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Wednesday 8/8- Today on the show DJ Envy told us about a huge argument him and his wife got into because she did not tell him that someone grabbed her butt, so we opened up the phone lines to see what our listeners would do. YG stop by, and came he came to the conclusion that "The Breakfast Club" is nothing but trouble! But besides that he was unapologetic about his remarks on Tekashi69, his fashion inspiration and more. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to R.Kelly's brother and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee". 

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Jarvis Masters and steadfastly maintained is innocent, since he was sentenced to death most thirty years. Innocent people on the newly uncovered evidence blasters those claims of innocence. I really believe that work with our charge, you be the judge on dear governing the pond, canst, listen to dear governor. I hurt radio, an apple pod.
Or wherever you get your packets Warner weakness or some other during the various categories only one may be, and I, am I a guy we can't hear you am. I am by Charlemagne. We on
Then he added lamprey I'd thought it over Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Morning, age De Mining, Zambia, Charlemagne God piece to the planet just day. It is just what day it is yes, is merely a week is Wednesday how dangerous it is. How is everybody yesterday, long blog, would you do yesterday this day for I'm package I do so I was working on episodes of that and that's all at a dinner with mutual friend of ours, she's a publisher, so she was telling me about a project that she's launching.
And then I got stuck in the rain. Is that a point? Our meetings at the run to my car? I got so they are seen. It was Hale Oviedo, a bunch of when she was with broken in atrocity. Two areas was pretty nerves. Daily day I got stuck in the USA, was continue with my monopoly border. If, if you listen to the podcast or even ass, even speak to me, you know really into real estate, saw withdraw around New Jersey, looking at a bunch of for closure, I just came on a market. There came on a market pretty cheap anyway. We're from a range of fifty two hundred thousand, and if you know about new using as well as it will you gotta put now now is down and of our house debts. You got money today, now is down, and you know you got a fix it up and flip. Italy read it out, so I was looking at a bunch of properties. Yesterday, China continue my monopoly bordered by May well from ok, it's full of poor people. You know when you first started.
Said some moment: nobly does now that budget, but I lay on a family, happily alligators, but it's a secure family like land monopoly lodging. I've noticed this is real and actually took the kids whip me. So they understand about invite in an inflicting in looking at the house and looking at the areas look out at that time. The way that some people live and to try to do to get note neighbours are usually after up and try to fix it up. Little bit, so they were all in my kitchen. This learning about wealth in earlier. Some very happy about that. As you suppose you do, you have money for congratulations from include quantities. Therefore I ask that we had an energy tax yesterday right, you know, much about. Why now would you sent me a picture of yesterday was never again. I don't know much about jewellery white is all about right around by things like that she's, a mere picture. Of a rolex. Him was lay envy. What you know about this watch now nice make a bad thing is limited.
Vision, relax that almost all of our general out am I, mean that is watch? Is war had enormous costs I was like. I must do. Is this? How are they may be No, it wanted a house that was a great way more lose out. Then I go there. They found the price intact. The bag forget it. I want to thank all the birth of global have been run. Would I say one can appreciate the glow of those of us I just joining us. I got no money. Same teacher and often target to live in a row that you had a relaxing have we done besides every second legacy. Forget it s our globe there. I got a ban. If you want to know where they want to know how much the price was. No, we don't- and I you know I will listen skewing Charlemagne. You wouldn't almost price, because I have no idea how much a rolex Cuyahoga though it was a hundred and ninety five thousand dollars. Narrow, looks as though
A rolex is enough that expensive, but I bet ya sound tat. I want ya, hear doubted Ireland. Rolex is another element of that judgment of the who did not their expensive option thousand dollars you now not that expensive. You anyway, that particular prize, usually You have the high, I guess I have extensive Taylor. You do have explicitly. What are we call that broke with expensive teeth? Today's international can't be anybody. Do let's put my cut, my love that, many single women that they will get better than he had me wasn't when a cat is going where I grew up. A massive elastic heads cats are very good at keeping in sex and myself and traps or affordable and volume
glad or even some four minutes. We find that muslim people can actually have actually this very expensive, Catherine. She is areas lack adds, an analogy turn by White Tiger. You bought by patrimony formula. That's a very like. I had no idea how much they could almost be cats, but anyway, let's get to show cracker for patients. When we talk about how we are going to be talking about five people charged with Counterfeit Jordan selling Counterfeit join in It means a lot of people are women and armed with these August, when you find out how many of them were being sold, some ya gotta, I gotta do it. I gotta Bluebeard by religious. All right, we'll get it I want to be here is my why'd. You will be joining us more or less and less keep moving to breakfast club morning supporting everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club blueskins some front page news last seen historian a news yesterday: List Garrick sneakers fake enjoyed in now fag weapons has in New York City with trafficking in counterfeit Nike AIR Jordan, sneakers in
they said it would have been worth seventy three million dollars if they were real efface come in. They don't have any logos on them as a lever to register trademarks and unless they get here, they go to Brooklyn in Queens and they add the logos and then they sell them. For the last two years this counterfeiting ring has shaped forty two containers of these genetic snickers. They would retail for about. Almost two hundred dollars appear or don't feel sorry for George Ogre he's rich number one. And keep in mind that Donald Trump likes him. Data for Jordan feel sorry for the people at a bind and think in a real there's. A lot of people show by them really spent in a couple hundred are less that Ankara, let each everyone's a vague, the very hard they look. They look. They look just like the originals. You almost got it. You gotta bottom, from like retail stores that really seldom issues have not yet you don't you get beyond which I want to meet him John than they look really really really like that. Why wouldn't you biology the regular one. Another movie and anyway. May I think we can remember
You may be right, but I think you got some Galvin Jordan's over there maybe wrote I write ass. A cargo they are going to be trying to deploy more office has enabled us to have seen a surge in shootings. They did say that there's gonna be an additional four hundred and thirty officers put on street duty with two hundred more to be on patrol over the weekend, so some operators are getting extended hours or they vacations will be cancelled. Others are being reassign from other duties as well, because over the weekend, sixty six people were shot, twelve of them fatally. That was just between Friday and Sunday. The pleases word for Chicago need more police officers and any more than that. They, as indeed allow more programmes as a gay kids off the streets, tired of early give them some hope
things to do. I wanna ones, though I'm certain in a city they cut things like the Poli hair about. I didn't. It makes no sense like cities like they need more police, honesty right and with my place, comes my police training as well, and they can set a more involved in the community to the air. I write. An American Airlines Cleaning crew found what they thought was a foetus and the laboratory of a bathroom early Tuesday morning. The plane was coming into living too. I throw Charlotte yes and they found that during the cleaning of the bathroom, so they can find out exactly what happened. They believed that a teenager had a miscarriage front page news now or we come back eight hundred five, a five one o five. When I have a question for you, you know me: I'm away for court, a pie causes to call the Casey Ukraine. We got into a big argument over we can. We were in Bermuda and somebody touch my wife's ass as we were at cut match, which is like a huge cricket tournament. She didn't tell me right away and we gotta go
because I was mad. She didn't tell me in her explanation of not tell him he's a. She didn't want anything to happen. She knew we were outside. The country should know. Wasn't too many of us? just me and June in her I was there. We will fight you eyes of me. Please Well as dioxin unevenly distributed over the cake and her bed for her better didn't, beat up right in front of her mom told our leaders to says you will need to be so. My wife tell me you didn't say anything because he didn't want, it happens throughout the country, so that with the problems I was mad, I was like you, don't let somebody in any one No, she was married. Could she was holding my hand at the time- and I was like you- don't allow somebody to have that up army. You tell me immediately so we gotta told you join me in this was her reason of not telling me. Why didn't you tell me as soon as it happens? I didn't tell you when it happened, because I knew how you would react and that would have meant that would have resulted in a fight,
ice, a little bit of the phone lines, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. Ladies, if you're out with your man and somebody disrespects your grab your ass, would you tell your man, you know it's going to be a fight. You know it's going to be a problem and fellows. If some, That is your woman. What do you do you added a country you not in India, in up in a place where you can get back in? which peoples you yourself Hollis up Ray eight hundred foggy five one thousand and wanted and I'll tell you what would I do when we come back as to breakfast low, nobody else: Charlemagne girl! We are the breakfast club! Now yesterday me and my wife, we will quote our pike ass, the case equal pack, ass. We gotta go big argument in Bermuda over the weekend. And we were at the cut mattresses like a huge cricket. Tournament is like maybe ten fifteen thousand people there and, as I was being a walking we were about to leave. Somebody actually grab my wife's ass and was actually trying to flirt with my wife. You know right before that, and my wife didn't tell me you know.
Walking trying to walk around and go to the bathroom, and my wife was like I'll come with you and I like now, you see how you ain't got to walk through the crowd and she's like no I'll just come with you, which was strange. So I was like you know, as we walked. Why you wanna come like what was the matter, and I would like you to feel a little uncomfortable. Somebody was disrespectful and I was like hole in it. She said somebody touch my ass. An out, like you know, like any man I think would do in inner went back to the section in I was pushing people out the wake of people trying to stop media really know what was wrong, and I was looking for this dude wherein the poker doubt shirk. She told me at a poker shirt on in the due to laugh, but really messed up my whole vacation, because during the whole week can all I'm doing is looking for. Do I found his picture and I found out who he was and it really no rest up my vacation butter.
Where did you have to try to find a boot? Nepal, gusher Nicaragua, and I note I was about to belong to a definite by an agreement I will get out. I was literally features that I took it. I found him in a background and I just want to somebody that's from out and let your whose do what I want to tag along to pitch article picture when it music Oda so and so, and I found out directly who it was I spoke to do, and I want to five minutes he you know he called me a apologizing He was drunk and apologise to my wife, but and I was really mad at my wife. I was like you should tell me immediately with something like that happens in her excuse will she was like I didn't, want you to get into a fight you're out the country. I just didn't want a problem to occur and you're by yourself pretty much. But I no disrespect will be tolerated. I don't care where we are who it is when it comes to my queen and on my wife for twenty years. Joshua that allow someone to grab her ass, what I was saying something to that person's. I just think it would be like an immediate reaction, so I applaud your wife for like this thinking and binoo, not being emotional about the situation but
I think I've been effigies, you ass, you would tell me later so yeah this respect will be met with disrespect when it comes to put anathema why the absolute it was one of those things she would like to know about the country you buy yourself, the numbers don't add up and it what is going to do. Is you hit this dude? He has twenty dollars with you going to wind up dead, stabbed shot killed. Dinner. I could tell you late and we could have got out of a mood of a railway use those used by food, or could we know you without at exactly he? No yeah twenty dude would over, but I just don't know man think not asking too much of me as a man the reason why should entail- because she knew where would go, is asking too much for me as a man have another man is grandma wives, as you think you can now. You can't expect me whenever I felt the same way you when you tell me about it. I said I want to say anything in my life ass. He tell my boyfriend, he was, I gotta, kill somebody ass. Now you don't ever want to escalate the situation by. I think he was so ridiculously disrespect will cause. It was something that he went chill out with
so she did and of Heaven is how you and I can understand that you don't want to turn into a situation. They were allowed to be over people around most of the people that we did not know. You know when not at home, who you gonna call back of. If something goes down, we don't know who this person is. What he's cape nobody has on em who is with so I think, as a woman, you being first of all, I don't want to make my man get into a situation that could turn out. Backers Baghdad, I'm enough by women is martyrdom in, but you now holding, we have five kids. Do you know the whole thing was: let's get back home allows this without it there was a broad. What do you do I let them apart. But what were you looking at that and make people Why is there not may was crowded it was. It was. If you haven't went to a football game, a baseball game, you know is packed them whole demand, and we also and the bad guy had a dj. Finally Crown Oldham, always him walk down the stairs or I'm leading her em.
Leading- or I can't be in front of her and behind it grew? Will the net gave until they need to be looking at every by that in any trouble radio for your white boy, though they had all blame, you look it up with a better make a lot of money. Where light you can be governed, one would think she cared about that they get about more about being a well being and in making our own amok is eight hundred five, a five one off I won, ladies, what would you do if your in a crowded place in another country and somebody touches your butt? Do you tell your husband, your boyfriend immediately cuz, you know it's going to fight, or do you tell him later call us now this global model. The breakfast club, like everybody, is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club. Now, if you join us, we were talking about a dual pike. Ass. Every week my wife called the Casey crew. In over the weekend, we were in Bermuda. We were cut Matthews like this huge, huge cricket tournament, like ten fifteen thousand.
As we walk in a guy. Actually, you don't touch my wife's ass grab. My wife's ass and my wife didn't tell me immediately. She told me, maybe I two three minutes later when we were walking away and what you told me if call while gonna win back already, I cleared the section I was looking for a guy. I actually found the guy by looking to pictures therefore no weekend and a new? I will therefore no weakening called, and I apologise that he was drunk. I still owe money to five minutes any. I do apologise to my wife. I apologise to my wife: should award the one on gradually the argument back and found him. I was look of the whole. They did it really. They humanitarian cannot be around us ass it at everything we had to do. They make sure he was Media knew what I was trying to find is due to backup to fund is clear about under his name in everything about it. But I was really looking forward to do now. Is that with our series is often let it was like or Mama that's how much information I found or do what he wanted to apologize. In any apologise to my wife. What my wife didn't wanna tell because she was like. I didn't, want a problem too,
I wanted you to make it home in. That was the most important thing I did. I mean that's why women are smarter than men knew no to me because you know truth be told the ad after me. Did you beg you, gotta be met with despair, specimen comes our queen, Absolutely you can't be you grandma wise as in front of me like what kind of peace China. Do you think I, but it brought me back to the days when I went to Fourth of July and Labor Day weekend, and I will see guys just disrespect women and brought me back to that. That's what made me even even matter cuz. I was thinking about something with my daughter came out here on vacation and is doing where my daughter's as in, and I wasn't there better Romania, nobody was data, protect my daughter or grab more or to make him apologize. It brought me back to how men could think they could just disrespect women and I was like It is maybe what I think about what aid you are not as always to five good for us to tell easier. Good dude, how to move? we women at varied.
Because, in the future you I've daughter, then you. Why did you care about that away? You treat them. We all these parties are what happened stuff that used in how we used to have free, Nick and all I will say what they gardener. No so got Miami Beach. We gave you don't like it when you, while it out on six like that. Eventually you have died and you have a wife and a few genuine abiding treatment. Will you treat in Grozny and I'm glad I got a chance and secondly, speech on in in a coherent voice? He was nervous and scared, but you know you'll. Never do it again allows this, No? No. What would you do in this situation? Would you tell you your husband, your boyfriend me personally, I would have to resign. My birth relax into somebody would be slap them back ass, my wife and ask me into a fight Nunez when keeping our level of wrong. She probably was thinking. I don't want to do tat because I don't want to start a fire, as usually my wife and I was away, I think she was like. If I had to do was short gonna hit, does do seamen
Imagine a dual mistaken about the bigger picture. Videos you think about the bigger picture which, which is the reason why, when I have problem or anything I go to her first, because she thinks and it would have been a situation, n no, it was one of those things and then again it would abroad attentive. You reported to you, but everybody wanted them. Look. Am I right? He just text me to talk to my wife, or you could had thirty people in there with him that jumped MV and beat him up anything and had a girl could add a Neva guy stabbed him. It could have been anything what you nobody knows where it was one of those things, but we also believe that, like us, it I was now that you'll tell me immediately. Don't wait two minutes later. No tell me immediately so that was that moral of the story is you don't touch noble? queen. You touch anybody, no matter what your disrespect women, regardless of what it is and ask us why women, a smart and a member of that could echoed deadly better when keeping a real goes wrong type situation built up. Second, and I want to shut out terrorist J, I want to shut out from
I want to shout out how Rio and want to shout out. Nino was well because we will all Leah even shove, robot We will all have mad at an inn in Bermuda and when they see me, while out nobody even ass, they all ready was ready for what I appreciate. Lieutenant afraid they always ready down, was very readily, beat up writing like about areas and read that they are two soldiers that have no problem put any binding on the line for the rest of the army. Not I have no problem given beat up on bad, relate to issues of every. Let's go. I saw it all. You need some time to come. We will look like they ready for gas. Rag of tears can look like he ready to take your shirt off as the flags in France Doth legs then. So, even if they go into view red is still of good on your back loading somebody with a daily naive it was on the way he has said about J call. He put out a freestyle, we got a little snippet it after you. Also. What are your favorite websites is about to do an award show would tell you what website that is sound.
We'll get into all that. When we come back and don't forget why'd, you will be joining us next hours at a move to breakfast club morning, breakfast all right morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Let's get to these rumours are sold down a job with Angela clause in this area. Was Hollywood has approved proposal? They went to remove down from star from the Hollywood work of fame. They said party. That is because, of course, vandalism Anna recent demonstrations around him. They have issues with the way the Donald Trump has spoken about women. His actions toward women also has policies, including a decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. A ban on transgender military officers and the separation of families at the? U S board, with Mexico. Those are our reasons they went to remove his star from the Hollywood walk of fame,
if they do, Magadan jobs rather than allowing trouble, rather than they would have a problem because they knew they. He was that we toward women before you must not. However, beginning to get this way. This came back in two thousand seven after his work as producer for them is universe passion. But since then, I think Donald Trump has done a lot of things that have affected the United States and the World Bank president, as one of their being campaigns to remove stars in the past, but it hasn't happened in the forty year. History on the walk, actually try to remove bill cause bees, but their response to that was its is part of history that once the stars there, that's just it so we'll see what happens next. They still to get it approved two by the mayor of allay also by the City Council in the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in those orders in Mogadishu. At a busy screen, I, how do they keep being able to do? just like that. Mean they athletics ears and everything our people have been. They just do it anyway. You mean, as is now the israeli who is they just do it and vigorous in IRAN? You are right now they call is back.
Now has a new freestyle album of the year Freestyle and he is rapid over. Actually, we have let us now before you state from Prague Summit saw an Kansas. Thank God. I never tablets guidelines. The heat fabrics permissive out, a state, a state by the matches that you'll with no new random tat into some thought of tat, is from now might just bought a mavericks cuban. I am only human. Have men have amazing, possibility maplike amazing stab possessed a better. What hit for cases nobody's Britain problem include Bob call cool guy, body. I love lyrical exercise. Sometimes you got to remind people you, nice and cold. Did that and I love the way he broke down the contradiction between white kids and opioids and black kids and crack. That was very, very
We have somewhere from agriculture peacetime some alarm clock briefly without the police. A seller is absolutely imperative that my youth week, the rapid game, is this week. The rapids on the love of secrecy perhaps came around and see that these the actors plots off what I'm really say that the things but not against move k like a pc. You can post fair for the thesis. That is incorrect. Not really. This is not the only silly on a purely not really want to just a part of the text like attics they caught up in the system. Now boys, Albion, Lemme, behold, right dear boy kind, a lovelier call on other people up the upbeat production dreams allotted time call Beyond was beaten, sound like the ones you why we're Goin and is now rain, but hear them, although you
that was our Lahti drop it after you may be interpreted as Ebby. Everything get emerged, so people have been sending him beech. Nuts That was a body in a highly impressed by calls ability to be riches hell, but still above me, that's the Carolina thing all day, long and Emma who played a full version into makes this morning to airlines. Airports have is gonna, do their own awards, show they getting into the award show game so they're gonna be competing with IE Vienna Wars, that adult video news of words, which is like the Oscars for porn. So what you're gonna rely on is data that they get from their site to determine the winners there was strictly based on, I guess numbers so most of the traditional porn awards decided by a committee, a porn professionals who actually white saw the best poor and produced in a given year and then vote that way. So he's gonna actually go down and allay on September. Six and fans can watch alive stream of
than online or you can attend in virtual reality. In that way, several exports milliner onawandah smell it already Ex Malaga can smell you of it. I write It will have a stage what Robin oily fish, showing you, the guy does things go, have a Well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report our right now, when we come back, why G will be joining us working, my watch and let the rug ashore. I try to do on Gmos in Bonn yet, but he said he preferred to kill, given that, as we will be, having for breakfast is one, my goodness all right. Mr breakfast locomotive funny. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we oughta breakfast Club special Romania builder. Why why Junior play a bartender early this morning, I now an additional alone among peoples you normally. I don't think that I'm a good idea.
All the data can be happy that you and your point I daily on by the way all is so good. He just poor appoggiatura. They knew what had a little faster sound like us are released nonsense she waited for that all happening in an audio video. You had DA bottoms all the wife's output avenue then, and I will leave it at that and I'm gonna be inviting do with oranges. F of leisure cobler need us Mars, Why do I do you are aware we are in Berlin. We are when we realise that, and, while Maggie made you a unisex thou, I go there by now: let's go me, those Fazenda, Beaver men or women, is not a goal, and I can we Now I'll leave you you, you knew. Where did you get so international that before the fame
Why, when I was younger high school like I was answered the first, but it was different begging you norms and saying that's. When forward tore, tease rack where yeah, but I was always wanted to fly Dude Youngstown Campus, you know I mean which is broken too stressed and all the type of other stuff it just turned into a higher level, you design everything itself. Will you gotta team on August, not a squire? I got the homes homey govern home, Charlie and I'll be put Milo desires. You see what I'm heavily involved with the whole process as a whole. The whole crave like the shoes, I'm a watermark. Allowed avenue black another death blow not a blind alley. Does blue law not is blue,
man, I don't know any black Burma. You look in my view. That was the idea without the vast majority at the Hall Bottom Lobo their days, you man, I was Neither am I load. There's you gimme that ready from a gang culture right, yeah type of DAS and right it s from the gang culture you not. I will let you fashion is allied by taking risk right. Yeah do things that are different with me that some people are gonna, do not like it and some people at anybody glad as dope, because you have to take a risk. We have. You ever won something and said this was kind of a family affair. Later on, looking back at it, I'm not really but not really, but yeah. I'm going to tell you to tell you it's his photo going around on the gram, and so I took a picture with the homies and I'm wearing some like Gucci jelly sandals and I got white Sox on staying with cutoff.
You have said I have already on the internet, but I thought I told you not to us they broke, don't get my shoe are you pursue Margaret a little already known? thousand weren't jellies dead, they all somehow shoes, type of love. I had a flip last lodges put them all. I had a wise houses you found it again. You bow hold pull it off mommy with our is, I don't know do in fact, with the whole lot of. I want you to use got where women were less about the problems that are dangerous. He arises when Sunday, we always hanging about in here, and you got very personal
on it, otherwise Liberty rat, yet more than half an hour and deepened Arap youth even went to therapy. I was taught Martin Luther if you certainly do on unless other came out there be forever those rules record. Oh God, what you'll know what, we gotta go motorway once a week. It ourselves my group: was it don't work newly elected me by? We would will be like like when you leave room life is still happening, how habitat, you gotta constantly go. We want I've been on work. Are you planning to go back to the scenes I talking about it? I didn't maybe something on illegal rehearse. We have a drink about Cuba, I feel that I have no, I feel like I'm actually contributing to that drink a lot of what know ye user for baby. I got me a pearl you. What made you wanna go thither, use any told you to go out on a
refers. Not a humble just so nice ago, did you go talk to Asia recorded. You always do Peter rabbit. Sure, but I got anxiety mental problems you may clinically diagnosed with anything I know so so so I've been working with the arms and his daughter named Scott Bunny. He believing rehabilitation man. So he got a lot of programmes and I pulled up and I'll be Helen out. I'm an odyssey there was is breaking down its workers. Will make to ask me about em, like I can't talk to you about me. Two minutes will help us out. Will you don't know what it is now to daylight until you start describing what you ve been going to any? No, like you Van stored day, store. Tell me like different forms of mental health. Knowledge is like by two months ago, so my dear Mamma victims,
I repeat here the infirm, it s all Mental Hill. I already know the worst harbouring. That's why I said that on the phone incurs put meals, news I got miss who have priority. I got a whole book coming about coming out about that, not all of rural, but twenty third cause shook winning volubly injured. Some thought ass, while leaving the rabble year, as you have said, see the hidden spies and attaching people's none of their now. I think that its own path- also ok I'll you, you knew about asylum, so you feel, like women have a lot of power. We have a lot of power over you and between allies. A poor man run the world. Did you buy world? You think I made it daylight Aroma programme, but at the end of the daylight, when it's when today day is over
only with me or what I want, but it is people. Life does go. Do sorry dates for the full pull for a poor man. Don't go do crazy or wars, I'm nice and it ah be wanted him to discourage my beetle yeah yeah, anathema diamond anyway. You I left everything you I only on paper You do not have our different chicken stop. It was rightly notes. Ragged are united. Having now hotel room ass, nice ass in a girl car bought it. For me, that's not strictly national. What about it will therefore does not tricky you don't want to find seeking shirking its review eli by bags and our let you for me to get those that's tricky issue that is spent. Some smack is different, believing what their Michael was bag with rigour. And if you like, of course, no longer you outboard my ass,
My way fully made may do the dominican, dominican, women, love might call. It may well be in New York at Bangemann Day back into data. Is the love you love now he had a day right by my report by soils in prison is x. I let s say together who's your mama, but I'm really one issue would urge you want anything, that intriguing more about even about the girl ever tell you, you are a robot, ass, large ass, a banjo. The boy went away like a red. Will you be our word oligarchy and all of us, whether like older women
You're! Bob luck! I that when my work from home, I'm not no eleven, that you know only one will no longer say that again go back to Uganda, Rice and you know you did not go downtown about me. Man marry me and all they usually Malone Money don't address my morning. We will no doubt deliberately. I we got more with why g when we come back, we don't talk. Is album some more
and also as a laggard, all logic will get into all of that. When we come back as a breadth of locomotive breakfast warning, everybody is the J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club. We have wide g in a building Charlemagne. So why do you want to download of origin because his life people, I me, which is good life, a low horror? We go to these industries I go to lighten smooth life life is giving me like a bad a lad. I lose a lot of light opportunities lose popular buzz. I owe you we can, as I already coup and then on the other side, a real life. Will you commoner view successful? I wouldn't onboard by owner. Saw process has been successful, but we use there like a real person to your people.
I'm busy time of need be. Why says what I got to deal with all these and ass? I got a beer. Would, though, I can't I can't be chirping into some home, I got a hamley, like on some real man and that's pretty hard, sometimes cuz. It's like. I find myself a lot of time just like sitting them down like damn hot. I can't run to nobody- and you can do this while starting about that mental health, because when they start breaking play like people like Mint, like like men and people from the street. We grow up thinking that, like we can go talk to nobody about the. We can't do nothing because you act like, Let me know that we hold a lot of things start with you. You can. You would think things you can make that happen until you is regular when in real life it's not regular, so we can have whatever is called and it's a part of mental health
As I have said this zone because Bogota my was come a victim me. What about you there? You can see a girl about being I'm not I'm not! I'm does not. Please talk to people both to the vote Don't you feel, like you be a boner mooted, none is valued ass, a weakness, birth, light of Afghanistan, as happened at a manner Anybody me now, and I always there like guys you be able without delay. Tom you don't gates and talking out of me, I just tell you some there are probably wouldn't tell you- is one are fading down off its having our party like these terraces thirst Now you know about it. I'm leaving only the camel Ryan
I know I try now when I got there, we have good dog when you to go to garlic. I'm sure you are you need to go to prison, neither might go to lie. I can go to nobody. I gotta go thuggery out like, for my whole life, be like the other thing you out wrote you out Rogaine being on regular ain't, even gave me I'm just saying, while from and one of them could also, would you call yourself a gang being ass day, while you, a permanent was right now above have new butter. I dont want to see no light on wet. You got a whole. When I put it in the song is innocent guys, you God's, will star- ask me about in the interviews like come all budget even in the sun. We go to the wall, and so my days just leave it in Seoul.
Camera. We can talk about it. What do you think about artist that that gangbanger or that? That's where in a cultured it that you could tell us they have lived the life that you have all seen the things that you have come with me The mockery. A fellow of soul, is, after all, a fig blood's. I would pick head blood he said that even in a land known leaving, listen, but now I guess it is on this matter We live in that we will give you a lower the tweets help. As we all, of course. Now do we go about this, so what I M going to believe what I see these would be in his regular. We were all small signal you missed it. We find out more about that.
You want to bring it out at anything. Just though that issue I want to talk about the signal you get there. Ask me anything what else could I say I found a breathless club to talk about this boy. I don't believe it is this. Why is aided in YE es? I feel year. So what I M saying light it alone was playing with too much of the room. Since this is viewed as my underground. Don't you start now endeavour of our life real. The Roma outside elbows, on positive. It was under the damn thing. There. Then he said he had to jail. Nicky Menard your big shot on erected in Fifi and unequal. You know I never my heavy gown Nobody somewhere Hindoo amending it,
like you. I never knew there is only one relating to new, no really job. Rather than fighting inaugurated. The brow. Listen, you might think he'd get their quota man about at the album, our values and a moving out. Now you're about to give it a bomb I hit. Have you given about the Abbe ran into someone help me. I looked No sir, I would all my corners whim of the all the grand blurs the Lebanon, giving you have a daughter. You have to think about you gotta, but first and foremost,
for everything you for sure what I'm puttin along the meals, a man like any other personal, do you from if he gets four points which were present as things escalate for no reason and UK like the escalating situation you, but here the brevity You're, like the current situation, is now you're you're, not like ya know. Your nurse may know how to get to feel rewrite both in the event of a mass science is what a microphone your. Whereas now you dislike la you over there. Looking Cuba is on. You guys got me out of my kid. Maggie.
I would have to reckon with man- was I was there sit over there. It's a Carling cabinet, nay it, but they did call and apologize well. What would the situation? What happened whatever? I've been on a happy, and I heard him and I apologize for otherwise they will we be able to say somebody must have sent it only to them. I was a guy. It looks to clean, always somebody here s what I was like on my Somali her who were asking that the vocals took their house I'll call him up. I was gone all like you know. I gotta get the rule as it were That was all I had to do what you say in your time mustard. Then there is poor I would like to stress that import about em, if you re right, open that door nor portable cabbie, folder
I'll go get lots of. We all knew, and I was I was in New York like like last week two weeks ago. You are you waiting for bodies. Ailed you, whether my watch football, a mother, gave smaller with Bobby Boycott I gave my Mamma Mamma and borrowing lasted aimed at what will have our support and cabinet are watching the game. Sportsman Ski, but if I was on a beyonce, if I was in the NFL, when both took that money, I would have took a knee with him. I would have been wanting to do nothing Why? What's the matter? Because I'm american eyes in Algiers are learning and fill already a more is already over with you. Gotta love. You people mournful bought of better.
I love my people. That's why I made that video happened just like that anything. You invented and girl code allay hundred fifty thousand, usually Tita young women how to get alone, Ladys alone. I we got more. What why g? When we come back sorting, everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the bread His club bodies in the building Charlemagne with any backlash would have download from rugged than any secret service pull up on you. I had a low level. Google. Ameer Ali Baba hidden, Mabel Non Oda Radio Ban too. So I did see a lot of people that I felt like. I was Agnes. Here too, the right outside a radio Yom stand. I would like you to know her robbers talking like a man, a politician. I ran about a politician either before what should show some Bitch
they do not let it ain't book a snoop. They became his house when he made a video, we accidently section, the cloud down here. I heard it was for the same reason. We got the letter, so we got a lot of his name was saying in his verses. He was saved presently valiantly smoke, so it was. I was plaid nano, a presidential candidate cannon, they would ever these deathlike. Let affairs would like a warning kind of via the EU more than one word. Whoever talk to talk form and it was- I not adjust our noble in their letter. I beg the letter to the letter they sent it are you are you got him love somebody I got mine, The blood in awareness may you, nor have we got to the now. We got people's ya got people, we got them.
So you that memory, the letters and made this letter, the incident of interests- and they see it, says here. Houston field office received a car from concerns, citizen and a lengthening. Ok, it's as I told you that article mentions a rap song that encourages the assassination of Donald Trump, the articles date, a track entitled F Tramp, including a vow to cave terms head in with a shovel and promise that visits. Baltimore trample die. One of the lines in the rapporteur talks about filling trump with hollow point bullets would the artist I listed as Whitey and lives. He hustle so will happen with the rules, but it was a mobile phone came out from all known for
God that's only. That would also were ready and also with the blue light with a guy serious everything having more popular, we more famous, how many views a guy they talk about, you guys performing a coach Heller, famous performance, erasing entrepreneur to the local jobs. You realize you, but I'm not I'm lucky, twenty thousand people a cartel. Oh, yes, we do only why'd, you do like there. You go. I started the airport because of it now about come on. Man is the first is the freedom of speech. Thinking is allowed people to feel like forbid any. Like is rightly domain. It again make life difficult,
We are waiting with economic millennium come here. They handle and highly ease, but let us take the possibility, God did its own pulled out his whole elite. They also do in order to analyse our pay. Metaxas. Ok, good! Do you performed Bt Ward? be right up these magnitude, good, the performers ever threatened dinner, and I can't tell you what I'll do I'll know how to put it everything has to be there gave them. We re casualty, daylight. Twenty minutes before infirmity Fit was possibly whatever it's our only twenty with one hurried come to state of Islam is already I do love slab, Dakota, Thou Naomi. You're gonna action, it will really help lie. Why happen o YE guy got on Cuba.
We now have a visa will see it all out argued at it like that, I've heard about Mozilla learning erratic residents here, you know was crazy, as their people really well tell you, because they think you can't do anything because you're a celebrity right. Yeah. I remember eggs call where it is true that January? Did you buy yourself? You gotta. Let me now there's. No time have you, and I knew was a matter of fact I gotta come on. I came. I bought a are gonna come alone. Have you ever work? They jewelry former Lou common level. We can talk about a Mccoy weaker,
but then you in trouble, man, Vienna, laying I pick up, way of you know when you call he's got two thousand were rule would tie with Tunisia. We pull over here at the breakfast. Thank you. I pick it up five horror. What have you luck? We will get an idea that is today lucky. I got to get Zulu back at lawyer not a mob him. How can we get care and underlying thine- a budgetary level airborne afforded staggering voice yeah They had an emergency is horrifying. Did you give it everybody s island?
why there are due to all we rode all was a woman, I'm out a small of our Lord. You call me better located radio varied, I know by law. Go back. I am always call you made with color mohammedan golly, vague Rayner. I care I'm a call telling me some real quick changes Truman hey, hey, hey with early how he just put If you my boy ways, I taught me how to incorporate away. Never look. I got one quadrupled I'm doing right now, right now, my case or not exactly the breakfast well know: how were you gotta go?
Oh, don't don't jeopardize your free, but I am glad that way. No more! hey But when you call my lord, I might almost say so. I learned the world know you'll be normal here. The burglar I I suffer, I am no Have you right right now is a big in use called the breathless clerk our nose, you know about what they ask me. Questions about this vague is both right. Why should I be handsome Burma case or not about a great deal better than that?
You got the guy's tuna by everybody heard covered William, had come for you alone, right out of the game that we may know why. This is very dangerous and we appreciate you will join me, Mary. The breakfast morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club good morning, muskets aromas. Let's talk Lebron James,
the ban on the breakfast club, where the executive producing another competition series and it's gonna be on sea is called million dollar mile concessions have a chance to win one million dollars, tat. They were a million dollar mile, but in their way, is a course. This very challenging in some elite athletes, with one mission to stop the contestants from winning them. Any at all costs, so it has ten episodes coming to see me as the browser let go right now it has removed their level either you moodily to gear ranks years right now. Having would later go get themselves movies, dreamily dammit! I re well, congratulations to him. I yet another shell. Nanda humanizes Ma Am is doing an interview and she announced that, in my view, be a twitter on Saturday wash the Hip Hop hood report with Charles Fisher and Fitness sheriff. As I share the shocking news, the court dont want
Don't want you to know in its hella any view about my son's trial, so I am not sure exactly, when this interview is going to air, but they said his on Channel twenty on optimum channeled, thirty seven on Verizon, and you can also stream it as well so You know what it's gonna air today or disapproval. I don't. I never heard of it before saluted him. Well, Our geopolitical lovelier Pablo Report, man and I think I made my way. Its unexamined draftsman, valued at random comes at an age who is somehow all gonna intertwine Mickey wants to be a net mix right now, according to Charles Fishing, who is the house at the hip, hop had report, he said Carroll as a proud moments. He raised her children crap
but the media has not given the family affair shake and they hip hop. Had report wanted to be a platform not just for carom arise, but for other celebrities. It have issues, but dont know what media outlets approach to get a fair and balanced story told us lose jobs, Fisher Hours, Burgo, medium level. Yes, so it's about the criminal justice system in all. In that area, you guys are ready for the two part Bobby Brown story, this coming a beating on September. Fourth, yes, I am well. There is a snippet if you guys when I hear you can also watch this on an italian weekly dot com, but they do have a little bit of a calypso. You can see what is gonna look like, and here is part of Whitney Houston.
Addressing Bobby Brown. Why? What no care didn't plans together one night in her place. It was a big mistake. Ok, I told him we couldn't do not want us. Why didn't tell you cause? I figured it was done it baby, I'm in the middle planning, our wedding, human moving Bobby. You are welcome, fix right now and you could get you got someone pitch black the same time as me: Mythology the authorities deeply mulberry. Mama's pregnant from my grandma but a Babby Brown is working very closely with the network to make sure that his version of events is what is most green, that this is something that really rapid, abysmal reviews. Fifty percent is good, Bobby Browns, every little step book then is movie, is gonna, be be amazing. Slew to my South Carolina Brethren, Woody Maclean authors, outcome of noise, Land Bobby Brown again critically
I ran in a a movie is well yes, but Bobby, look. Every law step was credible. I can't wait to see this well, yes, two pilots. As I told you, a series is gonna September forth. I'm the easy Bobby's moving could even been on another member, whether it be to you a girl, a good like Netflix Hulu somewhere, could be like cursing where they like to any not only addition stories. I guess they felt like this with a good play say they trusted it out if you have worked out for them. The first time yeah, but if you read every little sub by brought, you know what I'm talking about as but because of me right. I now Angelina Jolie M Brad Pitt, my guy These two are really going back and forth with this. She saying that he stiffed her and child support and all kinds of it she's sick of being married to him. She wants a divorce, does to end the marriage and make her officially single again even before dealing with all of the child custody issues that they've been having. I heard attorney also says that he has not paid meaningful,
support since this separation. Almost two years ago they had an informal arrangement, but he has not lived up to that agreement and ass. She went and formal child support order and she went to make it wretched active as well. Now, according to sources on Brad Pitt side is saying that he's given her millions of dollars for the kids. Since the couple split- and this whole thing is just a smear campaign, so I don't know going on this is so messy by they adopted all those children had children together, valet they were gonna meet again however, their marriage. When I first started up there, even their union was all kinds of drama tabloid fodder and now this morning was you adopt those kids when ya together. Cavell was just the thing: the jail enjoyed Norman Knowledge, all apart, neither one you are really one kid like now, adding their big issue. Is that he's trying to keep them from him? Any really was if he has chosen as nobody saying data What the kids they both went, the camera to say: why did they learn their children? I re well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a reply
all right. Thank you. Miss Ye Charlemagne. Yes, we given a donkey. Do we need carried Kelly Achilles brother to cover for an economy? They have lower, wouldn't miss more direct, we'll get internet where we come back, give a locked him off was ready to draw the breakfast locomotive. Diaper, don't the other day. Job Democrats are being I'll be the day a little bit of a mess like adult club. Bridging I've been called a lot of my twenty years. Been donkey at bay. Is a new white dog you today for what day August. Eighty, the Avery yes didn't windy August save goes to carry Kelly whose carriage, carried Kelly is the brother of our colleague Kelly, and I had no idea carried Kelly was a recording, artisan after hearing is disregarding has put out towards brother, I think is best. Was no he's a recording artists now you may know Kelly from criticising his brother free.
Is he claimed in a two dollar sixty reviewed at our Kelly offered him fifty grand a record deal Anna House if he agreed to say publicly that it was him not his brother, and that now infamous sets take the lead on Kelly Child pornography charges on which our Kelly was found not guilty. Now is a thing people should speak out. Against our colleague, always you'll, get in and Anna Behaviour shown is overdue. Its whole them accountable, especially sensitive narrative, never seen the changing is clear for all to see it off. Kelly have historically always had a problem, but how you hold mechanical is very important. I, U delimited message is crucial Kelly is a prime example of is not what you're saying, but how you say: a dead matters and carriage, release the reply to our Kelly'S- I admit now I admit- was Nineteen minute saw our Kelly posted on Instagram Another important from any party put put. That's got back in July right in drawing on allegation that he sleeps and on AIDS girl than withholding women hostage in what some people describe the cold. I would place
no, but it is wrong for you just in case you haven't heard it with the song. Is nineteen minute no such thing as a snippet of a nineteen Minnesota. Over ninety minutes. All be five minutes, and I know it. They're gonna, that's! Ok! You know that cello, which is the Monica carried Kelly, Rob Thunder once all the smoke. Because of this recognise in this apply is accusing his brother of lying spreading stds in that sing about their mother's death, and he said his mom only have the five hundred dollars tombstone. I don't know if any of this is true. It's always three sides to a story or Kelly side carry Kelly side in the and it should something something we never really get to nowadays, because nobody cares about the true from allied when attaining an away car Kelly decided to tell his true for his side of the story is quite in attaining and no the of ways. Would you like to hear some of our confess from carriage hell you now you don't know it was started from the top
COS. Is that right? This outbreak is operating very. Innovation is very aggressive, sound, whereas the wall gone First of all, I don't want to hear a long intro from someone whose music I'm not checking for anyway. Ok, the only reason, I'm listening to listen to hear what you have to say about your brother. What you just heard was sixteen seconds and he still didn't get to the rap to a song and said you should have never said my name her at first of all, you don't mean that, because you are a static that he said Johnny now the highlight of year, thus far him saying your name is when is by going to move and create describe what are we still haven't gotten to yet
said, my knee hurried forest. While you don't mean that, because you are a static that he said your name now the highlight of year that for him saying your name is when he spied, you are going to move and create describe. What are we still haven't gotten to yet, because you enjoy is sixteen seconds long, actually, Morgan. I started at sixteen. Second, ok, you should have never said my name as if you are about to unleash a tupac hit em up, not either type b on our Kelly's head tat. Are you ready to finally skipped along and draw and get in the carriage Kelly's? I can
First, you wanna hear a carried Shelley's. I confess he replied I made by our colleague, yeah wanna, hear it here go tat. He had made his day go. Do you have a lot on his record. In this area. Why agenda two thousand
because you know a guy wages. Do any of you. My point exact, think ere. You are probably making a lot of valid points in his record, but I don't hear any of them. You know why, because this record is gloomy garbage I therefore high levels of fecal, feeble matter and in the ocean at his, I confess, ok, to reason, carriage Ellie. Dont you today, because the truth is carry a cloud Jason. I you're probably correct about. Everything you are saying about your brother. I Kelly, which intention is to not tell the truth about your brother. Your intention here is to try to get your musical career path in everything. You said never saw a rat ballad, you couldn't tweeted Kate, I gotta been along Instagram captain I could have been on Facebook. You could it did How do you live videos? Images educated in could have been an interview. You know it all it. Instead, you decided the waste too many, thirty seconds of our lives attempting to spit had fire, and instead you gave us a war. I M exhale. You know I wondered
Quoth by turning Anita Helen, she said I resent the idea that people would blame the messenger footed methods, rather than looking at the content of the message itself. I usually would agree. You know I would agree with Miss Hale said, but what about when the actual content is whack? How can I even get a message on a messenger when the actual content causes rectal turbulence Please you cared Kelly. This we'd sounded amateurs. You yeah yeah Chicago couple days of carriage early Gunsmoke formula air? Maybe I should never said his me
all right. You ve read dog and ass: ask IE eight hundred five a far one o five one. If you needed, when I first relationship advise you wanna confess call you now the breakfast locomotive, the breakfast club courting everybody is D J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club does get to ask IE eight five if I want to follow what line, as did Tony online to Tony GO morning, you're more and more a wish. Of course, if you ever loved your watch in Abuja, lab away programmes of aid did Madame. I lose my question them at a local Kentucky. I'm ok like if your arm, if your wife decides the Gulf region before that cook your home and you go out even me, nothing like it. How can I figured it out
She was a switch it up and go weaken, unlike all the region would never dating virus. A bigger array allow that's interesting question, and so she was it isn't are there for you, but you don't wanna, be healthier yourself is which is being held here, but believe me, twelve years been definitely and the vague in his ears long as you are balancing your diet. Well is definitely better for you than eating meat, but I understand that just cause When does something doesn't mean you have to do it? You ever try any of the vague and mills ass. She cooks tried. All girls is far embargoes, londoners above and you can work and you can just because she's not eating. It doesn't mean day you after you know you don't have to worry. And you know that you are assuming your ram keno our vestibules right and you Those are in enabling grill Epsom taken, I whatever and though it in yourself,
to tell you not that you can't eat? What do you want to know is ruined or those more like, a packet of reserve and your family or long term up when I could, then I'm going to do everything for one Let us go out, go I'll be somewhere. I didn't you guys can compromise you can make. The mills issue makes an you. Can. I would ever protein you and add to it all girls? so if anyone like you have to make a whole entire mail, you can just make just that meet part of it or mergers prepared report over Jupiter. Others principle ratio, if she's making whenever these make it for Herself- and you want to add something to that. I am sure that you, like certain things ass. She make still, even if his view, and you just want to add your protein Europe and Asia against cooking cooking things. Also She doesn't eat cuz, I know. Sometimes I make I don't eat red meat, I don't eat seafood, I don't eat pork, but something
I don't mind making their know how to make it. I just don't eat it. Issues more le type, better she's got a camp pre pursuits, your cooker ashore on Sunday, she'll put all their food out. Fourthly, your pray make it ok guys the excellent report he leaped over canny left over left. I was at the little creatures opening up Albert. I re well, listen! All I can say is I would you need to answer whatever it is that she makes or you're gonna have theirs. Times could for yourself? Edges is what did he look at another? That would be a deal breaker none burger restored, get over more. I bet you take. I Bessie taste Bessie tastes better, but do not like the real, problem our rights out. Good luck to you. Where are you major you text. Your wife I you eight hundred you when, but you know your wife or no fry. What have you got it
you here and now is to breakfast locomotive p envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne? A we are the breakfast club in the mill of ask e hello. This girl, I aids or your worship course it for. My question is: recently made the decision to walk away from my child You were in a relationship but walk away, as you know not have my child around them because of a lot of big gun. He's called the assassin made fake allegations other allegations, I'm just because he was mad at me and he, like disappeared for maybe a week or two, and then he would put back up ray end of bee mentally abusive. Ok, so you remove your removing yourself from an abusive situation. Yes, I remove myself and though I try to go to court to allow
I am still get his talent being a child. Life began attorney in everything and he refused to let me programme with the paper, and so I tried to go to family members to see. If you know, maybe we can communicate do other people and he doesn't want that. Is he not? China's ease child are he does awaiting that's the thing he's. He said that he wants to be in her life and he wants to be there for her, but it seemed like a more about harassing me. He's been petty. Bad things right now is affecting your child and yet still being a,
when you want to make sure there is set up for him to be his town life, but he's not seeing it that way. Instead, he's gonna get back at you, yeah he's trying could good things to hurt me like he. He made claims that she didn't live with me. What should always bear with me if he didn't want to pay our support, and I told him he came in- I don't care about the child support it's just a lot of petty back and forth, and I'm not really in my attorney, says just walk away until he makes the next step and family members have said the same, but I'm just not sure from in I wanna do what's best for my child right, it was best for your child is for him to learn how to grow up and stop being so petty toward you, because that could ultimately end up hurting the child. You talk again taken away from you and put in foster care from him, making these false claims and allegations, and that's what I told him you admitted that he has made it because
he was mad, but that doesn't change the fact that I tried to get a job. You know, do department of Social Services and that's on my file right. What I think you need to do is exactly what your family and everybody else is saying is too. You know just step away from him because, right now, this is you thinking about you child to more, then him and him having them. They have been. I know you feel like. I don't want to deprive Mattel, but he's depriving your child is now Really you doing that, and I think you need to worry about safety first right and so what he needs some type of counselling before he can even come to terms and learn how to cope he needs to learn how to do that, because that's gonna end up being more dangerous in the long run. So there is some way for when you go to court so make sure that he had to take some type of coal parenting classes, and you guys can do that together. So you can learn how to make sure that you can communicate with each other in a way that is beneficial, unproductive any needs it takes them classes himself
when how to grow up and be a real man, and maybe he has some therapy issues that he has to deal with, but this is all for the sake of your child, so you need to make sure you go on a record with things, because you don't want him to make more false allegations down the line. Do anything spiteful to you that could be home in the long run to your child. So I think I'm until you can learn how to do those things, then you should step away just temporarily. I may say you explained he attached by the loves you. Let them speak on the phone do whatever they have to do, but until he is proving that he is willing to grow up and be a better dad and take these co parenting classes and deal with court and all of those things then is now much you can do Ok, let's cut the idea that I had, but I just I wasn't trying to be spiteful. I just wanted to do the right thing for both of us you're not being spiteful at. I says that he's being really a mature right now or think you, Angela ok, thank you for calling appreciate We wish you luck. I may show you check back in just to let us know how things progress. Absolutely thank you are right.
Ask IE eight hundred foggy five, one o five. What have you got a question for you? You can call any time eight hundred five, a five one, o five wonder you ve got rooms and away. Yes, I Travis Scott and his new aben have that's going for him. Things. Look in pretty good for Travis got also LAS Vegas. If you love gonna Vegas find out who is You doing I residency there are. I will get it all that when we come back, keep a lacklustre breakfast locomotive warning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast cloudless gets it aromas. This talk, Travis, Scott feeling that this is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club, fats rabbits get asked your world is actually going to do better than Drake scorpion. This week now, Jake's Gordon Adam has been number one for the past balkan sick hour weeks, but now Travis guides Astro world. Isn't it
over four Jake Lamb, Belgium, ITALY, going to force, we nobler way to anybody, do over seven on his arm now by the Czechs and without delay. It restrict wish James or one hundred million times and out of the top ten songs, and I since nine of them are actually Travis guys. That's how while his album is Jesse by like Foreign, some thousand. Yet my five hundred thousand haven't got analyse it obvious millicent in the wide Gina nose up Elizabeth abolition in the Balkans at nice. Guy you live I can never knew how bout and all the while, like bugger bugaboo, elegant each song Barker. Really, though each song mediating, like Bucker, I'm gonna, Travis it'll, make you think I have been listening to her no dream carpet out about it. Yes, I downloaded yeah, that's what I've been isn't it am I right I'm so Travis got asked. Our world is already eligible for gold certification, So congratulations to Travis Guts Array, radie hip, have had this turn into a viral moment yesterday, because his hat kept moving around and others the raging hat challenge. Well, what exactly happened on
many a path, it has everybody doing. The radio had challenge. Well, here's what raging had to say never happened before life in my head was trying to you don't owe me took a welcoming the gates of orange when it is wrong to say you know, it is shows only hours alarm within their quota, how we're really drilling safari until I came up with a plan to just broad alliance he about Albania needs solid. It took a minute but which I mean the stressing stressing thing. Is yaller and early la no need for Leave in late, two thousand and white cap have enough just to hack, as it was hot what that was really trying to tell we'll take me off hold inside right now here, as well as raising had to say about that because, basically with the editing in an hour long, every time they cut back to rated a hat was in a different position. Talk to the war figure out what they want to do with this situation. May my scratching Hopefully in the future we will see what happens in Orton his hair,
that is all right now, let's discuss Kanye West. He is going to be returning to Jimmy Kimmel and that's going to be happening tonight at seven or tomorrow night. So are you guys excited to see show me a man to be addressing eighty as to talk about a new simply because he's down cycle is over yes and Thursday night, nor again kangaroo strikes. Jimmy came, allow any new uses, niggers commoner contriving already be from own. No, no, you know easing awhile, maybe it's not easy clothing or maybe I don't know a bit it back and forth previously soda be interesting. To see how they really want to apologize and with each other has been almost five years since they had their twitter feud. Maybe I must apologize where in Amerika had no saying things like slavery was a choice. Maybe everything seems wrong
maybe also about other understand things up against the walls he would take summer or fame. And now the fourth aspect in X, x, extant ass, he owns murder case, has finally been caught by the captain. Is behind bars now, twenty year old trade, Newsome was arrested and Brow Accounting Florida and he was arrested. Yesterday's debate two charged with murder in the first degree and a robbery with a deadly weapon. They said I turned himself in through his loss. You're. So they believe that he is one of the trigger men in the murder. Back in I guarantee regrettable that which made on that fatal day, I'm he dies or x x, would never I'm back in now you bout to go to jail for the rest of his life. Alright, lady Gaga is going to be going to Vegas for a residency that residence residency starts in December and is going to be two kinds of shows she's going to do twenty seven performances at the park. Theater it's going to have her big. Most upbeat heads, that's gonna, be lady, Gaga Enigma and then it's gonna be lady Gaga, jazz and piano. That's gonna be more stripped down songs. So if you're, a big family
guy? You can see her in Vegas when she does her residency Angela YE, and that is your room, a reporting all right. Thank you. Miss ye, and let me make this announcement on very excited about this. I've been working this for a long time now, the pole no November third baby. Don't cow was Abraham both third now September, no November's it's my birthday September there. But November. Third, I'm doing my first annual car This is my first car show ok sentimentally as Expo Centre in Where is he saw, was indoor holds? Five thousand people were very sorry about this. I got to go hundred cause. I got seven of my car's. There is going to be everything in there from Ferraris to Bugattis. I got some of your favorite celebrity. Oz from fifty dollars and to swiss beads to fabulous to hoodcelebrityy celebrity so many different people. Evolved in his car show. So tickets are go on sale today and tickets are only twenty dollars
the family car show. So we want you to bring your kids is going to be face. Painting jumpy's are balloons is going to be cool cars like I said it's going to be a competition of the best causes to be performance November. Third, at the Meadowlands Expo Cinema have my whole family, able then have a fun. It's just a big family. It's gonna, be a lot of security. You gotta worry about anything going crazy. It's gonna be a lot of fun of his affair. We then he should pull up in your minivans. You know, sample of you can pull up any jeeps. You term sample opinion you, your car, that got the extra back row cause. You got four or five uk you absolutely positively. Is gonna, be all types of causes going be older, cause like if you, if you want the call from the eighties movies. If you want who exotic see a Ferrari Chaba gods? They also be the if you want to old school. American classics, though, we'll be there the odd at the knees cause. Those will be the alike. There's gonna, be so much fun, I'm in putting together for months now, so we finally put it up on event, bright
it's. It's gonna be made. Some excitement. Congratulations powers to have our session, our section in New York, gonna have the disease had ass. I think about carbon leakage of an essential like the UK which economies are getting until we can pull up in two or three escalate with around a thousand miles on your face smoke to join our definite gonna call the police. Would you because I know that you didn't passed at smog tests who had? No, you don't like. I did twenty. Sixteen is that ok, I won't be able to be all types of Gaza. Brigham o o is, can be a lot of fun so November. Third, I'll give you more details. You can have a bit break it to take the first, a thousand tickets. I would like us. It can be a fairly day. My kids gonna be running around is jumping so bring the kids bring them This can be a lot of four November hadn't guys we're gonna get somebody wants to play their car in a crisis had his that or is it? How does it work? I just don't know so. What they adorn is having email and people can submit their car was that emu, the email I now with all relevant, not believe if you somebody's car like now, you know you can't deny noble.
Issue can only take into account, will be a hundred cause out and so is dry. Your dreams. Car show a gmail that calm DR areas, dreams car, show a gmail dot com and you could put what you put your call. You can submit your car, we taken all types of cars like it. I need to carry if his hooked up into got all types of stuff. You knew think Charlemagne Gaga system Smokey, but likely and pull my nephew, lay sense. And how it and go further down the miles is always more. First, Craig it up. After that, we got no now not reviving, has had a kind of seven. You will see ya tomorrow, my dad when it by it. He was telling me such a billion all right all right leg over the horse. Joys mix is the breakfast what we started off with their logical joint renown, Buddhist authoring, teacher Jarvis, Masterson steadfast,
maintained is innocent, since he was sentenced to death and was thirty years. New party ass, dear govern Jarvis poses the question from the yoke of water. From the confines of his nine by for sale in sampling Jervis, will share his riveting life story. How we manage to maintain a sense of division in the most dire circumstances, therefore spot, thereby, regardless of our house, will provide the details of the bloody murder trial that landed on debt relief work our charge here, details from inside this is a truly spite for his final state appeal with newly disclosed evidence. The posters and claims of innocence will the California Supreme exonerate him reaffirmed His death sentence. Listen to dear governor and the high hurt radio apple podcast. Wherever you get your pact tests
This is new Gingrich, inviting you to listen to my free weekly, podcast called Newts world every Sunday. We will explore topics and issues that are relevant to your life and, as a historian, I will offer stories in context of how the past influences are present and future download newts world on the eye. Higher radio Epp on Apple pie, cast neutral dot com or wherever you get your pod cast.
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