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Do We Really Care About the Royal Wedding?


Monday 5/21 - Today on the show we opened up the phone lines to see what our listeners thought of the royal wedding or if they cared about it at all. Also Charlamagne, gave "Donkey of the Day" to a 25-year-old who posed as Dallas ISD student to relive his basketball glory at Hillcrest High. Moreover, we had host of MSNBC night show Ari Melber stop by where he spoke about, police brutality, Cohen and Trump, disagreeing with someone vs shaming them (Kanye), and stories that got him emotional while reporting. 

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The class of twenty Twenty deserves a proper send off, which is why I hurt radio in derivatives. Brings you commencement of the pod cast featuring speeches and dedication from icons we admire most here from John Legends cash, and many many more check out commencement of the pod cast dropping, may fifteenth on the ice radio app or wherever you get podcast, with especial Doritos valedictorian episode, where Doritos takes graduation speeches to another level by naming five grads, giving them each fifty thousand dollars intuition and sharing their speeches with the world
I heard a radio and tv mobile know that twenty twenties graduation will the unlike any other in history. So, to celebrate all of the graduates we ve created a new podcast called commencement featuring inspiring speeches from the biggest names in music, entertainment, philanthropy and more here from John Legend Cash and many many more listen to our radios. New podcast commencement on may fifteenth and stay tuned for tee mobiles. Upcoming toss. Your cap challenge on Tik Tok to show our support for the grass only from T Mobile Alexander, like a mega Valencia. Just point has praised round, have recently joined a breakfast globe say some other rivers do you'll. Do you, you got your Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo, go go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go YO, YO, good morning, age leave my knees. His ambition to mean the guy who's did a planet is minded. Yes, it's Monday back to work week. Yes, indeed, I got one week Levin, so my man he comes back and I'm so excited. She went away for four weeks and has been the toughest four weeks time flew back. We know it didn't. Definitely inflammable. Would five kids in its
My son is is the toughest these three years old and he knows how to party any any parties on its own, but I like to Patty, but he doesn't look, not party party, but he has not had a white fully so when he wipes dad true only white see me doesn't necessarily get it all and sometimes lands on a floor. So when I walk into back from his pupil of floor and end is known, nobody to clean it and I got a scrubbed. A whole bathroom, then, is put like trails approval to the house because he just doesn't know had a white well, so you can't wait and manages back to do their job. Yes people will know nannies. Don't feel sorry for you. I don't care. I got. Is people love everybody with five did right now they do not live you. Could they do not have a nanny? Well, I ve been thinking about the fact that they can do all exactly five years, a mother with dementia, a mother, lower dimension, and it is difficult out these Bursley would only kids do when everything from piano to dance to gymnastics to football to basketball swimming
does allow them my daughter's track. Me yesterday mean of Gaza conversations. I got a kid us allow me briefly, and so they must definitely you walked out of the really goes. Look. I've got a kid got here right now. It won't happen. Is thirty five council body around and, as he has in mind, open sixteen Julia Day, they are, they all need move import next year will manage. It gets a licensed Lou different. I gotta be a grandfather soon now shut up, no unemployment. Would you also know the tiniest? I guess you lay not settling in twenty six continue taking your pretty soon. Now, if you don't know about, you will have accused as interact track is the worse. Each ever depends out there I go to track needs every Sunday, what not eight to nine mother Windsor. What's a candidate to thirty three independent Watson earlier I made earlier because you are left me with the fifty meters by conflict, but you just gotta prepare you get you ten gotta get outta here to get you chairs, chairman, that, whenever nine drinking food ensnared track as they all day long out of his heart, the you daddy heat is, oh, my God is not a yesterday was a little warm gonna, be eighty degrees yesterday, but it's not that bad along the weather is cool and his army bringing sunscreen, and you got you snacks new drinks, you girls, amateur many museum.
Three yesterday, the wars pot staging bright because for me in the air that we live in, I'm always looking for issues around with them from a runaway. Why people in your website, shooting up everything now I got summarised in alma- would look over the shoe to some, never more than twenty thirty feet away from America, and I know that I want. I want to be around our friends, and you know: pilots, economic, good stuff, but I gotta be and of assembly grab and wrote. If you need you so much, I can't really just sit down yet again. Avail enjoy, as an act of very actively in the ideal, would weaken yes outlet to everybody in DC eyes and easy, and I was in Baltimore as well as set out a dj quicksilver. He actually took great care of me. I want to declare that he owns and not to my first. It was packing
that was our downtown and Baltimore, and then I had to day parties yesterday and also spoke a Booby state university anti. I spoke there as well, so we had a great we again over the weekend, shouted Jeremy who put together that event. Abu, we stay, but at a very interesting fun we can t see those had a partner Jeffrey, not about exactly know out of hardy. Wolski should issue. Ory Milburgh will be joining us, are from MSNBC Sean or misunderstood. Korda bleat stash rights will talk with him he's also. Journalists were NBC, so old. Kick it would have been a little bit and we got front page news. You are we talking about worse since our talkin about schools, words, how you about a school shooting that happen while couple of M one was on Friday and ten people killed and ten people wounded. Now, have you this conversation which adored Charlemagne about anything about it You hear what you didn't want to do in school cuz. They said that I have to have this conversation with my daughter. School has school
cool school shooting training. Drills was cool shooting when we we value, miserly, Rosa Hurricane Dro, Gadding, so lad and tell him I give you in the bathroom cause what they do is what we'll talk about. When we come back to breakfast club, Revenant Drake gods play in warning everybody's d, J Envy, Angela YE shall remain a god. We are. The breakfast club was gained some front page news now, NBA. I think the war is a cheat and somehow some way lay below the rockets out by forty one yesterday, our warriors, even when they go for our star, had she they'd, never miss curry was all fire one way he just quickly wish in threes. There live magical have grave the best suited the NBA. If ever see. My good clay Thomson is one of the best suited the NBA variously enough, but that when they went to SIRI their leading the series to once and ate the Celtic Tiger calves, I never talk about this Texas, shooting yeah
really really sad situation, our condolences go out to the families and friends in the students and everybody that was affected by this. But a teenager I suspect, to meet. You has progressed, says he seventeen years old. He is in custody right now. He allegedly use a shotgun and a revolver and killed ten people and wounded ten others or another member. When Eliza scratch you do at Santa Fe High School, which is not far from Houston and South Eastern Texas, now According to sources, these guns were illegally owned by him father and they're saying that a substitute teacher Cynthia it's his deal was killed along with nine students. They said the alleged shooter was really quiet and he were like a trench coat almost every day here is students
traders speaking on the school shooting in Texas. I should have been going through the mice I visit my daily life. I didn't realize geared to even go soon as no arms went on everybody just started running outside and next thing. You know everybody loves you re. A blue moon. Just ran didn't nears borders. Can I called my mom our idea is now being held and being accused of capital murder of multiple people and aggravated assault on a public servant. He is, operating with the police, and he does say that he spared people that he liked, because he did want his story to be told. The emperor usual refine awaited is a rest him all peacefully. Not scratch on
This is the twenty second United States go shooting. Since the beginning of the year, I am omby Amby Germanic, complaining about school. She loses like complaining about the radio planned same drags on over no like it just seems pointless at this point, because if I were you, that type of redundancy and nobody's going to do anything about it. Cuz I got to do something. They got to do something with these gun laws and they said they got to start that. I'm sorry arresting parents for allowing these kids to have their guns. You know as a gun owner, I make sure my guns are locked up in the safe, my kids can't get to him and and and it's and it's responsibility. Big guns, I grew June. I think every venue in America should have metal detective. I think every venue in a magazine I want security on, gave us a charge on gave his hospital. I don't care if it's o b g, why, in a day the massive amount of people tat, he should have met a detective and obscurity. Why there's another suiting that happen in this happened outside of a high school graduation ceremony in Georgia?
people were arrested in that fatal shooting as head of that graduation ceremony. Now the paper says that one woman was killed and another one was wounded by gunfire following an argument and a high school parking lot across from the Clayton County performing arts sensor, where the Perry Career Academy just had their commitment for graduating senior, nobody should do to benefit of the doubt anymore. Every renew every Tori, a merry feeder. Every arena should have metal detectors and armed security. Nobody give to benefit a parking lot outside of eyes, glared adulation, they won't even inside of the school, and you have to have these conversations, which occurs and also of conversation. What to do. If you hear a shooting a no calls the classroom door, locked the door closed Blount, if they in the hall- and there is a shooting,
It's like, I tell my daughter load of locally did as it is in a position where they lay on a full act. Like you dead already in August, you can't run if you'd run you you're moving target, lay on the floor. I play dead and easier conversations at that time. A fourteen year old, I'm a sixteen year old. Where would you be dogma? Regular public burden bees used? Have the boy you know ye keep em sex to remain unaware, London shot. You know at an early age and of the eight hour shooting in Nepal. Maybe we gotta do it, you do when you go into some partner. I do some on the right: are you going to come, need your car, into on Monday. You call with the bomb detected and all I kind of like, and we made we gotta take another back to precautions, anal, maybe about it. We do have to start taking organic gorgeous. Or allow people to carry guns more frequently, where I can protect myself all right, get it off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need to vent, hit us up right now, maybe you had a horrible week and you just need to vent, so you can have a great Monday. Just get it off your chest or maybe you feel blessed. You with the press and positivity this morning,
five, eight five one a viable and get it off. My chest is to breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man, but we want to hear from you, wanna breadth, allows, is to be welcomed. The metro was three: was: have men get an average, as I always good, a question for you saw a labour force is for you and you are not a preview of a poor man, a review, and I would you like a horse lie here. Ok, dad they
is for a guy who never made under the sole Colombia or three fluted allow? What's going back chocolate to tell her tat, I we don't tell sucker was that men are right now allow Maggie Ravages wedding. In England we had the generation companies making an arrogant loaf want funny stuff to do about it, one air it take it. I it's gravy call the crack it. I went to Megan in heavy flow awaiting my crack pipe outside the cattle, and I told the guy don't put my pipe in his pocket and all England like the breakfast club and we had a good death, and then they took me to be here
What I mean I don't know what was funny like a lot of time in common up this morning that these more growth more you noticed. We like a big came to sketch out there. We regard it as actually not far from me, as in Brooklyn Gibe. Has there all the time, money and rags? There was one there's one Delhi, those cells and they they asked again tabled for this before, but everybody that overdose indicates. Who is all linked to this one Delhi, neighbourhood? We move towards. What are you doing? You die on. Crews are elected mayor, one about and they build is making Katy with synthetic marijuana. Loans would have government president, my one loads are debated Emma morning. I get it reaches a boy, I'm glad I woke up this morning. My boy tat, our new Saturday with Libraries Day Sunday with his birthday
it appears that the family have. You will then be unarmed black, I'm on my way to work on in the power my brother, what our borders, but we lay back there you go live whose goosey, unlike do not like the? U perception of pigs working, believe absolutely really got. No goddamn have agreed date to Mamma. I beg you guys allows is issued work at eleven Duval alive. Who do you know very well? I will go on all all good bad faith. I very much share your Mama monk down a bit of one of your mama You could write a coward only if we do not manage to give support to to jail way right now to the boy now grounded
The outcome of that dialogue is the only other three o your them a laborious model. You have put it like that Armenia's Donnelly, thereby article two german Albert normal business. We walk away from you, Chancellor, who gave his works. You don't have that option. Then again, just America summarily married or metal leader clouded by you. He's gonna boldly go whereby decided now get me gone away money for now. Why don't you take her to court? Why don't you go to court yourself? Indeed, put you so much on poor payments into custody, just because the gate through my allow nobody, I wasn't gonna pay every light, the weak right. Now, though, I like You ought to be time for your child ought to go to court. They go to oh good.
Though it be awaited them. Now I gotta live man, s number say well got to child live methods, would actually gonna say that no european eel girl always call the police on you, but you, like you, could you gotta wavering agenda for the goods? I was a little avenue unravel a lot by lab. I needed a jazz aid, only thirty five one or five one. If you need to view it is now, is the breakfast club component, the breakfast? Is it your time to get it off your chancellor? The man you wanna breakfast? Is it this time from glory I shall give it features that morning I get one.
Great what Charlemagne, when you better than he think that every Porsche have never detector I've been banned. If ever, I don't understand why it cannot be said in the budget when their money, all types of unnecessary theme- I painting needs- are fitted in the budget by air. We all have about detectors by our care, can be paid out of clubs got security, good schools taught I come home, and now you have simply write allows this little get her features. Man. I was born in when you thought my parachuting interaction protected. It would clearly problem thirty minute. Wait long now posed how crazy earlier to scare stories corner the scope of this takes place in the world with children see behind school in charge, charge the good side of nowadays to arrest a lot about our style.
Through our about that, but you have no data to eat up again, alienating everything you're right, I most rewarding, generating. Who diving now push them? I had him pay in the penitentiary, then a cop shooting, it doesn't matter if you was why brown, black or Asia are eating, colored analyze suffer in jail for what they did to family members, ammo beyond, which my children, the conspiracy theories and me feels like taking all these kids. Although these these members of ice is that we should now schools in these charges- and I think they know than Us Army of White Supremacist super soldiers, but justice. There's an understand your beliefs to oblige everything out to be arranged cargo. It all day I could have been a black person whether it is usually not in America. When it comes to these mass shootings is usually white people. Ok, why can they get the credit they deserve they give up? they deserve, always you, nobody would have. Given me the natural. I d, get you write about tablets.
Maybe if I may have a good day made have a blood they. Why do we just opposite when you do when you discuss reality? but the reality that situation allows is but age we must each have everybody's on my timeline. Everybody, China, follow you, you won't give up their instagram. Are you they, nor what I didn't do that a dollar me good morning, since how are you, Sir and I gave it I do not want to give my opinion. It does not meet all the crap about the bar without proper bunker. Be. Why don't know bologna I write. I wanted was a eunuch onto your comments, we'll get over tat. While I want, above all, very aware guy- and I went on a lame air people who did not a black man, woman, ray our wedding natives weekend light out about how many men, I believe, business again rather people in a black community China Bear to diminish
women's blackmail even while watching Eliza Early Black like yes, that's our moms he's. Definitely black black. We will not be alone tv and other people, though, about the air about the world and was one out of their way to keep talking about it yet Megan Pole and avoid in writing. I got you wanna people who down here that ain't clear by the royal. Why would I do care about what I call a negative message and could us all people saying things like a black woman? woke up this morning and became royalty in real life as if we don't have a long history of african kings and Queens thousand without that messaging was off where there's nothing when people the inside of added, congratulate as I didn't you shouldn't be us, the messaging was off when you say that a black woman woke up this morning and became royalty in real life. We have a history of advocating, think we'd be re examined. At the end of the day, Mega Mark who did wake up,
really did become. The presidency's attention lies echo later, a black woman or for our wedding day many people's diminish. Our wedding doesn't have the fact that was imposed civilly on tv and not just fight in, and I think we need to have more that it was. It was a great ceremony and I'm happy for possibly we don't have people, as is that, when people last black Panther answer how black people Pritchett in their movie. As you know, very There is no doubt that makes you know, is in real life. We are queen over people like that in real life. We have people that we too, she bore nothing. We got the Amazon going on with Tom, born in West Africa, like we got real world. Your real name, I think, was because a lot of it was against addition. The fact that she was american, glittering Montenegro Emily that guy Mary on a Saturday which additionally doesn't happen, I'm not mad and landed at unhappy, volatile born of black people, black women soon
moment made it the way. Every black girl in the world can now dream of being a real princess like we got real guines already talk about it. They talk about a more next hour and we got room was unaware. Ye come up. Yes, said about the billboard away, they happen over the weekend. Will tell you who some of the Big winners war also will talk about the safe and I would suggest invested in. All right, we'll get into all that when we come back keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive breakfast morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club, less gets it. Aromas list talked a billboard awards. This is the Weber report on the breakfast club, but, above all the words were yesterday. That's right at the MGM Grand Guiding arena in Vegas, it was hosted by Kelly Claxton. Now Jan Exacting got the eye. A word and here's what you said during her speech. We live at a glorious moment in history. It's a moment.
When at long last moment have made it clear that we, will no longer be controlled. Manipulated or abused I stand those women and with those men equally outraged by discrimination who supporters in heart and mind I think it is a nun, and at last night mechanical. Bruno Mars and as sharing went into the night, they have fifteen nominations each and different categories and the big winners, whereas sharing and declare they each got. Six wins level it's a billboard words in addition, Kelly collects in did a tribute and she was talking about the school shootings. You know the Santa Fe Highschool shooting hedges happened as well and hears what she said tonight, wanted me to say that obviously willing to pray for other victims who pay for their families, but they I also want me to do a moment of silence, and I am so sick of moment of silence like it's not working. Like obviously is so sorry
What are we? Why do we not do women of signs? Why, when we do moment of action, what do we do James. Why don't we change what's happening? feel a man I all it is does seem so Redondo needs on my discussions and everything in this field. I d say radio reckon plan over and over and over again you just want something done more than just a moment of silence is and pray for. Victims have that effect, I re now be an say: has purchased a church supply to seventy five hundred Square foot house in the big easy, that's in New Orleans and they said the church. More than one hundred years old, and it was listed at eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars. It was built in the early nineties, hundreds so not exactly sure what the plan is next, but you did by its her to New Orleans. Also, God what happened and how the berry honour. I still around aims. It is isn't it now? What other line is here the ivy problem, unless he denied it backs around us and what s happening at those good or you don't They charge gonna be packaging elsewhere because they too path it at church,
so now, as you know, the one region deserves under our right and you'll be excited to know that too six, nine and Casanova have settled their beef, they ve been feuding. Allow in the streets does a beautiful two thousand me about that and now that's it them are hanging out, is better than the alternative, Adam killing each other, they hang you now Bay, they were both at the club. Would each other hang out a letter of then together they look like they hang on anyone, but I'm glad he's quality beef that an AIDS Cassie posted Ella. Well, I still got on my teeth New York that to be a problem, any adequate send over they both need advocacy, sixty nine Devlin. Neither can we clearly need to image may go. Look at these shows again careful you didn't poor dog festivals people around it, we're getting arrested at a high rate, so yeah they definitely need again. You never would have an issue with the police, as it is beef that was happening. So all that is most of your money. Man alone does messed up your money, to the money guys as binding? The people were like angry
you're gonna be random judge of India when you kill each other and we want it to end up in jail. Wanted him in the dead. The NATO fame wonders, comply. Calling him stoop now Gladys Glassdale right now. Did he broke a record? He purchased a painting, fights twenty one million dollars now the reason why this is a big deal is because this is actually. What are you laughing at most examples there right now that he laid off honey. What kind of people s revolt? They should adapt, maybe a week later, fifty proposal for two weeks by the way- and it is money that it is the most expensive peace by a living black eyed- is to be sought through a buyer. Ever so that's why it's a big deal. It's called pastime, a painter is carry James Marcia said I have made history twenty one million. I do not know nor by twenty one million dollar pain in the hygiene more than the of two weeks. There may also be weak where labour in Geneva twenty five thousand dollars in ninety ninety seven bicycles, metropolitan parent Exposition Authority, and now it's
I draw Monocle Manfredi. May you gotta corner? We came when you want something: ok, twenty one million dollar pain rabbi, black autism off. What have you got a five to be revoked you to do it? You gotta, do I write when I'm Angela YE and that is your women? A population may said. Revolt is offered two weeks they offer to which you know. I, like you, just bought a twenty one that Helen pay me designed your button. So I mean look, you gotta, do it, you got what you got. The right sounds good for culture to me. Their blood I've made twenty remain valid. Joe Biden gotta show, I feel like the coaches one, but fifty people were intellect are right, That was your room report up next front page news. We gotta talk all Lee Shootings, an article They worry she in a day they wouldn't by too much now we'll talk about it. When we come back at the breakfast locomotive, Oskinson front page news now start we NBA to worry is killed rockets, one twenty six, eighty five, they. By forty one. I don't see, MRS instead,
a mania for southern items that goodwill. Yet, if that one of the UN's taboo, because our own, when little abroad and then be Doin, they didn't have given the renowned I possibly could be unstoppable. At this point I can be like ass: they carry was eaten Shasta out you just shit, able to make is what is the greatest ambitious about out there you, the greatest pure NBA, shooter, about I'm gratitude of embassy, goodness no less about these Texas shootings right? Yes, let's talk about it there, ten people who killed Friday morning and ten more people wounded and that's when suspect, seventeen year olds images? Ports is actually went to school with a shotgun and a revolver and ended up Killing ten people are saying he did not show people that he liked. He meant to kill the people. He did target any saying that he did want the people that he likes to be able to tell historic. He used a shot gun and a thirty eight revolver. There were legally owned by his father subsidies
teacher Cynthia to deal was killed along with nine students. One classmates said the alleged shooter was really quiet anywhere. I trends coat almost every day. They ve also found journals on a computer and a cell phone that was owned by the suspect now Dakota Schreider was one of the students. Had this to say I should go Might I visit my daily life. I didn't realize was geared to even go soon as though arms when everybody just started running outside and next thing- you know everybody loves you re a boom boom room just ran to the nearest borders. Can I called my mom Jesus grows from Tony Blair complaining about schools, union rare redundancies like complaining about the radio play the same drink song over and over this light we prefer to victims. Added value should be for everything like going control before, for I would not have conquered, May I gather cultural violence and
members of vanilla ice, is want to die infamous. That's why he was like. I didn't kill everybody, but don't tell my story, like But I say when you gotta have these conversations which he Young cared about, do want to hear, shooting what I told my daughter. You don't run into a classroom, make sure you lock the door, but if you can't get into a classroom play that just played at like when I had those conversation that Muslims fourteen or almost like I would have welcomed a year and until we can get some proper solutions in place, I think that, the solution right now immediately should be met. A detective and all the school and objectivity and all the schools for J J Wide is gonna, be paying for the funeral of the victims in that Santa Fe Highschool shooting and they have come, so far, growl deadly cowardly guilty would be running up a new school shootin when they know do you didn't shot back it? I really do. I think so too. I think the pair Gotta start getting arrested of decades is able to get there. Wasn't I mean you know, I'm I'm a gun in my guns are totally locked up. There's no way. No, how my kids go get. There is no way yet again. Tapirs again twenty one.
So you should have more responsible, rifle dragnet member of and Eliza stored guns from his data from his father. His dad hasn't liability absolute I've? You gotta be responsible, known s, direct you don't man, it was another shooting one person with care. Another wounded, and that was when there was an argument as head of a high school graduation ceremony. This happens on Friday night and Metro Atlanta people were going to their cars and that's when there was an argument and one person was killed. One person was injured, so I will ask for a page now we come back. Let's talk the royal wedding, eight hundred five, eight five, one o five. What did you see the royal wedding? What are your thoughts? What did it come on? it was on those early Saturday morning because of the time didn't like ours ahead of us so yeah I was actually on the train going to deceive and everybody people with setting the alarms so wake up and watch the royal waiting list.
Let's talk about it, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one did you see it? What were your thoughts as you care that you not care? Let's talk about it and totality of strep, the was draped black boy J B morning. Everybody is D, J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club now we're talking. Out the royal wedding now eight hundred five, a fire One of firewood. Did you guys think we'll start which you ye an ethical as you know, a beautiful day for her very exciting she only I one family member there and I feel bad went through a lot a it before the actual wedding. Even during it, you know Later and be happy- and I think it's a beautiful thing that she was facing all kinds racism and trawling from people and having all negativity within her own family and still less prevailed, and they They are getting married and they do look like they very much in love. I think the fact that, as you know, we got to see some more positive
on television was great. I'm I love to see people in love. I don't care that she's black or he was a you know, he's out of print, so what Maybe I don't really care is loved the story, the fact that they fell in love she has a life like a lot of us. That's a little crazy. She got like a bunch of crazy relatives, but it never it didn't matter. The only thing that mattered at the end of the day is that day, one of, and he got the spit dig up to shed at moments with somebody for investing that have allowed choir thing. Any pay never had an earlier wedding bypass there, but it was ass though, but in any event we see some of the elite out there. Whether was opera or whoever was understood it was a group, loving of it. I don't give a damn by the royal wedding. I thought cheesy way only way better, but I care about what I call a negative messaging. I saw people saying things like a black woman woke up this morning became routine real life in Australia, It is moment made it the way every black grown world could not dream of being a real princess. I understand the entry of the wedding- and I understand you know how why you like it, but not disgrace. Your own royal history, while you big enough debris,
royal widen was not act like we don't have a long line of african kings and queens. Now we can read since when do we want to show a little girls that you too can be royalty on his flat out of you guys saw some of these trees. They were just discussing things that people were saying about the fact that you African American, but our did she saw TAT. She did not interfere as black. He just says lesson ass. He multicultural assumption yes, but she does say she's blackmail on allowing having about that. All I know is that we should not be discrediting our own its history or give you not teaching your kids about their african ass every and that they come from a long line of kings and queens than what are you teach him tell him about queen of a tv teach him about the queen. Is she will teach him about mean in to Amazon. Queen of methodical, but go ahead on the woman. Forget a married man, but people would be so mad about who cares? Who cares
I did my daughter's apprentices now, I'm a call a month or two princes and she will that's all I'm saying, and I continue to call my sixteen year old princes in a coma one. You know, as I have said, the duchess by the way out of print second week when you make statements like a black woman woke up this morning to became royalty in real life than what world we living in. What we call are our young Ladys Queens or what we call what are we were we living? We call our young daughters, princess right allows this. I was gone, honest Lamar. Brought very mass in the more. What did you think about the royal when I think he's crazy may? Do you know tat you these black women over a bad thing, it was like four a m when it came on tv and they want to do in April that amateur wags both in order to remove that have to watch him allowances, Diana became princess. Then
the boy s doing, and you know I mean I was you shouldn't have been. You know, happy or whatever Megan. What then the repeated say, women that turn around and we call it already. Black hat fell out, we'll have a white wives whenever who another guy, let alone those guns. You saying what he thinks you're me. I just think that is you know, I'm not saying that it is a bad situation or whatever their patient be happy like I said, but it's like a contradiction. Yeah put a saint Luke Oh girl come up. You know me marrying in the royalty or whatever, whatever would then be mad at the black. Those, rather, why? Why I'm being posted that I did see people trying to make the equivalence between them. Attacking charges gave me no last week, but other father maidens not out. He acting all pro blackened conscious, turned out to be taken out of our EU rules are barely ivy. You didn t
the way? I think I'm gonna not a bit, but I think is important because it has been the relish story than is the white or it will be withdrawn there. We We got all cinderellas gloried in that little black dog can baby on a day like they beautiful, oppose the You know why be widened big away dog that little gave me the big Dave, I'm proud of it at the county, business in euros or in an ideal world are not under guard. There's gonna be another way how right data wrote about what about we never did he go Queen S? She won't you ever they legal rules. Many people can actually washes happen in real life in real time. We all believe in G there's: u every juices and real diner real life. A me that you don't know that I am relieved in performing he's got his answers. See I'm not noggin it. Congratulations there. Do not discredit your own royal history. Why you big enough debris? Roy away now alarm sandwich you I mean I got Princess Madison at the House Prince in London
we went to Brooklyn is weird. Now any of you have a duchess as a child. I am, I might be done so I can say what they want. You re not using it gave about african ancestry, and I come from a long line of kings and queens dangerously. Everybody should eight hundred five.
Five one or fire, which often a royal wedding. What are your thoughts called us nails to breakfast club morning? Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne girl. We are the breakfast club nerve. You just joined us, we're talking the royal wedding. What are your thoughts? Did you see it? I just love de facto bishop, positivity or tv. I love the fact. The bishop love I mean, I love the fact. I have a lot of things normal when it s brother love when, against tradition of railway absolutely and allowed to marry a divorce, a she's divorce, any married or anyway, she didn't even have any of her family members except her mama. I'm show is really difficult for her to make sure they had a black choir black pass. Their latin things happening that wedding. You could tell she had her input in very beautiful man, but, like I said I don't know, I've been like the negative messaging. I saw people saying things like a black woman woke up this morning and became Rotti in real life or every blood grown work and not dream of being a real princess. If you not teaching your kids about their afghan ancestry and they come from a long line of kings and queens, what are you teaching them, but
for the unhappy for any one that kids can look up. Two of you can look up to that and look at your history as well. Or maybe not looking too, we have really discrediting their own row. History, everybody, let's go to the fore. Laws allows there's a way through the land they lay. What did you think about the royal wedding? I cried act, logic, rye, ITALY. Be beautiful. I like to see her mom sitting up there, ain't even less so Illegal trade would give off the hook like you to pull my ball bearable. We would very much like to know where he is very bad. You hire. I now think that guy right out by under you know, but there were really very positive, and I wasn't.
Father then, before the actual away, who felt that we believe it will be very love each other and glad that trade and I'm glad it's? Your pages are mom to initial video Irma, because I'll need everybody to realise their Megan is a princess because she came from a black we now just because you marry printer victor good morning, you doin. Now you do in man, man. I feed famous many victims by our lengthy guy to what do you think about the real wedding? May let me tell you something they were infiltrating all over the world and that all normal beyond, Do you ever able to morning when I think about Charlemagne. I used to think about job Bank because outcomes. His leg, challenging sampan around you didn't think about the room. When dammit we were taking offer man, you never tell you why I gotta figure that a first these gate had a problem with the whole family,
happy to see it in their face, but guess what he stood up for the love of his life been a little chocolate in your milk is the best man, even though I don't even know, if I want to call it taking over. I think the rest of the world is coming back around, because you know black people are the original man and woman on this planet right. I just talked about the love story. Man, I'm just happy that they really loved your family is not your normal fairly, you would see or tv she has private was an age is got married added love. The fact was loves to olive, like the love to others, though, like discrediting Arroyo, history will begin a british railways they any by describing how lonely doubly all when you see things like a black woman woke up this morning to became rodya real life are now black. Women can dream of being real, princesses were deftly discrediting every afghan came clean. I came for allows. This deletion on average is a daily show that what do you think about the royal wedding while at birth out now that a larger another hour and on eight- and I ask the bit of watching the whole entire thing I do about our outcry in lab in areas like the
this being the royal family, but we ever being definitely is doctor Thank you MA am taking them to church. He showed us. Thank you for calling me in there was the moral of the story got the motor story of men on your dog days and you feel inadequate unloved unworthy. Just remember you know, where you come from his greatness crown restore tat. You ve got rooms on away. Yes, it's like a bad make him and ass. He was, I Saturday night, live and will have some of those highlights in case you missed it. Alright keep it.
Rooms all away? Is the breakfast Logan won T J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago? We are, the breakfast club was happening. Let's get to the room, is less or make him and urge the reul report was frantic him anathemas on Saturday night live over the weekend. There was once get there really went viral. This actually was an Aneroids skit, but everybody was watching this and is called cut for time. Friends have signed this get feature Tina, Faye, eighty banking Mckinley in it- and this get there talking about how much better it makes you feel when your friends come along and is happy with it. You don't like me, cut down on the people to kind of make. You feel better. That's how friend support each other Nicky Menage shows up she's, broaden on the co workers issue that she's having and making a nice guy only the need to know who it is, and here is what happens
like you'll get the knife. Attention will be paid to take. I made the point that the aid it with me, the Athena hate, allow another hate her. She was busy badly on my feet. I need we point. They say that your bid screw, you does rule, what are they gonna run you already more than a free ride off when we go to war. For us ask questions later, my only going to know what the problem is. I write. In addition, she talks about instagram her she had yet after party and she talks about a new collaboration. Here's what she said.
Yeah. Well, if we open our eyes, I guess fact he's gonna be on her queen alum, that's supposed to come out. In June fifteen may their reason Foxy Adam Irrational, annoyed hated thing about her, be indefinite, that a real thing what he did to have a baby, also shed a baby. While back. I think she would do a music. I don't know how it sounded. I think stare at one time she was haven't difficult with. Did it with a guess not being able to hear a recordings autonomy or maybe twenty years ago, factory hang around for a while. I might hurt you just had a baby, gamer Avenant. Fifteen pleasure, I think, has made a rascal ever was five miles, isn't everything as you put our members who did a freestyle that sheep
I'll do human, where many perform it s, not a lot, but she has been doing, but I think the whole thing would have not been able to hear and hit a music the runway, something when he must act as a perform timely, and then she did her Calabro, where play by clarity on Saturday night live as well as fodder, affordable, accusing her of cultural, impoverished air. That's because, during that ten Lee performance, they had heard dancers wearing traditional japanese Garabin so wish she and she had separation, backup dancers. She also had the chaplain in her hair, and all of that now have you guys There was a teenager who went to the prom and she was accused of cultural appropriation in that's because she wore a chinese dean dress and so people we say then, the common gnashing not get a pass for cultural appropriation, as well, where they suddenly a character of a video game with legislative acts. Was more like screen fighter appropriation right here? I think they were taken about what the backup dances, the wearing of the traditional garb that she was, but it could also be drift like jointly for Halloween that wouldn't be cultural appropriation
an average handling the raised about in Kansas. You know. Telling you what I was blog, where the love Holloway, nobody Junior, will conduct provision. I guess I'm many Simpson. Of course I can get away with that. Nager arena Amber rose recently, sat down and didn't interview where seed and it's called the fallen state which she did her interview, and one thing she talked about was down. Tramping, Congo, Western how similar they are, here's what she said when I first seen tromp the podium and just kind of running for president Oh, my God is Congo in a way man body like I really feel like they have the same personality like completely this. Personality I was stupid our drunkard have ever made a college rubber. Not only are we then to advance? I don't think so now that you decide what d ya think she's meant that the same person guess: personality Wise Otto. Now she was, I don't know how you like them.
And I don't know down a chump like that. I have no idea with either one of their personalities in real life like right, I re well Angela YE, and that is your rumour reports. All right. Thank you. Miss ye shall my yes, we given at dark too, was a four hours just another example of why schools are not safe, ok, talk about if wipe it out. I and also forget next hour r e mail, but will be joined. Nice guy is on the whole of em as embassies. The beet is also a journalist. Nbc knew so well to him as well. It all is to breakfast locomotive.
I don't give a day. Job Democrats have been granted a little bit of a mess like adult club. I've been called a lot of my twenty years. The donkey at Bay is a new. Why you have not you today for my day May twenty first goes to a twenty five year old name, Sidney Portly not have time to play with me this morning. Ok, we gotta be a right to it. Right Sidney was arrested in phases the charge of tampering with America's because he paused at seventeen. Ok, so he could go back die. Going play basketball, let me say had again twenty five year old Sidney, Portly was charge tampering with American because he poses seventeen yoke aid. They go back to high school, basketball, ignored, Emory, free, the basketball, poles,
seventeen your kid, we could go back to high, currently basketball. He actually began school year at skyline, high school, and then months later he moved to Hillcrest High school and join the basque body. Not only did he joined about body dated fourteen your clattering, I can make this kind of stuff up. Let's go too far for the W Fourtou Report police, I twenty five years imposed. As a student, Richardson, Eyes DE says: Sidney Movie, a girl, strap portly, attended one day of classes at Richardson, high school last fall. That was, before. He used claims of homelessness to unroll, Hillcrest High School, where he became a stand out on the boys, varsity, basketball, team, Lorn, moral as a basketball team manager and so the players New Sidney, gills sharp portly. As seventeen old regime. Richard Syn
well like I can't remember from his thin from hurricane. Like now, we live in some environmental. My sister, Marina angle, sharp portly, is charge right now, a tampering with a government record for lying on his school enrollment forms. We did talk to woman who says that he was also in our relationship with her fourteen year old daughter, Ds De police are investigating those allegations to see if any additional charges to be file. Yes- and I know what you're thinking what was all in all. We have as yet you the star beheld currencies team. Would it when he seventeen twenty eighteen season? Ok, ask who coaches voted in the district, eleven five efforts of play at a year and a finnish to see them with an eleven and tin record, but that's not the point. Ok, we're gonna His connect is happening between administration, is tunas, jargon, look at these big grown as men and realize you wasn't seventeen years old. I know somebody's kids now Dave look grown. Is hell what a twenty five year old being able to pass the seventeen? I don't do we have
Some old fave high school was before agreeing Odin Lebron James Kevin Deranged. So I get it but come on man. We know those guys were kids are. Did we juries alone wriggled? All I know is this: ok, It was a twenty five year old Poland in seventeen O. That means everybody from students to teaches family members all too busy looking down at their phones. They too disconnected to realise that a main way path. Puberty is Romania halls and our only a legally attending our school, but if he was data fourteen year old girl is well, then he might need to be ready to data sex offender, ok One thing that ten eyes grew to relieve you hope dreams is another to attain high school to relive, ah Kelly's drinks. Now, would you You know how Sidney got caught. Ok, what the jagged be up with go back the fog, forty of Gov you for the republic. He flew under the radar until a former coach at North Mesquite high school wrecking I see him as a former player of theirs a formal coach? playing at a time. In April and reckon
Item is one of his plays. Regret if my high school seven years ago, I hate ok, oh, he would ball nodded tournament bite away. Ok, he was plain, I think, of the Chris Bosh shoots of something like that. I made us an MBA, no GDP Prospect report, tweeted out Dallas Hillcrest was led by six to God. Research on registering thirty four point: five he rebounding tournament. Ok, they said he Number one team in the nation, forty and. Record- is a few weeks ago yeah, you know why, because Sydney was literally a man among boys and play the reason this is so disturbing is because it's just another example of schools in America not being safe. Was it's a kid shooting up the school our twenty five year old, posing advocated the shoot forty school arcade schools are safe. Please give Sidney partly the biggest he.
think about what you just think about the events. Are you hang? You may be ready to go back to high school about batteries on such a scale. Bazaars. When I take my son amply basketball is kid? Would moustaches and beards call people now think about now? You can go back right now. Are you out of the EU a bowler but like myself, I could go back. You were about high school. Now. Was it s? Our back am really be able at forty mass louder than any heavy. I'm asking you play basketball, no, you do now needs ago, professor, say round him and make the tea. Furthermore, your way past twenty five years now I want every play ball. You will not make that team period outplacement. Even let you get what're. You know it for the team. They did so when I hear stories like this great golden is explained, yeah. I remember: Gregg only has drafted the same years, Kevin Terrain. He had faith. He was easily thirty five in high school and in
at a time you got it approaches need was shot. You can't internet NBA, forty and its budget, All of that he was thirty five high school books, it Turkey playing one yet Ohio State who use thirty eight by the time you are doing He was thirty. Nine started Ebby at forty and that's why I need the whole no regard for the forty one now use he's a water boyfriend. Why me you develop, whereas we on them as what you like, a staff management, no I'll stay here. Everyone can pay us after this right. They does something like you, gotta worry boy. Oh, let me look this all right think about it? The guise of you! If you could be to have articles that you do it is to be managed for the hives. They Bosnia, the water, because the water boy go. They didn't like it is all right, boy, January, twenty second, eighteen, fifty one of their main development or New York. You know, I think, you're what I dont get it day. Now, where we come back, we have already malware. My guy is also M as embassies the was gonna beat something
where will become backdoor over the breakfast club the morning the breakfast club morning everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne. The girl we are the breakfast club from Emma's em he sees the beat and, of course of journalism. B c. We have already Melbourne very happy to be here, but for people who don't know tell me who you are, I am an attorney and a writer and I now host a new show called the beat that air six pm eastern nightly on MSNBC fake news. No! Well, let me show you some vague knew. Her is a lot harder than real news, because we have to make up every story from scratch. You know so that takes a long time ago. Familiar with our because I got too much people always say media clips, it is guy would be quoting GC made it a whole entire manta on Amazon, easy and unlike Pip, Hap, Lyric and accordingly Encarta, followed by while we discuss it over many style watching does he was saying things
digest the boy making news interesting from basically highly competitive, even Charlemagne? Having some respect down, there is mutual three things: Matthew does everybody and Japan I'm a big hip out there, which is why it is such an honour to be here. The breakfast club before rearming you grow up on this stuff in and you get to meet people, and I imagine you guys, might sometimes feel like that as well when you, when you get to me your people, so this for me is very exciting. I went to govern high once the outlets for Quincy Jones, Latin Jimi Hendrix Unwrap, was all around. So it was one of those things it wasn't like choosing wrap. It was just everywhere in the school, don't usually say to Broil was yet clean. I wasn't expecting Ziad, I live immoral. I led a brougham I represent yet to o six, and so it would that was around every week I was had friends when a musical. We go around that and then with the new. What's funny is, a job? What I try
To do is to be clear and to report facts and explain things get away. Rights, of course, you're gonna reach for anything It helps do that it might be a movie and it might be a sports analogy, might be lyrics and a lot of these lyrics particular when you think about what right now, a covering the traveller ministration if covering a lot of crime politically? I said: are you and I'm talking about songs, lyrics money reacts, Indra, explain something right now. As far as I know, we want to talk about Michael Colin, who is Donald Trump attorney personally journey and I guess that's one of his very limited clients that he has and this violence thousand dollar payment that he got from the Russian, so talk about that and was going on and break it down for as Russia's wild. If this were the last seen in the movie, an you learned that the president's fixer set up an a cow pay off a porn star and then an old money into the account from
our russian billionaire. Who was so dodgy he's been sanctioned by the press, its own Treasury department and all comes out. You be like, I feel, like their time. The plot together too much too quickly, its bonkers, and so it reflects something in the realm of desperation, recklessness arrogance or Mix of the three because Michael Cohen, as basically told him Self, and that's? Why he's in a lot of trouble? I mean it's all in evidence now. It's all in the records is waiting. Legal, is what paying off somebody. Not the talk. Is that illegal? Not if you do it the right way? So you can some one to talk or not. Talk like we're in a room with very popular people right who get paid to talk, but.
If a company one to pay you not to talk that alone would be lawful right. That's what an India is for. Our companies pay enough to talk about them is now of all. However, I don't like you, while you were getting in your car and threaten you, but if You lie to a bank that can get thirty years under the bank Fraud ACT and if you ll I do the New York authorities that can get you into a criminal liability, the Donald Trump Camp pardon you for. I would talk into our email above MSNBC, the beat, of course, journalist from NBC News. Now, if Charlemagne had six would oppose star and on the other, the fearful merriment of ours as they meet at EU and Amity attorney, and I say: ok Porn star out your hundred thousand never say anything again, legal alone is not alone solely with the illegal port and that's and look you'd take DJ army in the you know. Counselor in front of the judge. I, like my
I think you're, very persuasive. You know that What being a lawyers you gotta think your client here, you know Charlotte, as a client. He's gone a lot over the years and so Nazareth Embassy at your daddy and I give a hundred thousand of them. I would put em on your page. You are you listening to your advisory council here, no, neither drop it. I know he does and if so, what could be illegal is fraud line of the bank's lining, the thought and then the big one and we're not there yet, but you're asking was possible. What's being investigated, why Is a russian linked fond sending hundreds a thousand dollars to a guy who, according to the feds, doesn't even practice law? What services he providing in that raises the question of is the robbery or is there collusion we're not there yet at my job is always to keep an open mind out. Go save you coming with me. You will come up in the media game,
Are you have a very distinct that is almost like schools? Do it's got on european soil? Beat you don't say that anybody ever tell you would allow me like? Don't you can't do that? knows what you're talking about quotas rap legs. I feel like what you're trying to sort of essays early fifty sand. I know you like me style. But how much do you like my stuff, like this guy? Ok, like this guy, I think the presidency p, I M p static. You're asking me: did anyone ever say: don't do that? It's never direct, but I think it's you guys know the as build any kind of following there are all sorts of subtle pressures and the end of the day. It's It's a question of. Are you going to be true to what you think is your job? and who you are or not, and I don't take quoting me lyrics is any different, any other number of several things that people face, and you just have to decide that, and so in that sense I think that the press.
Are there suddenly, but you just gotta figure, who you and be who you are in and see what happens and look there's a lot of wisdom out there. I mean this is the thing that you know you read decoded and you study, Jerry's rear. Hampton Andrey Hampton. You see every line of tax, theirs or five lines underneath it that you can start to unpack and understand keep up the most reliable cochin in ever and you can these were rock and roll. You couldn't do this. Would country like every we can adopt a little bit of hip hop, giving guidance account ill the only delivery of you. I mean great legs, a grey lyrics, because there is some marginal download, the most reliable like cause at nice an event that nobody Edna you to see people adopting the rock and roll. I thought all across the world adapting the country last are all across the world by being adopted by all colleges, Alexander all across the world, think that's right and is a great quote from philosopher who said:
an intellectual takes a simple thing makes a complicated an artist takes a complicated thing and makes it simple and how many her popularising do we know who are dealing with the deaths of the human experience leave now Who do you use Hotmail here? What is justice and injustice? What I feel like to live in a dispossessed community, where, from the moment you reach consciousness, the entire system is tell There's something wrong with you, how you look or your family. Or your community love pain, suffering money? What is in? What is money? Do not do all these themes right and there never in my experience done in overly com, ways to just be fancy are done in the rise ways. Are you kind of look at that? You hear that leering you got. Oh, my god, like some, was really and so there's a what islets new A tap into that is. Is there is a real honest? oral tradition. Errands have you can even get near that or try to mean try to even out?
Some of that is probably useful Europe I we are more. We all remember from Emma's embassies, the beetle over to breakfast Club kimono morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club. We have written Melba in a building you might know of mammas embassies, the bead he's also journalists or NBC, and he uses Ginerous sometime much daisy show me. I saw you on it then be seriously on you used you gonna came the kind defence and his new found love of trompe said the story. Tomato still remains a blessing and artists for simply praising a present, TAT, you have every right to death as what is it thought for with a tolerant and is it pollute politically effective? New thinking you can use. Rhetoric is dangerous. I think Congo has now got into a place where, even if you want to give an artist the benefit the doubt is that almost impossible, so I dont think
is much room or turf left, but the point I was suggesting which I imagine was unpopular based on my mention. Among other wise, that, while he's wrong- and I said in the same piece- I'm not and in Congo, as on Trump I'm not saying I was right. I worry about an instant reaction culture where We don't leave space between. I disagree with you, which is America right and
me and my entire group are now going to shame you and drag you and cancer you instant later candle at Saint Kenya was opposed. What can I get a lot of things? I because I will say this will create a lot of his own parents have tried to correct him and I do think we are being very forgiving sue of Congo. I know some people are gonna. Hurt him you monsieur le. We now known would Conway case has not been cancer, but you know what you say about what you are. You said I may about. Let me ok, it's not even just this statement is a lot of things that he does, that I just felt he's very out. Its heads with was going with our experience as bad people living in America should obey. Your ordinary appetite in. I think has been like that for a long time I think that is really exemplified in the promise he doesn't have. The information does all any speaking without having information is kind of like you know me talking about. What's going on with with Trump I dont know all the information to my ass. I can't make statements without asking because as people at first,
wasn't listen to wasn't believe what we say is true, so economy is millions of fans that listens. Woman really follow him, an error. Are invested with him so when he speaks, they believe it. I think, though, that the most frustrating part is The Congo West's public statements, our now wash in ignorance and a type of justification. Of Trump ISM that is really damaging to the civil rights cause that a lot of people care about in a lot of races. People who care about these issues is also still at odds with some of The music, but I was struggling with how to how do we even try to reconcile that without the dragon? Even though no he's I was weak, as he has more power, more money in and more precise, even though not you know not, I'm not trying to use that word loosely than many other p. Part of what came through, and indeed your discussion with him and was come out from all of this, and this is not a good thing, but it does it
mitigate you know in the law. We talk about us, those mitigating that doesn't mean you didn't do the bad thing. It just means there's some factor that makes it less add mitigation events. You will be he's not talkin Donald Trump. The president know he's talking about Donald Trump, the sneak exactly and he's sneaker desires and people underestimated sneaker, and now it shy year than you ever thought and we're like yeah shiny, like look inside the sneaker, there's like a terrible of family deportation policy that is living a children's needs. I now, but I'm talking about so so I'm that's, not a defence. But it is a mitigation, and this is it that is there. Something that were he's only skimming that Sir of trumpets icon on the Red Emma holding. Was it not the He doesn't know good, but you should know that the faculties, walking about it or not. You dog. Now. Can I ask you something this? Who cares for a second, you biggest passable they're down I could get reelected in your opinion
so, what we know, Donald Trump, is on track to get really really scary. You caught me is decent. Russia's vases, you fine and the conversation, the journalistic coverage of Russia story makes sense, because this might be. Watergate on steroids, plus an international, we're sorry depending on this thing ends, and we don't know this could be the biggest political scandal in a american history. Oh yes, Oda Watergate everything, but then you look at the Democrats and afflict the question round. That's old at the old anchor man trick. One of the Democrats. People is the region of over the marina occurs, because you don't like Trump, which is the dummy world. We need to know what you're going to do for us half the time they're trying to Russia, to which I am not saying, is not important, but they are now has to be more than that has to be our hey. Remember that we don't like this guy, that's If you like, a lot of you see, some liberals are moving.
The conservatives that, because the sort of action talking about something there. Telling you what it is that they are going to do our king. Do for you and their righteously angry or email here from Emma's envy. The beat me now love to hear your insight on some things that can be done as far as police brutality right, because you know that less a huge issue has been begging us does not going anywhere anytime soon. So what is something that you think I happen that police officers could actually and I'm getting convicted for killing innocent black people number. One. This is one of those issues where both things are true On the one hand, the data shows that african american men continue to be gun down and very little legal process, a recourse for that quoting when there are so. We know that there is, police brutality and excessive force problem, but that fact, which is-
concerning to anyone who cares about human life. Black lives matter you could say all a matter for concern concerned about it, but, of course we're looking at where this is actually happening. Fact doesn't mean that nothing has improved in them. Several years so by way of specific example the DE in Ferguson who'd, never really, serious challenge lost his job. After everything the day in Chicago also was voted out and replaced by a much more reform minded dna. Those stories that get as much attention is as a job or anything else, but that's part of where you're going to see the change cause. You actually need people on the ground when dealing with these cases. The second most important thing, which of course, they were all talked about is if we don't trust people who rescued themselves right why, in so many parts of the country, you have police investigate themselves when these issues come right in that's us at a local structural question, because or even charged in whose a colleague in whose of course, work on these issues.
Thirty years now, talks about pulling in the feds to investigate that is a solution to that problem, but that means you're always starting with that problem, so I will say in New York, eight. They set up a separate to get a function, which means that the police are not investigated themselves when there is a questionable shooting? I think that is at a process level, a basic thing: they should you should have every every locality in a country which takes a lot a local reform, No one should be afraid of that. If you didn't do anything wrong, procedure. That mom was to be your table and allow the breakfast club. Thank you for having last think that you just cited that client you ever because when I was a new, sometimes it makes me cry. Do you ever cry? Have you the cry by reporting a story when- were covering the church, shooting. In short, the dock in Libya, the murder The terrorism was bad enough and that all went down and then it was a few days later and we
covering the the court hearing where Dylan Roof was in core. So you looking in the face, it is accused murder, white devil, and some of the victims families came and because there is a process of victim impact statement where they get to speak and Typically, I'd happen to notice him from being a lawyer typically will happen. His people come in and they talk how angry they are, what they want to have happened, and these for who were very religious. As you may remember, a religion. Mrs aftermarket church came in and they start talking about forgiveness, forgiveness and got God bless your saw, forgive you and that just bro,
I just I wasn't expecting it and I remember, but I was just breaking down and leaving that, but I was in a position right before I was about to go on and just breaking down and then going to like. I went to the bathroom and just try to get it together before I go. So I've I've had that situation and then it's like you're supposed to get it together. Thanks finance, I am answering you real, although now we ended up on the other, they will not be here telling what value you can follow me I remember a hour. I m e l B are the same instead and Twitter. Come on every night on Mathematician Pm Eastern every week night on MSNBC a man. I remembered that you're becoming brothers to prescribe the breakfast warning everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast Robin Hood, Buffalo CARE man. Look him! You attempt, they do the blood boiled gb dance. She try. We see You forty pleasant due to a kind of dances. You got to be plain. She should a practice for
no bragged, as you can only do when you forty, plus use delay aids. Is you have to be play in body- has been noted your plane. The only now issued this issue back of. It is our right. Well, anyway, let's get through with the so called debate with Angela, close, always try to be. As back anagram after she took a low exec ass. She was getting dressed out everybody talking about her while she's pregnant. I guess the doctor's orders were stay off it s, social media. While she is bad,
and she has a big announcements. She has her video, be careful dropping today. Take it out of a campaign, gonna be out again to one and a heart is value, as I am a day because there was in the desert, like in the middle of nowhere and read our sole half my life, I'm never where and how the slender, under the sway and undermining and never get under way, but their day for us all. That is why I guess not prevented the woman does idea the upper Yonah. Some people say you could put the order and honour their problem could, on their very best these. There was no like ice. Wet undermines a Roma baby powder. Can you pursue powder? I don't think you should be using baby. Pattered odd, isn't cause cancer is something so men would thereby long low mandate. They gotta put it under getting up deodorant there. The story the tune in to be careful video in it.
Nancy S, memories, beginner, videos. As you know, she had a whole press conference where she was talking about what happened. Losses that she has he's a little reminder that last week I find out them away from which cheating on me, so I broke up with him right after that. He posted sexting you have my instagram password, so you posted them on my instagram to make me look terrible within his good friend. Fifty cent pulses of saint photo of me and said the strap Betty Finn has eighteen million followers even after Instagram, the the picture down. He had no remorse no regard and he posted another photo away and plain that I e was censoring him right well now, her Ex boyfriend act by Abdul ahead is saying that he is not the person that we got that tape. That. Sierra Marine knows it and is trying to put on an act because that's what she does by trade here he is in this situation. The marsh use actors, I was just
Every that, just the other day he just came flouted the Dallas to see me the taxes. When I did you see the scum we'd have a problem, but because lease of law as a hard offer fifty cigarette, even though I had a relationship with it, he said like that. She never do it and the person who will be revealed that even realize wanted was a woman who did at here knows that Not here doing this- is a club Irena tiara. Nobody here his hurry, but I promise you tat. If you didn't keep talking about this, I d been forgot,
but you being on you need. The matter had arrived at the outer forgot a long time ago. I don't understand, I guess who fit, because it was on every site. It was everything that he had all these values and there was emotional distress you could see. When you have anything, I don't want to know why you would have represented Amory. Thank discrepancies will see fit to scrap the. I wonder what paper describing arena chasing more again was talking about going through physical therapy to recover from that car crash nearly four years ago, but he also had to hear mentally, and he said he did you some very unorthodox message methods. He did and accommodation with New York magazines, Vulture festival. Saturday night any said. My son turned me unto king appeal that help my healing process, because I was a fool thing I was sitting there broken effort, not knowing my name, but I was laughing. He said months later,
would watch it every day and that's when he reached out to Jordan Pale who produces the last oji the show that we ve all been writing on CBS. He also said that he was footage of a car crash that took his friend James MC nears life and left in a common he said I will watch the accident on Youtube and helped my healing process. I would watch where I got hit where my friend died, and that was part of my healing watching it I can imagine, do now, but if it worked for him, I guess you gotta face it. You know said ignoring the problems or make it go away. So maybe you face if you get a better understanding of. Maybe I right now the weekend set about an entire album worth a really a pizza when he's dating Selena Gomez, but you'll never hear it because they know that they broke up. He said oh HO album written done. It was very different time of his life. It was beautiful, was a beat buddy studies, more power, that part of his life and he never wants to sing about it again, for he said I want to perform something that I don't feel so he scrap who album and release idea melancholy, and that was a break up songs. You haven't, you got,
everything is generation and our generation after generation would make a whole allow. I still haven't release it and we, find out who the butter yearly. Well, we didn't other they dated so you're, not very mentioned a name. Could it be leader was, we feel good Musica unaware together. Yes, he was very happy a beat that broke up, and that might actually released this on the problem of bring us. Imagine merger Bligh signal my life by Tony Blair and counties rags. Don't please or Amy Whitehouse Tony backed and album with time and now is a break up some normal. I write well I'm Angela YE and is your room, are reporting all right. Thank you. Miss ye now today would have been bigs birthday. What's the idea birthday and we hope they be of whatever your freedom yeah g join his eye at DJ envy eight hundred five, a father five, one little body, I'd be Rob to measure out of me round could be right
all are often Biagi Cecily. Oh, I don T write airily, I d rather than the celebrated big birthday wing one and he is in the celebrated much nicer, saluted Iraq me right
SK. In order to breakfast how Gomorrah renown Buddhist authoring teacher, Jarvis Masters steadfastly maintained is innocent, since he was sentenced to death. Almost thirty years pack dear govern Jarvis poses the question you have of water from the confines of his nine. By for sale in sampling, Jarvis will share his riveting life story. How we manage to maintain a sense of Captain Museum in the most dire circumstances, thereby in how to provide the details of the bloody murder trial that landed on debt relief, work out back that charge here. Details from inside the tourists fight for his final state appeal with newly disclosed evidence, the posters claims of innocence will the California Supreme Court exonerate him reaffirm his death sentence. Listen to dear governor, I hurt radio apple pie cast a wherever you get your past. This is new gang which inviting you to listen to my free weekly, podcast called neutral every Sunday. We will explore topics and issues that are relevant to your life and as a historian, I will offer stories in context, but how the past influences are present and future download newts world. On the I hire radio Epp on Apple POD, guest, neutral, dad come or wherever you get your pod kiss.
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