody you scared listen man, I feel great good strong, it ain't going to be no excuses. I could guarantee you that he said that he fears for my life in fear. For my life, I don't feel for your life cuz, I'm a if that's what it takes the title? Does what I'll do I'll walk away with a smile on my face, more, you don't even know you caught me slippin the last time I'm going to be on your ass boy, November, farewell to God I will be Tommy, which have not rule and murder these or thought me. I promise you that He thought the idea he was gonna kill him. He promised God damn you in advance.
That he would be two time WBC Heavyweight champion didn't get one of his Haitian ought to put voodoo on Deonte in the spell didn't kick in, ladies and get them. If you didn't see this fight that lasted one round one, remains the run got knocked out in Baghdad knock down. Three thousand. A first round now remains to burn out long dread logs, and I guarantee you spend more time doing it had that day and he did in the actual boxing ring fighting okay, Bermane really looked on a lot of levels like a black king hippo. I write someone needed to text. You later donate the remainder veins disaster relief for the right for me and how you tell Deonte you going to kill him, but you the one who ended up looking dead, all right when he finally got knocked out. He was draped against the ropes. You look like all you want to do is yet another member load about leggy as me here you go get it right. I hear media looks great goodness: gracious backed irregular
That remains the learned. Some heavy grassy NAFTA. That fight I write. The moral of the story is, I know you was just trying to sell a fight try to get people intrigue, but no righted shaggy lad, can't cash just due to press conference and simply say cliche things like on Saturday. The best man will win us aid, the idea, the great fighter and I'm a former champion a former champion and on Saturday we gonna put on a show. What is absolutely nothing you said in the press coverage that remotely came true. In fact you promised to God you would win. Point my life would, I would bother me to hear people say things like. I promised the guy because of newly with line this newly couldn't do they said he would go do until I realize that. God already know you for love, God already knew. The idea was go with you, ass all praying you was going to meet the ideology. Prayed was sent the gods ban food because pray, but wasn't prepared. I can tell by his stomach. So a mermaid Do you enjoy retirement because you, bugs in Korea. Is Winnie, ok Please give mermaids. There were no biggie obsolete.
come really fast fight, pray, but also prepare tower. Alright, I will take you for a donkey today, will make less toxic, especially usually do shoot. You shall yes, but today we go. The actual she shut the lobby. This was a guy who shot his shot and it actually worked out. A devilish ardashir would talk and salaries. Ladies and gentlemen, now If you dont know, Teresa has been on Instagram social media. The last couple of days at last couple of weeks talking about, a situation with a daughter talking about situation with the rock and talk about his finances, crying about being broke. Let's be clear. All of this is rooted in the fact that Tyrese has been having money problems. Okay, he's mad at the rock of the rocket doing a spin off of the fast fury, it had pushed in the next breath in furious back to two thousand and twenty, which means that we will begin the page anything funny than about seeing his daughter binning. Yet money, as you have said about that add two Buena targeted by buried. I am all for retirees fighting for his daughter, but that be clear when you
I blame in another man for your financial situation. You all aim is how the question he was: How can we sell his wise galleries? Haven't money problems while he cried broke when he does all these movies and he got a Benihana than a Starbucks God daylight when saying that he was broke because I've quite fees and having to pay lawyers well aside, to see his daughter but the phone lines eight hundred five, eight five when a viable would talk in salaries. Do you have sympathy? Four Teresa's financial suits. You remember the many on the back yard club in the back yard, Athol bugs in his back yard. You always shown it I'm not mad deck, as people make bad decisions, sometimes financially and bad investments, so that could so we want only but don't we haven't. You cannot say no, but you got there. Seven billion airframes and three hundred millionaire friend's name under them, helping out or eight hundred five eight five one or five one. Do you have sympathy for the terraces knowledge situation, seller, car attitude, you both we and by not ass, you re going to stop books in your backyard for the holidays, though ignored lattes nigger.
The guy's g out, because we come back at the breakfast for the breakfast was currently was all for. His detailed everybody is, is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne girl. We are the breakfast club, Adrian Foggy One, oh father would talk in salary salaries, Gibson. Now you low past couple it it may be. Weak stories has been on socially, it's all about his daughter talking about the rock talking about his financial situations and we're do you have sympathy for its our recent findings? Usage This play auditory fast away from a baby, the Duma as is normal baby. Nowhere is listening is no one in the room Oh, my God, am I doing something illegal by doing this, video? Is this Emma protected by the
he's right, a meadow the measurement methods. Thousand dollars a month. What more do you want from me? Not question is. Do we have sympathy with areas? Is financial situation crowns to? What are you dealing with for his daughter. Yes, the fight for you, not at all a Can you read out what you cry about that and when I see you on Instagram blame in another main for YO financial situation, you blame in Iraq is saying: oh derives going to do this movie so is affecting my pockets in you're, saying you got all these millions and billions in your phone in nobody's, helping you and yet are not willing. Jaded gave you five million dollars the hold you over. I don't have no sympathy for you brought you gotta Benihana than your backyard, establish new backyard. You always shown of your college, always shown of your house's the club. You got your backyard if you really have a financial problems, sell some of that stuff right, tell somebody sorry for him was, he would meet. You know first shot it's our regional, how I feel about salaries, but you know I have to agree with you to a certain point. Yes, he
If you have and financial problems, anything when financial problem it just doesn't come overnight. You see what has come when you see your money dwindling, you know you, start making necessary arrangements to make sure that you ok weather. A Mig different, investing whether it is some car, Zella Crib or whether it is back out on the road in work, people say envy: why do you work so hard why'd? He continued, because I want to make sure I'm never in their financial situation and it of a dime, anything, to change at any given point, but you want to make sure that if it does happen, you're good your family Your families, families, good and that's where, in all honesty, stay work and flooding I have financial problems at some point or another, and what that means is that the thing about sire is that he has the ability to make money as ability to make music. He has ever ability to go on, sir. He has the ability to get some work in this business. So if you feel like you're down and out right now is the time to buckle up and figure out. What can I do to make some money at
please I beg you are missing the point that Terry stunts a light on is to grant our reasons the guide. I will show you every bit his due by troop every bit. Urging cables trip he'll be riding around and race, smoking You got that, unlike you, start known rattle of old, but I'm not mad at dynamism demanded that it was issues we came from me from what he grew up. Poor any flipped is money, inspiration to a lot of people not does not matter that when you automatically go broke into first than you do when you go broke, establishment and other macro financial situation had not meet me. Indians areas, gotta group, chattering cowboy. Yes, now we would go back and forth into groups at the other day. The last thing I said, dietaries blaming the rightful what's happening. What your daughter is lame is f ripe. I will pray for you because I f, which you and he said it, use telling Indeed, a call me right, you know what I'm saying at the imminent need to call me you need to communism is you are we need to speak face to face? You clearly gone through something and I'm Tellin you man to man. You sound like a damn fool on social media blame in another May for your financial situation. Ok, any
You say the number by the way out of their own Evans, Bogota, but about the type of friend I am on the data goddamn truth. I rang out at a landline Atlanta you're able to do that, so you should do that. Animals are for mental. Let's go to the former. Us allows this Yoda capital cap or what think about Teresa financial system. Do you have any sympathy for? Let me let me be real clear, which are first of all, I wanted to your and my lesson: the moaning, almost single father for years. I have not seen a round him for my daughter's mother Oh, I'm not all those media talking about it. I'm not! You know something worth thinking about what you know.
The work I gotta put it on the market, but here's my problem with our number one. You blasted or black women out here talking reckless a few months back. Ok, we'll let you live with that! You been in countless no he's, not gonna come nobody coin right at all, but as a man, you ve told depend on another manageable by four. You talk to Newgate demanded the word because you ve been his family yeah. You know at the troopers automatic while we fought board, must have huge life, did speak Pablo doin it for the wrong reasons. Yes, the intention is everything it entails arrive. We have what you can do because I believe in God, Jesus Border, whoever you cannot plan of feed and he could not get a Harvey. So all the bad
they hurried on planet pays is coming back again. Please not to give the public investments where he would have gone, not because the baby mom is all quite excuse me now. Blue allegation. When I got drunk you drop my wife. I thank them for that because she lived a wonderful. What the point of the matter is no come on. You're talking about all these legal fees, what is the situation that you created use brighter of the father of my dear the threshold of a man? I don't even talk down to get all about me when I'm talking to them a lot of one of the image of a man right simplicity- I don't even want haven't I wanted to talk about it. I mean, I know the whole situation him and his daughter at fifty will be led to him being lame
plebeian mad in Iraq, because his focus our recent financial situation, as MR were eight hundred five, eight five one in five women. Do you have sympathy for Teresa's financial situation? Call us now is to breakfast locomotive, that was boy like yellow Cardy be morning. Everybody is the G envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club now we're talking tire raised this morning. If you join is, of course you know, Tories has been or socially all week long, the last couple of weeks talking about his daughter talking about the rock talking about his funny Two situation they were asking. Do you have sympathy four Teresa's financial situation, not at all because the other star bugs in his back yard you gotta Benihana than his back yard- club in his back yard. You got all these exotic cod. Imagine in a manner imagining early. If you really ever money from cell someone s the so let's go.
It follows hello. What should aim call him amendments four March off above Yolanda three was happening there. Do you have simply for terrorist is finding its situation. I do tell me about it. Ok, basically, as a father out for myself, I'm not against Southport. Ok, to that put myself, won't. What? But, when I found out the number I had to pay, you know I would have gone hard to come up with the money but they didn't a no consideration. The bill that I have for you the relationship ended like, for example, I was eighteen thousand hours and credit card that, and then, when I had one, I found that I'd paper continent. But all the double my mortgage and whatever else Didn't think about that. I would like pair before A building is a percentage of what you make a percentage of the amount of money that you make. It does not do things out of all payments. Reed are ridiculous. In some cases boy you don't have are both in your bag. Geyser Armenian is our club
You know, riding around a race and ghost in all kinds of military courts, and he has to pay thirty thousand. I was moved to resuscitate thirteen thousand a month allegedly for China. The portfolio one guy biographer leading Us Lattimer nets as a lot of money, but enough what book? I don't think it's a lot of money in the reserve, because a lot of money is, if terraces make him five million a year and a hundred two thousand a year for your door. I don't think that's a lot of money by the way we make it clear that I agree with you, but if he's not, yes, it's a lot of money, but if you make a five million yes Dorothy, I bet you did you gotta Benihana than your backyard? If that's the case, you have two Starbucks in your backyard. If you didn't know, w prodigal. Afforded thirty grand allows. This island, the beneficiaries like the acknowledge all your daddy autumn Katrina like like like like now, history neuron blackmail him on an outbreak could probably been negatively math thank area issue, though I bought it,
the Knocker Sally Good morning Why not you have sympathy for Terry's mailing. Ok, you any internet cry like either enquire than out of paper gave what active manner the millionaire over an hour later. Ok, don't worry incoming tide, worn at the beginning and a thousand ever know yet evolve in that category fairly. Radical busy know many people struggling with financial issues every single day that I can and he has the means to actually get that money is sell. Some things do some work. There is for me to present the big. Instead he has the opportunity to use a single. He could go out one or two and do what he has to do in anything as you know this is what we did talk about. You you talk about the rock right and an olive trees. You talk about the right, not doing something where you can get paid now, let's talk about. What is it teensy
tv TGV do now knew you live tv t because you didn't want to split the money. Three ways. I bet you want to forget money. Do I love them for dead, like they couldn't do? Their groups used often go on shore, because our Rees wasn't there, but it is, is, Dont, my you, you did them dirty allegedly do their stuff thing. Is it I never dependent on one person over everything? You are financially secure, you shadows, listings income and you have so much talented, able to go out there and get it or you he would almost withdrew. The income of you didn't, spend all his money on things in the fact that you posted there will engage, gave you five million dollars in your exact words was to hold you over re. Furthermore, abroad is no child support case that caused by me dollar s number one. So what you gonna do, a directed at money paid, a lovely the monthly fee you gonna Starbucks in your backyard so like Would you then the monies arming? Absolutely not shall ITALY would you learn? I have it tat who have at his great. If he was down and dirty and had nothing like none.
In down to his last Allen, had to pay to space and where I would, as a journeyman money to a family that needs it. You know, and I just don't feel like Terry's really needs that right now anybody ever want to take advantage of our research. Actually, now probably better was Butler things would daddy's everyday. Anything that is, we can then be broke, should motivate you to work on Perry. Doing DVD. Am I right open up to stop put out. They do so ignobly. Do that a little Kay daybreak has always motivated me to work harder. You know they always say when you back is up against the wall. That's when you come up at the most creative ways to find out how to get out of a bad situation. Where have you back against the wall right now, you gotta fight to weigh our open obedient of lunch. You gotta prime, pose. I bring choose to Nepal looking to preclude the from far out far away to make a buck later right. Well, we got rooms or the way you yes, we're gonna be tough.
About a very famous singer who, according to her mom, says there, her husband was abusive and he is shot at these l patients. I will get into all that when we come back people access to breakfast locomotive breakfast about the report on the breakfast? What we tell you they take my bracton and events Herbert are getting divorced him our five point, a voice. Now, according to Tamers mom Evelyn Braxton she's worried about her daughter, here's what you tell DMZ at the airport to allay X on Friday. I really have anything to say to ban all one thing: you could end up of my child
kill, love there. I don't want him to kill my child. Is that serious allegation Mama now their reserves and on her she half says that he is stand by these insinuate since that he's an abusive man capable of killing her daughter. He denies all of that as well. So he's upset about those comments. Anything like this have a story could negatively affect their four year old son when he gets older. Any does deal, went to get tame our back, but according to tame my sources. She has no she has no intention of getting back together with her. A strange has been there's. No chance should go back to him now that she has found those divorce papers are right now get into a kind of west. He had his first appearance in a year, If I'm a kid Cudi, I don't know if you guys saw the video that was circulating, but he had a concert Saturday night. That was his first appearance on stage in a year, so sad at sewage they were finally getting back to it. I was he how He is going to do now. That is back on stage.
Warming, doesn't anyone here is an example of becoming involved in the Latham loaded wasn. The aim is honourable from one, which is one of the best record on it as a great black China. What does came? Cried ass? You can think of black China. Now she was recently. And make him alive, and she was. Asked about her feelings about black China in here. She had to say very a political answer. Now I was I always sad when someone was going to ask me in a dream. Is gonna see this one day, and so I think it's just super respectful to just not so thing about my nieces mom. Largely wars did interview because Jennifer Large she spilling aprons and will never Jimmy Chin when it was raving about how good urge and if a large did so actually washed it now and she didn't really do their world very basic by two thousand and answered anybody. You know it, but it is possible.
Difficult to do a talk, show up our feeling. Any she's never done that before she got three reviews they would like. There was eminence resolved videos. They were going out and have a chance to see some atmosphere for myself. I write black ten in the meantime, has a new man. She is dead in Playboy Kennedy had enough. You guys saw the video that was surfacing, but, as she's been hosting a lotta video footage he's wearing his chain and all of that, so why are we say dating? Why don't we just citizens, like China, sleeping with this week just emulating it also at Winchester, putting it on social media, putting hearts around someone in their doing appearances holding hands like a little more serious when she put it out there with animals of orphan two weeks ago, even when you put your little brother but do not play by parties, Ex Ruby rose actually posted, as she says, says how my ass taste with her post, I too would like to learn his areas. I guess play where cartoons by now black scientist tasting. Oh, please, I'm sharply boycotted brushes tee. I, if you would like to say a thing like that I do receive as much to have gone right now
bees you as seventy but ass. You saw a lot of kids dressed up as her for Halloween and she will. Did she wants to be less rated, are and wants to be more page thirteen hears what she had to say brown at that we, the Alamo Euro girls, they we lived modes of me and they loved me and wherever and as a right, I'm thinking like you, I really mean to be a better example and I've been, but I've been trying to be a bad example. Nonsense. I got every time delay more uniform teach. You don't see. I'm saying less rigid are good. Our motto by France and then, if we up all over Europe is the biggest little girl, because at that as well yourself corridor at all times is all you got it on whether glamour modified as their leashes really make moves actually has been very successful and where she came from a lot of low growth up to her, because they could relate to her and
realize that they can be success because she does work extremely hard intention of everything nor in Cardiff intentions always pure accorded intended always positive, so cottages visa, but do understand, trying to maybe sometimes not put everything out there, yet it think about whose whiting you so that's what she wants to do with a difficult work put in everything our good will Gunnar and was is used in a whole life on and, as I understand it, she felt like these little girls are watching her. So is what ever she decides she wants to do. We support that. Our second guessing yourself when you start? Second, guessing yourself: that's when you started appease everybody in the did. The quickest way to not be successful is radically thereby adding a crescent rack tide US material over the weekend. He was that they comedy seller and it didn't go over to well now. He says that he won't, and this is according to pay sixty said he won't higher women anymore, because he would need a crew of witnesses around him at all times. So he went to be accused of rape. They said He said they cry rate because they want money, and he said he when even higher a cleaning. Lady, because he's afraid of false accusations,
and one woman who was at the actual shows that I seen him before he was hysterical, but this wasn't funny at all. Nobody was laughing, there were many with the many women were telling him, he was a sexist pig to people actually got kicked out in this context that don't like Smart Chris Rocket. I know I write well, I mean you know what it is when you gotta, though so you're not allowed to video. Take you can't round. So we can't see somebody you rely on account ran away one, I believe, a few different witnesses that gave their accounts of what happened and they said Even though people were Boeing, he still went back to sexual harassment anyway, and he said wines dean. With me by China, have me star in the worst movies of all time and that's what you said about the role that he didn't take. Chris technocrats publicist had no comments about any of that and neither did a spokesman for the club. I got for myself Well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your rumour report, all right. Thank you miss he now shall to revolt and happy birthday to daddy I'd, so revolt was
you guys tomorrow, no mercy thereof. Wanna clouds were brotherly, love, sorry, sorry, but love. Why do we have oil of his is new name of of him, give it literally or even a statement of his new name but love abroad. Which way you don't call but Loma like during do ye I'm gonna I mean. I came up a column. Did he bread alive but land? now calling him but love. Candid about love. Evil
pull, has enabled me to sit by what I heard and we are now but love he number one could eat when it comes to boil a brother look! Ok, if you would be both basic. Ok! Thank you arrive era. Gas revolt will see to my everybody. I was the builder nobody last. That was a flesh colored what color and who has flash everybody else. The people's choice mixes up next. If you wanna hear something dreams: five, eight five, one o five one you can hit me on twitter or instantly ever gets request in right. Now again, eight hundred five, a five one o five when you gotta yoga Jago gets by media are right now as to breakfast locomotor, let alone a brother look. Ok, I'm Sheraton Day Thurston and I feel like we're. Having a moment when officer Derek Shovin killed, George Floyd something in America broke, I'm going to try to explain from the covert connection to what deepened the police actually meet when Donald Trump encourages cops, not to show people. You know something different. Listen to we're here,
a moment on the I have radio last apple pie, gas and wherever you get your pocket, never as a world of golf and more fascinating or more in flux, thanks to a suddenly newfound appreciation for sport, the millions love and even more millions of Miss watching my new podcast, the shack, show hosted by me. Jeff Shackelford will be that say space to discuss matters both vitally important and total escape us so, as the pro afterwards ease back into business and recreational golfers rekindle their passion, forgetting outdoors and getting easily aggravated, am maybe minus view, bunker aches and cart sharing or those awkward chess bob's. The shack show will be in your too ready to offer the sports last independent voices sticking up for what really matters each week,
I'll interview a wide array of Gaul smartest funny Ass, the most compelling mines, as we attempt to gauge the state of the game, and sometimes I just chime in with a quick take on those inevitable first world golf dramas, so listen and follow the shack show on the eye higher radio apple podcast or wherever you listened apart. Guest
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