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THU 6/9 - Dr. Boyce Watkins sits down with The Breakfast Club to discuss everything from Muhammad Ali's image after death to securing your financial future. Then it's your turn to speak as "Ask Yee" provides an opportunity for you to vent about relationship drama, saving you money on a different kind of doctor.

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I gotta get back down like a mega voyages took all we got. No point has praised round about recently joined a breakfast club, say some: U S: Yo Yo, Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, moan and HIV Mining Divan, Charlemagne Guy when it is they who hire. You need a high level, the jailer Ohio there can't be five signals in a low chair, That is why we got what happened.
We lose all these last night, you ye. I said Emily work crap. You know that comes out to my relatively videogame, yes, where the workers, and so I was hosting a q and EVA Paula patent after him, because she studies in it she had a manner. What we're talking about her mood you're acting now? What is wrong with you? As you know, nobody ask about what your actual crappy. If people want to know what's up with her around a table and she got a man you gotta make nor movie ain't gonna get her on the shade room of Allah alert. You got a final version. I see they break down ass tat, crying there in a coup in MILAN Wagon I would agree to a robin. The the wagon thou moved me. He named a whole. Members from all those that you got a lawyer seat now you to value its large? Now you are so down upon us now I gotta put my last round appointed must meet high an hour ago. You, yes, I guess
If you say first of all, the movie was really good. I enjoyed by the way broke all kinds of records in China already has the is grossing movie there ever We will probably video games, but it doesn't seem like is going to do well in the United States. By the way I want to come out the modified. But anyway in overthrowing the well, and they can predict by Brazil just like in China. If you, like, twenty million increase sales alone, they made him. One here can get everything international law. She cried. I so it's a different type, a movie for her. Obviously she said she was workin out twice a day. She was doing all these proteins shake. She was scared because you never did a raw like this. Before and in the middle of filming holidays, she was going through a divorce or so, as is tough for her. I guess meant Lee and then tougher physically and she was scared of you, ass girls, you further by Robin things, were never named after. It was only cried to the moon. Haven't manner. I don't yeah there's? When did you
can be like a little gossip girl me and you ought to know about, as you now sit down about his thing does different data. How do you feel about someone in a way God thou my view of the pool duly day. Does you little Gotham? Did you lose it all out? Yeah? Of course I did I was followed the blow Lord. What would not like to sound than they are like, though there was a right, but I'm Acta maxim hurry up for you from that of his own yeah. Just so you can hear what went down, but I was over the way. Maybe we had two or three glasses and everything I probably wouldn't never went to go, see it if I didn't hosted, but I did enjoyed a light. My friends over with me well
they lie very well. I hate thirty glasses bodily. Thirty movies aren't what they used to be duly movies discoveries to come at you off to screen implanted glasses, just distraction alma phase of Anglesey to stand a film wants you to stand firm. I can't really glad I got some, don't dream! I'm no treaty tvs now a days really interact, really don't, but I went through the glass them Oliver. Oh yes, I know what I want to say anything about ready, bacteria back and forth now, call on now also adapt. The boys wagons will be joining us this morning. My made that the boys and knowing that we have gained a decade of better, we try to sell June there we're trying to get you ok, outdated. As far as your finances, the concerns they who help you wouldn't investing in our budget thing, so work people that we get to show crack in front page news. What we talked about easy ass, Hillary Clinton s trying to figure out who is going to be vice President air candidate to be vice president, as so many a year that, and will you,
She should to Kenya Ash a joyous repainted. When we come back his work, three on us, Imbracus Locomotive Land LAB work. That was Rihanna would work work work morning. Everybody is DJ: Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, THA, God, Twitter, breakfast club, skin some front page news and the NBA finals. The Cavs beat the warriors last night, one hundred and twenty two. The game for tomorrow night on ABC Ojo Wars and by what means arrive, last night asked what data gas will take it. Now you don't know you. Furthermore, when force great, would you tell em coming up now, Mckenna Wars and wars and five nothing to calves, get it. There are some really don't believe the dough Lena, that wasn't my Hillary Clinton? Yes, Hillary Clinton is now starting her search for who will be her vice presidential.
Maybe you need to prevent another woman eyelids. You know she said she is looking at women. She says the cavern. Where is the most qualified person? Here's what he had to say that I am looking at the most qualified people, and that includes women. Of course, as I want to be sure that whoever I pick could be president immediately. If something were to happen, that's the most important qualification there, a lot of people, the Democratic Party who brings so many great assets to the table, but it doesn't matter to me who the person is as long as that person can really do the job that is required and I am all for the diversity of its gonna think she should go grab Elizabeth, worn Julian Castro from San Antonio plus. He says he believes that a senator standards support his words Dwayne us in making sure that channel
and get anywhere near the white. You gotta pull Bernie on the team to two of them. They have an overall view. People should doubly beyond the team in some way, shape or form absolutely be nice present day be unstoppable and also about this flooding throughout the country right where they think I mean YO and a rising sea levels linked to global warming, our sparing a record number of days of nuisance, flooding down, you know still around me. Well, that was in the last year with a thing in seventy from Kosovo mean all our default Mozilla, renewing a return to some like deserve, and yet today, trees in the EU. Every morning thought nobody knew no denying these right. I mean you mean your baby on. You know that the problem is the same name.
If someone is daring. Quite at an all time, High Wilmington North Carolina housed in South Carolina Key West Florida, Allah, businesses, Annapolis, merrily in Washington DC. All of them have record highs what of flooding? Oh ok, there you have it. Unless I gotcha guy brought turnover, you gave doggie of the data that rape is scarce, call him. What are you
farmers Stamford stood any with centres to six months in county jail for sexually assaulted and unknown. Here, alright, intoxicating woman, yes, now part of his defense was that he was drinking and using drugs any just wasn't used to. That is not the type of person. Well, it turns out, after they searches phony, is that if a person and radio blamed his behaviour on AKA Hall and the college lifestyle, he says he hadn't had much experience reporting in drinking prior to this sexist sought and according to cellphone evidence, is photos of him smoking a pipe there's photos of him smoking about drinking out of a look about immediately after and there's text messages where he saying do you think I could buy some wax, so we could do so.
As other tax measures, reference smoking buying and sharing, we, China find a hooked up to buy acid all of those things. So clearly he lied to find a more top. What a woman, even if one wants harboured woman and he was like a brighter somebody- was running a bank or something like that, goodness are right and the judge by the way is getting all kinds of death or, as the judge in this philosophical and others? I found when you let a man awful rape, and then you stated the reason you let him off Arabian, because you know what, have any lasting effects on him. That sounds or say, like it's, not laughing effects on a victim. What you'd think everyone in arrogant broadly telling them that they will kill him all right, we'll as front page was not celebrate. You mad. Eight hundred five eight five one far one of your up such need event called us right now may be had a bad night bad morning, whatever it may be. If you just need to vent good things off your minds, you can have a great day today call a subject: chess, eight hundred Five hundred and eighty five one hundred and five one tell him why you mad at the breakfast club good morning,
the breakfast club, I will give you wanna get rabbits eighty one day, why don't you ve got a little. I brought up allow third night, like four girls gone off with me, like I'm, aided, applaud the analogy to tell me why you why you met on purpose global, real because without transgender day, because people can accept that you guys imperceptibly himself oversized. They want the bathroom therapeutic they're, gonna win. Doping, you you got no boys, but now low down and America close them under way about it. Now, let me up or whatever and you're mad about a black man, because he wanted to get away with a thing. Never have you, Why? When subpoenas, but you got your penis removed, then you had all the surgery done to become a woman
solidarity and you use the men's bathroom. So could you say whatever you were born with fire? They gotta get off. One is that there are, but you gotta pain it you want. We're gonna girl. Would you know somebody, I repeat, is another: they looked like a woman or hear me: ok is your business, anyone be gay or whatever you want, as no one cares gonna make. Don't we thought, though, in order, but we got it. That is the only time I agree with your life bath and I'll give you haven't, got people worth in their opinion about it. You have to write it out of here. You never have to worry about your mom
Then what that heavily populated helping out as well as module that nobody would gain and your, therefore, I don't even like a man who can, if people what other people do other than an effect that Arab Missus Mary will allow this grow border guard work. They do. What a bodyguard I don't run, always get do far more important bodyguards aims and landed on the quota. You guys ready the modern economies that blocking nobody cared RO can be war in five. Would you needed? I remain a rational college with our aid is tv and in paused, and then say: guy, ok, ok, Guy
these poor guy. You went to bed, but let a man- and you are aware, the more people go yesterday. I went out the law to go right rises, long always only by my mama, I'm like YO enormous. They like sixty dollars me a majority right when the bill came envy. Ninety two dollars, Man Alabama: Why don't you go for this european model of God? What you buy me did you ever see like baby back rather than the sand? I want my more worthy of what our played around your daughter. But though I had my only pointed out as it did with ninety two values that you pay dollar ten now supposed to leave. Seen doubt eighteen dollars out a ninety two has seventeen dollars per hundred franc, eighteen and twenty percent. I only twenty percent less than men and I don't want to be there with a programme
so that is not the way you did a moment ago. Six three border, eighty per minute up a brother you live there. Doubted tat. Now we can achieve more money than ten percent of cheap, all reporter body whooped. What would put applauded? Can you fit in to order native up the arm of fixed regard in the port of body at six three? Eighty, the big in software laddie, eight hundred five, eight five one or fire one of your up. You need to call us now is to breakfast locomotive breakfast the body or is it a matter of real matter ass? They passed the angry ass day ass. They passed off. Why you, man was bloodless, go visit every my boys role in their right, you're, some razor
Charlotte man, a man by the Abbe files, were far why the work nor guy low local jobs, their work overnight and ass. One may gang images. Look like the NBA is to set up a failure in China. Make more money by creating each other, he met the Siberian to free told that we bow shouted three. Amidst the about my wife, No, you don't go, make every shot. He nodded thing. I killed my badge. All we all see the NBA is rigged. If I got you re the bath, he nor do they believe there goes in. I done it all think that is really. I don't think that cod where they cannot make more money could keep them. Why now will be re now be reasserted unity and he's a professional bath. Lovelace
you paid millions of dollars. Ok, any given! Ninety can go any given away that simple hello. My name is gonna tell him. I met I hate when people can never make promises. Can't keep ok I'll talk to me who told you that the committee will never make promises are always make promises. They can't keep to the making of like listen, say: ok, I'm his booking. Is it right? Many said he can get me and what not girl. Looking for one thing, you can follow noise, grandma? You got a book, an agent. I think, recognising things are you? Ok, You felt so that your purpose, they clearly without you Thank you. They sent me. Rude,
some about another thing. As ever it was you decent Nazi, sound, pretty girl thousand other thing doesn't answer every year. I would you like a new single, I loved you, love is animal guy he's not. I use on a thousand other things. I know it or you re right, the true we manage a book and I do not know at which a book in eight years was it get you show they get. You know shelved yeah event like you know about Egypt, to give you a good ass show, but they only can like Bucky like little tiny open nicely. Why would a book somebody? I don't know you should be doing a little tiny, open my eyes he was gonna, make you get better suited to prepared when you do have a big opportunity by was renewed? What's your name, Tommy colleagues, you know already. What do you expect your buggy eighty to do, because you should be glad you're getting that that's actually great idea in it? That is great, but leg you know. Sometimes I wish he can get me like more bigger showed,
Ok, you should open under your last night, I'm not saying open up for beyond them. Liberia list you gotta, be realistic. To, though I mean at this point, I have a lot of people how many values de nobody knows you MA am. I know that on that, now. I would you get, but for bigger showcases at this point, how you get on those bigger showcases is by doing these smaller, Open Meigs. Hopefully somebody there will see you and you let where the mouse Brad, you posted my videos and then you get some our father wearing. No, the fan base momentarily ravages. Come that easy. No voters in big show sticks it open minds in the stall books, carefree zoo, used, Starbuck Affrays Delgado We find as all the process will yet yet I work ok, yeah and keep you close your mind. When I write goodbye mama tell them, you may eight hundred five five one of firewood. If you're upset you need You can call us at any time D. Yes, the government's camera. Yes, let's talk about it.
Lots of things happening like bow. He discusses losing his virginity when he was fifteen to a certain video vixen also met vibrancy speaking out about his altercation with Derek Fisher. Fine but he had to say all I m more keep unlocked the breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club The report is the rule for the breakfast Club Nathan, expanding J D has added rat nascent latin larger is developing in cultivating. Lionheart is an aspect of their careers. Now, do you know who they have named as it the ear of resignation, nation, Latin, oh, do you want me Santo, Robbie, Asano, Romeo, Santos, so Romeo's answers actually sent out its weight. He said simply. I especially tat, I see God crazy,
No, maybe it's the rock you do in Spanish he's. There is always room for a bigger things. I'm now Theo of Resignation Latin Let's go this new duffel bag. We lens dealt in northern Norris on Iraq. Want radiation is now Grandma rock those I've been around anymore. No increase rams were greatly from fooling around that's how you guys it I saw Warcraft. Yesterday, I didn't really when a with parlor patent afterward. She talked about being scared and overcoming your fair as nab, be aware. This movie Warcraft launched in China and in the first day of screening it made forty six million dollars. That's huge, that's actually the highest first, they box office of any non weakened. Movie in China's history now here is what parliament had to say about doing this movie and having to work out into everything in just be a really scared to change it up
I was scared I within his remit. I know I don't know You go in or not Yet the way he hurried mean anything goes wrong. I was doing to work as a one point: five million. I might add Irish now creature you ever made earlier. I reviewed so at the time this useful miserable she was also going to her divorce. So she sang with a really difficult time and I can't imagine, do intuitive work out. She did most of her own Hence in the movie, as use Mary Robinson, Robin Big did. Illogical came right, allegedly alleged legs show you didn't want to do.
They would work, not Gayety Dudayev. They ok, I mean, as the latter is yes, she said she had she bugged Appalache Ferris, because he was doing those work out in chicken all these protein shake since she was nervous. She was like you know. Baby then sees them down after that, and you shouldn't use good air. Was I enjoyed it that our right now let s talk about bow. He recently sat down with VLAD from VLAD Tv. Any talked about losing his rigidity when he was give tee and to this woman who, by the way my man I ve known, she took his virginity. Here's where he said what issues or muslim women like a well said, say: sixty Now, as we our there was a, I guess, a story about Esther Baxter. That's true is she denied it for some reason on the wider she doesn't need, though, is cool. Visa Ezra Back Sir, was the first time About six weeks, ever my lot about. First right, I think that she probably didn't know there. She was my first year fifteen it
was held right at a Pablo Freek Video Leek video in it. I wish was nearly eighty eighty nineteen we met at ten o clock. And tell ass boy was appointed. Tell him he went away when you longevity virginity did the girl. I know that you are a virgin, or do you not tell NASH, you think, so you don't tell them over and over again, oh, I would open up or down another guy. Hey women like to tell you that, because they wanted to be special. By that I mean it. I'm waiting for allowing a young fifteen am aversion be easier me. I've never done this allows. Like me, I've noticed what about glad you re like us, ass, the asked in the day, I have the other conversation you may have with the home. These would you're gonna put her out idyllic. To the media? With the point you you, twenty nine fourteen neurons
I'm telling you you may ask them. So he told you I rumour report, I'm Angela Yang all right, miss you know. When we come back, we have doktor boys walking in a building. You help me. I would or you'll find the answers. We hope you will teach you how to, this money how to save money and hopes to other things, to keep alive. You wanted make some extra money, don't know what to do with your money that you have on savings. You don't know how much to save or he'll tell you keep a lot to the breakfast club good morning. That was needed me rearing morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne girl, we oughta breakfast club. We got a special guests in the building of Roma broader than the boys walk in the boy come back. I am glad to be here a moment. You guys, I'm? U S, amazing! I loved you, don't show a hell of a busy. Thank you and I beg you. I see you are too happy about who they have figured out Mohammed Ali sooner year. You feel they ve turned out. Mohammed Ali strongly man and turn them into a feminine little white boy,
They they really broken him down? They have emasculated. Migration. Will now take this personal because I'm fumble like Ali, he's a second cousin of mine, actually by Mary, I rarely four year old. You know cash is clay. I know a lot about the clay feminist, stories that you hear window he's, not the celebrity he's just the God. It was down the block. You know my grandma went to high school. My greatest? He will of all time. So if you really think about it, People didn't really America in seeing the lovely until he couldn't speak anymore. If he gets speaking, it will love him, so they would not the king, they Gus Megan, they loved. Neither. He wrote this book is always being about that and documented exactly how you wanted. Funerals ago. You you know, I can't speak on airport mean I if is his his wishes as fine, nothing, at the people? They love him also have some equity. In terms of saying you know This is why Ali means to us, and so
ample. Anybody who support anything that I do. If I did, some something that came off is a little bit off killed you I will be ok with you, will could taken in over I want bill. Riley's began my funeral, then I would be I'll be ok. Said in a way when I go to that thing. We're gonna go to a real celebration as wisely everyone's by Belgrade and in real life. I'm sure he was a mean he's a celebrities friends when everybody or by loved him friend, strong worried that they said that they would get out. I know that, but it said that they were grow with. I admit, as if I've Erika Harry Bell of five to ten June Brown and morale round, see that's a very light. You gotta mix it up. We know what did you know? You know Bill Clinton and Billy Crystal and Brian Gamble. Ok global re, Milburgh, spacers, brand gamble is night. You know he's he's actually pretty longer, but that's not what you expect
Ali Futile Europe like those guys who sit next to him in the sixtys when he was really my village barge area radical. Exactly we know everybody they speaking, I read that they were gonna, be met. It up and have people representing all different faiths. They were going to add in own brother. I respect our little button with past a given Cosby who's up, who actually about an hp, see you in Kentucky in revitalize yeah became the hundreds of these issues. Yonah country Simmons College, so he's gonna, be one speakers by Ali was amended people, so there should be a celebration for the people. This is not a cell and also I'm gonna Republika here, but I would be concerned about Bill Clinton, overly politicizing. This is why I want to get a block vote right now, and I am bill. Clinton is also deal with accountability for the numbers of black men, the incarcerated back in the nineties. So why not a fan of the boy. You know: hey, you right is evolving, wanted it. We got a respected, but we don't have to necessarily go along with it all very much out of it never met him no met. I just grew up reading all his books
Here we come home with stuff. You know cause again. We knew like people from the family and die, and I would read his books when I would try to when we go to adversity. I would read about what he went through an I'd say: ok, if he could go through this right and I can make it the rumble lap. Hardly there we ve done terrible job would reserve in history because I'm shocked the demonic kids who don't know two legs, you mom, ITALY is crazy, but I think that an accident me, I think, the key it needs to know, but I'll leave need to be told about only from their parents, not from school system. We at the school system pretty much consistently processes. Inadequate, especially black and brown kids. It destroys more those children than it actually strengthens and builds up. So we have to start looking at the truth. Lookin at the message and realising the educated accuses our job. Nothing. But let us think about hears Morgan remarks. Mohammed Ali. You know I would only just as if things is an I think, my wife, you gotta dramas it about moving. Here's Morgan's just ITALY's attack you I get turned on
Beijing, I mean you know, he's gonna Zeta enough in a lot of people say that I'm appears. Morgan has really been. Does that mean back when I leave was really Ali, Dolly that we knew him the one they made him great most of these ports, that their praise them to date, but did not like him back and would not have liked him begging. In of you, love is missile much what we try to put him in prison by you. Destroy him at the pick of his career by all his money. Moon is life, and also, I'm kind of curious about this idea of this. Somehow he's been Mort into this american hero, but again, I think, is correlated with the fact that they he became this lovable cuddly character when he can speaking now. You know I wanted to ask you about these routes. We make ad aware that a controversy over that you sad history Tana some people are saying don't As this movie. You knows, no dog was very vocal about it. I have a lot of friends inside this. It was great I watched a little bit of having whilst the whole series yeah. Do you think their roots remake with a great I? you know as a normal part of history important in oh, I
of a problem with the roots remake per se, but I do have a problem to fight. The Hollywood seems very eager to Green Leslie movies. Absolute right that has the problem right, so is not so much a matter of of that type of content not be shouldn't be available. You should say that, but say where's, the diversity rate is actually I'm working with your best. But he named ass, easily ass envy bellboy in these guys bears body. We actually are. You know, just wrapped in a couple of tv shows one Castille justice about a black attorney market still Claudia joins in it in and another evil sitcom would on on Nicole morphine some other people in Miguel Nunez, and so our goal really was to say: ok, let's toys are being the secret. Until but rather a pocket, any progress have remained ass. He raised the issue. The Burmese, in that dynamo, you look, I was coming out. We get more tat. The boys workers will become back. Let's get a drink, is one dance is the breakfast morning, there was exchanged rice and sailor morning, everybody
is Dj Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast breakfast club. We have the boys walking in the building the last time you here, you are talking about a few money. He always media me dear me about investments and how we can make more money, you're, financial guy when you come again and usually help alot of people. What can people be door with their money or house? Should it be saving well, we live in a country where people don't save have in, and you have to save your money, so you money can save. You are the to that. We about also understand about saving. Is that saving will not make you rich? Typically, saving will give you security right, so saving prepares you for the next, which is investing which actually grudgingly so almost like saving is caught in the gun and investing squeezing the trick. So, ultimately, you know what I say to people
that you shouldn't believe the saving is not something that you can do while we tend to find a way to afford the things that matter to us right like I'll hear people say, I can't afford it when it comes to the saving or maybe buying educational paying for a book. But then you really people say I can't afford it when it comes to buying. You know some expensive sneakers or I'm going to a movie that right, I'm going to the club or whatever it is right. So we tend to pay for the things we want and beg for the things we need right, and so what I say to people is that your savings should not be at the bottom of your budget should be at the top. You don't spend first save and save. What's left, you say first and spend what's left it at that point, you you let it grow slowly than start investing at the Black business school dot. Com
and the first thing we do is we teach them how to buy your first year. Stop investments not mark is not just for rich people is not just for white people. Anybody can do as I bought a pair of shoes and so within two minutes we show them in a demystify the process, and then we do the math and explain, for example, that if you policy of a newborn baby and you by a hundred dollars with a start for newborn baby, every Europe until their thirty forty years old and by the time the child is thirty, two have least like a quarter million dollars. Even if you just randomly pick stock. The study show this and thereby to turn the forty. You know, they'll be close to being a millionaire. No, the diplomas.
The times, and I dont tell me because I hate muslim people, money people don't know what to do in our education and what's that a lack of information railways ask what steps it by it. I never want to tell somebody silent if it doesn't work out right, always hours on evil. I've got that. I use it. I see my kid using in all, but people is wanting a watch. That's not go. I wish it. I rest my money, but what would you tell people? Well, I'm with you and you see. The thing is that you know when I was working. My daughter is one of the things that we study deeply was the fact that what stock you pig is not always an important thing because very hard to predict start mortgages people may money saying they can predict it. Some people think a lot of experts think it's almost like I've life cycle who do love, music, superstition, kind of thing. For example, if you take the topic mutual fund money managers of one year and you look at their performance the next year. Most people are not in the top ten. The next year another example: they didn't study what they have monkeys, throw darts at a wall. They put the names of companies on the wall.
Overlanding on Nike bought shares in Nike planning on IBM. You bought shares IBM, so they can compare the performance of this group of stocks picked by the Monkees and they compared it to the best experts on Wall Street. The monkeys moment among those who want the monkeys, one half the time by legal point of view, We think it right exactly. Over there might not be. It doesn't have to be complicated and are you if you want to make a complicated you can buy? The thing is I keep a simple in the beginning so that people just jump in? Do you recommend that people get a stockbroker? I try to do that. I do it on their own and other you neither, I would guess, maybe some investment advisers You don't live very cheaply off to just kind of know how to invest based on your age and older people have to invest a little differently from younger people, but you know, generally speaking when I, when I'm picking stocks, I just try to diversify. That's the idea, spread your money outright and
right on our yoke signs here, yes or no, to spread out amongst stocks in bonds, but also going to real estate small businesses, in fact, some of the best investment opportunities I've seen of actually been like you know, businesses in the hood because of the black community, especially severely undercapitalized zinc, allowed people a great ideas who need to three thousand get off the ground turn it to three thousand into a lot of money and get a black businesses put chinese workers pay a blog, your legs model that is Demi now through our black. You know how do we know about diet? Zambia, we opened up a business, nobody enabling a bundle ahead on it. Just because actual retirement allotted get people to think their way, and I will work hard to try to change that I know, a lot of things I'd do. I purposely try to make sure I hire black people like I got my closets in my house. I hired a black company even for open in the Jews by there were opening in Brooklyn embarrassed. I we're gonna make sure everybody knows there were
I know that they, like people, will come out of supplying even other places that I know that there are black own well, you know what I think that there can change. I think it is changed and they think that every year to the internet is a big change her in a lot of things, the sharing of ideas in economic activity, cetera, because what you see is that, with each passing year, people gain that awareness and understanding and the where this is a first step to a changing. You behave right, so, ultimately, what I'm saying? Is there a lot of hopes and are looking to Bob like in o n, and it is also important to make sure people understand the importance of that, because you money, Japan or- and you can give all your power way you'll other ethnic groups understands instant what you might call economic protectionism. They know that we had to spend our money with each other as a way to protect ourselves from Miss treatment from other people aged. Do it of the jewish community. They their ownership of things is their way to protect themselves from the next holocaust. Is of you look at black people, America, we ve, we ve had pretty much at least four holocaust in this country: slavery, Jim, Crow, mass incarceration. They go back into the middle path.
Or the next Holocaust is on his way and also my idea is that we have to think about ownership, building, creating protecting each other, supporting black business and in not everybody on board. Not every sleigh wants to run away from the plan to natural right and not everybody's meant to be a soldier in his game by by, but I think it just takes a few good people to come to make it happen. In fact, one of things I talk about it as far as kids would do never win inter generational game, wealth is bill across generations. Is not it didn't happen if avenues right. So what I tell people that look if we could train say fifty two hundred thousand lack children on the basics of financial literacy, entrepreneurship, wealth creation, nor they don't have to work for somebody in order to get rich things like that, and what will happen is that, Fifty thousand will employ the next fifty million, because the black unemployment problem is not gonna be saw bag. The more white people to give us jobs, for example, is gonna, be sought
by building more businesses and our communities, because all studies show that people tend to hire people that look like them. Products could be quality food at those again by black because part of black, like it have to be up to pull out. Absolutely absolutely. In fact, what the silliest things anybody to say is in all our support, I businesses, because they do this this in it. But there are thousands and thousands of businesses out there right. So you don't lie one by businesses find another one desire in oh, don't sort of right. You can't write off a whole group of people because of what one company to an ethic isn't plan for asthma. We go to these businesses and we get treated gray and great products did post about it? Let people know about an encouragement to go. They also absolutely both ways right. Positive reinforcement is very important.
You know you have a relative, for example, distorts of his as you know, don't don't asking for the hooker? Don't don't origin, you encourage them. You help him get access to resources you buy from them. You support them. You make investment, you do what you can do to make sure they succeed, because I believe that every by family should have a family business irritably that but on the other chip in terms of criticism has all of us have gone to a black businesses that disappointed us. I believe that all the criticism should be constructive. You know like I want to help you. I may not come back, but I want to help make your business better and here's some things you could do. But you know many of us are first generation entrepreneurs in or even myself, I'm yachting Goeben a family where people talk to start. Businesses are missing, yeah, I was told you go to school, get the job and does it. You know. I got old Arbela. There was a dead impact outside of figure out of the ways to make it work. I, while we got more than the boys wagons, keep it lacked. Is the breakfast locomotion
that was dilemma. Nellie Kelly role in mourning everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club. We have got the boys walking in a building helping you out with all your finance is now showing you talk about the new black wars. Greet you think we could have agreed that again Yes, in fact, I believe it is already being created what led to these people creating won the most prosperous communities. At that time I mean they had hundreds of hundreds of businesses. They were doing better than the communities around them, and what I found is that people talk about building a black Wall Street. They usually think about something big in math. Some because billion dollars, that's kind of daunting, overwhelming nautical have billions of dollars, but the thing is: you can have like Wall Street that are built on technology, for example, which we were not broken down to geographic regions anymore. It's morsel demographic. So. If you in china- and you believe what I believe we can do business together, even though your across the world rule. We can have a black whilst, if a vampire
from you and I'm invested in you and you're buying from him with supporting each other. We have each other's back while loan you might need to see a credit score because I know you want me things like that. That's a black Wall Street. You can actually have a black Wall Street in your family, and I will tell my friends to team up other people. You don't have to try to figure out a way to do everything on your own? If you know somebody else who has since girls, you have the skills and they had the finances, and you can figure out how you can all come together start a business. You should do that a lot of people like to ask the people for help where they feel like Someone's gonna steal their idea. They don't give anything to anybody else, but sometimes is worth it to do that, so you can make it happen absolutely in on the black business school. That's what we call economic forum asian find. Other people are always they may not be all relatives, and maybe, if you will, you mean online or whatever, because that communities will give you the vessel. In fact, do you think about it? You know leaving if your slave, you run away from the plantation and you you'll go buy yourself, you in the woods by yourself
You don't know which way to go. You don't know how to get get. What you know your food you're, closing your shelter, but imagine if you could go to a village where everybody had different skills. You have security, you had don't you know that you can get on your feet exactly exactly and that's what it is it's about in a village. If you ve had this scenario in your life than you can be successful, I've gotta go back was before you know it Mozart s story. When I was a kid I didn't believe, but I didn't believe somebody could do such a heinous acts. When you have this whole community law for self- and a bomb to explain a few more black wash. It is not that we explain with people might not know what black Austria's Blackwell Street was agreed. With section of tools will go home around ninety. Twenty one you had a black community. There was really prosperous bank hospitals. Here they dump me, there were six brothers, they own airplanes, they nineteen twenty one right arms on the doctors in the world is cetearyl. Basically, the white community around them get jealous, got a little pissed off and went in there and they were killing his may black music get their hands on incarceration. The rest ran everybody else out of town and systematically went house to house of blues.
Houses and burn them down, and then they Coventry Daily driving gas candidates from the sky from Vienna. Yes, the american military actually bombed somebody's house, because the way they did the way they sort of prison The storing the media was these new rules. You're, not alone. These brave white men are going to start the chaos and it was a story that was four hundred years I mean I was in their area and their work. He is there the did even know what happened right there on the same spot, and so I thought I said you know this is a story that every black Chowne America needs to hear flew in, and the thing is that what what what bothers me about this or is not just what happened? It's the fact that, as the one we know about it's like what a brother gazette risen to thirty years. For some you didn't. Do I don't just that you put the gotta get a better one another by nothing, but the thousands who couldn't get the attention of the little town in North Carolina, Cairo, a party or can I was women generally and the same thing. You need the least these stores happened consistently, and so, when people have this,
Position of our reparations is kind of a no brain conversation instills, my stuff, you supposed to give it back there were multimillionaires in this community whose families are broke a imposing or facebook, then if we could eradicate the coaches switch on top of that, we can agree that we could eradicate the culture of binge drinking sexual assaults would drop overnight, absolutely lazily investment, thirteen years teaching surges university. Where is he my? We produces many alcoholics, we produce college graduates, but I personally think that a lot of these fuel cells that occur, there's liquor and background somewhere it causes people to make decisions in normally would make it doesn't mean it would eliminate all sexual cells. May rape is gonna, be rape is in all of it, that's what they want to do, but at the same time you know when I talk to my girls in what we do have conversations about being cautious when it comes to our That's very few because some of the things that I have always done is if I'm out and not around people that I trust or I'm not enough familiar environment. I dont get wrong period. The only time I felt like ok, I can overdo it is. If I'm with a bunch of my friends,
We are looking out for each other and we all leave together sounds like you have common sense army, which is really not popular. I mean people want to think you can just do whatever you want that. I have things happen to you and I- and I just saw my girls. I look, I would love but until every rapist, not rape, anymore right, but getting a workman. So I just told me you gotta projected so, do I can be very classes? Don't leave you drink unattended, don't let them They go, get you a drink from the buyer and hand it to you, and you ain't got a new role without any real. I grant you download. If you do you now have yet. If somebody was the buy you a drink, you go to the by with them already urging take your doing straight from whoever made the drink and not less. But he bring it to you that you don't you know long legs, they all your victim, blaming when you put all the onus on the girl not to get drunk a guy, just shoot and rape. And I'm not abandoned it in our raise. My girls have accountability in all Does it mean that the world, on the other, that other people have to be accountable night, but I can't emulated in Canada
you just lessen the risk by doing certain things and absolutely after yourself, ass, our ears were being smart. She would happen, would have brought our standard university student accused rate near sorted out six months. This is good for you, It means what, with words, will I gotta get to do her holiday? I mean, as its army is clearly. We know clearly that their situation you Know- was a reflection of it'll. What happens in the judicial system you know, I don't let me designers really say about it. Let me remind me to get in Texas little kid who killed all those people and they said he had Apple Windsor or something like that. In a really reflects on yet another something about what they said. Actually, that a white people, Billy black people, feel less pain so that their less able to identify black people's painful. For example, thirty people were killed in France, forty people, whatever it's a big deal of your two three hundred people were killed in Kenya, is light, would have or south Ashikaga. We have dozens of shootings every single week. You don't really see people doing much about them, is a kind of disabled. That's what
people used to now ones as you something as this is. The question has been asked me several times and I don't really know the best way to answer something like this: fair, single, moms, Bazin, kids, they haven't five dad that they don't love but they're doing it. They know they have responsibilities and they have passions that they want to follow in their life by their too frightened to leave their job. Because they have a family to support at home and follow them Games where they don't know. If it's gonna work out are not what type of advice would you give to a woman like that reversing oversees the you can have
fear of things unknown and changing your life, but you should also fear living the same life over and over again until you grow old and die, and then regretting the fact that you never try anything different. Almost older people will tell you that you, what you're more likely to regret things that you didn't do the new order, regret things to do. This idea of of cooperative support can be very important right. So if you find all the people that are doing something similar to you come together and you you share the same dream, maybe educate yourself on what you think of the next step should be, and if four of you are doing this together, five of you would want us together. It's not a scary. So in fact I've seen scenarios where five people got together. All of them have full time job and a four of them kept their job, and one of them quit that one person have the skill to actually start whatever business. It was the other four use their steady income from the job to be a funding source to build the business. So, ultimately, there are creative ways that you can actually do this
We had to be creative because study show the banks to alone as money the way they should government contracts. Don't Congress will issue, you will become a neglected in so many ways, so we have to find ways to support each other that my work work together. As a group, we appreciate your toilet. How air absolutely Bay conversational you come through. Breakfast club is tat. The boys wagons, The breakfast Club The report is the Reul report was glad. I guess in law to be between Morocco and future. Now Peter had scientists Those a one recording and two thousand eleven. He was supposed to do his first six albums. That's a lot albums by the way,
it was. A lot of success still shows no one. Every five to six EU each vessel. We got a big check involving somebody about. I write well epic. I signed on to distribute the albums, but here's the problem according to wacko. He says future made some side deal with epic, and so he's gotten cut out of a lot of money. That's owed to him. I right now, there's a been back and forth on twitter, so future said my dog gave his statement. Real street ammo went to the court house. How do you feel when you sign the papers? I want my end, where look alike no bay? Mama call them people and tell him. You is playing Brody where Wacko responded, old Homey, a man once told me just that the lawyers handle it. Lord knows I haven't seen a court house in ages. That's what lawyers are for. Sales. You discover phenomenon is now Iraq was coming from his words. The problem in future is talking about real greed and word in his net. Why didn't contracted these major corporations? This is business. Our road is as limit was dressed, though, and then said about how much money there thing is on the line according to Rocco he's. Its future owes him more than ten million
I will guess what it is just free stuff going to closet. Eugene, give me that shoe box, and you said you got ten minute cash in the shoebox. I don't think you do so. We got to handle this to corporate way. I'm sorry! You would think that they would be now because did family and all that with a man how they they relevant family for a long time now you know is one of the things you sign to somebody. You feel let down a job that you brought out when you don't realize he's doing a job is not soprano more now things gotta be indolent got business is business rubber. I mean that's a lot of money to say you know I M just let it go a normal business is business, Rocco Ass, the uber I get it. So I see what happens, but I will say this. I know a lot of times with lawyers is a lot of loopholes and ways to get around contracts. So, as seems like, the problem might be with I think records more than anything. It was a good man to my weight is whoever it if they did aside deal. It seems like the label should be arrested absolutely more than anybody else. Labour should be paying you if he, you know if he signed to the label through him.
Technical from epic to rocket Iraq, or should we allow issued ass, I would should go if he saw, however, goes of Ruggles owes money Rocco knew the get his money, sir. I write well now, let's talk about, another lawsuit, add share and is being sued, and that is for a song photograph. Now, let me let me see that sucker, these two thongs sound too much alike to you. Go ahead. Q hid it. Oh you can change made you own you like that. I now see that sounds like,
so you're a lawyer. I these songs too much delay when someone for x factor season, seven winner, MAC Hard all that song was ed. Sharon's photograph brings only delivered me Barbara. I write what songwriters, however, hide the same attorneys that when a seven point, four million dollar judgment against Robin Thick and forever blurred lines. So I went to get twenty million dollars in images for that matter. So, leader for those who sounded the same, that is over anything nowadays, you can try daily there's cries me away, is frivolous lawsuits coming from our eye and, last but not least beyond, say what did she do last night?
people going crazy, juvy onto something Bobby, I'm getting suit us, oh by the way out of you No, I didn't see that I welcome that may or may not, alas, be idea is getting sued and that is for lemonade. Arrayed, apparently as Buddy is aimed at she stole down. I mean maybe someone beyond it now introduce arms, because not enough, as far as the actual trailer, the other person said that they have a trailer and lemonade stole bits and pieces of life and their movie, but we'll get more into that in a minute by minute or of what did you do? Lazily she sneezed. While she was Parfois earlier on the formation toward room report back lately crazy. You know happen, everybody time, then, all at once. There bless you like the horns. Ideas the anti smaller Malo would silent on this matter and that they will translate on twitter yesterday. That's what I'm telling you this people were. So crazy Cosette was, like, oh my god, be eyes, a human being.
His knees is just like our oil. That is a good thing that you make jokes about you blame me. I need to be news. Nodes there is really no. This is ridiculous. Media need to get a lie. I face needs I. What would make you going beyond leader, imaginary as a fight it? That means ya, know that another she dead there. Now she doesn't I'm sure she d, Whenever I rumour report how dangerous he thought I was given a donkey to dog, today is going to a young man and Albuquerque New Mexico name, room and cook. Now always tell you, why don't you go to adversity and one thing you shouldn't do is hurt yourself. Ok, could adversity don't last, but we'll talk about if wipe it out
all right. People, access to breakfast locomotive- Devil dog you today for their they do not go to an Albuquerque New Mexico. Many Reuben cook a very appropriate last name, being a room and tried to fry everything in his apartment, We are handled diversity, different life than one thing always tell people going to any type of adversity is: don't hurt yourself, I say tat because whatever is going on in your world. Whatever is going on around you, you as an individual can personally get through, but you don't want to get hurt. You know in the process. You want to hurt yourself in the process, because when the smoke clears you still personally,
we stand is wrong. Well, Reuben, cooking, and by what I'm selling, because Reuben add a little adversity and he tried to burn his own cribbed out literally see Robin Cook lives. Apartment in Albuquerque and he told police. He tried to burn anything he could think of in his apartment, because he was trying to us Keep the loud noises. Isn't it This will make it now before I tell you what the noise is where I just want to say to you: Robin Cook was charged with arson. He went to jail because, instead of standing up interface web He decided to be a coward and burn the pot me down at that we're gonna change anything now. Why did Robin Cook Set fire to his own upon? Why? Why why? Because he was trying to escape the sounds of his name, was having sex. Yes, moving cookies in jail right now, because he said fired his own apartment because he was trying to escape the sounds of his neighbors having sex.
Telling yadda. We must. We have two is imperative that we give people a credit they deserve the stupid. We walk around this earth you have common sense and a sane mine. You just assume everybody else around you have the same mind to know does not usually the case, and this situation right here were Robin Cook, prove my point, Robin Cook told police. He heard people having sex upstairs, he decided he wanted to go to prison taken. Away from the noise, so not only that we try to burn down upon me down. He told believe you'd rather be in prison. They get away. Noise ways Jesus when you need them and why people like this, just Frida Roma, have if I'm stayed at home and I as someone having sex don't make me honey immediately. I'm gonna wanna have sex is like a challenges like. Oh I hear you play now watch I make this chick sound when she come over to the crib. Ok with no Robin Cook, you here six hours and you say to yourself: I can't
The sounded at I wanna go to prison. You do You can hear those same sounds in prison. Okay, and if you slip up in the shower, you might be too one making them I'd. It happens. I just don't this. Then why have you hear someone making noise in an apartment, whether sex and not to one of three things not come near mine? Ok, you can. You do want, three things in this situation, going knock on the door and tell him keep it death, go to the landlord and complain him to tell him to keep it down are three, simply leave go for I'll, go out all my go. Did it Jim go, get it donor from Crispy cream Duncan? I can think of a million places. I would rather go to escape noisy neighbours having sex in prison. And I'm damn sure, knock on Burma on plays down. They make to noise that what is that going to accomplish dog. You Dave just sat himself. Can we please give today? Was a small
tune as mass to and give Robin Cook a small town. The watches apartment burned down to. Please you, Now yeah yeah. Well well right, though sick, where little creepy radio able to goods are now really all right. There, dont be reading a bank of Red Donkey day now. Up next is ask Eve: need advice, relationship, advice,
or even the sex, advise call you right now ate and drank Nancy live I've aid, five one or far more. Shall they out we're all your problem so call up right now should put a man on a future problems. Eight hundred five five one five one story lays say to breakfast: the more that was Missy, Elliot git you free Golan morning, everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne girl, we oughta breakfast club is serve: ask II nay, relationship advice, any type of advice or whatever you call her right now shall be which problems allows this Andrew, nor who currently Andrew, was, of course a free. I wanna ask, or have you ever had sixty nine or an hour Why is that what you? I don't really know that advice question. Are you asking me that you want to do a sixty nine and you. And I d do it with the advice
that's not how it is his is. As a woman's man backed it, would you rather fixing idle like what? What what is the best By that I mean the eyes demands on who you are obviously in how good the person is at what they're doing that. I personally prefer to go one at a time. I'm not really a sixty nine type, a person or a lot in our country on giving or taking a look at my group on the EU market. I would rather would include bombs from my good brother here. You know said job here. Define a woman's face. No they're, not gonna, wanna ask ever was the problem. You Bob Ray. I wanna your book, we keep on with you, but it was pretty Graham and above, you know, and I know you are never judge you for that came up by a man who has done so it's fine he's, not gonna. Give you don T, know your grandfather, so you
never asked her about it? Are we arrived up unit at NASA, perhaps that law? The pre manner I'm out having shut up having gator, ok as examples they ve got to do with this man talks about it all the time. What I would suggest you do as it is, is a couple of ways you go about this here girl I'm for real and y'all love and trust each other. You should be able to be like you know. I always wanted to try that and just to see what it feels like nothing wrong with that right. If she's down she's down or when she's down ready performing oral on you. You could just kind of push up a little bit and this get her head in that location general vicinity and be like low further. All you could just play a game of whatever I do to you. You do to me outside that. Then we lay out now You secular, was I'm in says, is well I'll. Do that That is the actual savants there s the same thing as a gun. In my view, what your tongue,
how did you get him had been our beloved ask eight hundred five eight five one and five one you could ask what ever you need. Maybe you ought to get your anus. Let me go We now hope that was J call. Wet dreams morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne girl, we oughta breakfast breakfast club in of of ascii, allows this airline date forward.
I wish it was really. A girl follows over the other night. Air will watch and less well gang. I get a text message and she grabbed the phone are looking to my phone, but this is a thing. I've never looked and unfounded as light. If you go look for staff. Finally, Africa phone in a bad from being overcome takes up to the end. I see making a speech. Forefinger features that today there are to be presented for her very good right. Yes, she's guy he's possibly even had to pay for my late arrival. So on come up, therefore, to phone out a distorted get out. Only not let me explain what is there to explaining winners fire penis picture here following right, you're gay, I don't understand
Allow me to say it like: I don't wanna boycott. Would you you don't even bother to read the text? I want to know what I mean to do. Ok, first of all, a word made her pick up your phone and go through it at all. In the first place, is there something that you ve been doing? She doesn't trust. You know. I've been have an issue nodded cells. As the early she's my feeling guilty about what she's doing and they give it. You must be doing something also and that's a malignant do your phone. So that's already Russia's damn. When you grabbed her Poland to look do it, you didn't see what the person wrote you just people within her penis picture. It would crop rotation. On cap a conversation on tribal thought. I was going to speak without giving the right without accommodation on propaganda thank loud levy and the american Court leave the door open and appeared feature works with it works with the fastest respect. On now often do I have to go to work every day I had to do a thing: slowing, ok,
do you know my robe right? So I mean blackberry. Do I leave it sounds like you? Don't trust each other and trust is one of the most important things that you can have a relationship. Clearly, you don't trust me now. You can hear her out if you choose to buy How would it what do you know? What is your intuition telling you? I mean that she's really gay again an embargo to read the picture she felt like you didn't read the text. You should have all hear me telling him. I didn't want to see the why you did, but you didn't tell him the start. Then you'll tell us that it would only be a one Peter. What did she say is that in its access to these anything pages and she was just saying what I mean I got a girl, for this is what she said I didn't realize. I owe you a girl. I get that was really happening, that she says she told you about it. True some guy randomly that you both know and work with sending penis picture. She should have been like listen wise. Who would out where it says it says in these pages of his plate. I just
I'm down and let him know now, I will say, is not as if you feel like it's worth it for you to hear her out and here which he has to say. You can easily find out what's really going on cuz y'all work together, you can ask him, I don't know if he's going, to lie or tell the truth, but you should maybe see what those text messages say, but it's just when you are gone through each other's phones, that's never Gracie tuition. If you feel like you, I do that usually means you know something's wrong with our relationship. If you feel like I need to go to your phone, is he was happening? Why you think you could ever closer again over the requested me? If I do, it does lead all take out, like I said I had in having the heart what about all treated well? Well, I say this to take a low, take your time, is no rest to make a decision right now sometimes wet comes to light. You know just comes on his own later on cause. You can't hide everything forever. I would say you know, give other respect to hear out and hear what she has to say seems like she, one of these penis places to be sent as nobody just randomly keeps on sending them, especially somebody. You know that you work with.
You know, let her know what she needs to do in order to regain their trust back, if that's even possible, as I you now, if you feel like you could just yeah, hey, you know, Gopher, take your time if you dont too bad, she lost it. May I gotta go by landscape bill? Don't do it you gotta, do you know if you are going to change the way they think are absent is ignored. Do you wanna do eight hundred five, a firewall or five when you ve got room was coming up? Yes, I know how'd you earlier about this lawsuit against Bs Ace, I'll, give you some more information on was going on, but that as they would suffer Buying houses, let's say you were wrapper, would add wages, but some brand new housing and how much they pay for All right, all right, immoral Cuba lacked the breakfast locomotive
the report at the Reul report Libretto way may whether it is winning anybody. Seven point: seven million dollar Manson in Miami and guess what he paid it ah and cast it the busy two hundred Square Foot mansion So that's right on the deck of the Miami Ocean pursue regional stood before me, whether we look to mortgage all their money. But you can't be Floyd. Mortgage may well and you were a Billy I again geocities, but anyhow. Up to now. This has isn't gonna. Let you gotta
you too, as we had a steel basins anti eighty five thousand. That is how you ve got a nice below the asking price and it's an ellipse. Actually pretty nice was like any some work, visible demagogy. I don't know, but he already has another house right outside of the city. So now he has. A house inside of Atlanta has fireplaces to car garage, three bathrooms four and a half ass, an roof tat deck looks pretty nice. Thank you, gotta. Where a great deal was a foreclosure. Do you gonna steal? Our collaboration is gonna, be India. Now you know he was in prison, are ready for a few days and he had to go to court and that's where progress report now he has as six months along with his jail sentence in a resident of drug treatment programme and has to go to jail for thirty days, and he was already there for sixty he has twenty four more days to do. He violated his probation from his sad case. He could not stop smoking marijuana I be
I say we told you about her getting soon now a filmmaker is saying that be aunties visuals for the lemonade. Album is actually from his movie here film pal annoying shut off. He soon be as I and the record label. He said they completely ripped off his short film. The project also depicted tumultuary relationship, and he said the beef is really over thirty nine seconds of the trailer. A lot of images that assimilated movie now take a look at it. I don't know about. This doesn't seem like he has too much of a case, but he says he knows a senior Vps Colombia music, which is her label and that senior VP did see them. There will be some time and twenty fifteen anything seeks It is still his ideas for eliminating out of the negative directed the movie, so I dont even understand how that could be by the way beyond say lemonade, when Latin come on I'm so tired of frivolous lawsuits. Man. I use that word. Why did he would get the Superbowl they can? I can't we argued this was, and I went to come up and they hope you're just settle and say here
money and by the way I have you thought this button Nick Young was tweeting out, I fell away. I had to let go of us to see what I can do. I try. With you or museum. Someone got a few twisting just jump out the window and to everyone who was just the name for innocent little white one. So I don't have any You have broken out, but right where that is rumour report, I'm Angela Inga right. Thank you. Miss you now shouts of our family at revolt. We'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody else, worldwide exclusive the world premier of ashes, new song is call no limit is feature in young dog check. It out is to breakfast locomotive.
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