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Today on the show they opened up the phone lines to hear the thoughts of our listeners about DaBaby almost getting hustled by 2 kids selling candy, should he have gave the kid $200 anyway? Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Joe Biden for his comments on Joe Biden voting speech and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee"

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And its continued support of social equality. The resources building on last year's amplify black boys campaign with the launch of solid black, a new ongoing initiative to provide resources in a platform for black change makers who youth innovation and boldness in a creative in community endeavours, salad, black celebrates up and coming back The black community follow along on the retail soldier channels, the hated stories every Friday murmur about what motivates them into salad, black initiative, Doritos that come forward flashed salad, black at state farm. They focused on the belief that, Diversity make safely strongest. Modern neighborhoods were all a welcome neighborhoods that a reflective of the You make a shake shakers in movers of tomorrow to make a better world. future generations. We must amplify celebrate and empower black created today and asked why state form is committed to provide services, platforms and longstanding actions to help build strongly words for the black community. They found there. Being good neighbours means uplifting communities whether their customers find themselves. They don't do from.
policy. They provide a partner because before when ninety thousand state, agents. They reflect the diversity of America like a good neighbour, state farmers there you guys are going out the hop poacher breakfast tat is my morning. You really not partly right he's waiting come to show men and early I'd be a big sound level. We gotta be very big, actually Charlemagne, the GUT breakfast club. USA? YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo good morning. Aids, Lee There are many designed the jolly of planet cares. What day it is What is so easy to without these Amy. Are you doing
dog man, I'm good drove to Atlantic City. No, I have a cultural in Atlantic City August fourteen. So it's a little different from all the other call shows that I have goes its outdoors, so you don't realize all the things that that you don't get with Having an indoor arena like you know, you use the book. The arena get the cause. I get the celebrity cause. I get the amusement rise in all last of, but I forgot, like you out so you gotta get porter parties, but then you things like water, could people gotta wash their hands, but then you got it. There goes right, along with the poor, to Patty S burden you gotta get electricity in you, gotta get tenth and then it is to have. Is it's a lot, so I had had a crash course Annette yesterday, but still the North Atlantic City August, fourteenth too cautious amazing. So I came to see you guys would upshot of NEO was the world today today.
I would like to speak out so as to help from what the hell you're, probably young man, smiling gaze grandma. I know what the hell's going on. We don't talk to a married man. That way was Roach Nike or told me that all the talent of my. When did they hoped they good morning. Zaire you gonna on our morning you near the was have now everybody feeling we good may we go was very slightly as Ex last night was gonna. Naturally it is either invasive ongoing age, ongoing age, our guide them added. Let me add that if you have sex with knowledge, is that where you will know that I would know- maybe maybe not worked out late and took it at a border. The relaxation note with something I saw there was there was a cannibal too late to get like ten thirty workin out today made a lack of the cut off tat not a morning as a game of issues there, college is only brolly once, but I'm just on my leg. The fact that if you wake up just a tad bit too late,
You're gonna be a tad, be too late or low act along in the shower yea familiarly. That's thinking to take the garbage dump me, don't be a less as a gas eagle bear lowly on after working at work help you would have done. If you feel like you, did you get the night before gap, the neighbourhood all ever say I wait till the morning. The good guess that never works out networks are never absolutely not get the date didn't the day before, laying you close out was cool view. Kid now get me up all right. Well, let's get the show crack in front page he was we talking about well covered. Nineteen cases are surging in forty five states and
one had spat. They said the patients I younger than ever there in the hospital define surgeon Margus. You will learn from the USA moves in that one one would say about where we come back to breakfast locomotive second applying away on morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club asking some front page news illustrate what the USA Men's basketball team they. Finally, all again, let it be argentine at one o, eight to eighty little got on congratulate people are celebrating before disposed. To do right, frank. We were celebrating one win, but a U S team is said by was set so high. to losses in a row. Even an exhibition game is like the skies fallen naughty when one and we excited stop that is a celebration of which is both repulsed when you as a basque multimedia, Bethlehem and world. Allegedly nag game for tonight is Milwaukee bucks for the Phoenix, as it happens at nine p m to suddenly the series to one in front page noses pow by the end, be aimed at what you got: Nixy
I well covered nineteen cases, our surging and forty five states, so Does that mean? Well in this past week in forty five days, their cases are ten percent higher than they were the previous week and in thirty four of those states, those new cases this ass? We go at least fifty percent higher than the previous. We can only three states that are seen decreases between ten and fifty percent as Main South Dakota an eye what they said. The vast majority of New Kobe Cases Hospital is and deaths have one thing in common? Is people who are not? vaccinated. So more than ninety nine percent of all covered nineteen debts in June were among vaccinated people and people who are again encoded in getting hospitalized are getting younger as well. They say, Missouri has one of the lower. Vaccination rates in the country and one of the worst outbreaks of the delta, burying it so bad that the? U S The latest serried team to help stop the spread
just me or I don't hear people saying way you mask anymore, why she had social distance. Now was just get the vaccine eyes on vaccinated people's fault, like you know, footed, for those people who still have some trust in getting the vaccine should need to be encouraging them. The way you man and so she did while encouraging of neglect vaccine. So they made my point no benefit. I would have a married man out now that they are still saying that you can't have it both ways. You can't be unmasked and not socially distant and unboxing ate it that doesn't work, So if you are not vaccinated, you should be making sure that your socially distancing still and when you still they may show you're wearing a mass. I got sounds all overplays. Even now say this. If you on vaccination, please women here, but you guys everywhere. Is you got a stress it in the news that discretion in the media, but all you here and now that, if a vaccinated you before I watched a new Lahti after years most of the cases, I recommend people and you gotta get the battery yogi back from every year. But for those who don't encouraging the weary math insulted.
Where are they said, and children aged twelve to fifteen, even though their eligible to get the Pfizer vaccine only a core of them, are fully vaccinated less than any other age group, and so that's also how things are spreading a lot faster. I can understand that he stood. Alright good was got back back back, I say back into David Dyslexia, they were like you done an effect. Kids like their correct. So hydrogen when our kids are now kids are in school and back about again so obviously spreading. Allow my when you're at home. You know like he's, got it and did not even know they had because they may not have his best symptoms, but they couldn't have come home. You know, spread it around. Go to school, could be it break among everybody in school to all industries. Merla kids out, you'd largest asymptomatic mallinger, actually showing a lot of fun of corporate when they have they actually getting
because in a lot of them are vaccinated. So when they go into their family, doctors could a ladder, people weren't even going to the doktor nott it. Would you not to say that we were given a larger tube elucidated were symptomatic. Some say my kids like showing more signs and most symptoms I'm not sure about that. But what they did say is that kids are going to the doctor's again, because a lot of people weren't even going to the doctor cuz, they were saying, don't go to the hospital. If you don't have to do kids weren't, seeing their pity to pediatrician's. So now they might even just know about it even more now cuz he might have had it not known, but now they're going to the doctor going to the pediatrician and getting ready to go to school. All of that stuff, be why they knowing about it, I write what that is your friend it knows Nora, get it off your chess, eight hundred five, eight five, one thousand five one. If you need to do, it is up now form on a wide open, again number eight hundred five, eight five one thousand five one is to breakfast load the breakfast club dad
this is your turn to get it off. You jest whether you're, mad or blessed. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one we want to hear from you on the breakfast club hello. There is good morning Andrew Blood bag. Man. How are you I rose to new jobs for you ok, horrible YO, YO your landlord. I met a girl. We can you a kid all day or night. There we broke up and I only use emerges. Are you all once nag man, you down a line of doubt about money, just gave to await this game two year because every day envy and show me that grinning acronyms join the crowd even listening yesterday yoke. Those two must be good at math because they are the invaders. Thank you,
only to only two acts, and I can only food. You wanna unplugged, all large box, that you want to keep going. There buddy hangs out what he's a his ass the night wrapped in a bad mood that joke to death. To hear your divided with good a man at another right? Snag me, ok chapter him, affordable, got f your dreams. I write so Have your dreams of the ingredients, and I was horrible hello the elder German Argo more rapid growth and what is it, whose body Angela these nine while you are my bodies knows, is making to lose them. This carries give me I'm helping you re dead, so My buddy got mad at me right because I told him you still need to take care. You can't, even though debates out a boy, but you don't believe that
I thought you didn't pay money, and that means you have to do. Any work are duly argue, Jude argued, Utah, argue what you told me you were allowed. When are we going to do yeah and I'm a yo YO ethically gave me right now and I do that favours amount of money, the net, thereby what his mother, I need you know I actually taking care is more important than the money. Absolutely I've heard. If you do it, Day arrived. I just started born of a cow right. Given the way for a brief a year than you know, So now you, how do you get paid? Employment had tell me how that works. I'm just curious video advisability, as you know, I need you to act together The matter is that do I just recently uploaded video yesterday. A point of order. I am not going to change our German. I made a point of order.
as the ground will understory king on the story of my life, You did for me. I know it is a point I would like to point out in nodded. You can subscribe to people and add people yeah, but you can do what they. One is that our dj youngster am. I gonna marry paid Malaysia, We made a start on where they are so important to point out that the producers in many patients start one called smelly, pee wee, never wash Williams. Do you remember how do you make the luggage upon opera? Oh, I get it If you just eight hundred five, a four five one, if you need to get it off your chest, this nasty, abominable uptown conversation Brayley is threatened. Well come on the breakfast club? Why is it that the odious shout grows up with the strict rules? Put the younger ones always get away?
everything. There is no way you would have been allowed to do. That is like your parents are playing favours. I know my eldest feels this way sometimes, and I can't even blame, but I deadly assure her that I love her just as much as our sisters. I cited twenty twenty three hours. Go look on fair tat. Old is being apparent is on the job training source mistakes that we might have made with the old is that we correct would be youngest always go, always look to the oldest, like she was being treated unfair, but allow me to say, should never wanted the same treatment. Eighty eighty gets this and that's why you ve been giving all of their customers both new and existing. The same great deals yap everyone just Beth deals on every smartphone, no playing favorite, whether you ve, been with eighty anti for years, are just starting to think about switching busy. Eighty t dare come forward. Slash best deals to learn,
Restrictions on exceptions may apply at state farm. They focused on the belief that diversity makes safer strongest smart, enable words were all a welcome neighbourhood that a reflective of the college. You make these shakers and move it Amar it make a better world for future generations. We must amplify celebrate and empower black create is today, the breakfast club has been the most influential entrusted voice for black coat you for a long time. I stimulating conversations with different guess, ranging from politicians. The music artists and cultural influences in between allows us to continue to do the work and provide our listen is what I think the conversation in a different outlook on topics and at last a farm is committed to providing service. Platforms and longstanding actions to help build strong neighborhoods for the black community. They found. No, there being good neighbours means uplifting community. Where would customers find themselves? They don't do provide a policy to provide a partner because before benighted thou, this day form agents that reflect the diversity of America. Like a good night,
both states farmers. There is your turn to get it off. Your jets. Are the young man from you on the breakfast on your mind about it might actually allow naming eyes how I use as NATO. the three in the morning your Congress illegal, because I gotta get as much as on the other side quite a while after pandemic, and these men are still playing games What are they doing married my girl crystal, but they do want a crystal so even more than she is amazing? She keep showed no I'm getting gave the quality. Ok, wish you look, and I need you to help me. I need you bet it's not about their to suit their sight at micro crystal you give me a man and you can't find anyone out there live together. How are they gonna? it is this. I see that
little means just said, our little m as Judge better Luggage, Larry chapter thirty nine year old, younger, looking thirty nine March is funny. Europe of smile, look at you be in love connected ask He was less than that. You say that you want to be when you love, you draw me I'm married when he hears ok? Look it up, her friend. We love to see it. But she's looking for grown man. Little, revise the agriculture budget, an ambition that ball. Couldn't I the pickle one of those things. Ok, I don't know no idea you just say a man with the works please, instead of going through. All of that to be like, I want a man with the works
our doors and no mere fire department? You ve been through a couple anomaly: it produced no New York and I deplore don't say it like dang, my miserable my beautiful man might be defined. Manage change your life. This is true. No man that live with them on their mom killer with them, the same day, the good luck about what about them remain issue the same tone Oh that's questionable disaster. I beg you have a great deal that centre right here, and they low majestic might be our burner account Cybele lower, allow What is it might Lloyd. What am I? What was that I want to talk about bread. They do try out blue eyed round for the USA
don't you think the man was old and it better than I I don't know if that's the NBA worth starting players have to volunteer if not the NBA known Oh you mean you, may my regular ballplayers off the street. She should be able to try out not off three, but did not back. Money will work out We now know: may you yeah yeah, would you John Ass busted against and professionals all around the world? I would it I'm a ball don't leave me. Could you say we forget that these are the people at the airplane against on professionals. You know as well, just in other countries some of us aware that by all the data will dominate the true thrown back about big market like we have more players, yet the NBA would you
Think about marketing judo right. Yeah yeah yeah. You got so you got out in people on the team networks no birthday today, my my mouth mine, your mouth now mine your mouth. Now everybody there! It was. I love you voluntary lawyer, let alone she's a good gringo he's bodies by cancer. Like myself, you sound like an amazing you rat egg. I'm new to of your jazz eight hundred five, a fire one off. I won't have you need a bit ubiquitous America rooms on away here. And her bow has had to explain why his fiancee Italian has hit the on Social, Edie. I will tell you what he had to say about it. Now I will get into the next. The breakfast locomotive
the breakfast gas report, the Reul report, the breakfast club, where, as you know, the harbor Angelina Williams recently had a beautiful baby and Like she blocked him on social media, people were talking about it. They were saying that she blocked him for going to Rs Party while playing it was home with the baby, so on and so forth. Will here is what G Herbo had to say: I'm posted on the corner with incognito. Let me know how am I gonna talk to my baby? I got it up both my baby. That's my baby. My baby! It as we know, says
What does that? What was the actual issue that happened? The other guys, you know you did you gotta eyes birthday? Wasn't it issued a leg, elaborate issue? She didn't really fell away about me. Goin out, you knows in his judges the narrative people travel create she'd. Anyone block me for Gorner. She had brought me furs cows, troll about like me, a hotel personally. She I'm Rugeley, of course, Trust me. She nearly fell away whether a GMO gotta noted dead, and nobody cares about the true from the lies more entertaining the internet creates narratives about people runs with their own storylines majority. The time be dead wrong. What we say today, so they probably had a conversation. He just didn't go without having a conversation with his girl it's hilarious. Would appeal will be allowed to about things. They don't even exists and enough with people, I guarantee her say that and don't believe him if he wouldn't know better than everyone else. How do people know when someone unfollow summit Maybe looking. But how do we just check? I don't even understand how that happens. I remember that that's putting me in you
something entirely. We followed each other. Some of you would like envy, don't follow you eat a beef. Remember some stupid, but people bid. I will return to see if you could see a message. Is anyone like I'm unfollow you so we can see in people immediately I envy Unfollow Angela Giddy hate each other. People have no lives. Will you didn't find what might have been your. We have secretly unfollow and each other, but now I'll be back. I follow the bag. Aphrodite. Somebody said scientists, racism, America, if a guy that it took them a couple days until it became the story. All right now, gale king was talking to Doktor, Anthony Thowt Yon CBS this morning and she said Did she has taken this vaccination thing very seriously as a matter of fact, so seriously that if in you in her family and you're not vaccinated, you can't come doktor virtually. I don't know how many more times you can say that people listen, it will save your life. I have this problem with some members of my own family, which are now going to ban for Thanksgiving vacation. That's how strongly
taking what you're saying why this a headline does: Gale prerogative she added weight. Anybody you want on her family vacation. Take non vaccinated, demanded her for that you just can't you can't you can't being Mama empowered. Oh, you can't, you can't be independent, gave him the paintings. Why would you want your mom and pop around unregulated people, people? You won't tell your mother, my you can't go. You bet it's your mother, and Father art older people more at risk, a motherless Magdalen, I'm a map of Us Mommy ban from will resume. Let us move beyond all understand the logic didn't like you: shouldn't want them, IRAN and back to the people. if anything, I beg you think he was saying. If they're not vaccinated, did they his mom and dad backs needed. They can't come. You got a failure for myself to say how you doin last year. Would you of employment a point I looked at? It grew by what it by my mom and I want to go to go in
We are a long way towards him out on all. We would all junior burial a guy. You all the basis of your love, how you guys, like a couple of weeks ago, that people were doing weddings and on the invite there saying if you are not vaccinated, please do not come well asked their prerogative to remove older people to want to go Moby, although he only level right. You already idea right. Right now I mean I'm a nation's who telling you guys? Yes, it is said to be entertained, is gonna, be hosting the M ease and the economic agents are in so yesterday, the crown and the mandatory and led the way they had twenty four nominations each other. things that were really don't? You know? Love craft country got eighteen, total nominations, even though they didn't get renewed for a new sidelined in the logic of America squirrels and from the authorities provided real. I'm looking to myself like why we can't lose yoga. That makes no sense in May
no sense, but the Emmys are going air Sunday September. Nineteen at eight p m and some of the nominations outstanding drama series. The boys region the crown the man Delorean love, calf country pose the handmaids till this is, as I say, comedy series, blackish, COBRA, Kai PEN, fifteen Emily and Paris, ass tat last though the flight attended and the Kaminski have you seen any of those emotional which, when using bottoms. You name is now. only the union may seem to have seen ten pose the hand media nervously, blackish years his black eyes and ready to miss Allison? they need to tell us why Lovegrove country is coming back. Locri country with a great show me. While I use the words that every Sunday and they got eighteen, Emmy nominations and they got cancelled, I need to know to reasoning like we need right now we definitely depression meet about that.
envy, for your information, wreckage on page was nominated for outstanding, led actor in a drama series for Britain, and you love that ship no school, me. I knew if anyone is well underway for showing the wrong people the good at me. If you know I know it's kind of difficult right now appeared. Maybe my final words. If you and I let me I'm willing to take that pardon I'd, do it a lot less than was originally norms, you can keep wave engineers who S. Lithuanian, though, is the rights of people who lives are regularly keep open I write and opposes M D Rodriguez has made history becoming the first Trans women nominated in the lead, acting category so Congratulations to Mj Rodriguez, yes and also the weekend was nominated for the rain enemies for super bowl performance. Animosities is new album denominator for super performances.
standing variety, special, outstanding lighting, design and outstanding technical direction, camera work and video control motor maneuver yet is alive. that aren't on that original list of the ones that they give that are like the main ones. But then there's like an extended list with the whole into different categories I write were, that is your room, a reports all right. Thank you, miss ye know. We got front page news. Next, are we talking about? Yes, talk about Joe Biden and what he had to say about republican attacks on voting rights. In the speech that he gave yesterday Nora we'll get into an access to breakfast cloak more Buzz cloth your morning, so now would be the same as the J envy. The general insurance understands that no one's perfect and we could all use a break every now and then the general works with you to keep you covered and will always teach you respect CORE Ada general or go to the general dotcom. Some restrictions apply.
We have no money, everybody is the J Envy Angel ye shall remain a god. We oughta breakfast club of skins and from page news, NBA will USA men's basketball seen they. Finally one shot up Baby didn't see, no one o eight. Eighty. I now tonight game for Milwaukee Bug signal. Phoenix on the Sunday. The series to war don't think we should celebrate. People were disposed to be ok, might have had a mighty have fallen. The ball was re so high for you as a basketball. I so lotta gains in a row. We was hidden backlog Dan how did they won one? We congratulate them load Avonlea supposed to do when they were happy when they are best way than were not a front. Page news is power by the NBA. Now what else we got you our right. Now. Let's talk about President Joe Biden, he gave a speech yesterday in Philadelphia and he was pushing back against. All of these restrictive voting laws are being passed around the nation. Here
what he had to say about wanting to sign. As soon as Congress was in front of him different acts, said that you had the right to vote just we should go Supreme Court. yet again weaken the voting rights. This decision is harmful, as is does not limit the Congress, its ability to repair the damage done. That's the point Toys puts the burden background Congress to restore the voting rights to its intended strand, as soon as Congress passes the for the people act in the John Lewis, voting rights advanced MAC. I will sign it and what the whole world see. Why does he think that the same who are for the border. Suppression would ever vote for the border for people, I got a job with voting rights. I mean there clearly not as sweating. Are these restrictions into place right now? He also did not there. The twenty twenty alleging that the most votes cast in any election in american history, but
the same time right now, there's twenty eight laws and seventeen states that our research ballot acts as the state law makers have enacted since that election hears what he had to say. This year alone so team stage of an act. One, a new law to make it four murders. The vote not dimension gets this. Nearly four hundred additional bills, Republic Members of the state legislatures, trying to pass the twenty first century, Jim Crow, solve real. It's unrelenting we're going to challenge it. Vigorous millionaire, You know you and the one thing that people criticise was that you have to alter filibuster rules, He did not addressed at it. I said we're not filibustering right now, good when you have GEO P law makers, cod on video. You know telling activists to thank your mansion and curse. Cinema who are Democrats for not blowing up to filibuster, because without a day would be dead. Meat
I'm gonna call out his own people, but he needs to job. I need the caught out because we too general public can't tell who's who right now, because it seems like both Republicans and Democrats are true. But take away our writable, among other things, now see what's happening in Texas. The Republicans are trying to get some more voting restrictions in one of the most restrictive states and Texas Democrats. It's actually took off to Washington to black these new actually lies, and so now they are being said that they have to come back. warrant of arrest if necessary, they don't come back to make. This happen, we need your buyer to come to the front. The condition is more so I have lower, would look essay locality, right where that is your front page news law right. Well, Missy? Now, when we come back, let's talk the baby. Now we talk to me about the baby in room is yesterday now he was in New York City and there was some young men trying to sell some candy to him. He asked how much the box and the young man said. Two hundred dollars is
maybe said well this sixty four and is thirty two pieces of candy unaided, unemployed, audio files that you bring em angoniland Would you do come with thirty four to learn about it? You give me what, where they took out the base That's. Where you got into worried. I got some Yolanda state what he said for eight hundred five, a firewall or fire when people are mad at babysitting baby makes for why millions of dollars in the OJ than young men a lot more money you didn't have to do. Four dollars. He should have he couldn't toward him by. You know painful
hold back the young men shouldn't have been China finesse, the baby. That's number one number two: why should I have to pay you thousand dollar twenty dollars just because I got it that makes zero. Since, let's talk about it, you feel at the baby shit. I gave him some more money, but I like you, I then me out in saving the baby do I did the same. Exactly the baby did don't try to finesse me Maybe I'm muddling lies. You know me and by the way, what maybe there was also true if they weren't China lessons. They would, God bless anyway right. He proudly would gain a line, and I was with a whole box, yeah, like you, don't keep to Jane. Sometimes you go areas and acidity cell of those pieces can enable. I got five valid for candy born. You look at him. Libra pair five doubtful James bond DORA Bro. Five already guy. Is that what you're ready stop? It is not for charities, not for the local football team in that for the local basketball team. I know Detrick. This map must come on. Let's be honest,
I believe that China worked yam amounted to, but you don't get me for five dollars. I will buy like I'm, I'm I'm the baby, I'll pay for box and say: hey Abigail changed Cambodia. Since these data would all body and a hundred people Jake, I'm saying keep to carry out their pay for keep going to keep semantic end by amount on taken again. They look eighty nine I won't beginning like yours, but anyway we free from what are you doing what he had done eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one is the breakfast club good morning, the breakfast club at state form they focused on the belief that diversity makes safest.
progress must enable goods were all a welcome neighbourhood that a reflective of the college. You make these shakers in move within a mark. It make a better world for future generations. We must amplify celebrate and empower black create is today the breakfast club has been the most influential entrusted voice for black coat you for a long time. I stimulating conversations with different guess, ranging from politicians. The music artists and cultural influences in between allows us to continue to do the work and provide our listen is what I think the conversation and indifferent outlook on topics and that's why state farm is committed to providing service,
platforms and longstanding actions to help build strong neighborhoods for the black community safer. No, there being good neighbours means uplifting communities. Where would customers find themselves? They don't do provide a policy. They provide a partner because before, but ninety thousand stay form agents that reflect the diversity of America like a good neighbour state farmers, there did you grow Maoist along and announced job finishes some exciting info about our new plaque ass. The way hip, hop questions, legends endless each week. The wet poses an unanswered, yet nagging question discussing have pop circles jet, and we hope you fanny answers. That's right. You don't want to miss each and every Monday you can catch the what one hour radioactive apple podcast or where you listen podcast morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela YE show me the guy. We are the breakfast club now, if you just joined you're talking about the baby, not a baby. Yesterday he was trending a little bit because of
incidentally, in New York City, with some young men sellen some candy less you what happened Would you tell them everything? Tat was thirty pulls out to lunch You give me what do what it should have been done, that's where you got to worry about you got some so were asking. Was the baby it was the money be Roma. Do we have to babies? Explanation I sought a baby was always a speedy and complex yesterday jealousy with the baby, I d say I too am a bus on from somebody s. My bit like about hoping specimens keys were given the opportunity to make it makes sense. Why do you want?
right outcome is new to me. Man are usually a choice of mighty would hold bus and coach argued soon out of our way now not Eluder game, a thousand respect. They has caused a mountain this in there I gave a knowledge in, but one piece, a candy from each in closing. I don't think the baby was rural. First of all is the baby's money. First of all, he could decide what what did you do with his money? What he doesn't want to do. It is money he probably would it gave the them young men more money. If he wasn't China, finance the young man said the young man shouted Vanessa me said Now you gotta learn. If you didn't have to finance me here for hours, you two made a hundred dollars to internet you, maybe the more. I don't think what the baby there was robbed me personally. Ye I mean his money, so he can choose a duty was to do with it. I can't tell anybody that you have to buy candy from kids. the street any Dubai SAM be deadly date anymore. I grew Bobby. I despise for trying to tell you what to do with your money. This is actually wife, I'm paying for a service. You know Tom, you don't want people to know, you know it's free
because they will overcharge you because each you I live, I literally with painful service last week and I was doing it to a family member and I told a family member, don't tell a person who deserve as it is for because often tat we will find out what they do and sorrows. Forty tax, more or even areas the loser in areas which we as we live in and I had that moved and to get my grass cut. They try to charge me three times in a different nature. They did you gotta go. They think you got absolute, which is evident in the baby is not obligated to pay more just because the baby and those It wouldn't have ran a born. Anyone outs indiscreet. You know some random person and say two hundred foot a whole, when the baby asked them. How much would whole box there? the total drove, instead of telling them TAT one. What about putting it on camera, though Ok, now remains our day, thereby what're we die. I like you, I do not
when people pick and choose about one thing should be on video. What is not on video and audio nowadays, our promoted allows this my later egg. More than what is your thought, I don't think they were trying to get over every listen coldly waiting, how much the candy, while they do, they dollar, I think it is of the planet. or educate them? They could not added back. We know that is not true that is desert. Aren't you know they said a dollar, but no one or two kids that it would be like sixty eight dollars would a whole box or something like that- so no way, but that it was at the ballot box
but he said there baby checked him. He said that after they ask for two hundred and two baby said how much we eat candy by how much in the box they added it up and it would like sixty eight dollars ride me not through hunters, wonder he said to me because you try to get over the baby S. Inability was an honest with you, because I really know they were able to figure out a few issues that may than a dollar a day. And you think about it, because you calm down according to baby, would it have poured out the two hundred and gave it to me to walk the Miller, YO gonna? Look it got lucky. They do not allow this meal. There was from an old man was up. by the way, not about a bad man, is moved along. But I do not know where you live narrowed by now,
Polar bear with the kids tried to do like the kissing the baby, they seem like they said, ok or we could get up on him before the baby, somebody and they tried it. It didn't work, but the baby taught him a lesson. You can't be mad at the baby, forty two, so I don't like the fact that those little kids try them cuz. Once again, the babies not obligated to pay more. Just because he's the baby, the kids should have just kept it. One hundred we now need a little bit interested. I'm Shoreham cares probably got somebody before We really would add, is allowed a celebrity. They probably get somebody before follow ecstasy. Let's try in a baby, got him no man is illumining owning he. No man ain't that right did the baby was staying in there with a big ass, not a money cuz. I know what is two hundred dollars to the baby. No, I don't want. I don't like that mentality. I really don't. I don't like the mentality of people thinking just because that's the baby Maybe baby gotta pay more, don't put some type of celebrity taxonomy. We're gonna write desert want to write about
and when you learn arabic about eighty five. Eighty, five one. Viable we're talking to baby this morning that a baby less displayed audio? What happened with the young men Would you to come with thirty pulls out to lunch you give me. What would I do that the bees down? that's the way you ve got to got through. That was the baby right, The baby roll call us up right now to talk about it to breakfast. Locomotor morning everybody is D. J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club ravages join us would talk in the baby, not a baby that New York City and some young men try to sell them some candy for high rise like Tunisia?
modern again, unless illicit automobile would you to come with thirty pulls out to lunch? what'd, you gimme. What do what they took out? The base Now that's where you got into worried, I got some, so a lot of you would think Maybe I was wrong. I think the baby was wrong. Not at all- and I mean this is money you try to get overwrought. I've known you take this for hours, Elisa what some candy, but then again. I also think the kids, do they tried it, but now they got a lesson. That day, would you know is what it is actually said: some Merla when she said you know what, if it was for charity art something you know I wasn't for charity are no basque party, because
box was only sixty, eight dollars worth a candy, and you said two hundred Demi Neutron, a pocket extra hundred body, somethin Dallas for yourself, ok, Stapp arrival. Let's go too far Learns allows this body was abroad. What would you think about the baby situation yeah alarmed that he asked them our money back? He gave him a bright. You know pray, what he went forward and say what you want. Forty said how much is and how much is the basic difference between before what you wouldn't have wondered about, legal that what you want, but about any say decent to gain the latin? Almost nothing.
bond out- is that that is not to say. That is not what you gonna get him, but they don't change that private channing. Actually, you can go to you gave it a candy bars five hours it. If you want twenty over me, five twenty, they also ok, our twenty them. How much is that none of what use are wholly said? Would you say you gotta Yankees game and again was far balancing years, one of em they charge you, forty miles? Ok, I got you guys got you. Please would you in your man may be listened to use elegant Lucky's? and ass. You do right now, the boy you the boy? No, no, now would you gotta get me. The baby is not obligated to pay more limit, let them as requested only reason. You think the baby should pay more because he's the baby right now as our wider. What I've been doing? No more you wanna go right,
right now? Can I can I can I ask you a simple question: can king a measure simple question? Would you have two hundred thousand above again now? Why are you mad at the baby? Nobody would we have these conversations? Why, my goodness, I painted We live in a box. Cabbie never allow this. The guy from the day in vague day, Jessica, wounded. The everywhere should thoughts into baby situation. I mean I don't think he's wrong. I feel like a lot of people expect celebrities don't give up their responsibility at all and if you guys remember like the same thing- happened to meet me at the water and they were I've got about leg- had not given extra money. So is this like you're, not entirely in height the income that is collaborating to make. I agree greek anything? You want much him any. Not only with the water boy labourers is aggressive, their aggressive his hand lay bay, they stand when you caught me. They aggressive yeah, that's right.
in Vienna, the minor its goodwill mama allows this be a J B. What would you think about the baby situation? You really believe that, because of global warming, female. Will you do what you want at all over you? Wouldn't you know wriggle room and one of the broken air whenever to be honest with you. They couldn't adhesion in minute detail again. I can only make me say that I don't know why. I don't know why we assume in these kids could now like. Why do we think that, because their brothers- because they young like getting, did ask them how exactly like- It is absolutely no now Mary one about which there will no longer be allowed. My low nephew out have been like. Well, you should have told him. Almost a box actually was like
Does the arrow. I really don't understand what we are debating here where mad, because the baby decided not to pay two hundred dollars. Barbicane overpriced, won't want once again. Let me out here. Let me ask you a question young man. Would you have that is what our again you are out of date. Nowadays, the elder brother. You can do with everybody. I know you're a liar. We no one not even be reminded cash that majority. I was right, Amazon, you know of tat and ass don't do that. Why? Why would you do that? As we know, why would you do that? Every don't! Need your money. Doesn't? Yes, I do. When I listen to people. Don't do that parliament has how this do. You mean, but no matter you gotta know what What do you know? I don't blame you
We have asked for money, yeah yeah, that's where money when I was coming up but envy the millionaire. Why would you do it I'll brothers out their laws, though you shall remain as many of them. I guess all the time You're millionaire raise those envy. How did I get as many here? The difference? I'm screwed up asked. them four hundred dollar. I'm not saying here this couple, Starbucks T, could you give me a hundred dollar four to hold on Sunday straight up asking for money sent out see either on selling that young man candid if the little boys had ran appointed baby and just ass? What two hundred dollars Debbie a different conversation with the fact they tried to finance the baby, and people are saying that baby should have just pay date because he got it is stupid. Answers
in about envy them. Get his money on new momentum. Centenary may a dirty for candy bars with two hundred dollars, and you don't. You know, essentially what you're saying you should allow people to con you just because you can afford to become that's what he said and essentially, when everybody think I'm gonna go you're essentially telling everyone, it's ok, let somebody con you could you can afford to be kind. So that means, if I ever met the airport, not give my credit card, and somebody takes to involve my credit card illegally, Have you got a? We got it, that's right. What are we people. That's got stealing you can't Merely to have somebody says no does night can say is classed as many and I can say no like the baby did not learn the lesson. That means that a majority of us with thirty four cared about a mile of our large. Are you about almost use? Candies cause? That's that's! That's a form of steel into could lie. You still get you still get into money by ill means. Thank you too. That may have pay for my identities. We can all right
our union commute casual not from a whole, definitely devil, uneasily, damn sure. Nor do you block you bless me a pleasant blog. Bless. You know, you'll need a man money. Are you I need you wanna get behind it all day, long way among his delegated. Would you do if a little boy would agree that to an adult baby, you two had to give a high thou. Did Manstin radio about you? You mean right I'll, get at it with our rooms runaway? Yes, unless tat about withholding from masturbating. I, what tv show either requesting that the contested not masturbate may assume that was work. Has you know if they master Bateman that but we'll talk? when we come back to a rigid alleys? Alright year average about we come back and get their guys number two is the breakfast locomotor gonna come after me, not for you Really just what? After what you with big, I should, you know, p more just because of who you
I think I am or what you think. I got des distance ain't me Ryan, in which you bet your bedroom about to give me two hundred Alice, don't count my pockets. He wants to be known as not married and had no enough don't black my blessing you're, not providing a service, though I'm a given thirty fortunate, chuckle Abbas, the plates and replace like what he didn't. Chocolate bar room envy the stork decay in store, You said you wanted: have One hundred hours would you gonna do what Miss shut it. Would you go? You forgot, I mean it's not like it's for you guys, you ever don't take their money from them. In all seriousness, you don't need to live like anything. Get married, How could sometimes you how to protect people from Myself- and I do this just tryin approval point- he's willingly give two hundred dollars just to win an argument like you don't do. That does to still be back a lesson.
You know your bed a lesson in deeds of men as a lesser evil, as America be a billion. If all we know you arrive, em, it's united Alley will be given him. Twenty thousand. We do not turn into a billion out of nine billion because they make assumptions that too I don't take their amazement. You'd send money from black youngster. I remember them with a view to believe that should have more than twenty thousand billion. Ok, goodness, as blackmail that interactive wouldn't have black yields to you, nomes As you know, the aim of our legal. They ll die right now, God did. I got this book in my hand, is Anita, compatible shallow water Korea August directly as a priority now acting retailers who, like twenty six doubt my blood yo, legalistic gimme. Five hundred foot is. that's where nothing that is Vanessa, that's financing! That is how much they got you bad when it legitimate separate messages, As for money, for no reason, I would
It had a neutron economy of its outcome that, once again I got they laughed Don Loris. Eventually saying it's ok to con people. If they got it, s essentially has taken now causing. and now it is up, but my point is- is the fact that your you're thing yet he should give me money anyway believe they moved about anyone. I never said that more people are so big said that you didn't do people also. Basically, basically, people are saying it's ok to come, people if they got it? I got it anyway. all right, all right well we are almost runaway where we talk about Are you ok, you two hundred out, as you know, will be there to arouse narrow. Now, let's talk about the baby somewhere would tell you who he linked up with, and I guess there's gonna be some mentoring going on around it is right. Next to breakfast locomotive with Angela, his clothes were yesterday.
baby she had a picture of himself and he was with fifty and he says somebody. I've been steady and for a minute, lend me a few hours of his time to day he said the people so scared to let him in the room. He said they have Deronda. Let me end up in the same room with fifty set big mistake: Bianca or for the game, couldn't have come from a better choice. Now, why me put this is to use here take back to work fifty cents expanded, Alice, Pat before you get it this one already gotten any listen Emma teach him all the mistakes I made. So he can we better than me. This is hip, hop nobody. Fifty turn round. My constitution is two hundred thousand now for me, you can get as much as well as their five hours on you thousand dollars. Ok, it is worth it that's. Why couldn't you then? When you look it, but that's one thing I would say fifty does that the if, if you get in a room with a will, definitely situ dad and insight, mistakes and say how to make more money he's seen him do that so many to have so many different artisan entrepreneurs at us.
because he is a nurturing cancer. Male o cave travelling accoutrements was it is damaging Our primary Anna, if you want to live in her Beverly Hills Mansion, she is a renting out, see, is rising at her five bedroom. Seventy six hundred square Foot House, where thousand dollars per month, rather than through a lot again. Both gave a gunshot two thousand miles above the geek she bought. That has for that in point eight million dollars by the way, so she's got a lotta real estate. Our now. Demi Lovato says that she's not going to be upset. If you miss gender, her by accident, she said is not easy and it is not easy because we're so used to using certain pronoun. and here's what happened when the paper I'd say you were from DMZ we're talking too little about them. the battle Then a jazz actively supporting what would you do something
However, these are very what beg limit values and common sense people get mad at folks for that if those rules didn't just change and were all just an art, are ozone are so much to me. Are you prepared at that? She said, we stand me. That's ok! I accidentally, Mr De myself. Sometimes it's a huge transition attains the pronouns I've used for it myself my entire life and is dead. Can't to remember sometimes as long as you're cute China respect my tooth and as long as I remember my matches, the ship will come. Naturally, I'm just grateful for your efforts. trying to remember what mean so much to my yelling press. Another mission is a pro now because you know growing up genders were male and female and was no they. So Demi wants to be called day instead of anything else. No, he she you now now you can see when people put. It their pronouns and any their name like, especially if you're assume that zoom it'll be like dj maybe they them College feel about this.
call. It always say that they don't want you to win. College Gallatin today are not simply as a kind of chocolate field, but this Can somebody I've, Canada he feels about they nowadays it opens up a good question. I would like them how it feels about they nowadays, I cannot imagine how about knowing no one on a ran about day and then a post incomes, the pieces, all types of fault, with me, crazy now the bachelor red is taking on
debating on Mondays episode. Katy Thurston, who is China, fine loved this season, has an idea for a challenge. Here is what she says should happen. You can kind of have this idea that'll be fine, where the guys in the house all have to agree to withhold their self care as long as possible. If you know what I mean, so I may not do their skin carried no shaving much deeper than little friendly handshake with themselves are all limits. I have low hopes. I dont think they're going to last a long out in twenty four hours, but I think the main challenge yet I was work- will work. Some of the words how we now want to feed a man must be going. such ass. They come first of all. Katy is the one that last season at all of your members when she met the bachelorship she introduced a self with a dildo went ahead,
That was the one. So she lost you related, so she became the bachelor at I hate you. She became the bachelor read so this. the thing. How do you know of these men masturbated that the India Rooms they shower the gloomy doing the soda ethnic there's, the he I now areas in terms of their bedroom in their salary of day. Nobody, my pleasure, generating a week I get an empty, could get on the cell right may maybe because he's Ask him ass. They could use a flutter a married. What has the floor for you What a fluffy I haven't got. It would have organism fluffy, my for now it is tissue by what is really I am. What is letting you don't have to suffer as I have no idea what the input as the recent date, you gotta be a widow, clicked hegemony lieutenant. Yet Is the parents in China will be made that the men stay arouse? They fluffy your lover. I think envy could be a flat.
A married man. Are you know what you wanna be honest right in what you do to your house member? We knew that the media was knew that can be recorded on the red carpet. You can walk around the house. What a microphone! Why aren't you math beaten? Have you math debate? Have you could have debated? I think they'll be incredible. I am all for that the only way to allow that body to allow as they allow the now that new New Ray where that is your room report nearby. As you know, they a big masturbated than in the room, I guess stupid, better know what goes on in the shower. That's why we need you now, maybe media in Russia, with the guys finding asking you largely lower days We believe that enough staff came out. I didn't tell you good master. I'm trying to flop. Would it just will fluctuate? Issue goes wrong. You already did
at length they allow. It is not one which is being laughingly you, you know, I don't know, do as we Rebel group s decay who you giving. It argues Europe over one day, dont. You today is going to Joe Biden, EMU, the common front cartesian we like to have a lower. We got the whole out of love and at old man. I will give you an example of this impact. This global winch, lad overdressed, was close your morning. So now would be the firing you to be a little bit happier. Audible is a great help. Check it out for guided meditation. is motivating pack hath an audio books. Unfitness end nutrition, get your first audio book free when you sign up for their data, at audible. That comes last breakfast club,
get ready for her gloves off spin on the classic advice shout with the Dear Chelsea, hot gas, join comedian, Chelsea Handler and her assistance, but on Lascaux host Verandah Marlowe on the party has the robbers, unvarnished hilarious and empowering advice to people from all walks of life. Drawing from our own experiences, Chelsea brings a fresh perspective to help listeners become the person they wish. They could be instinctively. I would always so everybody to just like reach for there,
dreams in and go for and take a huge risk in life. It's a weekly dose of in your face, unfiltered Chelsea. Oh, I've never wanted to be a mom, but I could kill it as a divorce say dad with insights imbalance from Brandon along the way and Brandon is like my little side. Car aren't you. I am I'm just here for moral support from a different perspective. At times, yeah he's more reasonable than I am so you might want to listen to what he says. Listen dear Chelsea on the Isle of radioactive apple pie, gas or wherever you get your party ass This is a miracle there is no question that there are problems in this country between police and community. You are
later on that police killing of a black man out of new developments in the deadly small shooting rampage lives, really bad, they ve ruined, and so we are in a state of emergency. Whites and primitive violence is always have been the number one threat. The authors, that's when I am also very proud wife why the breakfast club rigid, please tell me: why was I donkey whale dont today for Wednesday July. Fourteen goes to the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden. I was obvious that I'm not the tissue, nor am I any type of expert on political issues. I'm just the concerned. I, and I mean I'm talking to high is giraffe balls taxpaying citizen who lives in this country. Therefore, I care this country and what happens in it simply de I live here. Ok pay a lot of money to Libya. We,
citizens of America like it, in that it is our job to citizens to hold our elected officials accountable, doesn't matter, you voted for them a night doesn't matter if the person represents your party is in power. Not it is your job. As a citizen of the United States of America to hold our elected officials accountable period, and since our duties thank all radio. I get the voice that accountability to millions of people now we have today, President Biden in Philadelphia, the birthplace. American democracy decide finally ring the alarm on the fact that they are trying to take away your niggers right, devote oak, he caught in an ongoing assault on voting rights and said, is the greatest challenge, Tom democracy. Since the civil war listless disheartened, clear just how critical this is simply unconscionable. Gotta sharper election system. The threats? Elections version was ass. Those who represented at the federal state local levels will
deny the will of the people. Are you on the side of truth? Lies factor fixing just a syringe proceed autocracy, that's what it's coming down, which bring me. Perhaps Most importantly, we have to do not afford forge a coalition Americans very background, a political party, the advocates the students to face it is the labour leaders, the business executive and raise the urgency of this moment. Just weeks ago, Supreme Court yet again weaken the Voting Rights ACT in March decision is harmful, as is does not limit the congresses ability to repair the damage.
so, the scottish passing before the people at the job was voting rights advanced MAC. I will sign it and watch now. Besides for much number one is trying to take away you niggers right vote into if we keep hearing things like democracy, that staked in Dammit democratically to act like it and I still don't think they're actin, like I'm glad you know, President Biden said something, but he still not goin hot enough. It is still being delusional about how to stop this problem. Why does he think that the same people who are clearly voters oppression. What ever vote for the affordable who had already Jean Louis Voting Rights ACT when people show you D. I believed him in Ireland there without somebody's members of GNP have to do in order to bind believed. I don't give a damn about you or your agenda. Ok, How can we rely on the people trying to press our right to vote to save our right to vote? It makes no sense in this way have to be ready to filibuster, so they can pass legislation without we, Wilkins
oh to filibuster, out any further combined mention that I wonder why's he presented by can't call out people are obstructing justice and assist in compromising our right to vote and saying who's on the wrong side. A history of you gonna call out those people. You can't do it without calling out people in your own party, like Joe Imagine, Karsten Cinema, our Chris? Cinema, when you have GEO p law makers caught on video, telling activists to thank Joe Mention in Cinema from that blown up to filibuster because They will be dead meat. That's the problem! Oh you don't believe. They said that listen, Andy, bigs of Arizona, environed downs of Florida be recorded without their knowledge list. The reality is their pushing as far as they can, fortunately, for us to filibuster, still ineffective without We would ask that we be a little bit more frantic discussion we are having today. I think it is for cinema information. I like
What ails he's going to mention? It makes my job easier as a conservative knowledge of Manchester firstly, in my view, a hey guys, I'm really sorry he'll. Be lawmakers. Tellin folks to thank your mission in Cinema Aachen, filibuster, because without it there be dead meat, but these are the people you think, would Beaufort affordable. Second, the job was wolden Reichstag. Why didn't you call out mansion and module buying, ok, you're, amazing, cursing Cinema Christie, Cinema annulment of his Christina Kristen. All I know is therefore, ok and they are problems that need to be called out because we too general public anthill whose go her crying because Republic invent Democrat Arch. To take away you needed right, the vote, that's what it feels like you can have. It looks like, among other things now when Secretary PETE was here. I asked him about omission. Ask me Joe mentions a problem which had a pizza dvd things.
it is a problem. You seem like a new mission because I think that donation in disregard of or very deep, people. I can't move blocking progress as well. I mean we need to make sure that we get the fifty votes that we need for the things that we can move, with fifty votes, but we were also in a world where every senator in a fifty fifty Senate can either block or shape or unlock progress, which is always him while it depends on about the one they. Madam, I mean, dabble really matter to a lot of us right and I dont think that that day in the Senate is last word on voting rights in this country, but we do need to do more legislatively there there is no question of other. Would you have to make your major problem? I mean he's a pay. He's gotta, be a pain in democratic side, even though you, the Democrat, oh look, He has presented barriers on some things and possibilities, other things as other senators due to, but our system is definitely not designed for Swift
action inessa we need right now. I just don't see. How'd, you know, GEO P law makers can tell folks their job managing but he's not a problem, whose team is Jill Mansion on whose aim is cinema on you or me as a voter, the shore two thousand and twenty two for the midterms and vote to keep them in power. What reason do I have to do that that videos of the GOP lawmakers taken them told me everything I need to know in President Biden or any other Democrat? If you can't call out the people in your own party or holding up progress and guess what and Mama y'all, all incahoots, okay, I'm getting ready to feel about that what it takes to make progress and get ready to filibuster. For my folks, don't know what the filibuster is. It's just cockblockers saw any attempt to block the delays in that action on abyla other matter by debating it at length. Ok, by offering a month you procedural motions and other delaying or obstructive action so of Imagine a cinema, weren't Republicans posing as Democrats in actual
Democrat. They would vote to get ready to filibuster. Imbibing could get some things done. because the Villa Basel is blocking Malta binds agenda, so the economy Bolton Right, police reform all at ok. All of that is being blocked because it a damn fool but the instinctive democratic majority that depends on the Thai breaking vote from VP hairs. If I read it is for the best, glad legislation would, I Republicans, Imagine and cinema with getting rid of it therefore Biden need the cod him out to ok. If not all, that is his disingenuous. Ok, I love it. I write to threaten the voter aids are on both sides and Intel President by another. The creditor call them that out, they are on the side of the lies to please give president job the biggest here Thank you for that dog. You today, men up next,
ask IE eight hundred five, a five one, o five one. If you need relationship adviser, any type of advice call ye right now is the breathless locomotion. The breakfast close relations with the guys me personally by his leave real it all up now what s the rear morning, everybody is D, J, envy, Angela YE shall I mean the guy. We oughta breakfast club iter as key allows. This isn't that peace must, of course, to be easy maybe you better here but they throughout, but how do you get rid of it at five o clock inside? Do why back you know, when you bring me about those tee, now, although like the baby here, we back the normal and you just get it. So it is. first of all, as we wine
others. Do not cheat cell S, not normalized that as natural he messed up man. let that be about the gun and you You made be made into say why my neighbour and Kay. Because I want to say all guys tee, but you made a decision. Your decision was the day. You know that he cheated and now there is another person involved in your relationship because of his actions. Right as Excuse me an hour I write so when you say psycho psychic what's happening like he, don't don't get like he's, not I went back to my alibi, but you ve been calling in about both individual. Without them, we would only live next door to me about that day. How way about the combined designated an aunt Jane? She don't I'll, get it back, and why would you like criminals away actual open, wiping out the girl would go to court? And that is why, if you just don't get it
he's crazy, where he definitely mess with the wrong. When, hopefully, he learned his lesson from that, I am a leg. Here's a day, you have a baby safety. First right at the window, looks like she's not going to leave him alone until she finds a new man. Obviously you don't want to physically do anything cuz you're not going to endanger yourself you're, not going to put yourself situation, where you may get a charge against you so can do I do what about restraining order since you have criminal complaints. Quite a lot about it. If I live in Germany and in a state of your life, you can not yet a restraining order unless you are in a domestic relationship with that person will Can he get when because he was in one with her we can, however, the only thing would bet it. She's, though, without ever live longer, what shall I do wonder about him in those new random? Think they're trying to violate I'm leaving out of there where you wouldn't even around in here,
and put out where he was looking when only the cap is there that we were taken over her. My drive in MECCA Boardman burn her about when in he wasn't here like in the bait. Yet were a couple of things. The thing about a restraining order is there The reason that I encourage people to get those is because something does happen, and you don't have one you're going to be in the wrong. I actually in New Jersey had to get a restraining order against somebody before as well, and by and that something that if, in the future something happens, you don't want it to be that she was in open. Whenever jab place it now she's pressing charges against him saying he did something to her. He's gotta be more proactive in handling this. This is his master clean up by the way has he did, while it is the reason that this happened because of him? This is and then that you should even have to deal with only right change is felt number here. We then ok, that's good me leg, sometimes, unfortunately, where people like this, they it's gonna take time for them to move on and get over. It is going to take a distraction and new person, but
definitely believe that he needs to get a restraining order against him against her and I feel like he needs to be the person to take the lead it to be you trying to figure out what to do he's, gotta figure it out and get it out of me. Environment people I began by animal, be a bird life is going to want to drive away abide by what I know what is in family saying with their families in my family. You know Native y know Then you know tell him to stay away from our. You know I've known about, but I gave a bigger things. My now, I'm your China, far from one of the more because is created, hast thou environment because of family lived, a man like literally ignore me and downstream, but on and by car family, and with them the donkey at a baby girl, they incur the behaviour of April back up warm, they argue end, and then he still trying to get a vision and that message in, like a yeah yeah noted girl that issue ya know she got the embryo. Is gonna compensation, broken my window in front yard and got the lark ammonia. Knowing that the issue here
Unfortunately, I hate the fact there, but at least you are looking to move, but that might be the solution here and you have a child, so I just think about it, Ethiopia, TAT Ferris that you guys got to get out of there. get a restraining order. Girl, I'm telling you no matter you guys are you act. Energized put one back, I am as whatever, but you have all kind. evidence, just make sure you have other dabbling at that restraining order. The avenue Thank you for your. I read your welcome her right ask IE, eight hundred five, a five one, o five one. If you need relationship advice of any type of advice, it allows the breakfast locomotive come on keeping reawakened, which real advice were actually it's. Ascii morning everybody is D, J envy Angela YE shall I mean the guy. We oughta breakfast club in a mill of ask E, allow this earlier earlier, which, of course of the year, sad so thirty, three, a marriage to a doll kids two years ago
I found area and there were a good twenty something about the eight he begged to stay. We went to bearable that guy gave me anyway, agent, re begged, big bag. Something was right courted him could have a quarter and heard him having sex with another twenty something it worked. A dinosaur gave five bill here would like to hear: Now you don't wanna devoid now he's Beggin, he found them, bored again and now on the problem- I'm the one that once did the boys. Do. I believe, no, you didn't. I walk girl Is there a believer not believe you already know that evidence. You know what it is. You know who he is as a person you heard it. Will you ever be able to not think about that and move on, and you said there was a told us to remove the words on you said that lead. You will see how to Japan added their impact and Asia and in turn around I? U is insane responsibility that is insane you gotta eat.
gonna get the voice. Now, no one, it's getting divorced, so the authority of the lawyers you're gonna. Do nothing then about him about you. I'm sorry did he ask you, go you listen. I can imagine, haven't here's impressed by the fact that your inner will in a marriage with somebody that you have to put every quarter and things like that? Already less, you know what it is. Is that how you want to live your life? Are you gonna trust him ever he already had an appetite Did he get back together with you and blew it here? You're right, it is clear and it is still not saying I was wrong. I did this mess deb. What is it that you need me to do? He should be on his knees, begging you right now there you hear him. He said the words taken responsibility, but I don't see any actually take responsibility. I mean Lillian and I get a you been with him for so long and I think sometimes when relationships that are so dysfunction of that we look at that dysfunction as normal. You don't even sound be use our so like for you. Just use. It is accustomed to this yet defeated. Just
into how you even sound, as simply as we don't even know what our happiness could be like, because we're so used to being a happy. That is how we live our life. You don't have to settle for that. I love you guys You love you more around later. Ok, he was in an out. I feel bad for us is defeated as offer you some frenzy. She needs to man, then this gross vera ascii, eight hundred five. If I want to find out what are you take a numbers, you could check wanna, but she hung up so dear fast. She was, I write things by shit. You know I sometimes you know what it is and it takes it. and from the outside. It just say to you and make it more clear to you bet cheerful. People leave until they really ready to leave as in us sometimes you just have to be supportive of your friends, and hopefully she has. Some friends are supportive of her, where we are rooms all the way here. Let's talk about Facebook, they reportedly fired fifty to employees because they
spying on users and what was the main reason that these creepy and were spying, alright, we'll get into that makes the breakfast cloak alone. the breakfast club, This is the route towards Angela eat breakfast club. see pain is so it's hide. A not being original unhappy was on Twitter live streaming in here had to say about today's aspiring artists? You know when you're sounds like somebody else's you're, making it because you're into studio like what's the number one regret now we need to make another one of those doing that give me some over, we we all know. There is already doing it
baby is already donor. The baby is already due to its literally put when Mary and her name's that's going to move that you want. I mean I agree with him about originality, but I've asked Dodo understand our folks act like theirs, and millions of art is out there to listen to. Like you know, I love title and others. And platform you could they? Let me discover new music. I listen to what I want to let my mellow Boston Chalcis occupy a heavy and my rotation and my manhole vein. I let you here yesterday and we put me on: this autumn call a rustle from Vallejo. Russia on the rustle of things. Russell had no by a universally though he has a project called to field effect to ask for nominal. Young brother get busy troubled glued Basel Russell like you can you can find other things the visit have to manage whom they were married. Would you don't like
all right were now. Let's talk about this law suit? Roy more had a ninety five million dollar defamation, lawsuit against Sasha, Baron Cohen, I'm sure You guys saw this on a special there is such a barren Cohen. Had you know, and we always wondered why? How do people not know this issue? It is in the series who is America now in this segment Cohen, is interviewer Roy, more posing as general IRAN. Moretti was an israeli anti terrorism expert. Now in the past, ass. More have been accused of sexual misconduct. Toward male teenagers when he was in his disparities.
Here's what happens in that at the summit we have developed seismic waves that can detect where the tunnel is. They have now use this technology to identify. Other abnormalities turns out the six, often those particular better files, sickly, an enzyme, forty, the h d, which is actually detectable. It must be fought to have been made for thirty three and never had an accusations such things. I m not accuse, I thought this oil and if this is an instrument that certainly I'm not a petticoat, a model of South America and because he takes the rest you gotta take. It has raised a race against time. Entertainment is worth the ninety million dollar loss, whether that ninety five million defamation less so got thrown out early You know you were saying that they got bid. Is his signature through fraud because enemy wasn't what it was supposed to be, but you know,
ambiguous wording in that contracts so that he doesn't have a leg to stand on when it comes to that you're gonna be modest, algebra ourselves. Once again, he takes the risk in that Tiber Entertainment is worth the lawsuits, he put forward. He didn't he is now here's something that baby face and his wife and a call are announcing that they are getting divorced after seven years of marriage, it got married back and twenty fourteen. They have wondered twelve year old Peyton calls. So we don't know what led to the split by they did put out. statement after much story and with great sadness, we have decided to end our marriage. We continue care and have respect for one another is Jerry turn a lever adored her well being right now Facebook has reported, has reportedly fired fifty to employees
saying these employees were caused spying on users. They said it was a lot of creepy men who would obtain location data on women that they were romantically interested in. According to a new report, they were used. Their access to user data. Do facebooks internal systems and male engineers were able to view women's locations, private messages deleted photos and things like that They said it was one instance where Facebook engineer was on vacation with the woman in Europe. The to get into a fight and the woman when a time alone using Facebook data he tracked down at her new hotel in confronted her in that's. Definitely an abuse of it is us. What is happening about the people who work there, those engineers they can see your information eyes, and that goes for any site. It's you, just putting that out there, so I would think we re about to get a lawsuit. five lovely. Let your facebook is saying that that report is inaccurate,
and so they do a competent everything saying that its natural than on parties already social media sites protected from everything the government. I thought, Donald Trump, the sooner we do on Facebook and twitter brought it protected from everything. I'd be held liable for anything but Mrs Leeds somebody given her the misinformation accurately, do you no violence? Are they not only allow if anything, if you work any information and show you are, but they got there. We sometimes on the watch. People have worked to make sure Dana donor own thing were needed to pay. I lawsuits before an indefinite our Raina Livia Rodrigo. I know you were talking about her Charlemagne. The other day right use another reason why my team, his daughter and her friends, What you gonna be visiting. The White House today is part of the effort to promote vaccinations to young Americans she's. Eighteen year, all former Disney channels, diocese meeting with Joe Biden, adapt to Anthony Faulty she's going
foaming videos dressing wise important for young people to be vaccinated, so I guess maybe that's gonna encourage some people. They said adults between eighteen and thirty, four other most likely generation to say they were either not get back vaccinated or I don't know yet. What do Josh Sabrina think about this? Could You're, all caught up in the whole low trying with thing would live. You Jesus had been. I don't know I just felicity kids talk at. She came from Maxie embedded in juvenile it.
You gotta have a negroes metabolic normal Libya, gotta slap alike there. Maybe she do amongst the kid that she can remain on, go right, they play low, but it would do the jewelry overview. Juvenile go final may open up all the time. I say again by a red light before your planet data you're gonna wait not go back the nature. What you're vexed at our neighbour of many ideas? What dancing lay our never forgive the present even thought it had. I am not even mad at you re, a man whom should he got paid in my check, MIA eggs, but whoever even thought that I'd be ruined. Ned Negro spiritual, you goin to Hell. Ok, when you ruining restrict your book in amity.
God vaccinated today how many big we lack I write where that is your room, a report la Rochelle to revolt, we'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody else the peoples to act as an exact back back it up as the breakfast logo mourning for breakfast club your morning, so noble breeders have Angela YE dont let week here. How do you back Karras daughters, gather strength, collection supports here, as it gets longer for here that fifteen times stronger after one use available. I started. I come in your local retailer. Everybody is the J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club happy birthday, aligning love. I see she just posted at today is her birthday, so he admirably learning at birth due to my manager June today, arteries June's birthday. You forget that our moment in writing, et Cetera my guy now Rogers. I went out with him to offend the event yesterday for Kim Jones.
A good time. Sir said I too now Rogers right well Metadata Atlantic City. After to shoulder the do some more planning when I do my car shows is usually indoors and, like I was saying earlier outdoors as a whole lot more planning. Could you forgotten that you got it the Porter parties, you have they bring water, you have to bring electricity which generate, as you have, to bring tents, cool, intense chairs. We forget about a lack of you, the indoors it's already there, so we had to make sure we take here. Look out for the Atlantic City, cautious August, fourteenth we got to Ferris. Will we gotta amusement rides? Shout the Lincoln text out the hot power Five is gonna, be an amazing terms. If you haven't got to take, is get you. Tickets should be a lot of fun it is can be. I think, my for fun on cars so lot going on. So I'm trying to get the Brooklyn, that's any the Brooklyn nets the Damn see me. I need the money, the dancing we built, a basketball poured out there for kids. Do like a Friedrich competence. It'll be allow you need. You need, seem high, unique, Brooklyn, that's team! I need you to hook better for me right
they do Angela Ye Day. Also- and you know, that's right- acted Aberdeen, Ipods, really fan and actually bring a lot of great giveaways too, so they do all kinds of dance competitions in, but they can help with that. You have our team. I rather too much does a lot of money to come closer. We do want it or not. The budget, like the young man at all called earlier said here to allow, as we do not like to unravel you're, not gonna. Give team have united at is as a whole by today worth more than a static added stating that work that I say what I got well, but it is our though care was twenty two There you go awry when we come back positive, noticed the breakfast club warning: everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club, I'm shovel many their positive note? I do the positive no comes from Doktor Carmen Hara she's, the best selling. Ought this college isn't really should export, especially the boycott comically God relationships with she says. If you believe the phrase you are what we think they ll
truly stems from your thoughts, but we cannot rely purely on thoughts. We must translate thoughts into words and eventually into actions in order to manifest our intentions breathless. Of bridging the gap ready for the loves off spin on the classic? By show with the Dear Chelsea pot gas comedian tells you handler and her assistant slash confidence, flash gallows, Brandon, Marlowe, LISA, pod gas that offers unvarnished malaria and empowering advised to people from all walks of life instinctively. I would always tell everybody to just like reach for their dreams in and go for and take a huge risk in life. Listen dear tells Jani. I hurt radioactive apple pie, gas or wherever you get your party CAS paper, since a true crime podcast that returns with a new season investigating the tragedy that took place in a small Ohio town where the massive farmhouse
Wealthy family erupted in flames. All for residents died, but not because of the fire. My brother says Carol something's up. There is too much why Listen to paper ghosts on the heart, radio, app apple, Podcast wherever you get your podcast
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