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Wednesday 2/15 - Today on the show the exclusive duo Fat Joe and Remy Ma came and joined us, to discuss their new album and so much more. Also, Angela Yee gave some advice to some listeners and Charlamagne gave another award to National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

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Is being J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club. Let's get some front page news that some good losing my lotta people got married in time. Square in New York yesterday for Valentine's day. This is the time square I and hosting they do this annual Valentine's day, weddings and proposals. They do it in front of the Valentines Hearts culture, so this year they had a hosting with people I was just getting. Gaze are getting married if I also people got married at the empire state building, so they were fourteen couples. They got married they're gonna regulations about it. Did about, as is the nice beautiful romantic day to get married and celebrate your anniversary now unwanted your mind on Y, all, because what we want without the Colorado Vienna, you gotta, remember your anniversary as Valentine these was gonna. Let you cheating, could you combining, both of which is? As you have an easy I remember, but it should be two out of alleged vetoes everything's all right now.
Because we want occasion has given give immunized. Occasionally you got to lose. You have gervinus like now, saving it out when a girl gotta a birthday on Christmas. You like now, I want a birthday, give out a Christmas gift lawyer when big present. Usually you had to get to. Let's talk about Donald Trump, the as well, how do I know you guys have been paying attention to this story and the thing. Now is Michael Flynn, who is a national security adviser resigning he was asked to quit on Monday. In public that he had misled vice president, my pants, he been discussing. U S, saying things during pre inauguration. Cause russian nationals who had a big deal, because a lot of people are saying that the Russians did interfere with the election and help Donald Trump when the election. They deny that and apparently and they are not allowed to do misled people about it lied about it. According to other advisers, the spokesmen for Donald Trump, the level of Troy,
between the president and fallen had a road to the point where he felt he had to make a change. The president with concern that Flynn had misled the vice president and others. High level advises that were closed down a chump. They said our were in constant communication. During the campaign with Russians known to you as intelligent. He resolved somebody gotta take the fall down like a reason to impede symbolic. Microphone was scapegoat, but they say no damage. I knew about this. For the past two weeks escape Coke s escape go so escape. Coworker said I m. No, this who knows what other information is gonna, come there's gonna, be a lot ahead role and I think yelling and always will be next on the widest violence. You won't be nice, doesn't look good so early on. You can't even Cheshire advisor Alright. Well tell him why you mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five, one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent call us up right now. Maybe I didn't go
expected, maybe at a horrible valentine, maybe have what it all of you didn't, spend less than sixty seven dollars like need and have a good Valentine, Gulliver's. Nothing got me before his Valentine and Mr Bobby Mondragon include my body was laugh or house wildly Valentine's day menu when they put their read the red. With the thing tablecloth now I know he's been left to me, but I've been sixty seven dollars, you predator hey. I'm writing a frugal van draws. Baby thou right. Tell him what you managed to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast status of them ass. You know, I'm as you may have fulfilled, but can have a fact that follow my you may want to breakfast club, allow this marriage travel but an appeal on area drive until about you, MAC, RO, RO. Ok, so I have as balanced as they are not really mean
that is a man about it now narrowly manner by. I want to give a message fellows. Are there not the lady? The seller yo is now you're here. Would you know next I'm working on I'm going to the gym no. They are running your far erotic boy you're trying to do don't you want to you guys are. You? Are you trying to survive? it is the instagram. So we can let everybody check you out the angel. Who asked you or ITALY, as you say, hello there as well
nay, Delaware. You member, does not come about by of policies for you all right give flowers to live with us to deliver the entire saving. The same thing happened to me: I never loved dollar for your planet like adopted, so they don't. You wanted to be a private. There is, I guess what I do for you to give us a file. Your upload videos, you gotta, get out you give. It will be ready to take targeted at school. I don't get, it is more about it than they are today The same thing happened to me when it was one hundred flowers that commerce, in my daughter, Teddy, bear and
They even send me an email saying it was delivered, but they didn't deliver will let you know happens. A lot neurons we can cause is probably the most delivered. Flower if Teddy bears chocolate as something they can make an online lotta people. Don't tell me what I did. I would have been upset. The added submitted emotive said delivered right. They sit multimodal it was delivered in. It wasn't delivers eighty one hundred files give me some gives a typical resigned you're out of your way up that up. Let me know We want a volcanic, did not give their levigated twisted now arab revolt. You know our last night was what was supposed to are my Casey crew special. We decided to give it to revoke. We didn't charge him any money. We just thought it would be dope. We had a couple of networks asked me to do it. Then I said you know what let's go to home they drew breakfast club every morning. I would give this to revoke the last night me and a waiver cook, the wife dinner. We sat the eternity Vienna at ten o clock had the candles on and cynical. As you know, it was a black screen. So I
game on at all. At the end of the day was Neptune and eyes lit by and I don't know what's on became indiscriminate back. There was nothing on nothing game or is it in I get a coalition. We're running a little late. I said: ok, this is in other words. Is the black network see pizza people terms, they low late. You can easily be time on a network dirty income on us now. People are meal is good, tell me how you look crazy disposed to come on we're early as we were wise move away by Ladys hit me. Memo has been filled. It come on. You know. What is the sad reward is a sad because every than we already Luna society web black people don't tend to trust other black people and especially comes to matters of business and look ajar knowledge is reinforcing all a negative. Various types of black witness revolt, tv, but they hit me say here we go. Area all week, long and promoting here, but myself river,
What is more than ever more promoting? Yes, because I don't even know how many dealership remote black and you are right not about errand and voted on earth and they not forbidden they not errand, learn. Well, I'm sorry for the people. I couldn't watch it. It was opposed to base it. It'll be air in a week. So will you see a day city go similar terms and act of lacking gift you two times I don't love. You bet Annapolis detail. Is there any started here? and some of the elder. Seventy six on twitter. He trotted out, cheat me he's been fifty two thousand and six sent on Valentine's day should have that bit my sixty seven thou, my goodness right. Well, that's out of my mouth. When we come back and tell him, I you bless blessings our blessings upon blessings. If you feel bless, you had a great night, a great valentine everything is gone right in your life, eight hundred and five, eighty five thousand one hundred and five. What would love to hear from you and don't forget next hour, fat, Joe Remy, MA I'll, be joining us at the breakfast club good morning,
the breakfast glad that a nice are, you bless the nightly freely till the congregation at eight hundred five, five. Five, why pray it's the breakfast club allows is to bring it back was, I brought you fail blast his morning, experience with less well what you ve seen less work because I had all been about will come with thirty year: drug addiction, biodegradable guy out. I am now voting. Time will apply only to your daughter and all my final form, one grand shot relations regulations about. May then you can finally be around a baby without drawn upon of a crash. Allow to happen. I'm glad you that over the drugs drug, title and kissed her baby is more or less is to serve as a beer. Point again allows this aid is worried, runs out
What is more about your line by Norman Buford? and I'm in the military salute Buford right tell him what you bless room one hundred birth because a much bigger and I'm going to college- and I have had three years there could be able to do not worry about timetables out, That is my life. You know, as you haven't alive, is when you really both were above alibi, absolutely nobody. He fell by every day. Have to worry about. No doubt Africa about no good lady, Lena no they're, not gonna lover, everyday Valentine's day, is a good day to the Good data, celebrate their love and well either hello. There is a definite tell him what you bless this morning, because yesterday, at that time What I wanted they had
how many more do we want? We had to pick out of here and TAT s what jobs at the time of the Apple I will return it. I've got to where we are. We baby Where were you last week, fabulous wait, Diego I was inside a huge you tell your man at you would probably have today were fired, On the last night at you, Calvin, you know were well he's gonna. Think Where did you try www back, but only by photo every night you go against violence against the both of you. I got busted guides
all right, ass, a reason to be bless didn't think you could get pregnant ass. She got pregnant Theraflu to all. Girls are think, that's one to weave weeks pregnant and don't even know it last week. So where were you last week? Grammy's Grammy Lotta grub would ensue bowling Grammy's, so they want to eat, you don't even know, lady. I want all thought, as we gotta be one we'd pregnant out. It isn't don't know a lot of pregnancies. Oda allowed him to bring the last night, everywhere. A lot of aid babies give mortgage, you got so bored Grammy's, the double lay at weekends. What do concede club, you start up in a muffled were what does not babies. Yet but let us Sagittarius November babies, then now, you ve got rooms on away. Yes, I said about the people about celebrate. Valentine's day. Some of your favorite celebrities. Us will give you an update on way. Is going on with their cannon and America's got talent would tell you what he has to say now, and we see a thing had no intention of firing him, but another he's too happy
get into all that when we come back, keep a lot. Is the breakfast locomotive the breakfast club was you morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall meet God. We are the breakfast room, articles both asset, damn it offered your God gaudy be at all costs. I gave them balance, I better get it man asset, you got him, no treasure idea gaudy be ok, you hold their queen down all right. Well, it gets it Aromas so Valentine's day, the bad, This is the route towards annually on the breakfast, with them a year, baby people doing on Valentine's day. If you have a vote on tv, hopefully they can oppose these pictures, but by Iraq and Michelle Obama. Sixteen SAM cute messages. Our aid, Michelle Obama, put up happy Valentine's day to the law,
of my life in favorite island me at Barack Obama. You can see a picture of them with their toes together in the San. Almost eleven Mars, affordable picture would urge, as she said, island meets with our call someone on- and I am now Barack Obama posted almost twenty eight years with you, but it always fills new, initiate a photo of them. Snuggling together during a videotaping at the White House back in twenty fifteen traveller, called Barack Obama's down came cried ass. He and posted a picture of her in Kenya, kissing Anti but happy Valentine's day. Kevin, I very through endless I'd, do could be enemies, affordable food as it could have been an open. I too regret the failure in accepting any organist was colony. On era Kevin High posted Happy Valentine's day to my beautiful ass wife. Kay em, my ribs loved, that is out of you girl and any put hashtag hearts. Look where no one calls for money.
An aging and by the way I tears are on the way from Kevin Heart drop. All add on hotel away. Sad mass in the meantime said, I smile and act like nothing is Long. Sometimes it's called dealing with issues staying strong and then he said I am single on Valentine's day because I have ie to find a woman who can handle my crazy lifestyle. My ways and though, with my be ass, if being single unhappy Keaton, while moody nosey as women away from me a day than on the happiest man on earth, I literally can do what I want when I want nothing like your freedom and time to do whatever is productive pertaining to Europe First, I will only be growth tweet on Valentine's day by day, I thought that was started, love them. I beg you dismayed if you are so happy being single. Valentine's day. You ve got a right of a hundred and ninety seven thousand word caption about it on Instagram Right was goby happy. Well, maybe he's not unhappy beg
LA pointed awry, Selena Gomez in the meat I am still going very strong with the weekend. He added twenty seventh birthday party. He could she couldn't be there, so guess what she did was you do? Well, let me put it to you this when he went to David Busters, Hollywood. He beheld France Montana there to change big Sean Travis Guide. The Bryce inside There are therefore his birthday ravishment. He as they did a how dance dance revolution. It was expensive. It was about thirty thousand dollars for the bill and she pay for the whole thing done well, does not ask for his birthday. What more do I was a couple the girl, it will end they pretty was Monday night. So she was me in New York, city she's ever fashion weak, but she left a credit card handed all of the charges. Why rose nice so she was in the name of national democracies here by his brows. Actual birthday is actually to RO. The party was on Mondays. I guess he'll probably spend time with her husband
Sixty seven dollars on Valentine, you go boy. Thirty thousand, as one thought at other available may cannon versus America's got talent. We told you he was not happy with the fact that NBC did not like him too about them in his stand up comedy insane than his black card was revoked and made him when him to discuss issues that pertain with race. Well, here's where they can and had to say about not returning to em, It has got talent shine off the image of about, so the problem was that people within he get sued for breach of contract as he can't walk away, has a contract, but Nick clearly not concern he's gonna leave and he doesn't care about his contract and, as it is very likely that NBC executives will, Let him go and not soon would an embassy denied all this legislation again one day. They will never gonna fire him, and that was never the discussion there, not denying that they had an issue with him but cannot overcome
they would you see before you come to such decisions about his? I would thank you sit down with the executives and see if they actually want to fire you first. Maybe something was bubbling over for some time, and this is the final step. Oh they, whether or not must go. There are milkshake. I at last make them like those dollar butter with any delay. Would ever milkshake then move out. They got a lady called out one milkshake, Touche Grass Valentine's day red velvet mix it right. Well, I'm as in a year- and that is your room, a report flower, I beg you, miss ye when we come back fat Joe in Remy Mamma will be joining us, so well, kicker with them. So you don't owe me mixed. Let me know your favorite joy from either one an emphatic Jill, remarkable report, not records right Marbre and look afforded ominous rather new heartbreak sounded alike. I will
all that when we come back, he belonged to breakfast locomotive was Tory Lanes morning. Everybody is dj, envy easily Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a special gas in the world and those pursued gas. The terek wound clears Remy Mall Don't worry I'll be fair. German was because he is older than me. If you don't like, we never go. No, enable agreement that John. I would now like to turn back the sometimes do you always is always Remy Martha jump right.
Always Remy Malta. My dog, does not give myself better failure, Ozma of OZ by really Martha job, that we would you myself as worrying how'd. You know people care more about their work of this gas bids allotted time. John for you, this is a warning and you're still more mean gives me has ran on some you now I'll give you rob to being an when import your outfit. For this event, my gnp, for my own anomaly, eigenvalue eight! I merely wanted to come home. A young, our I wanted the you wanted it to come on. We would we was bringing a busy all those than away anyway Don't you know my remaining one way Robert, I was listening. We gotta go over a category, we use, I guess
I don't think they got away now. I did not. I mean how well we all went to work at it. Are you a deadline? So much for out. What are you a life or Pablo Iraq? Really all the way out, the rebel one. She ran away, do you guys, and so nobody knows, he's gonna win it headed time. You know. Sometimes I know you don't know. I can't see I was in May on age, where I was is happy with the nomination How to add me like this will give. It was that we were not the army had, I know how it works they when I was looking at and then he doesn't know, I was in a late from the past month street. So I was John was like a visa. Nominally watches but when the Grammy Possible my leg had it.
It's like Ramstein was bought Gawain congratulate now. Where were we? We congratulate them whenever you know that don't wasn't coming. You see the person whose end the category they picked and one where billboard per year bill boy, maybe five in the wake of hormonal, to hear what I can say bay. What I saw when I can say by piece of furniture and I'm affairs of chance, the rapporteur, even though the chance the rabble couldn't one or is it a young Emmy category with the with the Pablo, what the odds? I been adverse was from God right through the one we were at best wrapper form is immeasurable, just wrapper, he wine best wrapper form is, I think, tat. I my vote would have appeared the five designed for the best rapporteur, oh yeah, that was my added. I expect all the way up. So whenever best rapporteur best rap song, I felt like we should one better apps on collecting hotline.
Only then can anyone rap wonderful, nine, whereas area. Where am I thought that you do not realise that wasn't right, they had to album the latter A global was wrapped in their rapid lung, performs be bad blood tat? We love! Everybody me. I thought you D pulls go Joe. You sit idly by my colleague to get the Grammy, that's what he said on and on and on the corner iraqi I had to make one. Beginning we lost or what we got act like the elephant didn't know we laws a man, you gotta go model just like we can control or you don't make fun of me Megan low metaphor. He said I heard you got to sell it to snatch the Granby laugh all law. What the chances are that right. Don't know subliminal a chance, I'm actually a fan of chance. The wrapper
The Grammy, the bathed nobody's got more regulated, know how they did time. I believe, no less. The category of online gambling, the one that is rapid. All the gradual rights ha ha mumbling not now, nothing. I didn't point fifteen. We bless me the main argument with these guys right now. So now lead to have finally come, and I guess I was I was down hello Biagi promising preliminary sermon, was really than almost any other job was done before we put the problem with the ongoing was my distribute it was, I guess we sell it. Fifty
thousand singles allowing had I. Why do you want to put out the out will be you, go double platinum, you're, ready, killing and make your money why that was the fight they can zone Joe you play games, amazed that ram me that, and I are you Well, then, we they could and they may now. One thousand is moving normal. We say no record, I keep hearing about measuring. Incredibly a guy like that. The outbreak of moving the dream, yeah bovine ass, the record to normal one- is hover over the plans. August thought that was used. Money showers, our single right now I'm was seventeen in America we try get being all away down at a slot. My army is, is that I can get you probably not. Why did they begin tell you. I've been doing, is promoting non programme directors heard the song was that this number one in the country
I heard about it. They like there's nothing. We can do it like a rather delicate area. We, What it is about. Our headline lines were just now than the world. Let the regular reflect on his way before platform like this is data that comes out Friday and I still have not had a car. I do not have the right, you're wearing them here. Some I dont have issued a bad job, is holding yet in the bow Legged yet his date. I worked with you're worried about that. I also listened and parties in everything year by year. While we were both we're together, she doesn't possesses She does not possess and I feel still record no got to out loud. That would ensue beaten. Wherein was spitten.
I'm not afraid of all women in France has come under this stupid, crazy, dumb, amazing. What does she just a single tease? You call she did the african check the biggest african chicken the world she she's, reachable Ciera to ourselves you just like the Africa reality. You know she's a cheese, big time. It is a good time and again that I put it come out, though, on Friday just the way I do, and I want you to know that their outlines up like this billboards about New York City articles one thing:
control about you know, was being thine and he's been obviously around long enemy, and I had about it. Seven seconds, you call it what you want you always at all. By my gonna. Do with one another. We call you dumb. Actually, where ya you don't know, the guy know how to put three from here that a good course nobody makes you think about what am I gonna meeting but much of my descent. I think you're right now, if you will I know how to proceed. Are we got more gradual and remember when we come back, keep it lacked the breakfast cloak the breakfast club was all the body and Clyde morning everybody's
J Envy, Angela YE shall guy we oughta breakfast club. We have fat, Joe and remedy, in the building last autumn the owl revealed a lot on love in Europe with the whole miscarriage thing. I would express my they're watching them. Let you what the hell's going along with that was definitely something that I had to think about and that you know some colors thing and it was more sober cause. It's me it's just a personal and I felt with a lot of women, and now that I know after you reveal limits for the world how many women voters. You are embarrass, shame you feel like you're for ages is a sign that you don't want to talk about and when I was going through it, I was like really depressed by robot S Bay, like you think, you're, the only woman in the world going through this like you're, not the only person like that means something like Amerika, you know em. Maybe I should you not put it out there, because we are these people cause. No one talks about no one by another thousand will see rigorously
Any was right. When I saw you does probably the most about one point: five million views on the sixty seconds. Clear point is to them in having thirty thousand you know, com is and what was so crazy about it. When I spoke for the dark, because it really wasn't a miscarriages which could act hopping, his actually you're pregnant everything of number you must know, and so your pretty much dying because your unpaid year fetuses Roma, inside of your Phillipines. So when I went to citizens lives like always no problem you're over a fine, it exists by. We just do in future, so that we can make sure that in your uterus, that's some like. Ok, no problem this minimum twelve grand fifteen grand by a MIKE. I have thought it might. Ok, he wasn't the wit. I didn't realize at the how many women who have this issue, they don't have
that money, data mining they may need can't afford it and big an insurance does not come to that end. Ass would that's the part every year because of insurance cover gastric bypass. If you want you skinny anyone come, then we, but it won't cover people. Actual missile, most women and a lot of them who this happened. So they don't have the funds, and I think we got a job. They got more mobile hole in that Spanish ever gonna have children in days of possible. That is not gonna work the first time so that you got had a fitting cliffs at twenty after me than others. When you just the huge I thought I'd when I start alone. In that I want it says you know maybe aware, like I want to help these people working for the thousands of women. Will you think about it and its uncomfortable talking about is sometimes sometimes you catchment about data. Sad is a woman like I was that the gray.
Is that a damned Piazzi does have a form. Is issues programmes they don't like y. All little corrupt re darling, I know so overwhelmed by you know I felt like is a lot of women there I'll be able to help out there, who knows maybe we'll be able to pass something one day will help and shares the carve red or thought of fine with women who are suffering from the situation. You, nordic, I showed you, haven't children, the beautiful things so many people here as an abortion is given the way and not think indicated, gibbons be Wyatt. I really want to have children making fun. I just want to say, and that moment on criminal I can tell you that it is a negative publicity in all right. They become like duties is rising Why, never sitting in his boy boy, yoke of men with Joggerfys bike. Let's see no love,
my wife, I gotta do it. We do not follow a guy like you know, right. You know what to say every region. You know why. I also Djibouti also. He grew up different liking, she's from Brooklyn I went back. He comes from a home where his mom there were men in all these and brothers, heavenly mother and father, and seen pictures of Gill their wedding on the wall like you bring it up. All this also is thy. Lonely makes us put certain features on the wall. I can't I'm telling you gotta put out of business or like when the case c it away any system come away with a craving for job. When I graduated from college on a war and everytime, I loved me, she studios my best be I was there when she was a school when I saw a noise makes them and as an irish member I never thought about it like w pregnant. That's what made me go out with that. I'm gonna have a wife, I'm gonna get married and his hammer raise my family, so our age is deaf.
The men and women are being said. Mother went even with your back to kill. People could not write a religion. Looked attribute amnesty law through a proud or not only provide a pair pooch governs the oily he's doing when in their asses anniversary. Of course, I'm for going about pretty amazing from why. Why are you guys Connally that blood? Our lab is a wonderful guy that I can add a gardener. You got lucky baby. Maybe you ve got a mighty like propose you re Remy, That way,
Not now, I wonder, do fragile many remain a group that is this. Does the threat of war? We don't work album on anybody on my son is open window of independent. I mean unless we ve. Let me try this discussion. I thought that you have some people today, the Communist Yoke Anthony, but unless I had a lot of their roles and com is, it doesn't make sense while, but I gave up my master, why would I gave up the percentage of the outbreak? about my creed was a while, but I give you any part of this environment grandly my billboards overstating: could you do we may as dollars and commercials among job? We did across promotion with spray shot outside who spread with me? Can you hear me guy? Ah poor? We do we do we play now Beaumont commercials we I everything we need Performer Norstar weekend. We got every day. We need men, I don't even know what a major labour will far off imbibed by us.
Crazy Amazonas, but I mean it is what it is she doing? Solo, I'm a drop. A couple of solar cells, plus I'm workin on doing what is I have some, but then the next year the knowledge of the disease nice, ought men and whereby Rummy your brain. Don't worry about that. Many compliment. You really is was not a orders inside every time we travel Freestyle, they biggest go towards a particular female or particular that is all always have. I drive a piece Nice. If we pass, will you look at the history of Rome you don't want badly, but I've also do their remy. But this is a thing would be we're not, and I tried to explain in a nice as we possibly if you look at the history of Remy Ma
whenever I have had a problem with any female and entire gainfully remain? I will say your name. I do not want to say anything you like. Oh, my god, you talk among you, think, I'm going to say your government, I'm gonna. Rather than your kid me like. I want you to know that I'm talkin about you. I hope you will understand why I really feel like I'm the best. I believe Are you sure that, in the same way, although females another might act, I don't even know how to keep compare me. The little girl I've got better than the latter, the eyes out west circles around problem, where my eyes closed, a million. I don't understand. Why have you come by its is most of the time is the people when the circles am disappears? Look about me like hell. You wrote that new joint, actually there you'll she got up until the matter. As you say certain about in a memo just said about the broke out. We live Ma Bob,
her must remain. Let them think, like almost ass, if I was a member of a valuable get in bed, they like at all, we bear like. I am reforms, I'm chains, but I'm happy What about noon? Ivy nominate! That's why, doesn't die. My new, I sat there again, snack anybody IKEA Gold Spy, your party, a hundred dab like Welcome to day, I you know I met my sister out shook him again. Body was achieved when his garden koumongoe. They don't really understand transmit known as our Megan really understand was going on and she d best Chicken gay marriage is the bottom line is no way around a sideline bet in a lot of you guys we got more would Joe in Remy more manufacturers get into a little meaning mix. Let me know your favorite joint from any of them ever fragile joy. We must join together. Call us out right now, with the breakfast locomotive
That was a fragile in Remo many mixed morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. We got that in and Remy more inability now Jill, explain. Your longevity in industry manages most that mountaineers there's room. In Asia, hip hop in ain't, been age up back in the days were used to say you're when you forty, you gotta, stop RAP well imagine if I listen to you and quit when our study, now you will never it all away. I made these. The game would endeavour to make you re. Never this analysing fast, my part, Let me tell you something: I love what we do. You know I'm saying, and we do it for every body at the end of the day when they get this album, art, Thou Blamore. The youngest ban in the world is gonna lovey and its fan that no
Fred, Joseph nineteen. Nine before is gonna love to that was the chemistry beyond is up. Hard, nobody has been able to do it, but they gonna do it. Now, a shown. The way when it is album be officially no and knew your wrappers stop wrap in light. Ten years ago. You know me: listen affair, Joad, oh gee, whatever you want to say that, since it is our firm and get with that wave, because we gotta Sancho spaghetti with a straight more deep New York, what is more and better dead, always Gary. Then an amendment has been noted and carry on and on and you gotta go up and then come back nah come more rebooted thought I make no viable to do that from occurring. That, on your show right now, that's what we do! chemistry beyond his whole abble was, I make suddenly the youngest ban Where will love an orgy
whatever you want to play. Golden Arap fan the loved to still it is this a masterpiece, and let me say some: I know you global God, yadda he's gonna well, but this New York area job better support this, because You never come out like this in years when, used to come out have been mile long term on the rough riders? The day is that it was like no major New York come out like this in years, Bro with the quality and they hit this on this and we got the mud and we got. The dirty is wrong backed about high cost of children. We might comprise thought out ahead, like the undesirableness complete from a disease raising. Well so You need to really get behind it and support this album, because your we did for ya. You norms
We did it for your end of the day we made some. We would make something special for affairs for a people. We want to make some specific pop our contribution to pop my ass, where Grammy's you'll get it wrong. Because they think that the pure gods, what a nice guys data once really loved. No, so why we gave the rat, we curse, we meet with island. Who cares and we love this culture we do is put a culture. We preserve the culture at the end of the day. That's all we don't, as preserving the culture not looked at stopping represent no right. Why not look stupid like? Did you not? What now great music do no and not make a bit? You can feel great, a body like your mandate. Down. They put it down for us would give it to you. We give it to your free cuz, most of y'all ain't, even bonobo. I downloaded a stream it for free will not given it enough
no wooden round we wanted, and while we are waiting and also by night- and I would say no, I was on my lab early animals from them. I have at they re now like three point: five million following a riddle three point: five million pre orders, I'm goin, I'm literally Few people have aids, Gauvain, petty and after the whip. I'm worth the m you if you do not hear me back a snapshot of you, oughta man, you all a lot of new cars without locally Will we be cutaway else now check snatch you not only to girls made the birds are. Why would I even if half of the progressive they haven't, we if thou o me trolling the other have. This is a twenty percent when it was known in our view, Three point: five million merrily gas, seventy million casualties.
People are not allowed to go and we oughta my. How will we make guy. Maybe we all do what we gotta do ended on and we gotta have gained no set off pretty much. This is pretty much a boxing match. You note about cement. Floyd, guys odds, Laws of a guy got an answer when they re now they got a fight to be measured. Quite we told you about this. Album plot, Thou promo. So much now we got a proven. You gotta get outta here, you gotta know the wreckage break with the dream has our number one in America, iraqi with seventh street as direct number one in America, urban as the Reykjavik Ngos, but I'm not a strip the Hamleys planet every night directly with seventy mill. Seventy bow. Now. Is the Algiers dream and beautiful. So we got Legendary. We beg your ideas, like everything will work ass, all them ass. I looked and look what he was the one I
If everyone is analogous to the ombudsman have given us really celebrated, they don't put out like all, but I was so good, didn't work. They go, they dropped. Ten reckons offer the same album, so you gotta make sure you have ten crazy records on you agree. We by the grace of God, bless wit, you know secretary, who we worked together. So imagine lab is ongoing, nobody's they were ran like people and Elizabeth Orbital sets out the happy we'll all rammed. You know you board Joe bag. Without you mean I didn't you got people like all ram would be nothing without fragile. You guys are absolutely right. People like Remy people like that Joe S, Love Fadge or remove together when we come together is differ, so I will give you like all that's not just on that schedules. Ok, maybe people turn That's not what I'm no up! I don't want. You could genoa if he wins I wish I were busy highways, volume revalued, not orders, you know better than she was then
comes out there Mama just go off work away, a mammogram racket when, on the just say I just got back from above a callous house, his albums come I don't know one maybe a couple of months and it is almost phenomenon. So look out for that trust me. When I tell you you got a big boy, I'm coming to. Ok if you like point some way, smile Emma! Oh no smiling and we met you'll see you'll see every car Bihar, Butscha, hello and a whole dad that everybody asset as an official for everyone does in Beverly Hills out the iron began. We have we been, they happened, I'm not allowed to fall to them on that the community. They forced me to be with them for Serbia them alive, and then you know you get out and its That's right, Sir Community. I love you guys. I improve its whole job. There. When they be in its. We now God be not there, we come home, then we able to get a job or housing like eggs is possible. You can do it and as this key,
ahead, don't beyond a nasty mental meds, though don't lose faith. All I seriously wonder those that don't come see you it's! Okay, because don't say don't matter, they don't matter, it's all- a beautiful prisoners in Beverly Hills at all. A beautiful young ladys were used to stay at the window and empty when I, when, when I give me, I love you too evolve, is the break with welcome warning. The breakfast club, are you crazy man, we'll figure it out I'm going. We figure figured out sorry list. We're having we'll bring in some behind the scenes things today, right now, if nothing your care about with figures, figured it out amongst each other,
that's what I'd be harsh just go on for Romano. You know what I was doing rumours. What what are we talking about economic condemn? Those now we're talking about, came cut, asking is concerned about hanging so kind of rules. At the reul report the Breakfast Club Lapierre, they came kind asking a super concerned about Chinese hath it s, because New York passion week is going on and Kenya I am very hard to make these sweatshirts in everything. Looked away it supposed to love your support, guardrail Bojean, boardrooms borders, gipsy season! Five is a big deal for him. So much that came his worry that he's gonna regressed he's been making a lot of progress since he's been released from the hospital after he had his break down and they spent the weekend apart. So kind acre, focus on the show, but she's concern that he gets obsessed and it's just not going to be good for him to keep them
second in the major he's getting enough sleep and the reason why he wasn't at the Grammy's according to Christianity was because he was working on his fashion show and all of that kind of money will go to the grooms order. Well, according to Chris Jenner, the reason was because of fashion weak, but on and off he was for rail boycotting or what it was you're, gonna, stop Pegana June was transported, Judge who support could all want to see their Floyd May. What kind of a great fight and ya look affords them new eve? You that's the Albino New YE, these a hundred miles wow. I gotta see the black one with the red and we're gonna help you giving Poland would trumpet Trump LAB, which lie so easy to find a mister Harvey her. Aids in the developing world for job in his nets they might have publicly denounce them publicly denounce some yea about that. But you probably did not all these corporations
maybe without some maybe attitude of light may whether flight has been on Instagram to let people know that he has no intention on fighting anytime soon. He said there seems to be several rumours floating around media recently. However, let their records show there hasn't been. Anyone deals made in regards to a fight between myself and any other fighters happily retired and enjoying life at this time. Of any changes are too can be sure that I will be the first to let the world know and then he said: listen, Conor, Macgregor! If you really want to get this fight, then take care of your business with the? U have sea and then have your people get in touch with my people, I think it amnesia right, you're, going away. The seafloor me where the fire economy, Gregg overjoyed by general support transport, is crucial. Vital somebody. I wouldn t see that she then a box of perception. That's me going on where they could set Michel still selling out shows on her tourists. I guess people still ashes. I was not a supporter of the goose important as those somebody is right about all women. Who is he
thereby listen they matter earlier. I dug Adler, who is the Ex ESPN tennis announced I got fired if you guys remember, this is what he said about Venus Williams, having a match. Mrs Feur servant venuses all over her see Venus move in, but the gorilla charging again dog data, but I found pointed at me: they movies, a gorilla, forgot, neglected Snapchat filled the gallagher exactly where the issue is this when he said really he with meaning guerrilla. As in g you e r, I M not g o r, fast or metal. So now he is saying that everybody freaked out misunderstood what he meant to say. It was not. To be racist. He set itself frequently used. The word antennas to describe and aggressive style of play guerrilla tennis smoke. Burma murder, you know at a gorilla
rather warfare, and I regret that the service not plates and his flying. To be honest, I don't think he met the animal guerrilla. I do that He meant not taking a like a leg. You know some people say I graduated earth aggressive behaviour, no right banana guerrillas in the animal you talking about In the meantime, the humor guerrillas there's. No, he didn't. I don't think I don't think so either, but the problem is why people didn't get the monkey memo, not everybody. The monkey memo ways. You can't see anything in reference to any type of monkeys, a primate around I believe you can't say we monkey and around his head outside cancer. You got a monkey on the back. You can do no other than what you look like a monkey today. Ok! Well, you just made this. Laughter, were anyway. Here is where Doug Adler has to say now We talking in terms of tactics required to win and those tactics are moving in further kill.
He no prisoners. The fact you dont want to say the same thing over and over and over my boss, their understood what I meant, and I think I was just thrown to the wars, because they didn't want to take the time in the energy to back me in the world. And I got was that there was too much opposition coming from the side and they'd rather not fight it. So little we go I gotta let em announced in because invoices to more time, I ever announce anything out, a guy born to announce in his voice, her aunt Hannah, be I'll. I looked up guerrilla tennis when I saw there and it is Migrants are, and they have as how ninety ninety five I enjoy, Z, Nike, guerrilla ten, as you too out and out last year. I was him yes and that's a real thing. It's not something that he just like it. It is a free
they use term, did a relative, his knees and new logo. They actually have no religion from planet wouldn't even have random. Is they actually have a trade mark? Trademark brand are ready, and now they have a Nike guerrilla tennis culture. Age and everything with our care dollar male. What his terms offered tenants, gotta watch anything I'm about to Missus serve and for that in us. No more is out of all the owner, not voter, maybe anyway, that is your room, a report on the Angela, you all, I don't give a day. Job Democrats are being a little bit of a mixed like adults,
I've been called a lot of my twenty four years. The donkey at Bay is a new white dog. You Dave awaited they February fifteen goes to form a national security adviser of the United States of America, Michael Flint, one of us the levity and she's targeted by this. If you haven't heard of dollar three weeks, Michael Flee, has resigned as national security. Adviser of the resignation comes after previous disclosures that Michael Flynn had misled as a nice word for lie, lie to vice president might paints and other senior officials about his an occasion with the russian ambassador of the United States, whose name I can't pronounced? I won't even attempted. Ok, Michael Flynn, said in his resignation letter, unfortunately, because of the fast pace of events. I inadvertently brief. The vice President Elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the russian.
Ass? It does. The bodies puts a fancy words to say I lie. Ok, Michael Fling continues. I sincerely apologise to the president and the vice president and they have accepted my apology now Flint discussions with the russian ambassador has raised the possible breach of the Logan ACT. Has now and adored Wolverine, and he ninety nine Lotta board unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments in top advises, concluded that this concluded, Michael Flint physician, had become sustainable because he had lied to the president and vice president, not a Trump administration had been warned a month ago about Michael Flames, bs but in truth, Trump Administration fashion. I guess they ignored it, for the most part in Kelly and Conway went on it today. Show would not allow to do with this administration. Does Bessie s last month, let's hear from him
side. It was best to resign. He knew I become a lightning rod. I mean that even went further to say that as a result of that dishonesty, he was at risk for blackmailing by the Russians, but the fact is that general frame continue in that position and was in the presidential daily briefings as part of the leader calls. As recently as yesterday was therefore the Prime Minister's office. From Canada yesterday and as time moron. Obviously, the situation has become unsustainable. We only general Flint. That makes no sense. Last month the Justice Department warned the White House, the General Slim had misled the drop on a clue, Milo, Michael Flynn lie the migrants and Donald Trump Kelly How is that he resigned because he become too much of a lightning rod. Now you thy because he's a lying right now, Michael It is not only a liar he's a hypocrite because during the July two thousand sixteen republic,
national convention. Michael Flynn joined the crowd when he thought of the chant lock her up in reference to Hillary Clinton, who was also accused the put new security at a country at state by using a private emails. And we ve lost. We do not need a reckless president who believes is above the law. It's unbelievable, unbelievable. I have on Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race because she went on. Peace and security at extremely high risk, if I did a tenth, a tenth of what she did I would be in jail today, so by Michael, flew like he should be in jail. I wouldn't left at home the security of the country with the same way, Here's the thing all humans make mistakes. We can all be hypocrites time, but you can't under any circumstances, Flanders,
why do the levels Michael Flynn did Hillary Clinton and turn around and do the same? Damn thing: six months later, you called for Hillary to drop out the race, but you actually had to resign. So at least you practice what you preach in that regard, but you said you would be locked up. If you did it, of what Hilary did well, Michael Flame, less add this up. You have potentially related. Some federal law you're in cahoots with directions. You had a hand in tampering with this year's presidential. What Russians had ahead allegedly tampering with issues your election July did a celebrity in chief and his vice president. All we have eyes grew diploma in I got might school. Would you sound like, like than an attempt to me of something? Ok, so when can we expect you to turn yourself in the proper authorities? Microcephaly one of my favorite quotes ever describes Michael Flint, to a t The only thing worse than a liar is a liar who is also a hypocrite. Please give Michael Flynn the big, as he hall, please Does he monetary doubly did more than its emphasis on my now that the tables a turn that save he would do justice to himself the same way he would have did
Let me Clinton. Marty carvings had put himself in Godfrey Hilary to drop out rates. She didn't, but he did reach I'm so clearly took his only by some merry God, but now, let's leave you black yourself up, Michael Flank, attorneys Dublin had already all right. Well, thank you for that dog you today, when we come back, ask II was currently was thrown away. Your morning, everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club is turf. Ask ie if you of course in for ye eight hundred five, five one off one allows. There's battling my question.
I am thankful Lebanon. Then I guess my best together have a good job and the military power. You thank you, but I can't seem to meet people here. I did very hard to meet these people here, and I've tried the date and time I've tried the instead of my friend, but nothing seems to work and trying to find something else that might be. I get a better solution. Ok, so you do have friends, though, in use in their friends that you can go and hang out with undue things. Where am I have found, but a lot of friends that I have again what military we all have other obligations, the ladder the Panther week we get out, that's not on a regular
right. Are you open to dating all different kinds of people, or do you have like a certain like? I want this? I want that. Like a checklist honestly, I'm pretty open, I mean I grew up old school, so As long as your lawyer land, you no good conversation fire, not a tight! I'm cool, I don't necessarily have any dire, Am I looking for, like anything, does not adhere. Standards are impossible or anything exactly our right. Now I will say there is. I appreciate the fact that you can say that you have been set up by friends. You ve. Let people know yes. Think I am looking to date. If you know somebody good, please let me now. You have chide dating sites and all of those things than you do, go out and mingle ripe. Yet I think an amateur you this. What are they keys is really just to be patient and AIDS Phil I bad, because I have one friend who we grew up together. Though, is the present had a boyfriend, and she never ever did, and she would always be like man. I just want to have a boyfriend. She would day people like him
and they are, but it never with serious and then one We went on a trip together as yet a meeting a guy in a turban their shortly after that I was a boyfriend shortly after they got married shortly after that they had a baby like everything happened really quickly, and things really can change overnight, and sometimes I it he's being in the right place and binding that right person. You can't really put a time on so when it potentially happen. I beg is good that you are being really pro active bellicose! Sometimes I hear people say: oh I'm just yeah man. They expect something to come to them and said, as you have to go out and make it happen, sometimes you or yourself, even if you don't feel like it, to leave the house and go do some things that you are interested in and when I instead, I don't mean by going to the club or anything like that, but I mean like things that you feel like You know em, maybe clauses that you wanna take to learn more about them. And things may be easier, makes terrorism cyber after work thing that you would like to go to. Sometimes it s really and for you to be out and to be available,
When you go out, don't go out with large groups of people go out, you can even go out by yourselves. Sometimes you just go sit down, you know, do where I gotta go to a coffee shop wherever and go do things on on because that makes you more approachable to ok obey, but I do I do feel. Sometimes you do have to be patient, because I can see my man when, as is gonna happen, but you cannot ever give up just like. If you would, Anna go look for a job, and I can say man. I don't get a job. You know four. Are these
been abuse. I went on nothing happened. You still have to get up go out in China to make you know just be out and stands by its you enjoy don't force anything like go places that you like to go to try some new things that you ve always been interested in, and that's how you fine, like minded people, ok out, definitely try that that's one thing and not necessarily comfortable with Vietnam. By myself. I have always been awkward that way I don't know round, but my cousin get coming out of harmony with like just go somewhere set out a bar read a book or something like that, just so that you can put yourself out there in the different atmosphere tone. Do you see a conversation, its opinions on this situation? I have time form very outgoing and people. Few, I guess like me, but I'm not always the ones who initiate adjust the pen. Sometimes I do, but rather the combat out could sometimes we as an onlooker opium like you, have to smile, be pleasant just so you don't have to talk to somebody. You're interested in just sometimes give,
somebody a compliment, oconnor putting out their energy. Also, open their energy to come back to you, ok array, and don't let you much pressure on yourself. I feel confident that you me somebody pseudo, because you have used have together and I could tell you seem like a real cool person, just even speaking to you what I think, I'm cool. I regret lag Mesa. You call us back in us when you add things are going good. I will thank you for my ruler. Welcome our ascii, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need relationship advice, you can call you now, it's the breakfast club come on
the greater triggered by the call of the gang and they coming. He Jane from your group is bad, both cooking up with a society. We got a wrathful spare recreate bear. No. You really are equally valid morning. Everybody's dj envy angel Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast clouded humans and will I walk or how would have like you know my high lost So I have a bottle erosion and would do that. Nobody has been set. Seven dollars, just live available. Graduations. Do you wanna put that dramatically marginally sixty seven thousand nice Bison Burma, one milkshake twist, draws frugal van dross. How at me right? Well, let's get to Rome as this talk a movie shot in Brooklyn.
With an killing his club. Well, apparently, the notorious b, I d is getting a documentary. They have announced its cardinal tour b, I d one more chance and it's gonna spoke- is specifically on big easy amused. Around the world and his mother? Let a while it has given the movie her blessing and should be pretty good. She said it brings so much joy to my hide that my son, Christopher Music, made such an impact on the music community industries have positively and spy so many young men and women over the years and still influencing the youth. All over the world today is, will be twentieth anniversary of big Deborah every twenty of this year, but not any detailed Geneva, Madeira. I have attempted to IRAN, big his best friend my men and women, the movie you gotta. He took the charge for big demagogy. Monocles bothered Iraq
invisible. Yet we don't know it's gonna be in his document reexamine. Perhaps forty two told to do tat is gonna happen. Now we ve been telling you about the first ever black bachelor red, it's gonna, be Rachel. Linsey sees a lawyer from Texas fourteen years after the show debuted on television. Finally, they have the first ever african american lead on the bachelor at well. Here's what you had to say Adam pressure. You know I am honoured to have this opportunity into represent myself. As of Africa, arrogant, woman, and I just hope that people rally behind me like they did and next season just realized that my journey, as you know, I'm just trying to find love even on an african american woman is no different from any other bass. What am I missing? You why Why there's a big deal? I love african American first wise, the carboniferous black bachelor at a big, where this has huge. It's a big so and then for fourteen years they ve never featured a blue
women as the bachelor rat, and not only that the demographic is not usually african. Americans say the fact that they have an african american women. We want everybody to support and wants to show in Canada went to see what's gonna happen as well as the show. I have no idea show in my life. I know you do of fourteen you ok, so my question is not a bachelor can be black to weed, I wouldn't may say always and make that mixed wasn't really mix that you ve got one black guy or why not hungry and wild. I know Rome Steve one White Guy neurons to use, as usually too Now it's always use the one I want to make it to every one, black and more mixed right. I mean as exciting as where people dead. Why it is a huge show and for people watching his nicety. Somebody like you, if you're a person of color in that position, so size watch and secure. Now, here's some as the people are laughing about Aragon Ray is now dating Rosaria, does in apparently some people not believe that comedian Eric Andrei who has the arrogant, show an adult swim, really
was daily, was area does him, but then he actually had suppose some pictures to prove that apparently chances I didn't believe it either and he actually texted Rosario Dawson to see if this was a prank or not, and that's why he said opposing these pictures and he said one more for at chance. The rapper proof not a prank and then posting pictures. So that's proof people that anybody can you know it got to give a lot of guys? Don't cereal party, like she probably want somebody, that's going to treat her right, make her laugh, she's, not being superficial and worry about a thing like looks moreover, the right zone, as you know, without addressing the super coopers it I had a chance to hang out where the king, Film Festival, welcome, girl, the way women are way less shallow, guys, yeah a hundred percent when men I mean you know known to three the boss, and make me most
I will look and men in the world is still outstanding. How dare you savvy Valentine's day to that copper now future on Valentine's day posted a picture of himself, and he said with all due respect. I am asking you to be loving, patient and kind enough to understand. My creativity is to heal the wounds not make new ones. However, the greater the risk, the greater the word, especially when you have great intentions for every individual than has played a major role in your life. Experience is now bear with me through my trousers interview. Asians. My wrongs in my rights find time to forgive me for any hurt or heartbreak. I may have caused loving, selfishly, I'm not perfect. No man walking this. Is a better place in life. Where I want to make my weaknesses my strength to become a better person than I was yesterday when he would it I yesterday,
as they doubly a lonely to every single negro. Lonely. Tweet idea is either that I heard a few women's feelings yesterday and he wanted to apologize earth yeah. I right. In the meantime, Drake has tried to help took a man down off the bed, it's ok. Early Saturday morning Drake was caught up in some traffic with his crew. And apparently a mammoth button temp off the bridge, so he offered to speak with the man. They actually suggested to the cops I said nothing so during the year to drink, relax. I let him do it up with our values.
I did do that. Guy observes that you're gonna look like you, can talk to people drink citizen, our single market at national level alone do and it doesn't do live, not all well. Fortunately, the guy did Benda getting off the bridge and he went to the hospital for evaluation. Afterdeck darker, I write the how its daring show is in trouble. Now. Happened a couple of years ago. A women due to Bear Agus has now found them relative over this over this phone call that may two thousand twenty fifteen. She said that she was unhappy with the IRS. You was discussing appending tax case, the agent that she was speaking to had actually called into the stern show. He was a listener and they were on hot shit he was on hold and he took her call while he was on whole calling into the Howard Stern show and that produces actually overheard their conversation and decided to put it on the air. So
they actually put out her phone number in everybody's added, calling her aunt texting hearing everything I was soon shouted. How would show live? No, I called attack show no tax. Guy was listening to how assert Nikola, Howard Stern Show- and I heard me talk about attacks men also to textile suit. Our urgent. The relation and put them on their own air. You can't live. Bill, lively, regional level without her consented, and even though these guys, I'm just taken up for radio shoals getting soon guys. Ok, hey guys, I'm just sticking up for radio show I get exude, we barely know better plan. You know Ok, you're not like a fool ourselves here: guy you're, right, you're, right, you're, right, suitor rate. The radio's did not take the wrong road, ok, Erin in a year, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you miss DE now. I shall to revolt really
still when its added value- and I guess you know last night it was, was the em can see? No, I admit it for my wife. We turned it on to watch in. It was blank in Odin, It is beyond thirty minutes. So I was thinking, maybe see PETE is low. Late. Thirty minutes later there was an odd sovereignty. When it came out, but they said it will be all, and I don't know if you got revolt, I guess you could catch. You check your local listen. This is so. This is the the music for re arises. Sad man is sad because you know I envy you, you had other offers from other networks right which you know we wanted to keep it black. You know you want to keep it black old and support, and they let you now. Let me Dorothy is isn't one of the reasons you don't feel comfortable supporting now you know, but don't let this discouraged young brother, China, I'm just saying blacks can do better,
the Cairo will revolt when you so that everybody has the people started to exert legs values at the Hague programme. We everybody else. Let me know what you wanted to people's choice makes it the breakfast locomotive,
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