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DJ Envy in the Hot Seat to Andy Cohen Interview


Thursday 5/24 - Today on the show we had to put DJ Envy in the hot seat for Breakfast Club court after he called his wife a "bitch" jokingly, but some of our listeners didn't see it that way. Also, Andy Cohen stopped by and addressed the Kim Zolciak - Beirmann racial comments, who's on the gay spectrum and more. Also Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to the NFL after releasing a new policy warning coaches and players if they kneel during the National Anthem they will get fined and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee".

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I hurt radio and the? U S: Census Bureau wanted to do something special for the class of twenty twenty, so we made commencement a new pod cast with words of inspiration from the biggest names like John Legend, TIM Cook and cash. I wasn't. I hurt radios new pod cast commencement in partnership with the twenty twenty cents s speeches drop may fifteenth on. I ought radioactive or wherever you get your pipe casts. Remember you can do something that will affect the next ten years. So if you lived in adorn dont worry your school will count you. If you didn't visit twenty twenty census, DOT, Gov Flash grad to be counted.
I heard a radio and tv mobile know that twenty twenties graduation will the unlike any other in history. So to celebrate all the graduates we ve created a new podcast called commencement featuring inspiring speeches from the biggest names in music, entertainment, philanthropy and worn here from John Legend Cash and many many more listen to our radios. New podcast commencement on may fifteenth and stay tuned for tee mobiles upcoming toss. Your cap challenge on Tik Tok to show our support for the grass only from t, mobile and even so this morning is paying any benefits have been given the Roma rubbing the wrong way ravaged by good body: USA, Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Good Morning Angel YE. I am writing these animal Charlemagne. A guy who's did applied. It is dark. Yes, is Thursday, maybe will lead to the same clothes. Then I had on yesterday evening. I think we're gonna head on you're sitting. There really enjoy these fit right, but
in the same clause that I had on yesterday evening in the same call that a hand on yesterday that are really enjoy these fit right, but also condemn IRAN around a push. T drop. One include mov push to me. While I have the same kind of contemporary trap music. You took a shower and then you put the same global. Yes I'd sell crack Craig. I wear the same closed for a few days in a row. Ok the knife, it is a knave regulation, fit you don't sound like the way to call upon you to lead the way to teach our feels. So I decided to where to get you took a shall because a push tease, New Daytona, connected Decanterbury, drowned, music, put the same clothes back or yes good. He makes me feel adult contemporary trap. Musing makes me feel like it gives me the feeling of being a drug dealer without having so Craxi characterised, not mean character. Yes, I'm not going to same calls for a week in a row. We do today than a change in the way the carthaginian mind, we're gonna qualitative cogitate always took out the things aren't always adult contemporary
temporary trap, music. Ok, some adult contemporary trapper, meaning I do things legally to make money and I changed my draw Mckinsey enclose onto the difference. Ok, would have approachable borough. Yes, I writing drop articles by the positive things done. I am already yesterday party s it. Ok! Nothing of it is a good one. You just those another crazy. If a good that'll give you on a scale of one to either Push tease bet, would you give always up there is closed. Vinci pussy right it's up to you, can't even understand it. If you're, not a certain age, are you gonna, be a certain age and have a certain level of experience to understand the language? The paucity of talk about guns out tomorrow, if everybody I asked ass, he had them tonight and aimed mainly at yesterday to what our main ally I told him. I told her about himself and I said you know now amazing, sticky today of law as well as to. Why did he give that that long age said
because when he explained on our my took so long, I don't basis because- and I said nay I mean I've gotta wanna. Give nothing about is what people are here is gonna, hear it just got back. I'm not gonna want annoying gathered up too much. I read a lot of things about it, our line already without thoroughly Agnelli. They I enjoy it. I can name will gathered up. You may not like it much of me, but I like it. I enjoy mythology too. Now miss doping that opening long term damage aims at all push of. Since I was what seventeen in when I was there when I want to have a university of course, he's from that area,
So when I was Dounia, I was always hanging with the locals down x. I did all party some, it wasn't him. It was. It was his brother will. It was for railway was what island, arab Israeli would all the dragoon Abbe Lily? What you say absolutely any. Was there we re and would each other in he is spitting like is that time he put me in that zone. So I understand why you didn't write on honesty, white and ginger closed, but I get it adult contemporary trap, music of AGA Legato. You were born in the late seventy early eighties. You re not understand a lot of the language. Ok, whatever geniuses for Genesis aided the code all avoid, I am dismayed that you gave me you know the. Let me have the album and it's like, I feel, like a mix tape. Kid like. I just want to display a united. Why don't you know I candidates or clean up one of the rugged cleaner bomb was Matvey rejoin on their right now. For a moment I give array of nothin like that. You want a lot of small gonna. Regular was worried. Anybody on Iraqi was called.
The games we play games are going on. My god first reckon on average starts all of you. I know you know a lot of people haven't heard it yet the most most people have in some. Maybe she waited tomorrow when everyone here is aware, we had any avant browser. While we can't just sit up for people to go online crazy tonight now they said, and then people will listen to it and then every great to have a discussion when they can participate or push you'll be earmarked David, uneatable YA, more. Eighty coal we joined us this morning. Yes, you ve, got passivity, lay deafening push these pushing things, don't push it.
Put simply using before she D will be hit small going because the goblet these before everything has its own working both with the collusion with such gives man I'll write you gotta be joined. This modest working with him, of course, he's from Bravo he's. The e p of real housewife Oliver housewives show would have as little enable for them. It is unable, for other union chose, obviously our right and up next year front pages, which of course, we are going to take that Anna thousand new anthem policy will tell you what our new policy requires and happy but are responding hour. I will get into all that when we come back, you belong to the breakfast club. The morning everybody use the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, the skins of front page news, the last I MBA Celtics beat the calves ninety six to eighty three, so abortion, the serious three two liberality last night rally
Where did rally ready to get the hell out of me and go to allay of go to fully go every is going well he's going to ruin his legs, the activists at the yellow, twenty seven and twenty eight points he added in a twelve. Nobody just looked tired, but me, let's see what happens when it goes back to Cleveland tomorrow. Night now talk about it new NFL policy. This is crazy. I write were and if our own, have unanimously approved a new national anthem policy and that policy requires players have to stand. If you're on the field during the performance, but you do have the option to main in the locker room, if you prefer, they did announce this yesterday. Now, if you don't stand, then can be fine. We don't know exactly what those fines are yet, and you have to show respect for the anthem that made you can't sit. You can't Neil, according to Commissioner Roger go down what he said. This is a great opportunity to continue that partnership with our players and keep the focus on the progress in the programme, we think are so important in the community's. Clearly, our objective is a league. We want people to be reached
backwater, nationalism. We want people to stand at all personnel and make sure that treat this moment in a respectful fashion as something we think we owe we in very sensitive and making sure that we get players choices. We do believe. At that moment is an important moment: Rodger Goodell, how tone deaf volume and once again nobody if I was testing the flag to be disrespectful to America, player that taking a knee during the anthem because of the injustice that are happening. The black and brown people at the hands of the police and other people. You clearly don't care about, and it has to be. A violation of the sea. In order for them to change the policy we have to get it approved. We see views is a violation of play. It right down, lays Association said they will review the policy and talent. Any aspect is inconsistent with the Sea ba because they weren't even aware of this, but I believe it is crucial. How do you do? This would talk of idiocy Ba. That's one thing, though I am not a jets fan. Unama giants fan, but I respect the wanted, a jets owners who said that if any of them
please kneel and they get a fine. They gonna take you to precipitation whose their jets chairman and ceo did say that if they give find those funds will not be passed down? Layers and he'll take care. Those finds himself here, because, of any body that have any lick of common sense. Who knows why these players are kneeling? They are kneeling because of the injustices that are happening. The black and brown people at the hands of the police. If you claim to care about blackened round bodies- and you claim to care about- I gladly matter you would let these play is new period would seems crew, very likely just tell me what to do, and it should be marked as it it's in my constitution that be allowed. To stand a neo or do what I feel out of every violation of players, crazed reverie. They didn't get. It approved to deceive you, don't make islands and, by the way, Malcolm X, Jenkins, one of Annabel players. Who's been at this from the move. Many always raises his face in his very active. He said. Well,
what about honest did today was the what the players constitutional rights to express themselves, everyone, those is when voices get stifled. While I disagree with it, decision, I will not let it silence me or stop me from fighting the national conversation our rates in America. The NFL play is forced over the past. Two years will persist as we continue to use our voices Gloria. As front page news now get it off, he chess eight hundred five each file, one in five women. Now yesterday I posted a com. Asian between me and my wife, now. Let me you say, had a conversation, wins legos baby, there's an emergency, I'm at the time of doing the show I'm like. Why are you? Okay? Is everything good? I'm thinking it's something wrong! I'm going to check my cameras in the house and thinking something happened. She goes. Running low on your good fruit, snacks by crises
now. If you don't know family, we love yogurt, food snacks, everybody from the baby, whose one to me whose older they one loved the fruits. Next seven of us in this house aid of us. Actually, we love. So I said you just ass: they don't scare me bitch already ordered she called me. I forbid you cry face, get them today. I've got him today. Oh yeah, husband, Fairfax, challenge right there. Now you, I forbid, you gotta, be a fact. It wasn't in malice was now which I found little extra hours a year was responded as well. I saw the cutbacks it wasn't. It also media and see basically within a yard display around like adding. However, you guys play around it. Wasn't militias are people met. All you called white me and my wife had been together over twenty years Oh my wife, twenty you thou employment are like very little aerial gay seventeen years. It was a joke. It was funny some that we do we joke and we clown and we have a good time. People do different thing in their relationship. That's me and my wife play me and my wife wrestle with competitive, but when it comes to me,
this wasn't be a malice towards it. It was no maliciousness. We always China that no disrespect him how? I call my wife crazy lies with us. You crazy, and I I immediately had to corrupt that you she's about, because to favouring, will you put your calling crazy for the present? I use a z, you probably saint, of housing. These EVA little way, whether for negotiating me enough inadequately hasn't got determined. When you don't know what you mean about crazy, you must be created. Call me crazy, you know, maybe I am I'm so there, but we would you and I obviously he was imagine she laughed at him. We know we joked inert headphone about an effort. You tell us, you have that it at home. You might have been Bremer for your life. Choking they're not totally opposed to oppose the conversation, so she was managed to say something near so aid on. What about yet? It was yesterday which will make us free movement of Global, have now notice was it yesterday when we were on air like she, he left it smiling
phase in a laugh. If you like, it was nothing to people. You called you with Brigitte that, yes, we were playing. There has absolute, I guess. Sometimes, when you pose things, though, it gets less in translation for people who are part of our relationship with me. Everybody's relationship is re. Someone you posted people who would never do that way and on it cause you made it a public, post or aid, five, a firewall or fire one. What do you think but today I am sensitive likes Babbage, this is all about when you do it. You know that our big during sex, when I got my domino but some like that you took your wife yet Zimbabwe will cause. I was on my way to that idea when I go there David, who take up alternative but make sure people cleaner what man? No eighty, five. What off? I want people to sensitive to people just needed. That call us now at the breakfast locomotive,
the breakfast pounding down, you're gonna, get it on the agenda on the breakfast blessing. But as a military morning, everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, ravages joint, tell him. I am a distant volume at eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. I tell you guys why I was mad that yesterday I posted station between me and my wife, and I thought was pretty damn funny. She me up during the show. Yesterday's a baby is an emergency. So now I'm scared I have exerted by what are you? Ok, I'm looking at the cameras on my got some happen. She goes we're running low on yogurt fruits. Next cry face now. You know my hot drops, I said telling.
Reply? I said: don't scare me bitch, don't know that Russia would have been don't scare me Bates AT is a bit like big those game, lunatics high when people iron, when you text INA, had things sound, look different when you tax dumping them. When you say that I said don't, I said already ordered the fruits. Next, she put a cry face, so we get them today. She cracked Now, let's go back the debates at this hour. I cannot reject all ball alerted by wide arrayed harsh. It was in line with each other, and I gave me page in capital. Letters are capital. Deactivated, complemented exactness. Moral and people Do must know what the problem is ever you posted at anything, but I don't know you personally. And donor. All of that and of course they gonna say something Burma I mean. I don't kid is really with me and my wife. We joke we play. We have a joke. Egypt relationship, as you know, when you play.
And people are then away, and I absolutely management under regional management could use blaming yourself the money you. Why who give the day? Would they think are line? You know I don't. I thought it was caught up only, but people are pissed off about it. Each other then bitches I thought about it, but I ll tell em now let no man nice it'd, be nice, allows this can go money, but take anything in Africa, be what I saw him yeah. Why I, whenever this is back, you like it or not, there was respect for if I said it in the disrespectful way, a baby different like if you listen to my pie, cadmium alive, play all tat. We ve been together for twenty five years and we play, and we can. We have a good time and if you don't know me Why my wife is if, if she got this has been like that she's not what he felt points you when you're afraid
when the doubt you know what I think of it again that's all right. I don't know very well that very often do of everybody else, why? Why build up to now and at age, drew nigh that I am not sure why not you reside and level how stupid I don't know. What else could this respected as a and b it wasn't any disrespect for where we would open and played their back all my wife or bids whether in we jogging it in another man, all my wife a bit now, maybe we did advocate like when you were well. How did that opens the door for out of you D spent my life and they make sense. I deafening have never had my boyfriend call me a bit, though it might even have sex, not even joking around. But it did for different things differently. Yeah they give you guys they get it. We now do about my girlfriends say it like them. You know best what you air base, what you do it s kind of a female two female
but you know empty had allowed only never build a better man. Your memory that you, sexual page, now all the talk was symbol is differently. Amazed that you all the time I say to my wife S, but you don't post you your boyfriend in that doesn't mean you. Don't love me you're, not in a great relation Is this what you do you're relationships at? I think I'm telling you what happens in my bag. My friends and I do colleagues have a bit of time. I arrive beds which you know so This then it was soldier had was a bit about our main weaknesses. Are you dog envy envy out about lively boy. Are you about about Bobby? Like this? I see a beach. I said these potential value out of me when I saw it yesterday, I knew it was gonna kill you in a comment. We get one by income is difficult, even kill you Rachel mosquito, so messy
but I also believe that now you, your life, played around then then I'll be between are building up the debate. I am against peoples, but you should probably it was between job. I know what it is you begin, lately even low babbage on the green group in the driver, you guys you a bad debt some job, you, but you ve noticed it up. Having no, madam, you dont be gone. We remain now because you get limb, envy Zen, a driving ban charm, in India, a nice little piece of aid trade. Now they every off, when I look back from it, even if it were the mild, the latter have become a little book, drown. Call me a Babby is allowed to take their eight hundred five, a firewall or five or we're talking about some opposed it up put online and people
caught a mad, because we have a bitch. I say like Dat. Catch you to your being shot is a bit where's the preface. Furthermore, the breakfast got away: God s manner black. We want to hear from you morning. Everybody is D J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are. The breakfast club averages join us we're talking about. I got me a breakfast club called this morning because of a message between me and my wife yesterday. She knew what I was on it so baby. There is an emergency. I said: what weight are you? Ok? She goes we're running low on yogurt fruits. Next, us don't scare me bitch, all or did she put a grudging over a bit ass- I was saying ah monsieur- I read it already, don't scare me bitch, you daddy
now ass. I got them today. She put a clap your hands Maria go morning good morning. I. What did you think about the text? Messages posted for me and my wife? To be honest with you, I really don't think that it was bad if it was for your wife and you guys been together for twenty years. I think, obviously you posted it online and people can get out of context, but me
They are all the time and we ve been together for twelve year now. What is an argument that you you know? You would call me that that they would have been a problem exact on playing around. I think people are so sensitive. Thank Maria. No man already got a hard man. He was not ass. The GEO almost yogurt, Madame she dressed car GEO Gomorrah. What did you think about sex message? You guys are playing around us, husband or wife, thought I've been to sensitive nowadays line two thousand eight in and everything is sensitive, even the whether there which allows goal is really will or to sensitive that's. The main reason call cannot be completed as diadem obey my bill. I agree people lots of sensitive enough. The main reason I keep my relationship or social media. Could I want everybody in my god? Damn minute long autonomy explaining the Myanmar waved them. You know I've been together. Twenty years we were married before we ve been together. Twenty we got two kids. I found out that time explaining how we gonna do not feel the same way. I got five cares about what this woman. Over twenty five years. These years we ve been married. Seventeen we can put everything on the display and we will continue in. I don't necessarily care as long as my wife, I have no problem. We continue to joke. We continue to actually have a good time. Laugh joke yes,
So what have we learned? You today gives your wife's abingdon. You die Lizzie, while you, as you know, when we will soon have set an iraqi yesterday, minor, F in business, the wives of bids indignant, because you never know when your collar hall, there is even a runaway yes, we'll be Talkin about Donald Trump and find out what he has not allowed to do now, he's being censored from censoring derisory, without also back like a bitch, vinegar, Michael Paine, even Babbage gotta go what we'll get it. So when we come back as a breakfast club model, a breakfast I gotta dilemma: gas was the dilemma. Leslie somebody give you something DE them see. I wasn't mosaic, sir. I really wanna play a record, so ask him
different attitude when they don't want anything. I did away than I needed to have a frank. I respect what he said is only some solemn me what you did bruise in his whole totality issues. You got a day on coordinated minute, while you can be given you busy, I will ask it to the room. Is this told trot the Reul report, the breakfast club, where a federal Judge Data rural yesterday that a downer champ cannot black anybody wants glitter just because they disagree with him or his policies. So is a government official? cannot send their opposing views right now create America. Is that people like crazy t again, Stephen King, all kinds people. So it doesn't matter that he had
twitter account before any is no longer allowed to black anybody. Why did you have to go to court? Raising? Listen, I'm not one to defend Donald trouble. Why can we not blind people, people who did not his nerves? Why? I came here to say right as every word, I should observe and block them. Well, you know what I was thinking yesterday. I tell you guys it. Twitter now allows you to mute. People so. Maybe she's is mute, be part of a wider had to go to federal court creation, whose own instagram, how about a better about the greatest working federal courts? Hey, hey, Donald Trump, you're pregnant- you don't need to be social media at all. We have bigger issues is crazy that this actually was an issue I would rather them out. Revenant tell him he can't beyond would appear to thank Goodness INA down a chap. I guess I got a recommended for something has apparently that wherever he went out, you can't black people. What is not a violation of twitter rights. He said only because they are only because he's the president. So what you can't sensor, people
of not simpler and not all, I would go further and say so, William anytime, you can block you. Would he can build, will end in building a wall. Censoring people, S name- is crazy letters higher it all right. All right said there has commented on her swollen vocal courts. As you know, she's gonna have to take off of the sea the championship two hour for a few days. She said for anyone who hasn't seen this happen. For eleven months? This did not happen overnight. Troubleshooting for a while now and usually steroids in pushing through help they dont this time. If I don't plan now before supplies permanently, I'm genuinely sorry for every face voice in energy field, I won't get to touch but am literally taking as many stare rises. I can to speed this up. It's a waiting game and super where to be blamed for staff Adam. I control by again it again I'll, be right, back pray for me or don't appreciate you either way a moon. Listen were afraid. Yesterday, after a leg of urine army sinner in Europe, the liberty of the dancing and singing, you should look think big.
People want, is no want or what I wanna hear your voice. Oh, what a voice! Our last time you done well says they wanna hear your actual vocal. They evidently no less avenant inward from mouth. Like believe me, I'm on the dancing that she has done is now legacies beyond some answering. We got understand as you gotta take low break, as you probably once to thing my bible border. This would ensure that used to drive when she died. She says she'll make it up somehow, but it does happen quite frequently and if you're a singer is very different, then being wrapper exactly as widely distributed, loosened globally Oriana Grand a people are blaming her for MAC Miller. Getting into that car accident metalogy already crash up his g wagon. Unless he has responded and ass. She said how observe absurd that to minimize female self respect and southward by saying something should stay in a tactic relationship because I wrote he wrote an album about them which, by the way, isn't
case just cinderellas about me: I'm not a babysitter or a mother and no woman who feel that they need to be. I have cared for him and try to support his sobriety and prayed for his balanced for years and always will be shaming. Blaming women for a man's inability to keep his ish together is a very major problem. Let's go stop doing that? Of course, I share about how hard or scary it was while it was happening, but it was. I will contain pray from the bottom of my heart that he fix it all out any other woman indisposition does as well, but I am going to do or leather. While people were going on her on social media, saying that it's her fault that he told his g wag, when he got a deal living, has she dumped him for another guy and that he wrote a whole aben about her and that he's heartbroken what she was to say as she's been quiet all this time? But it was a lot that she went through in how dare you try to blame me because of what he is not directly or fall, but I mean if she broke up with him for another guy, because relationship was toxic and he was drinking because he was hurt over that
I'm just a tad been harassing matter broke up with him, because the relationship is toxic, it doesn't have to be for another guy, that's only if it was difficult for her to be with him and she was going through a light. Let the ranch allergy can't break up when workers, let the reader solely for governor card from us at all, magma lose so depressed of Irian granted we had gardening drunk. So that is what it is. Dramatically, Baltimore Guy P Davidson! No right is a! U S! Stamina! Definitely, not that he got to hide our guy peaty. Do all right, I'm Angela Year! That is, you aren't rumour report all right. When we combat front page news, we talk about how we are going to be taken about. Of course, this and I found new policy direction. Andy code will be joining us at all movies to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is immensely Inv Angela YE shall amend a guy. We are the breakfast level that it could I record: can we stop planet for the truly? Are we going to try to model in plenary for long enough to know who's honours, overshot lose one goal
This is all part of NATO. It looking nope, I write minimal I will give you some from age news in sports last night you sell did beat the care of ninety six to eighty three. They lead to serious. Three to yesterday, it look like Leubronn, went, ran out esteem. Just like you tie. You probably already go that enough. They looked like a retired tonight. The worries laid Iraq is, of course, that series is tied to tuna. Let's talk about the NFL lobby, yes, so they have a new policy for the NFL that requires on feel players and our personnel to stand by the national anthem. So if you are on the field during their performance, you have to stand. But if you ask to stay in the locker room, then you do not have to obviously thinkers you're in the locker room, inappropriate desire, Boone, you didn't have to right. So the policy just say that you will be fined
a prayer or any other team pressing do not show respect for the anthem here. Is commissioner ragingly down? This is a great opportunity to continue that partnership with our players and keep the focus on the progress in the programmes we think are so important in the community's. Clearly, our objective is a league. We want people to be respectful to nationalism. We want people to stand at all personnel and make sure that they treat this a moment and respectful fashion as something we think. We owe we been very sensitive and making sure that we get players choices, but we do believe that moment is an important moment, so F, black and brown people in the issues that are important to us of the fact that, just as is happening, the blackened rob people at the hands of the police as would die.
We would then a further Sandra somehow. They still think this is about disrespecting the flag and that understanding what the kneeling was really about. Tone Deaf is Roger Delanne, and I felt like this has nothing to do with dishes begged to the military, or did you speak to mercury are simply trying to bring attention the injustice that having the black and brown people into handed upon these? How hot of that kind of that concept we will grow and also like they trying to control the play is like new member ten years ago party fifteen years ago with the NBA it what it was The place can't lose. You can't we're that you can't win your reward. You can't have you here this way. We don't want you to wear tattoos than I had addressed. Car was like they want to control a plays a key role to play, as indeed in all this is clearly a violation of human rights. Human rights out of violating the human rights shorted with a deadly violation of play is right because if they didn't run by the Sierra now they have not, and then, if I play as association is actually going to,
potentially push back another this is he if this is a violation of loose volume? Is he really good in order for them to change the policy? We have to get it approved receivers and is clearly a violation of the respect that a jets fairy Mama Giants, fair iris What is it? What is he to see EU policy affording jets terminus? He, our Christopher Johnson, said that if any of his players apt to kneel, then he will hey this now to find myself and he's not gonna, ass. Those fines down to the players are not our respective good news. They did point out another Digest play as NEO Lasher data. None at exactly the lashes was easy to write and check that you, probably not gonna, have to cash array a case of Albania generally that day I'll. Take him up on at offering let em in earlier was public about that as well. He said that, while he does, he prefers the place. Danny said is not his nor the leagues place to pay restrictions on the speed of our players, because you have to respect the players, have social completes, the somebody black and brown people in the and you discuss a F Tamenay issue. They are going to have what we below it now community right now,
Our ranks Megan itself may I got- is rather as very hard. I don't see how we could. Defy actually supporting the NFL. At this point, you care what else we got different from Beijing. Oh so remember how yesterday we were talking about the young man. Thirty years old, Michael Return, d still living at home with his parents well looks like he's gotten a job offer. Now after it's been public, get his parents, evicted him from the home and looks like he's could be part of Camus soda. So basically, he be a camera guy, that's aquifer Abraham dies, but he won't take his clothes off tram soldier. Was that basically, it's alive stream programme, so they just be. You know like the camp girls, were they just live stream you doing whatever your homer letter of greater mobility is closed on what their offering him is a thousand dollars a month for up to six months, and that's four hundred basically lives. Dream has candid life, he doesn't have to be naked, is not a porn star thing for him handed live where you going
have a play at this day where you go abroad, casual candid life, but this way how this river is IRAN's. If he responds, we don't know that he's going to accept this affair, but it is on the table on refusal. Prayers go! Let him stay too long, as he's got a job. Only praise, or it will pay some money now he has to get his own place. He's gotta get out yeah. They don't want him to stay there. Ok, they went in there be a grown up. Thirty years I'll get to own place now mega attended, did TAT city in the USA and hears what he said. Someone like me home, and I said it was the same. Wouldn't do you have any kind of a relationship with them not really really deal with. Now is just try and and myself Julie there. I should have also do it why the idea of the cargo more male? Why do we keep reward mediating? I don't know why why in Amerika we reward these idiots was the pointed it. Why is your doom, the room when you used to have to actually do something or be somebody to beyond human? Why the idea of the weather minority is old and doesn't want to move out of parents. House wireless dropped after that they actually had to call back and get a month speaker found in here's, whereas makeover tender had to say. Do you think
parents- are good people now. Why do you say that yeah. Come on you loud, very robust, Orleans on think of people do once you move out. Will there be a relationship between you and your parents I don't care yet thirty is own. Ok, I've done my job is apparent beaten into faggot. You know have no wifi, you will get a job lives, women and young Matt Wifi going on if thou books I did, he won't kill you are you white DOM are gonna. Sell right will ask for a page news now when we come back, Andy Cohen will be joining us. Of course, he's from Bravo exists, producer of all the housewife, franchises will kick it with him and, of course he had loved connection and moist breakfast locomotive breakfast morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club we got. A special gift
in a building on the highly hey guys? I gotta tell you something all I do is read about the breakfast club rural every morning. Guy you guys are trending every you know. I drag my ass out of bad. I'm like what happened on the breakfast club today, but we don't try, I'm actually. No, I just happened that gallant thing was raised. The now all I know is I didn't realize it was all I saw your proposed you're like when his interview from four years ago, I got that was unbelievable around giving oral like amendment no six, its expected and also by the way its basic the one thing I have done with a woman really never put your agenda is correct about it.
Real long story. We got the idea that it was kind of guy and every time he walks into the room. I mean I saw him at the billboard awards. You don't think that was the first thing everyone thinks of when I see him now. It's wildly that turn you often wounding the Gallagher wait his taste some dunwoodie note was all good. I also want to say your friend from TM see vague that's my girl, yea. He deserves and Emmy for that speech. Can you right now, but that was the greatest thing I've ever seen and that took so much balls to stay and up to con yea ends, and he was so eloquently These were motivated by where you weigh more brilliant and at that guy is a magazine of these is the first time I was going to say there is greater things for unemployed yeah he's really anyway. Sorry, too, dear you're right just all week from our lesson is saying if a decoy indicated they become de reunion, he said that you were smile in it
aims phase within and in the very positive matter? Now I think anyone I didn't look like loudest I'd. Let thought I should not have said that she was ganged up on what I was frustrated by the tenor of the reunion at what I was most frustrated in was myself and that's what I was trying to say Kim was not a victim in this she was trying to be. They were trying to hold her accountable and she was piss poor at take any accountability for anything the conversation. Was going around in a circle and when I said I would to walk off? It was because I just didn't have control over the move towards islands. There were two other times that I've wanted to walk off a reunion. One was season for in New York. City. When I wound up telling the women shot the efta by screened at all of them, which was a bad look for me. I guess you arriving at a group of women to Athens like it was my worst look and then Seas
two of Jersey. When Teresa pushed me, I regret not taking the The the bull horn away from Kenya, but I don't feel right necessarily- should walked off it. That would so. That's what I would just say. I lost control of the room and it was not a gang up and Can I get you meet me? The dog, you gotta, give its habits and then back ass. He did reserve for them to actually come at her, like that. She didn't have a good. She wasn't take the other thing that was really frustrating. Was she kept saying? I didn't say that no, I didn't say that and unlike
you did we're about to show the clap right now. This whole racism thing in this day and age spools. Everyone apology raises a very tragic way mesh and also, as you know, nobody really wines, because a social media wasn't racism was not real. I can at one point, was even like role at production and there we rolled it. So it was, is really going absolutely no and it was going nowhere for like two hours and it was loud and it was you know I was just over at what can I say what are you bigger Kim's comments on racism, the whole racism thing in this day and age. I thought that I think she has a hard time seeing the nuance in her words, which has happened by the way
for ten years on the show we showed clips of her referring to things in early citizens that the women were pissed at her about that that had oh the now. I know that she has a real friendship with Charae. I know that she had a real friendship with care, Andy and I'm interested in what the two of them really feel about where she stands at when she said that what I, and again, this is someone who I have said for the last few weeks and I've set it off, after the reunion she does not did not express herself well and what I think that he was saying was that in an air air, of social media, you something that you say can be,
alone, up and made bigger? That's what I think she meant. Well, that's what I think she man Charlemagne gave a donkey today. Yes, any called a man is ok and Locrinos Beck and call a geiger colonizing. Now does many, Mrs, do you get offended when he called people manage by native now love, you will do what I ve been trying to figure Menezes grows. I think it's a really good insult for a white person that your basic but as a priority, is more white brother. What a nasty added to our guy could everybody's got a raises. Everybody's, not a big. Some people just have a nasty attitude ADI. Do something Nathanael Taylor, swift coverage, cept, Bob. I would if I was a nasty now by the way. What is the problem with Taylor Swift, covering?
saw a horrible gave. Also it wasn't a great cover, but I've been. Does that mean she shouldn't covered the song ass arrives? That's all. I feel that I did it. I led on that. Rather it is a maze inside ass. She kind it turned it into like a beside countryside into a maniac. At my arrival. There's nothing grows her then mayonnaise, I m browser ambrosia salad could be a really good insult for a white perceptive lamp Roche's sound as if it is like a very cracker ease, tally at answer in the south. You have to see. What's in it, it's grouse, it's really grow given away ammunition of liberation. Salad, look at you, you might use that most Ambrose is, though, in a low margin of anything that envy any family are coming to provide. I just talked about into every day
I know one offered, maybe down any enemies. Being himself. I know you better be able very excited to join if I'm very excited relatively good that if an enemy ask but back to housewives, stay out of my way. Guy you think about has run out. My witness housewives go from the ceiling. None of females get along its little period. That seventy seven Atlanta alone I that's true, nemean candy are getting along great ninny and Porsche are back, they ve been hanging out, but anyone Cynthia are great need. Kenya is good with the grew. Actually I think they it's not that as vague coming back, half baked Dammit day, everyday life? Generally, you never know so. Maybe ok, you never know that is critical. I never say no, I think, can will never be
Never I really doubt, and and by the way I stand by what I said to him on camera. She had a very negative see said it was all negative it and that's why it was all negative at the reunion rapporteur, Kim's into produces made her look, meaning to union you're here to appear to be the job every them, though meagre now know you Kevin words in someone's now tat S. True, it's true toddy for potty show that will stay on the right or that go into now. She shooting and now ok shooting, and now I we are more. We d call we come back. Don't move is the breakfast club good morning, prayers, d, J the annual Ye Charlemagne ago? We are the breakfast club from Bravo. Aid the housewives of later in all the housewives ranch actually become in. Big Griffin actually have beef because you replaced. We need, as just been make it up about me for the last few months she has beef with. Maybe just let her have blue. Why? I don't know, do you
please, please. You reminds me of tromp. She just me we constantly jolt, forty five is leave as to nickname. Ever marry ivories. I love it makes me laugh every time that since it hey. Won't you reach out to adjust to say hello. Was that your father? They gave you the provisional, yeah. Now she I can do is a deeper than that. I don't know yeah now, yeah yeah we'll be reaching out what's happening here, he's in a local next, you know what it starts next Tuesday night on Fox at nine, I'm so excited so I'm setting up this is not Porsche from Atlanta them as she does and she once it really bad, and we set her up with three great guys. It's great so it is one that letter just black big it all black yeah yeah, the big and hot dude soaker. He asked
absolutely now. What are you don't pick one? Are you gonna take one eighty? Yes, I would like to know that part of my problem. I love, could actually I've gotta these guys legs to me. I'm like are you sure, you're under because that kept happening to me? I ain't is every not happened, Purvis, but I dont had unstring guys. It's. By Jason Trinity stop it did. I really didn't. I was just playing with him. I just I just wanted to know a load of Charlemagne Way, certainly where he is and gay spectrum Yeah Charlemagne, what that's all I ask Jason Kennedy: where are you on the gay spectrum? I don't know. I was going to ask you. What exactly is the gay spoken with what I was saying to Jason Kennedy was we were in Vegas I was like you know we were. We were out the night before it was like three in the morning, and I mean this guy comes up to Means casino, this straight guy, but then the longer I talked to him. I was like this guy.
Is ready in a girl. Like you, he's like about egg is strange. It's like three, a m strategy. Inveighing. You know somebody ready to go just couldn't. How do I mean he was not stray dogs biggest Kirchner? I don't know that's what I'm saying like on the gay right. You know spectrum. I was like ok, this guy's inching over to my side. So that's. Why was saying Jason Kennedy, like you know three a dot m after you've. Had you know a lot of cocktails and you're in the casino and you're like ready to turn it up like? Is there a possibility? You turn to the guy? Next to you at the bot check, table and everything's looking kind of better than it was at at at eight in a word about the re when it comes to curtail the poor me one. I tell me one near you Yet we are Charlemagne. Speculated numbers are color, the noble I don't know just yeah, I mean ok, let's say on the ten
I told myself to nine, given my limited experience have women. I didn't exactly, but that's almost zero. Ok he's a zero it I'll make a lotta gay jobs, though letting in, alas, no good allotted. Georgie like toward it would gay guy back with you. I got a job like ivy ness. Ok a less menu well, your own Larry S, sort of like a seven really is all they will help us to a guy all right. He said you know the other day. He said you know our northern gave it has been a gig. It's really talk, underwear off me, and so let me now that your own mandatory, ok, but you said yet no good. I mean by that. Ok. Come now, tell me right now: you're, not like a maritime men who could say something now immediately like oh ok,
we're here was my feeling about this guy and vague, I was like this alike alike in the ever the russian like holds a whole lot matter around this. I do not know where they were actually able to tell you. I was leg over this guy's at this point in his line of work. You have you ever said somebody where are you gonna gaze bag? I said to him rail. Yes, what was his way he was like. It was. Was I gotta know I'm straight. By than the longer we wait, you know we ve in between us come with me and you know what it is, then you would probably joke around with it right. Then, if you're not too sure you a little nervous. I don't know. I was just like ok, why? Why are we still in this conversation where's this going for you? Are we going if we're going to do to get a y know,
I wouldn't. I just wanted to know what was on the table and by the way I didn't. I was with friends and I left I would like to see you like Armada you're like this is not, but it was- and I said to my friend, men like Vegas is create like Anything can happen and are we going home you stories about you in future yeah I hope not, could actually now I've just doing racked. I'm very derive resident catch him that I'm just erect and very rather too, but I'm sure radically. Mr love connection, I have two years a thing that I love about this, shall I get in there so we're time only in Vegas like I do I get in there with these people and, unlike what is the deal lay down? I am I you know what I was saying. I was not on my game at the Atlanta was not on my game at the Atlanta reunion. I am on my game. Love love have a guy last on it starts.
Tuesday may twenty nine on five may at first, no pushes not she's a few episodes in Algeria so funny it's all right after beaches and by the way where any ethical gas outside my guy. Eighty men are, the pleasure is always a pleasure. Congratulations on everything, You love me sign regulations to you on everything he really westerwelle. Has this make right now to good use. Showgirl hinted at in care is coming up here. Next havin a lotta drama. Yes, she is, We see any such scandals come out about Anti goin up. Have my back yard?
then the utterly I just say we did happen. He's call you know, there's what you have to know. You can cancel me, you can have the dog. You the day but, like I mean no harm, I come with love. What level of connection Charlemagne six everybody they say. No, I give my five I give up wiser six hopefully you know what I'd haven't abrogate very no just five means are open to it. On the spectrum. That's all nah Mammalia, really have leg had into everyday zella. You does it. You didn't, you said there a moment. I know tat. You said your married man, you said no one's got my pants off yet Like you, you're saying these things, you know what I mean whole body.
Haven't they give Charlemagne by Jackal? Did you know you do the dog here today I do a jackal, you move your whole era, yeah. I know how you talk about Betty. I didn't sell you, the knights and pretty much good. Please deal seriously and Elsie Unlove connection. Everybody applauded breakfast morning everybody is dj. Envy age Larry, shoulder me now we are the bread hurry. Love have did on this Thursday. Goddammit, let's get to the room, was a sort of wills lived with his cloak? Well will commit is coming back. That's right. He's back to wrapping was myth. Indeedy Jazzy Jeff a k, of course, each agency Jeff in the first prince now they ve been talking about this for several months, and
Well, miss been saying he's very hype about excited about this, so we shared a Youtube video announcing. He was finally ready to make his rap come back and he put up a clip of some bar. Is that he's been working on? I'm not gonna lie is sound.
Did, he gave take it out his twenty years, swag I'll just witness. Let me remind everybody who wilson advanced wrappers, make your rain that they money had year, but all my money, ass, a private killer, Stripling judge what everybody wanted wealth but found no light got dat. Many summers got hit by a giant retired reference. Just rely mainly to modify people shaken like really my chance. You're right or wrong will become a warm and now a novelty drama. Common yonder play Mohammed Ali over. Why, lady, probably twenty years, swag you'll just wait and stop the divorce Romas module, Damn business dialogue, every drop, one includes bonds without a dull contemporary dad around now I said about your mom I'll, probably kill us drive adult contemporary universal good. About that. I feel at ease found a balance between first principles. We could, I would always data first, prince was a dope rabble right. We'll move was aware: graphics, furtherances, no middle mosque. Greta thing I could beat my ties in pregnancy someone's day, we'll move is getting Jijiu. We welcome to my website about some time, so our approval
furthermore, for governance, neighbour he family farming and about that guarantees that makes it in his arm. He spitten there you found about my life. Reference in wolves, moved ass, Adele, contemporary data, pretty slick. So days. I had to work. He has done in every ass, ok, well alike. When you actually here raffles. There really got the money to talking about talk here. You ve met even kidding because it really is not even just Aviano sign of modern from our presidency's Adam King push one day Tonia. Originally you guys member was supposed to be called King person, he renamed it. He said on Twitter, I changed the aventine from King Pussy Day Tonia, because I felt it didn't represent the overall message of this body of work. They Turner represents a fact that I have the luxury of time the luxury only com
when you have a skill, set that your confidence was its deadly God does Gill Certain, because a pussy does on the wind. The same call for two days and blame that opportunity there was you'd see, makes adult contemporary trap music network dissolve moving to make me reminisce about seven, twenty, the crack in Moscow in a circle and on my way to same off its march. We know you really thought about this cause. You got up, you took a shower and then you put on the same dirty clothes. You a nasty knows, is a beautiful regulation, fit away unofficial lawyers. I looked at my radio That's weeded out this aliments, my my family. I take a level luxury drug wraps. What what? What? What do you say you? This album is for my family high tastes level, three drug wraps lottery Wang Rubbish. Shit me like their resolve Mcveigh, Magala out of me. This is nothing more than the outcome of our musical therapy sessions. You think everything's happening in real time. You don't have my work as I don't have my work. The final master was turned in two hours ago, no single. What are those on that interested in any of that
that so many recognises that my leg is only seven records. The extremity alight this only seventy and seldom holidays. Radio record is no single I'd. Try to play a record this morning and he shut me. Down immediate. If I may, on the song, what would make do use is a sound infrared that everybody's already talking about small push. You want all the small clamorously was only as you know what you gonna do offer itself our piano, featuring, rigorous and then ass missus that we're going see all they ve irregular and now the games we play and if you know you nobody gave you play, is so tough. My games it plays down. This is from my maid men, who grew up, who grew up off the legends from Yok. As far as though I never told you about making menagerie supposed to go, I'm Ellen degenerate and make a huge announcement, but she said that is article. Lay out was you was supposed to go, live and make that announcement yesterday she said I may go live for the announcement so be sure to have your wifi situated within the next thirty minutes to an hour. But then she changed those plans and said you guys after careful consideration, I have decided to do not
I now speak tomorrow when most of my fans, all around the world are wide awake. A lot of them are asleep right now, due to a b, like three or four in the morning in their various countries. Less do three p M Eastern Tamara love you. I'm allergic to know to push us companies we great yes, I'm dead legal eradicate Arap, beef between pussy, teen Drake, pushing the push about all this motion want all evil noise rank, and you know I'm not even the city and act like Drake as is not well more than a formidable opponent. We saw dragging the dominion of integration. Drake is busy when it comes to battle rap, and I think it is push album dropped. My great need. By drakes, an outmoded gotta, hydrocarbon, Anjou Drake will definitely had. I think you have to instigate their average. No, I want to instigate dragged to the reply to direct all our replied. Everybody might I do a full disregarded and provide a push. I can't imagine he would ignore that he got to the bottom line. A man is glad that he replied abiding by what I have ball.
Game: very timid, irregular peace, Burundian. Thirty minutes, music, aided him have about you need I beg you to airports. Well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you, miss you. Now you give it a dog to already a dirty mere earthworm. A dirty thirty mins fit is beautiful. Ok, I just there you're sort of way dirty it in my ears are gonna holes in it. You can follow young friends. If you won't, do you look stupid, adulterated? Isn't this? What is the new and you look smelly? I do now. But we ve got a lot about. The Maumee looks familiar stake: Omby Amby, seriously, look at every shark Mr President, you have this idea above will extend now canary, Gunnar and his thinker word above do think. Spain is not a word, will expand God s orders Melick battling. Nor do we need it argues nearby, guess, wedding and stick a United Day Jesus Christ diseases elsewhere, always you ve knowledge,
right. How do you know it s mouth like I'm, giving any further than the donkey today. We need all the anniversary of the coming from the congregation. Now then avail play than of her just Annabel. We need them the front guys we like that world and let us all confusion who she said that we got an inability to think in a locker room. I think all about which there might be in a locker room, do tell any balled up to five take a shower and you had turned on shadows. Nobody advantage should represent valleys effect, thereby deeds patriotic the aid. According to do you want to bring that was wrong to anyway no database of next the breakfast locomotive.
They re going, don't get out of my view or or don't you don't give a damn dog you today does not discriminate. My now the song today right out the donkey there needs to be done in a breakfast club. Please don't keep the dates. Headache! Yes, dog! You David! Third, they made twenty forkel derive a good deal in the NFL staff record label in mother, Efron crew. Now yesterday, a ruling came out at the end of her will find teams if players protests the national anthem. Let's go to sports illustrated what report loose and avail players will no longer be allowed to kneel. During the planning of the national anthem, Wednesday, the ETA fell introduced. A new policy pertaining to the anthem which states that all team and Lee personnel on the field shall stand and show respect for the flag and anthem.
Policy was approved at the League meetings in Atlanta and laid out the framework for what the ETA fell. Expects from players. Policy states that, if on the field, players must stand for the national anthem, though they are no longer required to beyond the field. Players may remain in the locker room or similar location during the anthem. If a player on the field is not standing, the team will define by the end of fellow teams, will also have the ability to discipline personnel that do not stand and, if so, how if all you ok once again for the building of time. Nobody is protest in the anthem, be disrespectful to American, nobody of protest in the anthem to be disrespectful to the military player that taken in need or an anthem, because the injustices that our have named the black and brown people a dance. It opposes player that taking a knee that they want to bring attention the social issues that are affecting black and brown communities. I, how difficult it is this concept to grasp the most interesting thing about all of this is in a felt you
have to do anything. I mean you show leagues that I can make whatever rules they want, but when you are in a position of power, all you need is humane is injustice in order to govern. Ok, that's how you ass, I have. Are you properly governor YU, be fair? Ok players have their basic for us. A memory of free speech and people who oppose the players have those same for some embarrassed to voice the disagreement. That's what emerges all about. Ok, we have freedom of speech. We ought to have the freedom to disagree. All the info had to do was nothing absolutely okay lot. Twenty in the forty eight laws of power do not commit to anyone. It is the fool who always rushes to take sides not commit to any side or cause, but yourself by maintain your independence become the master of other people. Okay, playing people against one another. Making him pursue you alright see. All the NFL had to do is respect players right to protest their protest in which is doing just that black and brown people of faith.
Still further the handle napoleon and respect he was right to disagree and when the people disagree, get angry at the NFL. All Annabel had to do was remind him that this is America and play as have the constitutional right to protest in the star AY, now the league of reacting, why they become tv, radio, the death? Why I don't know somebody was they have because if so many different ways to consume NFL content now days, some people say is because some people think this border to violent. Some people say because of boy. At one side. Boycott and could Carlin Cabinet has been blackboard other side boycott and because they won't play is to stand for the national anthem. Who knows why ratings of declining all I know is that this move, it just go, make them decline even more, because I'm a dialogue, Dallas Cowboys, fade what I will see. I can justify watch into an affair knowing that they don't give give a damn about issues that affect blackened around people in this country. I don't know how black and white play is consumed up every week, the playful leagued. I don't give a damn about your people. That's how I feel. What have you
Me why the interval really did this move. I think, because they terrified about celebrity in chief damage atrium. But back on until two thousand twenty seventy would damage from tweeted. Why the NFL getting massive tax breaks while at the same time respecting our anthem, flagging country change to tax law? Now Val gave up his taxes in status and twenty fifteen so died, data they receive a tax break is not true, but I believe that, even though it is not true the fact we have a president, so petty a predator who called Annabel play of sons of bitches revealing a president was just on far from friends this morning. He said this
well, I think there's got out, only people should be staying unlock rooms, but still I think it's good. You have to stand proudly for the national anthem. What you should be playing, you shouldn't be there. Maybe you shouldn't be in the country. You have to stand proudly for the national anthem and the end of alone, as did the right thing, that's what they ve done. This real big! You should be in the country of unilateral effort of work. Ok, I think the inability terrified by terms pretty an older than the commission I dont- want whatever dirty god more known, expose amino trump would expose them. Ok, job I'd, make trumpet Dell and all who bought a boss, cynicism appeasing him and that's why they are making players stand during the national anthem. But don't listen to me. Okay, I'm just a radio guy with my listen to Pusha, T's new album and that adult contemporary trap music got me reminiscing about selling twenty two crack in Moncks Corner South Carolina and because of that I've worn the same clothes for two days in a row. Okay,
all. I know that this is clearly a violation of the Sea Ba in order for them to change the policy abdicated approved to disobey and they didn't and since they didn't, this is clearly a violations of play a clearly a violation of play is right and I hope that in a valued suit, oh, please don't play and I think we have to stop supporting NFL altogether. Please give Raja down and a photo biggest here. What begged for a donkey of the day well deserved? I know We come back. Ask eight hundred five hundred eighty five one thousand five one. If you need relationship adviser any type of advice, you can call ye right now of course, neither about eight hundred five five one o five one is to breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast. Everybody is dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club it's time for as key hello. Is this
yeah well. Nor will we began Mister Browne, which you can see where you ve been later with Burma for like to years the Lille over and then you just I'm out there well nay, middle. I let it about were says he gave you a fake name on his time. So how did you find out what the bag gotta bank account not help, build a credit up dilemma that a more like though not so bad. Profoundly level the speed of big anyway. What I thought it was a guy got on my oh, my god forbid the boy knew I wanna get em my now? What does he may well, when you asked her about it, they would work, pour la Mancha Give you an explanation. Those there was the explanation or What made me? Could you give me other em, I'll, never respectable grandma our money from some I made my way
got back of bad weather would leave me, but what is it Like what does he say, nothing blew over the old you why am I therefore labour so when we'll you search around real name of computer for like that, like unlikely lot about We're, not gonna, love debate, a girl. You, like I dont know. Might not, then what lab where I would a whirlpool. So let me ask you this. Ok, he thinks he's trying to scam you up I believe you, a little. You know I've account, but I don't want to make a few. But what happens the dump, the naive us a lot about you know why what about do her, friends and family? Have you met them? Did a car by her big name up alluded to pick up on it, or rather like a big man,
Oh, what is it that the US government may go out, but you laugh? What do I mean that? pretty weird thing to do. If you be my somebody said three years and as yet the logical liar. Does you lie about other things? Obama live Paypal, I am also happy to see the other two, but not at the lab, Ok, so she lies about a lot of things, not just an aim. It could be. Have a disorder are loaded more good. Lord knows very remote. There is definitely a raft lag, somebody's lying to you about things, not just your neighbor other things as well. This not even know why they're doing it, but on the flip side it could even worse than that it could be she's hiding something from her past, but you said has been three years doing it may not even know why they're doing it, but on the other that could even worse and that it could be she's hiding something from her past, but you said, has been three: So it's not like you just medicos. If you just met her
be a really big cause for alarm out of the blue of about a and you do not have friends right. You ve met friends. You ve met family members, the America As I say this to you, I'm just give you this advice, protect your finances, protect your bank account protect yourself, until you find out what is actually going on, Jesse thinks you need help for her compulsive lying among Wanna go what Europe is about, like a flower, let me about. Every morning I saw the man you you to me I re was have to hear how this turns out, but I was a she knew acknowledge as she needs help she doesn't end just protect yourself. That's all like me, so you don't know her name. I anything of yours. Don't do any of that. You need to know in any way, so you can't, but you know you are ready to allow. I know by Europe
can help her with her credit, dont co sign anything, don't do any of those things. Okay, until you feel like you can just because a lot of times people do get taken advantage of birds I rise you're welcome all right, that's as key! If unique relationship advice call her. Now eight hundred foggy five one off I wanted to preface locomotor. There was Kendrick Lamar with love morning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club we're in the middle of, I ask you a lot in what order you mind. Three shine sugar morning must break the scholar whistleblowers closer for you, I so I'm twenty five have age. What is called it and how this either he's thirty, Ok, so fond of it is no wonder related. Have you wanted three family benefits I mean you know if they would, I'm not gonna, throw down give offence Benefits means you guys have sex
the highly Lou at TAT. Rival was twice now. Flows have been involved air, I'm trying to figure out why, not, so you tell the union when it be in a relationship because you ve felt like she was too much out of. You, but now you really like me, isn't there side? Do you, like our wise? A hard for you to say is extremely good. If I saw you I wanna feelings for her, but you do here, though I did ok. So what's the problem, while we are again Bobby here yesterday that a different lights up around my light, you might not like all right different. You know low low older than you sell your probably not as mature and is different things as she grew up on it. You didn't that happens, but back then in any relationship, no matter what you ages through. So I dont understand that you guys, but on these beings is like a huge argument, or is it just a little disagreement? Looked beautiful see shot. It seems like the reason that you care is because you care and there's nothing wrong with that.
Are you need a stout focusing so much on the age difference I mean. Listen. People who at the time and had been successful at it? But if you feel, like you know many to be in a relationship don't led her on. But if you really like yours that China to fight the veiling right right, the girl, you guys, member, you don't gotta, be a high rock. When you really are a gem, it's ok to really like someone goulash broken. Oh there's this destiny and besought destiny. Regularly. We call of rum try what I've done. What you call for you, where I'm getting married and argue ah yea I will bring about Mary and I have a friend a Betty. I thought that you would be my wedding and powder there. She was ass. She got up their national policy will you go. There's really selfish of her, where I really want to talk about his wife. I want my. Where would you not even give me the chair, but he might cause you got me also to me
every being where he will not talk about that is so nasty a rude of her. So you tell her now she's, not in your wedding. Our world you're not alone wedding, because I have to because I have never been so bad for Europe that we, since I was eleven the labour market are. My favorite goes out they drop out. Then maybe you can view my wedding, I'm not a vampire in your when it, because you know and nobody she's had ruined some these big day and big moment like that, at that too many lives. You are friends. Where is your wedding? You can choose who ever you wanna put are not put in your wedding. She should be happy that you know, to pay auto money. They bridesmaids end up having to pay anyway cage and you can go and enjoy yourself and give you a give it back our friend. She just be happy for you if she was a black hair. That I would be in the wedding fine, but you can't black somebody on social media sounds.
I give my be better off without her. If she is that selfishness she's only thinking about herself at a time when it should be about you, we're ok, thank you somewhere, I and hopefully hope this is someone would tell her bag. Congratulations on your wedding! Thank you! So much ASCII, eight hundred five, a firewall or fire. One of you got a question for you. You can call her now our rules on away. Yes, black panted silhouettes tell guys away there and talks to do ok, we'll get internet, come back, keep unlocked the breakfast locomotive Ah my e g entreaty solemn him, a guy. We are the breakfast. They draw political multiplicity, just because you just listen and am unlimited Download President Ramos into jobs is now needs. Oh yeah, me too, I want to put too much expectation on
I bet you do it allowed before. I just wasn't shot Mamma dont contemporary trap, music baby, but let's get to the room, is the sole black Panther to the bar annually on the breakfast club, where they reports are their Ryan coup glare has been speaking where the Download Lever and Michael be joined in fair black. And those who they cities, currently mapping out black Panthers sequel and has written in a number of new characters that moviegoers will be introduced to when it premier is one of those characters. If he gets his wish will be played bad how this gambino, nothing is set in stone, but informal talks. Happening between ryan- can be no and wraps from marble and Disney to see if they can make it happen. I know you're Lithuania of Michael, be joined, died in the first, and only does what have you read blueprint? The comedy Nora, kill, monarchies resurrected a couple times
I didn't feel like he was dead end of it either on the word nano global offered in into all of this I'd rather than excite me, but he had a small role and Spiderman homecoming. Yes, Mam rouses uncle prowler but you re becometh not at all, like I don't know it, and I have no idea tat battle for your languages. If what I have to say that I dont know about family few, that's right. The car dashing Jenner family will be on family feud. That includes, Kenya was by the way, as he is a card dashi engender as well. Now during
episode kindly where is gonna team up with care and other relatives, and they gonna do team west and face off against the car, dashi and family that led by Chris Jenner, featuring Chloe Kardashian Promotion of Angela donor shampoos, lobby, local media- I don't know it doesn't say of rogue version. We all know that there are a long way models will maintain ass lobbying. They have put out a preview of wet. That show is gonna look alike, and here it is Sunday to turn their lives or the start to you on the part of levelling family Naxa day him this game, or was it I'm gonna be all right?
that's gonna era loaded with you right away again, so I really did celebrity value labour say that's a year. They do and the winnings always benefit a charity. So the winnings are both sides will benefit the children's hospital, LOS Angeles awry and edges Alba is going to star and direct am produce and untitled. A modern re telling of the hunchback of Notre Dame for Netflix, so is based on that Roma novel from the 19th century, it's been adapted several times previously, but he's going to be doing the one for Netflix. So congratulations and that's what I saw in direct and produce all right and good morning. America is now expanding to three hours for everybody. Watches Gma cancelling the two that show, actually, I think, was on fire like seven seasons or something like that, but they said thee. Ratings had dropped ever since they fired the co host marry a battalion last year because of those alleged sexual harassment claims that went back decades, so they getting rid of that show and expanding the morning. America, for all you fanboys issue about whether to commercial,
I never was able see their renown. Yes, a cooking South Amerika tallies a chef. Now you know, I re that quality by astray university is gonna, be doing an eleven, we course on confidence, so they teaming up to provide students that course to help them build perseverance, help them build confidence and other skills that are necessary to succeed in any industry. So she will appear in motivational and educational programming that aligned with the mission astray university to help build up their students. Now she said, I'm thrilled to partner
stray our university to help their students. Succeed. Dreyer has been helping busy working adults go back to school over one hundred twenty five years, and I am honoured to add to that legacy and support the students who are working so hard to further their career, Robin Hood. Basel agreement, through this bill, she's, as are gonna, be speaking at their commencement on June, twenty third or Alice Greer University. I'd honestly, don't know as my first I'm hearing of nor of heard of affordable north, I re while I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report for all right. Thank you, miss ye. When you go to a resolution over
weighing on put on no holes, and you should all right. Look at all of us. Are you will look of kindly those, let alone a whole Hogan shortly, but it is rather than just rip off and start you ve been very kinky. Does my anger networking large firms you a fluent Andy? Now you tell me what you want me to rip my shirt. I want to argue buckle walls or why don't you change your clothes dominance in the push a t adult contemporary trap, music on my way to same outfit again, a model in the same off. If a today are a stinky, oh man, you woke up this morning, you took a shower and indecisive Dewitt, saying Glow metal, Laszlo deregulation dramatically mountain emory- I really like this, and we can tell a lot cargo paragons, Alger, the massacres of the genoa. Of course, would you like to see yesterday there's you working on? I rang. I have you want to say that we need a bank in numerous using monkey new right when we come in The people's choice makes you wanna, hear something. Eight hundred five, five one or Faubourg each requesting is to bring
this morning, Jordan, MAGIC Bird, Barkley, some of the greatest players to ever grace the court played all together as a team only once as the nineteen ninety two to Dream team Maccallum Sports, illustrated brighter best selling author and now host of a new podcast, the dream It takes the real story of the greatest team and nba history. Decades. I've been writing about basketball, and I was, lucky enough to follow these guys from the earliest points of their career. All the way to Olympic Golden Ninety two always say that he was got another two weeks were our problem, and now you can hear those voices alone The whole story of the greatest olympic or maybe just the greatest basketball team ever. The dream team takes from diversion podcast, listen to the dream. Team takes money, I heart radio, up on apple I'd, kiss or wherever you get your podcast starting. My
May eighteenth social. And seeing slows the spread of Gruner virus. So If you have a fever dry coffin, shortness of breath, all your help, provider. Before going in more info, a grown virus, not gov Let's all do our part because we're all all alone together brought. You buy council,
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