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DJ Envy and Charlamagne are brothers!


Monday 6/11- Today on the show we found out that Dj Envy and Charlamage are closer than we thought! Gina Paige co founder of African Ancestry stopped by and spoke about the company and gave back their test results and found out that Dj Envy and Charlamagne are actually brothers! So no more light skin jokes from Charlamagne. Also, Ne- Yo stopped by to speak on his new album "Good Man", script writing and more. Moreover, after Hot 97 shown how much they knew their hip hop this weekend by tweeting out that the late Pimp C was performing at Summer Jam, Charlamagne was almost thrilled to give them "Donkey of the Day".

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Even so it s a most dangerous mortgage is big day and everybody businessmen and are going to review the wrong way rabbi. Good body do Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Aids is our solemn was patterns. Please do the planet is my needs. One day back to work week have Louis Please allow me to sleep on Sunday may rarely why? Oh
out of Ivy League anxious because it a week the combat every Sunday made it is very, very difficult needlessly dustbin. Like therefore long time now we get was low. Acting Friday native cosmonaut had two problems as she wanted a problem. I was that it was, there was go. She said she had a good time. She was the prom Eleven. She was back home by eleven. Thirty was like a twenty minute drive to the prom, so she came right back. Are you? You know the exact time and everything I have the house key to the prom? when I realized that I really didn't have to worry, because my dad came to the house to see her and my dad was worse to me, my dad so the young man. He said that You say you notice mandible granddaughter right. You know, We live in a kiss livelihoods, I said no! No! I really know where you live, like don't play with me. She better be home at one thousand, one hundred and thirty, or going to come to your house
Dad is like did no joke, did not laugh. There's no funny look back and say why don't plan to have sex with her the house is that what is actually a divided into Sacho our aid, but she got back slid beautiful. She had an amazing term in Sunday if in, if any of you out, they have two daughters? You know affair India's class. They have a recital ripe and in no way when a young, the recital was using three, I was long and a bad. What about the result? three. I was long as your daughter since you the young, as is usually the first five, so they expect you to stay the whole recital lobby be out. I'm giving intermission activity in Messina misery out. We out what you gotta recital she did. A damn thing shall to lead shut the medicine at a great great great great great weekend. I oh, I forgot realistic class. We had we held a real estate class to everybody in queens this weekend, where we actually teach people how to get in a real estate business. What did he do? Look at from foreclosures too.
Wholesaling too, how do you somebody else's money to buy real estate and am lebanese classes cause? I'm sorry to see you in younger and younger individuals. When we first it was like. I was a thirty five over, but now I'm studies the eighteen year old, they a nineteen year old twenty year old people ledges get a little bit of money. I just want to be into the game and make money and have some wealth. The real estate. We had a great class Sunday, a Saint John shuddered, but it came out, look at show cracking Ah neo will be joining us, our be singing NEO. Yes out right now we will kick. It would now have an hour later meal thou man on the outcome of last Friday, adding writing to listen to their also Gina page Gina pays NOM excited about the reason I'm excited about this because a few weeks ago we took our african ancestry tests, Niagara
till tweed doing me a while back and twenty do you meet omitted. I'm ninety seven percent West African, so I'm really black and I appreciate deck that everyday. I wake up and say how can I be more black today's over the fact that I'm ninety seven percent, without can on black as afterward, include bombs on me Why? Why would out more news? He told us about outcome as everyone outcome ass. If you go to law, be deep, who could tell you a tribe of from her and will country or from an Africa Falco Gina will be heeded. Going reveal those results from me and envy I didn't have a latin. Erica ancestral tasked with envy, so he took African will also. Hopefully, today I will prove that I am African American and I will come from African to sit why everything treason backed Africa. Regardless of what around. So you got lovin afternoon, Nablus salmon proved them african, and that would you call me dominican now and that debate again we'll see
robot approved at today's you'd allow views on polling day parade flow. Just I did not go to put right Avery. I did not go rifle. I was not. There are right when we come back me up front page news it's about from. Is he Sid reporting all and a foul play is requests will tell you all about it locomotive applauding everybody has the J envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club asking some front page news over the weekend Friday night. Yes, the warriors swept the calves leading them one o eight. Eighty five in anybody's arise no added because we're going to get what a sweep of other gothic, far games about a broadly when one but leave and also given the rate, was named finals. Envy piece o congratulations to warriors even unto him or staff w matter the Holly one of the rings. It ended up being sapping stuff Monica. Should it got that will draw political bozrah gods. They warrior thine demand. Three under the landlord championships have gone through the goals they wars. Ok, I know
talk about courier. Let's talk about Donald Trump, now he's telling athletes, if you guys, Neil in or out, the recommendations on who should be pardon and we actually have him saying it. Proud enough to stand for a national anthem. Hidell like that's. What I'm going to do is I am going to say to them a set of thought. It's all thought I would ask all of those people to recommend me because that's what their protest, people that were unfairly treated friends if there's people that they know about and take a look at those applications, and I find that my committee finds that their unfairly treated then we will hardly them, or at least let them out now Gordon, given wrong. Napkin other please, when kneeling, because of the injustice, the black and brown people who face to two hands and pulleys oftentime that injustices death,
his trouble resurrected somebody you people, while he's just some operating or resurrect falander, get the Ellen pump out and sterling in my brown and all those going to resurrect people is funding. Get you saying that, because he actually is thinking about Pardon Mohammed Ali, we have audio, I think it a vast somebody's, as you all know, very well what so alive and he was very popular. Then his memory is very fast. Mohammed Ali correct me. If I'm wrong again that in go to conclude, I think that I have read somewhere Supreme Court overturned armies, conviction in eighteen, seventy one that is truly nothing. The part that that is true and Mohammed Alleys Ex wife actually speaks about the part in any. She finds a kind of funny, I'm lonely which he has played a major wage.
Please believe needs of Haiti was so there's no necessary need for parting, and then he's got a little too late. We know what I think you should go to those who Neil there would be pointing in the right perspective in the right place. Muhammad Ali Ben Reifel. What he did and I'm going to get my part in that party- should be going to announce to all those people who, Neil the crime. Those you mean what you said, policy. Go to those who need she meant did I guess the saying that dead, but the athletes who don't neo, who were the athletes who Neil that get the recommendation from from the pot in those people, the Whereupon Mohammed Ali ass? If she were China's Download Youtube videos and I'll get what I want to know, and somebody can correct me if I'm wrong again, I don't see the point of pardoning all he's dead people.
Unless your criminal, as you say, unless a criminal record on earth needs to be clear view to getting haven't. I don't see the point add only the irony. The well robbed the narrow had some choice, words for download from one case. Let us was added Sonya wars. Now, of course, the american version didn't play that they actually cut that out, but I guess it. It was aired in Australia as well, and that the full version that Australia AIR, trot between the budget. I don't think so, but I'm sure he'll do this more he's busy, Maidenhood Kim Kardashian Inaugural can guide ass. He was the king came over him, cardiac him young on it. I'm sure it s, not a name that is up or something like that, but there is meeting with him is that today, tomorrow, right. Well, that is your front page news, Sarah,
get it off hitches eight hundred five, five one o five one. How was your wicked? Did you have a great we get? You would have present positivity call us now. Maybe had a horrible weekend, eight hundred five, a five one, o five one would let us know how a week it wasn't, it was put to weaken day parade on Sunday. Let me know what you did is weakening of the weather was nice, maybe a weakened it and don't go well, and you just one events: you can have a great Monday call us now full lads wide open. Eight hundred five five one o five one is to breakfast locomotive: Breakfast got wake up in a controlled manner. Blast you fellows is gone on of Andrew was of aggregate of future growth. That is one further by the daily man he's got another week. We're Magua enjoy ok Absolutely no doubt my dear sir,
you ve already met in that really works. What the hell, the has led less need a man. It don't hard to try new norms. Amy. Personally, I got a boy. You know me in on purpose, but you don't have to have won. T know meted out to try to have you stole in order that lab lobby to Helen. You got left you I'll abroad in nice, bad bad, but I really do think right or wrong. I alighted Otis Grass. Do I'm not gonna lie to you when you lose six in a final, may that's a little gretel We try to get you hear back me, Antonio there, their laws diamond I am do give people are turning and they want to keep it allows this paid. So I give you a feature, as I want to talk about, like parent We need to try and make them right, older and insane,
Nobody around, like you, don't site for me and my daily work member, then so ungrateful toy yourself over. They need some well over a thousand, Without doubt what was murdered you so mad. You spoil educators them. Some ever always make you. So, madam, I did not make I like the word. You use a fortunate much in a fortunate to Vietnam When I asked boil out of my kids, we do things that I couldn't do as a child, but my mark his note, a value of money and they respect every thing and they make sure they were called a grades of good and they have or on a house right now in favour, as I will their fortune in my kids are fortunate enough to be convened. My daughter, those reports do wrapped up my duty Otis Boil, but I've got she's. Poland are sovereign national. Take no for an answer is hello. This is our line Armadillo pictures Bro, I just want ever sat out. You are just
born eleven days ago, and it's been baby, you back to wait for me and my wife are doing well, both for as it gets but with a daydream, verse made twenty nine maize. When I woke up Democrats the aid given to about, You shall remain after reading a book, bigger model, a model that we in the debate bag. I haven't. Sadly, I but you'll buy everything. Thank God and just you're beg you for your word. I'm excited put a network about when it comes out in the October. Twenty third, you computer right now is called shook warnings, Eyedee playing tricks on me as about anxiety and their pay and pity as the intro mine that type of stuff, we don't talk about apple, we appreciate that and you know. I think that there is a need to be addressed. Not yet. You know what happened with paid in and bored and unfortunately, by that spent on that been happening without even being mentioned, around a million so go bankrupt
and sat on my business. Noble services group has been doing well, as they are professional development and career services business and I've been doing that on the side of the office full time full time hustle, but it's been fun so just wanted to give you this morning and for everything. Thank you. I'm a brother, get it off your chest. Eight hundred five, a firewall or fire. One of you need divinities nails to breakfast locomotive breakfast club. Is your job to get it off your just whether your man, but we want to hear from you on the breakfast- allows this young man grandma more bread was sought, may get it off chess yeah. I first want to congratulate Charlamagne THA God on this, be God real time with Bill Maher bad and the one that was just a great apparent that I was
that dialogue, and my being I Roberto at dawn- beg you, Sir, and You want a happy man, you owe it to our dialogue on the bag and annabel. You know it. It I'll tell it as guy relief what did eat the girl called Gabardine guy at the other is the other by the baby down like through bad. You know they had about owners, polluted again that fully big on a cabinet, Norway, neck allusion case, disappear, disappointing Donald Trump, so yeah, I think I'll go come a clean, Inessa jewish Anthony, get it off each Hazara modern. I ought to have them. Doing pretty good blessed. What's going on brother, my brother and his mom is ninety years old. She's blind can't hear my wife helps me out to take care of her and we just do the best we can and also that my son is back from Hawaii,
marine, and I am glad to have you here who got the boy did know my brother, my brother got deported Jamaica, and now we take here my eye and then on her since day, one man gave Mumford beer. Your first beer. What was what we're gonna be? What did you make enraged rank with arrogant? brought the Hindu didn't avoided. Did you make it not really a bad thing beyond the pale with the party that, even though the thing that he was the one when he was here in Miami and what did it matter, it was working? Very, are why do you need the body able to gather around feel ok go into my room alone is responsible. From Prague to evolve and eyebrows Mama doin up the eggs we before citizens and what kind of work we have done so
me was ass. I remember me. I do wonder why we grow less black highly for you. Why you call this minimum monk woman, because that is not a spread. Thumb positivity actually retiring in small we. So we went this weekend to pick out a path for her and I'm earlier finer by my Dublin, because my brother was built this coming from. You know the prom that's why we're on the grid of everything me, I'm really inspired by Robert I'm goin on here word. I gotta find a razor from somewhere baby, absolutely right! Mama, I figured I am a very weak, get it off you just eight hundred, five, a five one or fire. We combat. We got some rooms for you, Eminem his face him back last for some a realistic gunshot sounds but when we come back, don't move is the purpose of the world.
The breakfast right Would you take their record a high price for what did he's negroes this out? Ok, starting with you operate, the beef is over right. It is our right well with one while it lasted morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club, muskets aromas. Let's talk Bianchi and Jay we actually need is close to the people. Noisily not heeded airs Lee is out today now beyond, say in Jersey are onto other overseas and France who go to show when they get their toil book. They opened up and got a special. Surprise now, in photos into collection, was Jason, Bianca Embed and beyond say was cheeks. Ass was out there like
we'll die in her ass was out. I don't know everybody owes will so up in arms over there. Picture. I killed my crazy, like we ve, never seen beyond these shameful thy and also there's another picture of he's a and b I'd say in bed in their cuddle in an age is both an egg. It may discover a sloppy was unaware he was later and I beg you to why they wait for a man to be in bed. Cologne, cutter loaded, wife, TAT, waited all you just settle Conaway, as we are seeing They could that you'd Daisies Bessys easy, like daggers. Even maybe you'll see that horrible nodded downtowns. What I've been out, everybody like so shook defective. Were that vulnerable right now, I have no problem. Madam Mina cuddle. What my wife, I guess you don't you just don't see them like desolate surprising, but I have no problem in black level of the sea that I now me faces a little backlash. Now he was using realistic gunshots as he was performing. You know when you performing, and sometimes the data has to bombard or people actually thought it was somebody actually shooting. We have
audio? Who doesn't do that, though? I think I guess not. Those thing is unrealistic. Guns. I think everybody does Russia use gunshots here? Will you done besides? I got. What do this thing? Afraid gunshots but if it gunshots Buffalo backfiring, I have no iron reaches the people, a pretty upset about that in what what were mad, that he didn't video. A younger fancy shouldn't use those realistic gun, shot a sound effects and jabbering one time, but, alas, that opera, with them jam of Amsterdam ass much like the UK outta that what I want you to stay with me with the logic unrealistic, gunshot order, the unreal we're gonna gunshots. These opposed to use POW Yes, I don't know. I last little Kim has reportedly filed for chapter thirteen as bankruptcy. Now we found out the weaken that they are trying to take her home,
He reportedly owes to me, and I was on a low for her home in New Jersey, a hundred eighty six thousand for legal fees and one point: eight, no, eight million in back so she owes a lot of money so she's filing for bankruptcy. I out the gun also be pay for them she's had it alot alarm. She owes a little of what she had to do. Mr got another load to introduce renovation. Who knows, but I mean bankruptcy is not a bad thing. People, Firstly, do that to to get Addeth gutters cronyism. Do things and restructure some things, a lot of people. Do it all the times a little Kim still live in the house, so I don't think there's a saying that they've been trying to take this house for a long time. Little Games, workin on new music and she's gone on roads, I'm sure she'll be able and lead a sap or obstacles. Low Campbell shouted out play when it comes to people falling bankruptcy and have an irish natural. Could, though, nobody what s more nobody would smoke. You know you don't want decimal Desmond earth. But I call them earth the shouts a little kid.
Iris was a word. I would be the word our earth absolute one, new problems would I'd. Oh no high with Irish a little him. I hope you ve pulled through two absolutely be. I am scarcely far right now. Is your room report: now when we come back next hour, Gina page will be joining us for people who don't know would you pages explained its own right to monitor Judith page the founding of a world of something called african ancestry Dogcart. Now, if you want God, took a twenty dreamy com contact and found that I'm ninety seven percent West African on black his hair. The original give no blackened and that a right but chow emboldened, was up here and he told us that you can dig a load deeply as you gotta african ass. If you can t tell you what tribe you from and what country in Africa you from so we'll be finding our results out this morning. Envied swathed is low. Cheeks a few months ago is correct and I will show you that's it, I'm not dominican. They don't have a latin again, as we tested I know, of a good but everything traces back to Africa anyway, so approved today, I will prove today,
that I'm not dominican in an item from african does it. I don't know what tribe you can still be dominican and be of arrogance. Died and we learn about Africa. Latina got already Africa even get in trouble. Next latino comes up here that ok, you re array and when we come back would say about your presidential trip a front page news. Don't move to breakfast locomotive yes morning. Everybody is D. J Envy, Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club asking some front page news: that's all that old trump. Now Donald Trump really wants these players to stop nail under the national anthem. So he come up with a solution that he says if used up kneeling I'll, do something for you, let's hear it
proud enough to stand for a national at the high dont like them. What I'm going to do is not to say to them that a thought. It's all thought. I would ask all of those people to recommend me because that's what their protest- people that were unfairly treated brands of their people, that they know about an armed attack or look at those application, and I find that my committee finds that their unfairly treated then we will hardly them, or at least let them out. I want to have trump know their majority of people, their kneeling for our dead, the arrogance of the world doubt and sterling Falander has the right to my browser. Does he have any glued majority thinks they are? Nearly four have been killed at the hands of police. While he does one to Pardon Mohammed Ali,
I'm thinking about somebody that you all know very well and he went through a lot and he wasn't very popular- then he certainly his memory is very popular. Now, I'm thinking about Muhammad Ali overturned Ali conviction in seventy one does nothing to pardon Sir Is this just may immense mimicries. What I can do anything I'm telling you this is because I mean I know not widen Ridgepole Jesus Christ. Man could degraded case of optimism. America have embassy or Mohammed Alleys, Ex wife said Dorpat in him. I'm lonely which he displayed an age wage is gonna play. We need some. Haiti was so there's no necessary need pardoning and then he's gone long too late. We know what I been compiling should go to those who Neil there would be pointing in the right perspective in the right place,
Let me extend my I'm. An alley mean right away. He did not give a pardon pardon should be going out to all those people who Neil
I don't see the point of pardoning Ali's dead people. Ok, monsieur criminal reckon on earth needs to be clearly gettin haven't, I will see, will pardoning all their bloody blue. Nor do we know how to do something for black view at our life. While on another note, robber, Deniro really dislikes Donald Trump, now over the weekend, he was at the tony awards. He was introducing Bruce Springsteen and said this one thing: ok well SR, one all the smoke ones all this will now CBS actually took it out, see didn't see that when it broadcasting in america- but that was a guest streamed in Australia and assure you just left it or their lot with a lot of it was- I don't know, we know that delays or delay. Sometimes you know like ten second delay or thirty. Second velocity deftly bleak, that out all right, Inachus front page news now when we come back I'll, come excited about this through economic cited above this lemme waiting a couple months to get more result back from african ancestry, now told ya, took twenty three me a few months ago, Eddie lashes of twenty three as a long time ago. It was a while ago, but I found that a matter that was in West Africa. We had Chadwick Bozeman Affair and shouted Wolden was talking about african ancestry.
An african ancestry tells you had tribe you from one country or from an Africa. So the founder of agony set Regina page reached
to me many some african music right now, my stop it man, so he swallowed cheeks when that together, but added at guy suave, your cheek and swathed my plans and we live there. We send them off, and this morning Gina page will be here to give us our results and let you know how you can get involved in Africa as after his well thought out. I don't want you look of our community. I just feel like I'm about to be offended. Ok, nor do I don't know, I'm Africans that you got the Porter economic Outlook of rare can relax, thereby cooler drop into school. I write what we're gonna kick. It will have when we come back to you to pay movies. A breakfast locomotive. Pouring everybody is D J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. Now we have a young lady in building this need a page. Our neighbours not need a page, Zita paid. You crazy, ok, Aegina, page of the founder of african ancestry communists. Couple months ago, I took it
many dreamy dot com to have been said about. Ninety five percent, with African, which I love become black, is black hair, and as somebody tell Baldwin actually put upon the African. If everything that, if you get with them, they can t try what country you from Japan political, politically political ideas. That's a dna to middle those from ninety seven percent EAST african without nastiness protests, which, when you do that is that you took its history at Africa, so every issue as we could sell you, the specific ethnic group that you come. Low enough if you should know the country they're? Still the european borders if you know that you're Europe were from Nigeria, there Now now you can. You can pinpoint specific customs ritual You bet there are part of your path,
So I present gas heard that pay right, so she sent us out. Ancestry kit, good morning. My how I am great I'm happy to be here now. How do you get all these results? We are to get these without because we had the lids database of african lineages in the world, but where the only anti nay company. If you were my ancestry, that can can special in giving black people specifically for me, hello, you don't work if they knew Are we pioneered this technology. Do it what what what was stored like? Why will you you know what made you wanna do that you now so my business partners, geneticist doctorate, kiddos, who is a fan of Russia, beg you and ass are producing a man he he really want to know where he was wrong. That's how it really!
died really does want to do now where he was wrong as he moved along in his career. He worked on the New York African burial, ground pride dang in the nineties here in New York and lower Manhattan neighbour, building a federal building and they unearthed cemetery the process, and so a team from Howard University was brought in to identify the ancestry of those bones the community. There will, if you can do it for bones, you should be able to do it for me, I'm still alive, and so it is a classic case of the community saying I want this information well and as forming a company to provide them with the ants note you don't fall. The real board? One of her feelings, I stopped at a corporate background. I saw a market a call gay PAMELA, Parada Fairly bakery product one fulfilling this now because you know at it doesn't really matter. If you use this
greeted the has grubbing bubbles in it. Now, like lavender, that doesn't matter now. We should really be eating a whole bunch of keys, cakes and frozen pies and Allah that this technology did not exist before four can ancestry dot com You wanted to know where in Africa you came from, it was short. Etc. And so this is like anything else that has ever existed, though he has very different and much more of them.
Just at a lotta, slowly stuff it over Winfried John Legend. He asked vitally yes now, exceptionally, the rice yeah I'm excited to get out with. I want to see them of I'm really Blackwell Mud the minute. I love you too, that much more european somewhere, diminishing numbers will drive you everywhere. That happened. Somebody of care would ensue from our group whether from somewhere totally different ye, I wouldn't be. The Caribbean, now become very, were taken. We were brought from Africa to the Caribbean. Zau it wind said the men can it would go beyond the Africa Summit Year, so we don't know what we're gonna find where cod Africanus ashtray, but none of us is a hundred per cent anything right. I was ninety seven when I did that they and that's not an under president. Are you with three percent something out, so we might find part of your ninety seven percent or we might find part of your three percent weed out now, India. They are low in the enemy you might
big via that big Mama told me once my great grandfather moment it. What would it loud enough illegal, shut of what you say her grandfather was indian? Is an animal They have one of you wouldn't know days after death, your foundation. Can't know who you are. If you don't know where you come from rotten and we're as black Americans were the only group in this country that doesn't now. We know from Africa at some point we know it. South Africa, because we know history, but their house the cultures and traditions and practices, though, is a real difference when you know that you're ancestry is african verses knowing that your people were warriors or Europe, people were artisans or your people were business. People like mine now puts my entrepreneurship into perspective, in a new way that old, address, fella,
Fathers bothers fathers lie. I traced back to the house, the people living in Nigeria the day and then on my mother's mothers. Mothers lie MIKE, you odds, I taste, to the line people living in Nigeria. Is biking, people want nobody, whatever vibrant absolute, yeah, I mean it was. It was amazing how the consciousness fifty almost So now people want find their own work. You know they already know their african, that's not what they want. They want to know where their as though I am that movie was definitely in men are pivotal in shape shifting the collective consciousness. Could you know? before February, when we would people what we would do they with. I am from the moon the year
my brain and then the day black Panther. My comment is now we're out from under the thumb of the breed, though also Gazelle gonna do a border. Where would you rather be able see, I feel like the moon is more like Jersey will kind is more like New York. I would live in the moonlight and work and will conduct You know like the moon about it all the more countries more rural. You know. What kind of a city like our living, the moon, the work and will gun You know they didn't so was the moon? Do thou you're the law this just when they were going through the roof there we saw a lot more work we have more, would Gina page. We come back through more the breath of global morning.
Pointing everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall I mean the girl. We are the breakfast club. We have Gina page here from african ancestry, showing you ready a murderer. You find that you from Dominican and will have some questions. We apparently you rowdy, I'm ready money and then not be how I've already got her Bible. I've got a bag this week, I believe from Sierra Leone. Ok I'll call him a diamond from Sierra Leone. Who should I do do we really confer ok It only looked at that branch of your tree, though, doesn't look it anybody else. Nobody on your father's side. Nobody on your mother, Father side is just mother. It only looked at that branch of your tree, though, doesn't look it anybody else. Nobody on your father's side. Nobody on your mother's father's side is just mother to mother to Mother Gertrude, and these results are gonna, be the same war you.
Children, your siblings, your mother, her brothers and sisters, their kids, everybody in the family now than a share these without the most important one to do, because More comprehensive were now. The mother is important to give because there's a ninety two percent chance, that's gonna, be african guards. When we do the paternal line He comes back african sixty five percent and I really want to work cause white man we're having brown baby. We lower Raven Raymond Earth said that somehow it when we get the Y chromosome that you you I'll as men get from white men, I mean get from your father- is what bothers it? if you know, if a british flag, trader Adam a sign within an enslaved african woman than that sun going be black
and over generations. He can look like you and me are look like you wonder why chromosomes still gonna go back to Britain guards. The latter might come here and give me have the time giving you on European. Please go thou hope that lies below you know what my life my turn out, tat Thou, Actually I wanna do both at the same time that girl, because your result, the Argus dreamily similar all male driver- bear extremely similar we found both of your ancestry, anxiety to in three countries, Robert these three countries are very closely related, their closely closer proximity and their group. There related thou the first true, we found your ancestry here is the earlier fairly on failure, both men down mandate,
he boy in Sierra Leone, so that the same as your wife, while a main people, like I say, a Washington, Corrado Scott came over people like that, our men day over now the men day were unarmed if you remember they are the ones who turn the Amistad around. Yes, ok, the other important thing about with the men day. I know that you come from South Carolina right, your chosen, so the men day were rice, farmers and slavery, where the business right this Windsor, somehow lather thing that happened so the planters in South Carolina, the rice planters need aid. Guild, labour, em right, and so they took the men day and brought them I'll Caroline Reversal and Georgia the mammoth my mother's mother, mother. My mother and grandmother is from South Africa, where the average- and how are you go and so on? That's my group there right next to
Sierra Leone is the country cod guinea. Without getting thousand, very small, tiny country the continent and, unfortunately, a very poor country. In fact they don't even have any representation here in the United States, there is no embassy Agatha engine to lying, like that. No diplomatic presence, you boy, share. Is that fewer people guinea, but thou envy your p by the philosophy and the Fulani were nomads, so your Fulani all across Africa, you'll find them in Senegal. You'll find him in Mali. You'll find him in Nigeria where we wear. My people are silent, main your people, I the voluntary in guinea? With that? Alonzo means those who resist I'm starting to. A theme here right. We ve got the men day who resisted enslavement. We ve the ballade who are resisting and then you're a wanderer array
and then the last country we found in just one country away from guinea but thou. So there is not even eight hundred miles between the early on in Senegal. You know these are artifice, show border you share added value with the man thinker Mood Bingo bingo, my wife allows amending their good. I am thinking of allowing a war is a while. You know man think I the agree, our air, the keepers of the history and culture through oral traditions and musical dish, in fact, that it with consistent bad will resist as it were in the music Lama resisted and in the communication, which is why we are here now: thou congratulation welcome to the
or can ancestry family guards bear a lad of play? I don't know if you ve traveled to any of these countries. Will these results you get to share with everybody in your family? So you have a family reunion on your mother thought. These results are gonna apply to olive oil from three different tribes. Ok and if you think about it so remember I told you they're not even a hundred miles between the early garden and Senegal. So, unlike you, can you can be living in D C and have people in Atlanta near different places but share the same genetic and then groups are genetic the men day. The man think the Ballade TED, the Fulani, those
social and cultural groups ogre, so you could be in the sea and be a bath. This and your mother could be in Atlanta and be a me God. You belong to different groups that share different traditions, may have different values, but you have. The same. Are ignored could be more than one year and their cell closely related that we just gave you everything that one in your ladder you'll be something called a sequence similarity. More than two hundred hydrated yours, handwriting of ok. So in your case Shiela may we found identical matter while the we ve. People in each of those groups in our database. Remember, I told you at the largest in the world over thirty three thousand. They have your exact same mitochondrial signature. Envy. We found people whose I'm signatures are ninety nine point, seven percent the same as yours
So they're, not I a calm, but we feel day, I'm sure you now we are highly competent that you share ancestry with those group for you and pick and choose you can you know I'd, then it is lower. You get to you, get tat form. Your identity harbour use the bare minimum where very low now you ve got your mother and when you get home you, your ladders and neither gonna be different than your observation with two brothers. Yet but you don't need me to tell you are right and I believe that every time tat lies, can you just last even now where we in Brussels? I M excited awakening: do there can amplify testing at african ancestry Dotcom Africanus s reduction? I write Gina. Thank you for coming to thank you for coming language. You Charlemagne. I brought you something. Ass was the amount you again that you very words additives fastened
pinned it has had been a god or and in without one in your name- is engraved on the back of trees and sow if it now that I now than we reveal Georgia's envy I'll make sure that you get a pagan very much under millennium agreement. Now Medina, never say I'm a mobile side from Africa. I'm your brother, take. This cry is paramount. Doing this is only a procedure for joining us. I've had a guitar, anger and watch me all right, I'll Gina refer. The breakfast club a morning? Everybody is dj. Envy annually ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast Clyde's alluded Gina page from african ancestry. Man for comment due to celebrate and giving us are maternal genetic ancestry results. I am from three different tribes me too.
But then Volante Belinda men thinker in windy, salute the guinea with south. The girl in Sierra Leone. We have brought us shudder. We are brought us. No, yes, we are. We are brothers. Admittedly, we are broader. We met, but as we have brought the lives of actual did have don't be surprised the rang, my good, let's get to the room of so called yea. About the report. On the breakfast. Congratulations to Kenya. You get his eighth number one album Snyder surprising, He ties Eminem for the second most noble one out. Of course, Jazzy has that record with four Teen number one albums now he two hundred and eight thousand units in his first week, eighty five thousand of them traditional arms sales, arrests, of course, with streams, allow a number one of Cutty in Kenya, ambled number one as we could account
at another number, one for kind. You I will say that big and I love pushes up my love. Pushes on foot, another reason why the three good music release that have been dropped so far cutting yeah. Maybe my favorite kid Siegel over put em. Yeah for dummy for dealing with two different sides of the same coin, or pushes discreet, two different feel don't contemporary, trap rather than I love to different failure to different toto fields, Deanna Tail is probably guy. Isn't one b to bed project got alone, you think so no, you didn't even us, then the true not as a community project Canada's Produce dollar, not a good music. Goddess right, o can you the West family and Kim Kardashian accommodating the West vehement accommodation family did family feuds, here over the weekend, and this is how it stop.
No! No! No! No! No! No carrying doing this now Naxa Day came it is not a new shaken family few, not one right now. Have you ever had family members by each other, like us, your muffin zone. I shall hear writing. I am. What happens? I was rudely interrupted. Thank you. Travels Kim include, we got to stand and they wouldn't shake hands, Chloe ticket very serious, but the car dash and fear actually lost the West family one and they got too fast. If you know a fast money, that's what he picked to family members. They go hard. I think, is five question the only ever think thirty seconds, and this is how it a scale of one to ten how sexier you compared to the people you work with ten
by name applauded the body. You're always bring it into things. You need fill in the blanks slice of what brand name, something appear to have to spend a lot of time, doing even names, you need to make a milkshake milk. right now we have you can find out if they actually won him We have no one to five thousand dollars on a scale of one to ten hours a year. You compared to the previous work with you. What do you say to use five so very top with thirty two away: name: the body bringing in the anything juice you'll need surveys, Nora. You
find out. Why did you do a fairly Jude Recap into middle room? Rebound? Take the Danone God it was always in Rome was man. They picked recap that was good. It was kind of funny was actually got. Those shouted unless family one that they want to twenty five thousand the current events, for you know Vince born right, he's white man alone and not address you when you say that above is tables with another dogma, Lisbon is guerrilla locomotion. Nobody. Why are you talking about? I guys he was arrested for D. You graduate ass, though he would hear about it. It was a matter for the EU as it will you. What do the need to have another Evelyn I'll testing user,
show you know what do you do? Any ruminative made us all not only by the weight of regular course. Well, just wait a moment. It brought all right God, damn that we had five duties will be doing a violent eluded. That's what they gave me not wanted to J D Monday. I want to read rumours about people. Why that's? What you want isn't good room was: none of family feud recap infringe VON gotta. Redwood. Do you are so what I'm glad quitting the middle of their quota, likely brining game for a drop in above Eu Vanunu limitation. I gotta know it's a good answer. Well, Will you given your dog, eat dog you two days of now? Yes, I need money them come in, for an accommodation we like to have lower would go the whole hog. Many them. Yes, very disrespect for what I saw yesterday we'll get into that when we come back, keep a Neil will be joining us. Don't move is a breakfast locomotive.
But Don T other day don't stop to being here. Today, a little bit of a mixed adult club, bridging I've, been called a lot of my twenty three years been donkey other day is a new white dog you today for Monday, eleven calls to New York City ready? station hot ninety seven drop one of clues bombs, many seven legendary chemicals, on a brand. You can't front on their brand stable and have on codes of a well yesterday. You probably saw entitled they had their annual concert. Some jam. I didn't want to show, so I cannot comment on it. I saw mills and true to his performance on Instagram that was done I was doing a very hard, and I know timberlands would be tat a big battle which at watched year, but I plan to, other than that. I know nothing about the show, but I woke up this morning to a few people. Texted me:
tweeting me, and they were downright disgusting about a tweet that was sent out for my one thousand nine hundred and seventy two Now we live in an era wacky keep stressing me off. That is just intersection Do you like? We have never seen before between the young in the seas? It ok to veterans to all heads are right. It's never been like this before ever and you need a healthy balance of both. Why? Because you need the young and keep us all head in tune with, low young movie dogs and reach home kids in a world in all head prevent mistakes like the one that had many seven may last night now well was run and I mean he's having a twitter account was last week in the lab tweeting. The performance is that they should have been doing a job, and major right was performing now. Megan right at a special guess, come out doing her set and that special guess was the legendary born be viewed. Uk drop. One includes bond for Eugene.
Hey. I legend is now beginning described at man that only the dope and sea is an exceptional human, be ok! You g care. The collective arguably could be considered. The forest trap. Rap was a pocketful of those from the minutes as society soundtrack. Ninety three was wanted for as long as I can remember, were people were talking about slang, adopt but ass, a debate for another day, but what can't be debated, the impact, The UK has had on the culture of hip hop. Ok, will clearly many seven at a Jew bug. Runnin Twitter account, if a young, and then it was a culturally clueless uncultured pieces. Swine who tweeted out when born be hit two stage underground kings of an exclamation mock then proceeded to tweak Pepsi. Just came out would Megan right, Hashtag summer J,
somebody? I just heard me say that any means nothing to you. So my arm, you say that you don't believe what I just said. Yes, had many seventh weeded out underground kings, pimps, see just came out when Megan Right hashtag summer jammed why this problem and wise on any some again donkey today? Well it because Pepsi has been day since December forth to gather said okay. I remember this day so vividly because me being psychological hypochondriac. I am what hospital that night and could not thought pimps. He died of a heart attack and I drink a red ball orally in a day and forgot. I drank it. The late there may between turn the panic attacks. Thinking I was going to be found dead like Tennessee and that Red Bull I rushed to the emergency room. That's just the way. My brain works. Okay, Mayang how do you feel brain? That's the way it works, and that's how much I love him see. It was on my mind that much not hot ninety seven didn't post an apology and said earlier tonight and inadvertent wheat was sent out, stating that pimp c was going to stay with Megan right. We deeply if I was
the family, a friend of the late pansy, as well as one b for the terrible era we hold the legacy of Chad, Lamont Butler, Acre a pencil and you'd UK did our hearts and will work to keep his rich legacy, allow in a future now, and I naturally sought a tweet hours like why we really got to step up the power to share them with have a pimp see hologram low boy at summit. You ok, didn't know that this is just another state. They may. Let me tell you something, I'm anything Pensee once they take dead monkey off. You embarrassing us. He stated, though eloquent Lionel sipping, awesome, scissor blessed it had lively thousand there's enough and the key words net bar is embarrassing. Us, ok and by us I mean hip hop in Arby's stations all across the you can't say you are aware: hip hop lives if you don't even know what the parties living please give high ninety seven. The biggest here all right. What beg you for a donkey of the day now
we come back and NEO will be, as will kick it would. Neil so don't move is to breakfast club. Morning. Everybody is the g envy into Magee Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club because pursued guess in about a proud member defrayed for male community was founded. My brother's gonna, which juncture you posted at all, lie man. I forgot agree with the postwar move from them are being faithful, empower one way to go and everybody gave you fleck and no one is just spoke to the world. We live in a right. I you know I put down the song. I am called apology and I'll up with a positive list and about the sun. The songs, basically me apologizing to everyone Came before the dirty yet now and it's like
It was once with the related eminence what I remember to handle, but she was like. So did you call all these women personally and apologise on my way you made a car, every woman which is before my. Why call him all tat? I would make a start on my you know what I mean to marry. You don't have what you make this all you count the wire it who likes you. Thy actions speak louder than words. On my I put a song on our method: moral hazard potentially here that ain't action really sensitive women back, because I don't ask me what I now- and it is just one amongst the people, people Champ alike, and about action and about the policy is always change. Behaviour clearly underlined
I'm not only guy had taken his regret, we all say utterly completing a model and an out and out with his album needed right now I mean we were grateful for, but why? Right now I just what did the clamour doing right now, like like cats? Is we got this sexual harassment case in this rate charge in me to movement and in the end the times of movement, and already the leg is? Is it is me China? the climate that we are right now like like cats, is we got this sexual harassment case in this rate charge and in me to movement in and in the times of movement and all it out of the leg? Is it this. May China jauntily by example? Again you re men, then realize really
all the things that women have to go through all of us and on a daily basis and the way I really feel like men, had no idea that a times as women still with. If I were you know, this is the business here- is that you just gotta have a tough skin new year, but this does not has exactly I didn't I didn't know I mean I had an argument. I had an idea just because of stories of her I didn't know it was. I didn't know it was like for real for real, like these people they I'm gonna like. I was like the standard like that she's. What goes that? Corruption? If people you know personally men who I know be accused of things and you lay damned, as you know, I know, but on the other side of that, because of its own every accusations that debt, we should definitely pay attention. Every accusation that at the same time like a recovery accusations I give like the accusation is: is the crucifix is the crucifixion straight away like if you accuse the weather is true or not that the fact that you got accuses like your whole life? Did your whole life could be overburdened, be ruined because of values we are likely to pause.
Ruined less really less less investigate for real boy. Just me, like AVI data, yeah she's, eighty data's I didn't like. I am I. What about what? If you didn't, do it I'm sorry would now you know him Companies is done in a new life is over because somebody because somebody was man sat his wrath out that I guess right then I wish we do a lot more researching investigation into these axes, accusations and allegations of what we just star crucifying cats of Ethel. I guess what I were pointed you have your revolution. When did you realize you know what I really want to be a good man? It was You know what it really was the mere them my marriage, there really was it like it. She's she's, really good at column, Alma bowl of data you re a good at it. And I get on my knees, sometime she's real good about me, like you bring it back to earth. Neo is naturally not meal, Yosemite Name Unita, and
just be a was somebody that real, like a really forced me to kind of self, reflect and went back on religion, If that I've been realised that a lot of issues that I felt that that I came across with those relationships with self cause, you know we beef in autumn. Could you always accusing me of someone in actuality, I was really doing living and you caught me and I'm China, you not trying to deal with the lab in the region. Are we gonna do what we can do and had not been know what I was doing democratic? Wouldn't everyone that guy they call you crazy. They are you so crazy name. You really are doing things that, and then you're calling her crazy for calling you out on the things that you're really going and there we sat in an idea, and am I really crazy, you're a nose while I was it will soon armies and my talk about the fact that
beyond my head- and I was accuse me this- gives me it s. The only way to build a fat man lifelike, believing all lies in that it is going to create their own drama, deserve no income as an odd. If we got you feel so much freer when you're not living like bad moment, you know what I am in a place now, where ya go to the club. If you know that guy to promote me You can call it that way. I have more fun at the house with the wife and the kids to be completely honest with your dad since going to the club now, like I realize the club but the clothing for me, no more single dude that Stacy Cuz. If you ever go to the club and you not there for women, You didn't get real drunk boy you just go stand around like a people which is kind of you, don't club that right now, anyway, bottles over a year ago. We already. Are you better get? The third thing you forget to thirty were feeling old,
have you ever noticed, but who was long away thank unwanted by go crazy. I've gotten it was with a ready No, no! I won't. I would also like about when you really native local authority. I thought that that give me that all right, all right nation throwback regulation got a baby away. Yet we are literally in any day now stay I'm a moving around, but your phone is right. Here is back to elect, going, get it and yet whether dances deadline. Yes, yes, yes, season, two officially bag on empty seats in applied, not clots, Andrew every Tuesday machine tune and aunt em assignment of unexcited for people to see.
I was worried after the first season, because it was so many amazing things happen and crises allows. I ok, you tat. I catches literally we'll have to like fly in order to impress us now because we see we seen at all. But that's the thing about dances is dead. You know they love what they do so they're, always always evolving correctly. They just keep doing it. So like this, like the archdiocese. Now they I would like the first day. As you know, every everyday everyday rested Nestor my mind's block theirs and acceptance than last season to create people get the combat. Come back. If you didn't so much do what do you want to do? The first season you get come back and adopting about that is I love to see to cast a comeback that actually listen to what we say and it has allowed a lotta dancers. Does so passionate about what they do is hard to direct. It was hard to give them credit of criticism and ask that anybody with national by some you think tell me how to write a song is what I do. You can't tell me how to the anthem tunas. My whole life, where you're out you're on a tv show where
suppose a judge you for what you doin and if I'm giving you Craig of criticism, is to help you not the clown you, but it is hard to tell us, they have a driver jack, you gotta, let me are you not a desert not could round they haven't. Yet I don't I don't doubt that overcoming some point, but they having yet not now blacks what I would have no real to think he can get married ass. Their data get it It is either kittens what neo many makes. Let me know what you want to hear. If the breakfast welcome all morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club, NATO is in the building. Now, do you still love music? I do I do. I still hate the game, but music music I'll always reported agrarian mother, gave me a lot of money meal. I did a day. I made a lot of money. I'm still make a lot of my liver hopes of roughly alive ass sure ass, elude the could. However, I just like. I don't like the fact anything that is artists dick and you at commerce, two inches hollows it out
What made you decided to three years now is the time. Would you not a music industry? Is three years is like ten years in areas like it was ok, in that at the two years stint on twitter nearby. As I remember NEO data goods, they lock us, I got him without gesine. Always venom tour would keep sweat, in summary, NED role at all gives way. He's were still getting about. Fifty to seventy a show. Our them oh yeah nations make two key sweat out, just being a known fact that he's a lot older than me- and you know I don't know if you're always later, he had no less secure way. Honourable, I won't work
back at me, some good beef Quichua new thing. That's why no smoke would keeps wage set out two keys work. Milan! Allow you use, I? U data, no ladys at age, real! Oh! No! No! No! You switch delighted knocking down out money with time work more power to keys, were muslin gown, infinitely mutual, accepting your war smokey, no small! You got this. One is quiet eyes, you ve all music, no, no, Midge Drug. Oh, my God knows where I can't do that to day. Every time I hear a song, a monarch, constantly critiquing should adhere.
Now you when you came in here, you were talking about workin onto a movies and answer. So that's an ex plan, I'm learning how to had a properly right a script. I noted that there's like a language to literally not just have an idea to downright it out like is like now I get this don't happen by page eleven in and if this art, happened in netting on Worden. I got em literally learning a whole another rather earlier, and everything ah experience.
Does wider swap? Alright movies was the same thing as they are you go through something I mean you aren't you learned the basic song structure I this is, of course this is a hook. This is a bridge and from there you just do what you're artistic body to do, and I thought I read and write and films was the same way, but not so you just about it at your cause. You don't have to have like those people who s eyes, but no hooks. There's people true, but you gotta, learn rules before you get it before you to break and examine these kids dollar road, like somebody saw now be a million forty. Second, you like shorts all near a hoax. Am I be part, a wide tensions. Man's against Social Europe. I really do his hatred dead, oh industry as a whole, are not the industry as a whole. I hate that I hate that, become so easy, like anybody can be artist, anybody me dj now I push Abiden L, a couple
supple, arguing in salary artists, any ideas only your model like, but it has enabled us to have a career. True true, but at the same time is people a people pay more attention to how many followers you gonna g than a are like your actual ability and talent, which is just not fair, like his cast a work, long blood. Tears the whole, nay craft and dont get the same. Look that cat, who, Just turned out of tune. Only just give me a minute bathroom and put it out gets in his like you know, I don't know that you gotta, find a balanced though, but you have caused technically is really just a matter of promotion and marketing, like David, has found a way to market product better than the person with colleagues working at I guess as aware as when we look at it. I come from an area where he was looking up. The greatness, like Michael Jackson, was greatness. You know you were supposed to look up at I do it s not the case right now shortly Dodo when you look at
figures on some of the biggest that's out there. They truly are great ideologies. Cerulia rate are Draken and Kendrick and corn come the wrap their truly great. So it still is standard. There's a standard is just does not does not many now is there as it once was now. Would you fall in you think I don't know I genuinely don't know, I'm not sure, but a question of mother Now you have lungs. Every year we gotta get outta here. Catalogue, NEO is at an all out goes there. There are people out there, they don't feel like me and be ass. A good ever sit on the same complaint, but you ve got married couples. Yoletta roadwork would be today we have to live video you one of the biggest People are agreed that we want our biggest. I want to be one of the things by gone for three years and all of a sudden is, do you remember NEO as it is?
in that way, and well now that comes out this week, Sub, alas, he will it. It has started conversation back. Oh good me, I knew I do. I know remembering reminder that you said that when devices have been about being a give me a pivotal, what he said about be afraid that add value their otherwise be ours was made out a naughty naughty with plant, but at the same time as I don't don't, don't miss room, but Thou hast thou was working. This is worth over forty or that no sir, I mean he's a truth and devices here right now. His girl broke up, and I mean this single he's been hurt. So now you live in his bed lived eating because you better hurry. I can, if we forget, became a computer clown you're not wanted their red cloud me about being paid for now that the left is the decisive nature. Which would you I wasn't driven out that in declare war on the walk. Now you I've got a lot of flag for talking about your sons here. Yet
said, the the here was it like: mommy soaking it. What? What did you think about that people? Take everything literally, I didn't care. I didn't care true love do here is dry and end she's, a new MA machine or what to do about it. So she got Olano was asking people were what should I do? It is dry it here is my hair a dry, so I don't know what to do about it and I just feel like people got people got really sensitive. For no reason is We were very. We get real sensitive about them in his eye, I got is like. I just want to fight a gown and give their own understand. Like we, so quick to just tear some down like is again
just makes it a where we live in right. Will you hey black married? I just heard everybody hates landlady like people s ogg, and talking about his sons, white hair, Niels life while navigate loyal allies raw. He is better than his dark here we go out this week, so we appreciate you for joining us. A good man, yes, Friday? May she go get that? Thank all right! Mr go right! People on it, not as of late I've been Sylanez, lay at Adam make sure that people gave a damn well again. Cadmium. Remember me, adaptation people gave a damn ami first far right, Somalia, I've, been, I think right. I've been recognize, you no more. You take to head off too. Much nowadays is our is as what it is. I'm telling, You know what is crazy people, people people Recognize me more with the head. It ass, I M gonna be incognito and people, but if I take it,
had off a walk and walked and walked the target in causes walk right bombing that back of aggressive and angry scale, is the breakfast clog Mona? The breakfast morning, everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain the girl. We are the breakfast club as gets aromas. Let's talk the brief. Is. This. Is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club now it over the last two weeks we ve been seeing Drake and push it seagoing neck to neck head to head, go and at each other. Now it looks like the beef is officially oh. What is done is dead. They push it. He says it's over: they print says it's over. Conny says it's over, so I guess it's over and publicity other women erected books
stay in. I know your love, Drake and injured. Duffy freestyle was though, but no publicity. He'd, he got it and it's not even close by the way was it he watched him with their son of I added. I know what I added. I believed I believe I think drugs I was getting to come on June. Twenty second, amongst other things, have computer data again dinner, which vat are they doing or push back and the whole deed is roll out was rowed yet whether that would be the name of his whole Adidas line and and and allegedly they had a song. He had a song. I knew I knows about his son and push it teaches dubbed all over. That's where we're going to go back to the drawing board. Raina I mean I was to do it asked all release it. The way, I wonder, release it, I mean he didn't ruinous. Always Levin heard this all, never see the clothes you ever seen. Sneakers. We can't do that. Merit niner, not now ample opportunity right right. But also over the weekend, Jay and beyond, say I guess when you go, it they're performing overseas on honour, run to tour, and you get special tool book and somewhat of pitches on a toolbox shows
I'll be cakes, and it also shows also shows and Zambia say, curled up in bed. At the moment they are some unloaded Ali Olivain Edge AV, looks crazy. I'm until you will lose crazy me will have created in me as a bunch of Rome in Sweden are generally not sexy. Don't shout at all right. You know J Vena sexy and, if take so much I gather. Might we debated this morning? Daisy, don't let your own front! Surely you know J D all upset the epic high level waste we're talking about, let the daisy about my mother Obama, but it does seem odd dockers. You just never see them like this. You don't see them vulnerable natural, that's what that is No, you mean your brother's. Now you know that if you ever earlier, evil was an aim. Gina pay Gina page from african ancestry came a pan said, Charlotte, meaning of from the same tribe. In that we brought us from a few drive and brought us we from the almost the same tribes, the brothers salute Afghan ass. After you can go to african assets dream they can t
would tribute from one country in Africa, I'm ninety seven percent, West African. You really don't you know blackened and me from the Berlin to drive the mendicant tribe and amended tribe through the Senegal, Sierra Leone in Guinea. Be sued right. I think up or not there, I probably night, but from all of places, the Charlemagne and I that gonna brothers chip begun a fly to Africa to meet the rest of our family. We do this together. You know we're brothers, we got, we got act like but his leg and don't do it like the original date. We go to borrow each other's clothes. What else brothers do without sleep in the same diamond and with our share food embryos which mad when we finally do bilges will condom dorm robbing begged us a life can view Melendez now for a long time are right. You got a really really have like amazing, I q.
Importantly, a high emotional I too because like if you will to goddamn emotional rather than to sensitive, so you don't have a motion like you. The life can person, you can't come into a kind of you. Gotta go to the neighbouring city, well kind of work. I dunno brought a rudder brother. We go together. Brother are UK. Talking like that, Russia is, I may have you ever want to be a rather than making a mockery of our rapid, whereas what these it brought him a shut up, me don't forget you and
Also, today is Age Martinez, the dragoon acute bombs were every. Haven't you black man's s right and you might. They have national edge Martina days, I've no key to live in a city to celebrate, suggested in the border region day parade here in New York. When I M, showing you gotta stash Yoko keep those low. Why genes alone a city right now, for we can flags annoyed Jesus die right. I wish you would tell us a little person dominican into your became we're white Labour Day. O k downright do is tax. Three hundred tonight, six zero, zero, zero, again, six, three hundred to nine six, zero, zero, zero and less. It ain't my seat as in a radio hall of Fame, Yasmine again and ass, you ll be the first, let's see, no,
her in a radio on vein. I can't believe I do not already in a radio all the financing ideas which I can't legs, evil she's alleging lead. You you're a liar. If you do radio right now, you say you haven't been in Florence. Inspired by Anti Martinez at enviable. Tell you something what you know age. Haste is. What would you to do it was that you ve got to get some MAGIC Martina music on in a mixed may out, as you have got, the Saudis deafening alluded.
One of these many talents delegation as she's about Eric. Is you go way? What I'm going is, ladies night, why the area under my do not want to do what you do to Joe J d me I'm all year ago, how you say my love is banned is me, is that of a dog, and I hear all you will play a joint would lose out of the car. I could do more aware. We will play a low Mozart now with the anti got joy, so we don't get some agencies. Radio, Apache Revolt will see to help everybody to people. Choice makes us he has the purpose: local Mona. Here's something good is a new show from the Seneca women Podcast network, and I hurt radio its great way to start your day on the positive side of life were so good what a Bank of America for supporting here something good supporting organisations across the country or on the front lines addressing medical response capacity, food security, still learning and providing support. To vulnerable populations
Kim Israeli. Listen to hear something good on the eye heart radioactive apple podcast. Or were every listen to your favorite chance. I this is new Gingrich inviting you to listen to my free weekly, podcast called neutral every Sunday. We will explore topics and issues that are relevant to your life and, as a historian, I will offer stories in context of how the past influences are present and future download newts world on the eye heart, radio, Epp on Apple POD, cast neutral dot com or wherever you get your pod cast
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