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Monday 1/9 - It's the day after the Golden Globe Awards and we reported everything that went down from Tracee Ellis Ross winning best actress in comedy series to Jenna Bush and Michael Keaton mixing two movies together and creating "Hidden Fences." In fact Charlamagne decided to give both Jenna Bush and Michael Keaton Donkey of the Day, for butchering the movie titles. We also had discussion on Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill break up, and more on Chris Brown and Soulja Boy's beef.

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I gotta get back like a mega. Physiologist took all we ve got this press round about recently joined a breakfast club say some other boy. You judge a Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Yo good morning easily manages to show me God is that of whether it is my raindrops drop tax smoking or could you not box? I like your dedication, sir, you are
large tellingly of Giants Jersey. They drop one, a closed bombs for those New York giants. Lambs I'm still yeah. You know what the bomb Lord today, how about a lot of bomb? Don't work because God knows are being sought. Cathy there's nothing to drop a coup for them new Yo Jai that in effect they loss, Malestrail analyzing again, say you never naughty, Without will, God did? I have to say, F, Delta, first and foremost highlights the amateur you The snow storm came beery after one of dough abort tickets. To take my senses first play off game. He was excited. We wanted a ski shout. We got all types of terminals, heated sacks, heated, shirts, everything we got to the airport, seven a m the flight was pushed back to twelve- would still gave me enough time to get through. Then without saying anything to any body. Luckily, I know some of their works adulterate told me that the flight attendants in it Evans work anywhere near, but Delta didn't tell anybody is I'm sit me away in everybody. Sit me what
a bunch of giants, fans ready to get on a plane and then about maybe five minutes to boarding which is after because people could it mean he has to get there. They could get on other airlines, accurate charted. Yet I could I got this charter drop will include Bob, namely that no money that deftly, but it's all I wanted- shouted jets, LOS Angeles first playing games, a mighty everything I wanted shouted jet reservoirs and because of the weather, it was. I couldn't go on doing any more informative. They should at all people exactly what was on August people, gotta meet other arrangements like you try to deflect from now on. I should have been a definition of bitter but a law that it can take my sensory game. So what I did was I drove back home. I turned to a c on in a basement, we watched again be kept all out. There are moves on and we want it in. A coal is silly is it like. I wanted. My son of feel like we were at limbo, feels hard. The commission also your son, might get a cold
It's a fluid and ask if you want to feel like you and liable fear we had thermals wriggle out. We had extra sacks on the union's unworldly. Basically, we would have a role play. Alas, it again and again as long as you're mad that God did allow you and your son go watch dead, beanie tech that broke the law, Jake, and there was a lot of giants me that made it to the game. I got no battle for your already giant. Vans are clearly automaker divisions in life, so God John. You know what got think job losses. Right now I know what will happen to these giant that Lambeau feel out. Take it take it set out to the giants. Maybe next year You know, I know I am airlines, thus as well.
Refrains laws will run for the end of the east next week it gives the Green Bay Pack, my Dallas cowboys, another was Roma. Who was this one? I play no trace all knew that this morning I play enough to resolve delighted abominable off just now evident what trace all would have about crude and invite my giants on a boat crews ready I play along with all the guys onboard right now they all got efficient, dammit. Ok, I found out that continued points to HOLLAND allowed to decide. Good value, marginalized, had already more work and yesterday Nightingale points a hole in the wall, they get a broken and they don't work for the next twelve weeks. Everybody because we could locate relax. We pass can move on front page news, two of them. Are you well came cardiac she and West. They do have these robbery suspects would tell you about vat. Basel the golden gloves were on last night and Donald Trump is responding to something that happened. We oughta breakfast club was given some fruit,
age, no start off its boards. Last night, the steel is bleak dolphins also the pack is beat the giant back, as was designed as it did die. I said that I have thanked the giants, both volcanic. It must be clear about that. I didn't you beat him and made him down. Ok, my Father Day ass. I said to her. I said that I said that I said that now, let's talk about, Kim Kardashian friends. Please have arrested sixteen people and those people were arrested in connection with that, after more than ten million dollars worth of jewelry Kim Kardashian West. Have you really? Yes, there was a ring of people. They said the arrested at taking place around sixty M a different locations. These aspects can be held up, help for up to ninety six hours before the police. I they charge them or let them go so they did find these people through dna evidence. They check them down that way and one person
add that these people were very well known for robbery and other crimes bodily that diamond of long on Lebanon. Shoved them into so many pieces at this point is something hard to get rid of, is so big there's, something that says can be hard to sell. Those people will be looking for that. One, I'm sure you ve chopped it up in plenty of time says: did Stella Jewellery, backside valuables words this point, seven million as well as a ring. It was worth four point: five million, so there you have it. Everybody did that their. Perhaps this was something that was set up in didn't really happy in a platform theirs.
It did really happened. Nobody wearable Donald Trump people going about a trouble her last night, where a member state when the sea so be de Mello word at the golden global world last night and as part of his speech, she said this when the person asking to sit in the most respected, see in our country imitated disabled reporter. It broke my heart and this instinct to humiliate when its modeled by someone the public by someone powerful filters down into everybody's life, because a kind of gives permission for other people to do the same thing. District, backed invites disrespect. Violence incites violence when the powerful use their position, the boy others we all lose right now down a job. Has already responded, he didn't telephone interview with the New York Times bodies there he's quick, reduce where I was a brief telephone interview, but he said he was not surprised that he had come under attack from
liberal movie, people that was his response? Emeralds group is absolutely right that we have to have more empathy with each other in a conflict. Do need. Resolutions damage on cannot gwig useful, or maybe it's ok with that. I'm gonna, let Wedgwood Ms Mckenna disabled Guy, maybe you- and he also on Friday, was tweeting about as paying for that wall that he wants to have built to separate us from Mexico, but he did say they will pay for it, and then Mexico will reimburses or pay for a mixed Kosovo. He's gonna make a real person. How will we, the French, we as in the United States, taxpayers in us, would have automobile, with the wolf shouldn't must take a vote shouldn't, be like the census in Pay Borg out and have you will vote if they want to war? They want toward and use each human dimension. So much attack that electoral colleges say we have to pay for the electoral colleges. The Hollywood foreign Press right that opened. Let me save, thank God would fall.
For the damage and what you would like to welcome the terms one brother said the same thing right, free much all get out would form for the electoral gouge evaluate with my goodness. I really have a lot more about the Golden Glove, a wise coming up in a room, a reply as well. There was a lot of big winners for the night shows that we wax. We should have That is why we support yes it we should be very bad imbues area I played and makes. I know you do, but we should be plain at every hour just because right now come on, come on I'll, be a rebel delete, assault Billy one of those Drake Ragged. Several you all several. I wish you all, Mr Wynn is bigger on your forehead. Your giants, green, I want to get away with the people you want me to one or two people could be one of these drinks, songs and play
boy, you wanta now for the epic shot out that they received yesterday at who has done a glove, though it s front. Page news tell him what you may aid under article five, one of five hundred million I got it- has no baby nodded attack, Jeez paid back to wipe away. I interviewed late under five, a final vibe one absurdity, Deville calling my now and will become battened. Don't play bad idea. I decided not to put it out gang. I thought I'd do it at breakfast, The breakfast club no, I won T say: hey I got a younger body may represent Maria Matter ass. They mass the angry as they have been restored and why you man was bloodless. Gulp allows is God's variable, Bob did everyone? Was
Tell him I'm mad, I'm mad, because I'm a little slow at first of all. I guess this is like breaking news, but I guess Yahoo tweeted out them about Trump and the negro We do that. We do that Friday, near any man, Navy, yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly exactly just found out, well, but I got a little mad about that. I feel that way. You know I mean the key is nowhere near the bp. A keyboard. There is clearly no types, and I wasn't sure there's that said that out either. Clearly you don't, I didn't I next each other, like dying. Rarely misery mark on this story say that there have been a bad about twelve miles without love me man, but you re, not vision, and the idea was that getting keyboard to be let there be an end right next to each other right next to each other hello. This is I still am I mad mad because our guy not put a last night thinking about the giant law and I got block what about it. But people. Why do believe you about what we got our player it about the giant
by the way giants that are most figel fans in the world outside of allowing them pictures of o Dell. Yet not talk about this bomb. Why you have to have a picture of what it means, bump but be, but they must be thought of ass. You call it last week about youth Andy, Are you gonna do no daily bulgarian guess when you look that gay audible would all gone and speed a whole whose everybody all oil of you know is not the whole team of basing this wasn't aware and saluted observation someone made last night. Victor crews did have one to take. It all started kid. He had on the red, the redwood cap and a black shirt like those boy, meat, milk and you know he was on that, but we cannot allow this These are the boy every guy border, botting, I'm your bag, plenty! Patty guy! You don't wanna hear much around through this morning's belated birthday tank in my favorite
did you ever it all of them, and I want to talk about a card override What about the EU market When you have a zone where you are doing three people in all respects. I know this one, I got in my car and stop it now and then start Would you not your bedroom, the Aberdeen frowning! I wanted him over exiles, nobody respects all bags were examined. Nobody, rational cod. God as you, we allow this night in your audience banana. Zella Mohamed American Media, never bear Eli Mary tat. You tried to appoint the care. My older brother, if garbage for her attitude of garbage guy wasn't garbage last night. Don't you want to call on the phone?
by the way, by the way, by the way, Eau de LA put the ball no doubt hands three times drop. To stop now allow plague, usually, I would agree with suitable. Yes, a lab play. Pretty good boy was received yesterday, because one form of all game, while Deliquescent July passes elaborated these again. While Della gets done it you lie, passes, Laval, it's a team. Poor Giants such as today, ok, but when you to face that of France in a positive way, when something goes wrong. You get the blame for that too, especially when you don't show up after you been on a boat in OZ. Speed, all in a butcher, dude would Chubbs. Ok, you finish. I will when a boat, ten other men Augusta me, erections, ok, we'll get by lady I direction. Look at the picture. Look I don't wanna about it. What are you trying to hang it up when you all anyway, stop telling? Why are you mad eight hundred five, a five one, five, one of your upset, you need a vague callers
Now why you any slandering Angelo YE and other tree line ended Angela, don't even know believe in the mind like she thinks she do live man. That was my team this year now. Can I go and call us up now with the breakfast locomotive, the breakfast done more wealth tonight, not everybody is danger. Envy annually Charlemagne, God we oughta bread fled the wreckage show you lead every minute, Drake Song Play, which you cut off bad imbues ye after forty five seconds. Wasn't me Amnesia heard raindrop dropped up slogan, I'll cook, you not box breakfast club, you cut it now, as I bore up at each other. But I do well there you, those kids aromas, illustrate the goldilocks about
the report annually on the breakfast club, where they got in global threat. I'm ass, I did actually with their home whiting them la La Lan, took home seven awards that's anew, by the way for a while, he asked them most ever nobler. Inherited a movie. Tell you now, prior to those wines, that, with six awards for one flew over the cook was nest and midnight express. They got six golden globes apiece back in nineteen, seventy, five and ninety seventy eight, while alone like the White Empire, I've never seen it. I don't know dog. Does it make you wanna watch, you know what it is about. How we would run here takes place in L, a that's all I know, but it is a musical banana Phil eggs should we be watching. The show also show me, so we have seen this movie. Oh no monitoring, not interested, ok, also, Tracy, Ellison,
as is the first, a black woman to win for actors in a comedy, serious and Debbie Alan back in nineteen. Eighty three draw political involve trivial is Ross them. So congratulate to her ass, a mother winners, best motion picture drama moonlight ever see. Nobody has been highly recommended for much excellent movie. Unwashed ass. He had the dvd. If you wanna violet bring. And the thing got to let a dvd player funding? I would delay on Xbox. Yes, I pay minor max poker. I also best tv series musical comedy glance at one and download clever. He got up and gave this speech one day the negroes number in the show, but for combating boozy. Like does the best errors now people knew what he is talking about. A lot of people do not know the latter transported. They thought he was about to go into a promo excavating anti war. It here is where data clever,
about why heaping mingoes, because I think that the peoples of this generation and they don't get a ladder suspects outside of like a lan, I'm not that they don't get a lot of respect prosaic. There's a generation sort sort of like the Youtube generation that I kind of came up with is a generation of cheese that are growing up on something. That's completely separate from a whole group of people and I I just feel like an honest leaders: Just fly like it, there's no better sign it has x to problem, include Buffalo, dirty negro down for all those years and not showering has paid off the fact that he told them room for a wife who would the meagre goals this generations peels? They regretting giving him no golden glove this morning, because it s the Madonna, Clever SL, when five best performance by an actor in a tv series, I thought there was no get down with a mathematical little get no right, not a global solidified, his place and black twitter history. For sure, madam, you got to go to a right now: crazy Brown versus you boys, who is right,
are we really going down? I saw some new flies over the weekend. Also, some new developments for now sojer Way is asking for help, because I guess he needs to broke up. And yet they were trying to me for a big fight. Now still look before personal trainers order must have failed please everybody hit me up some, my of trying to give some waiter you right away there's a guy get his weighed up and MIKE Tyson is now going to be training. Chris Brown, here's my time. First, I just got off the phone with French. Increased training created, showed methods, train tickets, soldier soldier, but when we talk about them are taken by some slight ever taken every trick in the book did not you up for that matter, to teach me how to run I think that we re MIKE Tyson is gonna teach Chris Brown how to use all the debate raid and he's gonna teach him not appoint floor may well trained. You wouldn't happen to any thing for him because for me, was a defensive. Skills are mutant like those a superhero
powers? You can't just eat some by Lloyd. You ever have a train. U s our people debating this. Would you rather have my Thyssen's rain? You already rather half way may when privilege wanted to travel. If you wanted to train defensively Floyd, but you can't do it, Floyd doesn't ring of differences for I can vouch for abandoning the bullet, you can't do it tastes and does the pleasant added I'll teach you how to swing? Apologizing power was with unbelievable Ignacio airports that everybody has Thyssen's power, but you can show that we are pleased about how private cathedral, he's doing, I saw the rules, allow hearted alert. How did this beef between Chris Brown and such a boy even start? According to soldier boy? It's been quite some time. Here's what he said she called me. I don't want to see you at sexual, so light was good. It was like a metal. Now they are company was one to which we know it's. I'm never use I get to the London wholesale knock at the door.
An open a door in a row walking into her best raises dear and asked what we rooms you don't want to be really is therefore react, oh my guy soul. Stores our own, who talking back out What I mean, I know that he was posting putative of all these different women. In saying I took your be while you bringing these the women, and so what is going on between you and Chris Branch argument I get a bit. Is the kind of it is women who all old woman is no reason why that is the notion of begin. My vagina soldier boy, Why would you were lounging unthinkable? in the light of we think take a otobu with, and Chris Brown by the way is banned from Lifetime fitness center. There saying that he was in there playing basketball but his crew. They were playing loud music. They were cursing really last, as some people complain, a manager asked them to leave and that's when Chris Brown a spit on the way out and so now is banned from all of the lifetime fitness centres under them.
So do we want to be accepted? It must be said by somebody to GDP. The blood money, teamed boy somebody please, how do I get home and tell him you their arrival? I'm Angela And that is your room, a report that was, do you mind than the White Camera guy Steve just told me. So it's me off their own way, Now I re is back. Is both come back this Sunday, but he said you can actually see the premier early in he seen it and I don't see it my Navy turn you d visa what'd, you tell me: why does thief? Why do they gotta be? Why gusty? Why can't you just be do you, like your white levels, to you? What you call I probably why doubles the federalists Kittens front page news, but what we really need to talk about it has really offers back of the giants. Are gonna, be the dolphins packers wash the giants to end the giant season
let us think of it, as was there really pissed off adult outpost of ultra game, but Delta messed up the flights were delayed, the crew indeed get there in time I didn't make their flight, I pay for hotels, I pay for the tickets and pay for everything I promised my son. I look real bad thing. Doesn't look w birth? Why? Why will you wanted to? the tendency to massacre. There was more daddy in Santa? Well, you guys at a time in airports, we had a lot of summary of what I actually went back home. I turned the conditional on in a basement. We left all out. Those on the Arab That is a role play rolled. I'm awfully legacy is sexual put knowledge when a clause on ya should it took all your shirt off and put your speed, Odin ozone and reenacted a boat see. Ok. Now I feel extremely Jenny. Only definition. I wanted it to feel like Lambeau Stadium. I want you to feel agree back why it seems like right now that you're, like volume, Amy,
No, do you know what you are so welcome quotation. I write came kind ass, yet they did arrest. Sixteen people, friends, please arrest. Sixteen people today in connection with that. After of more than ten million dollars worth of jewellery from Kim Kardashian West, when she was in Paris, they did find these suspects through. Nay, evidence that they found at the residents where she was robbed. Now they are saying that the p that were arrested, were well known for robbery and for their crimes as well, so Fortunately they were arrested. Sixteen people will see what happens now. Let's talk about you shooting an airport is was scary, yet this happen at Fort Ladder, Hollywood International Airport- and if you see this vote, as has happened on, Friday, a man Esteban Santiago is the person who opened fire at the airport. You can see on the video his walk into the air bags claim area. He just pulled out a gun and just start shooting nine people were killed and several others were wounded and that shooting attack cylinder reason
I mean, according to federal authorities, they were familiar with him. They had set of red flags as weeks ago, he visited in Alaska FBI office in November said his mind was being controlled by U S, intelligence and he had left a gun in the car. So, he did a rambling walk in any view. His army veteran people Things like that. I don't understand why, if you ever in a way, up in the morning. You feel like you want to grab you gonna go, kill, innocent people, kill yourself or so he's gonna be ties today, what counts of causing serious bodily injury to someone at an international port, using a firearm during and in relation to a violent crime and causing the death of persons through the use of firearms. He said, according to investigators, he said that he had bought a one way ticket to Fort Lot it out and blood. That pistol into magazines recipes regarded for aid, elder hateful act you wake up and when you walk to airport of emigrants sued random, innocent people, s hateful shot him for he our views and he was living in Alaska. He was a security guard
they in Alaska. Why you have come here to kill people they said to see at the c I a said that he wanted to join ice. Is this just weird? What is really really we? According was Annie. I went I rag and came back as it changed man they said his mind was not righty seem normal times what other times you seem lost. He changed our almost four page news, good, I'm glad you finally got bother about you and decided they deleted drink, reckon it too and play the beagle bad bamboos after they got their great shot out now from Donald loved the Golden glove they deserve. Our. I will go on back to work. We eight hundred five, a five one, o five one we're talking meat meal and Nicky Menage. Allegedly. What was the reason they broke up YE according to team visa. Tell them that they were arguing it. So Kay goes and Edith was hanging out his friends, it was a birthday and he just left. Island without her after an argument.
You can't be a quitter music like a couples. Argue that's what they do it like. If your with your woman and your girl, your wife and y'all, playing to spend the rest of your life together, y'all going to argue, you can't just up and get on the plane and leave into an argument motherly? I, when I was in college, there's something I wanted them, but I was twenty years old and that they may twenties, oh dear, I wasn't, nor did you like birds. Them owes me. Twenty may still got a little grown up to do I mean at that time I was little yeoman. It wasn't really dig in about relationship was all about me. I was selfish near though maybe he was taken to say vain LE. When I get back we'll talk in everything The elder new thing me get put himself in a situation where he was like really want to get. Would this woman? Nicky Monotony got, would earn your leg and aid was cracked up to me wherever their hard work. It believes a hard work in you EU that its is its deathly more difficult. When you can't control woman purse
because she's one of as much as you are more? So, if not more so it's it's all of nuclear on it more in any event for national middle intimidate issued in me I mean it I think it is, however, a lot of guys egos when a woman is really successful and even more successful than you are as high for other guys to deal with it or you are we minded person, but is only one person I would think of one of our mobile phone like that statement. Ok, where is it far and you can live. Do anything if Stedman made right no statement evading the most Richie woman in America, body that you say that, but they went so far with the inhuman I used to make fun of maternal. I did not carry out on the body was still Brittany should a plate of position together face numerous. Play your position broke, but I can understand you get tied at a girl and you're just not happier, I believe, in personal happiness, personal well being of your presently, not happy fine. Let's make us amazing
impassable, isn't enough reason they want to stay with them, and that is true. Limber more money, rarely tat I'll tell out in a loud it add. I did either chick, who don't caught a baby and sailed there's a lot of people have been when people that were powerful and successful and it didn't work out of all- and this is not your fault armies emphasised. We would just don't click like that, so what is, of course, an eight hundred froggy five one or far what what the last year for you in a relationship has been the final step that you said. You know what is over and I would argue for me. I think for one We know as over way before really over and general causes like one day, some one thing happens in clicks is normally a build up of things and then, finally, they do so you like you know what now doing it anymore. You knew it at some point. It was gonna be over, but this is one thing that puts you over the edge is never just hey- answer. Argument is over is more like. It was a lot of things leading up to that and now I can't take it anymore. It's easy for me, mine is death
please do not always is sixty damages and thereby to Central Asia by eighteen years. I don't know anything about religion being avoided. As events organised answer, you thought about allowing those avowed measly border. The woman partner mob one other penises, Sweden, which she went to college I'd, be women older. They all say the guideline we ve been through a lot like. I said that we know any new gotten away. Now. I'm not acquit is one thing I'm not. I know damn quit the around I had on which you may by Vanessa. Pictures of him on vacation when another woman now is it for me I'll, stop your game. One of the garbage on the women of your body has been mean you now he was young, he was. We were both young and he just I take an old woman on the occasion of the different levels of tcp. Why does everything lol tell them not to pay for it allows is all of unbroken
he's your what will be the last straw for you in a relationship Mamma. I think I don't think this is so petty, but me am I gonna thought that we broke up because he had, whereas others son I'm cloud with them. It was here that always when it was no I'm gonna go out. I hear they do not want my son from Cairo though, but I would have done well We were not invoke loud. His mother had power tat. We ve been arguing. Like my mother went to bed, they had turned out that had no problem the next day, the pants his place of business, about Kepler, look allocated What about me point needed up. I speak themselves like in a credible. Our group was in my car, and you got to do is to know tat. We can by everybody clue in Afghanistan, the might of doing and being a father to her daughter. Then just say that we are a breakfast club refugees, joy. Who were talking meek Mill and Nicky Menage. They broke up now, allegedly
broken because of what you Actually it was because it with her birthday we can, they were in tax and goes and those who argue men and he left her there and there was it for her. I've made a move I mean no dog knows about the no I'm glad. Allegedly it was because he had been. Feeding with this woman named Sonia and that's what set her off memory waste. Now these stories circulating aiding debt moral. You definite can't leave that you'd know exactly of you God forbid cheat and you had a stick together. We gotta do without you, gotta look out. You know you did wrong at a statue mouthed as it even by a lot of boxing, but there were some box and bought in apologize. Profusely allows is Danny do any good morning. Mining Hawaii good. Now what was your last junior relationship Almah? That horrible relate? I cut off all communication, no faith, but no answer and found nothing. He called my mom
In fact, this respecting my buddy you're gonna work. My mama visa, you son about you, you Mamma off now when he was when she told you he went on behalf of my party. We were at the hotel and bought the more. I gotta be crazy, wasting death on my mom, the damn. How to any would your Mamma do whilst the Unbroke our trust or a minute but Mamma. That ultimately was on my side and encouraged me to get rid of it restraining order everything yeah, I guess you know I'm not mocha. Thank you MA am. No hello, this learning. Very good he back again. I got to. Let me go out and never once the map with strong war movement, baby map of many people was eleven years old.
You ve already got one and you get a young boy. You walk out with a lot, but they had any young broad. You ombu, you have you a nice red season, woman neck and hold you down if you fall off as to pass and crazy what is more about the money you you jerk few me. You know what and my lad. You said that you said is more about the money. I am glad that you, as that is what is the money you have to start thinking about security. At some point you life can be allowed a Soviet with woods. Relationships may now. What was the last show to make you and your relationship well God you killed them out there. Now you ve got a man may give us tat our bad guys loud yesterday. There shut up. You guys broke up right. There broke off your alot of people. I'd sweeping us about this right. Now, one person, each hide out said he stole from Mamma. He stole from my mama coats. Peso said they were due to Spain.
I guess in her underwear he does- is wrong and reasonably high back. He said she smashed the home. Is with me in the room, does does real but discuss you got: do they bought a girl, a birthday and some wise man teach Ottawa bad, probably Isms, baby waves. The work allow this I dont mean cagey. Katy was the last straw, break up in your ladyship man. I will I will go and I was a young lady of almost two years. We are absent, Are you from in Mostar, restore shadow relationship Mamma and in ass, our Russia for my mom Sorry didn't even shot at global level. Lethargy and your mama like led me into the army. Allow me watch him about this a moment ago anyway, like they had little girlfriend mother situate you from Santa would fires. There was for all our globe
ok, ok, ok, ok and then, like me, I had a low fall out about on among other path. Never so Craig! I don't know. If I should our dear mother tat, could we wasn't together about over? She stood unusual. The preamble, everybody, not a funeral person, I'm not a funeral present, I'm not going to knowledge of. How did she say? Did you send flowers at anything hung up? It may be hung up on a hidden, hang a young. Eventually there was smaller story, story just because something in doesn't mean and never should have been. Remember you live. You learn. You grew you moved on and you hear It ended. They make a right. Ok, everything is not about money money? Just how do you know what you will get our money surety and what we have is the weight of our civil law about monopoly. Tell me give Eddie you're, ok, go down! what you say and will do, but some fairly ain't gonna hold you down no way Gimme, a nod: how'd you down. Ok, let's not suitable, maybe nodded a multi millionaire and our water
table woman of alpha love. She keyhole media was it doesnt definition of a duty but a duty, but still not yet been fully eaten, tasty, cakes and visions, the eggs and we had a breakfast club. Damn are at our bamboos. You think I sat down and I guess it there You give lived in the meanwhile become ineffective, russian Ellen I, what Why you're comin out a browser? What I told them to play a goat,
the images are taken sound at his on the wiser gonna pay results that wasn't me out the border about how you re. We did a true. We just matters. There is a chance that it inside nobody had to listen earth into the room and arduous, and as we all know that, while we talk in J C B earns in tiny aghast at the point of reference club, hang you asked Aunt em had ass, yet, where spotty going to see beyond, say an J C. How did this and have happening? It was blue eye. These fifth birthday party said I D. Go to celebrate. We do know what was going to happen with, with Jason and kind and beyond, say because kind I was talking about them insane and Jesse has suitors in the eye say was against him at the MTV video. Musical words, because you and show up unless you when the award was invited, though
so I mean they let him in, but hammering his baby. He rambling kids, yes to kids Kenya lowbrow, then all but TAT S, independence, brake on you for codes right at the gate, reminded the gate, and then they can talk. After that you should have got pebble. Great unity, warmth and give parents re clean, yeah that now the Dallas, I may add a history and I think I've from reports jazzy desk, bad for kind. Yea knows he's going through a lot, and he understands that he's still dealing with his mother's passing called empathy and as far as in getting robbed and people can believe it because they did catch sixteen people they arrested that a potentially other ones that set her up in Paris. So so I go and honour our rights who plan they have a love letter from prison and they are now going to auction off today. Putting that letter on the auction block this ain't. They expect to get at least twenty five thousand dollars. Now some of their lines in their ever been tied to a bed posts and lick like a lollipop only roadmap tuna further work to be done,
It tupac our right, lovelady in prison, is back and ninety ninety nine women, somebody else It is very clear, but if you're in pleasant journey to write a letter to someone who is in prison may pass it on to the next, but must be clear about that. Now. This letter under mentions incline folds, bubble, bats or early messages. In twelve different positions of love making, so I guess this: is you got it There are different want their opposition. I got a good phony repertoire that asylum Maria Carry is talking about her new year's Eve performance and she shared part of this audio on her twitter page. As you talked about being foiled, an humiliated here. She tweeted out in my own words, tag New year's eve. Has L for EL? Has the failures check it? We have put into the hands of a production team with technical issues who chose to capitalize on circumstances beyond our control is not practicable Think of live and be able to hear themselves properly, especially.
Your monitors were not working at all. They foiled me, the eternal. Opportunity to humiliate me eventually, our famous and everything else here, let's take the owl Maria ok, you would have been the same for a while. Now right, stop it. We don't know exactly what went wrong back there you have. It has taken a little a great now from media moment, social media who says he is gonna, fulfil professional obligations. If it's gonna take a moment, our eye and J R Smith and his, Joy Harris announced the birth of their daughters. On created a, but they said she arrived five months early and only ways. One pounds I you know you could deliver baby or forwards. Here is what the couple said in a video that was posted to uninterrupted But, more importantly, we are very important news. I everybody we know, have you guys congratulated us wine, the expectancy about
baby girl, but we had her five months early she's Bob look she's by the vote today and her name is the quota. Is she weighs one pair? We know it The only thing going through this who has been to it is everywhere ever go to it. That's why we decided to share what we're going through with you guys. Please give us your prayers and will do the same for everyone else as hide news for them. This year with everybody. Was the life expectancy in percentage wise as anybody? Now I don't know he was a baby can't come home sure for another couple of months. Added value couple. Let me point using other Seventy must abandon y know their rights. I may well. I pay, as you go out to absolute chaos methods. You're right, I'm Angela YE, and that is your rumour reports.
Thank you. Time for don't give a damn dog. You today does not discriminate. My now, the song today by got the donkey breakfast club. Please don't keep that aid today. Well, here, don't you today for more January may have called the tv personality Jenna Bush Hager an act of Michael Keaton. He's watching the golden gloves last night, then you may or may not have noticed an arid. I kept happening throughout the night. The movie hidden figures, with nominated, twice and finances which is
so nominated twice. In fact, while there was one wonders, nominations drop one includes bond Viola, Davis them hidden figures dodgy now, Monet, derogatory, infinite TV has been actively. It was nominated for best supporting actors for Hayden figures in fences, then, they'll Washington by all the day, was though to a Hollywood heavyweights. Okay, Beth actual best actors list. They both would be on anybody tat fast, any one covering this event. A working this event, all these things right, right, If you don't know who in the movie, you should at least know the movies name, but they had no idea how you should know movies tying them, though washed and, above all the day was, but things happened right. Priceless play NBC Red Car, with caused by the General Hager within it. Overall whims and was asking him forever so confused here she was asking him above being nominated for his work on the score of the movie hidden figures, but she didn't quite landed. Let's hear it
you're gonna Marty. They can you. We'll take general shaggy. You asking people about drinking. You sound like you already had a few. Combining the movies like that played equable. More than is the case. You method play one without fail and without it up Do you think you're gonna Marty, hidden fences? Why forever corrector? I don't Therefore I would have corrected are right then, and there than maybe this wouldn't have happened and later on, when Michael Keaton was presenting the ward, let's hear it air. When, so many actresses gave great performances. These five women gave us characters. We will never forget for best supporting actress, unemotion picture here. Are the nominees I'll take? hidden now, It is a mistake, but twice in a choice. Somebody
we told you have it wrong in the prompt, Michael tightened Crazed, Michael Keaton, clearly reading of a prom it. That means hidden fences and prompted is this The problem now was out of Michael Keaton engine of bushes Jenna his hand, would they gotta take this on behalf of the golden glow? I don't there are two movies: have a combined for nominations, apiece and yoga get the name right. Why, Oh, why were you are trying to combine these movies all night long, movies, don't look alike golden gloves: ok, Euro, How bad is good method? Somebody's money is people. Today we want to see a movie that Octavius bids. Is it you want the movie throughout the discovery, but eighty sergeant shouts arms were hidden fences and came. Mine, is moving to save their life. Then they see two movies Bob. Maiden figures in fences and don't know what to go, see an aid going to see loudly a moonlight. Ok, they weren't you make a hybrid of any other movie titles. Nobody went up the insane moonlight by to see happen, our real high water, whether nobody thing in la La Jenkins of Florence Foster Dead, poor.
By the way Lala Jenkins might be fired or drop. One includes Bob could be a viable, not the combination. Allow me LAO laid in Florence Father Jenkins. We gotta get leader the direct now that's all. I could get a musical waiting to happen lodging, but that's not the point. You got one job globes one job, ok, not think the titles of the movies tv shows you are nominating right, damn. Well, we live in a racially sensitive time. Anything can be looked at as racism. I don't know if it was intentional. Ok, but the conspiracy theory, me had my suspicions. In fact, I heard the person who wrote the knee Maybe tweet for Yahoo finances rode out the title for movies, but you didn't hear that for me. Please in a Bush Hagen, Michael Keaton biggest he hall. Please and also the hashtag hidden fences allowed a funny things come up here. I will begin with intent on Twitter. I will they wouldn't together our union about you, know, stars and hidden fences, guy, Salah Shanty Baroness and now bring it on Union Jesus curse.
How do you intend to do? I beg them. They think that they made a mistake, eroding erect different a beginning and since running right from the beginning, nobody, cod nobody's around about yes if a person who actually wrote it out in the Prague rail was opposed to correct them right in front of a conspiracy viola day will, maybe I will they didn't see it on a red carpet, makes it in somebody in the movies. You said something like the movies called hidden figures, guys I didn't fences and hide offence. Now I thought I was thinking out there. Can you how different I googled inferences deceive you could have for some people take like bushes. The bushes or out of here they're getting Patrice. What are you can still tell us afraid unnecessary? If you don't see, it is hidden face hidden behind it, I know that a bushes and trees and lines is hitting them with new hidden for answer you might try to run through in some, great insight. Events you'd run through the bushes or trees, for they would be ahead of it. But don't you get a delicate a data
that was Rihanna would needed me morning. Everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club. So if you just do it as we talking Chris on its own way of waylay weather going to be training soldier boy? My taste is gonna, be training Chris Brown. Now we have audio this. While we may ties in talking about training Chris Brown, this listen those confirm I just got off the phone with French. Increased training created showed MRS train ourselves, so that we can talk about democratic debates on my right, Evans, each and every trick in the book did not you teach me run. I get it back. Everybody. Has that that strong power, might I teach you how to fight period. My can teach you how to build him. Hands is all about often scenario. So you boys, not goin airing and try to do a full May. Whether does would defence, indeed it had not clean off or
having to both of them are say: there's they both need to learn some stamina cause boxing, as we all know, if you ve never been a battleground us with them right, but they're gonna have to figure out his boss is really high. Three bodies in the ring is a lot longer, though it than what it seems like when you're watching him. As the in their ring for three minute, our group, one handed back flimsy rain, ok GRID Brown got amateur, yellow, guys, I'm positive I never thought why do no dances outside of the greek debt? Ok Chris Browned. Indeed, every day of movement to design an amateur thing and fill saying hello. This blow was eyebrow outside my type in all day Roca. Why why tat is a killer? Plus I can learn how to buy. It really gave you know my gas hello who, this morning the farmer Dato. Would you rather train you MIKE Tyson afloat may well, our rather my papers.
I may say MIKE Tyson, because my type and know how to really by audio. You I am quoting familiar exactly you remember my can, you remember, might damage we know so. Yes, yes, I the, but the day you Mamma Thank allow this Kyra more famous would you rather Jane you MIKE Tyson, employ, may whether I beg my guide their wicked to bite my backing. Nobody here are you really don't make? There was binding how you baby I'm twenty per Zita You think my only by is maglev nagging people have not completely outside of one round, as we might quick vice versa rails. How They might do when it was when the fight with a lot longer, by the way. How well did my new and he actually foreign fighters like Amanda, wholly field Linux Louis, but does he was tall and MIKE some long arms. You been you not above you, be my that's right. So I'm say information,
How many times have you lost it? I mean He hasn't laws? He knows how to fight. He knows how to stick and more. I would even go around you and unethical and working party of the greatest friends of fight of our time. What difference is not? We need to fight against grid Brown. Might sociable neither have not about punches en black, now they move guarantees I'm shake. Everybody got a planetary viewpoint in the mouth right and you know: it is they that who my Thyssen monopoly Well, I wasn't land without playing. I'm almost twenty million farmers, swooping inroads Wigan run Fritz Braun got two of them. It is doing in Iraq was smaller story. GonNa Maud story of everybody got a planetary, get punished in a matter of days. You can lead Floyd may whether train you all day long, but the man whose said. Dead quote is training Chris Brown and you know my teaching Chris brought out to do what point soldier Boyd his mouth yeah, alright,
morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We ought to breakfast club. Let me shut out to all my giants fans I lie line in Austria like for you this morning. They depressed seasons, and you can do you can do today. That's why we're shout the mouth great better next year and that we should get a boat, yeah yeah. I had a great time Warner, both of us the way to greater beaten, the cowboys to turn that mainly nodded and listened defective. Jawbone out behind your hats on that affect shall beat what will be the to die. The seventy So both champions twice this year as all the other thing I had on gas and I wanted to get you can pass disobey decision, we won't we'd, be green babyship very to succeed. So I already had turned up in one picture: shortlist speed owes odds on a boat I will give you the Weber report now. Are you guys wanna keep on talking about this already? How did your lives do? Waterway yeah, we got a record for the most losses in the play of known Canada,
Grandma was traced classrooms. With Angela his club. Listen, that's right. The others is the fairest black woman to undergo the global war for best actors in a tv comedy musical since Debbie Alan Geopolitical. While the trivial was wrong. I kept out of her daughter in five years old. The shore Debbie Vain very largely today was a comedy. It's a comedy are musical. Payments in Euro, not you're right. So congratulations and here was speech was by the way and I loved the pictures that will come at a Tracy Alice was afterward, so we're very excited. Here's Tracy overthrows, please is for all of the women women of color and colorful people. Stories. Ideas. Thoughts are not always considered worthy,
and valid and important, but I want you to know that I see you, we see you, it is an honour to be on this. Show blackish to continue expanding the way we are seen unknown and to show the magic and the beauty and the same this, of a story and stories that are outside, of where the industry usually looks. Solicitors, those roles I was ruined for easier rate, a window category, but I was mad men at all for Tracy Ellis Russia has supported a survey and said is still a win win, no matter where entries is due she's amazing on black is yours. Amazing is John Clean, my girlfriends, our lawyers. She was due for Conrad and at every company survey will end up getting one absolutely as well at some point: absolute area, Tracy, Alice process, a tub does. She was proud to be a golden globe winner, like her mother, Diana Russ, who, when the most promising newcomer award in nineteen seventy three, travel is so problem. You forget Diana arouses Irma I for sums
once again, the shadow of the Barents Sea ice as bad. As you said, I never felt like I was in my mother's shadows. Tat I always felt like I was in my mother's embrace. I write Stephen by the way has a new show coming out. According to him, he got a green light for a new reality series. They're gonna be looking all over the United States and Canada for eight fresh penthouse cover girls, so that can I be his new showing how the Laura? Yes, it sure, is penthouse pets. They look of recent penthouse Pepsi. Looking for girls, you looking for good, Sir he's supposed to be looking for these women. To be honest, was of the magazine and ass. You gonna have Mimi with him and rigorous. His ex girlfriend is us again be there as well as road of rare lower. The law are those different when you can call when imports into doesn't seventeen, I mean they're called the penthouse pets. I saw the little massage mister Grey Blue. I guess take air Playboy bunnies, also of animal,
Why that's a bunny nihilism, women get mail, you call a female logic in column, pets and money. You can't female virgin column peasant bunny jammed coffee officially confuse lapping is he said you ve been clearly that yet I agree. I really Daniels in the meantime, has had to backtrack on what he was saying previously, where he said that a were in a very dangerous state right, in our country, and I wondered why people to feel good about being white, because right now, there's a lotta hatred going on. That was what lay down his head told Ebony magazine. Well, here is what he say now at trying to explain what he meant:
What I said was that when I did my show star, it was before was predicted that we be being a civil service. The purpose of creating stop stars are white. Girls in at the start of our sisters have white and they both war, and we got us or other sister or other the character in the show whose black and love- and we have a change in the show, was put together too. All four of these different women together to help me he'll our nation abnormal. We then it was all over the place. It s already paid any great Ali different characters. They showed the world of the virgin. You want to bring people together all before they are site. That is not what he said originally really say now created. They showed me why you feel good in which may we say why not make everybody feel good. Now, it's not like you say you want to make everybody feel great. I don't know if you just misspoke worried
I don't know- is allowed he'd on him for those comments, though, and congratulations to Drake and a future domestic teens or is the highest grossing hip. Sore about time, probably was this That's where I made a total gross of eighty four point: three million dollars off of fifty four show we even I went to see with every day go see. Russia right fell. Drake also said Oviedo Effigy Europe up next with special guest to be announced. I guess young daggers has also been hunting that beyond that is well Doha. I write well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room. A reports.
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