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WED 10/5 - The Breakfast Club is joined by Lena Dunham, the writer & star of HBO's hit show "GIRLS". They discuss everything from the upcoming final season and what's next, to her sex life and rocky relationship with black twitter!

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So Jolly gather down like a mega forty. I just took all the windows. Ninety point: this press round have a visually join a breakfast club say some other visitors. Usa. Will you do women? Do it again? Do you do it again scale? is actually use, you got in the way we d better go get good morning, you as a Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Andelys, gettin, crap,
come on it's a piece of the planet. What day it is just one day, I got no headphones- might have also brought broken and around so I just plugged ahead. A programme of these by trade in organs and now about EU. These does the college. I know they used to be challenged, Kaliko IT abolition of these well An old here. Ok, ok! Here we are rewarded, everybody. It is Wednesday. It is help day. Hopefully, guys had a night. Last I load date night with the wife. Sometimes you gotta do that you still got a ditch wife labs allude to Stephen Magneto. They constantly absolute gotta nature, wife. I was caught a mad that need parkers movie wasn't out last night. I could take her to go see at last night, but it is not the way to do it. Go see Emily, yet ass, a good! That's actually both of us a good viewing, a middle weak movie about that the motto Thursday minute
and then they pogo Vietnam are rarely animals, but also about everything and excited about that. Did you ask the BT above board? Lebanon has seen some of it. I didn't want to. All show in the full amount, but I went in and out some of the free stout the rat ciphers subs I've got a week this year and I like to look at a few it. I was really don't. Let go of the very first one that they play a really really built. Will you do I killed at the young and making it a dynamic? I've been made them really got busy visiting me ass. Yours W Navy Davies busy navies killed it the first. Why do you think of me? Was mills you some day he killed it from my boss, though admitting on another list, I was really stood out. The real issues, man, Mr Bt away and I'll- tell you I was they probably cipher without young Chris, air Tita, all I guarantee you don't really have legal somebody in a group that, unlike him, best gesture and they pray live in a safe, Ass m M in
not with plant around there they would have been away was ears were given all covered sharply. Drab was deadly played around really know the BBC good. I guess I guess losing their long effects. His voice in everything may use only add. No. I've got an easier lens to breathe and I know, but I don't know I don't know how we can work as the first of our really hurt. Do a rap like a full rat, the one killer, narrow lung one long killer does the moon. Screening last night does no good, you be wholesome movies good, but this one was in Jamaica. Queens Posada was car their prey before you eat Two ok! Well, you know. Jamaica arouse are easy to see why despite the vertical anymore about one and it is actually answered. Why can't I forget what we gotta watch when we do so?
people out and Collegiate Salazar Queen was a bad area grow enough if it is from way Supreme firmly fifties from fluid. If we don T know, the fifty cent is that no citizen who is the supreme you know Supreme the drug dealers, employment, oriented a country, not New York life, even though The problem is the global I noted, but anyway, that's Wakens Reign Supreme. Rightly any change. The name of Jamaica South side is now Jamaica Heights. In the value of the house's up, they are gone up extremely so you can grab AUS, really really cheap and engine make acquaint right now realize what is important is to give people a little help well, let's get to show cracker front page knows I will give you some updates on Hurricane Matthew, as it heads towards the United States will tell you what happened when it hit Haiti yesterday, as poor cat is predicted, where it's gonna be hearing this later on this week,
Only the vice president's a debate was held yesterday. She's, a creator of girls, yes limit, as I shall Lena Dunham will be hit, is one way to Denham will be joining us. Just wanted to keep alive to breakfast club is really Why were everybody is dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne? God we are, the breakfast club has gained some front page news now in sports baseball, the blue J B D, Orioles five to an extra aiming to advance in the play, although it emits by tonight mostly to nice of gloves, remit the UN's out. They met side. Let's talk about Hurricane Matthew, yes, Hurricane Matthew, s going toward the seven Bahamas this morning, after leaving Haiti, they left. Eleven people dead on the path towards the United States for catches are predicting The reply to the main cause, an South Carolina later on this week right now of violence. They diver in Haiti, so we told you there have been eleven debts to gather the storm also did in Cuba.
But there was no immediate reports of major damage to, but Florida in South Carolina are preparing to evaluate more than one million people. As far as the thing is the most powerful a storm and almost a decade, the greater London. You can't even say anything about natural disasters, I will eat of Gmos. You are easy prey for natural disasters and then you can do so by the debate. Vice president should be right. My pants and TIM hang got into it. Of course they talked about their running mates, a whole that no, not yet I was unless they are obliged to be do above water memorials of GDP. As I was part of it, it was in the most exciting in the world. They were pretty com. They did interrupt each other that as well, but I came, I think, the main difference and according to an ASEAN and they say that the main take away is basically Kane is talking about of President Obama, the jobs that were created. Fifteen million jobs, the median.
I'm is rising and enhances thing that it's not just a sunnyside people still struggling in the economy is struggling further areas, just very half empty have at this point that we just get to Airbus. Nobody voting for one hour yet another. This is going to change your mind. The new a little more than a few days away from November. Behave like Hamas life beauty of a war zone asthma two priorities into priorities: great goodness, gracious right! Well as front page. News, tell him why you mad eight hundred five, eight five little If you're upset, you need to vent callers right now. Nods, wide open which lie on the air Somethin's. Bothering you and yes, leaned Dunham will be found by onawandah Lithuanian in Texan, like we have to live. We live here Well, I don't want. My aim is to create and right of girls on a load of italian northern. The last lesson is coming out next year, so that can be the final season of girls. Rights will kick it would
next album right now, with Stella volume at eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent call us now at the breakfast club good morning The breakfast club the other day we gotta play while bank could probably have been it with so many girls in your Bulgaria. We don't need any other browser, but really knows Dermody drug comedies lobby girl, but it does have gone away. We only two guys go, go away, talk about exactly why you were the boreal talk about a year ago. Now we're today. We should That's why I don't like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, like I hate when they, when they put hip hop artists in the rock and Roll Hall of Fame Hip hop is the biggest probably the biggest donor in the past thirty. When we all support the old Addis I mean around us. No, I mean you right, but we don't. You know in Rock n Roll LISA.
The old odd is here we know we were. We come together the holy upon nation and create a fully to see that some place. We can go Agnes actually seen in every five We have a duty to give to the hall of Fame, no way that I got more bread, but I've got that overburdened almost started on Facebook today, no please most of all, a faint start, no facebook to day Facebook. Well, I was this the always bad as Michael Cobby, incredible Why should we go you credible holbrooke? My leg homey, who I will now refer to hear in as they fed sack of saccharine no gave my mother decide to give him a little store. It all boils down to the boy stiff and pursues the plenty would cause. How is he like thirty of the dawn of the like seventeen years, and he would have the nerve to do
sunlight? Dare you know that's like browser to subdue? So what did you say you own five minute presenting how you know your girl and pull it out for him? There was nobody. The carbon It is now not a girl, Mama gotta have alive to was Mamma and it now that is very fast. This is, of course, she was afraid. I don't want to lose you guys police thing out on a train and I think tat was when I was younger, jiving passages put anything as disgusting autonomous Romania, as does the good at the girl you for you, but you know that a moment via mobile, allows this dilemma furthermore, and we call for our programme Why why you met this morning, America that would put he bought, pays paper do and I'm just tired. But I was a billion and build a that's as I used to be in school. Now. Let me yes, It is worth the paper on how these life quality and how
bill about it, you should be about an age. I might add that our aid can be mad. Exclamation, mobs, mad capital letters, you will be limited people do people going paper nominated, Devil College. You go to school, you gotta worry about, William Palaces and really p. Senator Paine rather than improve, read it allows this Vienna. DNA tell him. I may we call from Ankara greater My railway mammoth gotta work every day and I worked as a person, I think, really bad. You gonna tell him that I am unable to less than eight is the name they rely. Me, and I mean you know, a man is meant a wee bit we gave about you. Gotta have approached the people. I will just keep tell enemies, think very realistic It's a damn Salem people can smell, is over lying at group that I bid
now that are really smell. It represents how'd you get here. It s more like you know, when you go to the zoo at first, you walk in his things, but in your nose gets adjusted, and then you don't even know it smells anymore. Tell me why you five hundred and eighty father, five one or fire, one of your obsession need to vent. Cordless right now is to breakfast club component the breakfast club that was. Bryson silhouette exchange moaning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club next hour in a done here will be joining us down to two people who don't know explainable Lena done. Him is because I really nodding. I ain't that a special girl world, which is something the care to hand on his cell, but she s a created, a rider. She has this Lenny letters that she dies, she's as self proclaimed, feminist lending, that is often family, one gone and gloves. She's one army she's huge,
In my view, those is way too not now you do. I mean it. I'm gonna world, yes, and she and show girls is based on four girls. Eleven grown up in Brooklyn yeah, your place A friend surrounding them. Banana like a glamour is not a good life is like the struggle, the real story. You have been a fan of girls. For a long time. Black women are issued Lena Dunham, they say the sheer she's she's, a when it was. She doesn't include black women when it talking about equality for women, ok, but she only upper White White, women's equality, Ok, I salute every thought there will show their necks out. Also we got rooms on away. Yes, we are going to talk about somebody else, another item. He says that he is suffering from depression. Ok, and it will talk about Halle Berry. Remember we told you yesterday that Rick Flair said: there's smashed yea mast. Well, would tell you how she responded poker. It is all that when we come back, keep it lacked is to breakfast locomotive the breakfast club.
We urgently need a parallel had he's gone through a lady just takes himself into rehab and that is for depression and suicidal urges he posted a message on his face book. He said I haven't I've been a peace. Since you known me abiding come here, I would have done something to myself. I simply am a dam. Is human swimming in a pool of emotions? every day of my life. These array violent storm inside of my heart. At all times. He goes on to say, anxiety and depression have ruined my life for his own. I can remember- and I never leave the house because of it. I can't make new friends because of it. I don't trust anyone because of it, and I'm tired Seeing how back in my life I deserve to have peace, The remedy, lower cutty went on a couple weeks ago when he was coming to drink in Kenya, TAT. It had nothing to do with drink and Congo and everything to do with Cutty. That's while at a time when people come at you, you can't take things personal because often times not you is there a blank cheque,
writing learning, I gladly shown much myself to others. I forgot that I need to show myself some love too. I think I know really knew how I'm scared. I'm sad, I feel like a let alone go down and again I'm sorry. It's time I fix me, I'm nervous, but I'm a get through this. A curry with this large now because he was gone through it, but a measly novi. He needs help when he went to go get data and we are talking about how people suffer from depression and things like that and he said he had suicidal urges. You never really know what somebody's going through very glad private and keep him from checked himself is multiplied. I got this could take care of myself, but I'm glad he checked himself and I hope he guessed Albania's right and he said he was ashamed to cause. It has significant to be an open about terrorism is www. He said a machine, to be a leader, and here it is so many while admitting I've been living a lie so we'll keep an eye out for kid Cudi and lets you know what's going on somebody has checked into rehab hooker. I was Khalifa, he is starting a clothing. Trying to launch apparel that is inspired by Sebastian. Ok, it's cause bag.
He's working with junk food clothing for the new release of his best collection Ah, the designs are based around Sebastian, all of his Hobbes and the things that he's into I just really wanted it to fail personal to him. So when he sees it, he gets excited his three years old. So you might not understand the concept of having its own clothing line, but the fact that all of his favorite things are all over his clothes and makes them feel special. It makes him entertained by what he's wearing Sq. Just oh, that's a super. Thing I read: flare verses, Halley Bury who would have seen this battle coming now, disaster with Rick Flare on his show, talking about how he actually had berry on space, mountain areas, celebrity writers of Space Mountain, several dozen I gotta get an angel. I will be happy barrier way. Our highly barrier at space Mountain in the latter and she has got the Moors Dave Justice.
Are you telling the real story? I now do what I have to make up a lot. Less aim is an Italian is so late How much of a very dynamic lamia? Why are we appeal is worth Haileybury responded, see said that never happen. Her rapid shouted down said there is no truth. It is highly, has literally never even heard of him, let alone not gonna. Have limited the ad they rightfully maximize. Now, I'm looking for reviewing have adequate flare value. I am uneasy Ito out in a ladder affidavit. Yes, it out or low reinflame imbroglio bats, but you gotTa Ripley now, one or both said a man doesn't get to sexual eyes and lie about a woman is never met to better himself on his name is pensive demeaning Ambien besides Monistic network, our response then posted a picture of drums. Javelin burning a video only took in Atlanta, which is where he allegedly in us, as he had sex with her in Atlanta over the weak he captain it. I was right on Sunday, so I think we are
no the nature boy, ain't, a liar. Play, maybe masturbated and thought about Halle allowed a guy This mass? When I think about what I do, I see things you never met him, maybe see Debenham into nowise, less true to the home. Now am I saying why haven't you Did you sleep with just some random guy? You don't know, and I mean no Rick Flare ways out I think that an athlete only with ready with somebody just cousin who they are not at all you know are obviously will move away and well, we don't know random strangers, but you know now Mary about a grey nigh round mystery. That's Halley buried caveat if we bear in mind if I go to, as did the army's wonder where came from anyway, I've got bigger bomb, say that's not least, I want to know the least.
I know is it is a very odd story- are used wisely and employees a goner you just get or you. Everyone knows some screen in the club tat. He has been a purposeful case of Ghana. No. It was around There was ripped where they get emitters got a really keep it at that he's a very good report. I'm gettin! Let thank you miss DE when we come back now you get Gunnar is right. Leader Dunham will be joining us when we come back to the creator of good gonorrhea brighter all at once, When we come back hip and the breakfast locomotive, that was for free morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club special guess. Inability in Charlemagne is the only gives an icy Charlemagne offer somebody tea or water. We now I've never seen him did at either landline. Would you like some water usage, lava liquor?
Why did you have noticed the bar? I knew should have known. I knew about the bargaining fully. You haven't Lena done him here. Do you want on the show you see what Congo Draeger I've never had really do you drink I drink like a quarter of a pound of wind pass out. Do things? No, you talk about Roma and carry on budgets report like Emily easiest drowned in the world? So, what's your wisely, because you will see what you have any emissions that you just you didn't like it feel like it I deal. So what would he does you? I took a small amount of clodagh pampers met by a doctor. You know a little bit of classy, never heard of uneasy. Be right. That's firmly that reality, let's forget society and OECD. So if I need it really, what are my other vices elect shop? I try to keep it under control and I like to
nap great values and sleeping give. You remain among women after all game Magala why the year seems a fog it. I know what everybody around me I like it. I know we're on our audience like go it s, my focus, no, my while everyone, I know whose anachronistic a great three weeks and gets a pretty crack. Glad you know. Why would you take them, but you don't really mean I don't want you to fall apart at the seams you're done, though in it re or how stay in it L B market via you did homework for the show, and you actually what some interviews I did ask what inability to enjoy what what? What did you like? I just love watching you guys year thing and is so much more about sort of like all of your connection than it has even about the guest, but to interviews. I showed you, enjoyed the Post Malone interview. I don't know why I just like. Maybe it's like the angry college. Rowan majors likes him couple, people like snow
long haired White guy looks like something that gives me pleasure, and then I watch the brandy interview, which I have always been a massive brandy, phantoms Moesha. So I was just like how like serious I got and how deep you got in there. Although you said that it became a Patsy was upset out of there. She was, she cried, you must choose to the vehicular homicide. At one point I have always had in August, the labour government has decided to be honest. I wear this, whereas they used to be you know what I mean. What I was saying was lighted mountainside something's is something different that we all hope. None of us have, that sounds various Gladys onlooker hatred. Yet how did they get a homicide when people always tease are about their own social media view crucial social media.
Causing. I would have no idea about I've, never seen anybody teaser about that, what they produce a core rights and everything. How did you even note? I have heard TAT he lay down. We value the ILO. I will tell you this. I do not have a driver's license and I'm thirty old woman never got. It grew up a group like ten from your, never driver laser yoke now can you am. I can swam of my mom made sure of that uncle. She made me, wonder, swim in a public pool that literally had like pieces of humans at the bottom of airport. Using you will learn to swim. Everyone's round and that of wine, but I was keen drivers at an ally, and then I've made the mistake of going down. The Wikipedia rational celebrities have killed people with their cause Why would you look at me when I was honestly? I saw Rebecca Gay heart out somewhere and also what Rebecca Gay Arthur Georgia buying a car don't want to ever join this Wikipedia list and I feel like I really would if I was given my license. So I'm going to continue the super lice
for his long night or had out of it. You know I thank you. Thank you couldn't could eat, you thought become things you got me thinking, bottom kill somebody new COMECON, one got you might in the council does not threaten to kill somebody decision didn't want when I knew I was getting many times and you go somewhere and it would be so convenient for you to get a rental. Oh my god, you are there so many times, especially before Goober like when I would be in LOS Angeles. You would have to call yellow cabs and radically forty five to eight and I, like you, know what you just go outside and Hale a cab know I'd be like squatting in a chick filet crying waiting for my car, like you need to be able to drive it's an adult scale and I dont want to be like a mom can't drive my kids, the hospital, but will get that
Look about. Girls are ye, see that a girls come out. We just wrapped four days ago, Mary emotional letters. That's you were writing to the feel, able inherently soft added it. We sought to promote it, but I have to say that that last night I was weeping like a mother bleeding baby. I couldn't believe it just in my hold. I started writing Michel when I was twenty three and thirty now those are all make. That's my family. Those are my best friend, so it felt like this crazy loss and even though we can all like go out to dinner, we formed this incredible culture. Unlike I woke up the next nationals of one wavin do with myself MA. Am I, like I kind of walked out on the street like what do I do when I'm not on the television show. I guess the answers come to the breakfast of embargo
I gotta be the last season there because I felt like it could of continued on its a great wish. I mean I think, it's like when people started jobs, so young have to give them room to grow and I'm including myself, but I also think that all the actors that I work with like air careers or taking off atoms in star wars, Allison starring in this movie- that's gonna- be amazing. Um, Jordan, Jordan, peels movie get out which is coming out in February. They all have I mean Jim. I'm is a painter she's, two kids around his passions like I wanna. Let them grow and develop, and I felt like it was a certain point. I never wanted to become that showrooms again, I'm just going to my day. Job like we ve had so much love for every day that we ve done it, and I wanted to go out with us all still having that connection and the passion for what we do is. I think it translates onto the screen, and I feel like the moment words like we ve kind of captured this magic energy between us. So, let's finish out right away, we started and it was beautiful.
At the end, we all cried. We all hugged. We were all in your. My sister give it three more years we all would have been like or whoever n. I can't believe you were. The same dress is made of this award shut. We never got into that zone will tell us what girls is about for somebody to those in the Ottawa, girls, these guys or any arrow. I still have my reasons. They wanted NOS forty people, community. Let you still wives girl, the Roma communities charges. Will you now shouting you tweeting about? It was like a very big deal room. Yes, of course, because you know like you know, a girl and he's not a girl. I'm gonna gave for that. Your gear, you ass girls, like other shuffle a weapon, is naked women and I believe, gaping you could ever do at least of all may was on lasses. How good come on down labour was what sellers are by now. Maybe women it is about four girls. Now, women, who can have come to New York,
like make their fortune is Look Lando, Brooklyn and then realize like. Oh, this is not the second the city world this is in the world were like you can even find an apartment that has enough room for two people and doesn't have rattling real. So it that was our goal at the apartments. Are tiny actors barely where make up the sexes and sexy it's just about what it feels like to be in your twenties and struggling and hustling and how impossible it feels and how causes you to be? Not that nice, your friends and destructive in your relationships, and so I would say let them most market characteristic- is All the characters are best friends but kind of hate each other. Yes, as some of those carries a kind of foul yeah, regular Jephtha she's, a nun. That would be my friend, I'm just saying: she's. As we know it. I know how you feel about that I'll? Have you for Adam? Only because you know I'm a man from the whole. Allow, though you know me with the law of the jungle to be best friends.
But there were broken up. Your were broken up. It is still a girl, coal and gas sneaking around, which is really unites. The thing I was like, if they had just come to hand and men like listen, were in love and does what we're gonna do, but they snuck runnin than they eight or find out in his terrible way. The end of the day like I believe you can't come in and wreck a perfectly happy relations, May I feel in my relationship with my boyfriend or very connected. It would be very hard for, like a woman to walk on the scene and just remove him, maybe I'm delusional, unlike he's literally like a having sex with report homer, Every Anna was egg does when as sex with him one time I'd be like. Why don't you have sex with me? One but back then why Lou I'd be splendid? If you aid in, does you gotta go to made. It gets. It actually is right. We got more. We believe that when we come back cuban the right hand, side we raise the breakfast locomotive
The breakfast club was easy. Excuse me, MRS Lulling, everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, Lena Dunams, in the building of Charlemagne. Apartment sex life because it reflects in your, I have to say to us, which is that I do. I do a lot of sexual seven television and I had I like adventure, some early twenty and nerdy. Now your whole phase, as we call it, I really went through it. I posted a picture and enshrined the other day of me and I was so tempted to be like. I mean I just wrote like what a wild time they wanted to be like. I was on oxy comment sex with more people this week that everybody I buy them. That is is that I actually I've been with the same guy for five years.
I love him. I adore him. I would never talk letters actually publicly. I respect him deeply and I'm actually weird Lee kind of like prudish like like I'll, do anything on tv, but look if somebody sizzling sexual to me in real life, I'll turn beat rat like I'd, really have a real life of a guy like you dirty little that horror, but on tv, it's on tv and also in my early twentyth, and thinks that money we heard just now when you love or would just get I'd. Rather, you can add to this is like a of it in my early twenties was I didn't, love myself very much so any thing that anyone brought to the table. I was like. I guess I don't like moaning, has this bit. She doesn't queens of comedy where she talks about how like, if you're like of chubby girl, you have to just be up for anything sexually like those
she's like there's, just you can't make any rose cause, that's what you had an armed robbery, freedom, overrule yeah! That's why moaning says- and I remember watching that, whereas in twenty two ending like I know what you're saying like I was like chubby anxious covered him temples and just didn't forget the writers We now know advocate for myself, and so so much of my life from twenty five to thirty is in being like. No, my worth is about more than My body and may worth is about more than whether I look like a supermodel, and so that's really freed me up to connect to myself. As I, too think like do I want, rather than like? Oh I'm gonna like in a crawl around on the floor for some guy who doesn't even It is in English. I don't enjoy just so you can, like I'm a freak. So was getting next. Like defence mechanism, like I regular tiny furniture using your underwear lad net, like you even know about any furniture mediaeval so alive, yeah. I think a lot of it was like I know that I don't have a traditional body, it's funny my whole family, my
my mom. My sister, everyone is like I've eleven and, like thirty pounds lighter than feeling my boyfriend's ways like white male man did your mom for you to come see me I'm like I'm like this little like duckling falling around us like family of hot people, and so I think I've always felt it literally. Like my sisters, modeled, my mom is like lips like sixty seven and like we were out in the park a few weeks ago, and a guy came up to me and was like love your show, and then he came with my mom and he was like your beauty. Link. Certain common enemy then hit on my mother, and so I think I just- and I was best friends with your mama- was now on. The show was like most beautiful, still beautiful, but, like literally I've got on the street with her when she was nine months. Pregnant and she'd be getting head on, and I'd be like perfectly new by twenty two year old who is being ignored, and so
I think I had this feeling like. I need to expose a body that I know so many women have and it did make me feel strong and it does and I'm sort of coming out of that phase. Now I dont need that in order to feel fully formed, but there was this part of me. Those just like see me and don't you see me see all the women who look like me and understand like this is what a female body, because we don't see what we see is not real, and we all know that and we're I think, moving in a direction of people wanting to be more open about like what the human form looks like, but especially when we started girls five years ago, like people had like violent reaction to seeing me naked, like repulsed reactions- and I would like probably have to who are so horrified about this is what your roughened looks like this, which are way more than have, is what your mother looks like. This is a body You know when you say traditional bodily word of the traditional, but will it change is based on history, but like right now, but there is always a body that involves willing. I don't know what you would say you guys were no better as goods like what the body.
That is always they act is maybe a couple years ago was really in Armenia with all within an hour is going and ass it had been in their monopolies restrain them. Who's the YAP waste trainers, which I heard him not very good for your in killing and everyone here and we want to die of the waste rooms and die for the budget, and that too, but shots thing is really intense. It was actually my boyfriend who explained to make us he's a producer and so evil like being out my studio and young girls like having these bakeries these but shots, and I was like sitting in my house it even me. I like this, like feminist, wasn't even at my teeth whitening. Unlike do I need bookshops like
you guys, are whereas illegal the idea of a body that, like idolize by american culture, so often its being marketed towards women and the fact is, as like, I've been thirty pounds heavier than I am had been twenty pounds later, Amy shimmers its links and work. It's never stopped me from getting late like it just never read like at the end of the day. I actually think that men are accepting of a much and women sexually or accepting of a much wider spectrum of bodies, but what's being marketed, when in cosmetics ads and with being marketed to women in fashion magazines, is different and is destructive and how to do it. How did you get to doing right? Because I see what you have low sulphur Stephen one time seems like you were proud of your body, but now it seemed like you're sweating, probably heard you ass a rule. Always proud of, and I definitely have moments where I walk into leg. The golden globes and I like eight inches shorter than everybody, unlike wearing a giant sack, and unlike others, did I at here, and that I think you care about eurobonds to mostly really
you're too, in the ear to in your hair. But don't you think, as a writer you I'm more emotional and a lot more? Maybe thinking about my dad always has this thinkers. Both my parents are dismayed. Adds like artists. Have lake and I'm sure you based feel this cause your creative people, like Almost like your skin is another organ. You mean your skin is an organ, but it's like you feel everything re like you're, so raw, and so I do feel so, there's a part of me that doesn't give of, which is why I knew what I do. Then there's also a part of me that, just like once people around me to be happy and accept mean, can with me and those two things are kind always doing battle and probably will be for a long time. I can, you know, feel people's opinions on Twitter. I can feel people's opinions on the street, but in my art, I'm like safe and I'm immune, and I'm like it feels like a superpower when you're inside your work. I don't love you hey silhouette, absolutely is all about the work for me. I guess the most fulfilling feeling that the money or anything I like creating great work, which would you every day argue with everything, You don't get a feminist, I am so it's kind of you
just being objectified, but it sounds like you want to be objectified just a little bit. It's complicated and I think a lot of women think that feminism means having a clear perspective on your own sort of like strength and power. Every moment, and I have a friend called Roxane Gay, who wrote an amazing book called bad feminist and what's so interesting about it, it's like, Looking at the fact that, like being a feminist, is full of contradictions, and just because I want to have it all, and just because I want to have equal pay, equal rights control over my reproductive rights and a sense that I can walk into room and have the same kind of power not be dismissed because of the body that I was born into. There's also part of me that will never lose the sense that I want that kind of attention that I was always told that women are supposed to happen. So those two things you can be a true blue, passionate feminist and still feel the pain and challenge of, and rejection of being, a woman in this culture and both of those things and live together. At the same time, I don't know if you ever feel like you like,
tough, I'm strong, amazing and I also kind a link want someone to look at my about what I'm walking down the street ran like would then have our say Lena, you are afraid. I don't talk to me like that. I probably actually wooden. It's not that it's like is one thing to say, but you ve got a fat ass, a good thank you of your life. You ve got a fat ass and if you don't, let me touch it, I'm gonna tell everybody that you did Exe I mean, like there's, wrote, shades and degrees like there's sexual harassment and there's like making somebody feel women and those two things and I think, what's hard is like the line is grey and its messy and like we all have to find it for ourselves, but, like nothing, makes me feel better than when I come into work and like one of the? U know guys who I work because, like you show me pretty today and it's like it's a nice one like I already know you think I'm smart. So thanks appreciate when somebody opens the door for me when a man opens the door, I can still say thank you, my boyfriend sending her first date. He said I'm not going to open the door for you because I'm a feminist. If I respect that you can open the door for yourself, and I said I think, that's lazy,
in a start up remove our right. We got more willingly Dunham when we come back, keep it lacked. Is the breakfast club kimono notoriously morning, everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy? We oughta breakfast Club Lena done in the building elephant, about I feel it when I'm in lingering restarted, you gotta lotta controversy because they feed and have a lotta black faces. You think ahead as they set, especially in Brooklyn, which is set to divert amounted to a different races
why does nobody did you made up for that over two seasons? I'm not gonna say that I've made up for it, because I think that what I really will really be making up for it is if we can support female voices of color, the way that our voices have been supported and because I think everyone's criticism, girls was totally valid, but at the end of the day there need to be female greatly. That's why I'm silks Adra insecurities arrays, because it's like my that voice needs to be on television. It doesn't need to be my voice, telling the story of a black woman, New York experience and needs to be easy, getting to go deep and go personal about what it feels like for her to be a black woman, a young black woman.
Eating in LOS Angeles right now, and you know when I started the shy was twenty three and I literally I'm half jewish and half Christian. I wrote like to choose into Christians and goes so close to home for me, and I was writing these characters, who were all in some way extensions of myself little black, yes, but looking back like an ever, want to see another poster, that's for white girls. I don't think we need to live in a world where we have opposed her. That's for white girls! That being said, the fact is like the experience of being a black woman in Brooklyn, is given the experience of being a white woman in Brooklyn, and I wanted to write from place of accuracy and passion and understanding, and so in the future. I would love to collaborate with and support women who wanted. Their stories, rather than attempt to sort of co, opt their stories so that I have the cast. It looks great unopposed. I'm glad you said look of a lotta women of color FU, like you ignore them when it comes I feminism ass. The articles when I say you focus on
and what you mean: equality for white women in that Lackland women of color. That's definitely a criticism that I've gotten and it's one of the main reasons again, that I start that many countries are Lenny letters just to have the diversity of voices and to say, like I've been given this incredible give she's been given this incredible gift to share it. We have to say so. How can we spread that, and I have to say, look over the six years of doing girls. I've learned so much about intersections feminism. I mean it's like, even though white women can sometimes feel it repress minority, there's an ant higher sub section of issues that we can't even relate to, like the sense that you have to be scared, when your child leaves the housing. The sense that you don't ever going to be able to come home like the fact that people are assuming that you're not capable of doing a specific kind of job like, and so everybody comedies was Workwoman you I mean I have to
I'm not trying to brag about it, I'm not a, but I have some amazing amazing friends who are enlightened, complex, beautiful multi, faceted, black women, who it shouldn't be their job to educate me because it shouldn't be anyone's job to educate anyone, but They ve been there for me to have that dialogue, and I'm really blessed by that, because I can't row is a feminist. I can't grow in my perspective, if I'm not hearing all that feedback and like I feel it just awful, in life is too like of all of those with everyone in your social media and when they get on you too, you know, and you will have your dad. I was she ignoring all black women tweets well part of it is that it remained where I don't know. I send my tweets to someone because it just got violets like I want. I want so I say to him like there's a thoughtful tweed. Please send it to me and I would love to respond, but I can't go on there come through all that, because maybe there's gotta be five. Brilliant interesting questions from lack of that had loved answer, but its mixed with like
Hey you piece of how you should be stoned on the street, I'm going to your dad like. I can't look at all that stuff. It's too much so like saying right here like those of the dialogues that I want to have an especially as I've been out campaigning for Hillary Clinton. I realise how important knows eyes like I dont want to be I'm going of Lord at the end of the month and North Carolina. I'm bringing amazing and diverse group of women with makes us like it's not enough in its not cool to be out. There is just like us, a white woman being taken. We may reproductive rights because that's not actually the biggest issue at stake in the election. Because we had a rabbit already gone while when she's you, I've, show questions lawyer, but as this when they are simple, of you, filming, alas, ease in oh yeah, and am looks like the aid they may be. In addition to that, is that a sport? wherever I, let's just say, I'm just going with the line and the pictures were people I would pregnant. Let's just say it a huge hamburger and then find out
not a hamburger lessons Maxie. That I mean. I think, if you look at the pictures, it's pretty obvious without going on the good thing. Is that, like girls, it s only show that's all about this boilers like we're, not game of Brown. So it's about the connections between the peoples of that's. Why at first one of properties of and then I'll say you know what was gonna stand here. Browed Lakers proudly pregnant what can we do not have the best line? Guy said to me: I'm standing there in the costume shall we say, and he looked at me. What are you really pregnant- and I say it now- and he said so Are you doing later, like what all sir and I think what it might said he ass? Would you also I liked it out with my? no question why you turn your father gave on girls personal experience. It is my real tat, a straight as hell.
He actually did say to me he was like unit. Do you know how many people have asked your mama, I'm guy any like do you know how many people have been linked with your forty or marriage, or shall we always felt like there was something there like a complexity and a wrinkle as to why Hannah was who she was and it just started. It made sense fourth season for that to come out and the actor who did appear scary, did it so beautifully and so sensitively and and I loved playing that because it's like she has be an adult like she can't be a child about a Jessica like you know what I have to be there for my dad he's going through the transition. I'm an adult woman- and I can't make this all about me, so that was a really fun story line and all the daughter with Bill did you owned up to the Odell being too? Oh, my god. Thank you, young man, what o thou o actually winner has her own. I was in my own area. It was a great lesson to me in how your humor can be misconstrued cause to me. So many of my jokes about
like being in secure in my body projecting onto other people, but in the written word it did not translate to translate the hirlaji. Now he tried all around the opposite. Our me and I was at the met bond feeling super self conscious. You know, unlike the answer and so large and five Victoria's secret models and the deeds issues everyone's at your table, and you sitting there, and I just had this whole projected thought process of, like oh deltas, wanna be sitting next to me. He has one be talking to me. He thinks I'm garden He thinks I look like a boy, and so I thought all of that was coming across and it seem like. I was actually accusing him of some kind of me.
Johnny and the other thing that I was really grateful. That women, especially educated me about on Twitter, was like. I was unintentionally perpetuating like the stereotype of like a black man as someone who wool holler anything that's near him, and that especially at this moment in history, we have to be hyper vigilant about the way that we depict each other because of how much darkness and tension, dressed in this like Trump fight world that were in so I apologized immediately apologize to him privately, you think he's the coolest and he's an amazing dancer. That is as follows. I know about sport, I respect his career and I just will be much more careful in the future about making sure that, like my humor translates and that it doesn't have it in any way like that, creating destructive images
young black, so you think a lot of times when you have to solve this modification from allows them to self determination is really just humorous. Not you playing a victim is you destroyed before I thought it was the funniest idea in the world at the time I was like it so funny. I was dressed like a tiny boy and sitting next to no doubt, of course, if there were, if I was a beautiful professional athletes, rounded by singers and models. That was. Why would talk? Do not I need a little man woman in a tuxedo by when I explain their elders when I down like that and that's a fact is like you can't sit there complaining. My joke didn't translate if you're joking translate means your joke. Wasn't funny you're, drunk in work and as a comedian as a writer you have to own up to that, and the other thing is like. I think his response was. I don't know arms. Then you get em like I really don't have problems. Ninety million. I don't know enough about the situation. The common awareness at something like that, which is totally great. Like that's good he's living his life is doing this thing. He should be focusing on some dumbed that I said
we're part do come and soon we look forward to having you back million worrying when the new season a girl, starts you gotta. Last, you don't use over ILO Myself so many new mirror selfies alone. Lovelace out. I love my bad. I especially love my boobs, but out of a complicated relation parliament, because life is not when dimension are you with what exactly is mob defy if he said Yes, you good dinner. He would do if I said, is my fire. You like your on fire, he would have no idea. What I feel is. Are you in danger in his grave, ladies and gentlemen, is leaving bangs Glenn? I live in the dream the breakfast club:
this issue now annually on the breakfast last night at the BT here, pap avoid stoop dug out that I am here pepper, word and guess who presented that to him tat will be Kendrick, lemme check it out. It was the one who master the game to test and challenges and urge in respect of a college. Professor servers degree came from the streets. The lesson of us was so so heavy. It was able to put the young ones on game, they helped and avoid saintly force. Those examples we covered all transformative abilities to make em. Is revolutionary, is none other than big snoop dog? he's emerges in the game, was authentic bless. What are under apple masterful flow and a unique stout. If we ever shifted a perception of West Coast Music, yes- and you guys,
by Doktor J also performed, but to drive forward. That is today is an important report. Did you see what the green areas I didn't actually see it cause? I was told, but I got mine, isn't that a J performed a lot like a video of dreary was understood you now if they are not alone again, nobody before we knew they did a martyr to him. What he was talking about. A mini came over to the war raggedest everything what people are saying. Yes, you are Miss Amalric, thereby wig, Dublin. I let Social mediately tat family. How did he acts ISA in article? What were they please follow network? I'm looking at you re now whether there were any. Why wasn't Drake when Drake brought about the other night
How do I let me if I find it but I'll tell you, did I tell you that in their fleet in it, I told you guys, I daresay they have had to wear their last night cause. I wasn't homes I gotta catch up on everything I watched kindred one lyricism. You too, I thought you had a chance. The rubbish bin guided this year book, ok array, analyses about, came car dashi, and I give you an update on this the concierge is the person now that they are saying is the critical witness yeah, of course now that is because the concierge was handcuffed and he opened the door to her apartment. She said that he was extremely com throughout the whole situation. She actually engaged him in conversation asking him. Are we gonna die and calmly responded, I dont know so. She made a really big point to point out to the calves that he was so calm, even though he was handcuffed. Held at gunpoint. I after the ravages of the apartment. They took him back downstairs and left him in the lobby. Still handcuff now Karla Logger failed. Who is creative directive. She now actually talk to reporters about
what happened with Kim Kardashian. He said I don't understand why she was in a hole, how with no security and think like this. If you are that famous you put all your jewellery on the net. You gotta hotels when nobody can come near to the room. You cannot display your wealth and then be surprised that some people want to share it with you he said image. Wise is very bad for Paris. He said we make all the efforts to make Paris appealing, but he also positive picture dairies. And we are all with you, love car lot of victim. Blaming Annetta sounds like your own and then comments. I mean you know. I do say you and taste. The wolves would enter the give somebody to write to violate you just because you post your positions on so from that you were hard for absolutely what you do get to protect, be able to protect. You can, which poster and I would not want to be tied up and held at gunpoint him while came guide as in fares that she's gonna at her ring back because it's very rare and not in Noah this. But if anybody tries now that ring. There's gonna be some red flags, because the and has an inscription number on it and other markers honest
If anybody tries to Sally they'll, be some red flags is that even if the inscription scratched off, you can also identify her ring by special internal characteristics of the diamond. It's not foolproof, though, because if they actually crushed the big diamond into several pieces, it'll make it less traceable and they would have Try to sell it to somebody that will have no problem with bang orders of black market for their they'll get off. They will give it an ogre. Four point: four boyfriend no you for, but as a black mark Douglas Douglas Money, are they gonna get a little company? There is also no surveillance bodies. They contain a fine surveillance. What is my mother when Amy Cameras it cannot be denied. There was Only a camera that's in front of the building and the robbers actually knew where that camera was so they manage to avoid all she doubly garland of being caught on camera. Doubling alot of his cameras there, but there's no camera footage. She allowed the nets. Are you who s doing something illegal Chrissy? T again, I see actually live. In ariane- is old residence in LOS Angeles and here's. What she had to say when she was on
and you move into a new house redo. Yes, it actually used to be re honours house. Did she leave anything behind? I get a bill of hers. Reality were all eighteen dollars. Gaudy, your opening, our male yeah yeah. Maybe ok! She does not a fan mail, you open, I dont get it to the house. I don't get my onto them you know that's illegal right. People's may really it's my house now know you'd, like you Never done that, but I've never moved in behind or really famous celebrity eve. I think it's a big difference in gettin mail from John DOE and e mail from Robin Rihanna faintly. You might open at you, don't get a math and levies to live at your address everywhere, but they met a celebrities. I don't care. Opening modeling is like what I work. I'm not even intrigue to do tat, but I can see how it was a celebrity on affronted envelope. You might be entreated openness, I get all kinds of Nedda mask is apparently a fly by my house. It was events. People's gliding there said as a whole.
If a male becomes him ass. The time and are you is ITALY but had thrown away made it all away, but you just can't open and we now have you opened it and actual vivid check. Right now sitting in my house, there was someone how much say five. Ninety seven dollars, the english thin military baggy Can I have the address? There's no return address on it. Now it just came in and put it back in the Post Box and you They, my mail. If you do it, you put it down and they send back returning to Santa certainly said: oh yeah, anybody I nevermind buried themselves. That's cool hoo, hoo hoo, and that is your room. A report I mantilla ye. All right. Thank you for your kind to open summit is an absolute even if it comes to your address. Yes, it is China say given it down to our key entirely cornerback added them runkles. He needs a common front congregation we like to have a world. Ok, we'll get internet next, keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive
I was born and I don T mean TAT Day for windy. October fifth goes to a man who many feel I share face with our keep tat leap contrary to my ears name, I want to say tat, leave quietly salvation realize you are very familiar with him: a key tool I'm going back of the Denver Broncos now back in June A key was involved in a shooting added value. Script club, a key receives stitches in his law. Right leg the hell out of here Taylor, which your call Edna Jesus Christ come on. Sorry, listen is sitting here, makes you ve never heard this body's show before now. Ok, involved in a shooting at a Dallas group club, a key receives tissues in his law right leg. Luckily, for him
Will it missed? Any bones? Arteries are ligament than the shooting had remained a bit of a mystery since June, because our key, poor. Little believes that he didn't. I remember how does shooting occurred because he was waste round of applause. I keep refuse when all our filled blame it on the liquor. Ok achieves that, and I quote everything was a blur and I was too intoxicated to remember what happened great answer. I don't Nothing is always the greatest okay. But keep claims, and I remember what you really want to forget. After police, cracked, Casey didn't shouted a terrible thing. I nobody wants that. We live in is world, especially as a black man. We have to worry about getting shot by goons, the police Dylan rules of the world is so many ways to get shot in America at the lab listen you expect to get shot by as yourself lucky tallied did just I got the Dallas Police Department had determined to Broncos cornerback shot himself in the leg, even though Dolly was too intoxicated. Remember what happened he had been telling close friend and he,
the daily shot himself. Yes, I noticed story sounds familiar because the same thing happened to practical burthen. Ethical birth? He shot himself walking into a club and serve twenty months in prison, have been indicted for criminal possession of a weapon, and reckless engagement is unclear, He will face any criminal charges, but it is still very disciplined from the NFL underpriced. No kind of policy at. I don't have anything else to say acute. Leave, shot himself in the leg, and he needs grateful TAT. God was covering him. The way he covers why receive was because this Andrey could have been much worse. I could have added curtailed rail all because he's carrying a gun, when the reality is he's rich, the higher armed security. Why some dog you two days just sell themselves, give are keen to leave biggest. He hardly we may share to save face, but we don't say the same level of thinking. Okay, let him stay the same fate as appeal. Very timely, comes on tv. I get tweets them. I gotta know you play for two Broncos
You say that a lot lately you look like Moorish Chestnut MA. Am, I think, more about me? What have they Joe? Nobody ever said Joe commentator, people always given Ok, let's lab from suitably never, do you know him through bilateral claim now, our basic Joe, no it. Oh God, damned like you, say, Joe Use at EU Mars Chestnut nickel will might coulter nobody single live where Tally Terry's like this loaded, Robin include bombs. For me, I'm just five different, our George, a handsome, the idea for the two black guy, never Jitchu, blogger, and of our jobs. I let me murmur Lyra nobody else can be delusional. I can't be lonesome be the illusion? Ok, right, I'm telling you back and nobody has they had no damn shrank. Ok, all right
Why nothing from you write your wife, fruitless restored. All we used to your mouth closed over your deck ever rightly believe, like body after Philo commentary on the site, like people know, Guy Burton Lamar burning Reading rainbow he said, is a Muslim. I bury our right will take you, but I don't get a jail where we come back. Ask him suddenly eligible eight hundred father firewater far. What have you have a question for you call the right now but you live on the air and help you with your problems. Again. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one call you right now to help you with your problems. His drake is re. Read some good was more money more problems morning, everybody's dj, envy angels, Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are the breakfast club turf, ask IE. Eight hundred, five hundred and eighty five one hundred and five one. You got a question for you,
call her right now, you allow me go into, and this is due calling for. Ok, hello. There is a saying which, of course, the freeway conifer calling for more land we'll get from bottom. All, ok was requested by so lately. Old man some time he thinks some keeping them seeing on an unjust, busy working state. He got mad at better to take on my phone. I would otherwise It was in personal point sent to you from a person right you just don't away. It was a wonder what he thought after them drop back picture is often girl, but I dont know what he's Well, are you sure you don't have a job bags of girls pictures? I found my people it was my call. My trust must involve. Follow you have looking. Media seem is with you in Orlando, ok,
is that you said you work all the time. So does that mean that it is time that you're not accounted for, which you trying to reach you and she can't order bank is out of all our work. In a more about Tom, I get halted already got up the workshop behold board man, I don't know, I don't know the underlying those living you bought? She think I'm out China look further at like no one has been about the matter Bugger announced an unarmed young by nobody by life right. Well, I understand what she has to be so insecure about. Do you guys have a pass history of things happening out? What you beg your pardon I had a lot of female first lilies is called you put that she didn't like that. You never never got quite cheating, nothing. I've never seen are treated listed by another kid. Ok, well, it seems I she has them insecurities you know. Maybe, He feels a little you guys move together like above the dim bottom. I moved to Orlando
I raise, though, perhaps is a little bit of a bad attitude from what went down, but she can't hold you accountable, the things that you have never done. She's gonna ruin their relationship that way one The thing is you everything she cheated on Eu Law remain. I think he'll try a little promiscuous before matter, but I don't like that before me. I don't know my thank you. Because I don't understand what you would have to be so and to care about so you need to do, is sit down and be like listen whereby resenting you for you to act is way because it is they make an early. You saved my life and you need to tell her. You are starting to make me think that church eating army because usually tells you that means they are United Beggar worldwide, with their of articles reported like lots of building away, but I do have a gave it all boy: I've always loved you. I got him leaping begone each side. It be about a girl that, as there
oh yeah and as a bad situation. If somebody can even that you have made go anywhere an idea like a lot of time. All, but how am I right? That's our this just say: hey, listen ever done anything for you too, to make you feel this way. I don't know what this is all about. Tell me what it that you need for me to do for you to feel more secure. Do those things if you still can't get over it- and I don't know where this is gonna- go, because I'm doing best about me that she needs shortages every now. Dan Tax to attack in Irish and though Q messages to make her feel more secure. You know there are no way you whatever, if you're always reachable than it should be an issue within it. The issue is with her alert, lowbrow rebates. Proceeded to men's. As we proceed, I will drive. You did seething with somebody Keats accusing you assent. Then. The first thing I would say is I might as well TCP by saying I am anyway does ruler soda Drouet, foggy
What oh five one you got a question for you call a right now is to breakfast locomotive: thou Bryce until it would exchange morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Let's go Violence is ask each time allows this Wednesday. A Lindsey was, of course a for question. Is my boyfriend then they gather for two and a half years. You lived with me for about two of those years. I also have three kids. I have not paid anything was I'm living offer you yeah. I pay over two grand a month for my bill where I live and feel that if not is house his named not on a he can't keep he's, not gonna pay or any of it, not Then he should go gaze ablaze either in favour growth carried by their. The ground may arise user. You know they eat the booty like grocery, though now
because it's crazy situation, he has a job right. Oh, he has a job at the thing. Eat make three times as much of me own. I've got five dollars in my bank account Heath that non seven green. How are you let him get away with this? now this crazy. I know the answer. I just think it gonna change like ok, you gonna realise the gay there. I have no money and am struggling o ever out. But you need to do is give should be plant pay. Half the bills now I don't even have yet. He said These pay. Have you got three goods but he lives in her house and has a paper anything have all mobility. I guess you're right you pay mortgage, he should pay The market he's living there right, not even I'm down with putting the bills, he knew what he was getting himself into. He had to put no down payment, but nothing he's living. There he's been living there for how long without paying anything,
new year's day and child support to come on, as so that does the money for decades there now don't get out for, but even if she does not for him what s behind where do they think it's as support for him? It s another kid. You have looms in honour of emigrants You need a doctor. I am he needs. Move out. If he wasn't day to fine, but he can't you can't be supporting him. You have three cases of poor not far right way down I am taking advantage of you and you know what I will say this same thing. If you were a woman living with him and he was playing games, you gotta contribute something you don't paper, no groceries. He ISA groceries veiled in here. How you doing stuff around and Algeria, groceries Anville Grocery, add nothing around them Maybe I do you have in there. I don't understand the grass, why? Why are you ok with this? For two years he doesn't got the grass I pay lawn care.
My car went down your. I couldn't get back and forth the word. He couldn't even be bothered to get out of bed to take me to work. I had to call an over and paid you honor dollar. The statue of used very regular, is accused of you. My reason I'm being a bit right, but don't you care about the fact that you need to support you had children first and foremost, spending all your money supporting a grown man right and I would- I am being with. You means him being with everything that comes with you, and that means him being with you and your three children right. May I be raising the kids and helping to kids do ok, where that is women. You know she had three kids when he moved in right now, nobody would care than you live with them. You should, between those those kids bear your kids to lay yes, you say roommate, obey you don't even paying his pipe
but anyway you need to put your family furs and yet these verses no reason with them. Kids, you should have five dollars in a bank that ok either environment I wasn't being while I was being favoured. That right is the junior year. There is a need to be concerned about that. You got to stand up for yourself. You know it is not that important to have a mandate. You gotta support him and take care. I am keen to find the right. Man maybe say therefore ring assaulted by Spain, our money, and I have only got a buyer to point out that, although we have overdraft of love of two and three in the hold who ended the Mitchell, I read the low mobile vague. All right, but I may mean, as we get these dirtier than you ain't even talk to him about nothing, but a man, if you save in the money to buy a reason allocated now, is
ok, why does you have brought out in the big idea even get that a number of you have a negative two hundred and begged anatomy? The two at least trying kicking a bill that she has three kids. What appears in emergency? Nato had no money, because I'm spend money taken care. It is grown ass, man right, you're, absolutely right. We got rooms on away. Yes, let's talk about a new car. Oh they're, getting married, but tell you about the orange. Is the new black locally, right. Now: let's talk about AIDS is a new black and white that has to do with it. Ok, we'll get internet Eggs keep unlocked the breakfast locomotive, the breakfast club the report is the Reul report libretto take Heidi, has checked into rehab, and that is for depression and suicide or urges Yazzi posted on his facebook page. He said it
difficult for me to find the words to what I'm about to share with you, because I feel ashamed ashamed to be a leader, and here too so, many. While admitting I've been living a lie. It took me a while to get to this place of commitment, but it's something I have to do for myself, my fair my best friend daughter and all of you I fans, so that's when he revealed that he did check himself into rehab. He sent his anxiety and depression has world his life for as long as he can remember, and I I believe the house because of it. I can't make new friends because of it. I don't trust anyone because of it tired of being held back in my life. I deserve to have peace I deserve to be. Happy and smiling at a lower cost. He went on a couple were going and coming Edric in Congo and had no. The and Kanye Conway and everything to do with cheap. I married. I know he had said that heeds treat his depression with drugs. Where I added illegal drugs also lead to get help needed it when people come at your does what you can really take a personal because often scientists, not u wisdom and cutting
this last, not because he was going through it s a Annie. You know we always talk about this, but there are a lot of people who do suffer from depression. So that is why it is important for us. To recognise some of those signs and take it seriously. When you see somebody's been enough I'm not going to lie to a lot of people do be taking advantage of that depression called sometimes a lot of people claiming depression now with a lot of people just jerks. No, I'm just gonna. Go that way by you. Just don't know. What's going on absolutely lives, that's why sometimes you have to have a little compassion for people Ireland is the new black. You know our group who say on the show Semira wily. Is an aim in real life? I now know remind me: have you didn't see the latter no remind those heart, but I wanna see The really big rollin was crazy, Finally, if you saw too far, if you saw last even more, did the new blogging only done also me well good news for her in real life she's actually getting married. Who is she getting married to where's he's getting married
A rider producer from oranges is new. Black Lauren Morelli now learned ACT was married when she started writing on the show and she married it Mary to man. She came out is gay and she actually talked about. Has he realized? She was gay and fall of twenty twelve. She said it one of her first days on the orange is the new black set. It wasn't so much one thing, but some of many small details. How comfortable I felt around a group of lesbians, how I consider myself a not very sexual person. She said what it'd alone. They seem like little quirks. That made me me running. To read a book instead of have sex is a perfectly reasonable preference to happen on set. These small moments came into sharp relief. Found myself answering to an endless stream of caste members who peppered me with questions about. Are you dating anyone, you're married to a man, but you used to his girls? Do you miss it? I was finally forced to consider a question that had never ever occurred to me before Holly Emma Gay. So now he is engaged
he's luminosity love who say: yeah marrying why it wants it lads whitewash, if we had had the same problem. As an aim militia. I saw the boy asked two social media and he is leaving Levin hereby heats weeded out. I've decided to quit. Levin happen. I found my brand is too big for the shown homework. It's to ratchet. Have my own new tv show coming soon book. Words spoken adulation soldier Blake Airway to see what he s coming. Ankara's brand posted a cue picture of himself at his daughter royalty. He said I'm so happy that I took responsibility too, your father, and this little lady has given me strength, unconditional love and most of our purpose. If you have revolts, even you can see the queue picture there. Posted really gotta. Do too ignorant people with labour me homophobic women, beater troublemaker. I've been through held them back to jail I refuse to crumble. I stand I stand. Love you row row
That's what I mean is the Father to daughter the craziest thing enjoy them now and reason I say enjoying not that everybody keeps reminding me that they do indeed get older and they do get dressed here and they will get yeah. I have boyfriends and navy. You and that's great, you get one last legs wonder at all. Had now me. You know you don't wanna had ever than you think about it. You gotta have a great sex life with nice man with big penises. Wife. Now somebody got the right, so whatever you done to that wives and daughters. Somebody will eventually duty now say Maya. Your wife is somebody's gonna. Whatever you do your eyes, not somebody dies as bad about your wife. To some may say you were putting all say, I'm never going to say it is something that, as men have to acknowledge and we have the embrace those dislike enjoy, embody young put there. Things in their head in when a grub the centre right been away our rights. Yes, I mean, after what is about money,
right, I'm Angela YE inertia. Rumour report. Thank you, museum shots. I feel their revolt, we'll see you guys to Morrow everybody people choice mixes up next year when he has something eight hundred five, eighty five one five one at DJ. Beat me up. Follow me on Twitter Integrated requested. I got you is to breakfast locomotive.
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