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From "Diet or Die" to Soulja Boy's Lie


MON 5/23 - Dr. Natasha Sandy joins The Breakfast Club to help kick-start your weight loss program and Envy, Angela & Charlamagne agree to pay for 2 listeners to get healthy! Wonder if they'll be using some of Soulja Boy's $400 million to pay for that? Oh, it's not $400 million...? Let's discuss.

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I love you Samarang rather sit out become the most prominent. When you asked earlier, morbidly drama was able showing people whose videos you you do: Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Mornin, Angela Yea, Germany's Andy Charlemagne. Please do the planet is my my maid back to the work we will. Hopefully,
has had a great. We can further getting arrested. Others we can now was out moving shaken a whole weekend, shouted a universal circus. If it's any attack should definitely see it got there. Boy that, due to dig up people the due to naming now is no pebbles. May they have you their due to wobbled? No, no. They actually have elephants at the universal Surveys way they got over. They have elevated to utter round a universal sagging minded era, while ignoring the bank. It is no. Rather, they had universe. They had elephants to motorcycles they. It is very important, as they have a lot of people that I come from all over the world to ensure that she went to the universal circus earlier this year as They are celebrating my kids birthday of the universal service. They did a great job, a given cupcakes. It was an amazing job about injures. It is weak in I went to the bad way ringing in cancer. I was there. I was great. It was a lot of people. We haven't seen inquiries in time. First of all,
toto was there together. How would he went home? Is bathed Evans little candidate profound arise here? I think that first now, the first night there was a make issues every now and then maize performed policy. I should came out Nuys Daisy marriage oblige, internally for all and thriving, became out. Your woe I was watching us naturally not a bad thing about all you can. We talk, might have forty an up and they still look fly. They still look like get me right now and I caught on the really good. What's it doesn't I put on my yesterday morning in PAN from total been relegated cell. Yet I was a great experience of dope and add to that a shout, the recurrent us he showed me when voting at RE corner dropped in exclusive pair of Car while lobbies that I am not in a story but the purple peer, they gotta expensive his earlier. Twenty seven may not be sold out there. Like five hundred dollars appear dope shoes man shot the record and am I as a hostage pan other there,
international hair and beauty show over the weekend. That was pretty fun. I had a good time. A lot of celebrities came through in a lot of many here stylists new aid to help me. You know some crazy had learned, which will just what the hell are you talking about. We always somebody did not listen to that end. If you listen to it- and I did not say that add up here- I might say that now I didn't say it in that context, but you said it like. I did not like you to blow that hey. I want dragon if you would run a drain. On the other hand, I was eight. This adds ridiculous, that whatever that's a big de what the headlines boy in adds laughed at it, it, may be one really effervescing. What
There's, nobody urgently lad, not what really happy but the headlines, maybe listen. Does the air we living people read the headline and we made this run. Will whatever the headline of you believe anything, not data municipal? I did. I really believe soldier work afforded made, although we can link and am disappointed in arguments at that point in at all you publications that ran s story without even doing any facts. Second, like gust of isn't public record people hit me all we get long. Charlemagne should get donkeys Dave and I believe in him I know should you don't you today for believing there be level get into it derive front page news what we talked about, how we are going to talk about this aspect and the fatal Massachusetts please tooting was killed, will tell you about what happened Sunday evening. I thought of you guys were paying attention this weekend, but it looks like here. Louis Clinton and damage of arts hide now accordingly, people, yes, so see what happens in whatever Bernie Sanders has to say about that. I will get into all that when we come back here Jeremiah we, its breath was locomotive
holding everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breathless low, is no. We would our WMD to bite away when a boat at other components, arrival of kings. Front page news that offend a blow out the warriors one, thirty three, two one o five to take it to one series led to worry affairs. We, should I be nervous. Mouse had done, defended Minerva, laugh game when the wounded, Oklahoma City blown opportunism points, but I was a tie series then afterwards and it'll be tied the Mets game of the goals they play the game for my vote, we're gonna win back the bag which go, and they haven't lost
backed by game. All year, though, Goma does something like that. There is reason to be concerned never set by this man accused of killing a cap. Whether Lance aspect in the fatal shooting of Massachusetts, police officer was killed also Sunday evening and issued out with police and a state trooper was also injured. An hospitalized peace were searching for the suspect. After officer Ronald Tarantino, Junior was fatally shadow was during a traffic step aware around twelve thirty, a M yesterday morning said the suspect, thirty five Euro, Georgia Umbrella died in an exchange of gunfire. They actually entered a duplex. Looking for him, I will, as you know, the cause is going well for you to do after not at all. Let us talk about shop and Hilary, yes, so Hillary Clinton and damage at bay. Like now. According to pause, they are pretty much ties with voters Oscar, yeah rearing now Bernie Sanders said actually they're. Both of them are pretty unfavourable, so bait, basically you're. Looking at the lesser of two evils, when you
guy who to vote for- and here is what Hillary Clinton had to say about Donald Trump Donald Trump is responsible for what happens at his events. For months now been not just inciting violence, but a plotting violence and I'll people who engage in protest should follow civil disobedience principles and should be peaceful, should be nonviolent, he has lit the fire and then he throws his hands up and claims that he shouldn't be held responsible and he should be held responsible. She has said that he won't release his tax returns, which is something that, since I think they set about nineteen seventy six, candidates have any still hasn't released beyond anything. What advertising on issues clearly corrected their captain obvious statement, as you said, Donald Trump Insane parts that is edit clan rallies pleasantly much cleaner out right unless front page news now tell away you mad eight hundred five
eighty five thousand one hundred and five will maybe a pissed off, maybe had a bad week and whatever it may be, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent, call us right now. Eight hundred and five, eight thousand five hundred and ten ways to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast I am delighted at the lab day, while Madame play, while Back Mack Globalized- I admit it with so many girls in your Bulgaria. We don't need any other browser, but really knows Dermody drug comedies lobby girl, but it does have gone away. Wielded guys go, go away, talk about exactly why you were. The boreal was well with what every thought about it. A president, Bulgaria, you're that bring up the right guard raise God and bring up anything other than by raised Isna Iron rally. Clan. Client rally, you bought it quiet a man, so you so you should you should be the May one day and you know what it is going around now:
You know why, because you Eli, because instead of trying to change the world, would be a better place. People like yourselves, always everybody. Up the right down the world. Keyser now job was to build a war to keep your kind of body authority. You taught me to keep a check on. What do you mean? My comments are doing exactly what you bob confused. I don't know if I'm not clearly guild We want you to know, I let your car mean a mexican Natalie. I don't know that, to my mind, to educate listeners to is Monday allows is dead. We lost several edible, hey, hey! the main the guy lining Elijah Muhammad. Sir you're, ready to be an odd, is democratically drop, will certainly know everything our man. So I got this blue Europe you over to weaken about it like that right. Ok, although you great it's a lovely, the dog is also the first night. The total bill
no become too. We can now be spent most of the car with a dark as we work to the target. If they buy up, don't write so last night we might go to flee. The dog was paid for like two hours straight cry, parade the no. You have no idea how crazy out all night night, but like a alright exaggeration, but come on it's crazy, but I love ya. Man of the Tao was over. All these Gruner starts getting yoke easily Leto allows is yes, yes by Renate. Please tell him, I remember I'm mad, because the fact is that you got your gadgets. Organised crime for the bottom came up you nothing! Yes, just like the thought tat. He was at its height of quality jobs and an upper glaring branches sign you, son of a fool you too late for years, decide if nobody really is about mechanized. Let's look at the top of the dome and Canada. The industry is mistaken.
I need a knows why you come here, for my thing is: when is it might be more bound? That's all I'm saying is not about eight about troop and sombre you he said balance three canadian artists and about how many years decades so now Have you got three canadian artist the weekend Justin Bieber in drinking to targeted shot? It's no bounds. What put I'm talkin about it? Tell a monument eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset, you need to vent cordless right now at the breakfast club good morning The breakfast club, we're gonna get rabbits. Eighty one day, while yoga girl you ve, got a little. I brought up allow third night, like four girls go an awful. We might like to applaud the analogy to tell me why you why you met on purpose global, real good.
We rather was had now blindness. Notwithstanding the outer site, you will go along with gay men of checking that the radio showed his fallen on earth. Who talked about job right. I can do for railways like you trying to breathe Jim Crow back us off for a Yo Yo, see every job right, I'm not feeling I've gotta talk for trouble, portable boy you took it coordinate. The added by procedure ought to wage a double tropics and you know, but also mad about go my name Bob period. Oh, you treaty a treaty with cavalcade of his own people out to you that I will cite those both to it. Are you mad envy, your level about, no more! No less! It's your men wall.
It's a lot. A man's in all likelihood be most passivity of boy may look out. For me. Are you a man. Are boys are a figure it out? Ptolemais cut it out. Man, Burma was bought the slap you up there baby, I'm about to smell two people are really crazy to his mind along with this. What I learned from out of it, and maybe you can and you on the phone nobody can see YO. I tried to call as regards what to say your merit Charlemagne. Gotta start. Would all people talk browser like all wings? cleaners doubled article about, but I imagine Venus yet this morning you mention peanut little meat is more and I call on you to guard the God that no we'll talk like there were. You call we are talking about peanuts dog early this morning to be anonymous. To say that I guess alone is the older there. They are
Anthony me. Suddenly Matt, you are mad because I won't go would have called this morning and I got big bad damn mosquito a boy and a girl like a unicorn, an auditor Zimmermann's below all right, there. You haven't a word them in this morning to allow this to tell Lord everybody this morning. I don't think so. Not. I met him in a good mood. Actually, I'm saying I want to share with the rest of the world with the smell the body we found the foolery. Does it affect everyone? Why is my voice What do I don't know? You really are we thought and its winning alright, China, where you may eight hundred five eight firewood, five one. If you're upset you need a bit, you could call us at any time they get. Google chrome is coming up.
Wasn't Charlemagne already bought himself to boys? Four hundred million dollar there, let's dig more into that and see as a true is a false gotha. Unless our heat, everybody, who reported it s story, but I hate John Jago- deserve nothing. Haters essay, my Braxton! This was the big story over the weekend. What happened her and the real. Apparently she won't be on the show anymore or I will do it. I will come back. He blocked the breakfast locomotive, the breakfast club. The guy. At the reul report, Libretto club website, the boy took about his four hundred million dollars,
dear? What forge a million dollars. Now. Remember so, devoid swedish that he got affords a million dollar deal emulating going crazy over it alive. You wouldn't believe him. World Poker Fund did confirm that he did a five year endorsement zeal with them. He said that they said soldier boys, one of the most influential urban entertainers and artists and social media. Today, He has fifteen million social media followers locally renovated. The gun he's gonna, help promote world hookers gaming asset nostalgia way said I investing things. I understand. I enjoy music and, of course, gaming being an influence. There is a form of currency having portfolio. Diversification is critical if you want to be an effective brand, ass. It now run of luggage, leader gradually simply say well poker for confirmed boy signed a five year right now. Let me clear array a murmur that what happened, how is he gonna, get? Four hundred million dollars really well basically that
four hundred million dollar number is what the deal is capped at, and that includes both stack and revenue sharing. So there is a need to jump the gun. The jail is capped at four hundred million. It's based on a forward thinking. Valuation of the company. The company's market cap is fifty one point, eight million dollars, so they couldn't could afford. Million dollar endorsement right now. That is based on a lot of different factors. It's not a fully cash transactions is, it goes and, furthermore, accompanying only were fifty million and that all Who have put were fifty million dollars? How would he be able to afford to pay? Somebody afford remained I'll endorsement. Do I guess this is with intelligent ways forward thinking, so company may find it ass it most he can make in five. You re! That's the cap now Justin Bieber halfway May, whether also shareholders and the company as well. Ask why I write what happened with tee. My
accident and the real over the weekend I was out and about in a lot of people were going crazy, like what happened with tamer. Did she queer? Did he get fired from the real? Now be Scott? Got this news from a source? She said that I take our Braxton. Wasn't reading too well with the audiences as people didn't find it to be a good fit with advertisers and production found her too difficult to deal with the same? Are posted an instant I am sure that I love you, but I've been stabbed in the back by someone. I stupidly. Try did not my man or my sister's? I am not about to be tried and tested to snitch and it's not in good taste to tell you who, but as Tamar sins. You are very smart and can figure things out on your own, but know that everyone who smiles in your face is not your friends and is not cheering for you and will lie and try and tear you down to try and dim your light. Now she goes on to say to watch your back and she put up a picture of herself and Tony. She said I put the picture up, because this is the end
I gave her my sister and best friend, that's he always gives when she knows I've been had pulled, is you're fired him up and whether we will release the statement. The real until my bracton have mutually decided a team. I will not be continuing with a show for its upcoming. Season she will be leaving in order to concentrate on her solo career. Everyone associated with the real appreciates, tamers efforts and the contribution she has made to the show success, and we wish her all the as for the future of nuclear energy are big. You think you oughta show is a collective. It's not like, more with the beyond say that whole situation I like to show you: does he really cool with Asia?
and there was a moment. What is Adrian dialogue going to do now? Is she gonna stick around remember to Sudan to collect the nature? She begins to our friends in her for a good Christmas gift, for some are right now, let's talk about the show, the biggest loser well, a lot of a former contestants when NBC they do away with that show. They said it needs to be done, cancelled or destroyed. Why now, according to one of the former contestants through their men dunker, she said they look at us like we're failures today, but we're not going to succeed. We were not going to succeed. They do us away like yesterday's garbage. They said the shows it should have been cancelled. Ten years ago now, according to some of the former contestants, they said to continue this body shaming, physically and psychologically dear Jeanne monstrosity with future contestants? In light of this, current steady and others is irresponsible and unconscionable farm with our Jane is that concessions often regained their weight that they lost, because they are a tab. Elysium was permanently damaged after being on the show, and a lot of the producers on the show would make them do all kinds of illegal diet. Pills on the can
stands and encourage them to stab themselves, and you know just for evaluating is not away too This way the lad, not at all convinced. I myself ass. Those on your metabolism he's happy the right things. Any smaller mills more frequently we ever back the criminal, nobody's gonna, tell us all about that. We, as my doctor, Doktor Natasha, said right side is a few different contestants that were formerly on the show that read their regained, the way that they lost, and they say they have been damaged from when that show that also so they are saying that they regained way just because they weren't on the show any more. I mourn aim, which is patent, posing reduces banning illegal, die, appeals and starved themselves, just for the show at sea, their results, and then, after the show their metabolism with slow down they weren't taken those diapers anymore. I said: Didn't really help them when you know that in order on a real died with is not even a play and it happened go to extreme lengths test to lose that way. So you know those quick weight loss programmes whenever a great idea for anybody, charm and lifestyle team. Now, according to the produces good, I'm not gonna, give you that side without telling you what they said. They said safety
is paramount and my training regimented, while demanding my approaches, always focused on the overall well being of contestants. They say contestants, I told there is zero tolerance for any weight loss, drugs and produces said that illegal substances are prohibited and the safety and wellbeing of our eye contested is and always has been paramount and most likely whether you lose weight. The right way it wrong way is still in a scream because it's a complete lifestyle. Jane from whatever you are doing to complete a scream life that aids from how ever. You were living in order to lose weight at one thousand and fifteen, for my contestants are shopping around for a lawyer right now. They want to do a class action lawsuit lazo shut up, and that is you rumour report, I'm Angela YE right. Thank you. You Messina, will we come back Charlemagne talks a lot about overweight people. He doesn't fat people, though, as the term bad stimuli. Why what does this politically correct world we live in, so we come back willing to talk to Doktor Natasha Sandy you're, going to help people out with a diet play impact, we talk about losing weight, talk about the effects of weight on the body
about all that when we come back, I'm going to see her for about two years now, dermatologists in my doctor. Look. I don't want to call it what it considers nutrition down on alone, the calling of the Toulouse away part, but we can make out there we might and should we take well, what would we come back? People acted to breakfast locomotive. My story levels morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne girl, we oughta breakfast club so today, shortly talks about frat people alive seems, has a lot of ass. Any rapid come up to me and be likewise enemies, so mean about fat people Well, you know what I'd probably would accrue hurt and you know when you tell somebody that their fat it hurts them because they noted they offered. So what are you gonna do,
body, so we brought our resident backed up here doc society. They help us out with overweight people, because that is is bad, not as any other great dire plan of lost twenty five pounds. I love that like two months ago actually and I've kept it off this, and I really must identify this significant importance. Do not make people feel bad about, and the whole premise of the Diet Programme and Meda programme is not really about dieting. Is about understanding your body being able to have healthy food option? but still have fun with food and enjoy food, but issue with being overweight. Is that really puts inflammation in the body? And anyone really loses white would tell you how much better they feel about themselves once they lose way. So, whatever by whatever means you can shop, people into losing weight then do so. It's not to make me feel bad about themselves. Actually, it's agitated,
motivate them to feel better and different techniques, work for different people, not polo allowing our laws. Fifteen pounds but eyeing alive, I'm Miss Cheesecake armies. My children took cookies and I am a soda years. How can we find you gas and forgotten that what I mean is that, once you don't have to deprive yourself family right, so massive example soda. What do what you like about it is. The fishing is about it that sensation, your habits, the taste in your mouth pause. It is rightly stuff and we shall certainly open is so. The option that you can use is like L, a green over the Pellegrino Laguna Warlike, but you can actually get the flavoured. One is the arranged a man, as I am aware that whereby those things will give you that, on the sensation, Emma failing without you having to go
completely too so I went out, and sometimes I do sell to end up in a little splashes simply lemonade in it too. I am because it gives you that that feeling and no one's name, okay, so the more move weakens coming moment saying a memorial weekend. Don't have alluded to do so. Why? Because you with a family in use when a try, you haven't, had it for the whole year, but the constant exposure to all the sugar and miss high blessing MC index and causing what, with coca consolation from sugar in the body causes clinic inflammation and those we know clearly associated with cancer with diabetes. He's with cardiovascular disease with Alzheimer's and the new, almost foods that we eat. That perfect. The causes inflammation is half of our problem. Also not most. This big bone thing is not really what it is. The family of eating bad, and I am glad you have to know because people people get upset when I come out for have you would like is not healthy. You could die. I want you that you, you bet I lobby skinny and not be healthier,
Yes, I know, but as I was when you find that shoe, but the reality is most of us, what one is too, I always say that right and so, even when I have patience- and I'm really I'm brutally honest, because I want to support people in in a knot, thoughts in around the issue with us in terms of what we need to take the realities of it now because dancing bomb issue. People forget when, when I see added residency- and you see that person is in a hospital or their family, mortified, the kids, the grandchildren, because the person I've diabetes, why am I getting their foot amputated and then they go and then they really upset and the question is then they go. Have a Bhutto more, but I saw none raw without any secrecy is brutally honest and a lovely. I hated the other day and I was like a lofty bears who thy word, but you got no ads, though they arrived at.
Getting a man, but there's blood. You only need to be. I believe, because this is not a joke and we as a culture by take this thing as a joke was eating. Eating properly and trying to decrease information avoided is too many people. I have sat at night as a resident in my training looking up people more in court losing fathoms because they just didn't equal, and that was the source of the issue and people say TAT is expensive divide, but so is two hundred dollars of insulin every month, and if you add that up, it's not re, it's cheaper. To be healthy, and then I also now you said you know just about losing weight, but there are ways it you can lose weight. There really aren't good for you. There probably ideas cause, there's people that are starving them. So and saying I'm not gonna eat any fledgling or days. Are you really? I know people really do things. I bet there's people they take diapers, there's people there, who are these crash diet? What about that? If they feel like? Ok, every Wednesday
amphetamine lose ways, so the ultimate goal is to be healthy right and to fill. The truth of the matter is when people lose their way and they feel better for us to have more energy, then everything else they live. Sort of thieves seems less might so request. I is not one thing and one thing to deprive yourself and also the peoples that have gone to dietician and things like that. I'm again we're back. It's really understanding what you like to eat and then figuring out. How do I get healthy choice of those food and for most people they don't eat enough? That's the problem, so most people say what Sorry, I'm going I've been going to the germ. Am you don't eat that marked the might one on one is too so either you eating a whole bunch of the one things late at night
a line of argument used skipping Y, all you're not going to Jim or your skipping a whole bunch of males most most of it is diet. You can a two percent if it is dying, so I say to people forget what you like to eat. You have breakfast, but try to have breakfast or something is high. Protein am carbohydrate an hour after you woke him up, cause you're breaking the fast. That's what that's! What it would comes for Ben three hours later have eat something else. It could be a snack but make it be combined a protein in Aqaba, hydrate, sir. What does that mean almonds and great? Ok, if you can tolerate dairy, maybe Cuba, maybe a good good if you're in a hobby like mean always busy, maybe a good bar right that is low and sugar, okay and high in protein he's gonna go get my favorite one
not by big vandalism, they'll go to their got twenty grams of of protein and localised seeming ex index. What does that mean it doesn't make you should aspire than three hours later you have your lunch again high imposing what does that mean? That means FISH Chicken, John! No, your beef, your poor, ok amendment to combine that with a club hydrate. What is called hydrates will be talking about we're talking about vegetables, dreamily, vegetables, Berkeley.
Cabbage. Whatever you can think of you can do to polar life by barely a year you can add or they are and how the boy who say about Lage was is, and you don't have to avoid fact completely. You can completely you can. Do you avocado things like that? No bread! Well, if you, if you ll, go ultimately, you wanna use multi gray, not wholly but multi gray, light, because how we red and white bread is pretty much the same as fishing tumblr spiking you, sugar rose yeah, so you do want to do you would you want to do by, but how you, how you spread it out and even if you wanna, do bread or less, he won T potato. You can do so potatoes decrease of frequency dream a week you like three or four serving their normal battlefront right now. I love my thumbs. Bench was back in the day but like when you really look at its touche. It's too it's gotta should really debt as a french writer. The worst things that you can eat Harriet. Well, if the data, if it's your regular wapoota, is reading sweetwater I like suit me, love with you could do better
about aware guide, is probably not good for you, though, period of ride, what depends how you find it do not remain an again it's about realistic, because I try not to eat fry foods. Revise it might be realistic. So, like is a trial avoided where possible, but you don't apply view so because when people deprived resource completely, that's where May for totally off the wagon, in a back gaining a hundred pounds. Again I will s duties and shallow me was to call him body of fat ass. All tat was a man, everybody another like discuss problems without discussing solutions. You know everybody wants staff shame people. So too as is right now, eight hundred five, eight five, no five and will get to overweight people. Call us right now, family now and now going to say that they are all too many. They all right now and we will put you- ought to dot the sandy program. You any weight will pay for it will pay for you treat means, and you know what happened. We can pay for. You fly away if you at a time in abeyance flight, but will pay for the paper to picture
happened when you lose weight, black fat does from your body like didn't, call it fat just because I like a slang time, in actual fact, in your body, anybody of fat ass, but I was they overweight people. We are more doctors any when we come back. He belongs to breakfast logo more, Breakfast club, I give you this morning: everybody's Luigi envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have drafted TAT Natasha. Sadly, the building help me guys out with all you're losing weight which a fat is. You know no one needs to have its say. What do you know what a big bone? There's? No such thing Nathan. I appreciate people sensitivity in people and so help themselves, everybody doesn't respond to being caused by it works. But that is why we are going to war is an invention area which is not a flying or it is not a flirt. Although able, nor are we able Kay, whatever fat, overweight, whatever husky chunky Buffon can hook s at sea.
Now that this annual vulgar or I keep it, sir, a minimum if again, is about the spice and sugar, so you want to select your alcohols or your drinks properly. So, of course, wines midwives always better anyone. It again keep things it don't make use by too much for clear. Look about it and don't look of depends on how much sugar of alcohol in there and your body laissez when it comes to alcohol. Adding my train, it tell me he said that, while back They have less calories. It's easier for your body to break down and cognac does tell me, I don't know what does he mean by Britain like as far back the baddies doors, the vacuum more? He said when you work out is, but if you too, during cognac, This is where he tell Naga by one thing that I do will metabolize the same way with em drinking
Try not to add anything to agree to it like a vital. I gotta do it without set as a muddle through or something like that, and I felt I that's better than if you have like a margarita makes life or something really So you're going to be honest. I when I drink. I try to keep it simple, like you said so our delight for me. I just do Pacifica and sometimes Saint Germain right within the particular. If I do like or could if you like, but I just saw a light. Do club soda re just keep it simple and then have you ever been everyone small, sometimes I'll do something that has like ginger like I do. I let him live ninja could at least you're getting some of the elements of anti inflammatory things, but it's not to deprive you of completely right again. This goal is keep everything that has a protein and carbohydrate, those being your of vegetables and fruit. Try and keep fruits the lower the lower in sugar,
full blueberry he's gonna be good at the talks in an accident where the accident you wanna, keep those got it and keep the frequency every three hours. Why does that matter? Because there's these two parts in your brain cord, the hunger sent em satiety centre a mere parts of the brain checks for sugar every three hours. If you'll sugar is love, the Hunger Centre reads, it owes shook his love. And what's gonna happen is when you do funny. It's gonna steal over here is a tight, is then to checks for sugar and its normal, and so, as you eat is going to vote. We metabolism everything, dogs, and if it is true because I did it, she put me up I plan to five times a day, including snacks, and it works. I gotta tell you like you mean out, I mean with excitement, solution.
You're saying that you're fat, but I do feel that you should be ashamed. If you don't do anything about your friend is it? This is why I love. Why did because your body visually is indicated of what happened? Does it? So if your skin is acting class ii, it's usually. Yes, you may have underlined a medical condition like Agnew Eczema, but when it flies and when it does it flourish, indication of something happening at all. A cabinet when you're carrying too much weight is an indication of something happening. So in your body and or you emotion, but interesting thing is that you get to figure out when you change in that, when you really adjust your die, you saw to figure out how your food is driven by maybe emotions or your stress in your life, and if you want to stress eater, no one's mad at you and I have to start you have to do a lot of work. I want to enable its again using the right things enabling, under my things, even people say like I'm. I'm sorry
actually it now and in the limelight enough, even for example, and are you guys, work late and you have laid out of my way. I was so people, so I'm gonna eat off eight o clock. Well, that's not gonna work. If you would like right so three hours later after eight o clock, if you need to ie eight eat again, quoting carbohydrate, but maybe just eat, homer, secretly homeless and some salaries or some carrots awesome, petals, or something like that. We already feel up dj me delay if something goes wrong, but just make light and another great things in that had things in your house to eat that you know you're gonna now on other end, that aren't good lazily when you have kids, but what about large army to go for a drive amendment green tea in it and shuffling his mother? It's a diabetics is gonna, make food aid and poop and stuff like that. That will make you, like your stomach,
once you stop drinking it, then for everybody getting money from the more we can do. Is French time you got three days is not about mentioning. Some of them will know that a lot of people as well as say what is there anything that you can do between ammo Mario began to make a difference. So this is what I would say I would God, alot of people make a difference of this weekend. You could profit, newsboy five pounds, as is probably, is coming up here. We again when you do seven pounds in a day in the programming of imposing in three days, but seven pounds I didn't know, tell em bigger For that I heard yes, it is a programme that how can I get ready? you never know about you, but you gotta. Do. Is no joke which you have strong willpower? Gps is uneven religion to anything for three days later. I do it. What are you gonna? Do that if you do the shaken the moon,
No, no dialogue as people pay evidence of so many of you have you got a moment, but in reality what you can really do is just cut out the carbohydrate cut out the breadth and starts thinking like that. Just eat more meals morphine ok of the car biogas in the ports which are about to get in touch with. They need you? Ok, so you can go on doktor, Metaxas, anti dot com, ok, I'm the same thing on Twitter and Instagram, and Facebook and looking at Ok, one shouted! Whenever we looked at the old breakfast club interviews, maybe like who is that guy is right. It is a good student island, my skin, good, I'm clean, I got a six pack, I feel good. Ok do tell me, are you live in baby? I suppose it, but I was like Is it only ITALY? Is it's not about We have heard today the really really difficult where you can get through that promise.
Her plan will absolutely transform your by some of the difficulty of the first. It, as we think, is the psychology middle, because most people, don't you skip meals. Why, right so when they have to have had to have a shake up in the morning and for lunch and specific things I told them to do. I make you dont know: they're, not gonna, go to force a hungry, but you don't normally eat until later in the day, and that is just the psychology of it may and your training, your body again to give up its metabolism. So when the bodies thoughts now wanting food like it should do you're making those adjustment. Is it's not impossible? I can. I can attest the road you Socio economic memorial. We can you still got to someone you gonna lie order. That is the challenge we should do I wanted to die to die. Then what will happen if you you guys. Are you gonna do a challenge we went on? Envy will permit, as do those look. Let me just take the picture before and after
Look. What do you want me to take before pajama nope, you know before which has been taken after what you do tat? You know what we can do it. If I come home without money, the formula our normal. You got another China's, what it s more than enough time I'll. Do it I'll give us more than enough time? You will have it that makes me, but we will never become what we got you could. Finally, honestly, obviously you we could do it by. We could do a lot better. That's not the point I would like to do. That was then listen. Go like somebody federalism that, after those values and they get mad whenever an aimless gets right now the matter fact again. Eight hundred five, eight five one in five women we'll get a female will get em. I will help you lose weight, will put you on a diet plan will pay for it in that way, will see the results less say what, for money out our own party right, ok, money at all party. We taken food out of your mouth and money while pocket the help you affair
as you know how rare it is. Charlemagne takes money at his pack, liver, good, I'm out of their personal logistical problems. We are discussing solutions. Ok, you know says, were preventing a solution. We will see how bad you really want right now are eight hundred five, eight five one five one call us up now tell us why you should be on this plan is to breakfast. Vogler was Bryce until a widow warning everybody's dj, envy Angel ye shall meet a guy. We oughta breakfast club we adapt in Italian. Sandy or here earlier, and we decided we gotta get to people have put them on hard diet plan gonna like to discuss problems. We are discussing solutions, you know say so for me because I too call fat ass? I wanna help yalu somebody effect. We are unhappy, but that when I actually work on themselves and we want to help- you wouldn't want to help themselves, Charlemagne has done her die plan. I am wrong the day plan and within due to reveal. I guess I guess for to delay or furthermore, I lost will evolve already inherited, gave you a nice little six pack, just like another, rather suspect of my life. I promise you got on about a suspect in my life now descended torment.
Violence is this in this I'm going to leave out and I'm a bad, and I was the mother of yeah right No, I'm all one day, the jam and on the job- and I thought him and poured out my phone and looked around me. Nobody saw nobody will look in and I put myself in some areas, the gazelle. That's our people, our picture. When it comes to govern refugee. Did he do we? Do this charter mode middle globally to people as over it? I will go to foreigners. We're looking for two people to put back the Natasha Sandy's nutrition plan allows this age. Maybe you want to get on that. An entire societies, nutrition player out? How much do you while who had all you find Why and where do you, like? A dog vanities land use? Five priority live chimerical, Connecticut
Now, why do you want to do? I gotta say why you eludes whereby you so big, you eat a lad. Tat, isn't warm up guy, you like open or even a power, like whereby, whereby robbed again like a big girl girls day, while the bottom right sunbeam, when will my mind is that there are going to lose weight now, all she spanish women, that in some areas way used by that all alike in high school. I would like my we always paid off and then at that time Likewise, we get common. I come on come on I'll make out that plant boards. I thought by into everything, would you would you used to be like every other war, would walk in our work and live and got a car dump him a car that work at all active dialogue. Do nothing like now.
Oh hi, why are you doing you holding hands like a good candidate? You doubtless allows is my migrate from you're the what you re my three hundred miles, oh my is not at all. You oh, my goodness, I might have to take this like he's a big. Maybe you owe their big now that they are actually on young own eyes? How about one? Certainly I got a job drive off its. I filled the lack of arm. Moving in scope, is more aim is not found in the six seven times a week, stop it Are you committed at losing weight? You wear baby dedicated might is not be easy, but we, but do this together. Do I won't where you live out? My jersey, liquid, yeah. I, like my, might behind a lousy you in arms and is to be a real success
or even get you down. There leads to a more motivated because a lot of other obesity, so there you go now talking lousy beggars, will say something about six hundred. Any and all that is what are we trying to tell fabulous you think, I'm fat, shame in him! No, you can't die it's a health risk to be fat, ok, so that they will have to take MIKE and, I think, will take the lead, Galaxies eaten gobs generally that big ass, these banners with a normal it's important to involve, as he's fine, ok, my furthermore, you gotta could ever to come from ok, that's gotta! Stop immediately! No more rights in Vienna today are right to say that six million they thought about that nobody's six healthy, merely aviary citadelled roles, convoy, rising, p, good, every merely represent my view. Although a lot I we have two people without put them on a diet plan much of what is the plan to ok, I don't trust him
Gambia about my mom, was it a shoemaker. She saw a man. Doesn't jobs. Sailors go with you, I don't trust, economies, aid or big devoted. He big nor eat, nothing but arose composure. Thing I mean have you can help it boy use ban? Is I love man? If you would you had a? U Times is our only way I mean the uneven, ok from Connecticut and might frontiers both of y'all were going to try now? If you want to be a part of that, you can always email you, the breakfast club, Gmail Dotcom Drowsy, what we could do for you, but we have to people, and I will see what happens most moralist story, guys. The moral of the story, is diet. Die eroded method with the amended MIKE S magazine? Yet I lost a brother to obesity,
I want to be next to the moral of the story to die to die. That's what I'm going off summer die to die baby doll right. Will you be coming up and, yes, we are going to talk about Kim Kardashian people can understand why she would snapchat her pregnancy test and she explains what made her decide to do that Oh, we will talk about the billboard away ass. It happened yesterday. I tell you about some of the winners and what people were upset about and also Lucia. My cousin. She graduated from high school sycamore unwise go in Cincinnati. Listens every morning. She has a three point: nine JP, a got a full right to Ohio. State university. So congratulate to her. My outlaw we love Are there any breakfast locomotive, rumours runaway? the breakfast club
The report is the Reul report, the breakfast club, the air and ludicrous hosted a billboard awards last night, and I tell you some of the winners tab streaming. Audio the weak, the hills and for a video, the taps. The sun was silent. I'll watch me I rights have wrapped song was with Khalifa with see you again, one short skirt and operators animal performed, firstly, Tap Araby, one was the weekend. Beauty behind a man is TAT, Arap, Album and by the way let me tell you, was nominated for TAT Rap Album broker Drake if you're reading. This is too late, draken future what it's time to be alive, that to dry, Compton and kindred to pimp a butterfly, but the winter was me. Mill, dreams worth more than money may draw
when a close, mouthed, medium and ass ETA. Congratulations: tat, honey aid on the brother, TAT, New Edith was fatty web array and for its half hour and be art is that was the weekend that weakens the big winner last night, also tap a rap that award went to generate now? How did if determine who the wars could I am trying to forget our big day when better about what is based what are you beat out? Kendrick may also be out the Drake a future. What is more, our work available, not alone I haven't. I don't think it's is definite based on regular sales, not that They have things that protects dreaming, they have tab sales and all of that, but that's not what that's based will now follow for their work. It would have been big meal. Was the Erika was on a charge of law that ergonomic move any Mean Mcnally Document Eyes Menage indirectly do Nicky was charged for males allude to the grass and make Merry Medina also perform than she did. A prince tribute. Alot of people were upset about that they were like. Why would they have Madonna
it, then they went to her to have them a prince his answer as members actually ii the time other people share the stage with her. But here was little piece of Madonna. Doing her tribute to Prince at the billboard. Music awards now. I don T wonder by the way he joined Madame on without a founded, terrible, what good prince was paying tribute to Prince Charles, where he was lying affairs. I guess they had ups and downs in their relationship with each other by some people are saying they had a very parallel career. At the time that they both came out around the same time, they both were corner called overtly sexual wasn't at a period in time. They collaborated together on on song
only one for his tribute, I'm looking forward to seeing any I'm busy at the tribute of Stephen Ozma put together BT? Yes, they are even who was a prince grumpy when exactly loved prince unlikely. I love for his way. More might even who loved private evolve from now. Not only you know now follows also really does now deafening, not like print bird. He loves preparing Stephen who loved prayed with all his show knows. That gives dig that tributes can be a man. E mail to do out now, let's discuss Kim Kardashian sharing her pregnancy tests with everybody on Snapchat people are wondering. Why would you do such a thing? Ok, here's what she had to say. An explanation? Some people are asking me: why would I snapchat opinion, as it has on the airplane methods, private before in my room. Why do I really care if I was pregnant again? I didn't get my period this month, those just
really confused and I couldn't stand to be like on a whole clean flight for ten hours, not knowing pregnant they so where, because when we can correct you never really private, where life I bet part of what she does is Her life out there for people to see. Why don't you know nobody really cares byword Kincaid. Doesn't it was a random weird thing, as you had snapped, sat a pregnancy test soldier, but Golly now arrive late May, where what is going to happen with this by he already has said he wants to fight Macgregor, allegedly an orphan,
fifty million dollars to him to fight, allegedly that was the rumour. While kind of Macgregor has responded to that report. He saying it that fight ever comes together. He needs a lot more money, any US, as he brings a lot more to the plate. Then may whether does he said destitute of it who ask any fight he by someone else in the boxing realm and it's like all of a sudden. The pay rate goes from one hundred million to fifteen million. So he needs me. If he wants to talk, we can talk, but it's me who's in control here, and he said he can make all the rules that here and I know he would not want to fight in the MMA contest and a true fight. If you want to fight in a limited fight, that's no problem! We can do that. I will set aside many other forms of fighting that I practice in and I will focus on one particular craft, so we'll see if it can really happen, all right that is your room, a report, I'm Angela Yang ability to move our right world. Thank you miss ye. When we come back, we had the people's choice. Mix Joey don't give a damn bogged down in the days of this Monday whereby we can handle actual, Iraq dog. You, therefore
our common need boy to come to the front force? An aggregation we like to have a word with the young man is more employees all right. We'll do that when we come back, he lacked the breathless locomotive a bad guy! Don't you? U or or don't you I don't give a damn dog you today does not discriminate. My now, the song today by got the donkey their breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today, dog you today for Monday, made twenty third going, the Adria away again soldier boy, not just soldier boy, every website, a blog posts, this story about soldier receiving a foreign germane, darling endorsement deal with world poker. Now, all weekend long, a press release was circulated, sameness, boys forward you mean down endorsement deal with World POGO was confirmed and my twitter,
Snapchat energy commas were filled with people saying Charlemagne. You should give yourself dont you today for Hake, Nostalgia, boy insane get this. Forty million dollar deal what you got to say now: Charlemagne, you always hated soldier boy, goddamn money, even soldier boy himself Gimme A said, hey at sea to God much love four hundred million, and then he sent me a press release term market wide with the headline that all you ran with soldier boy I urge a million dollar deal confirmed. I simply replied the soldier boy. Congratulations I replied am congratulations, because I really didn't care that point, because I love listen in the last one. I know the truth and I We will all the time when you lie you not like me. You lie to yourself and if dumb ass foolish people want to believe you lie. Would you dazzling them ass. The era we live in, nobody cares, but the truth is more entertaining and is more entertaining to think that soldier boy got forty million dollars in me simply tellin ya. This isn't real, Does it make me I hate to tell him
Europe. Is not a new software really got the money. I would salute the young man, but any body what a little business since this is just a little comets than just a little notice was true for the simple fact things this public record, all you have to do a little research into whirlpool before him and he was simply see at the company is worth fifty. Two million are reported law, a four hundred grand last year. How good a company were. Fifty two main afford Somebody or forty million dollar endorsement. You lied is too was two not equal foreign in this era, world pogo funds both for met. You burn decided to release a statement this morning and according to bird I'm a verbatim. This is something we will not do any more red. He said Sancho That will be joining whirlpool girlfriend celebrity world dot, which is a levy on social gaming site. I'll, be integrated and world poker funds upcoming in flight gaming system. Now bird claims that is in flight gaming system is valued at
five hundred and seventy million based off traditional incentive gaming assumptions, but despite this number, it isn't reflected in the companies work according to CNN Money Whirlpool- According to CNN money, World Poker Fund has a market capitalization of fifty two million, like I just said, with over four hundred thousand in lost his last year. So how is the company going to pay Soulja boy? Four hundred million- it's not Matthew Bird Whirlpool Gazette he really kind of jump. The gun speaking a soldier boy avoided deal is cap there, forty million and is based on a forward thinking valuation of the company. He said so where young is twenty five years old he got really excited. Any tweet is something you probably shouldn't tweeted. He would get in a lot of pressure from within and entertainment company. A U negroes! So here the put his statement out, obviously to companies maki cap, as Fifty one point: eight million there's no way they could afford. You may damage doors me deal UK. He said enough
does a calculated on a lot of different facts. This is not a fully cast transaction, says, Matthew Bird spokesperson for whirlpool So what was the point alive? You reflect before a bunch of don't give a damn about you anyway, a social media at important EU and you really care. What do people think, as are those where, between everywhere vitality, important is vague s story and all I could think myself was ain't, no future frightened. I believe and begin things into existence was great applying to kick it now. Men and all you have cited I need to be ashamed of yourself because none of you did any research, any fact checking to see if the story was true and it's all public record. This would bug me out about this era. We live in what they call the information when nobody actually does any research for accurate information ages, Rhine, we would have a story. Somebody tell them, as ever, was right there for you to see what nutty I'd be dead. Yeah. I just ran with the freak story and every single one of you are responsible in helping to spread this lie, and I don't see why by the soldier, would want this kind of talking on his back
do you know how hard it is to keep up? A four hundred million dollar lie. You already know out is for family and friends to be on your as asking you for money. You ve had read for a while, but you know what kind of demands happy when they think you got four hundred million dollars what jobs You have multi billion dollar companies like the NFL Nba. Major League baseball, a NATO now play over forty million dollar contract, but you think world poker had formed, mind I'll just lying around. They give soldier boy, but people believe lad, because they have to believe because they want to again, I would love if this was true. If software really government remain. I was allowed him and say rumble soldier rumble when no. This is a blatant lack, an add on if they are, what allows even told us the point. Please give soldier boy two biggest behind you yeah Gay
yeah and I'll get many websites report it. I don't much ally has told the more people stop believing as the truth does not matter. Ok as much as is stated that change the fact that, if a lie I write well could potentially make for two million we could doesn't saying as five years you can put I'd hate to make ten million grows enough. The brokers cocoa totally? May forging ahead I'll find out whenever that out? Ok, now resigned of four hundred million dollar deal right, aright! Stop it. Ok, knock it off play with the words low bit, a little been allowed a bit the low, but the difference between signing a forger million valid deal in just a guest which are value could be in the next five years. I write stop it. Was over the form of aid, always algae boys twitter, he said become a bus. Eight hundred froggy
What oh five one? How do you feel about the soldier boy story now? Did you ever believe? Do you think it was stupid for lying call us up right now, eight hundred Five, eight five one o fibre would talk about soldier, Boyd story where he we thought that he could have made no name validly Emmy casually stockard handsomely What was it affords me? Why do men rather that's enough? Would he was trying to sell the people what they ask and any differences means a forger million dollar deal and saying what you could possibly make over the next five years. I could say what I could possibly mig over the next five years, Adam United, to deal here, but he is this. Can put him in that way doing added, if I guess they reach oldest peaks at around, when you don't get five, eight five, one final, we're talking soldier boy. Did you ever believe him, All us up right now. Do that you stupid for line. Is the breakfast locomotion
now a brazen silhouette exchange morning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne girl. We are the breakfast club now we're talking soldier boy. Charlemagne just gave soldier boy dog you today for what line by having a four hundred million dollar deal. A whirlpool go well poker, put out a press release today, too said soldier boy, jump the gun and that he did not know, affords remain valid. Yoda companies only worth fifty two men and they had net losses of four hundred thousand laszlo. Why would he be able for debate anybody? Jamais darlin doesnt have two four hundred million. I can't afford you, so it is a possibility which is as well behind early or waiting for her. Daddy can lead to forge a million dollar bananas. Possibility of words and ideally, if, if everything goes right, he could make or the possibility that we could make forger may undoubtedly collected the breakfast club over the next five Justin Bieber Ancillae may, whether as shareholders in a company- and they said they also have a new celebrity. That's gonna be joining the rest once it had been a difference with that is his investments can put him to that point to make Fgm layouts. Actually, look different,
dollar with public record, I actually have how much everybody had invest, what percentage the company they own Floyd, just in all of them all. I got it right here. Floyd has nine point: five percent. Then his car Massey he's in there let be bad nine point. Five percent so do actually have point nine four point: seven I was Challenges, then, is to does any time go Raina one Stevenson Tiger, yeah no point Bobby within as well, that a question is: did you believe the soldier boy story, or do you think he was to be alive easily Did you two story in my head? I thought that it will probably was some type of over a course of time. Invest and I thought I probably wouldn't be- cash only- would ever have big deal you sign, but clearly they like they said he jump the gun and misrepresenting what it really was not adequately potentially may forty million. If everything goes splendidly possibility.
Of soldier boy had one point: five million share that accompany employ may where there are three million share, that accompanying floor can possibly make eight hundred our proximity that never believed that they will not give him a forty million allocated. I mean I just before signing a newly where low writing but check before the main, doubtless but soldier boys. It is a small business guy about it. What you say about it, you might not like this. Does somebody stuff that he does but as a business males what it is modest people, although it did the sneakers, which a lot of kids aware- and he also did a little subway things- he was actually wanted to we will bring the said way things to the: U S so he's us these models. What did they know it? No way you can be smart, unlike other doubt the case tiger. Floyd may whether an Justin Bieber can off into a press release. Athena dated eight hundred million dollar deals with world POGO, but you know I didn't, could this more? no doubt be s style, got excited analysed therefore allows allows this pay them during which all of us all
boy. Did you ever believe story? Absolutely. Me among those building on a couch talking any gun button but owed what have affordable I wonder how you no longer million or you gotta. Do you know the paper why you always line video exactly allows is able to state allows you to do your was abroad, so I can soldier boy man did you ever get nowhere again and again. Let me tell you this right off the bat observed in the Marine corps and my job is the brutal attack for borders. I was out there with us and abruptly story that weren't true at all. So let me came off first off the Charlemagne. Thank you, the sand on airline, get off to a ballplayer because, like you said that don't have that kind of money and they want a billion dollar companies. Why how you gonna tell me that saw the boy with our money go there? What is what
I hate the quality we knew that could not read by didn't. I tell you, it is music. Tat has to do his influence. You write your rapporteur, but at the same time, what I'm trying to get at it? You got reporters upper fake start. Lazy these days, I got shot two weeks ago. Allah, you did you catch Africa. Today's undermining away very makes people prevented train on me alive. You do so. You know I'd really the anniversary of the billion dollar company right and nobody will give you you could possibly get contract like that. Now they ve, never even given somebody you could possibly get. Four two million dollar did. What was a negative. More debate. Was that about planning policy as she is in a company, and I guess what investments and is different and just getting a cheque, but that's what she said. I have a possibility of making this If everything goes right in the moves are aligned, he's got one point, five measure than the company a mean. According to the committee made up of vitamin whether through you know him
You never know what's happening, just stop it already. How right, when you start, why? Why are you doing this to the house that kid stop at our later anything five, eight five one viable we're talking soldier boy now he recently said, he was gonna make. It was really gonna get for me, and I was right, is reformed or million dollar bill. But do you think you think you should allied? There is a possibility that he could get this money Machnik Liese night, completely line absolutely completely through under the six was then lying. So breakfast locomotive drivers, design appeared the morning everybody envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club never just joined us. Charlemagne gave dog of the day to soldier boy what, because laudable, Did a foreign remained out a deal, a whirlpool good company, which is absolute. Both these lie world popular spokesperson, Matthew Bird, came out today and said: Georgia boy jumped the guy and he was a little excited. The companies where fifty two million dollars
had lost last year, four hundred thousand, how good they afford to pay some by, If I may now, Ngos I come on broke, I will go to the fore, learns eight hundred five. Following a fabulous Gomorrah, who these men were banned from the matter, was abroad, Sorkin soldier by what you think about his deal, but I mean em. If you to think about it. Logically, I mean that much money put them in a round the like the brine J that he would make sense. I mean you that internally, insignificant enough in a while to make them money. Don't get excited the eyes area lemonade people out there he's right is I'm. He got created, Amby Anti Liberal dogma that there's a lot of people out there that that you don't know the name that are worth three hundred four hundred million just by making great investments as Europe has nothing rules, a little girl doesn't know what is wrong.
Incredibly all about his invest now wouldn't say he hasn't done anything musically, though unaware that nature of opening up the boy I mean just to think about the means you put with divide forge about involving people know how much money that invented them. Ass, though the boy is definitely a rich guy, but not four hundred million dollars. Rich and I'll give you could do. Oh dear me, Ali TAT come even ass? You can come up now days when he ain't coming about World pogo hello. This any was probably, then we shall lose, some of which are the soldier. Where would you take about his deal with allows each other? Just for the sake of their saying he looked about out of their money on the ground or commitment the well known flexor. Then I guess that's what you say and allows this Felicia awoke the sombre which all the soldier Buddhist more boy, found crazies Donald Trump Sammy's, all of tat,
What day is a complete? The boy I gotta do up prefer news failure. Donald Trump varies. Also ok allows as an anxious we're talking soldier borders more uneasy. I think he didn't comprehend account like you really Bobby that he will get a four hundred thousand Amelia born or what made you think so anything he brought me thought only of thinking, Oh my god bless. You know I would have been and if you hold another ten million They do always in thy guy what exaggerated? Obviously he exaggerated? No you lie, does call it. What it is. The brother lied, ok, put any possibility that he is dobrynin envy Rafi gets here. We got it. We will have the possibility to edge Justin Bieber Employment, where the entire can make eight hundred million. Could they got three million share the stocks roadway one point by nature, the dog in the same company. Ok, all I'm saying,
dissolve fun and games eligible until IRA comes knocking on our door. Ask and wait a cash. I owe you got forty million that was reported whatever Laurie, ok anymore, though that other Madame July is told that no matter how many people believed lie the true it doesn't change the fact that is alive. There are a number of social protection heat on his back for no reason to make Nazi. I wanted the debt when what you think I am
let the bramble gonna fly is when I was keeping track of the money people for hosting parties mdgs you think they nothin back like four hundred million in aid altogether. The time I don't say nothing shut out of the earth. If I wait a minute, the whirlpool gonna report, no money demanded a devilish order, not report and was gone. Oh we gotta worry about, you know we lives and our eyes did. I say what I think of cable. Bs invested billions in homage to forge a million dollar lie the whole. Imagine I'm your family. I come to you and ask you for some brave, and you tell me you ain't got it after this red. You gotta, forge a million dollar deal. Ok down the aisle, be bringin trouble upon yourself, no reason I'll get it right. We gay Are we finish here? We got. One was covered up realistic about Lee Daniels viruses Mariah carry. He says that she checked him. That's how you would happen. Also tame outbreaks and she will not be on the real next see, then? What With a low down what went on behind the scenes, nor why all our immoral Cuba lot is to breakfast global, more
the breakfast club. The report is the Reul report, whose glove about what happened with our girl came, I Braxton and the real. We have no idea ass. He had put up his instagram post. I love you are, but I've been stab in the back by someone I stupidly trusted, not my man. Oh my sister's, I'm not about to be tried and tested to snitch and is not a good tasted. Tell you who, but as team martians, you are very smart and configure things out on your own, but no that everyone was mousing. Your face is natural. And and is not cheering for you and will lie and science here you down to try and dim your light. Thank God he holds me,
future em my hand. Remember who you are. She goes on to say, watch your back. I put this PICS Europe's but of a picture her and Tony Braxton, because this is the embrace. I got from my sister s best friend that she always gives when she knows I've been had now, apparently she's not going to be on the next season of real the real released. The statement, the real in Timor, Braxton, have mutually decided team will not be continuing with the show forth upcoming third season. She will be leaving in order to concentrate on her solo career, everyone associated with the real appreciates, tamers efforts and the contributions she has made to the show success. Wish her all the best for the future. I didn t mind today. I got five God I can't have me, I've been in another direction. We don't know exactly what happened behind the scenes. Ok, but according to a source which was revealed to be scared, they said that she was in reading too well with the audience and salespeople in finally to be a good fit.
Have ties in production factor too difficult to deal with, and nobody ever want to take the blame for they. All fire is never your fault. When you get fire like team, I was good on the railways. About two billion as whereby see that keep telling your man of the TED you and when you won't know nobody wanted. There was a mighty, would a bad attitude, nothing. She had way they fancy within meeting too well. At the audience I like to run the show some but they also says you, God produces front Well, then something yes, I don't know about that. The biggest readily Daniels Verses, Morocco! harry now, apparently, he feels like she tricked him into appearing on her new reality so or as we call it a doc, you serious Ellie Daniels, their rights, MRI carry in precious Tennessee and the butler, and he says that the rest. Maria Gary Exo Shady it's kind of her defence mechanism to deal with bullying, because people attack her all the time and how to start stuff with her hears what else he had to say, I didn't, even though she had a reality
oh Jesus come over that it added as ok, ok, ok, honey, the cameras room, my face and recording our conversations is what is happening right now and I am unison that low documentary- and I have any. This is real time of ragged arguing up into seconds exercise whether reality show I'm terrified about it, because I don't know that it's a wise idea for her. I ready, as is their that she's very fragile she's, been through a lot and just isn't it. The idea of how to do so unless you gotta sign off on reality, show you can begin to record you put your age. We have this on. I know, though, you now, as you call them down here, what you gonna say: no Maria. Boyfriend, never stood out, assign Paypal or grey should how release I ride. Terence, how a congratulations to him! He is gonna, be having his fits child, so his wife is pregnant. They already have a two year old sad and he has
We told him from a previous relationship as wealth and running loses on another big baby turns out, and you know, over the weekend, fly may weather had a sweet. Sixteen for his daughter and guess who performed on Saturday, at the Mirage Grand Ballroom in Vegas, Drake and future. Now, though, is a sweet. Sixteen right there. She also got a g wagon and she got a video from Justin Bieber wishing happy birthday. I write what I got the money to pay for that. If somebody got forty million Floyd web over and over the weekend to I just wanna shadow to young Devon, Hany, seventeen years old and he's the first to do a lot of different things. First, seven youngest back. It ever be on national television on his fight. Youngest, ever fight at the empty m. Gran, hopefully, will be doing a paper you fight, but he did when fourth rounds. He chaos congratulate gradually with every year and the breakfast glad seventy variety. We'll get pregnant by him now
he's doing you're a nice, but another fifteen years would be the next floor me whether I right- and that is your room- a report- I manually right machine so it mixes up next, you wanna hear something at Dj. Amby shouts, Alfayoum Revolt TV will see you guys tomorrow, everybody else the mixes next at me up, let me know which one IRAN is one day is to breakfast locomotive
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