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08/17/16 On today's show a topic about forgiveness was discussed, however they quickly learned some forgive but never forget. So forgive us for not having an interview but we didn't forget Donkey of the Day or Ask Yee.

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It is rather the day Y gotta play while back Mack problems with so many good girl to know your Bulgaria. We leave any other browser, but really knows Dermody drug comedies lobby girl, because we really need to get I've gotta go away. Talk about exactly why you were breakfast boreal to dry would have been no job without their allotted for three. We are what our fellow man I love you. I love you brother, you know I'm mad mad because during enough love and therefore, like you got what you ve done a few men, we need a threat that love, love top of a high degree of EU wide. So is there a way? I am one hundred percent. Why radical by african american delivery job just want, chop down over the bar you from wound from so you don't count. Do you know why don't you know like you know why you, if we are from wound from your from Slovakia,
hello, MRS Carlsson, because I go to a doormat solitude, would already all school hours. I run a radio station and reply, but we really he's got you shall complicated out the commercial, but God I love, you call us kids, saluted Carla's jades Now I got nothin, but love colleague to Jack is. Is it the lies? Ginger that allies good job, which one is it bye, bye, You call of duty that we forget how to remind you that this is an open is allowed to exactly we people. You can call to remind me. That's all I've got you
it is carried, it actually roars. Does she do that? Listen! You guys have to try it out. We called medical Cannabis ice Chocolate, Gaga Fire chocolate, whereas a check list ages broke off a low square. You take one as well. Yeah like this could be allies, and if we were naturally, I never know we welcome. I now look at their packaging alive, I'm. Why am I right in the white people at my God, that's funny to make black jobs to me. Like y know, you was a black Jill good they make while they tell me how I love bright. In all of our obliged to have a better level of globally the measures against your good God major listener by day, and it is the way he say it like. I, like black eye like right again, I like watermelon. So what'd. I made all those things. So what can we say? What you do too knows why people right you take all your white cork, because Yberville Nation, I told us everything that turn a movie trust me
yes, it's a white american arm will be sought three. Why people really get up and leave the screening yesterday, so they didn't go Zebra Venetian October's the girl right, tell him volume at eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent cordless right now, when we come back here and tell us more about that movie and people You know everything about a call us up to breakfast locomotion. The breakfast club, that was reanimate worth morning: everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club now arms, Man came in a word. Today's Eddie, that's open a white people for a couple of days. Any that's! Ok. Egg is, after five of worldwide militant, the inward five p m and I don't need a moment. Albert of a nation. Yesterday, a nation is and will be based on that turnout is infrequent credible. He knows everything I thought a movie about Nat Turner would be it's not as graphic as a lot in that turn to sores. If you know anything about Nat Turner, you went around killing men, women, Children in all show him killing any women and children
They do show him delivering a lot of mortal combat fatalities. Now that yeah, that's also allowed a white male dominated the top three severe movie of our time. The same reason I like Jangle is the reason I knew love and then turn it will be because they weren't victims. Now, would you take your wife? Furthermore, we should allow the white people storm that not only do I not only what I take my wife, for instance movie. I think white people should go see this movie like why we so afraid of american history like whether you, whether you, whether you know how you feel about what happened in those events actually having rights, Were you to storm out of the movie theater and be of said like something was fabricated? Know that happened like any the latter behind it, James JAMA, when they Parker as well, knows the Basel III room where they bring an absent things, happened when in college. He was acquitted, I guess, of raping a woman's life. He was acquitted why they bring it up this movie, because This is a black liberation movement and in its a black liberation movie on two fronts, is a black liberation will because a movie about maternal revolting but has also black livery,
will be based on the weight I may Papa was able to raise funding on his own for this film shooters feel himself and in some of the Sunday emphasis in point five million dollars, while isn't the guys in the black man doing this without the help of any big. Companies only by this itself, empowerment, ass mine is this is doing norm for self added fine as possible. Liberation story on both fronts, but I'll be out of here stories big and enable it has now and to do in the park and everything to do with that turn and guess what it is lotta raping and his movie machine Goin or even though the White man a black hole. So, yes, does the a movie this gruesome. I need a moment, and I am sure that if a white person
visas movie, they gonna need a moment from black people. Do you complain? Look, I don't know dvd. Alright. Sorry about that. I quoted will have very serious and chickens signals. I remain that way. What is it until you? May? I told the seventh academy they see Berwin nation is everything that they are hibernate up to be I neighbours with me. You should hear rates We got room was covered up. Yes, we're gonna, say about who is getting adage. Just last year at the revolt music conference, I was trying to get this guy on the breakfast club. A mere broadcasting live I finally gonna get out of jail. Also we'll talk about Russia if all you wrestling vans, never believe were MBA. Star is now confirmed to be arrested. Maniac thirty, three get down as you watch. It was a rustling maybe wrestling bellboy. How I will get into all that when we come back, keep it lacked the breakfast global Mona, the breakfast club
the report is the Reul report was glad when we all know they re J employees has now got married on. Friday and Brandy Fang. Congratulations to do at the wedding she sang At last check it out. ready to go Monaco to sing a moment. What just to be just a business has to allow any one I would you want to do. That is to say the least, call branding be like look brand. You not want you to relax. No one will get Monaco to sing at home anyway. He loves you says he would never do that. Could I black will be free? I think he's supposed to get
free today and are they would do in the paperwork and everything to get him out of jail. Now the judge has approved his plea deal on you haven't charges. He was looking at a maximum of fifty five years. I want to be happy with her brother cuz. I don't like to see you know. I don't want to say that cuz, that's not true. Do people in jail, but I don't know what he on to get out. So I don't have robbery, false imprisonment, fleeing of a fire, I'm by AIDS, link what he has said. A year of house arrest and five years drug about. It also has to undergo drug evaluations, anger management, three hours of community service, an he s, a complete a mentor programme. He was accused of forcing several people into a car and responds to suspecting somebody was breaking into this house does not want somebody made a mistake with my vote. I black allow a boy like minded to keep a minute just a little long that we show you learned his lesson. What do you do again? It did.
We all know somebody. Well it doesn't matter. Organs are his how ogre so he forced them into a car. I was one case right. That's one case, then he was arrested again after that and drugs. Action. He was in his vehicle and then he tried to flee from the police of his band was revoked after that scenario, if remember because we were in Miami when that happened at the reform is a conference when he got arrested again that day, while we were out there who spoke before me, the young man, I mean you know you learn you living. You learn a second chance now make things happen Finally, may I wouldn't be here if I didn't get a second chance when it came to the long, but my other disdain at once. And in a faint lab in April couple months may showed us the laughing array Eminem Andrei were on days together in Detroit. That's a big deal. Actually Drake was very but Eminem out. It was a very explosive moment. He said, make some noise for the greatest rapporteur ever gonna microphone and Drake actually bowed to Eminem and came out. You know that, don't you,
and beat, it always does when they do, and when I do it, we spent the night together ended saw we were couple now, what kind of man about why we re not a rapporteur in that state. Aid should, above all, be took a picture together without the picture is not a big them added value. Madame's the deaf. What you call white privilege, the academic, take a picture of a drink lie. Looking at all the main Deleon Eminem City is our lot of heaven ended than it is today, an eminent Emma Eminem you'll have to do a minister frack on, and I am sure our showed. How can we get our eminent before the boy eminent now in his own city? There was, there? Is speculation, enabled ok? That was still I work in New York and somebody made up. I think real man leaped at city, alot of that they were gonna. Beef sector nice at these, quite because it was never any issue between the two of them so that they do no further. Very well. That's
read on allowed our you? Ok are again and a wide berth in Chad is definitely going down at rest. So many at thirty three has been confirmed. There were rumours before the mass. Wasn't it silly set now it is here. Is the big show They would you going in communist were still. I would look foolish to roost. Probably around our January will sort figured approach has given me. He's got charm charisma. When you you can't help about borderline shockwaves round. Me doesn't mean among us slap me about London eyes twenty years too late. I do not want to big as all individuals fighting each other ring with a guideline in April was be bored. Did they It's all there used to be these all. They know you get shot if they both used to be like seven feasible, pry legs. Sixteen Raina Eric
well, that is your room, a report, I'm Angela YE all right. Thank you! Monsieur when we come every awesome front, page news which no easy way then said about data chums campaign. They have underwent a major overhaul. Also, the set about Sappho has been kidnapped. Cycle all that will become back is Drake is one dance. The breathless locomotive morning everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club that was can't Jones. There was concern front page news olympic of these EU as men's basketball. Team plays Argentina tonight in the quarter final, so we'll see what happens with team USA and adapt these pop they forgot to mention the window. Guy does without a fact. As his penis test, the pull out of an emotional approach was greenish very, very, very, very small. He was erect was not a regularly with regard you guys it in front of you of railways inside you would elevate. We needed the Nano Pianistic straight out like that. It is not a threat, but our small
Will you guys sorry, I would never gonna meet those small watch, a revolt. You can see it right now. Here we go, though you came to see it right now, only whose penis learning on porn stars, like you, They're watching the point of view. You noticed an extension right now, really rare. You know we're hack as it highlights the let's talk about. L Chapel son chairperson, has been kidnapped, now? He is his youngest son from his first marriage and a group of people came into a restaurant in Mexican, be research, resort imports or by Arthur, and they actually kidnaps six men and he was among the six men that were kidnapped so What they are saying is they're gonna bring them online. I and emerging rival the highly skull generation cars hell? I don't know
Mamma. You got this new young crude as rising up in aid. Doing things like that. That was power. They know our Gmos in jail, Ouch apples regime rally than is grounded in one's. Why thou chapel that enough people a day the tunnel miles to get out yielding chapel? So that is why I was a while ago. So I would like to use Our goal is to attain a run things, don't liars, I guess now. This is an opportunity, when your leader is locked out exactly in the work might be drawing room and I was going on in the streets and work is rarely innate. Nor was I going I will not give up the plug like no with landscape again well assaulted by they shake up in a trump campaign. Let down attend campaign is undergoing a major staff shake up as it should, because fish less than three months and serve the election and he's not comfortable with the way things are being. Man is in addition to that. He is basically in every key, battleground state and he's a lagging in the latest national pose no damage. I'm told the Wall Street Journal. I want a win. That's why I'm
on fantastic people who know how to win and love to win. So the recent polls show that here losing an even typically republican states, like Georgia, okra adding The losers are absolutely all right, we'll as front page news. Now, let's talk forgiveness, the MILAN. They rely on world model, five, one that make Young said, he's repairing its relationship with the Angelo Russell. You know the Angelo Russell put out that video of league young talking about the chicks smash while he was with eighty azalea. As a result of that hell, yeah Nick Young did break out, then I getting married animal meals. A result. I mean that Daphne was the first. I think five snowball effect. Maybe everybody Wang anchors now publicly. They know that he's been cheating on her and evidence of its embarrassed thing, and then things went down from there for the question. Eight hundred hundred five, eight five one and five one. What's the worst thing you had to forgive a friend for eight hundred,
We cannot believe we give a definite of again is very overriding. Emily member. I know about you that under by pc later, but I'm sure they really use either by second chance offer give overdue, even though I might do you think I don't want to give you all the way I got no does might still speak with you, but I don't really us to look at you forget overly, forgive you I can't like. I can't ever really totally forgiven anybody. A hundred percent complete battling every below the time for things not me fine eight hundred five, eight five one o five one. What's the worst thing, you had to give a friend for call us up right now. What made me mono a lot of dropping studies over the guide it took a cake and when Thomas Mann has in your face is that allotted for no reason in the middle of the club resto mob. Romania, no view was a guy and not cause. I was new here there. We are almost beat him up, but you got me into a lot of things, but I always begin
maybe nobody gonna urination, insincerity, the same thing over and over expect endeavour, results. Ok, there's adamant, if you had a five one who call us right now to breakfast locomotive was daily Kelly. Older would dilemma morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club we're talking forgiveness. Now this story comes from the angel, Russell and Nick Young. Now, of course, they are trying to repair their relationship now. What happened in evolution should be basically, as we are not the angel over so secretly taped Nicky, I'm talking about cheating on a yearly basis. Lee and put it out publicly and want pigs, might be realising that done about Nano other team on her pigs. I bet you gotta, believe that to be full of apple forgiveness from every other lately and be cool with every other leg. The ILO rustling on aware, were eight hundred five aid when a viable we're talking about forgiving was the worst and you had to forgive
somebody for me, I really can't think of anything cuz. I really don't forget. If I hold a grudge anybody knows, I hold a grudge. I don't f with you, I don't f with you. I still speak. We can be cordial, but you're, not my guy check out. Www doesn't mean that you have to be friends with somebody again both because it means I forgive you for what you did in moving or Adobe Wall, a dime forgiveness, lower redeployment. We, like you, have to forgive me for your own benefit arm. Excuse me, I'm fine! Ok, even if you do on the piss me off, and I will cut you off Does it mean I forgive you? It just means. You need to stay a point that I am fully aware of the bs you can possibly bring to my life. Absolute, I'm gonna have to forgive nobody like who said that you know a victory of the most was after the shooting at a manual Amy charge and saw this document is the people in aid for three, and it was so quick to forgive them You haven't even giving yourself time the morn, yet you haven't you giving yourself time degree, and you already say we need to forgive billion leave because it because the buyer
says differently. Some people feel that if they forgive they let go. They can do healing they got out the other talking points. Those are another court on quota rule that out of paper and act to forgive both of you for things before I write my word and you guys have made mistakes, you don't have to? U jewels. Do we'll be back chosen to and must show it to me when it comes to forgive it. Isn't that enough aquifer give back. Camphor gives people, but I'm a stake is different in doing something that you have to ask forgiveness, for one thing, is a body even if it gives them. I did is really found. You stole your money, we judge mistake, stealing are something foul echo mistake is like YO. I wanted to enter mood you car and ran into somebody. That's a mistake right, Aconite at that got something to fulfil our leading seating, something this. Is that a mistake, or is there something? That's really found that you need to forgive someone for whom a fluke thousand feeding animals. There is a mistake and another baby now
everywhere you gonna get more. Women in afghan women are absolutely infinite about that. Another woman pregnant. I want even asked my wife. Forgive me for that. That's me, that's unforgivable! That's an unforgettable I've, given you our duty as the enough men. We know that those those over give a bullet is sort of chinese is a mistake that the leader of our knowledge is a mistake, but just Roma women s and men can forgive for that and some men and women can. But I have a machine. I don't know, but when it comes to somebody stealing from me, somebody has stole from me so a lot of money for me and I can't forget my can't look at them. The same somebody is issuing me talk bad about me where they tried to hurt my cat There is every reason to do your mom, nope. Never forgive you know now, not pagoda that even me up and give you like for giving you a numbering. Mama back now allows this gap is a thought. Danny Danny was
working to forgive somebody for I'm. Currently on dial, I've been on dialysis for seven years now and five years ago, my mom and dad passed away, though my sister that night of the funeral, I want you to give me a kidney. I was talking about high, wanted a kidney out. The first thing I wanted to do was drunk a full glass of water and, at the end of the day she changed her mind. Basically, you know, DR all, this motion out at me out of the hole thought of me and then just crushed it now using be manner demanded. I d give you do need more now, namely that he raises ourselves. He was gonna. Do anything I want the mad that she changed her mind before I she said she wanted to give me a kidney. I told her, you gotta be sure because don't you, Hope like that when she out in its sitting, not altruism
they dangled an open for an EU noise has dragged out of you know right away to be like you know what I retirement. Maybe last minute she was like. You know. I don't even like guinea has on nine April love. You browse you re. My amazon me was gone. Gimme. A king attitude towards the end result is a story you forgive me I had to give up. I got your sister and my parents at the way out, please thither so that together, but you know sound. I do really forgive my pistol. Allow me on my up: I'm not gonna. Forget it arrived brought out of debt yet as it does a very awkward conversation with, doesn't look man. I appreciate and guys I love you. I love you guys every morning in Charlemagne. I think you are pretty programme. It is a right of lavender and lives. Ok, eight hundred five, eight five one or fire one was the worst thing you forgiven. Somebody for call us up is to breakfast locomotive
that was Rihanna with needed me morning, everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Now we're talkin the worse thing. You forgiving somebody for what's so bad that summer dude. I just hope we gave annually. Yes was the worst thing, somebody's gonna? U that you forgive he has somebody still money for me before you do yeah and you still allowed him again account must allow me, because you might know nobody get into my account right now. Of course you can never come up in the house. Again also does everything? as you can forgive somebody, I forgive you but use, is not
avenue, namely lazy to open a multimedia. Doesn't it does, and you can forget somebody for something, but that doesn't mean we're and at the same exact relations doesn't remember that when it comes to God for all Europe, we would have liked this food. For God, for forgiveness, just noted you don't have to say in relation to God that you want a shade of Judah want what he thinks. So, if God created man in his image accordant his likeness, what makes you think you could keep doing things and think that God illegal copying I've given this does not mean. I forgive you now, let's get back to exactly how things were. Effectiveness means that holding a grudge and you are wasting any here, will to our Juba, maybe we're just not now. I think we know exactly what you males as fast as we used to go when I now and use that God. Let me say something about the definition of figures that are really. Rules of origin is easy. Enough to give you but you're, not alone person back into space, it s, not really forgiveness, kind of, like you hold it and garage a little bit for giving. I made you let go of negative emotions, death.
Whenever I haven't had negative emotions on that matter too. I let it go archipelago and negative emotions. I can not be mad at you. I can absolutely have a person be dead me without her. You forget that look! I don't want to get my hands on you never going to say anything bad about you. I get rid, of course, use a union wanted to revenge on a person, but if something bad happened to represent a bet, you'd be like cobble, that's karma yeah, but in closing I would be no bad thing. It is when you plan to do something to us that what have you done? Something bad happened to a person being there still is still there, never happy bad happens, so I don't want it can. I have you: live your life, bad manner. Of course, bad things are going ahead for gender for giving someone. When you told me you'd like hidden, baptized, Stilson hello, this noble nobles,
we're thing you forget somebody for bought out. I want a market or possibly get sent me a man had not Bob work and you forgave him for you from your food, not directly. The gave me observe if you like, I will read the talking. I know she was shrouded Bilbo, but on the boy s back again, while at EU level deal with a common barbecue. Incredibly, you fell nestled ain't, my vision ban on somebody who is a good way of saying I was bad habits it his person on what the universe hand doesn't do myself. You just the guy, is eventually pays issue The working you gave you forget money for no worse thing after gave a mighty four and two thousand and five my mother died of cancer. And I got a phone call their morning. Oh, it was about
the ILO drive when I got there, my sisters had already had a cremated. Oh that's not for you now Joe. Is they give you to believe and gave me in all the thing about it? Is our reliance on this issue a pile, the tiny he know, somethin like there is an apparent emotionally. She wasn't in her life data mind, but year alone, movement them of the heavenly twenty vows, I'm so soon ass. She passed away tat morning- and I was reality from her and by the time I got their yearly and earning use a little while and uses the long awaited LEO's. She was inasmuch ass. An here in the house, and they told us that you know why she passed away, and I will leave you here to family guy as they like that, but no I had her take. At a house- but am I got there- I mean it was like a short ride like like jury due to Brooklyn. Live by Tom, I got there.
And she would go you better. Mcgraw be suspected family, otherwise, Burma be bodies over with many of the other five August respective outlay, beyond which, while you know, we argue in escalate massive before the girl Ami could I would give out it was not. The idea was not there yet it took me a while on the tenth nursery of her passing on mother's day. I took her ashes to the beach and I sprayed them in the ocean, and I just let all that go so ok, mom about it, certainly put me ten year, though a day. I can't believe I did that and I'm the maybe up. Well yet he fell back. Are you found that another their energies gone? I do you know, because I know my mother would want their way between us and I have to think about the fact that you almost without allowed on our shoulders Dunaway obvious thing in all mommy the fear that they will end up with a highly emotional ties.
Dell Alba about calm down about about it. You know you haven't. We came up with it. I will never forget that. Oh complementary marv with me, it was hard for me to accept that it is really Mamma had begun, However, after the lives a year and then only want a union forgive, but that doesn't mean you forget all right, Miss Morland story. Mozart is me. Firstly, I think for giving us a lower rate, and I think you will you that whole for giving this thing in order do more dirt now understand why we cannot simply say I'm not mad at you. I hate you I don't forgive you like, I'm not going to sit here and act like. I want good things to happen for you when people have done me wrong. I like, when bad things and the people who have done me wrong. I, like last colleague, said it was actually beneficial for her to let their negative energy out of her life, but we got rooms criminally. Yes, we are going to talk about a new deal. Between bird man find out who he is teaming up with us. So what is behind they investing. In now, am I tell you about a reality, so that was cancelled after just to seize it,
all right all right, more keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive. Was clear, with Angela on the breakfast Club Metal Box for Taylor is getting better. She took the cut off date. There is always the way it s hands. This will be a little better little pure. I re it turns out TAT bear man and cash. Many workers have teamed up with apple, they ve done. Some type of partnership now Bear Man posted on its instagram. Its official cash. Many makes a power. Move with apple music. We don't other nature of whatever their arrangement is going to be, but of course everybody knows, a lot of the streaming services are trying to do to certain types of exclusivity with artist, so it only makes sense. Allegedly apple is also and talks to purchase title, which could be an interesting situation or
and a financially beneficial for a lot of people. That's good law regulating our absolute by our more cash money before to about thirty or as an email at this exclusivity with the different streaming services. Gets a little annoying sometimes does your law nor heard sales who allowed people to work right our right beyond say now. Earlier this year she announced that she was gonna, be investing in a beverage start up. It's called watermelon what're. Basically, it's called pressed watermelons. I make more man, I don't think that watermelon is you don't you know, is it's about to be a lot of stereotypical, racist, jokes about black people and watermelon? Okay, ok, I got, an area where a lot of people latticed celebrities, have been investing into the burbage market and for the first time in twenty thirteen, what are actually overtook soda as the most part
What type of beverage? Why wasn't number one? From the beginning of your face? All Bobby Man, you know black people low Pepsi. Am I wore where energy, since it goes like this guy has gas it I'm more popular as well as flavoured battle letters that that more apt, didn't used to be as many options is it your body made us. Thirty five is and what is it? You should be the number one option Moliere down by what has some people put a filter on their thing? They wore does not dare tasty
so why? Don't you let him at his face, but anyway, up in your mouth, is an excellent added. This whole gold rush towards bottled flavoured water with his investment environment, water back in two thousand seven, and now a lot of people are standing on. There's the bite of cocoa and are you guys have seen that Vienna was actually doing ads for that and read how silly peppers Medina all of them became partial owners as well? So it seems like that is the latest trend is investing in these different. What our companies and also the good look for you mean you care about people so for other artists, it's also a way to reshape or to enhance your already existing image are in network has cancelled. I am cates, there's not going to be a third see, then all truthful Caitlin generates weeded out after two amazing seasons of I am Kate is time for the next adventure. Thank you ie, and thank you to the best girlfriends I could ask for bad Caitlin dinner is not stepping out of the spotlight is actually
c is actually going to be in a new show. As cod transparent and its scripted tv series that's going to be on Amazon was, it must be clear about one thing. One thing only Brujon is born whether you gotta vagina, penis, aright, Couteau Matter, whether Bruce is Bruce, are Caitlin he's just a boring individual who nobody wants to see on a tv screen. Sar array. Tracy Morgan was on how it stereotypes about his road to recovery and one thing that he did a whole lot even more within the hospital he is, but he had to say: when did you go for the first time it happened? I was going on in the hospital. Only money is not really, but when you're in a hospital, aren't you afraid what defray the challenging work do. He's crazy said the Toronto
Tracy more slowly, their loved that individual name Tracy, more great guy degrading of you about how is throwing us it s. An old thing. Is I right where that is your room? A report I mean really banking. Z, shovelled, I yes, we given at down could do not for, after our let's talk about race, reaches a notary. Reach razor raise reaches a person, s always region for race, and we need to talk about him for after our guiding and after that, of course, we have ascii serafine relationship. Advise you to start call in right. Now she puts laugh or an air Bodell gave the day is next, is to breakfast locomotive. Is there a guy like you or or don't you
I don't give a damn dog you today does not discriminate my now the song today via the donkey. They need to be done at the breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today. Ok, listen! Don't you today, for when they August seventeen go go you people, have coined race reaches because you always reaching for racism that doesn't exist, which makes no sense, because it is so many act. Racism around us why the covert over that exists that we really do have the retort, but, alas, people do not increase reaches were busy. Yes, when Ellen degenerates posted a it's a pic of herself riding on you seen both back yesterday with the captain. This is how running from now on hashtag real two thousand sixteen now immediately Ellen God deemed racists. Ok, one raise reach retweeted at the Ellen show. So the first thing that pops in your head, when you look at this pig, is oh, let me jump on
his back like he's a common mule. First volley mom you it s. No must be clear about that. I another raise reach a tweeted at two Ellen show. Despite its intention. This pick has ugly connotations coming from a rich white late now Ellen defended herself and said. I am highly aware of the racism that exist in our country. It is far this thing from who I am, Ellen you bet enemy, because our I have given an explanation. Cities race reaches nothing about this pick out. His captain was raised is now if you would have posted the caption found me a new fast errand boy, I'll than we were an issue, but you say voted to fathom men in the world. The fat man world has ever seen Ellen say this is how I'm running answer now and I'm as in I am me so Ellen. The errand girl, you say is demanded invitation. I don't see any ratio cause connotations in his mean whatsoever, in fact, about the poles to pick of prince. I came right nor Michael felt, like a jet skis and I'm going
This is our common to America. Ok, let me see what you re reaches job to say about that. I now saw more raise region yesterday because I want to go see in it and screening of birth of a nation a movie about net turn a drop want to close bombs were berwin nation. Amazing moon and yesterday, oh my g, I posted that after seeing is movie, I don't want to talk the why people for a few days. I need a moment, not a meat. I was fifty percent being funny and fifty percent being dead series, because if you watch a two hour movie about slavery and black me a black person and they are showing you d lynchings the rapes of black women, slaves, get no teeth knocked out and for the EU it will piss you off. So for me be inhuman and have an emotions. When I was young and saw Jaws I didn't want to go in the water for fish stocks. When I saw a nightmare and ELM street John. I didn't want to go to sleep at night for fear, Freddy Krueger, when Thomas J got stung the death by bees in my girl,
I want to go near beehive for fear being stung to death by Beyonce fans and that's how I felt after watching birth of a nation, because I was terrified of white people, but those race reaches unsympathetic to my face because there was calling, I heard all day long yesterday, demanding Robbie suspended in five. In fact, a twitter account All lives matter, the young lady, I think in earnings Rebecca Ashby List, as tourists had been twice me, and I heard all mourn his ain t. You cedars races, tweet from seed, a God, he hates white people. I hope you fire him for your hate speech for his hate speech. Another razor erase reach on twitter say you are a disgrace to the black community. Its den do apologists like you'd at keeping Blackstone the plantation. First of all, I don't even know it didn't do meet. Let me being called. I don't mean that only you know I mean the norm, means are
really mad but found bad about a second ball on racism. Talk the way people have Z abomination, but you say in a black system on the plantation. Is perfectly fine? Look them all stories boy or girl cry Wolf. When it comes to racism, because you know what happened to the boil, cried will eventually nobody gave an issue you don't want to be, and I gotta gory. Ok, let me explain in the most basic always where you basic brain people. If your person who complains about everything all the time, then you just a boy or girl cried Wolf, but if you do it on occasion and about the right reasons, then peep, Listen, I can't wait until we get to the point of society. Will we treat race reaches like the boys and girls who cry Wolf? That day are please give Ali's reach race reaches the biggest. No, all is real racism out here and your region for racism. S like going some way where everything is free and steal it. When you call you didn't, do a didn't, lose the Hezbollah
Marie. I envy you young, I'm looking at who had been do means that good, an innocent advocated, arrogant description used by family members of criminal african Americans who didn't do now. But what I find you guys were about money you freakin raises you'd been unravelling better now I was gonna thousand allows via baby chuckle that damned upstream and racism money didn't do nothing for reducing. I didn't do not enough money. If that were not followed, can on bananas, which would have been notable african, something I don't know what that was you you didn't. Do none records wine and lower din do mean right into apologies. Didn't do nothing
enough. Do nothing that you want to talk about abattoir. Do nothing Duca what they read the cookie of the day. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you got a question for you, right now, maybe even probably relationship whatever may be. Eight hundred five, eight five one five one ask ease the breathless come on. The breakfast was sorry lays would say it Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club. It's time for ask Yee love. You got a question for you, you can eight hundred five, a firewall or five one online. You wanna go to you, I guess colonizers, It was gonna. Nine allows this team up on the back burner for two more like was am Jacksonville. Yes, I have a question for gay early going through the war and like a year, and I've been-
One guy who live in New York were here really might die, and we only see me thought maybe like three times, because at a distance, the things like that in a corner really goes to the point where I thought you would like me and now he's by he don't know if you can do that. The relationship so that I can edit airing moving or anything as had been their long now. You ve only seen each other three times, then we ve known each other really for a year and I will get better law re moving. But, unlike that'll be the boy are the end and travel back in poor, miserable your business ferris, because you haven't even been single for too long, you can go and do a divorce is pass year. You been dating this one guy you seen in three times he's your rebound. You don't feel like a rebound, and now he has but he said he needed time to think about it, and we have in fact do like two weeks now, because our field call him because he basically with like China
not with maybe wound mousing. You guys are invading anymore. They have such you know because, on the one hand, the boy it's not like, I'm not doing anything like. I know my board define web. You just bound a friend s ideology, similar lock. You suggested three times you have allotted is going on with you emotionally things that you need to take care of. You know somebody that's gonna step up to the plate for real and he doesn't seem like that person didn't call hell. I'm waiting for him to call me an amateur it is true that I don't believe in plain knows: I'm not gonna call. You couldn't wait for you to call me games a view, as have been you need to say, then you wanna get up your chest or if you want to have a conversation, I think you should definitely call him. Look at it. This way Even it doesn't work out, you guys could always end things on good terms in never really got that deep, but it don't like it, and I felt like He appeared to be paid it doesn't seem. He thought you were the one. So does it
Does it matter? Does it matter? How much you might think he's the when and whether or not you know is a rebound economy is a rebound as the first person you're dated you're goin through a divorce emotionally you're, probably Jim and you ve only seen him three time. There's no way he's the one that you know, but I will say this: you never know what could have and further down the line in the future. So no need to be stubborn and not just close them, Eddie, whether or not things work out. You feel like he's especial person period at Lolita, that maintains him type of friendship, and then you never know a few Some now, maybe you be in New York. You guys go hook. Ivan anything can happen, but in the Meantime focus on you, but I don't think that you should. I have ill will too He was very honest and straight up with you, he didn't do anything wrong, they're real here he does so you can't find him for that. You gotta keep. You really feel. I pick up the phone and calling just go ahead. You just broken up. They call him even the power where power I don't know. This is ridiculous. To this end,
Doing is maintaining a friendship. He already done told you, you don't want a long distance relations. Had that's not gonna happen so dark I am pressuring do them then he already don't want to do. I don't know, like all men, are joining US accidents and amuse you gotta didn't do nothing. We call them until you ve done a one off as a cultural asset cities. Silly things about, I can't clammy gonna call me now is silly to see how they must. Certainly through I'm, no thirty have been buried, but the thing is I ve never been, guys they don't even know what you're doing you don't even know what it's like to be single. Enjoy yourself, girl, answer. Milieu island girl, hang out there the red cards and have a good time. Cheese, sandwiches, friends, road birds called leavers. Colleagues Oh yeah, I less where'd, you don't gotta stay there. Half an hour drive through you, I take you to the men. Do motel, I'm taking you to achieve motel, because you not. I was extremely rare, our ascii eight hundred fathoms.
What if I, when you got a course, if you call now is Missy Elliot, is get your freedom. That was get your free go and Missy Elliot Morning, everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club we're in the middle of ask ie you gotta, forty eight hundred five five little fire, which will ninety two allows this fairly hey Shelly! You got a question for you at my family was the problem. I gotta know what to do about my boyfriend probably related, and they had got him things about the moved out when that he will bear you live barony and they would grow, uses smash Silesia living it up Why did you move in their wider? He move out. Why get your own place somewhere else? They hit? Ok. So
She won't move out apparently heritage and act as if it were fair alibi, bow with what's goin on what I want. I brought it. He called attitude and why were I'm asking? You know I was the one thing. Another thing going going on here you been very patient. You actually gave the girl had thirty days. He said he was going to do something he hasn't done it she gasped ago feel awkward in a house with you being able to grow that he was having sex with my trade in my face. How much longer is the least bore why. Why aren't you It is time that he's gotta figure it out. I they here figure out a way to get out of his lease. You know it's just They ve got a break, his leave them move out and do whatever than he's gotta do. That may be signed the least over to her name. If you must stay there, but he's gotta figure something out personally. If it was me, I don't even want to live in a place where
with Maginnis other girl there was limited to, I would be thy while we just get on a move out before they re me Kay, so he use that as an hour and then somehow they became roommates. After that I may he's. Gotta alleys keep his word and hasn't kept his word he has to acknowledge. He can't have an attitude with you about it. You know you got time. Ask as combat all asked if he's not going to make a move than what is, he proposes solutions, and so the issues that you're, having tell him that is making that if I'm not comfortable, I'm on my way wow. I see now, I'm not comfortable with that were because they knew how do I know that going to happen again. Are you I'm being really confrontational and nagging him about it I didn't let alone Mary
I may ever was me. I must tell you what I would do an iron over. This is the right thing, but if you saw me there, comes about waited. I should go, get my own place. I probably would you do that and they like f you. That being does really unreasonable. If he said he was going to do something, he hasn't done, it she's not bear respectfully. Yeah relationship, because he told him she had thirty days. She knows you're comfortable. He knows uncomfortable when two people respect your feelings. I probably will claw has blessed But I would tell him either you're going to find a solution for this gonna continue make em myself uncomfortable mobile. Thank you These damn thing now living with you integrated. She was having sex with I'm sorry ask the polygamy lie that deal with that Bobby five one far. What have you got a course for you? Now you ve got room was covered up yes find annually. Donating one million dollars to Louisiana, fled relief after the reins cause massive flooding and are you guys have seen video?
other, then how horrific it was over. There also find out about a house just sold for one hundred million. Dallas while or I will get it's all that when we come back keep it lacked the breakfast club component. The gas at the Reul report was glad when aid package is, as we know, the vat directive producer and star of birth of a nation This is about the next day. Rebellion Charlemagne saw amazing drop. One include bothered by amazing movie. Now a lot of people are bringing up these charges that he had that he was acquitted of and his room was not acquainted and then he D get acquitted on appeal, but they talking about these rape charges that he got when he was put on trial for ripping a fellow student Penn State back and nineteen. Ninety nine. Now the rate victim is the alleged rate victim is no longer
I've seen dies. He actually committed suicide back in two thousand. Twelve referred, it is a fact, any actually acknowledged at any put out a statement about it. Ok, ok cause her brother Johnny, who didn't reveal his last name, because a woman is anonymous. You was an alleged rape victims. I she come. She committed suicide and he said she became detached from reality. The progression was very quick and she took her own life and they did point out that she did not commit suicide after that rape case as well. Well, nay, Parker, put out a statement. He said I myself, just learn at the young woman ended her own life several years ago. I am filled with profound sorrow. I can't tell you how hard it is to hear news. I can't help but think of all the implications this has for a family. I cannot. Nor do I want to ignore the pain she endoored during and following our trial. While I maintain my innocence that the encounter with unambiguously consensual there are things more important than
law. There is morality, no one who calls himself a man. A fate should even be in this situation, as at thirty six year old Father of doors in person, a faith. I look back on their time as a teenager and can say without hesitation that I should have used more wisdom. He said I looked back on their time. My indignant attitude in my heartfelt mission to prove my innocence. With eyes at a more wise. It's time I see now that I may not have shown enough empathy, as even as I fought to clear my name, so he has a full statement that you on sea, as well as on his facebook loosen operators are still because the system, yes, wouldn't pocketed seventeen years ago, is absolutely wrong, but does not act like these charges resurfacing. Now I just coincidence some people dont want black liberation stories, told a gnat turner is a black library. Story in the way Nate Parker went about getting this movie made of the black liberation story. Still pitta me of doing for self rating, seven million dollars shooting the film yourself selling it for seventeen point five, some people, don't Paypal, black liberation, Esquire kind of insisting that this will resurface now, as opposed to earlier with all the other way round.
This work is more than eighteen movies in ourselves and we just find out dead, yet he had array charges and then a woman committed suicide. I want this. Newcomers was altogether it. We don't know how we done at a very faint ass, naturally ties that bind according to her family members. She was in a deep depression. After that you also said he was. He did something wrong. Seventy years ago he was found guilty. So exactly to do anything else over two years ago? Equated we, don't we don't quit and I had a genuine haven't. I dont know what happened between these two or whatever, but he did put out that statement. That's all I want to put out there that he put out his thing. After all, I'm saying is that we will all the time when a woman is drunk liberal perry. I'll give you,
but before I wonder if you would go down she's super super. Drunk donors will not let you boy please go little. Boys were right. Tell us to have this donating one million dollars to Louisiana Flood of relief. How nice is that now she talks about Louisiana residents being so gracious to her when she kept up her tore her nineteen eighty nine world tore. Last year she said we began a nineteen eighty nine world torn the woozy Anna and the one for fancier made us felt completely at home. The fact that so many people in the way the Anna had been forced out of their own homes this week is heartbreaking. So she's encouraging everybody to show some Levin and do whatever you can. I write. Eminem join to rake onstage last night. Detroit and that's putting an end says people making it rumour that they had some Babylon. There was disregards about happen that what soldiery bring about three bring milder and would at the record is distant job. When you told me, but when they bring I'm getting out about at the death of forever, I was actually waiting. A video can even understand.
Happening as everybody was squealer is allowed our to play it for you, but you won't hear anything but Reims. So yes, so bear you got an eminent cameo into trade is always a huge deal and also posted a picture of them together as well. Ok, the Playboy Mansion has all for one hundred million dollar or Farley soul. Yes, there was some rumours that the deal had been called off, but that happen, and that is the price of it. So there you have it. It was actually ass. They were asking for two hundred million at first, but it is an option for one hundred million, and I still nothing to scoffed at all right. Let us be clear approach still, though, because even though he saw the house, he still lived there until he dies, or he saw the house leaders an odour anymore, but need the guy can't move it until you have. The does right. Angles can be tomorrow, org now, as it is, is this view is almost there were still gonna pay us a one million dollars in red annually. Ninety years old, guys area,
is your room, a report, I'm Angela. You we need to really good conversation about rape in rape victims this week, because I think allotted You know women are always looked at his reward. Those white guys go today to Unreason guys go today. You can number one were guilty until proven. It indeed even have to approve an innocent people, don't think on the label. What about that? But I will say this: it is hard for a lot of women who have been assaulted to come for because they feel, like people aren't gonna, believe them. So is typical. On both ends, because these are the most women who, rape, don't even come forward, because that is true, but once again nobody, but our ways out of the person who's been in the same situation as Nay Papa has been shown to charge a realignment of sexual conduct charted infants August God dropped his leg I believe you acted of back and when guy the charge their guilty until proven anything and even were proven. Innocent people still look at us guilty.
Customer wherever long conversation about it, take people's caused them showed that people have things to say about it absolutely were discussed at tomorrow. I thank you for those rumours. Eight here welcome, I know shouts our fail me out. Revolt will see you guys tomorrow, everybody else the people's choice mixes up next year to hear something: eight hundred five, five one o five one. You can also hit assorted Instagram a twitter at DJ. Every for your question is to breakfast club the morning
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