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Monday 4/23 - Today on the show we had hopefully future president Kamala Harris stop by where she spoke about HBCU's, gun laws and more. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Kim Zolciak-Biermann after her comments about racism not existing anymore. Moreover, we opened up the phone lines to see if any of our listeners felt the same.

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Angela Charlemagne, the garb of a rapid club rates and the voice of the culture wash like means more. My baby shows just because I always keep young, but there were aware on paper there. You know their listening at the back of the good. Did you know you yo YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, more than usually good morning to you, do you be Charlemagne, got proves to two points That must be my colleagues here yet annually
is the law of occasional remain to be here in a secular, I reminded you, U n yours and shall Charlemagne will be here in a minute? Hopefully you had a great weaken shot weaken seem like the weakens. It is run so fast now to Michael Blacks, anymore. Laurens came round of applause job I'm from Friday, men at the bar click set of Michael Blacks and killed it. I thought my Lord going to actually do a whole comedy set, but he's not really doing. I guess a set each is kind of like hosting. Would you can't know that I would not allow vodka made that check out the broken, a cemetery, MAX. You gonna do a set, but even really do it said it was kind of like Hosni. We just bringing comedians internet I was gonna disappointed low, but I wanted to see a more set, but it was still a gracious funny is house who shout to Michael Blacks and focus up, but some tickets, and also shout
I could live in some dvd over, we can. He had his baby shower so attended. His baby shall, which was pretty, go, shouted a whole givens family Anna teaches family had a great in this baby number four for them right, you forfeit himself. Graduation is Michael Babies, and thank you for inviting me. My wife had a great time and in finally last night shouted out there. Dj profile works, a powerful five one, yet a surprise birthday party. Like party number twenty three for him. So are we the braided, his birthday, so thousand busy, busy busy busy busy busy busy weekend and, of course my daughter learn how to drive. So she pretty much drove me all over the place or weaken, which is always hot, wrenching, always difficult. Just two thousand really mastered the merge thing yet where you kind of slow down, but you speed up just to get on the highway. She kind of just stops and then the people behind us on this beeping. But you don't want to put the pressure on us, so you don't anything which really ought to be like pushed gas go. Let's go crazy, weaken crazy. We can in any way come on
here, is where we join as collateral will be joining us this morning. Hopefully, will be the next president, Africa to marry, woman graduated from how would university is doing great things in politics and we'll talk behalf and lobby and of course we got front news coming by so many people pass away over the weekend. Vichy Pass, burn, Troy Many me he pass will tell you about all that and more secure beloved is to breakfast Club Vermont. Morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angelini, Charlamagne, tha god we are. The breakfast club is getting some front page news, NBA scores. Yesterday, Milwaukee bucks beat the Celtics one hundred and four one hundred and two series two to great game. The spurs beat golden state warriors one hundred and three. Ninety wizards beat the raptors one hundred and six. Ninety eight and the Cavaliers beat the Pacers one hundred and four one hundred now we got to send the rest in peace to Edm dj avicii. Now he so would weaken the not sure exactly why. But the same is no criminal suspicion in the death they.
If you might have had a dragon problem early on, and maybe that was due to it, he was only twenty eight years old rest in peace to a Vichy. Also, many me Verne troika Now he passed away. He was, of course, in Austin powers. He died at the age of forty nine, it was one of the shortest men in the world, he has passed away, they don't know why they stood do autopsy on him. It's a recently. He was drunk and say, suicidal you state of a possible alcohol poisoning struggle, alcoholism. We years so rest in peace to em did you hear what happened in wild now. This is crazy. Noticing a gunman crazed them in he ran up. We want a house with a or fifteen and started shoe. They said I started shooting anybody at. They believe that Turkey was naked under his jacket. Right was naked under Jack and I just started shooting people his gun jammed and they wanted to people?
were eaten at waffle. House was hiding behind a door and tackle them in tackled a gun at his head. Now, the eye calm the hero use a hero. His name is James, show he spoke about it after I'm, not a hero, I'm just a word of the person. I think anybody could indeed worthy of their just push to push to lead. That kind of cage in you got that you the reactor you do or you're gonna. U know followed and I chose to read I didn't see any other way of me living not a young man- I did the shooting had prize before he was actually arrested at the White House. And are the police took his guns away and when the police took a guns away, he gave day gave it to his father said: do not give these young man guns again and a father, I guess allegedly Dayton, that's how he had a or fifteen a shot of their waffle house. You talk about this seemingly seem
we proud member of renewal eyes over his terrorist. Now, his father, I believe, of his father, gave those guns are he was able to get those guns from his father should be charged. This did the first time that they took the guns. That is a do not give the young man two guns anymore. Go! Do not give the guns tat kid. He got the guns again before should be charged with this. For all. I know this is a problem of analyzes his tears ass. What he should be Called- and I do agree with you- if they too, he's guns. Remember you don't just give you always give no guns back. It's not a playstation manoeuvres that a xbox any add mental problems. As you can see, he thought Taylor. Swift was stalking em like us. They parted at the White House like he's, had problems before it is no way he should be out. He should had those guns. How do we know tell us which was actually stalking, metastatic You confirmed and tell us what has not thought I had. A man not confirm only entails were vinyl now are shows, are really phelan our nowadays. We don't know she got idle time on our hands night time. The devil's playground, then, Lastly, southwest of you fly in South West, give yourself extra time deftly call airport because they say
Expect delays because it had engine that blew up last week. They do and inspections on all plans. Right now, so they haven't allotted he's in a lotta cancellation. So if you fly southwest deftly call it a policy your flight, you still Myers, you couldn't get me one. I wasn't this guy right now, especially have zero. Our last week, not a personal matter being sidelined. Gay. Has I engine blow up and said Women must be said that the plenum arrived on you'd. As we know, do we drop We'll Bob was James, Shaw, Junior, relocated, one of the advantages charging absolutely at Harrow right, turn down a member of an Eliza Single handedly and also over the weekend. Adrian Brown, or for EVIL Vargas, it was a drop Other draw agreed that decision further. What I was a great cod rapporteur, clues Basel Showtime Box, and I will call you re a kind of Anti Davis he put in work, a dinner child or put in work and Philip Bruno laxative an active
You gonna, let it have gone. I don't know about a lobata gave it a draw now to draw a thing: Vargas got that were now brought run almost killed blogs in the timber and its have ram. The first set of August was well. You see, I wasn't anything as it is here that it is vital that the first ever yummy broader was going to be what linen annually was an active and have you been wagon me to wonder fridays? We, but I think, a draw dregs, plaza, drunk evader Bruno Ally, the guys know it every day and say What Adrian Brown is necessary for his box? They have anything, Just entertainment I held my goodness all right. Well as front page news, get it off my chest, eight hundred five, eight five one or five one of your upset. You need event. It is up right now. Maybe at a bad night bad morning or maybe a great we can even is present positivity either all get it off my chest, eight hundred five, Five one o five one in common Harris will be joining us, then Kamel hours. Hopefully I met President President Wendy Mass rape so gladness to breakfast locomotive.
The breakfast club a pounding down. You're gonna get it all began its view on the breakfast gladly, but as they will allow this removed by fair lady Britain must travel. Lady component, how are you We don't greater or less you love each moment. I did feel like you're married prayer. He was always keep it up, but there is no reason why your friend is not my prayers. No, my baby ETA gaily. They forget that Europe is not my friend and I will never price to be her. However, it in their day our forefathers, though about that I myself am looking out, get up at four o clock in the morning and do what I do it
If anything they pay about leak out. They re not about weak, but you know people are you mad Roma issued a whole and in all weekend you might have more faith in me. Why you something maybe we don't know we'll, know what's goin on it. I got it. Andrews using your radio stations seen Oji level exonerate baby allows is where I The under their Mona Mama get it off features. Are I why, if I tell you not an amazing working week at the weekend, and I worked hard and- and I just got off work, and I see you guys all the five Robin all though I do want to say thank you for Cuba by morning the I'm on my way home. That's all you saw me that you haven't. I try I'm email and we have to go through our grilling cycle tonight, but I wanted it. Baby live in a period of but a sentence. You had this
a lot of work to do in your boyfriend, the dirt wow, a Joker Cinema telling shot me they grow up. Not now the main drive you do. I do that parliament might eat an army, would you be prepared to go far more days, although this should have been a dinners like AIDS from Miami get her features were ahead of any certainly cannot occur, but then a really long night and I've been waiting for Roma people becoming there are three hours Gotta be, right now, always dissolve Westley larger with a true true, along the way mama. Are they ended, his knights? That use is not working again at about six or seven sedation. Meat is surely not a did, take dating breaks when they say it three,
was, but they use the Euro mean a big day using clothes until six o clock in any old megabits. Six it s. What are you they pick you up, even I call it will work of, unlike a couple of minutes away from my house. My credit. For you randomly sit Youtube communism with reality, rather sit Nikobob, three items that call it Lugal going home and going to pick the cobbler Don Loris navigating adding about that yoga job are large router, but it will be all right. I think, tat the let me get up. I thought you guys, illiteracy. Oliver thing annually on vacation she'd been on a case for a minute. That's what I say what begging moment get off my chest: eight hundred five, five one or five one upset you need to vent need. Is that now is the breakfast club component got wake up ass, a man of last we want to hear from you allow. This is my girl,
in the morning the morning my room I didn't make it was guilty of each year. They got my work. I want to tell you about the school where it could importance allowed for a time magazine. I believe in today. It seems obvious to me that Donald Magazine, wind and all big table well for a while? You have learned workers live far from God, medically Jones, you she's nobody would throw likings, or maybe it's also as your name micro didn't make allows, is today. How well do you baby was broken. Her features were good. The subject of asylum may be with me: hey with global this up a job while bar for me, but come in through the back door. Whose back those who may notice we can. Finally, ah, ah, that you made somebody like gave you gave, gave you some penis dissuaded, alas, not at all
because I work overnight and it's hard to hear y'all live in the morning, so I always listen to the podcast, but my wi fi at work be bugging. So it's like soon as I start work, I get my headphones on, the sudden. You know you did Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, you're gonna go outside and the joint start alone. Again lying alarm man, you know why be laid on purpose. Could people the missing a YO yo yo I'll. Let you know what I read and I guess we as then we should allow this dude we want the mail as that which our boys out of me you back? No not yet measures? May I had a great weakness? We get our home of you guys know Primarily is the african american leadership is a hundred a lot of Apple how american people out there making money give a other shot out. The you guys give a big leading out the you guys you to give big.
We in the committee, although Wanna, give us out that broke with my website mackerel loses. I info pick it up anybody. Looking over lock on that website, we're about everybody that worry matter may be sidelined people job that they met Jonathan God did area boys, keep going demagoguery and bless your family, your daughter, your kid I met I love my brother, dad you get it off Chaz eight hundred five, a five one, o five one shot in happy birthday to Emory from Rock Nations raised Emory? For my mood, Emory actually got on the new payment Blaine I right now. Drabant include Bozrah, my God Emory Vague Jove. My guy now so shut out too We have moved day. I will we combat, we got your room, would take J calls Kale de Alms break some records and also Tiffany hardish she's.
The news is we can give a lacklustre breakfast level on a breakfast clear about the Roma report annually on the breakfast now crap, congratulations to J call. It looks like Cato data single breaks, spot of five opening day recreate now, Kayo directive, four point: two million streams in its first day surpassing the previous person, which was tell us what on the matter. Quixote airily Lego free eyes only a lad project. Bouquet of these dope is, is TED. Talk, music, actually wrote work today. Listening to it, I really like the record windowpane friends, tough, tombs. Well, congratulations to J call. Well Tiffany had, it seems like she was on. A trip were how girlfriends ass she got to Ellie She was loading up her bags into as you ve Auntie EM seeking
after the as questions. Well, Tiffany didn't like as you. So you see me pack and all his bags. How come you didn't help and we actually have audio apply these? Then a man? We got two thousand bags. Then upon the pillar watching me, I'm a girls love this as you all by ourselves he's dead. Ask is doing this as we finish here. I'll come over and we like- and I asked you if you don't get the bargain my fate from Ethel goddamn pleasures. You could have been opened up to their talk to your last thought. If welcome is, I would tell you have opened its old Europe baby who was acquainted and he had a day about it. See me ordered Ali bags, I'm a female about. Most of you can't help. We put one bag and agree on a common sense would tell the DMZ guy. If you try to get some questions you trying to get some video, the least you can do is hope. Would a bag to be nice back I don't know if you was by yourself or not if you was abused to y'all and where y'all going to be helping with the bag, the other one could have been recorded. That could have been the story
If that was it, S got a job. Anybody to feel himself is not my job to talk. The cameras in ASEAN is your job to get me to try to talk to your cameras, but in order to get me to try to talk to your camera that but there's something nice for me that this common goddamn sense and lastly, I was trying to get into the weed business Lamar Odom. Lamar Odom. Yes, he's talking about investing into a bunch of brands of marijuana products called rich soil. It believes you can help people with their ailments like has helped him no problem with that nephew said the mall with me selling crack now and I'll be like you know what that that's, a very, very contradict rack rate for critical crackers against blow smoke crack. It is already lost more Craig can sell. It will not we'd wheat is legal, brain wages, laces and a lot of places as its goal is to get people healthy high. He sang I want. I want people to do better. If I can get him I can get him better than those our governments
at that point in our law, rightly I'm showed up melodies that, whereas it is only ever, you forget tat, I love you, haven't you have you been smoking a long walk about come as it helps really to totally reducing the weight of the wonder and next year it was a plague in autumn uniting the big area, something right, not anymore. You try overseas furs and complacent ball. Ozma gotta be gotta, be tween. I was a thirty eight. Forty no man and arrange our right Asia, Rumour report now when we come back come on, let her as well. We joined Kamel hours. Of course you into how would university she's she could be our next week. I want this woman to be further Wendy era. It will kick, it will help when we come back at a move is to breakfast club the morning, one in every body,
the jury envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have a special gets into building. Yes, he went to the other two. That is why, this morning, at the u s- fillets of California, already ordinary president of United States of America, the Rhine must come commonly had come a heretic, I'm so happy and honour to be here. I need more lives. Let him do. How would like as a lonely? Not who be you and I'll be Hamson on how're it without it? Thank you, as the best, I'm coming in the world every year, thereby Howard Urban, who produce Thoroughgood Marshall how're. You got a couple of the black Panther with we did that
in order to allow the atmosphere, what about you out there who was stealing from the financial aid better. We got bad food lighted, Gobio angle, isn't it not for those who may not know, let us know little about the view from the barrier and transplant outline. Ok I went to Howard. I went out of how to law school in California. I started my career in the days office than open I'll, find him, and down than I was elected, the first black woman to be elected, a district attorney in the state of California, while Cisco. I was there for two terms, and then I was elected attorney general of California, making me the first woman and the first
an American ever elected as an attorney general. I want you. May I come to the airline and you Brabant irritably may of this year. The devotee of laws on you. Let me my parents, like my sister, no joke legal. Surrounded by a bunch of adults who spent full time marching and shouting while justice right, so they my parents, actually met when they were active in civil rights movement my God mother. My aunt Mary was one of the founders of the Black Studies Department, Sampson State, which was the first black studies department in the country. So they were active and they were
Opel and on an aching afterwards, activism, surprise you that is, I believe, a yell at the Howard trains you to do things like that. One got you in politics because you do go to how it s a party school beginning with the added value that we got you into politics. What made you want to say this is the route I want to go. You know I grew up in a community of values that were marching and shouting and said you know we. Yes, there is an important role to play. The outside bang and down the door on bended knee trying to change the systems, but we also have to be inside the room where the decisions are being made, and I ran for district attorney because I wanted to be the one who was making decisions about what we were gonna do with criminal justice policy and in fact I wrote a book.
In two thousand and eight based on my belief, but what we need to do to reform the criminal justice system and here's how I think about it: criminal, justice policy. We have been offered a false choice: the choice suggesting that you're, you, the soft on crime or your tough on crime instead of asking always Martin right, and by that I mean recognising that you know the public health model tells us if you want to do with health epidemic smartest, most effective and cheapest way to deal with it prevention, first, if you doing within in the emergency room or the prison system, it's too late and it's too expensive. So let's be smart on crime, and that means let's be smart in now, doing that if we really want to have public safety, less prevent crime from happening in the first place, which means focusing communities that we now need more economic support, need more pathways to economic health and success. Doing what we
need to do and recognise that there is a direct connection between public education and public safety. Celeste prioritize public education, an and instead of just being only concerned about public safety, because there is a real connection- is actually cheaper. The focus on educating young people, then it is on an Carson, in all communities of people you got one of the first things I saw you do, thou extremely impressed with its back on track programme. What what? What was that all about so back on track is a programme that I started years ago I focused on the eighteenth, through twenty four year old young drug sales offended enemies. I focused on our populations that they're just a lot of them and also focused on our population, because whether we were at Hampton or how're, we in college, we're eighteen, three, twenty four and we were called college kids right
and you turn eighteen and you're in the system. Your considered an adult period, regardless of the fact that we know it. That's the very phase of life in which we have invested billions of dollars in this world in these places call colleges and universities, knowing that that's the prime phase of life, where you can mould somebody to be a productive and ended in at an accomplished adult, and so I focused on their population, also understanding that when they pick up that first offence they will be doesn't a fallen for life, and so what we did is essentially, I created a programme focused on them and basically getting them job house, A lot of the young men are fathers getting them support for what they naturally want to do, which is apparent their children but may not have the skills or the resources we focused on what to do around housing. And adjust wrapped around, and we ended up as a result of doing
that and then, when they would graduate the programme dismiss their charges, but what we also end up doing is reducing their likelihood of re offending by a huge percentage and that was a model of what ended up later by the Justice Department being designated as a model of of innovation and law enforcement in the country. Do it with so many with drugs, be illegal labour marijuana Illegal leave, a different faith in the light of these kids, like you said, are in jail for that. Legalised crime now we need to dig reminds marijuana. We have a problem with mass incarceration, our country and, let us be clear: the war on drugs was hailed
if it was Miss directed the in essence, and you know, were now now more people are understanding. Only talk about the opium, eight epidemic that when you're talking about subsidies, that's a public health matters that should not be thought of as criminal justice manner, and and so what we need to do is recognise that we have to get people into treatment where that is appropriate, but as it relates to incarcerating people from air one, I think it is It is long overdue that we recognise the need to change. The system were not only by the ugly day for minimal. You said by patent, had an influence on you. In this whole conversation we ve been having about how do we pro relations between police and the community. I'd pay where an organisation that actually police the police do you think that an organ
you can like there could exist now in twenty eighty. I think that one of the greatest advances in the fight for civil rights has been the smartphone o knocker people will come at me, come what all of a sudden is going on, but all these cases of police misconduct. What's going on an applicant people say you know you sound like a colonist, you know you can't you're calling about colonizing right right right right now, but I beg you know: what powers do they go to a place? There's been existing that way. Thousands of years and have their say in it for the first time they think they ve discovered in so the great thing about the smartphone has been that now it is undeniable. When it happens there is evidence sometimes playing for us in real time. As we know, it is audio visual and it is highlighting
a need to reform the criminal justice system about around recognising that we need to do a better job of training police officers around bias around use of force around the necessity to de escalate the situation instead of using force as the first option, I'm as though it is the only option and more people are now involved in this discussion than ever before, because it is not just us was experiencing now, everyone is experiencing it, at least as in terms of seeing it happened, and I think this is the vis is part of what has has led to the reforms that are starting to take place. But this does not mean on the Panthers. Remember one of the biggest controversy
and that the path is made their breakfast programme through their feet in the community and protecting with me when we are more was said, the colonel I was when we come back. Don't over the breakfast locomotive breakfast we are the breakfast club we have come Harris in the building? But let's talk about these schools shooting the mean it's scary? Well, first of all you know we have many many communities where are six and seven year olds are going to sleep at night hearing comply they are experiencing. They such trauma that is undiagnosed and untreated
babies of our community, who have regularly attended funerals of somebody who was killed as a result of gun violence having family members. It may have even happened in front of them, so we have enough trauma in our community that we need to deal with without expecting that. Our second greater is gonna, now go to school and look up in front of the closet, their teacher, she's, strap and a gun or better make any sense when we're talking about school safety there are things that we need to address that include thinking about. Why is this an issue in part of it is that we have not passed meaningful smart gun safety laws in this country. Let's talk bout that let's talk about how the inner re has grab people buy.
That bear the consequences of nickel and and and have, as has caused people to have a lack of courage to address the fact again another false twice. I am in favour of the second amendment and I also want I want smoke and safety laws, assault weapons and be walk in the streets of a civilised country should have universal background check. It makes sense, is of practical that you might want to know before someone can buy gun that they ve been found by a court to be mentally. But you just my one another that smart, the missing ingredient to get something done is for Congress to have the courage to act bottom line, and that's where I would say: okay, so then what can we as people who want to encourage Congress to act? Do what can we do not focus on the twenty eighteen elections? Let's focus on electing people
we will have the courage and getting rid of people who doubt what you know. You know death ed. You know when, when we everybody thought police shootings happening, Rocco Bhamo than office in he have the courage to act and implement something the where police morsel gun. Oh well, I think that it is one of his big regrets that he was not able to get smart and safety laws passed in terms of the reforms. Listen Eric holder, who was appointed by Barack Obama to be the? U S, attorney general and an end, the nicest payment.
Just as underbrush Obama did some really good work. They started opening pattern in practice. Investigations investigating various police departments around the country who had a pattern and practice of racial discrimination and excessive forth, and you know what's going on now under this guy Jefferson's universe, one ear here an underhand they're closing those pattern in practice investigation under the previous administration. There were consent decrease were there have been a finding of misconduct? The court kicked in and said you have to act a certain way and we're going to watch that they're shutting down. All of those. Reviving the war on drugs there reviving mandatory minimum sentences and again that's why we have got to be vigilant at this moment in time, because we are looking at added administration that is rolling back the clock and profound and profound way. Why does your settings doin? I don't like it
they really just downtown. Trying to arise. We then Barague Obama Data that would be really really want, like they wanna take. Take us back would be less, and I think this has been unjust sessions agenda. For a very long time. Don't forget, credits got king spoke out against Jeff session when he was up years and years and years ago for an appointment. This is part of who here this is his history. This is his mission. He is silently and maybe not so silently carrying it out right before why aren't you afraid to speak out against them? I do speak, not allow me, the mother what here on our friend I'm lying, because we have to speak now. Gentlemen, we have to speak to you know when This is a moment in time is actually requiring all of us to take ourselves about whether we have the courage to to speak and to speak truth, no matter how uncovered
Will it make some people feel no matter how much it may visit upon us criticism or expose us to attacks on? We ve got to speak truth. We ve got to speak truth about what is happening with this administration, also because, as leaders the people now? They know they know in their hearts. They know intuitively instinctively that things are wrong and we need to put the label on when we see what is actually happening from the inside, and so that's part of why it, because I believe that people have a right to know what their government is doing for them and to them, and you know, come what may in terms Many response: how do we get our country back in order to adjust seems like ever since I came in office, deceived legacies bitter outspread, racism going on and it seems like it. It's hurting our kids more than anything else out there. So I travel around the country on an
I will tell you that I'm not buying the suggestion that we are divided as a country and he was wise say that You know when you wake up in the middle of the night, with that thought, there's been weighing on, you may be seen as some people caught the witching hour three clock in the morning when you wake up in a closed slept with that thing, that's been worrying It is never through the lands of the party with which your registered to vote or the demographic opposed to put you in and for the vast majority of us. That thought has to do. One of just a very few things are personal health, the health of our children, our parents and I get a job, keep a job here, the bills by the end of the month. So many of our students can I pay after student. Can they be understood in the vast majority of us have so much more common and what separates us and we ve got to hold on
that in this fight right now and then look to twenty eight team frankly and the elections that are coming up in almost two hundred days as an opportunity. The act what I love about this moment with this administration and power is people are acting? Look back to the women's March. Yes, look to the March far lie of the March for science has also does administration is putting forward policies. That basically say science should not be. The very basis of public policy is ridiculous, but people are taken to the streets in a way they never have, and in that way our doom.
Apathy is working now we just got to take to the street and then walk those streets to the polling, place and vote cuz. They used to say we couldn't vote legally. We weren't allowed to vote now. They say we won't. We need to get out and vote because voting us voting is connected to every one of the other issues. Us voting is connected to who's going to be. Office and how they think about criminal justice policy, who's gonna, be office and pay attention to something like that of the rate of black babies and infant mortality. Who's gonna pay attention to The fact that young black men are still at the bottom of the economic ladder in terms of opportunity. Much less success in economic help, poor in office is going to make a difference,
we are more was said in a calm allows when we come back, don't move with the breath of club component morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have sent a commoner Harris still in a building, charming Of course, you did mention me too, in terms of your big supported the data which also too short. Yes, I anticipated There would have been better not to show knave remote, but you didn't you, can you can you can like both right? I love music and I call you, though, female Barack obama- that's what I've seen
what I've got all my new models that are, you? Are you considering into order? You see yourself, possibly one of a presidency that in your right now spoken was finally in our absinthe too many people focus on acting out there and they trip over the thing right in front of us who was running when you didn't twenty eight, and I was just in Detroit last weekend campaigning and talking of folks about the need to get out well I'll, be all of this. The all over many states are being Chicago and of being with scant and I'll be in Florida, probably gonna fairly. We really have to turn out look what happened in Alabama. Everybody should really see. Remember what happened just in a recent election where Doug Jones a White Democrat, the math is that a white Democrat one in the south because of black women so arm, oh really, matters
get out illuminated within obliged me to eat. We came up with an answer. I am afraid that in right, you gonna debating the cab. I went that help you in your line of work. First of all, you had to come back from an argument. You know it, it teaches you how to stand in front of a room of people, an express your point and then, and then when did your point is being attacked a comeback and respond. I'm it teaches you how to think quickly, and it gives you confidence in the fact that you can stand in front of the iranian people, state a position and defend it. Sometimes it for so many of us were the only one was like us in a room and when you're the only one like you in a room, there is a natural tendency to want to just kind of bland in. But wait you learn during debate or what you learn at an pc you or, if you have, the blessing,
of having a family or a community that teaches you. You! You learn and said that when you're in that room, you got to speak up and you ve got to acquire the skills to know how to do that and to have the confidence to do it in I meant, or allowed people and I'll tell you. Your entire life, you will have many experiences. Were you the only one like you in that? Only one looks like you only one who said experiences you had and when you sit in that room, you have to remember. All in that room. With you deal with my Angelo quote. I'm not alone there within a week, now the windows. This one example, my kids in debate last because of it baby, you they're worth the fight back in that have to you the hands and, as you heard just the same and you got objectively see, both sides were also anti applying. Also that the great thing about learning debate. That you learn their rules of debate in oak has also to your point when you argue some,
what would suggest that pure emotion and that of getting in an argument with somebody you just emotional and unreasonable. What debate teaches you know it's actually quite civilized to stand up in disagree with some one and there are rules about how you do it, because that is is done among thinking people you do debate, I mean you can go back to history in different forms, a debate that since may observe TAT was debate. Have until you didn't. Let me leave you and you just right, but that that was the Bay course an interview you mention, of course, you into a pc you. How important is the age pc you? Could we got away from it couple years ago, I'm looking at a lot of the college's in attendance and enrollment Llosa. How important has hp see you too you in mostly black families. I may tell you
I am who I am today for two reasons because of my mother and the family. I was raised and Howard University, an HP, see what you and I know when we walked onto that camp is for the first time we were surrounded by people that look like all everywhere. Every body you walk onto and I'll do speak about Howard, but I know him has the same. You walk onto their camp. Is you can look over one area and you will see a bunch of young African Americans were students who are in the business school walkin around briefcases You look over at another area and there and ran a leotard guarantee that the first school of fine arts, the football captain and star- and the homecoming queen and the debate team, and there are authorities and fraternity, What you learn of make pc you. If you do not have to fit in somebody's limited perspective on what it means to be young gifted in black. You can be
all those things. When I was at Howard, I pledged sorority. I was on the debate. I was the chair of the economic society and I went, my share parties and you didn't have to choose? You could be fully analyze and there was such beauty to that, because this country still has such a limited view of what it means for a person to be young and smart. And black, and so at those years when you're learning your identity to be in that environment. We're basically everybody just said to you- can be whatever you want to be in by the way, and if you don't it's, because you need to work harder right, cuz. That's the other thing that happened.
You can't walk where they all is caused. My skin color, the riding get that no! No, that's not it. So it's a wonderful, it's a wonderful place to learn who you are and to be proud of who you are and to leave them with the confidence of walking into the world. Also knowing one other thing in a people from time to time will come up to you and all your special you're unique, and I tell people dont let down my name. I tell you that, as there is, there is something about being told that there also suggest you're the only one like you, which means you're alone and what an hp see. You reminds us that no we come with people, we got people there, a lot of us when alone saw you talked about a corporate donation. Yeah and you said you'd, you depended depends. What do you think the minute? I think that money has had such an outside influence on party and
especially with the Supreme Court in determining citizens united, but basically means that big corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money influencing a campaign right were Osborne, seven equal, but money has now really tip the balance between an individual having equal power in elections to a corporation, so I've actually made a decision since I had that competition and I'm not gonna except corporate pack checks- or am I just of not value, everybody forget braver. Well, you know I've I've raised so far this year, three million dollars for my colleagues with a twenty Eightth him election cycle, Most of that money has been like an eighteen dollar. Twenty dollar increments people, eternity website you go to Camelot, Harris DOT, Org em, you will find
I mean I M malay. Harris is a devil. I have you decided over president when it what you will do. Have wonderful european radio now be deadly where we need one last year by the funding organization there last week we think we can get you. A million attack had died whenever ever been a dream. Yours, but ever thought about it so many times as so many to it as I do that I really did. I do see the beauty of it that you raised in turn them they did. The reaction and the other side of the tragedy what's happening, and that gives me a great sense of of optimism that our future and in the history of our people we march we shall we saying we dance,
right. Look at who just got the Pulitzer Prize, Mr Hendrick, more arriving at a monopoly to your home, the other, but look at that. We look at the outset. Was he did a cartel? I right it is always been as part of our history that our artists, everybody, is part of the movement. Everyone understands that it's about the x ocean of feeling, and- and we can do that with joy and with with conviction and with purpose I think gotta fitness of what a woman of Color President Twentyth wildly. I think that is an attack on our hers. Adventure LA future president outwitted hope she, oh god, puts it. And on her- and you know what I want you to do- is our ally, as God plan put, that when you play with two, but thank you. Thank you as an entity with thank you for coming.
Right at the breakfast welcomes the breakfast morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are, the breakfast club was gettin. Some kinda room report must go. This is the woman report annually on the breakfast club knees out. Emphatically. Is damn rumours are right? Manila talk about kindly West now kind. You put a whole bunch of tweets up in a last couple of days. Of course, you know put tease out was coming on. May twenty fifth fact are right: some of it then you have Tiana till it is coming after in the next move June. Twenty second heard somebody to you have kindly in Cutty, album June eighth diameter Wes outcome in June. First irish somebody and then he announced Nazism is June fifteen City hand, his hand producing all the outcomes and Nazism.
Different internet now supposed to but not had took too far load whatever you call it. What you call it and yelling studio protocols file had you. What everyone now that the session? Yes, the session crazy about that we want to finance an uncanny yeah s and it s been noises baby. I've always had not powers already badly away and never really thought. That, though- and I don't think so- either they read. Eight me now, you know refers. Almah was all amazing. I don't a year by year may I would not be of another produced by Canada. I think that to be done said that he was doing those beats live from the sunken place. Mirth, as we said on the twentieth, I'm excited about that. Also with Khalifa, announced that his hour has come now. He put a date on July. Thirteenth is corona papers to A lot of music have come out in the next two and a half months. You add Drake
you add with us a lot of news of cronyism everything you make me with an everything: No, what I want to listen to you, listen Ola, No look I needs that they produce good. You wouldn't want to hear that you and I wonder you Alyssa ways gleeful, he will listen to drink. I mean can't guarantee guaranteed Alice Worthington But I, like you, I, like, with electric sometime Coca now last week, A nineteen year old woman said that all Kelly was room in his girls with a sex called an allegedly was given him as he. These will seem like because of this. Say allegedly there are Kelly's publicist is assistant, His lawyer have severe all ties with the sing yellow twenty years too late be like hush it does. It is us every time with him when the tape came out back in I've been trying to figure out with all that being said, how is he still torrent? how is he still Zella music? I people,
so I support them somebody's important looking at me after we request in Oklahoma, looking to delay, I got you seriously. I've been up on his radio station say, and this would have for the past eight years. Ok, I not know why people still support our colleague Kelly has made. It saves, though, that tromp is made of ok he's tough line, for whatever reason it was still, support our and act like his allegations are not yeah. I got it Zita goddamn tape and loved and loved the fact that he was not guilty and call a gay with table. There would have come in pain and common on a young girl. Now are rewarded. Jumped Isna abounding can sit. All was allowed to say that when a lavish it also armed any reach out to you wanted to have a conversation which you in inhabit a power which you yeah kiss. My ass, though, does not happen. Never wing. I met and talk about now. Mom vowed my reply back to him his we need to talk about not on directed not off directly
Nothing. You know what I mean the only the only conversation I would anything with R Kelly would be a public conversation on the radio with him confessing to all his sins. Nothing more, nothing less other, knowing Nuttin arab right will that Asia Rumour report are right. Now ye will be back to Morrow and shot. I yes, sir. We given a donkey too donkey of the day, is going to Kim Zolciak we'd like her to come to the front of the conversation, would like to have a word with her okay,
do came when we come back. Don't move is to breakfast locomotive dodgy gavel dog you today for my day April. Twenty there goes the real housewives Lana STAR, Kim's rosy I gotta Predominated, yes, seems only a goal: the actual Ariosto Otto Socio, now more for freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of thought. Everybody has the right to say what they want. Have the right to express themselves only want everybody has the right to think what they want. I stumbled upon a plea: cotton, to win. It was published in eighteen, fifty five and one of the themes at play that during this period, people stopped expressing their thoughts. Believe the idea that they were afraid they would like. Their livelihood or worse.
I don't want to live in a time period like that, I don't want. You will be afraid, expressed himself to speak to him. I think freely, I believe in the words of Evelyn Beaches Hall. I may not agree with what you have to say what I defended deaf, your right to say: well, maybe not deaf, but a defence rights that, with that said, you can have freedom of thought. Freedom of speech freedom of speech, but remember, works both ways. You can say what you want, but if it's stupid, Abbe Freedom limited credit. You deserve a biased opening of what you have stated that the true abduction the call you a double damn life now brings us Kim's. The act. Now I don't want. You realize wise Billina have better things to do. My time like absolutely nothing, which, by the way, is my favorite best that but apparently GIMP Zodiac Athens thought about racism in America, or should I say that feed racism in Amerika? Was here this whole?
This is something in this day and age Bush. Everyone apology, but it raises a very tragic way: mesh luxuries. You know nobody really wines, because a social media was near. Racism was not real. I got a real. She said because his hard to understand mammies when his mad and mumbling, let me see she said it. Racism thing in this day and age is p s. To every one of those mother Epizootic Couch old is world an apology for racism stuff. Social media, whether their racism was in all areas lately. So let me hear it again that merit This is something in this day and age. Suppose everyone apology, but it raises a very tragic way mesh and also, as you know, nobody really wines, because a social media was near. Racism was not real lesson in practice.
Kim said the whole racism thing in this day and age is Bs Agri, racism, the US and has been bs an everyday H. Racism is never not been be, as in any here I'll take. Racism is played out is data gods Evan. I can believe in twenty eighteen people are still raises, but that's not what came his talk him up? Ok, that's not what I'm talking about what what else did she say like every one of those mother effers on that couch over this world and apology for this racism stuff? I don't even know what you're trying to say. Okay, why group of black women have to apologize for racism in America, Kim your ancestors Woody oppresses ok, people should be about for racism right that right there in the epitome of white Privily defect, you, a white woman, would, after group of black women to apologize for racism. In America and then to say, social media wasn't there. Racism was in all areas at terribly worried by the way sure media wasn't there. Racism wasn't all area you now. I all
So why would you they're Polina combat prejudice? This is the exact opposite of that, hey. This is a prime example of a white person using their privilege to act like problems that affect minorities. Don't exist that writes not that it's social media wasn't there. Racism wasn't all that real and social me. Than dead and all these ratings that wouldn't be carnal camera. It would make it easier for why we would like you to ignore them, but The reason I dont worry about expressing peak people expressed himself. This is the reason I worry about speech like there's a reason to worry about thoughts like to see the truth. Is we, racism, ISM, Israel, as not even a d, they like that about the argue, would someone on whether on whether or not raise him is racism, Israel? They seem, we argue a people watching for lobbying delicious. I in fact I entertain a debate about chick fillet being delivered. Why engage in a debate about racism be area because they take the chick fillet is all a matter of opinion. Do you think she Calais, delicious envy? Ass short, I'll go, we don't have the EU, do you think rated
racism is real. Yes, I don't care of you but it was ok. He because it is real. Rather than being rooms of faggots, the true always I've been and always will be, and when it comes to the truth, always remember that in truth is still true, even if you don't believe it and races. Mr Racism, Eve If you don't believe it exist. Please Kim's, o the act, because here what I know, but we want we should humor him or her half correct. I feel like some people feel like that when you meet and twenty eight I think something explain like a razor organism doesn't exist. Even on you and ass. You wanna humor, numerous humor Kim's Rosy Dhaka under my name, people may think, like a man and by the way, whatever you Oliver and Express express your freedom of thought. You know all about free speech, freedom of expression, freedom of thought. What have you fill
not even going to you look good or bad weather. I agree with your disagree. Mangoes there were eight hundred fathoms five, one o five one. Do you feel that racism doesn't exist that we ask Irena. Do you feel like him? Yet do you feel like racism level exist anymore and his daily Doha? As you wanna play this game, eight hundred driving around. What do I want to do you feel like him Zodiac. I call us up right now is to breakfast club. Tomorrow morning, everybody's d, J, Envy Angela YE shall amend a guy. We are the breakfast club. Navvy just joined Us Charlemagne. Kim's all the egg donkey of the Dave. What comes The echoes on real outlining the land- and she said this- this whole racism, in this day and age, the Bush everyone apology, but this raises a very tragic way mesh long ago, charades, you know nobody really wines, because a social media was near raises another that real now,
If you didn't understand what she says she said it is always isn't thing in advance: ages, bs. The everyone- it old mother Evans, on account of his world, an apology for racism, stuff if social media, and their racism wasn't all I wrote a reason. I read that back to you. You could, I understand it is hard to There are many who is mad in mumbling, so you probably could really understand what I'm nobody They were no body on whether a recent racism, Israel, we are humoring people wrangling, allow we're doing what we take any calls, and we want to speak to the people What to see of racism is, whereas we will ever is racism. Religious humoring, washing aim. Emma Jane, ok, we give your real name awry. Jan now, begun about bill ideology. Go away and not make an intelligent way, not being well whatever you would we're all about freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, whatever you, whether we agree or disagree. We not go far enough. You black away for his mama. I'm all I want, So this guy he's now black allow new
is this transformation links that oil? Then what This raises a big. You know. I love every land. I live everyone, No, no! That's something! Arrays personal problems they write loggerheads was a common moment. Let me There are really enjoy your show. I like the music but I'm in the morning or will it get irritated, because I still like every day we're talking about racism and I, and that there is a problem. I do See- and I have witnessed things where- a blackmail as entry, definitely against the White now, but at the same time, and everyone says: there's no, no such thing as reversed racism. I don't agree with that because the wise woman. I have been treated differently by a black ray. Because what my ancestors have banned, I don't agree with what they bade by any means. If I could go back and change history, I would I don't like it and I feel bad
is that people have to go through things because of what someone my skin color did, but at the same time I don't feel like people at this day and age that treat people, everyone equal, should be mistreated and that's the problem is we we judge book by its cover. Like your guys comment about calling why people mayo I don't really know what he wants you to how you're the meaning there. So I can't be a one too on the days of the new mood of man, is right. Now, mom be honest with you, I love you, but you Moody's, man is re. Mad man, I don't Meanwhile, you like many of you, like my do you really like mayonnaise, be honest exactly disgusting. That's what I mean. Ok nasty, write, anything else, as a matter of nasty gas, one of her, knowing he Massey nobody the other day, you Taylor Swift, with an ass added. Girl attitude to the point and tailor about everything
you have an attitude in no way she was singing a song disgusting nasty like manner whether bad, covering all right in the life of me. That's a racist now you call them. That's. That's profiling, why, because there why their mandate of yellow Noma guns? Thank I why everyone right back. You react good day. You ever go a mom, I'm sorry Michael's! He does a guy Fifty one thousand and one Charlemagne Kim Zolciak donkey of the day, and I want everybody out there that that that is really offended by the term mayonnaise. I need you to know that Mason mayonnaise isn't real many there really is a social conscript. In a manner that is able to do what many does exist? I note your media, whether their manages wouldn't be real. Kim's Elsie access
system isn't really really doesn't exist. She said something to that effect. Do you agree with the call us now the breakfast level? More morning, everybody is D J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast Club Navvy just joined us. Charlemagne gave him a little donkey of the Dana why'd. You dont want to give a targeted for these common fishing made writer. This whole racism thing in this day and age. Everyone apology, which raises a very tragic way: national LAW, So, as you know, nobody really wines, because a social media was near. Racism was now that real I know it's hard to understand. Man is when is mumbling when is mad and mumbling, but she said his whole racism thing in this day and age is bs. The everyone it old mother elbows, on account of his work? No apology for racism stuff? sure media, whether their racism, one all aerial, derive a lesson to the formats allows this? Look all Nicole, we're talking about
he was also do booby wishes. It is crazy because I feel like he was talking about that guy thing to heart, like a game upon her coming from where I live, I lived and worked well and I went to an all black eyes was cool. When I went to what I went, Latvia Ochre an island volley from being. Why and are not showing a quarter and stylish. So I have to tell you so you do my fine. I'm fine do that. Racism is really, I think it very real, but I think its will on both. Then no man. I think that if everyone gets put the collar coin, these guys and move forward with this look. That's that come on a person. Can we haven't? We try it wouldn't understand. Why not happy wiping away? I go. I find a black,
you're right plate is ongoing and knocking guide, ok moment what I agree with, and I agree with it now or every wipers we re now, but, like I hate when why we will call I've been trying to tell Blackie warlike of yours diabetes, the worst Iberia, your daughter, this hello, I do believe that data Asthma morning. How did you get that? I mean about right now? Would you think about? Can we agree? We can agree with GM anything What people I gotta go see the round black people all the time, so I dont know if she, The law arises. Armed about know how really like people, Our analgesics raises the now, but don't be run in arousing. You know if you want social media. One day, racism will live in all areas valuing all. But I dare say. Let me ask you why you I solemnly. I cannot believe that
with you, my motive, the world come into when people started, ruin me no hello. This is where they occur, pay the ugly. What gives us yet it isn't real, not no. I don't agree with her, but I ought to say I've been watching housewives. Years in everybody who wants you should know. Camp mentality is very nowhere. Local are these for after you enter a like or gave you heard that opportunity and make us way, and we shouldn because he'd Mitchell Not even our level understand the whole argument about me, big mum, was the moral of the story. The moral of the story is truth is still true even if you don't believe it and races, MR racism, even if you don't believe it exists, knock it off like come back like the topic using the term Andy's ice. Now, if you dont like, I am not going to stop using the term Annie's, I dont know why did terminates pieces why people off, but I think many, this disgusting, I think it's nasty
and when I use it, I'm using describe people with nasty attitude lamp. What about a white you because you frantic they can't com, you I'll, be out over Maui Friday? Can you see the skin He'll get skin like living project. In number one. I e the ok would that have nothing to do nothing, I'm calling somebody with a nasty attitude. Many right Taylor, swift things, song. It sounds nasty inoperable many Arkwright about I a record of adding a regulated whack, and it is the disgusting It happened to be by poles, mulatto Matthias, Mau Mau Mau Mau Mau mayonnaise, no economic. In no way, ok, we got room is away would say about calling cabinet. He does one one of the highest honours obstacles, while common cabinet, my guy, and also six nine and Casanova gunshots. At the bar plays I'll, tell you about it when we come back preface locally, action boy went down the star books, you did
but an activist eyebrow knock it off the floor. I got some none of it and I got some honey from a tea at other guarantees, more gangrene Tita we have of here, and I we got some honey I'll pay for it. Pay forty so they gave you free thought. What what does this? Only a mug white tears millennium bug could use that why you make issues are evident as well. Are you what you know it forget? Those kids in a room is so a castle Nova Scotia signal at the Reul report, whereas break this Dan. I was frightened I over the weekend in Brooklyn. Adrian Verona was the headline in fight and it was a joy was its should have been not, I think I'll go right. Call cannot know about that when my after, like atrium running to let it has gone more, you didn't he didn't August, first, six round that they age IRAN Elite in Eden, swing as much as I thought he would Boeing
did they did he be a deterrent I almost forgot boy up or after the FRY Adrian Verona had to say it is after all was given men and we will not hold on hold on hold on hold on retailers who get his face. I got media. Would they be? My more look came when men why you were only honest, I'm on my way out of a programme that way when and where they do to you. Day, retailers who would again be like install some people have you got to spit upon. I want you to know a lot about tat. We go get more. You Bruce I'm right here. Right now come on man, middle psychotherapeutic, peroxide works out at home. You settle down your place on six now right now, you up the wide ass the day and act like eight Rhone another more than attaining. Fourthly, asking you a damn fool or gave you could really really back it up in a ring Benny. The biggest thing in this board. I don't understand what going at it means gay on, confuses why you ve got many stab at analysis. Adrian broken,
had this about the rematch. Would you like to fight guess again, based on this drop, I told him I ll tell you know I want to find a word from other messages aromatic he bore me. They will rise in chicken. I want some up. There wasn't ponies around me. What's Acone Nord, south. Africa was Coney Island, but had no. That was finally, I would acone is, will weaken the budget making in Brooklyn. I guess it can. Fight. I don't know I don't know. I know so behind the scenes allegedly to cause she in Casanova. I ran into each an allegedly somebody, fired a gunshot or avenues to catch. You had to say this when he was outside. To be. We need a bag is TAT, Adam Adams, What's going on, I mean, I don't know Charlemagne a guide dog.
Case your new to me anything that I stand for. I want you to know that one of the basic principles of my life in our document that five o clock. Ok, look. Why don't know what happened? They found a slug and they said somebody was arrested, met. Many didn't find anybody did he. Finally, but I don't know all I know is Molly drink my greedy, I'm somebody daddy, look, I'm ok, I'm a husband! I had a businessman, I have time but his inward night, and could you move onto something nice? Please call a cab Amnesty International's high is on
Congratulations to him drop, one of whose bomb for carbon cabinet. My guy, we have a speech everyone. How can you stand for the national anthem of a nation that preachers and propagate freedom and justice for all? As someone just to so many of the people living there? How can you willingly be blind to the truth of systemic rationalized injustice? Is the people's unbroken love for themselves? That motivates me even when faced with the Humanising norms, system that can lead to the loss of one's life over simply being black? The glimmer of common cabinet is doing nothing, but the work drop. One includes bond for calling cabinet and I can't wait until he won the Nobel Peace Prize and congratulations to him a right in Asia. Roma report, Angela YE, will be back tomorrow. An shouts revolt will see you guys to my right. Everybody. Also people's choice, mixes up What you want to one here, eight hundred five, a five one thousand and one get your request in right Now- is to breakfast locomotive. I
hence in carbon. I want you to listen to the new podcast from Tree Fort media, and I hurt radio called the no support for forks with Jensen Cars TC. I'm a comedy writer and divert sports fans was terribly missing. Athletes I love cells, so every episode, I'm talking to the best tat, leads coaches, commentators and legends for round the world to see what they are doing now. There were all second, our cap on this pod castle. Here sports figures are entertained themselves and their families will find out of this thing and shape if their kids recycling them during home school. Did they almost burned down the house trying to make their own red? Are they sleeping in their journeys? And they, like, I do know just me all right. Some of my favorite episodes have been hearing boxing Legend sugar, Ray Leonard talk about staying in shape and drive when Prime Minister working now worker, whatever you can do for much better for having J Williams explained, is crazy. Nba crucified families cruise liners are massive, ok and getting a bit sweetheart Adam report to committee might Florentine fits that screen.
Yeah, I don't care to the no sports report. Now unsubscribe subscribe on the eye, her radio app Apple, podcast forever. You get pocket Buddhist after in teacher Jarvis Masters, steadfastly maintained is innocent, since he was sentenced to death. Almost thirty years, podcast dear govern Jarvis poses the question of a cure what emerged from the confines of his nine by for sale in San Quentin Jervis will share his riveting life story. How we manage to maintain a sense of optimism in the most dire circumstances, thereby further progress. How's it provide the details of the bloody murder in trials landed on debt? I really believe that working hours back that charge here do
those from inside it. This is a truly spite for his final state appeal with newly disclosed evidence. The posters and claims of innocence will the California Supreme were exonerate. Him reaffirm his debts. Listen dear governor on the eye heart radio, apple podcast. Wherever you get your pact tests,
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