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Wednesday 5/10 - Today on the show our credit doctor Jeanne Kelly came to visit and let us in on everything we should know about getting a good credit score and maintaining it. Also, after Shad Moss aka Bow Wow got exposed on IG fake flexing Charlamagne gave him Donkey of the Day and Angela helped some listeners get it together during Ask Yee.

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Order of business world era them other during recent. Really care about is the only way that we may be reviewed you, nobody logo, Actually I
he's not here right now what was really work? There is What oh, how high they get told me this morning, come on guys think the morning easy, my in Asia and they Man I would today is that it would do anything. I want to go said Emily girls. Ok, I was there it was really fine. You known as the movie there, we'll Packer produce Malcolm Lee. Road and quality as in age and growing, is an aim, and Am Regina Hall is in Dhaka, is how Larry is by the way you would very much enjoy they take a road trip to the essence. Festival is he's where women they were best friends, growin up the Flossy passees, what they call themselves and they haven't seen each other all together in years that they decide to take this trip together, grant and gets a little crazy
oh yeah right at this Emily. Finding funding funny funny price any ass. He show like price of the essence: music festival as well but no one is about moving becomes afforded to lobby as music, crystals, armor assume a measure when it comes, I got to go, see some advanced screening, but it was hilarious Y know. Ever been hung out would like the chief this person in the world, even here no cheaper in Sharm El Sheikh Charlemagne Shall we do no the actual your dad, although its day yesterday here I my dad, is merely to let me tell you about you dead now shall to papa you now that works well he's uncle at the dentist were to care my maddening Gary YE back. A gay uncle now
he's dead is so cheap. Now the I would say that the office is about forty minutes away from our right. When I get there, he maps out a way for me to get home. We, I don't, have the painting tolls. Yes, I would amazing, but it would take me two hours to get home and it all live about forty minutes away, but he meant that this wasted, if you make a right mega make and then you go around, where you won't have to pay tolls and that they may actually within a pay more in gas. Arrived they more gas and actually pay in told me yesterday wanted a dentist got my pleadings in that everything in inner. I feel bad Every time I go to the identity of the Sabbath anybody out there. They teach me how to flaws. Everytime, like Oh no leg, lady, was, let me show you Flossy past. Could you do it wrong? Let me show you and if you start flaws in, but when she does it, but when I do it it doesn't hurt. So she says you do it arose. I've been learnt out of lost no like shit inherit. While she goes deep paused list, it sounds crazy right.
Using old, deep, real, deep date, turbot, but you know because up with my. Madam president, dentist in everything we do things like. We have to use the water pig, we have to use the electric toothbrush. Is there every little thing that you can possibly due to make sure you do have deployed by the way, there's nothing worse. When I look people and I see food stuck in between its peoples. There look like, has been there for a really long time were useless everything the day you could get gum disease write, anything terrible. That's a people get cavities cause. Food gets second between the treaty for any decays than you to start writing more indigo today, which means you that you have a cavity, but then it gets worse. Then you don't feel anything which means a nervous day, which means you need a route canal, but just a signature to adjust the Ashraf shirts get a clean. Power, twice yearly, abreast of name for Abbe I've, a cavity right, go to decide what let's get to show crack and we have So I guess you're did us this morning, power to the people who
is Genie Kelly. Now, let me tell you about Gene Kelly. She is the credit. Doubtless she will help you out, and I note so many people, outdated, illegal bird is principally execrating. Not is proactive, excluded know. She is the real deal about two years I needed some help on my credit and I called a friend who knew a friend who know a friend who calls her and I actually had to pay to get my credit done, and she bounced my credit up my baby one hundred and forty. Points within a short period of time and I was able to get what I need to give added. No, she was I asked you if you will come through the air and help people out my listeners, because artlessness have no credit problems need open. She said absolutely suggest this alive, underline and noted that closed at length we'll get. I need your help to night for myself by I'd, say you were right. Well, let's get this show cracker for patients who talked about what damage Rob fired another person would tell you who got fired on this season of the apprentice us Erin only Hernandez what'd, you
It's gonna buy him a guy you're good about this little boy. Warning everybody's dj envy, usually ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast clubs Ginsu front page news, the last night disperse B. You didn't want anyone or seven in overtime. They lead series. Three did so now off. Erin Hernandez was gone over him. Now were these jets. I said that his murder conviction is and nullifies now. Does it you deliberate bizarre that the money we had a figure all that cuz, it hasn't happened, but I'm sure that they are going to go after that money. Now judge Susan Garsh presided over his murder trial and made the ruling she said the court has no choice. Here is the judge. And this has not yet file emotion for new trial or collect Greece before his death and this court can speculate as the potential grounds he may have raise challenge his convictions.
Accordingly, there being no reason to recognize any exception. In this case, in the interests of justice, the court has no choice but to abate. Sittings of initiating a vacant nemesis convictions and dismissing the charges against him and his appeal now you're right- Emily is gonna go out to their money. Here is an Hernandez. His lawyer, how Unifil treats them from this boy forward remains to be seen were in discussions with his agents. The earth where he stands, I let them better equipped as it relates to the layers association and things like that, so my understanding is if he had a pension than this one, disqualify him for that. Man attorney for the family of Odin Alloy, who was the person who was murdered said dead, the they are still to go after money from the
state of an Hernandez, even though they have vacated that criminal conviction, they are still gonna, have their wrongful death lawsuit, and here is Odin Lloyd's. Mother at the press conference after everything got vacated. Book he's guilty can always be guilty. I know one day, I'm gonna see my son and thus a victory that I have, and I gonna take it now enough enough I don't believe in suicide, but he had spent the rest of his life in jail. He took life and possibly is family. His case possibly get millions. It makes sense. It makes sense if, instead of sitting near for the next one forty fifty years of his. If he plotted to kill him, let him where the family to get money with some people believe venom makes absolutely I three kids he couldn't provide for them any more. It was gonna, be in jail for the rest of his.
Have you problems at a rotten jail. He never get out so if he killed himself in got what for five may now, as it makes sense not fair the family of Odin Lloyd s family, not at all. I write and data I'm has fired FBI directed James call me. I was watching the news this morning that only the second FBI directed this ever been fire world. Yes, during the presidency, so that a huge situation naughty far now there's a lot of different reasons, but I think that things were getting too close for him with this investigation of the collusion with Russia. So it seems like you didn't like that, and they also had some issue is even prior to that with him not going out. Their Hillary Clinton ever before the election results came in bulk, after her private email, the investigation of that- and I believe that a good thing about English just told me that that's all I need to know looks like a mess where the Republicans ochre, given us a good thing for us
May I don't know what is known as the Azure Angelo I wouldn't want. An angel is help me over the political stop all right. Well as front page. Tell me why you mad I'll, get it off your chest. I should say eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need event Carlos right now or maybe you feel eight hundred foggy five one five one thousand and to be here, I'm hoping in the next ten feet was that it happens known signs when you have a lot going. I just got back from early. He was pushing books like a moment for Soviet. A little tiny deserve to be in a second eight hundred Bobby five one or fire one. If you're upset you need debate or if you feel bless, you need to get some space and positively to support a call. Us Now is to breakfast club. Come the breakfast club, to get it off your jets are the main from you. Wanna breakfast, you got something on your mind is met almost there.
Parliament on a bank robber man I mean is well above We you are, I'm a guy. You are mad man. Gambro man got from Burma North Carolina This is one of many committed to a top of boy committed towards guy jotted. Why particularly wide lack any made up, but he made a pole of faithful football. He did it fair way, you're pretty much weight and the reason why the dog to arrive in the region. The reason I'm mad is because, when I looked out of merit, Domini people go another guy with the well known in the community. Law remains by about two billion. No import Billy bought up. His body was due to up the point, and the reason for make me thought everyone go a little bit by bit young lady either
by your whole life the day you know, you're, not a maid, though what they want when making up that about. The whole thing is that everyone The battle is doing how good? What do you think you can be made and cannot remain among who argue about the baby tat? He may benefit to interpret point, but you know me at this point you know to me I don T have people don t. You know me, I'm a pretty soon you look out enough. You would be put. Everything was a good to me like the guy. Come on. People I would highlight, would you would you would be like? I was a good do now. You just killed somebody or you guys to appoint with somebody family mess that people say his mental illness. Nobody will do, but only nobody had at Madame LA not at all men, and I think that that right, Bareback LAD, visionary may chopped it all. You know me. Everything is all right if you, wherever you left before any
A daughter the young lady, he had ordered daughter, I'd, get club previous alleged to put the case taken there without father? Now he said and the mother- little by your boy, like man and Biota, that the method of bids away never people will not be the only one I thought of it, because you have with them. I like that, met the Magyar agreeable loading intervene tells you to hold no grudges, so you just got to let that go. He got to deal with the hit it with his maker you ever go nationalized is more demand that they be. But to be allow me as this morning this morning we had a negative view, any shoulder, absolutely bra preacher navigable. Allows is oh they pay dollar Bergmann. Ghana needs The aim is everybody businessman abrupt, Amber you're gonna die. Then I welcome and I believe it is a good thing
about their business. Algebra delivered pirating gamut of military, as promised, before we broke her good political. Could let a couple of your back of your back. There you go, Louis Michel and I got to see that whole thing out four metres belet tell them I u blast. Tell him I may get it off. Each has eight hundred flabby fire. One in five women call us up right now is the breakfast locomotive. Breakfast is your job to get it off your chest, whether your man, what we want to hear from you wanna bread alone there. You know, I love you blow Are you mad motorboat male mad at me, did it all a man this anyway, you manage on way. It always worked. A Yo Yo Yo are you? Why blows well you now. May I now that month by now
down there. I was, I beg you. Baby man's is called always being awoke matters here right now. I think I might end up on water a half baked the fight Betty website mobile mom with somebody else? What am I acted out? Gonna kwairyo me if you want to buy my baby marked out of fear of the final I'm gonna look like are now the muddy opt out it videotaping by Oh yeah world are no draw to clean it. I knew it. I knew it was two girls fighting. Are you going to jail? I been down king over to a girl, fight everywhere lay dead upon the figure all like, I will find out I came up any more modesty and came all the way from a very small ones. Those I was in your eggs The eight zero remedies faint find out, I'm so creating better off, and I thought it I'm about mom of moving back. If you want to fight the baby, mom my desire for deftly, does
sodomy. Since last flashlight bro. No, I didn't just was it is man I got in from early today. No one great denude gathered the universal circus areas are that there will be travelling in new and not as always let this morning I will go there. Five twenty Lena. Call you and maybe like yours. Sugar enormously and you're gonna go you didn't know now and I'm going to go into one way and rain Athens right. Where are we was unaware, you yeah. Let's talk about bow and a picture that he posted people make. It lasted jugs ozone. Harry that Joe Buttons acts and unity Harry from Levin Hiphop. What happened? she got arrested on her birthday, flew to hear a dragoon include love a joiner birthday birthday. Unless you get arrested or barbarity they get arrested a give pregnant wanted. It said she says she's innocent well, we'll get into that when we come back people after breakfast Lavoro Dominican, another army, seasonal
the breakfast club Everybody is e g in the European Union, from the back EU showed him hard plastic bubbles in our voting. What fake I get out I was speaking to faithless getting the bow. The report annually on the breakfast club, where bow wow people had a field day with him line Valley there and Instagram said, must share I know him dog, God is formerly known. As now who is promoting growing up hip hop any posted, a picture of a private job with the car pulled up in front the bends, he said Travel Day, New York City Pressman for growing up have happened. Are you promoting grown up, evaluate even grown up, yet I promise to bring other how to show ever made twenty fifth on
tv by the way. Now we all know and growing up her patently season starts, but then somebody on Twitter snapped. Picture of bow on a commercial flight on that same day and said so. This guy low bow is on my flights in New York, but on is the Grammy posted a picture of a private jet captain travelling to New York today S, an aid as we will have to talk about low bubble boy. Could you must be living in a bubble if you think that we need more aid transparency where you get caught when you front the way tat he found out that no y know if he'd know you took their produce and places it. He know when I wasn't. Even his answer was ass, yet stack photo again. There was from some white light. Adele chap Company Chair, module Obama's me goodness and I do a different type of Burma, but I'm not allow continuity could have been in the pit. Is like ten years old and I'm like that as an old man owing to devour critical, but they may
I worry about with bandits people and social media network that will make them a sock right it. He said and were so dumb and we'll take it open She d say where I was in wasn't: who do that? You're, better, stop play with me. Catch me, a tuna boats, Myra gone back home. Half your brow m! F! Still can afford a buddy pass, a spare airlines. At the big boys anyone double down on everybody got arise. Peered airlines no enables catching fades all day. Yesterday, greater was cancelling their lifespan imbedded in Addis period Rightist, but he went on what he did their posts. It ok. Well maybe it was him. Yeah uses w double down on the on the donkey in his heart at Babylon, and then they found a picture I do enamored supposed bridge. Actually there were Fort Lauderdale VIP Transportation company is right. Right here you got a photo. Aright vows lame, provided no future friend number may be fronting. Gets you absolutely nowhere and what's the point, what was the point
why we all look at your life and going oh, my god, you're living so much better than I can you fly in private and happy seems somewhat regular people love rather nowadays, have a membership being now. What of private establishment of an ample I'm percinet their legs, expensive things it likes, fly, luxury or private, is too expensive mob. Let out, like I pay a damning. Seventy looked into a before. You guys want to get a private jet and I'm like no other would like hell judge me, your blue, even more leg room, see. Ok, I'm too cheap, even pay for me. If you see me, may I gotta free of grey of some companies triumphal reflect now we re now. Let's talk about Agro to Harry, she got arrested and Saturday morning, she was celebrating a birthday the night before as single De Mayo and she was booked for a sought after an altercation that happen at her house now, bicep spoke to two here and they said this is what happened. It wasn't her father, she added allowed. A friend of hers to stay with her there
When I guess I broken up a boyfriend move out. She had thirty day. She let us day, there's use help when I get back on their feet to Harry That is not the first time I open my door to someone in it all blew up. In my face. I told my friend here I go again so Apparently he was having a bird Evanna low Dern at dinner and the girl, everything I got into a fight with another one of her friends when she got back to her at five, a m for the girl had left him back to the house several of her members have been awakened by her guest that was screaming and throwing things around in her house. She went into the house with two of her friends who are concerned. They enter the I'm in things had been broken in her house, Desmond to Harry, said a pushing her friends eggs is out of the home and was a taxi was screaming it's all about you all the time you all as a guy the format as and then the cops king and Calling the hairy all dairy, like thirty, eight and ancillary, without getting arrested? A guest of the other girl had bruises on her, even though with her house and the woman attacked her water
we are still in boxes, but I want to know where she wait wires. Still embodied only fit for just moved, as you stated for short periods or numbering boxes of you. If I shall be ok boxes mean that you planned accomplice quite well. I guess you have to get the stuff at her: oh the payment and leave it somewhere. So anyway, I re allowing that legal scrooge. What does door dominican for money birthday, drug monocle above there was. I want to be known as a bad name. Do anything rounds of interpreting lovely to know he didn't about fighting on your birthday. The Dominican, Benghazi, Dominican of Oregon Munich in Asia, is an omen. Ok Well, we have unanimity, but selfie Turner from game of thrones people work using I've, seen the anywhere it on insecure and they started going and on her here's. The audio today? Everyone, No, no! I ask that a bleak she visible. She said. Christianity, explain yourself to pay six. She said I used the
am efforts in a reason, video posted in an Instagram story and that a hateful race Rachel slur that has been suggested am incredibly upset that any one would think wise, and I want to make it clear. I would never use such an abundant word. I am not yes, jewels I actually listened to it. We and he would often be slowed down loaded down, as will ever be a dazzling motherfucker air, this device, he said it was the F Ujiji. Are you not? I mean I e all of her now that we started down, we will we about to happen, we should regulate and were more data Angela yeah. That's your room, a report all right. Thank you. Messina morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela yea Charlemagne girl. We oughta breakfast club. We got us pursue guess in Belgium, Denmark, credit doktor, yes,
maybe how big valley, I things for having me go more welcome back how I'm so excited to be back. People always ask me who was acquitted expert. You have because I can't get envied ants amazes me all the time. We're glad that Europe back here and now I have a question of where you they're gonna, get to at last time. Do you think, is better when your time start a business to use all money or is it better to get along with people always say, dont use your own money use other people's money. Sometimes, if you can use somebody else's money, that's great, but can you you know? I can't. Can you get that long? If you can, I would, I would get alone, laziness absolutely and there's a curry website. It's called NAFTA com help small business owners like if you have the money. Is it better to get everything you have the money they pay me? You don't have to waste money on interest, and now you know so
you have the money you know so adrift depends. You don't wanna, take too much money away from your investment. It really is a personal you no answer. Most people were starting businesses, though small businesses. They don't have the money right now, so you guys were lucky now. It's all credit credit credit. I call him up Credit asked the boy she flakes of my credit all the time I had so many things in my life is sometimes you missed something you can, MR smallest thing, and it is to your credit down a hundred fifty point at so true when no one believes it, but you know no one believes it until it happens. And then there are incomplete shot. You like I owed their. Five dollars and now my credit is ruined and at any Marilla was likely. We possibly know there. How can you stop it? How can you prevent it is known
like you, know hey. I missed it. Just one time give me a little grey, so I forgot or what's wrong address. This is crazy, hey those our great excuse. I had better, you can use them because it can happen. Don't forget you chose to do business with that credit. I always do call them see what happened. Maybe in other could be a little slip up. You gotta figure it out, but also you gotta say organised. I mean that is the key to not having the issue right. So, if you can use, you know something to organise whether its you know some app or something just to set up minimum payments. That's the way to go. They have air male open your mail for the collections, unity, as you been little. That is better like twenty dollars from our doctors office. Those are the ones that show up in an people cannot leave. I would drop their score. The magnet I when I know I know that all openin we're out of over two million, but you know what happened at a problem of car dealers
and he told me tat my least- was up you, you get another car protest, another car from the same dealership. They tell me my leases up and after all one payment, but he told me I was done So then, when I got a notice to set it wasn't done, I would like not to be wrong. Why have happening they were and I also more payments to a window. My credit, but I didnt pay why I born of a car from them. So what would be the problem, but anyway it dropped. My credit score. How many points hundred eighty point bribing amateur. When you tell them, they were able to take it on January Cartagena call them. I swear to God, forty seven term. I'm surprised at my lucky number that not enough enough that they know genially look retires, beacon to gaining look. We try to make this work was she goes hard and I want to talk about credit. Can you explain to the people the importance of good credit and illegal good credit? Great credit, yeah? Well, I mean again when you need money and you can get it and it's not just get approved or declined at what ray you know, I feel
so bad, because when we have bad credit because I been there, I know what it's like you are getting. You know the highest interest rates. You wonder why you, people can't get out from being down below because we're getting you know these horrible rates if we can't even get something you're getting charged and waste so much money when you have the bad credit, if you invest back into your credit and I make it as easy as possible on the New Yorker Bottom Line- Kind, a gown, and so I want to make things easy for people and once you have good credit and you can go to that car dealership get that car at the low rate you can get the credit cards. You know if you need them. These are tools. Credit cards are not getting debt, I know you know, people think the opposite, but though just tools to get you to the next level
you know so use the credit cards and a healthy way, and also don't forget your credit score E. It's not just about the interest rate. Its also about you know. People can pull your credit for the apartment that you want. People can look at your credit for employment, you know so there's lots to an insurance rights. You, know, they're saying if you have a bad credit and maybe you're, not you're, stressed out all the time. So we're going to charge you higher in the Europe we are stretched out on that. I really like you know. Let me ask you this. Could I do know people that alike proud of the fact? did, they don't have any credit card, but it is important to establish credit. Does it- doesn't mean you gotta- run your credit card. Of course you know when you have good credit, don't we all like free money, the rewards, though you have fallen, and why, right now I have a thousand dollars worth of rewards. Are my American Express Guard? I actually was just looking at today. China figure out what car do I want to get back. I am so that's free market.
I'm saying use it in a healthy way here, in also when people say to me: yeah, I'm not gonna you. I have no credit cards, I dont want to say: are you a fool but come on like used the credit cards? Just using smart. Let me give you one more thing is if the rumor is this too, I got one of my employees, a credit card right, but is under my name and everything. Does that mean that her credit is now going to go up because she has the same established credit that I have. She doesn't have everything about one card that you put it on as an authorized user that one account will go on home planet report. Ok, someone that one account goes on that person's honey report. If it's a good account which obviously it is, then it's going to boost that person score and the thing is a lot of people don't realize the open. Jade of that account is not that
just opened it for her. It remains open date. So sometimes you know someone young could have fifteen year history when they get added to the authorized user account so you're my assist in the office love it here, and I say: oh, you know why I can't get this office equipment you now I'm putting you on just take this card and run and again on responsible or by they're, going to benefit So this is actually a good way to help boost somebody else's credit up is to give them out among your co. Yes, a credit card to be smart about that. But yes you, how long does it take for that's a kick in? Sometimes it takes about sixty days. Let Sancho you know, because by the time the person gets there and you know a lot of times. They don't really think the card they don't debate. I got act, we got more with Jean. We come back, don't move! You want to know how to fix. Your credit also will take your calls into breathless. Global movement the breakfast club boarding.
Is the envy Angela YE shall remain ago. We are the breakfast club. We have the credit, doktor misogyny Kelly into building now course to now. What would cry How much did you have in your critical? What's the balance or amount that you should keep steady on your critical? Ok, so you said you want to know about great credit right. Ok, so great the magic for anyone who has eight hundred scores. They don't go above seven per cent of what's available to them. Seven, seven leavin the lucky number right so again, and I try to look at it as ten. You know cause it's just easy. And always look at him. I always think each my cards, that's my limit. So this way I try to get the most my score. All the time now sometimes is not realistic and I got up from something up on travelling, so it it'll just depend by seven per is where you want to keep it. So if you use your credit card, let's say you have a thousand now limit you use it this week to go with Miami. You spend six hundred thousand your credit card as long
you paid off and a third lasers it ok, or does it automatically go in your credit? They are going to put the last statement balance. So this is where people get confused because a lot of times people say I always pay two. Zero, ok never report this zero because then you're using the card again, they always report the last statement balance. So if you go have fun before the next statement comes out, that's when you want to pay a go online. Pay that bill when the next statement comes out. Have the balance low because that's the that's the amount that will be on the credit report to how do people fixed
credibility have some bad judgment or a mess of things with credit. How can they go about your mom? Put you on the light bill right. That's your knowledge, small matter! Maybe you paid late haggling. How can you fix your credit? Will listen if some things I say if, if it can be verified and its labour and an you there's nothing, you can do less work around that by other things. You know, like your saying. If there is a judge, men are tackling. You can always call see if something can get vacated vacated would mean it would be deleted once you settle on what happened there and by the way there some big news in the credit world, because in July tax leaves and judgments, not going to report on your credit report, though, is that exciting for everyone, because that's big news so in the ordinary ticked off in July
we'll have to do a follow up because again, I dont know the exact details. I don't know if you're gonna have to contact the bureau to get it off at we'll have to figure it out, but as of July, that's when they're going to allow them to come off your credit report, so you're going to see a lot of people have their scores over the summer. Caboose do not that's the great news, but also remember that if there are public record, if there's a title searching you're doing something the property, it will still be there thrown ignore it, but it is going to help your credit so that, fellow about your programme, wait where you can actually help people. When are you gonna website? Not absolutely so. I have even a special because, after being on the show, a lot of people want a more of my help, so I have a new product out that is more hands on that, I'm helping more. So it's just released I actually- and I have it at credit boss, lady Doubt Tom case special price and everything- and I
really help people with understanding credit, giving them tips and also with this product, I'm going to give them a customized game plan. I'm going to look at their credit report myself on my team, we're going to look at it, we're going to give them a detailed plan Zactly. What they need to do. I don't even want to provide typed detailed letters that they can send off sign their name or they have to do, is put a stamp on me, guess what you're gonna get from his daily, but I'm gonna fix my mom's credit has met his eye passively came over Christmas list, If you only know really says you put everything in your name now, asthma, do. They have anything. My neighbour, my mom, was the queen of by things on credit cards. Hiding them in the car in my day went to sleep and in bringing it into housing she's. There we are causing problems with you. No past who bills and everyday my dad complains about it all the time, goodness I'm they might. We gotta get it together, so I think actually that's a great mothers they give
It gives a somebody is to help them with their credit card. That is something that will be a relief absolute, someone so stressful credit by lady. That doesn't go mother's day gift but different programmes? Are. I took the programme Where was like, I don't want to write a letter made about not above lady at all. You are you guys right let us use here, let's just help right August programme outbreak cause new areas we actually when she was. She has proposed to her credit to come. Did it myself wrote in ourselves- and I did everything my side for you? That's all some, but resign. Don't forget. I had you and GEO driving him every up here and you don't know you. You don't lie I mean I did. Have you guys driving all over doing a few things you, you did put your work,
forget not have needed to tell him what to do in that area? Is the aim of the civilised you have to get there by five? If you don't get there by five is not worthy of treasure was readily by an additional home at the time, and I needed to enact. Can you begin to home cause the guy who was beaten and asked? What could you do? now. What about? Ok? Now, let's say that you want a refinance, your mortgage, you get all these letters and imagine him all the time I mortgage the lower you can refinance. But then I d, like the closing You have to pay again some time it. Does I really equal. When? Is it a good idea to refinance? You know, that's really good for him. You know a financial investor to answer that question, but who, from what they have told me, you want to do that if you're gonna stay there five year, Sancho you're, not gonna, say there five years. If our right- that's that's the rule of thumb. Unless the will of the AL can people, a copy of the credit report. If they dont have you can get it for free, an annual credit report dotcom. So it's free,
easy to do. You go on the site, you can get all three reports, Equifax experience and trams unions. Many times he do that he at once once, but you know what, if you get declined, you can get it again. So it's really not a problem my for no reason: Blue yeah. You always want to check their. I gotta see you know. The big problem is identity theft on the rise. It's really becoming huge problem that I even have more information on credit boss, lady dot com, about that bodies. Rammers, I can't tell you, you know, were worth living in an age that were putting a lot of information out. Their rang and a lot of people will say to me will Jimmy I bad credit, the who cares. I'm talking about your identity, I'm talking about not just your credit report on talking about your drive, reminiscence and talk about your email. There's things are, you can do to protect it and the worst client that I had to help with an identity that problem it had. She did have things on her utter report, but it is all attached to her driver's license number and I was all medical bill
with very serious. She was working on a herself for over three years. I've great resolved so there's things and I talk about on the site, definitely go there. You want to protect your identity and, if you're, coming to my thing to fix your credit, while it's going up make sure it's protected. I actually have a thing. I pay a monthly fees. Are there any thing that happens? It goes on my credit report or anything what they alert you. Open up, acquired or having him learn you, but I want more than that, and I don't want you to just be alerted, because what? If then it wasn't? You too? You have time to fix. All of that, so I will teach you away not to just alert you Are we got more Regina Kelly when we come back, don't move would take it calls when we come back will also took about them. Damn student loans, thematic programme on board Everybody is J envy Angela YE shall remain ago. We are the breakfast club that we have our credit doc. Any Kelly in the building ETA? If you have a question for aid
you'd, Fatty five, one five one would think you cause hello. This bubble, George working yours may was requesting for gene calibre of poison, is getting a consolidation, company and good bills like credit guy, anxious credit card, build talk and sought to try and get him like petty than the dollar, is a good day that Boeing Equerry Hassebu question. It would require a year we see, though they hunted Amazon. Tb lag harnessed, consolidate, you're alone. Yes, why right so it'll save? your money, but no it does mess up your credit. It drops your score a lot when you do those consolidation laws. So now, if you want to your local credit union and
for a loan, a regular alone to consolidate your credit card bills. That's fine! It's just labour less alone, but when you do these programmes, it brings Europe. It almost brings your credits. Down to bankruptcy, while yeah man who knew her your it really is not helpful, so, in other words, how to get along from your local bank or as and pay off out languidly, allowing our other course it. I was there a different credit scores with different things. I love you can download it from explained out a little bit,
so ninety percent lenders use bikers for so no matter what just remember you wanna looking if ninety percent lenders or looking at your fighters or look at that one, except just to confuse people more there's like twenty one, different psycho scores depending on why'd. You know what you need, because they think the calculation should be different. You know for home loan verses in order. First is a credit card, but I just stay monitor your fight goes score. The range goes basically from three hundred and eight fifty try to get into those seven hundred. I had you now always serve authorities. What you need for good interest rates were absolutely absolute. You get married. The money were bad credit and the day, women, your credit? No, it's two different social, the only you know. Obviously yours fill your own open, but if you start merging accounts in the San getting a joint credit card getting a mortgage together, those accounts, you will be together when all of a sudden, you don't get married
pick up there in our old have re knock. I just make sure you know what a merry somebody would beg credit. Well, yeah I mean. Definitely they do a bad credit, what let's get them on a healthy path and make their creditors good you're? Ok, I don't u foggy. Firewater far will give. The website was what one water Europe. It is credit boss, a lady dot com, credit boss, Lady Doc, I raised. Somebody's is asked a question on twitter or good, and their question was seven years. Is it ok that has something ass did I just wait. Seven years were to fall off. My credit. Will alot of people we'd that seven years, because they can afford something and could be a collection of big. If they can, you know and they wait the seven years it will come off last, oh, and also you know that I'm glad sum of Russia, because sometimes people also think because they are bad funny at once. They always well, but that's so natural you can rebuild and you can even rebuild right after you know a bankrupt.
Or the short sailor, foreclosure, so definitely don't be afraid of credit, so really seven years than you'll never have to pay it. Well, how's, imagining that if a seven year we pursued alone now now, definitely not the student loans through loans are important on to be on top of after you graduate right. Ok, because that's when everyone comes to me that all of a sudden there's all these late payments, because they forgot to tell the school where they live now also be on top of you know, chain in your email address, because it's not a school one, any more your mailing address. Maybe your parents name out a odo when all they just an aggregate moves. I know that a pay mallows anymore and if you can afford to do it, you don't have a job, always differ. Payments is don't ignored. The worst thing I think I did the Burma payments a few times by defining them is fine, and also I
mention consolidating those that's different, you know if you, after you, graduated, if you want to take all the loans, is every semester, its alone. If you wanna, take those and say hey, let's put this into one, that's different, you should do because if you do you ever having up and one way payment, it'll be one loan instead of a ok or something like that, and also just when you get married whatever your partners, credit is and in their problems automatically come see it as it is they who is easy, Mary somebody with bad credit. Everyone always says that. I don't know you know. Well, you know you just that person, I know that's how they handle their money, but we do know. Many divorces are over financial strategy so Nemo. My reason I mean during the dating don't you asked what your score is now well, my dad, please, I beg you know when you find out you buy now in his hand,
by house, and you can get one because you ain't, no, let her bag relic of many people. Have you been with what I thought was my will listen now when you, when you do talk serious when you get serious with someone and you're saying well, Hamish you make a year. Was there before you moving in and you want to start sharing bills. Just me sure you answer asked that because someone can make a lot of money a year, but No I've really bad gray right are you could just get his social security number and go to annual credit card out a hammer plug it in and find our goodness all right about that Jason for joining having come roaming side, we have questioned. You can call up right now to answer your questions behind the same people laugh is the breathless baboon I have no idea. Rumour replace coming up next on the breakfast club everybody is is dj. Envy AIDS will ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakthroughs class ride all drink all time, low drink a little. A little fine
I'm glad you said a little a whole lot to my sauce and what has been Clark say too much sauce on anything is disgusting. But if this grave zoom out, we must give it always is told Vader again be the Reul report libretto glove lacking. Any recently did in any view talking about any may happen with page on the real housewives of Atlanta and on the reunion and, of course, as where she found out they pages. Lied when she accused her of saying that she wanted to drug and rape Porsche. Well, candy tie. About how much damaged her brand, as you also talked about her bedroom by candy cause that's her line of sex products, sex toys and it made sex with a negative thing. So here what candy had to say about whether or not she was mad at Porsche for repeating something that page or told her
As far as of our personal governing our way, I will never do that here and now. I have no reason to ok lives, nuclear and now as then at any Magee lie. Ok, so you didn't even question it at all and there now source, you felt comfortable enough to say there all camera far SAM. You ever say that to me, like me, now was you know like come on. Right now is with us. He had to take us be well. I wondering, are you planning to sue failure for defamation I've? Even Another lawyer saying that she should get disbarred for making up these false allegations his which he had to say I have thought about. As that I have the tiresome lanterns the line. When do they? How did they feel are damaging to regard them? As deadly has been done? they know, hey, Selby ashes Porsche furs and when I came out at the reunion there you know or to gather information for failure. I was like you know it
This is how it up and say you guys, get to see this holiday in I'll, give their opinion on how they see how they think ass an early angle. From there does it out Yesterday I indicated very few rulin reality. Tv affect their real life could adversely affect a real in some ways- arms even attorney right. You know it's crazy Do they were putting up all of some of Babby Browns, but that he wrote his being Babby round? I remembered Aboriginal will create a razor, actually represent a Babby Brown or shade his attorney any she's. Here he said he always ended up going to jail when it came to her does a phenomenal boy he talked about. I recently was shoved accorded be like a media circus like she knew every media policy, because then media and let them know any said she always seem like she wanted to be famous side- is a great book that be doing. The right thing by out of two of the Bible. They doin it all Bobby will be based off their book, but every little step was amazing. I right now impale is now working on the next movie
to his critically acclaim get out. He just did the major we told you about this before now get our has made over two hundred million dollars world wide at the box office- and there are- anything. That's gonna be issue in at the Oscars them moving. So he has way bigger budget. He was given five million dollars to do get out ass, the money that he was friends for that movie and he said I'm just thrilled to continue the work was done, together on get out, pushing the boundaries of storytelling, not only on the next film with of a monkey pause future prize. Why you up the budget, though, like Gimme another low, five men and women got here, make me another classic, and I really want money than an acre, even more creative net, maybe maybe not maybe more might not always knew more. Creative in Russia are welcome. Delays to him and a rest in peace to Christopher Billig black boy again. He was on Robin big on MTV, we know and as the other half a rob dear decks, mob and big and he passed away friend
and family believe that it was a heart attack nor do gondolas big blurred man. He was Rob best friend embody guide on their reality. Shall, if you guys remember that argue, Tellin YA, ya gotta lose weight. My brother's must is like. I know you think you would be trying to shame, but no you wanna live long. Healthy lives are you and how to tax it? Thirty later, morning early forever. Now, yet he had had a big falling out with rob during the course of their show, but they may made up in past things up, and so that's a fortunate. At least they managed to do that before he passed away, he was only forty five years old forty five years ago. Our guarantee Philadelphia, Eliza and was in better shape he does have an nine year old daughter by the well more common. You threatened got kid. Man come on thing about the future arena. Nicki Minaj, her older brother, jelani marriage was inquiry and turns out there. He is asking for a few more months to prepare for his trial will begin
I'm gonna, go you wait. Don't up to you, You look like a few more months added room. I'm going to have to go to your. Let me get another month la both prosecutors. Anna defence agree, aka tat. They wanted the child's started. In late summer or early for so they are actually starting Jura. Jerry election now and July arises lawyer, has bad motions to dismiss the case. He wants to suppress certain evidence from the prosecution side. He said he once DNA evidence introduced. That would show there was dna that was found on the accusers clothes in nine months after she did these allegations and also that the case is a complete set up and though prosecutes The covered here fibres, none of them were linked to a mirage and all were a few different things by their pushed to draw back soon. Looking to put her out mug so molecular need those discussions which petrified jokes and that'll around Merla, nothing to do with Nicky. This is in some way shape before now. Ok, I made that point in this area.
Nation for everybody involved in it and I'm sure she's just acting fortunate of either actually guilty of his unfortunate for the victim. As about it- and I mean it, I'm fighting it this happened at all period. It is unfair, that it happened. I write well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room. A report devil dog you today, for when they made to go to the little laws, negro formerly known his bow. Wow, you be Yo Yo, Ba Shad, MOSS, ok They are sad. Mosses life received, like he starring in a terrible Bio pig airing on lifetime about himself and, of course, in his bio pig. He is playing himself because, let's be honest, nobody can play
themselves, bedded in Shad MOSS can play himself of his one thing on planet. Shad Mars is good at its playing himself. Well, The data playing of thyself continue when Shad MOSS posted a pic of a private jet would spurning say: he's been poured out to it with the caption trial day and was the press were for growing up her part? Let's go I promise to bring yadda how to show ever made twenty five. All we tv now share most of the executive, reduce of grown up hip, hop, salute him on net drop. One includes barbershop must be drawn up by what Then you can be easier. We shall God growing up here. Five, when you clearly still have a lot of growing up to do, ok, united, by doing to baby boys equal, they should do it he's gone, Shad mosses life. He is thirty grown ass man who mentally still balled up into feel position of his mother's womb, acacia me physically, be grown. Ass man was psychologically is still tat. Little boy whose headline in the scream ta he's delusional. Ok,
We was delusional when I thought that video him online. We when he had the hoodie on and he was walking in front of a group of kid- and he was acting like you- Didn'T- want to be noticed. An eighty notice. It was him remember. This was a future field trip me. Oh, a thirty two guys those things is to pass by. Not only did all give not notice you they probably they know you are actually didn't care, but back to the matter at hand, Champ sad, MOSS posted to speak of a private jet and immediately got called out a young man took a pic of shit. More on a commercial airline with the captain guy low bow. I was on my flight and why would on Instagram he posted a picture of a private jet capture travelling, and why did they should king, my head shaking my head, the correct answer, because Shad Mosses, a devil, damn lie when we Fools realises no future frightened. I know
If you would like to say you turn out to be what you pretend to be. It could be some true for network, but in the process of that you have to be careful, you pretend to be, because you might forget who you are and share Moss in his pursuit pretend still be that guy was headline in the scream tour forgot that he is not that guy bow anymore and that's fine. You have moved on you still moving is shaken. You still got a career of whatever reason. That's not good enough for you, for whatever reason: Shad Mossy choosing the catfish himself. Why? you be shed. Oh you try to be Sabbath. Are you gotta? Be development remedy them, leaving the guy who pretended to still be bow gay, bathroom, gossamer, Sabbath, jewish, add more deep, have been pretending to still be bow now wise man who got caught redhead underway, Shad MOSS, they would have just fell back.
Relaxed his mind. Let his conscious free, but not shed MOSS, OSHA, more got on energy and double down on the darkness, impulsive and word so down and words taken all picture to say while was in wasn't, who do that you're better, stop LEO me, ha ha ha and words is retorted now shared MOSS, Dolly. Retorted inward in his whole scenarios, you because you are the one who took a start pitcher Lauderdale VIP Transportation Company in Poland. Posted on your ads. You like it was really acacia must also posted May I see too broad my going back home have Yarborough more falls still can't afford a bypass and Spirit airlines stay out the big boiling now, which everything is spirit passenger who is fighting yesterday. A fortnight ago, airport could collectively jumped Shad MOSS Youtube
frightened, you know one line to yourself and you got the nerve to unmitigated God insult to financially challenge people of our society. I would rather be too broad mobile, who can afford a body bath and was buried alive, environmentally poor, woeful, who still gotta lotta. Kick it like you, Asha, MOSS, financially Rove. You can change that mentally broke that takes a low work and you, my Frazier MOSS, are mentally broke. Clearly, you are not happy with the life you are currently leading cause. If you was, then you wouldn't have to pull start photos from Fort Lauderdale, VIP, limo shadow. As in all the kids listening out there. Please listen to your uncle. Shall remember this. If you want to be successful, you must respect one rule, never lady yourself. Ok, you can learn a lot from your mistakes. If you don't deny them acacia losses, not bow. I anymore, that's fine bow got the private jets, Shad MOSS, don't at least not yet anyway
The moral of the story is shared Mars. You know, like me, you line to yourself in a man, alive, themself and licences. All lie comes to appoint. Will you does not deserve any truth in himself or anyone around him that sad moss? Don't trust? Nobody simply because you don't trust self, and why should he, when you have thirty, Grown ass man still got a little ten year old boy, wraps superstar living inside him shambles this point is life, is trained bow why it has not healthy, ok dish at most a true for set. You free, but you first have to which lies holding you hostage in the true Fisher MOSS You are not little bow anymore, forget growin up here, but you just need to grow up period. Please give Shad MOSS the biggest please. Easy now. Shad Moses Marty leave this alone, but a faded data, Shad MOSS, grown, pull up the tee airport and even video of whom about. Did you know in a private jet? I won't take a video of him actually in a private jet, but the jet not going take off. Ok hours
a shared. More might just bored. Bread began a blog about you that you about my has to tell you that nobody has to go to today to speak about a branch go to Atlantic Etiquette, allow it because about twenty dollar. Fifty thousand, if you get a hooker, but have you known eleven calls and thirty thousand, he goes by fifteen doubt on whether he goes due to borrow airport. The fig take pictures of him under private jet or whether blow. The brain demolished stories for will continue its shad enough is sad. Smart enough to stop to threaten find out when the next vision of growing up bow, You see, I was asking about bow wow. That's the problem here. Ok bye, long gone if I was shared, MOSS, Muff MOSS, we'd take due to the plane from tee to borrow
and flattered g of cake as it ought to be a thousand dollar flight and then take my pictures if they see Uncle John Ammo, private you know that flagship, louder and louder The enemy man by reality is already quality. Of anyone to violent due for avoiding double down can stop diffrent meant any Mackay. Yes, you can now. Yes, he can. You can put on the brakes I will take you for a donkey of the day out. Next ask IE eight hundred five a far off. I won't ask me about that. If you got a question for you call a right now, three hundred five a viable viable. Maybe you need a deal on a private. You may be able I don't know, but if you have in relation to see relationship in all at Oh yeah, right now, as you hope you, which problems gone I'll call, but now is the breakfast logo. The breakfast club, everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club serve as
ie eight hundred five, a five one. Five one allows this area. Our only Molly what information? Ok, I've always well. Either. Love a varied your daylight three years been built the leading crap Adam even thoughtful? You got a girl in the mom everybody though you have five, I mean our any ended up totally her far yesterday I met her with ill founded and be added under he's following you with his girlfriend in the car, with learned about the Iroquois what is the following euphoria? Why she? Ok with that he's crazy, I don't know we ve been doin, is back and forth like three years we have together, I'm gonna break outside. He has a girl by black, go to understand. Why you're, probably why you're calling bio and went out, and when he's calling you your answer, the phone is speaking to him. No, I thought I'd really of the day
and what is it like? What is it then? He once from you again, we want to be back in an hour later here will need, but the girl is, I Larry bidding there why he gives a faker her face. Were there should be none of your concern. You can do whatever you want. What you need. To do is number one change your phone number- and I know you guys, have a kid there, but what you need to do is is there somebody that is that he can cut that he can contact when you need to get in touch with you, which already pay everybody ass. Nobody wants a deal with him at bars. I'd like a new meeting. Her bed aboard thing, because We definitely need somebody to mediate the situation and you have to let him know that you mean business, because if you just keep on going about things way, and just you know just being frustrated about. But not doing anything about it. He's gonna, keep doing it because you're not doing anything to prevent it. Why I've done everything I went to the police. We have Kate, the Deauville we're not for they have caused.
Do it that way, literally everywhere, I I you reporting it when he's doing it yeah they come everything we found that I ended up. No power over the girl went up from the Bali following me That sounds like a crazy situation cause. I can't understand how you have a restraining order against him. And understand. Why he's not getting arrested, then he ended up when he thought car he hopped out of the car and ran so they had to put the dogs out and everything they couldn't find them that sounds like a really scary situation that you have to take seriously. How is he with your child? Basically like what they can't get hurt would mean him. Aren't Irrawaddy Delta by every now begin, termed the we're, not Can you give me my baby, but you never companies are already busier either polite thirty minutes. I come here. You'd find cause because our and about the safety of my child is somebody actually I see that their stocking you following new crash in cars, are running from the police. You have to get a restraining
we're in all a bad that sounds like a dangerous situation at the end of a minority like every other day. Could thirty dollars bamboo leaving. Not your lab ended the court. It then we will by yet this They have been that you really need to get professional help, because I can't tell you what you have to do, but this may be situation where you re We really have to. You know may show you. Argument everything that's going on you can move? Can you hear I'm I'm family frightening. NATO, lying whoa, wait, broker land area then I am afraid that, maybe by former before we highlight the three and a half months ago, that outbreak me so you, by whom so the issue is that, even though you said he's talking you in doing all of these things, you still sleeping with him left ear business like we broke out. We had a little thing, so he was.
Was he always like this? There is no no inside, I guess all we ve got a wee bit. Will he needs the GSM psychiatric help and the boy and the needs to order that he gets that, and you need to make sure that your protected and I will say do a crazy situation, as you are probably about his person again, and I really That's your nigh, leading him on in any way and still speak. I have no contact with so ok I'm just. You sure, because you are now clearly used. We go back and forth by. I think that what you have to do is make you document everything this going on. Take it very seriously make sure you have a grey security system at your home, China, to be alone. If you can help it, when you go play, I out Gary made my ball and I thought you guys are the rays everything I've forgotten. I felt legally
yeah. Ok, he's gonna get the court has the ordered him to guess in psychiatric help, and you need to follow up on their hold on a second and we're going to find some place where you two were. You can talk to somebody who can help you good luck, blood on your line? There are thus Gary asking if my daughter to find a creese boyfriend. I just won't let go and it is likely that are really hurt. Evolved on crave, anthem, afraid from a sign of by about one they have a crazed girl Your grand you people are greatly people been right rang, and you know one of the main things is like sometimes people getting these crazy relationships and they think that equal love and it doesn't allow units. Will you goddamn arrived ascii, eight Audrey, five, a firewall or five one. You are, of course, if you call the nails abruptly spoken, I e g envy Angel ye shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club inability. Ask e: let's go to the farmers, allows this color pay. What should aim of I am greatly puzzled.
When he bahraini yadda, she sexy ways and lack the rain. Scared and care will be very brief. Thou We watch your problem and my problem. I got away from My worry for now right, so we will live together. Had he been possible has much anyway. I've met richer. Why we broke up, remove that how we have moved to another thing and everything by asking them. Nothing said the one of my old friend the figure was, will bake. It was a bit about noon. I got on the ground. When you went out of how, without with apparently he's like a binding legal you may well, then there was at my panties and a baby so low do. Why are they not panic? I was a matter for our K Bay. I felt that the home and he he broke out my phone as though nothing a brain wow. What does that
I think a bright Norma ball and there he went, and yet he read the wrote them. I've met whatever we found the picture. There now dad I'll die brainy. What made him do? Others, bigger, either but here it is, we're waiting to be as a year at all. Not another word. I only there's always a huge began. You say ok nap to somebody of you and yet by Annie's worker last year, and I was it- I do We would rather we but look at this and his map barrier. Why I love you too, or whatever the case may be. I went about why we ready, but he has said that when he was ended when New Jersey, it's meant that the Brown Bianca his girlfriend any love a lover air, his breakfast at the hall of all the case. Now, how do you know you didn't? How do you know? He did that because I was there. I beg you. Mother Teresa now
You guys have allowed a drama in a lot of issues back and forth, but here the problem, you think, because he there's something wrong now here again matter you for anything that you do as a tippit tat situation. I think that a live there I wanna be overweight, like he's gonna keep all hurt, but he not add them lie do what you do know there were now, then I bet you said this was your ex boyfriend. Why were you why you came back? We got back then gave ok. Is your boyfriend, not your eggs. While we broke up now again because of the goods is also basically with happening. Is he's messing up so you're messing up, he's doin it in your face. You and his face what you did and you're gonna keep Bangala back and forth into us by put things to each other whereby he here, but I'm not for your Iphone or after thing. I really do think that we were everything you gotta get. I've got that right. That's why you get one thing and the like are all Brenner and at that
what about ok during a break up time that you sent your guy, she had somebody yea all right. Well, it here is what I think about this. First of all, if you guys are broken up, nothing. Another account. If you agree to your bank together with him, though, you can t bring enough staff, they you did in the past are tied up. I think wind up the beach and they made me all now what I now you can't do that, and why do you to be with the money that was still your finger printing going your phone up near. He has, though, grey We urgently need to be away from home, but he always like greeted me back like an clearly you. Clearly you waited, though I'm wrong maybe get around that nobody, though it by now died. You do have to be with somebody. Cause. You don't have any body now again Oh my god, I'm gonna, be
how to do the only time you ever gonna find somebody if you dont want to be with him. That's right for you. If you have to clear yes late, this extra lead. And baggage, and things guidelines will my teeth. They will be by our our job as another other animals. What looked Robert, I'm always ever likely? You don't want me, do not let me get this right. We been in pieces of his penis. He doesn't have a job you Cunningham financially. And you want to marry him now now. Why do you think it s about three? More reason you should never ever ever be was a mighty just cause you use to the bad treatment that they give you any vote
by the automobile Bobby Balkan illusions about all my aren't. You bring me the money that they produce a Jesus Jesus. We all wrong what we all our way, but on the contrary, we got the always had accomplished that back above your dead, and you are what you got in the way you do you there's Ebby you keep on going in this psycho over and over again nobody's gonna change, nothing's going to change, ok, whatever for centuries further down the line. Months from now, you decide. Okay, we both got its act together. We get back together. Whatever right now. It seems like a very pressing the break up right. This seems like a very toxic relationship right now and let him go get his stuff together. You go. Do your thing. Clearly, yours you don't want to be with him. You supporting him sounds like a mess and your accepting it and you and you allowing this to happen, a thing that is ok right. What about them? look at that.
Back and don't be afraid to be alone. Okay, you will never ever ever find the right person for you. If you keep on dealing with all this other drama in your life, could you not open for it? only by the right person, if you keep their impact on other men, when you in a relationship, They won t then interrelated, whereby camping, lad away. I imagine you re about your son, I rely on arriving. There are lessons I bet with their things. Always I gotta Mesa you're still broken up. Ok, I bring me all right away as key defining viable with our rooms and away you. Yes, we are going to talk about lexical. Baronetcy actually recently did a letter to the players Tribune Open letter and he talks about getting Jack in the end avow after the NFL draft in everything- and you get some advice, for some of these young football players. Also colony says that she feels crazy.
Should I mean crazy, lay back, ok, we'll get it all. That is the purpose. Cogema The breakfast club is the rumor report with Angela Kehlani Ashley was on stage performing and decided that she couldn't go on she's upset that you have to cancel her show, but he he has an grand rapids set up here and not give you guys the show. That is not my fault, and that means out of my pocket that I have to refund, or I have to reschedule and that's what I have to do the hospital. Would you signals gotta. This is for you to stay here. Was the pavement
when you get on days. It has yet to go to the hospital and she felt crazy. People were saying that He was having a mental breakdown and though she was crazy, crazy right. So then that went Anti does have a big hit, Sancho Crazy, history of love, making breakdown crazy, greater rights. He did at some issues before I wish he was placed in a psychiatric hold because he was deemed a threat to herself. Well, it turns out he had the flu she did back on the roads Meyer after I beat this flu. Athens love ya, grandma. It shall being we scheduled to tap of next month. She said to trade. I will see you tomorrow, night after night for another beautiful, so
out, show apparently everybody on her, but her tour butter gotten secured her explanation. So I'm not sure why blogs are reporting that I had a mental breakdown in checking myself into Ass Bhutto, but I'm mentally fantastic. Physically. I've need a lot arrest and russian of all day to day, to finish my my tour off and do my my concert in Detroit. My entire bus got really. Sake is really caught on here and I do mean a lot arrest as far spreading rumours about my men's. Well, that's very sensitive in an someday. I shouldn't be messed with nobody. Nobody, that figure of speech anymore. So you get those days and you have a history of mental breakdown. You say I feel crazy people rainbow take a debt level, but no she's, actually like a album, I like a lot of the song she puts out, so I hope she gets back on that road
those wishing to be back tonight, Opto I've never heard me remove, you have to say you're agro, other agro, those measures alone. No, you didn't hear the song out now that I like allowed soon. She doesn't. She has great music banana mix tape even before she put our Christmas with your uncle are applied to cobras, has written an open letter for the players Tribute Tribune and he was set, by getting drafted into the NFL, he was giving some advice system nfl, rookies, remember place, go shot himself in love. All right. He said you can have it all. You could be living a dream and then one stupid decision can change everything. I bet you gotta lotta people making. You feel really special right. Now. You made a lot of friends your last year in cars, during the draft Pratt process. Didn't you catch him, I heard he drew up like you still boys, cousin Jude, even though you have come at the woodwork- and he said everybody,
the financial, the device or an entrepreneur or whatever has a friend who is. He said. I won't tell you who to trust. I can't the only person who can make that decision is you, but he goes on to talk about his own personal situation. He said when the Steelers draft in two thousand, they basically hand a five point: five million to a kid who had ever even had a bank account. I came from the hood I didn't know. Anything about money or how it worked. I thought that when I got to the NFL, somebody would teach me bout money and about business business, but nobody did. He thought they d learn. Put condoms on bananas. Sallies had, after all of these imports, the arms and all these other things they spent allow more time teaching us about Stds and how to conduct ourselves and public then about how to protect ourselves from scams. Risky investments- and other financial dangers that we set out to other that he stood, and you know how to write a Czech. I was absolutely right, but they should at last, going to keep to safety on nine May it's never too. In this open letter I feel bad form like you said he is from a hoodie, didn't really have much in, and it must do more
money in everything has become ended. Anything that he ever want ages buys evidence, not I'm not a suit of large scale birth, but that's not why plaques wildernesses was new laid out in the letter by against you made a lot of bad decisions is when he recently money to any stalemate. My name, you shouldn't, which began a gun in the club and uses the butcher going like we gotta talk, in about thirty May one stupid decision and basically less everything, because I know that when this is any also offered up an opportunity for any of Turkey's. If they want to talk to him, he said he, you know welcoming them to hit a mob here. Listen whatever! So that's nice, ass good for him to offer, always love somebody else's experiences. Egg Zactly and by the wayside activity said they had. Open into his house. I guess Connecticut arrives yes and so everything handled any at sea posted on Instagram. What my house guy rather I saw that Emma s elbow, I right, Angela YE and that's your room, a report,
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