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Wednesday 9/13- Today on the show we had Eboni Williams form Fox news come by, where she spoke about her book "Pretty Powerful" and the importance of appearance for your success, clashing with her mom who is a Trump supporter and more. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to ESPN after they put out a statement stating that sports journalist Jemele Hill's tweets about Trump were inappropriate. Moreover, Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee" especially with one listener who really needed advice about getting out of a what can be an abusive relationship.

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This is your wake up call has actually Charlemagne myself on a planet is respect issue, because this is a voice, is decisive in a day the coveted morning so called more. Do you want to hear that the world's most dangerous mortgage
Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo, more than usually mining designed Charlemagne again, these didn't planet. Yes, what day it is just one day. Ah, yes, it's Wednesday middle at a week, I found myself an app store. You took the article by new form has found captain resetting. You know it. Nothing was the man, you know what it is apple have kills, which, whenever they enough new found. They had this region in everybody's phone goes on for it, the nearby I think you will not need a new phone. So it s a drop. The eight acts are a plaza Malcolm Exit out in there with inevitable- and they get three different lens guess what our boy, what the seventh
does it I got me a dozen? So yesterday gateway? Don't you have a six, the older one by older version? I still have a six. You shouldn't. You swept the so called down and eleven comes out this bottle of ads outdated them? that I won't take at least thirty forty minutes enemy Nego ploughed into ten minutes now, no good, we'd like to make a point that I would appointed apples, though you couldn't get it yourself? You could just took this, got out just seven point six. It worked out and then about that, but I do know that yesterday I communism pleasant the best customer service. I have received long time from any established, ok, ok, so dry, permitted level absolutely very glad. I wish I could remember the young lady name it on my mine- and I will know it but it shows a broker, but it's a nice ethnic name that I care recall right now, ebony No, no, I mean everyone. Could it be tat? You get black, always black, readily, always black, Buddy Williams will be joining us this morning. Seventy Waxman via the good guys there,
yeah she's, a black woman of art, museum, she's, good, based on what's annual up right. If you're, a regular fox news archer in your more of the conservative type barred from supporter. You wouldn't, like she's, been gone through a lot lately. I noticed Vinci. Posted people had allowed a negative things to say and people also our facts news and they, medically alike now that is new to me here and it s the first outbreak of also next hour and also with the front pages. Without my front page news will be talking about acquires the apples lines have well announcement of the new Iphone acts in the eight and plus will give you all that information? Ok, we'll get into all I m more given last breakfast club is located it is our common border, yellow, nobody will record in the country morning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the bread for his club, muskets aromas. Let's talk I'm working on it. We got the number two song in the country, okay, you said and will cause to be number one, I'm a dance dammit
I don't see a number one on my dad's can be a celebration. Tell us about this. Awful ex right fell, Iphone Exodus, Iphone executes. It's been ten years since the launch of the first Iphone, so the Iphone acts has no home button. Has that face technology where it scans your face. So I can you into the phone and a close one thousand dollars, or should I say, Nanda, ninety nine dollars should, above all, seven plus one download eleven years I am unable to vote for irish knob forgot all about that's why the security gig version where the two hundred and fifty six the gate varies in its eleven forty, nine and those died shipping out on November. Third, that's later than the Iphone eight and a class. Now because it has this face, recognition and that face idea, you can also do this thing called Animo. Gian of you guys are that, but that's with the emerges you can actually it'll mimic your facial expression. So if you
using like the pile of is a bit like your face and air, whatever you're doing it at all. They saw he trotted yesterday. I didn't work right, really, try, love and it didn't work then probably did I just saw the video of it. If you have your em, if you look on Instagram and you follow apple- has a video of every I wouldn't want to face, will they recognised milk? Is that a lot of people be using filters and everywhere and make up they look different in person? Then they do on? Is the grand what faces a goal recommend awaiting said it with whatever the camera see. So if you have a bunch make up one day and you all glam Dublin. You said it would dare phase when you got you real, not a word now. Data were either as a map of your face. It that's how they determined, and every time you you
the current or indoors and its actual age sex in information. So it has a small led laser works even in the dark, if you're trying to do that face ivy, not another Samson service for a long time, not for northern. All you shoulda freefall, Google be able Junior for now is ass, are the aid and the eight plus, if you dont, want to fence now eleven hundred fifty dollars on that Iphone acts. So as an added and also has the wireless charging, so you can put the phone on a special services. It'll chart sound, do every vat on the front in the back, though, because there's no home button anymore had the largest screens our glass on the front is a move in this, in point four phone now are everything that they have nothing to do. What you want before do, which is called in tax or ok. I need said yesterday I knew my phone do less is also a new appalache and that Apple, what has a built in cellular connections that you don't need to have an Iphone nearby anymore? To do those things now,
that's Mahoney. What's the point of apple watch, why do people run? They don't want to carry your phone with them? Sometimes they just have their wife and now, if something happens, if they get lost, if they get hurt, they can use their actual watch on their phone without having the phone on them. If you are running some place to where you, laws. You ran to four ok. What is there in order to mobilise member he got. Lonely wanted the law that happened. You really we didn't want to get a lot, we would look offers greater use. Tat is ass, an undergraduate tv and that has supported the quietly video streaming. Anna revamp user interface in the graphics have four times as fast and, as I said, the apple pack campus, so that is where the apple. What's the first paddock within veiled inside of the stage out there now they have a spaceship. Sixty campers, that's gonna open later on this year alone, and it is me, can I watch or can I see things on the tv is Netflix on it?
I'm sure, of course, never talk about Hurricane Irma in Aftermath and now Hurricane Jose right were Hurricane Irma. There's gonna be no power in a lot of places in Florida about four point: four million customers are without power the state and the where there's gonna be pretty hard is gonna, be ninety degrees to imagine a power and its ninety degrees and Georgia. Seven hundred thousand customer there in the Dark South Carolina about fifty five thousand people and Carolina more than twenty nine thousand customer than in Alabama more than seven thousand level, all without electricity? Some allowed people really just want to get their power back on and Hurricane Jose, they are saying, is doing a very strange path in my come back toward the Bahamas and the United States, as well as the log in between the Bahamas, Ember, muted, but they're saying the storm is expected to remain at hurricane intensity, but some computer models
getting that it was day out to sea and complete a tight enough look to avoid moving back on shore. Nora is also a lot of the United States. Wanting to now you're not going to turn, but I think you may find his way by rival. Four page the dream of it. She has eight hundred five, a five. What five one, if you're upset you need it, what you need it over you opening up, Why? Why right now is a genuine over the hill. We welcome the work done over your mail. Not only have we all right, get it off. You just eight hundred five, a five point: five one of your obsession with the latest right now. All of you feel that it is right now former wide open to breakfast club, What is the breakfast club,
the pounding down you're gonna, get it I'm your man, you wanna breakfast blessing, but as the Bishop beg ravages, I invite all of them I am a bit harder started spoon postal system. I told them, you know it's gonna leave other things left up a little bit and dot com you, gotta progress, a gold coin, her days where we live, WWW respecting her now and your report, nor the child support, which indicates that you know it. You don't do that would suit me. I was mad arm at first, but I'm glad now you know everything people and what in the world on,
Well, you don't do things right arm, nothing will go right. Why are you night? How do you know that is not right for his breath? You said you heard: how can you prove our night proven? The whole noted asked about noted. It is like up for humanitarian ward and ignore carried a shitty. It's out of you is that we should not disregard them down for a while. You have only been positive thing, but at the end of the day, when it comes down to business, to business right in school, in your personal freedoms, forty show you not thrown Angela, you know. So then the myth of the radio show who will always look this item unscrew. Oh Lord Angela come all you gotta be kidding me. She can do better, I'm gonna go mad. You talking about what it does.
Well it doesn't like an Hayden is Morn is beyond me. Why you out rather earthquake the whole situation that led him to be in a situation that we may well not about the matter by eight anxiety, this work, could you do that? You wish? Well everybody mad at. You must have a good partnership that is so much for the company and I couldn't do it. You know what I do think supported for myself. I don't want that things have now. My delegation will be not only our own is love a giant over months. Without ever China will take money. You know that draft opinion on Jain always the girls. They wouldn't you guys, are what we like regular like war now he's gone, but at all, like the vocabulary
golf each other and work out. You, ok, you got you gotta, you gotta get over brother, you gotta letting on Obama features a ghetto. Graduated era will take you for call ambrosia local jobs, all right get her of each year. Thousands views eight hundred five, a firewall or five one of your obsession debate. It is up to breakfast global, more the breakfast club owning down you're gonna, get it off you wanna breakfast laughing, but this Sal regular features
right now, I'm back anyway, Dana regardless. I am opposed to a body in here. I've got a better fulfil the working as a lot nine, but now the guy if a great, but I really want to go into the matter- is now putting Threeg pretty young, but I just don't know what you did. I may say so was the way they have all night. The buyer right now. I don't know. What do you got a cool? I told people all the time than in the pursuit of a dream. You still got a deal to reality. Reality is the bills during their car insurance. So I you do both is anachronistic. Data in a week. Look the way that I thought
get out of the way you can judge our Ok, so you got a hundred and twenty four thousand. We do the chase. You dream, but you're talking like that way back. You know you can't make an excuse and about their pretty much like the site that felt really want something. Diet defies that's where I thought your kind of giving away of what I want to do. But, of course the money, what do you know? You make your buddy you're on your own bad. You know you also define. As wanted Spanish died so you want to take a risk and dive all the way into this venture that you want to do for. And in order to do so, do you have money saved them to be able to do that? I feel that I'm kind of like that has a point of where our. Where is it? That's why I want. I want to open up my reply. Ok, I mean that's. What was that
well being and everything. That's why you work somewhere now there is actually hoping you get on track to be able to open your own cosmetics line. I was working somewhere that pay my daily this was what you should do is get that experience so that when you are ready to launch and on cosmetics line, you ve been working, perhaps at someplace else. You can find everything that you need to do so. You're, not learning everything from scratch and seating herself for good luck. Keep working hard you get their mama had died at around his damp. He will make time. Would they want to make out what you got a hundred and sixty eight hours in the weeks out with the excuses, and just do it now right, get it off your chest. Aid your father firewater firewood you with our rules away. Yes, it will tell you about exits extent: ass yon. He has responded to these domestic abuse, charges and tell you what he had to say about adds little bit crazy, also JANET Jackson, her older brother, Randy Jackson,
talking about what happened that lead to JANET Jackson now leaving her husband broker wicked into all that when we come back among the breakfast global, more dreadful about breakfast the hand in hand, Hurricane relief benefit to place yesterday was an hour long telethon and raise more than forty four million dollars, and that's for the victims of hurricanes, Harvey an ermine nasty, be wonder, kicked off here when he said we ve come together today to love on the people who have been devastated by the hurricanes when love goals, the action it presents, no color of scam, no religious beliefs, no sexual preferences and no political persuasion.
Just as we should begin to love and value our planet and anyone who believes that there is no such thing as global warming must be blind or unintelligent. I want somebody last night. Remember we met Stevie, wonder if we should. It is written. Fighting where Hillary Clinton, when he sing happy birthday to Hell you're their misery. You wonder governor, a minimum one night it was walked hotel at a young lady, but through foreign Minister look estate, vague, Aruji, Steve from now. This was broadcast on four different networks. At the same time, ensuring was on hand also here
The Drake video ending another is beginning, and I know we can be extremely overwhelming for your attention and your assistance is of extreme importance on some days. It will be about speaking up on other days, it'll be about stepping up, and in today's case, whatever you can to help people just like you rebuild their families and their homes and get back to life, as we once knew it Only a lot if thou in Bulgaria answering phones, daring to tell it Daniels, Justin, Bieber Joys, Clooney, Julia Roberts, open
in free to be recalled the major challenge on significant my, how do you feel all all if you will get off at the same time after I share Samuel about what people are awesome and different locations performing around the country? Some people sent in videos Piazzi also had her. Video here is beyond say how people need food, clothing, cleaning supplies, blankets, shoes fibres and formula for babies and, of course, clean water, the elderly wheelchairs and closely books in toys containing to dream natural disasters. Don't do it I'll see if you're an emigrant black or white sparing for Asia? jewish or muslim, wealthy of why it doesn't matter if you from the reward or river ox we're all in this together. When I thought I might make a lot more for good telethon Amiss, Telethon radio turns the boy. I would have definitely misty unless it be
he was an avatar and love him backward rivalry, Latona beating their Thou tat alone, Basque, want to turn into whylome basketball, and in two thousand it was actually some trash, ass, Tyler Barrymore. We would gain real union first and then the telephone I right now, let's discuss JANET Jackson. Her brother, Randy Jackson is giving some inside as to what happened to JANET that she is now divorce now, despite early reports at their split had to do with different religious policemen, ice insane. That's not true. He said I have a lot of muslim friendly, don't act that way at all. It's a personal issue. He needs help, I'm going to pray for him, but I'm going to allow her to live in that abusive situation she's my baby sister. He said there was no physical abuse, but what there was a lot of a verbal abuse and that he will call her a bitch arriving O day. He said the abuse is still going on. Even other Pierre is in contact mostly because of co parenting. She s custody and he allowed to bring the baby on tour. But his constant harass many said this tour almost didn't happen
by the grace of God. We hear and we're very prayerful, so you said that abuse came later on in the relationship. It was verbal abuse. She felt like a prisoner in her own home. No pregnant women needs to go through being called a bitch every day. They with things like that. That's what she went through now, her eggs with some armada, actually released a statement through his attorneys and said Mister Mona- and this is a people magazine- is not going to dignify these particular and deeply hurtful allegations with a response. The breakdown of his marriage, the damage acts in his was of great sadness and it is the well being and privacy of their son. There remains his sole focus. Only a billionaire goddamn rejected a bridge I've known, have died ass he and admitted God germane to pre would never if he did not know. If he did. I write an x x extent, Hacienda, saying these domestic abuse charges are unsure. We told you about this is within pitchfork very detailed about the women meeting him moving at him. She separate from, according to her allegations black eyes a lamp on the back of her head scratch marks. A bruise is at one point. She says that she found out. She was present
with a plan, pregnancy and that's when he really be her pretty badly elbowing her head budding her punching her strangling her, and so she almost passed out and then that he was going to tell her. Well. He has said this on his. He really some videos, and this is what he said. Your most decision. They thought We got a sort of got everybody that call me a domestic of abuser, often domestically abuse John low system. Before no back, please call me back. Don't care, Normie lottery. Ignore me. It's not possible but if you want your domestically abused hit my lie and then he goes on to say, regardless of what you feel like your opinion is organs which you feel like you know, you really don't know because it will be
size of the outcome, and I'm literally going to mind all of you. It's all, basically a part of the planets, a sequence of like to say October fifth court date to face charges of aggravated battery of a pregnant women domestic battery by strangulation. In fact, imprisoned, imprisonment and witnessed hampering automobile actually believe Cuba, but I do know that he is the reason I cast us in and were his cat like if the right guy, like him may re than I can't I've been envoy. Could what else do you call? Would you just heard is now I re well announced He's gonna Egbert Aroma Report, morning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club blueskins some front page news. Now, let's talk about this new Iphone? Yes, so after they
unveiled in new eyeball what relevant, iphones the Iphone ACT, which is for the ten year anniversary when I've always press release, Iphone fate and the Iphone eight plus at oppress event. That's a brand new apple part campus, and that happened yesterday at the also announced the brand new apple wax with the cellular connection. So you don't you to have your phone right next to the apple watch me over to connect Turkey text messages, all of that and there's a new apple tv. This team sport k, video and, of course, the first look at the brand New Steve Jobs Theatre. All of these new folder do everything except were found originally put him on this planet do which is called the vote. If you will call you and occasionally send a text that any more no more home button on the phone, so there's no more fingerprint sense, and now they have face. I d have to use your face to unlock the bonding you can use it. As for apple pay, and things like that option. Now the only way to argue for what your face they are called Libya,
not only is there no way you can use the fingerprint anyway studies that goes, and I think a revolution has all kind of sunlight. So that's gone is a friend painting Cameron, senses that create a map of your face to see if you are indeed the phones proper owner. They got his breath and ah you face time. Are you failed to people you're gonna be in trouble? I haven't found class fats Iphone Ex class. Nine hundred and ninety nine dollars for sixty four gigs and one thousand one hundred and forty nine for two hundred and fifty six gigs will start shipping out on November. Third, that's more than a month later than the other devices eight and a half thousand hours ago yesterday. Actually, when you make an announcement, but I was going to buy me, a new form of his apple does what they always do. Whenever they release a new phone, they made the phone you gotta start acting to mind when the working anymore after a few days. I win Bobby into seven plus yesterday and guess I've downloaded on it's nothing. Ok, you just got it I'm not going on other known, I'm keeping. Now and bear on be text, messages and phone calls. That's it
were the mayor and she s mayor at Mary has resigned. That's because he's had months of accusations. Remember we all heard about this that he committed child sexual abuse back in the seventies and eighties. Still denying any wrongdoing by most recently in his own family member, had come for it is said that he was abused by so now he has resigned the mayor in Seattle, Mayor Mary Clarence. Five people have come forward Harry? That's your front page news already. When you do, I mean not only do I thought eighth, the new have all eight or we come back,
New Williams will be joining us. She's from Fox NEWS are working well. How, when we come back, yes, indeed said: are all cuban Lackest breakfast locomotives break it up your guy morning? Everybody is de hey envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. We must pursue gas in the building of Europe, and this woman is more deaths than me. Where I have an idea every morning, every avenue treated as you will be on a breadth of club yesterday. What is more? No, because yesterday he is like a lay electrodes Manuel, my old I'm licences have been just white concern. Your death control, What is our real? What age? Much let me tell you I spent five years. I do not fox news as a contributor yes as a whole for the show, the foxes specialists and more or less it with.
Brain you know, they never necessarily grew my politics from a little after dinner, but overall it was like. We appreciate we come from a legal space. You come up with the facts. We appreciate your point of view. I know it until that doc. I do get adequate, the dock it either wrote responding to the President Charlottesville. What I thought was a cowardly and dangerous response, the laudable and boy you should meet you make assume you shouldn't be allowed to work on the streets of New York. You here for parliament to be careful lion news is so different than anywhere else to criticise the president for something that you said initially has responded with cowardly, ensure with bill and people, I'm mad like what they got mad about Yahoo is, I think, a specific line where I said, but I believe my belief am I a calculated analysis on the I think- and I want to give the president a lotta down like way more doubt them most or long time, and I know about this
for five, and I know you know when he said that federal judge can do his job as he was latino that will like a good text. Even today, we support him points that we consider that we should wait for him, pray for whom you have no idea that we should support the lack of a waiting room or now there. Well, I'm a crook stuffing creaking gal shall debate. We are in favour of having a reprieve everybody who any enemies by anyway, but I couldn't on that no I'm a Dane. I said that I believe the president, whether he, the racist on not law, people get caught up in whether Donald J Trumpet the races. Personally, I don't give a damn it racism now. What I believe is that he's, ok to personally avail himself to the benefits of racist, but, politically speaking, he saw values that part of his based on an important that part of his battle, which is inclusive. We know about.
The duke and the light that he will not have been them by any means necessary and thus the Parthenon Angela. They had my my Fox news viewers ship up in arms in saying that hold them all races than how dear I, this crazy witless throat sort of commerce. Did you move it? Mr President, your initial remarks were cowardly and dangerous and they indeed warranted a second statement. You ve decided that your portion of the base, that is absolutely racist. It fell significant, so valuable, but you have attained even in the face of blatant, flagrant hatred, to risk turning them all and thereby crippling your political Our hope is, though? No, I don't think I'm from support the races, but I believe that the president absolutely is ok with that part of his base and he will not offend than for any means necessary anomaly verging on the board of the racist either, but tat all racist. Our trump supporters dashed down here I'm not, but I do feel like they do have to admit when they made a mistake. It's ok to admit that you and it's not right mode of him. You are correct
mildly. My mother would go, therefore she would probably be Emily busted his door. I now has been that an independent, but you know that that is ways, but they are there. There trolling in a man I ever had security now escort you into the office problem number were, has yeah, because anything like legitimately physically happens. You have real threat, I'm somebody came almost a top radio show the BBC in the city is well known and set me up, and some wind came in literally physically came in and trying to free rein to the lobby. You know your checking and thank her for that. An end. Somebody was lightened, abducent, Germany, yesterday is: are they caught him in? They got him on Cameron and there with his face. He's a name and n Y pities on board so that we are people come here. You are running high up here when they want their winter, but do you think that the backlash everything that was because of your truck comment, but also because you're, a black woman
Fox news that it probably is waiting for reason sore. In that sense, I think that I have always been very deliberate yeah. You know the reality that creating a lot. Why would you choose to fire Fox NEWS right and the reason it is rather simple? I feel that we should be an hour spaces, we being black folks, a black person with an authentic point of view, in particular well being for our communities, representation cause representation matters. We all know that. That's why we probably work in this business, so that was by design, and I think for for five years I was always honest and my very measured in the way I spoke about for an issue. Political junctions and when I let it out in the dock, in a way that I knew would be more uncomfortable Moreover, direct association to it, it was felt, and I think they were Shall- and I think they were very put off by this- who do you think you are I've been call like uppity by what is two thousand seventy young people up any like really Rick for real, and I think that the Daphne III of me, as a black woman by the name of it
no less working a Fox news. Speaking that brazenly about what I know. What I think was was offensive to many black people treat you because legislation. It is Fox news, so a lot of them, maybe Listenin to recommend for them a few black woman or five north lie presence in Lebanon. Oh god, I'm here, I'm a little cold because they work for me and I don't think that's like crazy. You know. That's! That's. Foxes well, earned a reputation of scepticism around the way they address us. Our community for a while. I felt ignored by the black community Emma have a low bound up with you domain. I know that your friends, we Kennedy somebody, something you in the green or multiple times, and I saw him big huge fan of you and the entire show. As though I approach you now introduce myself. This was like a year and a half ago during the campaign and I have on my gosh, you know I would love to come on the price of clever coma any easier. Your platforms and discuss my experience, been a young,
I wonder where they fox NEWS, coming this crazy friggin election and in our region, competence, but very busy solid, but then Other mutual Fran tiny law came on and you know the tweet used on our every guy. Well, Why do you love me? Media acquaintance and job interview time tooth on a shade for them it is also a bucket yeah. I know, but I guess the social media and they do it now this created by she cast as you can't get a year, but the sweet of you wished women of color use their platforms in a similar way to Tommy. I was with me, I'm gonna be ok, I want awoke women of color. You have applied form the control, our narrative, the way Tommy learn how community yet fair enough- and I guess I felt disappointed that National may become
felt. I know I'm not the only one line of women back as we were. We are resolutely like knocking on doors. One thing in this thing down normal, but you're gonna have given that life when she was given in India, not looking too or trouble no or other you know of our community that you know, don't let those support her views and I think that at all, but certainly provide then our plan, for which no longer even hundreds of thousands of young people who are not going may time night at all, but I'm just saying that what was and its trade out you handle the five hours. The eleven I ate. It felt that what you ve done under the matter. I believe that we shall attention Charlemagne at all, but just on the outside. Looking at us Did they not was really happy to see subsequent that age? right in different people- mildly. Absolutely that made me have so whether or not I had a list by creating Angelo. I figured as much as or even though I'm just coming today is not about. That is the collective loaded. In July or other you know, whoever it is lovely who ever that's death, eagle eye? We got
were Ebony Williams, who Fox news. When we come back, don't we have Ebony Williams from Fox NEWS in the building that tell us about the title of your book, create awful pirate arab some system in success. Balance between being pretty and having in that order in that order, because the truth, when I walked into studios this morning I've never met any of you before somebody. May you be your members following? Thus ok, they added unaware that don't worry about that glum younger picture way. I'm thought that there was an assassin. About who I was and what I represent. What I valued just a minute. I walk through the door based off how I presented physically and that's the truth, when you going any interview room where there is that Mcdonald or Goldman Sachs believe in something like this network is saying, don't judge me, based on what I think I think, an amber rolled in Numb black China and all those we have every right to do afloat walk. I get that, but I also much of what
do. Ya- is about the aspiration of utopia win that doesn't matter what we look like his women. I love that they should be fighting for that when nobody judges us on what we are is black folks. I love him. I think people should be fined for debt of war, but in the meantime, I'm a woman in the meantime, while we are still so unfairly criticise and scrutinise about what we look like as women, much of this book is about. How do we empower ourselves? We know we can get picked apart right. We know what the underbelly, the nasty downside of it feels like what that is what the flip side is that when I walk in the room you're so taken with like who is this woman and now about to blow your mind with what I know about when I'm about to talk about, and now you can start mean I do whatever I want virtually arrested for clues, Mozilla increases taking too No, I'm not ineffectually. Reddy Fox knew that they consider that sexual harassment. Why don't you do it? I'm not about air yet so that, for us now saw talked about of my experience as a loss due to a second year being straight up. Sexually arrest. Is professor adjunct tried to kiss me, and I never told him on the back of adversity
the king, yea Ivanov, you hired rebirth. Now now. He, under the guise of mentorship, enamored, being promoted a mentorship, I'm sure we all mentor, keys and stuff like that. I'd do it to anyone Riviere Reza. May I help you. He knows that adopting this summer Socio thrilled nail went in. Really you know was was assaulted, Zol. I told them on that for the first time, though, after the Trump tape came out whenever poor because as protector you know- and you can do anything about it. So let me tell you what what is not ok, that attitude you normalizing bridges, behaviour in a way this put women at risk across the country. What are you doing? Provocation I don't really know what I'm really just now, I'm saying goodbye quickly. I never went back their class and find out let me say that I remain the book angel. I can tell you I should have. I think I felt I wouldn't be believed. I think I thought it will cause a big stinks. I think I fell. Then I would be that girl that got that guy in trouble, and I was nineteen and black, that's what so higher for women now when you come from
with these allegations, don't believe you they act like it's your fault, You need trying to teach you'd everyday up in class, which you gave us a way proposed by professor like nothing. Then I have outlined that somebody more powerful than you absolutely and you know it was whack, but I I counsel and mentor young Ladys. I had to do with that now move forward in a way that will be more responsible than the way I did, and I ve been Gus and you gotta social media, because nobody wants to be labelled Arabia's. Nobody wants to be labelled, Affectional Salter gave nobody wants. That now is the battle of ebony. You said you were also towns could get a married life. Yes I'll be out. I want you to do that. Well, I tell you the context and it you could probably guess who said it. I was told: what would you do what you're dating life he's gonna we're when you're employers asked me about that, but I'm ok. Maybe this is an attempt to connect brighter than attempt to kind of like he'd get you
procures tomorrow, even any business, but met not holding I'd like it said, none of your business, that's none of your business. Plainly, that's true, but instead skirted and said well, I fear that you know where I am come. I'm married to work right now, which, for with the time you get married to work right now, I'm on this grind at Missus takes up all my husband in time and energy so best what I'm doing work out a solution for the Future self a merry boyfriend to take up too much time and supplements your god alone. The third issue is that when we have all these units were also think he was trying to undercut my financial Paraguay. Somebody might not only no supplement. I need your full support financially for this job. I'm doing for you. That's that that you know I felt tat was like a measuring of expectations We now know I'm with you, you get vaguely workers in that were correct. That's my point. Think about your data. You I was there, take rye, you guy. I was not take away with lying. Wasn't he signed a hollow me this way way,
you're, not gonna, there's runaway you'd Montoya visually. Did you try to get us subliminal package on the table, but you can reduce my point. Absolutely. No sooner were United gear dollar. Roger that reputation? Seventy three we said that do you close you being situation like you let go here. We go no again. Age gap is so large. Follow me. I had no thought that he was trying to come from it. I really didn't what my thought was is: are you trying to assess the situation in any figure out the whole city no really brilliant people which he was, in my opinion, really brilliant fall of his you, no more failings, you're trying to look for opportunities and leverage it out. Every corner, everything's opportunities made this like my classical lawyers, are like a deposition. Let me try to look for for a week moment a weak spot, a place where I can use it against you later. So you know that does today infinity letter- It has to try you see if you may potentially be loosely with Ngos which are aimed at what are you in this for you in this for money? Are you in this for fame? Are you in this for impact? Those are mainly the three way,
the people and his business and let your angle ebony in fact, is very important me into like us. They are actually transition from a lot of politics and broadcasting. For specific reason, it was around two thirds TIM and if you call that time, a lot of our representations of black women in particular, it was a little bit basketball, wives, the and I went on table. They hate each other policies and all that stuff it was pre like being Mary, Jane, maybe a pole. They what I will Ma Michelle Obama. Exactly some of these really prow representations are known. Of black women in media in the last seven year resume? Oh, my gosh! Exactly yes! Yes, yes, he's out of all the David. How did you ever heard of the rain? So what kind of pre that this moment that we're having so I felt there was a need, and what am I legal mentors between he's? Always the quickest way to extend this find a need and fill it. So I think there was a need for stronger, more diverse representation, a black So now he non basketball, wives or husbands, any their causes Zachary. Yet, whenever
he's always that a tearing down those women did not twitter, hating and trolling on them and what they are doing their hustle, which they are entitled to. I don't wanna go start, something different go, be a different representation of black womanhood because I called the unicorn a factor like my friends, Mozart, What college girlfriends and stuff- and I we go out everybody always especially our white counterpart, I've never met like you you some special, oh my god, but no one of us would like they're they're all both up. There are beautiful, there are highly educated, intelligent like that. What we are not just of no cause you don't black women and I believe and trust that I've made it more palatable for those who come behind me and there's something this very important issue. I got I really work to usher in other black talent, Fox NEWS specifically, because I think it here by m16 tomorrow. So if I'm not there, how is the network different and better then before? I was thereby that your choice what's your name
those with the beginning of a budget that they work it. Maybe that's not so long ago, flashbacks why procedure for joint how my errand substance and success and bite away timing is everything we manage our Longo Kennedys as by UNICEF about a year and a half ago and look I got exactly when I do it all has to do with perfect timing graduated on your book as well, but I would appreciate it. I never had any back up here. I hope so thank you. Angel with great blister breathless club is anyway. The breakfast club morning
Body is the g envy. Usually ye shall remain a god. We are. The breakfast cloudless gets. Rumours are told, Tee ion Wendy Williams. The reul report was that they face in Barbados went viral for the past couple of days anti. I had some things to say he posted okay. Now as much is as assisted talk about people, myself included, I know what's I'll expect, but I'm not gonna do the obvious and fire her ass at no I'm gonna be respectful because, regardless of her flowers, she still independent black businesswoman has had to fight her way through life to get where she is just like the people she judges daily, but I'm gonna try something new and different. This time. Let's see if the power of mercy move their hearts and not be so militias and vindictive in the future when she speaking on the lives of others strangers when they're going through their own personal, tough times. That's my approach. Let's see,
as a very good approached here, ok of pictures were very unfortunate. Demeanor fortunate error, unfortunate of watching a meeting their unfortunate. What it means going habit of asking about working with either pictures by a lot of people realise that hurtful things it. They say about people till they happen So I m javelin vision for a basketball you. What does that mean? I have not have you read this morning and on page six, Marianne S, fancy beauty has actually solve outspoken.
Gradual to her. Fancy fancy rides arrived online in stores on Friday, forty different shades of foundation for women, women of color. So, of course, now we see with black buying power is a lot of women. We always have issues finding the right Gulliver, Askin tone now, because she has been representing all different shades of people. A lot of other companies are now trying to push their products that can be used for women of color. Kiley, of course, was one of the first brown sugar met available. Now she posted that picture and enlarge Jacobs Data posing a bunch of pictures of his cosmetics for women of color, as they lauder all of those companies, and everybody was kind of blasting them, but great win for fancy beauty and showing the buying power
a black woman, thereby these products. So congratulations to her for selling out of fancy beauty and she's gotten re reviews and people are using products already right now draw on a blue balls, Riad Endemic. I scanned my library wants to come back to the NBA. He said that unsocial media. He said it's time to combine. My next move is the best move working on the come back to the embryos doublet. Forty one knows what it is. Forty years old now he made his intentions clear and Instagram. He posted on making an mba come back for the fans who want to see me play my last year as a pro after hearing, so many people say come back. I finally prayed about it and gave it may just thought I'd that the perfect ending would have been returned. With the Beijing decks, but its clear. The GM had other thoughts, which is fine. My love for the ducks will always be a one from day one. I still have a lot to go at me as a player and at forty being able to play at a high level is again that you might be to love him young boys now, but I mean, if you want to come back than Ambien GIS,
retire. The NBA ballplayer Athens is nothing wrong with you. I voted with a little, but it the docks apple deducts they traded. I wanna know. Maybe he just wants to come back to it and be a solid Mueller gone away. The Mercator waved a mere colonel knows you gonna, carry the cost of marks of all Marbre got a statute which I, as a document coming I'm turn again to come up to the breakfast club. We had a conversation he said he's going to so, hopefully, when he's back in New York and commendable Anthony this caused a lotta drama yesterday, his ranking according to s paean. They have him ranked as this sixty fourth best player in leave behind lands o ball? I gotta go to my laudable on the boy had employed. I could hardly name it who do the Israel? Yes, yes, we should be ashamed of himself and arranging come. I know you haven't against a body. Even played a game he ended on doubling midmost. I write to everybody. Of course, top twenty five to thirty, two hundred playing now does Emmy or their bugging. That's crazy. He's still. How come now can't make sense of the nice to underline. As long as I know, I'm late
After my own fan ESPN D, These are our living inordinately with the disrespect. Did you hear his statement that the term are top player, not scoring player? I have you think, he's talking about He's not adopting plays tab. Twenty sixty, four thirty nine sixty formula, there's gasoline ever make the list to do anyway. Divinum didn't even make that less and he as said HANS, where I work for, though never given. So please of European a supporter of my dont at me with no nonsense about rankings. Radios, don't win championships rankings, don't get you your Jersey, retired Wendy, and they don't get you into the Hall of Fame way. Any had his fingers crossed imposing this isn't a career loses his what's happening right now. Can see Dwayne, probably not being on necessary. Maccallum said we need to start making these. We gas journalists with district with descriptions of their strengths and weaknesses, inability to make up sources. I don't care about my ranking. I am speaking on behalf of many others who are grossly underrated.
All right, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report by the way mellow averages. Twenty three points. Last season three assist and six rebounds. Yes, I stood and unattractive lay on the biggest obstinately absolutely ways ever no matter what we abandoned global, sixty four right now Anthony Davis. Leubronn James Cabin Durrant, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, the Greek Island polluted alone acres pulling it physiology was often talks again. Take risks secret. Why are you have me? That's me. Look the top twenty top twenty five? That's gonna, rather sixty four now endeavouring in all likelihood of an aim.
Oh yeah, that's your memory! I was born and Donkey Devil dog you today for when they dumped him with thirteen goes out the Eu S being. Oh, I watch he has been in all the time. On various shows our ESPN alone around the horn alone. Fifty I love this six. When Michael Spoofing, Gmail Hill, I love calls to cause. We carry. Champion Iraq, would he be invite? But yesterday ESPN did something at those stupid. And Don T today is all about giving people to credit. They deserve being stupid. So here we go. Now on nine slash. Eleven. The great Jemele Hill had a series of tweets in fact drop one of clues bombs with your male health. Before we continue our current celebrity and Chief Donald Trump honestly, don't know what prompted these tweets, because I didn't think too deep
because my initially ready tweet, I didn't think anything of them because they warning thing: no, they weren't anything. I heard about the celebrity in cheap before. Let me read a few ok, Gmail Hill tweeted out trumpet the most ignorant offensive. President of my lifetime, rises. His rise as a direct result of white supremacy period Wait Alardo, we did, he is unqualified and unfit to be president. He is not a leader and if you would not white never have been elected. Wet Alardo Gmail, said on Would it Donald Trump is empowered white supremacist somebody pleased abdominal she stopped speaking I haven't heard, allow yet gmail. Also tweeted Donald Trump is a big glad. You could live with for him. I couldn't because I cared about more than just myself and less in with this. Do from Gmail Hill, Donald Trump, his supremacist, who is large We surrounded himself what other white supremacist now that was made by Gmail Hill is new. It's been said before by many people, not a false narrative at all. If you was the pole,
part of the country? They would feel the exact same wage. Emilio does what he began issued a statement orange male hill- and they said the comments on twitter from tomorrow. Hill regarding the president did not represent the position of e s being we have addressed this. Would you mail and she recognises our actions, were inappropriate. I have two questions. He has been number one what exactly is your position on our current celebrity achieved? I'm in trouble, I would love to know, I'm dying to know, because if you not against what Trump represents and you must be forward trump repetition of your for what tromp represents. Let me know so I could take my view should somewhere else now, ESPN, you say: mind, you are some of his most inappropriate offensive moment. Weeds, put together low minds. I start with you but someone being inappropriate in an appropriate. I know if people out there listening to the radio right now mad at me that talking about he's not in a properties light ignoring need, not offensive. Okay. Well, let me remind you of some of his most inappropriate offensive moment,
Put together low months, I start with the offensive things for us he get out and she started ass. We all set the ridiculous questions, children, you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming wherever our current president came out of nowhere fact, of course, that further the people who went to school where the men are, even though they never saw. They know not. What is the state of a wise, as this is official? He was born in Hawaii on this day. Here it is. Why You deny that a lot of people do not think it was an orthopedic certificate. I've said that if you walk over my daughter, perhaps ivy dating automatically jacket to be just a magnet when you start they let you do it. You can do anything, but everyone grab by now. I know transport, still in denial about their president, either that I agree with him because they are just like him. Not people are there things male caught him, a white supremacist, your mail caught him, a big it. How did she?
did your presidency and do things that lead people to be able to make those kind of allegations like to hear some reasons why people think tromp is a white supremacist in big it we'll sit back, grab a drink and just pay attention? If you are saying he can't do his job because of race. Is that not the definition of racism and other Giotto, but he's proud of his heritage he's a Mexican with the war between here and Mexico. He is giving us very unfair, rolling stock if we're a muslim judge. What you also feel like they wouldn't be able to treat you fair but fairly because of that power, yeah it's possibly as that would be possible absolute, isn't there. Of a traditional in America that we don't judge people via who their parents were where they came from, is not getting better. I'm talking about common sense, ok, Donald, J Tromp is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States. When Mexico sends its people dare not sending their best did not sending you they're sending people that have left.
The problems and the bringing those problems weathers they're, bringing drugs they bring in crime there rapist, ok who's next year? Please excuse me, sit down, you are called sit down, sit down, go back to Universal Trump retreated, a racially charged graphic overstates. Homicides committed by African Americans tromp retreated a tweed showing swastika next to the Bush family between all included Jean Marie Archie Outfit drug. We take these claims to live in June America. He said you wouldn't even let his son in America, no, he doesn't know that me was very emotional and probably look like a nice, to me his wife. If you look at his wife, He was standing there. She had nothing to say she, probably maybe she was allowed to have anything to say. Former KKK Grand wizard David Duke recently said that voting against you at this point would be treason to your heritage. Would you just say on a quiver,
wait, you condemn them and you dont want their support. While I have to look at the group, I mean I don't know what group you're talking about wouldn't want me to condemn a group that I know nothing about. I have to look. We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry violence on many sides. Nothing why just cloudy locate it I got it doesn't have you can listen to all that and comes at a difference of Donald Trump in any way, shape or form. Something is wrong with you. So once again, what an appropriate budget, mouth tweet. She called him a white supremacist, a big but bugs me out his people, more offended by the rhetoric of Gmail Hill in the otter rhetoric of Donald Trump. If you don't wanna, be labelled a big it all white supremacist and don't talk like one don't act like one is just that simple if it was like a duck, quacks like a duck, only a Craig Ass, Craig away, devil, white, supremacist, bigoted ass, duck? Ok, here's the thing in his goals we ESPN who
We choose to defend Donald Trump, because that's what you're doing in this situation, defending Donald Trump right now, the soul that a country is at stake, is not about conservative alive It's not about Republican. A Democrat is about right, verses, wrong, good versus evil, God versus scene when he saw it in dine. You want to be on the right side of history. We know it I gmail Hill is she's fighting a good fight, but he asked me in what side are you on? Please, the Vienna, because he hardly right. Sometimes you just have to stay down up next IE, eight hundred five, a file when five one or one more thing I remember down then I do not even have always given Donald Trump of out and out in the light like backtrack disease wholeheartedly agree with the things he said remedies. Would you take any of that back or rephrase any of it. If you could now, because it's totally accurate listening asking
next Sunni relationship advice call ye now is a preface locomotive, the breakfast club morning everywhere. He is DJ envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club, we're in the middle of ask Hello, this she's, anonymous or anonymous was, of course, a jam. I'll go a mere my boyfriend, we ve been together. Like a year we lived together, we ve been buying a lot lately and lay our last by end up like pushing me holding me down on the bed, and it would very is a cool, but you know first, they hit me. So our know how I go about Van knowing you and our relationship with so many many values you gotta get out, but I own- I don't know about. How to work on it, and you can tell me that you know anybody. You just tell me what you know them in. So many pussy hands on you. You have to get out here. What we it's out. What are your friends are currently get at all, so
why would you not do what she would tell your friends to do don't had his eye is easier to give advice on how to follow you're right. It is and it is to follow and that this means, if that's what you have to do with a lot of things, were going to do in life. I easy to do, but I love you, I know about it s like at, but of what little. I don't think. That's. U sounds stupid, ok, because clearly, this is something that millions of women have gone through in their life. So it is not that it sounds stupid, but the real situation here- is that you have to let yourself more than you love somebody. There were put their hands on you even earlier that you put me in a baby. You know you like her Now I ll tell you what you want to wait for him to do that now. I vow caused about our phones and that's why they combine listen is. It being is: never are right for somebody to put their hands on you when you're an ever ok You can put your hands on him, I'm ok! So now I didn't
My thing: do you want to wait for things to get worse to leave? No, I just wanted to see if I throw if there was room for me to idea. Do you leave him? Tell him he the go ahead and go work on himself and seek some professional help is now going to be doing. Either. One of you, a favor They they went to my ex wavin. So me, his mom always tell him as soon as you, village, Wanna put hands on a woman or she puts hands on you as terminally bear relationship, so it is definitely time I believe nobody should be doing it. Have you told anybody else? No colombian bear exactly a uniform set up like you. Don't know me about because they are women, I want you to say that, like everybody, enabling no natural Ryan and that's the problem, but why are you embarrassed that he did something? He should be embarrassed, but I told him Ok, now you are choosing to leave him, listen you're still a has drawn women. At least you know right for money, and you know what he's gonna be doing you and I know you can But I love him just measure
it's. You leave him alone now, because it's not gonna get any better life you're doing him away with you. If you love him and leave him alone. Oh, I think you are right. Look Wilma, Amber amnesia. You check back Incas deadly when I hear from you just hit me up, so I can just monitor everything. That's going on a wall, a thing like that. You know it ok, thank you re. I ask IE eight hundred five, a five one. Five. What have you got a course for you? You can call enables the breakfast locomotive supporting everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne girl- we are the breakfast club in the middle of ask ii- will annual worrying as the colony before allows. This was, of course, a free one, big bad everybody out da I've been paying for a whole year and recent aimed more at all. I think that any of her family, like a brother,
There are many very apt to come here and you guys Jesse live near you and their family members live near. You will literally remember phase out. Ok, what's the reason why I brought up many by giving out under the right name after all, at best a thing for a perfect. I got a lot, but, like I mean do you, I met my mom is let my dad you are you. Are you a man or a woman? I'm a boy, ok, your wages in whatever they may be right, so my thing did: do they know you exist having spoken to anybody on the phone, I re so clearly that she's,
Then you fire reason. Now what could their reason be? I don't know if I bought out were definitely a red flags. You think she's waiting, somebody else after having a problem. I thought your wall, I might be ashamed of our very blunt broken. I think that would be a matter, so you think there's you didn't want to bring around, because maybe she doesn't think her family were like you did. Something has happened to you before. What about you would be unlike a blunder, carries. You said you very blunt. Yes, I cast it yet, but we really are very well. Eyes away where razor both of you guys all black. So you both black, that's not issue, found a way to make it that black leather.
I mean to me that is that yeah, that's definitely a red flag and you ve told that it is important to holidays, are coming up. So what happens on holidays on that, although we might bothered out how they left or as the hour Is our family deeply religious? Maybe they don't believe in sex and things like that before marriage not that I know so. You know everything about these people. You can call me thought he had probably stories about Dunbar, nearly no actual public there. Now you listen, look better than like by ok has created a fight but they're my blood. I would suggest to you. First of all, I would definitely pictures about having a somebody's family. I had one boyfriend that we were together for five years. I asked you never did me his parents, but they didn't live in New York, but I would talk to them so you know they knew and I knew his sister. I know his brother. I think you should tell her you needs me somewhere. Other family members. Before you mean her, parents
NASA and another holidays is really high time to me. Somebody's family causes a little bit of a weird big pressure time, so it needs to be like nice casual meetings that he says he has a brother For you to know more about her, you need to know her family has. He was raised. Who are these people that around her? How do they treat her? How does she treat them? You guys early progress and says until that happens. So let her know that and in us its has started up and I wanna meet your brother. So, let's make happen, and then, after that you know, obviously her parents or no cause I'm so her brother will go back and say something to them and you just gotta ease her answer. I don't know where her problem could possibly be. If you don't think, there's somebody else at this matter Legend Bang up is not a colored thing. It has to be something I regard as no problem or as IE eight hundred five, a five one, o five one. If you knew relationship vice, you can call you any turned out. We got rooms runaway. Yes, let's talk about east arrays, he has ain't another exciting GM lemme tell you what that is our! I will get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast Club Ramona.
With Angela, his club. Listen, that's! Why we are giving you the chance to ownership to New York for Powerhouse N Y, see that's complete with airfare hotels, we'd tickets and of course he gets me ass, the this club and is going around and latterly thinner and October. Twenty six that speech during the weekend, Bigos those very gotta be friends, Montana, DJ, envy and free and more is our power by amp energy, new energy organic will give you organically unstoppable energy for fuelling your hustle may show you keep it led to the breakfast club this Monday to When I ran out of the great problems of mean the breakfast club very already experienced that is now people get excited. I write. The Ellie Lake is going to be retiring, both of cubby brains, Jersey numbers, so they ve number eight and twenty four to stop that.
Big deal, everybody was asking which number is gonna get retired and I you know, I also is the re. Congratulations to hers. He is a new face, of cover them probably want visa. Read it, I remember, being an awkward black girl in high school reading. The pages of my favorite magazines casually flipping through cover girl singing this slogan in my head, she said. Never ever Emily did I imagine I be one I am so honoured and so excited for what's to come, her life is so different than what's happening to her on the show and secure. So congratulations to her o J sims him when he gets released from jail. Their concerns what is safety and the reason? Why is because you know there's going to be a media frenzy, so they want to make sure that nobody gets injured or hurt. So they're concerned is going to be like a chase just with paparazzi and everything they are giving eighteen different release point. So you have a one in eighteen chance. If you are paparazzi
spatting o day, since the fact that you even still care about what's going on in order some some life in your and immediate and twenty seventeen show that something is wrong. I cook pages region, then another whole documentary on O Day symphony what happened during his trial and all of that with the jurors so put on you but still care of me another not like what did after thirty four bird. Yet aid not yet it is, if one is one, was based in one the jury and looking back back at what they decided there. I Tyler what was going on and are highly normal. Are people still her and you think about it? You know all of the things that are the OJ stories in the back pigs and everything they been doing up doing really well. Waterways, care biology is interesting. Do it's interesting story? I write now. Floyd may whether Junior has done an interview and that, with the on the awkward puppets channel he was sunk into Diego is one of the awkward puppets and he was asked
about a number of different things. Here is blow me whether talking about his seven girlfriends well over how they were girls, humming women, I've thought about. Seventy look. You know he says you know, haven't, wants to close, never know if you have any advice for somebody like me, I'm married by the way I get in divorce, wow employed in addition to daddy does Floyd no pop music. As we know he was friends with Justin Bieber. Citing knows our different John was he has kids, maybe they listen to that. Well, here is the truth matter: what's your favorite Dennis with Song Nano tailors were so we'll get whatever our underground. They saw. How nor are we going around it wasn't an hour Urundi. Nor are we only get well. Why, barely even our name was, you would have every sitting. There goes my song that they give me that at least the just give it grew, favorite fit harmony song. Is there is by Roy, I mean there's more to life than just your clubs and being re rich. One
as a Floyd use, they may well. Floyd of echo is acute interview don't worry about that. Bolivia God bless them for having seven women. Ok, I couldn't do it is virtually impossible to be able to give all those women equal tat, like is just not possible I know got all the money I can take it and financially, but when it comes to love and affection and attention to stuff, there really make the flowers grow. Is it possible to allow them to make the flower growed themselves yearnings job eggs Phoebe gliding. They want they flowers, the grotto rise there. Women attended a daily needs this impossible for man, the love, seven women. I wonder what about three now, too much. He was big love. You think he showed olenin love no, in doubt when it is so that's why it's does what he thought. The bug out. Everyone I'm Angela Ye- and that is your room report
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