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Gold Digging and Kick Off Planes


March 4/11- Today on the show we opened up the phone lines to see why nobody has come for Janet Jackson after she split from her husband because their prenuptial says if they’re married for 5 years she gets 500 million, and guess what it has been 5 years! Also after Charlamagne gave Donkey of the Day to United Airlines and their CEO after they pulled a guy off the plane, so we asked our listeners have they ever been kicked off a plane.

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So now, together, like a mega voyages took all we got. No point has praised roundabout visually join a breakfast club say some: U S: Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Angel YE, Scylla, vacation Charlemagne gathered up please to the planet is too yes, it's Tuesday, one week to my book relief, dammit Dago book to be annexed to the black privilege. Opportunity comes to those who created learning pseudo body who participated in the law.
Online signing. We did yesterday. Ok, I've never done before, but I gotta go show last night man what I'm at the crib- and you know I like to do on the Throwback channel throwback channel- plays all the throwback records. So Mary J Blige was playing with the Regular Smith and Wesson bade us. We may. I love you, I love you write saw model those who is that my wife gold marriage oblige the Madonna goes on from her to her. She did like pal no she's, my big boat. We ought to be indeed geek come off my mind Who plays more Mary now seek? We do you just think anybody out there for whatever reason, knowledge, gotta be in black and white. Oh my god! It's actually born Well, don't elegy show no, actually the seventies eighties does all to NATO. The energy issue right near Clara well last up to talk about this morning and you see the video
gagging pulled off the plane. Absolutely did I wonder what the hell was: goddamn, kinda, Jenner, Pepsi COM, I believe the comment that I was there was no Pepsi low, Pepsi dear Egg I didn't know you can do that. I did not lie, buy you can, but you can be taken of the flight. I thought that you gave review. I believe that they were in the legal right to do that. I am addressing, I mean, I'm not sure, because it the airplane and I'm sure, there's a certain spic speculation or things that the USA must be equally certainty that they can finally stipulations s remit to say that if you purchase a ticket or near flight, they might be able to get around, but I would not want the Gaddafi. The carnival wannabe individuals can see what I understand that they put nothin terrible situations as human beings as human beings. We have the violence, things you little fight of light and I would hate the either be indebted.
Wage in our seas and minded our love situation, because I can imagine you wanted to behold. Maybe your away- and you just want to get back home to your family and add my son- you you get off the flight at you paid for you take it is said and done we gotta pull crew members on a few annual crew. You gotta polio about that sailor flight, Damascus. I hate when planes do there. Why do you oversell lead? You know many seeds. You got money oversell because a lot of people, MR fly so by two three and had shot a profit over everything handed out I've. Why profitable oversell flight? How about that? As while larger bloom, proud mosaic member, they alone, overbook flights ever will fly delta. They do have a book flights sounds, but I'm a diamond Amazon. I dont have those problems, but they would have told me to get their flight. It would have been alone have led me to invite. Absolute, twenty dragging and, lastly, the dial up
but I'll. Never let s have always with my leg is always to three. When I tried to tell you what I'm trying to tell you right day made on defendants adjoining they put in certain people it now you re Wendy Jago, grabbed a wrong personal one in flight and can be worldwide. Three Annapolis. There, ok Bible, will talk more about that in front page news also tell play blast. Man. If you feel blessed, you would have spread some positivity before we get into all this nastiness in front page news, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one call us if a slogan morning pouring everybody is the G envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God, we other breakfast club, was getting some front page news that it was about shooting in California yesterday San Bernardino School, a southern man, a southern California, Cedric Anderson killed himself yesterday, but not only himself but also killed. Him wife and a child who seek to other children, which is one of the church, shouted Yoda, died later Soongoora, the two children that I can say. I guess,
another just one child that art about age old, though one child died and any other one was in, was stolen. Hospital anyway, when he was up married to a woman, and he didn't say what happened. He went to the school. He said he was going to see his wife. He allegedly pulled out a gun shot his wife and he said kids, we just around a minute, just shot, they believe accident. I can't stand stories like that in a day is really a hell I'll be than ever and right now, because he stories like I wish you would just got himself in India as it came up. Never leave everybody else. My one one one eight year old, dad the other one is still in a hospital thou, some others we were talking about early, a man was dragged off united plain due to overbooking. I believe the flight was overbooking. They asked for people to get off the plane, for people to want to play me said egg him five hundred dollars, they may said seven hundred with an allegedly went to a thousand dollars to get off the plane to people there to play with problems. They may allegedly randomly pick two people adapt and his wife
yes, and leave the back that wouldn't get up and leave they allegedly got security or police and police dragged them off the flight. Some answers, then, there's that funny or on the way I will be glad to idiots in the mail dragged off the plane and then in some strange situation he got back on a plane which is very, very strange, all bloody The argument is, then it I don't know that ray. I came back on a blank oddity, let em back onto the they knew they will now, because he ran back on a play. Look like he was still fighting for life. Yeah man, I just don't ever want to be put in that situation. I feel very sorry for that guy he was a doctor. He was trying to get home to take care of his patients. A true public service write a true problem serving at the doctor, trying to get back to take care of other people and that's how he's treated and even if you could legally due to it, I don't know you can get out of any legally. Do that pick for people in the hay ya have to go and been forcibly removed. We look actually committed some type of crime after paid from article. What would seems crazy man
good at the wrong person. Lobby put human beings are very, very terrible situation, jumping up mainly the people. He was it s, an IRAN burthen and find yourself in a real scuffle on applying played at it. It is a pretty much saying that they were. In fact they say they did everything by protocol. The guy wouldn't get off the plane, so they called police and security to get him or fiscal him. Oh, I don't care what united the devil, take full responsibility and accountability for what happened on the airplane and, if that guy of adult decide to fly ignited ever again in either we fly a first class for free, for the rest of his life. Unlimited snacks right about the asian community. Is the asian community they really ride, for they are so they will be out their protest and they will be out there banning united on everything that they do anything that United sponsors. They will not be with it and you will see the Sun Ralph quick fast and I think more or communities. F, american community, whatever community need to do what the aged minutely do, they will stand up so staunchness one of individual and am happy to do that, and I was I would agree
the right age, and I wish I would have grabbed the right asian that was killed in the martial arts and would have whooped your ass all through that plane. That's what I wish I wish. I was Jackie Chan and someday No one, ever smaller man always sometimes be funding. Much shouted Rowan. Could that be waiting with timid, stud, beaten a lot everybody on the plains and when we pull them, much is all we can do they pull them out the chair in order that the seat withstood the army was slow down faking. It too MR demanded screaming Ahmad, or maybe even more, maybe she'll really badly Rambo gonna play me with bloody. He kept saying just kill me right has killed me just coming. Right now shows no first Echo is united. When I get home I wanna get home, I wanna get home and then he just said just kill me just tell me, I guess he was embarrassed through an embarrassing trauma. Tat sleep while I go. Do thou rather be dead right now then, to be publicly about like this now so crazy, watching your arrival him get dragged on dating unwrapped. The wrong person I wanted in flight wine is gonna, be how to paint like I said if they were to grab me. Are you one of light and we use the flower to three people,
we broadly people. Now, whenever with them. We all that would each other's it into groundwater. Wasn't it had been all hell on earth laying Magnus are even worse. What have you on a plane and used as you did they try to do? You live like that idiot? You gonna jump, absolute right them in a very wide open emerged reactors. We argued area. We didn't ask her about it. You know you're, not if you let me off, I'm getting that mosaic everybody enough its area of active latin body, flash nobody flow by lighted. It goes criminal kind of creating the ices bomb threat. Everything every thereby Google will last for peace. Tell me why you mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five, one thousand and fifty one? If you're upset, you need to vent cordless right now, maybe at a bad night bad day, whatever it maybe eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one Cocoa, Mona, the breakfast club
the applicable on your rabbits. Eighty one day, while yoga girl you ve, got a little. I brought up allow third night, like four girls go an awful. We neglect laminated applaud the analogy to tell me why you why you met on purpose, global, real there's, nobody mad mad at that point today. Why, in advance you want my God nor may well, but about ourselves like thereby would you call me proudly buried man at local companies like What is mainly the other you willing to? Are you willing to help those that were support? Like the aggravated of name with a measure of well. We don't represent. Only thank you.
You said there is somebody said the email yesterday say in how rude I am the women in this respect. Women, unlike that girl needed, was dumb. Why? I think that we have everything it back hello, my dad I've gotta go mad because war that military love my year. I would comment I get out for Jane. You know the guy Quint Kaleidoscope. Instead of saving lives. Like I was doing, I found this couch. You mean a sound like job but due to pay well, my dinner.
Brown and you gotta clean. Do of the collated, the kaleidoscope with regard to allow any scope correct the current approach more proud to. How do you set of Roger, like the day Blair's nurses, told me about you get round with unemployed for about two and a half mile? I gotta connect toward the nurses airport breath after interesting work out there. You got me that the look about the own browser, but my brother, I respect you, you gotta, do it you gotta do sometimes I'm not mad. That arrive appreciated grass direct. Wow, what a job we now? that will not do any job. If I have now got to get you kids and I respect, carries back on live, not enough import apply to guide it got. It always calls he should if, if he ever gets location looking at it, the articles What about good about like pupil? I have a problem with people like I have a real live phobia like I hate when I walk into that, I got public bathroom and somebody.
But within a oh, my god I look. I can't have a public phobia land. Kids like how you get about OJ labels. I mean I'd. Do it, if I have out of them all, but a white MA, but in a closed door, should look at you as a result of anything wrong, I'm cool on it, I hate pupil. I can't stand it. I hate that we celebrate you may, but if you feel blessed, eight hundred five, five one o five one call us right now. So am I you bless us to breakfast logo the breakfast club, Are you bless and highly freely the congregation at eight hundred vibrate, five, five one brave deeds? The breakfast club is brought celebrated, met, mob, blessed, LEO Jolly well yeah.
Oh you know, I'm not dead of jail and appear to take a mockery. Little girls, you know almost troll drove in everyday life, a J behind so obvious blatter another day and do not take it. My family, you show, you know, did you know we not broadcast from every right now Maybe talk. The idea might be my spirit, then it all you married within the former remit. The doll baby I advocate they met each sooner allows this grow more eager eyes was gone for. Imported products would apply to Gaza Well, you bless, I'm glad but I'm still magyar age, that other Charlotte Mabel, I privilege of the bloody on Tuesday or an arm again. That's what this shipping company in Britain
what can at a government took four barrows for my mom and she says forebears Jamaica in I mean this ship in company name, guarantee shipping and last year Toby and embarrassed dilemma. Reach broke, are, we call them out goes baby, don't bad business is the army has since October two October, I read, mean and as people in Jamaica weight on these barrel who did food, everything in this and is barrel, but I think they shifted the Trinidad because when people come from Trinidad and that's it I don't want people runs the big blue. I was not a brow on just one people not to use guarantee shipping and Bridgeport Connecticut of its people, and people start look mainly go get there and they don't get their right along with the council May day. Black.
What do you do? I bid is that over a black man, but I wasn't looking to you bagman magnificent, like never again to your browser get their right along with the two does have a decent vocabulary: bugging the teachers stabbing shouts Emma. My haitian neighbours, residence by his mom every Christmas around Christmas families had come and get close to send aid and aid to be like this big. Bow as you get everybody's clothes and they put in it in any way Jupiter besides. I move that acquiesced, abalone flows any I, by any find to ship it to somewhere over Only the Haiti or Jamaica Civil, as somebody Karen I get. This debate took her out, iron already right now. You know what it can. Do you earthly children about school? Isn't that what you do of some really looking up from shot. I can very well that's less eight hundred five, a via one o five one when we come back or unease Burgos verse tie
nice is, I don't know. I don't like this. This is getting real interesting. Ok, I have opened up a computer lab live. If you love you too, lab at the House of hope. Orphanage in Haiti drop one approved by the council. I would have, but my baby Bernice Mobutu talk about when we come back. I want me to say this line where I'm from we don't site, we really about their life. I see she already lost me. Could I haven't but you often learning typed. You look a lot easier when we come back as the breakfast locomotive breakfast so bad this is the Roma report annually on the breakfast club. Now, what are you? What are you talking about burn these Burgos? For? Don't you do it on a Tuesday morning, no Bernice Burgos landowner to them,
right. Well, this is where it all started from Bernice was allegedly mining business listenin to want to her favorite songs, ass. She always a lesson or move this list here. Audio of her listen to one off Let me turn to keep back there all day. Dropsical bomb was gave up warm up to them, and that is what the Chinese he is one of the streets. He knows his tiny absurdity in indian Chubby, one in other words right, tiny was intergroup, askin There was one of their heads. Bernice Burgos was singing. I forgot the words. Well tiny responded this gate. Just kick him well. Tiny responded funny were real burners, Aberdeen Burgos that man, you speaking, was later
his wife last night, so quit being petty cause? Clearly you getting lied to if you think in anything different hope, you didn't take him seriously. I keep singing my ish. You know you slick, you're slick fan anyway. I don't understand the problem, it was You should come from just kick him. It is a classic reckon why camera need verbal beyond earth, nap, jesting, unjust, kicking me! What am I missing overnight? Replied tiny at major girl. About the city and argue about runny. Anything else you have to say Let me know out the emu. My number, I guess, Bernice gotten more met and said: okay, you really, gonna pay. Earnestly, I wasn't even be a funny. You know us petty missing in the biggest malls verse that been re? It really petty. Yes, you do not need a little bigger mademoiselle. She said when big said I rather secular report and have thanked them ugly, have escaped it algae words, We better now Adele be better. Yet that would be better. If you, let me start by saying
you're, not even the old, tiny from escape you a whole new person gave it recently fan course them up been follow me for some time now. I just thought I wanted to keep all of this office, because this really isn't me at all, but you lately let this pretty face fool you where it is that we are from we'd all tight. We really about that Bernice you type, and let me make an all is out and if you laid with him that why you so pressed about me, where that it, what social media It's all over the blogs yesterday, that is united in a mental thing like it's like you, I thought and conflict between two great women out Artemis, Greece. Does it electronically? for real, went in with tee. I asked one of the relevant if taken, alas, we have, as he's a faint you're, gonna love, and long long long, ok, associated that, in that I met you made all it is the right away at it, make it up and out of the enemy
wrong. Would thing in random is gay, recognising random whisky reckon all the time? That's it you into their also fifty cent. He just an aggressive female fan and the chest he was before, but then he made it up. He was in Baltimore we uncovered commercials performer with the locks of course he's on tool with them. He came out. He recently too crowded gives him handshakes when an aggressive female fan grabbed his arm and tried to pull him of the stage I thought I'd I'll wrote near a saint. It was realities, it is fifty was being pulled. He cut back with his regain imposed to female fan and adjust to free himself from her grip and then the same rule. Fifty personages- I guess he realized who was he Border Rosty Dilah Hotwire? As you start its work, and I think that was really that's. How we handle differences noddy, I think this might low target little to our goal. Ok, it was actually a bulldozer private or will do you no use what level of it into work and fifty whenever punch of female. So that's what was right and that your room is when we come,
we got front page news morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a god. We are. The breakfast club was gettin some front page news. We gotta talk about his shooting in California very, very sad, now, a sudden California, man named Cedric Anderson. I guess he added situation with his wife. He walked into the school. She was a teacher, they let a member. I want to see my wife said he said no problem. He walked into the classroom, shot his wife it to other kids. They believe it was an accident. He hit those kids, he believed they was aiming for his wife and in killed himself. Only those kids died. He was an eight year old boys names, Jonathan Martinez, it was a guess. Or to suicide. I heard you say stories like that like that, because my stories like that all I can think is kill yourself and let there be it you'll never take? Nobody else. Would you leave the innocent alone? If you wanna go, take his over gas and other sad news, this video desk Enviro. All yesterday about you added airlines. Plane is, guy was
plainly overbook deploying I guess they asked people if they would. Get off the plane in inner nobody wanted to get off the plane, I'm sure everybody just wanted to go home. They offered three honey. Dollar five hundred dollar seven hundred, I was a thousand dollars. Nobody wanted to get off, so they randomly pick. People would have wanted to leave. They picked for people to people just left any other people say that I'm not leaving. I want to go home and ask their right because they pay for their tickets. Just like everybody else is overbooking. Flights has the dumbest thing in the world. If it's two hundred flight people pay for two hundred flight, looking for your flight be sold out, and that's it. Nothing more folks. Well what happened next? Was they called security to guy? When leaves at a call security, and we have audio whatever
the boy was, did a good job, buddy good job, you friggin, I hope I don't understand how you can treat another human being like that now as a police security, rag in him off the plane. I mean they dragged off the plane. I guess his mouth it. The the arm wrestling rag in the mouths of his eyes. Mouth was bloody, his glasses were broken. He was a doctor and he kept saying I have to make it back this a patient in the morning? I have to get on his flight and dragged him off, and what does your body United Theo, Oscar, immunity, moon, other view, Parnassus neighbourhood. He said that the guy refuse to collaborate. Is becoming more and more disruptive, belligerent number one. If I got Way to go, and I paid a few hundred dollars for a ticket gather Mumia loaded,
military, but I'm not a damp Lanka that pay from a flight aunt. I got my wife here when I do not think that the way to be and number two was he disruptive invalid or in after you busted his lip and dragged him off the plane. The way back on they do. At this point we got up. Here we have this body- ran back onto flightless put it. How do you gotta be disruptive and belligerent, but that could have the Abbe them up. I don't know how we go back on a plane, but he made it back on a flight which is which is crazy, and I mean just sad and end we told them behind the scenes. You know if they drag me or Charlemagne or for lady. Why did it when you fly which people so you boy like when I travel a trap with reform? Do within his Uli three burly dude Charlemagne travelled a couple, a burly dude and we never sit. We each other's you to grab one of us off and it would have been What do not allow you not drag me off the goddamn play. That's just not have
Ok, I'll? We don't keep yellow filled the air hands off me. Do not touch me. Ok, drag me off the plane, I was in value grab, another human being. I just feel like you can forcibly removed and reiterated that men like he was livestock us now as crazy as I entreat chickens in pig when you drag on the slot. Thousands discussing, but one thing I was eight the mayor was asian and what they policy is asian community. They stick together. They stand with each other, so they were absolutely positively boy caught the F out of United in everything even remotely close to United as they should, and I would say with them on that? Absolutely I am an end. I cannot wait until they grabbed wrong asian imitating kick day. Ass, ok, good touch, Jackie Jane is he would they'll never right. Yeah Jana drag you all around airplane,
The latter we might shouted be around with every damn updike. At soon they grabbed a mania for the hours. Wait like I've got to go to stamp it out of its rapid, but to go down now language. It didn't turn in another megatheria watching I've. His own weakens Magnus. All right. I will ask for it page knew that when we come back, we gotta talk about something very, very serious, very data, my heart, goes out to understand what the situation is getting more attention. We need to bring light to this situation right now, JANET Jackson in her husband are getting a divorce. Now in their pre up. It says if they're married for five years or more, she is getting five hundred million dollars in german Jackson's for exactly five years and who might write, and now she bought to give faith, when a nobody out here call Indiana Jackson, Oji go dig nobody. Out here call in her that nothing is that the question with throw it good eight hundred feet. Five, one of the five point at much wiser,
recalling Jana Jackson a golden guess why, ecology and Jackson. That, yes, I'd, ask the question: why don't you find a viable? I will call us now is Drake Gucci Main both is to breakfast. Come on DJ envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club that join us, we're talking, Jackson, if you haven't heard her in our husband, are getting a divorce. Yes, now in her preen up, it says if she's I five years or more she's, guaranteed five hundred million dollars Ya'Ll JANET action has been married five years into months, so she's getting five on. No you now, as I view as to my five year. Sixty days, JANET Jackson played a perfectly before a reason. Nobody that he'll call enchanted Jackson that nobody is out of college Anti Jackson, a gold digging now now get me wrong. I'm not here for JANET Jackson, slander, JANET Jackson is a legend, but I just like to call the ace of ACE of Spade a spade. I just want to know why people
feel like JANET is owed. You go Dignan. I think I know the reason, but one is because she's a celebrity into she's can and now I'm not some people assume that the Jackson family has millions and millions of Dallas yeah, but it's not because you, the celebrity celebrities, get to slander all the time when they see that the teeth sees a celebrity that passes. Celebrities imagined that she's a legendary legend leaden right. How? I think it's because to think things, because you, the Jackson right absolutely, she got Jackson, privilege and I think, is because the number is so big. We understand five hundred million dollars is better than any sport contract without was seen in our likely right. This is a hundred million dollars the right like what envy play. What major league baseball player ever made a hundred million dollars a year for five years. The people assume that is Jana Jackson. She has millions and millions of dollars, so she technically doesn't the money and this money is
By the way we are ready to act. If I were, you may download how you talk about, and I think it's because you know if you a certain age like we are, we grew up watching good times we saw a penny, went to win her Mamma. So in the back of our mind you let her ass. He deserved african borough dad I right, but you know I was fake. No one, that again. Right now tell me you don't cry. Hello is this. Why is it? Now, why do they call Jana Jackson, a golden NATO car there, because they want harmonizing higher gear, you know she's, just a guy. What did he want? Tell me what it is why didn't you tell was Mary, but listen. You can understand. Five hundred million- or it is absolutely vital and even if you to enlighten guy dirty renewable. I allow me to do to twenty four be dissuaded, formal, be theirs. Depending on how my life go man. If I
Love me in the long run out my man, value will be sexual went, but I think I think you are also right to say that what hello this is illegal, Moreover, a leash, you know it's all congested Jackson. Now, why don't? They call her without a golden further formal. We have to remember where you come from, not only that appellation for all money, as sometimes we do have to put in for consideration. Maybe it wasn't that chooses there for the money should mostly, therefore, like the law, and into stopped at a certain time. You're gonna fancy she got money. We all can use extra five hundred thousand bite away again invite away if she had money. She would know that dream of unit and contracts. You only need one flower to me like that. Like five unto me winning that number from five hundred he's a billion, it was still far as light for whom you two billion a you of a lot of money, now right, eight hundred five, five one off
While we talk Inzana Jackson, like you know, being as you dated you may do. Pre, point or live, we know that JANET absolutely can be. Would opposing Jeff fuller? Let me do me baby to see was be bigger in Jamaica, free in every way, shape of form and all five a one bottle viable, would talk agenda Jackson, easy at that issue: gold digger! She got married and open up a says if you married five years, a more, she gets five hundred million. While she was married five years two months goddamn morning Body is Dj G envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club beverages, Joe Thus in the room was we would talk enchanted Jackson. She will allegedly get five hundred million dollars as of a prenup in an appreciable says. If she she divorced after five years should get five hundred million well five years, two months you getting
Does he looks like you're getting fiber tonight? Is she a Thot and she a gold digger nobody's, calling her a thought? Nobody calling her a gold digger. I really believe it's because she has Jackson privilege. You know what I mean. I really believe it's because we remember her when she played penny good times, gray Brown with the eyes, we feel a cyber anna. And we all understand that five hundred million and a lot of money that is respected and united There are some of us. You know you it is you gotta thinking about your life choices. I told I last week, last Josh and really only Mary mean that doing better than you and mean that you can actually get something from what about your break up. The love. Love is cool too, but you know you got a thought. Thinking about. Live choices. You major five years and you ready to get a divorce and all you got to show for it is our JANET. Violent remained of all you got to show. Our committee again, having up our terminology, are you gotta, show forty four five kids that he only goes beyond the weekend, jiving up our minds to think about it allows this morning, Egmont originate
Hey a muslim we're talking Jean Jacques Santer, eighty billion How do you look agented eczema? Ok, though, in all other Sal, you always pay people against the vagina ray, I believe were like, because he doesn't have a lot of clothing. You ve gotta go with her or gamble scandal. We d better go a dinosaur either looking over laid known, Animo. Yes, you don't have the reputation that say Akim COD Dashing and has no idea what you say and totally understand that of understand. We yet new right, though Uncle Schuyler, aha, one question critically. Maybe ok! I pleaded not put her about the link, clear audio book and I was wondering: can you tell me what it is and why I can't find it all. Is the link the length the leg is see, go to sea?
God world dot com, and you can create a book black privilege. Opportunity comes in upgrading to take you to like Amazon bonds and are bought Morgan everything's, available up to a bank. Thank you. I love you die and you baby, there is what is really going away to Mamma. I Ellen, my grandma, they may drive and right notion driving, So if I let you drive- and let me just say a lot about who we go to an graduating from that way, back up a community college and I'll be tenth rang through Thou, with big universal who get my third degree my landlord global New Grandmama later on humans, everything about work! Ok, thank you. Thank you, but I meant to ask someone if she had a dog like and shut up, will you shut up? take another God is shut up. Jesus hello, who this Jasmine programme
during the Jasmine Gomorrah would talk. Inzana Jackson this morning. Is she a fat? Is she a gold? Digger now about figures? Were all money but definitely getting drunk up and down black twitter and call again the scammer money money that one important leaving school getting out of this month? Out of her five, your car, Janet is not playing janitors. Like look man given you sixty days after it is five years. Ok, definitely about our paper. You're mad! Oh, you know you are what you think about it. Michael Jackson was up. Emma Jane Jackson, a workman deal. The hell of a negotiated here right, absolutely everything. My book, Simum Uncle John said. I mean it's kind of a good deal. Both parties of Amr billionaire right and I'm here. Psychogenic jagged over the past five years, I've got a small,
price to pay to have that with JANET Jas it right, but there's a but yes, that's it JANET Jackson. We all knew a love, though she she looks. You actually look better than me on what you talk about. Unless I would, I miss you There's always a new pigs. It I'll get a job is still look a maiden to meet you like. I love it. There was smaller story story of man. You know a lot of women say they're, not gold diggers, you know, and then, if somebody does call you a gold digger, why should you care there's nothing? You can do about what other people say about you, What you do is governed remained out Zagreb II damp. They don't give a damn. If you call me a gold digger and I've got five hundred million dollars for the last five years of my life, would you do die right now? Are we I'm back, we gotta tell about what celebrity had they appeal is removed, but it actually drink. My protest, I am drown in my native I'm drinking on bananas that protein elucidate and that, as you said, that ok, ok interested in the story. Ok, nor no. Why would somebody get they moved? Penis painters remove all right
The breakfast open water was unaware. Another one, the report is the Reul report was glad. Now this person is releasing a book next week, any talks about cutting his penis off of a good way to sell books. I'm not I'm not goin off. What will you do japanese, amazingly black, probably paths most vehemently level do not Caitlin zero reveals sea had her penis removed in her memoirs. It's finally gone. It's finally gone: it's finally got now, you can read the inevitable. Given Finally, God is gone the group of my life. Now they believe she had the surgery as as they should I believe she had a surgery January, twenty seven and
and her memoirs come out April. Twenty fifth believe penises got you gotta show me show me: Legged arrested a goddamn grows, heinous is gone now naked when salaries was only show. Yesterday he talked about e g t, the other the clear batteries I talked about the kind of tv tee if they would do out in the grand ok, we very LUCA magma Latvia seen taint put on eight April fool's day before them. There were released from you. Oh I m not handbags it. Now, though they don't be another tv. I was right I mean listen, man genuine still want the Eagles split at the end of the day. You know if Chris as an example, is getting two hundred thousand dollars a show and I'm getting thirty thousand the show. I think my motivation to split Eagle with Chris would be pretty obvious. Because I am unable to split with Chris that I'm getting way more at the end of the day, partial right, it's business, out of brotherhood and family? You might do now that your? Where did you get the biggest record of whatever
You will be when genuine get a rolling next bathroom here yet areas like the plague, genuine democracy, you ain't, even in the movies. Yet now now January responded. He said right now, a mad at my brother, I hate when it those viral. When we ve grown men, it me, but don't make me, look miniscule states or for a retort. Unless I get a call, people that was whack, whack, whack, whack, Wid whack. When you know I said you can't have you could have more, MR transformers mister fast and furious, yellow movies, a low movies, but if that was keep it a hundred percent. Real, not sure king want to do this fatal just a few hours, because I'm ready to spit real to respond it s. What we do now, this guy genuine, please respond! foolishness, so they sank left home whole long message you gotta reed. Thank you now faces
Matt, baseline, no loyalty, ass abnormalities, really really mad, say antiracist. Pretty much change and I will see what happens to the problem. Teresa. When you asked I raise a question They know how not to answer you don't know how to soar right because you don't have to say that publicly you'll have to talk about splits and who gets what yadda yadda yadda just Ain tv. We try to work it out. They they re right now, but we try to work it out. That's it dear Temple Implement does what he should do said, fascination but you're? Like you said, terrorism have aids or eat all know. How did not answer the basic problem is? Not a problem with you know, he's gonna get you in trouble. Will safety d ever makes into our more air will goes on a road or ever goes on to Oregon. I doubt it, but we'll see the TGV is quickly while freedom for another DDT out, I can do take individual. A genuine individually Terry's individually, but what I say
in Romania. Indeed, if you look at it very little boy, you complete they're, not going to have made about the hell. I mean we're Lasher grown on what I will see. What comes out of the maize book next week is simply a very interesting ride. Don't deal the day. Job Democrats are being out there today, a little bit of a mixed like I've been called a lot of my twenty three years been donkey. Other bay is a new wife, a guide dog you today for to the Ebro level, goes to United Airlines is the staff record label airline in Mother Efron crew? Okay, now let the wreckage
I fly, Jed Blue, I'm a proud mosaic member. When it comes to overbooking, jet blue flies, don't have that problem because they don't allowable flight. I think overbooking flights is greedy. I think it's an inconvenience and I wish you would stop if it's a hundred flights on a plane, sell a hundred flight hunter seats, hundred seats it s. A hundred like among drugs is a hundred seats on the flank Selinger seat. Ok, don't do people like that and people got places to go. He would see, I don't want to spend a few hundred dollars on the flight and then, when I get there, you telling me the flight is overbooked. It makes no sense and it causes unnecessary problems like the one We saw yesterday on a United Airlines flight headed from Chicago to Louisville, not a man who had not yet been identified by name, because we all know he looks like It was forcibly removed because, according to a statement, the airline said for crew members needed to get to a flight departing from Louisville
otherwise it will be cancelled. Now passengers were asked to give up their seats voluntarily and when no one volunteered, which is perfectly fine because they don't have to because they paid for it, seems like everyone else, and they have places to go and if not their fault, that airlines have these dumb ass policy called overbooking. Now when no one violent heed to give up to see they paid for the airline was forced into an involuntary de boarding situation now I did it never heard of it until yesterday I now know that it translates into okay, now get the hell off this plane or somebody getting their ass beat well for passengers was selected to get there before whatever ever recently decided, only make an example out a one, some poor asian Doctor, who was mine in his business and needed to get home to see his patience. When may refused, as he had every right to do. You know airlines that had been followed. U S, Department of Transportation Protocol and calling it
local law enforcement to forcibly removed the man from the plane after he refused to leave. Would you like to hear our sounded? you got busted. Where was and do you know what the presidency to give to the local law enforcement, the calmness situation down now you know You see you ask a moon ass, a moon as though, what every issued a statement- and I must say, statements sucked, because I can put the blame on the victim- said the guy became more and more disruptive in belligerent when asked to come off the aircraft die. If I pay for my ticket and had some way to be yes, I would be agitated and is nothing belligerent about them. Ok, I just don't want to get off this flight mental understand what the hell you guys bothering me is the classic.
The apple of someone being completely out of touch with regular everyday people, because I am positive that it see or united. Ask a his name, was, was sitting on a flight to say it. Wasn't a united flight be sitting on a flight and some one asked him to leave. He would get so called disruptive and so called Bolivia two. I really wish. We all would just remember the golden rule, do unto others, as you would have to do in the EU, was not rocket. Science is not complicated. Ok, human beings should simply give people to energy. They want to receive that same energy. Back, you should all one single uncovered wonderfully, but at ok, you should before they removed when you have no business in a situation whatsoever, when you Trespassin, when someone is, forcibly removed at they did something wrong. They have no business being that. What did this guy do? Others, money and united in my pocket, he had every right to be. Because he bought a ticket and if he had somewhat You didn't want to leave. You have the right to get his rose upon and say MA and refused to leave a z, ok
also United Airlines common sense. Why wouldn't you account for employee seeds for us? Isn't that who should be assigned seat before anyone else? I mean I would only make sense if this and soon the ride on trash as United Airlines. Ever again, he should get free first class flight and unlimited snacks for the rest of his life and to thank all of this could be avoided if airlines simply stop overbooking flights. Is just an inconvenience to everybody: airplanes tickets, prince of an outbreak of a as a guarantee me a seat period. I gotta receive a busted lip and get dragged off a plane because United overbooked, and they have rovers employs, doesn't matter we give United Ally than a seal Asko Moon as the biggest obvious just say, really was saying that they had to this alleged that they had to fly the crew win to another city because it was an airline there that didn't have a crew. They too crude it and make it to the city to fly their legs airliner.
For people being upset. It be a plain of over a hundred people being upset. As do I mean that's why they had to fly the plane, the crew, in what does that have to do me? What happened to the customer always being right? What does that have to do with me? I'm sitting on we might have my damn business? Okay, what what does? because what going all when united in its employees in what crew gotta be way, I got to do with me and they said as a stipulation when you buy you, take it that if they need to take it back, they need their seat that they capacity. Take it. That's what they say never heard that the relation of my life, many than ever seen that in the fight for an hour or our right, well educated, dark at Dayton, eight hundred five, eight five on oh five, one, let me ask, have you ever been, kicked off a flight? No, that is the question Maybe this happening you. Maybe they asked you to get off a flying. You got off in only the removed off light. It will do number two. If you will
I don't leave, doesn't leave, but you know when you go up in the air, sometimes the it gives. You got one also next in your reply, I'm the Tiber paths, gas and, in turn a little video is low. The early for me that nobody knows me discuss today, I'm back Leggum Sleep, assuming that it was all efforts being recycled due to playing a language, no damn what was it Oh? No flight man must address our groups in my hand. I do look over the fellow patented monoplane watercolor, fine bath and hidden that eight hundred fifty one thousand, and fifty one have you ever got kicked off a flight or seeing somebody kicked off a flight call us up right now is the breakfast club good morning. Good morning everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club. Now, if you just nor shall gave mean of the of the date. United Airlines allows United Erle. Then his seal ask manassa whatever Footway treated their poison doctoral flight yesterday and then asked the ceo had the nerve to victim blame and faded. The guy was acting belligerent. Disruptive. If I have bought me a take it right.
One? What is why he overbooking all flights at big overbooking is just stupid if his majesty, he's, all aid should be right, but if you overbooked, flight. And now you need to get somebody else on a flight, and I got some way to go and you're telling me that I have to get off the plane, and I don't want to why what I get a low disruptive. Absolutely. Why? Wouldn't I get a little agitated? Why why my voice three little bit ass, not being belligerent, let's go to for large, allows, is currently on the law crazy form. A walkie. Have you ever been kicked overflight now that would only taken up by white them alive, Don t. They cried. You need to get our Mobutu Box anywhere for trip Nobody, fine, you out loud! and am you get new local Venus along is pressing Chris,
Have you ever been kicked off a flight? I've never been kicked off of why over the wing at both the whole boy failure and gaps in our didn't. I have my reservations already pay for: what's your life, what seemed a wholesale absent at the half, the ban, something that would really accommodate a wine cancer. As me, media is on the phone like, oh well, not so when I did you resolve well after about a hotel room somewhere else. Pant worry, you know like paper. Rules lies a bigger reckoning village at the moment, and then the next day I ended up calling them. They did give me like the one about the life for five different people, but I got my money refunded what they do, what they like a two hundred dollar travel crazy or my video account
want to travel with them again by you know: hey, I guess you living you learn long good, Selby Mood or flags is due on toward me. Mickey vicious input united do should have been thrown off the plane, They will go pay him. The leave they all We pay you when they want you to volunteer to give up. Your seats are hello. There Scipio Vouchers something Gabriel Neighbouring ever been kicked off a fly before yes, I am lab. The internet were primarily primarily because my last name, was? The last named Mohammed Yeoman was Demi is essential. Alas, Mary ah gods user, it did they just picture of the flight year because they said that improperly check me. So they remove me from the plane name, you take our Macleod off. You know check Nobel Burgo everything occurs in all my last name was now, this Bush air Obama era, tromp error out, Obama, air!
wow, we'll be there. This is this was softwares actually well in the end, they they pretty much there. Their whole thing was: you know where we got to make sure that all of our passengers are saved this than the other. Will you do? I want to say about that? No, no, I'm an American. I was born in American out your what my last name was are paid from our flight at exactly what I was supposed to do. I will, if I really feel violated, adapt You know the Avonlea and of their playing out assumed the issue and imo beyond it. Would you man, Better life dissolve worth okay. Now, there's a big out. My life now was idle, isn't I know Boogie individual at all, but I don't want to get on a plane. You could pick Yossi, I'm sorry, I don't like south. First time we went to surely Charlemagne had the better the lies. I never I found what lay back, whereas our usual like telling their lack eight hundred family,
Rapporteur Fi One have you ever got, kicked off a flight before call us now to breakfast locomotive of mourning everybody. Is the J Envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy? We are the breakfast club, they have just join us. We're ask and have you ever got kicked off a flight at has come. From Charlemagne, given United donkey of the day. A kick this gentleman of relevant. In plenary that and if new oil was cut, overbooking and he didn't want to voluntary leisurely, hat flattened, forcibly removed, but a young lady on Twitter, said to me got on my way to work. An aim is that at voodoo door she said you just say Michael nobody's pulling me off the plane. You show about debt pumpkin, I'm absolutely sure that in Poland, the plane. I believe you know you know you double o voodoo soup of late, but I will leave in the rhythm leave. Could I thought video the division that either we all fight arms, gonna, walk of life allow this in writing. I know you don't want to see you name now. You might well ok,
You weren't for United, might very united I've been alliance member for years, and I haven't you look from wind, but unfortunately I am that that frequent littered with those that and then one I'll have to be removed because I've actually show not. But what I saw yesterday. It though appalling sharper, you guys, were giving them donkey of the day, the entire crew of like thirty, four eleven, the Department of Transportation Chicago or here I'm a higher. What do they call? You know that the law on the line for exactly that they have on right. Now all of them did Darwin. No one should be treated that way. He can help bring rate into the equation worthy treated. Someone for with the lot larger wouldn T have people, that's where the fact that they be over accident the board. The argument I couldn't agree with
more worried, the path of United and actually carry called product, but they might well start carrying unite the European One way street. But let me ask you a question, because you have the preferred membership of whatever. Would you even want deceit out to sea? And now you know why? I actually. I would like to find an airline light yet, like you know, transfer mileage in you know. I have always had the plight of the wet, but the difficult every good. Nor do they are a hub for united by what they want and what they did is. We can now will be not I'd rather not looking for a shopping around for a new carrier and the other thing regarding, I can't remember the rule right now, but from an operational aid you could put I there
but had been hearing more their own crew on another carrier and you get them out the Louie belt. You know only be Waller playing any charge. Your white rear grew to get where you need to get it, but that is an operational from their mutual control, absolutely mademoiselle, all right! Well Rico. We got rumours. We gotta talk about our you know we don't matter what was when I was essentially about that the minor. The white came again pass me to ruin with annually. You still got that that picture born Instagram to actually shot dead, shot and let their shot goin and she still got her hand and can we combat we had its all drink in really sure about a say a party and its kind of awkward we'll talk about. It is reckless locomotive, really both showed about the same kids party. They looked very awkward, they were looking at each other. It seems like Drake was trying to get our attention, but she was nearly ignoring or ignored him. There was video is awkward out a lotta they were cool.
Very awkward. They were looking at each other. It seems like Drake was trying to get our attention. Was she Lily ignore owner. Ignore him. There was video, it was awkward, I don't know, I don't have a clue. That would mean a Marianna look very comfortable drink. The window look awkward, which ATO and is there because you put it down where he was supposed to put it down, then you should never feel awkward around this young lady. Now you premature Jack elated. Every time you had sex with each other ass a difference to, or maybe it happened- we don't know maybe now? Also logic of your logic fan his third out. Everybody is set to release. May fifth That aim. Has you see J killer? Black is at least or only fear. I asked you. Reviews will avail also the trap? Listen for a humble, that's Kenny, the moors am has been released Let us live in arms goddamn! Oh you re just hold them is or they and only two features are really Ricky and you to look out always allow. Why don't you just breathe
Could I ask you to every region a big deal, kindred? Oh got you two on that. Really? I can't think unknowable collaboration, you too, as ever done. What rabble you to have a word with the big deal was really shut me. She has begun, but you know what I'm saying: how right then. Lastly, Forty, seventeen billboard musical war nominees have been announced. My light skin brethren Drake leads all nominees with its currency. To nominations are real, fourteen nominations and weaken. Has thirteen nominations can be good to obey. Billboard award the gum Who do you think's going to win the tap Addis beyond phase in it? El Justin, Bieber, Drake Realler the weekend we think about it. I don't remember dictum awards old Momo because after the Grammy's gave them,
our money, it is you and be off elimination. Clearly guided. I don't try to predict those. I would think what you know who I am right in what I'm a pink drink shut, the hell up, I'm a pig, its movement renewals got some always they behind it. Beyond the Craig S very thing in our back into the EU. The unavoidable choice as yet, and I usually would work because, as you leave Craig S, rent, ok, tat, new Odd is designer little Ozzy Alessi, a cholera Lucas, Graham top new artists, ASEAN chant rapid, not in that category hope Gimme to design a wealth, Lucifer, Alessio, Cholera, Lucas, Graham and then add a normal mountain and monopoly. Will you do me? The last one sap rap artists, J, call designer Drake Future Re Sherman. What are you listening to leave? No doubt but call design a drink future reserve that ETA
am I to erase murmured democracy requires a joint political involved. For example, bodice drank like take over the Rev two Carolinas, which, though Jekylls Lobe with music lowborn for my taste, but I'd like to thank you socially conscious. Without everybody, you just name age he's from moment to moment to tell you that Future Drake yeah gotta begin and allows you to tell what enjoy raised murmured more limited than on the. Why was that? the Roma report. I never have to do that again. Angel you'll be back tomorrow. Openly, yes, absolutely flew, gave me Angeline Instagram, and just look at that last picture. She left hanging up their picture being there for two days now, I'm telling you Angela, took a shot that shot went in and she just kept her hand in the air. Anjali is determined to let y'all know she got some ass cheeks. You said to Germany looking at least if they would you come here. Am I care about is cable it don't you dare pigeon blown up there,
in a way I was crazy. Jerk but we'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody else is people's choice mixes up. Next, you want to hear something: eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one get you a question. Let me know what you want absolutely positively got you with the breakfast club,
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