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12/21- Today on the show we flashed back to the time Bow- Wow stopped by where we spoke about the Bow- Wow challenge, his career and more. We also flashed back to the time when comedian Jo Koy stopped by, which is also when we discovered something odd Charlamagne does on his personal time. Moreover, have you ever been so clumsy you sent 5,000 dollars to someone by accident? well Envy was, so we flashed back to when Envy was "Donkey of the Day". 

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Hi there I'm sack wrath and I'm Donald phase we're real life best friends. We met playing fake life, best friends, Turk and GDP. On the sick, Scrubbs. Twenty years later, we ve decided to we watch the series. One episode at a time and put our memory Into a podcast, you can listen to it home, we're gonna, get all our special guess. Friends, like sour chalk, John C Mckinley meal Flynn, Judy raise show create a bill. Lawrence editors, writers and even prop masters would tell us, what inspired the series and how we became a family. You can listen upon cast fake doctors, real friends with second, I called on the high heart radioactive apple podcast and wherever you get your blog CAS,
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Allow me to read out the most prominent. When you add some early morning, birthday Tommy was LEO young people showing people whose job it is your job to get it off your gas, whether your man but a payment. We want to hear from you wanna bread, which allows is Oh you guys. Actually ohguro features murmur. Ok, I've been on my baby dating for eight years and a few weeks, only comes out, but when I'm seven months pregnant he has sex with one of my best friend over there. So she comes to my house drunk
Alchemy she's. Just like you, don't know where my boy, you know you don't do much to go on like this. What's wrong with you. You actually dating from imports. So you may look like an idiot on this matter. How do you know you ve been looking like an idiot? two days later. You don't know what my other birthday you gotta have a MAC. Gangrenous great, I'm hanging. Friends are crazy. Here again we offer our no I'll go out of my whole family of them. I pleaded I've got no friends, I got nobody can t get out the house, because we think that this is about tat with the ball or whatever I don't know. I want to live.
I'm an idiot, loving someone thinking you I've got people got my back and I'm I'm caused not by law. Without a couple, a couple who now I don't have anybody? What were you not unanimity? Digital Europe needs a new friends. Now you know the difference you gotta know goodbye. I mean you got it be daddy, you nothin and clearly you know you got to bed, but in the whole crew of he came right back to you was delivered. You have to see what are you for investors that it has been carefully nuclear friends? You know you laid out it s a positive and you can't change baby daddy by the way for Emma Jane, but they make their work in some ways it before. I will ITALY whole lagging Well Michel Kilo of each as Michel Monastery saw the man you are so we can get up, didn't, have no filter everything and you hey you orchestrating. Might he knew nothing about you until they heard you say one day, o
you ain't got. No aid broke some late. They want to listen to throw the main anymore. When you were a fan, I am, I ve, got no wonder. You're like the UK must be geared to low. You know. They're right major relate major relate year. They daddy daddy products out. Just like me, you you don't. I note that some of these acknowledging the one he is not here. I would support what borne down the ambient almost as these are calling you gotta. Listen to it. Yes, you do this, you do stop it. You Mamma beg you baby allows is Michael. With a sharp manning him, the mining. Very you guys. What's rather call you guys do guys, I have wrote, in brief graduate it's a book about my life
in America originate from Africa when I first came whereby calmly, at greater, we regain after Kay loudly my mom, the book. I love, then you guys copy, was founded on a bed and a look at every hour. I thank you. What God thank you were you know our future as eight hundred five, a five one or five? One of you need event it is now is to breakfast club component. Breakfast is your job to get it off your chest, whether your man one, but we want to hear from you on the breadth of this aid. He alone. I Q Nay you to adjust our my new, more dropped, on Friday, I thought
I've got a music does one about the fact that our parliament granted under or K. I know you never mind, that's how you do it my right now. I know she's Plaza Mu Shu, hey buddy moment where both for good, Ok, Yeah. Ok sounds nice promptitude, those receiving nice he's down when isolation we ve been here, was a mixing autism, horizontal sex on how good behind it, you know, saying, as prices below ammonium attack you out right now, just a hamburger would not and would not non hello. This is kind of a colleague refuges, while pound and want to be. One of the latter will agree with me.
Be that no Levin. Nobody formally investigated ah hanging up a black. In gray woman. Did you give me the way blaming me baby? I'm on the latter may be happier back to recall about three days what a brave young male at forty five minutes away from his home panting routed through a bad because the real issue Nobody formally embed the gate. It they were on the road in never gave me in a black man How do I do that Lebanon Greenwood made a sound of already too, as Afghan, is absolutely right. Give me a minute. Let me sleep, you know anything about him. I feel there where I'm in love with you. A matter bad. The picture of a young man hanging from the tree was put on the front page valentine. No wonder you eleven March, two thousand and eleven
women's rules, it all about them in the data right now. Are you gonna, seven years disco where weapons robin about it. Bob fare better. Allow myself there before the police Department Ban were abandoned road when I went to powder tat, no matter how brave He and I had no pay for those people. Above all that it is now I've had moved. I believe people know the baby. By now, but you know UK, with due to meet one of our belief, new, remember it. I love about love you let alone I have been looking for. You I m is allows, is, if you boys, I have there was something I would happy birthday bra looking out at the moment, Were you? Yes, I It was about a father taking up here, for you were happy birthday, May I have your boy neighbour, a very bad idea. Look in your local now solely
happy birthday shut away without even as a cheap is both they give to have. Wednesday to go. Get it off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need to vent, you can hit us up right now we got rooms in the way you find out who's going to be hosting this year. Also, let's talk about my goes base killer, find out what acting he's about to be doing for a season. Two of this show no right we'll get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive breakfast everybody's dj, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We all the breakfast club. We got his precious gifts in abandoned, where's, Calais, We have to leave here, given its proper fruit, eating etiquette to pause. We were talking about. Our favorite was invested. What's your favorite, its invested, but my favorites fruit pause is fruit. We favour fruit pause is is a light I like to eat like slices of apple.
Ok me: why do you and after the licensing you have to go down? glasses for reading the same way you going to bring a banana. If you can just buy today, I'm just trying to help you out bro. You know I'm saying if you in public, You even a banana does break it into That is why I do not believe that are affecting I've done. Ok for any Legrand become no man. No at you could do that. You know how you get more followers there were here. Can you need a pizza? I, like the texture. Ok, I'm temptation sensitive now, look here, where can I get a bath in every five and above the majorities, but impersonally looks around Mr La really is into I'm way tiny area as that's. Why I'm on back I worry I was doing. You decide you wanted to get in shape and start doing the the MMA fighting and all that good. Last year I was just chilling at the crib, and I didn't really have too much
but like moods eyes, a lifestyle so as not to legislate, I look cool by doing that Israel. That agenda, right now. We don't know about news. I do now a man I gotta gonna non Anita right now know anybody ever one. If I ways me ma am- please don't ever thereby love me. They require you slow down on the weed and the liquor at all. Just joy. Right here is so now smoking pot or my way in here. Ok, Nigger? Yes, absolutely goes a train five days We want to be hung over light when you're on your way in a jam, so enlarges drink a little bit nose out of a lot. Five days a week, even our online money. What you guys are my home with me, my home, use they train as well money and breeze. They ve been doin, stand up and judges who for a long time, so they keep me. Upon the road. I mean a lot of fighters on road as fighters in every country. Any supplements just like a lot of people,
God, you got more protein again wait like eat a whole bunch slice up my calories moonlight. Forty five hundred, is a day to get a whole new. He absolutely will you look good brother oppression. The years goose girl, good zebra in taking a healthier, they have two and now you have read the papers to out these came at last. We and you can imagine this elements- how bad things it you don't normally talk about, like even in any views zombie. Ok, you talk about your relationship, so for you, that's kind of like array. Lemmings is put it out there did you have to talk to amber and be like just so you know this song is goes. For me, like my music is my wallet and I'm a creative person, so people going to feed into whatever they want to see. That's really going to love how I my body, they gonna, love my tattoos, but my music is my real outlet. That's why I'm always gonna tell people was really going on in my life is a good time as you guys Erin Agus aid.
Grace bays and narrow. Never change in. I wanted to be clear. So that would never said I wouldn't you know, tarnish our relationship in like even on solid with the fans like this a open season to be desired. Like them. I babies, mom cause. I kept a real on the album. You not, I mean I'm talkin about what happened like that's the pass. It got me too Now I never, though, about taking a last name being a big deal like due to a man and be aware that many they keep their last name naw man I mean not so as not to bring them back or like put her in a weird situation, but to do that means a lot oh yeah sure what about hyphenated like Kenya, keep it and then hyphenated. I gave her a guideline ever as a woman. Like you, you know it is our cause. We are giving up our last name if it s like, we grew up at that same last name, and I don't know what you're a big of an issue for your listen. I know it is a good prospered in a good point.
Go? You can always take the woman's name too long. You could be like rose hyphen role, Laptop I mean you know. If that's the conversation is, as is only worth having, neither did it bother you you, see people. Of course it does. But when you see people going on your son, they saw something of em opposed him and in they'll, make It's like a one time it was rather, he was gazing, definite Taylor, Swift. Now I don't know: It doesn't bother me like about, like any comments about my son cause he's an amazing kid? Advise him he's the Basle II? Would and today, but you sleep either he's so easier Ladys in New York, where you asleep at the time of my sleeper may that awaits. You cannot tell em banal above me, magazine, superstar, men and ass will comes with the game are right. We got more ways khalifa. When we come back. Let's get it always. Lee for many makes us to breakfast Logo morning Breakfast morning. Everybody is dj envy
Angela ye shall I mean to go. We are the breakfast club we have with Khalifa in the building Charlemagne. Drank at levels that are we to make of our having to question. No one asked you, but you gotta be lonely hired you, don't you dont smoking is a couple pulses. Guy leading edge have if it is again. Is like we do arms on your eyes and are ok it always arrive it is not easy to use and stone, or questions of ok, it's out it's out. Nor is the r c silent in the word sit. I will say that they're both non, neither one silent event there, both their both permanent man, because you got a cent like like a porter. How many sense with the sea, I they use it. Let s see what I'm saying with theirs as in front of it. So a sea can make that sound as well they're both there.
Ok, no! No silent, I'm gonna be sent there both together. If life is unfair to everyone. Does it make life here not as like, if your loyal to everybody, who you really Lloyd, hoo hoo hoo fumes? Ok, What does water tastes like water, get answer? Why a babies in the warm for nine months, but aren't now O Neil boy, oh see as easy, because the not born now, if you dropped so born floor I'm only within. Why have you visual solve one floor, the floor, clean or as the sole dirty, I would say, the sobs dirty gap, because it was clear, avoids. As a blog, I know you'd
You two, Mme Guy, you fighting Raina. So if you hit yourself, ok, it hurts are you strong? Are you weak as a blue I believe, a good help. You get it out when, on the figures will now I gotta get disillusionment around in every hour. Saving a strong if you hit yourself did me a week. Oh ok, me neither it means. I know my weaknesses, as means of smart as what it is, let's go while this big dismal, we'll get you wise caught a building when is already built because as the action of building it Mason, it's not a built it. Let me have you raised. That's a mad molesting.
Do not mad. I mean I appreciate him, look for the best room, but is I don't talk to people like it? you know what I mean. There's a lot of rappers who I talk to and I couldn't get through to him. So I don't talk to him. The smartest thing in the world and what about car yea? Perhaps one day smoke apiece pipe with you, if you anything I'm with you up and introducing a Roma themselves. I got a lot of girls. Dear me, you know, I don't think of a law unto busy were forgotten. We're gonna. Do you response? It was the end. Were girls yet famous ones? Ok, benign regularly, like you ve, never seen a girl does not aim, is a minute. Ok, she's, cute and Miss binding, As you are aware, we have you have initiated a lie: Gumi, yeah! Ok, I, like
they get in general. I lie. I believe that your friends, what you say and with no I got no use to me first item Do I know you will leave us would allow some vodka directory locate? Actually, Now, don't tell me you're gonna kick at about one year ago. Why are you always had a hit him up for it? every alive, my bag, a weed and God dammit role in papers to
thou right. Now is worth only J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club and we got us press your gas in the bell behind a relative marble body, welcoming congratulated on everything, platinum records, gold album end baby. What will we do more excited about drop in last week? Down are revealing. The baby book would excited you more mosey, the album it was more like a relief a baby. The baby thing as it was also really, but is something that was vague, nerve, racking. You know we're trying to hide it and stuff like that? I try to hide it. Not even just try to hide it. It's just like what people will stay Why makes me sensitive, it makes me too says we're hormones to have taken another different level when you're pregnant in all kinds of the year.
Hormones and chemicals in, like all kind of demagogy, emotions a wagon music that differs couple months. Will you sick Ah year, more citizen Allah year still do shows. Is the one area I think s, amazing, that you are working as hard as you have been cause. You been working hard to anybody that we see like a had been in before this album comes out and on my damn, how is she doing or that cause I can just imagine when? Is it just be lay back in? yeah. Well, you know, I know a lot of people invested in time. Andy swinish! Ah me, and is I I just don't I just don't want to disappoint anybody. I don't wanna make anybody. I guess I feel what the hell and you know I like people, was telling me let what are you doin? What are you doing in issues like ok, I'm pregnant, but I have a game plan and I just wanted to show people like not to creating a more
they people around me lay the people who work with like, as they have a job. Average, don't have a job. Would everything went on your created? You ever think of that haven't was a plan me mother nay, it was good name, exactly what happened you remember when you have a year There were nay who, with her, I had to be their native land, but but what we everything that you have a bigger in Manhattan, limited time stored and then again I know I just didn't want to deal with, though all abortion thing I just didn't I regret of it probably yeah. You know I just didn't want to end. This is like you know what I'm a grown woman, I'm twenty five years old and which is now
most humble his way unless millions I'm saying an arm repair. Lower Remy my said those who, because it is true for women we sent men, have kids contain Their career never stops and for women is so different. They try to act like all of you. Have it is how to everything, but it is proof that you can be pregnant, have a baby and still be at the house. Of everything here. You know why I just really arm bothers me and discuss. Because I see a lot of women or nearly all I feel so. Are you all your career is all when is IY, can why can I have both as a woman Wagner can't both like? Why do I to choose a career baby. Now I can, I have both yeah down. There will have to do what we would have room gives you anyway to thirty one of the veil. Anyway, you absolutely and a menu shown in Hell, you absently, presently Ben is not even people daylight, not ruling from like a lot of people around me was concerned, like that, I don't think a happy days.
Never really happens. Is that I do in in full on thirty saw AIDS who have a k leg. I want. I want my kid now. I want my can now that energy is dove. Gee, I'm telling you I think I have was that been close, Gunnar radius, whatever I'm getting the owner already, absolutely nothing Are you taking the noise? It ended and medication appealed not be nauseous. Now now more to think this is the year by year, didactic it out. You fell off said. Did you bring it had a conversation? My baby emerges yavlinsky. No, he went up I am a girl, Ledge Zion humans. The romanian idea. Well, good. We are we going. Me, I'm sure I'm inside of me,
guys. I mean I'd, love, you success. We seen a blind and let me seen in hands on something you don't get the Ciba. We see new brine in people doubt and you put the mixed tapes out in and you came to my house to play you mix tape and you did a teen parties to the five hundred people see it four thousand should attend to. How does it feel to have an album out right now? It feels like such a relief when I go round sober who I was out. I was I almost Please apple right now that liquidity, songs, Mistaris, nervy, baby and people was, wait a minute hold on that oh, don't worry is that guy album is really special. Album is something new. That's a good time off. I just started the music business, the Indus whatever the crap- and I just Didn'T- know the difference between like an album and a mixtape like what was so important and then it's just like I feel like if I was a little bit overdue when when it comes, one but is like I was a rule lies.
Like I barely had time to go to a studio, because I was being over bug like as a? U want eighty dashing fortyish, oh yeah, in our view, not both for five shawls, and why We can, then, is that so many magazines, our presence in the opportunity, if I take it so many opportunities, it has been offered to me- and I just me them if I take democratic annexing noise, they all crab. I gotta we're gone his our woman, then as they as I can wait for me. I can't wait for the summer time because, as I am on competing with time and I'm completely, where my bodyguard, what it would what is our magnetic field like Cati? Beyond what control did you take this? I'm gonna one point Atlantic will try to get you to do certain, regular that you didn't want to do it
full control have full control. You know I love people was presented me alive. He was possessed me, be a nosegay gas shown by away near what was the result of a really depends because our normal, like all of them all me about how would I put a very leggy alike? I like a leg of more frequent. I do know everybody. They tried to comfort you last week about the goes right and the like. Are you? Ok, yeah I'm release body when you think about it. I think that is that you know piracy is not a ghost. At her a call writer. You know I credit a him. I credit him on all this they ve been in an eye. Gave him a shot in the eye baby, all ward, Ah you know it d, be careful song. I heard the song ass well,
this is even had a whole. Then I just diverse thing, and I was a u. I want this off me and I was saying I leg on b and then we just wages, funny in on putting might be born. They make you money, I pay my. I pay him off and hiding him priority right there soon. You did. A great job in doubt is overdue. That's my girl! A border year he been army shower shake mash issue. My people, I let you know what I'm saying like an atlantic notice, his working skills and notice his music, a sign, Do you guys are much notice. Note, though, mother they now undergoes sniffing around about ITALY actually did do does know that has more than two thirds of the way we found the way we should have thought of body gay records. Aids is not
easy there. My gave way I gave they are, and the mouth so he made me haggling. Another, aren't you know what your problem is people anything like. I dont one of promise, people anything if I not sure that I could give them something. Thus, he people relay it signed this. Then they can do any before them. So, like I'm, not gonna play myself. Oh, they was somebody dreams Hemison the signs in this. And what you say about your real life, like things that you are really doing like you still gone through phones, and do you know that I can go to force because, one of my own, dear failings. You don't know the environment all do because they say when you look for something something's gonna happen boy, you not await the weight that the internet is nowadays you find oligopoly. You gotta put, That was the Gore due to follow you gotta. Let him know every now and then I'm still here, don't think body changed in a while. You know like I just I want to pay myself. I want to see
I mean it's not really the high, because everyone would sound made says if you hear anything to clean a punitive here you are. We got more with COD Ii B, where we come back, don't always to breakfast Logo morning Breakfast morning everybody is the J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club Cati bees in the building charming. Maybe lumbering some normalcy. I know you. What I've been working and thinking about our boom and thinking about what we're gonna do. Eggs, that is, they are better. I gotta take my science ness. Do you know of is a boy or girl, yet it's a girl, gangsta That, then, is that you flip the slip. Deserted. Love me, also some videos. You congratulate you
Why? Why are you are you? Are you learn majesty of speed? You know I got registering for the people they can afford, guaranteeing when I got the registry, ya know all you want out. I went back and I want to tell you I'm not yet I'm not the big money ended his radio station. We would lose the most indicated, one whatever yeah budget boom Amazon was period We got you most exciting for yourself. I would you say if you had to pick a moment that you were like this was like the best day ever. Well when, when I, when I did the hall billboard number one thing that was really special for me
I can even imagine that Ivy hid number one. My goal was to get on the radio gamma things repeatedly on the radio and vague uses hit number one and then a scene art is I like the full of people that I never even think. They know me and valid we even even the album two is crazy. I'm looking at the excellent and yeah is. It was really special. You not like this must have been the most overwhelming month ever I felt like my world was ending or something I was having meltdowns and every day, so now you handling the backlash. You received from social media that make you handle it better than the lovemaking handle all the criticism you get better. Yes, as our nowhere was as it was then, and there have how the hell I became the most hated person ever every single day. It was just a big bag. Last, if Burma relationship is on
blogs in down paparazzi stocking. Well for me and then all the positive love that Of that I got my problem. Is that ok with the music and is thy down as people never satisfies. It's driving me crazy, like what Do you want from me and then all the positive love that I got My problem is that ok, I just needed to who pay for culturally echo cello coming up yeah how'd you prepare for that. Well on Wednesday. I will be flying name swear, lay a we then to send our rehersal so that they move Are you feeling in anything right now? Food was this ugly like you have to have. My wife was into ice cream and gentle ravings any craven at you me like I need is now because he is in favour. Bad business down, or does it s better to really be
really be eating. Like you know, you got through now free baby on I just offering overly hungry or anything at all. You gotta get club in front of the cameras. That's what it is, on how going over there I gotta. If I'm hungry, I'm hungry adenoids is, I guess, I'm naturally skin you. I guess my appetite is weird, but, as I am his way of sheer evacuees issue looks exact this Asian. She knows me: have you decided how much time after you have the baby you're going to sit down and and just focus on it, I'm hoping like a moth three, we all they got all the normal impression you get back out dinner I mean is not prejudice his leg. No, I just got away and see cause. I don't I've never done this before No, I'm not gonna be lagged. Hayden UK
I'm going out, there is a gap, put a pang about security, be sitting paralyzed, rouser use it now. Look I've never seen you sit down you or what you must lily. I just don't see, as you probably know, baby out and go on to ramblin man and go like that's what I say. I just feel extremely hungry for things, especially because I hate saying I hate, I hate my mentality. I hate trying to prove people wrong, but it's like. I have to poop people that has died. A baby. What's that mean now? She has taught me before people do it? Would they thought I was gonna get here. So how are you gonna tell me? What is it when he's gonna finish end day with
he's a his load of aiding you to create and is more evading me as I just do not want to disappoint anybody. I just wish I had a little bit more time for me to think for me. I didn't like that. People was just harassing me at a whole. Bunch of friends. Calling me like is that I can believe you ain't so me why that a fund on the internet, you know I was gonna goats, where land like this in your of having a baby, but I got this whole plan. Ok, here's what we're gonna be doing every week as we had the chance to do that, because it is commonly Havre, sorry, hearing day, you're pregnant. Mrs Thy, something that is so as is in private, I could even keep it for myself Ray and as an actual like I've, given every body everything they have a one. You have been open. I've been to invidious when no make a bar looking man, crusty is. I sir, I think I want from me
as I say, I just show ya nearly one or be my beyond gonna causes down boy Manger one hour. She hurried. There was no one to keeping the yourself because you have been so probably for so long. I've kept. So many things to myself is so. Many things about me. Their people, don't know because I really do choose as open as we put things. I am. I really do choose on what I want to be. There are none a lot of people were pitching, so you could they want to do a tv show it Cardy and there, are you considering doing any of those things our? Nor because sometimes I will I know, but then, as I when I see the money is this is also about. Are you? Did you say don't go Jello. Are you coming? You know someone be. I think I could show no I'd. We have different Go go, go, go to get a job are those on the other? Do no thank you because we make things. I've never supposed to happen. It was just
idea that people, as is a you know when you hear a song and people like this with some ha the earth Lonnie and people just around which is began in things up in his? they ain't, your mama mouse all got to Florida. We have to be careful regulation, listen to it. Yes, you know, a lot of people was faced. Me when it came to but be careful rigour and it was his leg houses I bill why why people are like the song? I love the song and then I was. I wait a minute it no matter what these people say: Lauren hero, prove this bizarre ever. If she then approve it, I will have to change so much for me and she approving an hour. She very spiritual when it comes to things as she'll full Dennis is. I got a european policy. Is poor bird. She sent a message to measure how to measure it may be for like super coffee. At times me,
He'll super cough like, as I always gonna, be a vague hope. That's actually somebody told me you could have a conversation about being prejudiced. Got pregnant around the time when she was really pop and often able to tell them how to get rid of baby by dubious thaw, whatever whatever and she thought of him yeah. Well, I just I'm talking about. I don't know why it is, I guess, maybe ages makes beef ill, but could you agenda or if sensitive stuff it'll open your mild dodging has my baby it is really feel we are. We got more would clearly be when we come back to breakfast locomotives D, J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club Kali bees in a building which was the mixed evolution.
Because you came up in his group club social media law. Reality tv, not a music, was that with the next evolution a car. You know why. I really don't know because, as I have no idea, why, what can I do not do besides dance? The programme is rhythm, your you know what I'm saying I got it is so many on bills that I read selling my sublet. I don't think I could do that if you really oh, yes, you can and does so many things that I told myself. I don't think I can do this, but I have done it in his day, I could do especially for the re praise you don't with jewels the ground, doing things to longer. Let you stay one thing for law and move on to the next thing: the hell I e, the url, I'm gonna Bab. Ah, how many you know, I'm SAM I'm gonna vapid satellites into law. Now like money forever so is saying good Arab forever. Her you know what I'm saying is a wish. You don't wanna go to dinner
they probably when I don't leave into do you think I'm out, you know why I never have Donna Bow window my going through Lee, nor on thing I never really thought about that. I just wanna do every, everything that can make me money I'll. Do it and everything that that I developed a passion for I can do any. I have a passion for music and I'm going to keep doing it maybe with telling me I think they want again means acting. I used to do a little salt in high school. Don't feel like I'm good at it now, maybe a fast I giving getting classes or something I'll great any add a pie start when there are no, this is all
this time we are allowed to do that. You still got a played a baby shower. You still got a plate aware impatience. Do you gotta go! That's all when it comes to the things that they have plan for work is, I am almost finished, but then is that all my gosh, I do got a plan, a baby shower in his eye Oh, I do have to plan a wedding, but is his leg? Is the is hard? find wedding. When is it that you both working I'm about to go on a long tour, he's going to go on a long tour and I'm not who, like I'm, gonna, have a awaiting a ninth drink they go to a honeymoon, and I have like unlimited Gladys I want to see was the baby could copy so gangs. I want to see of Cati good eyes you baby, perhaps out, is issued, will point to sell to collect. Here and there you poor boy, do Vasco DA because me, my daughter, is closed.
No, what do you know? I'm saying I e that duty. He he read it. I wonder. Do I don't know you saying like I was wondering if they don't to you phone, I thought Three, that was you. I used to sing Highschool, there's a video of me thing in high school, but I just don't feel like I'm super grid anything. You know my voice have change, you know I'm say smoky screaming shagging, as is not the same as that has great any more. What is thy, why not give it a try leg? I mean I used to I like it, I like it. I like that, like hip, hop songs to that like it there's like a nice balance of that cuz, I don't feel like never those ballet type a hip hop songs. Those islands have the songs I haven't. I we really heard in a while, and I just wanted to bring their element in issues that I feel like a lot of people in bed. I'm just this girl. They don't have any type of feelings, every thing
sometimes it is, as I now show, yellow sign. I don't want this thing there, I've just that this person they care about. Being. As my music fool, on the other side of the rebel collaboration. Come about their look, don't you see jeweller grandchildren Cardy disarm ages for like it was tat. The wrapper like us meet. This need, overthrew him every reached out to him a bit of version as they, but can you please get on the whole, though, because this has its Dennis sound, go with me, he tweaked allowed of it. He was real busy. It was in our failure. A came right back a day and it is. I me as odd, is knowing how busy you can be left to take the time and the way it is. I can very grateful. I guess I M Michelle. Obama knows these key. He gave no my record
every art is actually is as they. I know how busy artists are not very grateful need they need a kid me. Somebody to give you a lot like any other, like any measure that lovey beer, be careful what you decide to think that hook you so I consider it is like singing do. Consider singing. But I didn't considers I did a whim, our regular boys, you any man baby, I adore singing we in the shower. Would it be like you, you think in the shower, when I think in the south, we ve got a guy doesn't mean anything like like. I want it on the whole of that song to feel like I'm talking to I've wildlife.
When I was talking to the guy I didn't I was. I think he is thy does why, when people say oh, why you sing like guys I I was even China, saying I wanted to make you feel like an open letter is gonna love kind of like how allow Danny left leg, and I will make you feel a little there is a heavy How do you feel you add Odin of you see the glow of that we any views. Have you like you know why they could whatever whereas the all video, the mere like day of evil. Is there anything for you now many young women are so excited to be able to relate citizens into put in Africa's a ladder.
As illegal. I went through the saying. Oh you help me get to a situation where my man I'd those at a kind of com. Is it I'm senior Hyades Talkin to me right now? This is so me. This means a lot to me. This albums help me out through a lot of my life. Is that debt the go like, as I know, the people who like this on, because they can relates Rosa because my mom for resolving their all, oh, my album is be careful there. She still scared. You perhaps know that dinner together, it has always been your immortal. You always delivered a message that we always rugs genuine pneumonia, hd video leaving the robot. Fails you so ratchet miss you always there's something. Uplifted too, You know, I love me. Sometimes I wonder of live. Does the thing I just wanna do different things that I like a good time, because something, arms. I want to deliver a message as sometimes I just want you to party recording What do you mean? Invasion of privacy ages came up as a conversation, because, while
was doing the album. I thought I'd ask when my privacy was getting invaded the most like every single time to look at the instant it was a story about me. There was a story about my door. It was getting so ridiculous as and so overwhelming. That is as I am. I in the studio and people are making things or still talking about me. I feel like I'm going crazy, like I was getting so overwhelm as I feel like I've. No privacy like people like I'm a deal. Monkey indissolubly arises watching me away and is now why'd you me they just want to make something of me or an hour really got of our really got have set when I damn sauce, body with a camera, a barrage in the bushes eyebrow? where I order in Miami while in her was his leg, no matter which holds out, we stayed in, it was as a boom there. I couldn't, leaving the prize, a frame and begin to be not a mean. Sadly,
Lee you know, and as why would sending people like everybody wants fame into you? I would get more. Accordingly, we come back matter fact we going to put the room is back a little bit and Cardi B's going to come back, so don't move at the breakfast club come on. Morning. Every body is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain the girl. We are the breakfast club. Usually we do Loom Asea Bacardi bees here now family members and in France, as new family members, propped up a new friend popped up. There's a lot of friends I had to get rid of which really hurt my feelings and is really hard for me to deal with and as a thing the view which is don't be gnawing things every be hurting my feelings as some times when it comes to my family, like I got really sad because I used before how sign sang things of me affect them. I would people so bad of army affects my sister. I have so many friends, they saw her and they just be. I can't take this and so sad. I can I see you like this
Those are good things like me me, sadly, that I could take a lot of people around me can't take a basis, cannot taken. No, you wouldn't know. We was what I hear. People talk about sunless natural borders around your yes, and it can defend me like that. Usually candy one or cut somebody would agree that would be to do a good. They noted charges and better reflect our view. The can handle the ass we and other club and bag brings my attention to certain things. It don't need avatars employed to it serve. Your friends are going on people. Nobody would ever seen that, and so the back and forth happens. Yes, issues is so crazy. How people be wanting you to say something about certain situations and Norway say something they each lobby. The morn is is a room. If you do, if you'd those eyes relate a one's gonna. Keep things more to myself, because I just can't you you? How do you know what the cut friends off
little by little. I find out I'm. Finally, now I just see people there are just being this loyal. I feel like some people just want to be around when is beneficial for them on where people just brag or used my name for stirring things. Like you, gotta go away, you just get Cobb talking crazy about me. You gotta go that'll people a lot of people, especially fair, because I noticed Is it that asking for money? Now all you were always been like over, you know, I'm saying you know and using Google AIR yearly was making money and where you know now is higher, Why am I need more car now house, Lady ass boys higher, but is that I can say no like is an honour for me to say no one thing. I really appreciated that you touch it.
Ways having been is cheaper and women in this job clubs or video vaccines? How sometimes, if people, if they were to say what things guys had done to them like pull out you know where a magazine cover shoe and you said people would judge them if they complained about it and said o this guy did this it is guided there and people were they well, you a house, and what does it matter, but the truth is that all women deserve respect. As the thing leg is thy, oh wow, how you deserve respect, will you not respect these sub, showing your body this index? As I'm sure my body? Does it mean that
want to get touch when I don't want to get such doesn't mean they, like some women? A lot of women think like, for example, me when I was nineteen and I used to be in the train station, and now you see these girls are red. Bottoms in the magazine is that while I wonder how much money they making it probably making like ten thousand just to be on the cover of this magazine, a lot of young women think that certain jobs is a big opportunity for them and it sucks when you trying to get that opportunity, soon, Eddie and this point the way like all you want to be in this magazine and they pull out a penis. Some girls are very young and I were novice nineteen I wasn't. I was asleep or people I was
boy? None of that, and as is so many people are you want to be in this cover, or you want to be in this music video, the anybody be directors but saga furs and is so crazy enough, and if some girl will say something like in the urban world, it will say it doesn't matter because you're a whole railway We respect the soldiers who half naked in business in that there's a matter lay. Why is it that you gotta harassed me to do something? I don't want to do for something that they feel like? Is the opera many? Have they tried? You know anybody in museums. You tried, you know, nobody has tie me, nobody, learn how to do it, but, as is that it is good that you could be got four people, because that is two people automatically assume. Oh, yes, as you workin in club. That means I can do anything
but I thought you anyway, I went and you still can't do that to anybody. That's still somebody's personal decision and it's unprofessional, yes and people just don't understand like is that you could be a good looking girl. You want to be in this video and everything, but you not presenting yourself to the person like hey. I want to be in this music video. What's up nothing, like that, you just as this addition for these designed a book, it yeah you, China, book a job like this really audition for music videos in everything and then his egg. There's always that won't Percy try to sell a dream to this. Girls and are not the only I'm. Not american soldiers must Alonso before I left, a girl, then, as I been there done that and as far as I know, this is not for me. Are you regretting letting me one of your friends your free?
I feel free people bore than a fine thou any ways MA by changing, and I have so much work to do if I could have chosen a different way. I would even let anybody know, because I don't wanna hear people opinions and I dont want people have made me feel like a blessing should be our regret. I don't want the negative Gee on my my maybe she's owing to baby gives here. Are you posted because you know I have all types of things to say about your baby. I don't think I'm going to post it for a hot minute cuz. You know. First of all, babies come out, We're maybe that's it. I know my dear beginning with a little crazy, the law we are there like a shave, CAT Brown Margaret saw. You knows they aggregate and is I got immensely prepare myself. First were aghast basta posting? my family members adds mentally prepare myself or that mom?
but we happy only scale a very heavy regulations on every being on all your success. The singles multi platinum, the album gold already in a day appointed a nice cohesive, Adam. I feel, like all the signs are singles absolute, it's time for me to do each and every song. You know I have a strong accede and Alcoa, no by say: I'm gonna talk hard sulphur. Ever I don't want to change it. I don't want no class, It must be said. I want nothing were all when it comes to my music. I don't want to hear my music, so I do things over and over and over and over again, sometimes I feel like I'm not Roy right, so one song I could spend about three days in the studio just doin that one saw light, be careful took me a hat minutes do, and it is ok. My nice words mix each song like three four times the feedback have been great, I cave and believe they resembled
The word I dont know was good numbers o one week I don't know was good days was good that I'm learning by little round already go the numbers. Are. You want to know something? I'm really new at this whole music being little by little and find out what a word I dont know was good numbers o one week I don't know was good. It was good that learning by little round already go. You saw two thousand of great much ass all. Yet we don't know the number it could be more in it doesn't matter you put together a great project and it should be redrawn. Just stay humble hours, courteously and humble right now I mean I'm just Andrews really change. Might you know COD Ii b B, as have before you, have a problem in Cancun, automaton enjoyed in us and base for breakfast.
Oh you know, I'm all right is the breakfast club is guarded. I was born and I don T dare Devil resume Charlemagne got you a mobile occasion. I don't give a damn, which I think about that, because I deserve it now: the breadth of clubs and eighty plus markets and auditing the country. So we have a lot of new listings and probably don't even know who Charlemagne the God is so use my time off to catch up on some of my pass work. Okay! Okay, if you knew here, I do a secondary God delegated day donkey as in jackass, and that's when I give someone credit they deserve being stupid. So if you never heard of it, this is new to you. But if you are regular, listen it in his in only but goody, because it's the best of the donkey of today doggie
They go the young Kodak Black. Ok, I have always enjoyed Kodak blacks, music. Even though many talks and wraps he sounds like law equipment I should like lawn equipment on any I M in an area that bodies that Renault, ok, I want my river I guess we called Aggies Tunnel vision, because I don't care what aid you are. You can relate to that sentiment in that song. I let me hear some of that amazing rapidly, so they don't want to feel when they want to see you would have been its injury, ideally a low driving over Lizzy. I like her. I bet you like Godaddy black music to ok, bye,
like didn't. Take his own wife, ladies and gentlemen, could he's back India let's go to w p algae, ABC fully republish, I'm starved Kodak Black as back behind bars right here in South Florida, be a so deputies arrested. The wrapper whose real name is dice it on tape. Right could show the twenty Eurotas now facing charges that include grand theft of a firearm, possession of marijuana and child neglect, and I told her of last year. Could I black was indicted in South Carolina after being extradited applauded the face. First, the great criminals, sexual conduct, not listen pact- is because everything can be blamed on youth because code, I Blackie is twenty years old and he's been in trouble with law. Before I write a vacuum, serving a one year house arrest in as we needed permission from his probation officer and court before travelling anywhere Kodak also indicted on sexual conduct charges in October in cases ongoing, not imagine that black hat rob career. Ladies and gentlemen, going I Blackwood making money ADI industries. You can't write a song like tunnel vision. Speaking on They want to see you in a penitentiary and then do things
around things that land you back independence entry, let me read you would Kodak Black got hit with not you. Mine, is on house arrest and he's on probation. Ok, isn't charges grant of a firearm? That's like the stolen too Charges of possession of weapons are ammo by a fell in possession of marijuana. Over twenty grams child neglect with great bodily harm. Our even that means into probation probation violation charges now I'm not die is great awaiting the dispensary. But if our own house arrest an probation- and I know they want to see me independence entry- I am hoping they put me in there are. Eight is absolutely no excuse for days and hey. If someone says well his stuff, they found wasn't even coda black, ok, even still, if you all, know my situation. All my people around me y'all know I'm on house arrest. I know I'm on probation, don't come around me with guns and drugs because you know that's a probation violation, even if I don't know better I need you to know better for me. Ok, I'm the breadwinner leader about data brings them.
That out, but that you bring me a pension of a pistol. If you really love me, tell me no yeah curse you out his American. Would you no more but I'll come back around eventually, because here the thing that yes, men seemed not understand it, trying to protect your position by doing everything. This Addis wants you to do, but when those things he wants you to do threatened. That artists is freedom. I his life. You have to tell him. No, because guess what, if that articles jail, That artists dies. Guess what? Yes man, you don't have a position anymore anyway. Ok, a guarantee right now go well! I it s our thinking about all the people around him who told him. No all the people got mad at all, but a year that was Tellin him changes ways before you blows everything I bet Kodak you're thinking about all those people wishing you Listen, I wish cold. I, like the best our legacy anyway. Incarcerated, but he made a conscious decision to break the law and he knew what the consequences of his actions would be. Or maybe you didn't
I am sure in people called the Amazon things right now, like God, don't make no mistakes, everything ads for reason, and this is a minor set backs. What made you come back well know: it's! Not it's not a mindset back into me. You set back a possible. I may not be home until I'm. In my forty said back in a few. I quote I black team and code. I black save the you. Everything happens for a reason. Selling right, but sometimes the reason is that you stupid and you make bad decision please. You called I'd like the biggest problem right. Man is consequences. The anxiety and these breeds you kid go learn about with no. We fixes a guy. We got more coming up next winter breakfast club the breakfast morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are, the breakfast club is ask IE, eight If I have a firewall or fire one, if you that, of course, in four years, who's. This area high area was, of course, if we have an egg,
You want the really be with me why we really wanted, and I will I won't be without a you won't be me by the only thing is, I feel like, as they will ever be with him. I'm always shit. I'm we'd be healthy. How goes from all occur. Gay you not all, is actually very valid reason and I'm sorry aware of it. I think they are begging. My wife who ally. I really want to build them like email, Machiavelli, loved me and the judges does he made? You orgasm do with another bottle. So I'm gonna tell you that you had an orgasm before from him. Ok, well, here's the thing, I'm until you a couple of things at failure, pain, you don't feel any pain, but I will say that usually guys with my penises are greater other things. Is he gonna
sex here is a passionate and other ways. There's no way you being with somebody if you're just going to cheat on them. I say that my bed ears guys were huge venuses, they don't know. What doing so. You should be glad that you have the money, whether small peanuts and is able to stem the avenue. Adam and please you in that way and take great care. You kids and take great care you Italy will tell you what you want air boy, Have you have. You ever been what a guy with a huge penis that isn't good job Those are the main always orgasm aware. The other thing I like stimulate, scraping amazing penetration. I I like similar laboratories about me why why is he now Who are you pay out of your thumb, the town,
Why don't you see the wood each other Europe? Can you guys used toys? I dont think even now mean on you like, if you gonna try and experiment in shadow tat? I guess vibrate is involved and get him to do that to you by virus trouble. Oh wow, nodded that's what I'm saying you drag me like. You have made it known that I have a little back, you gotta buy me a big one. Why why nag insurance is a variant, lamplight, any relationship and so ill? You with that, but I also feel like if he can add that passionate intimate connection with you and still make you orgasm. You should be ok with that and if you're gonna tell me, then just don't be with him, which, by remembered the penis, isn't always bigger another side. Well, what a good thing no, I mean it, you may go go if somebody with a big subpoenas and everything else might be wrong and then you
regret it and then you wanna get back with him. Is so unfair, to be a man. May we can't go out and get gladly surgery to make. Our pain is big. You can only tat we can. All european allies like how have you draw is all girl I've looked into than they do at length. Are right. You, girls, I can give an shots in feed. Breast in hay- and I can't get no extensions for my penis and now want to leave you just as God bless me with a low profile. And you know nothing of paper Kurds. Her too, especially when they went. Ok was less somebody, in this room has a small penis. We have simply. We are equally early work, but then ride area will go. Lucky you buy, listen, don't be, was the money they gonna cheat on Amazon
to say does not make him feel just God TAT for you and you know what may not think a little they have you ever live. You know your bloodstream or every mean that they are right now right as key aid under five, a five one o five. What have you got? A question for you call a right now is to breakfast locomotive. Everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast Club ISAF, ask e hello. This victory from to try what were at at at at at at day was gay, which, of course, if we easy level. Ok! Well, I'm from Detroit, my baby girl. You bet backwards as well. That's where I live. I don't play, but I like, I was brought up in a barrier wherever there are women. I would not want my money weighs about an ass low down, so you guys when Atlantic City
yeah. I was making money together. Where were you guys doing our case a year? And, as I said, I was earmarked for everything, but I like you. What a series of ahead is basically to worry about it every day it likes and make the money came out. I think of them. In our work so way how them down you wrap Japan rob my baby. There will be and what you're doing what you drink to nail bear at the moment what plans does everything back there because they thought they d? Always love was thousands relax. It was that animals are you, so you say you wrap your baby
Eddie along with his other baby mom. I feel like great, because I want to watch over anyone out. There can live together. You long hours I'm gonna go out. Maybe maybe I think perhaps so he's not gonna take. The sad you guys have together unless you pay him, isn't that his job pay to take here his own now. Do you hate crimes? I care must live up to their fans and upper room. Now, I'm about the good. It ok You got to sort these things number one. First and foremost for the sake of your child right you're, not trying to be with him. Are you I don't know you don't know so nowhere, you are you wanna get back together with other gaunt is promoting a boo, go money to re, evaluate the money, but why don't you want to be there, for your child can be a good idea.
Billina in a role model and you don't go to jail. I sent the where's happens at the always lesson. Why are you alone an alibi? You know I can't eat all. I've got. Plans are thinking about the law, they end up in jail and you will get alarm assembling an open zeal by me. The earth, our biggest, where you either Listen. It was my own opinion. I think that you should be happy there. He managed to get away from this man. That was, I've been doing everything else, because that was gonna go down the wrong path for you, let that we all want to get money right. They sent. I learned how to sacrifice and go to periods of time that we not making that much money so that later on in the future over the years, and now you can legitimately may go money, but you will not enter into a lot bigger after net, but he could not get away. Are you even listening to what he has to say about what you gonna do with your life, because they tell me I'll need the rich, as as I somebody
That's advising you do not go to school and I go to law school in saying it s getting in the way is actually in the way himself ass egg in order for them to control. You was a measure that you never make something more out of your life, your why you're gonna go back out there either. Yeah you mind telling me don't go back out there. I am telling you don't go back out there trying to persuade me, that's why we get the nightmare of the books, but he belonged. You know you measure mad other j to go are telling us. Name thing returned to oversee wire to read and write them in the third world Ok, you're! Ok with that here I mean I remembered what I may tell you, then they re. Now we always say what a leafy lie will ease. He kept a rare lilies affront about. It is that the desire be lying now is needed.
These. There is not ok for somebody to do stuff like that. You just cause they being honest about it, you're one army and the money, the thermometer I like you, I rather somebody now do tat how about be with empty that doesn't do those things theirs bringing you two other women's houses is not cheating on. You then have to take care. You family, that supports you. I want you to go to school and do better for you lie. Why can't you find somebody like that, and I would like to hear your eulogy. I don't want any dna yeah. Let's forget about them do assembly where you? What about you do something for yourself I mean I can do a lot of talk about them Will he be alone? Is intake here. Yet child and handle that, instead of thinking about getting it's bad money. Think about securing a bag for later on, and I haven't foundation having education together. So you can do and be anything. You want to be a life work. Like that advice.
You too, you don't go right now, as key out even know what went on, and I call, but if you'd deciphered it and figured it out, I'm happy areas is madness. We got more covered up twitter, breakfast Club, the breakfast club? Everybody is the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club as sea in a if you need relationship device, will help you out hello. Is this a corner manner paper page for membership, which of course the former? So I got mine, ornamented cobbler lot upon taken out accusations and after we, hello be able to feel my girl without alike out, along with an old fool. You got. Baby Mama's, but you baby Mama's as messing up new girlfriend made clear vice I would give you sir, is is a guy named dog Brown and she should seek out a dog brown has invented a time machine
form over the lorry, hinted at the lorry and back in time and where a condom average you should do us. Maybe there is really nothing you can do. I mean you put yourself in opposition, you have three baby mom. Is you got to deal with it for the rest of your life? The only thing I would do, which had a separate my baby moms, but my girlfriend unless they try to get in touch with her always social media, and things like that, and I would go into my girlfriend phone and block them myself, so they have no way to speak to each other, and you headway, condoms now, so you don't have a full baby mama, because your protection games clearly trash very trash yeah. I got well call video at all like that, and I'm actually look at the proposed tomorrow. I'm kind of blood is open, I would marry you got three changed from three different baby Mama's. I will marry you if I was all. I m glad you and marry me a married. A razor gay allows this hey arm is anonymous, ok items which of course, are foreseen. I wanna know. Ok, while MA am I had.
And I ve been together for eight years will be merits about or one off I'm your ma and my question: How do I get him to be ready for children, because every year he was to put it off another year and then we get at it and all the sudden he doesn't want do it again. He locked to wait another year and I'm confused because you know had children he's thirty five and thirty two, and sir? What the issue is not only what it's all right now, I'm hit other bay. He never really fairly deserving. Now I d gone away another year. I want in Libya Mary, but if I d been together for a year and finally, a Jew is, is the money now matter up you ve heard of ups overshot your global bags, uninjured condoms, now of urine
you can kind of them will be out of wood. You, my back. My behind a drag us happy now realise what the backside of beyond his man. If I meet near rod, every non and ah monsieur de club, just because I can't hold, are you wanna pill? What would our upon the pair area it has about we're gonna, be ready if anyone ready amazed that even now found a viable at the issue repeat after measly ups, I didn't know I died toward the pattern of Mr Pill, I'm so sorry, baby Nano do data, wrapping demanded trapped me Mary, there's, no job, creating a life of Europe and age of not having unprotected sex is only a matter of time before unless something wrong for ITALY, okay other than that y'all going to be fine. Just keep on keep on doing what you doing You know why a solemn oath, I keep a damp positive allegory call you. Alone is ill. Your name, is juice, yeah, salad, you baby and
see children, often Jews right now like offers on what was requested. Rightly sequester Mama told me why the data by the matter to be away, but I've been anyway. If you don T, know how many kids, you are back there mom I'll bet That is why what s it I've got. Five years, we had three kids to set. Ok right, I'm stupid circular publicly gives our three kids. Nobody wants, may value. That is all it. Ok! Well, let me, as requested at how are you? Are you look you in the gym? Do you look nice tell us. Our Paris looks more widely
latterly email there really right why woman was buried like everybody about me all right. What everybody says bade him, though, by more we're we're looking for he's got, nobody was already may fairly my while we live today, you have reached us, would show clearly your box is good cause to put such a club up a few times. You know, I'm sampling. Don't wanna be they know what they're ready made family night is some guy that their who got two and three kids themselves we opened together Miguel, although Ghetto Brady much but I've been in know where you looking mom. Are you in the club see if you in the club you use your body might be looking, you might look good and it like. He said if you're in the club guys want to smash and they might now want a ready made family, but I don't Mary. I don't global that big ochres rebuke of what is good as it may. We have got the gas
in July, we find a man and has to reach AIDS like you. Do try Christian mingle, people address to mingle, a very forgiving rise. That's like a double we ADA Bobby what is far as IE. Call as marrow is the breakfast locomotive. Everybody is the J envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne girl. We are. The breakfast club now was gleeful asked after any was talking about the way he eats a banana listless and will use ya to break it in her dog. I've been reviewed review by as and ass. He says we're guy there, where you got that you want to start interview you in July, gonna break the banana pause. Believe you me agent Y know, see thing you're, gonna break in pieces broke why this is the first.
And I feel that's how how eat a banana? It's not because not because I think it's us just I don't know we do not know what is going to have you ever votes? He be. We haven't give em the eating of banana. Other me, I am here on my mother. I, u can see while in my hand, being Emmanuel holding up the banana is a picture of Emmi eating up in that you use your thing right. Have you wanted me to bananas? Your business? Ok, you know, you want, appeared Montana Bite into a cool if you want to bring banana fine but don't say a suspect just because somebody, the digital banana bite into? It is not such a big we gotta get offered. Is pause, no homo suspects dealt with the truth to the matter. Is it's only yea if you're a gay man right what a penis numa? If the banana trade is a fruit, not appeal, I kissed, stick to hope Now my dough outbreak now have you ever hear of you ever got a banana rang right and you pay a lotta yellow skin right and under their yellow. Skin is a penis right, a man Venus and you put it in your mouth
we can scream PA was so big okay, ok, but other than that. No, I Israel year so as to how the EU banana regime with the man you put everything in your mouth. You thought the brutality of the dollar No, that's all. I got her answer. Nosey, so fundamentally, job argued it yeah, you're right until one did not know. I never met at committee level for years I love my Grover. If another guys like me will be liable, without but an illegal save. You don't threaten me what a good time what's up with you and have been again lead and no doubt NICE Matthew put never nanny, ok lived banana, make the baby doorway a brunette. If you bought into emotion, zero,
I always find it allows. Is my name is Cowboy America me, love. Why were you eventually derive job? I take it out of mere. My dear girl was saved a man about big mouth. Minister title ideology that parliament always like this. No man, oh my way, bad as Roma men were well. They look like You put them in your mouth man, but you are right. That thing in your mouth a banana, but you gotta, where you were like you put away, but you don't worry about earlier about it no longer by moonlight better made, everybody we died The result at all they get home a folded. What is really the stupidest thing? I've ever seen in my life, I water, developing, ambiguous savage if you break the banana and any given. You were given your son, a false sense of masculinity. Just because you break a banana, don't you got it The banana normally might not want to forget one day.
There is a growing awareness about, like a doll, make any sense. That is two examples like ought. Ligaments virile sense whatsoever alone, This, oh wow I come from. One of these is doubly gallon. Oh my god, I hate you boys, we don't turn. Tell me how to the bananas cart. I would like our cause. I'm gonna gloom about my math humanitarian. You know, maybe a matter that you will I know my dad and all the others that it had all the lower your laterally gabert reverent, that, like literally on both by the hurry, the I gotta pull away, but you gotta go ah jobs out of your masculinity defined by higher eat bananas? I seriously because,
in our view. A ban, all you gotta, do our breakin happy go lucky marketable, would know tat. Do you know that you, like you, eat a banana? Naturally, you deleted, naturally the the way of behaving like mark you do it whoa like monkeys to who they began life, remember monkeys You guys want the animal channel under the Y. All right now we will watch tv now message you advocate Dig allows is whose trade dirty trade from Jersey how to either bananas in Jersey tree near straight away to eat a bananas are no one. Now you gotta go land, what a yard- or you already Brody mean as no screen what Eu Banana, if you're a great man of Europe's great man. However, you heed of banana: is this great weight he'd banana, but that those data deprecate you go for it may be too demanding ever get there? You you,
well, how do you want to buy a new one? I reminded you want to convince us. You scrape budget on my deep throat. Bananas have made it a lot even though I must go forward. Do you have a deep throat? The banana is that you get approaching somehow by wool Ok, what's the moral of the story that toxic masculinity is run and his party that's more distort I we got more covered up next widow Breakfast Club morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne girl. We are the breakfast club. You gotta positing over people, listen the positive note, is simply this man at the difference between maliciously offending somebody on purpose in some Eddie being offended by truth. If you offended by the truth, as your I have no obligations are not offend you. If, I'm speaking the truth. Ok truth is supposed to have been you. That's how you know you don't. Bread with proper business clinical yonder
Nevertheless, I am larvae under camp and the host of the before breakfast podcast and the author of several time management books. I must have a host of I hurt media newest podcast, the new corner office in this? So we share strategies for thriving in the new world of work, one where the location and ours are more flexible than in the past? Listen over that first cup of coffee and I promise you'll learn something useful, listen to them. Corner office. Every week day on the ice, radio, app apple pie casts or wherever you get. Your pod casts either arms at Rob and I'm done phase on we're real life best friends, but we met playing fake life, best friends, Turk and GDP on the sick. Scrubbs. Twenty years later, we ve decided to we watch the series one episode at a time and put our memory into a podcast. You can listen to at home
we're gonna, get all our special guess. Friends, like sour chalk, John C Mckinley meal Flynn, Judy raise show create a bill. Lawrence editors, writers and even prop masters would tell us what inspired the series and how we became a family, you can listen it upon cast fake doctors, real friends with second I called on the high heart radioactive apple podcast and wherever you get your blog CAS
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