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FRI 5/13 - Comedian/actor Deon Cole from the hit show "black-ish" talks about writing for Katt Williams & Conan. Sexologist Michelle Hope talks about kitty kats and bonin'. Welcome to Freaky Friday.

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Order of business for oil pollution from terrorism of the various categories. We want to remain vigilant in USA, Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, debate more easily get lady. These Anti Zelda made a god reasonably rod. You'd bringing back- and today is my anniversary with my very about eyes- are really thinking thinking body and you re or the twenty two years, no pretty close fifteen over fifteen years.
In about the surprise? Unicorn you gotta know she doesn't know what you just told very large unicorn and include the haunted the unicorn lying mouth doubt as the real question today shall we have committed. The uncle tat was about now. I know you. I don't know the uncle jolly from blackish. Alright Anthony and avenues and black for the job. I am. I got good funny guy. Waiting around they so anti tobacco also welcome We also have our resident six allergies. Italy's best body Michel hope ahead. I see how to me. They were the latter had things that I have questions about. As he's made me realize certain, you know, I am able to say that those areas certain diseases thine as bad as they seem by why there was no disease is not being better these because we was attacked. Does. It think that you know in your head, you, like all my guy, that person has Herpes. I would know
yes, but then she says you know what you think about our business empty people, and never ever Obregon life. As you said, you could have, one time and never get it again, and I didn't know that I know when they come to their aid. Good seek a second opinion Michelle Don't worry we'll it's all right now, Santa our newest family member, Boston, again, german, eighty four five modem Boston would have to you guys. That's why you eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vet, you can call us right now will put you live on the air and you can tell us all your problems again, eight hundred and five eight. One thousand five, fifty one Telamon you mad is a breakfast locomotive.
Yoda replicating Wanna get rabbits. Anyone say why don't you come on suddenly brought up alongside, like cattle for girls gone off with me, I'd like to plug the analogy to tell me why you why you may, on the purpose, global real problems for the day was broken. Are you mad mad when people become in the word? One as I did, you gave me the same minimum wage we gave bay- tell me what I want to tell you to set the ever. However, as optimism time, you gotta tell me shut. The fuck do how we can find if you said at the time that way about it in the second diversified rat allows is dogged. By my tell him, I met at a drama termagant who is there They are lies on the radio war, dangerous video, so how
Why would we want to put the on the radio Dunaway? I don't know why is a place for feces underrate whatever you may make area, I like As you rightly said, Santa Maria Map and then everything road ass? I love you. I love! You too Have you two babby Charlie? You were gonna. Let me talk is a year me tell us who is Mr Coelho coin? There was abroad seldom I met a man because redrafted. Fine, you re all this happened in the world. Nobody can understand it. We're gonna write it out, for you guys come on money laundering to elaborate ever again congratulate you got it. You got that like a better word. Nor do we now need to elaborate on that sieges me talking about his game here
problem all pissed off your job include bonds with modern day Nostradamus. We have enough down the road of in his brother, his they we got this you got that we need to look at his death come in, for a lot is on which you, my broad, lie, Barbara one time what is New Nostradamus I would not be right. No now there. This is and open Cincinnati until my man mad, because every morning, my way and so work, I lose the station at by the culture. I get to this area. Call blue ash. I work in is gone and I'm trying to tell my co workers to listen and they're like what this country, Oh, my god, you know, you could also listen. Annette disorder, the Iranians and you won't. What I do want want actually giddy and by a small delay, though about it, and I want to call it thou made already on Roma. On top of blue ash. Yes was appointed darthian ass. She put it
I'm going to be was so black, they almost blue and they Asher. While I'm here and I'm nice and check with, I think, I'm late- Will you ass? He does not blue. I really bad. I didn't go to blue asthma. Hello is not a master Burma and no matter what it meant that a black Africa that was you. We ve gotta, tell you my friend the issue? Now, why don't you just bring it away? Now wait a minute I like, like move. We were going to go back on their way to combat the mandate that you can be met Yes, I can the police, you the same logic, all the time I've felt threatened.
Felt like he may add some of you right, no you're right about the year? I tell why you bear eight hundred five, a five little fire. One of your upset, you need event. Callers right now is to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club A year ago, a young about a young man was a real matter ass. They last the angry ass day ass. They passed off. Why you, man was bloodless gulp border guards, from solid awhile, Jade Cellarway. Member of I am mad. As just bored kidnap, half drunk at its heart what did hear their year? No, no gas hello. There is, however, a bath. So me out by a boy back. He was then,
Likewise MA am I gonna bet. Is boy come up here Why not go by arose and the like you'd only to pay, but he's gonna be. How am I gonna use various by really do you need a Paypal account, but really about That is bad and you should have told him ever Grozny fat normal. So you don't look like red rose, no more of the White House with a thousand out looking at random. I pray you bury it now we're gonna cowed. Wasn't. I may be counting on its last legs already failing, which includes, but you know what it was all about. Though Unita replacing
Google chrome alone is a man could better you got in the way they shouted make out. O Dell is about how we do you hear me man anyway, you can you got here, you gotta, you got it. You know I will know how to fill about you gotta get because you got these bills. Coquet debated Bethel sore in those by you, We will really what I guess. I thought it is. What makes it different in? Don't anything at all, but TAT S, a big white boy, maybe you'd autonomy. Here's the Ebner report without ways out of truth in just the way you say yes, it up. You know but where is it? is it delivery isn't that what it is, but he gave a gardener working, only read the agreement, and I would therefore ask what your brother
a great many Emma below this Jos boy, rewound, wherever they know all of viable. Oh man, I want to know how you man, a man about thereby wrap in all we again, I won't get mad. The apple for two kilometers may look at their wider man made me. Remember you failed man. I gotta get to delegate the matter very old man. There were a girl have prepared a man. Burial merit. Your natural form You know I don't want to stop. I don't wanna stoutly talk to nobody from money, but you know it chief represent. He represents a lot, a cry, I know that provide a manner rather than about the cared a gotta get that land gonna get there, but navigating? What do you think I like these? You you, you make your money back right.
I don't know why I know more about various kinds of their work for low, but you make your money. You made your money back. Somebody get shot in the club, probably find a tunnel. We define a lot better than I need a good day. Nine may well be shows that no, you know a kind of energy you invest in Delaware. You may eight hundred five five one five. One of your absurdity did. They call us now is to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club yeah? You know I make you mad with fulfilled, but can't have that's why you may want to propose a good middle whereby hello, then I call upon you guys are listening to you in revolt. Tv right now made revolt either use our vote on the tv. We remain yet look kind of Cape Verde. You have only lacking
Why did you internet? I then you need to use the eye radio app and you can this alive. Ok, I already ok gas browser. You know what I'd get all I we came away allows is, of course, a short journeys. Charlotte tellingly member Yo Republicans you got it next voice this morning? Is that you always tat completed? hear me you gotta go. I was that requires. Don't they why rival? Guy? you know it's a weaker legal tumors. Ever we got a deep voice like dammit. I don't like you woke up high would come in you, but does more dazzled satellite. I do I wake up in the morning and we appreciate down, but I do have any real. Generally budget opera, Elaine. I won't
but the deal on a rug without here. No. We don't know night at the playing. Ok, Medea owner really one of our values, and they didn't know tribute nice. He no set out wherever these insurance Yet it is required in ITALY is ongoing here back to sleep. My earnest allows. This is MIKE Mike tell him. Are you mad? I'm shovel one of my cause. I was on my way to take some pictures like each on the highway token rolled up a nice little molly to brand a girl, old man. She starts complaining that much too early and what am I doing? A poster snapchat driving the mortgage credit and I went to ash and I'd drop my money out the window, clearly ruined everything. Why do you call him Molly, because you wanna radio, you think you can see blind our joint yeah.
Help yourself, but you could say blood. You drop your blood on. I waited. No doubt we will get it. I pulled over were pulled over there's no emergency late because its whether helicopters take pictures. Do you speak one of those I have you could you should meet swollen and drive and anyway, so we were glad morganium driving is ok, you're, still impaired inebriated under the influence. Whatever yes, I know some people disagree people say that we regard as you are your Hydra, United Voice. Did you behind roused by the law is concerned? Yes, now I m glad you make it its destination wellbeing answer. No one, actually God taking their blood from you by the way, Delaware. You may eight hundred five a five little fire. One of your upset, you need event. Callers right now is to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club
how do you know what makes you mad with fulfilled, but can't handle? That's why you may want to break with this matter. I'm a lan and land that my mind on the more you man I'm mad, because I've been trying to get the more for over a year and my Husband won't move. How am I going with? Is the divorce taking a really long time Can you do like it's not happening? He doesn't want to get divorced, yet he keeps stalling it and he tells me he doesn't have enough money to move out of the house, but he's got two girl. Ah my wise, your boy we're your husband got to her over. You would have far so does reborn even mentions it as a way of what it is doing in the court. Well, I haven't manage to get that are being held. His look there. He said:
Well, I haven't man to get their beheld. His look air keep as falling and moving things. Bad men began to bring your boyfriend come, they were too. Will you do that now? I don't even have won the males. Of course he watched the observers, who acquire maybe whenever this guy. I want you to be that while you givin up so ease he's gonna, let two girls take your man. Well for a long time, but you have heard ain't. You believe it I didn't know. What are you gonna make? It seem like a house of their husbands at cedar. Wash your face book it. I know you don't know you figure it ass tat. I was you have to grapple, why I cannot tell you how I want to know what you look like. You don't want to do now.
That's all it is that all you need to know. You look alleging. I do I get it. I do not think this. You don't I'll. Just be a quarter of these, you listen, eliminate nonsense, envious, brown, Bianti, forgive your man for any infidelity may derive their own people, be quitters seller Are you mad eight hundred father Five one o five. One of your absurdly divert you can call it will put you live on the air and will become back We have committed an actor d on coal, black, usually from blackish any than anti tobacco is a rider baconian. I will take away, it will become back, keep allowed us to breakfast club the morning everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club got a treasure. As in the building he's the imo blackish every week. My may be
Ali Silent, immense gobbles, haven't a moment route between you and little round, like all you, black Chicago Negro, long tv network, DEC, Oh, no, no just don't know came up together every day as a real was like unto me. Whenever I came, I will I Corey Hall a couple of comments here we are came up. The gathers cargo we're the rails abundantly de raise up on me. I raise the way. It's amazing, how you guys do. Doing comedy cuz. A lot of people will be like oh you're funny you should try stand up. Are a lot of people think they can do stand up, absolutely like ease the thing about Chicago COM, exactly more like character more than just comics. Now days, you can just be funny. You gotta, be parenthood Have your own identity, you none of their not again
Would you like a malaria is Henry idea. It is one of you, ll be a guy like us. The rams is his. God I may like is you know like that? No might see. Now I was gonna Bishop. I will describe as pretty now. You're gonna get shot specially oil telling jokes man, pounce parachute behind these days to give us passes like if they knew the Jews. So you studied? Oh, that would have been guy y'all y'all, let it let him let him do his thing and they're like leave you alone or whatever, but my mother movie from the city to the suburbs, and I, fight more out there because it was our white at their house five. Moreover, racially quality. More gangbanger fights, details of our land and in the wider neighbourhood. How even the jail of man are. You knows our real,
observe really children of super cheer. Negative comedy on a dare for real. Do. Let me live fifty bucks. So me, the stage We are in a globally our hanging out or you just like. Now we ve you actually, those Watson and Eddie Murphy Delirious, boy was lie about. You can do that, and I gave the idea that budget fifty dollars a strike Let's do it and I want to accommodate comedy clubs. Is planning of cod? Are joke society, Chicago yeah? We wonder how you twin he many a digital. Like I mean, can you didn't? Have a set deadlines, Joe COD? The sunny delight joke was like that, Don't refrigerate and not his friends, drink all the juice, and I was like it wouldn't be that wouldn't be in a black neighborhood, that's drink out of water hose or something like that.
So many are when you do not have enough. I was my further along the path that we have got. The boy you are the man adieu. My career took were first started, those crazy Owsley, given lights bases. With love me and everything I got no doubt jam like ten months, start another jammed by large? You got kicked out there, they were make use were breaking area. Kick back, is only half lag fourteen in the material that is having. Tv and then we or on tour me to twenty five.
That is not my job is just a name, not a real mail. I may Chinese may lie, but when a kidney are about to begin enemy right into like their agusta right, two dollars future of the common jammed with energy. You would go before while seven minutes decoding no, so us that right and ride me right right and then They asked me to go. Conan do some time and I do like four and a half minutes on common in two two weeks later, came to me amuse, I now what you do come star with me emblem of value out everything and I may lie. We got You have all your contracts from star here and I'm really being only black african American to write because they never had a black ride. So
that now lie. Ok, what do you want me to write in names? Just I just come on Borselen. I went over there, You know I almost left because I know I didn't fit in cuz. It was so many white writers and they all went to my brown university. They had These are the don't think I was more fitting. I tried to write like them and it just wasn't popping off. So, after a while, I just start thinking the situation is that we did class going to start writing like that, and then he was like man. You should go out on stage and do it and they was bringing me out, and there is in tv guide, is next star next star, and and then J Leno happen. Look at that bad and Leno situation happened? It was like away too many lag like I'm thinking. Yeah we about the take off, and on was I Who's gonna leave away, as I am ass. They banned from tv besides, like
just go on the road again cuz. You know I'm just like man, okay, but I knew that I paid the way for a lot of black meeting. Have another avenue which is lignite television. And ass they were higher black riders. We know so I still was trying to keep that door open too, but then all the sudden Conan want to go onto and it took me onto a little toward next thing. I know I was Two mammies like the traditional round, their people go, there's not much. Today around everybody path, different absolute going you getting in the room and all these other writers and you like. Ok, these are white guys. They went to Brown. They went to all these schools in writing in on know each other. That's definitely not traditionally wet he. Looking for NA na. He never said what he's looking for. He just was like come on board. If so, it got to the point where it was like we'll sit in the room and
China right a joke about Andy. They pose Andy Regular about him gone two October first, which is adjourned. Drinking day. I don't know what it was and they had to explain it. Send me- and I remember I was like baby. Would I know our drinking day enables. I write that up wrote it up, and it was like days after they seen that Now happened, happen me and Conan, where he's lie with black culture in the sense that it became like NBC, was was I drink. Endangers. Let go back on what has already been able fitting tat after the White House to rise, but you weren't, you didn't innocent of the White House. Actually, just now
voter. Why obvious role one line by line our away? Did the White House correspond? Is then I had this thing about? Who J very? Did those there we, we're ready and about the we got more with the uncle. When we come back. Keep allotted to breakfast locomotive morning, everybody of Egypt envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We all warning anybody DJ envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We all the breakfast club we have these, call in a building now Charlemagne youth is Steve. Avi told you that if you can make an audience quiet of just good laughed it s scare me, nor does it s real, because it shows that you and control controlling you can you can handle audience. You know alike. I can sit there and be hey check. This out lie that that means that,
big tee, where I wanna go Elizabeth yeah now so as it is, is just some that he saw me as I man is just as good at making. Audience laugh at you. I went to the comedy, so I Carolines when time and one of the other I wasn't a great and when I tell you, everybody was is talking, all you haven't had been out about. Badge is like them was done about that. Now there are people, just listen. I waited here which are about to say in their stopping because it is hard to get people do not talk to me There they haven't honouring bird you can get them to be. Quiet is just as good as making them laugh would have because a lesson What time you laughing you missing when I'm SAM Eggs, the you know this a good trade I love you and what was your worship
We have to have a baby. I was guy families want you besides the first law, the jar room, you're. No, but actually it was a brisk night now open as opening for jobs and I went out there and ages was like for me and they withdraw stuff didn't have been around concerts like golf. The call by the way I hang our moment vows then install a concession, stand drinks nazis by pops back hands with the concession joins the lid. Ah boy Lyonnais hits you jack you just sticky,
without you say, the guys who road care about no man- and I was like I'm leaving its listen to me then also, promoting jobs? Could you ask us days, like Ale, had to leave? May I add that adds. I still remember that light by Gillies, yes, You have been beggars into this did just now. That is not what I want to do, but I have not been bag deserve. My bag had like change is to sit go because when I say the alcove you relay who, beer, you know jolly from black, gave a black for job. No, absolutely right right now is. Is it true
dad's man anywhere from zero to sixty, because I'm a guy like audience debts camera by different us dad, I'm opponent nodding as good as their due some kind of urban. I have another show that Malta Anti Tobacco, which is anti vs written in produce best the corral or at a job, we may have a shot tv s actually movies from coming up and with that in juggling black is at the same time it was. It was kind of difficult and Conan by current events like when I can with a viable. This change now go from my doing anything in the coming years. Your very differently, Asia. Are you coming back a black? Is a data read like a came back and did before US lads, duet, leaving go, do adjectives everybody's going,
crazy when I love, but it was like. I had to go leave in cuz. I had Angie Tribeca before I have blackish live people to know that so I had to. I just want to be right. I wasn't even supposed to be the guy that was supposed to play. Charlie, didn't who was it, you know he's a another banking alive a year, women women play that characterise the discharge. So garv man we're not failure to observe the won't Amro. The did you really try. A girlfriend on the show is dead, relax that I'll try higher MASH Amazon
Goby lie with Messner Boom privacy set out the outgoing Jane. I forgot my land. I can do it again. It was actually good, though he was just like me. Surprisingly. She played there like fantastic, like a lot of people like me, Is she going to do whatever and I was like nah? I need to see Amber, Amber, really got it and you know so. Yeah shout out to Amber. When you know situation, you gotta flashed like all of us who thought such a mom for you can now be. They know. I have asked the paragraph you just gotta you just how big an act accordingly by your lagging go. Why I keep alive, we got balls meeting after the Deon Cole. When we come back to breakfast locomotive, morning revise the angels Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have deal in an interview with an interview
call in a building up a browser. Crazy just as the least famous oh movies praises. So many answer megabyte is its people. All I have is car max. It is good. The Duma, savvy abolished? I was crazy man who's this that's cool manner by the eight hours bows we would all those onto ride is good. Yes, so many different people, so many different artist, so many different celebrity here, but you know what I thought I was gonna, be like really really crazy, like ego last word, but who has an air body was children and they all low world, thereby be on a farm aware. Toggle, Comest able kid
I believe and went out a couple nights when party by one might have thought it was gone beyond the outer think I was thinking. I bought a guy, come egos bargain, but now also I'm still in any hobbies right, especially being at your on tv and because you do stand up like just writing, for the people is to give way to grab materials and that sometimes it is especially when you do us leg. I'm in a very unique situation, a lotta people Donnie materialise to have the networks, be cool. Wait me working or different, shows you not as very very unusual, because we want to show you wanna show, but for me to work and louder showed will not do get a chance to write and go out whatever he s hard for me to candlelight. Why, like I used to San and when I do give people material, is light in our lab Ivy Phil, unlike many with chairs that lie
I could keep learning, but, as I do a lot of other things come exactly right for them that frowned upon as it is in says, but a lot of them by each is done you say who it is. SAM, you don't say who, who they named is whatever and you like, low bond whatever we now know what our used to write for cat wings regularly are often a can of our limited at No real quick can never cared, never used, not the narrow full. Well, how did you know? I wrote a gangster farm. He was lying on your way vein. In writing. Fr. I can use and it's doing a d militant asked me to come on and right for him, and I was like all right cool. You know I'll go over there and I'll write some stuff on whatever it was. Whilst
My only felt tat had always been his way. We just nothing, can always been that. Well, what's ass, the amount was gone on by a cat. Cagoux people either way you do you know he just doin? He not lie beyond the whole number lovely love like my arm. Once I care had a surprise birthday party out of the house. Everybody was like we're. We to surprise lie down and ass, an airline I may get. It As I go my happy
my God, the life, what were allowed through the amateur athletes? Nor was, I didn't, do anything wrong. What was crazy lie when air, but his eyes, quiet, catalyzing, surprise AIDS is still their elected body, and anyone right. I was then it was dreamers had blocked. The last month alone, even right it s called they never gave a girl. He came back down about an hour later and sad enough wrong. An open gives an whose open gives you take the Damosel it had thought of paper. Kids need these girls will.
Before I hit the ground will guide the guy's a cat, Catalan alone, other levels shot out. Can no longer can we stand up the road you, love. Our lawyer stand up so terrible. I I me and him where together and I will herald a colony, he never and he never use anything that are now, even though not all man I'll be right, because our unity, if they get paid to pay. My first writing gave obviously was Ricky. Smiling arose from home when used on a common view major. You must have. What have you got? Could you be like I want you to give it up till now, or carrying out will be like maybe you'd better like way to go, major you must have whatever it was good. Could you be like I did you do
I've done that will guide you. I will be like. May you did it like way to go in England? Even nickname use, nickleby Niggers like this all managed by. I can't wait to use it. And then I was led on the above using me going. What am I wrong? Moreover, the uncle when we come back, keep it the breakfast locomotive, Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club, we have the oak. In the building is delirious. If ever stand up since that's kind of how you got into it, man was aware, though I love delirious, but I lovely island, the general. George God alone Steven Reign? I know I like a lot of like comics, this kind of left. You know, like that's the kind of meeting I'll try to be. I came up an era where you needed a catchphrase. He needed a sue? You showed up as in it, no one big green.
He needs come out right now. Come oh yeah! Come all this deal like like, I came up, arab hours more, like a do, those just some difference of my United But how do we ve known from use? My no paddles days that I set out jokes and read and check him off with ever. Could I be so remember there have? No, it was more regular na of acquired the badger their web maggots were put off with his committee and I on his job as some colleagues how many in a whole nother world Zach NAS back now, I can't keep doing it was like one bad thing that happened like I just couldn't. I was paying attention to my breathe. You know you have to do that in your high.
Not exactly bananas. What have you read over so many arms? Just we always power colleagues the Collie man yea, all regular like, I was doing my own of mobile loud turn of all down below her. No, I know, but the irony I've ever known as for summer smog, whatever mouselike. No I'm good. I had a good like an unknown, sometimes people dialogue. Help stone with their private and they used to do that we need to, but I have had the quick like it's been like two thousand eight hundred a month like I don't like weed and liquor and cigarettes. Now that I was cigarettes, yeah legal liquor, moderation, we ain't bad. There see I'm type you, have. We know we are less care. While we do we
was barred work on Turkey, I own yep. I want to talk to call check out supposed to go to Chicago one day for Thanksgiving. I was on break from Conan and I was like you know what I'm spending these these two weeks, just kicking it or not. When carbon cigarettes dome always kept one like myself from a place to ie eight as didn't. Do For now we doggone of cigarettes Mona like I'm. I don't get me, My said more than once, every eggs mark that you know by is enjoyable in I mean by national casting base you gotta go ahead is clear. Sometimes feel like I'm a low lying at us as they feel like I'm sharper it all about. But when I used to gear handwriting Caroline need
now. I got memories. I remember memory hurry. There may be a gorilla, don't you Jane it as you day care less? We got our special comedy censure to June twenty five levels, enable scar, cold, blooded seminar, Whilst I can hear you loved trans their flowed man in Thank Heaven road is maybe get the money away when the otherwise I know you're, not away women between going there. Blackish is a lot of lightning women around a lot o. I will alone. We appreciate you. Joy less is the Algarve gas, the breakfast cloak more Is there a gang? Don't you or not
I don't give a damn dog you today does not discriminate my now the song today via the donkey. They need to be done in a breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today. Yes, dont! You today for Friday made thirteen gold, the doktor, Molokai love Robys, I'm not gonna. Our respect is shown me. Eighteen years old has been charged with posing as a doctor. Yes, Dad Molokai love Robys imposes a medical professions. He treated patients in West Palm Beach flawed, and that is the first time yeah, he allegedly poses a doctor, I say, marries medical center. He was continue loaded, thyme and even though he got caught in a pregnant woman exam, he said he was simply shadowing physicians. How do you get an earl in several months later in October, Mallika received to cease and desist order from the Department of Health when they discover
was working as an unlicensed, massage therapies at a loss go rehabilitation facility drop, one includes bombs from Al Qaeda, robbing his, This kid is a borderline genius. Okay, I absolutely respect his hustle. I know what you're thinking you think you well of you is regular hustle. Why you, given him dog you today, I'll get it out? Mickey, given you somebody story now that Molokai love Robinson was arrested his past Tuesday in acute, the practice in medicine without a license. Ok, he was the head of his own practice. According to his website, he was the presidency. Oh and founder of his own practices? Not we got taken down. Was undercover officer visited his office in doctor game or physical. And providing medical advice to him. Are we keep in school Seventeen years old, he gives himself an internship and shadows physicians array
He wanted to learn how to give massages, so he poses a massage there. This kid at eighteen years old, opens up his own practice when got his own office had a website patients coming, he had a lab cold Only thing he didn't have was a medical license with hooch has on the clues bomb for his ambition, all right, so many of y'all out here pretending to be things that don't contribute anything to the coach of this man was pretending to be a. What about you guys, to be drug dealers and gangsters grown ass men pretending to be crimson blood. At thirty plus. I have to respect young doktor love for him. These have been the right energy he's just goin in wrong direction. Would it now he said: Thou would w B TV and they put the young man and depression. Let's hear it for your doktor of anything at all. I knew currently hold a phd in what I don't feel comfortable, disclosed
the issue here, but about a devoted who goes by doktor love those advertise, an array of treatments on his medical center website, including photo baby, food and air Farrabee and natural path is. Are you a fraud because it seems like everything you're saying to me- is either invasive or an outright lie? I don't appreciate your tone. I don't appreciate the way you're, portraying this interview to actually be in big trouble. I mean it seems, like you, ve spoken to a lawyer whose prepared you for not only but the police as well. I don't know where you're receiving this information from, but it is inaccurate, I'm so I'm going to have to cut this in this interview short, I'm going to have to cut this independent, short and as exactly what he d look for you all those questions, but for his course there would have been. Where did you get the money from the do all this academy to know you got that way because grow enough you, but I can't find money for bills and rate with his eighty NEO Kate had money to started all medical practice once again, our respect his kids huh
I love is energy. He's is going in the wrong direction with my brother Mallika, all its armies. And pretending to be a doctor using money that open up offices, all their energies been trying to deceive people could have We been you on you, actually going no medical school They know, no God there is no escaping the process. If you wanna be a medical doctor, I've got an idea. How about you do it all you have adopted they gonna Medical's, Ford, ok, you kids, when everything so slow down somewhat now known how redress to process the great thing is you go into a process regardless is just a process you June do is the criminal one? So why not take the energy and transferred through the right process which has medical school? Hey back? Alex ILO Robinson, I respect energy hustle, but I dont respect to actual hustle, because me you hustler back was that trying to figure out how to manipulate the.
From you want to be in and actually put yourself in the system you try to manipulate. If you wanna be adapted, you can actually do it by simply going to school. Give doctor. Look. I love Robinson, the biggest he hardly That is also our reverend. I we don't doesn't do we got daddy, He pretended to be valued the Reverend officer who was ordained in everything who's running around, like I can't believe this man had been line of Albion Dogmas hours. You believe anything else. You told me you had a bishop, was they headed? The missionary chapel in Seminary said that they have temporarily rescinded his credentials and church charter pending the owl Some of these other tat S crew. You say that use by eleven, auto there be an air there be. If you don't know, man rose to see adopted, especially in photo therapy and thereby aren't, even though the hell outta as persistent Photoshop, is that none of us know what's going on there. If he does not the same thing
when you gotta, take five Sophie today make ok. Thank you for a dark day there. When we come back is free, Reggie breaking fraud, and we have our resident sex outages Michel, who offered up some tips, insects, ed. We come back people is the breakfast global warning? Everybody is dj envy Angela Yea Charlemagne ago, we oughta breakfast club, prizes, you know a brilliant brilliant pray. Do we have our sex allergies are resident six outages, Michel hoping to build in the morning. You doin that last week, if we give really fraud she's a sex ology, suddenly you thinking what psychologists those don't exist. Would they do do exist? Yes, for in the olive tree I can do sex, but I am not as ex ok, I'm not the one is going to sit there watch you have sex. The apartment like in a word, maybe go a little further. Pastor or maybe going a little slower. I new kind of the before and after the like. How do you tell your partner,
We want you to go a little faster guard. You know they Bazin has weighed yeah. Why it? What was integrated so Alex Well, there's no degrees authorities. There actually are some places that there's like two universities that and theirs India University has a good department and I would university tat you you pan has a good good. University, but the idea is, I studied human event. And I also did some work with marriage. Family, fair bees, specializing in african american family studies, are really fastened did at how our community looks at sex, and sexuality and what are the implications to. Our community as a whole. When you look at rates, sd eyes, single mother, hurried on domestic violence and sexual assault. Its extreme? We disproportionate in comparison to the races when you look at the african American Community M are black and brown communities, especially so I think that there's conversations we need to start having to improve. You know how
We are all living as as as a people Renault we ten times here. People talking about manhood and how do we know our young boys to be more responsible. Well, how do you do that when you have one point, one million fathers in the prison system right to teach a man to be a man. If they're only me he's saying and only images of men. His thing on television are aggressive are angry. A man like that says it other men to know, and that's what I like that I mean I'm open and- and I think that, but are we showing images of us doing positive things when it comes to sexuality? I I am not always the biggest fan of some of the things I see women doing, but I definitely want to shout argue arose or the slut walk, ochre kind of pushing against the idea of slut shaming, because we have to stop that cause. That's what perpetuates rape culture earlier There's always so taboo and people are so shocked. When women talk about sex- and I believe there has been an issue that
We had you wonder lip service pack has, but that was the whole point of doing. That is give those conversations, because we're do you learn about different things and We learn that what you doing is not disgusting. Why shouldn't be talked about, then why are you if you will like the Amber roses, it'll work and they are not afraid to talk about that's him, you know we always have a varied at is put on hold. Girl? The jealous of Amber arose because Amber is free of her sexuality and they would like to me, but I think that the conversation- Should these shouldn't we all be free and doesn't saxon sexuality. What sex looks like com in a lot of different forms. Yes, it does come so I USA does no pun intended, but I think that you know with Amber rose being so free. She also gets a lot a backlash and right and then for men who feel like their stifled in their sexuality. They might, I get as much that what it feels like Canada arriving in indulging in sex blue too early now, because they see it more members, a kid you didn't see that more sexy
wasn't on television. It wasn't a ministry of Clubs, Ukraine, go online and look at porn free, examine you write porn induced director yeah I already- I must add more in kids- starting to have six a lot younger now, which is very scary, will I I think that what we have to focus on, is thinking about how we educating these kids to sex. So if it's, they are already right wire. We doing federally mandated sex said Kate through twelve age. Appropriate right lighter Yes, K K, we're not talking about sex, we're talking about who are the trust adults in your life. If something happens in you need to have a conversation garage, We can avoid a lot child molestation alot of child trafficking if we could start having Mercedes Benz around values. When it comes to healthy relationships tree, I shouted Michel hope for joining us. We have or where we come back, keep alive. It's a breakfast locomotive.
Everybody is dj. Envy annually Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club. We have our residents six allergies, Michel hope into building you help me. I would your problems and knees, I'm always a big proponent of number one, knowing your status, a number two communicating right. So just as me as I would say, I really like you win. You pull my air or I want to be able to say we were tested Mary. Let's talk about that, enter them all great media. There she said ass. She doesn't want heard our future baby David S single cell, Louis ass. She was is that if that wrong asked commander when you're in relation than when you forethought Data man, like you, have to consider diva movies you from Poland, I dont get our age. It mean maybe like like twenty two from either a well, I mean if you can have a baby right away. As so. I think that those kinds of questions are off the table. Firm believer that you should as like you around as tv,
somebody should be but ass him anything. You want asked them. That's what if you also put very their fingers mouth and penis in places euro? Why am I to give as question yet ready? You have set out in your family right and, if you're, trying to make a baby you're down somebody you not using protection, you should really be able to ask right, like you want to be The act like when's. The last time you were dead and if you really want to do Netflix in jail just pop right on over to your local drugstore pick, you up or quick testing like I am we do this right here you can get or a quick HIV test, Rebecca You are not a good idea. Add a good idea, because if I haven't been tested in a while last thing I want to do is take a oraquick test when I'm about to watch CD, unbreakable, Gimme Smith and I'm positive right down catch. That's not your rank made after you before the woman, whose about have sex with you that absolute positively.
We'll get Thou Beanie and, as you want to know about a word at all, so you have to do. During their onwards, Igor grotesque right before we bother was, dare Devil is positive and she's just can be like a coup. Do you not worried about immediately? right there in front of urban point? You can agree to the wooden leave them, as you may know right why? I think that, for me the idea is maybe not on a Netflix day, but that you can have access to finding out who is right there, its thirty nine dollars. Also very technical, They even go and get a free HIV task. You know, as African Americans we make up approximately sixteen percent of. Population, but we make up over fifty percent of the HIV positive population in the United States Arisen created this morning from old, which are the psychological like disgusting yeah. An end is interesting because place. Like South Carolina, where they don't mandate. Sex education are also places there have higher rates of s
you are HIV positive. How do you tell somebody? Does that mean that you shouldn't be even trying to go out and have said? So now, because we have things like prep, we have things like pep if you're on your mad you're, taking your antiretrovirals thy Charlie scenes that he was, it was undetectable yeah, just like MAGIC Johnson open in magic, Johnson, Jersey, the input on two and a half men which always used. We shall get hit like skewed coffin, I am unable to give a media that, in their millions are met in order to Miss were really trying to wash. The idea is that you know with your undetectable, it means you're undetectable, and that also means that you have a lower likelihood of passing the virus onto another person. Your vice loads are so low that it's not showing up in a test bright, so keeping yourself healthy, is fine and is something you can live with its a manageable disease like a Lupus were right. It's very manageable, loop, manageable disease.
I ve now is a very manageable disease. If you know your status, you git test and then you're using condoms with your partner, very man, well and if you have a partner that is HIV positive, I would advise to go to the doktor and get on the rap. You know. I had people one day fan and I was a job he ate shaming. We asked the question: would you have gone? Who, after all, she would you have somebody if they told you that HIV positive, and I was I know I would I mean it's up to every individual person what they want to do but you're using a condom right. And you are and that individual is on their antiretrovirals. You have a very low likelihood of contracting. Hiv is impossible. Oh it's not impossible by the likelihood is with my power bonobos like a family, the latter its low I could say, comfortably its
probably lower than ten percent, a better using condoms, also with somebody who's on their meds, where we have more, what Michel hope will we come back? The six allergies, people access to breakfast locomotive, the breakfast e g, We Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club. We have our resident six outages, Michel hope into building. Now, when I try to talk again Something is a lot of guys there really funny about their little lad. Not lambs are gonNa Michel year by data. Understand how much pleasure, potentially give them. Now. I know women who say they do this every guy there, with guys disrespectful. I mean your friends talking, like they do in a big may. Give us time. Is that together? Can I suspected right now angry globally, binding that you know first and foremost, the backdoors not for everybody.
Second of all the record of all, don't knock it too. You try it right right and number three, It does not make you a gay person or gay man. If you like a little bit of anal play, it makes you a freak like needs its there is you have the prostate gland, which can be accessed through the rectum and there? so many nerve endings on that prostate and there never stimulated and never touched there, never stimulated nothing. So the ideas when you touch a part, as somebody body bids got some veal in there doesn't Norway gets to write but have a clean up, though I have a clean, but my dear, I am on time, but a whole fingered have a bit much for me. I mean you work your way up right. You don't have you like a ten year like a thing as an important. What about it? Work is like a trophy like we are seeing a porn is probably urine ogre,
when their she wanted shooting across the room you haven't, but the splash like up as that, oh yeah, I got this blood ran those urban going further to shoot across Romagna that it has not issued a ban as regular mother. They shoot across the I know my mother I wouldn't like planets around like this- is getting really like this blast, LULU Power but yeah, my my vision or thought with thine? What I've seen important- and this is another reason why I think, are our society sexually- is just askew. We don't want you to any portions and its. Easy to access that people really start to believe that the sex we're being in porn is the sex that we are having, and it's not letter Milburgh, as we know, was in a broad watch into punk all black families rate lax. It was a black father, yet a black wife, two daughters. It was one. Why do I started off with one? Why do having sex with one or two daughters and he's trying to sneak out the house to ask trying to escape the house, the invalid
but have accepted. My daughter is worse is that Spain was the hope, sport and I'm watching my grown as well eight thirty tried at me please you tie dismember, is heard so bad literally limit their walk. This doesn't like. Oh, what a good, loving black less rights was the whole lags family. I mean the average sex it only last five minutes. What s really yeah it's like three divide remain a five minute over from above, but see. The problem, though, is we don't do enough or play? I don't have time to talk about what we lie. Grotto, we don't know like maybe somebody into a low path in the lab. The days were somebody like took pride and getting the second base. The thing wait. What now,
wasn't your boobs re. Ah, you re you're two days ago, the letter I am a rainy day that people onto anywhere in our data analysis would like it. No more. No, we do like wine anti. You have to understand for a man, it takes a man like two or three minutes to be ready and hit that plateau phase of the sexual response I got it takes a woman like ten to fifteen minutes was the right way to look about in Nagoya could be doing our proper Bric, a brac whenever these yank the right, where there is no right wages from having the baggage valuator. Am I being diversity right away, but I think that the way you to rub is the way to Europe. The answer has run away with their dreadful lobby. Was she did the Agora lecture? Revamping anything about someone has a herd for a reason. The reason is because, in the clitoris there's like five thousand are bending. So the hood is there to protect kind of like an answer.
His eyes, penalized by digital uncircumcised penises are more sensitive than circumcised venuses. At an order, I got a little extra Galileo's earnings. Cambridge was notice. No longer I gotta Curtain authority are what that feel. Like Mrs Doyle, Finally, we are losing you know you. Could we grow it? Really. You could we grow seeds, yet so the ideas that it keeps it from being overexposed or over stimulated convention can become people. There is some contraptions and some devices it's just skin, stretching see what strikes the skin. You can't do that to your whole penis. No, but I was fully circumcised, hamburger bridge from like a rose and, moreover, the yellow left over, so the Is there? So if you cried about, although hook back to expose and you definitely would want to have a low voice, drawing your finger lube it up, who believe as a great Lou.
ITALY has a long way over deliver them. Now. Is a german lube like medical grade, Silicone Lou, you can remove. I make up with it. Some I use it for my way into my air. You got a couple of him off and on all my social media at EM age, sex, spurts, W W W that's an age sex, Bert dot com by Michel Hope, Jordan is when we come back. We have my makes the people's choice mix- and this is especially mixed course today- is anniversary with my wife, so we go celebrate a joint is mix, and it's a breakfast locomotive.
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