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Do You Think Russell Westbrook Went To Far???


The Breakfast Club talks Russell Westbrook and what happen last night with a fan during his game.  Charlamagne Tha God Gives James Dolan of The New York Knicks, Donkey Of The Day!  Slander The Breakfast Club... Callers get their shot to come at the crew.

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Social distancing slows the spread of corona virus, so we should also home to lower the risk for everyone more info it on a virus stock of. Let's all, do our part, because we're all hashtag alone, together brought to you by the odd council, My name is Sir Pearl. Well, for the past four years, I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year, old son Courtney, wound up with the bullet back outside of Chicago police station there. what you hear on the news that Courtney got shot then. Rolled himself to the station were office's, did everything they could to help him and then there's the true Listen to somebody on the heart, radio, apple podcast, wherever you get your party casts.
MRS you'll make a whole day child these envy annually. Charlemagne myself on a planet is respect issue, because this is a voice, is decisive in a day the coveted morning so called we Don T want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo, but a morning see annually tap at amount into your leprechaun in being the main again, please do is its do they think they have the right of every day on away. Yes, we get out of here right away. Those new presidency does nothing all the whites Lebanon go start, acting like the Lebanese illuminate the issue is getting in trouble,
but I think that the wide celebrities really gonna darthian pageant days and then as now, only why people they celebrate Saint Patrick, they amounts of aid. As the biggest Halliday that is have all year. We want America so enough in America, white celebrities go start acting or Saint Patrick State Ass. My prediction, token Red First Major: why Celebrity catastrophes. Go happened this week, things out yet vandalism diversity among delivers, dysfunction doctor. I do think there might be a little act, but we don't pay attention ass, natural- that is now so far this year, men, Hollywood polemic. the DMZ, you see what way personnel exactly the fact that you have the search for gay you have to search for. It looks like seeing man to challenge you now Evans ripped for letting Doin to play with a twig. Also, ok, so we get on my Macgregor about Michael Jackson. Ok, we just let you don't pick some chick from team on to have to tell you the first headline aside: our radar aligned working all Kelly was number one kind of Macgregor
comedy dragonfly, even ever made via the now mathematically thou ever made fight it out what they do, aggressive. Ok, what else dammit bam like was they bear Madeira less guys, and I only gets him in a treatment- have become nuclear meltdown and sat on the last major when re days. Maybe you can do your committee on that in a few years sad, and maybe it's how you that MRS Urgencies, why be an almighty, Joe Kelly, wait, wait, wait a minute DMZ. Can I read our line of EU nowhere. Where do I go to read our online monopolies? Knock it off. Making things You gonna wanna get away whose iodine silversmith, ok, exactly and what does it mean on rhetoric ya got to our ground, they all got social media. We know these people trained in ever he's out what a family shack- oh God,
We Austrians are always turned away God. This is all gas via a more I'm right. At her usual pagoda allowed should arrive. Butler said you just got. You had go all the way down to trained in sobbing number thirty somebody stole his car accident victim, probably just more. Let us not get off again These are facts. No less later at eleven p M, but we do JANET Mean show nothin. The headline of her vastnesses hip, hop talks at the breakfast has becomes, must have for a twenty twenty reparations. Pat and sex work. Tat. Twenty twenty democratic agenda. democratically to better agenda no relations, Patsy, no, my friend at last able resolve ox yoke. How you got your download job. If he wants to come, he could come like guys can go up now. We can see that note. We want
and we have lies in your face from just waken up- judges- will sit back. As deniable. I just woke up Lima, vaguer, labelling Gladwin, oh I was not. The goal must be to drive and a Muslim F data we gotta be back here about before I was. I would ask you to show greater proposal that we talk about Russia Westbrook. He goes off on a fair, Now the Utah jazz any says that he will at him up what could happen to make you just man, his wife from you. I would have on to work out. How many would they do not need an extra unexamined celebrity rust right? Well, we'll get into that makes people acted. At this club bemoaning the scope is, as I see it as a morning, everybody is D. J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we oughta breakfast club was kinsmen front, page news. When we talk about whether women Virginia Deborah Brown is from Richmond you. When the latter is thirty times, he prices there, same winning number combination. So that's how it happens. He originally by twenty six, where Dally eats, and then she actually
had a feeling ass, you, but an additional ten tickets and she got five. Thousand dollars for each of them. Two hundred and housing, but thousands of other so dirty tickets were the winning ticket, was the same number she put on authority. So I wish to do that because I guess I was, lucky number and she hesitated thirty terms. Yeah Are you time, travelers are you time? Travel has got to stop making it so obvious that your time traveling, okay, I'm seeing when you go in the future, the winning lottery numbers, don't come back into self like they make it less obvious. I so wait a minute tissues. Five thousand miles, but every took it. Yes, you and a hundred. If I've been telling lies in IRAN that you just hand we candidate, you can click the winning team dirty as important as this would, you know, understand, to understand a time travel universes back to the future. Part too. When we went into the future and got to arm Magnon, he got every support score right. Next twentysomething pledge to say that I have no way of getting off. Why members for this particular Lyra, the Virginia lottery, is one in ten thousand. That's not crazy legal composure. She she did not improve your drive Linda
determinants: you gotta Delorean problem the garage somewhere, you modems Nancy, not at school, and everybody get the same great in teaching me like. I want you to know how they did you play different numbers, but it was a thing. I've branches I right now there was a drug best at a newer it is actually there lie just cocaine Caesar at the port and nearly twenty five years now has the second largest of all time. They got ten and a half of cocaine. That's worth estimated seventy seven million dollars now the best originally occurred on February. Twenty eight is now under investigation by the De Homeland security investigations. They still haven't arrested anybody political game? Yes dramatically, report. The police definitely call a lottery power, able as they as the big one, Yes, they do today baby he shot. I now Russia West by king. I very upset at a Utah jazz fan now, and this is what was this is called on video? yeah.
In that way you up. I promise you. If you have you any idea what it is, and I remember well, here's what he said happen. Our story, young man and his wife and the stairs told me to get on my knees, I can use to meet ashes completely disrespectful things racial and, if I had to do it over again, I would say the same as acting because We must stand up for myself for my family. As for beating his wife, I've, never man and a woman. I never will once he said, and his wife repeated the same thing to me as well: Innovation is that our beat your husband of ambiguity, no, underneath our position on Britain. Violence say some words, those light. You know somebody says no meeting date wasn't an. Let me tell you this matter that you suggest any was involved in that incident says is a machine Keyser roses. Just one
and carrying on act in a fool down here in everybody's going on in had yet I guess he thought it was. I I just told him I'd like to sit on larger knees. Bro I've never said a word to him and everybody in the vicinity of session. She never love to see, never said a word hands in our lab, but is also classless even threaten me all he wants. I was one talking to him, but dont for an woman, she's five feet tall and a hundred and how's man first Andy again ever hear you, he's Martin now get what you say word mad at you can't look a woman in the face and say a few up it. Certainly, violence against women is no way to spend affairs, go low, crazy, some terms and if he did say get on your knees like you used to is just words and a woman, if not just words, has already gone. I have a massive, your wife. Why you with him a few away What is his words envy? If
say get on your knees like you used to our desire was coming back to you. What is real horse you Amelia by another man, get on your knees, like you used to say. Why do you have managed to get nodded me? They always good at where we go and that we would now, whenever I gotta do you like it? We also want. like you, said there before? Well, no, I wouldn't know while more job unscrewed out when we're gonna mix it with some things, are sounding a hard road. I was gonna get you come right back what you know why that was for patients Goodness gracious get it obvious. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent, hit us up right now call or something for lunch open it to breakfast.
morning, the breakfast club in a world where everyone is confined to their homes. Society begins its largest, been watched to date in the hallowed library of Hulu or perhaps on a shelf of dvds. You haven't looked at in a decade, is a show that perfectly encapsulates life in the early arts and launched a friendship would inspire millions. I I'm Zack Graph, Donald phasing in two thousand one, we start in scrub, sitcom revealed a glimpse of what it was like to survive: medical internship as too and J D. We explored guileless nearly twenty years later. A lot is changed. We're not, Superman, but we're still best friends, given a mandatory lockdown, there's no better time to relive the series that brought us together in the first place and we're doing it with them.
Care, ass, right people working to bring friends and crew members and fellow CAS members and writers- and I guess we're gonna even invite some of you call into the pie aghast and ass. All the questions you wanna be entire sacred heart staff join us, profane, doctors, real friends on the eye heart radio am apple podcast and whenever you get your podcast a pounding down. You're gonna get it all began its view on the breakfast gladly, but as they will allow this they they every muscle, broke. Ok, the voice mornin annually, the minor avail please, my brother was have I was a bag of more than one year set out the mafia beyond mocha, He's out, you can kind of me is
me macaroni and cheese, commercial. you gotta be laid down by the old idea. The parliament He found the governing commercial, my brother, you gotta, get your router burning, magna armament, already MAC bride. ok, What did you do? It occurs in many men? Didn't you curse stand here we have a check out whereby convicted comrades Baiser let go around tell him I'm a bad. You know what there, the land a better than what they are doing now, a lot of the guy. He ended their manner to their different companies, but they didn't let their fellow he dumped
are you build me? I might get a move on board and they do a lot of good positive. Though I am allowed violent, gotcha alone. There would Bernie Sanders talk about spell in that prison reform. It that's what I'm moving. there are, however, the Hollywood. How can a lot of area like that idea. I can ask you a question: does it matter to you what they were convicted of leg? I there soon people you lay air It doesn't matter as long as they have a felony and they doing something positive and they have a felony and they still gave a waterway glide. No, I don't want about without, but there was a pause when they're their help and like I bet he started a bill with no matter what they did a good deal longer. They gave their lives. The moment even proverb. Guy right now call big gun. You can really take up a few Perth local people to tell a has been almost twelve and thirteen. The part the lead
listen about amendment for a move forward guy. They do have element of Asia as no Don't worry. I love that, as agreed will be available via the work they have done called no felony ever no matter how long the door were they to be only thirty years ago? If you have up there, These new dramatically appeared no, not really while that double hulls bright everything you do and it's all part of further reforms demanded. That is something we have sometimes have to do with our government is not nor reforming our people. You know what allows this was a broken it off. Your chest Dollar may know, maybe try to eliminate limit, as did my had to admit, as individual companies allied merely. Let me let me read: will you broke away before you come here? Wait a second Jackie EAST Coast, Caroline, Well, right, bar God, look you can't me keep what you call me thought.
He let why are real up five bought year like remain drink like lay mangled you better by hey, dangle my guy. Some brandy, your bag, Dame would have been whatever they pay day. Maybe we never seen State Lydia, alone in the lake lay has read that a keepsake meet him again that the tasks now the good guy on Zan, but it still is wireless adapter. It may be. I am going to follow, but all you know at was a appreciate, arguably got that in what I have to vote on Old Boston. I hated of chess eight hundred five. Eighty five one o five one. If you need to visit us up now, is to breakfast club the morning the breakfast got: wake up in a controlled manner. Blast we want to hear from you was abroad was gone,
the day and the more than usually Solomon, oh god, what D Ya idea called yesterday? You tear polluter and finally, we have some problems with his baby mother. My wife, you will get a divorce was having problems with childcare using the Taos as a pine. So what happened broke I just want to call my black. Nevertheless boy. I gotta lotta? The boy will allow. You call me about emails that my dance. I wanted to show my appreciation in vain alot of people. We were able to relate to my story. Personally, I don't get close enough me. No, no. He loves from no lawyer of anything like that. Your mind is banned. Lawyers are very pretty in Europe, makes very about three thousand dollars were go with that says we admiringly because I didn't know lawyers, the regional dimension is the butcher, prayers and hope and support how we sought out loud, tabled. Several minutes does not go far.
I'm not really that type of person that I am really trying to do this for money and I'm saying but hey, I just don't appreciative of audio reached out, and they will you not to say a couple of words knows: I'm authorities in IRAN is weak, though I needed to get myself and to emphasise that the flag- and I beg you to listen, I believe everything that tomorrow we will respect the radio man. What I mean by that is like we blessing I would accompany invent every goddamn day you there, but there he, even if their business week, he found a way better nanny away that any car, then last time allows, is gee from a break very memory on Gmos may give you a future hygiene I got out. I want to get off my chest like the last week. You guys, let me call list and the poor,
life called aloud. Allegedly collection has since then you know the little really have been supported by the World Bank. A hollow lived for partisan, idols and images came to look at the slight among a legacy collection it away, but I want to thank her body appreciate her man she's such a nice prices. Does that I take a look at this I will put Bulgaria painful to listen here. Am I wasn't, as I too find it last time it didn't work out. What is it a legislative elections, a legacy collects. We use it to slander. You guys, like you better, when you the troll, broken leg, you sign, it gets a little capitalist law is allowing letter grown on change. Your life, you haven't with amounts with other modes, My main man, Brian here she's, got you just on what I think I just found in just oblong in that book you to walk into a very nice website to blow the booking. Put you think about the inventory. Let me I'm just now again: nine is just
a blog and a book you recently on their account. I thought I saw a man out of it, though I knew you must a guy called cheating, so you thy. I will take me whatever you want to do, please my life as a nice and affordable. Now you go my brother arrive from allow who's. This good morning contravene the captain General reaches moment high worth it. Am I funny. I realise there found of calling today because of my birthday fashionable to give myself and all your not only about re yesterday, which is soon to lose your birthday happy birthday. We never seen Udall you looked over it, but now you attitude other version. You guys Vegas baby was welcomed by all day than another view easy what you know. Why was that as he would you now? Yankee Evans very definitely me very wisely blogging, where we got one for you, it's a bab, his birthday, Isabel birthday. You got there. Year, Gallowses
would I envy drivers subject, but not only weapon? it's. Your would observe how you do a girl. do it. I'm a rather Westboro big Knob organise its added value, real, quick now don't get any day late. They lived in and not only in the day At any rate, I gotta go, go I but they run through any Bay wrong thing. I don't care what you say in matters about drug deal with ideas on a gradual think they do in and around that's. Rather, let me say said then that you tap Annie made an email account private, but they ve been posted. he's putting on any disease been saying stuff. Westbrook needs to go back where he came from Hashtag, Maga and things now I've been evacuated? Were I've been? Do I gotta do his girl, There. You have him in a while
and I've been didn't, have been evacuated whereby Bra Matthew, enough method is by now mind you I'll, never hit the girls moments where no like you'd be applied to it is not just words. Yard is just words, and so you get arrested for threatening the goddamn female. Now to a woman. Yes, I don't think you should ever say that women will definitely focus on the person you're angry ass. He said he met his wife said it don't matter. Why does a different waited is this is a different way to come at a woman? The same way, you wouldn't smacks of a different. Ok, we're good when you got a girl that you can get married to more motivated value, have a female which you don't get disconnected it would have different. You didn't have a female Yosemite reminder that last year we can get it there, that Grass Matthew it brother, was a rather well look. Lou, Let me deal with them. The David threatening a woman death exactly what he D, nevertheless worth any definite Sierras math nor mark than the mere chess eight hundred five, eighty five one or five, or even our rules on away yes
about? Wendy Williams, yes, learn something new and I guess this is very near India to her heart after she returned to tv and less aggress. Somebody else gun. Shovel arrested after an article and with a fan- or I will get into all that when we come back, keep it lacked the breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast morning. Everybody is T J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We on the Brenner is that, as a version of the song is so disrespectful when you listen to it, so disrespectful was you don't know, you don't get a whole hog ways and I can say it is has sent out a the examination. F. You dumb is F,
South Carolina, politically, more or less money. That's ok anywhere! Let's get to these rumours are so Fox NEWS at the Reul report was glad when the breakfast club, without fats, news yesterday. Why? Why yes low? Because a lot of the president'S the nominees are coming up to the breakfast club, and people want to know why really the democratic nominees have been coming to the breakfast club, and why is this a must? Stop for all of these nominees, that's what people want to know ochre yeah, and We were on an here's. How to show ended, so he might actually and stick around. What's he like
well. I would love him in his look at why, even when he gets s question and the way has been report is obeying you. If he doesn't like your question, so don't pull out, we will get a fast food will give us a little white castles light. Is this? Let us not only is it going to make a pistol Do we not take you know every somebody will come up here. We have political opinions and that we want is not something that we requested, another mignon page and now we have paid for, but if it was the colonies of writing the wreckage and dangerous morning shall keep making news will keep watch it. Yes, thank you guys very much. The breakfast you would love whom the calm down it's not something about. I'm food have becomes love and become which our group will grow up. I will say that I feel Fox NEWS: was they would? They was pitching Donald Trump the come on here, but I feel like me had,
Therefore, he thinks I am we're like they wanted to see. We were hoping open having the celebrity achieve Fond Breakfast club. I really feel that way well I'll, be name if I ever pigeon Furlano, like regimentals, I don't know, but I sent a crazy utterly Plymouth. Otherwise, we will not pitching myself eighty body, okay, we note the breakfast globally. We know how things are going to the table and I don't give a damn. If he comes in breadth but again, Fairfax New, the headline was hip hop tug, so the breakfast club becomes must, after twenty twenty hopefuls reparations, pats and sex work, TAT, twenty Twenty democratic agenda, a middle disseminating that have been on the table. Reveries has been a big zog, employ every democrat sex work as well marijuana has sex. But when a tap talking point just who was just talking Kamala Harris's class, but that's the talking point I of them
It is a lot of other things. Prison reform, I think, is a tab talking. I wanted. I wanted to know my cup of hot air, the taps hugging point we deserve reparations, but why did the composition just recently? How can we didn't you? Have this conversation with Braga troika which were startled rod work that you are therefore has a common vision has been ongoing for a long time. We should have inward with the bushes, with Clinton's would lay seemed legates. I don't know conversation with bigger. Now I can't tell you, villages have you the world with the Bush includes willingly voted manifestation. Madonna trade deficit was accomplished. Reducing com is your present abroad. Above I rang would now Shack has opened up a restaurant. Congratulations to him as a right across the street from the staple centre. So that should be dope and a lot of people came to their grand opening. Tiffany had us as their Adam Sandler bicycle. The name rest there. I was saddened Guasimas, an imminent estimate, shacks Algeria's. That makes sense. to kill the elite. Is she kills and early live? So if you go
When I go there. Actually, if we're to be an alias, I Iheartradio, radio, music words, that's happening on Thursday, so that might be a good low stop through all right now, when he Williams has lost her substance abuse hotline after returning to television. She wants to help people who are struggling with addiction to the help that they need. You can call me Eighty five hunter here she is launching that we Hunter Foundation, launched a twenty four hour nationwide hotline to offer treatment resources to get help for you. If you happen to be addicted to drugs and support, abusing now. What you do is you call and your quality answered by specially trained certified recovery coaches. These people will provide you should you want help with referrals and treatment facilities. If that's you we're here to help call now at one eight, eight five hunter, I'm confused say she was missing work before, because she was getting help for substance. Abuse Odysseus come on
Look. The sub disabuse was always had. The batteries are those that she's had with you now, that is how to better ten year, rabbit, cocaine and crack. All of that so make sense of dogs. Without this abuse she doesn't need to set up a hotline for women to be an abuse by their husbands. Insignificant others Nairobi, emotional, you could those abused women, you someone to talk to his work, but that twenty four hour hotline will be fully. Staff is gonna, be train, said if I were covered, coaches, they're, gonna conduct assessments and how Matthew with short or long term treatment facilities, enemy, nice, our economy, Gregor he got arrested in that's because he allegedly smashed the fall. of a fan, is outside the fountain blue Hotel in Miami. So they said allegedly, what happened was the guy was work, another hotel, the same time is kind of Macgregor and he try to take a photo. Does what kind of August let the phone out of his hand. It fell to the ground, and then he stopped on the phone, and Oliver
happiness as it was captured on surveillance videos and he got arrested. He did bail himself out already sounded a reservoir building a sample were you takin, dislike steel, and probably here you can't break them. privately or my propagating and destroy it. You can't just my phone stamp on a break it, so you take it to tell a woman for you up my kids. That's lamp was afforded a hand in it gets us my pride The accusation of our work you invited me to draw up a budget. Did this morning, you said you wanna filling Olano, my head. but if you do, you said when I am that's your Bobby MC everywhere have no baby the camera. With that you too have allowing new faces. You were sleeping and shown music how filler line for you? What is this guy? Does? That might be section? I saw this as such.
Let's talk about labelling realise our key player. Remember reason: only if we only been out what it is, God Airline is guys that looks like he filled it out. This guy is correct. Now crazy, melted, Roy, you sleep imagine a year that you're a rumour? Alright, I'm let a man of honour killings live on his face. Barbara this guy's, COO, EE recovery of those governments or well, since we talking about fans, advance gettin upset will tell you what happened. Russia Westbrook imitate something ass. It happened at the God in now, right, we'll get internet mixed people, access to breakfast level, more you ever seen something you couldn't explain. There are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people that report these explained. is that believe, they're having interactions are abductions with aliens. Simply that defies logic.
Scientists haven't found any evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence, and yet the mythology is that we have them in their coming in their here and they ve been here and there here all the time, One night in nineteen sixty one on the side of a dark highway. Betty and Barney here caught lights in the sky, whether it be, I don't believe it Two years later, they underwear Hypnosis, to try and recall what happened there? We became internationally known. Some took it, as fact other thought it was a fantasy. But what really happened? That's a timber night in World Hampshire join me. Toby ball for the inaugural season of strange arrivals, a co production of I radio and grim and mild. from AIR Maggie Stranger rivals. Tadeusz March thirty. First, listen on the eye, heart radio apple pie casts or wherever you get. Your point
casts morning. Everybody is J, Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast cloudless kinsmen front, page news. When we talk about. You were less like about what happening arenas and people have an issues, but that now Russia West breathless with him he got into it the case him with there you tie dad's Venosa verbal altercation. Now is a court on camera and if you listen closely, you can hear him telling him that he will ask him and and his wife. Listen. The memory of emotion and remove our strategy now move our strategy, not of emotion out an emotional statement. You can threaten the arrest of West Bank said he. I do it all over again if he had to end here's what he said after way: Palestine, young man and his wife and stares told me:
to get down on my knees, I used to mean ashes completely disrespectful things racial and, if I had to do it over again, I will say the same as acting because I truly almost stand up for myself for my family as for beating he'll live out I've, never man and a woman. I never will once the com in his wife, repeated. The same thing to me is I imagine images were asthma is not just words. You gonna tell me. I could say it to me, and I can say is that you had a ton of and I'll be GEO Economic, your wife on her knees. Well, he s He said. There's got to be. Something done, is that'll, be some consequences for those type of people that come to the game, just to say and do whatever you want to say. I don't think it's fair to the players not just to me, but I don't think it's fair to the play I don't care what means they men, you just can't threaten the woman. I gotta know look right now is what the fan, the dad Van of Sane Keyser, had to say
F bomb in and carrying on acting a fool down here and everybody's getting on in they had yet. I guess Keith. I thought it was ice. I just told him I'd like to send out a nice. Your knees bro and I never said a swear word to him and everybody in the vicinity of it and she never left her seat, never said a word hands in her lap, but he's also classless. I don't care, you can threaten me all he wants. I was one talking to him, but don't threaten a woman. Ozma and her first NBA again ever see if you're gonna say some cream, he to me, and they want to say some back is: oh, no, don't threaten a woman. No you and your wife says M disrespectful used to mean us some disrespect NAFTA when you go to these games, gave my violence against outlining type in the end. You know any like you used to this restoration slaughters are ruining the wine in kind from the NBA. Debt did say that you can have excessive verbal abuse and if you are in violation of the NBA Fan code of conduct, then you will have to get out they citizenship
there's only one and you will receive if, after receiving this warning, you verbal abuse, any player, coats, game, official or spectator you will be immediately ejected from the arena without refund something else. The garden with James Dolan. Now New York, Knicks onto James Damned only got upset because a fan told him to sell the team and he actually bans that fan from the stadium. Beating up his bible. Abner for my hand, woman. I never will once he said to come and his wife repeated. The same thing to me is one matter. Religious worries me is not just words, you gotta turn a mediocre say it to me, and I can say: is that what you gotta turban I'll, be suck my man whose team sucks like the next Do James, does NATO has gotta be something done is that it be some consequences for those type of people they come to. The games us actually wanted as a sign of a guy actually provided a letter that was sent to him by Fedex. It says,
attended in the Agnes game in the arena, Madison Square Garden, you ejected from the game for disorderly conduct. In light of this incident, you are hereby indefinitely banned for medicines. a garden, you are not to enter into or remain in the arena or the property of Madison Square Garden. At any time in the future I was whack hey, listen the magistrates and get a rest any to say. Disadvantaging disrespect allows nasty made dollar waking beckoned me a renewed, the djinn on his knees like you used to renounce their Hate Knox show he's done with their mouths. Do denies has only stale band abolition. I believe he is born in their when in mixed sub that bad James Dollar cannot be that, since it could be weapons Screamin James Dolin, until now, bed and except for years now, Do you think that there is an abandoned? My no? No, not Vassili! Disagree! the team abandoned you know and as low to Cynthia. He said at the outset that now no one can say anything and that any debate will you forgive me
in disguise. I would go to those who do not know whether they are possibly know egg is still gotta go. I've already has a ticket. Is it at all but a mustache all is media attention that this story, I bet dude, will definitely not be put on a baseball. Had nobody even those face the example band somebody could they were standing outside the arena, haggling and when times are beginning to be on a block of some guy, has the thin skin. Let him be Clive a flag bans banner, Angelo username obviated by satellites mandates lie where that is, page news all right now, when we come back, let's open up the phone lines, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you just joined Us Russell Westbrook, at a fan and his wife were saying some nasty things can we played only life ass you have to do now largely to fancy what you, each of them together knees like you used to.
two eight hundred five, a five one, o five one did Russell Westbrook go too far by saying I will slip
you and your wife? You can threaten the woman, you conditions back there as they are the things that you can't threatening violence that he would do the same thing again by the way. You can't tell me that my link is like a massive arrow and those that are you. What are you just case? They will want to say in this era of meat to in times of need just knowing better as a human being, you can not threaten fires. Limiting the woman do more good, hearted woman Java, her knees, and you know it s. The same thing is meeting I always via all violence against women deletion threaten get back on you mean like EU election is amiss. Lapierre has been an Yuca white and you're. Gonna watch me slap you thinking about it. Let it get you talk about thought about wings woken up, the car play basketball. If somebody did say somethin, I that's a gear, you. What does your mama? I pray you where you live, but you know what my wife would never tell somebody get on in these. Like you used to see my get passionate and again, though she was always known away, would never say going on in these languages. Do too much class, but I threatened violence. You could disrespect the woman backward, don't threaten violence towards women either. I think I just work not only last year has been and you could wagon slap. You have been a midwife, your knees as disrespectful, don't like secular, mastering saw that of divers. Yes, how about eight hundred five, a fire going? We have once again been Essendean centralism. Yes, you can't tell a girl that eight hundred different-
have a five nano flowers alone, but do you think Russell S? Two four call us up right now. This locomotive breakfast club your morning so now would be to say they would have galleys D J envy the stairs on Galaxy as ten is making headlines after ten years a galaxy. This is definitely the best one. Yet the galaxy, said is available now and you can get up to three hours when you trading you all falling Samson darker breakfast envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club. Now, if you just join us page news actually was open about Russell Westbrook, an incident that happened last night. Let's hear it So he said this to us in his wife, because the fan and wife said what you tell them they get on his knees. I guess you two nor right will eight hundred five eight. What oh five, when do you think Russell Westbrook went too far. Gentlemen. Do
he went too far. I don't move too far at the right time and I don't think he's ever located threaten violence against women, but you can't tell the woman, you can't be her up, let you can tell I do I'm a beach you up and you Norman make your girl s empty in an ASEAN, but you can't say: I'm gonna, I'm gonna bet a few and yes there at threat Emma maker S. Indeed, I gather Admiral one. You can have a problem with added I oh yeah. Well, I was against the woman. I got simpsons when I guess I've got shocked to hear you say doubling up backtrack by weak. So when it comes to another situation, but you can't tell a woman, I'm gonna F, you up. That's not gold. Other women and get on her knee had so many Germany's like are useless disrespectful. Let you get to the point. You just can't tell me anything expressly some races. You will tell me damsels just walk away to take so much in no now it's gonna leave some criticism. Residue and you say S, ambiguity, does sexual assault on your part, and I haven't had a metallic eliminated in his lap. I don't think you should be. Ok. What's happened and again I need either will know,
Anything races to meet our lady was that if she said that she's races like need to all we, MRS Point from Amazon is raised as a woman's aid. You know my new would have a rough Apollonia why there is a way of getting on you'd. Why those money? Don't you didn't? Do you like you used to why there is an area lastly, mislaying Regional, I don't you don't you be light, does not want to test the nerve and monotonous. You know what arose was rapporteur said you What you you and your wife s empty if that essential so then you know good, it did not matter. We want a good. I don't see nothing wrong with it. I mean. You didn't eleven enterprises employing the anything wrong with it across the board and is trying to hide. The truth is that the amount of one and that the other, so you did Ok, to tell a woman, I have you, as you may know, I do think there, and I don't think you should tell a woman s empty either. Do you shut miserable Imo Beach? What but you shouldn't say I don't think he's telling women to get on your knees. I don't think you should do that. I wonder what was wrong right do. What do I think? Yes, I think you should say that Sahara. It's ok for what he said to has been, as that would add that I think that what he could as it was you can watch me sloppy has
something like that and I had a little she said: that's a hurricane has a women. My sensitivity is different. Now would be the first Bobby very offended if somebody says something like that to me and ultimately dispassionately. I may. I should be also lose. Your law should be offended, but I should be funded for what you said to be now, my virtue. Worse than you have it in another, albeit offending, don't threaten violence against the woman. I would look at any moment boys creative. I thought him tell him. We eventually wasn't gonna jump into stay this data. He just said it didn't matter, threat Nokia, hello, there. You don't sound was out. This kind of vehicles are blue to reverse this big, yellow courtesy Russia has, but one to four. Thank you! No SAM. I give you the bitterest wedding. We will do whatever country you added at Lisbon. Wiping out came the galley August lap again not have my domestic violence, so goddamn high went to realign America right now. Hit em allows theirs
once he can't you think Russia was prevents who, for some more money, you are called you do they make I'd like to get my history lesson thousands of years ago. doubling is ago. Our people will but then known and use it. last year alone decided again on the sidelines baby I gotta ask looking. Rather let me just give you history like here, I gotta say of quick: lose their bag and keep him. He could get a bit her lip and many people, listen! You might have a quick retort alma right in this. Hello. There is always a stray from derby. I'll be a yo dragging us when we went too far now. You know why man by now. Thank you. He would do it when I'm with you about the veto. Guided mental me like that You like? Oh, oh boy,
would like that at the my wife fell out of that, but it was just a kid. His mental man at the top preference will gain millions of dollars than unlike what am I gonna. Do something you're not going to do because we ve gotten his mental that is a guy Eddie. I'm a couple. We think you're right through the mermaid de jagged. They remember a couple weeks ago at the academic got alive and he say threatened. six, nine baby Mamma, he said of if some Avons Somebody comes out me people go. it's? U enabling all yours sucker. You turn on the woman. You know it. I know a guy like that, one ok we're otherwise, the burden alone will advisers is totally different situations because many people and threatened academics, and if he's too it s, the only person editor in bad weather, Webdriver. Anybody is that the last night rybody threatened,
everybody. I would add that, with this aspect in women pay now not well nigh body now, with threats of violence are now in this respect, and anybody make somebody said back when you need, like you basically saying I'm a slave years. Now, with daddy I mean I'm up where clever retort, but you shouldn't be something that has to do with it. Cool anything that I will say. If I tell another man get back on your knees like you used to I'm not going to go to magically jumped in slavery, I'm going to take that, as do you suck this guy's we know why do you want to call us now is the breakfast club. Tomorrow morning everybody is d: J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast Club Navvy just join us we're talking about Wrestle Westbrook. Now it's all a fan yesterday, medicines. because what do they allegedly so you
get on his knees. I used to get on your like you use, I'm telling you man, I could go a lot of different ways. Imagine you used to be gay rights are used to be by cure need to be used to go above ways and now Would you low girlfriend that do people used to be no point in your mouth? You look at it. You like. I was a little girl. for now the agreement back when you need like you used to it? Is that you, It is obvious that have you thought about it, you analyze joy! Behold I get! That is the heat of the moment. He was passionate. He felt disrespect here. That's how he responded. The woman? I don't really like when people say things physical, you know Are you really clever with or something like that? She's fell like as a woman. You can't see no racist stuff, like you say, somethin, races to me and then I get nasty baculus, oh oh, oh, I was raises when you try to beat me up neuroses data. You'd nasty back, just don't threaten violence against what he was going to do. What it can do is valued cordial with dirt. Can you
with the threat when they Ogilvy about the Utah jazz, I'm saying what they play. Monogamy container you to play. No getting I love removed. Rather what you started toward the body, they told me: you need to bring them up ass, excellent staff, Sierra Egmont eating Russell S, but went so far no and the reason I say that because of the liberty a day a third that at all, none of this will be going on. They already have to deal with. The problem is the ground twitter, but now you want to face a thief phase I think that, on that all he's such a bad guy, don't my wife is by five dozy there. One we'll anywhere you're mad, maybe we'll have to learn to Leeward Russell, along with her figure, be already about very maneuvers modem, all knowing what are your mother always saying? You know something back, would threaten violence against yeah. I guess it s been a bad guy. I don't think that wasn't. I hid their woman, but
at any rate there like you'd, better emotions learn languages there, like you, know our debates about three. You weren't flatly man. If he could, he wanted it worries us is. Why would a way as to think about? Is what made you Mamma we just as if they were big an impetuous bag now way reflecting on, and we saying is that coup tonight I only know system. This is preparation that he had been in there all Kelly with no heed gale king. We all decided on a day like, oh, my god, why the act like that in front of her. What are you talking about? Google, you to be a well run, or are we looking at that like it will greatly allow this their Louis? well you leave, several Goliath, Lady Russell S, but what's the problem I really out everywhere. I think he is the women be more ado, bobbing one at least allow honest they wanna play you day. I'm your man, a woman's plane! You let him you started. Is you said evoking guy?
the woman in your mouth and where possible, guiding linotype male because what they want. Well tell me if he wasn't what'll, I would again for throwing it off. You know that, although parliament, you know that's not so much to say which is aid for which is saying it is ok for a man slab woman if she gets out alive
There was even a woman the place, as you probably know you didn't. We got the work either you are, you always want to argue. A magazine is never get it right. Norman! You see my thirty people on it. I'm telling you it's not ok to brighten women when violence. Could these go online, you will see. Do slap in the hell of women is nothing that ok to be raises towards me five and you can threaten the woman who is here today. Russia, West Bank she'd never threaten his millions of dollars. That he's making a get to my knees. Forget who repairable obligations, impassively, saying something crazy like you'd all it had? No man should be threatening a woman would violent. It looks corny ADA drew thriving five. What, if I'm going to say some recent looks? Corny too did Russell Westboro go too far, will take some more most when we come back as the breakfast club come all the way. Back morning everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club nerve. He just joined us. We're talking Russell Westbrook, now yesterday, he told a fan and he was MAC him and his wife beaten both up for saying some. What did they say? He would
They have a legitimate. His knees, like is used to make you used to you're, used to ignore those alone. You now that the union has on you use to all of those are used to make a few get him back in the day and night and think about the low. Due to your mind, you deliver he used to do. It is neither brandy, come on embryonic man you have carried out I'm frightened women want. Thank you. Britain I was in college. I hear what Britain got it right here to say racist up to at all. They re the peasant woman. You hear that The people in general, It is a million way verbally dishes beg the woman without threatening the bitter gotta basketball, and is anything about the game ass to forbid another noise. Added that this did not Zile unwittingly genuinely, would just thinking about it. I mean it's not like you, so I got a plan is out. No, he just said because basis and the pistol movies s back there you were,
the rest of us. But what to four? Yes, Ok, ok as it is in a way that the border earlier, we'll put true Let's go back a little further with no, they bombed by check him were usability, do not match the venom then why don't we go back to his parents? They won't be I've, seen a lot, but either way we do Jack he's got nobody, but they have on you for a boy or a girl with people, don't let nobody put their hands would be grow up. It's ok for a woman to act like any other with equal rights the window. You put that aware why we are the ones that woman you little woman What remains but don't treat her back like one. why do we have the jobs? It is hypothetical of actual physical assaults boy.
because it's not ok that threaten violence against a woman space. Eighty years and not to put their hands are women. Do I yet absolutely ok, Similarly, I love you too, that role by you, but I love you, I will go. Tell me why? Don't you are you gonna beat faster, saying I'll need a woman, but at the same time the check back. I am to kill whatever name energy. We look at the picture that, on black will get your money back in the day and it all budget. a woman awareness that the same energy- so I mean here he wasn't really going to put you please you weren't around things public debts and expect that not mistake fly people say about you and then you say I owe you could somehow to get back on me and if you go back with a big black gotta rotten meat with Papua thought or even a predicament anyway, I'm with you, but I am simply saying that this is a million way, the disrespect their woman other than threatening violence against her didn't.
nobody dares to free. I give you my mouth, you movement of emotion, ass, Gratis, you know gonna threatened violence against women. Yadda yadda necessarily rose. You don't remember anything now he shouted issues like the document in I agree that it is they that a woman. Let me ask you this: would you say something like that to a woman, a kid collagen, I met the big me like I used to make like tat ever were made I think that you would you threaten his lap. Her with Serbia would what would crave immigrant workers, ok. Let's say what you said: you weren't you getting in these like you used to suck you when you do, then, is that we have, as you say, something new, but you you will allow you to cereals shut us live issue of mere, oh, no evil required. You definitely who said that How might want to see you off as somebody without threatening to
we will not win the brain. I ended clammy I wanted. I went to tat all I'm saying why we basically come back to what our regionally they sat beside the four Rockaway rope. We regret real, quick, we're gonna be go rollin when you, my dear old, well below you, their rights and ashram Black Jesus. That's your problem again at the latter by you gave a radio by light out like a light and out of respect for you. But you are my elbow- have Alzheimer's, nor that, though you don't leave you wanna blackened coming away a yede only quite, but that would show is that you ve got a boyfriend. Now, like you levelled that We wanted to be single resolve. What is wrong with you? You know what you know: what are they gonna hollow? No, I mean that back back of the possibility for Roma civil right it s going out with Craig Let me alone me along the way we would like all like that, like the corporate girl like annually EU, like everybody, perfect girl right, though Lake, when these things,
better marketing former I mean I'm not gonna be late hours. Better marketing are dead, lab you wear your girlfriend really go right there. That story The story is don't turn when allowance is never winner, especially when you are black man in America would threaten the woman with violence and dont commit, goes against what they need is threatened. I may, without was there that we got all noted that they have equal pay us dad we're rooms at away. Let s talk about Kevin higher Leszek by his new and ass. Many he's got a special coming all right, we'll get internet next people access to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall amend a guy. We oughta breakfast club Mousqueton. Some the room was a so called Kelly
We urgently need this club. Listen, I Kelly. He said his spare. It told him to talk to Gale King, that's what people are saying and it doesn't care about how he's being portrayed he's, not even upset about the public's reaction, but it did feel like that when he was doing the interview a girl king, if you guys remember, he actually stood up and one pointing out very angry. Robert Well, Aren't you? he's a man. She never listened to any of his spirits, any of those in a thought in his head. He should never listened to because they stay him wrong is whole damn life. I write what has passed. Mrs Darrow Johnson was on CNN and he said, He believes the interview a girl king actually helped our Kelly. If I was seven years to stay penitentiary. I'm not gonna
I would act like that. But me. How do you act when you going to spend the rest of your life in prison, I thought it was a real moment. You think that helped him at the end. people, gonna judge whatever they think. Anyway. I think the interview neither I really do believe it, and I think there are several things that have when they have the forward out the debt. So if you- yes, you have to get it. Combating the emotions want so high, but I think it has been until August I've been a record saying. I have seen some people having sympathy for all Kelly. All of a sudden have today, in view in those two young Ladys got on air, basically said I'll Kelly's a great guy and people gotta misconstrued in ports. The three level three young lady, though, on television, aren't due to an opportunity and lady that our choosing it right at our side. nothing to do with the under age. Girls. On video nope, I re juice. World is on course, to have his first number one album on the billboards. Two hundred tried this saying that his album his of seconds
Ella falling length. Deathrays for love is going to get over a hundred the thousand units sold in the first week, so that should be a big deal for himself. Guys listens juice. Well, you know he's on toys demonizing Europe right now we saw there actually ended up. The council, a couple of shows, but congratulations. Jews were that's. A big deal now. Do us antenna begin our congratulations even though he's in jail, he, can Bela are expecting their third child together. So congratulations. He is report at least six months pregnant while he serving a twenty seven month prison sentence and he started his sentence on Mars. First after his plea for a weapons and drug case so As you know, they got married on January tenth and I'm sure it's a variable no time by she's having their third child together. So congratulations and Kevin. congratulations that, whether in a lot of congratulations right now, Kevin Heart is going. Have a Netflix special. Now he posted it on
social media, Marquis calendars dammit, my comedies Pesa, will be dropping on April. Second, on Netflix, I can't wait. Let's go hashtag, irresponsible Hasta, comedic rock star is has tat Netflix, so prominently was comin out here for that the teacher and everything, and he actually found this during his irresponsible tourist. Stop that happened at the oh two arena in London. So will you as well I shall write reward that when he did the tour I want to say here that when he was in London that you went and we have on that to our not having authority responsible Doin a suitable, is that did you got it out? we should actually down and of your loud, and we met a fact. They medikit you, I like they kicked that fan out of the garden, pleaded I'm a girl? Does I stand obsessed with like some rapidly mix tape side? Now, I'm telling you
Would you like go around? That was irresponsible. Shouted everything happened with his wife, the odyssey that what was this one? That's the one as the video Netflix better there One of them is all you. It is our right and Jesse. Smollett! saying that because of whom they don't even know, They show empires even gonna continue any more about all shown bourgeois, always Christ. I goodness this fact has not renew they sell for a then, and they say that people are upset because they We heard already by now whether or not they gonna have another season, and they said foxes typically renewed season in January. So this passes in that hasn't happened in people. S feeling like everything which has a smaller in his case, is a big factor and how things will pan out. I shouldn't thought also wages. Imagine ourselves. now. You know they wrote him off the last who episodes we discuss that. So you know I wrote him out of the final two episode. They are saying that they gonna say his character would just be quote out of
country a measure. If we do want to broaden azure, you still every one another, that even a fax does we the show they have serious reservations about whether not Jesse Smollett should return, but you guys think skills girl when a man is still gotta will lead due process. Do a thing in the you know when happening? What his caveat I gotta be found guilty Nicholas character. That's a morsel began This can only loud modules are now. I was anyway, I mean buggy. they do whatever they want. You can kill a colleagues office. hope you don't even know what's going on in the show until they go to the table red near, but you gotta have a legitimate reason. Food do you. Don't you know you don't this is not a firing of their care throughout this sharing your contract, you could be written off at any time. Got more clause in contracts. Do you ever never know when you get a kick get killed off, they don't tell you in advance so that the definition of the would work of their writing. You off because determinate you norms, animal, not! I will work wanting
right. Somebody I'll be to write a mockery. Oh no, he d be right in a market referendums on or not. I would work. I write Angela Ye- and that is you are rumour report all right. Thank you. Monsieur Charlemagne. Norway way, don't you, though, to show them How is it a year and I gotta tell you- I tried the new flavors of ours, vanilla, coke and eyes Banana code a year. You are that right and I have to tell you it's a great combination of Coke Orange eminent of labour heads year close. Three till it today and try em out now Charlemagne knew what a fan learn. How about it here, hold on hold on follow me, I'm not going to skip over me. Sorry, solemn! given a donkey. Tony James, don't go to New York to come to the front. The caucasian we like everywhere. Wouldn't please, yes, bam! Come to the front of the congregation families in this area. Would you did? I recognise another cup famine we'll get into their necks
you gonna go white boy trying to become my boy that always loves a fan Pham fly. Why would they hang on a lot of black eyed and low hip hop Pham Bam? My good as I am now arrive. Rooms are men, targeted days of next pay, Gomorrah Fayoum Gang you or or don't you
here today does not discriminate. My now the song today biogas, the donkey they need to be done in the field of breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today. My guide share and dont you today for to do more to go to New York, Knicks owner James Dolen. Now I don't know James Dolen I'll know anything about the guy other than even the owner of the New York Knicks in all one in New York, Knicks at a most valuable NBA franchised, but on the other hand, in New York. Knicks of such fears thought about how much credit James dollars you get for keeping the value of this trash ass product so high. Ok, I think all the credit for the next being worth four billion dollars should go to the most delusional fan base in all sports. The New York and expand drop one includes bombs, would in New York and expand their listen. I just naming a delusional fan, amygdala cowboy. Okay, we used to be the most illusion of families and all the support. We have been no kind of winning a recent years and we have a great coy young players. Thou continue to give better refugees writers, ok for us to have hope when an experience. What hope do you have? I mean it's sad literally every year, whoever deprive free agents offered a you know. Upcoming off season expands the path and around a lot of means of said player in Next Jersey, Schema envy he's one of em. For years it was the price. Now it's Kevin Durrant carry Irving Anthony Davis, Nix, fanned like Mama real, live Kasparov Wanna clues bottom, a mere real life. Can they adhere writing articles bag in the NBA a rigged? The latter easily get the newborn picking grab time added that South Carolina Zone Design Williams, then am I mad entity, the Buddhist say: okay and one day and far away future. Some porpita go come across all these Photoshop pics of players and mixed jerseys in wonder. I did the next never win a damn thing if they had a broad avenues, Davis carrier of Encounter- indeed, all you got plea for the next- so salute all a loyal, delusional New York and expand their keep disfranchised beyond profitable, not James Dollar own of the next on of the garden has to be stressed out, because all money is not good money, regardless of how much too franchises work. You have to know your Robin fan base would no mass when you have a whack ass product on the floor. In fact, I think James donors should actually be the nicest owner and the league he should be doing things like you know, blessing kid, then, from the hood and given a free sea should be donate. Money to various charities ought to add. New York city should be shaken AIDS, Hisn babies and tell him you will. Thank you for still come into seat is garbage. Ask tee with James Dolen like most entitled privileged proves that they think this way now video surface contumacy sport in it with James doling get pissed at a fan because fan urged him to sell the team less listen. I want to know how many more than our line containing all in all, therefore giving way to sit up get what I want to highlight in her mind. She today now that too much money to be so goddamn sensitive, James stolen. According to bleed report, James Dolen, into tempering owner in sports history. I watch a lotta ESPN, pardon interruptions where my favorite shows twenty coin. Either talks about James, though in sucks as owner all the time Fox Ports wrote an article a couple years ago. The headline wider NBA must force James Dolen, sound and mix at least ports, and why I wrote an article one title. James Dolen proves once again why the worst owner in New York, both to wipe, impose, wrote an article yesterday. What deadline after Fantail James, Dolen necessity, Nix owners shows why it was good advice. The mode story is James Dolen. Everyone knows you suck as an owner crochet and you once again proved everyone right. You add disgruntled customer. Ok, the Knicks have consistently sought for twenty years. You you can understand why you describe the right yet thirteen, fifty three, it is sheer. Why wouldn't be upset and we are you have set of the next day? Yes, I write everyone as critics. Ok, in fact Malcolm x- it. If you have no critics, you likely have no successful James. Dolly the Knicks have no success in all the critics. Why? Because this is an icy. Enfranchise were four billion vows your robbing people blind and it's gonna be hard for the next to get better, because if I'm Kevin Durrant carry urban or any other potential created you want. Why would I want to play on the New Europe makes almost? I believe that if you ever want to see us somewhat go entreat you watch, I they treat other people. You can clearly see that James stolen doesn't care about fans. He doesn't care about former play. It look at what he did Charles ugly drop on a cold Basel augmenting. So why would you care about you, the problem with the New York Knicks, the problem, James Dolen? Is you guys and gauss keep rewarding him, even though they deserve thou go into the aims that go into gave? Doesn't changes made? Why do you keep buying season tickets to attract private whitey? I continue to support this garbage you want James doling out will start affecting his bottom line, which of them my nay, ok, James Dolen Ban is far from the God. You did I'm afraid I don't care about common diseases. Wag Athene. Have you got some big name? Free ages to company you come in New York, it might make me feel bad and I'm missing outwit distress. You got on the floor now, absolutely that and remember James Building. What you do now will come back in the future will kick his life. I therefore, anyway, I'm making you deal with what you make others go too pretty soon. James you'll be the one not welcomed in the garden and guess what you earned it. Please, let me mug of James Olympia. He, ah, ah you stupid, mother. I dont understand as his build them with a it. Does
a point in time when you have to stop making him feel welcome in a building. If you think that he is indeed the problem for inexact net had kindly, but they need to ban people leg Shanghais elder when there was come and arrest the West Absolute actually banned from the building that somebody who, just as seventeen more Charlemagne, is now banned, albeit only goes it. Oh God for Box emerges in Europe through to dissolve I'll, be there for the dope. You bear it. Anthony Java vaguely embarrassing menacing we're gonna get little statement, Charlemagne God. A Leonard is banned. Logging Obama, governmental, equivocal Solomon, God only wanted not be heard. Her right, big red, argued a day, their necks slander, breakfast club less due to traffic David S. Right, we haven't had this in a while, we humbly humbling just a low by eight hundred five, a five or no five. One of you want to slander breakfast club online, a wide open, eight hundred five, eight five, one o five. What you do not lay off either you could slander Charlemagne say whatever you want to say. No call everything in Dakar, village alone niceties thought. My no disrespect boy knew the slander ye come with the vicious back off tat. A little bit me a little Betty, eight hundred five, eight five or no five one slander. Breakfast club hit us up right now and again that tissues in case I cry, or you know my Russell desperate would run off what anyway slant and rapid club call us. Now, the breakfast locomotive morning, everybody's d, J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy. We are the breakfast club, it's time for slander, the boy
First, we need to humbling unanimously- and we like to do this every now and then just to keep us home You know me all right. Well, let's get to Calais morning, I killing we ought to slander Charlemagne by. this latest Charlemagne? Barely live their lives for about two years. An Charlemagne. Has their open honest about wait, wait two of the charter in terms of his former. Let's face it and you know, I wonder, make Unita explore than a little deeper in your bare because out of a ya Charlemagne you're, the only one that late so many over the top sexual references about me. I'm parts about doing things actually that most people don't even about in the private sphere. There all- and I wonder if you have with visual issues, but what happened to you, because it's very quickly worthy to listen to make so many over the top
slower than you do talk about man, but a lot more to the point TAT S available. You do to my right, but a moment is booming. I think you might be right you Kelly do everything is morning California and pull out You'd have more unemployed, you know you're, not off the air for another. Forty five main you may suggest that in the car, when I told him you just because I may tell you to do, and you knees like you used to might not be here. There was a mile covered here tell how is rife. Did you hear how he told me he was going to fill in his face I did say that dynamic beg you Kelly Jason Gomorrah Jason- was gone. the level of each time. I had no idea what the hell you does it. All you want is landed Charlotte up a gear closet. Every day the talk about kodaks from closet, homosexual stuff about.
Parliament like. Why do me an example because in my closet example like this morning, when you talk about It was gay you gonna get on. It had nothing to do anything about this because they want people just jump to the conclusion in their midst slavery, just because a man of another may get on your knees like you used to, but that the conclusion of a western intensive, but why you got a bad omen. Although that is martyrs and are all about Robert Bay Robert? Are you doin Damn go we want is landed. I got it where they were one is land amiable where we thought of all your grandmother. I oppose that.
Ever call with this day? Who guided our now would be to use it? What does it say that? But that is not governed by the rules Deborah. I wonder why not look at I love their bread is underway by it. I've got a body of God that nobody has ever say to you on any other clothes you it as a model for the time they can unify, and why do you think is the same? Hoodie is different colors exactly it might be the same as now. The same knows that one or two I will go and laws that my meagre lad with domestic about that. Now you talk in every idea and economic dynamism. There was evidence, it's not gonna, be barely see Bobby you button bright. That may will you want, is landed, buddy, don't go very eyes what they were very Waterbury I'll, find out. I'm a guy! I love, you may use even argue,
Have a good man dies, urbanists, islanded, rubber, gloves. We can barely all my view because not a brightness walkman right that wobble he does embracing. He ate them all the time you no doubt Maybe he built on solid. May I don't mind Do me, the committee black you stopped is paying cakes envy you don't in Britain diminishes. I may I become a thousand there I'll be out in the report quite rightly know already below you got bob, I is almost bring time you'll be out here with the wide genes. Full blown Dominican, my stomach, almost ass, dead peace Bobby what oh ass the light coming and patent- I don't know they
we want to be part, has a real be doubly called you probably during this land America's. I think you're really gay. May I really think you're gay and, like you, I always thought it was like a big April, but a bride. You always gonna, be so goddamn labour Charlemagne, Browlow uber. Would you a worn out while yet I believe that a lot out everything about your face, Lemme go back, maybe you'll you! stop start with oil. The man of men in
to play real musical Syriac, always playing about how many we heard here at this stage to induce played a framework. Yes, he die you worked for that would be a luxury. They got you like a four year old little girl your whole air and I could go to bed the middle for your life. I like did. I liked like to slander this morning to started our strong Adam. I let him like a fly into the law. We blew stronger by mid slander, breathless of eight hundred four out of five one o five one. If you want to slander breakfast love, it is now only a few minutes. You spectral enough morning allows as it will be Well, you have to say that a breakfast loggerhead, oh yeah, I gotta, go. Actually I gotta get up. Ok, I gotta go. I heard you talk about. A whole lot only radio and I'm a cavity worker. I got back
no I'll, let you know, use it out and bleed usage. New Labour, the iceberg and caught in an era of zero a year you heard their right got the Blair New Mountain do Blair's dreaded where we barely ok, fair was gonna. Let you weren't there. You know gotta, be the automotive marilla. You gonna data. Only, but very goodness, gracious allows. There's a skater. it was the man we ought to slander. This morning I want to join. and the name he was. I was bad looking about? They make that very simple. Why are you so you marry me if you get you know my dad, don't sell the genial, Follow James, dormant, Aviano, Willie.
but only by you seen tracking barbs, like you gave a thirteen. Fifty three is the true to track. It doesn't matter what James Darwin will never make any changes at the gun right here, because a delusional x ray of light, you Risa hey, we want is landed Maybe that's. Why we're out I'll I'll go you end up with you in the closet you know about me, aren't you did not get up there might gain jumped the law. Will we be able to draw up a bit? You know, that's why I'm here gay jobs. You married, I always tell people about Pomona my penis history, one is worn out now They got it becomes out of the closet.
You knew me any longer, but it does come from tobacco. I know not wow around had been building up the great, maybe about your comic while Jack about those are the bank about our ok, looking about yes, Mary That's let everybody loved, but you do like the way you talk about the coffee, oh no, I did not hear nothing onto caution. You did that guy there was this learning lays down. A little book came from by allows is Ma Ma may we want land above all an asylum. May I just want to know why Viagra he b e as no love for low wine at all. You gotta go see, em all every corner, an Yang.
he's got a bad. You know what avenue late Charlemagne within his DMZ call him back so after edge. let me just say measurement of. Furthermore, that's not true, I recognized Lithuania's go. I think he's one of the greatest of all time, but when a city and act like a little ways. Most recent music has been stellar and that's fine. The worry about you really listen to the God of Babel. Got about a cool. Album is cool, but I'm talking about over the past five years. You know me like, like before God of viable with the project Lou. We would not have the kind of telling you they were. Rather, he was there when you don't. Well, Dubai already done added the numbers. Malaysia, O Anonymous is going to be bag concerning not only what is landed at work, and I don't want anyone to know. I may work, but I want to slander three you all, because you are
all of these presidential candidates up here and not one of you I'll ask them. What would I do to change the laws to hold a politically accountable to kill it up black people. You are absolutely right. What are their a few months ago Remember her Naomi New Orleans, Ebony librarians, yeah, ok, pushing They did love, typically fair left until the funding of their forward and until bad language change. Only will not be held accountable for the killing of unarmed black people. I would like new out at the next one that come up. What were they need? A tall police accountable for their actions and make them the question I let them back where I have my regret, unrealistic questions right after reparations their unanimous and let us be clear what they d Day every day, every hour Now you went in a land. I can't wait to see you come here and Philip and really based on definitely call, and you have a call on us out
see the matter may not know. Nobody goes just stay anonymous. Those you have no matter what your I beg you, not. Investors should be asked to pregnancy related for real estate, similar by a random, requisite be other prisoners, candidacies Avenue? I write fees, resolute, ebony, K, Whims, whoever's, proffers. It has a lot of people right. I mean that the individual they're called a decision cannot be closet. I think they were absolutely positively right Kelly. You, I think they would. I call this a year dominican and you need to start Billina the music. I get a lady S, rancor laundry songs, every time the lie, if I'm gay you, It is vital that our country, under the waiters, works right. How are you- yeah, I got rooms. Yet let's talk about J Prince he jumped into the, conversation with. Why be an almighty J and he is making sure that people know they will be held accountable. Would tell you about that. Come in a dark, I will get. That when we come back, he unlocked the breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast arrival
Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are. The breakfast club was considerable. Mrs told J Prince The bad news is due to report annually on the breakfast club, where J periods has some words where the people who attacked ybn Almighty Jay. Now you post it on social media. Mob ties, call to my real street and words around the world, especially on the east coast in the Bronx, is a clown by the name is Zay and his crew, who want to become famous by Bragg. Robin RAP Industry M, whereas they recently brag about Robin ART. Is why be an almighty J whom invested They robbed him of his money and jewellery, including rapid that peace? So therefore they have robbed the piece of me. This is a perfect opportunity to execute our unity where we don't allow moment, think some money, the water over the movement. So it goes on to say, but that being said
the homes in the Bronx? If any of these clouds closet, yours, family or friends, speak now, so we can get an understand, to ignore? This is a recipe for disaster than tagged people I saw a friend the godson tagged Are you be Corey Guns, baby I'll, swears, Remy, he tag debugging. Anybody, Liberace, TAT, yeah, NATO's war from Dublin who loved o J J prints from where I didn't like seeing that, because that's where young boys do they take the issue to the grand in sadly no low young out Katy talk to. I don't give a damn about it. I was a kid, only understand violence. Kids like that, don't even have og. So they don't. They don't even understand the language that J, Prince is Talkin and all they going to do is get online and tell J Princess Md every day I had a gun you have, I don't even have to say exactly what these kids go. Do. Good data will understand the consequences of their actions, Beethoven's
did noise was like don't even going they world by poses the phonograph. So now what happens? Nothing probably should I get they'll, get their chain backers because one atom them, hopefully running emojis in the Bronx to have a conversation with them. Honestly, don't know what happened, but I'm sure they have a conversation in and hopefully they work it out. I didn't see his face lit open to. Hopefully, hopefully he didn't get cut on purpose when he would try out of his face on guy cut, with a hennessy bottled up a pre almost as a young man face consequences are repercussions whether from ST whether from the criminal justice system no mean because they are sexually sexually assaulted? I mean amaze pants down his advent out and it was all grab and his cheeks kazaa you ass far ass. I get any ways at that. Within the Ngos and pancake thing. This is something new Would you like a child bites pancake chocolate cake,
Why do you do tat? No sir needed there waiting. Call you a wife when they call you pancake, better is actually pretty girl want to reduce, showed our economy. My pants aim for in view for years, waffle colleague, negro pet name when you are in the pit go on retraining kickback? Why would you be eating with everything this means you you call me go, though, do. What can I call him? Muttered gummy, yellow the little yellow border which is working to combat call your yellow golden? Ok, we're gonna call about! Ok. Can you call him? Yes, now. Let me ass the white care, but what can I call wrought? Look right. Weiler. Oh yeah right, while his gait you fight that there may be an english bull dog to read and write now there's a he was on John Mayors, Instagram live so current mood and a guy weird Daniel sees it was performing as well, and here's where Dave Chapelle,
on the live for the first time, Europe single level that year very gay, arms. I will give you a season vision from Gerardo that I just met the nine these amazing musical yesterday. What I said I fancy he's literally I'll, go see one. I can't even play, would be young boys nowadays Daniel you, by the way, you think is amazing. I re well here's what has happened after that, because data was not backtracking. Of course, subject to clean it up. It's it's a three second clean up now I'll. Tell you right there, you, your grain, but the fact that I have been doing as the media, but there's a dead exactly as it correctly
You're, be if you wait. What do they say when you didn't want to follow up with, like you're being as we What Yes, the word they use envy earlier. We make arms as the vanity of the clear Joe. My? Why you, you can't tell people what did not get offended Yes, I can you cannot get there. You see that we have it all before wrongly Davy PAL one of the greatest comedians of all time. There's going to be jokes, fly, you're, really, gonna take something serious pale say you see they had a fail by Dave ship right now, a media. You re, like they close automated, got called gay twenty times minutes twenty to thirty minutes ago. I you laugh is funny it's funny. Ok, anyway. They had these had afterwards is all good
clearly our land on other lobbies that is being sensitive, amazingly and ass. Your rumour report, revolt, we'll see you tomorrow. Everybody else to people's choice, mixes up necklace go morning. Are you d J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy? We are the breakfast club, but yesterday to breakfast, or Fox NEWS last night. Yes rest, and how are you know all these people are so entreat volleys presidential candidates that have been coming Yeah, but the breakfast club is not needed. Is some even go back to two down the sixteenth been on the air a third presidential election on air into data? Sixteen or we interviewed Synod Hilary claim? a couple times we interviewed Bernie and quite a few times I was detained halls Bernie Sanders we ve had so many different political pundits up here. of course, Angela angel. Always here's a moan sand is required sellers Ryan Ebony K Williams deadline for Goro that we always have allowed a different political figures up here, critical point is on the wire acting so entreated that
I ve been cobbler hares and for a time of it in that it allows gaming, lashing leg, when they water acting like this is something new but whatever we'll take it, you know. but they did try to test the waters if we have any conservatives at the end of November, asking if trouble come a pair of with animal trotted him, though he might actually come unstuck rabbits. He like. Will Moreover, it even when he gets asked,
in that way has been report is obeying you. If he doesn't like your question, so don't pull out, we will get a little fast. Food will give us a little white castles light, as this is not only in going to make a pistol ITALY every reason he will come up here. You have we actually political opinions that we want is not something that we requested on the bottom signal pitch and now we have paid for, but if it was, the colonies are right it. How do we put you to nobody, analytically, myself, the worthy dancing for the money, it exactly in effect it? You know two brothers as for many illegal elicited where ninety plus markets a hundred fifty countries throughout the world, it may NASA Your problems is to know why you should be under breaths Cumnor Pitch and myself to nobody a daily basis did ride upon a breakfast Lebanese said we will only in thirty plasma. Oh you know, He waved them to change the Volga immediately so now day they updating the organdy plus the arab Nada.
So it is our markets that we work on February that everybody in this room have dreamed of. Avenant Ashley's indicate a moral issue. Ok in Evian Annual used to laugh at me when we first started- and I say Yoshida Nicky Menard Song- will you be in this moment will be indicated. His way before we was indicated s crowns anything like that corny, yet but I was all about manifesting in a where we are now so you wanna. What year year, you wanna what that all I wanna do is almost like a low, but what we have learnt what we set out about the dreadful club morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall amend a guy. We oughta breakfast Club Charlemagne. Yes, It was on a positive note. Listen. I want to tell you my goddamn grandma book to shook one anxiety playing tricks. Army is available, have you buy books, but her at my own? national best seller and
positive note is simply going side and listen to your body, because your body will never lied to you. You're mine, we'll play tricks, but the you feeling you're hot in your guts? Is the truth Vivian, geopolitical yoga, either I'm Zack wrath and I'm Donal phase on we're real life. Best friends. We met playing fake life best friends turn and GDP on the sick come scrubbs. Twenty years later, we ve decided to we watch the series one episode of the time. put our memories into a podcast. You can listen to it home, we're gonna, get all our special guess. Friends, like sour chalk, John C Mckinley meal Flynn Judy raise show create a bill. Lords editors, writers and even prompt masters would tell us about once by the serious and how we became a family. You can listen upon cast vague doctors, real friends with Second Donald on the eye heart radioactive apple podcast and wherever you get your my guess is a goose hon.
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