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Tuesday 1/31 - Today on the show The Breakfast Club was not in there home city New York instead they were in LA but that did not stop them from broadcasting live and having listeners call up about their opinion on Tony Rock's comments on Steve Harvey not being a good fit for being the voice of relationships as well as callers speaking on first date deal breakers. Also, Charlamagne gave Donkey of the Day to gospel singer Tina Campbell after making comments supporting Donald Trump.

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I love. You samarang rather sit out the most prominent. When you asked earlier. Morbidly drama was able showing people whose videos good morning you usually go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go good morning. Angel YE mines is Andy Charlemagne. These did have led to yes, it's Tuesday. We how, in L a broadcast, live malaise towards what three in the morning here is three in the morning here in early pleaded. All wrong last night, eight thirty dinner reservation, which means that it was eleven thirty on the West Coast. Right he's kosher me! Please call yes
I loved it ad Mozilla, ten thirty, so was that One thirty, one. Thirty August I've gotta get his net now take a nap, avoiding I'm at that point. My life we have got to get rid of while the sleep. Why do anything that thing engine then at eight thirty dinner, reservation tonight now Ukraine? Will I ate at eight thirty less? I want a dinner last. Any turnout was good to US data payment. I was so nervous. I welcome Mr Radio. I just The holder took it out before data, but I wanted to Jim so Do me olive man since yesterday stallion? I did the same thing yesterday, Runnin around time differences a killer, but who gives a day away where what we do, we must show up just got me to see what you got. What we do want. It is my heart radio panels or something maybe get a Duvalier for work all day
Where is she gained and kissed ably bees in more and more round in a room full of sneaky Trump supporters way to do is always is we're here to move around in a room full of sneaky trump support. Now any protest at the airports. We also call for no absolutely not noticing anybody yesterday or the day before their latest. It was crazy at the place where they for hours of work. One day we will have to get back to work for the driver said yesterday to drive it. People who protests have no job, that's not true, stop it doesn't reproach. You have no job, I'm next Africa Statue, rapid, I will ask it to show greater proposals. Are we talking about? What's at about data from some more and he just fired the acting attorney general of the United States will tell you why he fired her. Are you not talk about that? been a gang in Washington, Revalue here. Right now, I know a lot of people, I got politics, but you really have to pay attention, because so many things going on there
acting the average every day, you have no idea how life and if it is right now, were easily bitten off his eleven days, It is getting worse and worse and white, unquestioning anybody who said they really love America and requesting anybody who says they voted, which companies are happy with the movies maiden pass eleven days you clearly not paying attention was gonna die right. Well, we'll get into all that when we come back, get your ass up, MR breakfast level
What is it just me morning, everybody's dj envy Angel Ye Charlemagne God we are bringing this morning and asking some front page news now involves sports and possible sports in football teams, land any Houston, so they will stop practising in his letters. I you know what to do when we times of the year by sports dog, dwindling down we'll, have a baseball bat, Molly went off basketball and baseball nowadays, like the team landed who made us all the talk about the team landed the ghost of Pakistan in Houston and get ready for the support you just such a team. They make you not you not of their job. Not lines had landed the exciting where they led up the and use their right now broadcast from August Asian and used. When I remember not from sleep, I did cedar inanity seventy be day you go. I did see seeker chase to Fanny, jumped honesty that I know what I was about to see that a definitive gonna feel Maisie constraints. They have to active enough, and I did see o dell dancing with the Afghanistan Limber not be limber. Now, let's talk about Donald Trump Man, Madonna Channel
fired the acting attorney general, that is Sally Yeats, and that is because he said that she has. Betrayed the Justice Department. That's all because she doesn't agree with his order on immigration flows. Data should now having disagree with you. She had ordered instead, as instructed just its payment lawyers, not to defend the order that and a chump handed down to that at present. I am not convinced that the defence of the executive order is consistent with these responsibilities. Nor am I convinced that the executive order is lawful. That's what she wrote now. Trump responded. He tweeted, of course, He said that AIDS is an Obama attorney general and that's that any also put out a statement via the White House. They said acting attorney General Sally AIDS has betrayed the department of Justice by refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the United States. This order was approved as in form and legality by the Department of Justice Office, of legal count,
they said I miss Yates, is an Obama administration, appointee was weak on borders and very weak on illegal immigration. Is time to get serious about putting in our countries are doing our job like. If you see certain stays out right now, something which a voice. It was even question fire position because they did agree to keep her on after Obama left office. They agreed terms in office agree to keep her on his acting attorney, general and even question. Have you were ordered to do something that was not For what would you do when she said I wish he'd do her job do yeah? She did our job crazy. So is this: how works now, if you dont, have, we would trouble version yet ass. I work those liberty of rules. Why would they work their way in America now present damaging also, we, the acting director of immigration and customs enforcement as well, as an end in the ways of america- and you are happy with moves trumpets- may pass eliminate. If you really care about this country, you open your eyes and realise that America is in serious danger. Never what could you do at this point? What could you do? Pray, I guess
in mobilizing organised, and though you know all that it is going on within the scraggly, from the fact that China is praying for potential military clash with the. U S, a senior military official in a chinese military said war within the presidency's term? Our reality and this has involved overlay some time and that austerity went down a chump- took a cloth from Taiwan, which appeared to recognise Taiwan. its own nation rather than as a part of China, which no president has done in decades? Let's talk and keep it America safe is bs This administration seem to witness in some grave, soon tat danger. Got. Any source of danger now can affect everyone. If you got a young child or teenager, he might have to go to war. Is this my goodness? I got to go to war that can't be nuclear angle below ground troops into China. green or draw Bob. Did you say that to make me a bomb atomic, we did have a last reason. Prophecies can finally be dropping
These are all things are, as they died: ethical all. While back down o day when I went back, they were bomb ultimately of dignity. What time is gonna go down so right, molest front? page news and tell him why you mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset, you need to vent cordless right now, maybe at a bad night a bad morning or whatever it, maybe maybe a late this morning or you just upset, may be rolled over to get some and why we said no, if you're upset and how do you know why? Because you know what time we got left when the problem is even to take every chance. You get assets. Ok, eight hundred five, eight five one phone call us now is to breakfast locomotive, never found ass all the labyrinth of a day. Why not? If they were probably ask, I bet it with so many good goes in a Europe where we don't need any other browser publicly lose many drug, comedies lobby girl, Conway wielded guys go, go away about exactly why you bad practice for real good laws from August lords.
Mantilla Marah, Linda distressful data, the data and I just want to say every man You men are turned on your pie, TAT Day and changes, You, Madam help me out so much ram. Really really do you have a passage, a women s collar, the local economies have primarily been made, as you know that doesn't know anything about my partners and we will come back to me. Is that help them, but we ve been doing reading menu name and we ve been through it from animal. being a cut in a phase to cheating to you name it we Andrew everything we ever talk about it and it was what was a problem, but this is not at that moment in your relationship, sometimes when you went when you gotta just irritated by each other. Just very, we believe a bad as worms. we all wanted. We argue fat and unattractive.
Romano Fragment, they got no Jaminee everything she doesn't know as I do and noisy could I'm I'm I'm good. So you think, by I just want to say this, though every You wanna, yeah, yeah yeah, you Angela, be all your pockets are a means of livelihood, Deborah Madame DE right now you got a man under being on May well, you know what you should do, valets they bring wifey to New York and come to the lab. So if you make it to New York, I give you four has without doubt envies Adriatic is. What can we say about you? Help us bring you wise, as you can right in person which started ass nice. And if you listen to my lips him his pack ass, you can have better sex as well. There you go but a pm shows. Although you know ten, thirty temporary almost allows this MRS shops or show celebrating marrow
a mad at an eleven days like we're all gonna die seems like suggesting that eleven days I've thought about died. We don't even in article eleven deserted completely broken America dead dead. That is true, sir. That is act that is not an alternative. Magnetism actual factual are that the bank yesterday, cashing a check in the old couple in front of you were just like. You know we're all going to die like I was like. I can't believe I live nine decades to see the world end like this. hello. Oh don't you have no reason to be optimistic. I might be right, they might be old enough what he might be passed away. We I just keep Graham and we're we also have to worry, is power in a tone actual you won't. You don't speak tangled into existence. Me era. Well hello, whose there's you can beat this work. Maybe the muscle I'll tell him I met Men are what die every morning now mad, because people called out there become about food companies. made a wake up, call the math, absolutely
and sometimes I get my baby, as is a nice distraction from was going on industrial hello? There is hope coming? flooding Tamil you're crazy mama? Can yes Why are we perfectly natural, my mama I'm not many morning? I'll, be there can be a man and happy save my birth. Then no s nonsense said I watched over your birthday, I'm asleep my white today. Ok, nobody in thinking about without me. Going about Iraq will be our work. Can we turn up,
you I am quoting famine. not at all where you from Anna permanently in it you gonna, use devoted to mortgage loans that low no You know you die you now. You know, you know we're gonna have them. We got happen. Birth defects, a boyfriend? I guess she's a boyfriend. Yet The third added thirty areas to be you catch earful, tell why you may add ons
following five one five, one of your obsession, deviant call us right now is to breakfast local morning. The breakfast was really with sex. With me morning, everybody's dj envy Angel Ye Charlemagne God we oughta breakfast club you ass up here. I never thought of my lifetime at sea. The american government about to be the victims of a nordic Ubuntu. Let's acoustical you thesis, is a sudden who said a coup d, Artagnan line answer so whatever for now the bottom of the coop, but whatever the coop, what two doors isn't espouse? Oh you PETE Tom, that black, like I don't see repeated, ok they all over where your law is one of silent had no such thing as a valid. Let have deleted just sitting there, a Madison bodies. They hated the breakfast club. Dj envy. Actually, he and capital. No I'll sit me to you can make me salad what s the matter.
America's on the verge of haven't eyes. Cloven lie a coup: ok and ass, a sudden, violent and illegal seizure of power from the government she's, just a guess. American as these universal level bearing his ally of Marital America, cannot fail. Yeah, ok, sake box, and I think that is right. We collaborated making jokes or whatever I can't pronounced. Why don't you take care pronounce you, but a Google is more. Don't you think it's a good thing in Iraq, you, whatever whatever shall? May miss for now this morning you better go. Google is he was going to America by radical attitude. Ok, you're right, we want to do, all right we got room is on the way you, yes, we are going to talk about a, but that someone's Vatican, everybody was giving her hell for this array would tell you is biting that bagasse wrestle salmon's, you won't by Lee, what you just did with the Red Card broker, whereas guys lessened
now, but we do you hear about this. My antonios is we'll call. It came the closet, the world's Rakkeed clean and open. Oh, my god, it's alright games, Mokanna grabbed yeah that'll. Do you think I wasn't there? Wasn't a coded allegedly alright, it's abruptly! locomotor room? Is unaware I got a crash shall, and I got a crash shall and I got a curse on Darth newborn part of Darth you're, going out of doors will be present at the mouth of south shall, and I got a crash warning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are, the breakfast club has given some to the room. Is this talk racism and Russia is the annually on the breakfast, a heavy batting who laughs at rest and women's rights car. I guess what you just did he just so the rest kite four hundred and forty seven mill
and I don't really bombs were ruthlessly rose. You go go rush while not derive accompany green, that that's bang it. They said that they will buy universe, the parent company of rush card and the rapid, Piero Debit card, their rest him and started, and that sounded back in two thousand three. There you have, it adds in forty seven million dollars later you bought away, resembles guises rose, got around to read, does actually have a rose garden is while it Eddie uses, but he had. millions does not see the difference, it a big difference in any state which, because he had Aeroscope ILO and he's gonna, see what a black rush got. Unless somebody can tell me different, now as part of this transaction, a green dad said they will not be liable for any settlements tied to that incident. That happened in twenty fifteen, where people can access their money and the customer service lines were tied up. There were all kinds of issues, so they have nothing to do with that, but they do not like having received him. His name attached to. It is a big reason why they should be
He has a black bless. Everybody rather risky, but don't go around flexing. Could you had a rough cod day because Russell ME, nineteen, forty million, not you flowers, I re were seen as in receipt of firm Levin, happy man. I was married to cook for us too, is going to be riding a memoir and that memory is pretty much on her. Marriage wants to open up about her history with cider journey, her business being a mom trying to juggle everything, finding balance being on reality, tv being in a seventeen last year, marriage and all the things that come along with that she said just like a guide trying to figure it out. It's interesting because just recently came out that her husband- had a baby outside of their marriage and the and jobs in Washington said that she was getting a living allowance in sheep and got a car after she gave birth to their son, and now she wants to make sure she keeps on getting money. A worthwhile Rashid concern
help with it does her husband, but is the turn of relationship? Alternative relationships alike are turned into facts. There not re. I gotcha Turner relations have Alternative China's menu business, bull, relax waiting we'll be all right. That I like it. I live now stand see main girls worry in themselves, but to the activities of decide where the problem is when there's a child involved. Now is an alternative jobs now it may be that some miles an hour now my car, I look forward to that, but coming out with which he has to say about that. Now speaking, a books, Tony rack had some things to say about Steve Harvey. As we all know, Steve Ivy has us very successful. Think, like a man and that in turn that into a moving a couple, movable movies right and here's where turning back has to say about taking advice from Steve Harvey
PIG Steve Hobby as the representative for all his third wife was grist to his second wife. Yet black who have anointed this while the Oracle? when it comes to black, dating No one who go on very view the into anyway you're, not gonna hurt. So I guess you there severity. Elastic cope. That's too bad I don't like that. It dirty laundry by like loaded. I that's only regret the point now Christine we ve been married three times as someone out they haven't Mary was how somebody I can't find a boy from our girlfriend of imo. Listen is somewhat of our relations while would not listen to Steve. Are you done it a few times and it has a work? Do you say- in about three that they had been married to the account when somebody said hey owned? Three rolls Royce. Do you asked and why
So what about you to sit down at a women who have bought a harder? But you asked in dismay why wasn t rolls Royce is banned. Please please. arguments into the only we do you write what it's all about perspective and what kind of relationship teaches you want? the album one woman for twenty five years, the Mumbai Boffin unpleasant experience- and I gave you listen above right was also is, is deal hugely happy might have been, May I gotTA, LISA wife, three new, every three then felt like you have to get me see together forever, not even be merry. Ok, so therefore you could take release was a mighty way. Never married! You ll have a good perspective too, as it was, but it is the perspective people out there who single Never been. Would nobody tell you hey. I've been happy all only by myself for years. Well, behind the times
All right. You can't be was imagine Mary Lego behind. Do relationship less away long. There, Lotta people who got me around Madeira learning- I wouldn't you alone anyway. Is these are different kinds of things you can do as you can be married, Amby lonely you go, but what you just said use every right is a different thing. You can do so. Why not conceive hobby Tony Rock and they use management were Trump. Ok will say energy and right play? He didn't, I guess they. Tony rag does not who he would look. For relations. That's fine! Fine! So there you have it, but I don't know what I mean look. Some people may lead to envy and his wife because of their package that they have now to Casey Crew, wrote say: ok, that's you, I'm looking to flare vice and may we absolutely positively optimism made. It is not all or peaches and creams and Adam annually, in a relationship for how long before you got married, since nineteen me. What is the gardener remarried to use right, mother, much out two kids
and you weren't lonely during that time, but it took a long time to finally decide to actually tat in that it was also a whole. We are more money corrected, no one's stops warning imo. Monochord, I haven't you. Many correct is always exclude ass. An excuse, women would never understand at a man, may have as many re it asked. The use made made a most of the other part of my job is to protect and provide of a mere proven unhampered item. Number no woman is a situation which we regard as China about the money is about about the boy ass one would be to get it out. You know if you were much knock Emma hustled going on ass. This argument animators lie there with his eyes. I is college, we hot icicles, we hope for hours. As I said, I see once a country was a girl right now to do it more because you live in a dirt road. You tell the stories about time. We were
She had to go to the eviction notice cause you to about making those she absolutely. Whenever I lightly, like Charlemagne, grew rich one our group reaching spirited approach baby. I got a group with rigid Spirit, that's about it when they say what other people think Now I I know no differently, but I'd deafening, went to hear that next out. Ok, I believe, is envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club askin some front page news. Now, oh, you suppose fanciful fulfils. The teams have arrived in Houston cities to practice into gay. Who cares
say: refugee cowboys there. That is a fact, and I well at during proposing like Zackie chased, a fan jumped in the field of looks like he's. Just trying to get some extra running exist, trying to stay active in all, see that there are with their. Why not go my guy, the early then o Dell Becum Junior had a dancer with. I guess I don't know who was out of mass godmother basket of ask. I adore Becum Junior just trying to stay limber sublimer Would you call us all this travesty limber, the only twinkle told no doubt beckoned Junior knows never know, don't say Twinkle told I ain't. Never, yes, I'll drop down a term has fired the acting attorney general of the United States Sally AIDS, and that is because she refused to do and down on chums executive order on immigration, so accord to shine. Spacer white has spokesman said that she had betrayed the department of Justice by review. Seeing through defends his order. She said that she just
and convinced that the defence of that is a good of order was consistent with the responsibilities and she's out are not convinced that order is lawful. That's what she wrote when she said she could not enforce his order banning refugees and immigrants from seven predominantly muslim nations, a celebrity achieve Donald Trump. No one! Nothing! But yes, men around him period you fight at young lady because she's doing her job. Yes, because she see something so she said. Sadly, yes, that's what happened at the doesn't, even though they teach us see something say something further light has released a statement. They say it is time to get serious about protecting our country, calling for tougher embedding for individuals happening from seven dangerous places is not extreme. It is reasonable and necessary to protect our country. They said she is very weak on board, isn't very weak on illegal immigration as a man. All this talk of Cupid America, safe, is bs, because the only people have ruled out of politeness endanger right miles. The children Ministration railway donor we would shortly Pfizer does today do they already apprentice works and says to do he history,
In my view, we have created the United States of apprehension, make everybody suffering from anxiety. I am it in her, but I do know my friend it arrived mutilations buys arise from Donald Trump. They re even though sounds by either the yes man tell me to children. Private wooden public act like I know it, taught me damn it is rather die is I know what I'm talking about an odd paths. Goodness gracious right, as front page news now when we come back. If you just joined us, Tony Rock, had this to say about Steve Harvey. Hopefully our board of that means has. It will give a second, PIG Steve Hobby as the representative for all black? His third wife was made grist? To is second wife, yet black have anointed this, while the Oracle when it comes to black dating no one who go on very few.
Why is a lot of knocking at the hustle? Is a lot of generalizations being made? It should say some black people, Steve Harvey Steve Harvey, has an audience okay and I feel like a different perspective everything's devolving unmade three times for me They haven't made once something A final barbarism you can find a government on the list. is someone about relationships, who's been through a few Steve, always been through a few, and you do not. You can learn something from any and every body. Sometimes you can learn what not to do from people like us. Of the four, and we ask in this Tony rock- have a point, eight hundred five, eight five what oh, five one? That is the question. Of course we know Steve Hobby has been Mary three times. What show me said: hey, maybe he's telling you how to guide relationships, or is it just one of those days? Well didn't work view wash make your life. You use the ugly as an example the ability, his wife. one wife always wanting over twenty. Does great too you can learn something from De L is well wagon, like different people. Dont have different perspectives that you can learn from.
is only one plea. Bulgaria, Madonna thing is, would deal we don't know if the US happy deal might have been married, twenty five, but he might not be happy. We don't know that could be a player. That we follow as well, but that is the question of oils going. I have a point asked a question. Eight hundred five five one phone call us now is to breakfast local morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club, the average join us. We're talking Tony Rocca, some statements he made about Steve Harbourless. Listen PIG Steve Hobby as the representative for all his third wife. mistress to his second wife, yet black, have anointed this, while the Oracle when it comes to black dating from who go on family view, so request an eight hundred, the five one or five one is Tony Rock. Have a point. I think Tony rug
I have a slight point, but I feel like twenty rock is knocking the hustle as well, because it different perspectives the thing I must say in all honesty, vodka made three times and somebody behind the man went held some. You can find a barbarism. Your camp on a girlfriends Obama. Listen to someone about religious while would not listen. The thief he's had a few and you do know you can learn something from any and every body, including what not to do. And yes, I can listen to the ugly as well. Is all about perspective and what kind of relationship teachings you won't come Agri, which utility? to an extent a mean. Like you said, Stephen he's been married three times. He knows what he did wrong. He knows what he did rising those really liked. He knows how we messed up and sums those messages in those mistakes can help somebody else at eight. I have to say that the main thing is I e learning from our mistakes, a mess. I think, can you own up to them? Absolutely but let me leave me mistake. Tony rats, brother Chris write me some mistakes and he s gone into something and it he had made it. We don't know what somebody's gonna end if you actually receive avi will to hers. You foggy stories admitted to his mistake
you can learn something from any body, including a crack. It you have a down and listen to the fact that its miss I've never know anybody with any at an inherited gap. Listen to me anybody with any experience you can learn from rig artless of how terrible you think their situation looks sometimes can learn what not to do from a person. Airlines have been every day Now you go and you should learn something from somebody. Every day. Let's go to. The former allows this Dania Daniel, Thanks only work has a point at the same time, I even Harvey, is bigger from experience that desert negate the fact that even he knows what he is talking about when he's given they survive because he experience these things. He's piggy from his own mistakes were he's giving. Thereby these matters come another blue. Therefore, you can't take that away from here. Ere you today, I would beg you. Mamma allows the right out of my way
Alison lives. Would it thinks only rocket the years point moving he has acquired? I don't agree with our main body, but at the end of the day he had the right replied Anne he set out on his back, and why is that work I say we need to get the money into that. When I M A then he'd ever had got together. Do boy come back when I mean a man, he got himself to be married. Now, happily married, we don't. We don't know that you have no idea. Why are you so many now we don't know, but if she doesn't damn, whereby that's right, one, eight hundred five, five one and five one of you just joined us. Tony rope made these comments about. Do you of his playwright. All pigs Harvey as the representative for all things, black. His third wife was mistress- to his second wife. Yet black.
Have anointed this, while the Oracle comes the black dated one who go on family view distorting Iraq have appoint. Callers right now is to bring this global mortgagee envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne God we are! The breakfast club nephew just joined us, we're talking about so raw comedian, Chris rocks bothersome statement that he made about Steve Hobby, less listen PIG Steve Hobby as the representative for all his third wife. mistress, who is I can wife. Black have annoyed to dismantle the.
When it comes to black dating from who gave a very few Tony, rather that doesnt got into my do as he is. He really thought about down again through prepared as ads you kind of nineteen amendment. I was here this because it was rather eager Chris Rockies to relegate people from leg in South Carolina distant distant, distant, distant cousin. I can't ask them for alone, and has it been eliminated? They died in eighteen, oh no, we don't want any will give precise. That's not gonna. Take your life column, you like hey, come you get a role and is more causing mommy and daddy happening. There were twenty August there, but it's all about respect demanded different perspectives for ever from everything I ve always been married three times so who's this you can get relationship device from him. The ugly been married for two one woman for twenty five years who's to say you can't get relationships. Advice from him, too, is all about perspective and what kind of relationship teachings you want. This whole mindset that you can't list somebody because of their past mistakes
can't learn from somebody to their past mistakes? Is ridiculous generation would have never allowed Malcolm little, who become Malcolm X, Ray whereby Eu Us They give us and wherever Youtube. So you can this actually say if you agree with them, you agree with them. If you dont you, don't I'm sure, there's things you agree with in things you don't and ATO agree with twenty Roxanne. Oh maybe de la view, the Oracle for black people he's not the arc of all black. We will leave the Oracle for some me, as some of the other audience is not less. I didn't get it lay. Turning back is also a comedian result. No, it isn't raven. I think he's over doing it because it is a joke that was really was talking about Donald Trump Don Quixote Mary went down on try, but why are we looking at Steve? Ivy as the representative for our black people learn. Lenny was now she does when you know, is deep roots, issues when people like you, We would all like you soon as you slip up. Yes, he was a trump yeah and I wonder why, all by of books, books and talk about relationships
I didn't mean withdrawal of some lady doesn't like, and I guess he there was an opportunity to get it out, but let's go to the former, allows this modest afraid you think so like as a point of thanking the gravel, can't go up with b harvester me, you are away his hair, like thirty years, nobody due value as a lot of women. There we're wing- and nobody knows, Yet I would even call you realize the demand are realised from his mistakes. Everyone's mistake, you get a body. why do I make you will gain path that he got what he would soon go back to where they come from about starting by dismay? Why? Which one is let's go? Let's go to. Another call, allows this earlier dates on you, talk, it's only rather believe it when you think about He had to say I think
There is an obvious job, Johnny LAMP without delay. although some jelly, and his kind of knowest evolving? What I'm telling you, I think I will go and tell you mom and happens in life it does all right. Well was the moral of the story. Is the moral of the story? Is man you want to listen to people with experience and I need everybody. I didn't understand that experience. the name we give our mistakes. Do you hear me experience is the name. We give our mistakes. If you don't got no real experts, unless you made some mistakes in life. Ok and I got a whole book full of mistakes coming out equally to eat. years, cod black privilege opportunity comes to those who created your computer right now see the book that comes e, T, J B. Ok that come- and I came right, which I can't wait.
yeah slander and me put the one on a suit, you give it all kind of vice. Two people are you coordinated got a pseudo go just got caught in a black man, put not assume given some life. White. Absolutely I, you know, I have made mistakes in my way you go for. My mistakes have led to me, having experienced never to suit can't think not been assumed cared enough in nothing time can't fix when it comes to mistakes. The aim here, my hammy. We got room was unaware. Yes, we are going to talk about so deep way, find out who has stepped up to train him. Next, you know he's gotta figure out what you gonna do about, despite since Egypt lay May, whether also they Grammy they're coming up and some big names aren't gonna be there tell you who am. I tell you why I'll write all I m more. Keep allowed this to breakfast locomotive tireless that's price exchange Showtime. Madame morning everybody's dj anyway to Guy Angela YE. When I need, I reckon autonomy, cats, moon, tied and watch it. I'm so tired.
And then rapid issues are raised. This gets aromas, assault, soldier boy, aghast at the reul report. Libretto club that sounds away no longer has play. May whether doing your training him now he has Evander wholly failed training him. So going to see what happens? I don't know what's going on with the tickets, I don't know what the date is for this fight with Chris Brown. I don't know what the venue is. Yet I don't know if it's really hot about a man only villas like off, because all hidden hate. visa arising out of the eggs of yellow. long gray. May I wouldn't located in re alone, Rebecca sounds eventually says old mansion. I sure. Does he bought a big s house so do I will give you? the ban and then you're going to U stolen. You ask by even gonna happen. Not only the kid is brought down like it is a realistic let the Grammy's they Grammy's are about
go down and a couple of weeks and Congo, where isn't going Justin Bieber, is not going, and so are a lot of other stars. Aren't gonna make it Drake isn't going on. Our Drake has eight nominations. He does it plan to pay the video beyond soaring Europe. China has eight nominations, he's gotten twenty one Grammy's already, but he always lost when he went head to head with a white singer. So he's not going Justin but isn't going and a lot of this debt in Frank Ocean who sell, because he had best album the year. He didn't bother submitting that for a grand consideration at its spring. Oceans had the Grammy's, our dinosaur that doesn't represent young black art is now Justin. Bieber is nominated before he plans to be somewhere other than the Grammy's a week from Sunday. He doesn't like the Grammy's. relevant our representative, especially when it comes to young thing. I have no problem with their stopped using the Grand Museum go. You celebrated not tolerate. I hate when asked, like the sole train awarded on Warden Ali's great
If you want an award, illegal substances could be heard and night. So we're going to accept his award on his back and you also to show what else do you want soldiery? Not yet, as I know, you don't show up as some say they are not here. Neither by so doing the words I wish to grant me too. I wiped it off and on like I watch the stuff I want to see, and I see no channel surfing during the but maybe that change their minds and show up who knows at this point they are not going. I write Mariah carry on her season Nellie of Marine brothers. Anybody here watch Marie's world now Lula I was U debuted, break up song that she did is cause. I don't because of course, she broke up with her fiance James Packer. All about plays out on the show now ass, he also talks about ever since the tour wraps. He said she took some time to suppress her feelings and she started writing a song too. press which has been going through if you're not getting the love that you need from someone that you're supposed to be in a real relationship with why remain in that situation? Here's a little clip of the song, its cause AIDS.
You say that Now Johns ran away where she got their gold is happens. I'll drop one include mom for Don Ojo Day of a man. A lot is not local right. Now, community till we start paying Dato Jones Aaron Hall. And Audrey hereafter respect. They deserve. Ok models you guys, you name those three elder God in the game. No, we don't pay and Mohammed to ok. Why, logically out and will go away allotted time- I didn't runs into the breakfast club on large avail. Amateur errand dial Joel. I lie down our genes candidate asylum, where I care dispose,
If you had a husband, then you get. What does other guy waiting to marry? You there's a few yards day breaks up what you would he give us all this way and TAT s exactly what it and it wasn't a billion glad. You said it, that's exactly what it is making it knows all of you haven't a billion, maybe because they still are in each other's lies because of the kids and she didn't want to go in on him or more reason to make us all iniquitous hang about Mariah. Nobody heard well to evolve into far's. If nobody Daisy Does it make us out, it may sound when they can and wraps and nobody listens. don't bother even matter tat. They imagine for an again it s. Now that was called oh well, but you re Mariah away way is Maria, carries new song about Nick can't see, you may be sure, do a song about. Admittedly, this had been now, is out there with cod infinity so that she made it did a song about him Knocker Eric and days, Helen Jimmy Butler showed up, especially guess it since the wrappers open MIKE knighted as open migrate in Chicago he does it weekly. He encourages local teenagers to get off the streets in to showcase there too.
In front of people, so now only two days repellent We Butler show up as special guess, but the Cassavetes New Edition also showed up to speak to people in the oil. And which won the young young ones loaded, not a middle way. Young teenage is that today is it just rapid has spoken. Word is up and make some pretty sure you do it We went. I couldn't stand ravished owner why, over rather nice Emily? are you nuts II and the rapid, would you would you-
carries a good three tallard man say whether they be in the street and they were spoken word. If money is actually rather shoot, novelty had taken refuge, holidays, you'd know already snap and disrespect flowers have died. There is no morning do cricket since that love song, then I am slow, LU, LU. If you don't know who think that you know I don't know. Maybe right now tell me what I was. What is it The flowers have died. There is no morning, do the cricket things? love song, then I am so blue. Is that from a cry to no twenty, now. If you don't know that it can you just you know, I can't you we have the broadly ninety.
When I was on a river- and that is your room report right- think you miss he shot, I get so he gave it a donkey to go dog. You today is going to Tina Campbell of Mary Mary. We really need to come the front. The congregation we'd like to have a word with her. Please We like to have a world where it is when we come back. I was born and I don t care about you. People tweeting me who gets that was Sondra Huxtable Song. I was singing your absolutely correct. I was saunter Huxtable COD be show so twenty eight when she would break up with Evans, she would sing that sad love. So now dog he had a day for to day January. Thirty, first go to a gospel singer named
in a cab, one half of the gospel group, Mary Mary, you know, is to God in me, not train a cab. catching he'd on social media, because go to the letter on Facebook, and then that letter she said that supporting our celebrity and Chief Donald J Trump is the godly thing. That why? Why did I just hear a collective, not my God, for millions of our listening, like I literally just heard, all your collectively in unison sake, not my God, in reference to Tina I was saying we should all support trump and why we should all have faith in him. May I read some experts from her. Let us please hung accepts exit. You know, and I know what I mean when I know what I may ready carbon out it s? Protein can now saying anything, but you know what I met. Ok now Data Campbell says I believe that understanding and compassionate absolutely necessary for the progress of all people. Ok, Tina, stop. This was Can I agree with you understand and compassion are absolutely necessary for the progress of all people Bettina. This
same administration, you pray for the Trump administration. You need to be telling them net. Okay. We need them to have empathy, compassion and understanding for the citizens of this country and our constitution. Ok, ok. Tina also said so, although I don't always understand, I agree with Mr Donald Trump Politics perspective in approach. I believe the decision God created all of us have deposited grey. It's inside of him. That goes far beyond what many of us have seen, and what many of us could imagine she continues. I believe that all people in our lives matter, including that of Mr Donald Trump and his family. I believe that the leaders of this nation should protect the opportunity for life liberty in the pursuit of happiness for every single one of these citizens, and I truly believe that Mr Donald Trump shared disbelief, Tina you have turn a tv away from BT celebration of Gospel in turn, CNN and these MSNBC hell, even Fox, ok, fats, anew what one look at these paths, weekend's events and is true.
Will ban any put all muslim american citizens, and that's just show you that the leaders of our nation currently art, I think the lives of all its citizens. Ok, pursuit of happiness for every single one of its citizens, really where that well, all that was that this weekend, okay, Tina Campbell continues. I choose to stand with him and pray for him because, as a follower of Jesus Christ in the front believe in the Holy Bible, I have been commanded to pray every way you know how, especially for rulers and that guy made to rule well. This is the way our saviour. God wants us to live. Listen to me, This is exactly why I'm spiritual, and not It's ok. Religion was created to keep the oppressed loving in forgiving. Their press. You can even be mad at Tina. Is not her fault. She did. We
Dayton slave teaches that path now, four years this is systemic okay. This is why I wanted everyone. Does the birth of a nation by name POGO, because he showed out a slave master, Usenet Erna to go around increased a bible to his fellow slaves? Ok, Aphasia! Six: five slaves obey your earthly masters, would respect in fear and which sincerity of heart disease, you would obey, cries, go iceberg, venetian or demand for me. Please and get a quick lesson to see our religion. You, religion was used to keep slaves, oppressed, but see this. data Campbell needed to know. Yes, we are all children of God, but Satan has a kingdom too and we can I submit our will to God or we can submit our will to Satan and when those amongst us submit their will to Satan, we What is season six one thousand one hundred and twelve says the Duke and that put on the full armor of God, because our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers against the authorities against the powers of this dark world. Okay,
God, no punk, God of the gangster nor have got one is article by who Coup Natasha, which Satan, okay, eighteen in the same way you and other Mary Mary recognised. Me, you gotta reckoning the statement a person to now Tina concludes our long as Facebook posed. By saying I choose to believe that America is great, always have been great and it becomes. Greater nation because it is in God. We trust he is our founding father of this nation and there is no failure in him. I choose to believe the people led by Donald Trump's, united on the gods, will never be defeated. I agree Tina We should trust. Absolutely. I fear God not government, but let me tell you something of people led by Donald Trump, United under God, will only work if celebrity achieve opens his to the load and startling God in that the ban and guide his steps, please give Campbell two biggest. He hardly. all right
I know I know preacher. We know our charge on Sunday that need to salute mum equality, keep trying to get me to come out, but I'll be tied on Sunday, God, oh God knows Maharajah hearty. I think you know my stream it online it trying to have it at sea. I wake up its entire. The gods, be speaking through me. God just spoke to me just now that you just put to me to talk the Tina Campbell listen to a he's. Ok what they give it a donkey today, so that when we come back, we're talking about a deal break now, ye tell him about your friend. I went on a day when a group on where this is and then why was that we were talking about ants my family, saying that a guy pulled out a group on a she women go out with him again if it was a first date that fail egg? I don't know, that's the deal breaker
if we had a nice place and you somehow got a great deal that for first that you can't pull out that you particle Paul you mad at me cause I wanna discount, not on a first that you should take a bluish. You look is marriage material known like Canada, gotta watch? If you want a man who has no that's might if we can get the same exact monastery, for half the price you gotta group me. You are here that no no no mother did not follow the hoopla first. Data bears. My name is frugal. Via draws you want to be.
man right now as rich. Now we spend in all his money on full meals. Are you gonna be this man? Who's gonna be rich fulfilling all the time you know how to get it did. I fell, pays for price, and you know what I have said. This is frugal. Vagina, uniqueness, progenitor native either landing. I want your bullshit vagina. They want your boogie ass, pay full price for everything, vagina. What you get is this: this disaggregated data is ok. This is where the two of you feelings had eighty five, eighty five one and five one ladys. Would you continue Dayton Amanda, pull that a group on a cue pardon fellows would You pull out a group on if you put on your first date, callers The breakfast locomotive, the breakfast glitt ring everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club now, if you just joined us, we're talking about Angela Ease friend, she went on a date and a guard pulled out a group on right. It is a known of overseeing, I think, there's another moment that I think is
someplace in nice, and you somehow and if you get a good to listen, my life is about in a good deal. You know already ever to say way. Ok, you try to get a good deal, I'm on a date with a guy, not afraid we can go, someplace really great nice and have a great time, and you use the group line not offers no, no, no, not a family, a sign for the future of first aid. You got impressed me low, but you just can't take this vagina. What a group on possess a little crazy worthwhile you boogie, is how you were you good clothes every day, a week envies near right now what I start human link chain on in his role, legs and sometimes gene camper novel cottage either those a merry. So you is good clothes all the time for those of us who don't we are good clothes. All the time like me, I was gonna, do sweatsuit right now. Ok, I think Our group wants a great and I feel close by Do you not think discounts a great big ladys if you go out with a man who finds a way, give you two
dollar meal, but only pay fifty dollars for you need not only marry him. You should give us a vaginal first anodyne energy. Now you go right, magna fiscal reform as eight hundred five, a five. What or five one realizes assets and envy the boy Porter Party guy? May God, oh god? No, you know how to keep, would do all money on our first date. You gotta impractical. Voting time on port of european parties, nobody can make a little bit of money here mean make envy money but make a little bit. I hate people who try to live a buggy meet me limit above me with some time you, if you like, a girl, you want to spoil my baby. I got it right now about me. You use Robin NICE, ten, when you pull out, When you pull out a bunch of group are not that girl going die, laugh and she would they want at all, and I must say, group
you know why, because you will fly ass, chick and I want to take you to a fly at play here, but I couldn't really afford it all away. So I had to find a way to get a discount boom now does take. Was good in your stomach? hello. This emphasis now ok now I'm in the morning was Emma attain Peggotty. are you going out on your first day really nice West, irrationally there's restaurant? Have everything is nicer, homey pulls out a group on your, whereas what do you think a girl? thank you for Lady Gaga games that none of these but Silence Elam is, is all where's the girl who ain't got? No doubt we need a self ain't. Nobody, Would you allow me I will never talk to him again? He won't caught me and get it I'm sorry, you reach the number that it no longer. And thirdly, how you do you feel about your button it now when you did you
pull out, but you know how we now. Let me just give you this rose there. I am thought on grounds of fear. You tell him, you pointed out to you what if he says you know I did get a group on Fridays bag is, I was looking for it and I saw there was one available, so hey our daily and we're on the all having a proper basis our they. Let me call you back vacuum because five, eight five, when I found you and fake ass bad in Boogie, as we now see you Cato the first in a first date, the first aid you can't use a Cooper. I know that you can use this Gary drop drop, top political group on completed this guy a cavalry far outweighs envy way, for cite the dear, where you go to the movies and you use your movie ticketing, you gotta Applebee's after and you get your entre for free. You have saved for the next. When you can't do the first day, I'm trying to figure out
Since when do we live in a world, we would all like deals. We do not care that the first day answerable via draws. Does this Did I get his call us up now with the breakfast locomotive that was reacted sex with me morning, everybody's dj envy Angel ye shall meet a guy. We are the breakfast club. Now have you just joined us, we're talking about angel ease friend. She went on a first date at home pulled out a group or component. Is that a no? No, yes it's a no. No! You cannot pull out a coupon or a group on on the first day. You know suitable graduate clause wherein ass up every day. You wait you're good clothes every day and you trying to tell us how to behave on taking a shower. How you got me at present any use, a good man to get that president like gets getting I got it. I went beyond his lady, the Mariposa group, why you should be looking to him as a future unless you know that he is organised and unless you know that he plans for the future, let's eat. Let you know that he's you know
put in his money in the right place. Clearly now he doesn't want impression, you just want any other want you got a group on. You should be think it more than that. I used to group on the thirty, so you think is impressive. Did if you would a girl you pull out a big, not a money now Probably all he got values a credit card, more authentic Cooper Multi would have put our big, not the money. Ladys. That's got asked you to have already got alive. What visa gift card nothing wrong with ads gift card. Nothing wrong with that give cause for great mom. Take you ever been give colonized Gary's calmer. If you pull out to give credit to make another Maria low classes of that, but I have a problem with it, but I will be that no group of six legged you a number with cheap would give cod hello let's go to the whole lads. Eighty five If I one five, what allows this news was abroad, seven, five seven, now, first, they use. Group Montague, Barbara: I would warn, is easy money all go away?
The wage is pretty well aware to save money at Saint time. He's him you get a nice till after that, exactly You know why I'm a wife and a beautiful young boy came out just gonna walk in there. You go. I made you baby the group was gas. Advise you guys. Ok, when you use there grew plan and you leave it if you still have to leave a tip and what the whole amount? What had been? Not what you pay dollar, I beg you brought together. You know hello was theirs but Nebraska they Whitney from the breast. Now you go readily within ITALY, I'm sorry Whitley you going so far as they wish. We in the mandate, you we're pulls out a group. Ah, oh you leaving at last. I owe you a lot of love. You girl has our now find a cue led by mere that beer financially conjures up where you get to build a theme that you take me someplace night,
Why you re everywhere we live, who was my job? They made a dairy queen on a group on. Ok, therefore led by nobody, you just gotta by one give one car You want to free dairy queen You were right there that, like that's laces, is that, where are you now, let's stop here and give rise to run away back tonight, but ass. We go to dairy queen Garee along Mamma. I now me and my wife, ISM, frugal, feeble frugal Vondra. Ok this was the moral of the story. The moral of the story. Don't go. Jason food prices. Just stick to the group was in these cars. You used to ya, wanna, be bad imbues you when you need to be fine frugal shut up, you, VE was away. Yes, we are going to talk about Derek
sure, verses, Matt Barnes would tell you why they all of a sudden I beef and with each other and social media again also Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris, Jackson has landed here. is acting gig I'll, write all more Cuba, locked the breakfast local, don't cry would be sure, but were black beetles morning everybody's dj envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club: let's get to the rumours, assault, Derek Fisher with Angela, his club. Listen, I write Derek Fisher. Just recently did an interview with believed to report any talked about all kinds of things it's a pretty long interview and if you have time to read the whole thing you should, but he also said if the worst thing someone has to say about me: is that I'm not going out with a woman who used to be married to this guy? I work for a year six years ago are right. Of course he is about my buyers and how he is now what Gloria Gauvain. Now he
Barnes responded, he's, listen man. I got some extra time. I now, since amount of flights has put this to bed once and for all right hand to God. I love Gee July twenty fourteen Sohmer Gloria. Then I divorce her January first twenty fifteen, so this rat didn't steal anything. She was single and me to do her fast forward to October. I got it from one of my sends at this clown was at my house. So I went to check the situation out after he caught the first right hand and hit the sliding glass door, people be any ran through the house screaming begging and pleadings had taught that night and in ITALY. I didn't have time to talk. I had a lady friend at my candle in the marina waiting on me to talk about how Derek Fisher Father restraining order. He said I did what any real man would do. He said if a form friend mate was at the house, he pays for end. Didn't know about. Is only going to talk about the situation that at least be honest, no need to talk, tough or Gee now Eleanor Derek Fisher Bet, a married woman says he almost diaphragm powerful, but damn in all of them alone, too old, to be beaten, overtake
now hold triangle seem a low. Do all the automobile forty, when I'm a ban on the memorandum vehicles to close, but come on right, stop it and Eric and his interview also says I've been getting judge. Since I was six, I laugh at anything really or anybody who thinks somehow gonna quarrel up into a hall and not still win and be successful because people have been telling me. I can't. For a very long time, basically dare say- and I got beat up- but I got you bitch. What about work now he's taking over her work in our basic getting fired one water, nobody was involved in it and would show a situation like that either beyond, which you have just immaturity, shows a lack of majority. To be argue, noble, woman at to you, though I right now. Let's discuss, I think there was somebody who is pretending to be his manager and said that he was selling his house and the media this story and ran with it La Times posted that Europe had lifted his property for twenty million dollars and olives.
so they also whether real estate agent as well, so somehow someway somebody's scammed everyone into thinking that Drake had his house for sale money is. This has worth twenty million dollars, I, it is also less tat came card dashi in and the jewellery that was stolen from her in Paris. This is gonna. It's your heart. When I tell you the stereo came now talking about this, a step that was stolen from are, they said, summoned the jewelry, which was valued at one point: six million those pieces that step was in sit down and they actually got Queen twenty six and thirty thousand dollars. For that. So imagine. The jewellery is really worth one point: six million, but after its melted down it's only worth between twenty six and thirty thousand now The four million dollar ring they said there ring is still intact, but this notion defining it. They said that ring immediately went through the Belgium black market, so it's over, so lively robbed him from motives, which tone bigeye. Barely any man when I got a thirty five thousand over, however, to go for a ring, but Kindle Kyrgyz she had insurance, so they got paid out my revolver, so she's got money edge.
horrifying situation, was in Paris. Jackson Michael Jackson's Jordi is officially going to be on Leave Daniel Show stars. She has but TAT first acting gig, others, we told you before she was have a rolling stone. We read some of that to you about her. Identifying is black and Michael telling her that she was black. Her whole life, so recently met with led the annual for a screen. Tat end. They said she's a natural had been taking acting for years. Now that this is good, gonna be her break out year. Word LEO's, hiring pair of because you want blighted, would feel better about themselves, he's already got away woman on the sort of me way who feel better by themselves, and now you hide a white black woman that make life for better buttons. I write well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room or reports all right. Thank you. Miss ye up next to people's choice makes you wanna, hear something. Eight hundred foggy five one o five one get your request.
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