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Don't Be a Jealous Ex (Romeo Santos Interview)


Today on the show we had a Latin superstar in the building who is Romeo Santos!! He spoke about Dominican Republic,  Kissing Fans and Fatherhood. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Chris Brown for allegedly throwing shade to his ex Karrueche's new boo Victor Cruz, however, Chris Brown is claiming he was hacked! Moreover, since Chris can't seem to get over his ex, we opened up the phone lines to see if any of our listeners did anything crazy to their ex. 

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Hi there I'm sack wrath and I'm gonna phase on we're real life. Best friends. We met playing fake life, best friends, Turk and GDP on the sick. Come scrubbs. Twenty years later we decided to re watch the series one have pursued at a time and put our memories into a pod cast. You can listen to it home, we're gonna, get all our special guess. Friends, like sour chalk, John C Mckinley meal Flynn, Judy raise show create a bill. Lords editors, writers and even prop masters would tell us about what inspired the serious and how we became a family. You can listen to the pond cast fake doctors, real friends when Second Donald on the high heart, radio up apple podcast and wherever you get your blog CAS, did you know that the first computer book was an actual
Did you know that x rays were used as entertainment at kids, both parties, I'm there and fine bread and for our new podcast, surprisingly brilliant weeping collecting some of the most shocking, inspiring and downright bizarre stories from science history from space, mysteries to stolen dinosaurs, you'll find it and surprisingly brilliant from seek so come. Listen Surprisingly, brilliant on I heard app apple pie casts or wherever you go, your pockets.
I gotta get back down like a mega voyages, took all we ve got no point. His prayers round about recently joined a breakfast club, say some good USA. Yet yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. I am happy that was easy. Here was that today, is Friday, I'm so excited there's batteries.
So a payday over aid aid, whether zone lumpy, we'll get paid today? Yes, at the end, in the middle of the month. Yes, I love it. Oh mom, I'm so excited about a great weaker character, but well low, probably said above that everything was great. Let me say that they I'm out here in Detroit and added day yesterday, but I had an amazing very educational day, I'm ever Detroit Demo Day and if you're in and you want to come to Detroit them demo day you can go to Detroit demo. That common gets it gives the tickets are free of. You want to come and see this. Is it new areas on stage who did a run through yesterday I had a chance to watch everybody's pitch. And it was pretty amazing and the grand winner is gonna, get three hundred thousand dollars from Quicken loans gizmos and they have yes, they have different categories, and then they have the people's choice and eight cattle, A person can when twenty five thousand dollars- and you get to vote on that, so is pretty Bathing is gonna, be really fun. When you see some of these pitches, you're gonna be late. Was a great idea, that's happening! That's it! I'm acts!
here in Detroit for, but I also had an opportunity to get a tour of stack Ex yesterday. There shouted firmware stocker exorbitant. Do not ask me to come through this habitat. Time, but their in Detroit deftly stop role. Yes, and I got sailor how they do all the authentication processes to make sure that if you want, if you dont know a stack x is envy explained with taxes or is all as they get out there? If you're looking for Paris sneakers nine times out of ten, they haven't, they pick up a lotta sneakers all consignment, but they actually check this. Need So when you buy em, you make sure you get an effect. Paris Negus disappeared, Jordan's, o YE disease or whatever, maybe drawback, Paris magazine. You want a manufacturer of their real. If you buy em of stock x, you can't Are there any kind of guarantee that they are real because they do their job to check on it and I'm not getting pay bus exile of us be explaining this most but shouts of my family Astok Ex Megapenthes a lot of people use it cause. I know I know that I was there and everywhere,
people, I don't even have a taxi within me up near so yes, I got its or that. So that was pretty amazing to see how it started in Bordeaux Unexperienced that on call it a towards an experienced right. So yes, so sad attitude, in Damien and, of course, to my girl, jasmine from quicker loans. It really ban, and then I also got a chance to see bedroom. Manage these properties from in Detroit Sound. It was good. It was very Education! for me yesterday and then, of course, I went to eat at Savannah. Blue which is their black or restaurant lazy trade that I keep telling you to go to the outlay. Somewhat goaded internal committee. Next week, Tuesday, I gotta do a party there. Amis set up your experience. Miami please! Now! Let me, as your question you honest with me a thug darling, like somebody that will, where of property? Do I look like criminal? Sometimes, that is, It's like a look in your eye. You have, I don't, have no look in my eyes and I'm out looking at property, and I do really think I'm out looking at properties- and I pull
Probably in a lady call, the police or me These games, you state and the Ladys. I look like about the vandalized. The house you badly no know you do do envy, probably improbable did try to to take a look. No, I actually didn and- and this is not a flaws- But will the driving cars more than the house? And I was looking at honestly- so I was it's really suspiciously it s really suspects, but I was really looking at bows Lebanon by in a call the cat like cars came. I have my daughter me I was like what the hell's going on over the louder. That's even more suspicious remains a daughter with early license. Please what are you doing here? What are you doing here? We that can be really frustrating. I understand your pain. That is annoying, but I do now what about a property? And I really just wanna play music every day the invite my friends over all the time and have all types of cookouts really pistol. Lady off, you know, you're rich, when you can by property to piss off the neighbour rich, less! Well, very! Well, let's keep him,
what to call the cops Emmy. Ok, why would I do ask? Why do I say that is how we have no reason to call the cops on me. I was looking at it. There's no difference to me in any other, invest in looking at their house, but they the absolute year, definitely right right, Charlemagne. You too, commissioner, know. Maybe I will ask it to show crafted front page news. What we talked about I am sure, will be sent him at the game. Last night. Yes, we gotta talk about the game and around me Santos will be joining us Romeo Santos. Yes, it is Formerly of animal he's alive, like would have ensued. A is a huge. Let not like you to tell me what you tell me. What you think he buys angle is adding to it: Romeo Santos, yes, a lot of people to say right now. Yes, absolutely some people are now ok! I let me introduce new name one Romeo Santos or what no five into it. I had obsess young, and that was a huge break out song for them ass. He works for a company that sponsored them back in the day broke her, though
That's how I know who they are and will be joining us this morning and also the Herald Scones they'll, be here as well, so that more must get the show cracking no way charlemagne- that you know you'd things to show start to six, oh- and I just want to point out that remain centres has done: sons with Drake any had Drake wrapping in Spanish. Yes, any workmen Nicky minimize should mean. Ok all mean for our forebears, who's next to the breakfast habitual up for it, Lee Hague minorities am I bet you juggler Condom Albania arrive here was happening. Now really was it. I wasn't laid this wall directly. Well, let's get some front page news that its around so after congratulations to them. They want to MBA finals. They one game sixty beat warriors one fourteen one thin while in it of course, finals, envy p blood clay Thomson. He suffered torn ac alleys back to TAT is until February or March, twenty twenty. So it was perfect storm for rapid action. A perfect Tommy
in the guard, it just wasn't in the cars, would go to say why is this year, but you know what sucks even more the fact that nuclear arms egg having the ranch a Balkan, be free Asia this summer, but I don't they thought it was more legal invade anyway, and I think that both at him, she should definitely get the money that they will not get regardless. I think they're maxed anybody will max they contact on. Nobody has ever been a major crisis over the remaining three curses over a great caused here. I think curse is over traddles, never wanted ship for basketball, nothing! The cartel! I make em all you gotta thing about. Although the team that he's a rude for that haven't one hour, he gave a guest, the big. This is probably the thing that he cared about them most of you know, he's not allowed to go to the away games. Here's what he said on his story. Again to solve job anymore. And I'm designing the rings. They said I was Icarus, not a cursing each other out, I'm not I'm not allowed to go to the games when out of town. They ask me
not attend for safety reasons, and I obliged that's right for safety reasons to drink might hurt somebody the way you'd be running up and down the court and jumping on people's back then tripping up people. He might somebody's! Oh, yes, my when I heard a body that I would have a nasty term. It would have been discussed statement on things that amount in the Bay area. I haven't even indeed so lonely, we talk so much trash, they would. It is there's somebody here, but you do tat. You may not be allowed at the gains anymore soundless. Sometimes so it was they involve drink coming idealism because nuclear drink just act like the average Van absolute have you ever been to Philadelphia. I really feel exactly. I hate him, drink as a result of vanity, fully fans of fight over soda like day a man like you, discuss, Jake infallibly, more of a target, though to annul they do to be deaf ears, but I get it do right now. Let's talk about a White House Press secretary, Sir, Huckabee Sanders, guess what she's doing leaving? No? Why
How can you imagine that here's what Donald Trump had to say about Sarah Huckabee Sanders? credible. We ve been through a lot together: issues tough, but she's, good and she's gonna be leaving, and he's going to be going. I guess you could say private sector, but I hope she's going to she's comes from a great state good, so I was still I won by a lot. So I like it, but we love our concern. She's gonna be going back to our concern with great family, your husband, his fantastic guy and her family. Finally, in Africa, with her she's going back home to Arkansas, She saying here Sarah Huckabee Sanders this has been. The or of a lifetime the opportunity of a lifetime. I couldn't be prouder to have had the opportunity to serve my country and particularly to work for this president. He has accomplished so much in these. And a half years and its truly ban something. I will treasure forever it's one of the great
jobs. I could ever have I've loved every minute, even the hard minutes on which you will do for employment because it will become a hard to hire somebody who you know allied for somebody else professionally for living you know her father was a former Arkansas governor and damage. I keep saying that he wants her to run to be governor of Arkansas. He keeps on saying that, so I guess we'll see what happens. Alright, there's some front page news, get it off your chest, Aidan Five, eight five, one o five. One of you need event. It is a right now may be a bad night. Honourable night, or maybe you feel, bless whatever. It may be, eight hundred crazy. What she stop and think about what Jeremy, Lin guttering Yedo trouble include Jeremy, Lin, lingering, before Carmelo Anthony, next really cars brows, daddy you think about it. You everything I wanted. A net terrain is hurried. Nilghai me, Linda Rain, before anybody really play would on the next. Previously I mean, and again I am
Jeremy Lin Next Jersey worth noting, Now we need something. Bad happened, all calendar genuine, leaving Gideon Something Bow rides Carlos now. Maybe I hate like Charlemagne. You wanna get at him. It doesn't matter next week one day, earnings to purposes. No you won't get is clear. My name is sure Pearl wells. This is the story, my son Courtney, your money was critically to dollar. Fifteen is the biggest here my life. He was there a lady man, even wicked Audrey image, grandma, I'm just the wrapper Cornick Opel's referendum in twenty sixteen. He wound up with a bullet in his back outside of Chicago police station. Twenty nine, however boy diagram of federal government in its the story of mine.
Search for the truth. This is somebody a coal production of the invisible Institute, the intercept and topic Studios in Association with Tenderfoot CVS coming March, thirty first, wherever you get your pocket, this is somebody's time somebody desires to know what had I desire to know what happens among listen to somebody on the Iheart Radioactive Apple podcast, wherever you get your pipe guests go away, wake up or black we want to hear from you allows. This is probably right. He's from the day was
mama, hay and b, and do you know what I guess it was hardly breeze had killed off now whenever they all got really worth more than eleven. My baby graduated from high school. Yet today my man I do have one I am flower of our goal, then yeah. I beg your name era that I am very well Mamma. If more than have a man s amazing, you did a great job as a man. He did a great job as a son, observation, Mamma, and I regret that the thing I met my love and I'm looking for fear. You guys in the beef and veal will be to take you out its work. The latter will be of no. You know we do already tools there you bit out there. I ve been a year but baby. I got left right about, I'm coming That's right! You chrome! I got your drinks which you drink go round
Oh, I got hundreds right. There are now case keys. Eighty as it you better say: nineteen, forty, two! No, no, we got you took a round. Is I've got you moment that now that's right, Is I got you? What I've got a lotta during grant all great glitt ring? You live my book. Yet our you right, you don't you think you are absolutely right! Then I got you to growers Dickens Pangaea. Thank you. Mama allows this year's save North alarm. Was from man. I'm going to a man, I'm me and my wife buying for his home and Navy Federal, keep messing up on the paperwork so so close in them and throw off two or three weeks does far and its on Monday at the thought of another two or three weeks Just stay. Would a man and congratulations on your first homer monopolies. The man, I got no choice that an already run it allows Guillermo from under no cobra was
What a man had dug its lowest of together, I'm sure I man prejudge I'll go Abigail Humdrum allows this Andrea, get it off it. S was a maximum. Tell me I got through allows, I got through main use their right. Yes, we're here, baby ass. We are way why you wanna talk about you name active com over on the really Are you gonna? Do you got exclaimed for people? I don't know. I was bored spot, shaming him, waxes mob Mama brother he's got a lot, would have big boss find it's obvious. How did he tried to cover up an arm year now, but I know that, but at the same time I dont know there, though, when I listen to the debate, I gotta call it that
now, I believe, whack you calm down. Rope in recent months in lorries of Podge knows own. No, I know they are not talk of it. If you don't know been ok, ok it there are, though, I wanted. The really profoundly Roque wait the board by Angela. I wanted that. Please don't doubt power. I wondered tat on this subject. Roadway about can get the job, but young year, Andalusia back about we shall make the envy everything. Is there another situation? How can you use situation really thought about it? They have arrived here, Lando roses birthday, but I have a seventy or poor boy, no identify our light
be that as it may be aware that this crazy, like draw makes it they were banned from the rather than all of broader, is greatly five rain moral with their new silly. You know ban goes well, you know they are just starting their the Jerry deliberations for the child, Alfred Junior, so yeah does not serve identity would above the trees the attorneys with the attorney at a guy's added. They would just visiting disruptive jump him or scare him, yeah, I know them. I believe that any gotta data sharing it was their life will be aware of, and the boy not really, but I do not know
at my Mamma Mamma you, although mommy? Although you got a lot on your chest or we gonna, let you get over harnessing hold on how to get it. I got it in that. That's why we appreciate- and I may say that I updates you guys, I'm what's going on with their justice for junior situation, because they are going to decide the fate of the five guys who killed junior arrival earlier, that there will be less than three hundred you maybe serve get it off just eight hundred five, a viable, no fire. One of you need event hit. As of now was the breakfast locomotive breakfast you're gonna get. It argued. Yes, whether your man wore black but a payment, we want to hear from you wanna bread, which allows days out of them some are only motorway. I'm calling from
I'm from you guys like online, then downtown debris, rebreathed breathe. I gotta get go and pay when I was out of our near my mother on holiday, M C, following a six birthday birthdays owner school friends have blown out here and were conquered London, England, and we here for a whole week Ok, what do you do anywhere in Europe currently did some with the poor says we ve been to HOLLAND into the Black Culture Museum on the very today, but we wanted to live like where the best of for the eco doesn't eat meat. I'll drive out. Ok, as you might want to eat was aggravated by was giving is value. Mind don't want vague in mind like meat, more than ever.
Actually, I do have a really great place for you to go eat and they too restaurant centre right next door to each other that a vague in let me get the name over. My oldest mom artistic favour, all turning fix. You have a school for I'm ok it's like a market. As you said, my notice, a man like drink using alone is it. This is a really big mathematics plant food and wine and the city cod, food and wine and there's two of em right next door to each other. So I recommend that you go It is amazing they have these carrot. Bands. I care about bands, let us so good their spicy. They have best above his annual Oliver. So all I will go there are targeted better could try to go to a vague and options irresolute trendy, Let me give you a little bit amusing and see some good scenery. Using the Brooklyn chat piles of Africans had asked and is in Dublin job I lose thinks, but not everything
and you can actually they are big enough to DNA. They even have veggie burgers their analyze, the actually Lovedays, and who did they? Aren't you guys, like every day, only achieved but like debate, the next big ugly spike later in the day or if he ever? like parliament, who can bite you guys, while he dies every day, all enjoy New York city Mama behave. Thank you. I'm a guy remarry baby Why renew mornin how about tat a hearing it now we appreciate you for common in that. No, your ex husband once a restraining order gives you what you do on avoiding doing today liar by. God. I'm Bob try some good friends. I'll call Shreck now using gives shreck fellatio about all of it, I've been trying to be sure it s, not the point James and they lose attraction.
Do you believe that? not anymore, so was that we hear it all very well. We were they pay for. Like now. We want more a while ago. Do we gotta do voiceless only within them boys he had, then this could be applied about it and we can be proud and made things a little bit more difficult The report was a restraining order issue. He decided he decided to keep up your mind A couple weeks ago I had the police to try to get myself. He lived in the belief happen.
I'm calling my being blew up ahead of the level of going away. They give you a value for money he wanted to be like no I'll get it to you. When I want to get it to you. Well, he decided he said hey. I wanted to get it to you now Where can I meet you? A lot of love meet you night, I'm afraid you might do something more. Guys. I haven't daylight, All we can do whatever you want to do it pretty quiet there. Crazy and gonna born I don't mean they give you a good boy, but the locally by both the answer that it was only because he decided who sit there. All I want you to call show them. I have no Brad I'll show you. How can I call you home you daddy onward my home and I wasn't going to jail? a about law, because the
first into you, bury him and call him things. I shrank and pretty princess effect that you put your finger at his face. Evil, pray, princess, look pretty princess, you look like Frank. What other named you call him when you see him Renee Report, my colleague pretty by, but they certainly got back I'll find again. Andrews's abuse is still verbal abuse there. The matter when it starts by hobby gave an appeal for he thought: all tell me that our current I'm not a lot of Mama seem like is over. Our paragraph is most above us. That is above outrage. Great, I'm sorry too much going on is the bubble. Got a lotta know all the data them he does. A very one sided store is fries. Fraud at O Connor want to go to that anyway. Well, get her future has eight hundred five eight five one. Five one. If you need of it, you can. It is that no EU governments anyway may I let her go Bassam pettiness. Excite Chris Brass too, has them things to say about corruption.
Actually in her new relationship and with her man, Victor Crews, It's not new anymore. I will get into all that when we come back, keep it lacked. The breakfast the morning the breakfast club. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we oughta breakfast club, arguably only was to president a happy borders more and pass it on. Bob Donald Trump. Do a celebrity say: don't you do it every boy day? That's not a celebrity birthday. You're not going to allow birthday now be when you close it away, Nobody here right! Well, let's get to do what was so Chris Brown with Angela glow. Listen.
Round. Is the petty in the comments now Victor crews, positive picture of himself, a Karrueche similar wretched boo at the Queen Virginia happy? I get to see her tonight. Nine p m l a well it's a picture of the two of them together. Victor crews to reach eighty men acutely boot up You know the new season of claws. Everybody loves that show that's her character on claws. What Chris Brown left three comets vs at peace love enjoy. Just please upgrade your man boo. Then he said no shade boo, but please tell him. Let's say he sharpen off the mannequin and turn a bargain with the sales manager, retired, wrestlers bangs, I'm effort around God bless then he said nothing, bad or major of great him says I'll. Take him around us down him, not hate. He just need some game. No very lame. Chris Brown seem right battles. You like anybody, would do that. That was very lame. Agrees. Brown and may read in his lame is because you shouldn't talk down on you
new May and because you may think he dresses colony? Was she loves it her not dimension? showing you ever really moved out with your life. He might have had a relapse. I'm saying no, like you, you don't have a woman s in your life has taken your mind of Kourou. J has been how many years now and I bury had a girlfriend now known as those or so eighty girl, you dig in right now: a kick anyway dead thought dead. Chris Brow dinner boy. You got a rude awakening yesterday. We still immigrant gullible workers, paramount in history than a person there really care about. You gonna show it even on bad terms Sally once you do know fulfilled everybody. On a more which is all the more reason it looks lame, because, even if you think Victor crews, the terrible would rather, you think, he's cornea whatever he your bay in she's, in love with him. We see this evening why you sit back on social media, insulting him. You look crazy. I right now rarely Daniels led the annual stuck into New York magazine and saying
while he hates being sober, it is I'm evaluates soviets aboard to him, but he says that he just has You work on his sobriety, always even though its a boar and it's a ethics news. He said, and I do any it's really high, but believe me, I've done enough for everybody. I'd never really even like to drink, but I drank because my father taught me if ever saw me with a man. He would kill me until I was It's you. I had to get drunk to actually go through the process and then the jug seen came as though we toxic. All his friends who started dying of AIDS, not one that tuna three M, took an intimate friends that you had sex with you. Ve had dreams with hopes with people that are So then you gone, and you can't figure out why the fm I still here said he It was like me on drugs and drinking now knowing I was inadequate, just erasing all the pain he also talked about as he smaller and how embarrassing is about everything that happened with this alleged stays racist and homophobic attacks, and he said that he had to detached himself and Jesse and stop calling here
because it was taking away the time I have for my kids. The time I happened, my partner, it was affecting my spirit and other shows in everything still. Second, if I had no idea that led, the annual was sober, he's decorating, any sober yeah that lose he's, that loser and he saw something Bosley Day. That's all you got out of is a democratic opposition, Woodley Goodness gracious right now it usually you did. You is drug. Now, let's talk about Wendy, William, show and according to the staff on the zone They said everything is good vibes now, because Kevin Hunter is gone. It was a producer of the show and so left in April with all their job they ve been having and they said that Kevin leaves is a breath of fresh air and the Environment has been a one hundred percent less hostile. They city was notoriously Being overly controlling and unpleasant and employees were always in constant fear being fired, so they said that
been amazing, does not having him around the smell of duty. Brown is left to build it I'm saying it's like when a dog on the floor and stinks up the whole room, and then you clean up that defecation spray, a little febreze freshness, I write well imagine that you had better go to your room. A report are right. When we come back, we got from pages always alchemy here, there's specula sin on what could be happening in the Dominican Republic. We told you people and dying in a lot of times it seems like it's very similar things that are happening. Work, there's one barium what's going on right, we'll get it that makes keep unlocked the breakfast cloacam. All morning everybody has the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club. Let's get some front page news now. Congratulations that its role so wrapped as they want to NBA finals. Listen, I've looked at sixty six. Six travel include
the Toronto one day. One thousand square arise, I will say, is very interesting to to watch They react to winning the Emmi. Viruses like Daily really means a lot for, for them is a city absolutely for culture to cities that I want to see first time ever B d worries one fourteen one ten coalition was the final envy P our colleague Thomson. He was injured in the third quarter yes, I am, he will be out. This is its own acl, so you'll be out until February March Twentyth once he even if they don't want to a game. Seventy brother would have been gnawed present day day. Women often went completed a game, absolutely data blown out in Toronto and I would have actually sucked Ajay going on here. Instagram lived to tell people that he wasn't allowed to go to these away games. Oh, my goodness, to solve job in the world and I'm designing the rings. They said I was occurs not at cursing each other out. I'm not I'm not allowed to go to the games when out of town. They asked me
not attain safety reasons, and I oblige- because they don't know who Jake is going to jump on all that jumping on people's back and hugging them and sneaking up behind him and grabbing a shoulders and giving him tight, massages bringing him to the ground that can hurt someone shut up. Right now. Let's talk about the Dominican Republic in will give you some updates what's going on with David Ortiz now what they are saying with Big Pappy, and we been talking about this alleged gunman in the shooting farm at Boston, ransack style, David Ortiz. They said that the man an roughy Ralphie very IRA crews has been accused. Of several armed robbery and firearms charges in New Jersey, embassy, accounting and It has never been arrested at first. I am sorry very IRA crews and eight other suspects in the shooting wearing court. Yesterday, president, natural wearing
I think, he's gonna pronounce it very IRA very IRA, my thing right, he doesn't know. Thirdly, so they ve been charged with being accomplices to attempted murder the path the prosecutor's office has said, there's still more suspect at large, so they're, looking for a year, preventive detention for those guys as well. So I will keep you up. He on that with David Ortiz. But now there is an instagram influence over, has come forward this person chorus Smith. She travel, the world with her husband, J. They run the Instagram account the great escaped blog and they went to the door humor public for three months and she did act She had a great time, but now ceased saying that it wasn't as great as she made it look. She said a month She was riding her bag with her husband ahead of her way three men on a motorcycle rode up and started groping her. She said they were violating the in every way you can ex except X, you can accept being raped. She said I
China, kick them away, but I had no control of what was happening. They put my bag to try to get me to all over em yelling from my husband, buddies ahead of me, and he couldn't hear me. She said after that Not leave her husband side, ass, crazy, didn't fail safe at all any more. If you didn't go to the police, she's had office has previously threatened to throw her has been in jail, didn't give them his while it so they were. They worry, but she was I she didn't feel that they can go to the police or anything and there you have it now, ups are investigating and we ve been talking about these tourism. Have gone to the Dominican Republic and then mysteriously died. There is at least seven people. They have reported these incidents happenings, who they are. Into maybe they were poisoned by counterfeit booze. What they are saying is companies they want to know who supply the alcoholic beverages that the victims drank the many bar in the minutes and hours before their debts and if there was any dangerous chemicals in them, so they taking blood samples from
some of these bodies and they're gonna, look at that in their research centres, and there's a lot of similarities and they talk about how people were getting sick. They were getting, they were. How they were getting diarrhoea. So they say that it could be some type of issue with us with Methana added or just plain met not in the alcohol, which is very, very toxic, so should be methanol at all in the liquor by we just way from DE off or low may appear build a wall around the oddity is damaged transport. They listen to things a David or these the others has begged S. Delay. Large wouldn t want to turn himself in because of what happened to that of the shooting the guide I got beat up real bed like he's not coming at any given moment. I got a goddamn thing: they beat up to shoot a tutor shuttle beat up. They wouldn't have committed a police service of bigger laws you're not gonna, be able to walk around the are enemies winning wanted turn of events. I think so. I don't really get away the hope. In the wife, he has to be the most on attentive husband. Ever you were riding
and of your wife in a foreign country are usually behind or by our side by side. Are aided right ahead to your wife is how he was lighted by a couple hours by my group, man. You you don't do that. Would your wife and kid your ride together, especially in a foreign country ass, she Don T, use Why did you not paying attention to your wife? Always behind you, that's crazy to me. I can't, even when I write about you, I can't imagine anyone That is your front page news. All right, thank you may see now will become back on the outside Also be joining us huge latin Addis. You gotta help me sell us, I'm still your buddies husband. Do you know what I'm thinking I'm thinking when he saw him guys doing at age, was shook so ya got you to see now you see no bay icy, nine. Using what happened did you know? I would eat us still another go back, let's go back, they have got five. What are you is that there are many human fine, oh my god,
while good said right. We have ahead Committee can have for reconstruction in those where we and as because he's a first latin music, artists to headlands met life Stadium in New Jersey, so he's breaking all kinds of records, all kinds of grounds. You know him from until now. You know him as a seller is the king of its assets is what they call a nice big used right. Big big pause, Emily's argument, both amendments again. Yesterday it was nothing but dominican flags and my instagram right. What will kick it when it when we come back as the breakfast locomotive hi, I'm larvae under camp and the host of the before? breakfast podcast and the author of several time, management books I most of them. Still. I hurt media newest podcast corner office in this show. Sure strategies for thriving in the new world of worth. One word location and ours are more flexible than in the past whether you working at home for the first time as the world tries to slow the spread of a pandemic or you ve been we commuting or running solo enterprise for years. The show is for you, please,
strategies that have worked for me for people I admire and that come from listeners like you, tackle everything from to do list to Home Office Design strategic career decisions listener that first cup of coffee- and I promise you something useful. My goal is to help you succeed in the modern workplace. Where ideas matter more than ever, but shoes might be optional. Into the new corner office every week and the I hurt radio up apple podcast or wherever you your podcast. J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we oughta breakfast club. We got us pressure, guess inability, Romeo, Santos thrust, a right now, there's a shop Romeo meal in Romania may also answers you, Sir there's a mega graduates will be in the first. Let noticed claim at least eighty thank you thank you, while the other such big, Ah, I mean Filipinos as huge alone. No one's ever done it. You know I was in a great measure.
Another. One on analyse monodist often rocks you so now. How did you get into the musical? I started on the age of sixty a Joiner church choir my cousin Henry. I was part of a group of intent. I will do it in a group, no money have as their gas, absolutely so really didn I started as a writer. I didn't think I had a voice. I do sometimes feel. Ok, let's move was as I, what Barbara. I started writing. I join the church quiet because I've I just see some chicks liked. My cousin obey. You knows all about her. Whereas haven't you gotta get in is how you get in. That's all you know we started getting. Compliments I go. You know you, you got a good voice, son. Taking a serious you know, and then I, as the one thing that I was good. I was great everything that
as a teenager, our love, I was very passionate about. I wasn't that green basketball loved basket puts in place now. Look I still can't I sought out. Ok, so you know these both because of the bitter Yes, sir, I can I used to draw up when I was good at that, then my cousin show me some of his drawings and I realize I sucked out that's ok, other you're, not better. If you can edit. I was decent mud, not as great as I thought I was. I think I've got to know. You're limitations yeah. I only know basketball, obeys, Barlow, drawer, that's right! So you know I just stick to music how'd. You get this thing, another Poland being eradicated. The b the homely. Above all, my mother, you know we grew up must and I we will listen to music. You know my mother would always play like. Legal ass. Yours will save us here, and you know I always how. Like this reservation, I wrote the record wrote that that's why I started writing before singing. You know, and I were used to write poems
I used to visualize me writing for other artists, and I couldn't get so those artists, and I ended up single most of my songs. We're gonna go when it comes to latin representation like that, Joe big pine. You know they did a lot of first. Coming out of the box. You know you now, I'm a hip hop had hip hop in online and never flirted with the rapid, all Sancho Ledges justice. There was a big break because an unknown amateur kick. It will crazy, as indeed is given abroad, that all of us- and I you sell it at a range on we struggle for while, like we were trying to make alike from good for years, who don't like small venues like in restaurants on and we recorded our first profession while Boom Armand Saint Nineteen, mainly
ah it didn't function saw certainly damosel guys. You know how I was very disappointed. I know I don't understand the concept of the music industry, so I figured I'd his albums. Greater we're gonna be open within the next month or so in that wasn't a case where most of the things I ve almost songs in produce and write, a group grew yea and so on we did. I was a car like upset then- and I started on recording on my own without delay- was permission and we put out for songs. Are we leaked the records, and what is more than a single without mammas an obsession. Ok, and no doubt will draw with the rapporteur that others regard as they went away that better go off and then go broke up. They said it was because you say it broke up. It was just like we pour. We just paused everyone. You will be isolated, Now my goal: Solo Yoda, just in December Legged group, revised tenanted intergroup. Ok,
Why did you not in order to break up put at Lahti? applause. We wanted Europe or the USA You know, like similar guys, highlight the plans. You know the kind of wanted to honour. This is a word and is right, but they wanted to shine on their own. You know which I respect that and when I, when I noticed, not on my blog. I gotta give all some priorities on my soul. Korea had a lotta proposals on assignment. You weren't, even the first member, a group that one of the goals- oh no, no, not allow. I I We didn't have that ambition. I ah I used to write producing and the lead singer in the group, so I really didn't have a reason to abuse on artist. Some success story. What so? Why would they even want to do solo stuff? If YO them success? ah now should break question, but you need taxed on a lot of people. Do they are in a group in any way they could just celebrated. Isn't come back together as a group. We just thirty union
necessarily agree with it. Whatever about- and I got an disagree, I don't agree among ok, let's just Rockville performing at this hour- maybe maybe yes, the innovative! Must aid to perform. You have to compete, we have all whatever you to come back together. The group was you'd like new front it on your little bit. Then you blew up. You don't mean all really necessarily need them. Point you know is crazy. They know what they were actually recording. I was very secretive about this project and you know I've brought Lenny to the studio eased a guitar is, and I was just Skynet like listen. I want like a novel food are sound and this this record he's like okay, so he's given me ideas and on symptom with the based player, a cousin Henry once director was done. Ah, I played them
the song and I'm going to be released, like maybe like three weeks after, and I told him, this is what we doing and the reason why he say anything is because I was afraid that not because of malice but Justin would have probably like a big site person, I want to talk and then it got out and what I did was I buy it. I have a dream of euro baby graduate. Thank you and I are reviewed. Ah so my fans, I put my mind, I babies, foot and I put the album cover in the middle, and I said tonight: I'm gonna be released I haven't told our song, so everybody play was I've April fool's men. I did apologize and I did say at nine p m. I was just kidding, but the following day are released. The video that is a difficult being from d all go back home to deal could be, has so many crew.
He things going on. India is ain't any to build a wall around here right now, because all agrees that has happened. I meanwhile, Just what you guys know my mom others puerto rican, my dad is diminished and I was born in raising the progress. I do you know, sympathise. What was going on out there that go with it? don't give a damn everybody side and then that you have presented here what I guess. I just feel like it's. It's really fucked up what's happening poppy situation, then our Gracie very very, but I always must be be does with the eye. The representation Eddie provide year mean, I hope he learns from this and not just him. But anyone that's an opposition like don't you know you gotta be children out there. You shall road Morse in almost security euro. I don't wanna, go home
We don't see you in photos caught anywhere. You know you Romeo sent us here. We don't really see you around about of use, why? Why is that I give any views, but I just don't find that I should be given an views when there's nothing to talk about two saturate, an I do go out, but I go out in New York City like I do have my my spots where, like I can go into treat me norm, a lot of girls. Nine years. One of your one, embryonic talk, Obama, blue black beard. No cheat! I can speak for you, Dominicans half the risk is already knows analysed so my according cliche, but millions of girlfriends muffins, As I said, it was goes on core. We got more, would Romeo's ourselves when we come back. No moves to breakfast global morning D, J, envy,
Angela ye shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club was talking to wit, Romeo Santos. Charlemagne do have to be honest, as I guess wanted by all affair. Let me tell you: don't have much relations to the girl? More won't you, I mean a be honest. You like. I do it, because I feel once you give the media or the funds a little bit like you can compare when they want to know more. Like the less you know, in all its better my opinion that you can, you can have your public life so opening. Then, when someone comes, I did you know come out you gay men and to be honest with you, it's not like I'm super secretive, like that. I can you see me somewhere where my girl hi. You know, I can see you, but I'm not just gonna start talking about muddled, my person, s how it begins that there really will be between diminishing the border regions, because I mean you know Europe, it would be of use dominican. Multiple there really a beef. Could you what're you? He don't like you.
Stayed up like a mug Anthony comes in here now, you're gonna about excited to see. You do you like me, It is always very much my guy go with it. I'm sure some people are ignorant and their sons, but in my family's is crazy, because I grew up with two accents and my others speechwriter border region among dad, sounds very dominican. Heavy seas, Dominican Mamma, the novel picked up the dominican action and vice versa, My house, I Burma that will come in. You would hear me, like literally like I would be like. Oh you Bobby Kilo Gay
and then my mother so map. What are we going to actual mobile units? Horrible Malaysia, and you would think so when you hear me speaking supporter- weakens us some very porter reek of emu begins with Americans a sound, very dominican. If you'll know me, you would think I'm like those duties just act and he's gonna be down, but that's a cool when speaking that allocated. Ignore a person would also seem to me to be honest, knives, it's actually very diff was delivered in a thing. Don't you know action like you can hear. If you around enough Dominican enough put him on a even if laying is different right. Oh yeah. Maya what about why genes all year round there really dominican thing white, one white genes, you mean you mean per year, paints, wherefore, why
like where wiping know me, I don't know, maybe I'd tell you do tell you is Dominicans. I hope no one gets offended with this, but the men against Mandy D like to wait tight James, said well. I people nowadays than anybody, not enough, but its emergency situations. Ideas are you suit and colorful sure you know now we're not a word these are not there yet was good. Romania ways eyes, they gotta be self regulation, the area and one Apple Ramos, because you know what the MILAN. Ah You know it was. I learned a lot. A regulation was there for about two years already Theo Nine division on just
and work out in all bought on. It was a great learning experience for me. Did you ever get a feature? Jazzy? No, and I didn't ask for it was not like he is mere any ban on. I had on uninsurable experience. You know this is something and he was a big moment on. I was there when he recording of affordable on an international level here listening to date in Spanish and that something that you not was surreal moment eminent, Shiva Toma grandkids like I, was really special value. This into studio yeah now for the whole recording their rights,
Why does he invited me allow, as I think that he probably one of the workers of music? I need, as we go a few tens in all, but it is hidden come on. You know, but the moment to me was like I'm really go into somebody new member wreckage level. I think, is direct good that he put his daughter to wrap now elder bonus drag actually,
Yes, yes, we want to stay away to be off with you took you up a blue obstacles. Basel blue lost Roby all got to overlook or you, while you must know where grades re kind of that come about when he put up their record. I said spanish girls love not come off and thought up a sale k I reached out. I wanted to do by child up, and I want to say that it took me like ten months together in all, but we may have been so great experience. He said he wanted to sing in Spanish. All spanish verse, firemen was a huge wreck. It was actually number one for thirteen weeks and the billboard charge that where it was all you gotta do much. Ok, there would have been at the guy that which I thought the dates
but you you just said it is a job or music. Yet again here so is more by love not unlike, and it's a very basic one. Two three stab you always have difficulties explaining. Why, by chance I is cause. You know it's just like so music that not enough as it is grown up you a very shine and secure the beginning. Here you work due to. Ah I started Drinkin MA. Am you have no idea what I started drinkin on Tacoma nerves and it made me loser? Ah then, I started realising that I wanted to. And- and I was so shy that I wouldn't look at the crowd. I would sing and I would say to my musicians. Ah it was really
this would have evidence, or are we use I'll? Do it I'll go now? Has a soul orders life? You have you had to figure out, but in the area, but it was I used to battle with unless your son's name, Valentino anything and my first born Alex S. Father had different for you now, the second time around different dynamic, ah Goma. First kid I was a kid having a kid. Almah was a coward. Saying this, because I have spoken about this before all Roma first sunlight in all. I wasn't in a relationship by the time. You know it's just something that happened and I were gone more We need that every lead clean, worn, and I learned that that too- and I was just I would I didn't really didn't want to get on. How do you say? I suppose having it out like I just ran like I was like hidden already like available a dagger. Yes,
You know, I have a great relationship now. What would Alex you know has been great for over a decade. Step because a lot of women to have those issues in their like. How can I get him to be more responsible, but what made you step on parents specially model? I q would frequently told me you know you know that made me really I don't want to sound like I'm the greatest dad in the world, because you know like it's you you have to be there for your kids and every sense of the word and I'm so busy with my career that sometimes I try to balance both and I end up always working more than spending time with my kids but a but I'm awake person today than I was used by acting as road or does the fact that you are aware enough to know like look man, I did this is too much for me, but then, when you. Finally, mature. You, like you, know what I gotta be Emma Muslins life yeah yeah. What about people? Who think that your
married and nobody knows everything to be honest with you, like people, people a lot of things about me because I'm so private and you know that some people think I'm gay represent chasm cause, I'm so private, any good and will come lot yeah, radio, a so you're, not married, isn't relations it will all you married. No, not married, you haven't you. Gay. Doesn't articles endeavour language, what you gonna data right, outta my way, they say a lot of things that in your music as well, yeah, no, have you not gay? Absolutely not just cadets created it out. He said they think you gave. Could you don't talk about love life, you mean better sameness, element noted on economic refugees.
The difference in having a Marylin egg bad here and you do and they talked about how difficult it is for Apple latina women to be cast it and not seeing women of a darker Hugh ever it you know on the screen is something that your kindness. And I have as well when you think about casting and videos. Ah, I do, for you live in all directions, Dominicans a beautiful, and we shall see more that in all the negotiations or why this guy. I can't we ve been over this. It's always go. Tell you. They always say that They always asian. The dominican sort of thing is just a minute, gives Eliza innovations and asking their natural himself now can have you heard about how no first time span the ESA. You do for identity, my represented here.
Totally, but we appreciate you for joint alongside you Romeo. Yet I was in the next. One is actually ending up September. Twenty first met life met, lifestyle my whole, fifty thousand. Ah, almost eighty, eighty thousand goodness gracious will go, get it My nanny Irma will be the main issue, be frightened centre, as he will probably bring the babies with a good day. They enjoy beg you for joined us. My aunt, you guys out, I didn't Romeo Santos. Is the breakfast club the morning Everybody's D. J Envy angel again showed me the girl we oughta breakfast club good morning as a common enemy was happening. Hey without going right. Now shouts Romeo Santos for joining us this morning. Normally only Santos people say a lot of things about whom do say when it Jerry but die. What are you talking about attitude
the way I presume for come in a lot of people government. You just said that came out of my pretty. I don't really know something about what you do really Fundamental Norman, those- but I mean no one at all or most of them covers the angry as a man like I'm like ass, not my thing. I do have two ass busy same ones on a MAC and admit I dont know a lot about removing those bride. No Romeo sandals is how can we see what you owe me to fail? He desired dregs of inhumanity, it has. However, if its Drake Way, Jake is rapidly spanish and everybody was making a big deal out of it when it had ever little remember with IRAN, unlike Roma, just because, like always w just because you're not appointed, doesn't mean- and it's not a big deal- resembles a huge the ears and a huge to shut them for joining us. Now you ve got rooms or the way I yes, let's talk about them, are things happening like your girl, Nicky Menage, we I have a little bit more of a clue as to why seats weeded out mega China also came kind ass. In let's talk about her press conferences, she just had
Donald Trump and our right, we'll get into all out where we come back. He belongs to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast cloudless gets no one is best talk, Bianchi about the report annually on the breakfast club. Where are we Toby as it does not do? Interviews too often we are. We can see her talk on her own documentaries. Like we just saw homecoming. Very rare that she let somebody s end of year. As a matter of fact, she even was on the cover of vulgar and did not given any view for vogue. She was the first person who did do that. That was on the cover she did do and as told to essay that she did with clover hope said I to clover so she has an interview. There's you did because of her mom Tina noses wearable NL age, you did in our campaign of you at a most things you talked about. Was her mom
teaching them from an early age, about being pride, full of being Now there is a shift in these incredibly town emerging like artist arguing You do just praised being black and make sure we will We were very aware routes. We saw how beautiful and profound let women work and how different we were in how you couldn't witnessing one box. Beautiful amazing, Ass. He talks about her mom, always wanting to help people and also helping out the kids. Who knows what else you had to say about her mother a moment allowing them to not nor and she's dead. They met and teaching these young women that aid can be entrepreneurs and she's here. Causing them to bang Bang. They probably would never see My mother always believed that every person in the world Have- and I think I give is
Helping people realise that purpose a lot faster. Ok, you normal when we know God, as though you know, I'm always have Bianchi speaking, I write about This is a major you guys well, and we know that they are. Those pictures from the whereabouts are gala. Even then aloud I go beyond gigantic pronounced the word I kept looking added like what did you say what it is that we are able? We were wearable, thereby adding to what the boy? I guess I don't mean I realized greater weeding the dispensary right now to give a nice has announced a mega tron and queen radio is gonna, be June. Twenty first there was the caption on a picture that you posted. So you know she hasn't been us media much for the past few months, like the past three months, so looks like two and twenty fires is the that you'll hear Magadan Annual here, Nicky Menage back again on Queen radio, we're gonna live ugly radio, us even stop doing.
While we radio is lit. Ok, I right now, Jordan, Craig Georgia. Craig is treacherous in terms add adored his mother, the one that he was with before he got with though he cried ass, you know at the same time when she said that Christian Thomson paid out in twelve thousand dollars. In order for her to stay, goal, even though he was dating Chloe carnation. Why, though he has their payment. May shortly after she brought Herself- in a- and you know that- Allegation came about because the attorney as why his, and had given her a hundred and twelve thousand others in. That was the reason that she gave so he say: that's not true. He said that he said one wanted to ensure that it sends mom. Would not. Have random men around his child, so there in ages. A did decided a different way. Anyone Dayton. Anybody, because you don't want nobody around his gaze- did pay it onto twelve thousand. Fourth, yes, I am and I guess it's how you look at it right, he's looking
it like I don't want you have dating anybody. Could then, when you anybody round my child she's looking at it you pay me to night vain anyone right. I right now, God Algerians you. She just had a press conference where she made a major announcement in what she's doing she's doing a rights here, partnerships former inmates free rides to job interviews. She said after she went visit prisons all around the country and talk with inmates, one of the biggest hurdles wise trying to figure out ways to job interview than to get work? So here is what she had to say and also she had to think Donald Trump for his work that he has been doing as far as prison reform. My whole journey with criminal, this reform has started about a year ago. When I came to see the president, I plead the case of Alice Johnson who the President's granted clemency to, and I just want to thank the President for really standing behind this issue and seeing the compassion that he's had for criminal just
this has been really remarkable, was an element that I don't care. How you feel about him, God dashing of UK about criminal Justice Reform prison reform, then you just have to salute her view. She's out here doing the work Perry. She is. That's it like nothing. To talk about. Like you, you know you should you should love the work. She's doing more than you hate her? You should be happy to these. People are getting justice and people actually getting out of jail. You should salute effort as simple as that. Is people's lives, are being helped ramrod for it, however, against however, you ve done I re I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you! Miss ye shall obey. Yes, we donor doll could do. I need a good brother Chris Brown referring to creation. We like to have a word with me, not think this is a very tangible moment for a lot of people. Now right, we'll get internet legs keep allotted to breakfast
good morning. My now you want it's time for talking with the heat Did you get those least become doggie of today the breakfast club bridge- we're doing a dog you today for June for teeth to the most talented army. Out of that we have seen in the jar of our being the last fifteen years, a man. Why are referred to as Bobby bade because he is generations Bobby Brown? If you think as a distant, you have no idea how great the legend Bobby Brown was problem. Who bought by broadening the still another religion, still imagine what they said. Otherwise, it was late in the day, but he still allow men disconnect dead in his day but just like Bobby Brown, our guy Bobby Beige, Chris Brown is famous for
he does on age when infamous forty does off it, and yesterday Chris Brown just carried tradition, ambient gravy asked age now, Chris Browns Ex Girlfriend Glad referred in the past as a cow bongo. Carlos it gets done. However, you ve done. I re I'm Angela YE, and that is your room. A report currently gravely in love with a great guy by the name of Victor crews. Victor Cruises, a classic buddy Solid Individual all the way around. I judge man by his energy and how I watch him treat people. They can't do anything for him in Two years, every encounter with Victor crews he's a great energy and I watched him treat everyone. He mutual respect. Just my personal observation of him as anybody in the room seen otherwise dope right. So when I see him in Kourou, Judy I see a powerful glow around him, their shock Racine.
To be aligned. I can see beautiful energy around him. They Eric their oars glow together. You know like they just look like they fit right. It's just me, nobody I'll that! Well, I can't be alright What will one person who sees that in can't stand seat at is Chris Brown, because yesterday Aruji posted a picture self in her man, Victor Crude, I think they're in Florence, ITALY, if, if a news is correct and Chris Brown, who I'm shot is in black from seeing his young Ladys page, which, let me know, aruji war, Chris to see our side owes. You want him to see every wall she is making from loved her career because you know the broadly driving crazy, and yesterday Chris Brown showed us how crazy he's still is over Kourou J, because Chris Brown LE for quite a few comments and approaches page first, Chris posted no shade, blue, but please thou him in capital letters. He looked like he sharpen of demand. Again
in trying to bargain with the sales manager, retie Restless bank effort around good bless. Chris grounds. Browser expelled horrible by the way I think the crews pages unaffected crews, patient. I would challenge cruising ok, ok, that's probably why he will they would oppose common. I make perfect sense, spell horrible bite away, ok, type, manikin, Amy and ok. I am he types of instead of off and he meant to type God, but he put, good, even though God is good all the time and all the time, God of good when you miss Bell God, as I know, God is not involved with whatever it is. You put in his name and Chris Brown added no shit aid just minor and our Kristen know everything. I'm about to tell him he's coming from a loving place. Alright broski, you played yourself I read you look lame is how hate not another man, simply because he has what you want an Islamic,
stop needless criticism of your brothers and sisters, because we must remember that jealousy describes from within Chris Brown, you don't give a damn about having to cruise dresses, isn't about his clothes and accessories. You are simply jealous and envious that victim crews is your ex girlfriend favorite accessory. All right. You still love her. Chris went on his IG story and said a person that really cares about you going to show it even on bad terms. Chris. If you really care about her, you would be happy that she's happy. Even if it's Would you have you care about our happiness only when it involves you and you hate on something whom no makes are happy. Then you don't really care about her at all. This isn't about aruji, isn't about big. The crews is about Chris Browns, fragile male ego, and you, knowing you had a good thing and you ask it up. I write Chris went on the post peace love enjoys. Is please upgrade your mantle of grain. Him says pacific capital, letters out take em around style him not here
in Kapital letters. He just me some game spirit, which is even mean he needs and gain spirit. Are you gonna tell us? championing even Games Beard, what the hell you know by Gainsborough increased wrath, not dimension. You sound, like you got hacked by gay stylist like these toys of, very queer. I've with his great guy up great him says no shade PO, but please thallium like what gave fashion designer www channeling when you posted these tweets, but once again this has nothing to do with Victor crews, close and everything to do with Chris Brand Ego, his ego his heart, a woman. He loved that he regrets losing every day is moved on and not just moved on angle. You may they gonna have kids and you Chris. I won't have to watch the crews family girl via Instagram. Now Chris Ass, the great question he said: is it a sucker moved you think about your ex crystal me as it was before you? Is it a sucker move, you think about your ex now
is that if you do have feelings where it s, fine, if you still get buttered at five used a lover, that's fine! But guess what she's moved on, and you should do so as not to such a move. To think about your ex, especially if you're thinking about what could have and if you thinking about all the mistakes made in how you do it all over again, if you had the chance, ok thinking about your ex is Move, but what is the move is throwing shade at your ex his new man simply because he's in there position, you wanna be, and Chris Jealousy didn't I, a gun on you, my brother, and, if you don't think you're jealous than you not be real yourself, you can only be jealous of someone who ass something you think you ought to have yourself. Clearly, you still think aruji should be with you and not Victor crews, that of the epitome of jealousy you're telling her ruggedo of greater main, but her mouth into her is clearly an upgrade from you. That's why Buddhist teaching says don't hate jealous people they are jealous because they think you are better than them. That's why Victor crews, not Tribune
daddy, said anything to Chris Brown, thirty nosey one already you got what you want. He knows you look at the pictures, insidious. Of what about him is better than me crazy sitting around Joe, an envious him and he's not thinking about you re Chris you're driving yourself crazy. You driving social media, crazy, Victor Cruz and influence it unbounded live in their best life. That's exactly why the jealous a troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves. Please give the young brother Chris Brown the biggest here now I'm sorry, but I just gotta say if you like he said room right now they just posted they set out its currently around was how people got Chris Brown said Peter gone out. They weigh leave them. People alone. Is that creating unnecessary drama? Whoever has been d any of my followers are commenting as me is lame, as freedom
They know it imposed. Antibody, says areas targeted. The Yahoo mail me ways all that goddamn uzzano unity, energy and AIDS. Gaston near so anyone answer I was away has gone from a believe. His father had done You know, I don't know, I'm not followed, but at this moment I am that today's dollars factories Brownsville, all right, I'm not ball of an agency gay stylus, buddy! It's as time goes by. I was like that. I'd also like was brought in you we're not falling forty. You got hacked into dominating in sound like in it in so right anyway, because even you don't like it, you think you would. He would go crazy, somebody's histogram. Is it I'd, look stupid and that's why you get dont you today for doing stupid things. I feel you design. I wouldn't expect somebody to do something like this evening, but I refuse to believe you got hacked. We gotta come at a better asking them Sunday at the poor body. Didn't seem like he was thinking of Galicia. The poor body was running. Around avenue gets her. If I have you
magazine embedded in that. But what would you while that may be increased brown the herbs, obviously any we talk to all tat was done that can happen when you get hacked other than a few comments to your axes. Boyfriend Tatum become on men Allison. I don't know out of them does not fall. Nobody. You got hacked into designating, I'm sorry, but whatever, when we for me, and I have no idea, we can keep warm, would die political conversation. We can pretend it is really happened. If it did happen, I didn't happen ass. You do I don't know. What's going on up the views, I don't even I don't know what happened right in Namibia. Donkey donkey. Do we gotta get us together. Automobiles unduly, I guess you don't want to do- is just just broke that it didn't happen. I dont believe it. I cannot go back enough well, you got hacked into doubt the navy, but whatever I well content of content lets it lets open to fall on.
Let's play with disillusioned dinner. Yes, let us ask the question: is it is such a move to think a budget exit now have to be a bug is now putting an article about Gaza could well was hacked so shut up. Judging by the body five when one- and I would like that, I would like to talk to some crazy. Is when a crazy exit nest then some FAO stuff lesson. We talk about Ireland, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one of the eighty crazy exes were taking it out of the Chris Brown situation, because, obviously, It wasn't with brandy, was shut up, you're killing animals Adrian bodily out you shoulda, their document, eight to put Chris Browser was act, but anyway, I don't take five April financing of nihilist crazy exit was the craziest thing you don't. Let's talk about it. I the breakfast club,
everybody is the G envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy. We are the breakfast club for loans, a wide open, eight hundred five five one o five one. Where ask him? Is it a sucker move to think about your ex? And what have you done crazy to your ex? That is. The question must offer to annually. Am I think anything is not a second move to think anything. You can't really control what you think and I think everybody I'll be at some point thinks about their acts, especially when they have to see them all the time live in their best life on social media so fast that a second move. What is such a move is, if you hate on who that person has moved on with That would be the only thing I would have an issue with, but you can think whenever you want I agree with Angela Yee. I don't. I don't think it's acceptable to think about your ex, because you are going to think about your ex, especially if she's, a good woman or a good
and you get a move on and do great things. You want a costly think about what, if you're, gonna, think about all the mistakes did she made in you gonna all with which you had another chance, the correct those mistakes? I don't think it's a sucker mooted think about extra community and I don't care what you are sacred mountain. You'd have to make him not believe a fall of red handed over ninety, like I got half over the ill banana till, I don't see a guy had a magala up. They listen Would you know, go live if my wife gear left me, you don't think I'm not gonna hate on enlargement Marco polo. Airborne have ugly publicly comments you, my kids, oh I'm, going to hate. Well, isn't what you do in real life. Plan on another. Forget the wife and kids. The fact that you specifically stated you are going to eat on the next man, your acknowledging that you're going to eight on the next may guess we'll Chris Brow with the Victor crews. He was hating. No you jealousy, it was had no seminar.
Please have it always at. Let me personally, I wouldn't be asked if she d body out. I wouldn't be hacked we'll do it yet me neither for me, and you have thirty different pages. Slowly digit everyone did you ever think about it. I thought maybe gives Ex husband give how do you know you when you say you have been given What are you talking about? You posted from all that way it will be different pictures. Every provocative be him and his family? Imagine our vision of the hundreds of miles gave a beatin lotta Massey with the next man movement, that with the union's our behaving like a model, what have they care was imagine what the next man? No me, what if you'd know, what, if use is,
me and my new boo. Don't imagine never like matching anyway, I was caught his eye. Oh, my money used middleman up, it is even like. Ah our farmers are Europeans I got hacked. What have they like Mary? I really would have they were matching in their birthday, suits the shot down upon them. I got hacked. That is the any is, and was that about this If one is not amusing ginger to knowing I always treated morning had been able to parliament, promoting judge and now, what's the name of cancer argued
I don't know what have you got to save wordier soulier on having a drink? I think I have a MAC ginger we're talking about sucker moves things you do. Do you have one I've never done also discuss the my egg, but my wife I marry her baby father has tried to run up after all. Why are you guys who are to guide the Parthenon, who found was actually only car and we did that? Allow for its or drop off in our jargon, Mama car, my mom within a car, a dry, the hidden, and then I add my son about it later and of course, she sate, like he'd cheered by after the fact- and it happened to me again about a week ago. I was in a car about myself, try to run after out again this happened a thing or your guy might act, yeah, yeah yeah, oh god, oh yeah, we also say that's. All you're was again just gonna like voice there. They owe me normal female,
Mary envy shut up areas set about down what more areas with a mere every third thrown off Bobby. Sadly, my wife maybe try to run about it, That is a crazy. You know you he's jealous ex basic basque red man. He is, I hope I think it's funny bullet cried my girlfriend actually try to do the same, but then you up the road for I believe that Sadly, I gave her one of my all car. When I gotta tell you, I happened to see your drive and up the rail as you try to run about the role of a beggar. Did you the aim, is that ginger and that's a woman by the way. I can't believe, though, that it was a man in cancer know. You know what My goodness I wish today
as you know, maybe it's a rule. Obey me out. Another was memo kind which an AIM Mimi, in the short term and a guy you, you were excited about this very overrated, experienced volcanoes, but can contain It's not gonna, go from e mail address. The ex we broke up like you. Ve given up get out as evil? Yes, why that is evil. You do not difficult. It is to come home and have to search for the remote and income find it for hours and then you like what do I do? Then you got it. Aren t beyond it manually turn channels vast vow. Do I find nothing? The watch by me
eight hundred five, a five Euro five one. Is it a sucker, moved to think about your eggs? And what have you done? Your ex call us now to breakfast bogeyman, putting everybody's d. J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast Club, Navvy, just joined us. Charlemagne gave Chris Brown Donkey today. For no reason now you may live now. We know tat. I gave him donkey today, because yesterday he went under Victor Cruises page and was hate and had just jealousy describes from within all right: that's what we gotta stop. Needless criticism appeal because he was criticised in May is closed when the fact that a matter as you just mad dead Richter crews is courageous, favorite accessory, now GRID Brown posted this morning that he was hacked? It was that yeah right. Had he means high are drunk. Simply that I am very pleased that we not stupid unless you want to be replaced sure you act, oh and I'm gonna grow go with where he said TAT. He was at first, let's go,
eight hundred five, a five one. Five one allows this: hey, there's a Stephanie, How are you base definite morning liner now, whereas here. The Korean on this thing might add, and has the go. Ok, we we were debating for ten years. We got Mary for two and then separated. He went back to his first one they were mare, not married. They got back together more data you living together for a year. He ended up passing away. He ended up, leaving everything still for a one k and everything all the insurance and my may now. She was very upset. Of course about but yeah yeah, I'm the one. He really love thought about our throw out that he was. He was crazy for leaving me, but using crazier to leave an insane woman think in the youth field, loved her when it was really my hour where he had low crazy you a whole criteria but ass. I was the year when she went by you. Ok, thank you, my jewish!
hello losing money. They Ebby Office, all I'll, be solid, Angela Billingham Report. God: no community, we audio baby, faithful blackmail, community black men dodgy until I am, but anyway Conversely, because the boy don't use you young lady is doubled. How did you come from a guy I got your views and abusive. He begged the power all back and leave of the angel. I heard a female Lebanon about math lie. There was a poor call them.
Are you for everything? But what about that now? You are building anyway. So now we need everyone Anthony about biometric. We live a rope and I got an acquired noted that I was gonna, make it go ahead and do something I call on the cap, and I told them that he had Vertigo Asthma bump into an. He would look be Naomi, you fat, everything that he felt this miracle curve upon it kind of our began to America and Asia, but I will go on takeover bids. You sandwich ambiguous deal with him now. I let me talk to cannot open shut off the good, faithful black brother that they was on facetime cannot talk about favouring focused brother. No doubt he appeared. Furthermore, everybody, no ass, a woman who have track during the control of power. You hear it every time. Power plays any proof.
Just a bad area when you tried to call him or he would probably play in and when I pray Apple, my phone or do not disturb right on the way you JANET other, a man, our modern dumb as UK a call and you got a girl in the background of all Maybe what are you talking about? Black men? Don't dominican, I don't care about that I don't know why you in a minute now debating it. I will say, is very delete. All your bought a bigger region. Denuded of what did you put a bigger, rigid, dominican, various things? One is intelligent man, you know you'd. I messed up uncanny goodbye barricades, Adriano book. I gotta go a bloody sir. They call me a butter really taken the dramatic another. You sow black men, though G, Margaret was the moral of the story.
Story of jealousy disguise within and you gotta stop. Needless criticism of people you need to remember that, and you know that, like Red Brown sounded crazy yesterday and it is a sucker move to going hate on your axes, New May, because all you do is say- and I wish I was in the position that he was in Miss, you got hacked. That always goes Braga happened. You game doggedly for nothing rebranding magnetic in it. Believe that young going to get they today on Monday, I note with broad inaginary guy who's. They'll get hacked carousels guides. We got rooms or away he S. A let's talk about the BT words will tell you about the humanitarian, a worthy going through one of our favorite people will get Red Nevsky blocked the breakfast locomotive, breakfast warning, everybody's d, J Envy, Angela Ye- shall remain the guy we oughta breakfast cloudless gets it aromas, less talk modest that
This is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club. Yet so it's happened. He had issued recommended to Regina harder, Regina use manage their cream to have grow back her edges is what we do know how had to say about the difficulties when those beating edges and fairly close to mention China getting edges back. It takes a while to get your edges back cause, there's so much follicles stress- and I tell you it's a gears, but I did like rosemary oil. Rushing in are getting like a massage or to stimulate, because when you get the blood flow out, Ginger Yemen's that its anti microbial. So yes, people, you see me going into Sylvia S, getting my modest that that was actually it's the first time I heard them over grabbing. True, it was to me had it coming that sounds crazy, and then I looked it up online and I was like, oh my god. If you were right not to monitor it, was before the vagina. My role is that what you use it for it is about
but we are not love Tiffany in an I know from LA, but I wish you wouldn't from LA she'd, be from down thousand way because you got a whole remedy for every damn thing. And a lot of those seven on your edges. You know it Yes, when you google, it you'll see that that is what people do you. So I'm sure she saw then went to distort ass. A man is that so nobody by man is the agreement could be for use infection Erika before their edges low or no. Now, ladies gotta double of using Ladys mind two boxes that mean they gotta used and Friction Anna wages Photoshop Is it not as boy ways has started goes years ago? That's not losing your edges, that's losing your whole inside your head, ochre hostility of the woman. Can you have confidence when no edges Anna used infection there is no matter. What does that have the Catalan is comes from within us digging? You survive three one leader I did. I'm gonna come back down three one baby now, so you would prefer not to have either of those issues. People right enough with a modest their talk. You gotta give work to new series. What are used acceptance?
right now led agitated Ellis right. She's gonna be stirring and executive producing a diary spin off from MTV studios. It's called Jody, it's an adult animated. Amity, sorry so shut out soon, Tracy Ellis Ross for being the head of that. I write Anna Pavlovna Housewives of Atlanta, that's pagers Ex has been he's in jail. You know he just got out and he got taken back into custody that vast, so he was the least on June faith. He is now back in jail and his sentence is scheduled to an unacceptable fifteen yards. I now that site you just got out a nip. How so he will be memorialize with the humanitarian award. That's gonna be at the twenty nineteen BT awards they did and now there's, a prolific artisan leader, nifty huh, so was zealous about drought. Driving change for the better his community and power, and implying those in need and being an m when shall in highly respected leader has passing, was a tremendous laws to the entertainment industry and to the culture.
Thirdly, they are honouring him I'd, think about liberty, hustle every single day. Literally every now and then- and I say myself everything May I cannot believe in, like literally We have that Dago bided, since this happened that I have noted that myself it also on BT. They have the trailer now for tells you know we did have I've gotta up here. Talking about the first episode, the premier episode of the new season of tales with a kind. A song is called brothers. Is by Kenya. Entirely Wilson. So now you can get ready for that. That's gonna premier on July seconds on BT ends last but not least, carry Irving. They are saying that he did part ways with his long time agent in anticipation of with rock nation sports and of course this is things are even more speculation that he'll be signing with the Brooklyn Nets and free agency. So everyone keeps saying We'll see what happens. Anything can happen, but that's what it's look alike
as a lane well to rot. She was just on the breakfast club, her book more than enough is out now she just a Jimmy Valley last night, so shouts Elaine It's worth Mesa you get her back more than enough is an amazing book, especially if you're interested in the world publishing in writing in trying to figure out what to do in relationships in and figure out what you wanna do fresh out of college. She has some great information about what led her to the path that because he was the editor of teen vulgar for awhile and she went to work at ebony. Maxie made a decisions in her life, but she just a Jimmy Valor last night you, incredible person I demand and that's your room, a report all right. Thank you. Miss ye how you guys have a great weaken, shout the revolt in that in today, but they'll be back on Monday in a mixes up next to get you request on hundred five, a five one off. I want no more of the breakfast locomotive. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy. We are the breakfast club now
RO in the city, for some would be it at in Harlem talking to the students. Ferments teach us out to them, then a metal over to Lincoln check. I gotta do our fathers they cars Yoke is, of course a Sunday is far They then I'll be out in Coney Island. I'm doing a comedy, show an hip hop festival shall to re, and then I'll be a ties, and in Sunday I will be out in Denver and, let me say, happy fathers aid to all of fathers. The Abbe Fathers Day dad. I love you so much, even though your mean not sometimes when I was go out, man, don't you say: are there in the middle saying happy Joe. Could I love a may erase it a black man? Any raise me Reiser Lobby Palm very loudly at another child raising the men again, who thinks he's a black woman right yet. It has signed by somebody Blackie raise me. Furthermore, continue at that's have to no, shot out DJ, clue,
daddy through some of these. That's your dad Wendy do it. It is there What is it that Kevin? You right not be, I'm sorry, the government it has. No one is in my way now, when his mother's day, you shot out Kelvin hunted all right. Ok right, but you keep dared, say many you edit, none it at a time when you d hate and no one had a fairly, and I want to give envy some slander, love, Wendy What do you want? A lap lab Abigail had don't don't described from the fact that these vehicles Your daddy is shut up any man that picks you up from off the street and takes you in his basement and teaches you everything he knows his yard is your dad. You know what
Drugs are daddy. Was that MR arranging my dad? That's your parliament by day, yes, my dear, so I guess I gotta figure. We get him. I already got my mom. Some crazy present were gone on vacation to Bermuda, adding my dad anything yet are going to bring about the are group. Now I grow Darwin his right arm. You know when I thought a good money like, like my father, started randomly asking me for. They give, and you know what I say to him now he does. The angel when his energy, nor give back- but you know I will say this about my data car some years ago and I ever ye- I say: well, you got a car, they are never You gonna go yes, Foger! Don't play me. Because he always telling me awaited to get some here and he always we're having its own ideology. I've dirty mouth at the weight and that pay a doubt it all. Yes, he will show the poppy rate where we combat positive. Note, though, moves the breakfast locomotives, morning everybody is the Hey envy. Angela
Charlemagne ago we oughta breakfast club less out the Romeo Santos for joining us Luther re evident all. May I thank those who actually with that and so I'm gonna bordering unmixed. South Sudan, who owns the outcome, is outright now. The deaf legal picked up the EPA Ana. Listen to add an if call was the zones is very dope. Gus Sixty on a really enjoy? Quite a few wreckage on that alike. Pieces I like gotta, be loved me and I, like alone alone, is very very though the song about just self awareness and how you can truly love anybody tat. You love yourself, so saluted Hamilton man right, alright, medical actually beyond the show Monday mocha. So ok them. On Monday, I gotta run to the passport office. Now to get my passport renewed analyze added. That's it! I'm glad. You just said that I keep forgetting. Also if you are in Detroit Mesa, you come out. Is Detroit Demo Day Abbe hosting that allow it MIKE Ellison, I'm excited and
Guys are gonna love, it's free, so you can go to Detroit Demo Data com and it's an event that put em back loans, but will be giving away. One point: two million dollars, ok to some of the contestants that our pitching they actually made it to this point, because they have some great businesses, some of them, are brand new. A business in China grow their business, some of them By tying sue take their business to a bigger level. Locally. And some of them I science who go? nation a wide with their business. So either way you see a lot of incredible onto no, I said come down and supporting you can also stream it, and why did if you can't come to Detroit and leave a sort of positive note was in the Bible simply this man. We were having some good conversations about jealousy this morning and I want you to remember what Buddhists you know I teach you know: booties teach that you should not hate jealous people, don't eight jealous people. Do you hear me? Don't hate jealous people because they are jealous because they think you are better than them.
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