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Thursday 1/18 - Today on the show we had Brother Love better known as Diddy on the show where he spoke about getting engaged once, his kids, and explaining his questionable statements and more. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Alabama sorority sister, Harley Barber over her racist remarks. Moreover, for "Ask Yee" we opened up the phone lines after Charlamagne questioned Dj Envy for dressing up as another man in the bedroom, and he wanted to know if it was okay or not.

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Here's something good is a new show from Seneca women and I heart radio. It's a great way to start your day, on the positive side of life. In times like these, we may find. Ourselves, worrying that even the simplest tasks will have a negative consequence, but here something good. We spoke to marry Johnson scientists from tied a detergent. We ve I'd on four seventy five years in this episode, she shares valuable tips for how to delete in the time of corona. One less to worry about four more tips and a coupon from tied go to tide dot, com flashpoint asked the twenty seven clumsy podcast famous musicians, who died prematurely in sometimes mysteriously, the age of twenty seven.
Podcast hosted by me, Jake Brennan, creator and host of the award winning music and true crime podcast. This Graceland season two features. Twelve episodes in the life and death of Jim Morrison of the doors and the twenty seven club contains adult content and explicit language. You can listen to the twenty seven club on the Iheartradio, app apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. Even the most dangerous mortgage products by means of a day in everybody's, isn't happening to go with me to the ruler rubbing the wrong way ravaged by
you say you, don't you don't know you don't know you don't tell Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Good Morning Angel yea, ladies and gentlemen, a guy who's did a planet is, is there is there sits? There is men I came in listening to the small sounds of guide, is worn and rob one includes bombs were guy AIR and Damien came over the mules, a rally our whole That is a rally right now. I think they re all they mean orgasm. I think I believe it Iraqis area anyway, I came and listening to the very best guy. No guy was God one of my favorite groups of directives and one of my favorite labels for Tony said today.
A guy with, as W B, like the other. I, like it s, areas like the female version of guy to different areas. Totally guy was new, jug sway, guiles basil. Look. Why was it before you? Gotta have four, but I always some reason in my head affiliate, those two like if I could stay with the equivalent for women, now when I do guy was destined red when I do got Jeffrey carries out. What have you got? What I mean is that nobody uses jobs or brown who recognise is eating at all uptown various legibly slew dove directive. Does? Why do the european law that we wanted to view all native? You gotta go back there lobby dope? Yes, we have their guy. You know, I wonder, realise kids, tat, no kids! Just don't you call my yesterday. It was a snow day for my kids. It was. We got about ports, ports, ports for five, six inches of snow right. So two kids, out there and after about thirty minutes, I'm cold, like I'm freezing and these kids,
I now good not see their noses red acceded cheek, but we stated that we set off on a snowflake two three. I had no choice of ours that, though we were creator avoids. Yesterday the global are worth how to give away one million dollars to two of the women that was supposed to be one winner, but then there was two women that are you guys know about. We wear for people go and rent spaces the work in, and so these winners from all over the winners where global vision, twenty twenty people in need with eyesight prescriptions causes. Are these people who can't see and don't have access to get the proper okra prescription. Four glasses and then also read the reedy they actually turn plastic trash into materials for from printed. They make amends a prototype, so it was great as people there acting change in the world and
My wonderful event had actually really test. My heights are set out, so we were told we weren't, you know, you know it also noted towards ensuring of their call being back you might they wipe you didn't used to be called. Why do we call now remember why we were under Tommy? You would be Walker on a short depends. I would like to know from the hoodie sell us those here. My kids golden, like he's, doing, show you all Muslim Brotherhood. Your jacket indicated you all like the wide low stocks awakened, see now be local legacy. Freeze, beggar, my data be like we did that one of the differences between black and white people that it'll build lady. I do what I don't really like right. What did he will be joining us today? Rather love man? I just love love love is Ireland, it is already a brother Nokia. We have to talk to be at some point in this interview about the interview he did on drink, Champs Winner, ok now, if
somebody outdated does not have a clip of MILAN lose a little clip, fuller Bruno Numa locally that he did. He was all drinks channels with the fabulous and jaded fabulous the fabulous holes and he was listless get a little clip regarding guiding guided dead, come on Daddy Attica right thing. I love this about someone like when you were waiting. A language is all for land use and it all I get is a language he shovel gets it afore. We will do all that. We will get all that that way we uniting where you are one of being out of me. You gotta that when my daily living, like we provocative, does the measures advocated radio show you gotta data heavier almost applauding. Any legal parties mulberry they will weaken them upon. Noble May. Never really plodding knows it is the one under that. When my daddy, you give me. I would like this day we will, but that it does
what is the Abbe Natalie ROD or no. I was indicators that is now coming out of my way out. Ok, you don't read ass. It had been known about your comment. We know we deviate, is more or less be ready to go right front page. It was always allow you to indicate how to bring back Tom Gillette's attitude in the University of Alabama, who actually, with things very races, things to happen anywhere it. What happens there? we're getting to that when we come back as the breakfast level. More modern and everybody is the easy envy annually Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club asking some front page news: now talk about Hayley Bob Racist and have you don't know, Hayley Barbara she's, a nineteen year old, New Jersey Native Anti was going to the University of Alabama answer. She posted races, videos on social media she's repeatedly. You see me and word in these videos. Take a lesson
look for people going on and we do not waste water. We don't waste water because the people in this area- I love how you act like I love by field cuz, I hate that's really uneasy basis saved by setting that one or other. So what are we believe in it ass? He sang. I love her act like I love black people, because I effing hate and words
that's really interesting. I effing hate and words, but I just say that I think an words by setting the wearer, then she goes on to release a second video actor. People responded to her first video, you know she's in she wasn't university. Elevators got kicked out. That's what I said. Ok Zagreb lose no said she was a student mobility we have been here is the second video but high school. I nobody understands. I found my time. Love outlets, my friends. I said you know right now, bed, I'm relieved european line, all aware who and what we do in Europe, no other mobile child. Now, that's why as you from New Joanna that I'm in the south. Now I can say and where as much as I want you to accept so yeah think so
she actually ended up getting its belt and through an kicked out of her sorority. After have to suppose it these videos on social. Maybe I am now according HU the university spokesmen Chris Briny releases statement. These remarks are ignorant and disturbing and in no way reflect the values of the University of Alabama. This what's in it, behaviour has been reported to the options of student conduct as it does not aligned with the community expectations of students at the capstone, so is over. For her now she's been getting threatening phone clause in response to the videos, and she said she is an idiot. There's no excuse. I did something really bad. She also went to say I'm wrong and there's just no excuse for what I want to live in a universally university of Alabama romantically bosnian speech around you can call me to anywhere, but when I call your raises bigoted ass, Craig Ass Crack, a white Devil back, don't get upset and walking into Natanz grown Walkin by Madison Square God. Yesterday's do down syndrome a meal walk abiding by religious without niggers and added without her. Yet
without doubt, Indra! You gotta, then, were Dublin's lad. I didn't know what to say back no say loud. Let off a few slurs ok, what he syndrome, I love it. There was visibly down Then you let go. I do like ok, abolition, Guy Movin Eyes, a God bless. You know. Once these videos went viral, getting kicked out of school kicked out of her sorority, as should be the attic. Imagine how comfortable The student at the University of Alabama, you would feel if you had to go to school with someone like. Then I wouldn't feel inclined to everyone. My leg it at all raises ass cracker. I did at the Craig and I got the inward looking. We don't be too. I feel uncomfortable that Moscow, but, alas- and that is where ten that we actually put out those viral videos available now right will as front page news get it all future aid under five, eight five, one o five one. If you upset any debate, it is up right now, maybe had a bad night horrible night or maybe your blessing one is present positivity, eight hundred five, a five one, o five one is to breakfast club component,
The breakfast club, your job, to get it off your Jas, whether your man, but at the same time we want to hear from you wanna bread, but allows is always adobe reader of chess.
I would ask our job to do a lot of people. Our ajar new rights for railway gotta, be appreciative of the little things like made up. Are you give less or more jobs are important. We work in ever more for our borders, for structural jagged only applaud you go now. Legal money and hello. This air could call from the way the avenue I need. A minimum of twenty April thought. I love the others, not both column begin to, and I love you watch out. Everyone all about you watch is our whole revolt. Nowadays I love the, albeit by the way, I'm going to say that I am I getting ready to the twenty two. You faith army, congratulate and thank you so much vs. Having thank Alfie off now. Look I'm telling you have to work when I was a boy you want. A man is not aid is an income and I mean a saluted forces. Never too we can. We come on armed forces network we're in a hundred and fifty countries being wasn't network so who dollar?
very true troops, hello, this age, you killer, features. Birth is more glaring. I go to work, noise, Charlotte swarmed, I gotta do not a day would show how much you hang you gonna woman. Oh yes, you re! She always you woke up she man! Now she might gotta go to gotta to our delay Dame opera we need to be dropped off? I got a job, but how much dominated till it somewhat snow is a day would highlight three to five angels. Listen, we're going to ensure that you had your wife, rural asthma and live like Mary chilling was movie lively, demanded early in early April, as we did at our data. We resolve yesterday you go. You are with every year. She could some good voice, o ye all the time. Last night. What you last night
Nigeria is only with garlic, bread, David immediately lead was alluding. Looted acquainted Charlotte we can be done, is all we do our day annual day. Forty two million has right yes and then It's been hundreds of car crashes across the sounds is because of the winter storm, so everybody be careful, drive and all right, we'll get it all futures. Eight hundred five, a five one, o five one of your absurdity divinity to certain areas to breakfast locomotive breakfast your time to get it off. Your chair of the young man from Luanda breakfast on your law allows this game good morning. Did you get it off your chest? I just wanted to say is so good that girl got kicked out of school for saying where she said, because I don't know if person
I'm ability goin out here in the world today in our people to fill it. They could do whatever they want their whenever they. Why and boards have really refreshing Britain pay to get held accountable for advance ambush levy? We gotta start treating racism like Chrome, mercury, racism like put a fool. You tree racism like murdered my year, ostracised those people I remedy.
This whole facebook group of these kids they got into Harvard in they were saying all kinds of racism, sexist things on there and the kids actually guide their applications. Rescinded and they were no longer able to ten hundred while hello, those are you gotta watch. What you say is loaded with regular features broke up, twenty thirty or the ogre. Congratulations! Happy birthday cap acquire season a full effect over so called the wheeler water. All come a little bit about work out around the yard. Variable happy to join other you do to allow this doesn't care who jacket was? I can't get it off which has brought about bill and burst out on a global we'd, rather than try to call it about a cold enough, be I know you said: you'd destroyed you fifty Owen Bird work until you fifty to get it.
Why, on thirty and thirty nine heads of brush arise, Mama Junior Duncan gotta related. Should we go this way? Gloved leave aware glove, this boy, media man- I always do it. What was his name just low, probably manawyddan, learn about and pilot the first time. So, what's your name said about, was it not alive what he had to open their labour corona? Apparently we have two problems DES invested reason why everybody? I am glad that you ass, you gonna, take care those pants allotted time. People I'll go anyway, too late too late that as soon as happened, doesnt rank is we're going to get check out. If a man of good, very true that is true but fear they tell you- will and blackmail. You should get it earlier than sit. No one is a Caucasians, normally only took pity when your blood, that they get earlier? I'm with you? listen up my brother model by law
they're, not at thirty eight, I'm going. You want Lizzie advance, you thirty, nine! You alive, you ve had five. Why not handled above? Will you follow which air would you call em? What does what pilot, when the God put his finger on your body check you for stuff? Would you call collapse to be oh yeah, echo? Will not ain't no note and checking apostate, because you prostate, wanted you to pay one thing that you need to get him a Valentine's. You know either openly Lerigo procedure overstated. I'm an artist part the hardest part about it. You know we have to take the lead me before you get a drink desktop and its artist part of cleaning up pretty. We all remember anything yet Aberdeen afforded a didactic, that's what it does put his fingers in you button chicks around. We gotta do little to guide you go on.
The judge, but fingered five thy loves it by no. No, no, no, I gotta get to call it s been a real estate Atlanta, the pilots they get unerringly become cancerous, makes it too long rise of gods and how many times he checked you but like dead, though what you think I am innocent. Anyhow mess mountain. Oh, no, no, no, not never, check! We like that. What they did is to get to get the process of the go when they can. You don't even have to have that finger Dick and they got appeal you can actually take. It got a camera philip. I'm going to get me to appear all that justice is to know on what to figure out what the man went along to think before they take me with tat it. How did I get that came out of you acted at poop it out? You yeah you Cooper determine, if it is most of all, is the Cameroon is born out of a very dark when the bell- and I got a monitor on the side of you- get a whit have built or of warlike twenty
four hours and then you know a ghostly assistant, any turn it back in and next day recourse old thing is my wife. I communicate better get information angry. Thank you, sir. I beg you both no problem, adding mondego, maybe two old school you are, that is moved the figures, but if your dogs, a finger in you. You need to get him a malady of out that they give a Valentine's day. God really didn't want any way, get an average as eight hundred five a firewall or viable, and even governments runaway. Yes, we are going to talk about black lightning. Undersea Debbie had a god shall do us ever tell you about a book is being turned into a tv series, all right, we'll get into all that when we come back. Keep allotted to breakfast locomotive breakfast warning.
The body is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Yes, let's get to the Romans assault black lightning with his cloak anybody anywhere where the new superhero theories black, lightning, that no undersea w on Tuesday. I resumed blog Laming, I feel bad about. Then I should hate BC. More none of blood is also being produced by Mr Brok, IKEA and Selina Kyle, who did girl rarely knowledge Almeida areas, ain't really! Oh, Let me sum girlfriends them well this that this shows Premier board in huge numbers. It's the highest rate, a premiere for w in two years. So congratulations
to them or drama include, was a black laming us watch. While I put my buys of DC to decide and watch it, we got a partner national to crack down on issue. Oh that's bad by then slowly around our strong austerity and we got a saloon people on tv and support them in everything, and I am IVO Comics fan you still came uppermost I love you more, nay busy right now he has no his stake. Cuba, as somebody like you, know, that Abbey and secure level he sold his remaining stake in the company to Pernod Ricard. They may that announced. Now- these he's still going to be very highly involved and he's going to continue to work with them until two thousand and twenty to help you with the next wave of growth. He said whenever became involved, secular avian and twenty thirteen. I knew it had enormous potential on a global scale, so nice gonna help You need to grow that Brian Crowley licence to Jesus. That's it in another clothes. Another deal minus the business to big Business Chester process order me
there's a man hey, may some bread and cheese the dew wanted to bring you announced. The number are you don't announced the number when you don't another number, you made amazed local yeah. Maiden ice. Good money have any still gonna be involved, so that means you still gonna, beginning money off of it or drop. One include both about the young alone, nor yet equity in the company of body was spoiled. Bear no, no, your master scenario. We sit here, equity and accompanied by another may set, because I never heard of it really before him. So he did Kennedy. To do that. It was out before him by name, but I never have already been tried it until Deasey got on board. So that's why it makes sense is like back with around before daddy, but I didn't, get letters and hear of it, and so he got involved at the company domain generally. These companies who are right now fire, in theory that, but that everyone's been talking about about the White House written by Michael Wolf, is now going to be a tv series. According to the
they would report. Our networks will soon be able to bid on that project and above is also going to executive produce it. As we all know, that book has caused use controversy and Donald Trump, not very happy about anything. It's They can. We only a year in people already has enough Donald Trump caution in about twenty minutes: Greece that wide yeah, You know what a lot of misery him interviewing people that I worked for him in the past. People in the White House in a lot has happened. We do that. Would go in yet we could see how this could be. A tv series cause. This doesn't even seem like it could be fashioned seems very physically good. You know your life is like a move. Get. Ideas minded enough focus is likely to get it out the way now before the nuclear Bamiyan wives, as always in it, are alien wanted to eat it added. You have all come here. You know there was a media, they ass Jack in Detroit,
nothing thousand meteor yeah. Ok, now you do. I know what it why I wouldn't worry about it. I've been in contact with all kinds of any kind of no use. I write Mariah carriers being sued for three million dollars, and that is because she was supposed to be performing in she lay. I did Tina and Brazil and she cancelled, though, shows now she tweeted out that she was devastated. Those cancer. Is it my fancy there better than has some of these promoters treated them, but according the promoter they did, but they were supposed to do they arranged for Mariah to play too shows on her tour and she put out they don't know why they said paid her nearly seventy five percent of what she was supposed to get, and that was basically stand. And what you do with these deals in previous years. I have had with her and they said they believe the railways, in that she didn't show up is because she had low ticket sales at three shows in Brazil and they are set on like that. Tweeted said doktor. They made it look like they were the bag ice. Another went three million dollars. More no Mariah carries show must be the most dreadful thing next morning. Why
because you member, when she came into the breakfast club she at our own lighting director Erin. She made us turn like that she could set her lighting up cardiologists her company. Do a radio enemy. So can you imagine her doin a show? Can you imagine? Our demands are yet been cited that it demands that she had an item from issued by one all red eminence. I think it was a pink I'll take him whenever they gonna? That was like some about flowers like pink flowers, it was sometimes I think I'm them around Malaga. They, let me know ye have arm an amateur than you, gotta get old Valentine's day, candy deplorable and she nodded who either she just wanted to have a degree of safety at sea ass, for I am I'm looking at us, demands our battles of vitamin, what it's a baby dogs in and in his tender age, two out of her use, chewing gum and see us a request: twenty white kittens and one hundred white doves. That's a lie. Leslie S, elegant Illuminati, sacrifice, don't you I didn't twenty? Why does he devilish?
device net and drinking the blood. Why she's number one on the list of crazy bans on her right or so just so you know a re. Well, amazingly, ye, and that is your room, a streak in a crazy flower right when we come back brother, Danny will be joining us. Yes, my enormous love, PD daughter, formerly known as they now knows. Our homes are right and We will call them daddy when it gets up here. I call them that our right when we come back as the breakfast lovely body, one and everybody is the gay envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club, we got us pursue guest and abroad and brotherly love there. Just call me love just love now, just love the quantity Amu tell them. We should allow me I just I just needed to simplify automating so complicated, sometimes, and I'm already blacks or Mario brothers you'll need to say tat, Is it me with the love I have told you will have her like ditties energy has shifted
Could I get you still get bad vibes from you, but now think that you just an indifferent. Now he's always get bad, ass new ass man, other maybe I'd say no, not that they. We both have changed. We all evolving this time the really cannot handle. Can understand the power. You know you can speak about it. About four years. I've. Had my ups and downs. If I'm going through something off, I'm not feeling a cat or whatever it is. But now I feel the needed a satellite. You know I just I just feel you know either for my enemies, you know, like is beautiful. Not a very old. This weekend I had a birthday party MIA envy your son was hosting with us which warrant just in Combs Isabel, where Party, which is then nor does it other really feel where, because it is essential
for me to me so that I showed him how to move out here. You know is more than our hang out with him a lot. If I have you know, have it data, certainly that India will rocky But you know I'm not trying to really just be party in the global market. What'd. I walked a club and use all your boy. Who would another vodka to table and You didn't have a pound, they would have to come home. I went out Molly. This part of the story girl just changed a lot, but it is good to see what a great shabby deal. The UK, our man. What are you there? the EU meddling Dirty NGO ban wrapping in your daughters are beautiful. We saw the video of you give him when he adored as a dog. You know your how she reactor, which was really sweet incredible Sanum grow up in actually been
human beings- and I actually had the head of state As you know, I didn't have the end up there. We were when you think about a lot of other. Liberty, families who knows is It gets a little where sometimes you know and they the night, the weird yet in their young. We all go to our things, but you know very, very proud of him. You know they very proud. Them as men and also the girls waited a grown up in just awaited. They treat people, as is just like outstanding The Christian got? It he's been Dana girl for two years and with that conversation, now, you know he's gonna low series again loader- and this is where you started going well, right was I don't play itself players. Are we not about the Bp Grandaddy is enormous and everything's own pause. I would
when a little further, where you know you better in one respect his girlfriend privacy, but You know, I said there had a conversation with them and we are. The same page, I hope, but we heard of America. One domain not mean that right now. You know right now that, as on You said you weren't guys. Furniture varies very soon. We're not gonna love children. You said you engaged before you don't love children, I'm gonna, get a martyr goes down again. Why did we go on trying to get to disagree with him really whatever I could go to a without a problem? Article eight,
as I was done. So I would that work, though, would you have him? Would you a good woman? You bring with them new our though we are now holding a message saying right here in my warm motorway that don't give me that I am a king, when I'm, not the one that you know whatever? having a future will happen because there's something I want now, you what are you happy? I would only have a my girl of yours. They, let you glad I gotta do, would be to go back to my place you said you were engaged for four hours when you were on airlines. How did you get out of it and gave me like? Did you just say I was is giving lay? How does it not happen I d like it didn't happen, you drop lining
The argument I mean I was deadly. You know in a spirit You know the next day. I just you know I just know treated it like we had a great night last night, he never moderator you never put brought about gun out there. You know, maybe we should just lay way lower. Ok, didn't. I tell ya which govern, but you know it deftly. How many girlfriend you didn't mean. We only know y know I'm talking about in the pan we know that when you die soon do we can understand but I would just telling a story about a wild night in Heaven the wild you use use Letty. Where Mary, I wasn't very how you were you, we could have not another good living, a big of a bogeyman Irena nothing in Vegas I mean like our.
Proposed to they will hold. You now say: yes, That would be good to have a reality to handle ring on. That was a good day. No, no! No! No deadly the outer rain ass. He does we put an army, but it was. It was, just one harangues does she's dead. And I guess I compliment in neighbouring, whereas yours we're getting information, I may you had to say you told her what you had to say to get the better of. Not now we were in a relation does not come out in ten years a savage man, king did king long. This now- and I know when your girlfriend proposal right- that's awkward
but it was just all in a spirit of foreigners in others, maize. It wasn't like a real serious thing, you know, but it will just something. I was interesting day. You know I do say yes and dig you you know proposed were eating when you talk about illegal meat or we do want you in Vila Yell may did he got a nice low set up now and when you re at, like things, give any all Ebay Margherita girlfriend and all your kid I no longer, get that or you have to take it everybody in a very bad. Happy and you taken care him in your respect. The gnome Denham You do have a me like I had I hadn t we always get along me. You know just be better for all of us along that take yeah, probably just happen this year, just where you know everybody whole squad, rarely the army. You have to start teach a family like a tribe of you right. You know if you have other mothers and children that the separatists
stars aware just family as a whole, and we all we any together, you know. So we might figure out how to coexist in danger. They get along lovely laughing and talking to him Ryan and dancing in shopping in you know. Everything is thing is good. I did their good people or to the people Make sure is just about honesty in ASEAN and in just make a show- and I everybody everybody is clear? like every buys very respectful as women, just as themselves. They now really into you know, the beef from Rita Hadrian. As I can see you on a boat somewhere on a yacht, and I didn't know you were there and then everything is crazy. We gotta just keep it open.
Understand. This is a major boy tell my life was late. Let me wait right now, I'm the best, I'm not the one from the best, You know that I've had my different things and the views and stuff like that in the past. Be now everything's. All right, I got more. Did it when we come back? Don't move is to breakfast club component breakfast morning, everybody he's dj Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club we have ditty. The building you when I thought about the fork We have all been waiting to sell me. Do like waiting for explain a fork. Is a lot of people confused with the concept of the four ochre dislike oh game at Rome. You have the floor.
The things we could find a debtor. We start all this shows finish. So we start with the actual for that now, the best out of all the Odessa you gotta pick before. Yes, we take the four. Then you can be at home Sidney. Addition to the fore music dot com, You could be on a show and Yuki Chan, someone's alike. There's somebody. Her name is your via broker. Via their in you, like a thing from Canada. Whatever you got once you get past the joy, Did you come before us once you get past the judges, then you can go you could go to jail and say I want to challenge you at dinner Equally? We have like a thing in battle like a rabbit battle here, so I got a thing. If it is real combated, and also on your via lose July. Devise also drawn here. You daddy S, objective. If tony challenges given I also told you just some guy a right an he beat your then he take
her seat and devise gone no Monica rat and what was the end game for the show? My what what what is the winner will not afford to tat for me in and how long is the fees internet you reckon deals are to get money here. You gotta record deal Republic records, then you get us. The panel you gave me in college. We welcome Megan train associated sexually walk a little bit. So do I gotta gallows Have you would you would you had reminds? I remember you talking to daddy. Now that you know that would have chosen index is like a Colosseum, so our audience is totally different audiences energy. Bodies in the test Rome is up and hormones in his crazy and you know it all in wages. He just felt my going.
Little too far, it was all go. We really back any. We keep it moving. Oh, but you know I've been sharply walk is it is he's here oh god, it's you want to have your erected in his hands, you know so we have a radio you naughty. They get to win They are hot radio power play lit up that programme. The calibre of immeasurable played once an hour every hour on our long low. You know saying you each directive fully supporting my view. Regular love it you trash seriously, yeah. So so so so we really feel like we have something other shows don't have with me and Callie we going to stay involved. We going exactly produced the album we going to do they social media blast amount there, and so on You know you. It was something that was special callin me to comment on the four unalaska muscle when he only knew anything. I remember things and if he did You need only dogma,
I said if you get on your knees, were supposed to cry If you sing a song, oh ok, sanguine into to drink chances are not banned, fab and jaded. Nobody, they made a compilation, video you could they said you was on a real, such pain. See that preceded, nor did it. Where are you going to tell you? Tat is up when they playing the game. The port pause gave our deathly madam to gear, gave him Harlem I'd. Deathly woods some o my crown would be lie. What did you just say? Nothin play games are now in those animal grow, may play games, the compilation of ours. I will come in
the Vienna Miami a night, a party not really remember what I was saying. You know when you go remind place them at a lot. I mean you like this, then we will have a light, will use all scrape and that was you scrambling like when you do like, like that, daddy, when you and and food aid, what are what could not now, not the death of lad. Me is
it could be funny Otto really beyond light aliments compilation against it is we have a world, we also don't gotta. Nor am I not bad at the game. I say like wrangling monotonous does not maybe you know added nuts and with somebody who maybe someone was homophobic, but on that almost all began. I really don't you know care you knows in just, but I'm bad at the game is probably hilarious. I would love to see it ever love to see the video compilation is allowed Phidias video game of value. Given you shall I put a ass, confirm the parties to ask you to ask you to please: please, please equipment Please let us have already. We may see, may yet we where is my birthday, with weakening Napoleon noble, may never really party? You knows at fifty, I bet he valued.
They say they have you having to take your shovel. L Abbadie needed some clothes, I'm a nice guy that you had not been will win. Why would he loves me? He loves me, the knave, Ok, see how we can guarantee that he loves me. Would you really? How do you really think that aid you really when you really break it down, you been, I loads. No, he loves me all that you, like you know. We love me I'll, be ok, apple one job as your ball passed that you're about? Oh, no, you showed us out of our way out of the same. No, we are not only women and at the same time we are not designed to work hard and in Rome in army. I was I don't know I don't know the hidden were known. Don't even think in no other man may besides, if, thinking about another man. Thinking about him, lifting I'm nothing
in about all that all M nets. You know They care really touch me your agenda today, you're saying I know what it is. You know that the track ragged do you know the business acumen? Community service You know what I'm about you. And when he does, that is if if I funny to me out only take a person. I know he has a different sense of humor, just not in my life. I wouldn't have the never crossed paths I will never say no negative about him. You know, just not me if, as I sent them as they happen, though, like their wages, don't about behind that he loves me. There may be a situation went back found no limit. It is sometimes Sometimes people like that. Feel like they don't like you and they act like that. A really love you. I got that late. Just saying to say no but I got me emmy- is in some about me. There has a more me all the time
and I'm not going nowhere, You have given a lot of money. Lately you gave French to integrate with his charity. The data we too, as you donating higher fitted earth. Yet for tomatoes gave a young boy, a million dollar contract. Now, no no idea, it was a really locating the reality and I will read it out there and then you'd. Take it back when the parents boat No, no! No! No! I would I give it to me does a pitcher this would go further with a Madeline contact you up by that much more. The marquise backing up the problem, this job, like all other models but you're, we British Airways million, though nine didn't it didn't happen soon, I come from is, are you I mean it I come from a story of India and those who live in it. The net is crazy man, I'm sorry, you were married. They belides with her getting her star on the highway work of fame to Mary, Mary, so glad you said, used to pick her up in Europe,
when you have a Volkswagen rabbit based to pick out from slow bound up in Europe. And always remember I like getting into getting my car in ok. Freeze and outside with my giving your cause. All in my head, I wasn't working and we try to We try to make sure that we get to the studio. We have enough gas money the sea had ass. He had been nominated to Golden Globe Award and then to be out of print present her Huston Hollywood. It was was a crazy lay like life experience to be light, while, if you really stay focused really Oh honey, really stick together. You know we could do great things Those are just a beautiful moment, so prouder we got more did he will become back? Let's get on a daily. Many mix is the breakfast programme on. It was very many makes morning. Everybody is these eight envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have did he
in a building, can you buy? The Panthers is that of a possible position, and what do we have to do? Is people to support the process. Just started, so we would be to give more updates on that, maybe like in two weeks The things I want to say is that it will. It was never about me one in a bind. Panthers. Was always about we. It was about why we need a team. I jumped out there to make sure that they understood that that they have to consider in some. Ownership right now with eighty percent. Seventy percent only be an african American and it is just time like right now it we don't owe nothing. If we don't know nothin and we don't have nothing in it and we have, make that change, and I feel like that ship this coming down there We have to make sure that we have, as you know, a seat at the table. Have you put together an investment group? Yes, now
we had also urinary by talk about the five best lyricism bad listlessness breakdown, Reckless right, I'm glad you we do report and that we will wait in a on Israel's is about lyrics. Bob delivery. Nothing else not stop power, not album sales nuts and, if not even a death. To me, I am do we let him do it. If we want to do is leading the way I haven't I'm going to win this method. Amazed wasn't a top five lyricists on bad boy, and I did not nannies whack, I didn't Babel stacked right boys got busy anyway, you're tougher, big, kiss styles, Sheikh black, It did. I e g, the Fixin Mayfair set your tie in time. Go to your opinion. I deadly now goes about with day. You know there is Le Havre. What may be the tab? Ah, yes, you Where are you Lando
Madam, I you he'll be an attack by his in documents as it. What do you think people? in such a fashion make fascination with big impact stores. See I can follow the new documentary on new sum paid. All the time I mean it was a movie My lady, you was a movie The movies? I really even exaggerating you know, It was just a crazy tat, so I think ass really intriguing people because it was. It was so there was no real. It was I so dangerous and it was like You know we was loser we live in an age that I don't even think you know. People really have the stomach for right now. You know there is still unsolved, so they sell questions. People have started,
you're doing that humanity is trying to figure out what above a helpful here, notably legumes. Like always literally, is always new big partner committee and not a year. We know what it is. We are part of history, and right now is is right. There in our history is in That is because we want to know you know, because I want to know what went on kurdish they they hear about to park and Biggie assertion of They grew up here, no names and namely nails, and then you are you going to say. To get as much information as you can and you every they'll be many documentaries and many movies, because both at him such aid such down personnel personalities. You know I'm good the whole story, Your legacy to you wanted her or you're still here to tell him I'm excited documentary like how much do you want to tell you We tell it all Mattel it all. An exciting life. I beg you to dwell on the big screen. There will be a little more in one.
I will certainly not plan- will be. A great plan will have made about me. I plan on their being statues, didn't they I bet you knows. I'm in the lawyer, you, how do you, We are at one time you in Draco Rocky. How is that compensation. When I got back while out, you know he did a saw alone, Holloway Mixed Committee, without your house's videos or who met out of that conversation. Come back about you, we just bumped into each other. Just kicked it sat down and kicked it to men on, you know has in tat kept be moving, wasn't wasn't no need. Be the end of the world. You know handle Maoist wasn You know one of those nice are removed. Ass it as men and we was cool before asked why everything went down cuz in know and brothers have scraps you genomes, n,
and we got to be able to move past and we got to be able to have scraps with each other and then move past it map it in your life. They made one goes: did you go to anger management if they haven't? Indeed, life there would have been. Very Georgia is a good thing if the grating actually, but is something happened. I just did turn and became low. Not the others. Also like going to like a stressful term. To you know, probably Some three years ago, I was getting everything out. My system in Have you been near you, you understand? If you like, a person who has to is beyond the right to defence, and you know be ready in Dennis. Does the energy that you bring your carrying around with you, and I mean I just ass. I sat down and I told myself, you know I do his love love? You know, sandwiches issues connected with me. We decide anything else. Is a waste of time.
On a different road or you top what a fool jail to Vienna Nemesis Data than it really is our own I mean you just have that you have to have a guard up man, you hate, you have to protect your person. You know I'm saying it's rough out here. You can't give everything to the game Uno, and so so and I looked at the game from my history- is being very. Antagonistic insane. You know with our crew a crude is that another You know that's a pot of growing up. You evolve and you see things differently in his soul, I think that's what it is and endangers- getting closer mobile connection. But be honest, which itself a light. Had I want to be Seen how I want to make people feel you know what you all that the commission will go to in order to safeguard the junior hit him. It was over God. If it was
I mean guy, It's always been in my life around you I have my days in the end. That's what you know. That's that's! What life is about being able to go through your low points in your high point and in no time when I would act out like that, that was just that was the environment. I was in fact the that's. The way was feeling now here. You know people gain push and they face every day every, days the mice game pleasant face. I think it will be the first one to push people in their faces at the punch and in a faint it was thought Sumter. It was. It was just the time that was out there so deftly M tripped and fellow couplet. What about the youth usually cogent, Jake hold you reach out to them and smoothing the holiday. Yes,
put all of in my path to bring up all twenty different beings Charlemagne and is in my bed. Tat. I want to be an example of a man and evolve like the world needs Ladylove idea. Now we have to be a lot more united and we got slide or too because it now worth it like. That has nothing to do with my life. Came in here by myself and leave here by myself. My time is precious. My turn Vienna to overhear, while not happy to see you on that happened, happy to be in Rome, which you as I am happy to be here, you know said, I am happy to see ya, see all his eye in a way it we're all in extended family you know of each other, someone outcome in a room and that's the way I I wanted to feel generally, within my heart, I will we thank you for joining us. Thank you. Thank you. Everybody tool. Instead of four or five apl- APL everybody,
he took it in hashtag before. Thank you. So much for your support in. God bless your happy new year. Your first le I'd is the brain club is dairy. The breakfast club morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast closet, love will come and do this Mortimer Reveller the Addis formerly known as formerly now known as love, now shut up, Well, let's get through MRS Aubert, love about the report on the breakfast Siberia man is going to have to give up his Miami Mansion twenty thousand square feet. He took out alone for that house back in twenty fifteen and according to this last sooty defaulted on that alone, just last year in February
so apparently he was it with the twelve million dollar for closure lawsuit. December of last year. Right now, he is being ordered to immediately surrender the possession of keys and security system to his house. No way. I never gave my grand whereby dead as a temporary resolution that judges allowing that property to be rented or at least in anybody who runs the house, has access to everything which includes this by the commission. The below ground pool and the waterfront die. I can soon be unbroke, though he's made so much money money by the House of fourteen point, five million back two thousand two hour twenty and he's been trying to sell it for sixteen point, nine, but the home right now can't be sold, are transferred to anybody this whole legal situation is resolving about the millions he moves. The marriage negroes go broke every day, be rich people go broke every day, be arrived at
its bed, mushroom mailed it that one is this a notable grammar areas, the bigger millions came in Congo have been offered millions for pictures of their new baby according to source. Is there were offers between? who and five million dollars for that first picture now, of course, com. Hanging can deny the detainees offers. They would not consider taking money for the first photos of their kid because would violate their moral- and we know babies and earlier morals without Bali, their moral they they did combinations show their whole life on television they get paid. The show gave their life, so I will take him whenever baby pigeon wily their morals, rack s it s about the security and safety of the family. I don't know what you see the other babies, but do it over the boy or girl So a girl and ass for in the past they first posted up a picture of north two months after she was born and ass for Saint, they waited a little more than two months sounds an Irishman,
did you know I mean I can't do it somewhere on the lobbying obsolete, Mickey or french grid all done anyway? But what am I right? Just in timber lake, it was announced, as we know, is a super bowl. Half time headliner everybody wants to know what, JANET Jackson. She gonna come out overdressed, they Laszlo, they were both band. I guess from performing at the zoo the boy s ear. The outcome- and I know he had an album listening also in New York as well. Now here is what sets in symbolic had to say when he sat down with beats one Jose low, too much of a conversation to swell things. You go like. We want the sailor Do that because you know like and ass, I stumbled through it To be quite honest, I got home I wires crossed and is something that you have to look back on a guide. Okay. Well, you can't change, what's happened but move forward and learn from it. So he everybody's wondering what's about to happen, and I guess that's me:
the glee. Ah his answer, I am handed the situations, Lugosi Mesmer God would elaborated, I'm actually sound good, nor down a deluge of, and we ve had a conversation about JANET in this of all in all. I think that what is our farming, as historic data right. Well, I'm Angela YE and that's your rumour report are right. How shall we give you don't get to donkey of the day is actually going to Miss Harley BAR occasion you come to the front of we would like have a whirlwind her on his fine dust around and you know I've been listening that you know it no more where I was once they rest in peace, joy, Jeffson, Sherman homes, but judges. Ok, damned. If I dont really days up next to breakfast locomotive,
don't deal the day, Democrats for being here today, a little bit of a mixed adult club, which you have been called a lot of. My twenty years been donkey. Other bay is a new white dog. You today, Thursday January eighteen, go to a form of student at the University of Alabama name, Holly Barbara, now, hardly a nineteen year old, New Jersey native in a former member of Alpha VI, sorority, not a reason. I keep saying former. Because Holly has been kicked out of I forty five and she has been expelled from the University of Alabama dropping the clues bombs, at least people getting rid of this young lady. Now, what would the young Harvey Ali ousted from these vine organizations for what because he's a race is now
I know you're saying well, you just got our Oghee Charlemagne and that also wants a person is exposes a raises, a big it. You have the right to call him racial slurs. Okay, I keep telling you The rise above the ignorance type, a guy nope climate. Obama says when they go low we go high when I'm Kushala says we may go low, take it to the flow If you want to be mad at me for calling young hollyhock eating, play videos of what she said and we come back. Let's see if you have, same energy, okay, now authorities, videos first videos you than a bathroom and in a mirror at the turn enough to think for us. It is. She seemed to be very concerned about the water shortage in Syria. Let's hear it ain't, always because the people in syria- I love you. I think I love back here because I hate me That's really anything! I ain't never raises saved by sending that water Harley, you hate every word. You still
I called Holly a hockey you wanted to fin net. What have you still defending that? Let's go to the second clip were Holly addressed a backlash you received four, video, okay, we cod is one the crack. I've crack and clap back was here now my high school, I nobody under here. They say how much I love less right now. My friends, because I said maybe you know like Martin Luther King, gay marriage, I'm relieved european line, not even using the term of endearment girl. I know we all make mistakes, but during their Craig Ass Crack and Quebec, you boys, in the background and holly, should impose their video, but she kept going. He pulled the videos that it has no need to feel sorry for highly. In fact, I want you all to check your own, prejudice, temperature right now, care really really think about. This was a
What upsets you more is young woman, saying as she effing hates and words on me, calling her a hockey and crackled. If me calling this raises: bigot, hawking and crackling. You probably raises big Craig Ass Crack, a white double yourself. It is is a pivotal point. Our society, I loved the fact that the mask is off a man I love overt racism because you can't he'll, which you know reveals it is young Honky Holly have a chance. Evolve in grow now case. You have a chance to get that eight out her heart, but you can't get at eight out of your heart. If you have never experienced any consequences for your actions, ok, you will think being raises is key. If you ve never been checked for it can. You know many young erases grow up to be old raises because nobody ever taught him be taught them at being. Races was wrong. I we gotta tree racism like a cry like pedophilia, like rape
Wait me to movement in times of movement is changing the culture of women by exposing bf there may have been doin. That's how we have to treat racism. People have to lose jobs being races. They have to step down from companies, be raises they gotta get kicked out of school, kicked off the teams, we saw, would done a sterling in the NBA when he made raises com, as he had decided team. If your races, you have to be accepted, because the thing is, if the unit Worthy of Alabama doesn't expel, Holly Bob, and I mean the administration agrees where, if our fight national doesn't kick her out of the sorority, then that shows that y'all agree with her too. So, if you don't agree with her May you be known in, I pick a thought. Biggest side, Coquet Hollyhocks, I feel sorry for you are right. I do hope you a ball firmness and die Craig Ass Crack, a white devil, git dead, hate out your hot, and I want to quote the late great my Angelo and tell you that hate has called a lot of problems in this world, but is not solved one. Yet, please, give Holly Barbara the biggest he hopped lease
and I got a special special Harley Honky today, goodbye hockey. She could buy donkey rest. Hey Sherman Hamley. George Jefferson, nay, don't be now be mad at me, for using the word Craig? I cried the White Devil when it comes to the reference in races, big it, sir. I I called things how to ya Are you good why people need to start call an increase? his crackers to a all right, we'll take? Don Quixote Day, when we come back, ask IE eight hundred fraught you haven't. If you over to the Burma good haughty by what what did you say, white tears
well, my mom was I I know I mean how to ask a question for me today, so my old man went forward. I see now now NASA may now in an issue any at in Afghanistan and now we're getting the only way. Ok, when we get into our union, which gives we'll get you and now you know- are about a basic right into Paddy Medium Amy's, all right. If you let you drive and I'm into back yell, and it's you from the back, I don't want to deprive those it when a question tat. I want you, but I'm we got questions dammit. What's it that's a hanger right all right asking is next. Come morning. The breakfast club that was fifty sets me any more questions Everybody is dj. Envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast club now serve.
As key was Charlemagne has a question for you. He needs help in his relationship or actually you know yes, I do I mean yesterday I was doin what I like to do, which is listen. The parts ass. I was listening to the job podcast looted Joe in Rory and now you know now I heard you bring up in any a dj envy, did ok with as Spain as you know, I know interview you talk, you know what everyone on Board Essence magazine essence live live and as and a good people who know envy likes to roll placed ease, discuss tat before and now they gives anything wrong with a little, play in, but the role that he chose to play with It has had me perplexed,
no, I haven't heard it otherwise play Dj Emmy and his lovely White Magee rules. You I've got happens, let you do. I mean I've been a cowboy Morocco police avoids. I'm always Maxwell like that. You guys know bachelor right does not even go there. You, oh boy, how do you play is Maxwell? Alright, we explained right now, please. I need to know I used to have common rules right. Are you there break out the max wonder? We listened to me ass, my friend now right, that's your friend. He has my guide and you pretend to be him in the bed with a long time ago. This is where we were in college. I had corn rosy, no one. Why did you can't do that and if you are using college? No, I I role play when I was in college. I had on rules when you take a corn rules out, you have a big afro on the cover of
Well, come on a couple of Maxwell's army, he had an average with at the moment. He was in a battle that when I did, that would too, but we are talking about. Then you ejaculate, do you go well when they will? My wife was coming over. No, my wife is a huge Maxwell. Faiths are a good idea. I had to serve their mass, who had all and I laid in the Bin, that you were my afro and when she came in Rome I was maximal. You never medina the images which also don't talk to me about color rhythm can do the different job raise. Do the different Africa negroes, don't move like the rest of us. I'm telling you in my question, everyone at the Maxwell concept together by the way, as well as all living human being, as my guy actually exist, YO
that will mean well if she wants to denounce it s an amateur when you role play useful both to do things like generic cowboy police officer, they died on probation officer. Why you be employed as she actually knows. I thought it would be far less would be an tracings, no, maybe into the unknown I relied by his old compensation. I realize that Neither have sex with J Pharaoh, because
you wanted to employ and Asians, and you want to be wrong and you want to be Maxwell. J got about ten different people even pretend for you are right now. Let me, as it is, if gear, if you ask her to pretend to be someone right like a real person, that you both know that yourself operative ass, unless it must, of course it is over this ain't. Well, Brazil. We say: oh, you want to sleep over our Lord, never my there's! Nobody I want to sleep or whether she wanted to know. If I win me, but I'm sums sometimes she she dressed up like she was swedish. She had a swedish where we use these investments between being a real person. I don't like this will cause to look to God, and you know what I mean they wait you just as it now is a dead.
Zero. She could be Strip, wouldn't you know she gave me some talking and Eric about halls was civic cars that you are in this year. Clubs all the time so amazing, like your fantasizing about the women, Egypt now give thought become things me and I'll debacle does she keeps taken by have sexual Maxwell, and I wonder you ain't around. She runs into Maxwell the whole food and you know whether it was twenty years ago. Seventy let's get to pass from acts, but it cannot be a pass. A magnet, fame parent, Cornelis Gonna, be like reality. No you. She was the answer we might I wonder about Kelly role as I about it sees Kelly Wolden, I'm telling you not Mary.
We could do that, but we don't stop like that's cool you did you get the eagerly. I seriously they only the keys, and this is why you're not gonna learn a lot of work to do. As you know, most of the legend like Bobby Brown leg, wobble, curly negro- this will just never be great because they have these kind of thought. I'd want jobs, we have fallen in the bathroom, we ve been together over twenty five and you can add sedated gas gaiety, be anybody who is you ask it to be a cell from, though, for what I have just one question is whether you question is it with a view to be Maxwell around? This is wondering about you know. I didn't know what to tell you. We know him be nobody. My wife is met arrival or we may have. These are the Balkans CUP with goes all Maxwell. It's just my wife for allocating
It was a little too long. You are here being able sexy flexing wrote that we will go after this. The people have to say, because I feel like it to their beware, to rounding a very weird somebody that your wife actually know what might exist to potentially, if she so chose. Yes, I will meet and do a little something something with you knock on, probably do J C in the US tonight. We won't play crazy love, I'm a rap Jesus, Portugal saying and enact you'll. Do their lemonade, not tell you why don't you go to for the issue not beyond say, okay, and you need to be yourself. We ought to name a right. We ought to know Joe Biden that this morning I heard you insane role play than being. You are right. I want you to have a horse, you two more raw, my God be with you play Joe back in the bedroom.
What do we do that? We not only Bobby
Moreover, what is its trade? Have you guys done this before call us now the Bernard component that was gone link cruel morning? Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club now, if you just joined us these guys, a role play. Shame me this morning, one now you can allay wages, Maximov I'll play, shaming you might as well as MAX Van. You pretend to be somebody that you know that you're friends with that your wife knows too, and I think that's a little ass. The low grade, like I'm all full role, pliable Europa. You both be generic things. You know I'm supposed to be a cowboy police officer there, let's Webby scribble a nurse. You know, I'm your friend, but cheerleader was always more things my. Why really, whether to leader has only college boy, I'm not gonna be method whereby delighting added, no Maxwell. I was in college and my wife love Maxwell, so I was like one day when she came all about distorted. Before that I took my call arose out. I had my MA afro Emma Maxwell shirt on I was like beyond and which may not pretend to be another main on my particular fine opportunity, another occupation, but I'm not pretending to be another whole man, somebody that's like a character from a movie leg. You could be somebody from the wire, maybe no I'm not I'm not make. Maybe black Panther would have only causes a superior factory and you will have on the whole outfit. You Norton say what you have won the helmet of something, but I'm not prefer now fit on, not pretending to be a whole other real man had actually exist after a lot of you pretended to be dead, other men and other may of greenish been bedroom, which will now that's all right. It's gotten us allows this ballot. They pay Alison you'd. Do our marry that your bang? It, though, that what you want you are willing to accommodate them
boy that you're married now. No one else will be able to tell you. How are you all legal? Dear madam, say: that's how things you Nicias I'm a thing for maximum. She likes his newsy dagger, here pretending to be at home on my love, mother, we're not asking that if this directive is ok, freedom do were asking. Do you think it's weird for him to be another, may not hang up on a girl, not question the term. You gonna tell me one thing going whammy: do you think is at all about my role playing bedroom thing? Absolute, our government, has been apparent, temper, Purlieu dreams about like end the backward tat there are like. I do you and yet, but do you and your husband no neo personally in a masculine? And you owe it to me for the more you want one. You know our method of working What we will video lady love, that my is. Do you? I wouldn't I've got a pair loose change. The drop about my end, the backward,
do you and yet it, but do you and your husband no neo personally- and I don't know, that's what I'm begging you owe it to me for the more you want one. You know I'm better this point and I admire you, know what I like. Your foreign go up I believe that the other about I'll be Andrew about that night for the war We know about a joint body bags. We actually wanted your husband to be Neil, You got a liar, I don't want you to be here. Did you give him a big black? How to put on it? so like your mama visas is going to lead. The world allows this area, this emotional drive. How about that live in any life again tell em again, dram, please Gabby,
an automobile loki ebbing away before beautifully militancy up. I gather, prime, but why d around MAX what I'm trying to tell you will? First of all, she disliked the second of the two peoples these days away. Maxwell tray saw tat. Ask him if even pretend to be tat. Science has gathered thing for tray. I'd know, train no match for lack of time. I would like to have none of these moves innocence, because I really want to cheat gear away from these guys. Why bring their name up in the bedroom when you're both neck it and you got your penis inside her. He said your and secure. I must give me a moment, and that was I was twenty years ago to play Maxwell traveller, do just that, for your man is somebody that he now that you guys both now await the models that are actually nowhere would be like you know, a character like like pie ran or something like that I, like it now, Tarzan, tribe, Luke, kinky self name of here tars have time
all right. You won't need irreparably day you for that and build a logo. Now, let's go right now returned to be legal was more than a storm or that a story. You should be crime, but you just can't let issue mocha now leave out the more this book. I was away. The sex talk, less talk about damage tramp and the points TAT who ye had said allegedly. Alright. All I m more keep allotted to breakfast global more. We are the breakfast club, let's get to the Romans. Ok, let's talk offset spilling. This is the winner report on the breakfast club, where our set of that disgusting, some lyrics in the song boss life now the sun is with I often Lucy, and he have set the algae Bt Q community. They were offended by what he had to say. These are the lyrics in question.
A guy now, vigour and close, the public has been on a private education. While it is clear to all I'm from the era word ass was slur that a universal gave who talked about freely irrevocably have anything to do with someone sexuality. So what have we done? I said I'm ten China make me out to be a homo phobic, I'm a whole gangster only they speak on sexuality. The definition, and even that China make it about gaze. I work with them all the time at events dealing with fashion tv shows going to speak on it, but I see so many dumb ass m. F, I hear talk about. They don't know, I'm not against nobody. Your choice in life. I have fancy lemme music, I don't Germany and I dont begun politics or sexuality, the actual meaning am opposed it. From Google. I do not judge people, I've been in front the real judge and they I mean I'm sentence as senses me. To bring people together with fine, a musical.
You're too, on the way alike, are you read definition like his broadway to his brother die? If I and I t I'll, have a spasm other things run to Bulgaria's point. Yes, you know I was thinking about that because the definition of queer didn't always have anything to do with being homosexual. So was always ended. Up in a balloon was actually used to be a massive has not offensive any now that we're definition strange our eyes. She had a queer feeling that they are being watched, but where a real definitional gather with strange nodded in it. It was then it was a way to describe the gay personnel we can talk. We I used to think we was offensive and most recently, when they added to the algae, Bt Jude. You know he had lain away for greater brilliantly wave and cheat in five is queer. She explained to us what Queer was School Alison is required,
Could the inner you call yourself a openly queer woman? When did the word queer changed from a slur to a term of endemic? Having from me, the reason I use the word queer is because, even though yes as lesbian, gay, bisexual trans intersects asexual now by there is a lot of you know, categories within our group and the reason I am I to say, queers I want to every myself and many of those other people so for me I think we are actually my way to sort of being all inclusive umbrella term for the whole community bed, but- for a queer was used, as a slur really did just mean light. Ok, that's queer, it didn't necessarily mean gay so when he There I don't requires Edith Means, angered, outrage, our peoples. I can understand that because he might have been using it in the term. That has nothing to with being, I would tell offset oddities revive and with the rank with cause allergies. I know a pretty cool and some people would look it
damn egos and consider them stranger, odd and queer down the trail in domestic ass. I sat on this because I understand that you can call somebody queer there are weird weirdo weirdo have to mean that their gay, right. That's true! don't talk about our border. Like Emma, haven't we go out Alcoa thought much you everyone went on to say nothing, the media and of their everyday. If you're overreacting too, that I really don't think I've made your trap was his intention. I write a genuine museum. Cardy B is gonna, be doing her first movie. She just enough movie deal, she starts filming and So we don't know anything about it yet would honour with the movie. Is we don't know about, but we do know she's gonna be in a movie. Congratulations! The kind already told you and I will be accorded mixed evolution to drop out here, but I already told you: nobody would tv movie, that's a natural fitful card Agora array,
stormy Daniels he's appoints down by the way, searches for her on and had have gone through the roof after this interview that she did back in two thousand. Eleven within touch has now resurface then, about the full interview now, but He apparently had some relations with Donald Trump right after millennia gave birth to his. Then Baron back in two thousand six now she said that wasn't really. Exciting who is incident, they hadn't, you did take up a light touch it s back then as well prove it. She was telling the truth, but she did say that she agreed active hotel rooms, you pounding wearing pajama pants and he said is about millennia. Oh, don't worry about her. She said he was sitting on a bed and was I come here now like ugh. Here we go we started kissing. She also says it down. Compared to his daughter. He told me once I was summoned to be reckoned with beautiful and smart. Just like his daughter referring to vodka, I'm always beg about. They should be telling a story. You wasn't present she what you ve done this before was present this as an interview she drew back,
two thousand eleven, but it wasn't a big deal back, but he wasn't further right throughout and I'm invite now enjoys his lyre, ok, who they never really put out before any of you. So now I guess they once who, because there was no he really care that much back, then all GMO Community or the reality show billionaire had sex, would appoint. Thought said he I sell promised to put her on on the Apprentice show that even now he didn't do as you said, he apologized and said he couldn't do it, but that he will take care of a mean Abbas was dragged us all at me, but one of them anything it was good. I write well I mean, as laid out in Britain and that's your room, a report in all right. Thank you, miss ye know shall to revolt, we'll see you guys tomorrow and everybody else. Let me know what you want to hear: eight hundred five, eight five one o five one, the people's choice mixes next get you requested, Mr Breakfast locomotive. The only way is through
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