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WED 7/13 - Pokemon invade the studio as DJ Envy & Angela Yee hop on the #1 app craze while Charlamagne plays the Fun Police and gives all you wandering monster chasers a big HEE-HAW. Then it gets a little adult when people call in for "Ask Yee" and have different games in mind...

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I gotta get back like a mega. Physiologist took all we got no point. This press round have recently joined a breakfast club, say some other then gets situated at the embassy. Everywhere. You am your dad sneakers matters Amir Everyday, that's ridiculous use was here, but I'm here
now for my own, you know that we have here- and here we have roses seeing one rose, and now what I wrote: from now we now present claiming you came a barefoot like that. Nobody waving rough night not only do I was actually do a mixes is so much new music. I was doing my laptop and back in another fell asleep. Firstly, why you are making No, I would actually be after the debate, as I am a later are less likely to engineer Mason I fell asleep I'll, be damned if I could do to our sleeping every club all the time, but the easy way out Yesterday I was on kicking it with the other Young greatness more, that the refugees from New Orleans, Blue all nations,
speaking to him, it was I because, where nobody songs from New Orleans and we're talking about everything, this corner with no New Orleans with the police have grown up in New Orleans. How crazy was in these everything's? I've got a chance to talk to him about all and help, which was very, conversely, learn new airlines, a ban, loser life by two hours, a pipe concave some years ago. The tablet whim about that also capable call. You p, I ask that you posted to pursue. It is out of the car he began to be actually has she went for ads for her record there. If you don't know ads, are that's what I'm saying you must think we're just as you do. Is you tested very similar, Milo Cooties that followed that breakaway Cati be went for ads on record. If you don't know what I'd do it s? When you go to radio stations, which erected and decided added a knot in her recognise like forty to add and she's independent. She did it. She's in
this mortal very proud about. You know she pay all. Is our party an she's all right all right now? That's all I sold out yet a pretty good makes table who says it all goes to show the Collie be. I was excited y know I like to see winning stories like that People go to reality, tv and that's it. She is very few people that can go on reality, television and then follow up. Remember my name, a few people, but not a lot My request is wisest party, two percent Right Was she told me also that this is gonna be held last year with loving about he's going to point here? Nets it and she says she's good. So there we things move social. The car to be around is both for those individuals last night, and I ask you to show greater front page news. What we talk about you. We are going to talk about three men who got tat while they were streaming on Facebook alive. Awesome and ban arose. Three people were arrested and let me tell you what this has to do with the ban: ruse police officers right away Charlemagne everyday
he's goin on three four three now and that being here as soon as it shows ties in any runs in Second, I or about what must sneakers This amount wise facts out. First, that we see who's that offers will see Elinor seconds. The breakfast locomotive morning everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, tha god we oughta breakfast club, listen man. Made is that, even if you don't have a massive ass, you carry out Would not road construction on highways add like tat, people on their way to work. But I imagine construction between low noise, like those divine on their way to work. Let us access to labour may use those using guy. They use this type of six EU stubbornly for thirty bats. Reasonable time cause trouble on the road. Runner delivers thou, be retried. Eleven new fails. You got back. I want to show the do these guys pushing its into line that I believe this house to get right. There was construction for me on my way to work this morning by I leave earlier.
Do they, even if you don't live where I live at, but I love I left at five hundred and ten. So that's actually ten minutes now. Will you bandit? I do the same, but then you know, if there's a little construction of an accident, the dying on the actual viewed, I definitely Maytag myself a buffer. Now you must have better now. Allow me to work on the brakes today with these three lanes only one they was open. You drive, though he was back at him. It is like So many variables remember, the bridge was all the way back that Michel living on a bag of following the fairy. I shall move away. I am very aware that we too are analysed ginsu front. Newsnow on in sports baseball, the American League beat the National League for the two of baseball's all star game. Today, buddy said after I watched who watches based ours that why tonight what a lad of evil was. I'm saying I'm lying Let us talk about the three men
rush to plot to hold that moves police. What I know about this, but please arrested three people. There was a point Shap robbery, Saturday night. They found that they were used, that they were plainly to use these guns to shoot police during weekend protest according to the police, chief and ban ruse. This is kind of suffocation for a while. Then the precept and walking around using such a show of force, a crazy, the riot gear, and all of that now he said basically, as six guns were recovered and for suspects included a thirteen year old. Once aspect is at large, okay and what they are saying is that of waiting to their discovery. These weapons were being taken. So they could you be used to harm offices during demonstrations that were opposed. Police involved shooting south according to the Baton, Rouge police chief. He said he took this as a very viable threat. We received question as to why were you such a show of force during weekend protest?
This is why yeah yeah yeah, the whole narrative has been changed. It went from cops, killing civilians and now the cops are in such danger gods. I arrive at that one person through rack and knocked out the teeth of one of the police at all her. I don't even know. I really believe that did at bay and it feels like they got a lot of flak for all the pictures footing. Of them, and they are right gear with their assault. Right outside it was one lady. She had an assault rifle point. The protest is a look so crazy. Their wonderful coworkers for another cup came in to restore normal. I got back up and then you can see her kind of backing up and pull a gun that it just looks so crazy. Cuz in the media has changed the whole narrative. You would think that police officers of the soul victims out here with totally forgetting everybody movement filled at the hands of police officers. So let us have let it remain. Shadow on Facebook loud facebook lie word three people, as anybody in here on faith use. Facebook live,
I was always life now. I said very video coming like pairs of our going there right now. Merla now you are alive. Would you not video alive? They can't see if you always, but right now, right boma through tomorrow, My mother would have You gonna go ahead with common. I would add that this was enough. At the January, three people were in a car one of them. Actually they were listening to music, one of them studied streaming on Facebook alive and then all of a sudden they got shot at. They said they were about ten shots fired, airs and they don't know who did it. They don't know what happened, but the three men they were all in their twenties. They were taken to the hospital. Two of them have life threatening injuries and one was less. Seriously injured when or how would I go? and we are here- where at novel thank God, and I am pleased that of affairs go by knowing a gunshot gonna. Will you hope you would hope net
We hope that when you gonna go air- and you know you, you would hope so here was I'm Bainbridge Boulevard imports enough information. So we don't partner for gay embrace boulevard that they had no full tweet me alone, I'll, go to see two guys CD, HIV or between me living obey was a guy named. Their main role may bring row language when in Rome which was last night rallied now being Bridge Bainbridge Bridge Tom. That's the hood sounds like it Railway Bang, Bang Grids Gang less front page. Put news. Tell me why you mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five, one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent baby had a. Morning or a bad lately. They need to get some things are features call us up right, namely already lay enemies. You panicky cause every time, I'm late hours, Gabriel PAN again nervous neighbourly poker or eight. Aren't you want or five one is to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club.
The lack of a day. Why haven't they wipe out on the problem? And it was so many good gardener young fully. We leave area because the public knows globally drug comedies lobby girl because of Galway wielded. I've gotta go away about exactly why you, my boy and lending its commission committed celluloid minimum again, he said aloud or actual MAC big brother. He go nowhere I just came back and America's dodgy goin away. You're going to prison are going to college army ribbon, when the Collie border black lives, you Blount leader, recognition and may not be an easy, might not be binding. Urinating, usually black, raising them Wagner. Have you may have gone a guy with a brothel?
what was not. What are we can undermine our new actually twenty three ok, I'm gonna go him in college. Yes, what school you were always gotta. California, didn't know Macau is no. He didn't tell me, He hasn't told you: where are you going to breathe easy? I think he's gonna eat the hour Do you think you should know of your college? About noise was presently he's going to somebody like you see. I lay as it is first year, yeah How is your brother, my goodness, but wherever he is actually threatening twenty signing twenty five g, sir? She said he went away before. Where did you go to further, this dialogue, adding because you he's going to prison asthma and by the way, body. An awful good did. My whole timeline is: if the who is the who the hood its turn era, hood was the place called babying
No big bridging Levite Way days, element map out of a job and helping to put you out for you that my wife barely like this year was appointed and avert about by the body. Paperback appeared before him. You are going to go, go out of it a bit like this, the everybody, no mother, literally and their mother, downloaded bookmark going about amnesia mean having now visa employable. You you look growth programme on journey, to have just one question: if we ourselves, what is would you mind offered a black loud, Madame method, hopelessly air, but actually earnestly nervously speaking is actually quite a lot of different, Broke the people together, you know, there's no new day is making a ladder to play. Video games get out and walk around and move around instead of sitting around playing games.
And I said they created an over for four hour mango users and a driver will act played knows the play poky mine. They know how to play so they can take you to places where you need to go to make sure you capture, What I said yesterday, did they don't want anybody drive in playing, for you must know that driver will take you where you need to go. We asked to play to know where you are right. He knows where other let their steps, I I don't wanna going on better than anybody else, but I know I have bedded things. Do a modern limbo, you're gonna, force gauge and on that of MC loophole, tell me why you mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five, one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent colors right now. It's the breakfast club good morning, the breakfast club Where would we morning everybody is dj. Envy annually Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club. You felt this
No one is fooled. You my door for to block loud. Madame movement at a limousine is programme will go on. I am explain its you is interactive, so was great about it. Is it has kids going as I'm moving around normally when kids play video games? now, I'm sorry lotta those playing his right eye. As we know, kids talking about the kids levy, I love that people there another as you do. I really well on the game. I too kid you're. There is an amendment that time order have the play into three new levels that adults should not have that Malta has no binding EU areas already you you will grow which oppose him. Oh go! Where you wording. Would you getting you just keep trying to get to the next level to make the gems and everything by capturing more popular than a low comic book right. What is a popular anomaly cobblestone, thereby five new comic books about the new captain, America, I pay at the box by domain. I have not had time this week to read one, not one common. But you are high, but is actually them in that you can do while you moving around like I was taken a cab home the other day and while I was in the chair,
I decided on, and I was his capturing. The bogeyman is this: like you get on the phone and sweet and ass, they went same exact and you may download you wanna die Magadan would undermine if they put him on that it that tweeting instagram goes along. Oh my life for NATO Marty. Do that upholding deleting about you manage around you can catch it anywhere, valuing the blue, yellow things which you and what do you mean it mine, is yellow, been right. Word, I think. You marbles. I didn't the head my aim and use it if you want to figure it out with your programme on people's reviewed, the job of holies, If not, I don't know I just we'd be waiting, maybe not, I don't know, maybe poured over. You don't believe me, I'm just here. Please support reminded legibility, the nice guy level or mobile you, my my he might be able to actually ran in some guys got me understood. He was actually playing hockey Margo any tended I've just to take a picture user. Can we take a picture? He was.
Excited you guys Alec loses above you guys military play poker, Imago an element in this other o ye. What is organised over black lad, Madame LA agonized as wipe he would question, I'm glad you up Ultima buying a ladder. Occasions are set about Pokemon, because this in places that people have been killed the gaining too. They said the does monetary where Rosa Pikes and others are resting. His please you rode, above all, to be bothered. By some day I told you, I want you to pull them on rules of blog, suitable site, adolescent grooves, the players, China do battle around demagoguery that Zimbabwe is ok. Now I really got room was coming to which we are going to talk about it. Tommy QUIET he has commented on all the controversy. Him forgetting are not knowing those Biggie Larry's will tell you what he had to say and was a if you for you, all right. All I m more, keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive the breakfast club
The report at the Reul report was glad of economic crime. Has apologised for messing about the AIDS went hip hop honours as he was doing ambiguous on gave money. If you don't remember here is what he said pull my liberal doorways sees Dale, which ends up. That's always a nice safe, go to property.
Yes, it is like I said yesterday. Prepare prevents you don't have to repair report were returning glance at, I assure you I never intended to disrespect Biggie small they have long respected, is work and its contribution to the rap game. I greatly apologize and only two biggie, but also to all of my fancy to New York. The city of New York has been nothing but good to me. I fell honoured to stand on stays with artist. I grew up listening to wants on state. I had some technical difficulties and must admit I got nervous Milo for ever be to New York, my fans Biggielow came and are they have had community from Apple Funding programme, prevent don't repair repaint, but you know his apology is appreciated, as began to man up and apologize, but a regional, Mccoy car yoke Twenty is as we all get. These jobs are now no longer about some other way. Tommy karaoke, because that was trending array and I tell you some of the funniest wins: ok Unawares, Philadelphia, poor and rain. That was when will it s funny?
I got a really Emma arm in America. Shines on in a row the best dough cause. I work your Papa Johns girls Ochre, that's not bad. I love it when you call me big. Pastor anyway was a whole lot of em. But are you gotta go through the hashtag to see them? It is pretty funny. Are enough? Faith has defended him. She said that you know the problem was that he has no clue about junior mafia and he doesn't know little season. Brown, anyone a mess that those lyrics if he did know and it's an honest mistakes, he just needs to go ahead and brush up on he should have asked a lot of them. Would the blame, or little Kim nobody's a little Kim, actually selected him to perform that
I get it Kigali's more of the youth, so you know you tell me about: do a song should adjust measure and overbearing, even human of Kim they make their decision, and I know people from New York wanted to be somebody from New York recited Biggie conjured unprepared yesterday to prepare ride three days. You re an m. Maybe he really did get nervous. I dunno is something that has never done before. I bet she accepted as a policy also and in our she said she ass. She had spoken like a true giant. I loved you before, and I'm gonna love you afterwards. How me people make mistakes and things happen, sometimes that we can't fix our undue if you guys, only knew the technical difficulties that went on behind the scenes, and she said she would like to thank him for coming through for her at the last minute. Our love, our rights areas has now said that he is no longer battling with his Ex wife Norma. You know they haven't gotten alarm for quite some time Annie's and he
that is because of the black lives matter movement. Now he said there was a huge impact for both of them because of last week's horrendous events and they realised by waging war with each other. They were part of the problem. They said things were so bad between them tat. He had accused her are planning to disappear. Their nine year old daughter by now. Things have changed so much in the past few days. He positive picture with both his Ex wife and his daughter and they were all smiling and he said, they're putting their differences aside visiting their getting back together, ass, good, every there's something on every matter is trivial. Does I can understand it because you know you d like to have a low pay. As you will be when you re like bright anywhere magazine, As a bigger of big awarded. Worse things going on in the world. Are I copy Brian and his wife have made an announcement? Actually Vanessa Bryant posted that they are expecting their third child
dramatically bicycle be bright colleague Neil. I may not be retired. Now I'm going to get a brilliant again daisy. I know some me, I'm the last and excited to hear that we are expecting a third baby girl has tag blue hag, baby member hashtag thing from there we were innocent, she had a ones both in aid may shores the sign. I guarantee you that it was a good girl. Are you have all you ever go? You can see the picture that she posted and they have the baby Wednesday. It says baby member Allow me call he was how in a former life he was like me, drop one include bombs, which always always way our boy. If you try, this He was a whole of former livelihood is married. You satisfied that woman endeavour and had he has three. The re mad. I feel you have yet there Oh, no! I'm not trying to buy up three them deadly Gaza. Take
convoluted rumour report, I'm Angela already regime. We got front page news of actually what we talked about. Yes, we are going to talk about the re man who was shot while they were on Facebook alive. Is that great- Also we talk in baseball, also game. Last Navy Josie you set out in the USA, is in step as in the USA, nobody wants is baseball is a much better sport whereby those austerity plans do wise based whereby we just don't when everybody. Performance, enhancing drugs baseball with pop it now not so much Vulgate. Until when we come back, keep lacked the breakfast locomotive. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club on some front page news. I am downloading poky mind man's doubling our amendment no damp hokey might be finally lab at. Finally, downloading is tat. You can actually released in autumn the Pizarro body awfully down any blackboards unless he planned programme is simply asked him what he told you mind over the black cloud, Madame Movement and its walk off.
Well, I'm a damn download. I think that is the right one. I just want to download a program on God. Yes, yes, monsieur we'll figure it out, and I must get some front page news in baseball mess. A bottom they merit is based are by because more american, legally the National League for the two in baseball. Also gave you know what that means. What Danny that the American League advantage in the world Series. That's what they play for. So congratulations to get married God bless everybody who have the patience to wash their born ass. Poor call baseball. I don't have much time. When everybody was looking like restless on steroids. Ok, I've never saw them by these three men arrest in reply to her about me, police. Ah, yes, please arrested three people there still looking for a fourth prison and they said one of the suspects is thirteen years old and what they are saying, as they were plotting to shoot police during weekend. Protest according to the ban was pleased
This is, after his death application for why they had on re again why they had these arms by they had these rifles and all of that further protesters. He saying that this is a very valuable threat. We receive questions why we use a show of force during we can protest, and this is why so he said, along with the couple, along with the killing of by police officers in Dallas. This plan is why they, like they needed to be arms, like that the media are totally changed now that we have forgotten the cause of all it is in. That is what we do with what we believe to be: the unjust killing of people in America, specifically black leather software, novel for Junior was going on, and off were three men were streaming on. Facebook live one of the guys, one of the passage in the choir just started: a facebook live stream, and then they got shot while they were listening to music sitting in the current facebook live now too of the men are in the hospital with life threatening injuries. One of them has not life threatening.
Injuries. We don't know what the motive was for the shooting people in north organism. Five, seven have. Let us noted that areas very battery. What is called again. They were on Bainbridge of alibi initiatives. Berkeley. They Berkeley is a war zone. The guidelines asylum. President Obama. Yesterday I spoke for forty minutes at the for those slain officers and die as he was there at their memorial service, and people were upset about some of the things that he said in his speech check it out. Race relations have improved dramatically my locker, those who deny or dishonour and the struggle that helped us achieve that progress. But America we know the bias remains. We
What what are you are black or white or spanish, or asian or native American, or a middle eastern dissent? We have all seen, does bigotry and our own lives at some point, although most of us do our best to guard against and teach our children better, none of us is entirely innocent. No institution is entirely a meal, and that includes our police departments says some people have said that he talked about racism. And police brutality in the protests in all of that, are one or two goes on to do that, and I am glad that he said rest in peace to mister sterling and fill because selective human manatee to me is disgusting, cause Castillo. I don't you selectively I met humanity, since the killings of senseless killings, that a meadow did the killing victims victims, whether their police, civilians by the police. Have you can't have selective humanity has said. We are pleased to do too much and we asked too little of ourselves. What do we have? leave, though other Michaela Gus asking too much.
Thought I'd headline on a further area through the doubtfully see death not asking too much ask him not to kill us right. I don't they in that event that asking too much after the money not become not at all Jesus Christ, and that is your front page news. Ok, I'm sorry! I'm love disturbing! go downloading poky Mungo right now. How does this work? When I gotta do now. Are you to walk around me? I walk around in what I do. What I want the reality of the older I guess I gotta be fun police, this mornin alone. On about the workers, find a new programme on some real inappropriate places. I saw somebody there. Wife was given a c section and they was catching poky minds inside the laborer. Ask let network dial is at what am I catching my? What? What am I doing Vienna workroom round yet help humanitarian syphilis? Yes, give you phone viral infection or if you entered his pokemon or less open before largely what's a nearby and play a little bit. Eight hundred five aid for
what oh five one was the most inappropriate place you seeing people play poky Mungo. We really asking this court, or maybe this decree please you play, I don't know. I've never fully grown out of the rat is so ugly and scary. When we come back and I pay a lot of pitches, a white guy. I will talk about it. Become bag which man don't forget right? I should know many, your kids gap argument we can grant before him. You should really reconsider. Now, when I remember I use, if ever it now, you shall find for, as you can't have pulled, you might go before you, KIDS Brook Efron out? Yes, you need the text offered him right now, let me say that enough to use EU funds at them of their policy model. Data have been away. You can download it. Your parents got program or go before huge, my guys,
We are going to make it a need to stick it in the ground, like authors in the city of three think about life, for our building here is a pokey stab just so you know ok, we'll get into when we come back. He belongs to breakfast locomotive. Ass, a dream love your girl morning. Everybody is e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. I got a programmer, I'm gonna put you got when I got it. What do they mean? How do you feel right now known? As you have pulled you mine and your kid? No, I knew very little. Although for in many a kid bogeyman, but you do I'm ahead of the curve he's here sadly, the beer foreign police to now? If you want to really be George, I walk up the random blog you, but they will uphold you mind if they would put him under offered a black last. Madame movement into ruin. A whole day scenario see you here. Why would you see me, I'm confused allotted thing where I was reading a story about hokey mine is saying that people find in programme on a very inappropriate places lab. I think you do too much of your
of a programme. My way your wife is having a baby and you taken a pig, and showing her on no on the table about apathy, section would poky section sitting on a table. She probably was so excited, I don't want to see you and your bathroom stalwart poky mind sitting on the edge of the total crazy picked. You know like asking a little: did you gotta have some respect? Don't go look of a programme on the Holocaust Museum Bre, otherwise I think they're back from these should be. They wanted a funeral wait a minute, so eight people have to go into the funeral home and go get the programme Furthermore, we know that more than a funeral- oh, maybe never even worse, if it's a funeral Somebody I don't even know what you're going to getting a dab hold you MA. Am you take them out? You can be given up to look for parliament if you haven't gotten up to look for a job ever so. Ok, let me explain: some people had diesel poky mamma. You have two, they gonna be in in places who puts in many places where you mean the game puts them there. The game actually put him in a funeral and funeral sites like Alan poppies. Bozrah yeah, as in Uk Yoga,
You can't be look of a programme of your grown ass man. You know in your mom's houses, poky step, but you still lived there. How's. The policies that are well look, it is where robot police officers Okay, if you got what you want, you got warrants. Okay, if you got warrants in your known, criminal in these streets, don't be going to look for no pokemon by the police. All right, you can't go looking for Pokemon in the doctor's office he's if you haven't been in the doctor's office yourself for a random check up and guess her age, His shamed yourself right. Well, let's go to the farmers allows is a manifesto from large, less chooseth agitatedly bogeyman. Go I've tried given that the government, but I mean I couldn't get used to the idea. I mean the damage caused and I'm it's. You know you're too busy to play to play poker. Ok, I want to save many pleasant to guide you gotta do something miraculous first generation, The most painful Enginrie salute. Do you brought you got it
is your dream whereby Jason damned hokey might allow with, as poking Gerda a moral now, but you even speak patois benign programme I know set up now you play bogeyman, go a little bit Nobody would go get a programmer at a few. You ain't got one. You know, Funeral euro not mean that we must be my little cousin catch of advice, corporate whose funeral visitors about he's got no. No, he just walk into a random funeral to go catch, a pity. The Asia Europe owes a blast in the back yard, and I would like all those crazy demanded dad. You can't be does respect him. I don't know just caught a pity yet in Mostar beyond negroes by to die, they had this over four poky man. I totally seawater white man planning is allowed Iranian rose Allow me now, go and though I value blame hoagie Margo. I was crazy place where they go. Get a programmer cemetery you into a cemetery,
Gimme a year now we get there, but there was an actual. Well guess what you choose. Program on in the cemetery. The grim reaper chasing. You re not to bring you to that, and have you heard this story about the guy who got quite cheating because a puppy mango? Ok? So up here, he he went to go, see his ex girlfriend them, we'll game and lets you see like virtual creatures, and I guess his girlfriend where he went. He could see where the person is where they catch. You two poky minds and that's where she saw TAT. He was at his ex his house. He had no excellent in for a while. He was in the neighborhood capturing poky minds at all. How did it to reproduce in his girl, the giant uglier than tat? I got somebody. Don't bother firewater, while one where the craziest plays you would go, find a parking lot. I know it sounds stupid and intend to stack, went up twenty five percent now poky monk
is the interactive gay. Where you are this personally put you in a game, you have to choose, These poor cameras in the more poky mind you get the more points you get, but they put. These poky minded places like funeral arms subways stores, churches, the random is please I've got a bogeyman appears that does not mean people come of age to get a bogeyman. Yet you know it was you before police by tell em like people you audio, chasing poky, Mamma to police chasing you. It was wrong. Eight hundred Friday, five, what a viable would talk and programme. Our goal is to breakfast edge round cheetah poking manga That was Drake one dance morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club. Now we're Talkin Pokemon go a lot of you out there like what the hell is. Pokemon go. I just found out now the interactive game it's called Pokemon is may Nintendo, where you're actually in the game, and you get points by following poky minds. Now poky minds are creature that they created an ape.
Random places like I got one next in annex two Angela each morning they have been so Is the admin funeral homes funeral sides rooms, you name it. You can find a poky mind any wish drew clubs and kids Our athletes and I found when it footprints they are the day. When I went to resonant, got my food. It was ass, standing on a counter that could be a don't wait. Avatars dig about Alyssa you just world map arguments and you store and people coming you stole down to get the bogeyman right. Worn on his greedy. If you go looking for poky mine in the free clinic, they will give you those std results. You didn't come back for a couple weeks ago, allowing this levy pressed the Kurds. Are you in a bogeyman? Go I'm not in the parking lot envy right, but I've got an act raises began and there was a doctor in full grab garments, slippers plan the pudding go walking down the hallway. What have you said? It was a pull pneumonia vagina, but is really just a really bad used to fix an x ray. I mean
along the border asylum for growth. We welcome all. I can tell you play. I do play poker model on it. I knew it was a crazy. Please you go get a programmer about all. I saw a guy argument right when his wife had a baby here with enemies in me, and I was a little weird. I thought you liked available with every border. Racism. Kate walked the anti Semitism. You understand, joy, but that we go way. What do you mean by a cake? Walk, though, the same thing. You know a it's not president prejudice personally being year, old girl got back in her bed, a jewish thirteen year old girl. You guys didn't, say a word
out there, but we do know anything. I ain't gonna make me do anything because nobody about that of public became so normal, but don't you think prejudices prejudice the prejudices tragedy, but we instead of sending riots about it, we got often we'd better felt every day in that fight. Yeah, but you know what I don't think that you will also be drawn a better yourself. They should be trying to better themselves by not being prejudiced data one that there are many. Fourth anybody to be better. You could always felt to be better, but It goes down different periods, as a medical doctor, forbear raises a give Blackie right. I think that we should say that one thing is worse than the other arable, no matter how much our better very using any of this is awful and we definitely need to maintain his end. We ought we do on each year and no matter how much we better ourselves of somebody's raises. I advise Semitic. Bigger beat our regardless of how good we are demanding that they say racism is alarmed behaviour and you can unlearn that behaviour also were no now is that what he said was we need better ourselves? How is that
I would be better mother will stop. Somebody may erases have had problem. The head of state and people have no reason to give them up, but it can you get now you can check. But there is no harm in ironical people. Humor My argument, will you tell me about the room? Was another gone and even amongst our moral authority, more command even place that you can't get my right next to the moral of the story is I reminded the pull playground them most. Mary is, don't be better play poking. I hope, Madam and an insult me point accuracy or right now No, actually I was leaving the programme automobile and you come for them. You are more than a bulky mind you wanna Pawky mine when we talk about about book, about reviews the above you mind about by dummies, you want a programme on our own as governor. Let's talk about members bleak. There was a story. They came out yesterday about him filing for bank, where no J said that had never happened. I re also discuss Russia Wilson and what does he have to say about raising baby
chair by re. All I m more, keep it locked the breakfast Lebanon the breakfast club gas, the Reul report, libretto club. Why did you say Davy? Is I've intuitively we Talkin about Memphis Bleek Nera there. These reports that have been online saying that he is indeed this was on Basle and has filed for bankruptcy. Because he only has one hundred dollars in cash to his name. Now, according to this petition that was filed March 14th, they said he has assets in the amount of two hundred and seventy four thousand, but his liabilities total three hundred and eighty four thousand dollars his house is worth two hundred and fifty thousand. He has his car household goods. He has his get dot low touring company, but he said the only jewelry he owns. Is he in his wife's five thousand dollars wedding rings and he owns two thousand dollars worth of clothes.
I'm trying to figure out. How could this be possible may bring really really to speak on the gross. You don't necessarily mean Brook right. I don't want. You can't tell Brophy Water right, and I might be doing this because a lot of townspeople filed for bankruptcy because their restructuring well more visibly just shoot me says: story is bogus. That's is bogus as me claim and blue ivy. Story envy drop, one include Marvin stories were not ever made a story now by just one person, paperwork and everything residue stories, vague beggar he does not mean broke nothing. I want people understand people, I'm always bow down a chance filed for bankruptcy. A million times
a daisy city always be good. Member clip, let live so bleak is good and I know we give do say. Tat exceeds Gazeta. Forget these vague stories it S. Natural is actually funny that, because he was gone crazy yesterday on about I'm sure it's annoying. At the same time, I write Lamar Odom. He was taken off of Adele to flight, and that is because he was in the airport lounge drinking. They said he was drinking beer and wine came by the time we got on a flight. He was so drunk. He was actually in first class but as the plane was about to pull off, he ran to the bathroom, threw up and then back in to the bathroom with a door open, threw up again and he had vomit all over his clothes. Nor does it make if a servant Georgia, thereby normally Georgia, be airport, didn't don't serve drinks. They actually said that when he was trying to go to the bathroom again, he had to use people's heads to balance himself so use holding.
On people's heads as he was walking to the bathroom or not. The ottomans grew Mcguinness Project out of four of glass staff. It he had gone away. They take among the flight We made it to New York. Yesterday he was in queens at a snake, historic guy, superstar J Ai snake exist of yesterday, inquisitive after being drunk, I don't know, have to be addressed, but he made the queen said he was given away Monday. I oughta grass for the case he needed time members given. I need the noted all eyes on him, an area by things you, the crack AIDS. When you a crack age, when people figure Craig, you can act like a credit. I right now, let's discuss resell, wealth and I'll. Tell you what he had to take. As yesterday, everybody was in here. We were debating about Russia, Wilson and baby future and baby future, giving Russia wealth in a case. Is that inappropriate? Well, but Russia, Wilson, has to say because you know he's gonna, be hosting the nickelodeon. Kids, choice, sports, twenty sixteen you'll be chosen, Brandon, kids and above their establishment random. That's a step sign that a certain anywhere on the mouth involve Google beaches and random prison
she could to kids choice. Ward, have a little cannot be appropriately to Euro is as you on the cheek, if not the end of the world, but anyway he said, I think. Ultimately, the one thing I can say about being a step dad in any person that's apparent, but especially when you come into a new situation there. He is leaving that child as your own time? What do you know you ve got more goods, he has a sub Katy said he came into a new situation. But how do you know that yet more developments? I want to have a bunch of kids me and see. Do I think that ever since the first day I met Sierra and little man too, it's been really cool and really special he's a great mom. She received him every night. I read to him too, and we just share so many special moments together. That's a family is all about my right, so there you have it he's gonna love child as if that's how this his own money to buy rose, will still be too hope of wars and ought to have an international code we need more demanding and it is vital to beat above board, let it be in Atlanta them. Given sportsmen Sportsman Award, Kalen
Jimmy deadline and issue a sea would have the baby is gonna, be so spoiled by all of his parents when he gets older are right, and that is your room, a report deleting all right. Thank you. Monsieur Charlemagne. Yes, we given it down, could do well. You mom, there's gonna, be a foreign police, the sworn so you're looking down at your foliage ok, mom Goya's loaded. Looking men are bogeyman now you know why I'm upset right now cause best superwoman, just tweeted, and she said I must be special. Has ten pokey my did come to me this morning and I'm sitting still happen. I've been looking morning and nothing is coming close enough. I owe you pull Margo uses come to frenetic obligation. Charlotte, like to have a war which you said it was a caterpillar was enemies and I will say nothing is called the caterpillar. Oh I do see was that come over here boy. I swear to God. If you come over and you will get more in the pokemon you going to get more, bogeyman, nor come over until you man, you ran anyhow, I got a squirrel for you ass, let you know
national bring it'll come over here, as I saw them come on, get again no come over a brow. I will put a squirrel in you by about what is gradually but keep it up. I got even I can. One can see me like you, I gotta get it isn't. The dog lose next is to breakfast local moon. I don't give a day. Job Democrats have been granted a day a little bit of a mess. Like adults club I've been called a lot of my twenty years. The donkey at a day is a new wife. I ride out you today, for which they July thirteenth sponsored by pure hate and flight concern for you Idiot safety, a ghost you people plan Pawky, Margo. Ok, let me rephrase all you ve will plant
you may go in catching poky, mine and inappropriate places. Ok, I hate him. The foreign police Pokemon GO was completed deaf as some of you, you gonna die, trying to catch a rat tat, tat. Okay, worst way for a grown ass man to die right now, is at the hands of the police, for a random traffic stop and for trying to cross a busy freeway to catch a zubat, reading this article on polygon, dad com and ahead Larry's visa worth places the play he might go listen to it is because I can't believe is that serious for some EU. Furthermore, let me explain a basic does the Pokemon two basic premise is that it encourages players to get off their seats in venture into the real world when it will find we'll be mine and actual location with this game is causes some lose your minds and disregard basic life etiquette, for example. The hospital where your wife is in further evaluation. Be planned on your follow. Your wife is in labour. You should be right. There were acting like you can feel every contraction you should be right. They hold in her hand, acting like you in pain. To would know somebody
in the room, while your wife is pushing looking for pages another- programme, plays the ketchup argument on the side of the road God pulled you over black people. I dare you We live in a world where, if you reach wrong, the cops will light your ass up. So I dare you to be on the side of the road by the cops. Have you pulled over trying to catch a squirtle keep your hands on that their will and not make no sudden moves. If you know what I know could pull you not die for. You ok play in port. Margo, while black isn't disdainfully amply ethylene playing Margo while white want to test whites, very thorough police, a gigolo off his own, his gun and thought about, that is going to see what happens. Ok, now operating a motor vehicle on a road filled with other motor vehicles in a sparrow within the Travis media car? Don't do it don't even have to tell you how dangerous disease one more inappropriate place, funerals bra is disrespectful to try to catch
econ's, whatever you pronounce it in a funeral of a loved one, but it's even more disrespectful to walk into a funeral of a stranger and try to catch one. First of all, I hate people who take pictures of funeral, so imagine a Caterpie on the casket and you win their all up on the couch and trying to study a camera, what everybody else crying and grieving, and you wouldn't at Charing and jumping around because you just caught a Caterpie. I hate to be the pokemon. You know gold but it has to be some rules and regulations put in place at always. Did you not be looking for programme on an inappropriate places? You can't be given up and look for parking mind if you haven't gotten up to look for a job. You can't be lookin for boggy minded grown as main and your mom's, thousands of portuguese, but but you still live there. What does level up meaning that love? I got its levels? Yes, you can. Go looking for bogeyman and in that dissolve as if you haven't been into a doctor's office yourself or random check up in years, you can't go, look at
program on and then as office? If you ve never been in the Dennis Office for random teeth cleaning ever you can't go look of a programme on the free clinic if you went to free clinic to get a few details, but never went back for your result. If you want to be the ultimate Pawky minded give it walk into a black person body of lamp argument going asked him It is probably Mungo doing what a black last Madame Movement, a walk up to a white person, is a does hokey mind go mean more you'd in black lax. Look man, we all have our vices. We, I think like to do, and I don T believe me sure we have our priorities in order. Let's remember proper etiquette and, most importantly, it's not die trying to catch Sharm, Andrew? Please, ok, give all these people I am talking Margo, you know risking their lives to catch a bulky mind biggest. He hardly Are you drunk as I gotta go outside now I gotta go good. Is us, by the way I just activated and incense and they're not come into me, I got a walk around owes you with these things is just to justice.
Charlie seen how the game for your reply and you dont have to catch all it and we ve gotta catch want bypass, how rapidly Don't blame me back honourably, geology, no, no, don't apologize! You got that right about now. Right will take you for a donkey. The base are now what we combat salamander ask IE, eight Five, eight five one. Oh five, one of you that a question for you need some relationship, advice or any type of advice, or even pokey man go advice. Polypodium Amabel about now don't become, and of its much a low sexual fran. I want you man, I want to call them. I remember now gave you want to pull the may draw Bwana glued Bob anymore. You that that my guy and we go get godfather
How can there be any doubt that when you wanna play poker me what oh wow, what a man in his day, seventy menaces incentives, gonna work. So let's get this going, derives the breakfast locomotive. There was Jeremiah would planes morning. Every body is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne to go. We oughta breakfast club now army sound for ask IE. If you need advice, relationship advice, you be out, eight hundred five, eight five or no five one allows this. I'm it was of the Ebro No one has to make sure you do. Of course you can actually women too any anything is not wrong. Argument in your body is ok. You know she loved the blow. Had the power to put a bird.
No no way you feel like you or do you want her to below in the door what are you there that I love or leave? The matter may conversation about this because a lot of people are very reluctant to be in that area. So is wrong to ask if you haven't just showered. Ok, you can't come home from being, our day and go into them. I think all of that and ask it to do. It then may show you a nice and clean. Please don't blow up to the world that nobody was involved. Your girls, who knows what it drove me in this and cleanliness is next the guidelines. Ok, now you know how much time then you get away. Wipe and wipe it down. They clean it as good as you can, but I I know some time things happened spontaneously, but you have to be respectful of the other person and just You know, there's nothing wrong with that. I had a whole conversation with our residents, expert Michel, hope, and she was talking about pegging and she was saying, there's nothing.
Wrong with their women pegging a man. Anybody can do that. Anything that you do was the urging begging. Four piglets pegging as when you use a chaplain, and I for my you're, the first, the do that's her about the year to Bobby MC every body. Ok, that's even more with a wise uses reciprocate on you, it s what you like, the obvious turner, we ve talked about me very well, the cardinal order, what what an elite and there's not a moment bees, I sometimes women, don't know how a man will react if she tries that she don't know. Did you went down unless you tell her what our kyoto, but now you know, I'd found people have no friends by them.
Am I right, but just as some fine may show you clean and sit on her face, I right good luck tidy and about your, but now right now you know Eight hundred private firewater viable, and you got a question for you. Call a right now is to breakfast was Rihanna work, work, work, work, work bordering everybody, is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god. We are the breakfast club in the middle of asked what you got a question for you, eight hundred five thousand eight hundred and fifty one, Five one is called allow five, although this is A man was because of e twenty by parliamentary show, a guy who has turned this year. We gotta get up almost three year already buggy Mary about I'll have gauge of any. If I'm wondering about await, though, he's already offered under the mobile web browser by only been together two years, why
That's not crazy, and you are only twenty five and he's thirty. You can I never pressure anybody to marry. You does it and after two years I think what you should do is that a timeline for when you guys want to discuss it again. You know years ahead, a crazy man in time. What is your time? nine thy? What would you say? Ok next year, let's discuss this again jewels and clergy. I mean I don't wanta be wearing happy about it I'm forty five in a goal, as you know, is shared by a lot of times our goals in life ship. You can't really say this is deafened gonna happen at this time. Especially if he's not on the same pages you. What about it, makes him as the lives we everything. So I'm glad you believe about that has something to do with what happened to your face: oh yeah, the younger, simpler than they're all Mary they're. All that allow me on a key is what I am about to say that he is not in a way.
Why were you ought to be before he gave the Mary but alive? What else do you need me to have an established courier? Thank you. Thinkin carry your family. What else do you need to be ready if, after like, if you'd, all feeling now you're, never gonna pick a learned? Nothing else that I can offer you I'll. Let you know that I come by and has only been two years, and I there is he saying he's on the path of perhaps later wanting to America that do think is higher for guys. When you nag them impressive them about marriage away? Why don't you You don't want to do that because it feels that so great for you you don't do that to him, because that's awkward for him also- and sometimes it makes him more resistant. Try! DNA. So I think what you need to do is say: ok, listen, they're right now, you're saying and I in thus space okay, so how about in six months? Let's revisit this com?
asian as he how we focus. I want to make sure we keep our lines of communication. Open cause is important to me, but I respect you how you feel now is six months. You still feel like we haven't made any progress, then maybe we need to figure out what's going on with our relationship and how we want to proceed, but I would say just go: let them time and don't keep on and tell him you're, not gonna. Ask him about it for the next six months. Why I went who are you. I do bring it up a kind of a joke in Vienna because I don't want to seem like a big Eu Andrews like I'm at the boy. Why might ok? Well if you're, not radio, but I can never gonna be waiting a wise man. Them is only act as Ebay, always together for ten years. Show them along with you and your before, you proposed I'm not good at man who, even together, is ninety eight and I proposed into doubt and third, and into value being now my days away no fifteen years. But what I'm thinking?
two years is not crazy and if you feel like he does, he treat you great either they and then I thought that it would mean because he was an interplay, but here everything about that. Do I not back down your relationship right now, if he's doing all the right things he loves you, you treat you well with being so focused on that right now, just let's have a great relationship for the next six months and six months discuss it and figure out what we're doing, but in the meantime enjoy beyond which you know your boyfriend. Yo, you hit me of you said you got rose. You soon he catches all apology minds on two hundred and fifty. I don't know what I'm talking about downstairs: install Botswana right girl, get black leather bag, we gotta go yet is due to what we want. We don't rumours goes we gotta go, papa is advancing. Taylor, Swift and Calvin. Harris is a very interesting story of why they really broke up. I guess Taylor, Swift, is tired of being painted as the villain and this whole story, and now this some for and on wet allegedly really happen as Charlemagne. Isn't
show coming that? I know you gonna like about aliens. Oh, what you will. I hope you know what you are doing. So he LAO aliens actually exists, Poky Minden, I you know. I know I will do when we come back. He will act as the breathlessly the breakfast club As regards the Reul report, Libretto club, something cabin heresies break, there has been a little bit ugly. He has definitely seem like a big them in the whole situation they tell us where it seems like a little annoyed that everybody is looking at her like she's the bad person. So here's what You're saying is a story behind their break up. You know the song that cabin Harris put as huge head. This is what you came for this, which Jane what tell us we ve actually wrote that song she sat down at the piano. She did a demo she sent it took.
When heresy loved it, but they both agree. They weren't gonna, say they collaborated on that song because she wanted to overshadow the actual song she gave it to him to use, as you use a pseudonym Niles Schoenberg on the credits, while he put out that song and Song was at number wise, mash for nine weeks number five on billboard. One hundred now cat cabin Harrison when on Ryan, see Crest, show and here's what he said. Will you do it? aberration with your girlfriend? You know we haven't spoken about. I can't see a humble, you cannot know just she's a basic areas in state along break. You know she deserves the long break up so loosely saw. So that's hardly the governor of Zog- and here I am talking about in what was then and is not a miracle. Nobody was no easy for me from overseas, but in London I had no idea where, anyway, he's irish. Why who said
I was out of the way you were anyway. If it tell us if with her when he said that she felt like he was taken the whole thing to fire and she could stop him from performing it, but she hasn't done that you know, there's they compare it to win cabin Harrison Meta Aura broke up his crimes even allow her to perform our scottish scottish. That's what you're stuck on. I don't care if I can t I care about what I don't get my point you might go. I don't buy more tales with income has just that. It was an interesting stereo of the reason why they broke out now. Lithuania has announced that the low Wheezy Anna Festival is gonna, be returning for its second air to New Orleans. Issues are gonna, go down on August. Twenty. Seventh, it's gonna be little weight into chains head lining. I'm gonna have a special guess. They haven't announce a diabetic as do go on sale Friday at ten, a m for anybody that wants to attend that now. Here's the thing you do care about action rather than he has a show coming out too
when he first is when a day views- and it is called ancient aliens tvs due in the series with vice land but already over aging, and I must do in his own version now. Are you just go? Take somebody showing clear? version. So it's gonna consist of his two everything smoking weed and talking about it. I'm not mad at that fella. You should be on air, I believe in our territory. Drills, reasonable, even extraterrestrials, simply because a selfish did think that when the only life forms in this universe, especially when you look at how the birth, the early universe have to be the same way, do you believe in bogeyman? No, but I'm a day or so much rather beyond, which is finding Bigfoot era, which I will be now. I know that my wife both did you have any idea of the mining dragging the juvenile fish at work, but yeah, my wife and my homey Karen, maybe I'll find him before they norm into that kind of stuff. Ok, yes, but you don't let unanimously poky man, that's interesting! Know your weirdo, where had big for them for black lives matter, Bigfoot his black.
And you know that a harmful me take less time? Aren't you came in this morning talking about an argument that had they may David Banner and LIVE Jennings, it actually got physical enemies. Now, that's all This was amazing on different levels of a mad. This strategy, for it changed scotch and I didn't you didn't they broke up. If I let can I get, it You guys all our lawmaking, I always around. I right bank, you now this happen at a strategy for change discussion. They were talking about police brutality and things got a little bit heated. Now David banner was saying that police officers need to face financial or even physical consequences for bad behaviour, and that's when the disagreements started, because live Jennings disagreed check it out close up play the real toy baby. By telling these people still point, and did you eat the police?
about hold years ago. That is why it happened, Everybody bow wow. This video is now set out retirees for keeping the peace. Can you David then live gigantic argument? Retirees breaks it that I can understand both are that argument was, he would give a ban is coming from and understand, will live, Genesis and would ban is not saying just take guns and go kill. Police officers he's just saying. Defenders of now data banners had I'm tired and I'm glad that black people I fired at they should be. I write well, is your room, a report I'm annually with video s own defeat. I saw it on social media somewhere far right. Well, thank you for those rooms See now shouts, Alfayoum Revolt will revolt. You see you guys tomorrow, everybody else to people's choice mixes up next hear something eight hundred five, eight five one or five one has a music. While you cast simple
he mines at DJ envy or have you wanna hear? We got your breakfast locomotive
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