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1- 7 -Today on the show we had life coach Mike Bayer stop by where he spoke about is new book book "Best Self, battling anti- self and more. Also, during Angela's rumor report we learned that DJ Envy no longer has beef with Nicki Minaj as he played her remix to "Thotiana" by Blueface on his "People Choice Mix", guess he didn't want to be a hatiana! Moreover,  Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Phillip Lee who broke into a Popeye's to steal money, but because he couldn't get the register opened, he decided to just steal chicken. Moreover, Angela Yee helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee". 

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I gotta, get back down like a mega voyages took all we ve got. No point has praised round about recently joined a breakfast club, say some figures. I always wanted to be a woman in charge. I became that one because of the little dress I The advances in the season of my path cast in charge would be vs. I sit down with some of the women I admire most, for into conversations about the journey of live and survival. Listen for free, only unspotted by beginning Marge, twelve with new it is every Thursday.
A social distancing Tipp. While the CDC urges you to avoid close contact like hugging, her shaking hands. There are other nonphysical ways to say hello, wave wink you sign language, salute smile, give peace. I throw open air high five do jazz hands, remember stay a minimum of six feet or two arms length away from others and stay home. If you can for more info visit, Corona virus doc off. Let's all do our part because we're I alone together, brought to you by the odd council, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. Well, I'm gonna get away, go borders, the mining, dynamic Charlemagne guy, No, thank you.
Gentlemen, the lady was in Chicago last night. He s talking about mental health, Social, low labour he'll, be here in a minute. Here's the Divan Franklin, Devolve, Franklin and kindred cheek out should in Chicago as set out at sea on until I was now shop in Harlem Johnny, be now think I'm announce done ochre as my first I'm gettin manner, dangling rate, I went there actually the day before. As an annual vulgar. I was Gomes something what revolt yesterday. So I was all the male Harlem and I was there all like literally like five six hours of them and then I had to host. Why were you know? Google graduated among their trade, I wanted. I happened. Yes, yes, India, yesterday's leave in Sacramento, is actually, I would say it's a better situation for lazy guy he's going to be used to rockets.
Alonzo looks like they will be in the play off. The new probably will be gone far so Conrad guesses. Congratulations that I love you wanted to get traded, but congratulations to manage a brandy, fine linking them. I'm sure he'll do great things he was injured, but if you don't really whenever there is a great place to be absolutely yesterday that anti time as she wrote the book, the hate you give the New York Times bestselling novel and they made it into a movie. I hosted her she's gone on a book source. I lost it with her in New York yesterday because he has a new book out on the come up. I finish the book hosted that it was awesome experience, she's really really great she's gotta come up here and the breakfast club, everybody making her normal Newberg on the come up into a movie. They have announced ass, though, with facts is the same teams. He did a hate you give with self you enjoy that enjoy this book as well, but it was great welcome all right. Well, I did do much of anything is some sort of big what I bid. You know it was all about the kid. Yesterday I went from piano lessons to basketball practice to football pray.
This training to sleep, so I will ever. It was just a cave every day. Every day. It wasn't my family and more like all day I was driving it gives all around like. I was there I thought about it. I view the deficits at me. Let's get this show crack and this morning They'll be here. We have a necessary right. We have a guess. Is I'm ok, Michael? Bayer might be will be joining us. He's life coach, he's been or Doktor she's been a couple and show our excel. Fillers. Whelp, yes, has approved this inroads. I think the debate forward in Lisbon. Leaves ass. He did yes will kick it with him in a lonely life coachman now, rather than I met the like. My life is so scattered. I've been doing too many this year is great, but has also been extremely busy will really quickly. I total I launched my during fresh juice Durkheim yesterday, so I've been China vote. On that, but I'm going to allay today after work, as is the line we know, Johnny Dooit
Oh and work on building a team around you, you have to stop letting go. I know that you are visiting a gmail, letting a goddess ass kind. You know you have to let go some other responsibilities. Electricity Do I know you so perfectly what things to be done right, so you do online, but you sometimes you just gotta. Let go a little, but you have to distribute power and distribute you don't owe me a restart a beer. I think you qualify. I live culture right. Let's get the show gradual, contradictory things. You said you gotta. Let go not a day of life coach. I tried ok or it will for places where we talk about. We are going to talk about gucci. Now now Gucci the bran arrived. They had to actually poligized because of social media Amazon. You
This story- and I know the item that is in question, and I want to see what you think about it and I apologize for children to watch for people for to shorten sweaters and no could you ain't got to buy that bears expensive gucci, expensive gucci without the window, Gooch used to be kind of, I would say, a decent price, but now there, through the window is less expensive. This now all right for business and eleven this logo on importing everybody? Is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, a guy we are. The breakfast club was cancelled front page news shudder to amend sharply with traded to Iraq is in a three team deal. I think it's a better situation for him and I think it helps out the Houston Rockets. I will see what happens when we talk about you, but let's talk about the magic Data Harrison Barons in the middle of a gained. I was Frau yes, he was in the midst of the game against them. It's an Lebrun has so, he commented he put on social media. So let me guess this is cool because they had to do what was best for the franchise right
Did this man, while he was literally playing in the game and had zero idea, I'm not knocking you trade him, because it's a business and you have to do what you feel with best, but I just wanted this narrative to change, to try to get real changed and that when a player went to be traded or leaves a franchise that he's a selfish ungrateful player, but when they trade you release wave cut etcetera, it's best for them, I'm okay with both honestly truly am a spade a spade and he's right is. If, if you are ask about playing you wanna, go to whatever team that you want to. You should be able to work out. Nobody. I've been a problem. This is was best for you, because at the end of the day the team Chaz is gonna, do was best for them that may was playing. Uniform and have time you realize you don't seem normal. That is frown, whether their situation, with his agent Rich Paul, where he got fines for publicly Saint Anthony this one is to be traded. A measure, Yad indebted.
Happened right. Yes, it did happen as well. Some show that was fresh on his mind, so I think the thing the NBA sucks war, because too many super teams, but I mean I see you play you should be able to do its best. For you fail I raised buddy What do you saying is either way you know you shouldn't look at the play as as being selfish, our ungrateful, but the franchise is cool for doing something like our group are now Gucci has gotten, some social media backlash after a sweater, they say m both black face because of the way that it's designed it's the war, Balaklava Jumper and they actually taken it off their website. Gucci deeply apologises for the offence caused by or by the cabbage jumper we consider diversity to be memento value to be fully upheld, respected and at the forefront of
the decision. We make full statement. The latter will see it now be I've ever seen its turtleneck yes, but says it's gonna get it comes up and covers the lower bottom. Half of your face is not even your whole thing looks pretty dope to me, I mean if the right person pulled off, she doesn't look knows where negotiate glasses. Just doesn't look good, but if the right person where's it, I think, will be double turtleneck would face. As an amazing, and I will be saying- oh, it's crazy- that's been on their website for ever like Ben. I therefore probably over a year as the sweat pants this in the picture for that's in that says, he's wearing that with- and I didn't really see up in that is it. Is it black face? If you put on a ski masks, a black scheme, Is it a black? No, I mean I don't really think fast to being considered black people went to forward their people are going to forward things that judges just totally left. That has nothing to do a black raise its a black turtleneck. That goes up to a mask like this is ridiculous.
We can all do than us alive anymore. Now they took it off their website. So I definitely don't believe that with that, but I am glad this weapons are still available new stupid They do have a law that their proposing in Hawaii Alessi. What you think about this fail black points AIDS, a less users pay. A twenty dilithium nappy would go to fund victims of sex trafficking. It will be in time fee and this ain't it. Also when I make it harder for people to access porn sites, including kids, so that they can make prostitution halves, heartily access and that will reduce sex trafficking. What those poor nerve to do with sex trafficking, watch, important, Louis, extravagant I mean to say, of the Iliad China watch under age form, but if you're trying to watch regular porn for yourself was the problem would charge me. Twenty tat was worth its at one time: right and that the money that that you give actually will go to fight human trafficking? So that's with them he's being donated for charge me to watch porn, you can they can. If you wanna, watch Porn Emmy, they gonna put together more generally is known and out at once, I'm Peter Access porn sites. So it's a twenty dollar ones
then you can go look at all the poor anyway, and then you should happy that money is actually going to fight sex trafficking, but the good thing about it too. As they say they don't want kids on these sites a lot of times, Kisangani have access to credit card. I agree with their something to pay twenty down, but you should have the charge regular people if they want to watch a free porn site. Nepal is very indignant lies in advocating here in New York gets in the way we work very well front page news, but none of them go. If you gotta, why your vacation? Listen, you bought. You know you want a robot out. You can watch it. You ve got the imagine paid twenty dollars in the universe is made, as you are right. If you just eight hundred five, a firewall or five. What if you're upset you need? A video Amanda Way might be charging you twenty dollars for you to answer the point. You would call us up right now: eight hundred five, five one, five one is to breakfast locomotive breakfast,
a pounding down, you're gonna get it all, began its view on the breakfast blessing, but as they will allow this morning, the meal no NEO morning how you doin the Charlemagne paying more innocent and Angela dinner I'm. Basically, I challenge for you envy a challenge. For me. He left alone. Is it a dance challenge, not tat beaten by, because we share We spoke about the running member. Ye or is it a blank I yet the Mediterranean we did two years ago. My I'll kill you do is call him. It's called terms that my shoes, so basically he had should be blindfolded into mighty. Guys have library backs exactly what
this point will be the way forward, but nobody you gonna, go get the credit for that were about to get the credit I know, but I, but you said something to me, lad You ve been realised that I've noticed when I listen back on a regular basis by one s. Predecessor can we go? He said basically, that all nobody knows you, but you whispering Not yet, say you, nobody knows you. What would I said it? Would you say you want to know everything there is. Somebody knows that were called back and everything, but it's all good. You asked want to see every stab me their allies that don't want him to do this challenge I'll, get everybody Machiavelli's than this challenge before ok Guide. Are you gonna guide me? No, not somebody else is going to guide you lookin.
Their achilles guys gonna be guided his. I want him right into traffic thanks today. I will believe so. To that extent that's what I'm by properly, I have a lot of ways to do it, but I would love to write my team, a loved one, Madame and which run with you in that ok, good, Amis, I'll! Let you know what is happening. I think, within a start again, most likely next, the man you were united in Brooklyn have Marathon come enough to I'm thinkin about you, you're ready for a month, without already when it is well Mama run which you, but I can do when it's cold when it is low warmer our room. What you mean you want together, you remember that there has been no. I understand that, but go. What am I gonna monthly members may basically is now all by people who from Achilles,
this ability of no use and everything I know you blind and all that reduce carbon. More repass meat is change. You know, maybe you can email disappear, better conversation off you knives and I've ever together. I appreciate you and I will let you know the next summer money. I can't wait to meet you in person. I broke. The latter by farther as for the so bad I want as but I know you, I think them in India, Brad! No. I was looking you and I both present and its crew. Hello, there is a real John. A job morning, I'll go in you do enjoy. Hygiene has go in your bed. I doing if we giant looks out of time. I just want to say that the Lebanon our vision is in Hawaii. Trying to pass a law is absolutely insane. I thought I'd give anything very little. Was done
that if you want to go to charge, you pointed out of every one hundred bucks what corn was wrong and it is free, Now we need not only logical hurry. I'm supposed free countries must be able to access. Information form is alarming. That is a lot of everybody's Dodge Orange, whereby does that you got some sites is about to start charging for project solid, is digital indulging in for free? We will see how much you remember applying use that caused many a day s but Hawaii. The state of why you shot for not just the porn sites Why, like nobody? No one time be of twenty dollars was. Why was poor John? I get back with less you I believe, caused by you right now, we're gonna, Google What did you watch again? What I watched the major born it points out that you pay twenty dollars river, that I get the cause you know, and if we could cause the watchman twenty dollars using always eyes what we shall do, what you say
We are looking for a lawyer the next time you get a speeding ticket, cause you don't pay for my lawyer, you know tell you gotta, do not call major european ethically able to use the war John, it's called little people poor nightmare support, my bed and way or I will have a good day, John, it's attacks right. That's when you doubtless he's gonna have human trafficking, and I don't like their one electoral term as you point out what you like: petite port, defeatist in north tiny, small, only one, and we Keto, peaches, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need a rework, it is up now. Is the breakfast club good morning go away, go mad or black. We want to hear from you Charlemagne, be nice, co, learning a why you upset Nicole
because I keep trying to lose weight and I just wake up every morning and I'm upset about it, We want to move away as well are. Are you all right? You got to do or even crazy. I've worked out. Work on the feeding high priority now back down. The report is the biggest cause people support here that anybody know about seventy percent of West Gonna make you are that word they bringing out a well thought out. What did you want by? What did you eat last night? I way out the next it is a ladder restraint that you have to practice. I say that, but you know bringing you bringing on food. Now bring on my left eye with Latin America, Asia. You would stop being so much of you noted there was laughing at you that they bring in their food our work to see what you really really drew neighbouring because they give one is the body applauded
you're gonna, be without our yet again away broke. A chemicals me what they are voting for. The good of the chemical right now is the time then the vendor one of the use now they're bringing welcomes vampires, you know Is it really a boon zenza view put it out there? Let people know and just say a leg. I made him better, so you know I can't eat these things, whatever, whatever something: to put it out there so that you feel like you are accountable and other people are watching you, it's like having an accountability, partner, Uruguay. I can't eat these things, so when you bring that in dismay shall stay away from it, so people can be more how you know not all right. There are other Google Mobutu's reality. They might well my long overdue in all your soul, usually like they would have her ass. He turned do bed you, you want to lose waiting or look at you like all kinds. Vanity and an offer. You fool just telling you trying to do what you yeah, I'm drunk I would not like it
I've been trying to sell my planning and in China Boil by new, are now almost everyday, no matter if you're not eating right at eight better than mom. Okay, but I do know, it's not easy and I'm glad that you're taking these steps, I just make sure you stay true to yourself, cuz, there's a change that you went to make god- oh God knows where you gotta, go, I'm looking Instagram right now be good. For you really I know over the valley, there is not delayed dynamite. Thirty is rather than on a fag big moment. Glow. Yes, bigger more good morning. Anger, you get mining what's up yet I lived with early. I heard you made a comment about it, I'll delegating and sort of Chauvelin going on and how to get a support team. I am it'll, be brought about a book that I read and, as I really got bog and saying that you don't know what you're doing, and I just wanted to recommend about. I tv Jake, it's called a store,
your vision for that, but I read that Burma, so they go yeah how about that, but you had been very instrumental I bet you guys. I agree that the imo go back and look at it again. Rochelle ban one guy now, Abbe birthday, brow beg you, Bro pay. Drive me more than that. Maize birthday Sab than you are, No for your boy, I'm telling the boy railway real. I didn't want to try You guys do that. Every border, our trump
a driver and in California right now, and I can only conclude that the door to turn up with my family and authority of the book. I take it that mainly for you to go home, it's hard to have a good birthday. Bro already now beginning Roma, get it off my chest, eight hundred five, a five one and five. Why shalt anybody to celebrate in a birthday is moved me ludicrous racked these trees rob boy day drop. One of reimbursement is wrong if you still got my programme makers, not get it at two years ago, all good you're, the heel, Antichrist Ruggleses Alzheimer's. You are you having had a first the first element, namely to diagnose. It is like it's a curse and everything would dramatically. After all, right God, whose job decrease rock out right now. Recovery was on the way you. Yes, let's talk about twenty one, when he was always will tell you about how Daisy is now involved? Also somehow twenty one savage has sparked a fight between craze brown and offset, and what are you about that? It will get internet?
skipper lacked the breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast. Everybody believed what a menagerie head like a buffalo. Maybe she buff in his arm interior women. Organ trail used to shoot. The buffaloes is ever do that. I don't even remember the morgue Intergovernmental Morgan, drafting, anyway, what let's get to their rooms assaults whenever Savage is due to report annually on the breakfast era, well. J C is coming to twenty one: Savages defensive, hired a legal team to help out twenty one. Is actually hide attorney, Alec Sparrow, to assist with his case. This aim It is a matter of injustice. Now they say that twenty one savage actually had a
visa permit, pending for four years before he reapply for one in twenty seventeen and that's what may have led the what they're saying as they ve been saying to a background check that discovered that is, visa has expired, and that's why to his arrest. They got home. I tell people the time to anybody adult night? I needed as a kid in fact that you have a brother from the mossy projects he used to be industries. Heavy evolved me too far in Havana. We see today who she had not only of the injustice system, an injustice that we face, but also the culture Bob ain't got the money, a resource defied the injustices. Travel include bottle, absence. Now, according to this update, auntie Em Z, they're saying that twenty one savages lawyer actually had applied for that you be the four years ago, just after a judge vacated his drug conviction, They felt that they were eligible for legal status that application neither approved or rejected it. Is we well known never happened for it, and then he replied again and twenty seventeen and it still pending,
Things happen to use o God and work. Do you watch our God works through twenty one, twenty one in the leader of a voice foot these immigrants going? this situation, away, media for prison reform. Watch mark my words. I write the meantime. Twenty one savages doing all kinds of daily chores in minimal exercise. While he's an ice custody, injuring guided like every other detainee. He's gotta do what everybody is doing now Jane? I was gonna. Do he's like there are still twenty three hours twenty three hours and if it is given one bar sober com, shampoo to pursue pace and one container of skin low and imagine when blanket my pillow and tallow salvoes. While we have done that in one soon as I got it, let me settling first Mcgann but I literally just got it now. According to my point, from the blast the latter receive visitors. There is Asian Saturday's between one and four, but they have to get the obviously searched, and we don't know what else is is going One of his kids are gonna, be able to go and visit him and he's gets three meals a day. So that's how?
are there, but on the outside right now, Chris Brown and offset somehow are fighting in it to do a twenty one, Savage now Chris Brown Post a meme, and it's like a voice over with twenty one. Is wrapping. Let well not really twenty one savage, but they're saying this is, who he really is We don T talk about fourteen, so it's a british sounding rapid doing a voice over of twenty one savage to me. You know people making all kinds of jokes will offset, didn't like it, Milk, any put means ain't, funny, lame and crisp Aramis banded F you the boy better worry about what you gotta go, and I m focus on you: are this cap on ideas with lame YO energy won't like that when I came to the great show and allay, if you don't get Joe hip, hop, inhibitor habits of the hip hop and he wrote that brackened face ass out, MAC, Amans sensitive as and where commie
Personally, you want some class. When are you gonna do with parallel no cameras that's all it out if you are real, may have fight me. Oh and another thing s, my d browser like he was offset cuz more than offset even seem like it seem like it was in reference to was just saying anything said these means a lame duck. The way I took it problems before with the whole crew. Cheating before that, I always am problems that you jumping in a man's com is a high priority and his committee has come. These can be proud of this common on the video. I did that you actually dog immigrant retaining our common values is represented. The video they really do, I don't think they like each other since the moment we're gonna fight outsider. What would it would shoot? I was. It was under the public right of a creature ass. A lot on is a lot already been now likely to have a lot of noise programme. Could it did you? The dramatic canary, tiresome class beggars round is about their books, should be treated like enable aggregate, Le Thea, hopefully
two of them can Wendy resolve these things off said then posted Coquet don't want it to rules which are rich farmers, Eclat bag, it involved the bourgeois her anguish, that he D made no old good terms are our main. I didn't get a chance to get into the fire in general and what he has coming out. In short, your job, I'm mad drama out of a five I wanted generals, or certainly on his shirt with no shirt ordinances. I thought ass if the ground, without an oval drilling that floods real, is ray. I want to anyone else's bt, king we'll get you when they will get you It will make Europe can never get it here that in annex I wasn't you can hear what's going on I'm Angela again, that's your room are reported to be the unity, and if you listening, Charlemagne would love to meet you. You have it We need you to breakfast club. Ok, I think that you know you can really spent his whole? Fiji King thing I greet living off being getting Ghana coming, can't wait to meet really was in this way may degenerate beer.
Generally have my water Redding, whereby water do not Brandon his thing. The railway embrace being Beijing GIG, alright arise, there's not everyday somatic is labelled Bt King mail on all right, well front. Page news: so without May. Well, since you wherein he- When, on a wish me here when we talked about why you're so mad, knowing wasn't, I it is under way and are made envy extremely upset. This more managed. The great that's always at age, rage level, but it was a little upset, but we'll talk about it. Come back at the breakfast locomotive breakfast club your morning. So now would be to say no to have an adults. Nobody had to Ebay this winter and make the most of your money shopping. Ebay deals with our best price guarantee plan free on millions of items. If it's happening on your adults no day, it's happening on Ebay, please envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We ought to breakfast Club blueskins front page news now
to a mind. Shepherd looks like he was trade it to the Rockets into three team D. Also, remember kings and I say for the record of the Goths grateful cave, gonna good young squire, but I'm used to one of those things that are still contain fortune: We should be starting a kind of slow to she'll, be back in this way. The things right now deftly online with Chris policies. Hoddan right now know what else we certainly since you're talkin about sports. Let's take the mavericks, they traded Harrison Barnes in the middle of a game to the kings Allister's. Yes, He was trader while he was playing against the Hornets in La Brown commented. So let me guess this is cool because they have to do what was best for the franchise trade this man, while he was literally playing in the game and have zero The amount not betrayed him, it's business, but here I said he wants to get rid of that home itself is ungrateful when a players wants to be traded or leave a franchise, but when they are, did you release wave carried by whatever its best for them? Is animal capable just call a spade a spade yeah, I'm trying to feed a brown. I would like the problem would otherwise we train.
They're Doin game and you gotta get done. You think bronze able cave they trade in Avonlea, David Doin Games like let me say that in the middle of a game and Asia South, but he's also saying, as there was an issue when player say they want to be traded. They look at them like your ungrateful and terrible and will not allow you to actually find Anthony Davis wins. I guess there's pause had said that he wanted to be traded. They find him two thousand dollars, though, why can't play or say that they want to be traded, but it's ok for franchises, denied fire revolver that you ve never find Anthony David. We voted yesterday thousand would see anyone trade. Have you been with a broader them now force anyone to get right? right around his right leg. If I want to go to whatever team I wanna go, do don't don't get mad at me when franchises contributed anytime. I dare not allowed to make public trade demand. I think it certainly is not allowed to make public trade demands, and so what he saying is if a team is allowed to trade, you and it's just business- should be just business.
It has to be part of the franchise when says they wanna be traded. People look at them, if they're ungrateful of animals The reply, you thing is it's a spade a spade like it here, Abc its business. If you can do something like trades and by ignoring the game in a play, I can say that I am very glad I want to be taken that they can decide what they want and nobody can do dead. That's what I've been doing now does it have reagents can do they really need at it neuron ITALY, every day with dignity pelicans. Unless all you want the public to know how to do nothing, but what makes sense within one year later in only one of them Andrew. I right now Let me tell you about it. Why made envy so mad? Is a law proposed law in hasn't, happened at me, and he was so mad this morning in Hawaii I just don't understand and that law were black porn sites and less users pay a twenty dollar fee and that he will go to fund victims of sex trafficking so that the money will go. It's got to be deposited in a fund to help fight human trafficking. Oh now, they are saying in my gabert who is in Hawaii.
He's in the Senate. He said it doesn't make sense for children to have to access experts to have access to x. The material on their cell phones. So, make it a little bit harder for people to access these porn sites, and then that can also make prostitution hubs harder to access and that will reduce sex trafficking. Honestly, they re the money. For a great guy, I mean it is a great cause. I don't know why I can limit people from doing things if it's free, how can the state of a way to say this is what we want to do in charge me, but I don't get out a limited view, but do not pay for it. Limiting I've, given you a choice, whether that you want to pay for it, but the internet is free in charge and put it in it S. Basically, what they do in my whole life depends on his report. Gotta by magazines, by a little. May I add my paper view: look old man, the younger individuals. Don't understand that nation, after its animated ivory heads, don't have access to certain things. Think about video games on your phone and asked. If you want access to certain things, you have to pay for it right right. If you want somebody especially point you nothin, you wanna see little people born.
You know a certain type of woman porn on certain tabled by man. Oh man, I, by aiming set out of able even gaming services you have to pay for those two, this enemies. Anybody listening to music free before they doesn't go into forward limited. Will people can do and starting to do things I very much it's free, listening to music is where you have no problem paying for use trimmings areas. They offered Greenpoint right, but that's the dough. Everybody has to pay forestry menagerie Hawaii Hawaii, Why is the only what s going to charge people for Download that way ahead of the curve? Does so and what I think is lady when they just go to a great cause just end up. The point of it is to try to get kids Cavell additives, kids, don't have de Keyser access to be able to do those things in his monitored by their parents? So just to make sure you, kids aren't going on to these points. Sites is renewed.
Catherine, they now give you wanted, no need a couple dollars at a new military you'll be dead, never happen all the time it s not like you will say. No joy is viewed on points I and a thing pops up. Would you like donate tweet on human trafficking like damned? If I look at point, do is donate. Normal. They know you are you? Are you writing? I leave you to say browsing data, be Matic, Ireland, cabinet to people in annex overtaken and me call him on a unpatriotic, but you take it. I think I know I'm a man lay, and notably with Catherine Agreement, have not only to cover galloping desire that he's talking angrily to send somebody. I write so while Israel unpatriotic people on this planet. You know until it's a black person had they been could be an unpaid reacting with black with anything communicate jagged any so up in arms, but they'll ignore veterans, indiscreet anymore,
Catherine. I want to give a coupled with a white guy just calm down his aid at all. Why does this happen? They represent at least a million a guy with just let her second enemy Steve's await my right. Let you front page news now? Will we combat MIKE it will be joining US life coaches, a no vote was limited. Look. What do you mean? we re looking around. Josh. Northern somebody comes about getting hot, was right in the Middle EAST and oil announced people looking to Georgia, the movie I envy you one job, no one job to excuse me, but I don't know what it was like there had been co signed by down to fill, actually wrote to forward for his book. Back he's got best South, be you only better you go. You are, is less a man we just we just get it in trying to make our ripe might became. We come back to breakfast local bodies,
The breakfast club, as the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club exerts pressure. Guess inability deserve live coach MIKE Bayer. Have you got a new book out best self? Be you only better ass, a plan, the plan. Thank you guys round me so much. I love the show. You become air and ought to be alive, coachman on to talk about them: basketball, basketball, Iceland, where Fordham our game has a walk on, but then a guy addicted to drugs and had it s tidy, whom, which question already stock of all the longer I grow. I think I grew up in a good family, but I think I didn't know what to do with my emotions. I mean similar to what you wrote in shock, which I love you can wait. A dress was free Everybody was doing you try data, I dont like myself.
Our reason. I just know what to do with my emotions like I could have on the family. I grew up and it could have been a lot of things, but I think I just dumb I'm grateful for those, as you know, create a new journey for me, and I think I said medication, yourself, medication? I let the parties of the fun adult drugs for a little while the worst drug dealer on earth with everyone law they soon like Bobby. I wouldn't like boxers. Instead a brief swinging on you stuff in your pants and falls out like I just as a mess I just I would give it away. I never made money. I just you know I just couldn't I was lost and not I myself oppression, yet oppression executor. What was a turning point? We, what was the debate? You say you know what I have to stop or when you, when you do drugs at Psych, really when you lose yourself right now with we see, people are like who is accurate, and I think I had this moment where I looked at my
from the mere adds data for a week and suffer week. I was one of those I want to keep adding away now, In our resolution I thought it was possessed by the devil. I thought the reserve Cameron the people. Paramount spray pay. My place read what you like crazy, but it was you mean, like you, is really real and then I remember my grandpa. Died in a few days later, like I just have like this weird moment. I'll always think we have different moments in our life or we can choose a path. You can make a choice. You can make a choice to go. I'm not gonna go down that road. You know like it. Not a good thing for me? I look at myself in the mirror. I was about ninety pounds last night and now- and I just saw my eyes I just was like empty. I don't like myself, like I genuinely hate myself, and it was the moment that I was like. I need do something the other another. No, I didn't not, and they are seventeen years over.
I congratulate bank, you ve never been listening and they have people in their own lives it. They can look around and see they have an issue, but they don't know how to help them. Yunkers again, if you dont want help yourself, it's really high for other people to help you, since you do interventions. How do you know when it's time for intervention in house it an intervention. These days. You know you wanna, can't it's like anything in life. You wanted. You want to raise the bottom, so people have this belief and needs to get to the point where it's there. They reached a small One of you know at the moment I had right the moment. I had very few people recent moment so far. I was motivated by emotional pay. Most people, don't change. There's two two ways of people change its emotional pain or consequences relate to their choice is not to get well so You try to raise their bottom by not enabling them and the most important thing is. You have to get from point a to point be, so you need to have a solution. Implies you can't just
It is someone hey we're, really concern that you're depressed and you need to see a therapist know. You should now them and say we love. You so much we care about you, you're, not being yourself. We want you to go to a therapist, I'm gonna. Take you to a therapist. I set up this mean for the therapist I paid for the therapy, so you give em absolutely no excuse but to go have they not receptive, though I did, I can give you his horse towards becoming a drink. The windows always away always away, if so injuries Emmy depends on the circumstance to like, if you're married to somebody who's addicted. What's more important, their relationship to you or the drugs. Sometimes you have to set the bottom linseed. This is it now. Yes, it's a bad things, tat we re in this book and why and how they can actually affect you as far as being your best self. I do so what were in best self, what we do it off the bed. We create your best self in your aunt. I self
self. Is your authentic self it in the best virgins who you aren't like we're all given named by parents, but at a social level you know who are ye? You can create your some minds: a wizard, Nay Merlin, he's like wise he's like Super old, you know he's in my had accomplished back to the whole engine doubting fit, but really it a fine really defining who, as I enjoy inside the EU and who is that That picture you dry. Yes, I like I want, unlike the talk and all their host, they you know they did their best, often anti self. I would love for you guys you do your best off an anti something else that air that party you that is getting in the way of you haven't a better life for me and my aunt self. I call Angelos like impatient, provoking that like doesn't let anyone in doesn't want to believe that other there's things are going right so like
find that doing that exercise is beyond helpful. Given antis everything we all do. Yeah dummy artisan, probably solemnly really why You probably is my thyself, I mean I don't know, I think Charlemagne Thou art and we have launched a lot of the breakfast club. Maybe you guys can I'm in giving Charlemagne is the worst part of him was meagre by bank. Yes, really, Why tell me difference between who we are and, to my mind, is anti cell. Who is in a bag, and nor are they Leonard is a kid that grew up where people did necessarily respect more necessarily like, so I think he created his carriage. Name, Charlemagne Daddy uses to bully people like the bully, like he believed in all the time. Syndrome kid you know like what are you talking about random? Tell you legs, I think
The banana may yet as a way of that person to kind of protecting little dinner It is like them when we feel a guy with a bill that way about mail in hip, hop, and they will tell you how could we all create these Howard Josie, I like no nobler, we ve notable dont use our real names. We move off the perception that people Why do you think that is rightly all reason? asylum is an act of dna. Envy can act a and b of natural devote a lot over the survival of guys out in the hut anywhere Randy. Whenever you want to see my aunt, I could possibly be Charlemagne without an overloaded things that I used the beliefs, me now and I will I will say I would say the anti self would be the parts of Charlemagne that are destructive to your own life. Oh it s, the God of the other girls and Dublin drugs That is why we mainly dammit. I think that's partly what it was when I went to with the Charlemagne. It was in a win. We used to go to the club,
It was Charlemagne and envy and club when I'm home lumber, shawnees littered, it's it's a given our and Faint Leonard Macao. Avi, it always is a different thing- has come like a different person. I think me dj everywhere, the one I would while it now, and that was kind of like that personal. My All the more welcome move, your love from what you're doing exactly by giving them a different name. Some of you, I'm Angela YE all the time I got it. I feel, like I mean, of course, have grown and said in a different spaces in my life, but I think I have always fundamentally like been a nice. Decent Yeah I've looked like I've looked at, you know you could look at old footage like up and you see by what was that You know, I do me a third thing. That of sir, are you just they would have done, in my view, is allow boy all the while we were hawaiian way out whereby it is people tell you stories.
Like I did like I lay for myself. I have a user. I drank a lot more out imparted allow more, but I also was younger, yeah yeah, you know, and I I definitely like I'm allow more cautious about what I e an noon. I don't drink at all, merely as much as I do, and I am a lot more responsible, but I think how I treated people was always consistent. I will we live coach might be. When we come back, don't move is to breakfast club morning warning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club of Life coach might bear in a building shuttling souls or through several spheres of living. Your birthday, You need a permanent paper spheres of an acronym of spheres. I got you is that you gonna write down ass, p, p, h e
yeah exactly you got it wrong in our yeah. Ok. So what I want to do is to raise your social life with how you truly want to be said. The first ass a social from a one to ten ten being its exact. I love it aligns with who are truly am social. Let your social life was their millionaire friendships. Urartu now should be personal life when, as a personal, it's your self care, it's your mental health. It's your self esteem! Next to your health, though, guns in your body, your physical health. The next would be education.
Evolved. How much are you evolving in your life outlines up with what or how you want to be relationships, so they should be with your kids and your family and your love one. Sometimes we will break it down to two. They have like my love, one bright. It's a lot that is normally differences. Sometimes you could break it down for employment and spiritual, oh at it. I will you tell me what you came up with parliament for social output
but I really do feel that I have great friends and I feel like I'm a great friend, appease white personal. I put a seven h health operating aid, evolving operating without feel, like I'm, a totally different person than I was for five. You of our relationships are eight, but I feel like I can always be more attentive, specimen your at home, like a lot of how we tend to go home in like disconnect, were we going to elaborate disconnected from our, namely as well as employment, employment, and I should have been attending put a negative like I still can be a little bit more in S was bare Joplin. I cut out in a second I'm there, but I'm night farewell wanna, be spiritual, ok and any reason my personal was a seven. Personal was what would personal service
some were only does a constant battle. I think the mental health of the gods and bury you got sometimes I'm up, sometimes under sometimes I can wake up in the morning to be extremely happy times. I would have been. A noise has been suppressed, sad I don't even know why am I can be totally fine on its they and belied call him better than I gotta come see right now on a whim, but I Why that is? I know it, because it's things that I'm holding onto it I haven't expressed- told the world, and it is, is eaten me up with a free myself. So, yes, well be free, not met at the German. Social was eight, although I have a small circle of friends in us, circle of people. I want to expand it to things that that I really really enjoyed that. I don't necessarily know of, and I've been doing, that with real estate. I've been doing that with the automotive.
Cars and things that I love so I'm start to expand, but I need to get more into that. I'm a new Yorker, so I just don't like to talk to people. You kinda, don't like to ask and try to figure it out on yourself, so I got to work on that personalizate anything for myself. Just let it bother me, and bothers me. I have a problem with ask is why I am health. Is eight under the better education is the same now you, but we between the two rightly broken with our values our education evolve. I think I've involved amazingly from what was when we started this reckless lobbying as far as education, and no one more, I feel like it. It's not I'm ready to learn a love to learn. I would ask the relation medicines eight and with good reason, relationship. Eight hours most at the point where I want to be a moral issue where my wife, like I'm ninety percent there, but it still kind of like, if you done so you so much for this kind of you just want to eat it in a little bit. Like you know the statue limitation in over there.
I'm almost there with their employment. Ten like a really enjoy my job. Does it not at this is not a job to me. I would work for free if they didn't want to pay me and spiritual Satan, a May, I'm so connected to a garden and many times up ray and how many times I speak to god- and I may tells approved my kids and pray, my wife and my family, I feel a closeness. You know I'm a dollar ten church. I just really don't get your answer, but I am so that those among as well as to our social life, choose epidemic that seven, and I only put that because I have a lot of friends but I feel like I don't have the time to dedicate to making sure that my friendships, like our people, mommy I can be like. Oh, my god, I just went through this and I don't even have time till I go see you and I feel bad about that. I'm personally I put seven just cuz. I don't get enough sleep ever and I feel like that's something I need to work on. I think sometimes I make too many commitments to do things
like this. We give crazy for me, but, as always, I am always like next month. I just take it easy and I never end up doing it for health. I pay ache as I do try to eat well, even as far as like working out how to make sure I do that also ass. I do feel pretty good about that educate in an evolving, I put an eighth, as I am always time to learn about new, indifferent things. I just became an ambassador for the New Europe Public Library. I read a lot of books and education. As always been important to me. So is different things. I'm always trying to make grow ensue. As far as an entrepreneur, evolving relationships for family, I put his six. Only as I have never really been like super super close to my family, I think I do a lot of things, obligated to do, because I know that my family by, I also don't even see them. I think I know some people talk to their family members every day. And I mean that's talk to like my mom for you know three or four days, my bad for a couple of weeks, my brother for a couple of weeks to spur the most, you think. A lot of you, but that's. How did your mom every single day, you know
That makes me feel bad and then, as far as I can lay ships like my boyfriend's at seven just cuz, we don't see each other as much as we could cuz we're not in the same place, employment. I put eight spiritual, I put nine cuz, I feel great spirit we like, I feel, like I'm, pretty much a happy person I barely ever feel depressed. If I do I, no it's a natural. Like thing, that's passing is never felt like you know, the crippling for me, and I am very good at like saying: ok, Angela, you not feeling good about this right now by everything's gonna, be ok enough. Forget that I'm upset like really quickly bring jewels before doing now. Then what you do is you look here lowest area and then you gotta go around it and so that we can all be personal or you'll be personal and You just just one arena like as if you can just improve one arena, just one or two points. Your life can be that much better I'll get somewhat goal you you would want to shift your personal like which you're going to do by getting more freed up sheet.
Undisguisedly Doin work, I'm goin to their heavy irons. Virgil arises, and I know I know what it is. That's bothering me I'm in unwanted, free myself when I express it in my way, Charlemagne. I'm thinking, we is a way to universal right now. The opportunities is presented by the end of the year is her for himself up. I currently is like a and I what what what freedom, like This freedom is, it affects the garden, the Fiveth Woogie, stuck in your work. But he was bound to do. I didn't get a chance to use ready. I gotta get for every hour when I get their way out of the total, for what are those who say that the necessary did Andy known about this is that it should be found, in other words it or you want, then imagine what are you gonna work through
I'm going to work on relationship and I'm going to work on personal relationship, because me and my wife are way better than we ever been. You know we've been together twenty four years, but when I say way better week and it's like every is free when I, when I became free with her, we became free together and it's and it's so great- and I just want to keep it that way. I just want to keep it that way and continue to work on our relationship as far as personal, gonna, work or myself make ashore obscene and that in a focused on exile, Eddie, I'm worried about my daughter goes out and which he drives like things that I can't control, I'm super hypersensitive about and I gotta make shock yet at the biggest thing I learned at twenty nineteen, I am, I am willingly accepting the things I cannot control over for you. I think I just her myself at Anita and makes ass tat very myself into the groundwater, many different things and dedicated sunlight, and her family and friends. So damn thing is on all these said. Where? Where right, we we got aware, we now know okay. This is where I want to get to you, don't normally what we
do as anyone got like. Ok, how do I measure it? How do I get there? When are we going to get there by and then the best thing to do is find accountability, partner, whether your spouse or lever in your life suggests. To me, this is just like a simple way to can assess your life that anyone can do I go. Free arrive late. It s raining down on the data we have become so comes. I got in the best self I'd like over a hundred exercises, and so it is a personal playbook. Yes, isn't exercises and real recommends heavily just grandmothers today might You become a man you, Charlemagne, begging for joint and alienate envy. Restate you live coach might bear you guys got to do the work on yourselves and there you go. Is the breakfast locomotive Are we really ill warning? Everybody is the g envy Angela Ye Charlemagne girl? We are the breakfast club good Morning, Asia Minor you fail in. I am feeling wonderful how about you guys I'm game
and listen. I got a sad again to Angie Thomas. She has a new book out on the come up sizes whenever amen. Anybody there is a reader like myself to whom may show you picked up. I was in her q and a last night he's really dope and they actually I'm making that book into a movie just like the hates you give, which he also wrote ochre. Yes, that is so now we got rumours on away. When we talk about the room, a lesser monetary leads. You know he's been beaten with a lot of people. How serious is able hear what he had to say too complex broker will get into latin eggs. Cuban locked is the breakfast club double warning: everybody is D. J envy Angela YE shall meet a guy. We oughta breakfast cloudless gets it aromas, assault, sorry lanes building the day. This is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club and if we get into their set out to this story magazine the poet thirty issue is out ok and for the fifth year in a row, the breakfast club
is number one for Radio Dj Robert abruptly covered about their show shouted a source magazine is well yeah, borderline Joshua, but you know their consistent, the consistent whatever it is that they do. He has a lot of times we individually and, as is show get a lotta hey, but we get a lot of love as well, which we appreciate we have a lot of great moments up here. Islamism, business repair, job have unnoticed. So thank you guys. I think it is very humbling Isaac. Are we going to be number one again? I right now sorry lanes sat down with pitchfork and he talked about a lot of things, including the beef that he's been having and those visa where people like TAT, Q, Joint Lucas Dream race, raised hundred and fifty nine now dare say that they were friendly battles with thank you and Joint Lucas. He said I'm friends with them.
You today. I was talking to him the other day joint Lucas same thing, it's purely for the sport of hip hop. We all that you gotta stop soon. As indeed is just forty a sub, don't you? Unless it is your life is just port married ass. They were play right right I need to know tat. Your work, you old school there might be no way of playing cards and is also right now. Yes, it talks about dream, doll and name dropping her in his own decided Don Quixote said. First of all, dream is my home girl and I think even she got it was what I was. In that line. I said, thank you, you pay dream. Doubted gets the vagina. He said. I never said you ever dreamed ALF wherever I never said that and that I dreamed I jobs her discharge against him. But he said that is his hunger. There call now, as far as his be forthright, the five nine he said we spoke and it was idea with the D. I feel like you hate an me and the joint situation and his efforts to fight
nice at Yo Bro. First and foremost, I was just my opinion on it with along the lines of a miscommunication. I didn't know it was miscommunication, so he said I dont want to battle everybody. People think I do when a battle everyone know let's go on this aim. Zalm, it could do this as a collaborative effort. You do your boy, and I ll do my best and then the people would decide whose done their best in whose better sound net they were with him petition. He actually made things a low spicy. What about our recent budgetary? So maybe this in view of his work was done before the tanker or I don't know I re kind, yea way we heard about that fourteen million dollar condo that he bought Kim Kardashian for Christmas in Miami. He saw the property during our Basel III with like look merry Christmas. Was a surprise to her, but now he has decided to back out of that deal. You know what backing out of that part you mean he's gonna lose his deposit, Unama. That was, I was, was six thousand. About a hundred thousand dollar loses all that just lost gone yeah. You put a deposit in that's crazy, going to contact you, then you change your mind. Now what they are saying
that he doesn't like the leaks surrounding this. Too many people know about it. They knew where he was going to be, but inside as saying that natural, because you did turn up with pepper ratsey following you an answer as Anna Film Crew and he was shot footage Can you more man? Yes, you're married to a guide, dashi and you are accommodation of causes- can be cameras everywhere and they appear. Team is always on deck. Ok, your own people leaking disinformation thing. My you have became crew with you, Jesus Christ. I ride? Gyro has a new app coming and it's very regular Bobby I'm soul phone also. What is a good shot me was to work there because he make sacrifices loved. It is willing to do anything or to leave your love. Rigid too, but I love Georgia, which was unable to do. No, yes, is called icon with two ends at the end of of icon so's. I see oh Anne and now is the same kind of thing
that fire was originally was it's not Lena, Firefox, what was not with Iowa dire festive, always as part of what was there to promote the fire app, which was for booking artists and celebrities. Eighty workin, here we don't. I'm getting Andean Georgia should draw. While you telling the story, you keep your shirt on closer. Nobody well up up up up up. You can say things like: I want out of this short and sell the rights a picture of Jai ruined his has fire love it I write so gyros app is actually looking an concierge service that was created by industry, veterans and they're. Gonna work with Lebanon, negotiating executing agreements and getting paid so yet it was wiped out there. With small, you can go directly. The air was working language or is it was working fine before the festival? Happy things I was all I didn't have glandular festival. I re well. Let's talk about Andy King he's, a star of the
Ethics fired bombs, but Yes, he is born to be to be taking now Andy King, got one offers a multiple networks where reality series and now he's, as he does have a show and camera that going to follow him doing I use out excited. We can. I finish, look at whom cameras. A fellow Andy, doing what he does nor area for aiding baby and what is that Andy does blowjobs outside Europe can be doomed did you have to say to get good? Nobody heard you eat it gives you not paying attention to all kinds of other they don't. Cameras are gonna, follow Andy doing what he does They ve got thing major events around the world. Okay, so that's what he does. Nebula aren't familiar any king and dont know why Charlemagne so excited here. Is Andy king on the fire documentary domicile good, so good
whether we shall have made rather beyond his own documentary? That's his new, but coming out on all qualified. That should words part, is desirable, but not shook anymore, shake it but anyway monoplane areas, Cape vacuum convention, but we call the surrounding. We need you to take one big thing for the team. You're are wonderful, gay leader. We need you to go down. Will you suck to fix this water if he does have a show in camera that gonna follow him doing. Why are you so excited? You can I finish. Look at whom cameras they gonna fallow, Andy doing what he does Norma
to take one for the team. Probably was eighty and eighty really came out on happen. This, though, he's got organise our daughters, but let me tell you some easily ya think that is about what Andy was willing to do. No, as does the fact that he was willing to do it. Everybody on eighteen needs a Andy. You need somebody who is willing to go above and beyond right for today and that we shall remain is for us. Thank you, Sir Robert Mugabe, and obliging them so good. An egg on the other hand, even though I don't even know what can I do about it, even though we all got every border dogma.
Not very clear when you are talking about when I get my view. Just ask is what you re talking about talking about that, but it was no use, go keyboard and, as we know, a complex play, they get. I mean not only the rapid note that was so good at all I don't know where you can take that out of context anyway, Angela YE and that's your rumour apart when my abuser, I want to end user like a drawn gotta Jerusalem, but I want my shirt to Safefire in just Andy's, Ed So what do they know everything by here today? Certainly, but you can do for a ban on the back and concise shook when all right blue,
Actually, it is somebody who do anything for some meat killed. His name is fatal of Lee. Philips. Energy will tighten we'll talk about it for, after all, you guys so childish hurricane only two days of next to bring will blow you would fill of difficile meet all right. All right now get a day's dicks. A bad guy! Don't you? U, or I don't give a damn dog. You today does not discriminate. My now, the song today by got the donkey their breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today, dog you today for Thursday February seven goes to a twenty. Seven you may need, foolishly today is to serve them like history. More personally, when you are Blackfriars black person, black histories or really his mouth is not about Us- is about all the others. Ok
the non blacks. We need to know more about us dismal offers as an opportunity for us to teach, saw what american school systems have now, what I just said has nothing to do with Philip we are rightly furtively did something that has ancestors rolling over in their graves right now. Ok, so join a true work? Is garbage Harriet, Tubman, Elijah Muhammad are shaking her head in disgust at Philip Lisi. Lovely, decided, that he wanted to be a stick up kid now, when you stomach growler, when you really is touching we, hungry, you won't find a way to eat, by hook or by crook. Infallibly decided to be a crook. Now is a few institutions mock me. For me growing up that historically sacred right warmer being one of them because growing up in Moncks Corner South Carolina, it was nothing else to do late at night, sometimes but walk around Walmart Chick Fil A if you have never felt the disappointment of pulling up to a chick fil, a drive thru on a Sunday and realizing damn that closed, and you simply have no soul and then
there's Popeye's piece of Louisiana in every single year. Arguably the best sides of any restaurant on the planet drop includes both Popeye's, which you are cage frogged, especially seasoning, on mashed potatoes, that damn caging gravy, the red beans and rise bra between any won't hug. But the hardy inflated buttermilk biscuits- are that, like the column, Nigger cookies, listen to me man, you have now lived until you have almost died from choking on a biscuit from Popeye's travelling to Cuba, Popeyes again my mouth watering right now, not a commercial okay. This is just me telling you what these institutions it meant to me alright mount when my wife was pregnant with our third child to choose, send me to Popeyes just to get size, mashed, potatoes and biscuits, and I got to get the grape jelly and you know Popeyes delivery. Uber eats now
several gaps as a rookie move. Ok, I'm a risky muffled being called has become too lazy to take math power by the way, the kitchen and say it all that to say certain establishment should not be violated, ok ages, mean to muster us say where you when do certain things in charge, you shouldn't do certain things in places like Popeye's infallibly violated. Let's go to W Ds, you NBC six. Would report police robber loves that chicken from Popeye's Alleviate Philip Lee walk into the restaurant off chef mentor highway through a side door and detectives they once he couldn't get the register to open. He grab some chicken and laughed police were able to arrest Leon several times. Does including simple robbery and simple battery. Where do we begin? First of all, I was always thought that if you do a robbery, it is the point of robbing the place is to make the employees opened a casual.
Rob was it's him to open a casual before with the point role in which a pistol- and you tell him, give me everything out the cash register and then Let them opened the cash register and then you tell him put the money in a bag, and while one person is getting the money you make some one else run you up, explain peace basic as very detailed, I'm just saying yes, I said sixteen please, why would I rob lies were to be sixty breezes large Maslovs red means arising biscuits? What did you say? They should never have ok, one I hate to go, keeps staff deal okay. People work hard. Whatever you got it in your bum. Ass just wants to come and take it and most of the time Stick of KIDS Robin P. Who are in the same financial state is due on maybe just doin a low bit better in a no money in the pockets of cash register, so wise they offer new. Those young people was the point of steel from new and Phil did you have to do, is during black history muff? Could you not Wait until March is empty
the boat to redo story and not let a few black people love fried chicken joke flat. Ok, you have single handedly given big. It's a reasonably raises. Dorm like his dream of. Even if you not, big it. Even if you not a raises, is impossible to his story and not allow something races become out of your mouth, less tried. Why don't? We are cameramen, Steve is in his teeth, That's why you didn't you. I've got our biggest net. I imagine one simple question Steve: when you hear the story of Philip robbing a Popeye's chicken. What do you think son? I'm have taken me on this? point exactly at anyone like, as you vote on the floor, he really taking it out of here, get Philip leader sweeps thousand ahead without you. I e g
Steve still got a donkey to all right, but they for adopting today's. Yes, where we come back, Ask Ii eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need relationship advice to any type of advice, call you now with the breakfast club come on everybody is the J envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast Club ISAF Ascii had I was this Angie very edgy. Angie me Angie, hey, ants, I hear ye arm our call him, because I was what matters there like five year and we ended up broken up about eight months ago by the thing is, he comes, allow like every day
to be around our asylum and it's like I'm tired of being around him like I'm ready to live. My life may be free, but also about one a whole him back from seeing his child, because I don't want to be represented as one of those major baby mom. So he comes to see, but he stays like with you guys here together. While he sees is now I live. I live by myself unfortunately, was in his living? His eleven situation is an ok, so he Canada they have a place to meet up with our sun outside of, like the Parker Thumb, ok well Angie, how about you guys establish like a routine so that you know what times he's gonna come and have his sense of you can plan to do other things when he's there. So as not just him coming every day, but you I have a routine, so he knows, I'm gonna see I sent on these days. That way, you know. Okay, if I want to go, do something I can leave them together and go do what I have to do so that you're, not even there with him that any sought, because I'm in love with him
Lay there really done. Yeah he's been and you are now as far as relationship in a moment you heard about it and whenever I bring it up. He wait. I'm gonna keep him from here. And I just I just need about maybe sixty days to myself I tell you anything. That is not easy to have to see someone that you're still in love well, but are you sure you're, staying around while he's there, because you want to see him, I mean Van alone, because I just came over Morgan Umpire areas I lived there, so you do have to establish some sniper routine and I think it has to be ok whether it's you know the weekend and then twice during the week. He can come and you have it whatever. You need to do just plan it around that, so that you're not there at the same time, and if you're coming you're, tired and you're ready to go to sleep? He shouldn't come at that time, because I would No miss for you to have your shall go to sleep is well why why? Thank you
Kay lag does take time they get over their heart ache, though, like I'm, so you see his face every day. Is gonna heartbreak answers, a venture out and be my brain when they tell me so you gotta make that happen. So I just establish that routine no problem hands all right as key eight hundred five, a five one, o five one? If you got a course for ye, must reduce what loud in the middle of ask ye hello this? it. We caused brain Florida wishing to lighten why we, we, like you, envy better guide them up What were not working for young much better was going to be our language. I have a question so my wife on exactly. We see a Valentine's day coming up in a normal, wouldn't you!
for my part that we ban on Valentine's day anyway, because I believe that it would have been better, but if you don't want to hear your wife, something I see, expects it now. Why would you do if you were a day but it will not be out. Our right now should go ahead and do their about. I beg where'd. You learn to do the more you love her rank of a married to Ok, you know. Why are you even asking that I, if you love her level they as he does I believe in dont, be petty and don't try to prove a point by not getting her something on on Valentine's day or make it. Regular the fact that you are now saying I right now is even more reason why you should go above and beyond what she had to put out the money for dinner them. Why would you that's all you ve come, I sadly, a petty, see it as net bedroom. I tat is not was cool. You gotta do this because you love her and you want to do them that. Well, if I do this, you gotta do. Is that an awful waited think we'd, boldly Baron,
I got to know one day and if you wanted, and then I do it because you want to do I don't do it and say well, she's gotta do this in return, you right, ok, guys, you don't love and receive as soon I would you allows this yellow, yes, monsieur question for ascii illusion: Ok! Well, I know a guy who could go out, never really interested in her from without actually want. Ok, I want to know how to go by workers, because agriculture would look So? What do you mean? You were introduced? Somebody's had a hook you up or like was gone. The wiser Google, ok, they Jai ever go out DJ. Every Coca cola, so you guys,
I ve been talking but never hung out together. You will allow me with a personal note. I re. Why didn't you just keep everywhere first and foremost, don't be like hey. I don't like you, but what about your friend by just may say you let her know. Clearly, like you, a cool person and we friends, but you know us, This isn't going to go anywhere and as do tat for a second before you today What's your friend- and I don't think you should ask her to introduce you to her friend, I mean you make sure she knows clearly stop talking to her and that man and nature she knows curly she's. In a frenzy and you're gonna to find another way to meet the Frank Possess, a low rude. If the girl likes you for you to ask for her, her friends and information. Does a girl, like you, ok, They say you're, clear about your intentions in your intention is not to date her how do you mean on one occasion, Yarborough good luck, man, ask IE eight hundred five, a firewall or five whenever our rooms on away yes, make him an ass,
he has put out a remakes bets. There are some issues with their lives. You what those are all right, we'll get into rednecks, keep unlocked the breakfast locomotive report whose, where they have released the NY one, one car when bow as Ex girlfriend now Leslie Holden- We called name when one hears. What sounded like, there's a clear thought about my boyfriend. He was no one believed your boyfriend still there here. You live here. We live here to get here on time because it will help me to you, the believe already came up here, but they wouldn't. Let me out their roots
facebook- my phone for me, because I called the police right now- there was also a nine hundred and eleven call made by the apartment buildings manager, who said a resident caused her to complain about the fight and the resident says that they allegedly a male voice, saying he was left the F out of this bitch, so that story is still being investigated. Array bow was erected, so was Leslie Fur hitting both of them How did they both had a visible minor injuries and they were both charged with misdemeanor battery brow, weren't minor, very active. If that is the air, I write a bow in the meantime has said that he plans to make a movie, but not quite yet check it out your wig, Safety is owed to be able to have you. Move you my story. About documentary afterlife, you pudding age limits or where you can become a golden over Debbie is, as you know, is very welcome. Documentary about his life. In sixty, he said that he got away
documentary now especially badly with a child superstar documentary wherever you and a people that he was around his mentor zebra. A bunch of people in trouble, vain, Dana Welfare, which are doubly probably within a month. Things charging me, don't laugh. I watch it with the logic of our arguments. Three thousand superstar, very very young age they have footage of old dream toward like that, I'm shooting Beverly watch our I'm a bow and us in your whole common idea. Abu slew embowered every had a lot of women then, in the end, with an latin, and he actually was on while it out and things in a go so ass. He got roasted. First, take all your girlfriend's at all because they see, I think all you.
The psychic bought away. They keep see in a future made a pity that the second one may believe hip hop people's different talk about you. When you said I judge a girl with some gucci flip club, where bless. You must, I believe, about ethical thou because he he's an easy target. Put the Parthenon somebody's Dude Bow, ok, damn in places Nobody'Ll see new. Yet, let's era, now, let's talk about two attains he's. The what and he wants to know why he feels like he's getting snubnoses wasn't selected for the NBA, asked our celebrity game. He said hey at NBA. You have never we staff in me to play into clear something's up, because it feels like I've been getting EAST the league. Since twenty thirteen there was an incident when someone in his camp insulted a female mba, staffer anything's. That's why
is it a he said he was wrong. He was wrong and I apologize on his behalf and he says that he doesn't feel like the NBA accepted his apology, because he still treated like a second class celebrities that I'm one of the NBA's biggest supporters. Barely get coincide. Ticket the outwood been to imbue rejected a toss. A celebrity author could actually bought out absolutely reach. Other guitar celebrities first is happening at the US, a celebrity game raster out now. So if you want to see rhapsodies playing amid the salient quaver, of course, Terence J is playing out after they gotTa Carolina team, producing shoulder to the Carolina team as Rhapsody tears, J animals from those who, of course, dietary doktor eyes. That's only away team now now asean I'm saying he's playing on homes where he is
Williams, I mean. Maybe not only people like Malta, South Carolina hold of maternal ordinarily is not only if that two eyes Carolinas other. Nor am I right now, let's acrobatic even ass, she put out a remakes of blue faces, Tatiana check it out, bear been cut young and I'm still when, in fact, the puppy on appeal and everybody. We think Rihanna, giving us Viana China for sloppy beyond shut down, Ethan page Lucky fulfil them may like see beyond that many hundreds of eternal. It's been a definite he's. Remember them make only could tell you, you look like linking now still you Turkey and keep a one hundred bids you working on our roads. Only thing is their blue maize has tease another.
At the energy mix that features friends, Montana, Whitey and Cardy be now that record, but down by beyond, as you put it on her official audio mag page, and she also talked about on Queen media that she's gonna do a new freeze out every week and saw her album comes so that's gonna, be here: it's studio, Adam Kindness, you back spit, did every star light Aguilar. First, when I first out, I got any Deanna, but does now like now she kind afflicted he bag. She battling arrows. They're gonna go right. You like there was no. I rise. I sat at any given as for that, that's not the forty on without rattling mammoth, actually W Haiti Anna that article four and ongoing within our does now they met us. She kind of killing the array. Well, I'm Angela YE and that's your what some playful version intimate. But we will not in it. Are you now you really don't you bloody Robin Cook mouths
you're not known leaky hand that still heavy industry no did you put. I saw no press. What broke you make meetings and Diana its age in Nevada? What we are all you will probably nicky your camera Viana herself abandon Happy Anna, then surely no big deal will see them and is there
heavy bandied about me. I agree completely with the Yankee Buryin is Bob ya know to do I'm tired of envy reneging on its right to inform you that our every located on in a mixed, a wary- and you know it shall too big point today- is the anniversary of his passage- is being negotiated. Ip big passionless could also big pointing to mix as what we have started mix off would be point supersonic. Mortally save me tell me what you said DVD to put their pressure. Shut up today we salute a black history of legend. His name is shared MOSS, a bow in the bullying. Avow needs decease. If not, you will feel the wrath of bow and his good. Oh yeah, about the programme is a black history. Man moment now assume just thereby trotted squalling considerable. My career, see
now you stepanida your way once again. So am I have the smack tat? I know you're done, don't call me, but unlike two year we celebrate the arm, will kick it with german state, which will do nothing, I gotta know about the drum said date. Man so goddamn, pleasant, pistol really means is this. Get him tat. Was a black history month moment brought to you by the breakfast club? Everybody is, J envy, Angela YE shall amend a guy. We oughta breakfast club, you gotta passive, no Charlemagne, yes, Lou dairy body that came out and to Kabul last night at a meeting of manhood event. What do you buy fellowship Chicago into I'll go ideas with myself and evolve Franklin man. Exuviae Edwards ain't. My man passed Charles Jenkins. We had a great conversation about black
ask humanity in mental health in the black community. Saluted all me. Can you g, address thoroughly enjoyed Chicago which is created? Could I never thought that I would like to go to Chicago as much as I do. We want outside yesterday, at the charge that was never even Charles I don't get me to lie, but allows the kind about. I do. I do now going to Chicago soon as well. Bad, I think Chicago has some of the best food summit. It s, people out there. I thought a cargo obey Chicago. Patrick stay, so it is up to the shop was thereby who came out loud use ago. Iris I am all in Dr Oz did residency, these residency and nor killer, really disturbed about that too. Must I deeply Carolina? Let me leave me to let me know good. I notice that everybody on all thought the Carolinas armies know me on you know: J Call: can you play ball? No
It doesn't matter tat allow my do beyond a team of UK those from Slovakia alarming. Why have you can't nobody? I alone represents ocular on a national level. Ok before it was my call to order the chair with bold me, it was me I think right both with a little bigger than you bet. So what does it matter? Ok, my call to Another matter that arrive bizarre vacillating were able call me God. The tragedy my favour rabble out right now, but nobody have they went away and that's why they went away? And I got his opponent grab onto you, know just a net. You know no right, big big foot for not having must, but my burger, most poor area Jabez. I wanted to have a frank. You know deposit noted this deepen whirl New Hampshire on the side of it highway the hills witness a light in the sky. The craft hovering above a field That was the end of their story too, years later, under Hypnosis David Lee that there is more that night. So what had they forgotten? The strange case a Betty and Barney Hill.
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