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I always wanted to be a woman in charge. I became that woman because of the little dress. I am the Enron first and then the season of my path cast in charge with DV ass. I sit down with some of the women. I admire most intimate conversations about the journey of life and survival. Listen for free, only unspotted by beginning Marge, twelve, with new episodes every Thursday. I'm baritone date, there stood hosted a ghastly, respect where we have candid conversations around the power of genetics, download the next episode and pharmacological ex now and learn what experts have to say about how genetics can play a role, and I was ponds, dedication and the future of precision medicine
co, genetic precision, medicine is supposed to take us directly to their drug. That's gonna be impact actual important for our help. Listen to spit on the radio, apple pie, gas or wherever you get your biggest challenges like a mega voyages took all MA. Am we must press round have recently joined a breakfast club, say some of your term to get it off your chair of the young man from you, wanna breakfast, you got your mind, allows this age you have to have you marry me added to what is good morning? How are you you look through the back door again today, a bright and early childhood. You know you look let back where you or your big isabel when a guy get accusing you have only making it because we, both at the level and you would have been a double you by your, not Abarbanel, Guardy Lud by parliament. I mean this comment is on the web, of which so much talk in the double burden would have brought about a girl, like you re, about to rear the bill, and I go about the story about the little. Your way get real Fernandez man, a barn plus a lab with him, is that there have been whenever it. But then I love, wait, ran value of gay people. They beat me like loud of De Vigo Report than the delayed due to the right of veto and indeed a gay away. Yet there is still a little boy obeyed with update Zimbabwe printed up when it like last week. The death rate would have who, while today, given that you go when include bother him had he known ravens already, but I like I like it. I like when people like Baggy cancelled, absolute acts of terrorism are eyebrow allows, is still the Bible was broke out, and we too are features, are just what I think and prayed for. My god is the day of the blood into my life with those of the earth. But first I want to give thank her and her name with me to get thank you name. That is indeed the actors putting on a better man like intrigue, bird failure love their neighbour with a love, love name. Just always the one of my daughter will enjoy. Commissioner. They grow so fast may enjoy fundamental neighbours. Marley beloved were data no diabolic. We just talk about. Everybody puts molly on everything in order to sell stuff. We just little have no compensation allows this. Europe will we'll get it features earth of all about you, maybe you'd mare Charlemagne, and I got to book. Thank you all you all Graham, but get them grow much. I've met you! Never why you never thought of. You quoted one hundred merchant out here, a love I you know I was doing I, U. Cloven does dogma merchandise from our partner, but it, but I don't talk about my PA government on the purpose- must gear we do or disrupt thereby yoga, but you're not gonna. Like I live. I don't like the midst to right. When you shouted amount was alive, you wanna cooled bomb drop articles above. Are you cloven? You got a lot of those like even given us out of members like you know that guy, like Malcolm Megawatt, often aiming at about? How can you tell me about gas marked out here? I got an article that shot at it did not work in it.
Aloha you global manner when our warm amalgam eggs, Josiana Amalgam exit birthday. I was from our Eu Clue right when he sat at eight hundred five, eight five. What oh five one of you need of any just now was the breakfast locomotive. The breakfast toning down to breakfast club but allows is for twenty four ritual was abrogated. Ravages recorder Gerdas recently released my offer to interfere with calls for you. What are you two right now? Road direct call, what fallen out before nor crazy above sea level, while you was, if I tell you right now, I get this morning the problem on and on everybody darling. It's prominence, looted she evil volume one. What is that a movie? Yes jazzy mourners to refer Jesse was a man of each get off my chest that I am glad that my birthday and ask TAT he wanted her birthday was started. I wish you a happy birthday was a name creature. Tabby boy did casualties. Yet I see in the Bay right now waken up the magical around I've been again gonna nine years now. Do you remember the first? On the other hand, next year, do you remember the date? No, she remembered the date now that the anniversary repertoire. Ok, I like I did my mind- and I was a baby- is illogical as also Charlemagne, cousin birthday today, rather, I remember how I know- and I repeat that actually he remembered the birthday exactly usually remembered, but happy anniversary to you in the white men December favour a birthday enormously. All in all, we got to admit it show up to something. I don't know something of her fellow this package is a precious good morning morning. I fell right, William away colonies want a moment they fed by girl and clapping. Her exit, saying I had to shut out the young girls extra having a good on game empire. Is she going to read rule? Was it s really cares guessed TAT the desert. You know Demi Emmy, that her jogging way bet it in your noble tempered up. My party shares the same thing: ass well ass, his name on fair name problem, and you may be off the James. You can't there s name was her name of heading. There was unable to know her name moment. Mama gave me no matter what did she say waiting my many by accident as he pretended didn't happy and as he apologized yeah he pretended. Did you like as you get it it's like. I'm moaning, moaning, voluptuous Mono, W Georgie gotta be acting. I admit I was writing loving Mona as created your jaw game. So whether you can forget our excellent named on beyond wagon, where maybe you need for new tricks trial, all the Mariposa horse, my mama beg you call him. Thank you. Mamma asked that little up will subsequently have to adjust to the anti fighting gonna make a while back at whatever side, while I'm gonna bring out the mainframe abiding by their weapon, when all other allowed brightly lighted may be able to go there, but then, if you live in a way that is otherwise, why do they never to be burned alive? Maybe Y Y you, the story of, would be getting shot. I mean I wish you could have explained the situation of the apple without Charlemagne, youth it for you, you and be my pride and you gave me. I know they're, not bad at it. You know that guy I'll I'll besides, parliament should have fired a well ya, can't tell Gaza booty, they are, but a big jumped out. It is car, nay, didn't give a warning before you fired violating around. I think sums lobby wrong, get it off my chest. Eight hundred five eight firewood o five one of you need of it. You can you to submit any time keep allotted for breakfast club, kimono, everybody's d, J, Envy Age Lee Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. We got a special guess inability, my guy now I got my Starbucks everybody accelerated,
training on your back and say it took a while to get services. Why person really I, finally, once they took care of all the blind people, they finally got many hours that AIDS Ojala secondary now books. I didn't realize how I go to the bathroom- was an I'm really here the answer by his training that they have to do. I don't? What do you think they did is are barely inside? Yes, we have a right. It is a question that is the question of the dead ass. Well, I think I may have U S room I don't know if you have an experience working like felicity, so we want you to recall. When was the first time that you noticed your racial identity that's a good question.
Guess right away out where right when it came out on the well known you I was like white, it is good to know you know what that when I was a kid the Bible were always nice to me like when I, my brother worked was like an usher in Chicago at the Chicago Stadium in great detail and like like the other black, work with were all failed me was now is not the first time you noticed how your race affected your beauty standard well, yeah people, fair, look like Scotty Pippen asked ass it as I see it to hold you at meal mag. It is a good one. For you know, when is the first time ought in your communication style, in other words, dial up or down the king who avoid playing into stereotypes when
when I'm dealing with a someone, a someone I know- is black on the phone. It's really hard for me not to be like I bet I bet that's. What's up, everybody got to be like. Thank you. Thank you very much, but okay agreed and then it's agreed to so I am racist in that way. In that I tried to be like little bit like I know I know what is that maiden aunt I buy it argued, is kind of you and the latest slayer. Let's hear them alive is lead, you say, did ass when you walk into their naked body. Do you use the end? Where do I don't? I really cut down I'll say that if at all my poverty. These results I used to do it and I did it in a joke now. My policy is like kneel to
I got enough problems like don't add to it was worth it it's not. It's like it takes so much. Energy would sounds like a white privilege thing to say, like you know how much energy it takes to say the n word It is not worth it with the easier to say during your bomb era that when you are member you doing jobs grown at her, it was easy to say it closed his fellow in that I was just so immersed in it now the gargoyles like getting call it constantly. I felt like it. Was that I was I I I did a joke about. It was like about the word and you like it was about using yes scenario, Don't do that joke anywhere about Lisbon or tired, but I will say that I was on ambient whenever you I just don't is now. Let me address the Charlemagne uses a term that some mighty would all night many because, while people mayonnaise no one
Meanwhile, you offended by that. No one would like you to his eyes. I call races big. Its mandate could manage this disgusting, so so is raised to the big tree elegance and IRAN. I dont people at our like dont, like white trash. What am I, saying white trash require cracker programmes. Cargoes great is a polish Amer manners. the Hall of Fame, Discus Chris said it cause? You can say that I think I ask aren't all may have not say it lay that man yet manners. I feel a little have a hard time catching on Oda. Hague. They hated was actually crack. I've crack a white dove alone or radio, but they manage they call and complaint. I haven't. I asked a weird world crackers, Delicious Menezes disgusting, true, and I think it's. The connotation of the mayonnaise is growth. Who is mayonnaise
I know my manners, although I am vague, I go with a vague and Maya which is kind of almost whiter than May. We get more, would comedian Neil Uranium or we come back to it all over the breakfast, though bemoaning the breakfast pointing everybody's d, J envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club we ever oh for today's Chapelle Show and comedian Neil Brennan into building Charlemagne, you dig up. You will follow the drink, pusher beef at what think of black face? Here's thing about you can as a black person, it seems like you, had ever ever ever ever Dubai face under any circumstances like you just can't it's like Herpes who is the minstrel show your point? It's gonna be found at the fact that it was on that guy's page. Did you go to the page and like it was, and it was different features like bottom left. Like is another one of my photos for black It's no big deal but yeah you just can't do by giving them,
was the most damning part of the to me, and it is a fact. He's. Not it wasn't we don't nobody claiming child. I think people more upset about telling Dandridge ninety the baby, they're laughing people more upset about that effort by Jacon, say and that its Eddie dad. I just did not put my send out there yet, but I may care of him. He hasn't release the sun. Yet he's gonna drive you gotta do is a release. We saw the slow and you get the whole promote apartment behind it, and then you bring the kid. I M all make out a lot of pressure on people when it came the role in not just nine men. That's that's exaggerate, but you know it's a mean song when the nicest thing he said was given a legitimate son, If I got was very nice things like listen and I was like. That's me. The car was pretty nice, pretty sweet nicer than the aiding offend you. Nothing I would like to say that last stymied heed this drake. He mention me specifically I don't know it was some it was like
It was a belgian, reverence and Dave having writers and mention me Specifically, I really didn't put you know mangled. This look at the tape homey it's there, but he just measures like that trick has right is the fact that he was saying about his friend dying is like obviously shuts my pearls, there was a bit like will further about clubs, my girls, I like that cow, geyser being like rich white women. Now that we're like the audacity was with drugs and, alas, and then things like I'm upset coming out called I'm flummoxed and and push wrapped about caviar officials. Yes and yet lay now it's like, I don't think you're capable of love drink. That's right! I think that, because your father walked out on your mom and we only five. I know I've spoke here there So I think you're a lot of emotional drop.
They said surpass all if you knew Brennan Sketch Comedy, who is for real painted, see yourself as opponent. The net merits signs worth blouse issue. Never prince should pale she'll all new printings scarce comedy. Who was four wheel? Painting. Ok, I mean you know. Maybe inimitable rat be out here my boy, you from air. Will you actually saw real beefs rat, be you know what's funny? If anything happens to either one of those guys they have to make sure each other ok now, because if anything I'm supposed to their bring either bring and dragons of like you should higher push security and like a after mixtures. Health is good like they're. There the number one aspect for the fact that biggie to buy got, but, as I am no longer, as is still amazing, in light of this very, like gladly Bovin, if you would, I killed him, I did what I think another They were, they were both die. What I could do
at your genes as show and development as well. I did so what's going on with instead if every day and night and bring me the banks, will push for trade as well as the other techniques man. Here we are here. I am I'm gonna Chicago June seventh, tell me how then I've yeah, then I'm gonna Milwaukee, then I'm gonna Indianapolis than the next week, I'm gonNa Kansas City in Detroit and I'm going to Detroit, then I'm gonNa Minneapolis Chicago. I added a joke service, it so hot you, seven thirty show sewed up near I mean, and what is the nine o clock? She'll do yeah I appreciate just as a white person, I gotta say always out of you why people on air that it feels good and- and I hope my wife and I hope that I represented as well actually the last wipers news here, MRS Mccarthy, that's a big,
don't tell me to find you knew Milburn any aid I'll be area and in an dot com, a newborn on Twitter, Milburn, Uninstall, gram, yellows, my two main forms of communication: well as NEO. Bread is the breakfast Cloacam, everybody is DJ envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. Now you guys all normal niecks that bought a breakfast club yesterday and we get in it all today, some of them. It is for you special guess it to build a mistake. No anger morning line as well. Relieving wanting more Not only are we mourn Yugoslavian. I gave a hug, I wonder in those all love. Yes, he did my Mammy just here to have a conversation method. We do not know what is going on. There is money. A while ago I had to come out- and I spoke in reference to netflix- that we had two boys universe, asking folks to stand with us as we boycott Netflix for gender bias in color my correct and we were fighting for equality and
I found out that I have become donkey of the day by day, and I got a target by good name, baby being our will and our K baby, you gettin rails basil limit. I did it and then I was called donkey of the day and it really What me off guard, because when I met this brother some years ago, and I met a young man that was full of humility and respect I gotta on the actually out the door. I remember like us as the draftsman and I said: oh baby, you and he was just like that MA, am and Miss Monica a pleasure to meet you. We had a very beautiful, strain, and I said: a brother. Tell your mama. Does she raised you right As I said it was my mama Emma Grim, so I felt like this was an this is a beautiful young brother making his way. full of humility and respect to weave As for work and
become donkey of the day. So It have to be here say I didn't want him Anybody James words that I may have said to him some husband I wanted to come over, and so we could. Stay and how I a tightrope donkey. the day the why'd you give a dog innovation element, while I think it was due to the low level of situation. You know, and I heard you say that you know you wanted the boycott because of racial engender buys. But then you went on to you mention two brothers and a woman so I maybe she should be more specific and say black woman gender by but then also just from a business aspect I wanted to know. Why did you feel like you know, you should have gotten whatever Chris right now it everyday Chapelle got out of Aimee Schumacher, but I feel like this is. What are you doing for me right now, typing wants you to say what they got. He said he should adapt morning. She was off. and this element you brought about old, Netflix Special as well, but I was later on, but My point was like we are used to. What are you doing for me right now, kind of
we all know. Monique is a legend. We also know that those things those deal that Netflix is giving out of based off of recent stand. Those regimes recent cause. Our recent arenas recently like that. I just wanted to know why you feel like you deserve that much. Daddy, would you like to start or would you like for me it didn't start? Would the offer the collar, buys and disrespect trains by it started from when we had our initial conversation after Mona got her reviews from the night in which Benjamin, and Caitlin who were representatives or Netflix, came out to sea moaning and which, on two different night, they saw her at a standing ovation, which subsequently gave them reviews of amazing, ending and great show so when we are in the midst of having the conversation, quieted them, giving the the offer wherein emit he says. Well, I want to make it very clear that you know people speak about,
Dave, Chapelle Amy Schuman, what they got. I wanted to make it clear you know, so we can manage expectation at every body, doesn't get those type a deal well, where we in the mists of that conversation, the phone disconnects never reconvene, they never give us back on in our attorney. He looks calls me up as we speak and we like well now strange. Are we gonna get back on a phone that because any body does business knows that this is a key time in which to build the value of your client? Then we came back with an offer that allegedly had sent over that attorney and I had never received, and they on that. It was a certain time limit in which we were supposed to respond. Well, we had, as the time limit because we never receive it went. The journey had asked them to please read an offer that they had allegedly said it was clear that it had never been said in the first place. That's the second red flag. When we did,
The phone to discuss the offer that they had been finally sent over initially they didn't want to have the conversation until I expressed the them. It is very ironic that the call we had was disconnected. We never. can, we need you. We base. If you can't get on the phone now, I have to express what is feeling like which is gender bias, color buys and then also an aid issue that we did discuss that in their as well, so those three, things are would lead to it in conjunction with the fact that the very items that he said did not translate for moaning, which were I wasn't may which he has done, in terms of movies. It then translate, but he said those weather
things that translated for Amy Show so wise, Amy rather may work. Ammonia does not and they could not explain and if you just joining us S, Sydney S more niecks managing husband if he just joined us. As you know, the voices of Ronald Think AMOS, whom is funding, does not want binding. She did sell out fifty arenas around the world, including energy and aid, for your wanted her as well, so she created a bidding war based on those. that, so I assume mastery than her number or that employees but I want to address something because you said I assume, and then you also said Molly is alleging that You say absolutely right and then what Robbie problem. Netflix also says Monica alleging Grant Avenue, and you believe that course rock is a legit as I do as well. Yes, and you will say they should alleged right absolute. What makes me a different legend from Dave, Chapelle and Chris rot.
When it comes to those that Netflix Vessel, the fact that they are about fifteen hundred shows right side is that flags deal whose rob was not or with the total black outdoor seldom. I shoulda readers Miranda World before he did in any learning away. From a spell, I understand, would you want to come to the table with. When I came to the table- and I said Guys- and I started humbling- and those decorator chameleon alive and, I said, and, and then people people sent all Moluccas, crazy till it was proven till everybody actually saw the numbers and said well, I guess she's right about that. You say this as they would have you done for me lately the question Is how much more do I have to do brother? Because when you do a film called almost Christmas film has a seventeen million dollar budget, but it makes forty five million dollars in them since the Amy Schuman does a film called snatched and that film makes
forty five million dollars, but it has a budget. Forty two million dollars? the profit on their amazed the question you have made a lot more profit and aim like it was actually twenty five million dollar profits without moving immediate, are never there before snap now he said, rob a process. That was why made him also gave it a deal because of the big movie that she had come in out Ryan that had to check will cut you are coming out now that did solicited the Netflix deal before them? We came up. What are we actually too? to the vice president of Netflix Linen Lenore Life What happens is when you're basin off what you're through me and then you give The title of Dorothy of the day is your mother still alive and you're from what city in South Carolina most gonna dovetail amongst corner and if I were the call your mother, your grandmother? Could they tell me stories of inequality that they had to do absolutely so what your mother be, I don T know
Would your grandmother beer Don T know? I need you to explain how gave me the title because you're not explaining it you're goin off or what soon, but cause you want that microphone and when we open up here microphones, we know just how powerful horses conveniently Angela? Yes, we do and we know that what we say can become law correctly. Absolutely so, when we do that, we must then explain to our community, because we know how poisonous can be when we put things out, but we can't back it up. We just say We are more, we more equal. We come back, we gotta talk more Netflix negotiations and it's more awkward, would horrid Charlemagne give allotted to breakfast global morning the breakfast morning everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. More unique. Is here, show me a big
Do you think about racial bias is absolutely correct in devices after the correct we know the black woman is unappreciated and undervalued and a lot of different industries, but I think that when it comes to this next week, situation is very specific. I think, more about individual thing, that it is a collective problem. Like you, can you didn't? Can you I'd? Ask you is this? Can you say if it's an individual problem, how come back there? are no individuals of color who happened to be seen. Made in that have had four million dollar pay day with Netflix, because where with the black community. It Have you done lately, but when You are a white person in this industry. It's your own.
Is good. As your last project, withdrawing bilateral is gradually amount of people that will pursue deal is specific to comedians, because I do not have given our multimillion down it s to ever. Do in Asia. Rhymes say they get specific to the comedy industry while I'll. Let you answered what black female comedian got, promoted. Megan validate. We don't you think it's come in, I'm sure I'm sure I'm sure Tiffany had as will be presented with something if you have an hour and well, but we got to speak about the sisters. That's done so when one, Sykes is number one hundred on comedy central top comedians ever number seventy inside adding number seventy upon the top one hundred ever, but they offer her to fifty So what do you say to that? Lenore? Are you not actually asked about that? I spoke of somebody Netflix in that they offer dead deal to wander sites before this guy that does
stand even deal guiding the position they offered this Deirdre some years ago. Does it seem strange that you always have an answer when I finish like keeps getting moved, when I say name me: one black female comedian. It's got the million dollar payday. I'm waiting to hear the answer right. So you they get specific to comedians because I don't I don't know, I'm Netflix any one, but I can't say, your energies to rename her well. I would ask what what what what Lachrymal community has sold out fifty arenas around the world? I will value, is theirs for bureau. A black female comedians that wage. Gotta Legends Award, her name, some more doubt. My name is Miss Lore. Her name is more need and when the queen of comedy was one tore, so we made history and I don't love you your homework because we were they the female group, black white, light an asian to sell out consecutively around this country, but your disregard that, because you will say what what did Do yesterday, so you can take it away. What, if I'm doing business and on
turn it off doing a deal with somebody who did this last year, as opposed to doing it fifteen years ago or twenty years ago, whenever it was, when you make more sense to do with the person who did it just a couple years ago, if you're doing business- and you say once Monique's resume now you're the businessman and you're. Looking at that, in everything on that Reza May says number one. everything one recently says, fell out now of a sudden is gonna change. Businessman if I was wondering if I had time Coolby bright day, I'm not give copyrighted made Alexandria the Euro. but his rather is amazing. The difference between we'll be boy today am only today is when you there fixing the game, a basketball, you'd, a large step when you, fifty years ago in the game of comedy your season and if he had come if they had come to Netflix to you point. Could you make a very good point and moaning had stumbled? a forty year old or thirty eight year old,
be bright. Who's got a should Achilles heel that you gotta bounced back from then it would make sense, but in drop fifty instil was dropping buckets. What would you say? they watch to standing ovation into sold out Club absolutely right by the suitable measures. Why not put together? Veto are right, it or inside out and then come back to the table. Lahti was once we don't have to go to see my holding is. Is there details. We will talk about the money offered in my holding is a business man, being a legend in all that doesn't necessarily matter it's what's which hold of people who want to see. You be alleging and people love you, but if you can attract people have come to the the place to see you oughta come the Netflix to watch, it doesn't usually yonder mothah gloves workers are not around. Here looks well. Let me the quest gentlemen. Almost Christmas but you said I was a movie deftly hippo. Would you say Bessie was a hit. Yes, would you say
Russia's thrust? His was absolutely so. The question is symbolic. And do nothing and twenty seventeen that was on tv, the wicked see That means you re relevant. Arabic, anything I live in that and what happens is when someone said to me money. Does it become disheartening? When it's your fault, it's understandable, I don't take offense its. Stand when I explain why, when I have to sit here and not defend explain to people looked like me. More wondered: become irrelevant if there was a movie I'll call almost Christmas? Why? In twenty? Sixteen, this is twenty eighteen So now, all of a sudden, a we don't know people going to show up and show out now. I did a show called the burning instead show who show you know those brothers to white brothers. I want, walked and Elinor I walked in with it it was even ocean, but I was gonna have to defend myself correct because one is a strong front supporter and the other,
the democratic, but I'm thinking I'm gonna have to walk in and defend myself with these white brothers after five minutes, talking they shut their showdown and they said Molly we're gonna call this what this is. This is nothing but racism and we cannot sit back and allow it and watch it so no we're gonna tell our listeners to boycott Netflix until they get it right, because you are legit and we have the honour of respect you now. Those are my white brother, then I come to my folks and I have be donkey of the day, which you still haven't explain the norm You're gonna have to, because when you make those papers, statements about your system to our community, What you're saying to the community is as black women, devalue and if you stand up, make a stand, and you say we need equality and we have to say what's right and was fair and then a brother looks like me from south
says you're the donkey of the day, you have to explain that to our community of its it it as I think that you are using ratio engender, buys which our actual real issues discovered at the black woman. A many industries is a real issue which are using it to focus on something You're dealing with individual did you just say: Davis come out and say pay are equally Did you just hear that absolutely so? When you have a saying the same thing, we're saying pay us equally yours Only this is isolated situation or them with us. did you don't know the history of this business that your end and you sit behind us microphone and you try to be the guru of black culture, I'm gonna need you to know the history of us before you. into label us, and once you know the history no one, I feel anything unique brother. there you can justify making thirty made out in twenty. Fourth antisocial when you say justice, thirty million did you a chance to read what the awful was.
I did read some of it: yes watching them at all, it is we got away. all of it cuz we're Chris Rock said a long time ago. If you want to hide something from a black person, put it in the book. This is not a comparing the definitive numbers when Amy got and wood Dave and then got because it Mary what you just communicated, but when you a medium to hide. A half million dollars for two years. Any jokes. You I want you to do stand up for two years: essentially they want you to take, a half a million dollars and lose out. two million dollars of work that you would have made on the road anyway, that white there it
It makes sense we are more and more equal. We combat don't move is to breakfast locomotive. Everybody is dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club moaning, he's in a building Charlemagne the omega around our deal, but he does acts. Do we account to offer and that's a very important question: did you make a guy see their day with apparent said they won't? They regretfully, won't be able to do this year. Hopefully you guys can work together in the future and that's the point that we to make to you? Lenore ever in addition, in my lab, I envisage, in conjunction with well a Martin enjoy Mary, putting out a rumour that morning was offered three million die and then didn't have the decency as journal to come back and say we oppose a job for the misinformation, because if you notice Molly could keep moaning, its producing receipts, and it's crazy this allows. This is a bigger picture, then just Netflix, because what has happened was
You ve heard about Lee Daniel was coming out speaking in reference to how difficult unique was in the whole lot we live in through which the Ladys Oh boy, up in a room saying hashtag me too, and people are saying well, you know if you're going up in a room at all back in the morning, you know you're about to get screw so Why do you go out there and do it would have they all say demoniac? Why didn't you promote a movie for lions, gate for free, because you know what they are duties so now you're in a damned? If you do damned, if you do, situation, because the women who go up in the room, the reason why they go up in the room. They know they gonna get screw when they go up in the room. I just don't know how bad gonna get you if they dont go up in a row in our offer to this as well, again monarch got it at a level with your words, because you called justice the donkey of the day, but didn't. Do your research and you pull that poison
into our community without fully, doing your research- and now as we sit here. You have the almost backtrack. Your words attract. Why will you ask the question? Did you count off? we put all of it out there. We put the information out there, so you so ready to do good radio that you didn't do your homework and you have a conversation. You no brother names Euro Kelly. Absolutely. Would you consider? I'm your friend absolutely see I was on the role of Euro Kelly two weeks ago, Diego any somewhere, you Molly, I talked to Charlemagne, and he said man. You know I love me. I wasn't doing nothing but making ready well developed that you address our low noise, no withdrawal Kelly because again when you say that you can offer so we did and they said There was no negotiations, you take it or leave it.
What are you doing you? We didn't actually can offer what they said in the midst of our conversation, you given us something to chew on we're, gonna come back and reflect on it and we set I said to them trying to give them a. You sure, because he's a thing We don't want to waste your time if it is not real. However, if it's real and we can do I'm, of course we would love to do business with the already didn't make a counter of laws We say they said I was a non now. You know gonna, go back to reflect on what we had discussed and when they came back they said that we are based upon our discussion. We decided not to make count offer a reference to what it is that your speaking a reference to. Hopefully we can do business in the future S awful, because what they were trying to emphasise. that a half a million dollars worth
strong enough number and other people that they considered equal to moaning. which they did not name they that date taken that number. If you know you're. Having a conversation with my. Why is it that Netflix will have a conversation with people began? vacant bank on people like Charlemagne, beckoned Bank, when our brothers and sisters like Charlemagne, that will say we'll find him, will fight them for you. How far you don't have to fight. Is I'm still trying to get you a buzz any to justify? Why you did you deserve dirty made out of their bidding war between ploughing? You saw what I was there when they say when you say justify I put my razumihin the table. That's all I have to do it put it on the table when you say justify it, I'm a lay it on the table for you to look at it will you do to number than to give them Chris Rock the desiderata that emission would have if, given the opportunities, why don't you answer the question they have given them?
opportunities your answer, the question for yourself would not give the same opportunities brother, but if you do your homework, wondered, why can't you, then you got a book varietal. Do they go on book? There too do promoters book them through Gonna do right now is and what I'm not gonna do with you. Now you want to play a tit for tat and wood. Spain is a black women's resume. Don't matter not bear the same drano weapon eyes thing? You are black war while in reality they longed rise, Sykes, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and she's considered one of the best what I was years ago and they say that they would never do Dana I literally her dislike of you would get you he you do talk about the situation really Daniels, and you talked about people saying that now we read some things also because you're here and eyes in southern left, for you to speak on this, so they're people with that you didn't sweet people well yeah and that they have had issues working with you and that your difficult yes, a letter addressed some of that, because Verona, Martin brought it up when you guys spoke,
whether the gas any times about the Ebony magazine, cub issue that you do with Chris Rock and steep higher. Yes, and he said that it was a nightmare because of you. What happened at that you want one. an event shoot was a check was at one of our assistants, and you don't one thing at anyone, and I had a problem with that. they won't feel you went on all that happened, so you had to let them person, how'd you do business in that's unacceptable, so I have no problem speaking on it, said I mistreated people almost Christmas, while we have, many innovative, because we knew that they would say something like that with the for that worked in the background professionals. The lighting guys, the camera guys were they said our experience with Mommy was Stella What happens if you hear the bully speak out then the bullies run because when those videos did come out, the role come back when the video did come out just the three little videos
Nothing else did you let's backtrack a little bit because with well packer? Yes, ok! So we'll packer and I'm on the mountain, and you know a lot of people have spoken out. There have dealt with you personally and says these things, but I haven't really hurt anybody say anything negative about will. Packer about work with Daniels and I haven't heard them, say anything negative about some of the people that they work the. So why is it? Let me I can answer MR gray question. The guy Harvey wants he was able to do that for how many years decades, and why do you think that was while they were working with a lot of people who felt like their career would be in jeopardy. Assault spoke out You think this is a unique situation. Do you think that people are fearful to speak out when they mistreated?
If it is we mistreatment of sexual assault money, I don't know we can't. We can put our fourth equivalency, the Bobby wine they would you try to get a shot? Would you believe it is a myth, mistreatment and sexual? Let me look like if levels to mistreatment, you're you're, absolutely why miss treatment is miss treatment can play a role in the same no I'm embarrassed because, based upon information that you have. You feel comfortable with it. This is the world we live in. If you keep here in it, it seemed as if it's true ass, David Tarbert, who is the director of almost Christmas. If Molly had to stop because World Packer, given directions over the director and leave the producer and moaning said stopped for a moment. Please Why we not gonna do is disrespect was black directed because if he was directive, you as the producer would not
direction over him and to his credit. At that moment, he seems to have got it was an embarrassed by what it was that he had done and the reason she had some difficulty with one of the individuals who were the first. They pay she had I've been to moanings trailer she was undress without market and Adam if you know, but there was a letter that be Harvey had written a while ago and reference to how p we'll just walk into his work. Well, happens, is she the type of person doesn't allow people to get this respected and she's not gonna have an issue with the people that are dead. Willie wage folks, its typically the people who are the powerful one she's were having no beef, getting nobody things pointed people
we're getting their things pointed in their face. They happen to be black women by white men on the set of precious, and she said and allow that to happen? Guy so well happens is you are forgetting that this is a country that, slavery for hundreds of years, and when do we start realising that we are so can do to normalize bad treatment when men are able to say hey guys right, how those like community. Naturally, I we have more women equal. We come back, don't always to breakfast club kimono morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. We have more unique in the building, still Charlemagne. I want to know about this, though, have you received other offers from others gray reserves. Let me they they could have a debt help negotiations. When you got your bedding lower all being put over my head, but offers that coming from Netflix they can come in,
like that, because they know you ve been blackball. You know what the word is about. You we assume that your suffering can offer you whatever we want to offer you, so the offers have come in even lower than that. You had a Netflix before him right. Well, I didn't happen. Netflix special. What happened wisely for one important exactly? I don't make any deal with Netflix, so those shows just happened to be honoured and they ve been on there for a law on time, so some would say, if this woman I bring it in any views while we hold onto the content they ve been. for a minute So I getting a view what I'm, assuming so we'll get it poor on back, but as I city again and I between my sister who No, you deal with inequality, Angela, you the same business but Look at me in your say what I need you
explain to me. They said you was a problem here and a problem there. We are no. When you don't want now bullies to take place and we don't know I'll just have to get bully. Don't you get label? Yes, but can I just for this cause Please there I definitely people that. I know that I work with you on the ebony. Shoe yes and heard things. Were they told me personally people there were in the room and aims and if not got all Lenore before keep it on a playground. We're ok size, It means you in your who's, the editor in chief, a black enterprise magazine. I saw that a needs you Bob Arnett, who was the editor in chief of ebony at the time of their shoe, was very excited to have you on the shoot. You left a comment because he potent something about you in and the numbers and about your work and how you are the most decorated comedian. She commented it was a nightmare working with her and I would never want to go through something like that. Again, I saw that common is still on his pays. Now I would love to sit on top of that system, face to face
You can tell me about the nightmare because what they want, Who was? They won't fill it in sea? They won't fillin. We will be an arrogant and we the truth that woman is if we would do her a favour by putting on the cover as my been told me years ago we dont disrespect anyone, but we over respect. No one, and I want you to look at me- I'm a big fat, black woman. You know what I stop it we'll talk. What big fat black woman has to stand stands up his This is not fair, because what the feeling this with some of our sisters and brothers moaning, you should be great you just got invited to the party. Of the way you look so for any one. Is there ever had a problem with me: bring them to the table, bring to the table does have a conversation, but what you'll find is will speak about this woman. Was she can't see us we'll make comment, but where the type of people say, let's have a car precision and when, find out that they're wrong. Will you then speak up,
thirdly, for me, as you speak up for I absolutely agree with this morning in rosy on, as your question was just talk, numbers if you put your numbers up against aim, is humours. Did Chris rocked David private? I'm talking about selling out arenas all over the world. How can you justify gettin a huge payday like it when you saying that you're gonna, for her one. Twenty six of with Amy Humor guiding you're referring to Mony, gives a legit and you're, saying her performance and you see the people standing up for at the end of the show. Have you the reviews, the Netflix special frame issue, I dont think Amy's money, young Europeans, amicably, blood- don't want they got exactly on it. Is that far daddy and we got a wrap up. This would sell our vision of the original around the world and I M a GEO few times. Hbo prejudice the greatness lol in twenty years and years will brother Leonarda saying this year. Another!
comes and they become number one and not the breakfast club and then let us hope come in here. That's me for maybe five years less than you, and then they get pay twenty six more than you. Then you come back and have a convict. and with us, because all right that that's all, because what happens is when you sitting you say make it makes sense. We don't have to become we are in and if you do have to make it more than is presently calling on people like. I know you will you maybe things like we remain. Imagine unbiased, because we're saying here is the result. these guys an injunction with that, the only thing worse than is, if I, but that if we speak in a way, thirteen million Ptolemy we're thing is how come back now They are saying to the community that it's not one black woman That is a veteran comedian out there today. That is worth a seventh figure. number. So what would have been a respectable number from this moment?
What is it a big? Let me give you a respectable number, four moaning, something that would superstition what she would have made in two years. At the very least which he would have made two years to be. What to do to use up at their contractually. asking her to do not be able to no joke! You would not take a deal could they don't give you a lump sum ass, that's gonna straight two out of three fourths of yours, the simultaneous decent living below the two years and didn't have that you could entail jokes if I would have taken a deal for five a thousand dollars, Angela. What position without have put a baby's, this common asked? No Adele is file. The deal is absolutely positive, found the body. So the deal is right, but you know in it
Your business may molecule businesswoman right the bit. The deal is fat. I mean, let's be clear and that's why you realize what you account are offered by America here and based on what they know. They know more niecks reputation far as what people a rumour to say, railwaymen of them out of the bag. It does matter. They know me pay no other networks and not necessarily given had the money given her less. They know what it is. So why would I give? Is a business person funding obscene number when I know she can't get it anywhere else? It's vow but its business, but if you SAM only it is fair and you are right. So if we what's right and we know it FAO. Then what do we do? We do it on her. Oh that's just like talking to Steve Harvey and Steve Harvey says more. I know you right and I know you not lying Could you have done it another way? No, you don't have to worry about what you're doing other. We do total. We do door, but we still got to speak up, like you say,
So I will just go some arouse. Do you know how long we ve been going somewhere else? the bank and we will have to wait and that's not an issue or what saying is this just so? People are aware. This is what you're doing over here, and we want to be. No because, as was decided so kindly said, she essentially suffered in silence. She was hurt by, but she went somewhere out and the offered that they gave her was less than half and it doesn't matter. about that was way before they got what they got, because she was even hotter than she can abundant the wing Chris LA audience increase Rock very, very similar, she's, very unique in the industry and there she caters a white is now over time only can avert a multitude of people in her and her crown however, we know the people that focus on people of color in terms of her crown from
they point of the comedy work. I think the problem started with you come out, companion of decrees. Rot days. And why should in any way? Because because because there's no way did you can justify, given that amount of money that they got not, should you have got more violent attacks than yes and I said that they want or here's what. I know that when I would have not at all you know I was. I was also have got to set him a man who was rocks are probably let me go. Let me let me answer that daddy what I, it was. If I'm imagine the legend like my brother's, then why? Wouldn't I get one? just get, because that is exactly what I because they're resume recently of God are. You can do so in a way, but we're gonna listen manner we're gonna, let you hold onto the only get to go to, but what I will say to you is into all the black women and women. kilometers listening when you hear, his brothers voice come over the air. apologetic about what I'm going to say. It does not have a value on black women and women.
Of color. How can you say that? But you are you gonna near the guy Jane? I did all Ireland tell you. Why does contrived and I'm gonna tell you why set it, because what happens is when you leave a place called? most months, calling it I've come honour and you come too. Big city, namely your. change your name, the shallow, on satellite amongst gonna Miss morning, while when you were there, you become Salah mind the God. Now don't love, you took the same suppose that your Mama and your Grandmama gave you amongst corner and you border too. Manhattan New York, because the brother, I it made on that elevator and then a brother that was full of principle, and brother, who would not call her a sister a donkey of a day that I'll give you that thing that happens every night. He knew all the information and he could back up its statement. We city we did this interview. You begin ex questions that you should have acts before you make the state
so why did which are really don't have any one? I have not justified why you feel I usually get their money back there. You don't think she's got that we're not back, then here's the thing he the one. I am under his insistence that get in the way that they can and we get in the way that we get it and it's not an argument. I respect you decision. I respect you know now, because you are entitled to it. However, as we aren't two hours, the what I am saying The devalue you place on Women. Are you say how can I say that? Because out of your mouth you're saying there is no black female comedian. That is worth that No, I don't think there have been. I think what we have witnessed, the name hasn't they have little red. If I go down the list of black female comedians and the work that those sisters have put, through the years that opened up doors so that people like you could fit weird Her name is Marshall Warfield, her name? Is there
for though her name is miles. Maybe what she's no longer with us that the list goes on What would you do? You know about our now? Just miss money, I guess the true I among I get moving money grabbing at what are you going to do moving forward as far as with especial we're, gonna keep on pushing Venus, What's gonna happen? Very the films gonna happen. How can we go much I'll see it, but what we want with this situation right now called the Pfeiffer inequality. We're gonna, keep standing and weaken. hope, assistance like you would stand with us to say when its inequality, we must speak and we must be gladly because your daughters are coming over. Thank you for journalists
eventually decision this morning, when we come back, we have donkey of the days it all go anywhere is to breakfast locomotive tank. You or your time. Don't you talk to you today does not discriminate. My now the song of divide up the donkey their breakfast club, please don't keep the day to day lives of men. Shall Emily got you a movie occasion. I don't give a damn, which I think about that, because I deserve it now. Debate clubs in eighty markets and one hundred and fifty country. So we have a lot of new listings and probably don't even know who Charlemagne the God is so use my time off to catch up on some of my pass work: okay, okay,
If you know year, I do a segment everyday called delegated they donkey as in jackass, and that's what I give someone credit they deserve being stupid. So if you never heard of it, this is new to you, but if you are regular, listen at innocent only but goody, because it's the best of the donkey of today Doggie, Diego the comedian clairvoyance. Now you method, Kai wheels was a guest on frank scale. Wanders morning show drop on a cruise bombed. The franks gonna want you, I've been good for refuge, club, always showed of love and respect. everything he does in vain in the game, a radio to reason I can respect their man because, unlike cat, why am I am not a bit at eight o clock? care will do in offering scale want to show hate and would aside Alai manufactured with an aside align how William served us to honour his door net? In of you, one was the main cause of fresh chicken pot lie, though there was thorough I'd hate! Ok, what this? Would you like to revisit? First, let's start with chicken pod lie. Ok, does this cat waves offerings Yolanda running down some of his rather may live here. I do have more comedies
I shall send any comedian breathing our dead. That's only seven more leverage iron six more than Martin Lawrence and takes more than this one I have more and better, Apparently this Baxter I have the top to Carmody special zones. Showtime HBO comedy central, and we just Not enough. I'm on my fifteenth consecutive one hundred city tour on the eggs, day their Mon Nick was asking for Netflix boycott Netflix. Just get me a cheque for two million dollars for the special that I've got, three hundred thousand dollars to doing Jackson. Chronicles those already gross over twenties or million dollars alone as was special because of Atlanta. What do you do about? Netflix Everybody has understand. Netflix doesn't have an opinion on standard comedy they base
they pay you by the amount of ticket sales for your last tour last tour at three hundred and sixteen thousand tickets. Therefore, that's where she got offered my life to her head two point: four million thirtyth, and so that's what they offer. What now listen pack them it is we who live in the information age there's nothing, you can google what a lot of it Don't take the time to research. You know we hear someone. We respect say something in the interview. We reason someone pull some social media and we run would in fact, in the fact that CAT William said these effects solidified for some people, even eight situations like this, if you couldn't you have these various that CAT Williams has you should be using Europe tunisian experiences to teach that law now this breakdown somebody's life. Ok, count William said he had found. He has more film Stan special than any comedian breed? I did. That is. They lie your call and have fourteen HBO specials Darwin said he has nine best with George Carling fourteen
we can all do math in here right. Ok, next, he said he had thought whose President HBO Showtime Comedy central and audio Netflix out, even though a demi, ok. Could you can go with the top ten stand up specials over the last forty years on HBO Go on HBO. Now Chris Rock has number one with big and black and number two is tig. Notaro boyish girl interrupted number three is Dave, Chappelle Killin them softly comedy central. Have the list of top one hundred stand up comedy not even on the list find a show time stand of special rankings him up. He will show time ever hit me back it by now. We should be noticing a bad in here, so is safe. To say that was a lie to TAT Williams. They pin chronicles, is growth. Twenty four million dollars. I so far, a product of the great awaited between four million dollar number from cat. We would like to see receipts because a pimp chronicle growth, twenty four million dollar it would be in the top. Ten, stand up. Comedy concerts ever what is not
Finally, the girl, twenty four million. It would be no before when I lived over seven heart. What now? What growth about twenty two million more laurens Run tat was dead, like ninety million richer pride here here and now, as these sixteen million. All I'm saying is tat. We really did twenty four million on pin chronicles how come Nobody has any regular that black cat all in Canada. Not a juvenile said, Netflix only cared about take us of his business, never personal. I told you all that early in regard to the moaning situation, but cat winds tat. He saw two point four million ticket on his last or do you know how much two point four million tickets sold? Is I'm gonna put its infrastructure Well, you ve got whims old Super two point: four million thinking on the latter that's more than beyond these over formation to admiral
Tell us watched over nineteen eighty now worlds or does more than Madonna Silver, her empty. I made so it s more than the Eagles sort on their law rode out a into it s more, injecting trembling soda, his twenty twenty experience world. So that's what I'm village, also on his Billy Joel in Gaza, and neither are we doing, is globally around the world in arenas. So tell me I was possible. The cartoons though two point four million ticket domestically and Thetis cat. So too one for me to give. You have made to force this sea catches. smart to a dumb person in a lot of people out there who won't take the time to research, and I know you asking why was cat lying so much? I tell you why because you know you was about to start hating on people's. He had to show y'all he out here still winning, so it wouldn't look as if he was hating, because the truth is is rest that you will have a hate us that's doing better than you now, let's listen to what Katt Williams had to say about Kevin Hart. I am referring. First, listen to what CAT Williams had a head on about Kevin, Hardrada, Michael Little, rail and will birth activity had is less here. They are
You do you're special Gerard, Michael, but nobody's, nor was it it be a star low rail, but you ugly, We all believe stars. They think you have to be somebody there. Women want to sleep with me. I want to be, but because we black they say, oh you don't even deserved, as though you get Kevin are low. Rail Gerard Car, Michael all, in a row Hannibal BAR is just do that. No one would talk to inland, and now I ll, let alone you make a movie stars to it. This was keep no unrolled. cheap into a common policy with sixteen UK tell me your favorite Tiffany had his joke. Why? Because she ain't gonna tore yet done especial. She has not proven the ability to tail jokes, backed for our tat. Nobody did you think she wrote girls trip goofball or do
They D was already a script and they handed it to work this out. Do you, whatever you want to believe people like real? I'm, that's why you wouldn't like nay, love loyal, because everybody's reeled in so don't try now know tat. They like wherever you at under the sound of my boy. Do you have a real car worker who have a raft of France? Have a sister? Did you have a cause? Do you have a nephew knees? Is now so get out. Winded abacha marketable knock it off. They like her, because you want to sleep with a white man, one thing: I have an opinion right, is another just hate cat zero opinion. All Neuro founded DR talent, Hannibal Pallid, calves, talent, huge of hate, and if you were to fit, I'll, find anything funny people like them. I think these individuals are funny a cool death, an opinion or what does around you riding Hannibal being ugly got to do with anything o K. The girls would walk past them in Linux. More, what's that got to do it? They talent and in being funny that dimension
Tiffany added have to stand a special called to her. The Hollywood show times you ve been auto for years. You got another standard coming on ethnic next year, but was the of lying there, Katt Williams is lying in those white Hollywood executive that Light Kevin Gerard Rail Hannibal and the towers, vote the White executive like them a medium care he's the like. You too, would then you begin. In uninsurable liability, because you couldn't stay out of trouble symbol of that. You became a liability, the Hollywood cat Williams. I mean you d known. A destiny is not a matter of chance. As a matter of choice and CAT Williams, you chose drugs over your career vote. The facts are: ok, What is the lessons to be learned from all is well always remember, One who age you normally age? You ve wanted three reasons that you see you as a threat themselves or are you want to be? we will look in the mirror and ask yourself which want to you. Please you care we have debated here,
all right, my rock his eyes before we got more covered up next winter breakfast club, the breakfast, everybody is the J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club, it's time for ASCII, allow this no more quitting gel boy. Queer was somewhere with the course of the Ebro before I go up or so like to. Let you know about it. You're my governesses, my enemies geared to. Where is valid. thank you brother debt burden at body. I got it from an order. Somebody up so much What happened was in our motion looking for life, and you know vagueness woman for about three to have four months danger boy really whale? I introduce you to my family. we are one night where you know we both we both may The agreement has not knocked. You may ask you also to cloud
he is well aware. Like reaches me. Ok, but we all know we got real, close and emotions. Me. For we pause. She led. Allow me proceed which I didn't, but she let me know that she would transgender. While we must issue, was I'm looking for a while? immediately. I couldn t do the relationship, because that- and that is why your choice- and at least she did tell you that before you guys had sex, because I think this is it good thing for a person to say off the bat doesn't things don't work out? You know? Maybe they don't want to sell everything themselves up Frank had We are now to use the open like you want to be with her. Are you calling her eastwards violence or not or not? ok, ok, ok, to me. You know about that. I see the women You had a biologically carried out. It is hard to do not make it seem like are to be spent report
so yeah, you feel like you wish. You would unknown this because you went to pursue their relationship, but now that you have found out, you guys didn't have sex it didn't get there. fire and now she revealed something about her up and you ve decided that you can continue their relationship, so I just didn't work out just like any relationship and work out a blogger or merely give you the option. But when you went out it's how you like immediately when you first went on your first day or join when she felt like she knows you well enough to share things with you about her past aboard the more The moment we became we weren't such with be the bears some intimacy Bob to you, though I will introduce two women gamma Ray Were you grant and listen? I understand. Leg is a difficult. Situation in every situation is different for the person you know at least reveal to you before things went there who she was, and you know you love this this remember now you felt like ass, not somebody could be with because of where
CS out later on in life with marriage in everything and children, but I feel em before we get internet before you kiss me like listless beyond our want to know. What's going on in you, I will. I would want to know where we, as you did, tell them before they had sex with him. uncountable, passionate kiss there respected the part through Paypal. While we established that respect I'll, be retail billet, how can you imagine how difficult there must be for her, though, also as far as dating I'm, as you know, putting it out there I understand that sense. However, we're gonna, have a solid keep a one hundred relationship at the very end I believe that a friend my mama the cut off. She that something had been at up to China hard hearted woman, a woman like a woman to her? Ok, that's just for Mamma respect, but the trust that fella miles back you Beaumont and most beautiful. Now
truly women. Adopting she taking one c c taken certain ethical trials are shy. Someone who has the company has borne fruit is over but am don't live as the don't. Let us make you give up on finding the right person cause. You know why relationships don't always work out, no matter what the situation is different reasons why? But you just just gotta, put yourself out there and learn from everything that happens to you. This should give you oral fortunate with this unfortunately, why wasn't gave a meal they wouldn't let it rather than fighting over whose good me out in Chinese trigger yeah. Ok, Well, there you go. I saw that you still has some failings by leaders is allows buddies. Raiders, nor do listen, don't worry about where the people think just worry about how you feel now understand. Failure like you wish you would have known so you could have made a decision or leader, but Love is love, so it was, of course, if the Ebro I'm having issues. We know with trust. just in general. How do I go about not of soon
you know inhabited do like gender Jeff. Just ass. Those questions. You know ass their right of sheer lady you their course in order. Firstly, how do you ask that goes on offer is that you can say I've adding an experienced by boy, I'm China, you know what I'm trying to do so. in the past, in the first ninety data, if you, if you ever had lcd amount that balance color, you no good, I will have the same question. Is there no matter where right relationships are difficult, no matter where it takes a while for us to find the right one sometimes, but when it does happen, is the best thing in the world. I would tell you man, you can't just not try go around, not trusting people because of this experience and by Russia and lie to you and she did come clean, see without you having to ask her to sell. You just feel deceived and get it, but no matter what Malaysia is a lot of things. People, I'm gonna tell you from the beginning that you have to find out as they too sue Ann, you trust them, I'm sure things that you have back on telling it first, only if
the vulnerability plea that we share the her that I share in tat women and passed the part rather betray, but I move and programme not sure how to even ass. He shares some things that you as well. That's where relationships I trot truck Christian mingle broke appreciate that road miracle mobile, every always mayors have even been on Christophersen. You already made was that it would be great what I guess his eyes. Were I not as ambitious as Bro pause closing his salary ex may we go get reacts year, Bigeye what we go get. You will get your hoodie Brom pursued a right as a hundred five, a five one. Oh five, one! If you got a question for you call it. I was to breakfast level more breakfast club serve. Ask ye hello this evening, juicy! Ok, juicy Russia course it for you. I'll bet, they're going after lie at the laboratory,
like other family, crazy woman ever, but I felt like a vote that we saw like I'm up there supporting you, I'm phenomenon, brother by you, play you that all the time you know any time you come out and there's the boy, but that Bali, as you probably you know I'll companies, the man whom I met. You know that basically go. Let me know about breast cancer night about your their ban. Like hey, I have a lump in my bread and then I'll do appointment, and that was that you know come out. You know at an appointment, and now you have in your nagging celebrity- does ran aground while the prisoner S. I've met him. Three though he not, you know, I'm not like a crazy man like I'm a ban would let them live. It, ok, juice. Josie, though, as the item and I have come to find out that outbreak as I'm crazy you're were juicy. Let me you ve met somebody three times by
and you ask and they come out and asked and buddy I'm a made three times that you have. Your Mamma would watch it daddy. What about here? What are your best? France has not been Mama bear my dad. You got here jail! Then I'm! U at them, like. You know, you're, somebody that you know it able to help me. that would be in their cry out in thy. If I found that know what I mean is love, and I don't want to pay that cause. I don't want to be like a crime that a prey requires not all bill, I'm crazy, but you know how nice elaborating whatever you say. So let me ok, so he black do after you asked yeah, it's not my alibi, we're ok the law and I felt like I was then I would be grateful to have this important. But what I did you should tell us who it is. So maybe you feel guilty and then maybe he'll go Julian there, that we establish the person acting like what he was saying and give us a singer yeah carries on Serbia sexual,
Yeah train is tray right that with those bay, as history, I know it was great river knowledge dragon. Only trade ban would feel like he's close enough with them and ask him to go and get me right now. What is it so silly like hour by hour, his USA Jesse the point now music, while because I like you, I support you set at level like a lot of money I travelled to solve by out, but not because you not like I wanted them never tire of, because I wanted to support you ever an alight, and yet you anyway, this measure hey something here, a number one. I just wanted to say. I am sorry that you are doing with this with them in your brass and having to go to these appointments in everything. I'm not crazy. I'm not I'm not very good,
like. I do a lot of people like, I think, you're almost doubling and the audit. My Myles had a lively, mercury, languid and seven times in a five minute guns. Do let me let me explain it to you. Ok, the artist is not asking you personally. I need the kind of my show here. You're doing this out of your own free will and you should never do things to support people expecting them to do something for you and me turn. You should do it because you want to do it you're right, you're right. Have you really support a person and you are in route. True, true person that feels like connected to somebody. You gotta, though, shows you, spend your money because you want to cuz. It makes you feel good and you should not say what, because I've done this for you. You need to do this for me that I understand that when, like one idea, How about you could ask
Today's hey. Can you offer me some kind? Words are. Let me know that I'm in your does things like that, but you can't expect him to leave what he has to do in his responsibilities. He's only met you three times during does appreciate your support and he loves the fact that you come out and support him, but you should ever, do anything in life expecting something in return. I never expect anybody to do anything for me. I can ask you if you say no, I have to respect that some very entitle you're Right I do with back there, you don't even over a man of leisure and then bounding. I love you know about our like I'll. Take you to marry. You know how much you now. Why do you say I will get it? Fellatio whammy is tat. He thought he saw already know that, like is not true. True man, Ok, modern, is anyway and then allow at anything continue to be a fan and supporter edge. To use a you gotta for things like that. You really
the call on people there are very close to you know somebody that you ve met the retaliatory amendment. One grandma, like siege to revive on their my god at the end of the World Bank that telling people you know I would like all. I came from the body of thought inquiry. Like all you're gonna die like tat, would like that anybody out. Both animals and shooting doesn't love. That's all you got berthed Algiers knows you gonna matter your brusque given does not in my browser doesn't know what do you know? You don't know what it is, but I really do doctor not zero jobs jobs rather than about the main point made in it.
Why, following other begging your coming for a while with you gonna give someone landlords result goes into Gaza. I just got a business and worry about yourself. Ok, there's no blowing up one is dumbass girl, like you will have mercy on that. You don't have you b average pages with these people and then you talking to them and assumes you call a stupid. You never got. That was the juicy rising demand, Charlemagne and it'll be inestimable, which come in, which you showed a busy. I got two daughters, our car. I got a lot of things that I got a deal with you, which allow entitled a shining around here. Ok, we got more covered up next winter breakfast club, breakfast D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club at sea in IE, allows this haven.
Earlier today was love. Orlando lived in Orlando Russia Quest to facilitate I'd. I'm calling I build my white bread for twelve years and where not married a really frustrated. I M up That's I'll go get em bureau and I don't understand why I can't get period. We think about a consider bit married My let me let me let me handle any kids, although the let me handle this one Mommy got kids either all right, let me handle this one. I've been with my wife. I was with my wife since one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight I proposed to her in twenty thirteen. So you do the math from nineteen ninety eight to two thousand and three. so you know it just takes us a little bit of time. Plus you already got two kids, so you know what I'm saying he may not want to take on all that baggage, all right
Well, I've got ya been together. Twelve years on, could I'm sure he loves those kids like days or so is good. just give him some time ago and he live what we're yeah yeah. Together, as he been saving, maybe save for the perfect ring interpol, an imperfect wedding. Is that possible? Let there that's why you don't care about any of that. I really dont like I wanted to marry. You wanna get married satellite windows, yellow thoughtless battles, navigators yellows thought necessarily have the conversation. Yet we ve been. They took a long time for me. I don't want to make sure that he Thank you now to make sure he's sure I don't playing a game of any other type of years. If not gonna marry you by now, you don't know by now you are the one who had been out of the Jews by all the big thing.
Have sixteen. You know the youngest was the youngest one young well out loud, the youngest one say when you marry my mama. I'm telling you all day the boy Dounia they when you are my mama, when you don't make an honest woman out of my mouth, is never stand like coffee beans and picture and put her hand on. I have they Mamma said you angle make on women out of her right. Ok! Now I ask: why walked out now I never Abdel I'm at the point. What the move I like one, how old are you in it? No upload it anyway. I feel the same. We must move on from this forgot or, as semi all abolishing all about some of the law. They don't let him you know that our backs, and so we stay stories I think erect. sorry allows there's a dab age as well as the need is more go, my husband. I will act when they come out of anything over two years and under their back in the data and I'm gonna accountable
When data now probably know how anymore, if I want to know, I wasn't I do my will, you may do so able bad that either we gotta be implied. Little thing of apparent me off about. I got my one night about the neighbours or our enemies Patty by adding to the powerful. They have you maybe six over the use a year. So you can, you can do these guys. Did the box you just be given its own. Now we're going all day, but under pinafore they want to move to the next level, but I'm not really like radio. I have the why? How old are you I'm putting better out Slovakia's EU playing a few does have a little fun Rayner. My you have three more years behoves no calls back in three years. None of their eyes. You got do more. to go to your whole face after thirty, you kind of can't hold like you want to wait on making it want to go to the next level or just do yourself
slowly and availability evolve, Just remember: Laura Bancroft cost but if you're, yes, but I'm sure best, somebody comes, you feel it feels like a way. Good luck, airy, banking, Iraq, tat S a good morning. A I see any mama yet Why, in about three marital, say tat, are you gas bill about not getting that before marriage? I mean I had sex with my wife before we got married and Imma Charlemagne them a definitely, which is why I think you need to test it out. I mean, I think you need to make sure that you know that you gotta compatible sexually cause. You might get into a situation where you you know you may not know- is put in his pain as he might put it. In your view, just like I M a beyond you pray premarital sex is some at the white man created, did make delete divorce, rates in black communities. Go up because we in the american people who box was true. we didn't realize it was tragically marry. A man was penis trash media, nor was dragged because you were waiting and now
you may you got the whole big commitments and I got it. Wasn't good sex trash normie yeah yeah man. So I have a bloody and good luck. Think nobody s into question hello, this century back, then betrays what you call for Mama. I just calling to mine, then die back than a happy new year both very Dodge Maxineff travellers on towards bringing order or to each other years of marriage? What are you doing in my Lord been providing work so Albert twelve hours of the night fell, we will have to be thought little. Where does he worker? He work that public distribute then you should do is take a long lunch break. You should drive over to public distribution centre, take em in the bathroom and give him fellatio of no kind. An impediment is asking the work of your old crying. All related pay, your radio, another crack it not. Now
when I get on? And what could I know he blew me? You gotta fades Unita, do what Charlemagne and everything you should do is adversely surprise Papa, but his job push them into battle. give me some great fellatio. Smack amount is, as they have a great day. Let me give you a motel. Let me give you a motive when you boss, often their bathroom. I want you to look. then his eyes see Lord Pencroft Everybody is D J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club it's time for slander. breakfast club. I this it will be opened up the phone lines, eight hundred fighting fires. No five and let you slander us sland to land de slander. Charlemagne, let's go to the former hello. There s face
Annabelle slander and is a year in her hate. Warfield cause white silk. It does not deal. Do thing annually Eagle Ape toward bill coffee because you always by black dead, then the struggle of the black men go through. No, but I hate, if I'm not ridiculous, to move continuing all you got to get the black man, because you don't have a ground, a relation What have you got for me? I will give you go get married before he's alive where women who have been assaulted, ESA milk, obviated Jeff. If you hadn't say Bill God we goodbye made by local travel built out of allows this movie
ruby. We want as land that is more than I can. I won a landed Ptolemais, but yet again I want to follow. You remember that it was a lie to do both one hamburger. We thank you know everything like you, people tat when you think, when you thought you'd be why you can't alike, are going to try it out better, but on the other the momentum to the dignity of each through, nor is there a moment what you like about media? in parallel, we want you to be her girl, your ensue goodbye, nobody around! You don't want me when I tell me I'm sexy fall real hello, ok, our real Reuben YO. We want to learn about Europe, goodbye but you are undermining we always eyes automated envies, it was, would Charlemagne ironed out
the more law, and I am sure that my yellow slandering your papa, because each of them on my daughter's at tat when you get there April interview where nobody really know, story. He already knew what it was, but a day that would enable each year when he first started, I'm not at him up breakfast whose you're doing it will give me one something where, where what is thereby woody oily allegedly say about you Don T Dora by who, don't. I know your daughters are ex girl. The one of the made his album over that you ask them. Did your did his music portray her? That no is your question that you betrayed eyes well, I wouldn't know the exact question, sir. You act stand what why she had tat anything about me. I just laughed about situation like my daughter, some type of adaptation not counted ass. My would ask why you would ask why you asked a question. The question is what she thought of somebody. Did you actually light? Actually, the boy still a level
boy. You still here when he saw them nobody's daughter wanting to do a lot of dotted. I wake up of sir. I don't know today to close. I know you don't like, don't worry about you, but you and fight it is that what you are doing. yeah. I'm asking you if a buggy was that somebody you loved overseer fat to you, that's good woman, you're, not a request to invest in media. I'm pretty sure. Of course no allows is regularly wanna liniment waters where the value of your back, what they were doing You start they gave every day about, don't be debate. I tried it. It is a good day, bet you got here. We would have to be aware that fire and I hereby deploying the record- you knew that girl I want it- provides us with a western. Let it go,
this parliament has made me wasn't that this measure was a man who can't click. You know said we want to have all the guys that way. Denham g should we Timberland Vienna summit in New York. You want to walk around with a razor blade Sunday Tongue Mug, and you know I got you that's what I mean is that we got you. I got you sine die away about his nose and comma brothers. None could he shall I want what is there a bread was about eight hundred five plus one off? I won't keep a lot we have more coming up. Next is to breakfast parties, the G envy Angela YE shall remain ago. We are the breakfast club I shall do on a positive note. Lizzie man, a positive noted day, is simply this he could have being happy is accepting You are in life and making them. Was that of everyday practice, A vivid clinical yoga hiring. its Katy correct, I'd use,
podcast next question as a platform to explore the big issues we face in these crazy times and run Now, there's no crazier time and no bigger issue than the corona virus, which is why we're switching gears and pushing our regular reported episodes to this summer. In the meantime, we're going, Stay focused on the corona virus. Talking to the sport, so you can really understand. What's going on, I It's overwhelming, but we can get through this together? You can list To next question, on the eye, radio, app, apple podcast or Ever you get your bridge shows we You don't know that we are here for you, deepen world New Hampshire on the site. The dark highway, the hills of witness, a light in the sky, a crime? Hovering above a field they thought that was the end of their story. two years later under hypnosis. They would learn that there is more that night so what had they forgotten?
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